The unknown Heir 921


Chapter 921

After saying that, Gu Ming took out the box's crystal skull.


    All of a sudden, the people underneath were agitated.

    This crystal skeleton could really be very dazzling, so crystal clear that it gave people a very special feeling.

    When they saw this crystal skeleton, the eyes of the four of Chen Hao were also filled with astonishment.

    The four of them had never expected to be able to see such a great treasure in such a remote place.

    "Crystal Skeleton, the starting bid is four million, each bid must not be less than one million, the bidding begins now!"

    With Gu Ming's order, the auction officially began.

    "Five million!"

    One of the men was the first to take the initiative and raise his hand to shout.

    "Six million!"

    It was followed by another man shouting, raising the price by a million again.

    These people could really be spending money like water ah, this one million and one million shouted all without any heartache.

    "Seven million, don't anyone steal from me!"

    A man wearing glasses stepped forward and shouted loudly, as if he looked like he was bound to win.

    But this was a bidding ah, not a favor meeting, who would pay attention to him.

    Bidding is comparing who bids the highest to get the final item.

    "Get lost you, I'll bid eight million!"

    A fat man just stared at the man with glasses and cursed, directly raising the price by one million again.

    Soon, the price of the crystal skull had broken through ten million.

    These people at the scene were really very crazy.

    "I go, these people are too crazy, they really don't take money seriously ah, spending this much money on a skull?"

    Lei Lie was also very surprised at this point, his face filled with astonishment.

    "Oh, we don't understand the rich man's world!"

    Chen Hao said with a faint smile.

    Chen Hao wasn't interested in this, he wouldn't be stupid enough to spend ten million or so to buy a Crystal Skull, and he couldn't spend money like this.

    In the end, this crystal skull was auctioned off by the man with the eyes at a high price of fifteen million.

    "Congratulations to this gentleman, for successfully bidding this Crystal Skull of ours at a high price of fifteen million!"

    Gu Ming was also praising towards this man wearing glasses.

    For a moment, this man with glasses enjoyed the adoring admiration of everyone, feeling incomparably proud and arrogant, this was the effect that rich people wanted most.

    "Let's go, there's nothing to see!"

    Once it was over, Chen Hao gave instructions to Lei Lie's three men.

    The four of them then left the black market together.

    After leaving the black market, the four of them continued to wander around the town.

    Not long after, only the man with glasses who had just photographed the crystal skull appeared in front of Chen Hao's four people.

    "Brother Chen, isn't that man the one who photographed the crystal skull?"

    Lei Lie hurriedly warned towards Chen Hao.

    At a glance, it was indeed the man wearing glasses.

    This man was fast on his feet and looked very anxious, as if he was afraid of being noticed with attention.

    "Let's go, follow up and take a look!"

    Chen Hao felt that things would not be so simple, so he immediately preached and then followed up with Lei Lie and the three of them.

    Soon, the four of them followed this man with glasses to a house.

    The man with glasses took a look around and then walked in, then he didn't forget to close the door.

    "You guys wait here, I'll go up and take a look!"

    Chen Hao gave a command to the three of them and then leapt onto the house.

    Chen Hao perched on the roof and looked towards the courtyard inside.

    He saw that the man with glasses was standing in the courtyard having a conversation with the man in the leather coat who had just been auctioned off, namely Gu Ming, and they seemed to be discussing something.

    However, in the next second, a scene that shocked Chen Hao happened.

    He saw Gu Ming directly pulled out a dagger from his clothes and stabbed it directly into the chest of the man with glasses.

    Suddenly, the glasses man fell into a pool of blood and died of exhaustion, not even closing his glasses when he died, it was really a restless death ah.

    After killing the glasses man, Gu Ming wiped his dagger with the cloth he had with him and then put it back inside his clothes.

    Then, Gu Ming shouted to the house.

    Only two men came out of the house.

    "Get rid of the body!"

    Gu Ming gave a command to the two men men.

    The two men immediately nodded their heads and then carried away the body of the man with glasses and took it away in a sack.

    Chen Hao took it all in, he didn't expect this black market boss Gu Ming to be so ruthless.

    This was completely a rhythm of crossing the river and tearing down bridges ah.

    First, he took someone's money and didn't give them anything, and then he even killed them, it was so inhumane.

    At this point, Chen Hao's heart wondered again, "What's wrong with this world?"

    Why are people nowadays so inhumane.

    You say it's okay to accept money, but at least give something to someone and leave them alive, right?It was necessary to drive everyone to do such a despicable thing.

    But Chen Hao also felt fortunate in his heart.

    It was a good thing that he hadn't chosen to go to the auction just now in the black market, or else he would have been the one to die.

    Chen Hao then came down from the roof and returned to Zhen Ji's side.

    "How was it?"

    Zhen Ji asked curiously towards Chen Hao.

    "That glasses guy is dead!"

    Chen Hao spoke directly.

    "Dead?What's going on?"

    Lei Lie asked with a surprised face.

    "It was killed by the owner of the black market, the one called Gu Ming!"

    Chen Hao narrated, and then he said everything he had just seen.

    Lei Lie and the three of them were truly shocked after hearing it, completely unable to believe that this black market owner Gu Ming could be such a black-hearted person.

    "Wouldn't that mean that he killed quite a few people, those who were auctioned off at his place!"

    Zhen Ji was also quick to react and immediately thought of something.

    Chen Hao also nodded his head.

    "That's right, it's very likely that these people are just killing people!"

    Chen Hao said very firmly.

    "Too damned!"

    Lei Lie was also cursing angrily.

    But the four of Chen Hao had no way to save the glasses man, they had no way to save him, and Chen Hao could only watch the glasses man die at the hands of Gu Ming.

    "Alright, let's get out of here, it's not a good place to stay for long!"

    After another short while, Chen Hao reminded the three of them towards Zhen Ji.

    Now it seemed that this Five Elements Town was not a good place either, with many sinister people, it was better to leave here early.

    After saying that, the four of them immediately turned around and left.

    However, seeing that the sky was about to darken, Chen Hao and the four of them had no choice but to find a hotel in the town to stay at first.

    The inns in Five Elements Town were all different from the outside world, they were all the ancient kind of inns like inns.

    Chen Hao and the four of them looked for an inconspicuous inn to stay in.


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