The unknown Heir 919


Chapter 919

"Orders to go down, everyone armed, send out purple hunters to look for those three, and when you find them, just kill them!"

    After a pause the cloaked man gave his orders in a stern voice.

    "Yes, Chief!"

    All the hunters present raised their hands in response.

    At this moment, the four of Chen Hao were still unaware of the situation and the crisis that was rapidly closing in on them.

    It wasn't until late afternoon that the four of Chen Hao stopped and chose a temporary campsite under a large tree.

    A campfire was raised and the remaining wild boar meat from yesterday was roasted on top of it.

    Lei Lie sat beside Yu Xin, chatting with her.

    Zhen Ji, on the other hand, sat next to Chen Hao and they talked.

    "Zhen Ji, I have an idea!"

    At that moment, Chen Hao looked at Zhen Ji and said.

    Zhen Ji looked at Chen Hao curiously, as if she seemed to have guessed what Chen Hao wanted to say.

    "Are you trying to say that you want me to take Yu Xin under my wing and train her to become a cultivator?"

    Without waiting for Chen Hao to speak his thoughts, he only listened to Zhen Ji pre-empt his question.

    Chen Hao was shocked, he did not expect Zhen Ji to be able to guess what he was thinking.

    "That's right, that's what I was thinking, since she has now had all of her memories erased by me, she can even more easily learn how to become a cultivator!"

    Chen Hao looked at Zhen Ji seriously and said.

    "Well, you're right, I actually have the same idea, I can't let you be able to have a disciple ah, I also want a female disciple!"Zhen Ji also agreed with this proposal of Chen Hao.

    "Okay, then it's settled, I'll do the work on Yu Xin's side!"

    Since the two had reached an understanding, there was no problem at all, the only thing to do next was to do Yu Xin's job, whether she was willing or not was Yu Xin's business, but Chen Hao believed that Yu Xin would definitely be willing.

    After they finished talking, Chen Hao called Yu Xin to sit beside him alone.

    Yu Xin was very obedient and well behaved as she sat next to Chen Hao.

    "Brother Chen, what do you want from me?"

    Yu Xin smiled as she looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    "Yeah, Yu Xin, there's something I want to tell you, and by the way, I want your opinion!"

    Chen Hao also smiled and looked at Yu Xin and said.

    "Mmhmm, Brother Chen, tell me, as long as I can do what I can, I will try my best to do it!"

    Yu Xin was also very quick to speak up without a single comment, trusting Chen Hao very much.

    "Yu Xin, do you want to know what I do with you, Miss Zhen?"

    Then, Chen Hao looked at Yu Xin and asked.

    When Yu Xin heard this, she had a curious expression.

    Yu Xin didn't really think about this point.

    If Chen Hao didn't ask himself that, then she really wouldn't have asked about it.

    But since Chen Hao had asked, she became curious and wanted to know exactly what Chen Hao and Zhen Ji were doing.

    People, well, they were all curious creatures.

    "Brother Chen, what do you guys do then?"

    Yu Xin smiled as she looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    "We are cultivators!"

    Chen Hao spoke directly about his identity.

    "Cultivator?What is this occupation?"

    Yu Xin was also surprised at the question, she had never heard of such a profession before.

    "There are not only people in this world, there are also ghosts, and our job as cultivators is to fight injustice for the world."

    Chen Hao then told Yu Xin everything about this identity of his.

    Yu Xin also felt very unbelievable after hearing it.

    She really didn't expect that such a magical identity would actually exist in this world, let alone that people could deal with ghosts.

    "That.That Lei Lie he."

    Yu Xin then thought of Lei Lie and immediately looked at Lei Lie before looking at Chen Hao and asking.

    "Oh, Lei Lie he just joined our team, he's my disciple, the reason why I'm telling you this is because I want you to become a cultivator as well and become Miss Zhen's disciple."

    Chen Hao didn't hide anything and directly spoke his thoughts.

    "It's fine if you don't want to, we will also ask for your opinion!"

    Chen Hao wouldn't try to force Xin, all choices were due to Xin's own decision.

    "Brother Chen, you saved this life of mine, I'm willing to join you, I'm also willing to become Miss Zhen's disciple to compose a good cultivator!"

    After a pause, Yu Xin just looked at Chen Hao's three firm sermon and directly chose to agree.

    "Okay, but Yu Xin I'm going to tell you one thing, after doing this job, there's no turning back, you're going to keep doing it and you're going to encounter all kinds of ghosts, you're going to have to get over your fear of ghosts!"

    Chen Hao was reminding Yu Xin again.

    "Don't worry Brother Chen, I'll do it right, and with you and Miss Zhen here, I'm sure I can do it right!"

    Yu Xin also looked at Chen Hao confidently in response.

    "That's fine, alright, go and pay your respects to your Miss Zhen!"

    Chen Hao smiled and motioned towards Yu Xin.

    Afterwards, they stood up.

    Yu Xin walked up to Zhen Ji's face.

    "Miss Zhen.No, brother Chen, from now on you are my brother Chen, and I am willing to go with you to learn how to become a cultivator!"

    Yu Xin looked at Zhen Ji to show her intentions.

    When she heard this, Zhen Ji smiled with satisfaction, the kind of smile on her face that she couldn't hide at all.

    Because finally Zhen Ji also had her own female apprentice.

    Seeing this scene, Lei Lie on the other side was also extremely happy, and he was also happy for Yu Xin, because Yu Xin would be a member of their team and would be the one who would become a Cultivator.

    "Hey, good, good!"

    Jenji was very happy to respond.

    "Swish, swish, swish!"

    Just at this moment, a few shadows quickly flashed out from the surrounding forest.

    In an instant, Chen Hao was immediately alert as the four of them stood back to back.

    "It's the Hunters!"

    Zhen Ji immediately alerted the three of them towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao also locked up his eyebrows, he did not expect the hunters to find them again so quickly.

    "Zhen Ji, you protect Lei Lie and Yu Xin, I'll deal with these people and leave first when I find an opportunity!"

    Chen Hao instructed towards Zhen Ji.

    "Good, then be careful yourself!"

    Of course, Zhen Ji would not refute and immediately agreed.

    After saying that, Chen Hao directly drew his Star Profound Sword.

    "Brother, that's the right weapon!"

    One of the purple-clothed hunters then saw the Star Abyss Sword in Chen Hao and said.

    Because all the members of Team 7 had died from the Star Abyss Sword in  Chen Hao, and that blade mark was the blade mark of the Star Abyss Sword, and it was instantly recognizable.


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