The King of Kungfu in school 1591-1600


Chapter 1591

Tang Zichen picked up the flying sword and then tried it in front of Elder Ping.

Tang Zichen used his body's Immortal Qi to urge it.

The flying sword was prompted by Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen leapt to stand on the flying sword.

"Rise."The flying sword suddenly carried Tang Zichen floating to the roof.

"Ah."Elder Ping was shocked, how could Tang Zichen drive the flying sword?

"Min-san, how are you?"Elder Ping was shocked and asked.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Is it to ask how I can drive a flying sword?"

"Yes, young minister you are only at the first stage of opening light, how can you drive flying swords, flying swords and other magic treasures must be at least above the realm of Spiritual Harmony before you can urge them ah."

Tang Zichen said, "A frog at the bottom of a well is a frog at the bottom of a well."

"Uh."Elder Ping saw Tang Zichen address him as the Frog at the Bottom of the Well and was startled, Young Minister was really not giving face at all ah, calling someone a Frog at the Bottom of the Well to his face.

Tang Zichen said, "Elder Ping, don't treat the world, there are still too many things you don't know about this world, understand?The sky you've seen is only as big as the wellhead, follow me from now on and do well, do you hear me." First URL

"Yes, Minister Shao."Elder Ping nodded his head in excitement, he doubted if he had heard correctly, Minister Shao said, follow him and mix well?Are you trying to take him in?

The Tang Huan on the ground was really speechless, her younger brother was too good at pretending, pretending that even she was about to think it was real.

Elder Ping was now seeing Tang Zichen, who could drive a flying sword at the District Light Opening Realm, and was completely convinced of Tang Zichen inside.In other people's shoes, who would have such skills, this shows that young minister really has a great history ah.

Tang Zichen waved his hand, "Alright, Elder Ping, you can leave now."

Elder Ping, however, was reluctant to leave like that.

"What?Still not leaving, do you want me to slap you again?"

"No, no, no, Min-san, didn't you just say that you wanted me to follow you?"

Tang Zichen said, "You think I'm going to break my word?Don't worry, since I said that I'll let you follow me, I'll naturally take it seriously."

Tang Zichen fell from mid-air, then picked a leaf, Tang Zichen used his Immortal Qi and made a spiritual imprint on the leaf, then handed it to Elder Ping.

"Young Minister, what is this leaf?"

Tang Zichen said, "This is a magic treasure I casually made, I only need to blow a whistle and this leaf will tremble, if anything happens in the future, I'll use this to notify you."

"Ah, Young Minister, you can refine magic treasures at such a young age?And it's still a mind magic, it's a magical ability only for strong people above the YuanYing stage."Elder Ping said in great shock.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Do I have to tell you that the YuanYing stage is an ass in front of me?Get out yet."

"Yes yes yes."Elder Ping panicked and left, Tang Zichen had become a god-like figure in his heart.Driving flying swords again, refining magic treasures at will, gosh, this was simply no one else.

Tang Huan was also full of doubts at the moment, how did his younger brother suddenly become so powerful, not only driving flying swords, but also refining magic treasures.

As for Lu Yuxi, at the moment, she had already worshipped Tang Zichen to no one else, her two eyes were shining with that idiotic light, her eyes seemed to be saying: minister Shuai, there is no one else in the world.Lv Yuxi was deeply honored to have accompanied her to sleep last night.

Tang Zichen waved his hand and let Lv Yuxi go out first.

Lv Yuxi busily turned around and walked out of the back hall.

Tang Huan was busy saying, "Brother, what's going on?Why would you?

To drive a flying sword?"

"Oh, it's just a flying sword, what's so hard about driving it."

"Brother, they don't know the details of you, but I know, and I still don't tell my sister, also, what's up with that leaf you just had."

Tang Zichen had a headache, Tang Zichen couldn't say that he had the Nine Demons' Immortal Qi in his body, driving the flying sword and faithfully refining the magic weapon were all due to Immortal Qi.

"Sister, it's because, I have a secret method."

"Again, it's a secret method, you were refining spirit stones so quickly before."

"Of course, you can call me a secret method minister from now on."

"Speechless."Tang Huan puffed out a laugh.

Tang Zichen arrived alone in a forest behind the Flying Cloud Sect.

Tang Zichen wanted to try out his flying sword.

"Up."Tang Zichen stood on his flying sword and it floated.

Tang Zichen was like a person learning to ride a bicycle, slowly testing how to flexibly test this flying sword.

After getting familiar with it for half a day, Tang Zichen could already use the flying sword with ease and comfort.

"Swoosh."The flying sword flew in the sky at an extremely fast speed.

"Haha, I can use the flying sword when I travel in the future."Tang Zichen was happy inside, in the spirit world, it was difficult to fly without the help of external objects, unlike the mortal world, where one could fly in mid-air, the spirit world had a different air density and everything.

Tang Zichen drove his flying sword and soon arrived at the True Beast Forest.

Tang Zichen didn't know how far into the True Beast Forest, in short, many beasts above open light.

Tang Zichen was in mid-air, controlling the flying sword.

"Boom."The ground cut out a trench hundreds of meters long, like a trench, and dozens of magical beasts were beheaded by Tang Zichen to ashes.

Tang Zichen said, "It seems that these open light stage beasts are no match for my flying sword, I will proceed to find the beasts until I determine my strongest strength after using my flying sword."

Thus, Tang Zichen continued to fly deeper into the True Beast Forest.

Soon, Tang Zichen had reached the core edge of the True Beast Forest.

A heart shining ninth stage sky beast saw Tang Zichen.

"Roar."The huge sky beast roared at Tang Zichen, then its mouth opened and a green mass of air shot towards Tang Zichen.

"Decapitate."Tang Zichen cut off at once.

"Wow."The air was like breaking the surface of water, and with a clatter, in the blink of an eye, the beast of the ninth stage of heart illumination was beheaded into two pieces.

However, after Tang Zichen killed the heart-illuminating ninth-order beast, Tang Zichen's entire spirit emptied, as if he had taken off his strength, and then the flying sword gradually landed weakly from mid-air.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "It seems that when I use this flying sword, my combat power will be at the ninth step of heart illumination, although my combat power didn't reach within the Spiritual Harmony Realm, it's enough to reach the ninth step of heart illumination, it's a whole domain stronger than my true realm."

Tang Zichen's true realm was the eighth step of opening light, and now with the use of a flying sword, he could kill the ninth step of heart illumination, an entire domain stronger ah.

In Tian Bao City, the Tang family's head, Tang Hu Lai, was only at the seventh stage of Heart Illumination, and now, Tang Zichen could kill Tang Hu Lai in seconds.Even Tang Zichen's strength could be ranked among the top of all the strongest of the four families in Tianbao City.

Tang Zichen picked up a magic core that had fallen in mid-air.


This was a yellow rank ninth stage magic core, as soon as I held it in my hand, I felt that it contained a very thick aura.

Tang Zichen had wanted to try to see if he could refine the magic core directly, but unfortunately he failed, it seemed that the magic core didn't contain spiritual energy directly, it had to be transformed, it was like: can shit be used as fertilizer, and shit is transformed from rice.Presumably the same thing.

Tang Zichen rested for a while and his strength returned.

Tang Zichen started searching for magical beasts again.

Unfortunately, it took Tang Zichen an entire day to find three Yellow Grade 8 or 9 magical beasts.

It seemed that magical beasts were just like humans, the more powerful they were, the rarer they were.

Tang Zichen had to return to the Flying Cloud Sect with three Yellow Grade 8 or 9 magical cores.

"Brother, where have you been?"

"To the True Beast Forest."

"Then why didn't you tell me so I could go with you."

"I'm just going to try my current strength." Remember the URL

"By the way, how much strength do you really have now?"

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen took out three Yellow Grade Eight or Nine Tier Demon Cores.

"This is the yellow rank eight or nine magical beast I killed today, equivalent to a human heart shine eight or nine rank."

"Ah, you're actually able to kill a heart shining 8th or 9th rank magical beast, wouldn't that be, you're not even a match for our Tang family's master."


"Wow, brother, you're amazing."Tang Huan was in a burst of adoration, Tang Zichen had been hiding his realm until the first stage of the Open Light, and had almost forgotten Tang Zichen's true strength.

Tang Zichen asked, "Sister, it will soon be a year since we came to the Flying Cloud Sect, when will the Flying Cloud Sect be able to take a vacation?"


"Isn't there a holiday here?Or, New Year's?"

"Do you mean the festival?Of course there is. In ten days' time, it will be our annual city meeting in Tianbao City.I didn't even go back to the city meeting last year, I must go back to the city meeting this year, and I haven't seen my father for two years.Brother, let's go back together at that time."

"What is the City Fair?"

"It's the biggest festival in our Heavenly Jewel City ah, and on this day, all four families of Heavenly Jewel City will gather together to show their strength to the other families as well as the citizens of Heavenly Jewel City in order to consolidate their family power."

"Really? That's quite interesting."

"Brother, if you go back and participate in the family meeting martial on this day, you'll definitely make our Tang family look good."

Tang Zichen snorted, "More than just a scenery, it's time for a change of the Tang family's headship."

"Ah, what are you doing?"

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, it was obvious, Tang Zichen was going to abolish Tang Hu Lai.

However, it was too easy for Tang Zichen to kill Tang Hu Lai, Tang Zichen might not do it himself, and when the time came, Tang Zichen would just bring the two elders back.

The next day, Tang Zichen took the yellow grade eight or nine magical cores and exchanged them for spirit stones.In total, 11,000 second-grade spirit stones were exchanged.

"Wow, that's a lot of second grade spirit stones."Tang Huan looked at the bed of Spirit Stones and blossomed with joy.

"Sister, start refining it."


Tang Zichen refined almost 2,000 second grade spirit stones in one go.

Tang Zichen's realm, from the eighth stage of opening light, blazed into the first stage of heart illumination.

Tang Huan also soared into the First Order of Heart Illumination.

In the end, there were still about 6,000 second grade spirit stones left.

Converted to third grade, that was 6 pieces of third grade spirit stones.

"Brother, you should refine the remaining 6,000 second-grade spirit stones."Tang Huan said.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Now that we've stepped into the Heart Illumination Stage, it's even more difficult to go higher, and the spirit stones we need are not second grade spirit stones to calculate, but third grade spirit stones.Six thousand second-grade spirit stones is just six third-grade spirit stones.Six third-grade spirit stones can do nothing."

"Then refine it too."

"No need, six second and third grade spirit stones, an almost negligible amount."

Six third-grade spirit stones was a very small amount for the Heart Illumination Stage.

Tang Zichen said, "The consumption of spirit stones is still so huge, and in this world, there are fewer and fewer powerful magical beasts, and fewer and fewer high-grade spirit stones, it seems that in the future, the rate of improvement by refining spirit stones will be infinitely close to zero, so we'll have to cultivate on our own."

"Well, now we're just as unproductive as people who don't work hard, I'm really afraid that we won't be able to adapt when there are no more spirit stones to refine."

"Never mind that for now, let's sleep."

"Brother, I'll sleep at your place tonight."Tang Huan said with a somewhat shy face.

"Uh, that's fine."

Of course, Tang Zichen didn't mind, so he hid in Tang Huan's warm embrace again.

At this moment, however, Lu Yuxi was waiting in her room, as if she was waiting for Tang Zichen, would she call her, but unfortunately, when she waited until late at night there was none, Lu Yuxi was a little lost inside.Previously repelled, but now her heart is very much like sleeping with Tang Zichen again, Lu Yuxi also does not know what's wrong with her.

"Is it, I don't treat him as a child anymore?"

"No, I can't like him, and even if I did, he may not like me."

"Ahhh, why is the heart so lost."

Lv Yuxi didn't sleep all night, Lv Yuxi didn't believe to death that she would have a crush on a 13 year old man.

Early in the morning, Tang Ming came looking for Tang Zichen.

"Boss, our spirit talisman business in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect has been closed for several days ah, when exactly will we resume business ah."Tang Mumai asked.

Tang Zichen now, however, had to think seriously about it.

Is there still a need to continue selling talismans.

Because now that Tang Zichen had stepped into the first level of Heart Shining, the demand for talismans would be at least between several million and several hundred million if measured using first-grade spirit stones.With such a huge quantity, just selling talismans, that income would not be enough to sell for 100 years.Tang Zichen, on the other hand, needed to spend several hours to refine the talisman, which couldn't be worth it, and it would be better to kill a heart-illumination stage beast.That's why, those businesses of the Flying Cloud Sect, there were no mentors, elders and other powerful people to sell them directly.

Tang Zichen said, "There's no need to open it."

"What?The sound of such a hot talisman is not for sale?"Don wondered if he'd heard correctly.

"Yeah, it's not for sale."

"Boss, are you out of your mind, not for sale?"

Tang Zichen glared, "Tang Unknown, say that again?"

Tang Mifari suddenly reacted and kneeled down in shock, busy saying, "Boss, I didn't mean to scold you."

"Hmph, you're the one with water in your head, I'll forgive you this time, if you dare to scold me again next time, even if it was unintentional, then don't blame me."

"Yes, yes, definitely not again."Tang Ming was busy nodding his head.

"You can go out now."

"Yes."Tang unidentified walked away depressed.

"Minister Less, calm down and drink some water."Lu Yuxi brought up a cup of morning tea.


"Mm."Tang Zichen comfortably drank a sip of water, then looked at Lv Yuxi, Lv Yuxi was still at the seventh stage of Body Refining, Tang Zichen suddenly felt that he should not also let Lv Yuxi improve, Lv Yuxi was now so gentle to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen could not forget the goodness of others.

"Yu Xi."

"Young Minister, I'm here."Lv Yuxi was excited as Tang Zichen called her Yuxi.

"Come into the room with me."

"Ah, Minister Shao, it's early in the morning."Lu Yuxi thought Tang Zichen was going to do something and blushed.

"It's fine even in the morning, come in."

"Yes."Lu Yuxi blushed and entered Tang Zichen's room with excitement inside, it had been several days since the last time, she hadn't accompanied Tang Zichen.

"Why are you blushing."

"Uh, doesn't young minister want me to accompany you?"

"It's early in the morning, I'm sick, alright, I called you in to help you."After saying that, Tang Zichen threw down a pile of spirit stones.

"Young Minister, what are you doing?" One second to remember to read the book

"Cut the crap and refine."

Ten minutes later, Lu Yuxi soared all the way from the seventh stage of body refining to the eighth stage of open light.

"Heavens."Lu Yuxi couldn't even believe that this was real, it was only ten minutes.

"Minister Marshal, is this for real?"Lu Yu Xi said with wet eyes.


"Thank you, Marshal Chen, you're really handsome, Marshal Chen."Lv Yuxi looked at Tang Zichen with a look that begged to be pounced upon, at this moment, Tang Zichen made her do whatever she was willing to do.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "I'm already handsome, alright, you can go out, by the way, your realm, I've helped you hide it to the eighth stage of body refining, this is to keep it out of sight."

"Thank you minister handsome, me."Lu Yuxi wanted to say, I really like you so much, but unfortunately, I'm afraid that Tang Zichen didn't even look at you, so she didn't say anything and walked out of the room with excitement as well as some regret.

After Tang Zichen now didn't have to refine talismans every day, time immediately became sufficient.

However, Tang Zichen could not be idle in this business of talisman refining.

Now that Tang Zichen had reached the Xinzhao stage, he also had to try out what level of talisman he could refine the strongest now.

After Tang Zichen bought the materials, he began to refine the talisman.

After spending half a day, Tang Zichen refined a third-grade, seventh-grade talisman.

That is, it was able to deal with people and beasts of the seventh rank of Heart Shine.

Tang Zichen had some regrets, as Tang Zichen could kill Heart Shining Ninth Order even with a flying sword, so the talisman wouldn't be of much help to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen stopped refining the talisman and walked out of the entrance of the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Hello, are you Tang Zichen?"A man came looking for Tang Zichen.

"I am, who are you and what do you want with me?"Tang Zichen looked at the man in front of him in the First Order of Enlightened Light.

"Hello, Tang Zichen, my name is Wang Ju Peng, tonight the top twenty people on our Open Light First Order Earth Ranking will be gathering for dinner, would you like to come along?"The man called Wang Jupeng asked.


"Yeah, you're also in the First Order of Enlightenment, and you became the first in the First Order of Enlightenment column of the Earth Ranking a few days ago, so you're very welcome to join us for tonight's dinner.It's all for the top twenty."Wang Ju Peng said.

Tang Zichen had no interest in attending such a low-level gathering, although Tang Zichen was now also at the First Order of Enlightened Light, Tang Zichen's First Order of Enlightened Light was a hidden


Tang Zichen said indifferently, "Although I am not interested, if you give me a reason to attend, as long as that reason is appropriate, I will consider going."

Suddenly, that Wang Jupeng who came to invite Tang Zichen was very upset, giving Tang Zichen face before inviting him to the party, but I didn't expect that Tang Zichen would chirp and refuse to agree, but also give him a reason to attend before reluctantly going, as if Tang Zichen was such a noble person, and how demeaning it was for him to attend, it was too arrogant.

Wang Ju Peng said, "Tang Zichen, although you won first place on the First Order of Enlightenment list a while ago, you're not a bit arrogant now.I'm not afraid to tell you that those who attended this gathering are all top twenty, you should know what this means, in the future they'll all be strong people in the upper echelons, so if we all get together more now, we can look out for each other in the future, what do you think?"

Tang Zichen said, "Although this is a good reason for me to consider going to the party, but I also have to say that I really don't see these people taking care of each other, alright, where is the gathering tonight."

"Quande Manor, you can go there or not if you like."After saying that, Wang Ju Peng walked away.

Tang Zichen smiled indifferently, perhaps Tang Zichen's words just now were indeed a bit immodest, but Tang Zichen seemed to be used to it.

Tang Zichen wouldn't be humble to anyone.

At this moment, there were already more than a dozen people inside the Quan De Manor, helping to wash the vegetables and skewer the meat, looking like they were preparing for a barbecue.

That's right, tonight they gathered for a dinner, a barbecue for everyone, a total of twenty people, all of whom were in the top twenty on the Enlightened First Order list.

Of course, the person who organized this gathering was called Quan De, and this Quan De Manor was his.

The reason why this Quan De was able to organize the gathering was because he had a bit of energy, even though he was ranked fifth on the Open Light First Order list, he had a strong presence in the Flying Cloud Sect, which was why everyone was giving him so much face.

"Boss Quan De, go rest, I'll handle the meat of these magical beasts."A man of the first stage of Enlightenment said enthusiastically.

"Good, I'll leave it to you, when it's done, skewer it with bamboo sticks, skewer more, and everyone will be happy to eat it at night."

"Don't worry, by the way, where did Wang Ju Peng go?"

Quan De said, "O Wang Ju Peng, I've asked him to invite Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen?You mean, Tang Zichen who just replaced Li Lian's first place a few days ago?"

"Yeah, this gathering is the top twenty ranked, Tang Zichen is going to be invited to the gathering, even though he only got first place a few days ago, I don't know if he'll come."

"Hehe, Brother Quan De, with your face, Tang Zichen will definitely come la.In the entire Flying Cloud Sect, the circle of the First Order of Enlightenment, who doesn't know about your energy ah, your brother is a mentor and your mother is an elder."The man called Wei Lang said flatteringly.


Just at that moment, Wang Ju Peng returned.

Quan De was busy asking, "Wang Ju Peng, is Tang Zichen coming to the gathering tonight?"

Wang Ju Peng grunted and said, "Stop it, it's pissing me off."

"Uh, what's going on?Tang Zichen isn't coming to the dinner organized by Big Brother Quan De?"Another person asked, and the other dozen or so people on the scene looked over, but there was someone who didn't give face to Quan De.

In the past, Quan De also used to organize dinners for the top twenty ranked people, everyone would come to the dinners, did someone not give face this time?

Wang Jupeng said, "I formally invited Tang Zichen to the gathering, but Tang Zichen said that although he wasn't interested in such a low-level gathering, he would consider it if I gave him a proper reason."


"What did you say?Is this really what Don Zichen said?"

"Damn, this Tang Zichen is too damn dragging."

"Idiot, he thinks he's superior just because he got the first place, the gathering dinner organized by Boss Quan De, he actually said such a low level gathering dinner."

More than a dozen people at the scene, you say one sentence and I say another, and in the end, they cast their gaze at the Quan De who organized this gathering.

At this moment, this Quan De's face was very unsightly.

All this while, no one had dared to be so disrespectful to him, he had kindly organized the gathering dinner and invited all the top twenty ranked ones to exchange their feelings, but he had never expected that there was still someone who did not give him face.

Wang Ju Peng's eyes looked at Quan De angrily and asked, "Boss Quan De, what do you think about this?"

Quan De snorted, "So he's not coming."

"That's not true, when I was leaving, Tang Zichen said he would consider coming."

"Hmm, consider?It's as if I asked him to come, as if he's some kind of big shot."Quan De was mentally upset, before when Tang Zichen hadn't appeared, Li Lian, who was ranked number one in the First Order of Open Light, didn't even dare to disrespect him.

Another person said, "Wang Ju Peng, did you say that this gathering was organized by Boss Quan De, and also, did you say anything about Boss Quan De's background?" First web site

"Uh, that's not true, I just told him that we're having dinner tonight."

"That's no wonder, if you said that Boss All Germany organized it, and Boss All Germany's background, I'm afraid that Tang Zichen would have immediately said that he would definitely come."

"Hahaha."A dozen people laughed.

That Quan De was also in a better mood, it seemed that Tang Zichen didn't know who organized it before he looked like he was reluctant to come.

At that moment, another man walked in.

"Boss, Yang Ziyun has agreed to come to the gathering tonight."

"Haha, Flying Cloud Sect's three beauties, Yang Ziyun."Suddenly, the eyes of several boys at the scene lit up.

Everyone looked meaningfully at Quan De, perhaps, Quan De's main purpose in organizing the gathering dinner was Yang Ziyun.

At Light Cloud Alliance.

"Brother, you're going to the gathering dinner tonight."Tang Huan returned from outside.

"Yeah, just now a person came to invite me to a gathering dinner tonight at some kind of All Virtues Manor, and only the top twenty ranked people of the First Order of Enlightenment can attend."

"Uh, are you going then?"

"It's fine anyway, just go for a walk."

That night, Tang Zichen was alone and went to the Quande Manor.

This All-German Manor looked quite beautiful.

"Knock knock."Tang Zichen knocked on the door.

Soon after, the door opened.

"Who are you?"

"Don Zichen."


Tang Zichen walked into the gate and immediately saw about 19 people on a patch of grass on the left side of the gate, sitting around a fire and barbecuing.

Tang Zichen was surprised, so there was barbecue in the spirit world, Tang Zichen thought barbecue was unique to the technological world of the mortal world.

A fragrance drifted over, Tang Zichen sniffed it, it was quite fragrant.

At once, Tang Zichen also had a great appetite.

At this moment, on that grass, 19 people stand

Carved eyes looked over to Don Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked up.

One of the men said to Tang Zichen, "You must be Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Exactly."

"Tang Zichen, my name is Quan De, I'm the one who is fifth in the Open Light First Order Ranking, and I'm the one who organized this top twenty gathering."That Quan De said.

"Oh!"Tang Zichen casually oh-said, then immediately walked over to the fire, sniffed the meat of the magical beast being grilled, and said, "It tastes good, looks like we've come to the right place tonight."

That Quan De was now looking very upset, he was talking to Tang Zichen, but, Tang Zichen actually looked like he was lovingly ignoring him, as if Tang Zichen didn't treat him as a person at all.

Quan De wanted to get angry, but he looked at a certain beautiful woman who was sitting by the fire at the moment, and then held back.In front of that beauty, it wasn't worth letting his image fall for Tang Zichen.

However, while Quan De held back, one of the flatterers did not, and that person immediately stood up and said, "Hey, Tang Zichen, people are talking to Quan De, why are you being like this."

Tang Zichen looked up at that person, laughed and said, "Who are you again?"

"My name is Wei Lang, 17th place in the Open Light First Order Ranking."

Tang Zichen said, "A mere 17th place, and you have the nerve to talk to me?"

"What."That Wei Lang almost didn't react, 17th place in the district?How dare you talk to him?

Immediately, anger bubbled up in Wei Lang's heart.

Of course, the rest of the people at the scene felt uncomfortable looking at Tang Zichen and felt that this Tang Zichen was too self-righteous.Was there a big difference between 17th place and 1st place?Wrong, in fact, the top 20, the difference is not big, it is very likely that in a few days the first place is replaced by someone else, this is common.Tang Zichen, however, was too proud to talk to him even though he was only 17th, making it seem as if he was the first to be unattainable.

Tang Zichen, I'm giving face to the Quande boss today, so I won't bother to talk to you.But you remember, although you are number one for now, it doesn't mean anything, you still don't know how long you can stay in the number one position, the list will change every other month, you and wait."

Tang Zichen didn't even pay attention to that Wei Lang, he directly said to that Wang Ju Peng who came to invite him in the morning, "You, hurry up, bring me a pair of chopsticks, I can't help but taste them."

That Wang Ju Peng became furious, everyone was in the top twenty, why should he have to bring chopsticks to Tang Zichen?

That Wei Lang, even more depressed, just now he was talking to Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen did not even pay attention to him, this kind of feeling of being ignored, it is really hard to feel, but unfortunately, the other party is the first place, the real hand will definitely not be able to fight, angry, he really wanted to drop the bowl and leave.He was so angry that he really wanted to drop the bowl and leave. However, for the sake of Quan De's face, he couldn't drop the bowl.

That Wang Jupeng snorted, "Tang Zichen, did I hear you correctly, you asked me to go get you chopsticks?Who the fuck do you think you are?"

Wang Ju Peng had been holding back his anger since the morning, and now he finally couldn't hold back anymore, this was too bullying.

Tang Zichen looked up at Wang Ju Peng, his eyebrows furrowed, and said, "Your name is Wang Ju Peng, right, do you know that there are 19 other people on the scene besides you, I could have asked the other 19 people to get me chopsticks, but why didn't you ask the others to get them?That's because, looking up to you, I asked you to go get it for me."

"Do I fuck you."Wang Ju Peng became angry and slammed the bowl in his hand.

The rest of the people were upset because Tang Zichen said that he could let the other 19 people go get the chopsticks, which meant that the other 19 people at the scene were all in the same position as Wang Jupeng in Tang Zichen's eyes ah, Tang Zichen was not even looking at everyone ah.


That Quan De, too, finally couldn't hold back and said, "Tang Zichen, I organized today's gathering, and the 19 people here today, including me, are all currently in the top 20 of the first ranking of Open Light.Although you are temporarily number one, your ranking changes every month, just because you're number one now, doesn't mean you'll always be number one, even if you're always number one, what does that mean.There are so many people of the First Order of Enlightened Light in the Flying Cloud Sect, how much difference can there be between 20th place and first place?Why are you acting like you're superior to us?Alright, I'm done talking, you're not welcome here, you can fuck off."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh, he's not welcome here?That's hilarious, does the Don need their welcome?

"What? You're not leaving?You're not welcome here, so get out."Wei Lang snorted.

Tang Zichen laughed, "It doesn't matter if you guys welcome me or not, because I don't need your welcome at all, alright, I'm going to have a barbecue."

Quan De raged, "Tang Zichen, don't challenge our bottom line, or else, the 19 people there will beat you to shit."

Tang Zichen immediately sat down next to the fire, then tore a piece of beast meat, took a big bite, and said, "It tastes okay."

The 19 people at the scene were speechless, having never seen someone with such thick skin.

Quan De couldn't hang on to his face at the moment, he asked Tang Zichen to leave, he actually didn't leave and ate up.However, Quan De he couldn't charge up and fight, because Tang Zichen was at least ranked number one and might not be able to fight.

Quan De gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, I'm warning you for the last time, get out of here immediately, you are not welcome at this gathering."

Tang Zichen got a little annoyed, Tang Zichen smashed the beast meat he was eating in his hands into Quan De's face.

"Pah."Quan De's face was smashed with oil. Remember the URL

"Ah."Everyone at the scene was shocked, Tang Zichen dared to hit Quan De.

Tang Zichen stood up and said, "Quan De is it, I didn't want to bully you guys and just take a few bites and leave, but you forced me to do this, now, I order you, come over here right now, lie down on the ground and be a cushion for me."

"Ha."Quan De laughed furiously, give him a cushion?

"I'll count to three, three."After saying that, Don Zichen rushed over.

"Fuck you."Quan De was on fire, ready to spar with Tang Zichen, although he was only ranked fifth, he wasn't so easily bullied.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped Quan De down.

Quan De fainted.

Tang Zichen dragged Quan De over to the fire and then sat Quan De down as a cushion.

The rest of the 18 people were shocked, the fifth ranked Quan De was actually knocked unconscious with one move.

Gosh, this strength, are the others still opponents?Originally the others wanted to rush up and attack together, but seeing how powerful Tang Zichen was, at least most of them didn't dare anymore.

Tang Zichen said to the other 18 people, "Listen up, I've come to gather tonight, the first reason is because I'm indeed the first ranked in the First Order of Enlightenment; the second reason is because I don't have anything to do, so I'm just out and about.So, I'm not here because I want to get on good terms with you guys, or because you're all strong in the future or anything like that.Alright, now let's all have a barbecue together, stop being tense and get the atmosphere going."

Saying that, Tang Zichen said to one of the guys, "Go, get me a bowl.And you, go and get me a glass of water."

"You."Those two were very upset, but, seeing that they were now fainting on the ground and were being pulled under Tang Zichen's buttocks as cushions for Quan De, they

Endure it.

Even Quan De he dared to knock out as a cushion, let alone them.

This kind of person would definitely die after Quan De informed his brother and mother.

Thinking like that, those two people obediently went to get bowls and chopsticks for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen ate alone, and the rest of them watched as Tang Zichen ate, and everyone didn't say a word.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "All eat, don't just look at me ah, eat, eat."

It was only after Tang Zichen's 'enthusiastic' urging that everyone began to eat the barbecue.

However, everyone ate quietly, no one spoke.

In the face of this kind of power, they didn't know what they could say.

That Quan De, on the other hand, was still quietly serving as a cushion under Tang Zichen's buttocks, and the rest of the people's, were all sitting directly on the grass.

Tang Zichen raised his head and was about to order a person to bring him a towel to wipe his hands, when he suddenly realized that the person was a beautiful woman.

"Hey, pretty girl, huh, what's your name?"

That pretty girl called Yang Ziyun was very depressed and said, "Yang Ziyun."

"Not bad, Yang Ziyun, quite pretty looking, I wonder if you would like to be my maid?"Tang Zichen grandly invited.

Yang Ziyun was on fire, the rest of them were all on fire inside, when he was a maid, he? also had the nerve to say it, didn't he know that Yang Ziyun was one of the three beauties in the Flying Cloud Sect's opening stage disciples?

Yang Ziyun endured her anger and said, "I'm sorry, I'm not a maid, and also, I come from a ten thousand year old cultivation family."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I won't force it, I'm still a very reasonable person, look, now we're all having a barbecue together, aren't we having a good time?"

The rest of them, although they didn't say anything on the surface, but inside they all snickered, "Happy you sister, wait you, it's weird if Quan De doesn't take care of you."

Tang Zichen continued to eat a few pieces of barbecue, then stood up, wiped his hands on Quan De's clothes, then said, "Alright, guys, I've had enough, the barbecue is good tonight, thank you for your hospitality.You guys go ahead and eat, I'll go back first.By the way, Yang Ziyun, the words I invited you to be my maid, continue to be valid, oh, whenever you figure it out, come find me."After saying that, Tang Zichen swaggered away.

After Tang Zichen left, Yang Ziyun said in anger, "I'm not eating anymore, I'm going back first."

"Hey, Zi Yun, why are you angry with an idiot."

"That's right, Zi Yun, go on with the BBQ, wake up Quan De, we'll continue to exchange ideas, that idiot Tang Zichen, just wait, if Quan De doesn't maim him, I'll follow his surname."

"Right, actually using Boss Quan De as a cushion, if Quan De tells his brother's mother, hmm, then Tang Zichen will have to take off his skin if he doesn't die."

"No more food."Yang Ziyun still had no intention of staying and immediately left in a huff.She had the nerve to let a disciple of the Three Beauties serve as a maid, her family was still a Ten Thousand Years Cultivation Family, if her family knew about this, they wouldn't be done with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen returned to the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Brother, you're back so soon, why don't you exchange with them more."

"Exchange, what the hell, I'm in the First Order of Heart Shining and I'm communicating with a bunch of First Order of Enlightenment?I'm just going tonight to take a walk in passing."Tang Zichen said without taking it seriously, as if he didn't even consider the group to be on the same level, and indeed it wasn't.


At the Quan De Manor.

Wei Lang and the others, after spending a long time, finally woke up Quan De.

After Quan De woke up, he immediately rolled over and made a defensive move while shouting in his mouth, "Come on, Tang Zichen, don't think that just because you're the first place, you're as powerful, I'm the fifth place of Quan De, not necessarily weaker than you."

"Ugh."Everyone was stunned, it turned out that Quan De himself didn't even know that he had been unconscious for a long time, and thought he had just dodged Tang Zichen's slap.

Quan De saw silence and was busy looking around, but he didn't see Tang Zichen.

Quan De snorted, "Man you?It's not going to run away, trash."

"Boss Quanta."One of them shouted.

"Alright, guys, let's get on with the gathering, don't let that son of a bitch sweep us off our feet."Quan De said and noticed that everyone was looking at him wrong.

"Why are you all looking at me like that?"

"Boss Quan De, Tang Zichen he."

Quan De snorted, "He must have run away, don't let me run into him, or else, huh." A second to remember to read the book

"Are you okay, Boss Quanta?"

"What can I do, Tang Zichen just struck me with a palm strike, I dodged it, and when I came back to my senses, he had already run away.Don't worry guys, I'll go find my brother tomorrow, if I don't fuck him up, I'll take his last name."Quan De said through gritted teeth.

"Boss Quan De, you really don't remember?"Wang Ju Peng asked.

"Remember what?"

"Boss Quan De, you've been unconscious for a long time, before Don Zichen smashed the barbecue in your face, then he came up and just knocked you out, then he dragged you over to the fire and used you as a meat mat, Don Zichen also ate a lot of barbecue, and now he's gone."


"Don't you remember anything at all, Boss Quanta?"

"Oh my god, how is this possible, Tang Zichen how dare he do this to me."Quan De shouted, as if he didn't believe that with his background in the Flying Cloud Sect, Tang Zichen would dare to offend him like this?

"Boss Quanta, he's done it, what's not to believe."

"I definitely don't believe it, why can't I remember any of it.By the way, did you tell him about my backstage in the Flying Cloud Sect?"

"Well, it doesn't seem like it."A dozen people shook their heads.

"Why didn't you guys say so?If you guys say so, Tang Zichen would never dare to touch me."Quan De roared.

"This, we just forgot to tell him about your background, as we saw that Tang Zichen was so strong that he knocked you out right away.Boss Quan De, what should we do now?Tang Zichen just knocked you out and used you as a cushion, this is something that everyone saw."

Quan De gritted his teeth, "Although Tang Zichen didn't know my background and that's why he dared to do that to me, I won't forgive him for that, ignorance is also a sin."

"Tang Zichen really knows your background, he's definitely going to cry, but unfortunately, we all forgot to tell him just now."

"Haha, Boss Quan De, then how about this, I'll go find Tang Zichen right now and tell him your background."Wei Lang said.

Quan De nodded, "Okay, Wei Lang, you go tell him my background, if he comes on his knees to apologize to me after knowing my background, then I will consider a lighter sentence."

"Yes, Boss Quan De."The one called Wei Lang.

Immediately farted away.Inwardly, Wei Lang said, "I really don't know what kind of face Tang Zichen will have when he finds out about Quan De's background, he must have regrets in his intestines, hahaha, it's so cool to think about that image."

After Wei Lang left, Quan De suddenly asked, "Hey, where is Yang Ziyun?"

"Boss Quan De, Yang Ziyun is angry with Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen just molested Yang Ziyun."

"This son of a bitch, when he comes, let's see how I'll deal with you.Although I'm not as strong as him, unfortunately, in the Flying Cloud Sect, strength isn't the only thing that determines everything, there's something more important than strength, the backstage.With my backstage, it wouldn't be easy to take care of Tang Zichen, a child of a thousand year old family.Also, I might as well tell you all that although my mother is only a junior elder, she still has a mid-level elder backer in the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Wow."The dozen or so people were all in awe.

That Wang Ju Peng asked, "Boss Quan De, who is that mid-ranking elder patron of your mother's?"

Quan De said indifferently, "I don't know you even if I tell you, anyway, just call him Elder Ping."

"Elder Ping, hehe, Boss Quan De, your backstage is really tough, you all have the backing of a mid-level elder."


"Hehe, now I'm really looking forward to what Tang Zichen's face will be when he learns of your background."One person said with great anticipation, and the rest of them looked expectant as well.Originally, they only knew that Quan De's mother was a junior middle elder, they didn't know that Quan De still had the backing of a middle elder, but now that they knew, all of them looked at Quan De's eyes even more differently.In particular, there were still a few girls at the scene, looking at Quan De with sparkling eyes, thinking in their hearts that it would be great if they could climb up to this high branch of Quan De.

Naturally, Quan De saw the eyes of those girls and said in his heart, "It's a pity that Yang Ziyun isn't here, if she was here and learned that I still had the backing of a middle-grade elder, I guess Yang Ziyun's impression of me would have changed, maybe I'll be able to catch up with her."

Thinking of this, Quan De immediately said to Wang Julpeng, "Wang Julpeng, can I trouble you with one thing."

"What is it?You say."Wang Ju Peng asked with a horsy face.

"That, can you go and call Yang Ziyun back for me, and you can tell her that I'll make Tang Zichen will kneel in front of her and apologize to her."


"Go quickly."

"Yes, Boss Quan De."Wang Ju Peng immediately went.

Now, all that was missing was Tang Zichen's arrival.

Regarding Tang Zichen's identity background, Quan De had already inquired about it, but it was only from a thousand year old family in Tian Bao City, and it was only a very lowly thousand year old family, with a family history that was estimated to be no more than two thousand years, this kind of family, Quan De wouldn't put it in his eyes at all.

With such a low background, without asking around about others, he dared to offend Quan De, and to be honest, Quan De didn't even know what Tang Zichen was thinking.

In short, today, Quan De would let Tang Zichen know what a 'background' was.

In the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Stop, what man."Light Cloud Alliance's men stopped Wei Lang.

Wei Lang looked at the few Body Tempering Stage that were guarding the door and despised even more inside, humming, "This Tang Zichen, a group of men who are all Body Tempering Stage, with this strength, he has the nerve to fight with Boss Quan De, he really doesn't know how to write the word death.Go inside and call Tang Zichen out."

Seeing that Tang Zichen's men were so lowly, Tang Zichen's image in Wei Lang's mind dropped a lot.Compared to Quan De, it was even worse.


"Go and get Tang Zichen out of here."

Tang Zichen was in his room, and Lu Yuxi fetched a basin of hot water to soak Tang Zichen's feet, while gently massaging Tang Zichen's shoulders, making Tang Zichen incredibly comfortable.Lu Yuxi was really getting good.

"Yu Xi, nice technique."If this wasn't the Spirit Realm, Tang Zichen really doubted that Lu Yuxi had worked in a massage parlor.

"It's good that I feel comfortable, Minister Less."

"Have you studied massage?"


"Oh, then you are truly gifted."

"Thank you, Minister Less for the compliment."

At that moment, one of the men outside shouted, "Boss, there's someone at the door looking for you, asking you to go out."

Tang Zichen didn't even want to say, "No matter who comes looking for me, say two words to him, get lost."

"Yes, Boss." First URL

At the door, Wei Lang waited for a short time before one of his men came out and said to Wei Lang, "Our boss said, no matter who comes for him, just two words, get lost."

Wei Lang was furious and said inwardly, "Tang Zichen, you are too ungrateful, okay, then don't blame me for not warning you beforehand.Originally, Boss Quan De said that if you knew his background, just kneel at the entrance of Quan De Manor immediately and beg for forgiveness, Boss Quan De would consider a lighter sentence.Now it's good that you didn't even see me, you're not even giving yourself the slightest chance to die by yourself."

Wei Lang left, thinking that Tang Zichen would regret not seeing him, because then Tang Zichen wouldn't even have the slightest chance to remedy his offense against Quan De.

Soon, Wei Lang returned to the Quan De Manor.

"Where is Tang Zichen?"The crowd asked.

"Boss Quan De, that dog, Tang Zichen, actually didn't see me, so I came back first."

Everyone grunted, "What a death, it was possible that if he had come here nicely, there was still a possibility of a lighter sentence."

After saying that, everyone looked at Quan De, Quan De touched the oil juice at the corner of his mouth and said, "Heaven has a way he won't go, hell has no door to cast, you all don't say that I'm bullying people with my background, this kind of person, if I don't take care of him, he really doesn't know what a background is, sad, sad.Coming from a small fart family, a small fart of a man who doesn't know anything about the world, it's pathetic."

"Hehe."Everyone was sweating inside for Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen was doing his own death, and everyone didn't sympathize with him.

At this time, Wang Ju Peng also came back, unlike Yang Ziyun, who was also here.

"Ziyun."Quan De immediately greeted him.

Yang Ziyun asked, "Where is Tang Zichen?I thought you said you were going to make him apologize to me?"

Quan De smiled, "Yes, when I woke up, I heard them say that Tang Zichen molested you, I was very angry, so I asked Wang Jupeng to invite you over so that Tang Zichen could kneel down and apologize to you."

Yang Ziyun said somewhat unenthusiastically, "Kneeling is not necessary, just apologize to me."

"Ziyu, you don't think it's necessary, that's because you're kind, but I won't agree, how dare you flirt with the woman I like, he's tired of living."

Yang Ziyun was a little disgusted, "Alright, where is he?"

"Uh, this."Quan De's face was a bit hung up on the fact that Tang Zichen hadn't come at all.

Quan De was busy saying, "We're going to find Tang Zichen right now, we're waiting for you."

Yang Ziyun asked, "What makes you think that Tang Zichen will be afraid of you, he used you as a cushion before."

Quan De's face twisted as he snorted, "Who asked one of you not to tell him about my background, so that Tang Zichen would think that I was just a

A fifth ranked one, otherwise, Tang Zichen would dare to try to touch me."

Yang Ziyun looked half-hearted.

Then, Quan De brought 18 people with him and headed straight to Tang Zichen's Light Cloud Alliance.

At this moment, at the Light Cloud Alliance, Tang Zichen was extremely comfortable being massaged by Lu Yuxi.

"Young Minister, lie down and I'll give you a massage."

"Okay."Tang Zichen had just laid down when a servant reported outside, "Boss, it's not good, I saw a group of people, about 19 of them, coming towards us, one of them is the one who just came looking for you, these 19 of them, they all seem to be very strong, I don't think the situation is right."

Tang Zichen was on fire and was about to lie down and massage, but he was disturbed.

"Damn it, who dares to disturb me?"

Tang Zichen thought that the men said there were 19 people, Tang Zichen doubted that it was the 19 people who gathered for dinner tonight.

At this moment, a loud bang came from the entrance of the Light Cloud Alliance, obviously, the door of the Light Cloud Alliance was kicked to pieces.

Tang Zichen was on fire and immediately rushed out, and it was indeed the group of people who had just gathered for dinner.

"Tang Zichen, you damn well finally dared to come out."That Wei Lang shouted.

Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, and he said through gritted teeth, "You're looking for death."

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen's threats were of no use, as now they all thought that Tang Zichen was going to be finished.

This group of people was clearly centered on Quan De, who was currently wearing a jacket and had a toothpick in his mouth, looking at Tang Zichen with a defiant look.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, this group of bastards, suddenly so arrogant, did they suddenly have something to fall back on?

Quan De gestured to Wei Lang's eyes.

Wei Lang immediately understood, then said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, listen carefully, you better not miss a single word.Boss Quan De, his brother is a mentor of the Flying Cloud Sect, his mother is a junior elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, and also, his mother is very close to a mid-level elder of the Flying Cloud Sect.Alright, I've finished."Everyone immediately looked at Tang Zichen, wanting to see Tang Zichen's expression.

However, everyone was disappointed.

As if Tang Zichen wasn't even there to listen, he snorted, "You're disturbing my rest, today, you're all finished."

"Hey, Tang Zichen?Didn't you fucking hear what I just said?Okay, I'll say it again, Quan De's brother is a mentor of the Flying Cloud Sect, and his mother is close to a junior elder of the Flying Cloud Sect.Now do you hear me?But unfortunately, it's too late for you to kneel down now."

Tang Zichen scowled, "I don't care who his mother is, and I don't care if his mother was slept with by that middle-grade elder, in short, you're finished for disturbing my rest."

Quan De was furious, "Tang Zichen, whose mother did you say you had been slept with?"

Tang Zichen sneered, "If I say I've slept, then I've slept, and even if I haven't, I'll let him sleep."

"Fuck you, Tang Zichen, what the hell are you, my mother, an elder of the Hallowed Flying Cloud Sect, you also dare to desecrate, how many lives do you think you have, right?"Quan De yelled.

"Quan De, you did this to yourself, don't blame me.It's late today, I don't have time to deal with you, 19 of you, behave yourselves and kneel down, I'll get up in the morning to clean you up."

"Hahaha, really can"

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped Quan De's head.

Quan De fainted.

Tang Zichen commanded, "Someone, hang him up."


"Yes, boss."A few of the men, immediately hoisted the unconscious Quan De up.

The remaining eighteen men, including Yang Ziyun, were stupid and incredulous, and they said in their hearts, "Is Tang Zichen crazy?Didn't you hear the background of the whole German?"

At this time, Tang Zichen turned his head to look at the eighteen people and said, "All of you kneel down, I will only say this once, otherwise, you will suffer the consequences."

Wei Lang raged, "Don't go too far, Tang Zichen."

"Bang."In the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen slapped and directly knocked Wei Lang out, then ordered his men, "Hang up."

Can do it, never force it, excessive?They're the ones who came to us. Who's to blame?

This time, the remaining 17 people's faces changed.

Tang Zichen said word for word, "Kneel!Down!"

"Pounce, pounce."Several people with little power knelt down, they were intimidated by Tang Zichen's momentum.

However, there were still seven or eight people who didn't kneel, looking at Tang Zichen with a cross face, as if to say, I won't kneel, what do you dare to do.

If you can do it, never force it, and this time, it's still the same. Remember the website

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's figure cascaded, and a moment later, the eight or nine people who didn't kneel all fell powerlessly to the ground.

Tang Zichen ordered, "Someone, throw all of these people who didn't kneel into the latrine."

"Yes, boss."

"What? Thatch pit."Those seven or eight people who were just very hardened were stupid, how come they were thrown into the latrine pit?Aren't they hanging?

"Don Zichen, don't you dare."The men shouted.

"Hmph."Tang Zichen just snorted and didn't even look at those men.

At that moment, one of the men asked, "Boss, is this beauty going to be thrown into the latrine as well?"

Tang Zichen turned his head to see that among the seven or eight men who hadn't kneeled just now, there was Yang Ziyun.Yang Ziyun was one of the three beautiful disciples, so it seemed that Tang Zichen's men couldn't do anything about it, after all, it was a beautiful woman, and the men couldn't move.

Yang Ziyun said, "Tang Zichen, it was you who humiliated me first, and now if you still dare to do this to me, I will never let you go."

"Yang Ziyun, so, if I let you be my maid tonight, it would be a humiliation for you."

"Wouldn't it be."

"Well, if that's the case, then forget I ever said it."

"Boss, is she going to be thrown in the latrine then?"One of the men asked.

Tang Zichen waved his hand, "Just, it's a pretty girl after all, give her face and don't throw her, but, though not throw her, tie her up and let her reflect here for the night."

"Yes, Boss."Yang Ziyun didn't say anything else, but her eyes were full of grievances, and hatred for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, the rest of those, you can throw them away."


After saying that, Tang Zichen went into the back hall.

The Light Cloud Alliance's men pulled the seven people who had fallen to the ground without resistance, one after another, into the latrine.

"Bang."Throwing them down.

"Bang."Threw another one down.

"Bang."Another one was thrown down again.

Yang Ziyun, who was tied up, couldn't help but frown, feeling so disgusted, I really don't know how those people who were thrown down felt, fortunately, Tang Zichen didn't throw her, but, inside her heart, she had a feeling of disappointment towards Tang Zi

The minister's hatred did not go away.

Just like that, the seven people who were just hardened and didn't kneel were all thrown to the latrine by Tang Zichen's men.

The remaining ones who weren't thrown to the latrine pit all knelt honestly on the ground, not daring to get up privately.At this moment, they were all very lucky that they had just kneeled down in time, otherwise, they would be staying in the latrine at this moment as well.

Quan De and Wei Lang, on the other hand, were hoisted up high, but they were better off than the ones thrown into the latrine, provided that Tang Zichen wouldn't deal with them again tomorrow morning.Unfortunately, this was impossible, as Tang Zichen said that hanging them up was just a matter of not wanting to deal with them tonight and waiting until tomorrow when they got up, which meant that hanging them up was just the beginning.Offending Tang Zichen, the devil king, they could only admit their misfortune.

Tang Huan sighed, his younger brother was very mad lately, anyone who dared to disobey him or upset him, his younger brother would bring him down, Tang Huan was really worried that if this continued, his younger brother would be killed one day.

The next morning, Tang Zichen woke up and walked out of the back hall and into the front yard.

The eight or nine people were kneeling motionless in the front yard, looking like they hadn't gotten up all night.Yang Ziyun was also still tied to a pillar, she was wounded and didn't have the strength to struggle away.

Quan De and Wei Lang, were still in mid-air.

"Boss, what about the two people who are hanging up?"One of the men asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Last night, all those who disobeyed me were thrown into the latrine, and the two most wretched of them were merely hung up; there can be no such injustice in the world.To be fair, and to give a fair account of those who were in those latrines, the two men who hung up must be punished more severely."

Tang Zichen thought for a moment and said to a few of his men, "You all, remember how I punished Lie Yueye in the beginning, right?"

"Uh, remember."

"That's good, you guys, go, punish what you punished Leye Moon Eyes for in the beginning, and give them the same punishment."

"Ah, boss, you really want us to pee on those two, huh?"

"Nonsense, still not going."

"Boss, think twice ah, this Quan De, his brother and mother, one is a mentor and the other is an elder ah.There's also that Wei Lang, he's also one of the top twenty in the First Order of Enlightenment, not a weakling at the level of Lie Yue Eyes ah."

"What?My words don't work?"

"No no, we're going to execute it right away."Those few men immediately went to grab Quan De and Wei Lang.

Tang Zichen ordered the other men again, "Pull out the few people in the latrine, they can be released."


A moment later, the few people in the latrine were pulled out.

Those few people all looked at Tang Zichen with resentful eyes.

Tang Zichen said, "Whoever looks at me with such angry eyes again, you will be added to the punishment of Quan De and Wei Lang later."

Those people were incomparably depressed and didn't know what punishment they were going to give Quan De and Wei Lang later on.

At that moment, Quan De and Wei Lang were pulled over, but they were still unconscious.

"Boss, these two are pulled over."

"You can start the punishment now."Tang Zichen said, Tang Zichen didn't intend to do it himself, just let a few hands go and do it.

"Yes."Those few men, immediately propped open Quan De and Wei Luang's mouths, then aligned and sprinkled in.

"I'll go."The ones who had been kneeling next to them all night, as well as the ones who had just pulled up from the latrine, were clearly shocked to see that Quan De and Wei Luang's punishment was actually like this, and they couldn't help but yell 'I'm going'.


"Ah."Tied to the side, Yang Ziyun was also dumbfounded, Nima ah, this is still not a human being doing this, Yang Ziyun looked at the demonic Tang Zichen and was terrified.

Soon, Quan De and Wei Lang's punishment was finished.

"Boss, the punishment is complete."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and said, "Everyone, I'll let you off today, remember from now on, don't provoke me, I'm not someone you can provoke.I know you guys are disgruntled in your hearts, but I must tell you, don't doubt my words, otherwise, it will only get worse.Those of you who are thinking, trying to beat me down, trying to get back at me, will only make it worse and worse for you, remember, forget about this, it's your best option.You can go now."

Except for the unconscious Quan De and Wei Luang, all of them walked away in a mess.

None of them dared to utter a word, and they probably wouldn't say anything about what happened today, after all, they were also in the top twenty of the Enlightened First Order list, it would be too humiliating to say anything.

"Boss, what about these two?"Tang Unknown pointed at the unconscious Quan De and Wei Lang on the ground.

Without looking at them, Tang Zichen said, "Throw them to the nearby garbage pile."


Tang Unknown commanded two of his men to carry Quan De and Wei Lang to a nearby trash pond and throw them into it.

At this moment, at a certain mentor base of the Flying Cloud Sect. One second to remember to read the book

"Mentor Jeonji, there's someone outside looking for you."A male mentor said to another young mentor.

"Who's looking for me."

"They've been waiting outside the main gate all night, and they seem to have been sent by your brother."

"My brother?Quan De, why did he send someone to find me in the middle of the night."Saying that, that mentor called Quan Chi, immediately came to the gate of the mentor base, and indeed saw several disciples.

"Hello, are you Mentor Quan-ji?"

"Yes, I am."

"Mentor Allwise, you've finally come out, and if you don't, the boss is going to die."

"The boss?Are you my brother's men?"

"Yes, now Boss Quan De is in danger, he was beaten unconscious and hung up by a man named Tang Zichen.I can't believe it anymore, what kind of torture is being inflicted on the boss, so you should go and save him."

"Who is Tang Zichen?Could it be that Tang Zichen that I heard about earlier, who dared to humiliate Elder She Jun during the outer disciple assessment?"

"Yes, yes, it's him, this Tang Zichen is truly a genius, only entering the inner circle, he became the first in the First Order of Open Light, your brother is no match at all."

"How dare you touch my brother."The All Wise Tutor was furious.

"Lead the way."Mentor Quan Zhi bellowed, those disciples panicked and led the way to Tang Zichen, they were all excited, the boss's rescuers had finally arrived.

Tang Zichen was eating breakfast under Lu Yuxi's wait.

Tang Zichen was just like a young master, enjoying the days when he was clothed and fed.

"Alright, Yu Xi, eat yourself too."

"Yes, Young Master Minister."

"Boss, it's not good."At that moment, Tang Ming ran in to report.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't tell me who's bothering me again."

"Boss, how do you know."

At that moment, an indifferent voice came from outside, "Who is Tang Zichen?Come out, I'll give you three seconds."At the same time, a murderous aura pervaded.

Tang Zichen snorted in disdain, "A mere heart illuminating one step, he even dares to come looking for shit."

r />

That's right, Quan De's brother, Mentor Quan Zhi, was a newly promoted Mentor of the First Order of Heart Illumination.

Tang Zichen's true realm was also at the First Order of Heart Illumination.

Therefore, Tang Zichen sensed Quan Chi's realm while he was still in the back room.

Tang Zichen was very disdainful.

Tang Zichen slowly walked out of the back hall and went to the front yard, where a man who couldn't see his age was standing there full of anger, appearance couldn't judge a person's age anymore, because the lifespan of immortal cultivators was thousands of years, thirty years old versus eighty years old, even versus three hundred years old, in some cases, it couldn't be distinguished.

However, looks couldn't be judged, but one could roughly sense age through the other person's essence.

Right now, Tang Zichen sensed that this All Wise Tutor, he should be almost seventy years old.

A person who was almost seventy years old had only cultivated to the first stage of Heart Illumination, Tang Zichen simply didn't care.

That Total Wisdom Mentor, seeing Tang Zichen said, "I gave you three seconds to appear, but unfortunately you only came out for a whole minute, so you can't blame me for being rude."

"How rude?"Tang Zichen sneered.

"Where's my brother?"Quan Chi asked angrily, not having the time to play games with Tang Zichen at the moment.

"Your brother?Oh, Quan-Te? I had him thrown into a nearby dumpster after he'd eaten and drank his fill, but now go look for him, he should still be turning up."

"You're looking for death."Quan Zhi's face screwed up, killing Tang Zichen, he had never wanted to kill someone as strongly as he did today.

Tang Zichen certainly felt the killing aura, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen's eyes were filled with disdain.

However, such a lowly opponent, Tang Zichen did not intend to kill him, because such a lowly opponent, he was not worthy of being Tang Zichen's opponent, talk about raising a tiger, now he was not even a rival, and in the future even less of a rival, so it was better to kill him than to humiliate him viciously.

Of course, if it was the kind of talent that was so great that it would bring hidden danger to Tang Zichen in the future, then kill it.

A few of Quan De's men immediately ran to a nearby trash heap to look for someone.

Sure enough, within a short while, they turned up two people in the trash pile, it was Quan De and Wei Lang.

"Boss, wake up."

After wasting a lot of effort, they finally woke up Quan De and Wei Luang.

"Where am I?"Quan De rolled over and climbed up.

"Boss, you're finally awake, you've been thrown into the trash by Don."

"What? I got thrown in the trash."Quan De suddenly remembered that he had been knocked unconscious last night, and then he hadn't known anything.

At that moment, Quan De sniffled and said, "Why does it smell like piss?"

"Boss, it's probably ugly in the trash."

"Right boss, we've gone to find your brother, Mentor Quan Chi, at the moment your brother is at Tang Zichen's, I'm sure at the moment, Tang Zichen has been flattened by your brother."One of the men said.

"What? My brother has gone to find Tang Zichen, great, let's go, I'm going to brutally maim him this time."Quan De gritted his teeth, then rushed to the Light Cloud Alliance.

Soon, Quan De rushed to the entrance of the Light Cloud Alliance, before Quan De entered, he shouted, "Brother, fuck him up."

However, when Quan De rushed into the main entrance, his entire body froze, only to see his brother lying on the ground, with Tang Zichen's foot on his brother's head, and his brother unable to move.

"What."Quan De was silly, he thought that Tang Zichen had already beaten his brother to death, but what he saw was his brother being held down on the ground by Tang Zichen stepping on his head and unable to move.


"This."The few men who rushed in from behind were also stupid.

Tang Zichen was packing up Quan De when Quan De rushed in.

Tang Zichen raised his head to look at Quan De and said, "It's speedy to want to wake up so quickly."

"Tang Zichen, this, this is impossible."Quan De incredibly looked at the ground unable to move his brother straight shook his head.

Quan De, who was stepped on the ground, let out a roar, "Let go of me, do you hear me, let go of me."

Quan De saw his brother, who couldn't even get up from being stepped on the ground, and shouted at him to let go of him, his heart didn't know what to feel.

Tang Zichen was too ungodly, his brother had made a move, but he still couldn't deal with him.

Tang Zichen stomped down again, and Quan Zhi's head was submerged in the ground.

Tang Zichen spat a mouthful of water on Quan Zhi's face and said, "You damn it, weren't you just killing him?How come there's no killing now.Didn't I just say that you were rude to me when I came out a minute ago, but now you're showing me your rudeness."

"Ahhhh."Quan Chi was in a lot of pain.

At this moment, Quan Chi felt as if a mountain was pressing down on his head, and no matter how hard he exerted himself, he was never able to get up, he simply couldn't understand why Tang Zichen was able to step on him and couldn't even lift his head up. The first website

"Brother."Quanta shouted, seeing his brother being trampled on the ground, he was in pain.

"Ahhhh."Quan Zhi let out a shriek of displeasure, instead of being able to avenge his brother's death, he was trampled on the ground in front of his brother, the pain was not only physical, but also spiritual.

"Tang Zichen, you still won't let go of me."Quan Zhi shouted, he was incapable of struggling up himself, so he could only yell at Tang Zichen to let go, and was really helpless.

"A person who wants to ruin me, I, Tang Zichen, am able to release you just by stepping on you a few times?If the price is so low, then wouldn't the world be able to come and cripple me by anyone, and the consequence would only be a few stomps by me anyway."

"What do you want, I, Quan Zhi, am at least a mentor of the Flying Cloud Sect, you, a disciple who has just entered the inner circle, dare to bully your mentor."

"I pooh, still bullying the mentor, why don't you say that you are incompetent, you can't even beat a student."

"Ahhhh."Quan Zhi yelled in anger.

At that moment, Tang Zichen stomped again, and Quan Zhi's head was already plunged into the slate halfway up his face.

Quan De shouted, "Tang Zichen, let my brother go, or else."

Tang Zichen raised his head and said, "Quan De, it's already this time, and you're still threatening me with 'or else', if I were you, kneel down right now and submit to me, maybe I can even release your brother from this."

Quan De only felt the rage in his heart, a man with such a big background, he himself was bullied not to mention, now even his brother was trampled like this, Tang Zichen even asked him to kneel down and submit to him, how outrageous.

"Tang Zichen, I swear, it's not over with you, you'll regret what you've done at this moment."

"Really? Then I'd like to see how you're going to make me regret it."

"Tang Zichen, if my mother finds out about this, if she doesn't kill you, I'll take your surname."Quan De said through clenched teeth.

"Your mother?Is that the one who was slept with by a certain mid-level elder."

"Tang Zichen, how dare you insult my mother?You really don't know who you've messed with, do you?"Quan De shouted in anger.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Quan De, you probably don't even know how you smell like urine.But yeah, you're unconscious, so naturally you wouldn't know if you were dunked in urine by one of my men."

"What."Quan De.

The face was white.

Quan Zhi, who was stepped on under Tang Zichen's feet, also raged, "Tang Zichen, how dare you treat my brother like this."

"You are all in trouble yourselves, and you still have such a tone towards me, you are really dead pigs not afraid of boiling water, I am thoroughly tired of this, I would have let you go as long as you submit to me, but unfortunately, you, you are really dead pigs not afraid of boiling water, you are making me so tired.Since you're so stubborn, I'll completely beat you two brothers, you can't turn over a new leaf."Tang Zichen said ruthlessly.

"Someone come."

"In."Dozens of little brothers shouted.

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled and said, "Let Mentor Quan Zhi, have a taste too."After saying that, Tang Zichen fiercely kicked Quan Zhi's heart.


"Ah."Quan Chi's heart was suddenly kicked, and I'm afraid that he wouldn't be able to recover for a few months, while at the same time, he had completely lost his fighting strength.

"Yes."Dozens of juniors shouted.

"Brother."Quan De shouted, not really expecting to be made so miserable by Tang Zichen.At this moment, when Quan De saw Tang Zichen's unforgiving face, it seemed that he was a bit afraid of Tang Zichen, a person inside.Once fear of someone was created, then it was forever subjugated from within.

Quan Zhi shouted, "Quan De, go find Mother."

"Okay, I'll go to mother right away."Quan De immediately ran, he was afraid that Tang Zichen would stop him.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't stop him at all, allowing Quan De to go find his junior elder's mother.

Of course, Tang Zichen also called Tang Unknown over.

"Brother, what is it."

"Tang Miao, go to Elder She Jun's house and tell him that the opportunity to make a merit has arrived."

"Yes, Boss."

Tang Unknown immediately went.

Quan De went to look for his mother, then Tang Zichen called She Jun, they were both junior elders anyway, let them both do it, and also test Elder She Jun by the way, give him a chance to make merit.

Soon, Tang Ming arrived at Elder Shejun's residence.

These days, Elder Shejun hadn't left his residence for half a step, probably because he hadn't recovered from Tang Zichen's last incident.

"She Monarch."Tang Ming shouted.

At this time, Yang Qian came out in great anger and said, "Who the hell dares to directly call my master's name?"

Tang Ming was shocked and busy, "I, I was sent by Tang Zichen, looking for Elder Shejun."

"Tang, Tang Zichen."At once, Yang Qian lost his temper.

Shejun came out from the front door and asked, "What is it that young minister is looking for me?"

Tang unidentified said, "Our boss said that he wants you to go there immediately, your chance to make merit has arrived."

"What? Make a merit."

"Yes, make merit, congratulations on being able to make merit, alright, my words have been delivered, it's up to you if you want this chance to make merit."After saying that, Tang unknown walked away.

Inside She Jun, cursed, "Tang Zichen, I'll make a merit of you, who wants to make a merit with you."

All his life, She Jun didn't want to deal with Tang Zichen, but, Tang Zichen told him to go merit, and if he didn't go, he didn't know what would happen.

So, Shejun could only bite his teeth and very reluctantly went.

At this moment, somewhere in the Flying Cloud Sect.

Yang Ziyun had already washed and scrubbed and had changed her clothes.


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