Dish Best Served Cold 487-490


Chapter 487

Ye Fan's image recovered, Xu Lei naturally felt happy for her little brother Fan.

Although Ye Fan wasn't her boyfriend, Xu Lei naturally didn't want, her most respected little brother Fan, to be looked down upon by someone's own classmates.

"But Xiaolei, why did Wen Wen and the others buy imitation goods?"

"Their family is very rich."

"This afternoon, the cruise tickets on the Yanqi Lake are said to be one hundred thousand each.Her husband casually gave the three of us three."

"There's no reason for such rich people to buy high-fashion A-frame goods ah."

While Guo Yawen was still questioning customer service and questioning Lei Dongbao, Meng Han, however, only felt unimaginable and whispered to Xu Lei.

Xu Lei thought, "Well, that should be cheated, right?"

Meng Han nodded, "I guess so."

"Hundreds of thousands of dollars, my salary for two years, and it's gone?"

Meng Han shook his head and lamented with a bitter smile.

At this time, Guo Ya Wen, after scolding Lei Dong Bao, then came over once again.

The anger just now had dissipated, looking at Xu Lei and Meng Han, instead she also laughed, "Hey, I'm still too simple, too easy to trust people, I didn't expect that there would be people who would cheat on a few hundred thousand bags?"

Guo Alyssa laughed to herself and smiled faintly.

"Alyssa, are you okay?Don't feel too bad about it.Call the police, maybe they can help us find the crooks."Meng Han consoled.

"It's fine, but it's only four hundred thousand, fee that, there's this time, my husband talks about a few more business, he'll earn it.This money will just be used to buy a few coffins for that crook's parents."Guo Yawen waved her hand and said with a light breeze, not caring in the slightest.

What else could Meng Han and Xu Lei say after Guo Yawen had said that, they could only smile with a face.

"Xiaolei, that, thanks a lot to your boyfriend.If it wasn't for your boyfriend reminding me, I wouldn't have known that I was cheated."

"I'm a person who is just too thick-hearted and trusts people too easily."

"However, although this bag is fake and the workmanship is not as good as the real one, but it is undoubtedly much better than those hundreds of bags you buy at roadside stalls."

"This bag, I'll give it to you as a thank you to your boyfriend."

"You don't mind, even though this bag isn't authentic, it's better than the junk your little brother Fan gave you."

In between her words, Guo Yawen took out the contents of the bag, while throwing it to Xu Lei.

It was obvious that although Guo Yawen was thanking Ye Fan on her lips, she undoubtedly hated Ye Fan in her heart.

After all, it was Ye Fan who had made her look bad in public and lost face in front of Xu Lei Meng Han, it was strange that Guo Ya Wen and her wife didn't hate him.

Xu Lei naturally didn't want it, but after some excuses, Guo Yawen insisted on giving it to her.

Having no choice, Xu Lei could only respond first.


"I can't believe I've been scammed."

"I commissioned someone to buy this bag, and the money was called in, but I didn't expect it to be a fake."

"However, thanks to Brother Ye, I have to drink a toast to Brother Ye."

At this time, Lei Dongbao also knew that he had humiliated himself and came over, smiling while explaining to Meng Han and the others, while putting on a generous appearance, toasting Ye Fan with tea instead of wine.

Ye Fan didn't refuse, after all, he was Xu Lei's classmate, there was no need to make the relationship too stiff.

"It's just a small matter."

"In the future, when Mr. Lei uses someone, you still have to look at the right person to use."

Ye Fan said as he raised his glass and clinked it with Lei Dongbao.

When Lei Dongbao clinked his glass with Ye Fan, he deliberately pulled his cuff, revealing the distinguished and luxurious gold watch on his wrist.


"Brother Yeh won't you buy a watch to wear?"

"How can a man go out without a watch?"

Lei Dongbao had actually noticed that Ye Fan didn't have a watch on his hand, and he had come over to toast Ye Fan, just as an excuse to show off his watch.

After all, because of Ye Fan, he had just made the couple embarrassed.

Now, of course, he had to earn back his face from somewhere else.

As expected, hearing Lei Dongbao's words, the gazes of Guo Ya Wen, Meng Han and the others then forgot about the past.

Guo Ya Wen smiled and said, "Yes, Lei.Nowadays, successful people, who doesn't wear a watch."

"You little brother Fan, how come your wrist is empty and you don't even have a quick watch?"

"But it's okay, if you want to buy a watch, tell my husband."

"My husband has several watches at home, he knows all the advantages and disadvantages of various brands of watches."

"Dongbao, while there's a chance, you can recommend a few models to this good sister's boyfriend of mine."

Guo Alyssa also seized the opportunity to once again show off their family history.

"Wen Wen, there's no need for you to say that."

"Brother Ye and I have been seeing each other for a long time, and I definitely have to give him a good talking to when he buys a watch."

The couple sang in unison.

"Brother Ye, the watch, it seems like it's still a small object.But the learning is big?"

"There are countless watches of various brands on the market today."

"But most of them are junk, and the only real watches are those few old brands."

"The best one is the brand I have."

"Rolex, a German brand, a hundred years old."

"Luxurious and atmospheric."

"And the piece I have is a new gem this year.It's hot on the market and a watch is hard to find, and I had to ask a friend to buy this piece with great difficulty."

Lei Dongbao said complacently, how distinct the whiff of arrogance in his words.

That look seemed to be waiting for Ye Fan to pursue him and ask him how much the watch in his hand cost.

However, to Lei Dongbao's disappointment, Ye Fan didn't even ask at all and was just drinking coffee there by himself.

However, it didn't matter.

Lei Dongbao had plenty of reasons to say what he wanted to say, naturally.

"Brother Ye, if you want to buy it, you must know a price in your heart, don't buy an expensive one."

"I spent around 990,000 for this watch, plus a 250 tip for my friend and some tax, it's around a million."

"So if you buy it, the price is at a million, that's the right price."

Lei Dongbao reminded Evan with a tone of concern.


"That watch, a million!"

At this time, Meng Han heard the number in Lei Dongbao's mouth, but the cherry mouth opened in shock.

Originally, Meng Han thought that hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy a bag is enough luxury, did not think that this is still worse, people wear a watch, on top of his hometown a house.

As expected, the rich people's life was unimaginable to them.

When he heard Meng Han's trembling voice, the smile on Lei Dongbao's face undoubtedly became even more intense, and he was also proud of himself.

But what made him a little unhappy was that that guy Ye Fan was like a mute, he didn't even say a word after talking for half a day himself.

Guo Ya Wen saw the situation and smiled inexplicably, "Dong Bao, you're confused, why are you giving him such an expensive watch?"

"He doesn't even have the money to buy a gift for his girlfriend, can't you expect him to have money for a million dollar watch."

Guo Alyssa smiled coldly.

Xu Lei frowned, undoubtedly somewhat displeased.

But Ye Fan smiled wanly.


"What are you laughing at?"

This smile of Ye Fan's, with a touch of sarcasm, like mockery, annoyed Lei Dongbao and Guo Yawen.


"It's just an accident that Lei spent a million on this watch."

"In my opinion, it's just worth that small fee."

Ye Fan laughed lightly, but it was in this cafe that he quietly sounded.


A tip?

Two hundred and fifty?

When Ye Fan said this, Guo Yawen and her husband and wife's faces turned black at that time.

The original full smile immediately dissipated, and Lei Dongbao was even more furious as he slapped the table and directly stood up.

"Bastard, are you looking for trouble?"

"You're a poor guy who can't afford a watch, so you call me a bum?"

"Matilda, what kind of classmate are you, looking for a man to find this kind of villainous goods?"

Lei Dongbao was undoubtedly mad with rage.

He didn't expect that Ye Fan, a poor loser, would dare to curse him?

Guo Ya Wen was equally annoyed and ended up glaring at Xu Lei even more, "Xu Lei, you just sit there and watch?"

"Don't you give a shit about your asshole boyfriend?"

"I'm telling you, it's for your own sake, or else my husband would have had him done by now if people had offended us so!"

Ye Fan was finding fault one after another, of course Lei Dongbao and his wife were angry.

Meng Han saw the conflict getting bigger and bigger, and quickly advised, "Wen Wen, you shouldn't be angry with Little Lei either."

"It's that Ye Fan's mouth, it has nothing to do with Little Lei."

"Little Lei, why don't you quickly persuade that boyfriend of yours to apologize to Matilda."

"A watch, if you can't afford it, there's no need to call someone a two hundred and fifty ah."

Meng Han urged Xu Lei to reprimand Ye Fan for a few words.

"I think you guys misunderstood."

"Two hundred and fifty, I'm referring to the value of that watch."

"Just now Lei said it was a Rolex, worth one million.If that's the case, it looks like Mr. Lei has bought another high-fashion fake."Ye Fan explained again.


"You're the fake, your whole family's a fake!"

As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Lei Dongbao exploded then.

A pair of tiger eyes were wide open and veins were bulging, and looking at that, he was about to get up and beat up Ye Fan.

After all, this Ye Fan was bullying people too much.

Just now, he said that their bags were fake, and now he was saying that his watch was also fake.

Next, was it saying that the underwear he was wearing was also fake?

Isn't this directed at him?

Who can tolerate this normal person!

Meng Han saw this and hurried over to pull Lei Dongbao while anxiously looking at Guo Ya Wen.

"Wen Wen, quickly persuade your husband, even if that Ye Fan is going too far, it's not a crime to do it!"

"They're all classmates."

"There's no need to get upset over a little thing."

"And you, you're addicted to playing, aren't you?"

"Just now the blind cat ran into a dead mouse and asked you to guess the authenticity of Wen Wen's bag.Now you're saying that someone's watch is fake?"

"You have a sour grape mentality.If you can't get it yourself, and people can, you say the grapes are sour."

"What you can't afford yourself, others can, so you say that what they buy is fake."

"It is true that poor mountains and evil waters produce unruly people."

"People from small places, their hearts are just dirty."

"Nonsense here, why don't you apologize to Wen Wen and the others!"

As Meng Han comforted Guo Ya Wen and Lei Dong Bao's couple, she looked at Ye Fan with disdain and disgust, and said in a cold, angry voice.

To Ye Fan, Meng Han obviously didn't have as much respect for him as she did for Lei Dongbao.

After all, Lei Dongbao people are big bosses, have identity and status, and they also want to board the cruise ship in the afternoon to watch the boxing match, so of course, Meng Han provided respect to Lei Dongbao couple.

And what is Ye Fan?

He's just a poor loser. In this society, if you don't have money, you don't have status, so who cares?Who cares?

Therefore, Meng Han's words were naturally not polite in the slightest, without any concern for Ye Fan's face.

It directly made Ye Fan apologize!

"Meng Han, I forbid you to talk about my brother Xiaofan like that."

Meng Han's words were so ugly that Xu Lei couldn't even listen to them.

It was unpleasant to defend.

"Little Lei, by now, you're still defending him?"

"He's attacking your classmates here in front of your face, talking nonsense.He's also hitting you in the face."

"What's more, if we check later that the watch is real, you'll be humiliated along with it."

"Unless, you also think that what he said is true?"

Meng Han put on an appearance of thinking for Xu Lei, but couldn't stop saying.

However, before Xu Lei could reply, Ye Fan's voice rang out again.

"It seems that you guys still don't believe it."

"Since that's the case, there's no need to say anything more."

"When we came over just now, there was an entire official Rolex watch store."

"Whether it's real or not, take it over and we'll know once we test it."

Ye Fan's face was calm, the verbal abuse from Guo Alyssa and the others just now didn't make Ye Fan's emotions fluctuate at all.

"Stinky brat, you're still coming on strong aren't you?"

"Would I not know if my watch was real or not, and would I need to test it?"

"How dare you, a turncoat who can't even afford a watch, make a big deal out of being able to tell if my million dollar watch is real or not?"

Lei Dongbao's anger boomed.

"That's right, what kind of a thing are you?"

"One word from you, and you want us to test for authenticity?"

"So later, if you say that the panties my husband is wearing are also high-fashion fakes, does my husband still have to take them off and give them to you to check for authenticity?"

Guo Ya Wen sneered, her eyes full of coldness, looking at Ye Fan like an idiot.

Meng Han was even more contemptuous, only feeling that this Ye Fan was really gaining an inch.

He took himself too seriously, didn't he?

A blanket statement and people run to check it out?

The reason why Guo Alyssa just called the official phone number to verify the authenticity is because what Ye Fan said did make some sense, which made Meng Han also suspicious, and Guo Alyssa took the initiative to call to verify it in order to prove her innocence.

If not, why would Guo Alyssa pay attention to Ye Fan's bullshit?

But now, no one believed Ye Fan's empty words, and Lei Dongbao and his wife naturally didn't bother to test them.

But Ye Fan was in no hurry at all, and after taking a sip of coffee, he continued, "Mr. Lei, if what I expected is right, this watch, and that bag of yours, were both bought by the same friend, right?"

"Do you think that he wouldn't dare to buy you a fake bag, so he wouldn't dare to buy you a fake watch?"

Hearing Ye Fan's words, Lei Dongbao only felt his heart thump and instantly cooled down by three points.

Clearly, Ye Fan's words had undoubtedly awakened him.

"I'm just kindly reminding you, so that you won't be fooled and still not know it.Of course, test it or not, as you wish."

Ye Fan smiled faintly.

Lei Dongbao's old face, however, had gone white.

It was obvious that his heart was also drumming.

It couldn't be, he had really been guessed by this guy, right?

"Don't talk nonsense here!"

"You just insulted me, and now you're insulting my husband."

"If you don't apologize for this today, we're not done!"

Guo Alyssa was still yelling.

But Lei Dongbao turned his head and left.

"Honey, where are you going?"Alyssa Guo then asked.

"Guess you went to check the authenticity of the watch, right?Let's go, let's go over there together."Ye Fan looked like he was watching the fun, then went over with Xu Lei along with him.

And Meng Han said that he would go to the toilet first and chase after him later.

Thus, the three of Xu Lei went over first.

By the time they felt the front of that watch shop, Lei Dongbao seemed to have finished his experience and came out of it with a black face.


"Honey, how's it going?"

"It's true, isn't it!"

"What else do you have to say now, asshole?"When she saw her husband, Guo Ya Wen started to ask forgiveness like Ye Fan before she even asked for clarification.


However, as soon as Guo Ya Wen finished speaking, only a popping sound was heard, and Lei Dong Bao immediately smashed that watch on the ground.

"Honey, what are you doing?"Guo Alyssa was terrified.

"Damn it, I was fooled by that bastard Old Zhou!"

"It's fake."Lei Dongbao gritted his teeth viciously.


Fake again?

As if a rooster had been strangled, Guo Ya Wen's petite body trembled, and then she stayed in place.

The original arrogance was like being doused with cold water, and then it went out.

For a while, Guo Yawen and her husband were dumb and speechless, knowing that they were ashamed, they didn't dare to say a word, where was the slightest trace of what they were doing when they were mocking Ye Fan.

As for Xu Lei and Ye Fan, they didn't speak either.

Just look at them, Ye Fan's mouth, with an inexplicable smile, as if looking at the couple like a clown, which undoubtedly made Guo Ya Wen and the others uncomfortable.

And at this time, Meng Han had already finished using the toilet and chased after them.


"Are you done with the experience?"

"How about it, Evan, get hit in the face!"

"I knew it, it was you who was designated to be talking nonsense just now, deliberately framing Wen Wen and Brother Dongbao."

"Matilda and the others aren't idiots, 400,000 bags have been cheated, can't they still be cheated of this one million watch?"

"You think Matilda and the others are as clueless as you are and do stupid things like this?"

"What are you waiting for, why don't you give Matilda and the others an apology?"

Meng Han scolded at Ye Fan in a cold voice.

However, when he heard Meng Han's words, not only was Ye Fan not angry in the slightest, he even shook his head and smiled.

Xu Lei and the others beside him even looked at Meng Han with an odd gaze.


"Why aren't you all talking?"

"Matilda, he falsely accused you and said that your husband was two hundred and fifty and bought a fake watch, so won't you say something?"Meng Han was at a loss for words.

And Lei Dongbao and Guo Yawen couple were near to dying of anger at that time.

With her face red and white, Guo Yawen couldn't help but be even more furious: "You can shut up you!"

"No one will treat you as dumb if you don't talk!"

Guo Ya Wen was so angry that her pretty face was red.

Originally she and Lei Dongbao were going to muddle this matter and forget about it, but Meng Han was good, a strong real watch and a fake watch.

Damn, is she stupid?

The couple was already feeling embarrassed enough.

This Meng Han is good, rubbing salt on their wounds over and over again.

Of course Guo Ya Wen and her husband and wife were angry.

"Wen Wen, what's wrong with me, you're saying that to me?"

Speaking for them herself and being scolded, Meng Han was aggrieved for a while.

In the end, it was Xu Lei who told her to say less, Wen Wen and the others were already suffocated enough when they bought fake goods one after another, so don't rub salt in the wound.


"Is the watch fake too?"

Meng Han was undoubtedly startled as well.

I thought to myself that the couple had been pretending to show off their wealth before, and I dared to think that it was all fake.

The bag is fake, and this watch is also fake?

Meng Han had to wonder if this rich look of theirs was also an act.

After all, Meng Han and them didn't really deal with each other often, and it was just a coincidence that they came out to play together today.Now that he saw this couple covered in fake goods, Meng Han's attitude towards them had undoubtedly undergone some subtle changes.

"Wen Wen, then you guys are really unlucky ha."

"The bag is fake, and so is this watch."Meng Han consoled.

"Hmph, we've also met a bad luck and been cheated by a villain."

"It's only a million or so, just throw it away, my husband will earn it back in a few days."

"Okay, let's stop talking about this, let's keep playing.Don't spoil the fun because of these few millions."

Guo Yawen was still holding strong, putting on a show of not caring, but in her heart that was undoubtedly dripping blood ah.

A million or so, just like that?

You've lost face and money!

Lei Dongbao's face was also not good, and he didn't slow down for a long time.

Just like that, Meng Han and his group continued to stroll around, having wronged Ye Fan just now, Meng Han and Guo Alyssa and the others, didn't seem to have any intention of apologizing to Ye Fan.

After all, even if Ye Fan guessed correctly, so what?

Still not a poor loser?

For them to apologize to such people, naturally Guo Alyssa and the others couldn't do it!

And, because of this matter, this couple undoubtedly hated Ye Fan even more.

So much so that, when they went shopping next, Guo Alyssa and the others didn't even take care of Ye Fan and just left him dry.

Moreover, when she asked Lei Dongbao to buy her cosmetics, Guo Yawen purposely bought two sets, one for herself and also gave a set to Meng Han, deliberately not giving it to Xu Lei.

"Xiao Lei ah, I won't give you this cosmetic.After all, you're a man with a man, if you want it, just let your brother Fan buy it for you, this cosmetic is really good, I say Ye Fan, won't you buy a set for your girlfriend?"Alyssa Kwok smiled.

"I don't want it, I have it all at home."Before Ye Fan could reply, but Xu Lei quickly said.

Ye Fan looked at her, "Little Lei, you really don't want it?"

"Well, brother Fanny, I really can't use it."Xu Lei smiled in amusement.

It was true that Xu Lei's words weren't polite either.

She really couldn't use this brand of cosmetics.

The grade was too low, and the ones Xu Lei used were better than this, the kind exclusive to the European royal family.

"Alright, as you wish."Ye Fan faintly said.

But the couple next to him, Guo Ya Wen, saw the situation, but they laughed lowly.

Truly a poor loser.

Not even willing to buy cosmetics for his woman.

Meng Han also shook her head at this time, only feeling that this man Xu Lei had found was too bad.

She had already decided to find a chance to talk to Xu Lei properly and get another one before she got married.

With Xu Lei's appearance conditions, that marrying into a rich family as a rich wife was more than enough.

After that, the group of them strolled around for a while, Lei Dongbao seemed to be trying to get back the lost face, during which he threw down a lot of money to buy things for Guo Yawen, Guo Yawen also bought a set for Meng Han from time to time in passing, just not Xu Lei.

She did it for one reason, to show off her wealth, and for another purpose, to humiliate Xu Lei now.

After all, when Ye Fan had just embarrassed them, this Xu Lei not only didn't berate, but also defended Ye Fan.

This undoubtedly made Guo Alyssa unhappy.

However, Guo Ya Wen did not do too desperate, like milk tea, coffee and other cheap items, Guo Ya Wen still asked Lei Dong Bao to give Xu Lei a share along with it.

As for Ye Fan, of course not.

Now that the couple hated to beat up Ye Fan, how could they buy him anything?

At lunchtime, Meng Han grabbed to pay the bill.After all, having received too many favors from Lei Dongbao and his wife, it would be too much for Meng Han to say if they were to take money again for this meal.

"Han Han, it's fine."

"A little bit of money, just let my husband pay the bill."Guo Yawen and Lei Dongbao's couple naturally stopped Meng Han from going.

Meng Han had no choice, and was a little embarrassed, "Wen Wen, how do you make me feel."

"It's fine, it's fine if you have the heart for it.It's better than some people who have the peace of mind to scrounge around."Guo Yawen's words were cold.

As expected, she had reminded Meng Han of that instead.

Meng Han paused to glare at Ye Fan, who had been standing silent on the side, and said in disgust, "You're a grown man, and you're just licking your face and watching there?"

"You haven't paid a dime for this morning's scrounging, have you?"

"Do you have the nerve to still let Matilda and the others pay for this meal today?"


"Menghan, what are you doing?"

"Brother Fanny shouldn't have been paying for this meal in the first place."

"Shall I?"

The table in front of them were all their own school friends.Ye Fan was completely because of himself, and only because he was busy to accompany Guo Ya Wen and the others to eat together.And it's not like Ye Fan is really her boyfriend.

It's not Ye Fan's turn to take this meal.

Now, seeing her classmate targeting Ye Fan so much, Xu Lei is naturally unhappy.

As she spoke for Ye Fan, she went forward to pay the bill herself.

"No need, Little Lei."

"It's better to save and spend those wages of yours."

"When we get to Yanjing, how can we let you get money?"

Guo Alyssa and her husband didn't let Xu Lei take the money.After all, Meng Han was here watching, if they were in Yanjing and they still let Xu Lei, who was from out of town, treat them, then if word got out to the other students, they would be called stingy.

Guo Yawen and Lei Dongbao were both face-loving masters, and they naturally didn't care if a little money could buy a face.

"Hmph, Lei, just him, you still call him brother Fan, I really feel unworthy for you?"

"It's just as well to be poor, or a dime a dozen iron rooster."

"Why do you think you found this kind of product?"

"Look at Brother Dongbao, he's so rich and talented, and he's also generous, this kind of man has face to bring out."

"Regina, why don't you just listen to Matilda and the others and ask them to introduce you to a few.Even if it's Wen Wen's driver, that's still better than this kind of man, right?"

"You're the Department Flower of our Finance Department, you can't aggravate yourself like this."

Because Ye Fan didn't invite guests, Meng Han's impression of Ye Fan was undoubtedly even worse.

Only felt that Ye Fan was not only poor loser, but also thick-skinned, scrounging for food and drinks, not even a thank you, simply do not know the shame of it.

Meng Han really couldn't understand why Xu Lei, the flower of the Finance Department who was their role model, had found this kind of guy as her boyfriend.

She would be ashamed to say it!

Hearing Meng Han and the others' regret, Xu Lei, however, shook her head, "Meng Han, you don't understand."

"You stay out of it, you don't even know or understand my little brother Fan."

"You only feel sorry for me because you feel aggrieved and pity for me, it's not worth it."

"But where do you know what kind of person is behind my brother Xiaofan, who seems so ordinary?"

"If one day, I can really become brother Fan's wife, not only will I not feel aggrieved and unworthy, but I will also feel that it will be my Xu Lei's greatest honor in this life."

On the marble-paved path, Xu Lei walked behind the crowd with Meng Han.

At this time, Xu Lei secretly looked at the thin back that was walking in front of her, but inexplicable light flickered in her beautiful eyes.

Although it was only a short day, Xu Lei, really enjoyed this feeling of being treated as brother Fan's girlfriend.

Xu Lei knew that it was a misunderstanding, but so what.

At least this day, in the eyes of others, Ye Fan belonged to her Xu Lei alone.

This was enough for her.

However, when she heard these words from Xu Lei, the pair of eyes next to her, Meng Han, then stared at her and said angrily in a tone that hated her unfortunate anger, "Xiao Lei, you, you, what do you want me to say about you?"

"You're so hopelessly out of your depth!"

"I don't know what kind of confusing soup that guy put in there, it's ticking off your IQ."

Meng Han was speechless for a while.

Xu Lei was still looking at Ye Fan's back and smiling shallowly.

It was estimated that they would never understand how blissful it was to be Ye Fan's woman.

While Xu Lei and Meng Han were whispering, Guo Yawen and Lei Dongbao were looking at Ye Fan with no doubt that they were very unhappy in their hearts.

"It's simply a white-eyed wolf."

"Eating us and drinking us, without a word of thanks?"

"Inviting him to dinner would be better than feeding the dog."

"That really pisses me off."

"Is this taking us for a fool?"

"Honey, we have to find a way to fix him."

Looking in front of Ye Fan with his trouser pockets in, with a look of twenty-five hundred thousand, Guo Ya Wen almost died of anger, at this time whispering and discussing with Lei Dong Bao.

At this time, Guo Yawen just looked at an expensive jewelry store in front of her, so she suggested going in to take a look.

"Wow, so beautiful, this necklace."

"Xiaolei, come over here and take a look."

Soon after, Meng Han pulled Xu Lei to the side to look at the necklace.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, was casually strolling around in it.

At this time, when Guo Yawen saw Ye Fan drop the order, she took that jade bracelet from the counter and then walked over towards Ye Fan's direction.

When she arrived in front of Ye Fan, Guo Alyssa deliberately let go of her hand.


The jasper bracelet fell to the ground and shattered instantly.


"What are you doing?"

"Why aren't you careful enough to hold a bracelet?"

"The pieces are cutting into me."

Guo Alyssa made a painful gesture and squatted down to stroke her calf.

"Alyssa, how are you, are you hurt?"

"Bastard, if my Matilda gets paddled, I'm not done with you!"

The two couples seem to have discussed it over, but as soon as Guo Ya Wen broke the jade bracelet, Lei Dong Bao came over to pretend to be concerned, and at the same time blamed it on Ye Fan.

When Meng Han and the others saw this, they also hurriedly ran over and worriedly assisted Guo Alyssa.

"Wen Wen, are you alright?"

"Shit, you're saving it, aren't you?"

"Watching a bracelet fall on Matilda too?"

"Waiting to pay you back."

Being led by Guo Yawen and her wife, Meng Han, who undoubtedly also believed that it was Ye Fan who broke the jade bracelet, angrily rebuked.

Ye Fan frowned, "It's not me, she broke it herself."

"I go, you still don't admit it?"

"As soon as you hear about the payout, you're relying on Matilda?"

"Damn it, why is there a villain like you in the world."Hearing Ye Fan's denial, Meng Han was undoubtedly even angrier.

However, Guo Yawen was being generous: "Han Han, forget it.I'm fine, so don't blame him, after all, he's Xiaolei's boyfriend."

"Dongbao, go to the counter and compensate the money for them."

"This bracelet isn't cheap, it's tens of thousands of dollars, they're afraid they can't afford it with that little salary Xiaolei has in January."

Guo Yawen said slowly.


"Matilda, you're just too good-hearted, that's why you repeatedly let people bully you."

"One man's job, one man's job, he fell, why should you pay for it?"

"Let him pay for it, you guys leave it alone, and let him learn a lesson."Meng Han was filled with righteous indignation.

Ye Fan's words were icy cold and reiterated, "I said, it's not me."

"Damn it, what kind of person are you that you still won't admit it?"

"Regina, what kind of character is your boyfriend ah this."Meng Han was furious.

But Xu Lei was unhappy: "I trust my brother Xiaofan.He did it, he won't deny it."


"Xu Lei, what do you mean?"

"Could it be that you think I'm planting evidence to frame your boyfriend?"Alyssa Kwok was annoyed.


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