Dish Best Served Cold 481-486


Chapter 481

Xu family.

"Did you find out?"

"Who is the Xue family sending to battle this time?"

"Is it that so-called Mr. Chu?"

In the hall, Xu Fengliang's face was sullen as he asked coldly.

"My lord, it is as you expected."

"The person who fought on behalf of the Xue family is this Mr. Chu."

The subordinate immediately returned.

"As expected, it is him."

"Since that's the case, let's settle all the grudges over the years together at the boxing match."

Xu Fengliang laughed coldly, but the words contained an endless amount of moroseness.

The Xu family had undoubtedly been jealous of the Xue family for a long time.

Over the years, the Xue Family had developed rapidly and annexed many of their Xu Family's industries.

Although the Xu family was noble as one of the four great families of Yanjing, the Xu family had always regarded the Xue family as a great danger to their hearts.

After all, the Xue family's development was so fierce that there was a hidden sign of replacing them with the Xu family.

Later on, her own daughter Xu Meifeng admonished Xu Lei to marry into the Xue family, and the two families married, turning a dry fight into a handshake.

In this way, with this relationship, the Xu family also avoided any future competition with the Xue family, and also made their position in Yanjing more secure.

However, Ye Fan's appearance undoubtedly made the Xu family's plan completely bankrupt.

It even caused their Xu family to make a fool of themselves in front of a crowd of guests.

Sometimes Xu Fengliang even suspected that this Ye Fan was ordered by the Xue family to cause trouble for their Xu family.

This years of accumulated grudges, undoubtedly caused the conflict between the Xu family and the Xue family to reach an extreme at this moment.

Now this underground boxing match was just the right time for grudges to be understood.

"Feng Fei, order down."

"When the boxing match is over and the Xue family is defeated, immediately sell all the stocks of the Long Yang Group in our hands today."

"At the same time, unite other forces to snipe and block all of the Xue family's business activities!"

"In addition, the rest of the various tactics, both overt and covert, have been used to the fullest extent."

"Now that the Xue family has been kicked out of the Three Alliances, it's the right time to be isolated."

"Take advantage of his illness!"

"This time, we'll completely move the Xue family with a thunderbolt."

"I'll make sure that there's no place for Xue Renyang to stand anymore!"

Xu Fengliang's words were majestic, that cold voice, however, reverberated throughout the Xu Family Hall.



The night passed in a flash.

The next day, when the first rays of morning light dawned.

Yanjing City, this ancient land, but instantly noisy.

Dozens of influential giants, all of them left their families in special cars, facing the sunrise and racing towards the outskirts of Yanjing, at the foot of Yan Mountain.

That one luxurious car drove from all directions.

The black steel body was like a sword slicing through the world.

A hundred rivers, pooling the sea!

In the Xu family.

Xu Fengliang also woke up early and knocked on the door before coming to a room.

"Mr. Hua, are you up yet?"

"My Xu family has already set up a feast for Mr. Hua to trample!"

Xu Fengliang's respectful voice quietly sounded.

Soon, the door opened and a middle-aged man, dressed in a suit, strode out of the room.

He waved his hand, "The trampling banquet is not necessary."

"Tell your Xu family, in the evening, to prepare a celebration feast."

"When I return to the banquet with all the Yanjing men!"

"No surprises, tonight's celebration banquet is my Hua Yinglong's, the feast to crown the king!"


The moment Hua Yinglong's words fell, Xu Fengliang only felt that the surrounding world was full of the man before him's reverberations.


"Since Mr. Hua has such lofty courage, I, Xu Fengliang, will sacrifice my life to accompany the gentleman."

"Tonight, at the Golden Dragon Hotel, we will have a banquet of three hundred tables, just waiting for Mr. Hua, the king to return!"

Xu Fengliang laughed out loud and cupped his fist in respect to Hua Yinglong.

As Xu Fengliang's words fell, behind him, everyone from the Xu family also bowed and worshipped each other, respectfully shouting, "I wish Mr. Words, the flag has won and the king has returned!"


"Good luck to Mr. Wahl, the flag and the return of the king~"


The Xu family filled the courtyard, all of them worshipped .

The reverent and respectful words, however, gathered into a stream that impacted the entire heaven and earth.

Then, in the midst of this rushing torrent, Xu Fengliang and Hua Yinglong took a special car and drove away from the Xu family's gate.

Towards the foot of Yan Mountain, they raced away.

Behind them, only the Xu family's, respectful voices echoed!

For this boxing match, the top brass of the Xu family, only Xu Fengliang accompanied them.

Xu Meifeng and Xu Fengfei, on the other hand, stayed behind with the family to prepare for the evening, the feast of sealing the king!

This time, Hua Yinglong was ordered to come and consolidate the Yanjing forces for Chu Qi Tian, to be that Yanjing king.

After the match is over, he will be crowned king in front of all the dignitaries at tonight's celebration banquet.

At the same time.

Among the Xue Family.

Xue Renyang led the Xue family's crowd, waiting respectfully.

In front of them, there was a thin figure, standing faintly.Xu Lei, in a long, light and elegant dress, with a petite jade body, accompanied him.

"Mr. Chu, it's time to depart."

The breeze whispered, Xue Ren Yang's body slightly bent, but he paid respectful homage.

"Well, let's go then."

Ye Fan nodded and responded faintly.

Subsequently, Ye Fan carried Xu Lei along with him and got on a car to Yan Mountain.



"The Yanjing Boxing Tournament is held on a cruise ship on the Yanqi Lake at the foot of Yan Mountain."

"Every year at this time, the strong men invited by various powers will gather at the shores of Yanqi Lake to fight it out."

"But Mr. Chu, the boxing match will only be held in the afternoon."

"At this time in the morning, you can accompany Miss Xu around."

"This Yanqi Lake Scenic Area is a 5A national level scenic state.It's well equipped with amusement facilities.Apart from Yanqi Lake, there are even snack vendors on the periphery of the scenic area, which attracts a large number of tourists every year."

At this time, Ye Fan and the others, had already arrived at the foot of Yanshan Mountain.

At this time, it was still too early for the boxing match, but Xue Ren Yang was kind enough to give Ye Fan half a day off and let Ye Fan go out with Xu Lei and the others for a walk first.


"The mountains and water here are beautiful, where the geese are perched, you guys are good at picking places too."

Ye Fan looked at the surrounding flat lakes and mountains, in the distance there were mountains, in front of him was a vast expanse of blue waves, in such a prosperous and rich place like Yanjing, it was also a rare scene of paradise.

As expected of Yanjing's dignitaries, they are just exquisite.

They even chose such a beautiful place for a fight.

Moreover, the boxing match was held in a cruise ship on Yanqi Lake.

If you didn't know, you'd think these dignitaries were on a leisurely vacation.

"However, this method is really good.Holding a boxing match on a cruise ship is a good way to conceal it as well."

After all, it was an underground boxing match, and if you couldn't go on stage, you naturally didn't want to attract too much attention.

Ye Fan smiled faintly, and then he also stepped out of the car and brought Xu Lei to this scenic area for a tour.

"Mr. Chu, although the beauty is good, don't forget the time ah."

Behind him, came Xue Renyang's voice of reminder.

Xu Lei heard it, but her pretty face blushed shyly and lowered her head.

And Ye Fan didn't think much about it, just waved his hand at him and told him to just relax.


On the shore of Yanqi Lake, the blue waves were vast.

The calm surface of the lake was like a huge sapphire mirror, reflecting the ten thousand miles of clear sky.

In the distance, there were peaks and valleys, and the Great Wall was hidden between the towering mountains.

Nearby, there are a lot of visitors, including couples walking hand in hand, friends meeting for a break, and even families vacationing and playing.

In this busy city, Yanqi Lake is a rare holiday destination.

"I never thought there would be such a boundless scene outside of this Yanjiao."

At this time, Ye Fan, who was cozily walking along the cobblestone paved path by the lake together with Xu Lei, looking at this flat lake and mountain scenery, Ye Fan only felt that his whole mood, was refreshing.

"Brother Xiaofan, you are now in winter.If you come in other seasons, this place will be even more beautiful."

"Spring and summer have thick shade.In autumn, it's even more fiery red, and the Great Wall is hidden among the peaks and valleys.Thousands of lakes, rippling with blue waves, and a hundred boats competing for water."

"Nowadays, I'm afraid we're not blessed to see these beautiful landscapes."

Xu Lei leaned against Ye Fan and said regretfully as she walked.

It was now early winter, and compared to the rest of the three seasons, Yanqi Lake undoubtedly lacked a bit of vitality.

Plus, because of the boxing tournament being held, the entire Yanqi Lake had been closed under martial law and all water sports had been stopped.

The only thing on the lake is a huge cruise ship that stands in the middle of the lake like a giant.

The rest of the speedboats and small boats were all stopped at the shore, forbidden to go out of the water.

Looking at Xu Lei's somewhat lost appearance, Ye Fan doted on her head and rubbed her: "There's a long way to go, in the future, brother Fan will come with you again to stroll just."

"Don't you just want to see the golden autumn scenery, next fall, brother Fan will bring you here again to enjoy the scenery."


Hearing Ye Fan's words, Xu Lei was delighted.

That happy look was like a child who had stolen candy.

This graceful and noble Jiangdong Goddess was afraid that it was only in front of Ye Fan that she would show such a clear and adorable side.

"Naturally, it's true."

"If you don't believe me, it's always okay to pull the hook, right?"

The two of them were laughing and talking, and the tourists walking by the roadside were casting envious light like Ye Fan and the others.

Especially when they looked at Ye Fan's eyes, they were even more envious and jealous.

After all, looking at Ye Fan's clothes, he didn't look like a rich man, and his appearance could only be described as a little handsome.

It was this kind of seemingly ordinary man who had picked up such a pretty girl.

The men who walked by were all envious and jealous.

It only felt like a flower, stuck in a cow dung.


"Matilda, do you see that person, does it look like it's Regina?"

At this time, there was a woman in light makeup not far away, but she was casting a puzzled look in Ye Fan's direction.


"Humph you're seeing things, aren't you?"

"Isn't that a man, all dressed up as a groundskeeper, obviously a turtle, how could it be Xu Lei."A woman in a red dress next to her followed her gaze, then shook her head in disdain.

"Han Han, what Xu Lei?"In between the two women spoke, a middle-aged man who was traveling with them, but he was confused.

"Xu Lei is our classmate, but she was the departmental flower of our finance department back then?At that time, a few bored boys in our finance department initiated a beauty contest, and Xu Lei rode to the top and got the most votes by an overwhelming margin.The second place I remember was Matilda, weren't you?"Meng Han said with a smile.

The woman in the red dress seemed to not want to mention this matter, and gave a somewhat unpleasant snort, "Hmph, I didn't know how to dress up back then.Otherwise, if we were to compete again, I, Guo Ya Wen, wouldn't necessarily lose to her."

No woman would be willing to admit that her beauty wasn't as good as someone else's, and Guo Yawen was naturally the same .

The beauty pageant back then was actually a huge blow to Guo Alyssa.

At that time, she was extremely confident that she was the prettiest in the Finance Department.

However, the reality hit her in the face, and all the limelight that belonged to her was snatched away by Xu Lei.The fame of the Department of Finance's flower also fell on Xu Lei.

If Guo Alyssa said she wasn't jealous, it was undoubtedly impossible!

"That's right, back then those classmates of yours were designated to have no eyes."

"My wife was born with great talent, so how could she be subservient to others?"The middle-aged old man on the side, Lei Dongbao said proudly, and in between his words, he even reached out and hugged Guo Ya Wen's slim waist.He was so proud of himself, as if his greatest pride in his life was to marry a flowery wife like Guo Yawen.

Looking at the couple in front of him who were tired of each other, Meng Han, who was on the side, shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"When you two are loving, can you consider how I feel as a single dog."

Meng Han said with a smile before turning his head to stop looking at this tired duo and look forward again.

"Wen Wen, look again, it really looks like Xu Lei."

"Impossible.Xu Lei is probably still busy making money, so how could she have the leisure to come here?"Guo Yawen still didn't believe it.

However, Meng Han ignored Guo Yawen's words and went up to try to shout.

"Xu Lei?"

"Well?"Hearing someone call out to her, Xu Lei who was traveling with Ye Fan was undoubtedly shocked and looked back, "Meng Han?"


"Regina, it's really you."

"I told you it was you, Matilda didn't believe me."

"Wen Wen, come over here, it's Little Lei."

Old classmates meeting each other, Meng Han was undoubtedly extremely excited, even calling out to Guo Ya Wen and Lei Dong Bao's couple to come over together.

Guo Ya Wen's eyebrows furrowed in an unmistakable manner, "I can't believe I actually met her."

"Wen Wen, go over, I'd like to see what this woman who stole my wife's limelight back then looks like."

Just like this, Lei Dongbao and his wife also welcomed them.

Today, Xu Lei was wearing a black slim-fit dress with a goose-yellow jacket on the outside and a flesh-colored underpants underneath.

The clover earrings swayed in the wind, a simple yet elegant outfit, but it set off Xu Lei's entire temperament to a more noble and elegant one.

The most important thing is the fact that you will be able to get a lot of people to pay attention to you.

The moment he saw Xu Lei, Lei Dongbao's eyes undoubtedly looked straight.

He didn't expect that his wife's classmate was also born with such a gorgeous face.

"Worthy of being the one who pushed his own wife to become a department flower, she really is the most beautiful person on earth."

Lei Dongbao secretly lamented.

But Guo Yawen walked up with a smile on her face and said enthusiastically, "Little Lei, I never thought that I would meet you here."

"Didn't you go to Yunzhou to work in that third-tier small town?"

"It's not even New Year's Day yet, so why do you have time to come to Yanjing for fun?"

Back then, Xu Lei gave up the chance to be guaranteed admission to Yanjing University in order to find Ye Fan, and chose Jiangdong University instead.

During her student days, Xu Lei was a low-key person, and she never dressed extravagantly, nor did she talk about her family background to outsiders.

Therefore, in Guo Yawen and Meng Han's impression, Xu Lei was the kind of kid from an ordinary working-class family who went to Yunzhou City to look for a job after graduation, and there was little contact with her afterwards.

However, Guo Awen and Meng Han left Jiangdong after graduation and went to the big city to work hard, so naturally they didn't know Xu Lei's identity as the daughter of the Xu family, let alone that Xu Lei had already founded the Red Flag Group and had become the goddess of Yunzhou!


"I've come to Yanjing to take care of some business and drop by Yanqi Lake for a visit."

Xu Lei made a casual excuse and muddled through.

Xu Lei didn't give them such things as the Yanjing boxing match.

This kind of thing wasn't something that could be said clearly in a few words, and it was troublesome to explain, so it would be better not to say it.

"Oh, so it's a business trip to Yanjing."

"Also, usually newcomers who have not been employed long are almost always bullied in the company."

"The hard work of business trips like this is made for newcomers to do."

"This is the "bullying of newcomers" in the workplace."

"This is very common in my husband's company."

"Everything is difficult at the beginning, but it will be much better when you get a few years of mixed seniority."

Guo Alyssa's words were very level-headed.

It seemed like she was enlightening Xu Lei, but in reality, she was boasting about her current family situation, a small pretence.

Guo Ya Wen thought that Xu Lei would be surprised to ask him what company his husband was open about, but she was disappointed.

Xu Lei only smiled lightly and nodded her head, not saying anything.

This undoubtedly caused her to be slightly disappointed.

But that was okay, soon Guo Alyssa found a new way.

"Hey, in the rush to just catch up on old times, I almost forgot to introduce you."

"Xiaolei, this is my husband, Lei Dongbao."

"Usually runs a company to run a business, and has to handle tens of millions of dollars of running water every day, so he's too worried, so he looks a bit obvious old."

"But my husband still knows how to love his wife."

Guo Yawen introduced with a smile, and Lei Dongbao also came forward with a smile, politely shook hands with Xu Lei and handed over his business card, while enthusiastically saying.

"You're Matilda's friend, just call me Brother Toho from now on?"

"Here's my business card with my phone number on it."

"I have some friends over in Jiangdong, feel free to call me if you have any problems."

"No need to be polite to me and Wen Wen."

"Also, I heard from Wen Wen that you're working in a third-tier town, a small place with little prospects.If you want to get a good future, you'd better come to an international metropolis like Yanjing or Zhonghai."

Few sentences, but it was compelling.

The company's CEO, Mr. Zhang, said: "I'm not sure if the company has a good reputation.

Guo Alyssa also echoed from the side, "Yes, Xiaolei."

"My husband is right, that ground in Yunzhou is too small.Compared to Yanjing, it's barbaric land."

"If you want to come to Yanjing to work, just give me the word."

"My husband is the CEO of the company, I'll ask her to put you next to me as an assistant, and then we sisters will work together, won't it be much better than that small place in Yunzhou?"

Guo Yawen spoke softly with a smile, but her words were filled with a sense of superiority.

The feeling was as if Xu Lei from a small place was inferior to the Yanjing locals.

Xu Lei didn't comment on it and just smiled and said thank you.

"Right, Little Lei, you haven't been introduced yet?This is..."

At this time, however, Guo Alyssa noticed Ye Fan on the side and whirled around to ask in confusion.

"This is my brother Xiaofan, he's also from Yunzhou and came to Yanjing with me."Xu Lei said softly.

"Brother Xiaofan?You have a brother?How come I haven't heard you talk about it?"Guo Alyssa was surprised.

She had always thought that Xu Lei was an only child, but she didn't expect to have a brother.

"That, Matilda, don't misunderstand, brother Fan is not my real brother."Xu Lei explained.

Guo Ya Wen was even more confused, "Is he a cousin?"

"Matilda, don't ask, are you going to let Regina tell you herself that the person in front of her is her love brother?"Beside her, came Meng Han's amusing laughter.

Xu Lei's pretty face flushed with shame, explaining incessantly, "Meng Han, don't talk nonsense..."

But Xu Lei was fine not to explain, but this explanation, instead, became darker and darker.

"Fine, fine, our little lei is thin-skinned and shy, it's always okay to say boyfriend without saying love brother, right?"In college, Meng Han and Xu Lei were bunkmates and had the best relationship in the dormitory.

So there's nothing to be afraid of when joking.

But poor Xu Lei, being teased, her pretty face blushed like a peach.

But Guo Alyssa was undoubtedly very surprised to see Xu Lei's appearance like this.

She didn't expect that Xu Lei had found a boyfriend like this?

Looking at Ye Fan's dressing, vulgar, the foot is still wearing a pair of Hongshenger's sneakers.

This brand of shoes Guo Yawen knows best, the favorite of those broke losers in the student days.

It's a good idea to buy a pair of shoes that can be worn for a long time at a reasonable price, so those poor students naturally like them.

But in the eyes of Guo Alyssa, it is undoubtedly a symbol of a loser.

In fact, to a person like Guo Ya Wen, as long as it is not a big international brand, it will undoubtedly not be able to enter her eyes.

However, in addition to being surprised, Guo Ya Wen's heart was more proud of herself.

So what if Xu Lei is good-looking, so what if she's a tied flower, she thought.

In the end, it wasn't even a flower stuck in cow dung.

In the future, it was destined to be trampled under her Guo Ya Wen's feet for the rest of her life!

Thinking of this, the color of pride and complacency on Guo Alyssa's face was undoubtedly even more obvious, and the sense of superiority in her heart was even stronger.

"Little Lei, looking at you guys, you should also be preparing to go on a boat trip on the Yanqi Lake."

"But you guys don't know yet, the Yanqi Lake is closed today."

"It's said that because there's a boxing match to be held in the middle of the lake in the afternoon, so the entire Yanqi Lake is cleared."

"It's simply impossible for ordinary people to want to play on the lake."

"Only some of Yanjing's top dignitaries and tycoons will have the chance to watch the fight from a boat."

"Ah~hmm."After hearing that, Xu Lei wanted to open her mouth to say that she wasn't going to go to the lake to play, but she thought better of it, there was no need to explain so clearly, so she went along with Guo Yawen's meaning and gave a hmmm.

However, this appearance of Xu Lei's fell into Guo Yawen's eyes, but it was mistaken for surprise.

"Little Lei, there's nothing to be surprised about."

"It's normal that you don't know about these things."

"After all, news from the upper class circles is only circulated among the upper class circles.Ordinary people like you, naturally, don't know."

"But you don't need to be discouraged, my husband has a wide range of connections in Yanjing, and with this one phone call, all those rich and powerful people will also sell my husband a few faces."

"It's not that hard to get you two tickets to board the ship."

"You and your love brother, just wait at ease and board the ship with us in the afternoon."

Guo Yawen said slowly in a breezy tone, as if she had done such an insignificant little thing.

"Yes, Regina."

"Alyssa's husband is very good.It was Matilda's husband who got me the ticket for the boat I boarded this afternoon."

"Now that Matilda has naturally said it, then you two just have to wait at ease."

Meng Hanton echoed with a smile.

Then it was suggested that they all go to the commercial town on the outskirts of the scenic area to take a stroll.

"Embarkation is in the afternoon, and it's way too early now."

"Regina, just come with us."

"The town next to this Yanqi Lake is lively."

Meng Han enthusiastically invited.

Xu Lei didn't reply, but just looked at Ye Fan beside her, and there was anticipation in her eyebrows.

It was obvious that Xu Lei also wanted to stroll around the nearby town.

When Ye Fan saw this, he smiled and nodded, "If you want to go, then let's go together."


About one kilometer to the east of Yanqi Lake, there is located a very Western European-style commercial town.

Marble paved paths, Gothic architecture, exposure to them, but a unique exotic style.

There were many merchants around, and it was crowded with tourists.

Xu Lei, Meng Han, and their old friends reunited, laughing and talking about old stories, or about the encounters of their classmates, and occasionally stopping to admire before a merchant.

The two of them, Ye Fan and Lei Dongbao, are quietly following behind.

As the CEO of the company, Lei Dongbao thought that Ye Fan from this small place would take the initiative to get close to him.

But to Lei Dongbao's surprise, this way, Ye Fan didn't even pay any attention to him.

His eyes were either on the surrounding scenery, or on Xu Lei.

And yet, he didn't even look at Lei Dongbao.

"This brat, he's not very old, but he's quite arrogant."

This appearance of Ye Fan undoubtedly made Lei Dongbao somewhat unhappy.

In the end, Lei Dongbao couldn't help it and grinned, asking to the side of Ye Fan, "Brother, where is it high up?"

"If you can find such a beautiful girlfriend, you must be young and promising, right?"

Ye Fan shook his head, "High is not enough to talk about, and it's just doing something you like to do.If I have to say it, I can only say that I'm an unemployed vagabond pursuing my dreams."

Ye Fan said as if jokingly.

But what Ye Fan said was also all true.

In the eyes of normal people, Ye Fan was also indeed just a jobless hobo, a wimp who ate soft food at home.

However, who knew that beneath Ye Fan's seemingly calm exterior, he had been planning what a magnificent career for his own pursuit and goals.

"Jobless vagrant?"

"Dude you're such a joker."

"Can a hobo win the heart of a school girl?"

"If that's true, then I'm afraid that the brother is a nobleman."

Lei Dongbao said with a smile on his skin.

Ye Fan still shook his head, "Mr. Lei is joking, my mother is just a working person in a country town that is no more than plain."

"Is that so?"Hearing this, Lei Dongbao's heart undoubtedly became more and more unhappy, and although he still spoke politely, his tone was clearly more than a little cold, "If Brother Ye doesn't want to say then just say it, why make up a few unpleasant identities to fool me?"

Lei Dongbao didn't even believe in the punctuation for the bullshit that Ye Fan had just said.

He didn't think that a woman as beautiful as Xu Lei would fall for a hobo and get drunk on a country boy?

Nowadays, women are very smart, especially the pretty ones who can move up the social ladder by virtue of their good looks.

Guo Ya Wen is one of them.

The two of them seem to be in love, but Lei Dongbao knows very well that Guo Ya Wen is only interested in his money.

Otherwise, how could Guo Ya Wen let go of the young white man and marry him instead, an old man more than ten years older than her?

Xu Lei, on the other hand, was even better than Guo Ya Wen, no matter her temperament or posture.If Xu Lei didn't dislike him, Lei Dongbao would be willing to kick Guo Ya Wen and marry her again.

This kind of woman, find a rich second generation and marry into a rich family that is undoubtedly more than enough.

So, Lei Dongbao naturally didn't believe that Ye Fan would be as bad as he said on his lips.

Ye Fan saw the situation, but he spread out his hands: "If you don't believe it, then there's nothing you can do about it."

At this time, Xu Lei and the others seemed to be tired of walking, so they found a cafe and sat down.

Guo Yawen sat against Lei Dongbao, Xu Lei naturally sat against Ye Fan, and only Meng Han, who was alone by herself, sat on the side.

"By the way Lei Lei, how is this Ye Fan treating you?"


"You're the flower of our department, you can't just find some random person to explain yourself to."

"It's a matter of our Finance Department's face."

Guo Yawen was a master of not being lonely, and after sitting down, she started talking to Xu Lei about Ye Fan.

Xu Lei nodded, "Well, brother Ye Fan is very good to me."


"In what way?"

"It's not like you're confused when it's cold and you all serve a cup of hot water and send an umbrella when it's raining, is it?"

"Regina, this man treats women well, there's just one criterion, and that's whether or not he's willing to spend money on you."

"Just like this bag of mine, see?My husband went abroad specifically to bring me, the latest bag from the international brand LV."

"Honey, how much did we spend on this bag?I forgot about it."

Guo Yawen asked the side of Lei Dongbao with an act of confusion.

As Lei Dongbao played with his phone, he faintly said, "Not much, 400,000 or so."

"I'll go, more than 400,000?"

"Catching up on my two years' salary."

"Matilda, your husband can really love you!"

Meng Han, who was on the side, couldn't help but draw a breath of cold air in shock when she heard the price, and even asked Guo Yawen to come over to take a look.

"Han Han, don't just look at it yourself, let Xiaolei look at it too."

"It's also worth seeing the world."

"If you're stuck in a small third-tier town for the rest of your life, you'll never know how beautiful the great world outside is."

Guo Yawen said indifferently, but the vanity in her heart was undoubtedly greatly satisfied at this point.

"Xiaolei, look at it, it's worthy of being a big international brand, this workmanship, this material, it really isn't something that can be compared to the hundreds of bags we have on us."

Meng Han took it in front of Xu Lei and envied her as she looked at it.

Xu Lei didn't say anything, just nodded her head with a smile.

"Xiaolei, don't just look at ah, talk about you ah.That Little Fan brother of yours, what gift did he buy for you?"It's not like you're going to be able to do that," she said.

The first thing you need to do is to compare your beauty and your grades.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for a long time.

As long as you win, it seems like you are superior to others.

Xu Lei thought about it, then returned, "I'm not lacking anything, I didn't even let Little Brother Fan buy it for me if he wanted to."


"Regina, that little brother of yours, Fanny, hasn't bought you a single present, has he?"

"Is this still a boyfriend?"

Hearing Xu Lei's words, Meng Han was surprised.

Guo Alyssa also shook her head repeatedly, "Yeah, Xiaolei.You're too bad of a boyfriend, right?Even if you don't have money and can't afford to buy a high-grade inauthentic product like me, but buying a low-grade bag, or a high-fashion A-goods, that's still a heart."

For a while, Guo Alyssa and Meng Han started to attack Ye Fan.

After hearing this, Lei Dongbao, who was beside him, was also happy and took a look at Ye Fan who was quietly sipping his coffee there and was silent, thinking that what this guy just said was all true?

Are you really a bum?Are you really a country boy?

How else would you be so stingy, such a beautiful girlfriend, yet you haven't given a single gift.

Xu Lei realized that she had said the wrong thing and quickly defended Ye Fan, "No more, my brother Fan still cares about me."

"He's given me so many things, I just can't remember them all at once."

"Right, a few days ago on my birthday, Little Brother Fan just gave me a birthday present."

"Oh, what present?"Meng Han and Guo Alyssa were all confused.

"It's a three-legged rusty tripod."Xu Lei said honestly.



"A rusty ding?"

"Are you trying to laugh at me, Regina?"

"No, it's not you, is it your little Van brother who's trying to laugh me to death?"

"Your birthday present and he gives you a broken brass?"

"God, I wonder if your lover brother is a cheapskate or a poorskate, giving his woman a rusty ding?"

"I'm afraid it's a piece of junk you picked up from the trash."

Hearing Xu Lei's words, Guo Ya Wen was close to dying of laughter.

She thought that this Xu Lei was preparing to move something expensive to save his boyfriend's face, but it turned out to be a piece of junk?

This kind of crap, Xu Lei has the nerve to say it?

Of course, what's even more amusing is that this Evan is good enough to send?

Guo Ya Wen laughed wantonly, of course she was apparently mocking Ye Fan, but in reality, she was also mocking Xu Lei.

After all, in their eyes, Ye Fan and Xu Lei were lovers, and there was no difference between Ye Fan making a fool of himself and Xu Lei making a fool of herself.

The more awful Ye Fan was, it naturally meant how self-benign Xu Lei was.

"Brother, bull!"

"Pick up a piece of junk and give it to your girlfriend, or you're fierce!"


Lei Dongbao was also full of mockery and gave a thumbs up at Ye Fan.

Meng Han on the side was undoubtedly equally furious, and angrily questioned to Ye Fan, "You sent a rusty broken tripod for Lei's birthday?"

"Is there a boyfriend like you?"

"Our Little Lei was a school flower level goddess back then, and to have a boyfriend like you, it's simply not good enough!"

"Meng Han, you guys hear me out, you've misunderstood."Xu Lei became even more anxious as she saw the situation, pulling Meng Han along as she explained for Ye Fan, "What brother Xiaofan gave me is not an ordinary rusty tripod.Instead, it's an antique worth 500 million."

"Little Lei, you've had enough.Are you still defending him so far?"

"And five hundred million, why didn't you say five billion?"

"You said you were the number one beauty in our finance department back then, how many girls in our department took you as a life example."

"But you, with this kind of vision?And you're going to marry yourself off to one of these guys?"

"Do I really feel bad for you?"

Xu Lei's explanation was clearly not believed by Meng Han and the others.

After all, a 500 million rusty tripod was just ridiculous!

Xu Lei just said it like that, probably no one would believe it.

At this time, Meng Han was still speaking angrily, looking at Xu Lei with all the sympathy he could muster.

Meng Han's words might not be nice to hear.

But there was no doubt that she really cared about Xu Lei.

The Guo Yawen couple was different, they completely looked like they were gloating over the jokes, and at this point, they even fanned the flames, "That's right, Little Lei."

"You're too bad at this, aren't you?"

"How many years did the number one talent of our school pursue you back then, and you didn't even pay attention."

"At that time, we all thought that Little Lei, your heart was higher than the sky and your eyes were higher than the sky."

"But who would have thought that you would be so mean to yourself and give yourself up to this kind of loser?"

"You're not really going to find a good man, are you?"

"You tell me, my family's driver and bodyguard, those are all golden bachelors.You want a body, you want a model, even if you're not as rich as my husband, you're not going to give a piece of shit for your birthday ah."

Alyssa Guo scoffed and laughed.

Lei Dongbao even went along with it, saying that as long as Xu Lei was willing, the couple was willing to act as matchmakers and matchmaking from them.

However, just as Lei Dongbao and his wife were singing along and watching Xu Lei's two jokes, Ye Fan, who had been silent, put down the porcelain cup in his hand and laughed lightly, "No matter how bad the copper tripod I gave away is, it's still real."

"It's better than some people who take high imitation A-goods and show off with fake ones, right?"

Ye Fan's faint laughter quietly rang out.

The air in this place was immediately quiet for a moment.

Sure enough, in the next moment, the icy cold and unpleasant gazes of Guo Yawen and her husband and wife, but they were all looking towards Ye Fan's direction!

"What do you mean?"

"Are you clear?"

Guo Yawen suppressed her anger and immediately questioned to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan smiled faintly, and the man in front of him remained calm in the face of the displeasure of Guo Yawen and the others.

After drinking a cup of coffee, Fang said, "What else could it mean, it's just literal."

"Okay you literal!"

"Are you trying to tell me that the bag my husband bought me from Western Europe is a fake?"

"That's funny, you stinking loser, have you ever seen a LV bag?And you have the audacity to make a big deal about it being fake?"

"I think you're just harboring a grudge and deliberately spilling blood to get back at me and my husband, so let's make a fool of ourselves."

"Xu Lei, look at the good boyfriend you've made!"

"What the hell?"

"No money of your own, a loser, and you won't let anyone talk?"

"And now even more so, to do such a villainous trick!"

Guo Yawen's pretty face was ugly, and she said in an angry voice.

Apparently, had already transferred her anger towards Ye Fan to Xu Lei.

Next to her, Meng Han also had an even worse impression of Ye Fan.

"Little Lei, this boyfriend, don't you kick it and save it for the New Year?"

"Not to mention that he doesn't have money or skills, but now he's even more morally corrupt and wronged Wen Wen."

Meng Han obviously didn't believe Ye Fan's bullshit either.

After all, a person who even used a tattered top for his birthday gift was a poor man at a glance.

This kind of person probably didn't even know what LV stood for, so how could he tell if it was real or not.

Only Xu Lei looked at Ye Fan with curiosity.

She didn't think that it was her own Little Brother Fan who was bloodthirsty.

Xu Lei felt that since brother Xiaofan dared to say that, he must have a basis.

"Miss Guo, why are you so panicky?"

"I'm just saying it casually, if you don't like what you hear, just forget I said it."Ye Fan shook his head and smiled at this time, that calm and indifferent tone, but it made Guo Alyssa and the others even angrier.

"I'm panicking?"

"Which eye did you see me panic?"

"My bag isn't fake, why should I panic!"

"But since that's all said and done, not letting you finish and making it sound like we're guilty yes."

"Well, since you say my bag is fake, tell me where it's fake?"

"If you can't say it, then don't blame this lady for being rude to you."

Guo Ya Wen said in a furious voice, her entire anger nearly spewing fire from her eyes.

And Ye Fan remained calm Very much, the anger of Guo Ya Wen and her couple didn't seem to make any waves at all in this man's heart.

Finally, he nodded his head and said, "Good, since you want me to say it, then it's as you wish!"

"Damn, how dare this poor loser say that?"

"But fine, I'd like to see what he can pull out of it."Guo Alyssa and Lei Dongbao were filled with anger.

Meng Han on the side was also looking at Ye Fan like an idiot.

Not knowing how to pretend to understand was tantamount to humiliating oneself!


A poor loser who can't even afford to buy a gift for his woman, how can he tell if a luxury brand like LV is real or not?

You know, this brand is an international brand, specializing in luxury goods.

What is luxury?

What a few rich people could afford was called luxury.

For someone like Ye Fan, he was afraid that in his entire life, he had only seen this one time up close in front of him.

Therefore, when Ye Fan said that this bag was fake, the first thought of Meng Han and the others was that Ye Fan was talking nonsense.

However, was it really nonsense?

While Guo Ya Wen and the others were filled with displeasure and disgust, Ye Fan's plaintive voice, however, had already sounded.

Only Ye Fan acted as if he was in a state of accomplishment, and said unhurriedly, "This LV bag is an international luxury brand."

"There are numerous fake imitations on the market, and because of its cheap price, it is naturally liked by some of the poor and vain people."

"But this kind of imitation goods, due to the lack of cost, in terms of quality, naturally differs wildly from the real thing."

"Don't waste time, get to the point.We don't have time to listen to your nonsense here!"Seeing that Ye Fan was pulling a bunch of useless , Guo Ya Wen immediately interrupted him and said sternly.

"I see that he doesn't know what to say, and Fang is pulling these useless things."

"Wen Wen's husband is the company's CEO, handling tens of millions of flowing water a day.His family background is on display here, do you think that like you, you can't raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the real thing even if you smash the pots and pans, so you can only be greedy and cheap to buy high-fashion A goods?"

Meng Han also said unhappily.

Anyway, Meng Han was not feeling that Guo Alyssa Wen was carrying a fake bag on her body.

Although Guo Alyssa was vain, but people were rich and could afford to support their own vanity.There was no need to pretend to be poor with a fake bag.

Ignoring the ridicule of Guo Ya Wen and the others, Ye Fan looked as usual, but continued, "This genuine and imitation goods are actually easy to distinguish."

"The first method is to smell it.Real LV bags all have a unique leather smell.But your bag, however, has a pungent leather smell.I guess it's made of artificial leather."

"You're lying!"Ye Fan just said this, but Guo Ya Wen is instantly angry, staring at the eyes when the angry rebuke, "just now Han Han and Xiao Lei they have touched my bag, how can people not smell out the smell of artificial leather?"

"Just your dog nose sniffing it out?"

"Hanuman, did you just smell artificial leather?"As if to prove herself, Guo Alyssa asked the side of Meng Han again.

Meng Han shook his head, "No.I think it tastes pretty good."

"What about Xiaolei?You're his girlfriend, tell me yourself, is this bag leather or leather?"Guo Ya Wen asked to Xu Lei again.

Xu Lei shook her head, saying that she hadn't been paying attention just now and couldn't smell whether it was leather or artificial leather.

"Hmph, even Little Lei said she couldn't smell it was leather, what else do you have to say?"Guo Ya Wen stared at Ye Fan again.

But after taking a sip of coffee, Ye Fan continued, "Don't worry, the smell can't be detected, you can also look at the pattern."

"Usually, the pattern of genuine LV bags is the color of coffee mixed in.Fake bags, on the other hand, are entirely the color of coffee!"

"Oh, you really haven't seen the Yellow River, have you?In that case, Matilda, bring the bag over here so he can see for himself if it's coffee mixed with color, and let him die completely!"Meng Han saw Ye Fan's thief's heart, but he was still talking nonsense there.

In disgust, she then asked Guo Ya Wen to come over with the bag, however, just as Meng Han was about to place it in front of Ye Fan, she took a look at it herself.

However, it was discovered that this bag of Guo Alyssa Wen's was the same brown color throughout, and not that dark and light confusing color.

For a moment, Meng Han's flame shriveled up by three points and whirled around to look at Guo Ya Wen, somewhat uncertain, "Wen Wen, this bag of yours is really one color.Could it be..."


"Don't listen to his nonsense."

"He's just saying that on purpose."

"Who says a color is a fake bag?"

"This is the style I deliberately picked out when I bought it!"

Alyssa Kwok argued.

"Yeah?If you don't believe me, you can also look at the bag's logo."

"The logos of genuine bags have symmetry, without exception.And the bag's grain is also very even."

"The fake ones, on the other hand, not only are the raised blister particles not three-dimensional enough, they're also densely packed together."

Ye Fan continued to speak.

And as Meng Han listened, he also turned the bag over to verify it himself.

"I go, it really is!"

"Wen Wen, your logo isn't symmetrical at all ah, and the grain is really messy."

Before Meng Han didn't pay attention, but now that Ye Fan said it, Meng Han undoubtedly discovered that the grain of the bag in front of her, but it was haphazard.

And the workmanship at the logo was also very rough, and even a little thread could be seen.


"My husband bought me the bag, how could it be fake."

"Han Han, don't listen to his nonsense there!"

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

The spin snatched her bag from Meng Han's hands, while flipping open the outer clasp to find a serial number inside.


"Wanna play, right, Miss Ben will play with you!"

"Didn't you want to test the authenticity of my bag?"

"In that case, let's not talk about this useless stuff."

"This bag has his unique serial number on it, whether it's real or not, let's just call LV's official human customer service and ask."

"If it's real or not, we'll naturally know with a single question."

"When the time comes, I'll see what else you have to say."

In between the words, Alyssa Guo then picked up the phone and broadcasted the official number of LV from the internet.

"Hello, is this LV official?"

"Run a serial number for me and see if it's made by your company?"

Quickly, Alyssa Kuo read the serial number on the bag and put the phone on speakerphone.

"Stinker, listen carefully later."

"Save your nonsense and confuse things here!"

Guo Ya Wen smiled coldly and looked like she was holding a pearl of wisdom.

This bag of hers was brought to her by his husband from Europe a few days ago, bought for six hundred thousand, how could it still be fake?

"Miss, I'm sorry, but this serial number is not made by our company."

"If you bought a bag from our brand, you should have bought a fake one."

"So, this side suggests that you call the police to deal with it and minimize your losses."



The words of the customer service were like a blast to the head, when Alyssa Guo was confused.It was as if she had been slapped in the face by someone.

"Is there a mistake?"

"Six hundred thousand dollars for it, would it be a fake?"

"You check again!"

Guo Alyssa was like a madwoman, hysterically screaming at the customer service.

The result, naturally, remained the same.

That serial number, there was no way to check the production record.

"It's still a fake, huh?"

Seeing this scene in front of her, Meng Han, who had previously thought that it was Ye Fan's nonsense, was undoubtedly also startled.

She didn't expect that Ye Fan would see it right?

"I told you, my brother Xiaofan he won't falsely accuse anyone."Xu Lei's lips were smiling, but she smiled at Meng Han.


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