The King of Kungfu in school 1581-1590


Chapter 1581

"Ahhhh, Tang Zichen actually threw us into the cesspool, I'm not done with him."The one called Yellow Pulp yelled in anger, then coughed several times, and in the darkness, we couldn't see each other.

That disciple called Chu Xiangyan said, "Let's not yell yet and cover our hearts tightly with our hands so that the dung water doesn't enter our bodies."

Everyone was so furious that they were thrown straight into the dung pit, not prepared at all.

At this time, the one called Yue Minglan gritted her teeth and said, "Now we're waiting for Senior Brother Yang Qian to take revenge for us."

Little did she know that at this moment, Yang Qian was in a corner of the cesspit, along with Yuan Fei.They had just seen the entire process of them being thrown in, but they just didn't make a sound, perhaps because they were too embarrassed.But the four of them thought that Yang Qian and Yuan Fei hadn't come looking for Tang Zichen yet.

Tu Lin said, "Although I don't know why Yang Qian and Yuan Fei, why they haven't come to Tang Zichen yet, but I believe that Yang Qian and Yuan Fei, at the latest tomorrow morning, will definitely come."

"Right, if Senior Brother Yang Qian knew that Tang Zichen had thrown us into the cesspool, I can't even imagine how furious he would be."

"Needless to say, our Senior Brother Yang Qian, is the most talented disciple beside Master, and Yang Qian's temper isn't too good, he's also a bit of a famous fanatic in the inner circle of the Flying Cloud Sect, hmm, wait, tomorrow Yang Qian comes, if he doesn't press Tang Zichen into the cesspit and eat all the dung, I'll take his surname."

Several of them gritted their teeth, with anticipation in their voices, hoping that when Yang Qian found out tomorrow and let out a monstrous rage, they could only comfort themselves this way.

Unfortunately, they didn't know that they weren't the only four people in this cesspool at the moment, there were two others who had been soaking in the cesspool for a day already.

In the corner of the cesspit, Yang Qian heard the conversation of the four division brothers and felt very uncomfortable, he didn't dare to make the slightest sound, afraid that after making a sound, the four division brothers would know that the original Yang Qian, whom they worshipped, was already waiting for them in the cesspit. One second to remember to read the book

Of course, Yuan Fei, who was clinging to Yang Qian, didn't dare to make any noise, and he didn't have the face to greet the four newly descended division brothers.This place was really not a good place to greet them.

All six of them had originally wanted to find face for their master, but as a result, they had all been thrown into the cesspool, and instead of finding face for their master, they had lost even more face for him.

I really don't know if Master would die of anger on the spot when he found out, I'm afraid that the elders of the entire Flying Cloud Sect would laugh at their master for taking in a bunch of wimpy disciples.

"Bru."Right at this moment, Yuan Fei let out a fart, and since most of his body was submerged in the dung water, Yuan Fei's fart shot directly into the dung water, and the dung water let out a 'bru' sound.

"What sound?"


The four men who had just thrown themselves down, scrambled their eyes to the corner that made the 'bru' sound, but could see nothing.

They had, however, heard faint breathing.

"Who's there?"Chu Xiangyan spoke up.

"Ahem."Yuan Fei coughed twice with a hard scalp.

"Surely there are other people in the cesspool as well, tell me quickly, who are you and why were you thrown into the cesspool as well?"

Yuan Fei: "Yes, yes, it's me."

"Hey, that voice?Is it Yuan Fei?"

"Well, it's me."

"Ah, it's really Yuan Fei, you you, why are you in a cesspool too?

"Huang Pulp, Tu Lin, Yue Minglan, and Chu Xiangyan were all stunned.

Yuan Fei had to say, "I'm sorry, brothers and sisters, I came to take care of Tang Zichen today, I didn't expect that Tang Zichen to be so despicable, in short, I'm just like you."

"Yuan Fei, then why didn't you make a sound just now, I thought you didn't come outside, I was waiting for you to come save us tomorrow."

"I'm sorry."Yuan Fei said in shame.

"Alright, don't say anything, luckily brother Yang Qian he is still outside, he will definitely come to save us tomorrow."A man said.

"Ugh."Yuan Fei was a bit hard to say, Yang Qian was sticking to him in the cesspool.

"Yuan Fei, what did you mean by 'uh'?Won't Yang Submarine come to rescue us tomorrow?By the way, do you know where Senior Brother Yang Qian has gone?"Yue Minglan asked.

"This, this, this."

"Yuan Fei, if you have something to say, say it."

"Alas, it's just that, Brother Yang Qian he can't save us."

"How is that possible, Yang Qian is such a genius, he can definitely shoot that Tang Zichen to death."

"Because, he's right here."

"Who, Yuan Fei, who are you saying is right here?"Those four people were busy asking.

Yuan Fei hesitated and said, "Senior Brother Yang Qian, is next to me at this moment."


"Oh my god, I don't believe it, it's impossible, Yang Qian, say something."The one called Chu Xiangyan yelled, hearing that Yang Qian was also here, completely shattering their illusions.

Yang Qian was distracted and yelled, "Alright, don't be endless, it's noisy."

"Oh my god, it's really here."Hearing Yang Qian's voice with their own ears, the four disciples who had just thrown down were completely devastated and almost howled.

Of course, the night was already dark, and no one at all knew what fate awaited them in the cesspool of the Light Cloud Alliance, where six inner siege disciples were held.

The next day, several enrollment elders from the Flying Cloud Sect came to the outer perimeter.

"Everyone, we will now begin registering you and then lead you into the inner perimeter of the Flying Cloud Sect to arrange your quarters, please line up one by one."The enrollment elder said.

After a morning, they finally registered all the disciples who had succeeded in the assessment, and then the admissions elder led everyone into the inner enclosure of the Flying Cloud Sect.

As soon as I entered the inner enclosure of the Flying Cloud Sect, I obviously felt that it was different from the outside world, first of all, the aura was much more abundant, and the area, buildings and so on, could not be compared to the outer enclosure, to put it bluntly, the outer enclosure was like a small corner outside the wall.

The enrollment elder said, "Some of the layers of houses over there in front are still uninhabited, while others are inhabited.The Feiyun Sect has no special arrangement for living quarters, you guys can find them yourselves, as long as no one lives in them.Of course, before you're weak, it's best to keep a low profile, and if someone wants to swap rooms with you, or ask you to do something, you'd better comply.Although the Flying Cloud Sect does not allow killing, it is possible to be beaten half to death or even paralyzed.From the moment you enter the Flying Cloud Sect, you all have to be careful and work hard to cultivate, only being strong is the best guarantee of survival, relying on the protection of the rules of the Flying Cloud Sect will only ever be able to live at the bottom of the hierarchy."

At that moment, a disciple asked, "Then what do you need to do to avoid being bullied by stronger disciples."

"I've already said that strength is the best guarantee against being bullied."


"But strength doesn't just improve, not everyone is that talented."

"In that case, we can only look at our luck, whether we can join some stronger forces, the Flying Cloud Sect has thousands of alliances and gangs of all sizes, and it's possible to embrace them without strength yourself.Next is the second point, Flying Cloud Sect has a lot of mentors, if you have any questions you don't understand, you can go to any mentor to ask, any mentor is responsible for answering for you, of course, if you can get in good relationship with the mentor, naturally there is also an additional guarantee.The third point, above the mentors, there are elders, and there are four main levels of elders, junior elders, intermediate elders, and top elders.If any of you are accepted as a disciple by one of the elders, then congratulations to him, he is considered to have a strong backing in the Flying Cloud Sect.Above the elders, there's the Vice Patriarch, and above the Vice Patriarch, there's the Patriarch, that's all for now."

Everyone felt dazed and envious at the same time, those who were able to be accepted as disciples by the elders, this kind of person could definitely walk across the board in the Flying Cloud Sect.Unfortunately, not everyone's fate was so good.

"The fourth point, and the most important point, spirit stones.In the immortal world, any place, spirit stones are the most popular, if there are spirit stones, everything is easy to say, so in the Flying Cloud Sect you can go hunting for demon cores for spirit stones, or you can earn spirit stones through various means, each according to your abilities.The fifth point, Flying Cloud Sect has two rankings, the first one is the Earth Ranking, the Earth Ranking is the power ranking of all the disciples in Flying Cloud Sect.If you guys want to know, you can go to the Flying Cloud Sect Inspection Tower to check it out, there is a place called 'Puppet Martial Stage' where everyone's ranking is tested by the Puppet Martial Stage, if you guys think you have strength, you can also try it out."

At that moment, a disciple asked, "Didn't you say there were two lists?What's the other one?"

"There is also the Heavenly List, let's not talk about the Heavenly List, the Heavenly List is only for those who have reached the Heart Illumination Stage, it's still far away from you, and many of the Heavenly List are instructors.In addition to that, the Flying Cloud Sect is surrounded by a huge hide, you guys can go to the hide to pick whatever martial skill you want to practice.Right, there's also the issue of food. The Flying Cloud Sect has over 60 public canteens in total, so you don't have to pay for food, so you can eat at any canteen you want.Of course, if you have the ability, you can also hire your own chef, those powerful gangs usually have their own back-up chefs.Alright, the rest, there's nothing else to explain for now, so let's just disband, you guys go find your own place to live."

After saying that, that enrollment elder left everyone behind.

Everyone was a bit reserved when they first entered the inner circle.

Tang Zichen shouted, "All the members of the Light Cloud Alliance, come with me."

The internal and external members of the Light Cloud Alliance, adding up to over 600 people, all followed Tang Zichen.

Since Tang Zichen had accepted these people, now that he had entered the inner siege, he naturally had to shelter them relatively. Premiere URL

With Tang Zichen's strength, there was no problem in sheltering these hundreds of people.

The rest were envious of those who could go with Tang Zichen, and how they wished, too, that they were part of the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Boss, where are we going?Didn't that elder just say that the dormitory is in that direction, why are we going in the opposite direction."Tang Miao asked.

Tang Zichen said, "The dormitory area that the elder just said is the worst place to live, our Light Cloud Alliance is such a powerful force, how can we live in that kind of place."

"Then where do we live?"

Tang Zichen pointed to the place where there was a hill-like place.

"We're staying over there."


Tang Zichen arrived at the gate of a huge mountain villa, only to see a golden sign hanging at the gate of the villa: "Blood Drinking Alliance."

Tang Zichen stroked his chin and said, "I don't know, how strong is this Blood Drinking Alliance, if it's below our Light Cloud Alliance, then don't blame me for robbing it by force."

"What, Boss, are you saying that we're robbing someone else's mountain village on our first day in?"

Tang Zichen glared at that underling and said, "Or else what."

A group of underlings were incomparably impressed, it was just cool to follow such a bullish boss, and as soon as they entered the inner circle, they grabbed other gangs' territories.

Tang Zichen instructed, "One of you go and inquire about the strength of this Blood Drinking Alliance."

Not long after, the inquiry returned.

"Boss, the Blood Drinking Alliance can't be robbed, I heard that the boss of the Blood Drinking Alliance is already at the ninth stage of Enlightenment, and there are several mentor-level powerhouses backing them up, their boss is also a young master from a big family of Ten Thousand Year Immortal cultivation, with several Heart Shine stage house slaves by his side."

"I'll go."Tang Zichen was shocked.

This was a more powerful force now, Tang Zichen wouldn't be able to mess with it, although Tang Zichen liked this mountain village of the Blood Drinking Alliance.

"Alright, then, let's find the others."

"Boss, I see that over there on the other side of the river, there's a residence called Zhen Long Alliance, although it's small, but that place happens to be by the river, the buildings are sparse, spread out to both sides, it can also be converted into a nice little manor, and it's also a quiet environment."One of the men suddenly said.

"Zhen Long Alliance?"I don't know how strong this Zhen Long Alliance is.

Tang Huan was busy saying, "Brother, it's better to send someone to snoop around first."

"No need to snoop around, let's dominate first, let's go."Tang Zichen waved his hand.

Thus, hundreds of people went straight to the Zhen Long Alliance.

Right now, inside Zhen Long Alliance, more than twenty people were cultivating, there were men and women, a few of them women, all of them were kept by their bosses, their posture was not bad, they had waists and faces.

One of the women said, "What has the boss been doing for the past two days, he hasn't come to Zhen Long Alliance for several days."

"Boss has entered the True Beast Forest in the past few days, a year ago he fell in love with an Enlightened Sixth Stage Black Stone Demonic Beast, but at that time, Boss couldn't kill that Demonic Snake, now Boss has gotten a talisman, with the aid of the talisman, he finally has the confidence to kill that Demonic Beast, so he went there."The other woman said.

"So he went to the True Beast Forest, I told you so."

Right at that moment.

"Bang!"The door was kicked open with a bang.

"Who the hell dares to come to our Zhen Long Alliance to cause trouble."The twenty people inside the mansion were suddenly furious and walked towards the door.

Only to see a group of people standing at the door, that leader, the one who had just kicked the door, was actually a teenager who was less than one meter tall.Only, this teenager looked cold and steely, as if he was not to be messed with.

"Who kicked it."One of the open light fourth stage men yelled.

Tang Zichen said, "I don't care who you live here, I restrict you to leave this place within ten minutes.Don't ask me why, because, this place, I, Light Cloud Alliance, have my eyes on it."


"Light Cloud Alliance?What is it."

"I, Light Cloud Alliance, just came in from the outside, I'm not familiar with the place yet, so I've chosen the address here for now."

"Humph, a bunch of little sons of bitches, the strongest one is only at the first stage of Light Opening, the rest are all at the Body Tempering Stage, they actually dare to be arrogant in my Zhen Long Alliance, they really don't want to hang around."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't force me to do anything, the Feiyun Sect has a limited number of houses in its inner surroundings, and I don't have the time to look around blindly."

After saying that, Tang Zichen placed a fake Speed Charm on his body.


"Swoosh."Like a string of shadows, Tang Zichen suddenly arrived in front of that strongest Open Light Fourth Stage and put him on at once.

"See?The strongest open light fourth stage among you is not a match for me at all, so the rest of you don't do unnecessary giving."

The twenty or so people of Zhen Long Alliance were a bit stunned as they looked at Zhen Long Alliance's second oldest, who had fallen to the ground and was bleeding straight from his chest.

"What should we do?"

"Let's go and wait for our boss to come back." Remember the URL

With that, the twenty or so people from Zhen Long Alliance immediately withdrew.

Tang Zichen said, "Brothers of the Light Cloud Alliance, this will be our temporary residence from now on, the inner courtyard of this residence belongs to me, the outer courtyard, you guys can see for yourselves, if there is not enough space, spread out to both sides and build some temporary houses."

"Yes, Boss."

Just like that, Tang Zichen settled down here.

The news of Zhen Long Alliance's headquarters being robbed quickly spread.

Although Zhen Long Alliance wasn't a very powerful force, it was still ranked within the top 300 ah.The boss of Zhen Long Alliance was called Yu Zhen Long, and although he didn't have a backstage like an elder or mentor in the Flying Cloud Sect, Yu Zhen Long was a little famous in the inner circle of the Flying Cloud Sect.

Because, Yu Zhenlong was the third ranked in the Fifth Order of Enlightenment on the Flying Cloud Sect's ranking list, only, at a glance, one could see that the third ranked three words in the column of the Fifth Order of Enlightenment was Yu Zhenlong.

Therefore, Yu Zhenlong was quite famous in the Flying Cloud Sect, he was a strong genius who did not rely on any backstage and gradually came to this point.Yu Zhenlong's degree of genius was far beyond Yang Qian, because Yang Qian's ranking on the ranking list was only more than 30 in the column of the seventh stage of opening light.

In spite of this, one did not expect that the Zhen Long Alliance that Yu Zhen Long had formed would be robbed of its headquarters today.

By evening, many cafeterias and other public places of the Flying Cloud Sect were discussing this matter.

However, Tang Zichen was unconcerned, the Flying Cloud Sect had not arranged for its disciples to stay wherever there was a place to stay, which had already shown that the strong could usurp anything from the weak.Feiyun Sect was allowed to do so except for one thing, killing someone would be pursued by the law enforcement elders.

Nong Lingsheng walked in from the doorway.

"Brother Minister."Nong Lingsheng shouted.

"What are you doing here."

"Brother Minister, I heard that you robbed the headquarters of the Zhen Long Alliance, that's why I found you."

Tang Zichen asked faintly, "What do you want to find me for?"

"It's like this, Brother Chen, today is your first day entering the inner siege of the Flying Cloud Sect, so my father wants to pick up the slack for you, I wonder what you think?You haven't had dinner yet anyway, have you."

Tang Zichen said, "Since you're so sincere, I'll go."

"Bring your sister-in-law with you."

Tang Zichen glared, "She's my sister."

"Yes, yes, sister, sister, hehehehe."Nong Lingsheng smiled with an ambiguous look, Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk so much nonsense with you and shouted, "Sister, Lu Yu

Stream, Don unknown, you guys come with me."

"Where are we going, boss?"Tang Ming was busy asking.

"Elder Nong Xiaotian invited me to dinner, I'll take you guys with me."

"Wow, Elder invites you to dinner."Tang Miao shouted, and it was such an honor for Tang Zichen to take him there.

Tang Zichen followed Nong Lingsheng to Nong Xiaotian's mansion.

At this moment, a rich dinner had already been prepared at Nong Tsung Tian's mansion.

"Young Minister, this is my father's mansion."Tang Zichen nodded at the imposing mansion.

"My father, including the newly accepted Zhen Wuxiang, has a total of five disciples, five disciples usually live here, Zhen Wuxiang is waiting for you in the mansion."Nong Lingsheng said as he walked.

Tang Zichen walked into a hall and immediately saw Nong Xiaotian and the others waiting inside.

Seeing Tang Zichen arrive, Nong Tsung Tian immediately welcomed them out.

Zhen Wuxiang, however, ran out and bowed to Tang Zichen, "Greetings, Boss."

"Zhen Wuxiang, are you still used to being here."

"Thanks to Boss, Master has been very good to me."

"That's good."

Nong Xiaotian smiled, "Young Minister, you're here, please come in."

Tang Zichen said, "Tsunami, there's no need to be polite, I already consider you as one of my own."

"Fine, fine."Nong Xiaotian was thrilled, Tang Zichen came from such a big place, finally treating him as one of his own, Nong Xiaotian couldn't hide his excitement ah, did this mean that he had climbed high up to Tang Zichen from now on?

Tang Huan followed behind Tang Zichen, seeing his brother's face pretending to be a comparison, really speechless, and making Nong Xiaotian look like a person of low status

Lu Yu Xi, however, was skeptical that Tang Zi Di was really something.

As for Tang Ming, he had already looked confused.

"Young Minister, please take the upper seat."Nong Xiaotian gave the top seat to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't squirm, and sat directly on it, unceremoniously.

"You guys aren't polite either, just think of it as your home."Nong Xiaotian said to Tang Huan and the others.

"Thank you, Elder."Tang Huan nodded politely.

The dinner banquet began, and one sumptuous dish after another was served up, Tang Zichen had come to the Spirit World for so long, and it was the first time he had such a great meal.

Any food in the Spiritual Realm, that was a second to the mortal realm.

"Young Minister, Xiao Tian toast you."Nong Xiaotian raised his wine glass and said.

"Good."Tang Zichen also raised his wine glass, while Nong Xiaotian purposely raised his own glass lower than Tang Zichen, clinked it and drank it all.

"Young Minister, I heard that as soon as you entered the inner siege this afternoon, you robbed the headquarters of the Zhen Long Alliance."Nong Xiaotian said with a smile.

Tang Zichen snorted, "So what if I robbed it, could it be that the boss of the Zhen Long Alliance is the son of which elder again."

Nong Lingsheng was busy: "Brother Chen, the boss of Zhen Long Alliance is called Yu Zhen Long, he doesn't have any backstage la, however, Yu Zhen Long is a genius is that, in the Flying Cloud Sect Earth Ranking, open light fifth ranking list ranked first."

"Rubbish."Tang Zichen said indifferently.

"Oh."Nong Xiaotian and his son laughed and said, "This young minister is really crazy, seeing people as trash.However, with his family background and having seen countless strong people, ordinary people were indeed trash in his eyes.

Nong Lingsheng said, "Brother Minister, the headquarters of Zhen Long Alliance, you can stay at ease, if Yu Zhen Long dares to trouble you, I will help you settle him.Although with your energy, you can also settle it, but you are such a noble person, you can leave such a small matter to us."


Nong Xiao Tian said, "Right, if there is anything that needs to be done, just tell me what to do.Right, Young Minister, the day before yesterday you humiliated Elder Shejun in public, did he seek revenge on you ah?"

"That ugly bastard Shejun, although he didn't do it himself, he sent his disciples to trouble me."

"Ah, so what now?His disciple Yang Qian, but he's a genius, he's already opened the seventh stage of light, are you alright?"Nong Xiaotian was busy asking.

Tang Zichen said disdainfully, "Just that Shejun is worthy of fighting me, and those disciples of his have been eating shit in a latrine for two days now."

"What?Minister Young, I don't understand."Nong Xiao Tian and his son were a bit unresponsive.

Tang Zichen said, "I threw them into the latrine, come on, I'm still eating, cut the nasty talk."

"Yes yes yes."

Nong Xiaotian and his sons were busy giving Tang Zichen food, in his heart, ministering young is ministering young, She Jun elder six disciples, all of them threw them into the latrine pit for ministering young.

Nong Xiaotian said, "Minister young, if Elder Shejun knew about this, he would definitely be furious ah, after all, all six of his disciples are in the latrine pit, he can't hang his face."

Tang Zichen said, "Can't hang on to face can go to hell."

"Uh, then he'll definitely come after you,"Nong Lingsheng said. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen threw a bone he was eating in his hand and said impatiently, "These flies are really annoying, let's say, Tsunami, I'll leave this matter to you, don't let that ugly pervert from Shejun disturb my peace and quiet."

"Good."Nong Xiaotian nodded, to high climb a big family, offending Shejun was nothing.

Just at this moment, a voice sounded from the doorway, "Yo, make Xiaotian, in treat na."

Before the voice finished, a Spiritual Harmony Stage elder walked in, this elder didn't even notice Nong Xiaotian when he came in, indicating that he was more powerful than Nong Xiaotian.

Sure enough, when Nong Tsuntian looked up, his face changed slightly.

Nong Xiaotian scrambled to his feet and paid his respects, "Xiaotian pays his respects to Elder Ping."

"Nong Xiaotian, there's no need to be polite, by the way, who are you inviting to dinner, making it so sumptuous."That man called Elder Ping walked into the hall and said.

At this moment, Tang Huan was moving Tang Zichen with his shoes under the table.

Tang Zichen seemed to understand what Tang Huan meant, that is, the sudden arrival of an elder with a higher strength than Nong Tsuntian was afraid that he would be dismantled.

Indeed, it would be easy to be dismantled.

Tang Zichen was also a bit nervous, if he was debunked, then the result could be imagined, Tang Zichen shuddered.

Nong Xiao Tian was busy saying, "Elder Ping, I am entertaining a little kid, where is Tang Zichen."

At that moment, that Elder Ping suddenly shot his gaze towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was still holding a chicken leg in his hand, eating with an empty eye, acting like he didn't take any elders seriously at all.

It really wasn't that Tang Zichen was trying to be arrogant, but that Tang Zichen had to act like he came from a huge immortal family, and it would be incredible if Tang Zichen was respectful to this Elder Ping.

Elder Ping said, "Nong Xiaotian, you're not mistaken, a teenage boy and you're feasting him so sumptuously?And with such an arrogant stance, I'm here and won't even lift my head."

Nong Xiaotian was about to say something when Tang Zichen put down his chicken leg and said, "A mere third stage of the Spiritual Harmony Stage, even if you want me to look up to you, you're not too proud of yourself."

That Ping elder was startled when he saw Tang Zichen speak so arrogantly as soon as he spoke out.


bsp;Nong Xiaotian could only laugh bitterly and said to Elder Ping, "Elder Ping, you bear with me a little more."

Nong Xiaotian was not good enough to persuade, one was a mid-level elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, his patron, and the other was a young master from a powerful cultivation family, what did he say.

Elder Ping snorted coldly, "What an arrogant brat, even a mere third stage of Spiritual Harmony would dare to say it."

Tang Zichen said, "Isn't it true, this Elder Ping, I have no grudge against you, I advise you not to get into a feud with me over this, otherwise, I don't mind taking care of you one more time."

"Ha."Elder Ping gave a cold cry, but the fact that Tang Zichen was so mad like this instead made Elder Ping rethink."This brat, how dare he speak to me like this?In the face of my pressure, he was not even the slightest bit fearful, even if others were, their hairs would have already stood cold.Could it be that this kid has some kind of origin?Even Nong Xiaotian invited him to dinner so sumptuously."Elder Ping couldn't help but look at Nong Xiaotian.

Nong Xiaotian was now, busy giving Elder Ping a wink.

Elder Ping saw that Nong Xiaotian was making eyes at him, and his inner doubts became even stronger.

Elder Ping said, "Nong Xiaotian, since you have a guest, I'll leave first and come back another day."

Nong Xiaotian busily said, "Elder Ping, I'll see you off."

Thus, Nong Xiaotian sent Elder Ping out of the gate.

As soon as he left the gate, Elder Ping asked, "Nong Xiaotian, what do you mean you just gave me a wink?What's the story of that Tang Zichen?How arrogant, and advising me that I better not offend him or I don't mind taking care of me."Elder Ping said with an unhappy face.

Nong Xiao Tian was busy saying, "Elder Ping, I'm giving you a wink just to tell you to stop saying that.If you really offend Young Minister, the consequences will be troublesome."

"Nong Xiaotian, what exactly is his origin?"

"I don't know what exactly, but anyway, he's definitely a big deal."

"What makes you think he's a big deal?With a little arrogance in his tone?"

"Elder Ping, do you think I would be so stupid.Previously, my son Nong Lingsheng had a conflict with him, and Tang Zichen could have cleaned up my son with such a low realm, and anytime he took it, it was a stack of talismans, and his stack of talismans were all very high grade and lasted up to ten seconds.Also, haven't you noticed that as soon as he sees you, he says your realm?With his realm, how could he see your realm."

"Didn't you tell him that?"

"Elder Ping, well how could I tell him about you, it's because, Tang Zichen has seen too many Spiritual Harmony Stage Immortal cultivators since he was a child, so he guessed it right away, and I also heard him say that there are all the YuanYing stage ones protecting him in secret, and when he blows his whistle, he'll appear."

"YuanYing stage ones are secretly protecting him?Hmph, I don't believe it."

"Elder Ping, I'd rather believe it than not believe it ah, by the way, he also raised a young dragon, tell me, how can an ordinary person raise a dragon."

Elder Ping snorted, "Maybe it's just a dragon he picked up, Nong Xiaotian, I thought that you were making eyes at me because you knew his exact origin, but I didn't expect that it was all your guess."

Elder Ping looked furious, causing him to just quickly withdraw, just in case he really ran into someone he couldn't afford to offend, and as a result, all he? Nong Xiaotian guessed, with no half of the substantive information.

"I."Nong Xiaotian also momentarily stammered, and was reprimanded by Elder Ping with this reprimand, but also could not help but think, could it really be that I guessed?However, Tang Zichen's substantial information was really not half of it.

Elder Ping snorted, "I'm going back to find him, I don't believe it, he's really from some big immortal family."

"Ping."Nong Xiao Tian was about to say something when Elder Ping had already disappeared.


In Nong Xiao Tian's living room, Tang Zichen asked Lu Yu Xi to take some paper and wipe his lips.

At that moment, Elder Ping came in exasperatedly.

"Kid, if you don't tell me your history today, don't blame me for being rude."Elder Ping snorted angrily.

Tang Huan was now a bit scared, and Tang Ming was still looking confused.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, still didn't even look at Elder Ping.

At this time, Lu Yuxi came over with a cup of water and respectfully said to Tang Zichen, "Young Minister, please rinse your mouth."

Tang Zichen drank the water from the cup into his mouth, then spat it back into the cup with a few gulps, and finished gargling.

Throughout the entire time, Tang Zichen did not even look at that Elder Ping, his arrogant posture was evident.

Elder Ping was extremely furious and said again, "Kid, didn't you hear what I said?"

Only then did Tang Zichen look at Elder Ping and snorted, "Do you think that I'll think highly of you if you deliberately show your existence in front of me?"

"Hmph, boy, just be arrogant with your mouth, Nong Xiao Tian is so stupid, he will be intimidated by a few arrogant words on your lips, but I'm not afraid.Don't tell me that if you blow a whistle, someone will come out in the dark, and if someone does come out, then why doesn't he come out now that I'm talking to you like this?" First web site

Tang Zichen said, "Do you still need my Uncle Fu to fix you?And you think too highly of yourself."


At this time, Nong Xiaotian came in.

Tang Zichen said to Nong Xiaotian, "Xiaotian, thank you for your hospitality, I can't afford to be without some expression, how about this, I have a family's spiritual cultivation method that can help others quickly refine spirit stones, how many spirit stones can you take out now, feel free to take them out and I'll help you refine them."

"Eh."Nong Xiaotian was stunned, not knowing what Tang Zichen was talking about.

That Elder Ping had been ignored by Tang Zichen and was about to be unable to hold back, mainly because Tang Zichen was acting too much like the real thing, causing him to still have a hint of doubt in his heart, otherwise he would have already done it.

Nong Xiaotian said, "What do you mean?Spiritualism?Helping others refine spirit stones?"

"This is my family's ancestral heritage, only people of my family's bloodline can refine it, do you fucking want it or not, don't want me to leave."

"Fine fine."Nong Xiaotian half-heartedly took out a fourth-grade spirit stone.

Tang Zichen said, "You enter the state of refinement."

Nong Xiaotian immediately entered the state of refining the spirit stone, Tang Zichen put his palm on Nong Xiaotian's back, and all of a sudden, everyone saw the spirit stone in Nong Xiaotian's palm atomize like water vapor and then seep into Nong Xiaotian's body, a fourth grade spirit stone, finished refining in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this scene, not to mention Nong Xiaotian, even Elder Ping was shocked.

With the refining completed, Tang Zichen waved his hand and said to Tang Huan, "Sister, let's go."

"Oh."Tang Huan was busy keeping up.

Tang Zichen reached the gate and turned back to Elder Ping and said, "You've already offended me, you'd better watch out for me."

After saying that, Tang Zichen strode away.

Elder Ping originally wanted to say something, but, thinking that Tang Zichen had just helped Nong Xiaotian refine the fourth grade spirit stones so swiftly, he wanted to say something, but he couldn't.


; Tang Zichen's skill like this was something they had never seen before, this world, there were indeed some secret methods that could refine spirit stones faster, but they were all only able to refine them themselves, unable to help others, let alone so quickly.

At this time, Nong Xiaotian laughed happily, "Haha, in normal times, a fourth grade spirit stone would have taken me at least half a month to refine, ah, and now it's just a quick refinement.The Spiritual Cultivation Method passed down by my youngest family is truly incomparably powerful."

Nong Xiaotian seemed to believe in Tang Zichen again, as for whether Elder Ping believed in it or not, he didn't care, at least to please Tang Zichen and help him refine a few spirit stones from time to time, this gain was not in vain for his efforts.

Lu Yuxi also hurried to follow, however, Lu Yuxi hesitated, as he walked out of the entrance of the hall, Lu Yuxi suddenly turned back and took out a token from his bosom and said, "Elder Ping, this is my family token."

Elder Ping was shocked, "The Four Seas Lu Family?"

Lu Yuxi said, "As a son of the Four Seas Lu family, I am still only worthy of being one of his maidservants, so you can decide for yourself."After saying that, Lv Yuxi quickly walked away.

"Ah."This time, Elder Ping's face finally went white.

The family token that Lu Yuxi had just taken out was real, because a sweep of his consciousness could determine whether it was real or not, and because his consciousness swept it, he was also flashed by the majestic spirit of the Lu family's ancestor on the token, and Elder Ping was dizzy.

Nong Xiao Tian was busy asking, "Elder Ping, are you alright?"

Elder Ping said with a pale face, "It's over, I've really caused trouble."

"Uh, Elder Ping, didn't you just not believe me?"

"I was very skeptical, even if Tang Zichen had performed some great spiritual cultivation method, I wasn't completely convinced yet, but when his maid took out her family token, I was convinced, because her family token was real, Tang Zichen's maid was really from the Four Seas Lü family, and I had just had my spirit struck by the mighty spirit of their Lü family ancestors because my consciousness scanned her token....It's true."

"Heavens, no way, Tang Zichen's maid is from the Lu Family of the Four Seas?"Nong Xiaotian was shocked.

Elder Ping was busy saying, "Don't you know about this?"

"I don't know, how would I know that Tang Zichen's maid came from the Four Seas, if I knew I would have told you long ago.It seems that young minister really has a huge origin, I told you, at a young age, he quickly helped me refine four spirit stones by performing the family's Spiritual Cultivation Method, this Spiritual Cultivation Method is by no means simple, where would an ordinary family take it, and a bottom level Gryphon like us is even more unheard of."Nong Xiaotian was inwardly glad that he hadn't just been compelled by Elder Ping to do something disrespectful to Tang Zichen.At this moment, Nong Xiaotian looked at Elder Ping full of sympathy and said in his heart: I've told you everything and you still don't believe, it's good to see what you'll do.

At this moment, Elder Ping's intestines were regretful.

"Xiao Tian, what to do, you give me a solution."Elder Ping said to Nong Xiaotian.

But Nong Xiaotian said, "I'm sorry, Elder Ping, it's getting late, you should go back, right, if Tang Zichen is looking for you, just say, we're not very familiar ah."

Elder Ping's eyebrows furrowed, "What do you mean, Nong Xiaotian?Are you afraid I'll get you into trouble?How dare you say that we aren't very familiar."

"Oh, Elder Ping, you've misunderstood, but it's true that we're not very familiar."

"Nong Xiaotian, I'm usually nice to you, but you don't intercede for me, and you actually want to leave me out of it."Elder Ping said with a disappointed face.


"Alas, Elder Ping, I also want to put in a good word for you, but if you anger Minister Shao, won't that even get me into trouble, I've had a hard time getting to this point in my relationship with Minister Shao.Besides, I've already warned you, you're the one who doesn't believe in it."

"Nong Xiaotian, then at least give me a solution, how about I send spirit stones to Tang Zichen to make amends?"Elder Ping said.

Nong Xiaotian snorted, "Spiritual Stone Compensation?Do you think that someone of Tang Zichen's level would lack spirit stones?"

"Ah, what about that."Elder Ping was in a hurry, Nong Xiao Tian was somewhat reasonable.

"There's no way out, what's a treasure in our eyes is just a very ordinary thing in Minister Young's eyes, if you want to take something to make amends, I'm afraid if you take out your most precious thing, people will think you're not sincere enough.Elder Ping, go back and think about it first, tomorrow we'll work together to figure out what to do, minister young just didn't take care of you, that means there's still a chance for a change."

"Woo."Elder Ping walked away with a sad face, should have known, tonight killed not to come to Nong Xiaotian, and ended up in this kind of bad luck.

Tang Zichen walked out of Nong Xiaotian's mansion.

Tang Huan looked behind him from time to time, fearing that that Elder Ping would follow, but in the end, Tang Huan was only slightly relieved when he walked very far away and Elder Ping didn't follow him.

Finally, Tang Zichen returned to the Light Cloud Alliance.

Lu Yuxi didn't say anything all the way back, and once she returned, she entered her room.

Not long after, there was a knock on the door, Lv Yuxi opened the door and saw that it was Tang Zichen. Remember the URL

"What for?"

Walking into Lu Yuxi's room, Tang Zichen asked, "What did you say to Elder Ping when you left just now at Nong Tsuntian's residence?What else did you show him?"

"I just showed him my family token, and when he found out that my family token was real, Elder Ping's face went white.Tang Zichen, Elder Ping is convinced of you at this moment."

"Lu Yuxi, why did you help me convince him?"Don Zichen asked.

"Isn't it bad enough that I help you?"

"I don't need your help at all,"Tang Zichen said.

Lu Yuxi looked at Tang Zichen for several seconds and said, "Tang Zichen, answer me honestly."


"Are you really from some powerful immortal cultivation family or not?"

"Do you doubt me?"

"Can't even I tell the truth, Don Zichen?I've just taken out my family token, but I'm actually afraid that Elder Ping still has doubts about you, which means that I'm sincere in my kindness to you.Couldn't you be more sincere with me and tell me the truth."

"Lu Yuxi, early tomorrow morning, you come with me to a place."

"What place?"

"Testing Tower, didn't you say earlier that you wanted to see what my talent score was, exactly?Tomorrow, I'll let you know."

"Well, I'd like to know if you're really a genius, too."

"Go to bed early."Tang Zichen turned around and left.

Lv Yuxi pursed her lips and closed the door, saying in her heart, "Little bastard, even I have to hide it, acting like you're so crazy, are you from the Great Immortal Family or not."

It had to be said that Lu Yuxi had done Tang Zichen a great favor by taking out his family token tonight, convincing Elder Ping of this and causing him to lose sleep overnight.

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen and Lu Yuxi left the Light Cloud Alliance and headed to the Inspection Tower.

On one of the floors of the Inspection Tower, there was a talent sensing stone.

r /> Tang Zichen and Lu Yuxi went directly to this floor of the Talent Sensing Stone.

It just so happened that very few people usually came here, after all, talent sensing stones were rarely tested, and so early.

Tang Zichen said, "Lv Yuxi, open your eyes and see clearly, I'll measure it for you now."

"Fine, you measure it, I'd like to see if your talent score is really over 1000."

Tang Zichen said, "I purposely brought you here to prove it, if I prove it, do you want to pay something, otherwise why would I be so bored to measure it for you."

"What price do you want me to pay?"

Tang Zichen looked at Lv Yuxi's increasingly wonderful body and said, "If my talent score exceeds 1000, you will sleep with me tonight."

Lv Yuxi blushed and huffed, "At a young age, what not to learn."

"That's all I want, what."

Lv Yu Xi snorted, "How old are you, even if I sleep with you, will you do adult things?"Lu Yuxi that morning saw Tang Zichen pee into the mouth of Lie Yueye, Tang Zichen's younger brother looked like he was still young.

Tang Zichen said: "I didn't say I wanted to do anything with you, I simply asked you to accompany me, do you accept or not."

"Hmph, little brat, just accompany me."Lu Yuxi snorted with a red face.

Only then did Tang Zichen press his hand on the Talent Sensing Stone.

This time, Tang Zichen surged his entire body's Immortal Qi onto the surface, and Tang Zichen himself wanted to know how strong his talent was for possessing a spirit body with Immortal Qi.

Lu Yuxi looked incredulously at the brightness of the induction stone, then cast her eyes to the reference table beside her.

The brightness was mentioning all the time.

200, 500, 800, 1000. only all of a sudden, the brightness mentioned the reference table's figure of 1000, and the color also changed.

Lu Yuxi was shocked, not expecting that Tang Zichen's talent really had 1000, no, more than 1000, because the brightness was still enhancing.

1200, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000.

"Ah."Lu Yuxi was shocked, the highest value of the talent sensing stone was 5000, Tang Zichen had actually capped it.

In other words, Tang Zichen's talent, the sensing stone was simply not enough to measure.

Tang Zichen let go of his hand and hummed, "What kind of broken stone, not enough for me to measure."

Lu Yuxi was now, looking at Tang Zichen dead in the face.

"Why are you looking at me like that, now believe it, my talent, not to mention 1000, capping 5000 is not enough for me to measure."Tang Zichen didn't know in the slightest how shocked he was by this data.

Only then did Lu Yuxi said in shock, "Tang Zichen, do you know that in the history of our spirit world since ancient times, the highest value ever recorded was only 3800."

"Uh," Tang Zichen was shocked, sis, the highest value since ancient times is only 3800, then wouldn't Tang Zichen be.

Lu Yuxi added, "Those who can exceed 1000 can't even find one in the Four Seas, those who exceed 2000 have not been found for hundreds of years, and those who exceed 3000 have been counted on two hands since ancient times.Tang Zichen, you actually reached 5000, gosh, that's really impossible."

"Why is it impossible?"

"Because, the ones I just mentioned that tested over 3000 were almost always measured after they reached a very strong realm, and you're only at the Enlightenment stage now, and you're measuring such values.Tang Zichen, do you have something extraordinary on you?Like a very strong magic treasure, so that's why the sensory stone is judged so highly?"Lu Yu Xi asked.

"What if I say no?"


"If not, you can't possibly measure such a high score, because the talent sensing stone, can't sense so far, the weaker the test, the lower the value, the talent sensing stone is an assessment of your future potential, when still very weak, the talent sensing stone can't sense so far.No matter how talented a person is, when they're still weak, they won't be able to score this high.Tang Zichen, you definitely have a secret on you."Lu Yuxi said.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Lv Yuxi, your vision is too short-sighted and your insight is too little.Do I have to tell you that the value of my talent that is so strong is related to my bloodline?"

"What? Bloodline."At that moment, Lu Yuxi's body shook, as if she had thought of something.

Tang Zichen was just making up words, could it be that there was really some kind of correspondence on it?

Lu Yu Xi asked in shock, "Tang Zichen, you're not, like, a celestial, are you?"

"Huh."Tang Zichen just snorted.

"Oh my god, are you really a celestial?Legend has it that the Celestials possess a half-spirit, half-immortal physique, only the Celestials can test that high."

"Alright, Lu Yuxi, it's for your own good to ponder less about my origins."

"Yes, minister young."Lu Yuxi nodded her head obediently, right now, she no longer had any doubts about Tang Zichen and worshipped him, because, the Celestial Race was simply unimaginable.

It was just a pity that Tang Zichen had nothing to do with the celestial race fart.

Tang Zichen said to Lu Yuxi, "Regarding the matter of my bloodline, you should chew less." One second to remember to read the book

"Okay, I won't."Lv Yuxi was busy assuring.

Lv Yuxi thought that Tang Zichen was low-key and didn't want to take such a high status out to scare people to death, little did she know that Tang Zichen didn't let her talk nonsense because he wasn't any celestial race at all, and talking nonsense everywhere, in case the real celestial race knew about it, it wouldn't put Tang Zichen out of business.

Looking at Lu Yuxi's shocked appearance, I'm sure the Celestial Race, extraordinary, in front of this level, Tang Zichen should just keep a low profile.

After that, Tang Zichen came to the first floor of the inspection tower, and at this moment, there were already people coming to inspect it, wanting to refresh the ranking.

The elder of the inspection tower asked Tang Zichen, "Are you here to inspect?You are in the First Order of Open Light, and after you test, your name will be ranked in this column of the First Order of Open Light, and as long as you can enter the top 100 of the First Order of Open Light, you will have great fame in the Flying Cloud Sect."

Tang Zichen ohmed.

Lu Yuxi busily said, "Young Minister, test it quickly."

"How do I test it?"

The elder of the inspection tower said, "There is a puppet martial stage inside, you only need to put out your full strength to defeat the puppet, and the puppet will be able to draw your combat power.Of course, the combat power here is only your own combat power, and does not include taking pills, or using aids such as spirit talismans."

"Understood, I'll give it a try then."Tang Zichen said with his sleeves rolled up.

Thus, Tang Zichen immediately entered the Puppet Martial Stage.

There was already a puppet standing on the Puppet Martial Stage, and the puppet was black and strange.

The elder of the inspection tower said, "Just put out your full strength, don't worry, the puppet will put out the strength according to your strength, it won't kill you, of course, injuries are inevitable."

At that moment, the puppet rushed towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen hadn't refined any higher level martial skills recently, so Tang Zichen still used the outer disciple's Heavenly Thunder Fist.

"Boom."Tang Zichen struck the Heavenly Thunder Fist to kill the puppet.

The puppet suddenly killed Tang Zichen with even more power.

Tang Zichen was shocked and didn't dare to hold back at all, the puppet seemed to be deliberately stimulating Tang Zichen's strongest strength.

The speed of the puppet was so fast that Tang Zichen was almost as if he couldn't react.

Tang Zichen subconsciously turned on his Life Blood Hidden state, and suddenly, the puppet's speed in Tang Zichen's eyes slowed down just as much.

Tang Zichen suddenly turned sideways on the ground, avoiding the puppet's move, while at the same time, Tang Zichen attempted to grab the puppet's arm and knock the puppet down.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that the puppet, seeing that Tang Zichen had dodged his strike, came up with an even stronger force.

Each time the puppet took out a higher strength based on the opponent's strength and was always on the stronger side.

Tang Zichen's attempt to twist Guilt's arm was foiled, as the puppet suddenly killed Tang Zichen's neck with an elbow strike move.

Tang Zichen's first time fighting such a strong puppet was a real scare, luckily the guilt didn't kill anyone, otherwise it was finished.

Tang Zichen turned on his Life Blood Hidden state, once again, he couldn't be a puppet opponent, and Tang Zichen, there was no more strength, unless, Tang Zichen cast the Shura First Blade, but now he didn't have a blade in his hand, or, Tang Zichen canceled the hidden realm.Tang Zichen's combat strength just now was all based on the first stage of opening light.

"Bang."In the next second, Tang Zichen flew out of the Puppet Martial Stage.

Tang Zichen felt like his neck was going to be broken.

"Tang Zichen, how are you."Lu Yuxi was busy pouncing on him.

"Damn, this puppet is too strong."

The Inspection Elder came up and smiled, "The puppet will instantly increase its strength based on the strength of the opponent, so anyone who fights against the puppet will lose, unless the opponent's strength exceeds the puppet's maximum combat value.What is your name?"

"My name is Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, huh, congratulations."Elder Test said.

"Congratulate me even though I lost."

"I'm congratulating you because, the Feiyun Sect Earth Ranking, the first place on the Open Light First Ranking List, has changed, yes, Tang Zichen, your first time on the Puppet Martial Stage Inspection, you tested your strength enough to become the first place."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen didn't have any doubts at all, after all, Tang Zichen's true realm was the eighth stage of Open Light, and now that he had taken first place in the first stage of Open Light, what was there to be proud of?

"What?You're not excited at all?"The Inspection Elder saw Tang Zichen's calm face and couldn't help but ask.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What's there to be excited about, it's just a first place in the first rank of Open Light."

"Damn."The Inspection Elder couldn't help but explode, never seen such a person before, could it be, Tang Zichen didn't know what first place meant?

"Don Zichen, do you not know what first place, means?Is that why you're not excited?Okay, so I'll popularize it with you, and you'll get excited when you hear it."


"Tang Zichen, the fact that you are now number one in the First Order of Enlightenment means that you are number one in strength among all the disciples of the First Order of Enlightenment in the Flying Cloud Sect; it also means that when you advance to the Second, Third, Fourth, or Fifth Order of Enlightenment, you will still most likely be number one, or in the top few.What does this mean?This means that your battle talent is ranked among the best in the entire Flying Cloud Sect, no matter what realm you are in ah.For example, if a ninth stage of Enlightenment is standing in front of you, this ninth stage of Enlightenment is ranked 100th in the Earth Ranking, and you, although your realm is lower than his, you are more brilliant than him, and others respect you more, do you understand this concept?"

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Is that it?Does this turn me on?You're thinking too low about my excitement."


"Holy shit, can't even get excited like that?"

Tang Zichen said, "The first place in the Flying Cloud Sect, no matter which realm, is always mine, it's just unexpected.Alright, no time to talk nonsense with you, Lu Yuxi, let's go."


Tang Zichen walked away with Lu Yuxi.

That inspection elder touched his head and laughed bitterly, "This is too that, is this kid really so confident, or is he deliberately faking it?"

Saying that, the Inspection Elder immediately replaced the first place on the Earth Ranking, the first rank of the Open Light rank, with Tang Zichen's name.

From this day onwards, Tang Zichen's name would definitely spread as well.

At this moment in Elder She Jun's residence.

Elder She Jun walked out of the cultivation room.

Seeing that the residence was quiet.

"Lie Yue Eyes."Elder She Monarch shouted out. The first website

"Master."Lie Yueye scrambled over.

"Where are the others?Yang Qian, Yuan Fei, Tu Lin, Chu Xiangyan, all of them are missing, where did they go?"Elder Shejun asked.

"Master, they've been gone for three days."

"What did you say?Disappeared for three days?"

"Yes Master."

"So it will disappear?"

"I don't know, I thought you sent them on an errand."

At that moment, Elder Shejun thought of something, he had indeed hinted at a few disciples a few days ago, going to find Tang Zichen.

"Could it be that they went to deal with Tang Zichen and something happened to them instead?"

Shejun immediately went to the outer perimeter of the Flying Cloud Sect.

Discovering that there were many, many fewer disciples in the outer perimeter, those who passed the assessment entered the inner perimeter, and those who failed the assessment were sent back home.

She Jun went straight to the Light Cloud Alliance's headquarters, not seeing any signs of destruction, and of course, not finding any of his disciples.

At that moment, Shejun seemed to faintly hear shouts, "Help."

Worthy of being an elder, he immediately locked onto the direction the voice was coming from, and it was in the direction of the latrine.

Shejun was busy flying up and kicked a large rock away, and suddenly, the cry for help came from below, and at the same time, the smell of shit came rushing to his nose.

Shejun endured the stench and looked into the cesspit.

"Ah."Shejun's face changed dramatically, and he saw that all six of his disciples were in the dung pit, and none of them were left behind.

At this moment, She Jun felt an unprecedented humiliation, he almost didn't even want to admit that the six people in the dung pit were his disciples, if this spread out, how would he She Jun still hang around in the Flying Cloud Sect.

"You guys, you guys."She Jun was so angry that he couldn't say anything.

But in the cesspit, the six people were so excited, and also shouted happily, "Yay, Master has finally come to save us."

"Master, we're here, hahaha."

"Great, yeah yeah yeah."Several people were still embracing each other in excitement.

And Shejun, seeing six disciples still happy like this, was so angry that he almost fell into the cesspool.

"You bunch of useless things, for master, you have lost your face, you actually, you actually still laugh out happily."Shejun said in exasperation.

"Ugh."The six of them stopped smiling for a moment, they were laughing because they were finally saved, but they didn't know that their laughing made Shejun even more furious.

Shejun threw down a rope and then whisked away in anger.

After She Jun asks the reason why, he will personally go find Tang Zichen for this debt.


Originally, Elder She Jun still felt that it was inconvenient for him to take action against Tang Zichen for fear of affecting his reputation and bullying the little ones with the big ones, but what he didn't expect was that his six disciples were screwed over so badly.This humiliation had become unbearable for Elder Shejun, so regardless of whether it would affect his reputation or not, he had to go and settle the score with Tang Zichen.

Elder Shejun's gaze was cold, and he gritted his teeth, "Tang Zichen, if I let you off this time, I'll be a dog."

At this moment, Tang Zichen and Lu Yuxi happened to be back at the Light Cloud Alliance.

Lu Yuxi had been deeply impressed by Tang Zichen, never expecting that Tang Zichen was actually from the Celestial Race.

As soon as Tang Zichen returned to the Light Cloud Alliance, Tang Huan was waiting at the door.

"Brother, where have you been."Tang Huan said anxiously.

"Uh, sister, what's wrong?"

Tang Huan said, "That Elder Ping came inside last night."

"Uh."Tang Zichen walked into the door of the Light Cloud Alliance and really saw at a glance that Elder Ping, the one from last night, was standing in the hall with a melancholy look on his face.

Tang Zichen walked in.

Elder Ping was busy paying his respects, "Young Minister."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't call me that, you're not worthy of calling me that."

"Me."Elder Pington had a bitter face.

Elder Ping looked at the two in the hall, Tang Huan and Lu Yuxi, then looked a bit hesitant.

"If you have something to say, say it quickly, if you don't have anything to say, get lost, in short, I have a bad impression of you, and anyone who offends me doesn't have a good time."Tang Zichen said with a sip of tea.

Elder Ping clenched his teeth, and then kneeled down with a "plop".

Elder Ping kneeled and said, "Young Minister, last night was my fault for being blind, I hope Young Minister won't have the same knowledge as me."

"Kneel, do you think kneeling is useful."With a snort, Tang Zichen turned from the back door of the hall and moved into the back hall, the back hall was Tang Zichen's private territory, no disciple was allowed to enter it privately.

Elder Ping immediately chased after him and followed into the back hall.

"Why are you still following in here?This is my private territory and no one is allowed to enter without my permission."Tang Zichen said.

"Young Minister, please spare me, you can do whatever you want me to do."Elder Ping knelt down again and pleaded.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'll let you kneel here for a day and a night, would you be willing to do the same?"

"I'm willing as long as Young Master Chen is able to stop being so common with me."Elder Ping said with a clench of his teeth, compared to offending a young master of a big immortal family, kneeling for a day was nothing.Don't say anything about his lack of backbone, in the cultivation world, if you don't have a backstage, backbone is a fart.And Elder Ping didn't have a backstage, even if he did, even Tang Zichen's maid, Lu Yuxi's family couldn't compare.Compared to Tang Zichen, it wasn't on the same level at all.

"Fine, then you'll kneel here for a day and a night."Tang Zichen said and went into his room.

Elder Ping just knelt on the flat ground in the back hall and didn't get up.

The fact that Tang Zichen would let him kneel for a day and a night at least meant that things were turning around, so at the moment, Elder Ping was still relatively comfortable inside.Fortunately, in Tang Zichen's inner hall, no disciple was allowed to enter privately, so no one saw Elder Ping kneeling there, or else he would have been even more humiliated.

An hour later, at Elder Shejun's residence.

The six disciples had been cleansed and had also taken their healing pills and were able to walk.

"Kneel down."Elder Shejun shouted.

The six disciples busily kneeled down.

"How did I accept you six losers and expect you to find face for my master, but instead, I lost even more face."Elder Shejun cursed angrily.


"Master, it's all due to the incompetence of the disciples, that Tang Zichen, who knew he had so many powerful talismans and he was so ruthless that after using them, he stabbed us directly in the heart, causing us to be incapacitated, that's why we were thrown into the latrine by him."

"And you have the nerve to say it."

"Master, I'm sorry, but don't worry, I'll take revenge for Master."Yang Qian gritted his teeth, Yang Qian would never forget this humiliation, and Tang Zichen was his eternal enemy.

"There's no need, Master has already decided to go and find Tang Zichen personally."

"Ah, Master, you're going to take action personally?"

"Or what, expect any more of you losers?"

"But Master you aren't afraid of being gossiped about."

"Hmph, it's come to this, I, She Jun, am tolerable, I can't care anymore.I don't care what, I'm going to personally pluck his skin."


"Alright, you all kneel here to face the wall, and you are not allowed to get up until I let you up."

"Yes, Master." Remember the URL

With a shrug of his sleeves, Elder Shejun left his mansion and went to look for Tang Zichen.

After casually asking around, Shejun knew where Tang Zichen was now and headed straight to his destination.

It wasn't long before She Jun arrived at the front gate of the Light Cloud Alliance.

She Jun stood at the gate and slammed a palm towards the gate.

"Boom."The Light Cloud Alliance's gate was blown into pieces by a palm strike by She Jun in full fury, and shattered ends flew everywhere.

Some of the men who were inside the Light Cloud Alliance were shocked.

Tang Zichen was studying talisman refining in his room, Tang Zichen had already heard the sound of the gate being blown apart and heard Elder She Jun's voice, however, Tang Zichen was indifferent.

Because, a mid-level elder of the Flying Cloud Sect was still kneeling at the door, and if he wanted to touch Tang Zichen, he had to at least go through this Ping Elder at the door.

Outside, after Elder Shejun split the gate, he roared, "Where is Tang Zichen?Let him out, I'll skin him."

A group of men looked at the angry Shejun elder and trembled in fear.

"Say, where is Tang Zichen."

One of the underlings stammered, "Boss, Boss is in the back hall."

Immediately with a monstrous rage, Shejun entered the hall before rushing into the back hall.

As soon as he entered the back hall, She Jun saw a person kneeling outside the back room, and, She Jun immediately recognized that it was the Flying Cloud Sect's Intermediate Elder, Ping Qiu Yue.

"Uh."Shejun was startled and didn't react for a moment, what was going on here?Feiyun Sect Intermediate Elder Ping Quyue, how kneeling outside Tang Zichen's room.

At that moment, Elder Ping turned his head and looked at Elder Shejun.

Elder Shejun felt as if his body was poured with cold water.

"Ping, Elder Ping, why are you, why are you kneeling here?"Elder Shejun asked groggily.

Elder Ping asked in a low voice; "The one who just kicked in the door outside and broke it, was it you?"


"She-kun, you're finished."

"Ping, Elder Ping, may I ask you this?"Elder She Jun's heart trembled a bit as he asked, the scene he saw when he entered the back hall was really too much for him to react to.Ping Quyue was a mid-level elder ah, an existence that could kill him in seconds, why was he kneeling here?

Ping Quyue looked at Shejun with sympathetic eyes and said, "Shejun, you're finished, I merely said a few bad words to Tang Zichen and am now kneeling here, while you

Just now, you actually tried to skin Tang Zichen, you're absolutely finished."

Elder Shejun's body trembled as he asked anxiously, "Elder Ping, what exactly happened?"

"All right, I have no comment to make, but in any case, if you'll listen to me, kneel down with me now, and perhaps, there's a slight possibility of remedy."


"I've already said all I have to say, kneel or not, you're on your own."After saying that, Elder Ping no longer paid attention to Shejun.

And Shejun stood there stupidly, not knowing what to do, he had wanted to rush in and skin Tang Zichen, but now what?Continue to storm the room and skin the Tang Zichen, or follow Elder Ping's advice and kneel down quickly to remedy the situation?

"Ahhhh."Shejun had never been so torn up in his life as he was now, it was reasonable to say that a mere Tang Zichen shouldn't be so torn up for him, but why was Elder Ping kneeling here?Elder Ping's strength could completely spike him ah, a man who could spike him was kneeling in front of Tang Zichen's room, and he could still go in and skin Tang Zichen?

At this moment, in the room, Tang Zichen of course knew that Shejun had come in and had heard Elder Ping's advice to Shejun.

Now it was up to Shejun to choose.

If Lord She chose wrongly, today would be the day of his severed head, because, Tang Zichen would order Elder Ping, to kill him.

Although Tang Zichen himself was incapable of killing She Jun, it wasn't simple to kill a junior elder with a middle-grade elder kneeling at the door.

Shejun was dumb in place for a long time, but eventually, he slowly walked over to Elder Ping and knelt down beside him side by side.

Shejun didn't have the guts to gamble after all, and silently knelt down.

Lu Yuxi and Tang Huan walked in from the back hall and were stunned when they saw the kneeling Elder Ping and Shejun.

Inwardly, Tang Huan said, "Brother ah, you are really playing a big game, two elders kneeling in front of your room, if they knew that you actually don't have any background of a big immortal family, I don't know what would happen."But things being what they are, if you don't have it, you can only pretend to have it.

Lu Yuxi's view, however, was quite different.

"Tang Zichen's true identity is most likely the Celestial Race, you two insects, you even dare to offend Tang Zichen, you really don't know how to live, not to mention you, the entire Flying Cloud Sect is not worthy of giving shoes to the Celestial Race."

After kneeling down, Shejun quietly asked, "Elder Ping, can you tell me why you are kneeling?"

"Don't talk, just kneel in silence."Elder Ping said.

Shejun was in a hurry, he didn't even understand why he had to kneel, but yet he had to, there was nothing more painful in the world than this.

"How long do I have to kneel?"She-kun asked.

"How long you will kneel I do not know, but I, I say less, kneel for a day and a night."

"Ah, a day and a night."Shejun was suddenly bitter, he hadn't kneeled since he was born, let alone for this long, and this was still the time Elder Ping had been kneeling for.

"Oooh, what have I done, what's going on here."Shejun burst into tears.

Tang Huan walked into the room where Tang Zichen was refining the talisman.

"Brother, you."

"What does sister have to say?"

Tang Huan pointed outside.

"Oh, let's get them on their knees."

"Oh brother, I think you're playing with fire."Tang Huan was in Tang Zichen's ear.

"Sister, you're too cowardly, look at that Elder Shejun, he was originally angry and came to settle the score with me, but what happened.I'm sure he doesn't even know why he's kneeling outside."


"Brother, so how are you going to end it now."

"Uh, closing, you don't have to close, just kneel until you're satisfied."


Regardless, Tang Huan was frightened.

Late at night, as Tang Zichen prepared to sleep, Tang Zichen finally opened the door.

Elder Ping and Shejun, who were kneeling outside, finally perked up and looked at Tang Zichen, who they thought had come out to wake them up.

As a result, Tang Zichen didn't even look at them, but shouted, "Lu Yuxi."

"Young Minister, what is your order."Lv Yu Xi came out of his room in a panic.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm going to sleep, come in and serve the bed."

"Er."Lv Yuxi was stunned, then she thought of the bet she made with Tang Zichen this morning, if Tang Zichen's talent score exceeded 1000, she would accompany him to bed tonight.

"Yes, young minister, please go back to your room and wait for a moment, I'll make preparations and come in." One second to remember to read the book

"Hurry up."After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked into his room.

Elder Ping and She Jun were very lost when they saw Tang Zichen as if he hadn't even seen them, but seeing Lv Yuxi, a member of the Four Seas Family, all so low in front of Tang Zichen, Elder Ping tsked inside.Not to mention Tang Zichen, he was a worm in front of the Lv Yuxi family, what a difference.

She Jun however, didn't know Lu Yu Xi's identity yet and thought that it was just a little bitch.

Not long after, Lu Yuxi entered Tang Zichen's room in style.

Tang Zichen was sitting at the head of the bed, and Lu Yuxi looked like she was restrained.

Tang Zichen said, "Am I that scary?"

"No, no."

"Then why do you look like you're shaking?"


"What do you think I would do to you?"

"Uh, wouldn't it?"

"I wish I could, but unfortunately I'm still young, okay, enough of this nonsense, come up here and cuddle me to sleep."

"Oh."Lv Yuxi lay down in her pajamas.

Tang Zichen immediately went into Lv Yuxi's arms, Lv Yuxi's body came with a green scent, only, Lv Yuxi's body was very stiff.



Tang Zichen deliberately tickled Lv Yuxi, and the two of them made a mess on the bed before Lv Yuxi began to relax.

It was late at night, and the entire Flying Cloud Sect was quiet without a single sound.

At the entrance of Tang Zichen's room, there were still two elders kneeling.

Shejun's kneeling was too much to bear and wanted to stand up.

Elder Ping said, "Are you sure you want to stand up?"

"Hmph, I can't stand it, even a seven-foot man can't stand such humiliation, not to mention my hall elder, you can kneel if you want, I won't accompany you."Shejun said in a fiery voice.

Elder Ping said with a sneer, "Do you know who the girl is that enters my young minister's room at night to sleep with her?"

"Hmph, just a little bitch."

"Shejun, you really don't know how to live, her name is Lu Yuxi, she's from the Four Seas Lu Family."

"From the Four Seas Lü family, how is that possible."

"When I offended Minister Shao last night, Lu Yuxi had already taken out her family token to my face, and with a sweep of my consciousness, I was able to determine if it was real or not.Just because it's real, my soul was wounded by the ancestor of the Lü family, and I still feel dizzy today.Lu Yuxi told me that she, a member of the Four Seas Family, can still only be a young minister's girl, let alone us."

She Jun said incredulously, "Elder Ping, are you sure you didn't lie to me?"

"Hahaha, ridiculous, am I fucking sick and kneeling here for fun, I'm a mid-level elder of the Flying Cloud Sect?"<

br />

"Ah."Shejun turned pale, and indeed indeed, how could Elder Ping kneel here if there wasn't something absolutely shocking about it.

Nothing was said for the rest of the night.

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen got up and walked out of the room.

Elder Ping and Elder Shejun were still kneeling outside the door.

"Young Minister, you're up."Elder Ping was busy greeting and said, while Elder Shejun, however, looked at Tang Zichen with a terrified face.

Tang Zichen walked up to Elder Ping.

"Pah."Without saying a word, Tang Zichen suddenly slapped Elder Ping.

"Ah."When Shejun saw it, he was shocked, mama, never would have thought that Tang Zichen would slap first as soon as he got up without saying anything, but this was a middle-grade elder.

Anyway, Shejun's face was white.

Of course, Elder Ping also looked extremely ugly, at any rate, he was an elder, and slapped without even greeting, it was so humiliating.

However, what could he do, Tang Zichen dared to hit, which meant that Tang Zichen didn't take him seriously at all.For someone who didn't even consider you as an opponent, a fight would only result in biting your teeth.

Elder Ping gritted his teeth and said, "If this slap can remove the grievances of young minister, it's worth it."

Tang Zichen said, "Elder Ping, I slapped you and your face didn't even change a bit, fine, then I'll spare you."

"Thank you, young minister."Elder Ping was overjoyed.

"Get up."

"Thank you, Minister Shao."Elder Ping was thrilled.

Tang Zichen looked to Shejun.

Shejun thought that Tang Zichen would slap him as well.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen did not hit him.

Tang Zichen looked around and saw a stick in the corner.

Tang Zichen picked up the stick and swiped at Elder Shejun.

"Ah."Shejun screamed and his body subconsciously dodged.

Tang Zichen said fiercely, "You try dodging again?"

"Me."She-kun grimaced.

"Phew."Tang Zichen whistled down with another rod, and this time, She Jun didn't dare to dodge, allowing Tang Zichen to sweep down with it.

Tang Zichen didn't stop.

"Pah, pah, pah, pah."Tang Zichen swept down with one stick after another, hitting a crackling sound.

Tang Huan and Lu Yuxi both heard the noise, and they both didn't know what to describe the feeling when they saw that Tang Zichen was beating Shejun so furiously, and Shejun didn't dare to hide.

Elder Ping who was standing on the side said inwardly, "Young Minister is really ruthless, fortunately I didn't offend him so much, otherwise, hehehe."

Soon, blood marks appeared from Shejun's beating.

Only then did Tang Zichen stop, after all, it was almost time to stop, the dog was anxious to jump over the wall, the most important thing was that Tang Zichen wasn't really as powerful as they thought after all, to put it bluntly, Tang Zichen was actually a grifter without any powerful background.

Tang Zichen threw the stick away and said, "Shejun, how I beat you just now, when you go back, you'll beat those disciples of yours, understand?Including Lie Yue Eyes."

"Yes, minister young."Shejun was busy nodding.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Shejun, leave your flying sword behind, then you can go."

"Ah, my magic sword."

"Yes, I want to seize your magic treasure, isn't it allowed?"


Elder Ping quietly reminded, "Shejun, Minister Shao has already spared you, don't lose a lot because of a small loss."

"Yes, minister young."Shejun put down his flying sword and then left, although Shejun was upset inside, it was better not to lose a lot because of a small loss.

Tang Zichen's heart was happy, he could finally get a flying sword to play with.


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