Dish Best Served Cold 477-480


Chapter 477

It's impossible for any family to keep money dry in the bank.

After all, that interest rate in the bank can't keep up with inflation.

Therefore, the richer they were, the more they invested all their money and converted it into various assets.

The Lin family was naturally no exception.

Taking out a hundred and fifty million dollars in a short period of time was by no means an easy thing to do.

For this one hundred million, they still prepared it days in advance.

"It's all because of that damned Xue family, if it wasn't for their bad deeds, the three hundred million would have been gathered long ago."

Lin Feng cursed under his breath and thought for a moment before slowly saying, "Looks like we can only go out and borrow some."

Yao Baisheng's side needed the money urgently, and Lin Feng had already boasted that he would definitely get the money together tonight.

In this first cooperation, Lin Feng naturally had to show sincerity and couldn't let Master Yao chill out.

Therefore, Lin Feng gave up his face and went out to find someone to borrow the money.

On the other hand, Ye Fan had returned to the Xue family.

At this time, Ye Fan's face was gloomy and he was undoubtedly in an extremely unhappy mood.

Not long after, Xue Ren Yang also returned to the family and immediately found Ye Fan, apologizing and pacifying.

"Dragon Lord, it's all because of Old Slave's poor work and careless friendships, which has caused you to be insulted."

"But Dragon Lord, just now, my Xue family has withdrawn from the three alliances and set up their own business."

"When the time comes, the underground boxing tournament will be held, our Xue family will be sent out alone, so we don't have to be constrained by the Zhao and Lin families anymore."

Xue Renyang kneeled and served again, full of anxiety, explaining bitterly and repeatedly.

Ye Fan was condescending, coldly looking at the old man in front of him, and finally sneered, "Directly withdrawing?"

"And set up your own business, you're quite bold!"

"Get up."

"It's those two Eyeless that have nothing to do with you."

"But since you've withdrawn from the alliance with the other two, it's also a good thing too."

"Don't worry, I'll make you feel glad for today's decision."

"Just come and pick me up when the boxing tournament is held."

"I will naturally fight on behalf of the Xue family!"

Ye Fan's faint voice echoed, and after saying that, he quickly turned around and left as well.

Hearing these words from Ye Fan, Xue Ren Yang's hanging heart only calmed down a little.

It was only then that Xue Ren Yang noticed that his forehead was overflowing with cold sweat.

"Master, do we really have to quit the Long Yang Martial Hall?"

"Withdrawing at such a time, our Xue Family will definitely offend the Zhao and Lin Families to death."

"If Mr. Chu fails to achieve good results at the boxing match, our Xue Family's situation in Yanjing will be even more precarious!"

At some point, Xue Mingxin had walked over.

After learning that Xue Renyang had absolutely quit the Long Yang Martial Arts School and had broken with the Zhao and Lin families, he was undoubtedly worried and advised.

A place like Yanjing was full of crises.

The Xue family was weak, and if they didn't ally and embrace the group, it would be impossible for them to survive the game of forces from all sides.

Previously, the Xue family was aware of this and chose to ally with the Zhao and Lin families to jointly resist the suppression of the Xu family and other Yanjing giants, which was how they were able to completely gain a foothold in Yanjing.

But now that Xue Ren Yang had broken up with Lin Feng and the others, Xue Ming Xin hardly dared to imagine what would happen to the Xue family if they were to lose this underground boxing match.

At that time, not only would the four great families think of scraping and dividing their Xue family, even the two great families, the Zhao family and the Lin family, would definitely fight with swords and completely stand against their Xue family.

Listening to his nephew's words, Xue Ren Yang also sighed, "Mingxin, I know that this is a risky move."

"But rich and dangerous, since this is business, how can it be risk-free."

"Things have come to this, any more worries will be futile."

"Now, the only thing we can do is to choose to trust Mr. Chu!"

Xue Ren Yang's words were low, but his old eyes were filled with perseverance as he watched the direction Ye Fan left.

What Xue Renyang did today was no different from a big gamble.

The moment he withdrew from the Long Yang Martial Arts School and chose to break with the Lin family and the Zhao family, Xue Ren Yang had pinned the life, death and future of the Xue family on Ye Fan alone.

In fact, there was nothing to worry about.

Originally, without Ye Fan, their Xue family wouldn't be here today.

Everything they had was originally due to Ye Fan.

That was why, today, Xue Renyang was righteous and chose to stand on the same front with Ye Fan!

On the night that Ye Fan decided to fight on behalf of the Xue family, the Zhao family and the Lin family released the news.

It was announced that the Xue family, was kicked out of the shareholders of the Longyang Martial Arts Center.

At the same time, suspending all cooperation projects with the Xue family.

It was also stated that after today, any actions of the Xue family would have no connection with the Lin and Zhao families.

Thus, the "Three New Nobles" alliance that had lasted for years in Yanjing was broken.

The city was in uproar after the news spread.

The next day, the Xue family's Long Yang's group saw its share price plummet in panic.The entire market value fell by ten percent, and overnight, the Xue family's assets evaporated by tens of billions of dollars.

More than that, the chain effect caused by this matter continued.

The bank loans that the Xue family had applied for were suspended as a result.

More than a dozen partners had withdrawn their investments, and dozens of projects had been affected, either suspended or cancelled.

Some of the families that were originally close to the Xue family also automatically distanced themselves and left their relations.

For a time, the Xue family in Yanjing was pushed directly to the cusp of the storm, giving people a feeling that it was on the verge of collapse.

All sorts of unwarranted speculation was rife.

Some said that it was the four great giants who were going to take action against the Xue family, and that the Lin and Zhao families had gotten word in advance to draw a line with them.

Others said that the Xue family had provoked a big person, and was about to fall from power.

The three of them became tigers, and under these public opinions, the Xue family was on tenterhooks.

"This Zhao Si and Lin Feng are really shameless."

"The wicked are the first to sue ah."

"Obviously it was our Xue family that took the initiative to withdraw, how did this become us being kicked out when it came to their mouths?"

The Xue family hall, Xue Mingxin and other Xue family executives were filled with anger.

Leaving on their own and being swept away by someone else, that was undoubtedly a world of difference.

In the former, it was their Xue Family that had the temperament and backbone.

In the latter, their Xue family had undoubtedly become a dog of disgrace ah.

"Old Master, say something."

"Are we going to let that Zhao Si and Lin Feng, confuse right and wrong and ruin our Xue Family's reputation?"

"Now that our Long Yang Group's stock market has panicked and plummeted, various partners have suspended their cooperation."

"If this continues, our Xue family is afraid that we will really fall."

In the Xue family hall, everyone looked at the old man, waiting for Xue Rinyang to make a decision.

However, Xue Rinyang waved his hand, signaling everyone to calm down.

"All matters will be discussed after the boxing match is over."



Xu Family Manor, a luxury car slowly drove up and eventually stopped before the Xu Family Hall.

The car door opened, and a middle-aged man, full of authority, stepped down from the car.

After getting out of the car, the middle-aged man then made a phone call.

"Feng Fei, summon all the family executives of the Xu Family to the hall for proceedings."

The low and deep words quietly rang out in the dark night.

A few minutes later, the hall of the Xu Family.

Many people arrived after being summoned.

Even those senior executives of the Xu Family who were out socializing drove back to the family.

"Second brother, you're back."

"Why did you arrive early?"

"Why didn't you say hello earlier so we could pick you up at the airport?"

When Xu Fengfei saw the man in front of him, he then went forward to exchange pleasantries, and his words were somewhat respectful.

The middle-aged man in front of him was naturally the head of the Xu Family, Xu Fengliang, who could make the number two person in the Xu Family, Xu Fengfei, treat him with such courtesy.

"Polite words need not be said."

"Let's all take our seats first."

Xu Fengliang waved his hand, and the entire hall then quieted down.

"Mei Feng, the investigation I asked you to do regarding the details of Ye Fan's family background, can you complete it?"

After taking his seat, Xu Fengliang then got down to business and asked to his own daughter, Xu Meifeng.

Xu Meifeng nodded, "Dad, I've investigated everything."

"Read."Xu Fengliang said in a deep voice.

"Ye Fan, a native of Yunzhou City, Jiangdong Province."

"Born in the countryside, his mother was a farmer."

"Afterwards, he joined the Qiu family and became a door-to-door son-in-law."

"The Qiu family is a third-rate family from Yunzhou City, with total assets of around ten million."

"His wife, Qiu Mu Orange, is currently the president of Mufan Real Estate."

"As for Mufan Real Estate, it was only opened with the help of Xu Lei.It's just a small, unimpressive business."

Xu Meifeng read with a low, slow voice that reverberated throughout the hall.

And after hearing the details of Ye Fan's background, for a moment, the entire Xu Family Hall, booed.

Apparently, they hadn't expected that this Ye Fan, was so unbearable!

He's from the countryside and he's a son-in-law?

"Hey~, family misfortune!"

"It's not good to find anyone, but to find a married man to be the third wife, and the key is a door-to-door son-in-law."

"It's simply a great shame for my Xu family to have such a descendant!"

At this time, in the hall, many people from the Xu family were all doubly angry and only felt humiliated.

Xu Fengfei also had an ugly face, before in the Wolong Hotel, he had heard from the Xue family that Ye Fan was the son-in-law at the door.

But Xu Fengfei didn't dare to be very sure, after all, he knew his niece very well, how could a woman as proud as Xu Lei look at a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law?

But now, the information that Xu Meifeng had found out was the same.

With this mutual confirmation, there was no way Xu Fengfei could not believe it.

"Is there more, is that all?"

While everyone in the Xu family was outraged, Xu Fengliang was expressionless and asked Xu Meifeng again.

Xu Meifeng nodded and said, "Dad, that's all."

"This Ye Fan's background, I've checked almost everything."

"He grew up fatherless, his mother was a farmer, and his grandmother and grandfather were township gentry who had some reputation in the local township, but they were all a bunch of turtles who couldn't make it to the stage."

"As for the Qiu family that Ye Fan joined, in a small place like Yunzhou, it's just a third-rate family, and even less to be feared."

"So this Ye Fan, he's nothing more than a wimp from the countryside."

"I don't know that my sister Xu Lei's strings are on the wrong side, but she really doesn't respect herself enough to look at such goods."

Xu Meifeng laughed coldly, her words were full of ridicule and her heart was even more proud.

Thinking that Ye Fan and the others wouldn't live long, her father returned.

What happened before, her father would naturally give them justice!

However, in the face of Xu Meifeng's words, Xu Fengliang shook his head, "Keep checking for me.This Ye Fan, by no means can it be as simple as it seems on the surface."

"I know Little Lei, with her arrogance, she would never look at a useless person."

"Dad, what else are we checking?"

"I've found out his origin and family background, a hick, just an incompetent superfluous son-in-law, and he'll be a loser if we continue to investigate."

"The most important thing now is to catch that bastard, teach him a lesson, and seek justice for grandfather and mother, ah!"

But Xu Meifeng was anxious.

For Ye Fan, Xu Meifeng undoubtedly hated him to the bone.

She could not wait to capture him right now and cut him into pieces!



"With this kind of insight, you're afraid that you won't be able to compare to your cousin Xiaolei for the rest of your life."However, Xu Fengliang was furious at Xu Meifeng's words.

"Don't you think about it, if that Ye Fan is really as bad as you say, would Little Lei disobey the family for him?"

"And how could the Xue family be so fearful of him that they would go so far as to offend our Xu family?"

"If you are so eager, how will you be able to take charge of the family and achieve great things in the future?"

Xu Fengliang spoke furiously, and under his own father's rebuke, Xu Meifeng became terrified and lowered her head, not daring to speak again.

"One day, I'll give you one more day."

"Tomorrow night, I must get the real information about Ye Fan!"

"I'd like to see, who is this Ye Fan?"

Xu Fengliang's words were low, while he got up and left.

And Xu Meifeng, once again, also sent someone to investigate Ye Fan's identity.

The next day.

In the Xu family hall, the family meeting was once again held.

"Dad, I've found out, I've found out."

At this time, Xu Meifeng Fang ran into the hall in a breeze and excitedly claimed credit to his father.

"Dad, it's just as you expected."

"This Ye Fan, apart from his superficial superfluous son-in-law identity."

"Another identity, is Mr. Jiang Dong Chu!"

"A few months ago, Wu He Rong, the former richest man in Jiangdong, went crazy with revenge to avenge his past shame."

"In the end, it was this Ye Fan, who seized the opportunity to turn the tide, defeated Wu He Rong at the foot of Mount Tai, and became the kingpin of Jiangdong in one fell swoop, making Jiangdong bigwigs worship him as their master."


Listening to Xu Meifeng's words, however, Xu Fengliang's eyebrows were gradually furrowed.

Mr. Chu?

Lord of the East?

That's what he's counting on?

When he thought of this, however, Xu Fengliang shook his head and gave a low smile.

Within that smile, there was undoubtedly more than a little bit of contempt and defiance.

Originally, Xu Fengliang thought that there was some kind of heavenly background behind this Ye Fan.

But now, it seemed that it was nothing more than that.

"Presumably, the Xue family either has a request for this man, or he's caught something on him."

"Otherwise, a District Jiangdong's local snake wouldn't be able to make a new Yanjing noble such as the Xue family bow down."

Xu Fengliang speculated in a deep voice.

"Second brother, then what now?Are you really going to let this Mr. Chu, take Regina away?"

"Xiaolei is our big brother's only daughter."Xu Fengfei asked anxiously.

Xu Fengliang snorted coldly, "Of course not!"

"A little gangster leader who also dares to covet my Xu family descendants, he's worthy?"


"But the boxing match is coming up, that's the main thing."

"As for this Ye Fan, we'll think of a way to deal with him after the boxing match is over."

"Let's let him bounce around for a few days first."

Xu Fengliang said in a deep voice.

But Xu Meifeng was a bit anxious, "Dad, it's not a matter of minutes for our Xu family to deal with such a small person, why do we still have to wait ah?"

"Just send someone to get him today, won't you?"

Xu Meifeng's words, however, made Xu Fengliang a little unhappy.

"As I said, the underground boxing match is the main matter that concerns our Xu Family's great business."

"All the rest of the matters, wait until after the boxing match is over!"

"Otherwise, if you delay the big event, none of you can afford it."

Xu Fengliang snorted coldly, then turned around and left.

Only Xu Meifeng was left standing there, sulking with an ugly face.

"Mei Feng, you have to understand your father, this boxing match is very important to our Xu family."

"Over the years, our Xu family's power has waned, and many markets and industries have been swallowed up by the Xue family and the Lin family."

"These things that belong to us, whether we can get them back or not, it all depends on this boxing match!"

"As for that Ye Fan, he's just a jumping clown, so let him live a few more days first."

Xu Fengfei comforted from the side.

In the end, Xu Meifeng had no choice but to nod her head.

"En, Third Uncle, I understand."

"It's better to focus on the big picture!"

"Just let that punk live a few more days first."

Xu Meifeng lived in a low voice, her eyebrows filled with gloom and coldness.

After Xu Fengliang returned from the family hall, he came to a room alone.

Under the dim light, there was only a rigid figure, standing with his hands in the air, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window just like that.

Deep gaze, through the huge window, looked out at the vastly distant world outside.

"You've come."

Seemingly hearing Xu Fengliang's arrival, the man's deep words quietly rang out.

Xu Fengliang bowed slightly, his eyebrows filled with respect, "Well, Mr. Hua, I've kept you waiting.Something happened at home, I've just gone to take care of it."

"What kind of matter, and you have to deal with it personally, could it be that it's related to the Xue family again?"In front of the floor-to-ceiling window, the man frowned and asked in a deep voice.

Xu Fengliang nodded, "There are indeed some connections with the Xue family.It should be the Xue family again who invited the man to participate in the boxing tournament on their behalf.A few days ago, they came to my Xu family to cause trouble and not only injured my father, they also kidnapped my niece."

"Oh? You invited another one so soon?Looks like the lesson you gave the Xue family last time wasn't enough."

"Can you handle it, do you need me to do it again?"

The man turned his head and looked at Xu Fengliang, asking in a deep voice.

Xu Fengliang shook his head, "It's not necessary.The boxing tournament will be held in a few days, and if the Xue family really lets this man compete on their behalf, it won't be too late for Mr. Hua to deal with him at the tournament."

"Hmm."The man nodded, "That's right.Defeating this man at the boxing match will not only avenge your Xu family, but also disgrace the Xue family."

"According to what you said, I'll make another move to behead him above the fist match!"

"The last time I let that stupid big guy escape, this time, I will never let him escape again."

The man's words were low and morose, but his tone was rampant with killing intent.

After a long silence, Xu Fengliang, however, asked with some concern, "Mr. Hua, I wonder if you are sure about this boxing match?"

"Whether or not our Xu Family can be neutralized again and get back our lost glory can all depend on this boxing match."

"If Mr. Hua is able to win the boxing match, my Xu Family, would like to serve you as the master and follow you for generations to come."

Xu Fengliang was filled with a low heart, and his eyebrows contained determination.

The man, however, shook his head and smiled, "Master Xu, don't worry about the boxing match."

"The purpose of the Third Young Master sending me here this time is to consolidate the forces of Yanjing, so that I can be this King of Yanjing and help the Third Young Master take charge of Yanjing!"

"I would never have answered this errand if I didn't have the confidence."

"You do what you need to do, the rest, just leave it to me."

Hearing the man's words, Xu Fengliang was delighted.

"Haha, so it was Third Young Master who sent the gentleman."

"Third Young Master is very talented, with him planning and making decisions for a thousand miles, great things can be expected!"

Xu Fengliang smiled excitedly.

For the Third Young Master that the man in front of him was talking about, Xu Fengliang had naturally heard about it long ago, like thunder and lightning.

He knew that among the new generation of the Chu family today, the most capable one was undoubtedly the third young master of the Chu family, Chu Qitian.

The Xu family had always been the Chu family's affiliated family in Yanjing, so they knew a bit about the Chu family's affairs.

Just like this Chu Qitian, although he was not the son of the Chu family, he was exceptionally favored by the old man of the Chu family, and at a young age, he was already in charge of the Chu family.

Now, even more so, he had already begun to cultivate his own party and forces within the Chu Family.

"This boxing match, Third Young Master is also paying extra attention to it."

"If I can become the King of Yanjing, I will succeed in helping Third Young Master consolidate all the forces in Yanjing."

"With such merit, Third Young Master will be able to further his position in the family, and may even be granted the "Heaven" generation by the old man exceptionally, changing it to, Chu Tian Qi!"

"Although the Xu family is only an affiliated family of the Chu family, it is also considered an old subordinate of the Chu family, even if the Xu family has not been valued among the Chu family all these years, there are some things that you should be aware of, right?"

"Just like this "Heaven" generation, you should know what exactly it represents in the Chu Family?"

The man smiled arrogantly, and a pair of inexplicable eyes looked at Xu Fengliang in front of him like this.

Xu Fengliang was in awe then, and a pair of eyebrows widened.


"Are you saying that the Third Young Master is going to be given the heavenly character?"



"Then congratulations, Third Young Master!"

Xu Fengliang became excited and his old face trembled.

Of course, he knew what the "Heaven" generation represented in the Chu Family.

In the Chu Family, once the "Heaven" generation was given, it was the same as being crown prince, the next head of the Chu Family.

That was the Chu Clan, one of the most powerful hidden families in the world.The Chu Family Head's power was comparable to that of the president of a country.

Once he became the Chu Family's head, what he would possess would be a position of power and riches that would be invincible.

Xu Fengliang did not expect that the Third Young Master he had climbed up to now would become the next Chu Family Master.

"Work well with Third Young Master."

"As long as you work faithfully under Third Young Master, in the future, when Third Young Master ascends to the Great Treasure, you, Xu Fengliang, will be the founding minister!"

"When the time comes, Third Young Master will definitely not treat you, nor your Xu Family, badly."

"Perhaps, your Xu Family will be able to rank among the Chu Family's eight core families as a result!" 

The man patted Xu Fengliang's shoulder and said slowly.


"Nuclear...Core Family?"

Xu Fengliang could barely stand when he heard this.

His heartbeat had missed half a beat.

Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that their Xu family would have the opportunity to become one of the core families of the Chu Clan.

The Chu Clan was huge, with its affiliated forces spread across the globe.

Of course, these affiliated powers were divided into three or six classes, close and distant.

Like the Xu family, they were almost the most marginal affiliated family, no different from being listed, not enjoying the Chu family's resources at all, and they also had to pay an exorbitant listing fee to the Chu clan every year.

The Core Family was different, its status in the Chu Clan was only second to the Chu Clan's clan power.

Not only did they not have to pay any contribution fees, they also received up to a hundred billion dollars of development funds from the Chu Clan every year.The Chu Family's resources were also supplied on a priority basis.Even if something went wrong, they had the Chu Family's shelter and pockets.

Now that he heard that the Chu family had the chance to be ranked as one of the eight core families, Xu Fengliang was so excited that he went crazy with excitement and thanked them incessantly, almost kneeling on the ground in gratitude.

The man waved his hand, "Master Xu, there's no need to say anything polite.We are all under Third Young Master's command, so just dive into our work."

"Third Young Master will think of the rest of the things for us."

"This boxing match, if everything goes well for us, without any surprises, Third Young Master will come to Yanjing in person."

"It's not too late to say thank you to Third Young Master personally then."


"Third Young Master will be there in person?"

Hearing this, Xu Fengliang became even more excited as his body was once again in awe, "In that case, Mr. Hua, we can't lose this boxing match even more."

"We should welcome Third Young Master's visit with an absolute victory!"

"That's natural."The man smiled proudly.


Soon, Xu Fengliang left from within the room.

At this time, there were only seven days left before the boxing match.

After that night's conversation, Xu Fengliang undoubtedly started preparing for the boxing tournament as if he had been beaten with chicken blood.

He had mobilized almost all his contacts and power to investigate the participants sent by various powers.

At the same time, he had his men summarize them and send them over to Mr. Hua.

After all, only when you know yourself and your enemy can you win a hundred battles.

Seeing that the day of the Yanjing Boxing Competition was getting closer and closer, the major powers in Yanjing were getting nervous.

Some families were buying ginseng and deer antlers and bear paws to nourish their participants.

Those powerful people like martial house owners and national martial masters who were invited by the major powers to participate in the tournament also started warming up and exercising a few days in advance, and even participated in some small boxing tournaments to practice their actual battles.

Throughout Yanjing, there was an air of tension as if a mountain rain was coming.

But in stark contrast to them, Ye Fan these days were leisurely and relaxed.

In the morning, he went out with Xu Lei to have fun, in the afternoon, he had a nice tea in the long pavilion, and in the evening, he went to the movies with Xu Lei.

Of course, Ye Fan didn't forget to call his wife to report her safety.

Ye Fan's little life is undoubtedly exceptionally enviable.

And during this time, under Ye Fan's company, Xu Lei also swept away all the gloom and heaviness in her heart, every day smiling like a little sparrow in June.

There is no hint of the majesty and coolness of the Jiangdong goddess and group president, there is only the lively and beautiful of a young woman.

If Lin Wenjing had seen Xu Lei like this, she would have been very surprised.

Because, she had followed Xu Lei for nearly ten years, and she had never seen Xu Lei as happy and joyful as she was today.

As the saying goes, some people are hard and some are sad.

Looking at the man and woman who were almost passionately in love, the Xue family's crowd, however, was exceptionally worried and sorrowful.

"Brother Mingxin, is it really reliable to entrust the future of the Xue family to him?"

At this time, someone worriedly asked Xue Mingxin, who was on the side.

Xue Mingxin's heart was also drumming, and after a long time, he sighed, "What can we do if we don't rely on it?"

"Who can persuade the old man of the decision of things."

"Right now, all we can do is break the jar."

Xue Mingxin was opposed to having Ye Fan represent the Xue family in the underground boxing tournament from the start.

Not only him, but the entire Xue family was almost skeptical of Ye Fan.

After all, Ye Fan was too young!

Even if she had been practicing martial arts since her mother was alone, how many years could she have practiced it until now.

Although Xue Mingxin had never studied martial arts, he knew that such a thing as martial arts was greatly related to the length of time one had been practicing it.

As far as he knew, which of Huaxia's famous national martial artists wasn't past middle age?

Ye Fan was only in his early twenties, so even if he was talented, how powerful could he be?How can you compete with those old guys who have been practicing martial arts for decades?

However, even if Xue Mingxin and the others opposed it, the old man was forceful and determined, and no one in the Xue family could stop him.

Now Xue Mingxin and the others had no choice but to break the jar and expect a miracle to happen.

"Quickly, send this ginseng over first."

"The boxing match will start tomorrow."

"Tell Mr. Chu to make up for it quickly."Xue Mingxin commanded at this time.

The subordinates, however, were bitter, "Ah, still sending it?It's a waste to send him and not eat him."

"What nonsense, just let you go!"

"We've done everything we need to do, whether we eat or not is his business."

"When the time comes, even if this Mr. Chu really loses, the pot won't be dumped on our heads."

"Do you understand?"Xue Mingxin scolded.

It dawned on his subordinates, "Haha, it's still Brother Mingxin who is considerate."



While the Xue family was worrying about tomorrow's boxing match.

By the shore of Bi Bo Lake, Lin Feng and Zhao Si were however drinking and talking.


"Mr. Lin, it's still you who's resourceful."

"Last time we had the upper hand and released the news early."

"Today, the Xue family's share price has fallen by nearly 30%, evaporating tens of billions of dollars."

"Today, the Xue family, it already looks like it's dead."

"It's not far from extinction."

Zhao Si laughed.

Lin Feng also looked proud, "That old thing Xue Renyang can't blame us if he doesn't know what's good for him."

"A mere rich man with no roots and no heritage, and he turned against us to set up his own business?"

"I'll see how it plays out in the future."

"Just wait, this Yanjing boxing match will be the last straw that will crush the camel!"

"After the boxing match, there will be no more Xue family in this Yanjing!"

Lin Feng said with a sneer and raised his glass to drink.

In Lin Feng's and their opinion, the Xue family was now, undoubtedly, in trouble on all sides.

They had offended the Xu family before, and now they had offended their Zhao and Lin families.

With all the rebellions, how long could this Xue family hold on?


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