Dish Best Served Cold 471-476


Chapter 471

"The loser, apart from bowing down and apologizing, will also mostly give up some of its industries or withdraw from a market fight somewhere."

In the room, Xue Ren Yang said to Ye Fan in a deep voice.

Now with the development of the times, some things, even though their forms have changed, their essence still remains the same.

As the saying goes, where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.

Today was a society governed by the rule of law, although most disputes could be resolved entirely by law.

However, this route is too inefficient and the various legal proceedings are cumbersome.

For these business giants, often times, they do not have so much time to waste.

They need a more efficient and simpler way to resolve their disputes!

The underground boxing tournament was born.

Many grudges between the various forces would also be settled in the boxing matches.

In this society, whoever has the biggest fist is the one who possesses the most resources.

Although underground boxing matches were simple and crude, they were undoubtedly an effective way to resolve conflicts and disputes.

This was also why, every big and respectable power in Yanjing would run a martial arts school under their banner.

On the surface, they earned some tuition fees by recruiting students to strengthen their bodies, but at the same time, they were also preparing for the Yanjing Boxing Tournament.

Just like the Xue family's Long Yang Martial Arts Center, the reason why the Xue family had developed smoothly over the years, part of the credit belonged to the martial arts center helping them earn it.

When Ye Fan heard this, it dawned on him as well.


"Then it seems like this, this underground boxing tournament is going to be lively."

"If my prediction is right, the people who targeted the Xue family and seriously injured them during this time will definitely reveal their true faces at this boxing tournament."


When Xue Ren Yang heard this, he was shocked.

"Lord Dragon means that the other party will use this underground boxing tournament to make a move against my Xue family?"

However, listening to Xue Ren Yang's words, Ye Fan smiled and shook his head.

"Not knowing the true face of Mount Lushan, it's only because I'm in the mountain."

"Long Yang, your horizons are still too small after all."

"As far as I know, during this period of time, this Yanjing land is not just your Xue family, which is facing internal and external difficulties."

"The other families, more or less, have also encountered various kinds of suppression."

"The other party is building momentum!"

"On top of building momentum for the boxing tournament, integrating the major powerhouses of Yanjing."

"This is someone, who wants to be the king of this Yanjing ah."

Ye Fan laughed coldly, but in his deep brows and eyes, there was an inexplicable light, no one knew, what was Ye Fan, thinking about at this time?

But when Xue Ren Yang heard Ye Fan's words, his face changed greatly.

Because of the horror, a pair of old eyes were staring at him.

It only felt abnormally creepy!

"This.... this isn't, is it?"

"Who in this land of Yanjing has the energy and courage to want to integrate the thousands of forces in Yanjing?"

"Even the four great giants, all of them check and balance each other, and their forces are not that far apart, none of them have enough prestige and energy to unify the major powers of Yanjing."

Xue Ren Yang shook his head repeatedly, only feeling that Ye Fan's words were so unbelievable that Xue Ren Yang simply found it hard to believe.

Ye Fan took a cup of tea and took a sip before continuing, "Long Yang, how else to say that your horizons are too small."

"You see things and are only limited to the square inch in front of you."

"Is it possible that, in your eyes, there are no stronger forces other than the four great Yanjing giants?"

"Other than the Xu family, the Xu family, are there no stronger families?"

Ye Fan's words, as if muffled thunder fell, Xue Ren Yang once again trembled, only to have his old eyes, as if he had been enlightened, widen, "What the Dragon Lord means is..."

"Yes, behind all of this, I'm afraid that there is only a stronger force from outside Yanjing."Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

Ye Fan's words were by no means empty.

Copper Mountain had followed Ye Fan for many years, and his strength was clear to Ye Fan.

In the entire Yanjing, there weren't many people who could hurt Copper Mountain.And naturally, there were even fewer who could take Copper Mountain's life.

And there was even less one who could use that exquisite blade technique!

Therefore, Ye Fan guessed at that time that there was a fear that there were other forces behind this Yanjing.

But there wasn't much point in telling these things to Xue Renyang.

"If you still don't believe it? just ask properly, how are the other forces in Yanjing doing lately?"

"Is it also just like your Xue family, which is also in trouble."

"Also, on behalf of your Long Yang Martial Arts Center, have you decided on the person who will go to the underground boxing tournament?"

Ye Fan returned in a deep voice.

Xue Renyang was bitter: "Dragon Lord, before, my intention was originally to let Mr. Copper Mountain fight on his behalf."

"But as you know, Mr. Copper Mountain was suddenly attacked and his life is in danger, and now he even fled Yanjing long ago, so during this period of time, our Long Yang Martial School is also looking for someone, but there are a few..."

"There's no need to look for them, I'll go."Before Xue Renyang could finish his words, he was already interrupted by Ye Fan.

"What?You're going to play in person, Dragon Lord?"When Xue Ren Yang heard this, he was shocked, while shaking his head repeatedly, "No, no, no, Dragon Lord, you have an honorable status, how can I, Xue Ren Yang, let the Dragon Lord risk his life for my Xue family?"

"If anything happens to you, my Xue family will be unable to repay even if I die, much less be able to explain to Han."

Xue Renyang said in fear, but didn't dare to use Ye Fan at all.

However, Ye Fan's mind was made up, and after picking up the tea in front of him and drinking it down, he immediately got up and left.

As he walked, he even said, "My mind is made up, let's do this matter."

"As for my safety, you need not worry about it."

"In the entire land of Yanjing, the only one who can enter my eyes is the War God of the army, Lin Qingtian."

"As for the others, they don't even have the qualifications to enter my eyes, so how can they talk about hurting me?"

Ye Fan laughed lightly.

That faint laugh, but what pride and confidence was contained within it.

As if it was that king who stood above the world, the majesty was so majestic that it was reverberating!

After saying that, Ye Fan immediately left.

All that was left to Xue Ren Yang was that lean and majestic back.

After a long silence, Xue Ren Yang finally sighed, his heart fluttering, and it was difficult to calm down for a long time.

He didn't expect that Ye Fan would choose to appear in person.

It would undoubtedly be a lie for Xue Ren Yang to say that he wasn't worried.

After all, if Xue Renyang was a feudal official, then Ye Fan would be the Lord of Ten Thousand Ministers and King of All Generals.

Now that Ye Fan was fighting in person, what was the difference between that and an imperial expedition?

If something went wrong, Xue Ren Yang undoubtedly couldn't afford the consequences.

But if Ye Fan insisted, Xue Ren Yang was afraid that he would really have to do as he wished.


"Little Lord, are you seriously going to fight in person?"

In the middle of the phone, there was a worried voice from Old Han.

Apparently, after learning that Ye Fan was going to personally attend and participate in that underground boxing tournament, Old Han was undoubtedly a bit surprised and worried.He couldn't help but ask again.

"Or else what?"

"Other than me, who else do you think can fight for the Xue family?"

"What's more, I must avenge Copper Mountain's death."

Ye Fan's cold voice quietly sounded.

Han Lao knew that he couldn't be persuaded and finally had to nod his head, "Alright, since the young master has already decided, the old slave won't be persuaded anymore."

"I just hope that the young lord, be careful with everything."

"This time, since the other party is coming for the integration of Yanjing's forces, then the one sent here is bound to be a strong party."

"And, most likely, it's a martial daoist."

As Ye Fan listened, the corners of his mouth curled up and he smiled proudly, "So what?"

"Whoever touches me, Chu Tian Fan, I will make him pay a painful price!"

Ye Fan smiled coldly, but there was an endless chill raging in his deep brows and eyes.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Fan also returned to his room.

The night was already late.

When Ye Fan went in, he found Xu Lei was already asleep.

Seems to be just out of the bath, that pretty beauty, wearing a light nightgown, like a sleeping beauty, just like that lying on the sofa.

Her breath was calm, and her slender eyelashes were moving slightly.

It looked as if she was already asleep.

"This silly girl, why did she fall asleep on the sofa?"

When Ye Fan saw this, he shook his head and smiled helplessly.

And then, he walked over to Xu Lei and gently picked her up, carefully carrying her to the bed.

"Brother Xiaofan, for...Why did you...You're married~"

"You said...You said that you wanted...To let Lei'er, be your bride..."

Just as Ye Fan turned around, a pair of warm, jade-like hands, however, suddenly pulled Ye Fan.

Ye Fan turned his head, only to see the beautiful woman in front of him with her eyebrows still closed, as if she was dreaming, her beautiful eyes slightly wrinkled, speaking in vague ramblings.

Against the dim light, Ye Fan vaguely saw the glistening tears at the corners of Xu Lei's eyes.

At that moment, Ye Fan only felt as if something in his heart had cracked open and sour water had flowed out.

If it wasn't for the separation back then, perhaps Ye Fan's bride would really be Xu Lei.

But fate, after all, had made them wrong.

"Little Lei, perhaps I can't give you the promise of a lifetime."

"But brother Xiaofan promises that he will protect you for a lifetime of peace and happiness."

In his heart, Ye Fan secretly whispered.

And then, he stopped disturbing Xu Lei's rest and turned around to leave.

At this time, Ye Fan realized that the house he was living in was similar to a bachelor apartment.

Thus, the entire room was only the double bed in front of it.

It seemed that when Xue Renyang was arranging the room for them before He was really treating Xu Lei as Ye Fan's woman.

"This old thing is restless, isn't this a clear way for me to make a mistake?"

Ye Fan cursed under his breath, and then had no choice but to go to sleep on the sofa.

After all, Xu Lei is not Ye Fan's wife, of course he can't go to sleep in the same bed with Xu Lei.

Not to mention ruining someone's Xu Lei's clear name, he couldn't account for his own wife's side alone.

The night passed quickly.

The next day, Xue Ren Yang found Ye Fan and asked about the underground boxing match once again.

"Dragon Lord, the matter of the underground boxing tournament, are you seriously going to fight personally?"Xue Ren Yang asked in a deep voice.

Ye Fan frowned, "What, you don't believe me?"

"No, no, no, Dragon Lord, how could I not trust you, I'm just worried about your safety."

"However, since the Dragon Lord has already decided, come with me to the Lin family."

"I am just in time to also introduce the Dragon Lord, to Zhao Laoshi and Lin Feng and the others."Xue Ren Yang said in a deep voice.

Ye Fan, however, was a bit confused, "Is it possible that this matter still needs to be decided by others?"

"Dragon Lord, we'll talk about this on the way."

A black Land Rover then drove out of the Xue family and headed towards the Lin family villa.

On the way, Xue Ren Yang then gave another detailed description of the underground boxing tournament.

It turned out that for this underground boxing tournament, each martial arts school could only send one person to participate.

And although the Long Yang Martial Arts Center was founded by the Xue family, but later on, due to some reasons, the Zhao family and the Lin family also participated in the capital injection.

Therefore, today, the actual control of the Long Yang Martial Arts Center is in the hands of the Xue, Zhao, and Lin Families.

Therefore, it really wasn't up to Xue Renyang alone to decide who to let fight.

"At first, the four great Yanjing giants saw our three families gaining momentum too quickly, so all parties tried their best to suppress us, the Xue and Zhao families."

"Almost every year in the underground boxing tournament, our Xue Family was exploited by the four giants."

"At that time, the Xue Family was not yet plentiful, but it was difficult for our family to compete against those four giants' families.As a last resort, my Xue Family made an alliance with the Zhao and Lin Families."

"It was only then that we were barely able to resist the suppression of the Xu family and other giants."

"The name "Three New Noblemen" of Yanjing is also derived from this."

"And the Long Yang Martial Arts Center is the product of the alliance between our three families."

Inside the car, Xue Renyang slowly explained to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan nodded, "When weak, allying with others is indeed an excellent choice."

"You've made a good move."

Between the words, the car that Ye Fan and the others were riding in had arrived before a manor.

"Dragon Lord, it has arrived."

"This is the Lin family's manor."

"The Lin family is a medical family, and the old man of the Lin family is even a superb doctor."

"Back then, when I suddenly fell seriously ill, if it wasn't for the Lin family's old man who saved me at a critical moment, I'm afraid that I, Xue Ren Yang, would have already returned to the afterlife with my soul."

As Xue Ren Yang talked about old stories, he brought Ye Fan into the manor.

In the manor, the environment was quite secluded, and an artificial lake had even been built in the courtyard.

On the lake, waves of blue water rippled and koi swam.

In the middle of the lake, there was an elegant pavilion located in the heart of the lake.

If you look carefully, you will definitely see a few people sitting quietly in the pavilion, sipping tea and enjoying the scenery.

It was a completely pleasant and leisurely scene.

However, to be able to be so pleasant and leisurely in this inch of Yanjing City, I'm afraid that there was no one else but the heads of those magnificent families.

"Old Xue, have you arrived already?"

"Come to Lake Pebble."

"I'll send someone to pick you up."

A middle-aged man's deep laughter came from the phone.

Soon, this butler of the Lin family walked along the promenade on the lake and to the shore.

Upon seeing Xue Ren Yang, he paid a respectful bow, "Old Xue, this way please."


Xue Renyang nodded his head.

Then, the two of them, Ye Fan, also walked along that promenade on the lake, towards the long pavilion above the heart of the lake.


Lin's Manor.

Lakshin Pavilion.

"Mr. Lin, did you hear about what happened yesterday?"

"It's said that a hairy kid from Jiangdong broke the legs of Xue Renyang's second son."

"As a result, this old thing not only didn't pursue the matter, but even kneeled down to that man without saying a word.""Even, in order to make amends to that hairy brat, he shot and crippled one of his own eldest son's legs again."

At this time, the one who spoke was a lean man, dressed in a decent suit, with a bit of respect in his tone.

Yes, this man was the head of the Yanjing Zhao family, Zhao Hongfei.

However, because of the reason that he was the fourth oldest in the family, those who knew him well, called him Zhao Si.

And the one sitting in front of him was the head of the Lin family, Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was dressed rather casually this time, with a white casual suit and a national face, looking at him from afar, giving him a feeling of not being angry.

At this time, after hearing Zhao Si's words, but Lin Feng was slightly shocked, "Oh, there's still this?"

"Xue Renyang is a man who wants face, let him kneel down and worship, does the other party have a big background?"

"Could it be the people from those hidden families."

As the saying goes, only when you stand tall can you see far.

Standing in Lin Feng's position, he was naturally able to get in touch with many things that normal people couldn't.

It was only after he became the head of the Lin family that Lin Feng realized that in this world, the truly powerful ones were often those hidden families that were not known to the common man.

"Heh, what kind of bullshit hidden family."

"My nephew, Wuji, already told me that that kid is just a gangster leader."

"Fawned over by a few small cities in Jiangdong."

"I don't know what's wrong with that old thing Xue Renyang's brain, but he's kneeling down to apologize to such a small person?"

Zhao Si smiled faintly, his words carrying a few sneers and ridicule.

Zhao Si had never been much of a fan of the Xue family.

After all, in the past, the Xue family was just a third-rate small family, while the Zhao family had always been a top-ranking power in Yanjing, the Xue family had risen to power over the years and had stepped on the Zhao family.

If it wasn't for the Lin family's advice back then, the Zhao family wouldn't have been able to make an alliance with the Xue family and other profiteers.

But when he heard this, Lin Feng shook his head and guessed, "I guess the Xue family has been caught in some sort of trap?"

"Alright, let's not talk about that, just don't delay our important matter."

"Recently, my Lin family's industry has been targeted and has suffered many losses.Whether or not we can make up for those losses can all depend on the underground boxing match in ten days."

After Lin Feng spoke, Zhao Si didn't mention yesterday's incident again.

Among the three new noblemen of Yanjing, although the Xue family was nominally the leader, the Zhao family clearly respected the Lin family more.

After all, in terms of heritage, the Xue family was far too inferior.

The Lin family was an old family in Yanjing, and Lin Feng's father was even a famous miracle doctor in Yanjing.Therefore, many people thought of sucking up to the Lin family, and even the four great families didn't dare to offend the Lin family too much.

After all, one day, they might be able to court someone's house.

"Old Xue, you've arrived."

"Quickly enter your seat, Mr. Lin's tea has been brewing for you for a while."

At this time, Xue Renyang and Ye Fan, however, had already arrived at the lakeside pavilion.

Lin Feng was sitting peacefully, but Zhao Si got up to greet them, his face smiling as he greeted Xue Rinyang and took his seat.

However, what made Zhao Si a little unhappy was that Xue Ren Yang hadn't yet taken his seat, but at the moment a young bodyguard following him had already sat down.

"Where is this bastard from?"

"Does this have a seat for you?"

"Eyeless thing, don't even look at what status you have!"

"Why don't you get out of here?"

Seeing that the seat he just had was taken by a lowly bodyguard, Zhao Si was furious and his words were cold as hell.

That feeling was as if the master's seat had been defiled by a slave.

If it wasn't for giving face to Xue Ren Yang, Zhao Si would have kicked up and kicked this ungrateful thing into the lake.

"Shut up!"

"How do you talk?"

"How can you be so rude, Zhao laoshi, apologize to Mr. Chu!"

At that time, Xue Renyang was nearly scared to death, he didn't expect that this Zhao Laoshi would insult Ye Fan as soon as he came up.His old face was gloomy and he was facing Zhao Laoshi.

Zhao Laoshi's look immediately went cold: "Xue Renyang, what do you mean?"

"Could it be that I, Zhao Feihong, am not even as good as a bodyguard in your eyes?"

"Let me, the head of the Zhao family, apologize to one of your humble and despicable men?"

"You're really quite a powerhouse,"

Zhao Laoshi suppressed his anger.

Lin Feng at the side also looked a little unhappy.

Apparently, it was also felt that Xue Ren Yang had gone a bit too far.

"Who said he's a bodyguard."

"He's a guest I invited, whether we can achieve good results in this boxing match or not, but it's all in this man's hands."

Xue Ren Yang explained in a calm voice.

But Zhao Si and Lin Feng were shocked.

"What did you say?"

"Just him?"

"To fight on behalf of our Long Yang Martial Hall?"

"Old Xue, but this joke isn't funny at all."

"With his bones, I'm afraid he'll be slapped apart with a single punch."

When Zhao Si heard this, his anger dissipated a bit, then he laughed, as if he had heard a joke.

It only felt like this Xue Ren Yang was really old and confused, even if he couldn't find anyone, there was no need to use this kind of goods to put them off.

Lin Feng looked at Ye Fan, then shook his head as well and said in a deep voice, "Old Xue, I know that you've also been worried about the boxing match these days."

"But the boxing tournament is important, even if we don't have a good candidate, we can't be sick and desperate, right?"

When Xue Ren Yang heard this, he became a bit anxious, "I'm not joking for you guys.Mr. Chu is both wise and brave, at the time of the Jiangdong Taishan Martial Arts Association, Mr. Chu was even able to save the world by himself, topping the group and defeating the Bloody Wolf King Wu He Rong in a single move."

"So capable, if you can fight on behalf of our Long Yang Martial Hall, you will definitely achieve good results."

Ye Fan's true identity, Xue Renyang naturally wouldn't say.

Thus, he could only use Jiangdong's achievements to convince Lin Feng and the two of them.

"Mr. Chu?"

Zhao Si raised his eyebrows, then asked, "This Mr. Chu, could it be that turncoat leader who made a big mess of the Xu family before and made your Xue family kneel down and beg for mercy?"

"Zhao Si, watch your language, Mr. Chu is the Lord of Jiangdong, and countless big shots in Jiangdong all worship him, how can you call yourself a turncoat leader?"Xue Renyang was a little unhappy, and blandly returned.

Ye Fan was the person he recommended no matter what, but Zhao Si spoke in such a way, that hit his Xue Ren Yang's face without a doubt.

Zhao Si sneered, "Isn't it the same?Jiangdong big brother, to put it nicely, is not just some turtle compared to our Yanjing nobles."

"You..."Xue Renyang became so angry that his old face turned red and he was about to attack again.

Zhao Si, however, continued, "Alright, Old Xue, we don't know what leverage you have in the hands of a hairy brat, but the matter of the boxing match is not a matter for your family, so it's not up to you to do whatever you want."

"So this so-called Mr. Chu, you should take it back wherever you got it from."

"It's not that we don't trust you, mainly you recommended that stupid big man called Copper Mountain last time, he looked quite strong, but it turned out to be a flower frame, he was cut dozens of times, scared like a dog and just fled."

"As it turns out, your old man's vision is still outdated, net picking some losers."



When Zhao Si's words fell, Xue Ren Yang became furious and clapped his hands on the case.

His old face was livid, and he glared angrily at Zhao Si in front of him, "Zhao Si, you dare to insult me?"

"How dare you?"

"Who are you, you're the old man of the Xue family."

"Highly respected, older than my father."

"You mustn't be angry with me, if I get mad at you, your two sons won't be able to find my Zhao family to fight for their lives?"

Zhao Si laughed coldly, full of ridicule.

He was already displeased with Xue Renyang, and this old thing was leaning on him all day long, not giving him any face, so of course Zhao Si wouldn't be respectful to her either.

Seeing that Zhao Si and Xue Renyang were about to quarrel, but Lin Feng frowned, "Enough!"

"Zhao Si, your words are a bit too much."

"After all, Old Man Xue is an elder, even if he did something wrong, he can't allow you to offend."

"Still not apologizing to Old Man Xue?"

"Mr. Lin, it's this old Dong..."

Zhao Si was about to say something else, but then he was interrupted by Lin Feng, "Lao Si, apologize!"

Seeing that Lin Feng was also a bit unhappy, Zhao Si had no choice: "Fine, I apologize!"

Even though he was somewhat reluctant, Zhao Si eventually gave in and apologized to Xue.

"Alright, let's forget about what happened just now."

"Since Mr. Chu is a guest invited by Old Xue, let's give him a seat here as a favor to you, Old Xue."

"But the matter of the boxing match, we already have someone in mind."

"Calling Elder Xue over today is to discuss this matter."

Lin Feng said as he had some information sent over to Xue Ren Yang.

"This person we invited is a Chinese expert from Southeast Asia called Yao Baisheng!"

"The collector of the Ultimate True Martial Dao."

"The contemporary master of martial arts."

"An absolute master among masters!"

"I've seen videos of him in action, able to step on stones and destroy jade, never a flasher like that Copper Mountain before."

"However, his appearance fee is a bit high, it's 300 million."

"But every penny counts, Master Yao is a rare contemporary martial arts master.Three hundred million to hire him, no loss!"

"He is expected to arrive in Yanjing today, by then Xue Lao will personally see what Master Yao can do."

"As for the three hundred million, according to the rules, we three families will each contribute one hundred million, so we'll raise it tonight, all right?"

Lin Feng said indifferently, the tone of his voice didn't seem like a discussion, but rather like he was announcing a decision.

After all, for this matter of boxing match candidates, the Xue family had previously done a poor job and found a loser to come out.

Before the boxing match was even held, he was hacked to death.

It was because of this matter that both Lin Feng and Zhao Si were undoubtedly a bit dissatisfied with the Xue family.

Therefore, they hadn't discussed this matter of inviting Yao Baisheng to fight with the Xue family before.

Now that they had to raise money, the party called the Xue family over to pay for it.

"I'm fine with that!"Zhao Si responded immediately.

But Xue Ren Yang's face was clearly a bit ugly: "Mr. Lin, Mr. Chu she..."

"Old Xue, don't worry about that.Mr. Chu is here, we can't let people come for nothing can we.How about this, we'll give Mr. Chu 300,000 as an appearance fee.When the time comes, for the underground boxing match, Mr. Chu will go along as a replacement.Even if he can't make an appearance, he can still follow and see the world, so it's not a bad trip."

"Old Xue, what do you think?"

Lin Feng was smiling as if he had given Xue Renyang a lot of face.

After all, if it wasn't for Xue Renyang's face, Lin Feng and the others, would probably have driven Ye Fan away long ago.

A hairy brat, or a turtle from a third-tier small town, Lin Feng and the others hadn't cared from the start.

They didn't even look at it with a straight face.


"Getting three hundred thousand for nothing, Mr. Chu, you're making this easy money."Zhao Si at the side was also smiling, as if he had given Ye Fan a great favor.

But when he heard this, Ye Fan, who had been silent, laughed.

The laughter was sarcastic and chilling, and it was extremely unpleasant to hear from Lin Feng and the others.



"We gave you three hundred thousand dollars for nothing and you're still not happy about it?"Zhao Si toned coldly.

"Three hundred thousand?"

"Mr. Lin, you're really big!"

"But unfortunately, I, Ye Fan, am a humble man, and I can't afford this huge sum of money of yours."


Ye Fan sneered while rising openly and flicking his sleeves in anger.

Hire Yao Baisheng for three hundred million while he would be three hundred thousand.

What is this?

Where's the bum?

This is definitely humiliating!

It was to Ye Fan, a naked humiliation and contempt!

Since that was the case, why did Ye Fan need to stay?

You're just being hot-faced?

I'm sorry, I'm not such a bitch!

"Mr. Chu, don't leave."

"This is a misunderstanding, listen to my explanation."

Seeing Ye Fan angrily leaving the table, Xue Ren Yang's old face paled, and he quickly got up in fear and went forward to stop him.

Lin Feng saw that Ye Fan was somewhat bloodthirsty, he lightly took a sip of tea, and then looked up at the young man who was held back by Xue Renyang in front of him and said indifferently, "Mr. Chu, we don't mean to look down on you."

"It's just that no one's money comes from a gale."

"It's not impossible for us to take three hundred million to hire you."

"But you, you'd have to prove like us that you have what it takes to be worth three hundred million."

"Tell you what, if you think three hundred thousand is too little, you can play a couple of tricks in front of us and let us see how much you're worth."

Lin Feng said slowly, that high and mighty tone, but it was full of arrogance.

Ye Fan paused, he turned his back to Lin Feng and the others and smiled coldly.

"A bunch of people with eyes and no pearls, let me prove it to you?"

"What do you think, do you deserve it?"

Ye Fan laughed coldly, and the energetic words were filled with endless coldness and majesty.

"The underground boxing tournament, I will participate in it myself."

"However, it has nothing more to do with your Long Yang Martial Hall!"


The low words were only like muffled thunderbolts.

In a split second, a violent wind swept across.

The surface of the real Aqua Lake was suddenly rippling with three thousand waves.At that moment, Lin Feng and Zhao Si and the others felt terrified.

For some reason, they only felt that what was standing in front of them right now was not a thin man, but a towering mountain.

It took a long time for Lin Feng and the others to slow down.

"Mr. Chu, don't go, listen to my explanation..."

At this time, Ye Fan was already far away, and Xue Ren Yang was still going to chase after him.But Zhao Si was the one who held him back.

"Mr. Xue, don't stop him, let him go!"

"Just a bratty punk, 300,000 is still not enough?"

"What a face for him!"

"If it weren't for your face, thirty cents would be too much for me to hire him."

"He's not big, but he's got a lot of backbone."

"And you dare to scold us for having eyes without pearls?"

"It's just a fool who doesn't know what he's doing!"

"We can't get used to such arrogant little children!"

"We're not his father."

"And with that bear bag look, he's in a boxing match?"

"It's fine to participate, let Master Yao kill him with a single punch then, it will be revenge for your son, Old Xue!"

Zhao Si cursed coldly, Ye Fan's offense to them just now, undoubtedly made Zhao Si and the others extremely unhappy as well.


"I'll fuck it up!"

Hearing Zhao Si's words, Old Master Xue was like a baton to the head, and his entire body was befuddled at the time.

In a fit of rage, he directly kicked out.


Zhao Si was then kicked over by Master Xue and rolled over again, like a dog several times.


"You dare to offend even the Dragon Lord?"

"Don't hurt me if you want to die!"

Xue Ren Yang's eyes were red and his old face was so red with anger that he was close to Jairus.

Gritting his teeth, he roared and roared at Zhao Si and the others.

Originally, Ye Fan was well-intentioned and kind enough to stand up for them, but Xue Ren Yang never expected that Zhao Si and Lin Feng and the others would not only not thank people, but also humiliate Ye Fan, and now even more so, they would just run away from Ye Fan.

Originally, because of his own son's matter, Xue Ren Yang felt very sorry for Ye Fan.

Now, Ye Fan had because of their Xue family's matter, insulted by Zhao Si Lin Feng and others, Xue Ren Yang was undoubtedly angry and furious.

"Xue Renyang, you dare to hit the hand?"

"Don't give me shame, you old, old thing!"

"Do you really consider your Xue family to be the head of the three new nobles?"

"When our Zhao family was rampaging through Yanjing, your Xue family was still a third-rate family of no consequence."

"Looking at your age before, Fang gave you face.Don't you dare stomp your nose into my face!"

Zhao Si also didn't expect that Xue Ren Yang would dare to hit him with the old thing, and got up from the ground also cursed angrily.

Lin Feng at the side was even more gloomy as he looked at Xue Ren Yang and coldly shouted, "Xue Ren Yang, don't be ungrateful!"

"The success or failure of the underground boxing tournament is related to our three powerful industries."

"How can you be allowed to do whatever you want here?"

"Did you forget about that loser you hired last time called Copper Mountain?And now you find a loser?"

"We haven't blamed you yet, but you started the temper tantrum first?"

"Is it fun to lean on the old man?"

Lin Feng's words were cold, and his gaze towards Xue Ren Yang was also filled with displeasure.

And after Xue Ren Yang heard it, he laughed.

"I'm ungrateful?"

"I did what I wanted?"

"Well, in that case, my Xue Family withdraws."

"After today, my Xue Family withdraws from the Three Family Alliance and no longer invests in the Long Yang Martial Arts School."

"From now on, my Xue Family and your two families will sever their robes and have no more to do with each other!"

"You take your Yang Guan Road and I'll cross my wooden bridge."

"Old and dead, no contact!"

Xue Ren Yang raged, because of his anger, his old face was livid, and Jairus was in a fury.The low indignant voice, even more so, echoed unceasingly throughout the entire Bi Bo Lake.

"You two fools who don't know how to live."

"One day, you will know who it is that you have forced away today."

"Sooner or later, you will know better, and what kind of person you have offended today."

The sound of mortification could not stop exploding.

In the midst of his furious words, Xue Renyang brushed his sleeves and left, leaving behind a silence.

Soon, Xue Renyang took a car and drove out of the Lin Family Manor.

On his way out, Xue Renyang didn't even stop the car, he just let the driver crash open the gate of the Lin Manor and left with a bang.

But after Xue Renyang left, Lin Feng and Zhao Si were flabbergasted, looking at the direction Xue Renyang had left, and hadn't returned to their senses for a long time.

"The Xue family, just...Just retreat like that?"

Lin Feng and the two of them were livid and looked at each other.

They didn't expect that Xue Ren Yang would turn the tables with them.

Just because of a turtle from a third tier city in Jiangdong?

"It's too much of a fuss, isn't it?"

"Could it be that that brat just now, is he really a remarkable and powerful person?"

Zhao Si's old face twitched and lost his voice.

Lin Feng's face was also extremely ugly.

Obviously, he hadn't expected that because of this small matter, Xue Ren Yang would cut his robe with them, withdraw his capital and shares, and quit the Long Yang Martial Arts Center to set up his own business?

"Well, this old thing really doesn't know what to do!"

"It's good to retire."

"This old fella is just a drag and a burden if he stays."

"Moreover, without the support of our two families, I'll see how the Xue family will still play in Yanjing in the future."

"Within a few years, that Long Yang Group of theirs will go bankrupt and close down sooner or later!"

Lin Feng said coldly with a gloomy old face.

An old thing was giving them a face dump?

He's really giving him face!

Do you really think the Xue family can't survive without them?

"This time at the underground boxing match, let's teach that old thing a lesson."

Lin Feng's face was grim.

Zhao Si was also livid and kept cursing.

At this time, the men suddenly came, "Master, Master Yao has arrived."


"Are we there already?"

Hearing that the people they had been waiting for days had finally arrived.

Zhao Si and Lin Feng were then shocked, they got up in a hurry, excited to, "Quick, take us out to meet him."

Three hundred million invited martial arts masters, the success or failure of this underground boxing tournament all depended on this person, so Lin Feng and his two naturally didn't dare to slack off and personally got up, ready to go out to greet them.

However, who would have thought that at this moment, a muffled sound suddenly sounded from the shore of Lake Jasper.

"Lin Dong, there's no need to come and greet them."

"I, Yao Someone, am coming over here."

That voice was like muffled thunder, full of middle energy.

With one drink, it resounded throughout the entire Lin Family Manor.

All the ripples on the Bi Bo Lake were rippling.

"This...This is?"

Hearing such a loud voice, Lin Feng and Zhao Si were shocked and whirled around to look back.

They saw a majestic old man standing by the shore of the lake, dressed in a Tang suit and standing with his hands down.

He was standing proudly on the shore of the blue wave lake with white hair, crane hair and a boy's face, he had a few immortal bones.

The cold wind was so strong that it only blew his robe, hunting and ringing.

"Is that the martial dao master of the Extreme Truth lineage, Master Yao Baisheng Yao?"

"It's truly immortal and magnanimous!"

"A single drink, and it's so powerful?"

"It really is powerful~"

While Lin Feng and the others were trembling, the next moment was a scene that was unforgettable for the rest of their lives.

It was seen that the old man in the tang suit, after drinking a single word, actually took a lifelong leap towards the lake beneath his feet.

"Master, that's a lake~"

"Watch out!"

Lin Feng was shocked and called out anxiously.

But as soon as that anxious voice had fallen, the old man in a tang suit had leapt into the lake.

Seeing his feet on the blue waves, he raced madly above the lake as if he was walking on flat ground.

The speed was so fast that it even pulled out a long white scar on the surface of the Aqua Lake.


Zhao Si was flabbergasted in place, a pair of tiger eyes staring at him.

Lin Feng was even more dumbfounded, his mouth gaping huge!



Lin Feng and Zhao Si dropped their teacups with both hands and smashed them to the ground.

The tea water, all splashed all over the ground.

The entire sky was silent!

Only the old man in the Tang suit, the sound of his feet on the flat lake, quietly echoed.


The shores of Lake Bishop.

A silent dead silence.

Looking at the old man in the Tang suit who was on top of the flat lake, treading water, everyone was staring in shock as if they had seen a ghost.

It was only after a long time that a voice that drew cold air from the side could not help but ring out.


"This is treading water, divine technique~"

"It's afraid it's a water auger dragon, isn't it?"

Within the Lin Manor, many people who saw the scene before them had completely exploded.

They were filled with tremors and sighed incessantly.

Even Zhao Si and Lin Feng were trembling and couldn't close their mouths.

In the end, the trembling that filled their hearts all turned into excitement and ecstasy.


"Fourth, three hundred million dollars to bring in a dragon."

"It's worth it, it's money well spent!"


Lin Feng and Zhao Si looked at each other and laughed, Lin Lin's laughter mixed with that complicated sound of water, but it reverberated throughout the entire world.

Finally, a moment later, the old man in the Tang suit stepped on the blue waves and after treading water for a few dozen meters, he leapt and landed safely on the ground.

Lin Feng and the two only saw that a hale and hearty old man had appeared in front of them.

The old man's eyebrows and eyes were mighty and radiant.

However, treading water just now had wet his clothes, but now there were water droplets, dripping unceasingly down his robe.

When Lin Feng saw this, he called out to his men, "Quickly, go and get a shirt for Master Yao.Don't catch a cold in this cold winter month."

However, as soon as Lin Feng's words fell, Yao Baisheng waved his hand, "No need."

"This bit of cold is nothing to me."

"Those who practice martial arts are not even bothered by lying naked in the snow, so how could a little coldness invade my muscles and bones."

As Zhao Si and Lin Feng listened, they undoubtedly had even more respect for the old man in the Tang suit in front of them.

Whether it was treading water, or lying in the snow in the cold.

Which one of these, to Lin Feng and the rest of them, were not both amazingly great abilities.

Before, they were worried about whether this Yao Baisheng was worth the 300 million they had spent, but now it seemed that he was more than enough!


"What a way to tread water, what a way to lie naked in the snow."

"Master Yao's words are overbearing!"

"With an augur like you in my Long Yang Martial Hall, who else is there to fear above the boxing competition?"

"Someone, set up a banquet, serve wine, for Master Yao, to receive the wind and dust!"

Lin Feng was no longer ambiguous, and in the midst of a cheerful laugh, he immediately had a banquet of wine served to welcome Yao Baisheng's arrival.

"Lin Dong, there's no need to come to these vacuous things."

"What I want, I wonder if Lin Dong is ready?"

This Yao Bacchus was also of a wide open nature, and before he even spoke a few words upon meeting Lin Feng, he had already started asking for money.

"Master Yao, you don't have to worry about the money."

"Tonight at the latest, 300 million for the appearance fee, I'll immediately cross over to you."

"It's just that I don't know how sure Master Yao can be about this boxing match."

"After all, this boxing tournament, almost all of Yanjing's major noble families will fight."

"Among them, there is no lack of famous national arts masters."

"Like Criminal River of the Taiji lineage, Gao Tian Yuan of the Bagua lineage, and Master Cheng Kaihong of the Praying Mantis Fist, all of these people have quite a bit of fame and famous martial arts masters in the Chinese national martial arts circles.The enemy should not be underestimated ah~"

Lin Feng was worried and his words were low as he warned from the side.

However, after Yao Baisheng heard it, he sneered, "When did some bluffing flasher deserve to call himself a martial artist and dare to speak master?"


"What does Master Yao mean by that?"

Zhao Si and Lin Feng were slightly stunned, but they were confused and asked.

Yao Baisheng didn't say anything, but just sat on a stone bench, took up the tea in front of him, and only after drinking a full cup did he proudly return, "My meaning is very simple."

"It is that these people you are talking about are not worth mentioning in my eyes!"

"I can say without exaggeration that these people, to me, are nothing more than dirt and dogs that can be smashed to pieces with a single punch."

"If the opponents on top of this boxing match are just these people."

"Then Lin Dong, be prepared for a great victory."

Yao Baisheng's words were tossed and overbearing.

Lin Feng and Zhao Si then laughed as well.


"With Master Yao's words, Old Four and I are relieved."

Lin Feng and the two smiled excitedly.

"Right, Master Yao, you are a martial arts master, you should know quite a bit about our Huaxia so powerful that you are a martial arts master.I don't know, have you ever heard that there is a kung fu master surnamed Chu in Jiangdong?"

"Jiangdong?Surname Chu?"Yao Baisheng frowned, and then immediately shook his head, "Jiangdong is nothing more than a land of withering martial dao, ever since a Wu He Rong walked out back then, there hasn't been a single martial dao master in the past ten years."

"As for the person surnamed Chu, what kind of trash is that?I've never heard of it."

Hearing this, Lin Feng and Zhao Si looked at each other, and although they didn't say anything on their lips, they were extremely fortunate.

They had almost been screwed again by that old man Xue Ren Yang.

A mere milquetoast nobody, and he had the face to bring it out and recommend it to them?

Do you really think they're idiots?

I got screwed last time, why would I trust you now?

In fact, several days ago, the Xue, Zhao, and Lin families had already discussed the candidates for this boxing match.

At that time, the Xue family recommended a big man named "Copper Mountain" to fight on behalf of the Long Yang Martial Arts School.

When Lin Feng and Zhao Si saw the Xue family's recommendation, and that Tong Shan was tall and strong, they agreed to fight on his behalf.

But who would have thought that Tong Shan was a loser.

Before the boxing match even started, he ran into thieves and was hacked half to death.

Later on, they were even so scared that they fled Yanjing directly.

It was because of this matter that Lin Feng and Zhao Si had long been quite critical of the Xue family.Now that Xue Renyang recommended an unknown brat, Lin Feng and the others wouldn't agree.

Now that they saw this Master Yao in front of them who was so capable, Lin Feng and Zhao Si were even more convinced of how wise their decision to drive Ye Fan away just now was.

"Only that old fool Xue Ren Yang can turn over a table for us for a brat?"

"Just wait, there's something he'll regret at the boxing match."

Zhao Si and Lin Feng were very proud of themselves.

Then, they didn't accompany Yao Baisheng for too long, so they went back to collect the money right then and there.

Three hundred million was definitely an astronomical price for ordinary people.

Even for a new nobleman like them in Yanjing, it would definitely take some time to raise it.

Previously, Zhao Si and Lin Feng planned to raise one hundred million for a family.

But that old thing Xue Renyang put down his own house, so they had no choice but to spread out an extra 50 million each, Zhao Si and the others had no choice but to do so.

"Family Master, the amount of money we can raise in a short time now is only 100 million."

"If there's more, we can only go and sell some assets like stock funds, but if this money arrives, I'm afraid we'll have to wait for a day or two."

In the room, the Lin family's housekeeper had a worried old face and said to Lin Feng.


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