The King of Kungfu in school 1601-1610


Chapter 1601

"Tang Zichen, although I'm grateful that you didn't throw me into the latrine, you're too bullying, I can't act as if nothing happened, I'm at least a Miss of the Universal Immortal Family, how can I let you bully me like this, I'm going to find my cousin."Yang Ziyun said and walked out of the place where she lived.

"Ziyun, where are you going?"Walking to the door, I ran into Wang Ju Peng and a few other people ranked in the top twenty, they had also already showered and washed off their stench.

Yang Ziyun said, "I'm going to look for my cousin, my cousin is a mentor of the Flying Cloud Sect, I didn't want to look for him, but I'm at least a lady of the Ten Thousand Years Cultivation Family, I can't just say nothing."

"Your cousin is a mentor?"

"Yes, my cousin's name is Yang Qun, he was the second batch of disciples taken in by Elder She Jun of the Flying Cloud Sect back then."

"Ah, your cousin's master is Elder She Jun?"

"Yes, it's the second batch of disciples that Elder Shejun took in thirty years ago, but now everyone else has graduated except for my cousin who is still serving as a tutor in the Flying Cloud Sect.The disciples beside Elder Shejun now are the third batch of disciples he's received."

"If your cousin is so awesome, why didn't you say so earlier."

"I didn't want to use this relationship, Tang Zichen forced me to, alright, I'm going to go find my cousin."Yang Ziyun said walking away, Yang Ziyun didn't want to do anything, she just wanted Tang Zichen, an arrogant person, to get the punishment he deserved.

At this moment, at the Light Cloud Alliance.

She Jun will be here soon. Remember the website

"Meet minister young."

"She-kun, you're here."

"What does my young minister want?"Shejun asked.

"A junior elder will come to trouble me later, your chance to make a merit has come, and if you do it to my satisfaction, our previous score will be wiped off."

"Uh, which junior elder is coming to trouble you?"

"How do I know which one, it seems like it's already here."

Sure enough, in the distant sky, a woman stepped on a flying sword and came flying at a rapid pace.

"That's her."Tang Zichen said with a flick of his mouth.

Shejun turned her head and instantly recognized her.

"It's her, Elder Liang Jinhua."

Tang Zichen asked, "Is Elder Liang Jinhua very strong?"

"That's not true, how strong can a female streamer be, but you can just look for Elder Ping for this."

"Why do I need to find Elder Ping?"

"Rumor has it that Elder Ping and Liang Jinhua, they have a private affair, and Elder Liang Jinhua's backstage in the Flying Cloud Sect is Elder Ping."

"Oh, what a coincidence, it's Elder Ping's mistress."

At this time, Liang Jinhua had already flown up.

Liang Jinhua immediately saw Quan Zhi, who was lying beaten on the ground.

"Chi-er."Liang Jinhua shouted.

"Mother save me."Quan Zhi said in pain.

"Who, who is it."

Before Quan Zhi and Quan De could speak, Tang Zichen shouted, "It's me."

"You're Tang Zichen?"

"You actually know my name, so you're asking who it is, knowingly."Tang Zichen scowled for a moment.

Liang Jinhua said angrily, "Tang Zichen, you hurt my two sons, if I don't kill you today, my anger will be hard to appease."

Tang Zichen laughed, "If you want to kill me, first ask my subordinate Shejun if he agrees."

"What?Your man She-Gun?"Liang Jinhua then saw Elder She Jun next to Tang Zichen.

At this moment, She Jun could not wait to strangle Tang Zichen to death, saying that he was Tang Zichen's subordinate in front of Liang Jinhua, it was too disgraceful.

> But what could She Jun do, he couldn't deny that he wasn't one of Tang Zichen's men in front of his face, right?

In his heart, She Jun scolded Tang Zichen a hundred thousand times, but with his mouth, he had to say, "Yes, if you want to kill me less, first ask me if I'll agree."

Liang Jinhua was startled, "Elder She Jun, am I sure I heard you right?He's the one you're working for?"

She Jun nodded helplessly, "Right, Liang Jinhua, let's just forget about today's matter, otherwise, I will be offended."

"Hahahaha, hahahaha, how ridiculous, the hallowed She Jun elder is actually the underling of a little kid, She Jun, the Flying Cloud Sect's face has been disgraced by you."

She Jun was depressed, "Liang Jinhua, anyway today I won't let you hurt my youngest."

Liang Jinhua gritted her teeth and said, "So, you must be against me."

"I am also helpless."Shejun said.

With an angry face, Liang Jinhua lowered her voice and said, "She Jun, you should know that I have the backing of a mid-level elder in the Flying Cloud Sect's circle of elders."Liang Jinhua's voice didn't say very loud, maybe not very glorious.

Inside, She Jun said, "Excuse me, your paramour, Elder Ping, is also under Tang Zichen's thumb."

However, She Jun didn't say anything, after all, whether or not Liang Jin Hua was having an affair with Elder Ping, there was no evidence, so it was not good to say anything.

She Jun said, "I'm sorry, I don't care if you have a backstage in the Flying Cloud Sect's Elder Circle or not, I will not allow you to harm Young Minister."

"Shejun, so you must be against me."

"Right, Liang Jinhua, you are not as strong as me at all, I believe you yourself understand, I can only give you my best advice at this moment, leave the matter alone, you lead your two sons back and forget about this matter from now on, this is your best choice, believe me, I won't lie to you."Shejun was indeed sincerely advising her to rest in peace.

However, where did Liang Jinhua listen to this and said, "She Jun, you forced me to do this."

"I can't help it, let's force it."Shejun said.

Liang Jinhua gritted her teeth and said, "Alright, Shejun, I might as well tell you that I have a good relationship with the middle elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, Ping Qiu Yue, and he has recently befriended a young master from a Super Immortal Family, so you better think carefully if you have to go against me."

Shejun was stunned, "Ping Qiu Yue has recently befriended a young master from a super Immortal cultivation family?"


Shejun inwardly said, "Could it be, referring to the minister less?"

Nine times out of ten, She-Gun can't help but be amused, the young master of that super family you said Ping Qiu Yue befriended is the same Tang Zichen you want to kill at the moment, alas, what a tragedy.

"She-Gun, how is it?And you're going to defend him?"Liang Jinhua asked.

Shejun smiled, "I'm sorry."

"Good, Shejun, I hope you won't regret it."After saying that, Liang Jinhua looked at Tang Zichen and snorted, "Little bastard, with Shejun here today, I'll let you live one more day."

Liang Jinhua Ton flew away quickly with his two sons.

Shejun sighed and said under his breath, "And why are you bothering."It seemed that Shejun knew that Liang Jinhua would go to Elder Ping, but unfortunately, ah, he didn't know that Elder Ping was also Tang Zichen's subordinate.

She Jun turned back to Tang Zichen, who was flirting with Lu Yuxi, as if he didn't take Liang Jinhua's threat just now into account at all.

After Liang Jinhua left with her son, Quan De was busy saying, "Mother, I will never let that Tang Zichen go."

Liang Jinhua said, "Don't you worry, I'll never let him go even more, it's just that I can't touch him with that She Jun blocking the way there today.But it doesn't matter, I have someone in the Flying Cloud Sect's circle of elders."

"Mmhmm, make sure to get rid of Tang Zichen."

"Right, Mother, what's with the young master of the Super Immortal Family you just mentioned?Did Elder Ping really get to know someone with such a strong backstage?"


Liang Jinhua said, "Yes, Elder Ping told me that he recently met someone from a very powerful immortal family, but it's just not convenient to reveal the details to me."

"Wow, doesn't that mean that Elder Ping has a strong backstage?"

"Well, you could say that."

"Great, Mother, Elder Ping is your backstage force, so that hardens your backstage power."

"Oh."Liang Jinhua just smiled bitterly.

Quan De gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, do you heck, do you know what level you've offended, wait, you'll soon find out what level you've offended."

"Alright, De'er, you go stay at your brother's place tonight, I'm off to find Elder Ping."


At this moment, at the entrance of the Light Cloud Alliance.

Yang Ziyun brought a young mentor with him to the entrance of the Light Cloud Alliance.

Yang Ziyun said, "Cousin, he lives here." One second to remember to read the book

That young mentor asked, "Cousin, don't say that cousin didn't take care of you in the Flying Cloud Sect, tell me, what do you want me to do to the people who bullied you?Beaten and crippled, or half dead?"

Yang Ziyun said, "That's not necessary, I just want you to help me seek justice and give him some education so that he won't be so arrogant in the future."

"What? You called me here just to give him an education?Cousin, people are bullying you, you're not too softhearted."

"Alright, cousin, you have to forgive people, just educate and force him to change his ways."Yang Ziyun said.

Yang Ziyun's cousin was speechless for a while, his cousin was too kind.

"Since that's the case, I'll educate him so that he can change his evil ways and be a good person from now on, now you're satisfied."

"Mmhmm."Yang Ziyun nodded her head.

In Yang Ziyun's heart, Tang Zichen was a bad child, if it was possible to turn a bad child into a good one, it would be a virtue.

Saying that, Yang Ziyun and her cousin, Yang Qun, entered the Light Cloud Alliance.


"Where is your old great Tang Zichen?Let him out."Yang Ziyun said.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was in the back hall, and Elder Shejun was standing respectfully at the side.

Tang Zichen said to Elder Shejun, "Shejun, you've just performed well."

"Thank you, Young Minister."

"Don't thank me yet, I just said it wasn't bad, but I didn't say it was satisfactory, do you know why you didn't make me very satisfied just now?Because you were too soft just now, if you had just seen Liang Jinhua and just slapped her a few times, that would have satisfied me.So, you missed out on this chance to give you credit."

"Ugh."Shejun cursed inwardly, "Little bastard, who wants to get credit for you."

However, She Jun could only think about it in her heart, and still said, "I will definitely perform well next time, and try to satisfy Minister Less."

At this time, Tang Miao walked in and reported, "Young Minister, Yang Ziyun is here and is outside to let you out."

Tang Zichen stood up and said to Shejun, "You can reflect here for a while, I'll go out for a bit."

"Yes, minister young."Shejun was very depressed and stood in the same place to reflect.

Tang Zichen went to the front yard, only to see Yang Ziyun and a man standing in the front yard, the man's realm, Tang Zichen felt it right away, was a heart shining third stage immortal cultivator.


nbsp; "Yang Ziyun, what are you doing here again."Tang Zichen said.

Yang Ziyun was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, this is my cousin, my cousin is a tutor of the Flying Cloud Sect, I specially invited my cousin here today.However, you don't have to worry, I won't hit anyone like you."

"Oh yeah, then why did you bring a mentor."

"Tang Zichen, my cousin is here to save you."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, what the hell is this Yang Ziyun up to.

"I still need you to save?"

"Tang Zichen, you're a bad child, I've seen your behavior over the past two days, I don't know how your parents or relatives educated you, in short, I think you lack education.So, today I'll let my cousin educate you on how to be a good person, and I'll make you change your ways.Instead of beating you up, I'll help you change your evil ways."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, thinking that Yang Ziyun had found a mentor to beat up Tang Zichen, but it turned out that he was here to make Tang Zichen change his evil ways, but Yang Ziyun's character was pretty good, if it were someone else, he would just beat up or fight half to death, who cares if you can change your evil ways or not.

Tang Zichen said, "Yang Ziyun, for the sake of your good heart, you just need to run away immediately, I won't make it difficult for you."

At this time, Yang Ziyun's cousin laughed, "You are Tang Zichen, right, at a young age, what not to learn, learn to bully, last night you threw someone into the latrine, I know all about it, originally you are the kind of person, I would have just beaten up, but my cousin is kind, only let me force you to change your evil ways.But don't think that I don't dare to beat you up, from now on, I'm going to give you a lesson in thinking and teach you how to be a good person."

Tang Zichen snorted in amusement, "A good person?I feel like I'm already the good guy."

"Tang Zichen, I'm not in the mood to tug at your skin, so if you don't behave yourself, don't blame me for being rude.You may not take me seriously as a mentor, but I'm not afraid to tell you that I have a mentor who is an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, so you better be careful."

"Yeah?Which elder, why don't you tell us."

Yang Ziyun busily said, "My cousin is the second batch of disciples taken in by Elder She Jun of the Flying Cloud Sect thirty years ago, although my cousin doesn't live with Elder She Jun nowadays, the name of their master and disciple won't change."

Tang Zichen was startled, Elder She Jun's disciple?

Tang Zichen snorted, "It's you, even if your master Shejun stood in front of me, you wouldn't dare to talk about educating me."

Yang Qun said loudly, "Tang Zichen, insulting my master is not allowed."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk nonsense and said to Tang Ming, "Go and call out Shejun."

"Yes, Boss."

Yang Ziyun frowned and said, "Tang Zichen, what are you up to again, hurry up, stop dawdling and sit down to receive my cousin's ideological education."

At this moment, a person came out from the entrance of the forecourt, it was Shejun.

"Ah, Master."Yang Ziyun's cousin was shocked when he saw Shejun.

However, Shejun ignored him and hurriedly walked to Tang Zichen, asking, "What do you want, young minister."

Tang Zichen looked at Yang Ziyun and Yang Qun and said, "Shejun, this man said that he is your disciple, is it true?"

She Jun looked at Yang Qun, that Yang Qun with an incredulous face cried out, "Master, you, why are you here."

She Jun still ignored him and said to Tang Zichen, "Yes, young minister, he is one of the second batch of disciples I took in decades ago, called Yang Qun, the second batch of disciples I took in back then, there were a total of five, the other four had already graduated, only this Yang Qun is still remaining in the Flying Cloud Sect as a mentor."


"So it's really your disciple ah, so then, those six useless disciples you have now are the third batch of disciples you've received."

"Yes, Young Minister, did Yang Qun offend you somewhere?"

Tang Zichen trailed off and said, "This Yang Qun, he says he wants to educate me, what do you think?"

"Ah, trying to educate you."Shejun's face changed and looked fiercely at Yang Qun.

Yang Qun was looking confused at the moment.

"Pah."Before Yang Qun could react, a fiery pain came to his face.

"Master, you, how did you hit me."Yang Qun was filled with aggravation.

She Jun snorted, "Yang Qun, is it you who said you wanted to educate my youngest?"


"Slap."Shejun slapped again, and with two slaps, Yang Qun was already swollen to the face.Actually, it wasn't the fault of She Jun for hitting so hard, but because, he had to hit hard, otherwise, having Tang Zichen do it, I'm afraid it wouldn't be a matter of a few slaps, She Jun was indirectly saving Yang Qun.

At this time, Yang Ziyun who was standing next to him was already stupid. The first website

When Shejun still wanted to fight again, Tang Zichen waved his hand, "Alright, alright, stop fighting."

She Jun was busy shouting out a reprimand, "Yang Qun, don't hurry up and thank me for my young minister's impunity."

"Master, I."

"Hurry up."Shejun bellowed.

Yang Qun was forced to say, "Thank you, minister young, for the grace of impunity."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and asked, "Will you dare to threaten to educate me again in the future?"

"Me."Yang Qun was extremely depressed inside, what the hell was going on, at that moment, She Jun shouted, "Don't answer Minister Shao yet."

Yang Qun bit his lips and said, "I don't dare."

Tang Zichen looked towards Yang Ziyun and smiled, "Yang Ziyun, do you see?Your cousin doesn't dare to educate me anymore."

"Tang Zichen, who the hell are you, and why is my cousin's master, all, so afraid of you."

"No, no, no, he's not afraid of me, he submits to me."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, subjugation."Yang Ziyun was even more incredulous.

Shejun was extremely depressed inside, he had no face at all today anyway.

Tang Zichen waved his hand and said, "Shejun, take your disciples with you."

"Yes, Young Minister."

After saying that, Shejun yelled at Yang Qian, "Still not leaving, disgraceful thing."

"Yes, Master."Yang Qian was busy following Shejun.

Yang Ziyun looked at Tang Zichen, who wanted to say more than he could say.

"Do you have anything else you want to say?Do you want to stay as my maid?"

"Hmph, you're dreaming, I don't care who you are or what your origin is, even if you kill me, I won't be afraid of you."Yang Ziyun snorted.

Tang Zichen waved his hand and said, "Go away, I don't kill women."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, I'll make sure you change your evil ways, you're such a genius, you had an unlimited future, but now you're going astray, I don't want to see a great young man, ruined like this."

"Silly woman."Tang Zichen said and went into the back hall.

Yang Ziyun stood in the front yard, not knowing what to do.

Yang Ziyun felt that Tang Zichen's nature wasn't bad, which made her feel even more that she had to help Tang Zichen turn from his evil ways and not let him continue with this mistake.

That night, Liang Jinhua came to an elder's mansion and Liang Jinhua purposely dressed a little sexier.

This mansion was precisely Elder Ping's.

"Jinhua, you're here."Elder Ping saw the sexy Liang Jinhua and said lustfully.

"Elder Autumn Moon,

Lao, I'm not bothering you tonight."

"No no, Jinhua, not seen for a few days, and oh so sexy again."

"Nasty."Liang Jinhua was full of flirtatious one angry.

Elder Ping stopped Liang Jinhua at the waist and entered the room.

Half an hour later, after the wind and waves calmed down, Elder Ping stroked Liang Jinhua's hair and said, "Jinhua, why are you working so hard today?Do you have something to ask me, you and I have known each other for years, just tell me if you have something."

"Elder Autumn Moon, I do have something to ask you, my two sons, they are being bullied in the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Oh, I knew it, it must be about your sons, but you're at least an elder, can't even you still handle it?How good was the man who bullied your son?"

Liang Jinhua snorted, "The person who bullied my son isn't very strong, but that person he also has an elder patron, Elder She Jun.I went to look for him today, but unfortunately I was stopped by the She Monarch, and I was weak compared to the She Monarch, so I was helpless."

"So it's the She Monarch, this is a small token, tomorrow morning, I'll just go with you, tonight is such a good night, we'll savor some more, I'll stop talking idly."


Elder Ping pressed down on Liang Jinhua again.

Early the next morning, Liang Jinhua went out with Elder Ping.

Elder Ping had enjoyed Liang Jinhua's gentle service for one night, so naturally, he wanted to do her this favor.

"Jinhua, you lead the way."


Soon, Liang Jinhua brought Elder Ping to the Light Cloud Alliance.

When Elder Ping saw the Light Cloud Alliance, he was stunned, "Why did Liang Jinhua bring me here?"

"Golden Flower, you."Elder Ping was about to ask what was going on, when Tang Zichen just happened to come out from inside the Light Cloud Alliance.

Liang Jinhua shouted, "Little bastard, where are you still escaping to."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen looked up and saw Liang Jinhua and Elder Ping in front of him.

At this moment, Elder Ping heard Liang Jinhua shouting at Tang Zichen little son of a bitch and shuddered in fright.

Liang Jinhua snorted at Tang Zichen, "Today, I'll see how else Shejun will protect you, I'll definitely make you splatter your blood on the spot."

Liang Jinhua, however, did not know that at this moment, Elder Ping, who was behind her, was already frightened white.

Tang Zichen looked at the white-faced Ping Quyue, then smiled at Liang Jinhua and said, "Are you sure you're not telling a joke?"

"Tang Zichen, this person behind me is a mid-level elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, do you think I'm joking?"Liang Jinhua said coldly.

Tang Zichen looked towards Ping Qiu Yue and snorted, "A few days have passed, you've gotten fat, you've dared to bring your mistress to trouble me, you've really borrowed your guts from the heavens."

Elder Ping kneeled down in panic and said, "Young Minister spare my life, you've misunderstood, I, I, I didn't know that the person Liang Jinhua was looking for was you."

"Hmph."Tang Zichen snorted heavily.

Liang Jinhua turned back and saw that Elder Ping looked like he was scared to death, busy saying, "Elder Ping, you are."

"Pah."Elder Ping immediately went up and slapped Liang Jinhua fiercely.

"Ah, you."

Elder Ping said loudly, "Liang Jinhua, Minister Less you also dare to offend."

Liang Jinhua covered her fiery face, her eyes full of aggravation, "Ping Qiu Yue, didn't you say that you have made acquaintance with a young master of a super family, you will have a strong backstage and can walk across the board in the Flying Cloud Sect, why do you not dare to offend a mere Enlightenment Stage disciple now, even if his backstage is that of a higher ranking elder, or even a deputy sect master, it doesn't make you so, right?Where's the young master of that super family you told me about?Did you lie to me?"

Elder Ping didn't have a good mood, "Liang Jinhua, I, the young master of the super family I told you about before, is, is the young minister."

"Sh, what."Liang Jinhua was stunned.


"You, you didn't lie to me?"

"Nerve, why would I lie to you, Young Master Chen is the one I told you about."

Liang Jinhua only felt cold all over, how could she have never thought that Tang Zichen was the young master of the super family that Ping Quyue had been complacent about climbing up to.

"You, why didn't you say so earlier."Liang Jinhua cried and complained.

"How should I know, if you want to blame your two sons, blame them.Anyway, Liang Jinhua, stand away from me, don't stand so close to me."Elder Ping immediately walked away a few meters to the side, looking like he wanted to draw a line with Liang Jinhua.

"Sooooo."Liang Jinhua cried.

Tang Zichen couldn't bear to see a woman cry, even though she was an older woman.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't cry, it affects my mood."

"Pounce."Liang Jinhua knelt down.

"Young Minister, it's me who has eyes but no pearls, please forgive me, sob."

Ping Qiu Yue saw Liang Jinhua's pitiful appearance and served him so hard last night, not only moved the side shadow heart, but also helped, "Minister Shao, these are all done by her two useless sons, why don't you punish her and let her go, after all, it's not easy for a woman to live." Remember the website

Liang Jinhua said with a snotty nose and tears, "Chen Shao, I was wrong, please forgive me."

Tang Zichen was depressed and said, "Alright, alright, stand up and speak, don't cry."

Liang Jinhua slowly stood up.

Tang Zichen said, "By the way, I don't have any major conflicts with your two sons, Quan De and Quan Zhi, it's nothing more than that day when I went to the gathering dinner organized by your son Quan De, your son felt very pretentious, thought he had some backstage in the Flying Cloud Sect, and felt that everyone wanted to please him, so that's why I gave him a little face, however, he was upset with me, and I was even more upset, soIt's just a conflict.I thought it would end like this, but your son disobeyed and came back to me afterwards with a bunch of people who obviously wanted to pretend again, and this is the result."

"Minister young man, so to speak?Are you willing to forgive her?"Ping Qiuyue asked in surprise.

"Liang Jinhua, I won't bother with you anymore for Elder Ping's sake, go back and let that son of yours, Quan De, stop pretending to compare in the Flying Cloud Sect in the future."

"Yes, yes, thank you, Young Minister."

"Alright, it's fine, go back."

After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

It was nothing more than a small matter to Tang Zichen.

Originally, Tang Zichen didn't spare Liang Jinhua so easily because Liang Jinhua wanted Tang Zichen's blood to be splattered on the spot, it was a matter of Tang Zichen's life, but think about it, everything has a reason, Liang Jinhua wanted him to splatter his blood on the spot, it was also because of what Tang Zichen did to her son, the main thing was, the beginning of Tang Zichen's conflict with Quan De wasn't deep, it was just a small matter, so spare her.

Pinqiu Yue said to Liang Jinhua, "Jinhua, it's fine now, by the way, quickly go tell your two sons to keep a low profile lately."

"Hmph."Liang Jinhua snorted at Elder Ping and flew away.

Elder Ping was a bit depressed, surely he had just looked like he was drawing a line in the sand, making Liang Jinhua disappointed in him.There would be no more free women to play with, Elder Ping sighed.

The next day.

"Brother, it's time for us to go back to Tianbao City, the annual city fair is coming up."


"Let's go take a flying bird, from here to Heavenly Jewel City, we only need ten first class spirit stones."

"Uh, flying birds."

"Yeah, there are some immortal cultivation families that specialize in raising flying birds and flying between places, we need to go somewhere, we just need to be able to afford the price.


"I go, it's not the same as an airline."Tang Zichen was shocked.

Tang Zichen originally wanted to say that he would drive his flying sword directly back to Tian Bao City, but after thinking about it, it was better to take a flying bird back, he was too small to drive a flying sword, it would be self-inflicted in case he met a strong person of a very high level on the way.

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan, came to the city below the Flying Cloud Sect's mountain.

Coming to a place called the 'Flying Bird Field'.

"Hello, we're going to the Heavenly Jewel City."

"Ten first class spirit stones are required to go to the Heavenly Jewel City."The staff said.

Tang Huan said, "We would like to take the fastest flying bird."

"If you take the fastest flying bird, you'll need 200 first class spirit stones and expect to be able to arrive in three hours."


Tang Huan immediately paid 400 First Class Spirit Stones and bought 2 tickets.

After waiting for a while, they boarded a flying bird.

This flying bird carried a large box on its back, which had many seats, and in total, it could take more than twenty people.

"Please sit down and fasten your straps, the flying bird is about to depart, the bird is expected to arrive at Tianbao City in three hours."The person who drove the flying bird said to the crowd.

Just like that, Tang Zichen's three men took the flying bird and arrived at Tianbao City three hours later.

It was worthy of being the fastest flying bird, arriving so quickly, that ordinary flying bird would take two days.

The flying bird arrived at Tianbao City and landed at a place called the Flying Bird Field in Tianbao City, it seemed that every place, had a flying bird field.

"Home."Tang Huan excitedly ran out of the flying bird field and headed straight to the Tang family in Tian Bao City.

Tang Zichen hadn't seen Tang Jingtian for a year.

Soon, Tang Zichen returned to the Tang family.

"Father, I'm back."Tang Huan shouted.

"Huh? No one answered."

A servant of the Tang Family said, "The Ninth Elder has gone to attend the Family Council, he should be in the Council Hall at the moment."

Tang Huan was busy saying, "Brother, let's go to the Great Hall of Council."

"Good."Tang Zichen followed Tang Huan to the Tang Family's Great Hall of Deliberation, and sure enough, all of the Tang Family's elders, as well as some stewards, were holding a family meeting.

Tang Hu Lai, the head of the Tang family, was currently sitting in the family's seat, like a leader giving a speech, speaking with an official tone, nostrils pointed skyward, high and mighty, and in the meeting, accusing whoever and whoever did not do their job properly, and then criticizing whoever and whoever should pay more attention next time, in short, that appearance, Tang Zichen was very uncomfortable to watch.

Tang Huan pulled Tang Zichen along and peeked under the window outside the main hall of deliberation.

"Brother, let's just take a look here, don't disturb the meeting of the elders."Tang Huan.

Tang Zichen busily said, "No, no, no, this is not my style."

"Ah, brother, what do you mean it's not your style?Are you going to interrupt everyone's meeting?"

Tang Zichen said, "More than disturbing, I'm going in for a meeting."

Tang Huan laughed, "Brother, what are you talking nonsense, we are a junior, how are we qualified to go in for a meeting, it's full of elders as well as family stewards."

Tang Zichen said, "No, no, no, now that I'm back, the situation has changed a bit."

"What do you mean."

However, Tang Zichen went straight into the main hall of deliberation.

Tang Hu Lai, who was speaking incessantly in the main hall, saw a person walk in and stopped, filled with anger, which disciple dared to walk in and disturb during the meeting.


Tang Hu came yelling, "Who let you in, don't you know the family elders are in a meeting?"

Tang Zichen stood in the Hall of Council and smiled, "Tiger Lai, I haven't seen you for almost a year, don't you know me."

Tang Hu Lai was stunned, calling him 'Tiger Lai' so affectionately?Are they relatives?

Tang Hu Lai took a serious look and finally recognized it, wasn't that Tang Zichen?It's been a year since we've seen each other, and Don Zichen has grown up a lot.

"Tang Zichen?"Tang Hu Lai's brows furrowed.

In the main hall, Tang Jingtian saw Tang Zichen and stood up violently.

In his heart, Tang Hu Lai said, "Tang Zichen should be dead, huh?I asked my two sons to destroy him a year ago, but my sons didn't write back after that, which means they've already destroyed Tang Zichen, why is Tang Zichen back now?Since Tang Zichen isn't dead, then why didn't my two sons write back to inform us."

Tang Hu Lai immediately calmed down and roared, "Tang Zichen, all the elders are having a meeting, what are you running in here for?Get out of here yet."

Don Zichen said, "I'm coming in for a meeting."

"Ridiculous, what meeting are you having, get out."Tang Hu Lai roared.

At this time, Tang Jingtian was also busy saying, "Zichen, get out." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "Fifth Uncle, I really came in for a meeting."

One of the elders snorted, "Tang Zichen, if you don't get out, don't blame me for throwing you out, thinking that just because you have a bit of talent you can be so insolent?"

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "As the new head of the Tang Family, of course I have to come to the meeting."

Everyone was startled and hummed, "Tang Zichen, do you know what you're talking about?If you keep fooling around here, Tang Jingtian won't be able to keep you."

Tang Zichen said, "Of course you know what I'm talking about, I'm saying I'm the new head of the family, the new official has three fires oh, be careful you'll be punished by me oh, everyone still don't hurry up and be nice to the head of the family."

"Bang."Tang Hu Lai slammed the table and roared, "Tang Zichen, are you looking for death?"

A murderous aura appeared on Tang Hu Lai's body, he seemed to want to kill Tang Zichen himself, to cut down the grass and eliminate the roots before Tang Zichen rose to power, moreover, the ancient slave family side also wished to kill Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Tiger Lai, you are so rude to the family master, be careful of your life oh."

A black line appeared on Tang Hu Lai's face, clearly angry, and the other elders inside the palace, seeing Tang Zichen toying with Tang Hu Lai like this, all sweated and said inside, "Is Tang Zichen crazy?"

Not only everyone, even Tang Hu Lai felt that Tang Zichen was not crazy, otherwise why would he dare to speak to him like that, even if he dared to tell him about the danger of being careful of his life.

Tang Jingtian was busy saying, "Zichen, get out quickly."

Tang Zichen turned back to Tang Jingtian and said, "Fifth uncle, I still have to deal with family affairs, I can't go out yet oh, I just took over the position of head of the family, there is still a lot I don't understand, I will need the assistance of fifth uncle in the future."

"You."Tang Jingtian wondered if Tang Zichen had gone crazy, going to the Flying Cloud Sect for a year.

"Zichen, you stop it."

Tang Zichen said, "Fifth Uncle, it's you who should stop, alright, I have to deal with family affairs, that, Hu Lai, can you give up your seat for a moment."

Tang Hu Lai sneered, "Yes, come on."

In his heart, Tang Hu Lai said, "I'd like to see him try to

What are you doing, later, I'll behead Tang Zichen on the spot for being crazy."

Tang Zichen really did sit down on the family head's seat.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, Tang Zichen really dared to sit on the seat of the family head ah.

Everyone doubted that Tang Hu Lai would kill Tang Zichen, it was too unruly.

Tang Hu Lai was happier at the moment, the more Tang Zichen died, the more reason he had to kill Tang Zichen.

After Tang Zichen sat down on the seat of the head of the family, he said, "Elders, please make sure you take good notes, the head of the family is going to start the meeting, before the meeting, I'm going to criticize one person, and that's Tang Hu Lai."

Everyone remained silent, seeing how long Tang Zichen wanted to make a scene.

Tang Hulai sneered, "Fine, what do you want to criticize me for, say."

Tang Zichen said, "Tang Hu Lai is a person, no, he is too bad at being a person, a year ago, I was such a genius, I stepped into the first stage of body refining at the age of 13, not only was he not happy for me, he was jealous of me and wanted to kill me."

"Tang Zichen, what are you talking nonsense about."Tang Hu Lai yelled.

Tang Zichen said, "Tiger Lai, just calm down, okay?It's not time to deal with your part yet, so don't rush to defend yourself just yet.All right, everyone, let me continue, after I went to the Flying Cloud Sect, the two brothers, Tang Go Bing and Tang Go Liao, tried to kill me.During the assessment, Tang Go Bing ambushed the Desolate Beast Forest in an attempt to kill me, but unfortunately, Tang Go Bing was killed by me and his corpse was gnawed up by a group of demonic beasts."

Tang Hu Lai yelled, "Tang Zichen, what did you say?"

Tang Zichen put his finger to his mouth and shushed him, "Tiger Lai, don't talk yet, okay?Let me finish."

With disbelief and a hint of nervousness inside, Tang Hu Lai stared at Tang Zichen with his eyes.

Tang Zichen continued, "After that, Tang Go Therapy asked me where his brother had gone, and of course I said I didn't know, and then Tang Go Therapy went to the Wild Beast Forest to look and look, and finally, I heard that he found a dung ball, and Tang Go Therapy loved his brother so much that he ate the dung ball.Then he got his brother's memories, and it turned out that I was the one who killed him, and then, Tang Go Therapy came to seek revenge on me, but unfortunately, Tang Go Liao was killed by me again, well, I finished, and the final result is, Tang Go Bing and Tang Go Therapy, both died in my hands."

"Hmph, with you."Tang Hu Lai snorted, it turned out that Tang Hu Lai was a bit worried, but when he saw what Tang Zichen said about eating dung balls, he knew that Tang Zichen was definitely talking crazy.

Tang Zichen said, "Tang Hu Lai, the next step is to deal with your problem, why did you write to your son to get rid of me in the Flying Cloud Sect?Is it because you're afraid that I'll take your family's headship in the future?"

Tang Hu Lai's heart thudded, how did Tang Zichen know about his letter writing.

Tang Zichen said, "Tang Hu Lai, did you think that what I just said, was crazy talk?"

"Doesn't it?"Tang Hu Lai snorted.

Tang Zichenton took out two items from his storage bag, threw them at Tang Hu Lai's feet, and said, "Recognize these two items."

When Tang Hu Lai took a look, they were two storage bags, and he recognized them as belonging to his two sons.

"Ah, Bing'er and Liao'er's storage bags, why do you have them?"Tang Hu Lai's face changed.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Silly gripe, I killed your two sons, of course I took away all their storage bags."

Tang Hu Lai yelled, "Don't you dare say that again."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Silly gripper, Tang Hu Lai is a silly hang, is that clear enough?"


"You, you, you."Tang Hu Lai was trembling with anger, and Tang Zichen actually called him a stupid hang in public.

At this moment, everyone in the palace was also looking at Tang Zichen in surprise, wondering why Tang Zichen was so grizzled that he dared to point at Tang Hu Lai's nose and curse so badly.

Was Tang Zichen not afraid of being shot dead by Tang Hu Lai?

Or, did Tang Zichen really kill Tang Go Bing and Tang Go Therapy?

Tang Zichen saw that Tang Hulai looked like he was going to die of anger and said, "Hulai, hurry up and get on your way, don't let your two sons wait for a long time, they've been waiting for you on the Yellow Spring Road for a long time."

"Tang Zichen, tell me honestly, my two sons, are they really dead?"Tang Hu Lai gritted his teeth.

"Of course it's dead, if you don't believe me, ask my sister."

At that moment, everyone looked towards the door, Tang Huan saw everyone looking at her and couldn't help but feel a bit afraid.

Tang Hu Lai yelled towards Tang Huan, "Say, is my son dead?"


"Say it, if you don't, you and Tang Jingtian, both have to die."Tang Hu Lai said with veins bulging on his face. The first website

Tang Huan saw Tang Hu Lai still threatened her, and said with no sympathy at all, "Yes, Tang Go Bing and Tang Go Heal are both dead, but they deserved it, as the same family, he not only didn't protect Tang Zichen, but also killed him, this kind of person, the death is not unjust at all."

"Ah."Tang Hu Lai's body trembled violently, it was true, his two sons were really dead.

Tang Hu Lai's eyes immediately turned blood red as he remembered his sons.

Then, Tang Hu Lai's red eyes shouted, "Tang Zichen, if I don't kill you today, I'm your grandson."

Tang Zichen said, "Unfortunately, you don't deserve to be my grandson, so it's better for me to kill you."

At that moment, Tang Hu Lai found that he was unable to move his body.

"Hm?What's going on?"Tang Hu Lai was furiously trying to kill Tang Zichen when he realized that he couldn't move.

What Tang Hu Lai did not know was that there was a talisman attached to his back at the moment.

Tang Zichen had already pasted a talisman on him.

Tang Zichen's voice sounded in Tang Hu Lai's ears, "You didn't believe me when I said you were a stupid hangman, but now you believe me.You wanted to kill me, how can you kill me now that you're in trouble yourself."

"Tang Zichen, what exactly have you done to me?"Tang Hu came yelling.

"Hahaha, hahaha."The entire palace was filled with Tang Zichen's wild laughter.

At that moment, an elder shouted, "It's a spirit talisman, Tang Zichen has such a high level spirit talisman that can immobilize Tang Hu Lai, no wonder he can kill Tang Go Bing and Tang Go Heal."

Everyone suddenly looked to Tang Hu Lai's back, and sure enough, there was a spirit talisman attached.

Without saying anything, Tang Zichen pasted another one to Tang Hu Lai's back and took out a shining knife.

Tang Hu Lai couldn't struggle and was incredibly nervous as he looked at the shining knife.

Tang Hulai drafted Tang Zichen inside for the ten thousandth time and wondered what kind of encounter Tang Zichen had obtained to have such a powerful talisman.

Tang Hu Lai was unhappy that he had fallen on a fourteen year old boy.

"Tang Zichen, don't mess around."

"Hmph."Tang Zichen gave a slight scowl, then the knife in his hand slammed into Tang Hu Lai's heart.

"Stop."At this moment, a strong palm strike came at Tang Zichen.

"Wow."Tang Zichen's knife didn't pierce Tang Hu Lai and his entire body flew away to the side.

It was in

At the critical moment, someone rushed out to save Tang Fu.

Tang Zichen was unsuccessfully killed by this disturbance.

The amulet attached to Tang Hu Lai's back had also lost its effect.

Tang Zichen also crashed into a pillar after being struck by a palm strike.

Tang Zichen fell to the ground, filled with endless rage, who came out to save Tang Hu Lai?

Tang Zichen immediately turned his head and saw the second elder of the Tang family, walked up to Tang Hu Lai and asked, "Master, are you alright?"

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "So it was the Second Elder who rushed out.Die, all die."Inside Tang Zichen, he already wanted to kill even the Second Elder.

Tang Hu Lai said to the second elder, "Thank you."

"There's no need to be polite, you're the head of the family and I'm the second elder, I can't see death without saving it."The Second Elder said.

Tang Hu Lai didn't speak to the second elder again, and his gaze suddenly shot towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Hu Lai's gaze was filled with endless anger and hatred, if eyes could eat people, then Tang Zichen's eyes had died several times.

Tang Hu Lai had just almost been killed and was saved at the moment, the hatred in his heart could no longer be described with words, in his heart, he would pull out Tang Zichen's skin today.

Tang Hu Lai roared, "Today, I will definitely skin Tang Zichen in this palace, anyone present, who dares to stop me, kill."After saying that, Tang Hu Lai swept a glance at everyone in the audience and finally set his gaze on Tang Jing Tian's body.

Tang Jing Tian shivered, the momentum coming from Tang Hu Lai was completely incomparable to him, even if he were to stop him, he wouldn't be able to stop him at all.

Tang Jing Tian said, "Tang Hu Lai, don't mess around."

"Tang Jingtian, if you dare to move, today I will not only skin Tang Zichen, I will also skin you and your daughter together."

Tang Jingtian was filled with rage.

Tang Hu Lai shot his gaze towards Tang Zichen and coldly snorted, "Tang Zichen, weren't you just arrogant?Aren't there some very strong charms?Come on, huh?Keep coming at me."

Tang Zichen crawled up from the ground.

Tang Hu Lai thought that it was impossible for him to give Tang Zichen the chance to stick the talisman this time, thinking that he was a sure winner, and that it was only his carelessness that had just gotten him stuck, but there couldn't be a second time for such carelessness.

Unfortunately, how did Tang Hu Lai know that Tang Zichen's skill was much greater.

Tang Zichen didn't just have the immobilization talisman on his body, he also had the rapid speed talisman.

Even if the Speed Talisman couldn't deal with Tang Hu Lai, then Tang Zichen could still drive a flying sword.

Therefore, there were too many ways for Tang Zichen to kill Tang Hu Lai.

Tang Hu Lai continued to gnash his teeth, "Tang Zichen, you just failed to kill me, this is the thing you regret the most in your life, right?Don't worry, I'll let you go to accompany my son."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Tiger come, look at the shape of my mouth: accompany your sister."

"You."Tang Hu Lai was furious, not expecting that Tang Zichen would still dare to show him the shape of his mouth even though he was on his deathbed.

The other elders in the palace couldn't understand Tang Zichen, and now that Tang Hu Lai had turned the tables on him, Tang Zichen actually said accompany your sister so facetiously, was Tang Zichen scared out of his wits?

"Hahaha, hahaha, Tang Zichen, I'll see how long you can be arrogant."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Today I'm able to be arrogant in the tiny Heavenly Jewel City, and I'll still be able to be arrogant when I become an immortal in the future, but unfortunately, you won't be able to see it."

"I'll send you to hell to be arrogant."Tang Hu came a roar.

Tang Zichen said disdainfully, "Tiger Lai, what do you see this in my hand?"Tang Zichen held a talisman in his hand.


Tang Hu Lai snorted, "You think, you still have a chance to stick my charm?"

"Tiger Lai, this talisman in my hand is the Speed Talisman."After saying that, Tang Zichen's body moved as if it was a string of shadows.

Before Tang Hu Lai had time to react, he felt his back being plastered.

Then, Tang Zichen's voice sounded behind him, "Sorry, Hu Lai, you've been pasted by me again."

"Ah."Tang Hu Lai was silly, he just thought that Tang Zichen would never get the chance to stick him again, and now, he was being stuck again.

"No, no."Tang Hu Lai yelled, his eyes were filled with fear.

Tang Zichen said, "Tiger Lai, look at the knife."

This time, without nonsense, Tang Zichen fiercely slashed the knife from the back, into Tang Hu Lai's heart, and then through the front.

Blood sprayed from the mouth of the knife.

A knife through the heart would make it impossible for any Immortal who hadn't formed a YuanYing to fight.

Tang Hu Lai looked down at the tip of the knife in his chest, his whole body felt cold, and his body's strength seemed to be losing as fast as tap water. Remember the URL

"Pfft."Tang Zichen pulled out his knife at once from behind, so that Tang Hu Lai's blood flowed even faster.

However, after all, Tang Hu Lai was of the sixth stage of heart illumination, although his heart was pierced through, he would not die, and rest for ten days and half a month, he would still recover, only, there was no more fighting power.

Therefore, at the moment, it could only be left to Tang Zichen's disposal.

"Bang."Tang Hu Lai fell powerlessly to the ground.

The elders of the entire palace were all pale.

However, no one dared to say anything, as even Tang Hu Lai had fallen.

At this time, Tang Jingtian couldn't believe his eyes, Tang Zichen, in just one year's time, Tang Zichen could actually kill the head of the family, it seemed that this person who stepped into the void from the mortal realm had extraordinary energy.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at all the elders in the palace, and finally looked at the second elder and snorted, "I didn't have to go the extra mile or waste two more talismans, all because of you, you son of a bitch.Since you want to mind your own business so badly, let's go on the road with Tiger Lai."

The second elder's face turned white and his body trembled.

"Tang Zichen, I, I'm the second elder, you."

"I pooh, I'm still the new head of the family."

The second elder panicked for a moment and even moved his identity to pressure Tang Zichen, only in a flash did it occur to him that Tang Zichen was even carrying the family master, he was a bird to the second elder.

Tang Zichen took the blood-red knife and pointed it at the second elder and said, "Before I die, I can grant you a wish and let you say a few last words, this is my greatest gift to you."

The Second Elder's face reddened, clearly enraged by Tang Zichen's complete lack of regard for his life.

"Tang Zichen, don't go too far."The Second Elder said through gritted teeth.

"Second Elder, is it still meaningful to say such things at this time?Can't you die with a little backbone?"

"You, you you."The second elder's beard quivered with anger, and died with a bit of backbone?It's easy to say, why don't you go to hell.

At that moment, the Third Elder said, "Tang Zichen, be merciful, ah."

Tang Zichen's bloody knife pointed back at the Third Elder, "Good, prepare three coffins for today."

"Ah."The Third Elder's face turned white and panicked, "Master, Tang Hu Lai deserved to die, and the Second Elder, they are simply trash."

Tang Zichen coldly snorted, "Do you think that, with a few flattery, I can stop preparing three pairs of coffins?"

"Oooh."The three elders cried out.

Tang Zichen looked to the other elders and asked, "Which one of you still needs to prepare the coffin?"

"No no."The rest of the elders all shook their heads, though they knew that maybe Tang Zichen didn't have that many charms anymore, but they had all been

Intimidated by the fierce look on Tang Zichen's face, no one dared to take a gamble.

"Very well."

Tang Zichen looked at the second elder and said, "Now it's your turn."

The Second Elder roared, "Tang Zichen, you are not human."After saying that, the Second Elder took the lead in attacking, attempting to strike first.

"Looking for death."Tang Zichen suddenly had a sword in his hand.

"Shoo."Tang Zichen cut down with his sword.

"Wow."The second elder's body was split in half by a sword, and blood splattered on the spot.

"Ah."The entire palace was shocked.

Tang Zichen could actually drive a flying sword and cut down the second elder with a single sword, oh my god.

It turned out that Tang Zichen didn't need to rely on talismans and could kill Tang Hu Lai.

"Phew."Tang Zichen used the flying sword once, and his body suddenly became powerless.

It seemed that driving the flying sword would cost Tang Zichen a lot of mental energy.

Tang Zichen was afraid that he was no longer capable of killing the Third Elder at the moment.

However, not only the Third Elder, but all the Elders had been scared as white as ghosts and were trembling, looking at Tang Zichen and not knowing what to say.

Especially the Third Elder, who fell to his knees in fear when Tang Zichen killed the Second Elder with a sword strike.

Tang Zichen pointed his flying sword at the third elder and said, "Next, is it your turn."

"Family, family, master, I, I was wrong."The Third Elder stammered and begged for mercy, but unfortunately, the Third Elder didn't know that Tang Zichen was incapable of killing him at the moment.

Tang Zichen snorted coldly, "Where did you go wrong?"

"I, I shouldn't be pleading for the second elder."

"What else?"

"I'm disrespectful to my master."

At this time, Tang Jingtian dared to say, "Zichen, that."

Tang Zichen said, "Fifth Uncle, you are my family, you must not be frightened by my fierce appearance at this moment, oh, I treat my family as warm as spring, only to treat my enemies as evil as the devil."

Tang Jingtian saw Tang Zichen say this, only then became a little more courageous, said: "Zichen, the third elder has already known his mistake, you just, forgive him this time."

Tang Zichen said, "Since Fifth Uncle has spoken, how can Zichen have any reason not to forgive."Tang Zichen smiled at the Third Elder and said, "Please get up, my Fifth Uncle has pleaded for you, you are fine and safe."

However, when the Third Elder saw Tang Zichen's kind gaze, he felt even more uneasy inside, feeling that Tang Zichen was so cruel just now, and this time so gentle, his smile's definitely not a real smile.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Tang Zichen snorted, "Third Elder, although my fifth uncle has pleaded for your mercy, the death penalty can be forgiven and the living crime can't be escaped, go, kneel in front of the main hall for a day and a night."

"Ah."The Third Elder was a bit unresponsive, kneeling as punishment?It's a kid's game, right?

"Go."Don yelled.

"Yes yes yes."The three elders scrambled to the entrance of the main hall and knelt down honestly.

None of the elders in the main hall dared to say a word, except for Tang Jingtian.

In short, the way everyone looked at Tang Zichen this time, they all felt that Tang Zichen was a little devil, a demon from hell.

Tang Zichen took a glance at Tang Hu Lai, who was lying on the ground silently bleeding.

Tang Hu Lai was frightened, Tang Hu Lai had just been wounded in the heart and lost his fighting power, but he was not dead yet.

"Family Master, please spare me."Tang Hu Lai cried and pleaded.

At this moment, Tang Hu Lai was no longer half-hearted, and the look in Tang Zichen's eyes was as desperate and frightening as a demon from the abyss.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth gently raised, and the sword in his hand struck down.


Tang Hu Lai was cut down by Tang Zichen, with a single sword.

The entire palace was silent.

Tang Zichen looked at the two corpses on the ground, a move of the Flame Palm, incinerated cleanly, of course, the Flame Palm is too low level, only dead can burn, not dead probably can not burn.

Tang Zichen swept his eyes over the crowd and said, "Everyone, from now on, I am the Tang Family's head, Tang Jingtian is the acting head of the Tang Family, any family problems are referred to the acting head to deal with, do you hear me?"

Although many people were not very comfortable, no one dared to object, so everyone nodded silently.

Tang Zichen walked out of the main hall and left.

Tang Huan and Tang Jingtian also hurriedly followed.

Only once Tang Zichen and the others left did the entire palace become hotly debated, filled with sounds of anger and rebuke, as if they had suffered such an unfair event.

Unfortunately, they were only able to force Tang Zichen's back.

Tang Zichen's three returned to Tang Jingtian's courtyard.

"Tzichen." One second to remember to read the book

"What do you have to ask me, Uncle V?"

"Too much, Zichen, how did you get so strong?You're only at the first level of Open Light, huh?"

"Oh, Fifth Uncle, my true realm has reached the first stage of Heart Illumination, and Tang Huan's true realm has also reached the first stage of Heart Illumination."

"What? How is that possible."

"We're just hiding it, otherwise, it's not good to be too ostentatious."

"Yes, father, but I was able to ascend to the First Order of Heart Illumination thanks to my younger brother, who has a secret refining method that can very quickly refine spirit stones and transform them into realms.Moreover, my younger brother can also refine talismans, and in the Flying Cloud Sect we earned a lot of spirit stones by selling talismans before soaring all the way up to the First Order of Heart Illumination.But unfortunately, the further we go, the harder it is to rely on spirit stones to refine them, because we really can't earn that many."

Tang Jingtian heard incredulously, Tang Huan didn't know, but Tang Jingtian knew clearly that Tang Zichen had stepped into the void from the mortal realm.

Tang Zichen, a man with no background, had played around with the Flying Cloud Sect, Tang Jingtian felt truly ashamed of himself.

"Fifth Uncle, from now on, the Tang family will be managed by you, and like Tang Hu Lai, you will take over half of the family's monthly harvest for yourself."


"If a man is not for himself, the heavens will punish him."After saying that, Tang Zichen took out a few talismans and handed them to Tang Jingtian.

"This is?"

"This is a fixation talisman and an extreme speed talisman that I have refined, and it can be used up to the eighth step of heart illumination."

"Ah, such a precious talisman."

"Yes, in the world, this talisman is estimated to cost dozens of third-grade spirit stones to exchange, and it's not always for sale."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Jingtian nodded and put away the talisman Tang Zichen had given him.

Tang Zichen no longer had any extra talismans on him, the few third grade spirit stones he had left from before were used to buy talisman refining materials.

At that moment, Tang Zichen saw several red baskets in the house, along with cloth and other things.

"Hm?What's this?"Tang Zichen finished being busy.

Tang Jingtian was a little depressed, "This is Huanhuan's bridal gift."

"What? Dad, I'm getting married?"Tang Huan was shocked, her bride-price, she didn't even know she was actually getting married.

"Fifth Uncle, what exactly

Back to the matter."

Tang Jingtian said, "This is a young master of the Ancient Nun Family, knowing that our family's Huan'er has a national appearance, he wants to marry Huan'er, with the power of the Ancient Nun Family and us being a vassal family to their family, there is naturally no possibility of disagreeing, so they have sent the bride-price and are preparing to pick a day to marry."

Tang Huan said anxiously, "Father, I don't want to marry."

"Alas, the Ancient Slave Family, is our Tang Family's main family ah, how can we resist.The strongest members of the Ancient Slave Family are already at the Spiritual Harmony Stage, and there is also a senior in their family who serves as an elder in the Flying Cloud Sect, how do you think we can resist the Tang Family anymore."Tang Jingtian said with a helpless face.

Tang Zichen snorted, "If you want to marry my sister, then take your life as a bride-price, just a few boxes of gold, silver and jewels, and a few bundles of cloth, but you also dare to come and give a bride-price."Tang Zichen carried anger in his heart, as an immortal, gold, silver and jewels are not half meaningful, not to mention cloth, what immortal doesn't use things like spirit stones, magic treasures, secret methods, spirit herbs, talismans, etc. to place a bride price.Therefore, this young master of the Ancient Nun Family was practically robbed for nothing.

"Death."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

"Fifth Uncle, what's the name of that person who deludedly wants to marry Tang Huan?"

"Called Ancient Slave Seal, he graduated from the Flying Cloud Sect just last year."

"Just graduated from the Flying Cloud Sect, that means he reached the first stage of Heart Illumination."

"Yes, that Ancient Nun Seal graduated from Flying Cloud Sect at the age of forty, his talent can't be said to be very strong, but it's considered slightly good.Compare that to me, who's only at the second stage of heart illumination at two hundred years."

"Hmph, he's dead."Tang Zichen kicked the gifts in the hall into the sky.

Tang Zichen had now reached the Heart Shining Order as well, remembering that Tang Jingtian had been able to descend to the heavens, I wondered if Tang Zichen could descend as well.

"Fifth Uncle, I'm also at the Heart Illumination Order, how do I get to the Mortal Realm?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Ah, you're going to the mortal realm?"

"Yes, it's been a year since I stepped into the void, and I'd like to go back to my hometown,"Tang Zichen said.

"That's easy, but it requires depleting some of your cultivation."

"How's that?"

"If you descend to the mortal world, your realm is expected to fall to the ninth step of enlightenment, are you really willing?"

"This."Tang Zichen didn't expect that it would deplete his cultivation.

"Then it's better to forget it, I'm only nostalgic for the mortal realm anyway, there's no real meaning to it.All of my relatives have long since left me, and my revisiting my old haunts will only add to my grief."Tang Zichen inwardly thought of his wife, friends, and children in the mortal realm and couldn't help but feel despondent.After stepping into the spirit world, Tang Zichen went to think of his relatives in the mortal realm for the first time.

"Zichen, the past has passed, although you have only been in the Spiritual Realm for a year, it has been ten years in the Mortal Realm."Tang Jingtian consoled.

At this moment, at the door, Tang Huan was carrying a plate of tea, but her expression was stunned as she heard the incredible conversation.

"Mortal Realm?Stepping on the void?Family?What does that mean?"Tang Huan never knew that in this world, there was any mortal realm, Tang Huan only knew that the misty immortal realm existed, not knowing that there was a lower level of mortal realm.

Tang Zichen had found Tang Huan outside.

"Come in."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Huan walked into the house, his eyes looking at Tang Zichen strangely.

Tang Zichen saw Tang Huan's face and knew that Tang Huan had heard everything, so he had to sigh.In that case, Tang Zichen's career as a 'younger brother' would be over, as he couldn't pretend to be young if he knew Tang Zichen's past.


Tang Jingtian said, "Huanhuan, it's time for you to know the truth, in fact, Zichen is not from our world, he is from the mortal realm stepping into the void."

"What is the Mortal Realm?"

"The mortal world is also like our spirit world, mortals are like the difference between us and immortals.Mortals only have a short lifespan of seventy or eighty years, and their bodies can become ill, in short, mortals have very, very poor health.However, mortals can also train in martial arts, and as they improve in martial arts, their flesh can also improve, and when they finally reach the Returning Ancestor Realm, their flesh will evolve into the standard of our spirit people, after which, they can tread through the mortal realm and come to our spirit realm to cultivate immortality in our spirit realm."

"Ah."Tang Huan looked at Tang Zichen in surprise, she seemed to already know about Tang Zichen's past.

"Yes, Zichen used to be a mere mortal, and through his own efforts, he stepped through the void and came to the Spiritual Realm.Before Zichen returned to his ancestors, he was over two hundred years old, and had many wives and children in the mortal realm, but they had all died of old age.And after Tzu-Chen returned to his ancestors, he regained his youth and became a twelve year old boy, then after he stepped into the Void to come to the Heavenly Jewel City, I brought him into our Tang Family."

"Ah."Tang Huan looked incredulously at Tang Zichen, who had always thought of him as a younger brother, but he had such a complicated life.

Tang Zichen nodded and smiled, "Sorry, Tang Huan, it's not that I'm only telling you now, it's not that I'm trying to hide it, but I don't want to break the easy warm life that you and my brother and sister had before."

"But, you're so old now, how can you be my brother."

"Haha, now that it's all said and done, you can call me brother Zichen, although my mental age is older than yours, but my physical age now, I'm still younger than you."

Tang Huan pouted, "I told you how you don't feel like a child of this age."

"Hahaha." First URL

At that moment, Tang Huan remembered the previous night that Tang Zichen slept with her and was shocked, Tang Zichen had many wives and children in the mortal realm and still slept with her in the spirit realm, wouldn't that be?

Tang Huanton blushed in a huff, "You're really bad."After saying that, Tang Huan shyly ran away.

Tang Jingtian said, "Zichen, what exactly did you do to Huan'er?Why is she saying you're bad."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen didn't want to say anything.

Tang Jingtian laughed, "Zichen, if you like Huan'er, you can marry her as your wife, although you have a wife and children in the mortal realm, but now you are equal to being reborn as if you were born again, everything starts from the heart."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "I don't want to experience that kind of painful separation between life and death anymore.In this life, I only want to find the love of my life that I once had, other than that, I want nothing else."

Right at this moment, Tang Jingtian suddenly thought of something and was busy saying, "Right, Zichen, I almost forgot to tell you something."

"What is it?You say."

"Almost two months ago, that temple right in the middle of Tianbao City glowed once again."

"What?Glowing again?Are you saying that another person has stepped into the void from the mortal realm to come to Heavenly Jewel City?"Tang Zichen asked in shock.

"Yes, just like when you stepped on the Void to come up here, so I immediately rushed to the temple when I found out, but unfortunately, I was a step too late and the person who stepped on the Void to come up here was already gone."

"Ah, who exactly stepped up on the Void?O Fifth Uncle, why don't you be quick, whoever that person is, they are from the same mortal realm as me, to me, it's an old friend."

"Sorry, Zichen, I happened to be in internal need at the time."

Tang Zichen could only sigh helplessly, depending on fate, if there was fate, he would definitely find that hometown.


br /> "Go, my ancient Nu family."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, Tzu-Chen, go to the Gurnu family now?"Tang Jingtian was stunned.

"Yeah, go kill the Ancient Slave Seal, didn't you say that he wants to marry Tang Huan?"

"But, but that's too much of a rush."

"Fifth Uncle, do you want to keep the Ancient Slave Seal until tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow is too hasty ah, the Ancient Slave Family is so powerful, if you want to kill the Ancient Slave Seal, you need to plan ah, plan seamlessly so that the Ancient Slave Family won't know who did it."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, no, no, this is not my style, my style does not require planning."

"Zichen, the Ancient Slave Family, who have reached the Spiritual Unity stage, more than three people ah, and one of them, is serving as a Junior Elder in the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Junior Elder only, I didn't put it in my heart at all, but I can't just care about myself, in case they attack you after I return to the Flying Cloud Sect in a few days, that would be a problem as well.Since that's the case, let's do as you say, assassination."

"Mmhmm, as much as you can without causing too much trouble."Tang Jingtian busily nodded.

Tang Zichen was helpless, assassination, he was too embarrassed to say it out loud, and he, Tang Zichen, actually wanted to assassinate.

Tang Jingtian said, "That Ancient Nun Seal, he likes to stroll around the kilns, as far as I know, every few days, he will go to the most famous 'Immortal's Residence' in Tianbao City, if we want to assassinate him, it's best to do it at the Immortal's Residence.Of course, the Immortal's Residence is run by the Ancient Nun Family, and it's a special service for immortal cultivators."

"Fine, then let's go to the Immortal's Residence."

That night, Tang Zichen headed to the Immortal Dwelling.

Tang Zichen didn't know when the Ancient Slave Seal would arrive, so he just wanted to try his luck.

Tang Zichen entered the Immortal Dwelling using the Disguise Technique and Bone Shrinking Technique.

"Yo, gongzi."A flowery woman greeted and touched Tang Zichen's chest.

Tang Zichen asked, "Do you know the Ancient Slave Seal?"

"Uh, Young Master Gunu India?"


"Of course I know them, but they don't know me, they play, but they're the head card of the fairy house."

"Really, who's your headliner."

"Prince, are you going to do it or not, I'll give you a discount, how about a first class spirit stone?"

"So cheap."

The woman smiled, "It seems that the gentleman is a young master oh."

"Alright, don't talk nonsense, give you two spirit stones and take me to find the Ancient Slave Seal."


Tang Zichen, led by that woman, arrived at the backyard of the Immortal's residence, a more advanced place.

"Young Master Ancient Slave Seal is inside this courtyard now, he should be entwined with our head card at the moment."

Tang Zichen threw two spirit stones to the woman and instructed her not to speak nonsense, or else she would risk her life.

After that, Tang Zichen entered that high-class courtyard and indeed saw, in a pavilion in the courtyard, a man and a woman were ambiguously drinking a glass of wine in the pavilion.

Tang Zichen clapped his hands and smiled, "Not bad, passionate."

Suddenly, the man stood up.

"Who are you?"The man asked angrily, but he didn't even realize when someone had snuck in.


Tang Zichen asked, "Dare I ask if you are Young Master Gu Nu Yin?"

The man was so stunned that he called him Young Master?Did you come to ask him for something?

"Yes. What are you?Why interrupt my good fortune."

"Well, that's good, it looks like you've got the right person."

"Aren't you going to tell me who you are?How dare you barge in since you know I'm Young Master Gu Nu Yin."Gu Nu Yin yelled.

"Young Master Gu Nu Yin, I'm asking you, do you want to marry Tang Huan?"

"Nonsense, the bride-price has been given."

"That's right, I'm Tang Huan's younger brother, I just came back from the Flying Cloud Sect, I heard that you're marrying Tang Huan."

"Yo, so it's brother-in-law, hahaha, disrespectful."Gu Nu Yin smiled, since he was Tang Huan's brother, he forgave Tang Zichen.

After Tang Zichen confirmed his identity, he said, "Then, you'll be on your way."

"Uh."Gu Nu Yin's face changed. Remember the URL

"Bang."In the next second, Tang Zichen exploded the ancient slave seal's head with a slap.

"Ah."The woman beside him shouted.

"Bang."Tang Zichen killed the head tag with another slap.

Then with a flaming palm move, he burned the two of them cleanly.

Tang Zichen quietly returned to the Tang family.

"Zichen, why did you just come back, did you go kill the Ancient Slave Seal."

"Yes, Fifth Uncle, I wanted to try my luck, but I didn't expect that Gu Nun's Seal happened to be at the Immortal Residence tonight, so I killed him, don't worry, no one knows who did it."Tang Zichen said with a bit of a stifled voice.

"Good, that's good."

At this moment, in Tian Bao City, the Lie Yue Family, in the room of a disciple with a foreign surname, a twelve year old girl, looking at the moon in the sky outside the window, muttered to herself, "Windy, where exactly are you, would you be in the Flying Cloud Sect?"

This twelve-year-old girl, despite her tender age and incomparably tender face, was a complete beauty at first glance, and when she grew up, her beauty was definitely extraordinary.

At this time, a man's shout came from outside: "Leyue Xinyi, what are you still not sleeping at such a late hour, don't go to sleep yet, get up early tomorrow morning to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth."

"Oh."That twelve year old girl oh, then closed the window, the man who had just yelled at him outside was the one who had led her back to this family, then changed her name to Leyue Xinyi.

In fact, her real name was Yan Xingyi, a person who stepped into the void, but she didn't tell anyone about it.

Yes, this tender and incomparably tender twelve year old girl was exactly Tang Zichen's teacher Yan Xinyi in the mortal realm.

Perhaps, Tang Zichen would never have thought that the second person who stepped onto the Void was his teacher's wife.

The only thing is, the teacher's wife was only a love affair in the mortal world, and now after everyone has returned to their ancestors, the love affair in the previous life is only a love affair, the teacher's wife is no longer the teacher's wife, and Feng'er is no longer the pupil.

Yan Xinyi was able to reach the Ancestor Returning Realm in the mortal realm, in fact, thanks to Tang Zichen's martial arts experience left behind in the mortal realm before he stepped into the void.

Yan Xinyi knew Tang Zichen too well, so the martial insights Tang Zichen left behind, Yan Xinyi could almost see through her heart, so Yan Xinyi raised her martial dao realm so fast that she finally did reach the Ancestor Returning Realm and stepped into the Void to arrive at the Spiritual Realm.

After arriving at the Spiritual World, Yan Xinyi, with a confused face, was like a lost child who didn't know where to go.At that time, she was discovered by a man named Leyue Lu, who thought she was a homeless little girl, and saw that her face was so delicate and she had played with countless women.So, Leyue Lu brought Yan Xin Yi back to the Leyue Family, and in the name of her godfather, raised her first, and then tasted her after she grew up.

Only, Yan Xinyi didn't know what was going on inside Leyue Lu's mind at the time, and thought that she had really met a good person.Until later, after she found out about Leye Lu's gaze, as someone who had come over, Yan Xin Yi knew what Leye Lu was paddling, Yan Xin Yi also began to worry, and even wanted to escape, but unfortunately, she couldn't escape, and was under Leye Lu's surveillance every day.

Right now, Yan Xin Yi was lying on her bed, she couldn't sleep, her mind kept flashing the face of Tang Zichen, of course, the grown up Tang Zichen.

"Feng'er, what should I do?That Lie Yue Lu, is really despicable and shameless, I'm really afraid that one day, he will put me, alas, I must leave the Lie Yue family.Feng'er, you are the only family I have left, I must find you, I heard that you might be in the Flying Cloud Sect, so I must assess to enter the Flying Cloud Sect.In half a month, the Flying Cloud Sect will start enrolling students, I must find a way to enroll so that I can go to the Flying Cloud Sect and get away from Leyongrue's control.It's just that Lie Yue Lu watches me to death every day, I don't have any chance to escape at all, what am I going to do."Yan Xinyi secretly thought.

The next morning, Yan Xinyi woke up and went to the place where the Leyue Family's aura was abundant to absorb the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth.No matter what, she must work hard to cultivate, the stronger she became, the greater the possibility of escaping from the evil claws.

At this moment, not far away, Leyue Lu looked at Yan Xin Yi and said inwardly, "This little ninny, with such a high talent, she has already stepped into the first stage of body refining at such a young age, I really don't know if I'm raising a tiger or not.No matter, when she turns fourteen in two years, I'll sleep with her, hehehehe."Lie Yue Lu smiled a smile full of evil, Lie Yue Lu was just a loser in the Lie Yue Family, he was afraid that Yan Xin Yi would grow up and he wouldn't be able to control it, so he didn't want to wait for Yan Xin Yi to grow too big.

At this time, Yan Xin Yi opened her eyes and saw Leyue Lu, who was watching her from not far away, and was depressed inside.

Lie Yue Lu's eyes, like a hungry wolf, had been staring at Yan Xin Yi's entire body all day, looking at Yan Xin Yi's heart.Although Yan Xinyi was a little girl on the outside, she was an adult woman on the inside, what would she not know, but limited to her low strength, she was also powerless.

In the blink of an eye, the Heavenly Jewel City's City Meeting arrived.

On this day, the entire Tianbao City was as lively as the New Year, with lights and gongs everywhere, and families cooking fragrant meals.

Of course, this was the life of ordinary people in Tianbao City, but the four great families of Tianbao City, the Gu Nu was there, the Lie Yue family, the Tang family, and the Meng family, their city meeting, was more than that.

The four great immortal cultivation families, early in the morning, one after another, went to the temple in the middle of Tianbao City.

Today, the Four Great Immortal Families would be holding a Heaven Sacrifice in the Holy Temple, and after the Heaven Sacrifice, the children of the Four Great Immortal Families would also be competing here, competing and emerging, so as to solidify each family's position.The four great immortal cultivation families all called their most talented children of their own families to come here to strengthen their family prestige.

At this moment, the Lie Yue Family.

Yan Xin Yi had also already heard about today's City Meeting from the other people, however, she did not have the opportunity to go.

Yan Xin Yi said inwardly, "I must fight and plead with Lie Yue Lu to take me to the Temple, only by going out can I find a chance to escape."So, Yan Xin Yi immediately went to plead with Lie Yue Lu, begging him to take her to the City Meeting.


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