Dish Best Served Cold 491-496


Chapter 491

"So that's how I, Guo Ya Wen, look like in your heart."

"Four years of fellowship and you can't compare to a poor loser?"

"Well, in that case, why do we need to travel together any more?"

"The way is different, not the other way around!"

"Honey, shall we go?"

"This jade bracelet, don't help them pay for it either, we're not fit for this injustice."

Guo Ya Wen's angry words could not stop echoing.

After saying that, she even pulled up her own husband and turned her head to walk out.

"Wen Wen, Wen Wen~"

Seeing that Xu Lei and Guo Alyssa have fallen out, Meng Han, who is caught in the middle, is undoubtedly extremely anxious and vainly tries to call out to Guo Alyssa, but it's obviously in vain.

Guo Yawen and her husband had already left the jewelry store without looking back.

"Little Lei, you're confused~"

"You offended Matilda for someone like that?It's so not worth it."

Meng Han sighed for a while.

And then, she glared hard at Ye Fan, "Look at what you've done!"

"It's just as well you got yourself into trouble and dragged Regina down with you."

"Gotta, you guys can't expect to go to the boxing match this afternoon."

To Ye Fan, Meng Han was undoubtedly disgusted to the extreme.

In the end, she looked at Xu Lei again and said that she would go out to persuade Wen Wen and come back to her later.

Within a short while, the three people who were just traveling with her had all gone, and here, only Ye Fan Xu Lei and two others were left.

"Brother Xiaofan, I'm sorry."

"My classmates and the others..."

After Meng Han left, Xu Lei felt guilty, but lowered her head and apologized to Ye Fan in a low voice.

Ye Fan lightly smiled, "Little Lei, why do you need to apologize, it's nothing to do with you?"

"The woods are big enough that a few stray birds are bound to come out."

"Let's go, it's time for the boxing match to start, we should go over."

"If we delay things, that old thing, Xue Ren Yang, is afraid that he'll have to be anxious."

Ye Fan said with a light breeze, his appearance was still calm, as if what had just happened hadn't caused any waves in his heart.

Ye Fan's life was certainly short, if you counted it up to now.

But over the years, he had experienced too many storms.

Even if he couldn't say that he was insightful about the world, he was still able to spoil things.

Those little actions of Guo Yawen were undoubtedly ten thousand times more childish and ridiculous in Ye Fan's opinion, and Ye Fan naturally wouldn't be angered by these few jumping clowns.


"Something is broken and you want to leave without paying for it?"

"Where in the world does that come from?"

However, when Ye Fan and Xu Lei were about to leave, the fat owner of this shop came out and spoke harshly to Ye Fan and the two.

Xu Lei, in the spirit of appeasement, wanted to pay compensation and leave it at that.

"That bracelet is marked at over 9,900, I'll give you 10,000, that's fine, right?"Xu Lei faintly said.

"Ten thousand?"

"Ten thousand dollars to try and settle this."

"You've frightened away my customers and disrupted our business.It's costing my store a lot of money."

"You won't leave without a fifty thousand yuan."

The fat store manager seemed to see that Xu Lei and the others were easy to bully, but at this time, he was sneering with an inch to spare.

In between the words, even more let the two male employees under the hand to block the door, that frame is also really scary.


"You're blackmailing me?"

Xu Lei was furious.

Ten thousand dollars for something that made them pay fifty thousand.

That's a shrewd plan!

"This lady, I don't like what you're saying."

"You broke the stuff, didn't you, and those three rich customers were angry with you just now?"

"You broke my stuff and damaged my business, so it's merciful enough to make you pay fifty thousand."

"What? You still don't want to?"

The fat shopkeeper smiled coldly.

Xu Lei was undoubtedly enraged by this old man's abominable face in front of her, if this was in Yunzhou, Xu Lei would have already called her underlings to come over.

But now, after all, in Yanjing, Xu Lei didn't have much influence here, and the boxing match was about to start, so Xu Lei was afraid of delaying Ye Fan's important matter, so she bit her teeth and endured.

However, just when Xu Lei was about to use her mobile phone to transfer money, Ye Fan stopped her.

Amidst Xu Lei's terrified gaze, Ye Fan, who had been unmoving, walked forward, looked at the fat store manager, and said indifferently, "Originally, if you had kept your peace and talked nicely, this jade bracelet, we would have helped others pay for it."

"But since you're stirring your nose, there's nothing we can do about it."

"An injustice has been done, we didn't break this jade bracelet, sorry, don't say fifty thousand, we won't pay a dime for it."

"Bastard, you still want to go rogue?My shop but there is surveillance, do you believe I call the police, when it is not just a matter of losing money, think of such a scoundrel like you are afraid of a few days in jail!"The fat shopkeeper became annoyed and cursed angrily, whirling around to ask the clerk to retrieve the surveillance.

"When the surveillance is retrieved, I'll see how you can still deny it?"

The fat shopkeeper grunted as the clerk had finished watching the surveillance and ran over.

"Boss, it really wasn't him who broke it."

"The surveillance shows that it was that demonically dressed woman from before who deliberately threw it underground and planted it to frame this gentleman."The one who spoke was a smaller, younger shopkeeper.

As soon as the shopkeeper heard this, he glared at her and slapped her with a slap, "Bastard, what are you talking nonsense about?"

"Boss, it's true, no you can see for yourself."The shopkeeper was very aggrieved.

The fat shopkeeper ran over to take a look in disbelief, and soon his old face darkened, and he looked as if he had been gorged.

"How?Now we can go."

Ye Fan sneered.

This was called stealing a chicken and not eating the rice, originally, if this fat boss was willing to accept it, Ye Fan didn't mind letting Xu Lei buy the bill.But this fat boss wasn't greedy enough to take them for fools, then Ye Fan and the others couldn't be blamed for being heartless.


"Don't leave until you pay for it!"

"You're the ones who fell, don't you dare try to deny it."

"Come on, surround them for me, don't leave for a day if you don't pay."

The fat store manager said harshly as he deleted the surveillance from earlier.Come to a dead end!

From the looks of it, even though Ye Fan and the others had proven their innocence, the fat store manager wasn't going to let them go.

Otherwise, the loss could be his to bear.

When Ye Fan saw this, his eyebrows went cold: "What, want to come hard?"

"You'll have to think it over."

"You're afraid you can't afford this consequence?"

Ye Fan's cold and gloomy voice, with a morbid anger, echoed darkly in the room.

The fat shopkeeper laughed as he listened, "Yo, and you're threatening me?"

"I've been operating in this area for more than ten years, and the director of the Goose Lake Scenic Area respects me three times."

"What kind of a thing are you to threaten me as well?"

"What's wrong with me coming hard?"

"What's wrong with me letting people surround you?"

"If you don't spend any money on disaster relief today, not only will you have people surrounding you, but I'll fucking play with your woman tonight!"

"If you're really good at it, don't just lip-sync, I'll give you a phone number so you can shout at anyone you want."

"I'll have a good time with you today, let's see which of us calls out for more people!"


This fat shopkeeper also seems to be a bully in this ten-mile radius.

The family has money, the hands of the shop, weekdays to go out to dine and spend money is not stingy, so the popularity in the neighborhood is undoubtedly very good.

This one phone call, surprisingly, actually called out a dozen fox and dog friends.

"Brother Biao, what's going on?"

"How nice of this to call us."

In the jewelry store, this dozen or so big men who were called here asked the fat store manager of the bottle with a smile on his face.

"No big deal."

"It's just that there's a punk kid who wants to meet me for a fight."

"Call the brothers over and calm me down!"

"When it's all over today, don't leave, I'll treat you to dinner at the star hotel tonight."The fat boss said boldly.

"Let's not talk about the dinner, we do want to know, which unknown thing came to Biao's field to cause trouble?"

"I guess you don't want to live, do you?"

These dozen big men asked in confusion.

Soon, the fat boss identified Ye Fan.


"So he's a brat, huh?"

"He's not very old, but he's quite capable of causing trouble, but this girl next to him is a sight for sore eyes."

"Biao, I think your date is fake and wanting someone's girl is real, right?"

A piercing laughter could be heard in the shop.

The people in front of them, looking at Xu Lei's gaze, were all fiery and wanton.

After all, a girl with such a face and figure was too rare.If one could have a spring night with this kind of girl, then being a ghost would be a windy affair.

"Kid, how is it?"

"Now you know what it's like to be scared, right?"

"However, if you let your woman have a few drinks with our brother tonight, I can pretend that today's incident never happened."

The fat boss obviously also had a crush on Xu Lei, and got up to mischief and laughed coldly.

Ye Fan looked at them, but shook his head, "Afraid?"

"With this man?"

Ye Fan laughed contemptuously.

"Good boy, still pretending to be here?"

"Okay, you call someone."

"If you can't call someone today, I'll fucking kill you!"

The fat boss was undoubtedly furious, he didn't expect the young man dressed as a loser in front of him to be so crazy.

To the point of death, he was still spouting nonsense here!

"Bill, what's the point of talking to such a frosty young man?"

"Let's bro we'll just beat it up and be done with it."

The others shook their heads and said with disdain.

But the fat boss waved his hand, "Play with him first, I have to make this bastard kneel down today!"

Ye Fan, however, smiled proudly at this time, "Let me shout?"

"Well, then, as you wish!"

As the words fell, Ye Fan immediately picked up the phone and dialed Xue Ren Yang.

"Dragon Lord, where have you been?"

"The boxing match is about to start."

"You mustn't be delayed."

This Yanjing boxing match was a matter of the survival of the Xue family, and Xue Renyang himself was anxious and solemn, so when he came up, he asked Ye Fan if he had gone to Yanqi Lake.

"We'll talk about the boxing match later."

"I'm in a bit of trouble here, someone has surrounded me and told me to call out to anyone.Or else I'll play with my woman at night."

Ye Fan said indifferently.

But after Xue Ren Yang heard that, his old eyes stared at him, and his entire body scuffled as if he had been struck by lightning and jumped up from the sofa.


"Dragon Lord, you...What did you say?"

"Someone's got you surrounded?"

"And play with your woman?"

"He doesn't want to live!!!"

Xue Renyang's old face was gloomy, his palms clenched, and he was undoubtedly shocked and angry.

This was Yanjing, it was his Xue Ren Yang's turf.

Ye Fan had this kind of thing happen in his territory, naturally Xue Ren Yang's face couldn't hang on.

After Ye Fan told him the location, Xue Ren Yang said coldly with a sunken face, "Dragon Lord, wait well where you are."

"Old slave, I'll be there in a moment!"

The gloomy words carried a strong chill and killing intent.

After hanging up the phone, Xue Ren Yang immediately called Xue Mingxin.

"Mingxin, how many people has our Xue family arranged outside of Yanqi Lake?"

"About a few hundred people.Uncle, don't worry, all those internal guards raised by our family have been transferred over, in addition to the retired veterans that our Xue family has collected from the army.In addition, I've called the security company and transferred a few cars over.Outside of Yanqi Lake, it's absolutely ironclad, and without tickets, an idle person won't be able to get in!"Xue Mingxin beat his chest from there.

Every year in the boxing tournament, the big families in Yanjing would send people to block off the entire Yanqi Lake.

A radius of several hundred meters was forbidden to idlers.

As the head of the three new nobles, the Xue family naturally sent out quite a few people.

"Very well."

"Now, pass on my orders, everyone assemble and follow me to the Yanqi Jewelers!"

Xue Ren Yang's cold and gloomy voice came out from the other end of the phone.

Xue Mingxin was a bit confused: "Uncle, bring...How many people to bring?"


The words exceeded a thousand words, but they were roaring in Xue Mingxin's ears.



Outside the window, the breeze was gentle and the sun was just right.

There were ripples on the distant Yanqi Lake.

Outside, there was a calm and peaceful scene.

And in the hall, Ye Fan looked calm and stood peacefully.

In front of him, more than a dozen big men were looking menacing and vicious, but it was chilling.

If it were an ordinary woman, seeing such a scene, she would have been frightened and pale with fear and tears, right?

Xu Lei, however, leaned on her Little Brother Fan with no fear and a faint smile always on her lips.

With this man here, Xu Lei would have the courage to not be afraid of the world!

"Heh, pretending to be calm?"

"But boy, it's been ten minutes, where's the guy you're shouting at?"

"I think you're just stalling for time."

"Bill, don't wait."

"If this bratty bastard doesn't get a beating, he won't know how many eyes the Horse King has."

The others were clearly out of patience.

The fat boss nodded, clearly he didn't want to waste any more time with fools like Ye Fan.


"Guys, just do it gently later and let him learn a lesson."

"Right, don't hurt that girl paper, I still have to drink with my brothers tonight?"


The hall was filled with dirty laughter.

Knock knock knock knock~.

However, just as the fat boss and the others were about to do something, a rumbling noise was suddenly heard in their ears.

Immediately afterwards, the earth began to tremble and the pieces on the counter began to sway.

Even the chandeliers on the roof were shaking left and right like mad.

The fat boss and the others, their old faces were stunned, "This...This is, an earthquake?"

Boom boom boom.

By this time, the sound had grown louder.

The thumping had turned into a thunderous roar and, the low, muffled sound, was still rhythmic.

The ground was trembling more and more, and the water in the cup had overflowed.

In the end, that roar was even more like a monstrous volley of waves, rolling in from the top of the nine heavens!

In the hall, everyone was terrified, their faces already completely white with fear.

What the hell was going on?

Just when all the panic, outside the door of the fat store manager's son is crashing them directly ran in, perhaps too excited, after running in, even directly on the ground.

Desperate cries: "Dad, soldiers, all...It's all soldiers!"

"The blackness, like a tidal wave, has surrounded our entire store~"

"Three circles inside, three circles outside, layers upon layers, I'm afraid there are thousands of them!"

"Dad, you...What the hell did you do?"




His own son's words were only as if thunder had struck.

The fat boss was so confused then that his mind buzzed.

"You...What did you say?"

"All...Are they all soldiers?"

"And.... thousands more?"

At that moment, everyone in the jewelry store had gone mad with fright.

Old faces were pale as they were horrified, and a pair of eyes were even more deadly.

In the end, the fat boss and the others seemed to have realized something, and the gazes of the crowd lifted and brushed all of them landed on Ye Fan.

That astonished and horrified look, as if they were looking at a ghost, looked at the faint and standing man in front of them.

"Mo...Could it be that...You shouted for it?"

The fat boss was completely befuddled.

In his heart, there was a huge wave of horror.

God, could it be that they had provoked the King of Soldiers?



"My Lord, a team is in place!"


"Team Two is in place!"


"Three teams in place!"


"Team four is in place!"


In front of the Yanqi jewelry store, the blackness was like a tidal wave, but in an instant, the entire store would be completely blocked and surrounded.

After the various teams reached their designated positions, the captains of the teams even came to report and saluted Xue Rinyang.

That middle-powered drink, a hundred-meter radius can be truly heard!

After all, many of these home guards of the Xue Family were retired soldiers.

Moreover, in order to keep them fighting, the Xue family also followed the military style and managed them militarily.

Even a pair of them were all dressed in military green, just without the rank.

However, the tiger and wolf aura of these people was nothing inferior to that of the regular army!

The aura of each person was comparable to several ordinary people.

That's why, even though there were only a few hundred people, that fat shopkeeper's son mistook them for thousands!



"Keep an eye on them all, not a single fly can get out of there without my orders!"

Xue Renyang drank in a deep voice.

Xue Renyang then brought a few people with him and walked towards the shop.

After the door was pushed open, Xue Renyang, as well as dozens of military men in uniform, immediately poured in.

When they saw Ye Fan, these people paid respectful homage to Ye Fan: "Mr. Chu, you are frightened!"


"Mr. Chu, you are frightened!"


The low and respectful voices of respect exploded in unison in the hall.

The leader of them, Xue Renyang, even more so, bowed forward and asked for forgiveness, "Dragon Lord, it's the old slave who is not well guarded, please lower your guilt!"


For a moment, the whole place was dead silent.

Only the gloomy and cold wind outside, as if it was crazy, whistled in.

Outside of the wide open doors and windows, the black crowd was as if Tarzan was bearing down on everyone.

The fat shopkeeper, even more so, kept quiet and ended up directly sprawled out on the ground like a dog.

The dozen or so of his brothers, seeing such a scene, were also scared out of their wits.

Looking at the fat shopkeeper, they were so angry that they wanted to kick him to death.

"Zheng Chengbiao, you son of a bitch!"

"Who the fuck did you mess with?"

"Damn dog thing!"

"We're all going to get killed by you~"

The dozen or so people who had come to calm down the scene for the fat store manager were almost crying out at this point.

They were only friends with Zheng Chengbiao, not deep friends.

Now that they followed him and got into trouble with a big man, they were afraid that they would even have to take their little lives.

"Boss Zheng, how is it?"

"Now you want to play hardball with me?"

"Now can I still have people around me?"

"Now, can you still play with my Ye Fan's woman?"

Ye Fan's cold laughter was like thunder that boomed from the ears of the crowd.

In the end, it was even more furious.

It scared Zheng Chengbiao to the point where his soul was nearly scattered and he was lying on the ground, begging for mercy incessantly.

The present Zheng Chengbiao where still half of the previous strength and courage.

After seeing the black-pressed crowd outside, Zheng Chengbiao already knew that he was afraid that today, he had really kicked the iron plate.

"Begging for mercy?"

Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, his face that was all cold and awe-inspiring.

"Now that you know how to be afraid, you know how to beg for forgiveness?"

"But don't you think that it's already too late."

"I gave you a chance before, and it's you who doesn't know how to cherish it, in that case, you can't blame others."

Ye Fan's plain tone was as if he was telling a sparse and ordinary matter.

But his words, when they landed in Zheng Chengbiao's ears, had the weight of a thousand pounds!

With a few words, it was undoubtedly a death sentence for Zheng Chengbiao.

At that moment, the fat boss was filled with despair.

It was as if all of his strength had been drained away in an instant.


"You should think about it carefully."

"You're afraid that you won't be able to bear this consequence?"


In his ears, he seemed to recall once again what Ye Fan had said just before.

At that time, Zheng Chengbiao only thought that it was Ye Fan's youthful arrogance.

But now, it didn't seem like it was arrogance, much less a threat.

It was this man in front of him, a tribute to his own life!

No one knew how remorseful Zheng Chengbiao's heart was nowadays.

If he had quit before and not blackmailed Xu Lei and the others, how would he have ended up like this?

One phone call, and thousands of people will worship!

Zheng Chengbiao simply couldn't imagine what kind of a big man this man in front of him was and what kind of monstrous energy he had.

"Long Yang, deal with it."

"I don't want, the next time I come to Yanjing, I'll see them again."

Ye Fan turned his back to the full house and said a few words coldly.

And then, he no longer stopped and left the place, bringing Xu Lei along with him.

As he left, Ye Fan didn't even look at Zheng Chengbiao and the others.

To someone like Ye Fan who was close to standing on top of power, Zheng Chengbiao was no different than an insect in his eyes?

Today, even if he didn't use the Xue family's influence, Ye Fan would undoubtedly be able to crush them to death at will just by himself.

However, since Zheng Chengbiao wanted to play, Ye Fan would play with him!

Sometimes the impact and shock of defeating him in what others are most proud of, is undoubtedly the greatest!

"Master, what to do with this Zheng Chengbiao?"

After Ye Fan left, his men inquired at Xue Ren Yang.

Xue Ren Yang gave him an indifferent glance and said coldly, "What else can we do?"

"Since Mr. Chu has spoken, then let's, collect his assets and drive him out of Yanjing."

"After today, there will be no more Yanqi Jewelry in the land of Yanjing!"

The cold words echoed for a long time.

Outside, many passersby watched with frightened eyes.

"This...So many soldiers?"


"Did this jewelry store owner stab the sky?"

"I'm afraid I didn't offend a general, did I?"

"Zheng Chengbiao is afraid that he's dead this time."

"It's also deserved, this Zheng Chengbiao relies on his few connections, and he hasn't done anything unethical in his daily life."

"What an evil retribution~"


The matter of Yanqi Jewelry Store being under siege by a serious illness quickly spread, undoubtedly sensationalizing the entire commercial town.

Many people rushed here on the news, wanting to see which monstrous figure that Zheng Chengbiao, had offended!

However, while the crowd was watching outside the shop, how could they know that the rightful owner, Ye Fan, was already leaving with Xu Lei.

At this time, it was time for the Yanjing Boxing Competition to begin.


The shores of Yanqi Lake.

The entire Yanqi Lake has been closed today because of the boxing match being held.

Only a few rich and powerful people who have bought tickets have the chance to board the boat to watch the fight!

At this time, as the boxing match was about to start, many people had gathered here and lined up to board the ship.

"Everyone, line up!"

"Boarding in order~"

"Anyone who doesn't follow the rules and disrupts the rules will have their tickets voided and will be expelled!"

Hundreds of people, two long lines of people, were waiting to board the boat at Yanqi Lake.

"I go, so many people?How long does this have to be in line?"

Among the crowd, Guo Yawen, Lei Dongbao, and Meng Han were also standing in the cold wind, lining up honestly.

Meng Han just said that he would go back to Xu Lei later, which was clearly a fart.

It was true that friendship with Xu Lei was important, but what Meng Han cared more about was today's boxing match.

It was said that today's boxing match was a gathering of big names.

All parties gathered on Yanqi Lake to divide the market with their fists and settle grudges with their martial arts.

Today's boxing match is not just about understanding between powers, but also about the division of power in Yanjing.

Naturally, it is of great interest!

This is also why, like Lei Dongbao these tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of small tycoons, braving the bitter cold, but also in this line to watch the battle, obviously to pay attention to the future Yanjing is the division of power pattern, but also convenient for them to befriend and climb.

And Meng Han, moreover, hoped to meet his true love on this occasion!

Any one of them would be a rich and powerful man with a lot of money and talent.

It's already in December, and the winter in Yanjing is already cold.

Add to that the fact that it's empty and the cold wind from the north is blowing wildly across the lake, Guo Alyssa only felt that her hands were freezing down.

At this point, looking at the long lines of people, Guo Alyssa couldn't help but complain.

"Honey, let's see if you know anyone, let's get on the boat first, shall we?"

"Matilda, stop it.No one in here is worth less than your husband and I. The one in front, who is worth a billion dollars, isn't just as honestly in line here?"

"Just wait at ease."

"It'll be warm after we're taken on a speedboat later,"Lei Dongbao said comfortingly.

The behemoth of a huge cruise ship lay in the middle of the Yanqi Lake.

All these people on the shore were being sent up there one at a time by the staff using speedboats.

That kind of speedboat only seated seven or eight people at a time, so the queue was naturally not short.


"Honey, isn't there an empty boat over there?"

"There are only a few people sitting there too, so let's go there and get in line, shall we?"

At this time, however, Alyssa Guo noticed a riverbank dock not far away, where several small yachts were parked, and there were also staff on board to drive the boats to transport people.

"What are you thinking about?"

"That's an exclusive passage for the top dignitaries of Yanjing."

"To be able to use that passageway, is it not the Yanjing magnate who is in charge of a hundred billion dollar industry."

"We'll only be able to see it."

Lei Dongbao knew that he, too, would be able to pretend to be a turtle in front of small places like Xu Lei and Ye Fan, but in front of the Yanjing giants, he would be a shrimp in death.

Of course he wouldn't be unaware of his own mortality and run to that special tunnel to embarrass himself.

Guo Alyssa also died after hearing this.

But in her heart, she was secretly envious of the fact that if only she had married a top-ranking dignitary, she wouldn't have to suffer in this "commoner" tunnel.

"Wen Wen, look, look at those two, are they Xiao Lei and her boyfriend?"

Soon, but Meng Han pointed in the direction of the special dock and shouted in surprise.

When Guo Yawen heard it, she laughed, "How is that possible?"

"Humph you're confused, aren't you?"

"Regina and that turncoat boyfriend of hers are probably still at that jewelry store begging their grandparents everywhere to raise money to compensate for that jade bracelet, so why are they here."

"What's more, they're like that, one's a small clerk from a third-tier town and the other's a poor loser who doesn't have a penny to his name, so they can use the special passageway?"

"You're afraid you're not dreaming?"

Guo Yawen didn't even bother to look at them, she just snorted.

Meng Han nodded, "That's right, the two of them don't even have tickets, so I'm afraid they won't even be able to walk to the lake."

"But it really seems like it."

Meng Han said in a low voice.

But while Guo Alyssa and the others were sneering and laughing, Ye Fan and Xu Lei had already boarded the private yacht.

"Mr. Chu, sit tight, we're about to sail."


Ye Fan nodded his head and only returned a good word.

And then, amidst the envious gazes of countless people in line, but Ye Fan and Xu Lei were already on a private yacht, heading towards a huge cruise ship in the center of the lake.


"Look at people."

"What a great life?"

"We, ah, are afraid that in our lifetime, we won't be able to enjoy this kind of treatment?"

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the private yacht in the distance, but it is full of envy.

How much she wished that she was the woman of the powerful big man sitting in that yacht.

Even if she was the mistress, she would be willing.

But I guess Guo Alyssa wouldn't have thought that the person sitting in the middle of the yacht at this time was the one they hated and disdained before, Ye Fan!



"Dragon Lord, I'm afraid I'll have to make you suffer a bit."

"I didn't get the VIP seat tickets in the front, you and Miss Xu, you can only sit in the back row first."At this time, Ye Fan had already reached the cruise ship.

In the middle of the huge cruise ship, a square open air boxing arena was set up!

All around were densely packed with audience seats.

At this time, Xue Ren Yang was full of bitterness, apologizing to Ye Fan.

"Can't even get a front row ticket?"

"It seems that your Xue Family's situation is truly dangerous."

Ye Fan undoubtedly saw through the situation and spoke directly to the Xue family's current predicament.


"Dragon Lord, as you know, our Xue family was previously linked to the Lin family and Zhao family under the name of the Long Yang Martial Hall."

"Now that I've withdrawn midway, a lot of the corresponding treatment is gone."

"And Lin Feng and the others have deliberately targeted my Xue family, so now I can only begrudge the Dragon Lord."

Xue Renyang was filled with sorrow and said repeatedly.

Ye Fan waved his hand, "It's fine, back row it is, where it's not all to see.You go over first, I'll make my own appearance when it's time for me."

"Well, the survival of my Xue family will depend on the Dragon Lord!"

After that, Xue Ren Yang also went over.

The Xue family belonged to the sponsor of the boxing match, and even though they were in a worrisome situation today, the seats belonging to the sponsor could still sit over.

Time continued to pass, seeing more and more tourists boarding the cruise ship, the open-air venue that was so large, was still lively.

About half an hour later, right next to where Ye Fan and Xu Lei were sitting, a man and two women quietly appeared.

After seeing Ye Fan and the two, these three were undoubtedly instantly dumbfounded!


"What are you losers doing here too?"

"Regina, you boarded the ship too?"

"Do you have tickets?"

"Blend in!"


Guo Alyssa and the others were very surprised as they darkened their old faces.

Before, they were still feeling superior for being able to watch the boxing match and Ye Fan and the others couldn't get in, but now it was good that Ye Fan and Xu Lei were even in.

Moreover, they were a row ahead of them?It was right in front of them.

It certainly made it hard for Alyssa Kuo to accept that there was a sense of outrage that she was being outmatched!

The previous sense of superiority was undoubtedly gone!

But Guo Alyssa and the others don't think that Ye Fan and Xu Lei are capable of getting tickets for this boxing match.

Therefore, they were preoccupied and just assumed that Ye Fan and Xu Lei were mixed in.

"Xiaolei, are you guys crazy?"

"Do you know what the occasion is today?"

"Almost all of Yanjing's top dignitaries will be there."

"Don't you see, outside Yanqi Lake, thousands of people are stationed to seal off the entire lake."

"A hundred-meter radius is strictly forbidden for idlers to enter."

"On such an occasion, you guys would dare to mix in?"

"There's bound to be a ticket check later, so why don't you guys get out of here before it's too late?"

"Otherwise, you guys are afraid that you'll suffer a big loss."

Meng Han was now, full of worry, lowering his voice and advising Xu Lei.

They were advised to leave quickly before they were discovered.

"Right, don't leave yet, maybe there's still tickets at Wen Wen's."

"I'll ask for you."

Meng Han then remembered Guo Ya Wen, then asked to Lei Dong Bao and his couple if they still had any tickets left.

They're all classmates, so it's better to help if you can.

But Guo Yawen snorted and turned her head, "Now you know to beg us?"

"Now you know it's a classmate?"

"I don't know who just said I planted the evidence to protect my love brother?"

"Wen Wen, don't be angry.What happened just now was all because of that Ye Fan, and there's no way to blame Little Lei for it.Just think of a way to get a ticket for Little Lei herself, and as for that Ye Fan, just leave him alone."Meng Han continued to advise.

However, Guo Ya Wen shook her head, "It's late.My husband already threw those two tickets into Yanqi Lake just now.But Xiaolei ah, you can instead ask your brother Xiaofan to look in the lake, maybe he can retrieve them?"

Guo Ya Wen mocked and laughed, her faint tone was full of contempt and disdain for the two of them, Ye Fan Xu Lei.

These two, they don't have any skills.

If they were like Meng Han, respecting herself and her husband, for the sake of their classmates, Guo Ya Wen didn't mind letting these two turtle get a taste of her.

But, these two people have no eyes and don't know how to behave, so Guo Ya Wen won't bother to help them.

"Meng Han, it's fine, you don't have to worry about us."Ignoring Guo Yawen's prickly words, Xu Lei just said broadly to Meng Han.

"It's fine?"Before Meng Han could reply, but Guo Ya Wen burst out laughing.

"Little Lei, you're from a small place, so I'm afraid you don't know the pros and cons of this big place, right?"

"This sub today is a gathering of dignitaries."

"I don't know how many big men and giants have converged."

"You're from a small place, mixing in here to touch the fish, if you're caught, it's light enough to drive them out, you might have to throw them into the river to feed the fish."

"You have to have a little bit of knowledge in your heart, you have to know the pros and cons."

Guo Yawen seemed to be concerned, but in reality, she was sarcastic that they didn't know how to live.

However, at this time, Ye Fan, who had been silent, shook his head and smiled, saying indifferently, "Miss Guo, I won't bother you with this."

"A mere two back row tickets, if we want to get them, we can still get them."

In between the words, but Ye Fan took out the two tickets that Xue Ren Yang had just given him and shook them in front of Guo Ya Wen and the others.

"Is it time to suspect that my tickets are fake?"

"You don't have to worry about that."

"I'll just find a staff member to check it."

Ye Fan whispered, while waving his hand to find a staff member to check it.

Naturally, it was undoubtedly a genuine ticket!

By now, Guo Alyssa and the others would undoubtedly never be able to say another word.

With their old faces flushed red, they only felt a few points of shame.

After all, they had just mocked for half a day and let people go to Yanqi Lake to fish for tickets.

It turned out that people had tickets in their hands and were in a better position than them.

This undoubtedly made Guo Alyssa very angry.

Sitting back in her seat, she sulked in that one.


"Is there a mistake?"

"What is this organizer doing, selling tickets to this kind of guy too?"

"I thought the general public couldn't access this sub?"

Guo Alyssa cursed, only feeling dropped for appearing in the same situation with a poor loser like Ye Fan.

"Regina, this ticket, how did you guys get it?"

"I thought..."

Meng Han was obviously also extremely startled and asked Xu Lei in confusion.

Xu Lei smiled and whispered, "My Little Fan brother got it."

"Your Little Fan brother?"

"Just him?"

"It's a joke, isn't it?"

Meng Han was suspicious for a while.

Guo Yawen and Lei Dongbao's couple also shook their heads in disdain.


"The boxing match is about to start."

"The big boys are entering the arena~"

At this moment, the entire venue was in an uproar.

The surrounding people looked excitedly at the eyed dignitaries appearing one after another in the center of the venue, discussing.

Hearing the discussion of the crowd, Meng Han and the others were undoubtedly busy looking over as well.

"I go, really?"

"I know that man, I've seen him on TV, he's the head of the Yanjing Zhao family, Zhao Si!"

Meng Han pointed at the old man in the distance, excited and happy.

"Han Han, be careful what you say, you don't want to live!"

However, when they heard Meng Han's words, Guo Ya Wen and her husband and wife's pretty faces went a little white, and they were terrified.

"Fourth Master's nickname, is it something you can shout?"

"Misfortune comes from the mouth, you know?"

"If someone with a heart hears you calling out Fourth Master's nickname and it reaches the eyes of the Zhao family, you're afraid that you won't live."

Guo Yawen reprimanded.

Meng Han was shivering with fear as if a pot of cold water had been poured down on him, and he didn't dare to speak anymore.

This was the difference between ordinary people like them and the Yanjing giants.

A single incorrect word could possibly be a death sentence.

At this moment, more and more dignitaries entered the arena in the front central area.

The surrounding spectators also began to talk about each other.For them to recognize a few of these big names, it was undoubtedly an extremely honorable thing to do among friends.


"The Lin family's head, Lin Feng, is here as well?"

"Linjia Pharmaceuticals, but it's a giant of the Huaxia pharmaceutical industry!"

"It is said that one-third of the country's market is controlled by the Lin family!"


"I'm going, Xue?"

"Isn't that the old man of the Xue family, Xue Ren Yang?"

"The head of the Three New Noblemen of Yanjing!"

"Didn't he back out?The head of the family has been replaced."

"Why are you here in person today?"


"Don't blow it out of proportion."

"And the head of the three new nobles?"

"The Xue family is all about to fall."

"You didn't see that after that Master Xue came out, no one paid any attention to a group of big men around him."

"One by one, they're hiding like the plague."


"And really?"

"What's going on with the Xue family?"

"Did you offend the big man?"


"Who knows about that?"

"But I heard that the Xue family was kicked out from among the Long Yang Martial Hall by Zhao and Lin."

"The previous Three New Noble Alliances are now devoid of the Xue family."


The surrounding crowds were discussing.

Even they, the spectators, could see a few suspicions, and from this, it was enough to prove how embarrassing the Xue Family's situation was nowadays.

However, just as everyone present was waiting for the boxing match to begin, Xu Lei's phone, suddenly vibrated a few times.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Fan clearly felt that the delicate body of the woman next to him suddenly trembled after taking a glance at the phone.

"Xiaolei, what's wrong?"

Ye Fan looked back over, but found that the pretty and beautiful family in front of him was miserable on top of their stunning faces.

"Brother Xiaofan, my second uncle he, has arrived."

Xu Lei's words were somewhat trembling.

In her eyebrows, she was filled with intense worry as well as trepidation.

In the entire Xu Family, the only person who could make Xu Lei fearful was the current Xu Family's master, Xu Lei's father's own brother, Xu Fengliang, right?

Naturally, Xu Fengliang was not an ordinary person who could become the head of the Xu Family.

Back then, Xu Fengliang was Xu Lei's father's right hand man, the person her father trusted the most.

What's more, ever since Xu Lei's parents died, Xu Fengliang had treated Xu Lei well.

Every year on her birthday, the only blessing Xu Lei received was from Xu Fengliang.

Moreover, all these years, when Xu Lei encountered setbacks and difficulties in Jiangdong, Xu Fengliang was also the one who secretly helped to solve them.

After the entire Xu family, the person Xu Lei was most ashamed to face now was her own second uncle, Xu Fengliang.

But now, what was due, had finally come.

"What did he say?"

Ye Fan's appearance also went down and asked Xu Lei in a low voice.

Xu Lei handed her phone to Ye Fan, and there was a message on it.

"Outside the venue gate, bring him to me."

Few words, short and concise.

By this, it was also enough to see that Xu Fengliang's character was definitely a stern and dignified type of person.

"Brother Xiaofan, Second Uncle asked me to bring you and go outside to meet him."Xu Lei whispered again at this point, and there was trepidation and worry in her tone.

"I know."

Ye Fan nodded.

He returned the phone to Xu Lei, raised his head, and indeed saw that at the front entrance, there were several silhouettes of people, standing respectfully.

At the arch of these bodyguards, a middle-aged man with powerful tiger eyes stood proudly with a negative hand.

Those cloudy and majestic old eyes were looking, heck, in the direction of Ye Fan and Xu Lei.

Even though he had never seen him before, Ye Fan could conclude that this person was Xu Lei's second uncle, the master of the Xu family, Xu Fengliang, right?

"Go over there, Little Lei."

"It's time to meet this second uncle of yours."

"Bringing you back to Jiangdong, it's always time to inform your Xu family elders."

Ye Fan looked calm and smiled faintly.He got up and was about to bring Xu Lei over.

"Brother Xiaofan, I..."

However, Xu Lei pulled the corner of Ye Fan's shirt, her shell teeth biting her red lips, those beautiful eyes that looked at Ye Fan were filled with concern and trepidation as if they were the depths of the sea.

She was afraid, afraid that her second uncle, would be unfavorable to Ye Fan.

She was even more afraid that if she went, she would be brought back to the Xu family and would never see her little brother Fan again.

Seeing Xu Lei's terrified appearance, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, gently flicking Xu Lei's pink nose, "Alright, it's alright."

"I, Ye Fan, said that I will take you away from the Xu family and return to Jiangdong, then I will take you back to Jiangdong."

"No matter who comes, from my side, you cannot be snatched away."

Ye Fan's words were low and slow, but within the calm tone was the power of a thousand times heavier.

Xu Lei's mood was then much more settled.

She nodded heavily at Ye Fan and gave a soft hmmm, then followed Ye Fan and went over together.

"Little Lei, where are you going?"

Seeing Ye Fan and Xu Lei suddenly leaving the meeting, Meng Han was confused and asked.

But perhaps the crowd was too loud, or perhaps Xu Lei was too distracted, she didn't even hear Meng Han's question and followed Ye Fan closely out of the venue.

"What else can we go?"

"Guess the spermatozoa went out to make love, huh?"

"It's not like you didn't see them getting tired of each other like that.And let that poor loser fence her nose?"

"I wonder what Regina's vision is?"

"Dead set on this kind of stuff."

"She's the only one who still ties flowers?"

"It's a disgrace to our finance department!"

Alyssa Kuo grinned, dismissively.


Ye Fan and Xu Lei, the two of them, had arrived on the deck outside the cruise ship.

Soon, they saw the majestic and steady figure.

"Second Uncle."

Seeing this person, Xu Lei, perhaps because of a guilty conscience or perhaps because she was terrified, shouted to him in a low voice, "Second Uncle.

And then lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

Xu Lei had thought that what she was about to face would be a furious rebuke from her own second uncle.

But to her surprise, Xu Fengliang didn't get angry, but instead looked at the already out and out girl in front of her and lightly smiled, "Growing up ah."

"The little girl who cried her nose when she was trained by me back then has now, surprisingly, become a big girl."

"This posture has at least inherited seven points of your mother's beauty."

"The remaining three points, even your mother, is not as good as your mother."

"If my brother, and sister-in-law saw that their daughter, who also looks like a beautiful city, and her posture is not inferior to her mother, how pleased do you think they would be."

Xu Fengliang's low words slowly echoed along with the cold wind from the lake.

But Xu Lei was listening, but her beautiful eyes were already red.

Two lines of tears couldn't stop flowing down.

"Second Uncle, right...I'm sorry, Little Lei has disappointed Second Uncle."

Xu Lei sobbed in a low voice, her voice choked, tears dripping down like a kite with a broken string.

"Xiaolei, there's no need to say you're sorry."

"People are not saintly, who can't make mistakes."

"As long as you know your mistakes and repent, you are still my Xu Fengliang's most beloved niece, and still the daughter of my Xu family's daughter."

"I know that Meifeng and the others have treated you badly, I agreed for you to marry into the Xue family, both for the sake of the family and also for your sake."

"I've been away for years, and it's difficult for me to always shelter you in the Xu family.If you enter the Xue family, Meifeng and the others will no longer be able to target you."

"Moreover, on the day you got married, your dowry was forty percent of the Xu family's shares."

"This share, which belonged to your father back then, is now naturally due to you as well."

"It's just a pity..."

At this point, Xu Fengliang shook his head, slightly disappointed.

"Alright, you take a step back for a moment, I have something to say to this person in front of me who calls himself Mr. Ye."

After a moment of silence, but Xu Fengliang suddenly screened Xu Lei, indicating that he wanted to talk to Ye Fan alone.


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