Dish Best Served Cold 497-500


Chapter 497

"Second Uncle, brother Xiaofan he..."Xu Lei was a little uneasy and unwilling to leave.

But Xu Fengliang smiled: "What?You've only been away from the Xu family for a few days and you don't trust your second uncle's character?"

"Could it be that you still think that your second uncle would personally take action against a younger generation?"

Ye Fan also nodded at this time and said indifferently, "Little Lei, I'm fine, listen to your second uncle, you can avoid it for a while."

Even if Ye Fan said that, even though Xu Lei was worried in her heart, she couldn't say anything else.She was good enough to go somewhere else to take refuge.

Soon, only Ye Fan and Xu Fengliang were left here.

"Little Lei calls me brother, according to my generation, I should call you, uncle, right?"

"From what Regina said, among the Xu family all these years, you were one of the few, who truly treated her."

"It's been a hard life for Little Lei, but having you as a competent uncle is a rare bit of comfort for Little Lei."

To Xu Fengliang, Ye Fan was also quite polite and courteous.

After all, he was Xu Lei's elder and treated Xu Lei well, even if it was for her face, Ye Fan would naturally have to be polite to Xu Fengliang.

However, to Ye Fan's words, Xu Fengliang didn't pay any attention to it.

He turned his head and walked to the outside deck, he looked at the turquoise lake in front of him and asked in a deep voice, "Young man, look outside the ship, what can you see?"

Ye Fan frowned, not knowing why Xu Fengliang suddenly asked this.

But Ye Fan still listened to his words and turned his head to look.

In front of him, he saw that the blue waves of Yanqi Lake were vast.

The vastness of the lake, reflecting the ten thousand miles of clear sky.

Immense, yet vast!

"It's the spreading Yanqi Lake, the undulating mountains of Yanshan Mountain, and the Huaxia Zun that towers in the distance."

Ye Fan's gaze skimmed over the waters of Yanqi Lake and also over the mountains of Yan Mountain, but he saw the tallest building located in the center of Yanjing, the Huaxia Zun!

Xu Fengliang nodded and continued to ask, "What about Yunzhou?"

"What is the largest lake in Cloud State, what is the most majestic mountain, and what is the tallest building?"

"The largest lake in Yunzhou is Yunwu Lake, which is located in the plains and has no famous mountains or rivers; the more famous mountain is Mount Genting on the outskirts of the city.The tallest building is the Jin Ding Commercial Building in the center of the city."Ye Fan continued back.

Xu Fengliang spoke again in a deep voice, "Then what do you think, Cloud Mist Lake, how does it compare to Yanqi Lake?How does Genting Mountain compare to this Yan Mountain Range?How does the Golden Tripod Merchant Mansion compare to that Hua Zun?"

Xu Fengliang's face with three questions, plain and low tone, but the one that made, Ye Fan, then frowned.

He did not answer, but looked at Xu Fengliang.

Xu Fengliang continued, "Yunwu Lake, with its 100 hectares of surface, and Yanqi Lake, with its 230 hectares of surface, is less than one-half of Yanqi Lake, the largest lake in Yunzhou."

"And Yanqi Lake, among all the lakes in Yanjing, can only be ranked third."

"Cloud Peak Mountain, two hundred meters above sea level.Compared to the highest peak of Yan Mountain, which is 2,213 meters above sea level, Yunzhou is less than one-tenth of Yan Mountain."

"As for Yunzhou's tallest building, it's 90 meters above sea level.It is less than one-fifth of Huazun."

"And in Yanjing, the Yanqi Lake is by no means the largest lake.Nor is Yanshan Mountain the highest mountain in Yanjing."

"On top of that, there is also Spirit Mountain, and Mount Hetao."

"And looking at Huaxia, there are also Mount Hua, Mount Heng, and even the world's highest peak, Mount Everest."

"Compared to these high mountains and mountains, the Cloud Peak Mountain in Yunzhou is just a small dirt slope."

"What are you trying to say?"When Ye Fan heard this, his appearance had become completely cold.

The deep eyebrows were filled with a gloomy color that hinted at a bit of coldness.

Xu Fengliang finally turned around, and for the first time, he began to look squarely at the youth in front of him, but the wisp of majesty and pride in his face was so distinct.

"I know that you are Mr. Chu, the Lord of Jiangdong, who has made some of the wealthy men of the small towns in Jiangdong worship him."

"At such a young age, with such achievements, you do have the capital to be proud of yourself in Jiangdong."

"But unfortunately, the land of Jiangdong is ultimately too small compared to Yanjing, or even the entire Huaxia."

"Even if you're still dazzling in Jiangdong, looking at Yanjing, and even the entire Huaxia, it's just like that Cloud Mist Lake, that Genting Mountain in your Yunzhou, it's ultimately insignificant and as small as dust."

"If Xiaolei were a person from Yunzhou, or a descendant of some small family in Jiangdong, it would be just as well."

"But unfortunately, she is from my Yanjing gentry, the daughter of the Xu family, and the niece of my Xu Fengliang."

"If you want to take her away, you're not worthy of a small Jiangdong gangster!"

The low and deep words, with an awe-inspiring chill, but they were like muffled thunder, quietly exploding on this flat lake.

When Ye Fan heard the end, he laughed.

He did not get angry at Xu Fengliang's contempt and disdain, but instead laughed at himself, "What about the Xue family's Xue Minghua?"

"A no-good second son, a lascivious dude, and he's worthy of Regina?Matched to your Xu family?"

Facing Ye Fan's sneer, Xu Fengliang returned in a deep voice, "The second son of the Xue family may be talentless and virtuous, but behind him is the Xue family, the head of the three noble families in Yanjing."

"With Xiaolei's wrist, give her thirty years, after Xue Renyang returns to the west, the Xue family's first son will be lacking in strategy and the second son will be talentless and virtuous, and by then, the Xue family will still be in her palm?"

"Together with the forty percent of the Xu family fortune that my Xu family gave her, in thirty years, Little Lei will be this Yanjing empress!"

"She may not have a happy marriage, but she will have monstrous power!"

"You're a yellow-mouthed, shallow-minded kid, a frog at the bottom of a well. How do you know my monstrous plans for Xu Fengliang?"

Xu Fengliang's angry words were fierce.

The words of majesty and fury were like gold and stone falling to the ground, but they resounded in this part of the world!



Loud laughter echoed, and Ye Fan looked as if he was hearing the biggest joke in the world at this point.

"Xu Fengliang, Xu Fengliang, don't you think that you think too highly of yourself and think too little of me?"

"With your scheming, it will take thirty years before you can make Regina the Yanjing Queen!"

"And I, why do I need thirty years?"

"As long as Little Lei is willing, I, Chu Tianfan, will send her to the top of Yanjing tonight!"


"Simply foolish?"

As soon as Ye Fan's laughter fell, Xu Fengliang became furious.

Like looking at an idiot, he looked at the arrogant little child in front of him.

"And still let Little Lei ascend to the top of Yanjing tonight?"

"This is Yanjing, the land of the Huaxia Empire."

"There are many giants here, and giants are gathered here!"

"The Zhao family, the Lin family, and even the even more powerful Xu family and the Mo family, how vast is the energy of these families?"

"One word from them, and they can cut off your future!"

"One word can destroy your Jiangdong foundation!"

"You're nothing more than a little Jiangdong boy, a bumbling leader, what's your stamina to say that?"

Xu Fengliang spoke furiously, questioning Ye Fan in an angry voice.

However, Ye Fan still smiled, "Asking me about my bottom line?"

"That's what I'm all about!"

Between sneers, however, Ye Fan's arm was raised and his fist was slowly clenched.

"Xu Fengliang, no matter how much you say, but what you've said is nothing more than dirt and dogs in my eyes!"

"Let you be a high family, let you be monstrously powerful, I, Chu Tian Fan, can blow it all up with a single punch!"





Hearing Ye Fan's youthful and arrogant words, Xu Fengliang, however, drank three times in a row.

Each furious drink was only like a thunderstorm exploding here.

"And one punch to burst?"

"Who do you think you are?"

"A heavenly deity?Or is it Hell's Thunders?"

"The Monkey King of Journey to the West had 72 transformations and the divine power of creation, but in the end, he was unable to break the shackles and was suppressed by the Buddha under the Five Fingers Mountain."

"Even the protagonist in mythological novels doesn't have this courageous ability to break the shackles of thousands of shackles?"

"You're a country boy, a Jiangdong turtle, and you dare to speak out like that!"

"What's the difference with that ignorant fool of a mantis?"

"With a face like that, you dare to covet my Regina?"

"Not in this lifetime!"

Xu Fengliang's old face was livid with anger.

At the end of his speech, he directly flicked his sleeve and left.

But he didn't even look at Ye Fan again.

He originally thought that this Ye Fan could intimidate that group of landlords in Jiangdong, even if he was not as good as their Yanjing giants, he was at least a promising young man at that time.

But now it seemed that he had thought too much.

"Returning Mr. Chu?"

"I think it's just a stunner who doesn't know what he's talking about!"

Such an arrogant and arrogant person, Xu Fengliang was not willing to waste any time on such a fool.

Before returning to the venue of the boxing match, Xu Fengliang coldly shouted to one of his men beside him, "After the boxing match is over, immediately bring Xu Lei back to the Xu family."

"Anyone who interferes, no need to be polite, kill them on the spot!"

"Carcasses, throw them into Lake Yanqi to feed the fish!"

Xu Fengliang's words were spoken loudly, and it was obvious that he was deliberately saying them to Ye Fan.

And after that, Xu Fengliang entered the venue.

Behind him, only those Xu family guards were left, looking with pity at the skinny young man still standing on the deck.

"Isn't it good to be alive?"

"Why seek death?"

The Xu family, who shook their heads and laughed lowly, soon left as well.

Having offended Xu Fengliang, in their eyes, Ye Fan was afraid that he was close to death, not far from it.

Here, there was a refreshing breeze.

On Yanqi Lake, the smoke was vast.

The clear surface of the lake was like a mirror, rippling with ripples.

In the chilly wind, Ye Fan stood there like this, his thin body, like a spear standing straight.

What was reflected in his deep brows and eyes was the sea of stars!

"Xu Fengliang, in your eyes, Yanjing is the capital of the Chinese Empire.Huaxia Zun is the highest place in Yanjing.The Lin and Zhao families are business giants that I am not as big as."

"However, how would you know that no matter how big Yanjing is in my eyes, it's just a bullet hole."

"No matter how high the Chinese esteem is, it's not as good as what I can do."

"No matter how powerful the Lin and Zhao families are, they will eventually be trampled under my feet."

"What you are pursuing is the Lord of Yanjing.What I am pursuing, on the other hand, is the esteem of this world!"

On the Wild Goose Lake, Ye Fan stood proudly with a negative hand.

In the midst of his awe-inspiring laughter, yet there was supreme might!

A moment later, Ye Fan had returned to his position.

"Brother Fan, my second uncle he, he didn't give you a hard time, did he?"

Seeing Ye Fan return, Xu Lei was worried, then asked in a low voice.

Ye Fan smiled faintly, "No."

"Little Lei, don't worry, as long as you don't want to, even the master of the Xu family can't force you to do anything."

What happened just now, Ye Fan didn't say to Xu Lei, nor did he need to.

It was a matter between men, and even if he told Xu Lei, not only would it not serve any purpose, it would just be a vain attempt to make her worry.


"Who is that guy?"

"When they appeared, so many rich and powerful people went up to greet them!"

While Xu Lei was talking to Ye Fan, the surrounding crowd exploded once again.

Guo Alyssa and Meng Han, who were in the back row, were also more than excited and curious.

They had thought that the Lin and Zhao family heads were already monstrous figures.

But now, with the appearance of that middle-aged man, the Lin family's owner, Lin Feng, as well as Zhao Si and the others, all of them actually went forward with smiles on their faces to welcome them.

Lei Dongbao was, after all, someone who had seen the world, and he could undoubtedly name some of Yanjing's well-known big names.

Just like at this moment, when everyone was all astonished, Lei Dongbao, however, explained in a pretentious tone, "This is Xu Fengliang, the head of the Xu family!"

"The Xu family is one of the four great giants."

"Even the rising upstarts like the Xue Family and the Zhao Family are naturally still inferior compared to these old giants."

"It's not surprising that they went up to greet the master of the Xu Family when he appeared on stage!"

"Wow, Brother Toho is awesome, he knows all these big names?"

"Matilda, you're married to a good husband!"

"Maybe, decades from now, in the Yanjing boxing tournament, Brother Dongbao won't be sitting in the audience, but in the front VIP seats along with those giants."

A burst of emotion and bragging from Meng Han.

And Lei Dongbao undoubtedly nodded his head in amusement, "Wen Wen, just wait.In less than thirty years, I, Lei Dongbao, will let you sit with me in the center of that clubhouse, in the heart of the Yanjing powerhouse!"

Lei Dongbao's confident and arrogant words naturally drew Meng Han's admiration and adoration again.

Guo Yawen listened and smiled extra sweetly as if she had eaten honey.

"Ye Fan, my husband said that in thirty years, he'll let me sit high in the Yanjing.What about you, how many years are you going to make Little Lei wait before she can walk with you to the center of that clubhouse?"

Alyssa Guo sneered.

"Just him?"

"Wen Wen, don't make a scene."

"This kind of person who doesn't even want to take a meal money, let alone thirty years, even if you give him fifty or a hundred years, he probably won't be able to walk out of that third-tier small town in Yunzhou."

"If you want to walk to the center of that meeting hall and stand high up in Yanjing, I'm afraid it'll be difficult in your next life, too?"

"Just take pity on our little bud and follow him for life as a wimp too."

Before Ye Fan could reply, Meng Han was disdainful back.

But Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "I, Ye Fan, stand there, why do I need thirty years?"

"I can walk up there now if I want to!"


As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Guo Alyssa puffed out a laugh directly after she couldn't hold back.


"Regina, what kind of education does your little brother Fan have, I'm afraid he didn't graduate middle school, right?"

"He doesn't really think that what we just said is as simple as walking across the stage to get on the high platform, does he?"

"If it were that easy, it would be a person who could walk up there."

"But the key thing is that you have to be a person, and you have to match the position you're in."

"Otherwise, if virtue doesn't match the position, it's a small matter of humiliation, but in the end, I'm afraid it's your life you'll lose."

Guo Ya Wen sneered and laughed.

Meng Han and Lei Dongbao, both of them, looked at Ye Fan like they were idiots as well.

"The boxing match is about to start!"

"Master Xu is on stage~"

At this moment, I don't know who shouted.

In a split second, the entire arena went quiet.

Everyone's eyes all looked towards the very center of the clubhouse.

There, a middle-aged man stood proudly.

He faced the crowd and announced in a deep voice that the boxing match would begin!


"Boxing divides enmity, and martial arts determines power."

"Today's boxing match will only be divided into winners and losers, not life and death."

"Expect the participants to finish their points!"

"Alright, without further ado, the boxing match begins now."

After his words fell, Xu Fengliang immediately walked towards the boxing ring and gave the venue, to those martial artists who were participating.


Soon, after Xu Fengliang walked off, a bald man, leapt up.

With a bang, he landed on top of the blue stone piled boxing ring.

Only this bald man, facing the crowd in front of him, cupped his fist and shouted, "Qingfeng Li, representing the Dongcheng District Qingfeng Martial Arts Center!"

"Anyone who wants to interfere in the building materials business in the Eastern District can go to war."

"The loser, for the next one year, will not be allowed to intervene in the building materials business in the Eastern District!"

"Heh, what a mouthful?You, a small Green Peak Group, still want to monopolize the building materials industry in Dongcheng District?"

"Today I, Cao Mengda, on behalf of the Hengda Martial Arts School, will try to see if you, Green Peak Real Estate, are so great?"

Immediately afterwards, a five-hundred-and-three-year-old tattooed man also stepped out.

Soon, the two fought together.

Fists and feet were exchanged, but they were also tigers and tigers.

Many people in the audience next to them watched and nodded their heads in secret.

"This Eastern City Li Family is also a ruthless character."

"It is said that this Qingfeng Li, is the young head of Qingfeng Real Estate."

"For the sake of the boxing tournament, he let his own son worship Shaolin and learn a foreign martial art from a Shaolin monk."

"This is the first time to have his own son fight in a boxing match, after all these years!"

At the supreme seat in front, Lin Feng and the others were drinking tea, but while watching the critique.

Next to Lin Feng, there was the Zhao family's head, Zhao Si, as well as the Xu family's head, Xu Fengliang, and other top Yanjing dignitaries.

In previous years, there would have been a place for the Xue family in this area as well.

But this year, the Xue family had first offended the Xu family and then withdrawn from the Long Yang Martial Arts Center, falling out with the top circles in Yanjing.

This boxing tournament, naturally, was marginalized as well.

The current Xue family, however, was placed in a corner.

As for the spot that originally belonged to the Xue family, it was made for an old man in military uniform, and beside her, there was a young woman in her early twenties.

At this time, many people beside her were looking at the military uniformed old man if they had any knowledge of military ranks, they would have noticed that there were two gold stars embroidered above the old man's shoulders.

This was, indeed, General!

Yes, the old man in front of him was the Chief Instructor of the Three Armies of the Yanjing Military District, and was given the rank of Lieutenant General.

It is, the general of the country!

Today, he was undoubtedly invited to come, to watch the Yanjing boxing match.

"Well, Qingfeng Real Estate has been developing rapidly over the past few years, in ten years, it's guaranteed that this Li family will be the next Xue family."Listening to Lin Feng's words, Xu Fengliang commented.

Then, Xu Fengliang looked slightly respectfully at the old man at the side, "General Kong, how is the quality of this boxing match?"

"Are there any, like, seedlings worth cultivating?"

The old man shook his head, "Right now, it doesn't show."

"Let's see again."

In between the two conversations, the innocent woman next to the old man, however, was good enough to fill the old man with tea.



At that moment, a loud bang was heard, and the big man who had just represented the Hengda Martial School was finally kicked off the stage.

It smashed several seats, frightening the nearby spectators into hiding.

"Bow down!"

Qingfeng Li cupped his fists.

That Cao Mengda, on the other hand, crawled up from the ground with a grey face, while his old face was livid with shame and returned: "It's me who is not as skilled as others, Hengda Martial Arts School is willing to submit!"

"A year from now, the Hengda Group will never interfere, and the Dongcheng District building materials business!"

After Cao Mengda finished speaking, he was also assisted back to the rest area.

On the boxing stage, Qingfeng Li continued to stand proudly and asked, "I, Qingfeng Real Estate, am the sole owner of the building materials industry in the Eastern District, everyone present, who else is not convinced?"

After a moment's silence.

An old man, plucked up.

"Hmph, a bald-headed bald ass, how can you be allowed to be rampant here?"

"Your Li family has cut off my Wu family's fortune and injured my Wu family's hand children."

"Old grudges are settled today!"

"Kid, take a punch from me!"

A furious cry, only like a tiger and wolf exploding.

This old man was as arrogant as a bull, full of pride and ice cold eyes, and his anger rushed up like a bull.

However, how vicious this old man screamed at this time, five minutes later, when he was kicked down from the stage, how wretched he was.

In the blink of an eye, the boxing match had gone on for five consecutive rounds since it began.

Qingfeng Li of the Qingfeng Martial School, but still standing proudly on top of the boxing ring.

Five rounds, all wins!


"Fuck, that's awesome!"

"This Eastern City Li family, they've produced a capable man, huh?"


"All five wins?"

"Doesn't he even fucking bring tiredness?"


"What does the Li family want?"

"Murphy wants to go against the grain?"


"After these five rounds of fighting, the Li family's industry has at least doubled, huh?"

"Maybe, just like the Xue family did back then, it will become famous and be among the first-class Yanjing families!"


As Qingfeng Li's victories continued to accumulate, the Li family's reputation undoubtedly grew, and the audience exploded and began to exclaim in admiration.

"Li Family Master, you have a good son."

"A tiger father has no son!"

"Now that the Xue family is about to fall, it just makes way for a vacant seat with your Li family."

"Maybe in a few years, the Three New Noblemen of Yanjing will have the name of your Li Family."

In the center of the meeting hall, many tycoons also expressed their congratulations to the head of the Li Family, who was also related to Qingfeng Li's father.

Before this, the Li Family was nothing more than a third-rate family in Yanjing.

After today's battle, this Li family, being among the second-rate families was undoubtedly stable.

If they won a few more rounds, they might directly be among the first-rate families.

Listening to the compliments of the crowd, Xue Ren Yang, who was sitting in the corner, was undoubtedly feeling bad.

Such is the way of the world, isn't it!

This in front of him, the heads of these small families are so unscrupulous?

The Sit family hasn't fallen yet?

"Hmph, what a bunch of wallflowers."

"After a while, after the Dragon Lord displays his divine might and strengthens my Xue family's reputation, I'll see if you still dare to say such things."

Xue Ren Yang was trembling with anger, and one palm was then all clenched.

Not only Xue Renyang, but now the entire Xue Family was holding back an anger.

If this qi erupted, then the Xue family would undoubtedly take another step forward in Yanjing City.

But if it didn't erupt, then the Xue family would undoubtedly topple over as well.

And the key to all of this was undoubtedly all on, Ye Fan alone!

"It's fine, tell Qingfeng to come down."

After Qingfeng Li crossed five hurdles and defeated five houses in a row, but the Li Family Master secretly spoke up and told Qingfeng Li to come down.

This boxing match, their harvest had been beyond expectation.

If they continued to fight, the sharp edges would be too strong, and it was feared that it would cause dissatisfaction from those top dignitaries like the Lin and Zhao families.

However, to the surprise of the Li family's master, Qingfeng Li not only didn't step down after learning of his order, but instead provoked the entire arena once again: "I wonder which other martial arts school is still displeased with my East City Li family?"

"I, Qingfeng Li, will accompany you to the end!"

"If you don't mind, the first-rate power in Yanjing can also send someone to challenge me."

"Before it was all third-rate families that were too weak."


Hearing his own son's words, the Li family's head trembled, and the teacup, in his hand, fell to the ground and shattered!



The Li family master's old face was pale, but he sighed in shock.

He didn't expect that his son, who was overwhelmed by victory, would say such arrogant words.

Before, Qingfeng Li was certainly sharp, but the ones who provoked him were basically third-rate families that were similar in power to their Li family, and the strongest ones were only second-rate families in Yanjing.

But now, Qingfeng Li shouted out his words directly, wanting to break wrists with the first-rate power in Yanjing.

What was this?

This was undoubtedly a slap in the face of those top Yanjing dignitaries in front of the crowd.

"Bastard, why don't you get down?"

The head of the Li family could not sit still after all, and in panic, he shouted angrily incessantly

Qingfeng Li was young and reckless, but the Li family's head knew what he was doing.

Their Li family had grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, but they were definitely not strong enough to break the wrist with a first-class power.

Now, Qingfeng Li's actions would undoubtedly push the Li family into the limelight and cause discontent among the top dignitaries in Yanjing.

However, the Li family's head position was ultimately backward, and as loud as he shouted, he was quickly silenced by the voices of the surrounding audience.

Qingfeng Li didn't hear it at all.

But even if he had heard it, he probably wouldn't have actually listened.


"This Li family, however, is quite ambitious."

"Just made some achievements, and you're coveting our position?"

As expected, Lin Feng, the head of the Lin family, had frowned.

Zhao Si, as well as Xu Fengliang and the others, were also unhappy with their faces.

"Master Lin, you people from the Long Yang Martial Arts Center, don't come out for a walk?"Xu Fengliang looked at Lin Feng and asked in a deep voice.

Lin Feng shook his head and laughed, "The Xu Family Master's people haven't even made an appearance yet, how would we, the Long Yang Martial Arts School, dare to show our faces?"

"This old thing."Seeing that Lin Feng didn't have the slightest intention of sending their men to the ring, Xu Fengliang undoubtedly cursed in his heart.

After all, in this boxing match, where there was little difference in strength, the later they appeared, the better their stamina would be preserved and the more dominant they would be as well.

Seeing what Lin Feng and the others meant, their own people didn't appear.

"Hmph, what a newborn calf."

"Fine, since you seek defeat, I, Su Family Martial Hall, will fulfill you!"

At this time, however, the strong man from the Su Family Martial Hall brazenly ascended the stage and fought a fierce battle with Qingfeng Li.

"This Su Family can be considered a top-tier family in Yanjing."

"Even if it's not as good as top-tier powers like the Zhao Family and the Lin Family, it's definitely a hegemon of the Western District."

"The Su family went to war, and this Li family, I'm afraid, has lost as well."

"The Li family is also not greedy enough."

"Just stop if you don't know."

"If we lose this one, we'll have to hand over at least one billion dollars of industry!"

In the audience, Lei Dongbao shook his head and said.

According to the rules of the boxing match, if there was no conflict of interest in the double-fault, there was a war of words.

The losing side would have to hand over thirty percent of their property to the winner!

If the value of this thirty percent of the industry was less than one billion, the loser must make it up to one billion.

"With the Li family's current family background, if we lose this battle, we'll lose at least five billion!"

Radombo guessed.

"It can't be defeated."

"The winner of this battle, is still the Li family."

Just when Lei Dongbao was certain that the Li family would lose, Ye Fan's faint voice, however, quietly came out.

But Lei Dongbao exploded: "Sub-O, bastard, you're looking for trouble, aren't you?"

"Do you know anything about boxing?"

"You're talking nonsense here even if you don't understand?"

"That Qingfeng Li has fought six battles in a row, I'm afraid he's physically exhausted."

"This battle is a sure defeat!"

"You say he wins, so don't you dare bet me that the loser, get on your knees and call your father!!!"

Lei Dongbao scolded harshly.

Guo Alyssa and Meng Han were also unhappy and scolded Ye Fan.

"A poor loser who has never seen the world, but also dares to follow my husband's example here to review the boxing match?"

"In that case, do you dare to bet with my husband?"

"Loser, get on your knees and call your dad!"

Ye Fan nodded, "As you wish."

"I go, you really dare to bet?"

"That's what you said, I'll be a witness, don't disown me later."Meng Han scowled.


However, as soon as Meng Han's words fell, a muffled sound followed.

Amidst the screams, a silhouette flew out from the boxing ring.

It was, indeed, the old man who represented the Su Family Martial Arts Center!

Lee Ching Fung, six battles, six victories!

Lei Dongbao and Guo Alyssa, the couple, instantly stayed where they were, their eyes staring straight.

"This...This, a real win?"

Lei Dongbao was startled, his old face reddening as if he had been slapped in the face.

"Call it."

"I'm listening."

Ye Fan turned his head and looked at Lei Dongbao and his wife with a faint smile.

The couple was speechless then, blushing their old faces, unable to say a word.

"Ye Fan, don't you have a conscience?"

"You really let Brother Toho and the others call you Dad, huh?"

"Don't you forget who you had for lunch?"

"Simply a white-eyed wolf."

Lei Dongbao and his wife hadn't said anything yet, but Meng Han, the witness, had already scolded Ye Fan as a white-eyed wolf.

"Brother Xiaofan, forget it."

"Wen Wen is my classmate after all."

Xu Lei also advised to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, so he turned back as well.

From the beginning, Ye Fan expected that the couple would probably not keep their promise even if they lost.

The reason why he accompanied them to play was just to teach them a little lesson.

After all, they were Xiaolei's classmates, there was no need to be too desperate!

In front of him, Qingfeng Li plays another game, and he is in the limelight.

But at this time, as much as his own son was popular, the Li Family Master was worried.

"Family Master, Young Master has even defeated the Su Family Martial Hall, you should be happy?"

"How do I look to you..."Someone from the side asked.

The Li Family Head, however, sighed long and hard, "A third-rate family head has beaten the face of a first-rate family.What do you think, what will Little Summit face next?"

"That will be the revenge of Yanjing's first-class forces and even the top dignitaries ah."

"In the next battle, Little Feng is afraid that he'll have to suffer."


"This...,...This master of the house, shall I go and pull the young master down?"The man beside him was immediately anxious.

The Li Family Master waved his hand, "It's just that, let him be."

"If a rough jade wants to become a weapon, it always needs to be sculpted."

"Little Feng has been too smooth since he was a child to be so ignorant of restraint.This setback will be a profound lesson for him as well."

The low and deep words slowly rang out.

At this time, everyone's gaze was directed towards the very center of the meeting hall.

That is, the area where the first-rate power of Yanjing was sitting.

Clearly, the crowd was waiting for which power would be the next to fight in the face of the Li family's provocation.

"Criminal Lao, you go ahead."After a short wait, the Xing Family's Taiji Martial Hall, however, was ready to make a move.

"No need, I'll do it."

However, just as Criminal River was preparing to ascend the stage, suddenly, next to Xu Fengliang, the man in the Tang suit who had been resting with his eyes closed, but at this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes.


It's as if the dragon opens its eyes and the tiger returns to the mountain!

An extremely powerful majesty instantly swept out in the split second he opened his eyes.

"This...This is?"

The army general at the side, his tiger body immediately trembled.The old eyes were wide.


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