The King of Kungfu in school 1611-1620


Chapter 1611

"Godfather, today's city meeting, I heard that the four major immortal cultivation families of Tianbao City will be going to the Holy Temple, can you take me to the Holy Temple?"Yan Xin Yi called Lie Yue Lu her godfather against her will, always feeling disgusted, but she had no choice.

"Even I'm not going, what are you going to do?"Lie Yue Lu flatly refused.

"Why didn't you even go to such a grand event?"

"I'm just a punk in the family, it's none of my business."Lie Yue Lu took a sip of wine and said, "Drinking early in the morning, you're really a waste.

Yan Xinyi was busy saying, "Godfather, maybe you're trash, but I'm not, I stepped into the first stage of body refining at the age of twelve, which is considered a very powerful person in the Leyue family, if you take me to the Holy Temple, I can definitely win glory for you.I've heard that anyone who is able to win glory for the family will be rewarded with a sum of spirit stones, I'll just give the reward to you then."

Lie Yue Lu's heart moved, as if that was the case.

Only then, Yan Xin Yi becoming the family's genius might not be under his control.

"No. Give me a good stay at home."

"Yes."Yan Xinyi was helpless.

Right at this moment, Yan Xin Yi said in her heart, "I'm in the mortal realm, and my medical skills are superb, but if I'm a mortal, I have too many ways to make a person sleepy, and I don't know if my medical skills are effective against people in the spirit realm."

Thus, Yan Xin Yi immediately said, "Godfather, let me give you a massage." One second to remember to read the book

"Uh, massage!"Lie Yue Lu's eyes twinkled, then smiled cheaply, "Since you're so filial, give your godfather a massage."

"Yes, yi-father."

A few minutes later, Leyuelu exhaled and fell asleep.

As a divine doctor in the mortal realm, Yan Xin Yi's ability to make a person sleepy was too simple, whether it was massage techniques or other techniques.

Yan Xinyi immediately left the courtyard while Leyue Lu was asleep and fled out of the Leyue Family.

"After escaping the Leye Moon Family, where should I go?The sky is big, but I have nowhere to go.It's just that I'd better go to the holy temple and take a look, maybe I can meet Windy or find out about him."

Yan Xin Yi immediately ran in the direction of the Heavenly Jewel City's Holy Temple.

At this time, outside the holy temple, Tang Zichen and Tang Huan, as well as Tang Jingtian had arrived, along with many, many Tang Family elders, stewards, and many Tang Family children.

Tang Jingtian looked a little nervous.

"Zichen, now that the other three families still don't know that Tang Hu has come to die, what should we do."Tang Jingtian said.

"Just know it, what else can we do."

"Zichen, before Tang Hu Lai was the strongest person in our Tang family, now that Tang Hu Lai is dead and the head of our family has become you, the other families will definitely take a stab at you ah, that Meng family doesn't matter, the key is the Lie Yue family and the Ancient Nu family ah, they are two of the strongest families in Tian Bao City, there are at least two or more strong people of the Spiritual Unity stage.Right now, with your strength, you simply can't deal with above the Spiritual Unity Stage."Tang Jingtian said worriedly.

Tang Zichen, however, looked around as if he hadn't heard Tang Jingtian speak and muttered to himself, "It should be here by now, why isn't it here yet."

"Zichen, I'm talking to you, by the way, who do you think hasn't arrived yet?"Tang Jingtian asked.

"It's nothing, we'll know when we get down here, let's go and enter the sanctuary,

I am, after all, the head of the family, you are the acting head of the family, pay attention to the image."Tang Zichen said, directly into the holy temple, Tang Jingtian was speechless, what time is it, Tang Zichen does not worry about what to do behind, but also put on a show.

At this moment, in the sky, which was still more than an hour away from Heavenly Jewel City, Elder Ping drove his flying sword at fire speed.

Behind Elder Ping, he was followed by Elder Liang Jinhua.

Elder Liang Jinhua shouted, "Elder Ping, will Minister Young be angry if we go late."

"I don't know, we'd better speed up, Minister Shao's family is attending the martial meeting in Tian Bao City today, we don't want to be late."

"I really don't understand Minister Shao, why would he join such a lowly Tang family when he's obviously from a super powerful Xiantian family."Liang Jinhua said.

Elder Ping snorted, "Woman's opinion, what do you know, this is called low-profile by Minister Shao."

"Oh."Liang Jinhua oh, but inwardly said, "I see that Minister Shao is clearly pretending to be a comparison, today the four major immortal cultivation families in Tianbao City, I don't know which family is going to be unlucky again."

Elder She Jun didn't follow them because, She Jun had returned to Tian Bao City two days ago.

Elder She Jun was invited by the Lie Yue Family to attend the martial meeting as a special guest of their family, which would bring a lot of face to the Lie Yue Family.

At the moment, the Holy Hall in Tian Bao City was crowded with people, however, only the four major immortal cultivation families were allowed to enter the Holy Hall.

Tang Zichen walked into the holy temple, this holy temple was the same place where Tang Zichen had stepped up from the mortal realm.

Tang Zichen looked at the holy temple and was overcome with emotion.

"Zichen, let's sit down at the place designated by the holy temple, the temple has four directions, southeast and northwest, one bearing for each family, our Tang family's location is on the west."

"Oh, good."Tang Zichen arrived at the west seat of the sanctuary.

At this moment, the west seat was already filled with the Tang family's elders and stewards as well as the Tang family's children.

When everyone saw Tang Zichen come over, they stood up to give up their seats.

In the end, Tang Zichen sat in the first row, representing the head of the family.

The people from the other three families, seeing a teenager sitting in the Tang family's head seat, were a bit confused and asked who that teenager was, how could he be so rude and dare to sit in the head seat, after asking around, they found out that the rude teenager's name was Tang Zichen, who was the genius of the Tang family who stepped into the first stage of body refining at the age of twelve a year ago.Although many people had never seen Tang Zichen, they had heard of the name 'Tang Zichen'.

At this moment, shouts came from the entrance of the temple, "The Ancient Slave Family Master has arrived."

Then, a man of the ninth step of Heart Shine entered the holy temple, he was the head of the Ancient Slave Family, named Ancient Slave Indang, a year ago, he heard that the Tang Family had produced a twelve year old who had reached the first step of Body Refining, so he called Tang Hu to come and destroy Tang Zichen.

Ancient Nun Indang sat down on their family's seat, then looked up to see a teenager sitting on the opposite side of the Tang family's seat.

"Hm?Where's Tang Fu?Why is there a teenager sitting in the seat where Tang Hu came from?"Gu Nu Indang asked.

One of the people beside him replied, "My lord, we've also found out, and we've just asked around, and the person sitting in the seat where Tang Hu came from is called Tang Zichen."

"What? Tang Zichen?A year ago, the Tang family's twelve-year-old genius, Tang Zichen?"


"It's him, I don't know what's going on, but Tang Hu Lai hasn't even come yet, the Tang family's head position has always been sat by that Tang Zichen."

Ancient Nun Indang said inwardly, "A year ago, I already ordered Tang Hu Lai to remove Tang Zichen, but I never thought that Tang Hu Lai would dare to disobey my order and not remove Tang Zichen, could it be that Tang Hu Lai really wants to turn over as the master?"Ancient Slave Indoctrination immediately ordered, "Go, go to the opposite direction of the Tang family and have someone call Tang Hu over to me."

"Yes, Family Master."

Tang Zichen was sitting on his family's seat, waiting for the martial meeting to begin, when an enlightened man from the Ancient Nun Family came over and ordered everyone in the Tang Family, "Hey, where is your family's master, Tang Hu coming?Why the delay?Our family master is looking for him, so you guys quickly send Tang Hu over to pay your respects to our family master."

Everyone in the Tang family looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, Tang Hu Lai is no longer the family master."

"What did you say?Tang Fu Lai is not the head of the family?And who is the head of the family?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Are you blind?Can't you see me sitting on the throne of the house?"

"What? You're the head of the Tang family?"

"Yeah, who are you?"

"I am the head of your Tang family's main family, the Ancient Slave Clan, and a personal servant of the Ancient Slave Seal Hall."The man said. The first website

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth rose and said, "From today onwards, the Tang family is no longer an affiliated family of your Gu Nu family."

"What did you say?Your Tang family is no longer affiliated with our family?Kid, are you being funny?"That Ancient Slave Seal Hall's subordinate sneered.

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "I haven't finished yet, from today onwards, the Tang Family is not only not an affiliated family of the Ancient Slave Family, but also, your Ancient Slave Family, becomes an affiliated family of the Tang Family, do you hear me?You may now go over and call the head of your family and come over to pay your respects to me.I think it is necessary for you to come over and pay your respects to your master, as I am the head of your main family."

"Kid, you're looking for death."The men of the Ancient Slave Indoctrination Hall were furious, a little kid, sitting on the seat of the master, not only saying that he was the new master, but also threatening to declare that they were no longer a vassal of the Ancient Slave Family, and even more abominable, saying that the Ancient Slave Family would only be their vassal from now on, but also asking the master of the Ancient Slave Family to come over to pay his respects, what an outrage.

For this kind of person, there was no longer any need to report to the family master, and one could simply strike and maim.

Therefore, that man suddenly killed Tang Zichen.

"Bang."Tang Zichen lightly slapped his palm and struck out in the air.

"Wow."That underling immediately flew back out and crashed into the pillars of the holy temple.

The commotion here also alerted the entire Holy Temple to look over, only to see Tang Zichen cleave the Ancient Slave Indominus' man with a single move.

Only to see Tang Zichen's mouth filled with disdain as he snorted, "Trash."

The Ancient Nun Indang, who was talking to someone across the street, was busy looking at his men when he heard the commotion.

Ancient Slave Indang was startled, who dared to hit his men?

Just then, Ancient Slave Indang suddenly saw Tang Zichen, who was sitting on the seat of the Tang Family Master, leap into the air and jump up, then in mid-air, he smashed his fist into his men who had fallen to the ground.

"Bang."Gu Nu Indang's men had their chests caved in, their entire chests were shattered, and the men instantly

Just die.

"Ah."Ancient Nun Indang was shocked and stood up, his men were killed in full view of the public, this was too embarrassing for him as the head of the family, right?And it was on the day of such a major city meeting.

The other two families, the Lie Yue Family and the Meng Family, all looked over, and for a moment, the entire palace was silent.After all, a family master's subordinate was killed on the spot, this was by no means a trivial matter, this was simply a slap in the face to that family master.

Everyone looked at the Ancient Slave Indoors, only to see that the entire face of the Ancient Slave Indoors was green.

After killing that man with a single punch, Tang Zichen pooh-poohed the man, then lifted his foot and kicked him out of the sanctuary's door, moving as casually as if he was cleaning up garbage, without any consideration for the fact that someone was looking at his blood-red eyes at the moment.

All the elders of the Tang family, who were now looking at Tang Zichen, so arrogantly killing the ancient slave seal's men on the spot, their hearts trembled out in fear.All of them secretly said: "It's over, our Tang family's thousand-year foundation is going to be destroyed by this little bastard.On the day of the city meeting, he killed the main family's subordinate's men on the spot, this is not wanting to exist in Tianbao City.It's no wonder that the Gu Nu Family will spare us this time, it's over."

Even Tang Jingtian, his heart was cold at this point, he was originally worried about how the Ancient Slave Family and the Lie Yue Family would treat the Tang Family when they found out that Tang Hu Lai was dead, but he didn't expect that Tang Zichen would actually kill the Ancient Slave Seal Hall's men in public, this was adding fuel to the fire ah.

After kicking that corpse out, Tang Zichen acted as if nothing had happened and prepared to sit on his home lord's seat.

At that moment, a yell came from the opposite direction of the Ancient Nun Family, "You're looking for death."

Everyone followed the sound and the person yelling was none other than the Ancient Nun Indang.

He saw his own men being killed with his own eyes, how could he be indifferent.

Under everyone's gaze, Ancient Slave Indang walked towards Tang Zichen, bloodthirsty light emanating from his eyes.

Tang Zichen's face didn't even change a bit and asked, "You're the head of the Ancient Nun Family, are you here to give me peace now?"

Everyone was startled, did this kid do it on purpose?Can't you see people's anger?You beat up a man and ask if he's here to pay respects?Even if it's an invitation to the vassal family to the main family, okay.

Gu Nu Indang was so angry that he was going mad, he probably couldn't find anything so angry in this life.

Tang Zichen saw everyone looking bewildered, and said, "Right, I forgot to tell your Ancient Slave Family, from now on, our Tang Family is no longer your vassal family, and, you Ancient Slave Family, become our Tang Family's vassal family, do you hear me?"

Once Tang Zichen said this, the entire Ancient Slave Family turned over.

The Ancient Slave Indoors, however, was even more furious.

Tang Zichen said, "What?You of the Gunu family have a problem with that?"

Ancient Slave Indang coldly snorted, "Little bastard, today I'll take your head to sacrifice to the heavens."

Tang Zichen said disdainfully, "I have no quarrel with you, I didn't want to kill you, you better not seek death."

Ancient Slave Indang gritted his teeth, "A year ago, I let Tang Hu Lai do you in, but I didn't expect that Tang Hu Lai wouldn't listen to me, you are all still alive, well, today it's not just your head, Tang Hu Lai's head, I will also bring it to sacrifice to the heavens."

Tang Zichen was startled, it turned out that it wasn't just Tang Hu Lai who wanted him dead in the first place.


"Fine, then you can go to hell."After saying that, Tang Zichen immediately furiously offered his flying sword and slashed.

"Boom!" the entire palace shook.

When everyone looked at the place where the Ancient Slave Hall was standing again, they found that the Ancient Slave Hall was no longer there, and his corpse was split in half from head to toe, falling to the ground.

"Ah."The entire palace was shocked.


Everyone never expected that the Ancient Slave Seal Hall would split into two halves in the blink of an eye, and what was even more unexpected was that a thirteen or fourteen year old teenager would be able to drive a flying sword and kill the ninth stage of the Heart Shining Ancient Slave Seal Hall.

Everyone stared blankly at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at everyone in the Ancient Slave Family across the street and said, "From now on, your Ancient Slave Family is a vassal of my Tang Family, is that clear?"

Although the people of the Ancient Slave Family did not speak, everyone's faces were filled with anger.

At this time, Tang Jingtian: "Although the Ancient Nun Indoors is the head of the Ancient Nun Family, the strongest person in their family is not the Ancient Nun Indoors, but the other two Spiritual Unity Order Supreme Elders."

"Uh, yeah, then why aren't we seeing that supreme elder now?"Don Zichen asked. Remember the URL

"It's not time for the Supreme Elder to appear yet, Zichen, now that you've killed the Ancient Slave Indoors, what are you going to do when the two Spiritual One Order Supreme Elders from their family come later?"Tang Jingtian whispered.

"Oh, what's there to be afraid of, I still have ones that haven't come out yet too."After saying that, Tang Zichen shrugged his sleeves and did back to his position as head of the family.

The remaining two families, the Lie Yue Family and the Meng Family, didn't seem to have reacted yet, after all, the death of one of the two heads of the two families of Tian Bao City before the City Meeting had even started was no small matter.

After Tang Zichen sat back in his seat, he suddenly saw an acquaintance, Leye Eyes of the Moon.

Tang Zichen waved to Leye Eyes, gesturing for Leye Eyes to come over for a moment.

At this moment, standing in the crowd of people in the Moon Family, Moon Eye is very depressed.

Lie Yueye's eyes were a little afraid of Tang Zichen, and now Tang Zichen told him to come over, he subconsciously trembled, not knowing if he should go over or not, if he didn't go over, he didn't know if he would be retaliated later.

In the end, Lie Yue Eyes didn't overcome his fear of Tang Zichen and walked towards Tang Zichen.

Everyone in the Lie Yue family, seeing that Lie Yueye was so obedient and waved him over like a dog, shouted very angrily, "Lie Yueye, what are you doing?"

However, Leye Eyes had already reached Tang Zichen's body, and Leye Eyes was filled with reluctance as she asked, "Tang Zichen, why are you looking for me."A face of reluctance.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Leye Eyes, you're back too, when did you come back."

"Yesterday."Lie Yueye replied with an uncomfortable face, as if he had been forced to.

"You kid, huh."Tang Zichen pinched Leyue Eyes' face and said, "Alright, don't be nervous, after all, we are also fellow Feiyun Sect members, just saying hello to you."


At this time, a man of the ninth step of Heart Shining came over and scolded Leye Eyes angrily, "Leye Eyes, what are you doing, you're so useless."

Leyue Eyes grievously said, "Grandpa, I am."

This man was called Leyue Bi, the patriarch of the Leyue Family and Leyue Eyes' grandfather.

Leyue Bi looked towards Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, although I don't know what strange encounter you've obtained .

But my Lie Yue Family, it's not as easy to mess with as you think, Lie Yue Eyes is my grandson, and he's also a disciple of your Flying Cloud Sect's Elder She, you'd better not entertain him so much."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "I'm just saying hello to him, as far as it goes."

"My grandson looks reluctant, does he look like he's on good terms with you?"

"Ugh."Tang Zichen took a look, it really didn't look like Leye Eyes was on good terms with him, also, it was after all that he had tossed Leye Eyes that way in the first place.

"Alright, alright, Leye Moon Eyes, no more business for you, you can go back to your family position, it's so boring, I thought it would be easy to meet a fellow family member and say hello, but it turned out to be like this."Tang Zichen waved and said.

Lie Yueye's grandfather was very uncomfortable when he saw Tang Zichen's superior tone and posture, and grunted, "Tang Zichen, later on Elder Shejun will also come here."

"Uh, Elder Shejun?What's he doing here?"

"Elder She Jun is a special guest of my Leye Moon Family, coming to offer the heavens on behalf of my Leye Moon Family, Tang Zichen, you'd better speak kinder to our Leye Moon Family, after all, not every family is able to invite an Elder of the Feiyun Clan."Lie Yue Eyes' grandfather said with a proud face, as if it was an honor for their Lie Yue family to be able to invite Shejun.

After saying that, Leyue Bi dragged his grandson away, and Leyue Eyes actually wanted to tell his grandfather that Shejun might not be able to clean up Tang Zichen either.

But just at this moment, shouts rang out from outside the temple, "Elder Shejun has arrived."

Upon hearing this, Lie Yueye's grandfather panicked and greeted him.

"Hahaha, Elder Shejun."Lie Yue Bi shouted with a glorious face, as if he was afraid that others would not know that Elder She Jun was invited by him, and at the same time, walked quickly towards She Jun.

But at this moment, Tang Zichen shouted, "Shejun, come here."

This shout suddenly frightened the entire hall, and Lie Yue Bi, who was walking towards She Jun, was stunned, then, Lie Yue Bi shouted to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, don't you dare be rude to Elder She Jun."

When She Jun heard Tang Zichen's shout, his scalp went numb, this kind of occasion, of course, he wanted to be highly sought after by everyone, however, Tang Zichen's shout brushed him off his position.

"This little bastard, he's even back, damn it, if I had known he was here, I would have never accepted Leye Rao's invitation to death."

However, it was too late to regret, Shejun was in full view of everyone, not knowing whether to walk over to Tang Zichen or not.

At that moment, Tang Zichen shouted again, "She Jun, I called you over, are you fucking deaf?"

Tang Zichen gave a single voice, and the entire temple was bombarded, Tang Zichen dared to speak to so many She Monarch elders.In everyone's mind, the She Monarch was unreachable.

She Jun gritted his teeth in depression and walked helplessly towards Tang Zichen, saying inwardly, "It's just a matter of time, I wanted to come here today to be awe-inspiring, but as a result, Tang Zichen is really my nemesis in life, he's everywhere I go."

She Jun had no choice but to walk up to Tang Zichen in full view of the public, and then bowed, "I've met Young Minister, I didn't expect Young Minister to be here, ah."

Tang Zichen said, "Shejun, is it not very pleasant to see me here, you can't pretend to be a match, aren't you?"

Shejun was busy shaking her head, "No no."

Tang Zichen waved his hand and said, "Alright, just pretend that I'm not here and go pretend your ratio to your heart's content."

She Jun said in her heart, "You're standing here, I'm still pretending to be hairy, moron."


She Jun's heart said, "You're standing here, I'm still pretending to be hairy, motherfucker."

At that moment, the head of the Lie Yue family, Lie Yue Bi, came over and asked, somewhat bewildered, "Elder She Jun, what are you doing?"

Shejun was suffering, not knowing what to say, when Tang Zichen directly said, "I'm Shejun's boss."

"Ah!"Lie Yue Bi's body trembled, he had just proudly said that not every family could invite Elder She Jun, but in a flash, She Jun was Tang Zichen's subordinate.

"Elder Shejun, is what he said true?"Lie Yue Bi asked.

Shejun nodded helplessly, though he didn't admit it inside, but what could he do.

"Oh my god, you really are one of Tang Zichen's men."Lie Yue Bi was in complete disbelief of life.

At that moment, another shout came from the doorway, "Supreme Elders of the Lie Yue Family, Lie Yue Ming and Lie Yue Riot have arrived."

Immediately after that, two men of the Spiritual Unity stage walked in, these two men were the two supreme elders of the Lie Yue Family, both of them were of the Spiritual Unity stage, but although they were on the same level as She Jun, the two of them together couldn't beat She Jun.Because the two of them couldn't pass the Flying Cloud Sect's elder assessment, there was a huge difference in strength between them and She Jun.

After Li Yue Ming and Li Yue Tyranny entered the temple, they immediately walked up to Elder She Jun, shook hands with him cordially and said, "Thank you, Elder She Jun, for taking the time to represent our Li Yue Family to offer the heavens."

She Monarch nodded slightly and said, "You're welcome."Because Tang Zichen was around, She Jun was uncomfortable all over, afraid that Tang Zichen would say something messy again, making him very ashamed. One second to remember to read the book

What was Shejun afraid of, what came, when Tang Zichen said again, "Shejun, why don't you introduce these two to me."

Shejun had a big head for a while, and inwardly seemed to be praying to Tang Zichen, save some face for me.

Lie Yue Ming and Lie Yue Tyranny frowned when they saw Tang Zichen call She Jun by his name, even they had to respectfully address Elder She Jun, Tang Zichen actually called him by his name.

"Hey, which family's child are you?How dare you be so rude to a VIP of my Lie Yue family."That Lie Yue Ming reprimanded Tang Zichen.

That Lie Yue Tyranny also said, "Is Elder She Jun's name something you can call casually?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "I am the new head of the Tang family, Tang Zichen."

"Little brat, you dare to brush me off."The eight Lie Yue thunders raised their slaps and tried to educate Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "You'd better not be impulsive, or you won't be able to eat your way out of this."

"Hmph, even if the head of your Tang family, Tang Hu Lai, doesn't dare to say a single word of no in front of me, let's see if I don't come and educate you for Tang Hu today."

That Lie Yue tyrant was about to slap down when suddenly, his raised hand was grabbed by someone, and when Lie Yue tyrant looked back, it was Elder She Jun.

"Ah, Elder She Jun, why are you preventing me from educating this ungrateful Tang Clan's son?"Lie Yue tyranny was puzzled and said.

She Jun's face was unusually pale, and she said reluctantly, "Lie Yue Tyranny, don't be impulsive, he's me, the boss."The last two words were said very quietly.

"Elder Shejun, what did you say?Didn't hear that."

Shejun depressedly said a little louder, "He's my boss."

"She-kun long."

"Pah."Suddenly, a slap slapped Leyue's face, making a sound of "smack", breaking his


When Lie Yue Riot looked, it was Tang Zichen who slapped him.

"You."Leye Moonstorm became furious.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked at Leye Moonstorm's crotch again.

Everyone at the scene was looking over here, everyone was stupid, Tang Zichen actually slapped the supreme elder of the Leyue Family and kicked him down.

Tang Zichen really didn't think things were big enough, he had just killed the head of the Ancient Slave Family, and now that the matter hadn't been resolved, he slapped another Spiritual Harmony Stage powerhouse.

"You're looking for death."Lie Yue Tyranny was furious and wanted to kill Tang Zichen.

Shejun hurriedly stopped Leyue Tyranny.

"Elder Shejun, why are you stopping me?As you can see, this little son of a bitch slapped me and kicked me down there for no reason, how can I tolerate this, I am the supreme elder of the Lie Yue Family."

Shejun was busy saying, "Brother Tyrant, appease your anger, my boss he really doesn't have a good temper."

"Shejun, do you know what you are talking about?"

She Jun bit his teeth helplessly and said, "Brother Tyrant, Tang Zichen is indeed my boss, as for why, don't ask okay, in short, if you listen to me, just hurry up and apologize to my old man, let's forget about this matter."

"What? You actually want me to apologize?"The leyue storm of anger almost jumped up, Tang Zichen slapped him, he has not yet cleaned up Tang Zichen, actually want him to apologize to Tang Zichen, is really outrageous, the world there is more unreasonable than this thing?

She Jun said anxiously, "Brother Tyrant, listen to me, quickly apologize to my boss, or it will be too late ah."

"She Jun, you, you are an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, in terms of social status, I'm not even one tenth as good as you, you actually said such words, do you know that you are the pride of Tian Bao City in the hearts of everyone in Tian Bao City, in the entire Tian Bao City, there are only two who can assess to become an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, and you actually."That Lie Yue Tyranny seemed to have a sudden drop in She Jun's image in his heart.

She Jun was also helpless, he was indeed a role model for all the immortal cultivators in Heavenly Jewel City, but unfortunately, he also had to call Tang Zichen Boss, and only he knew the bitterness in his heart.

Just at this moment, another announcement came from the entrance of the temple, "The Gu Nu Family Supreme Elder, Gu Nu Xiaoye and Gu Nu Yan have arrived."

Two strong men of the Spiritual Unity stage walked in, seeing these two coming, everyone in the Ancient Nun Family rumbled, they seemed to have been waiting for these two for a long time.Ever since their Ancient Nun Seal Hall was killed, the children of the Ancient Nun Family had been expecting the arrival of their Supreme Elder.

"Oooh, Supreme Elder."

"Oooh, Supreme Elder, you've finally come."The sons and daughters of the Ancient Slave Family burst into tears.

The two Supreme Elders of the Ancient Slave Family were startled and looked at the crying clansmen and asked, "What are you doing?Today is the big day for the sacrifice. Why are you crying?Where's the Slave Seal?Why aren't you seeing anyone, and as the head of the family, why aren't you here to preside over the situation?"That female supreme elder called Ancient Slave Little Leaf said.

"Oooh, Supreme Elder, the master of the house he, he, is dead, oooh."

"What?Indo him?"


"How did this happen."The man called Gunuyan yelled.

At that moment, on Tang Zichen's side, Lie Yue Tyranny had been slapped and kicked below by Tang Zichen and was on fire to chop Tang Zichen to death, but was stopped by Elder Shejun, who was now in a daze, when he heard the movement from the Gounu Clan's side.


That Lie Yue Ming was busy asking, "What's going on over there with the Gunu family?Why did their master say he was dead early in the morning?"

One of them was busy saying, "Gu Nu Indang, he, he was killed by Tang Zichen."

"Ah."Both Lie Yue Tyranny and Lie Yue Ming looked incredulously at Tang Zichen, but Elder She Jun, however, was not surprised in the slightest.

Leyue Ming looked skeptical and asked, "How could you possibly kill the Ancient Slave Indominus."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I can't even kill the Ancient Slave Seal Hall, and I still dare to be the boss of the She Monarch?"

Shejun could only remain silent on the side.

Tang Zichen snorted again to Lie Yue Tyranny, "Lie Yue Tyranny, I have just slapped you just now for the sake of She Jun's face, otherwise, you would be going with the Ancient Slave Seal Hall as a companion right now, if you dare to be arrogant in front of me again in the future, don't blame me for being rude."After saying that, Tang Zichen immediately said to She Jun, "She Jun, come over here, you will represent my Tang family to sacrifice to the heavens."

"Yes."She Jun looked helplessly at Lie Yue Tyranny and Lie Yue Ming, who were originally the noble guests invited by the Lie Yue family, but now ran over to the Tang family's side to offer the heavens.

"This."Both Leyue Tyranny and Leyue Ming were dumbfounded, as if they hadn't understood where the Tang Zichen who had emerged was such a grifter.

At this time, the two supreme elders of the Gu Nu family had already figured out what was going on.

The two of them, Gu Nu Yan and Gu Nu Xiaoye, shot their gazes towards Tang Zichen. The first website

These two supreme elders of the Ancient Nun Clan, among them the woman called Ancient Nun Little Leaf, she was also a junior elder of the Flying Cloud Sect.In the entire Heavenly Jewel City, only She Jun and Gu Nu Xiaoye could assess to become a Feiyun Sect Elder, so the two of them had the highest status and were the pride of almost everyone in the entire Heavenly Jewel City.This was why the Lie Yue Family felt so honored to have invited She Jun.

At this moment, Ancient Nun Xiao Ye and Ancient Nun Yan walked towards Tang Zichen with anger in their eyes, as well as a hint of confusion.

Tang Zichen was sitting on the seat of the Tang Family's head, his eyes without any tension as he watched Gu Nu Xiaoye and Gu Nuyan walk over to the two.

"You are Tang Zichen?"That Gu Nuyan was furious.

Tang Zichen said with a smile on his face, "Yes."

Gu Nuyan saw that Tang Zichen had killed their family master, but he was actually fearless and smiling, a huge fire broke out in his heart, their Spiritual Harmony Stage powerhouse was worshipped by everyone in Tianbao City, but right now he was being so disregarded by a thirteen year old boy.

"The master of my Ancient Nun Family, did you kill him?"Gu Nuyan asked furiously.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Of course, isn't that obvious?All right, enough of this nonsense. You want to do it or what?In short, I only have one thing to say, I, Tang Someone, don't mind sending the two of you to accompany the Ancient Slave Seal Hall.By the way, I've just told your family that from now on, your Ancient Slave Family is a vassal of my Tang Family, and I'm the Tang Family's master, which means that I'm your indirect master.I'll also say in passing to the two supreme elders of the Lie Yue Family that your Lie Yue Family, is also a vassal of my Tang Family, and I'm also your indirect master, alright, you can pay your respects to me."

"You."The two supreme elders of the Ancient Nun Family were trembling with anger, they had never encountered such a crazy person in their lives.

Beside Tang Zichen, She Jun was busy giving eyes to Leyue Tyranny and Leyue Ming, as if urging them to hurry up


Leyue Tyranny and Leyue Ming were torn between their hearts at the moment, but, Lord She wouldn't harm them, and Lord She was stronger than them and had a higher status, he had worshipped Tang Zichen as his boss, let alone them.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Leyue Tyranny and Leyue Ming clenched their teeth and said inwardly, "It's just that, no matter what the reason, since She Jun is under him, let's pay our respects quickly."

Thus, Lie Yue Tyranny and Lie Yue Ming each paid homage to Tang Zichen, "See Boss."

The two of them, Gu Nu Yan and Gu Nu Xiaoye, whose righteous faces were trembling beside them, were silly when they saw that the supreme elder of the Leyue Family had actually paid homage.

Tang Zichen said to Leyue Tyranny and Leyue Ming, "Wrong, I am not your boss, you are not qualified to be my little brother, I am only your indirect master, you should see your master, not your boss, only Shejun is qualified to call me boss, do you hear me?"

"Me."Leyue Tyranny and Leyue Ming were annoyed in their hearts, but, having reached this point, they couldn't be rashly angry, so they could only pay homage again, "See, master."

"Well, that's right."

Tang Zichen looked at Gu Nu again, "What about you two?Why don't you come to worship?How much longer do you want to wait?"

"You."Gu Nuyan couldn't help but look at Gu Nuyan Xiaoye, who had just been angry enough to kill Tang Zichen, but, seeing Tang Zichen so arrogant, with no fear on his face, and even Shejun was his subordinate by default.Therefore, Gu Nuyan, who was originally angry, now suppressed his anger and did not dare to act rashly.

Ancient Nun Xiao Ye also had a light frown on his brow, and Ancient Nun said, "She Jun, he just said that you are his little brother?Why don't you argue?"

Shejun smiled bitterly, "I am indeed the youngest brother of the minister."

"Shejun, do you know what you're talking about?"Ancient Slave Little Leaf spoke up.

She Jun said, "Elder Little Leaf, you and I have been friends for many years, having served as junior elders in the Flying Cloud Sect for many years, you should know me well.Because of this, let me also give you a piece of advice, don't make an enemy of Young Minister, quickly apologize to him and obtain his forgiveness, it might be better for you."

Ancient Nun Xiao Ye sneered, "He killed the head of my family, I haven't gotten even with him yet, but instead I want to apologize to him?She-kun, are you still the She-kun I know?"

The She Monarch sighed, "Elder Little Ye, I've already told you my advice, whether you listen to it or not is your business.However, if you dare to harm my young minister, I, She Monarch, will be the first to forbid it."

"Lord She, why are you so obedient to a teenager?What have you gotten yourself into, or is he really that big of a deal?"Gu Nu Xiaoye asked aloud.

She Jun said, "Sorry, no comment, all I can tell you is one sentence, never mess with Minister Less."

Ancient Slave Little Leaf's body trembled with anger, if it was said that She Jun was playing a mysterious game, it didn't make sense, She Jun was at least an Elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, there was no need for it.Could it be that this one called Tang Zichen, really had some extraordinary origin?

As expected, the unknown was the most frightening.

Ancient Nun Xiao Ye and Ancient Nun Yan, for a moment, did not dare to make a move against Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen gave a heavy snort, "You two, are you going to worship, or not?"

"You."The two ancient slave family's supreme elders were furious.


Shejun was busy advising, "Elder Little Leaf, hurry up and worship, it's too late to wait."

Ancient Slave Little Leaf snorted angrily, "I won't worship, I haven't even found him to settle the matter of killing my family's master, and still attempting to make me worship his master, it's ridiculous."

Shejun sighed, "Alas, I can only help you so far, and also, I won't let you touch a single hair of the minister."

Ancient Slave Little Leaf raged, "She Jun, I'm not afraid to tell you that a good sister of mine may come to Heavenly Jewel City today, are you sure you want to stop me?"

"Uh, who?"

"Liang Jinhua, she's my best friend in the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Uh, Liang Jinhua?"She wondered if she had heard correctly, wasn't Liang Jinhua also one of my youngest subordinates?

"Yes, Liang Jinhua, and also, Liang Jinhua will most likely bring Ping Qiu Yue with her to Tian Bao City, with my relationship with Liang Jinhua, who do you think it's advantageous for today?"

Shejun was stunned again, "Ping Qiu Yue?He's coming too?"

Other people didn't know, but She Jun was very clear, whether it was Ping Qiu Yue or Liang Jin Hua, that was my youngest brother ah.Unexpectedly, both Pinqiu Yue and Liang Jinhua would come to Tianbao City.

She Jun had guessed that the two of them had come to Tian Bao City, they must have come for Tang Zichen, representing the Tang family's sacrifice to the heavens, the Tang family really had pride. Remember the URL

Unfortunately, Ancient Slave Little Leaf didn't seem to know why Liang Jinhua and Ping Qiu Yue had come to Tian Bao City, and thought that with her relationship with Liang Jinhua, she could definitely invite them to become the Ancient Slave Family's VIPs.

No wonder, Ancient Slave Little Leaf acted like she had nothing to fear.

She could only offer a bitter smile, but She didn't bother to tell the truth to the ancient slave, so she would naturally know when they arrived.

Gu Nu Xiaoye grunted and turned around to walk away, since She Jun was going to protect Tang Zichen, she couldn't touch Tang Zichen today.

That Gu Nuyan also followed and walked back to the location of their Gu Nuyan family.

That Gu Nuyen was busy asking, "Who is the Liang Jinhua and Ping Qiu Yue?Is he also an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect?"

"Yes, Liang Jinhua is my very good friend in the Flying Cloud Sect, a woman, and Ping Qiu Yue, Liang Jinhua's secret lover in the Flying Cloud Sect, and also, a mid-ranked elder."

"Ah, a mid-ranked elder."That Gu Nuyan was shocked, busy saying, ", a mid-rank would come to Heavenly Jewel City?"


"Wow, so, then, can we invite them to be our family's guest of honor?"Gu Nu Yan was busy.

What about Gu Nu, with my relationship with Liang Jinhua, this is just a small matter, besides, Liang Jinhua would choose to come to Tianbao City to play, maybe it's for me, she said before that she would come to our family as a guest, this Tianbao City City meeting, it's the right time."

"Great, how about letting the other families know that we, the Ancient Slave Family, have a mid-level elder of the Flying Cloud Sect as a guest.The previous month, the family had only invited a Shejun, as if it was proud, and now, our family has two Flying Cloud Sect Elders, one of them is a mid-level elder, this face, hmm, who else."

"Alright, I'm not sure if Liang Jinhua will definitely come today, don't be happy yet."

"Okay, right, Little Leaf, did the Ancient Slave Seal Hall really just die in vain?"

"How is that possible, but that Tang Zichen was able to kill the Ancient Slave Seal Hall, although I don't know if he has any magic, but it also means that he is not simple, besides, that Shejun is still willing to be his subordinate, which is not very unusual, so we can only put it aside for now and wait for Liang Jinhua and Elder Ping to come and test it out."

"Well, that's all there is to it."

At this moment, over at the Tang Family.

Tang Zichen said with a dissatisfied face, "What the hell is Ping Qiu Yue up to, they haven't even come yet."

Next to her, She Jun was busy saying, "It was really young minister who told them to come, hehe, that ancient slave, Little Ye, thought Liang Jinhua was after her."

Tang Zichen snorted, "They

How dare the two of them not worship me, I will make them regret it."

"Ugh."Shejun sighed.

Soon, there were more and more children in the holy temple, and children from various families were coming one after another.

At this moment, at the entrance of the holy temple, a twelve-year-old girl came running.


"I'm Lie Yue Xinyi of the Lie Yue Family, let me in."Yan Xinyi said.

Easily, Yan Xingyi entered the Holy Temple.

Only that there were a large number of people in the holy temple, this holy temple was very large, from the outside, it looked like it was just a small tower, but when you walked inside, you realized that there was a lot of space.

Yan Xinyi immediately came to the group of children of the Lie Yue Family, several girls from the Lie Yue Family knew her, after all, Yan Xinyi had also spent some time in the Lie Yue Family.

Yan Xinyi didn't know why she came here, she could have escaped, but running away wasn't an option because she was alone and had nowhere to hide, so she might as well fight it out.I heard that on the Temple, when a family child could fight, if she brought glory to the family, she would be valued by the family and the family would cultivate her.Therefore, Yan Xinyi must become an outstanding Lie Yue Family child today, and be discovered by the elders of the Lie Yue Family, so that she could not only get rid of Lie Yue Lu's control, but also have a place to stay.

However, when Yan Xin Yi was standing in the group of children, Yan Xin Yi was suddenly shocked.

Yan Xin Yi unintentionally looked at a certain direction of the sanctuary and saw a familiar and unfamiliar face, that person, who was sitting so prominently at the family head's seat.

The person Yan Xin Yi saw was precisely Tang Zichen, except that it wasn't the grown-up Tang Zichen she was familiar with, but the Tang Zichen who hadn't yet grown up period.

"Wind, Wind-er?"Yan Xinyi was dumbstruck.

Others might not be sure that this Tang Zichen was the grown-up Tang Zichen, but Yan Xin Yi was sure, because in the mortal realm, Tang Zichen was the one she raised ah, how could she not know.

"Oh my god, is it really Windy?"Yan Xinyi couldn't believe her eyes.

It was just that at the moment, it seemed that the ceremony was about to begin, and the position where Yan Xin Yi was standing was too small to rush out.

So, Yan Xin Yi could only wait silently, her eyes unblinkingly watching Tang Zichen.

Just at this moment, two people walked in at the entrance of the Holy Temple, it was Ping Qiu Yue and Liang Jinhua.

The two of them had just arrived.

From time to time, Ancient Slave Little Leaf looked at the doorway as if she was waiting for something, and finally, she saw the person she wanted to see.

Ancient Slave Little Leaf came out in surprise, while shouting loudly, "Golden Flower."

She shouted so loudly that the entire temple heard her and looked towards her, only, no one knew who it was.

When Liang Jinhua saw Ancient Slave Little Leaf, she smiled and said, "Little Leaf."

Ancient Slave Little Leaf excitedly shook Liang Jinhua's hand and said, "Little Leaf, I didn't expect you to really come."

"Uh-huh, yeah."

Ancient Slave Little Leaf looked towards Elder Ping and bowed deeply, "Greeting Elder Ping."

Elder Ping hmmed casually, his eyes seemed to be searching for Tang Zichen.

Ancient Slave Little Leaf saw that everyone was now looking at them and immediately introduced to everyone with pride, "Everyone, quiet down."

The sanctuary quieted down.

"Next, let me introduce you, this is Ping Qiu Yue, a mid-level elder of the Flying Cloud Sect; this is Liang Jin Hua, also an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect.Today, thanks to the loving care of Elder Liang Jinhua, she has specially brought Elder Ping Qiu Yue to visit me in Tian Bao City, so let's welcome the two elders with a warm applause."

"Pah-pah."All the sons and daughters of the Ancient Nun Family immediately burst into a warm applause, everyone's face felt filled with pride and pride, this was really a long face, it seemed that the supreme elder of their family was quite good at making connections in the Flying Cloud Sect, even the middle level elders had come to visit.


The two supreme elders of the Lie Yue Family looked at Ping Qiuyue and Liang Jinhua, who had purposely arrived from the Flying Cloud Sect, with jealousy in their eyes.As old rivals, the Lie Yue Family felt that this time, they were crushed by the Ancient Slave Family.

Ancient Slave Little Leaf motioned for everyone to be quiet, then said, "Everyone, let's invite senior Ping Qiu Yue to speak, shall we?"

"Good."The children of the Ancient Slave Family shouted, then applauded again.

At this time, Liang Jinhua was full of embarrassment, she didn't come today for Ancient Slave Little Leaf at all, but she was really embarrassed to say it now.

Ancient Slave Little Leaf looked towards Ping Qiuyue and smiled, "Elder Ping, it's not easy to come here once, can you speak about the valuable experience of cultivation for our people in Heavenly Jewel City?"

Pinqiu Yue saw Tang Zichen, Pinqiu Yue saw Tang Zichen's face as if he wasn't very satisfied, Pinqiu Yue was a bit irritated inside, off to the side, this Ancient Slave Little Leaf still wanted him to talk about his cultivation experience, it was really annoying.

Pinqiu Yue directly said, "No time."

"Ah."Ancient Slave Little Leaf was suddenly cold there, feeling so ashamed.

Just as Ancient Slave Little Leaf was stunned there, not knowing how to defuse the embarrassment, Elder Ping quickly walked towards Tang Zichen.

"Elder Ping, what are you doing?Our Ancient Slave Family's bearing is over there, I have prepared a seat for you."Ancient Slave Little Leaf was busy shouting.

Ping Qiu Yue didn't turn her head back and snorted, "I came to Tian Bao City to go to the Tang family, what ancient slave family, never heard of it." A second to remember to read the book

"Ah."Ancient Slave Little Leaf was stunned again, this was too embarrassing.

The entire temple was quiet without a single sound, especially the people from the Ancient Slave Family, who had just been clapping excitedly, but now they were all like eating dumb pills, their eyes moving as they followed Ping Qiu Yue's body.

Everyone watched as Ping Qiu Yue, came to the Tang family, then stood in front of Tang Zichen, then Ping Qiu Yue bowed deeply to Tang Zichen, "Young Minister, I'm late, please chastise me."

Liang Jinhua also ran up in panic and bowed as well: "I'm sorry, Minister Young, I deserve to die, I delayed your important matter."

Shocked, the entire audience was shocked.

The two Feiyun Sect elders that Gu Nu Xiaoye had just felt had brought her a glorious face, were now, like children who had done something wrong, admitting their mistakes to Tang Zichen.

"This."Ancient Slave Little Leaf was also dumbfounded, unable to believe what her eyes were seeing, but those were mid-level elders of the Flying Cloud Sect.

The audience was silent for several seconds before Tang Zichen said, "I won't hold you responsible this time."

"Thank you, Young Minister."Elder Ping wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and Liang Jinhua was relieved.

In the next second, Tang Zichen said, "But although you will not be held accountable, it is impossible to treat it as if nothing happened."

"Ah."Elder Ping's face turned pale, did, Young Minister let him kneel at the door again?So many people, too.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen didn't make such a request, Tang Zichen said, "Someone has just been rude to me, you guys can tell yourselves what to do."

Pinqiu Yue immediately yelled, "Who?Who dared to be rude to my youngest?"

Hearing Ping Qiu Yue's roar, the two supreme elders of the Lie Yue Family couldn't help but tighten their chrysanthemums.Of course, Ancient Nun Xiao Ye and Ancient Nun Yan, even more so, their bodies trembled.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Tang Zichen's hand pointed: "She, he, he, he.They thought they were at the Spiritual Unity stage and were rude to me, especially Ancient Slave Little Leaf, who made me feel a bit bad."The four people Tang Zichen was referring to were Gu Nu Xiaoye, Gu Nu Yan, Leyue Tyranny and Leyue Ming.


; Ping Qiu Yue's eyes shot towards Ancient Slave Little Leaf.

Ancient Slave Little Leaf was shocked when he saw Ping Qiu Yue's cannibalistic gaze.

Ping Qiu Yue coldly said, "Ancient Slave Little Leaf, your family, I see no need for it to exist."

"What."Upon hearing that, Ancient Slave Little Leaf's body trembled and was shocked.

"Elder Ping, don't, I'm innocent."Ancient Slave Little Leaf panicked and defended.

"Wrongfully accused?You mean, I ministered to lesser fabrications."

"No no no."

Tang Zichen waved his hand, "Drag him out and beat him up, the sacrifice is about to start, don't interfere with the sacrifice."

"Yes, minister young."

Suddenly, Ping Qiu Yue flew towards Ancient Slave Little Leaf.

Ancient Slave Little Leaf was also angry, "I'll fight you."Ancient Slave Little Leaf sacrificed his flying sword at once.

"Buzz."In Pinqiu Yue's storage pouch, a beige light flashed, and a threaded magic tool flew out, which poured in the air, and that side of the space was distorted for a moment.Immediately after, there was the sound of Ancient Slave Little Leaf screaming, only to have her flying sword fall to the ground and her hands twisted into a twisted state.

"Go, get out."Elder Ping Ton dragged Ancient Slave Little Leaf flying out of the temple.

For a moment, the entire palace was silent, and everyone's eyes took on a layer of fear as they looked at Tang Zichen again.

Tang Zichen said loudly, "The sacrifice of the heavens has begun, our Tang family, as your main family, is first."

After saying that, Tang Zichen led everyone in the Tang Family to the altar in the center of the temple and began to offer sacrifices to the heavens.Tang Zichen didn't consider this superstition at all, because the mortal realm stepping into the void appeared out of thin air at this altar, which meant that this altar might really be connected to the heavens.

At this moment, not far outside the Holy Temple.

Ping Quyue grabbed Ancient Slave Little Leaf.

"Elder Ping, we are all Flying Cloud Sect Elders, are you really going to take action against me?"

"Ugh."Ping Qiu Yue sighed and put Gu Nu, "Gu Nu Xiaoye, it's not that I won't let you go, but I'm helpless, who let you offend Young Minister.I'll tell you secretly now, Tang Zichen's true identity, he is by no means a Tang family member, he can't even be provoked by the Master of the Flying Cloud Sect.Let's not talk about anything else, I'll just tell you one thing, Tang Zichen has a maid, she's from one of the Four Seas Immortal Families."

"Ah."Gu Nu Xiaoye was startled.

"So, whether or not I can provoke the young minister, you measure yourself, your little ancient slave family is really just an ant in someone's eyes."


"Gu Nu Little Leaf, I have to do as I am told by Minister Less to drag you out and beat you up, otherwise I won't be able to give a good explanation, now you will be aggrieved, I will try my best to be lighter and only cause you some superficial damage and not let you have any real harm, what do you think?"

"Okay."Ancient Slave Little Leaf nodded his head.

Next, Pinqiu Yue punched Ancient Slave Little Leaf in a frenzy, beating Ancient Slave Little Leaf to a pulp, but it was all superficial damage.

"Alright, that's almost enough, I won't say anything even if I see it."

"Thank you, Elder Ping for your leniency."

"No need, we are all Flying Cloud Sect elders, right, don't upset Minister Shao anymore."

"I know."

Ping Quyue and Ancient Slave Little Leaf walked into the Holy Temple, just as Tang Zichen's sacrifice to the heavens had ended.


Tang Zichen didn't say anything when he looked at Gu Nu Xiaoye, his nose and face swollen, but Tang Zichen could tell from a casual glance that they were all external wounds, the surface was miserable, but in reality there was no harm.

But to be forgiven, Tang Zichen was too lazy to care, let's just pretend not to know.

After Ancient Slave Little Leaf entered the temple, he busily walked up to Tang Zichen and knelt down to pay his respects, "See Master."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You've lost the chance to take me as your master."

"Ah, young minister, I would like to serve you as my master, and I hope that young minister will accept it."

Liang Jinhua busily said, "Yes, Minister Shao, Little Ye has already known her mistake, let her acknowledge you as her master."

"Since you are so sincere, I will reluctantly accept your knee."

"Thank you master."

"Alright, go do your thing."Ancient Slave Little Leaf went back to her family orientation, and although it was very undignified in front of her family, she was relieved when she remembered Tang Zichen's background.Even the people of the Four Seas Family could only serve him as maidservants, and she was already a tall order to be able to serve Tang Zichen as a slave.

The two supreme elders of the Lie Yue Family also came up to see their master in a panic, and Tang Zichen waved them off.Now that they knew Tang Zichen's power, they were just one master at a time, where was the strength from their disobedience?

This is how, after the four great families finished their sacrifices, the children of each family began to come out to compete, to win glory for their respective families. The first website

"Meng Clan, a genius who stepped into the first stage of body refining at the age of 13 has appeared."

Not long after, a shocking news came out.

Normally, one would normally reach the first stage of Body Tempering at the age of 15, and to be able to step into the first stage of Body Tempering at the age of 13 was very genius, but of course, it was slightly inferior to Tang Zichen stepping into the first stage of Body Tempering at the age of 12 last year.

Everyone looked at the Meng family with envy, and the Meng family's elders all looked proud.

Just at this moment, a shout came from the Lie Yue Family, "The Lie Yue Family has a 12 year old stepping into the first stage of Body Tempering."

"What? 12 years old, no way, didn't the Leyon Family produce a 12 year old Leyon Eye last year?Why is there another one today?"

Suddenly, everyone was shocked, the Lie Yue Family had a genius who had stepped into the first stage of Body Tempering at the age of 12 for two years in a row.

Tang Zichen also looked over to the Leyue Family to see which genius had appeared in the Leyue Family, and this look made Tang Zichen's brows furrow.

"That little girl, she's so delicate looking, she'll definitely be a beauty when she grows up, just how come her face mold, she looks like my teacher's mother."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

Tang Zichen just felt at the moment that she resembled her teacher's wife, but definitely didn't think that she was her teacher's wife.

After all, Yan Xin Yi was only 12 years old at the moment, there was a big difference between her and an adult, and Tang Zichen also believed that her teacher-mother should be dead.

When she was in the mortal realm, after her master's great time, her teacher's wife moved to a mountain outside the imperial city and lived in seclusion by herself.Tang Zichen and his disciples occasionally visited his wife, but then one day, Tang Zichen came out of the closed door to visit his wife, and found her gone, and left a note. Tang Zichen still remembers his wife's message clearly: "Disciples, you don't need to visit your wife anymore, she doesn't have much time left, she has left with your master.Don't worry, we'll be master and disciple again in our next life.

And this life is goodbye.

Tang Zichen was now looking at the little girl from the Leye Clan, and his mind suddenly returned to the original scene.

Tang Zichen muttered to himself, "Auntie, Feng'er misses you so much, you know, Feng'er was in the spirit world and saw a little girl who looks like you, I think she will look even more like you when she grows up."

After saying that he slowly walked towards the direction of the Lie Yue family, completely unaware of it.

It was rare to meet a little girl who was so similar to her teacher's wife, this was a kind of fate, perhaps, she was the reincarnation of her teacher's wife, so Tang Zichen decided to help her cultivate immortality.

At this time, Yan Xin Yi was surrounded by a group of elders from the Lie Yue Clan, as if she had gotten a treasure.

Tang Zichen walked up, and the two supreme elders of the Leyue Family were shocked, not expecting Tang Zichen to come over and panicked, "See Master."

Everyone in the Leyue Family was startled and looked at Tang Zichen, thinking in their hearts, Tang Zichen wouldn't want to rob this genius with them right now, right?

As expected, Tang Zichen bluntly spoke up, "This little girl, I want to take with me."

"What."Everyone in the Lie Yue family was displeased for a while, why should seeing a genius, and so beautiful, be taken away.

"This."The supreme elder of the Leyue Family was a bit embarrassed.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I won't say the same words twice."

The head of the Leyue Family immediately laughed, "Haha, it's an honor for Master Tang to be able to see our Leyue Family's children, what are you guys still bitter about."

Everyone reacted at once and immediately transformed their smiles.

Lie Yue Bi said, "Master Tang, since you like her, we'll give you as a slave, it's an honor for our family that she can be your slave, ah, I still hope that Master Tang's men."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "Slave servant, hmph, she will be my disciple and your master from now on."

"Ah."Everyone in the Leyue Family was stunned, never expecting someone as noble as Tang Zichen to accept Leyue Xingyi as his disciple as soon as he opened his mouth.Thought, to be able to be Tang Zichen's slave servant were all high climbers, for a moment, everyone in the Leyue family was a bit confused, why was Tang Zichen so attentive to this Leyue Xinyi, even if Leyue Xinyi stepped into the first stage of body refining at the age of 12, and the mold was long, with young minister's vision and insight, it's not so much.

Unfortunately, no one knew that it was because she looked like Tang Zichen's teacher's wife, and that reason alone was enough.

The other two families looked at the Lie Yue family with envy, not expecting that the Lie Yue family was so lucky to be able to climb up with Tang Zichen as a relative.

At this moment, Yan Xin Yi was a little shocked inside, was this the arrangement of the heavens in the underworld?Is today's encounter and the fact that Tang Zichen took her in as his disciple, all because of God's will?

Yan Xin Yi had just been surrounded by a large group of people, so she hadn't even seen when Tang Zichen had come over, and after that, she hadn't even had a chance to speak.

At this time, the Lie Yue Family's Lie Yue stormed and urged, "What are you waiting for, why don't you hurry up and pay your respects to your master?Today you are able to be accepted as a disciple by Minister Young, this is your creation, the heavens' favor to you."

Yan Xin Yi was still in a daze, not because she was too excited, but because of the yin and yang of it all.


Everyone saw Yan Xinyi get silly, busy saying, "Young Minister, I'm sorry, she may not have seen the world, she was scared silly by your grandeur, she hasn't reacted yet, you're more responsible ah."

Tang Zichen nodded, understandably, a little girl, suddenly being accepted as a disciple by a person as big as Tang Zichen, normal people would not be able to react for a while.

"It's fine."Tang Zichen said with a hint of gentleness in his tone.

Everyone in the Leyue Family was shocked, just now Tang Zichen's tone towards anyone was so arrogant, but right now, it was so gentle.

Not only the people of the Lie Yue family, but also the people of the other families were also surprised, everyone was speculating inside, "Did Tang Zichen fall in love with this Lie Yue Xinyi at first glance?Why else would it be like this."

It was just that a young girl standing in the Tang family crowd at this time suddenly felt a sudden grief inside, she was Tang Huan.

If one looked closely, one could see that there was some fine mist in Tang Huan's eyes.

When Tang Huan saw his younger brother, who had such a gentle tone and gaze towards a little girl from the Leye Clan, there was an indescribable sorrow inside his heart.

Once again, Leyue Tyranny urged Leyue Xinyi, "You should have reacted by now, not yet paying your respects to your master."

It was as if Yan Xinyi was being forced, she was conflicted for a moment, after all, Feng'er used to be her disciple ah.

Yan Xinyi wanted to tell Tang Zichen that she was Yan Xinyi, his mortal realm's teacher's wife, but so many people were watching at the scene, Yan Xinyi couldn't say it, no one in this world knew that he was a mortal realm's Void Stepper, and in public she said it, she still didn't know what the reaction would be. Remember the website

"Hurry up, pay your respects to Master."The head of the Lie Yue family urged once again, as if he was afraid that if he was late, Tang Zichen would go back on his word.

Helplessly, Yan Xinyi sighed deeply inside, "It's just that, maybe it's the will of God."

After sighing inwardly, Yan Xinyi slowly kneeled down and worshiped, "Disciple, pay your respects to your master."

Everyone in the Lie Yue family laughed happily, heck, it was too cool to climb up with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen also grinned slightly and said gently, "Disciple, get up and speak."

"Yes, Master, Master."Yan Xinyi had some difficulty changing her words at the moment.

It was just that now that she had worshipped her master, she didn't know how to identify herself to Tang Zichen anymore, and as she was struggling, Tang Zichen asked, "What's your name?"

"Me."Yan Xin Yi hesitated, wanting very much to say in public, I'm your teacher's wife, Windy.

However, the moment Yan Xin Yi hesitated, the person next to her immediately answered for her.

"Her name is Leyue Xinyi."

Tang Zichen's body was startled, busy saying, "Leyue Xinyi?"


Tang Zichen said inwardly, "How could it be such a coincidence, my teacher's wife's name is Yan Xinyi, her name is Leyue Xinyi, could it be that this is really the will of the underworld."

Tang Zichen looked at Leyue Xingyi and vowed, "Leyue Xingyi, from now on follow me to cultivate immortality, as long as I am here, I will escort you."

Everyone in the Lie Yue family was so happy that they were busy urging, "Xinyi, hurry up and thank your master ah."

Yan Xinyi looked into Tang Zichen's eyes and finally sighed deeply all over, just, just, it was the will of the gods.

"Hurry up and thank your master ah."The person beside him urged, truly the emperor is not anxious about the eunuch.

Yan Xinyi said, "Thank you, Master."

"Well, there's no need to be polite, Leyue Xinyi, you go home first, you have three days to prepare, when you're ready, come to my Tang family, I'll bring you to the Flying Cloud Sect together."

After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked back to his place in the Tang family.

Yan Xin Yi was dazed as she watched Tang Zichen's small back.

And the people of the Lie Yue Family clapped and cheered.

However, many people from the Lie Yue Family actually didn't know when the family had this Lie Yue Xinyi, but, a family of more than ten

A population of 10,000,000, so huge, it was normal to have never seen it before, after all, she was only 12 years old.

Tang Zichen returned to the position of the Tang family head.

Ping Qiu Yue was busy saying, "Congratulations, young minister, harvesting a beloved disciple."

Liang Jinhua was also busy congratulating, "Congratulations, I young minister, on gaining a beloved disciple."

Tang Zichen nodded slightly, his heart was a little sad, after all, that Lie Yue Xin Yi, made Tang Zichen think of his teacher's wife, touching the past scene, it was inevitable to be sad.

"Young Minister, why aren't you looking very happy."

"Yeah? No, no."Tang Zichen said.

"I thought, Minister Shao, that you would take her as your slave, after all, Lu Yuxi of the Four Seas Family can only be your maid."

"Yes, Minister Young, everyone didn't expect this, it's too unexpected, people say you have a crush on that Leyue Xinyi, hehehe."

Tang Zichen gave a reprimand, "Who is talking nonsense, from now on, she is my disciple, who dares to guess the relationship?, don't blame me for being rude."

"Uh."The people beside them were stunned, the minister youngster was actually angry.

As such, everyone was even more confused.

Pinqiu Yue was bold enough to ask, "Minister Young, then why are you so special to that Lie Yue Xin Yi?"

"Alright, this is my business, no need to explain it to everyone."

"Yes, Minister Less."

Everyone didn't dare to ask any more questions.

Soon, today's Heaven Sacrifice Ceremony and the Family Martial Meeting were all over.

As the high and mighty Tang Zichen, he was naturally the first to leave the stage, surrounded by the crowd, and then the rest of the various families left the stage.

Yan Xinyi's status shifted and she became Tang Zichen's disciple, she was also surrounded by the many sons and daughters of the Lie Yue Family, Yan Xinyi could not find any opportunity to speak to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen returned to the Tang family.

All the way home, Tang Huan looked depressed, and after returning home, Tang Huan went to hide in his room by himself.

As a father, Tang Jingtian naturally saw some of his daughter's abnormalities in his eyes.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, had no desire to pay attention to Tang Huan because of the sudden surge of thoughts of his teacher's wife, so naturally he didn't know.

Tang Jingtian came to his daughter's room.

"Knock knock."Tang Jingtian knocked on the door.

"Who is it."

"It's me."

Tang Huan opened the door.

"Father, what are you doing here."

"Huanhuan, what's wrong with you, you've been silent and depressed all the way back."


"Alright, don't lie to me, is it because of the fact that Zichen took in a disciple?"


"No it isn't."

"All right, Dad, leave me alone."

"Huanhuan, you and Zichen, after all, are nominally siblings, you."

"Father, there's no need for you to tell me that, I know what I'm doing."

"Alas, know that then you are not happy."

"Father, I'm just, just seeing, he's suddenly so nice and gentle to another girl, and I'm uncomfortable.He's only ever been this nice to me before."

"Oh, you're just jealous."Tang Huan pursed her lips in aggravation.

"Actually, I'm also a bit confused as to why Tang Zichen is suddenly so caring towards that Leye Xingyi, but that Leye Xingyi really isn't bad looking."

"Brother isn't that kind of person."

"Alright, don't get upset."

At this moment, Tang Zichen was also alone in the room.


Tang Zichen's mood was also quite affected, Tang Zichen thought that he had forgotten about the mortal realm and the people from his past, but today, when he saw Leyue Xingyi, he realized that he couldn't forget at all.

The next day, early in the morning, a servant came to report.

"Master, someone is asking for an audience outside the door."

"Who wants to see me?"

"It's the two supreme elders of the Leyue Family, and they're bringing one who is your disciple."

Tang Zichen didn't expect Leyue Xingyi to come so soon.

"Let that little girl in, the others can leave."


Soon after, the servant brought Leyue Xin Yi to Tang Zichen's other courtyard, and the two supreme elders of the Leyue family were sent away.

Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of the main hall, looking at the little girl who walked in, she really resembled her teacher's wife, the more she looked, especially the eyes, even the eyes.

"You're here, didn't you say within three days, why are you in such a hurry."Tang Zichen asked. A second to remember to read the book,

Lie Yue Xin Yi looked at Tang Zichen and smiled slightly, her eyes suddenly shining with water mist, and softly called out, "Windy."

"What."Tang Zichen almost went limp on his butt.

"You, what did you call me?"

"Windy, it's me, Yan Xin Yi."

"Oh my god, Shisun, you're my Shisun?"Don Zimmer was silly.

"Uh-huh, it's me."Yan Xin Yi came up, her eyes giving her a maturity that didn't match her appearance.

Tang Zichen's brain seemed as if it couldn't react for a moment, it was too unexpected.

"Shisha, this, how is this possible."Tang Zichen said with a trembling voice.

"Feng'er, I'm sorry, I should have called you Master."

"Ah, Master-mother, this must not be allowed."

"Oh, it's all God's will, it's fair for you to be my master in this life and me to be your teacher's wife in the previous life."Yan Xin Yi smiled slightly.

"Shisuniang, this must not be, I was seeing that you looked like my Shisuniang yesterday, so I felt that it was fate, that's why I decided to take you as a disciple, I didn't know that it was you originally, otherwise how could my disciple dare to be so disrespectful and take you as a disciple."

"Feng'er, I've said it's the will of God."

"There is no such thing as providence or not, you were my teacher's wife in your previous life, and you are still my teacher's wife in this life, no matter if you have now become younger than my age or less powerful than me, you will always be my dearest teacher's wife."

"You child."Yan Xin Yi smiled helplessly, even though Shiniang was only twelve years old, she smiled so beautifully, it seemed that Shiniang's reputation as the most beautiful woman in the world when she was young was not untrue.

"Shisuniang, I thought that you had reached your big limit, but I never thought that the second Void Stepper would be you."

Yan Xin Yi smiled, "I was able to tread the Void, but I actually didn't expect it myself, and was greatly helped by you.That year, I was about to reach the end of my lifespan, so I left a letter to you, and then I took your master's relics away from the Great Martial Empire to a borderland, preparing to say goodbye to this world.However, by coincidence, I accidentally ate an unknown spirit grass, after which I stepped into the Void!

Phase I. However, that spirit herb had tremendous side effects, and while I benefited from it, it also made me suffer, and while I ended up saving my life, I had no mobility, all over my body, and I only had my brain left to move."

"Ah, paralyzed?"

"Well, I had no other abilities besides my brain still being able to think, but fortunately the local villagers helped me, so I didn't die.However, I was also blessed by misfortune, and my realm continued to improve, rising from the dead and breaking through one level higher every time I was about to reach a critical moment, and so, in the end, I reached the Seventh Stage of Return to Void.At this time, I had been living in that village for a hundred years. Fortunately, after I stepped into the seventh stage, I regained my mobility, but I felt that I couldn't move forward any further.So, I left the frontier where I had lived for hundreds of years and returned to the Great Martial Empire, and at that time, I realized that you had stepped into the void and left, and all of your family members were gone as well.Fortunately, you left behind a book of martial arts tips and experiences.I read the valuable experience you left behind and benefited greatly, I knew you too well, I could almost see your heart through the words, and after that I reached the return of my ancestors in just under ten years."

"So that's how it is."Tang Zichen's understanding of his teacher's wife's experience, only then did it dawn on him, it seemed that his wife was also someone who had a great chance, although his talent was average when he was young, but when he got old, he began to go against the grain, only, she was alone in the borderlands, paralyzed for a hundred years, it was also really lonely.But in the end, she reached the return of her ancestors and achieved the spirit body.

Yan Xinyi then told Tang Zichen in detail about coming to the Spirit World, including that Leyue Lu.

"Where is that Leyeolu now?"

"He's been executed by the supreme elder of the Leyon Family, but I didn't reveal that I'm a Void Stepper, and it doesn't seem like anyone in this world knows anything about the mortal realm, so I'd rather not cause any more trouble."

"Count him dead quickly."Tang Zichen snorted.

"Oh, Shiniyo didn't expect to be able to see you in this life, and so soon, Shiniyo has no regrets."

"What are you saying, Shisun, since we have come to the spirit world and started a new life, we still have a long way to go in the future, thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, even millions and millions of years, a few hundred years in the mortal world is just a very short journey in our long future career."

The teacher's wife smiled, "I wish I could go this far, but the immortal world is cruel and can only take one step at a time, I don't have high expectations for the future, after all, apart from you, all my relatives are gone."

"Auntie, as time passes, we will have new relatives in the spirit world."Tang Zichen said, for example, one year after Tang Zichen came to the Spirit World, Tang Huan and Tang Jingtian, became Tang Zichen's relatives, and in a few hundred years and a few thousand years, there will definitely be more who will be treated as relatives by Tang Zichen.

Yan Xin Yi shook her head, "I can't accept it at the moment."

"It's fine, you've only just arrived in the Spirit World after all, your thinking is still stuck in the past, although I won't forget the past, I can't diffuse it either, I must look forward."

"Windy, how are you doing now?Why are so many strong people afraid of you today at the Temple?"

"Hehe, Shiniang, then just listen to me in detail."

Tang Zichen told his teacher's wife all the things he had done in the year since he came to the spirit world, and for his wife, Tang Zichen had no reservations, and naturally, the nine devil immortal qi in his body was also told.

"Feng'er, no wonder you're so confident about the future that you dare to threaten millions of years from now."


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