Dish Best Served Cold 501-506


Chapter 501

"Mr. Wahl, you...You are?"

Xu Fengliang was undoubtedly shocked at that time as well.

He hadn't expected that Hua Yinglong was about to make an appearance.

But where was this?

It was undoubtedly too early to make an appearance.

Xu Fengliang had intended for Hua Yinglong to conserve his strength to make a final appearance.

"A third-rate family only, where is it worthy of your appearance?"

"Mr. Walsh, why don't we take another look?"

Xu Fengliang advised with a smile.

However, Hua Yinglong shook his head, "Enough time has been wasted."

"It's time for this boxing match to end!"

Oh, shit.


"Who is this?"

"Such a big mouthful!"

"Could it be that the Xu family invited a strong man to fight?"

Hua Yinglong spoke in a low voice, but it caused the powerful and wealthy nearby to clamor.

Lin Feng and the others all turned slightly pale and looked at the man in front of them with tremors.

This was indeed the first time they had seen this man.

"Could it be that he really is an expert invited by the Xu family?"

"I just don't know if I can make it through three moves under Master Yao."

Lin Feng laughed coldly in his heart.

Zhao Si was also looking smug.

Yao Baisheng's previous scene of treading water had undoubtedly made the two of them extremely confident in that 300 million invited expert of the Extreme True lineage.

Today's boxing match, but the two of them had come with the idea of pretending to be a big pusher.

Originally, they were worried that the one the Xu family had invited would be a highly respected martial arts master.But after seeing that it was just a middle-aged man, Lin Feng and the others were undoubtedly a little less scrupulous.

In their opinion, this martial arts journey was about internal strength.

Of course, the older the person was and the longer they had been practicing martial arts, the more profound their internal skills would be.

This person in front of them was only a middle-aged man, no matter how strong he was, he would never be stronger than Yao Baisheng who had been practicing martial arts all his life, right?

While Lin Feng and the others were enjoying themselves, Xu Fengliang didn't stop Hua Yinglong after all, so he had to be the one to take the stage.

"Grandpa, do you know this person?"Beside her, the beautiful woman wearing the long trench coat of Versace, who seemed to have noticed her grandfather's strange appearance just now, her beautiful eyes slightly trembled, then asked softly.

The old man in military uniform shook his head, "I've never seen him before.But this person, must be a strong dragon!"


The clear and beautiful woman, who was stunned and petite, whirled around to look at the rigid man who was slowly walking in front of her.

In his heart, he was trembling.

After so many years, this was the first time he had heard, his grandfather speak so highly of others?


Hua Yinglong's ascension to the stage naturally drew the attention of the audience.

Many people were curious as to which side could the middle-aged man who came on stage at this time be the representative of?

"Could it be a representative of the Long Yang Martial Arts Center?"

"This Qingfeng Li is so provocative that he doesn't even care about first-class powers."

"In this situation, it makes sense that the Long Yang Martial Arts Center would send someone to fight on behalf of the Zhao and Lin families."

The crowd speculated.

And no one noticed that the moment this person appeared, one of Ye Fan's eyebrows chilled down.

After a long time, an inexplicable curve quietly surfaced at the corner of his mouth.

"Today's boxing match is getting more and more interesting."

Ye Fan's inaudible laughter was quickly drowned out in the clamor of the crowd.

On the boxing stage, Qingfeng Li looked at the person who had ascended to the stage and cupped his fist in salute, "Senior Qingfeng Li, representing the East City Qingfeng Martial School!"

"I wonder who your Excellency is?"

"Want to know my name?"Hua Yinglong smiled with a negative hand and shook his head, "You, a nameless junior, aren't qualified."


Qingfeng Li frowned then, the polite color on his face, however, was gone.In its place, there was a touch of icy coldness.

"In that case, then senior is offended!"


As the words fell, Qingfeng Li instantly smashed out with a fist.

The majestic fist, however, brought forth a low muffled sound.

A fierce wave of qi was suddenly welcomed.

The hunting fist wind blew the tips of Hua Yinglong's sleeves and hair.

"I go, is this old man scared out of his stall?"

"Why isn't he moving when people's fists are almost reaching the door?"

Seeing the negative hand standing proudly on the boxing ring, always unmoving, many people were suddenly puzzled.

However, just as everyone was puzzled, Qingfeng Li's punch finally arrived in front of them.


With a loud boom, everyone only saw a figure that flew down like a cannonball.

The fierce fist power wrapped around his hundred pounds of body ruthlessly smashed down.

A mouthful of blood was spat out immediately.

Dead silence~

The silence of the whole room!

Looking at Qingfeng Li, who had fallen to the ground and directly fainted to death, at this moment, there was undoubtedly silence on the large cruise ship.

One punch!

Just one punch!

Li Qingfeng, who had won six battles and had no second place in the limelight, was defeated in seconds.

He was defeated in an instant with a destructive force.

In the boxing ring, Qingfeng Li was still standing proudly.

He smiled with a negative hand, looked around the arena, and a faint voice, immediately sounded: "Next."


A long silence.

Hua Yinglong had defeated his enemy in one, this might was too strong.

Not a single person even walked out of the large cruise ship for a while.

However, a few minutes later, someone soon stepped forward.

"Your Excellency, you don't report yourself and say why you are fighting."

"Without enmity or interest, how can we challenge you?"

In the middle of the venue, a rich man got up and asked.

Hua Yinglong listened and smiled, "You ask why I am fighting?"

"Well, since you want to know, I might as well tell you."

"Today, I, Hua Yinglong, fight for power!"

"After the boxing match, I will make all of this Yanjing forces respect me as their master and serve me as king."

"What I seek is to be the king of this Yanjing!"


Hua Yinglong's heroic voice resounded through the four directions.

In a split second, the entire audience of dignitaries and bigwigs all changed color.

Even Lin Feng and Zhao Si's appearance then went cold.

They turned their heads to look at Xu Fengliang and said in a deep voice, "Master Xu, your Xu family really has a great appetite?"

"The names of the four great families can't satisfy you anymore, and now you want to be this Yan King even more?"

"You're also not afraid that by touching the interests of the other three giants, like the Xue family, you'll end up causing a mass rebellion and mass targeting!"

Lin Feng was full of gloom.

He had thought that the Xu family's participation in the boxing tournament today was nothing more than some market share, business interests.

But now it seemed that he was wrong.

Big mistake!

This Xu family, surprisingly, wanted to consolidate the power of Yanjing and make the major noble families to worship and serve as the king of this Yanjing secular world.To make them, the Lin family, the Zhao family and other families, also submit to him.

As the head of the Lin family, would Lin Feng not be angry?

Xu Fengliang shook his head and laughed, "I'm afraid that the Lin Family Lord is not confused."

"Mr. Hua has said that he's the one who wants to be the King of Yanjing, not the Xu family."

"Isn't that the same?Isn't Wah Ying Lung one of your men?Or is it that your Xu family has already submitted to him?"Lin Feng clenched his palms and gritted his teeth in an angry question.


Who wants to be subordinate to others?

The Xu family's ambition to consolidate all the big families and dominate the Yan capital undoubtedly made Lin Feng, Zhao Si and the others extremely unhappy.

Faced with Lin Feng's questioning, Xu Fengliang looked flat.

"What is the relationship between my Xu family and Mr. Hua, this is not for you to worry about."

"However, if your Lin family is not convinced, just go on stage and fight against Mr. Hua."

"If you win against Mr. Hua, your Lin and Zhao families naturally don't have to serve him as their master."

"Perhaps, you can also take the opportunity to consolidate the Yanjing forces."

"Since ancient times, those who are able have been the most powerful."

"Fists divide victory and defeat, and martial power determines power."

"Whoever can sweep all the warriors and laugh to the end is the king of this Yanjing."

"Such a simple truth, Master Lin wouldn't not understand, would he?"

Xu Fengliang said slowly, then with a smile, he lifted the teacup in front of the table and gently sip it.

"Hmph, since Master Xu has spoken to this point."

"Then we'll see?"

"I'd like to see who this Mr. Hua is that he dares to speak out and become this Yan King?"

Lin Feng's anger was rampant and his face was sullen to the extreme.

Zhao Si and the others were also filled with displeasure, and as they sat back in their seats, they stopped speaking coldly.

The boxing arena of the Angry Road was undoubtedly silent after a brief uproar, as everyone waited for the next person to fight.

However, no one stepped out even after the long silence.

Hua Yinglong's momentum just now was too strong.

The voice was like thunder, as powerful as Mount Tai.

So capable, the crowd naturally didn't dare to act rashly.

"Mr. Lin, what should we do?"

At this moment, many people looked at Lin Feng who was on the side.

Now the Xu family wanted to dominate Yanjing and make all the powers present bow down.

This was undoubtedly standing on the opposite side of all the powers.

Now that the families were in a state of panic, they could only look at Lin Feng, the head of the Lin family, and wait for Lin Feng's decision.

After all, among these worldly dignitaries present, apart from the Xu family, the most powerful were the Lin family and the Xue family.

As for the other three major Yanjing giants, they were already beyond the pale.Those three big giants had not come to participate in the Yanjing Boxing Tournament at all.

After all, those three families were incomparably rich and had always been transcendent, hardly participating in business strife.

The Xue family, on the other hand, had been marginalized and crumbling, and no longer had a place in the hearts of the crowd.Thus, the heartbeat of the crowd had naturally become the Lin family.

"What else can we do?"

"Keep on."

"Next, which martial arts school should it be?"

"Go to war yet!"

Lin Feng drank in a deep voice.

According to past practices, the Yanjing Boxing Tournament naturally had its own set of order of appearance.

Very soon, the Yang Family Master had the strongest person from the Yangchun Martial Hall to which he belonged to fight.

However, after waiting for half a day, no one went up.


"Master Yang, what's going on?"

"Where are your Youngers?"

Lin Feng asked unhappily.

The old man next to him thought with a bitter face, put down the phone he had just hung up and said in fear, "Mr. Lin, our people, ran...Ran away!"


"Is this the kind of crap Yang is looking for?"

"No shame in that!"

Lin Feng snorted angrily and continued, "Then the next one up!"

"As I recall, it's someone from the Lightning Martial Arts School, right?"

However, as soon as Lin Feng's words fell, another middle-aged man came along in fear, "Lin...Mr. Lin, I...Our people, we can't reach them either, they probably ran away."


"Bunch of losers!"

"A Hua Ying Long who came out of nowhere and scared you guys like this?"

"Is every martial arts school in the great city of Yanjing the only one that competes for some air?"

"Can't there be a strong man with a sense of responsibility who will step forward?"

"Do you really want to honor this Hua Ying Long as your king?"

Lin Feng was furious and furious.

A few words in a row, but the Yang family's master and others who scolded him, all lowered their heads in shame.

"I'll do it!"

At this time, one person finally stepped forward.

It was also a middle-aged strong man, who stepped on the ground and rolled over to leap directly onto the ring.

"Arctic Martial Hall Wu Tianxiong, please instruct your Excellency!"

The strong man cupped his fist and spoke in a deep voice.

Hua Yinglong's indifferent eyes swept over him, his eyes narrowed, and then he just returned with a faint, "Make your move!"


Hua Yinglong's words fell, this Wu Tianxiong's long legs were like whips, scuffling and kicking out one after another.

"What a beautiful chain of legs!"

"As the saying goes, Southern Fist and Northern Kick."

"This Wu Tianxiong, he should have learned from my northern martial arts lineage, right?"

After seeing Wu Tianxiong's ruthless and fierce kicks, many people present sighed in praise.

Lei Dongbao even snapped his applause.

Once again, he threatened that Hua Yinglong was afraid that he would be kicked out of the sky.

Ye Fan lightly laughed, "The one who flew out is afraid that it's that Wu Tianxiong."


"Bastard, you're deliberately looking for trouble, aren't you?"

"Monty right once, are you fucking coming on?"

Lei Dongbao was close to dying of anger.

How could Lei Dongbao not be angry when Ye Fan was tearing down the stage three times?


"What's that Hua Yinglong doing?"

At this time, someone around shouted, and everyone's eyes immediately looked over.

On top of the boxing ring, that Hua Yinglong used his fingers as swords and stepped on the ground seven steps in a row.

With each step, a spot on Wu Tianxiong's body exploded with flesh and blood.

In the end, when Hua Yinglong's body stopped, seven sword wounds appeared on Wu Tianxiong's body.

The wounds were eventful and bleeding!

"Using your finger as a sword, seven steps in a row!"

"This is..."

"East Asian Ninjutsu, Seven Sword Chop!"

Seeing such a scene, the old man in military uniform offstage, his old eyes trembled and sat up in shock.

A pair of old eyes stared at him, filled with horror.

"Grandpa, this Seven Sword Chop, is it powerful?"Seeing her grandfather so disoriented, the clear woman immediately asked.

"Of course!"

"Twenty years ago, there was an Eastern Ocean Martial Master who came across the sea."

"Came to my Huaxia Shenzhou and beheaded 14 of my Huaxia Martial Dao powerhouses in a row."

"By the way, it was this Eastern Ocean Seven Sword Chop!"

"At that time, that East Asian Martial Master swept through the Huaxia Shenzhou and was almost unrivaled."

"In the end, if it wasn't for the army's War God Ye Qingtian, he would have held the last dignity for our Huaxia Shenzhou."

"Otherwise, my Huaxia Martial Dao would have been completely disgraced back then under the Eastern Ocean Sword Art!"

"I thought that after that battle, the East Asian martial artists would be restrained.Who would have thought that it's only been twenty years, but there's actually another East Asian, coming to my Huaxia."

"And now, even more so, they have come to the capital of Huaxia to become this Yanjing King?"

The general in front of him said in a deep voice, how intense was the gloom in his old eyes?

He knew very well that today's battle was no longer a minor family struggle, but a national war that concerned the country's honor and shame!

By now, on top of the boxing ring, Wu Tianxiong was covered in blood.

The eventful sword wounds were shocking!

Until finally, it landed with a bang.

There was no more movement, and it was instantly defeated by Hua Yinglong.

Ye Fan wasn't surprised by this.

That Wu Tianxiong, whose martial dao wasn't even introductory, seemed to have stern legs and feet, but they were all the same flowery frame as the Criminal River.

How could he block under the Seven Swords of the East Ocean?


"Grandpa, what should we do?"

"Are you going to do it?"

Lu Wan'er looked towards her grandfather and asked worriedly.

Obviously, Lu Wan'er also realized that today's battle was not only about Yanjing's future power structure, but also about, the face of their Huaxia martial dao.

If they really just let an East Asian sweep away the giants of Yanjing and dominate Yanjing, and word got out, they were afraid that their Huaxia's face would be disgraced.

"Let's take another look."

"The Lin family hasn't appeared yet."

"If we don't have to, as outsiders, we'd better not interfere."

"Hopefully, a bearer will appear in the land of Yanjing in my China."

The old man in military uniform said grudgingly.

On the boxing stage, after Wu Tianxiong fell to the ground, the staff quickly went up and carried Wu Tianxiong down and sent him to get medical attention.

"Anyone else who's not convinced, keep coming."

Hua Yinglong stood with a negative hand, and that arrogant and majestic tone, once again echoed.

After a long silence, another young man finally stepped into the boxing ring, under great pressure.

"Senior Teng Zijing, fighting on behalf of Blue Sky Martial Arts, please teach senior!"

The sturdy youth reported himself and cupped his fists and said.

This person's words were even trembling as he spoke.

Hua Yinglong frowned for a moment after seeing it.

"Just, you go down."

"Ah...Ah?"Teng Zijing was stunned, not knowing what Hua Yinglong meant by that, and then asked in fear, "Senior, still .. it's better to fight first."

Hua Yinglong ignored it and continued, "You go down first and call up all the representatives of the martial clubs that haven't fought yet."

"Let's go up together."


Teng Zijing was confused.

The surrounding crowd, too, was all horrified.

"What the fuck!"

"Everyone?One piece on?"

"That fierce?"

"That's a lot of pussy!"

After Hua Yinglong's words fell, the entire crowd had exploded.

Lei Dongbao was even more agitated as his old face reddened and his spittle flew across the sky.

"He's going to single-handedly defeat the entire Yanjing giants with one person, ah?"

"I'll fuck it up!"

"This is too awesome, isn't it?"

"What does he want?"

"Trying to go against the grain?"

Lei Dongbao lost his voice and shouted.

A boxing match, I didn't expect it to be this exciting.

In the center of the arena, the faces of Lin Feng and the others were undoubtedly ugly down at this moment.

"This Hua Yinglong, isn't it too arrogant?"

"To be alone, singling out all of us?"

"This is not taking us Yanjing dignitaries seriously!"

"What now, Mr. Lin?"

"One at a time, or together?"

The heads of Yanjing's group of families were undoubtedly in a dilemma as well.

If they went up one by one, the opponent would be too strong and they would be afraid that they would be looking for death if they went up.

But going up one piece, even if they won, I'm afraid it would be humiliating.

A victory was not a victory!


"One quick on."

"If he wants to die, we'll do what he wants!"

After a brief silence, Lin Feng, however, decided to accede to Hua Yinglong's request.

All of the powerful people invited by the Yanjing dignitaries to fight together.

"But this, it's humiliating~" someone said bitterly.

Lin Feng sneered, "Embarrassment?So there's no shame in us going up one at a time and getting shot down like a dog?"


Lin Feng's question was a tricky one, and the man was left speechless for a moment.

It was true, one was humiliating to lose and the other was humiliating to win.

It would have been better to choose the latter.

At least it was a win.


"All together, then!"

"Didn't he want to be the King of Yanjing?"

"If you don't defeat our dignitaries, you still have the nerve to be the King of Yanjing?"

After making up their minds, the various martial arts schools, ordered their troops.


"Meng Liang, fight on behalf of the Tianliang Martial School!"

"Niu Zhen Yuan, fight on behalf of the Zhen Yuan Martial School!"

"Lu Lu, fight on behalf of the Bright Martial School~"


Soon, a full eighteen martial schools, all representing the family power behind them, took the stage to fight.

"Master Xue, where is your Xue family?"

"How is this just looking?"

"The Mr. Chu you hired, won't you take it out for a spin?"

At that moment, Lin Feng noticed that Xue Ren Yang, who was in the corner, was still sitting there quietly without uttering a word, and looked over with a slight sneer.


"Lin Dong, if he wants to take it out and sneak it out, he has to find someone, right?"

"That jerk, he's probably already scared off."

"Master Xue can't contact anyone, so naturally he'll only have to just watch!"

"An old man for one, but he's quite spirited."

"A self-made man with a disagreement?"

"Bully for you!"

"What's the result, and you've still got a loser?"

"You were scared off when you didn't even dare to go on stage."

"When the boxing match is over, you Xue family, just wait for death!"

Looking at Xue Ren Yang, Zhao Si scolded disdainfully.

"You~ You~"

Being so offended by a few juniors, Xue Ren Yang was trembling with anger, veins popping up on his old face.


"Me what me?"

"Straighten your tongue before you speak to my lord."

"However, this is your last chance."

"When the Xue family falls in the future, you, Xue Renyang, won't even be qualified to speak to us!"


Amidst the laughter, Zhao Si and Lin Feng turned their heads, no longer paying attention to the old thing.

"Wait, you guys, wait!"

"When the Dragon Lord comes out of the mountain, I'll make sure that your group of dog-eyed things don't have a good death!"Xue Ren Yang was furiously cursing.

But Xue Mingxin, who was beside him, looked worried.

"Uncle, on Mr. Chu's side, have you heard back yet?"

Just now, Xue Ren Yang called Ye Fan, obviously also wanting Ye Fan to follow him into battle.But no one answered.

Then Xue Ren Yang sent a text message to Ye Fan.

Xue Renyang looked down and shook his head.

When Xue Mingxin saw it, his heart went cold.

"Uncle, Chu...Mr. Chu, no...Wouldn't really run away, right?"

"Or, let's escape too."

"Today, whether the Xu family wins and becomes king, or the Lin family and the others laugh at the end, whichever outcome, our Xue family will be finished."

"If we stay any longer, we'll be waiting for death~"

Xue Mingxin had panicked and advised in a bitter voice.

However, Xue Ren Yang was clutching his palms, "Mingxin, wait, wait some more."

"I will never believe that Mr. Chu will give up on our Xue family!"

Xue Ren Yang said reluctantly while looking up and around to find out where Ye Fan was.

But apparently, he was disappointed.

There were thousands of people present, and he had just been in a hurry and had forgotten to note down where Ye Fan was sitting, so naturally, he couldn't find where Ye Fan was.

Xue Ren Yang now couldn't stop praying in his heart, only hoping that the Dragon Lord hadn't given up on their Xue family.

Otherwise, he, Xue Renyang, was afraid that this life's foundation would really be finished!

At this point, the boxing ring was furious and heavy.

On one side was Hua Yinglong, standing with his hands in the air!

On the other side, there were a full 18 strong men, eyeing the tiger.

In the next moment, a battle was on the verge of breaking out!


"Dragon Claw Hand!"




"Eight Trigram Palm!"


As the battle was about to start, on top of the boxing ring, however, the strongest members of the various martial arts gyms all rushed to the ring.

As soon as they attacked, it was a show of skill.

All sorts of attacks were used in a swarm, attacking wildly in Hua Yinglong's direction.

A full 18 strong men, all attacking together!

How big was that scene?

The monstrous power gathered into a stream and even swept the four directions.

"This time, that Hua Yinglong, will definitely lose!"

"He can fight one, can't he fight ten hundred more?"

In the stands, Lei Dongbao continued to milk it.

The rest of the crowd undoubtedly had the same view.

As the saying goes, it was hard to beat four hands with two fists, and the crowd clearly didn't think that Hua Yinglong, alone, could fight so many strong men.

While everyone was shaking their heads, Xu Fengliang did not panic in the slightest.

Instead, he even picked up a cup of tea beside the table and lightly tasted it.

"Master Xu, you're still in the mood for tea?"

"No call to 120?"

"Lest Mr. Hua, later on, will be in danger of losing his life."Lin Feng said with a sneer.

Xu Fengliang laughed lightly, "Master Lin would be better off saving it for your Long Yang Martial Arts School to fight later."


"Are you that confident?"

"That Hua Yinglong, can one person, defeat so many powerful people?"

Xu Fengliang's calmness caused a bad feeling to appear in Lin Feng's heart.

"It's not that I'm confident."

"Rather, it's the truth!"


The moment Xu Fengliang's words fell, the crowd only heard, a sound exploded from the boxing ring.

Lin Feng immediately looked up and saw that at the front of the chaos, Hua Yinglong struck out with a palm.

The abstruse wind was pervasive and the energy gathered.

An invisible qi was actually condensing and forming.

The old man in military uniform was once again horrified at the sight of it.

"This is~"

"Stamina outflow?Gathering power into the abstruse?"

"This Hua Yinglong, has actually achieved Outer Strength Greatness!"

While the old general was losing his voice in horror, Hua Yinglong's majestic palm had instantly struck out.

The monstrous energy was like a bomb exploding.

It swept wildly in all directions!

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

The deafening sound of muffled explosions followed immediately afterwards.

On top of the boxing ring, a full eighteen strong men flew straight down as if they had exploded into fireworks.

Along the way, they knocked over a number of chairs and finally crashed down, spitting blood all over the ground.



At that moment, the entire arena was horrified.

On top of the huge cruise ship, there was silence.

Everyone was deathly silent, all trembling and terrified, watching the scene before them.

Outside, the water of Yanqi Lake was rippling.

The cold wind, wrapped in the early winter chill, but swept the entire boxing arena.


All of them, defeated!

With a single palm, Hua Yinglong swept away a thousand troops.

Under his palm, those eighteen strong men were only like dirt and dogs, and were instantly defeated.

"This...This is a monster, right?"

Lei Dongbao stared at the eyes and lost his voice in fear.

Guo Alyssa and the others, because of their horror, couldn't help but draw cold air even more.

Before this, no one had thought that it would actually end up, like this?

"Mr. Lin, Mr. Zhao, the last dignity of our Yanjing can depend on you?"

In the center of the venue, those dignitaries were undoubtedly filled with grief and bitterness after seeing how quickly they had lost.

In the end, they placed all their hopes on Lin Feng and Zhao Si.

After all, now the Noble Yanjing had almost all been defeated!

Only Xue, Lin, and Zhao, the three nouveau riches, had yet to appear.

The Xue family had been kicked out of the Three New Noble Alliance, and with annihilation imminent, there was little hope for him.

Therefore, the Long Yang Martial Hall held by the Lin and Zhao families was naturally the last hope for Yanjing.

"Yes, Master Lin, isn't it time for your people to appear?"

Xu Fengliang lightly sips his strong tea, faintly smiling.

Lin Feng slapped his chair and became angry.

"Hmph, Xu Fengliang, don't think that if you win this battle, our Yanjing families will be afraid of you."

"Our Long Yang martial arts school, we haven't lost yet?"

Lin Feng snorted coldly, then turned to face the Yanjing group and drank proudly.

"Gentlemen, just now General Lu said that this Hua Yinglong learned an eastern martial art."

"So, this battle is not only about the division of my Yanjing's power structure, but also about the glory and shame of my Huaxia's defeated years."

"How can we allow the Japanese to claim power in our great China?"

"Today, I, the Lin Family of Yanjing, on the verge of death, will slay this man in order to raise the national prestige of our Huaxia Martial Dao!"

"Yes!"Lin Feng's words were so righteous that they drew applause from the audience.

"Well said!"

"If the Lin family master can turn the tide, we will respect the Lin family in the future."


"Yes, if the Lin Family Lord can help us avenge this, our family will willingly take the Lin Family as the Lord of Yanjing!"

For a time, many families present had expressed their positions.

When Lin Feng saw that he had achieved his goal, the smile at the corners of his mouth undoubtedly grew thicker.


"Fourth, let's go, follow me to invite, Master Yao!"

Lin Feng spoke proudly and immediately stepped out with Zhao Si already from the Lin and Zhao families.

Amidst the puzzled gazes of the crowd, Lin Feng and the others actually left their seats and walked to the entrance of the boxing ring.

And then, they saw Li Feng facing the surface of Yanqi Lake, cupping his hands and bowing in worship.

"Please, Master Yao is coming out!"

Zhao Si likewise took a step forward and respectfully sang again, "Please, Master Yao, come out of the mountain!"

It was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea, stirring up a thousand layers of waves.

Behind the two of them, the Lin Family and Zhao Family's men even bowed in unison and worshipped the vast surface of Yanqi Lake outside.

"Please, Master Yao, come out!"


"Please, Master Yao come out of the mountain!"


The voices of reverence, the words of respect, gather into a stream that sweeps over this world!


"What is this Lin Zhao family up to?"

"Worshiping a chicken feather to the lake?"

"Are you out of your mind?"

"What a comical bunch."

"Is it hard to believe that people can fly out of that lake?"

In the audience, Lei Dongbao shook his head and laughed for a while.

The rest of the crowd was also looking at the scene in front of them unbelievably.

They only felt that the actions of Lin Feng and the others were bizarre.


"Look, what's that?"

However, just as the crowd was in awe.

Only a hundred meters away, on the Yanqi Lake, there was a white mark that quietly surfaced.

At first, the white mark was small, like a line of water in the void.

But gradually, the white mark became bigger and bigger, and the sound of water was tremendous.

Lei Dongbao looked at it, and at that time, his eyes widened!


"What's that?"

"Did a dragon fly out?"

In between all the tremors, finally, it was close enough for someone to see.

"No, it's not a dragon!"

"It's people!"

"Jesus, is that a man running on a lake?"


"Is this fucking the East Sea Dragon King coming?"

Everyone went crazy when they saw the scene in front of them.

Tremors, just numbness.


On Yanqi Lake, the waves of smoke are vast.

Yao Baisheng's feet stepped on the flat lake and raced wildly, like he was walking on level ground.

The speed was so fast that a long white streak was drawn on the Yanqi Lake.

Just like, a dragon!

The wind was cold and the waves were sweeping.

There was dead silence in the Nor'easter.

Everyone was stunned.

Xue Mingxin stared at the teacups falling from the hands of Torture River.

The crowd present was all stunned to see a scene in front of them.

There, they saw a figure, a black robe.

He was standing with his hand in the negative!

He's treading water!

A monstrous might, only like a miracle.


Finally, a few seconds later, that "jiao dragon" came ashore.

It leapt to the ground with a bang.

His clothes were drenched, nearly frozen into ice in the fierce cold wind.

That was the old man, not moving a muscle.

It was as if this coldness could not invade his muscles and bones at all.

"O Woori!"

"Treading water?"

"Is this a fucking goddess?"

"No wonder the Lin family's master was so confident and domineering just now... So, he invited a real dragon!"

After a long silence, the entire crowd undoubtedly exploded instantly.

Lei Dongbao and the others shouted wildly in excitement.

At the front VIP table, the crowd of householders were also in a state of emotion, looking at Lin Feng, Zhao Si, and the others with admiration in their eyes.

"The Lin Family Master has come prepared!"

"With such a godly man in town, this Hua Yinglong, what else do we have to fear?"

"But I'm afraid the Lin Family Master has spent a lot of money on hiring such a high-ranking person, right?"

All the family heads congratulated.

Lin Feng proudly returned, "That's natural!"

"Please Master Yao, appearance fee, three hundred million!"


"Three hundred million?"

"No wonder, no wonder there's such prowess."

"Three hundred million dollars to bring in a high-ranking person is just not the same as the trash we bring in millions or tens of millions."


Criminal River and the others trembled again, saying in shock.

"Alright, unnecessary words, we'll talk about it at the evening celebration banquet."

"Next, let us look forward to, Master Yao's performance, right?"

Lin Feng waved his hand, indicating that the crowd didn't need to say anything.

That tone and look, however, was extraordinarily confident!

"Uncle, run...Run?"

"Under a man of this caliber, I'm afraid those internal guards of the Xue family would have to be slapped to death a bunch of times~"

While Lin Feng and the others were expecting Yao Baisheng's performance, Xue Mingxin was already stall scared, pulling Xue Renyang with a miserable old face to run.

"Mingxin, wait a little longer~"

Decades of foundation, Xue Ren Yang was not willing to give up like this.

He would never want to leave just like that without waiting until the last moment?

At this moment, all the gazes of the audience converged on the boxing ring.

"You are Hua Yinglong?"

"Want to be the king of this Yanjing with one man against all the dignitaries of Yanjing?"

After Yao Baisheng ascended to the stage, his face was expressionless, his old eyes, indifferently surveying the middle-aged man in front of him.


"You're right."

Hua Yinglong returned indifferently.

"What a mouthful!"

"In front of me, Yao Bacchus, you also dare to call yourself king?"

"The current juniors, one by one, are so arrogant?"

"The demeanor of our old masters has been lost to your later generations!"

Yao Baisheng leaned on his old age, and he was majestically angry.

He was over half a hundred years old, and in front of him, Hua Yinglong was indeed considered a junior.

Hearing this, Hua Yinglong shook his head and laughed, "Just you?"

"Also worthy of a Wordsmith?"

"In front of me, it's just a mole!"



Hua Yinglong's contemptuous words caused Yao Bacchus to become furious.

The great battle, immediately burst out.

Only Yao Baisheng furiously smashed out a fist.

The fist was fierce and fierce, like a sharp knife, piercing into the ocean.

"This is, of the Extreme True lineage, Extreme True Fist Intent!"

"Rigid and fierce, fist beaten."

"This person, in the Extreme Truth lineage, must be a bearer."

As the saying goes, once a connoisseur strikes, you will know if there is one.

After seeing Yao Baisheng smash out with a punch, the old man in military uniform on the VIP table, his old eyes sunk in and said in alarm.

"General Lu is right, this Grandmaster Yao is precisely the fist master of the Extreme True Martial Dao!"Lin Feng held the teacup and blew the dense heat while smiling smugly.

In Lin Feng's opinion, no matter how strong this Xu family's invited experts were, they would definitely be at the end of their crossbow after a series of battles.

Under Master Yao, it was still an instant defeat?

The Lin family will be the last to win in today's fight!

"Xu Fengliang, ah Xu Fengliang, you wanted to borrow Hua Yinglong, to sweep the might of the group at the boxing tournament, to shock Yanjing in one fell swoop, to consolidate the powerful and noble families, to be the king of this Yanjing."

"But Naiyi, you have a plan, but in the end, you ended up making a wedding dress for my Lin family."

"As long as this battle is fought, my Lin Family will be able to hold onto Yanjing's dignity and turn the tide, and will definitely gain supreme prestige among all the forces in Yanjing."

"At that time, it will be me, Lin Feng, who will become this Yanjing King, not you, Xu Fengliang!"

Lin Feng was filled with laughter.

He had almost seen the sight of the families worshipping him after winning this battle.

However, five minutes had passed.

Lin Feng imagined that the rout of the Zhonghua Yinglong did not occur.

Instead, under Yao Baisheng's stormy attack, it was unscathed.

Just like a boat in the middle of a vast ocean, Hua Yinglong dodged with a smile on his face.Let the storm outside be as sudden as the wind and rain, I will not move!

So much so that Yao Bacchus had thrown dozens of punches, and he was so stunned that he hadn't even touched the corner of Hua Yinglong's coat.

"Master Lin, it seems that this Master Yao you're so proud of is getting old."

"Slow-moving, he couldn't even touch Mr. Hua's horn."In his ears, came Xu Fengliang's faint laughter.

Lin Feng's face, undoubtedly went down hard then.

He put down his teacup and snapped at the boxing ring, "Master Yao, what are you doing?"

"Don't waste your time!"

"Hurry up and punch that East Asian Japanese pirate!"

"Cao Nima, shut up!"However, as soon as this Lin Feng's words fell, Yao Baisheng, who was above the boxing ring, cursed right back.

At that time, Lin Feng stared at him and his old face turned blue into a pig's liver.

He didn't expect that Yao Baisheng would dare to curse him?

However, where did Lin Feng know that Yao Baisheng not only wanted to scold him now, he wanted to kick him.

Didn't he want to beat up Hua Yinglong?

Doesn't he want to make this quick?

Then you have to have the power!

After a short battle, Yao Baisheng Fang realized how strong the middle-aged man in front of him was.

I had punched thirty-six punches in a row, and surprisingly, every single one of them had been dodged by it.

In other words, after these few minutes of beating, I couldn't even do it when I practiced close combat.

"Tired of fighting, right?"

"It's my turn!"

Suddenly, a cold laughter came from the ears.

In the next moment, Yao Baisheng was suddenly icy cold, his old eyes staring.

He only felt an incomparable threat of death, sweeping over.

It made his, sweat hairs stand on end!

"No, I vote..."

Yao Bacchus howled in fear, but, in the end, it was still too late.

Everyone only saw that Hua Yinglong, who had been avoiding fighting, finally made his move.

This move was a thunderous one!

Seven kicks in a row in a matter of seconds!

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!


The first kick, kicked above the chest, ribs should be broken, a mouth mouthful of blood spit out.

The second kick, kicked on the shoulder, the right shoulder exploded, miserable sound reverberated throughout the arena.

The third kick, on top of the jawbone, the old face collapsed, both noses spurting blood.

The fourth kick, kicked above the ear, the bone membrane shattered, leaving blood in the ear.

The fifth kick, kicking above Yao Baisheng's head, skull caved in, blood weeping from both eyes.

The last two kicks, Hua Yinglong successively kicked Yao Baisheng's spine.

Yao Baisheng was already unconscious and didn't even scream.

Just like that, his entire body was like a cannonball, directly collapsed by Hua Yinglong's feet.

Hundreds of pounds of body, sliced through the long sky, and after knocking over the cover of the cruise ship, he actually flew out directly from the cruise ship.

Outside, on Yanqi Lake, the smoke was vast.

Yao Baisheng smashed down from the sky.

Stones pierced through the air and rolled up a thousand piles of snow!

It was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea and brought up a huge wave.

Just like this, Yao Baisheng, who was treading on the water, was kicked into the vast lake by Hua Yinglong with seven kicks.

Where he came from, he will go back to where he came from.

Blood from seven orifices, the water of the blue wave was bright red and dazzling!

Man dies for money, bird eats for mane!

For three hundred million dollars, Yao Baisheng came to the water.

For $300 million, Yao Yum! He fell into the water and died!

Everything has a cause and an effect.

Yao Baisheng's cause and effect, that's how it is.

If he had known today's outcome, he probably wouldn't have risked his life even if Lin Feng and the others had offered him a billion.


The wind was bitterly cold and the blue waves were vast.

The blustery wind whistled through the hole that Yao Baisheng had smashed open.

The large venue was dead silent.

As long as that gale reverberated!

Everyone, shuddered unconsciously at this bone-chilling chill.

On the boxing ring, that figure, majestic as ever!

He withdraws his fists and kicks, negative hand, turns around and looks around the arena!

"Who else disobeys me?"


The majestic sound was only like muffled thunder.

Lin Feng's face was ashen, and Zhao Si looked tremendously shaken.

All the dignitaries present in Yanjing were in despair!

Defeated, the last spine of their Yanjing was still defeated.

The three hundred million dollars to invite a heavenly strong man, treading water to come to the world's Jiao Long, had become a joke after all.

So awesome when he came out, but in the end, he didn't even touch the corner of Hua Yinglong's coat.

He was beaten with seven apertures, and in the end, he even kicked directly to death in Yanqi Lake.

One could imagine the embarrassment in Lin Feng Zhao Si's heart?

"Defeated, all defeated!"

"I didn't expect that I would end up defeated under one man in the great city of Yanjing, with countless dignitaries."

"Could it be that there is no one in our great China who can do anything about the Japanese pirates of the East?"

"Will I, in the future, let an East Asian dominate the land of Yanjing?"

Some people grieved, some wept, and some even sighed long and sadly.

In the future, I'm afraid that they, Yanjing, will become the laughingstock of the entire Huaxia!


"Lin Feng, Zhao Si, why did I think you guys had invited some high-ranking person?"

"Three hundred million dollars to bring in one of these losers?"

"And martial arts everyone, and treading water jiao dragons."

"After all that fucking, it's just fucking shit, huh?"

At this time, Xue Renyang, who had been suppressed for a long time, was delighted when he saw that the high-ranking person Lin Feng and the others had invited had been killed by a few kicks.

He then came out and pointed at Lin Feng's nose and mocked wantonly.

Lin Feng and Zhao Si were also self conscious of their shame, after all, 300 million dollars to invite such a loser, no one could hang their faces.

Now Xue Ren Yang was adding fuel to the fire and scolding them in public, these two also had old faces that were red and white, so they naturally felt embarrassed and couldn't say a word.

"Lin Family Master, Zhao Family Master, speak up?"

"Why wimp out?"

"Weren't you able to talk at first?"

"Black is said to be white and wrong is said to be right."

"Obviously it was my Xue family that took the initiative to withdraw from the Long Yang Martial Hall, but in your mouths, it's us being kicked out instead?"

"Now that I think about it, it's fortunate that I, Xue Ren Yang, took the initiative to withdraw from the Long Yang Martial Arts Center, otherwise, I'm afraid I'd have to follow you two fools and be humiliated!"

Xue Ren Yang said this, but it caused an uproar around him.


"The Xue family is voluntarily withdrawing?"

"Not kicked out by Lin and Zhao?"

"Yea, this Lin Feng and Zhao Si spent 300 million to hire such a loser."

"Master Xue designated that it's not appropriate to throw this 100 million for nothing."

"As a result, Lin Feng's wickedness was the first to sue, but instead he said that the Xue family was kicked out, I guess he wanted to take the opportunity to unite with the Xu family to play dead with the Xue family and then annex the Xue family's assets."

"This Lin and Zhao families, what dirty hearts, huh?"

Seeing that the crowd had already pointed their spears at them, Lin Feng and Zhao Si were undoubtedly instantly unable to sit still.

"Xue Ren Yang, you old thing, don't confuse things here?"

"And, you old geezer has the nerve to talk about us?"

"The guy we hired for 300 million is a bit of a loser, but people at least made it to the stage, or at least didn't run."

"And what about that bullshit Mr. Chu you hired?"

"Don't even dare to show your face, you've already fucking scared off."

"If the person I hired is a piece of shit, and the brat you hired is worse than shit!"

Lin Feng's old face was livid, and he said angrily.


"How dare you insult the Dragon Lord?"

"Erdang all die!"Xue Ren Yang drank harshly.

"Ten thousand deaths you mallee!"

"Returning the Dragon Lord?"

"I think it's the dog owner!"

"People are running away and you're still talking shit here?"Zhao Si scolded disdainfully.

Xue Ren Yang was almost angry.

He was alone, he certainly couldn't scold Zhao Si and Lin Feng.

"Fine fine, you...You guys wait."

"I'll ask Mr. Chu to come out."

"Waiting for Mr. Chu to come out, you two ignorant fools, waiting to die you guys?"

Xue Ren Yang trembled all over, his old eyes red as he said.

Lin Feng and Zhao Si and the others, however, didn't care in the slightest.


"Feel free to shout!"

"I'll lose if I can shout it out."

The two grinned and said, looking at Xue Ren Yang as if they were only idiots.''

All along, the two of them didn't think that the so-called Mr. Chu was really capable.

How powerful could a yellow-haired kid be?

I'm afraid it's not even as good as Yao Bacchus.

Facing a strong dragon like Hua Yinglong, he probably would have already run away in fear.

And even if they didn't run away, the two of them didn't care at all.

Because even if they appeared, that Ye Fan, in Hua Yinglong, would surely be a dead word!

Between Lin Feng's two humming and laughing, Xue Renyang stood on a high platform, facing the thousands of spectators, bowing and bending, and paying his respects sadly.

"Today, my Xue family is in distress, Yanjing is in danger, and the Japanese pirates are dominating."

"Please, Mr. Chu, come forth and turn the tide, to strengthen the might of our Chinese nation!"

The sound of misery echoed through the heavens and earth.

Behind Xue Renyang, the people of the Xue family also worshipped together.

"Please, Mr. Chu, come out to save my Xue family, save my Yanjing, and strengthen my Huaxia's might!"


"Please, Mr. Chu, save my Xue family, just me, Yanjing, and strengthen the might of China!"



The gale swept across the Yanqi Lake, the promise of a cruise ship, dead silent.

Only the sad voices of the Xue family resounded like heavenly music.


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