Dish Best Served Cold 507-510


Chapter 507


"Mr. Chu?What Mr. Chu?"

"Could it be that the Xue family invited a high-ranking person?"

As the Xue family faced the crowd, poignantly worshipping and begging, the entire crowd, but all of them were trembling with suspicion.

Those dignitaries in Yanjing were also suspicious in their hearts.

They had thought that with Yao Baisheng's defeat, today's boxing match had been a complete defeat for them in Yanjing.

However, looking at that Xue Renyang's appearance, it seemed that there was still a strong man left in Yanjing.


"Mr. Chu?"

"In my Yanjing, is there a tall man named Mr. Chu?"

"Even in Huaxia's national art circles, I've never heard of a national art master surnamed Chu, ah?"

Lots of discussion.

There were doubts, suspicions, and moreover, expectations.

Only Xing family's Criminal River, but an old face was drawn.

Could it be that it was the one from Jiangdong, Mr. Chu?

"Is he, like, representing the Xue family in the Yanjing boxing match?"

Criminal River was in fear and stared at him.

However, one second, two seconds~

A full two minutes passed, and not a single person walked out of the large boxing ring.


"How's it going, Master Xue?"

"Where is your Mr. Chu?"

"Where is your Xue's highness?"

"Shout, keep shouting, why can't you shout this."


Lin Feng and the others seemed to have already anticipated the current outcome, and were now extremely mocking.

In their opinion, that Mr. Chu had already scared off.

It was only that idiot, Xue Ren Yang, who was still shouting.

It would be weird to shout out!

"Hey, it looks like a wasted expectation."

"I really let the Lin Family Master and the others get it right."

"This Mr. Chu, he's already scared off, right?"

"Master Xue, it seems you've misjudged me~"

Everyone else shook their heads at this point, only thinking that the so-called Mr. Chu was nothing more than a pustule.

He didn't even dare to show his face, and just ran away in fear.

Master Xue, what is entrusted to him is wrong!

Faced with the ridicule of the crowd, Xue Mingxin, who was on the side, was almost crying.

"Uncle, I've long said that Mr. Chu is untrustworthy and untrustworthy, but you just won't listen."

"That jerk has been picking up women in our Xue family all day long, and I saw him as no good from the start, but you insist on not believing it!"

"How about now?"

"He's patted his butt and run away, but the Xue family has lost both sides!"

Xue Mingxin was hateful and angry.

He was so angry now that he wanted to punch Xue Ren Yang.But this thought was all he could think about, Xue Ren Yang was, after all, the grandfather of the Xue family and was highly respected, so even if he made a stupid decision, it was not something he could blame a junior for.

However, just when everyone thought that Mr. Chu was nothing more than a joke, who would have thought that above the boxing ring, Hua Yinglong was turning around openly.

His profound gaze cut through the long sky and swept the four directions.

A low, deep voice then sounded.

"Mr. Chu, since you are here, why don't you show yourself?"

"I, Hua Yinglong, have been waiting for a long time!"


Hua Yinglong's words were only like a thunderstorm exploding.

The whole place was horrified.

Lin Feng Zhao Si and the others were dumbfounded.


"Even Hua Yinglong knows about this Mr. Chu?"

"How long have you been waiting?"

"Could it be that this Mr. Chu, is really a superior person?"

"Just who would it be?"

Hua Yinglong's words made the desperate Yanjing crowd's hearts hang in suspense once again.

All of them looked around in panic, vainly trying to find the person called Mr. Chu among the thousands of spectators.

While everyone in the hall was looking around, at the back row, there was only one stunning woman, whose beautiful eyes, filled with worry, slowly fell to the side, on the man!

"Regina, what are you looking at him for?"

"Could it be that you still think that this dime a dozen love brother of yours is the Mr. Chu who made the big man in Yanjing wait?"

Meng Han noticed Xu Lei's actions, but said it jokingly.

Guo Ya Wen, who was on the side, heard it and scoffed and laughed, "Han Han, that might be oh."

"Maybe this poor loser in front of you is the Mr. Chu that the Yanjing dignitaries have high hopes for?"

"Isn't it, Mr. Chu?"

"Why are you still sitting there, people are calling you, go up."

"Didn't you just say that the center of that venue, you can go there whenever you want?"

"Now is the perfect opportunity, everyone's waiting for you?"

Guo Alyssa laughed coldly.

That disdainful sneer was undoubtedly extremely distinct.


"Matilda, don't tease him."

"What if he's bragging about you and really thinks he's Mr. Chu?"

Meng Han giggled from the side.

A fool could hear that Guo Ya Wen was saying the opposite of what she was saying, deliberately burying Ye Fan.

However, what Guo Yawen and the others were stunned not to expect was that the moment their words fell, Ye Fan, who had been sitting quietly, actually got up and stood up.


"What are you doing?"

"You're not really going up there, are you, you idiot?"

This sudden rise of Ye Fan frightened Guo Ya Wen and the others.

Nearly instantly, the three of them had a bad premonition in their hearts.

However, where did Ye Fan pay attention to it, after getting up, his deep cold gaze, looked straight ahead.

He faced Hua Yinglong, neither humble nor overbearing, and said back in a deep voice, "Good, as you wish!"

The words were majestic and reverberated through the world.


"I'm going to Nima, right?"

"Regina, your boyfriend is an idiot, isn't he?"

"I just said that casually, and he's fucking serious?"

"Do you really think you're Mr. Chu?"

Guo Yawen and the others were confused.

Especially after hearing Ye Fan's unabashedly pretentious words, Lei Dongbao, Meng Han and the three of them were close to losing their souls ah.

Where was this?

This is Yanjing!

Powerful people!

The Xue family, the Lin family, the Zhao family, the Xu family, which family wasn't monstrously powerful in Yanjing.

These Yanjing giants, that damned one finger could crush them.

But Ye Fan, who doesn't even know how to live, is making trouble here?


"Don't get us killed, huh?"

"If I'd known, I wouldn't have sat with these idiots!"

Guo Alyssa and the three of them had gone crazy with fear.

If Ye Fan made a big mess, of course they were worried that they would be affected and implicated.

After all, they came here together with Ye Fan, and they were classmates with that idiot's woman.

In the ancient times, committing a big mistake put down nine clans, now if Ye Fan offended the top dignitaries of Yanjing, they would inevitably be implicated.

"Little Lei, you still have the heart to sit down?"

"Don't talk that fool down yet!"

"You want him to hurt me us, huh?"

These words from Guo Alyssa were close to yelling out.

However, Xu Lei was oblivious to their words.

As Ye Fan left, Xu Lei held Ye Fan's hand and said softly at him, "Brother Fan, Xiao Lei is here, waiting for you to return victoriously!"

Within the affectionate words, there was worry, expectation, and even endless affection.

Ye Fan didn't say anything, just a good word back, and then turned around, towards the front of the boxing ring, meeting the gazes of thousands of people, and stepping up the steps!!!!


"Shit, Regina, what are you doing?"


"It's all crazy~"


"Bunch of crazy people!"

I thought Xu Lei would stop Ye Fan, but Guo Ya Wen and the others never thought that Xu Lei would not only not stop him, but also add fuel to the fire, and said that they would wait for him to return from victory?

"I'm going to Nima, right?"

"Matilda, what kind of idiot classmate are you?"

"It's just a stupid one!"

"Sooner or later you'll get killed by your idiot classmates!"

Lei Dongbao was simply scared to death and cursed harshly.

But at this time, Ye Fan was already walking forward.

The crowd was like a tidal wave, giving way to Ye Fan.

However, the eyes of the crowd looking at Ye Fan were filled with suspicion.

"He's Mr. Chu?"

"I go, so young?"

"Fake it!"

"Isn't it enough to be my son at this age?"

"He's the only one who can carry the weight of Yanjing?"

"Can you guard the majesty of the Chinese martial arts?"

"I'm afraid it's not a fake, is it?"

There was talk and clamor everywhere.

However, that thin figure, just like this, stepped into the sky amidst everyone's questioning voices.

"Bye, Mr. Chu!"

Knowing, Xue Ren Yang paid respectful homage after seeing Ye Fan.

The people in the full hall were immediately stagnant.

Lei Dongbao Guo Alyssa and the others, even more so, stayed in place.

"Fuck?What's this?"

As Guo Alyssa and her husband were confused, the older they got, the more they worshipped their heads to Ye Fan.

Until, the Xue family crowd, and even the Xing family led by Criminal River, worshipped together by the thousands.

"Worship, Mr. Chu!"


"Bye, Mr. Chu!"

The sounds that rose and fell were like rowing waves, roaring unceasingly throughout the entire world.

Guo Yawen was confused, Lei Dongbao was confused, and Meng Han was also confused.

The whole place was dead silent, and everyone stared at what they saw, almost incredulous.

"He...He's really, Chu...Mr. Chu?"

Guo Yawen was startled and lost in thought, Meng Han stayed where she was, and Lei Dongbao was struck by lightning.

When they saw the Xue family and the others worshiping Ye Fan respectfully, the three of them's brains buzzed blank at that time.

It only felt that life, had opened up to them, a huge joke!



Soon, Ye Fan walked up to the boxing ring above the respect of the Xue family and others.

"This brat, he really dares to enter the stage, huh?"


"Today, his death at the hands of Mr. Hua will save me a lot of trouble, too."

Seeing Ye Fan appear on stage, Xu Fengliang's pair of old faces undoubtedly sank.

He had just made it so clear to Ye Fan, already naming the huge gap between him and the Yanjing dignitaries.

But Xu Fengliang had never thought that this Ye Fan, who not only did not know how to restrain himself, but also sought his own death and actually went on stage to fight on behalf of the Xue family.

Xu Fengliang really couldn't figure out what Little Lei saw in someone so arrogant and unaware of death, what did he see in him?

Not only the Xu family, but Lin Feng and Zhao Si beside them were also full of surprises.

"It actually appeared?"

"This Mr. Chu, he's got some style too!"

"But what's the use?"

"Showing up also ends in getting killed!"

Lin Feng and the others said coldly with gloomy faces.

"Grandpa, this Mr. Chu, isn't this nonsense?"

"That Hua Yinglong has defeated so many strong people in a row, isn't he a junior going up there, isn't it obvious that he's giving away his head in disgrace?"

"Why don't I go over there and blow him down?"Lu Wan'er on the side, after seeing Ye Fan's youth, her willow brows wrinkled, but she was facing her grandfather.

However, that old general shook his head, his brows heavy.

"Wan'er, you can't be too superficial in looking at people."

"This Mr. Chu, is certainly young, but when I look at his blood, he is by no means an ordinary person."

"Whether or not this boxing match will take a turn for the better may all depend on this man's hand."

"Perhaps, he is the one who will turn the tide."The old man's words were heavy and whispered.

Lu Wan'er, however, was stunned and looked questioningly at the thin man on the boxing stage, "The force puller?"

"Just him?"

"I'm afraid you're not overdoing it with that assessment, Grandpa."

For a young man of similar age to herself, Lu Wan'er, who had always been proud and arrogant, naturally wouldn't believe that this Ye Fan would be even more powerful than herself?

The wind was cold and the water was rippling.

On top of the boxing ring, two figures, just like this, stood looking at each other!

One of them, skinny as a lance, was standing tall!

The other one, majestic and thick as a mountain!

"You're that Mr. Chu?"

"Let the Xue family lean on it as a backbone, kidnap the Xu family's daughter, and dare to fight the Jiangdong boy of several big families in Yanjing with one person?"

"You're pretty gutsy at a young age, aren't you?"

Finally, Hua Yinglong was the first to break the silence.

He looked coldly at the thin man in front of him, and Ye Fan's youth undoubtedly made him extremely surprised as well.

At this age, he had ascended to Jiangdong and become a party lord.

This was enough to be called excellent even among that Chu family.

Ye Fan smiled faintly, "Mr. Hua is overstated."

"No matter how bold I am, I'm not half as good as Mr. Hua."

"What I'm fighting against, is just the Xu family."

"You, on the other hand, are fighting against the entire Yanjing power elite!"

"Compared to you, this much I've done is nothing?"

"Since you know you're not as good as me, why don't you kneel down and beg for death?"Hua Yinglong stood with his hands in the negative and shouted in a deep voice, "As long as you break your own arms and kneel down to apologize to the Xu family.At the same time, send back the Xu family's thousand gold, and for the sake of your youth and ignorance, I can spare your life!"


"Spare my life?"Evan shook his head but laughed quietly as he did so.

"Hmm?Stinker, what's so funny?"Hua Yinglong became even more unhappy.

Ye Fan said indifferently, "Before, when you asked me to come out and fight, I originally thought that you knew who I was."

"But now, it seems that I overestimated you."

"To this day, you still don't know who is standing in front of you?"

"Huh?"Hua Yinglong also laughed, listening to Ye Fan's words as if hearing a big joke, "With that little bit of information about you, the Xu family has already checked you out, I wouldn't know?"

"Aren't you just a shadowy gangster who claims the top spot in the secular world of Jiangdong?"

"Is that all you've got, and you dare to pretend at me?"

"Looking for death!"

Hua Yinglong was no longer patient.

The moment the words fell, a whiplash kick slammed out!


Hua Yinglong's treadmill leg was so fast that it brought forth a roar of sound waves.

The target was pointed, and it was Ye Fan's head!

Ye Fan did not panic and moved his body slightly.

Hua Yinglong's foot immediately stepped into the empty space.

With a bang, the heavy foot stepped on the ground.

The cruise ship trembled tremendously, and the boxing ring here was then smashed into an eventful pit!

"But you have some skills, and you were able to dodge my legwork?"

"But can you dodge a single strike from me, or can you dodge ten or a hundred moves from me?"

Hua Yinglong smiled, his long leg turning into a sweep.

A sweeping leg strike straight at Ye Fan's bottom!



"And you dodged it again?"

Seeing that Ye Fan had dodged Hua Yinglong's attacks several times in a row, Xu Fengliang's demeanor suddenly became heavy.

The previous contempt for Ye Fan undoubtedly faded in an instant.

"To be able to claim the title in Jiangdong, it seems that this brat still has some strength."

"But, so what?"

"This bit of strength is still not worthy of my Xu Fengliang's niece, let alone my Xu family's high family!"

If Ye Fan had respected him and begged him before, maybe Xu Fengliang would have been able to save Ye Fan's life.

At worst, let Ye Fan and Xu Lei maintain a close relationship in private.

Back then, Empress Wu Zetian still had three thousand heads, in the future Xu Lei ascended to the throne, really became this Yanjing Empress, it's not too much to keep a few white faces under hand.

But unfortunately, Ye Fan had offended him earlier!

His arrogance and self-importance undoubtedly made Xu Fengliang not have any good feelings towards Ye Fan.

Even if Ye Fan died under Hua Yinglong today, he would not be moved at all.

"Grandfather, is this the hope of our Yanjing Martial Dao that you speak of?"

"It looks like there's nothing powerful."

"Completely overwhelmed by Hua Yinglong."

"There's only the ability to move, and no ability to fight back at all."

"If his granddaughter had fought, she would have performed much better than him!"At the side Lu Wan'er shook her head and said with a bit of contempt and disbelief.

After all, his grandfather rarely even praised her.

Now that an outsider was being praised by his grandfather as a true dragon, Lu Wan'er was naturally a little disgruntled in her heart.

The old man in the military uniform remained unmoved, still gazing at it, while faintly returning, "Wan'er, although your talent is good, your experience is still shallow after all."

"Do you really think that that young man has no ability to fight back?"

"He just didn't want to return the favor and pull it out."

"Just like a swordsman, if you don't pull your sword out..."The old man paused for a moment, ".... will turn the heavens upside down!"


Lu Wan'er shuddered at the sound.


At the same time, another fist smashed down.

Ye Fan moved a step to the left and steadily dodged it.


"Hiding from what?"

"If you have the ability, strike out and fight me!"

"Come on?"

"What kind of skill is cowering?"

It had been nearly a hundred strokes.

Hua Yinglong had already made a hundred strokes by now.

But this Ye Fan in front of him was like a loach.

Passing through a thousand flowers without a single leaf!

Up to this point in the battle, he hadn't even been able to hurt Ye Fan in the slightest.

"When really let me fight?"

"If I make a move, I'm afraid you won't have another chance to use the Seven Sword Cut!"

"The Seven Sword Slashes of the East Ocean, to be honest, I'd really like to get a taste of it."

"I'd like to see what the power of the Eastern Ocean Sword Art that can wound Copper Mountain is."

On top of the boxing ring, Ye Fan stood with a negative hand, but his faint laughter slowly rang out.

After Hua Yinglong heard it, but his appearance was immediately condensed: "Copper Mountain?"

"You mean the stupid big guy?"

Thinking of this, Hua Yinglong laughed.

"I was puzzled before, why did you, a Jiangdong boy, come to Yanjing to seek death if you didn't take care of being your groundskeeper in your pop-up land?"

"So, you've come to avenge that stupid guy."


"Since you want to comprehend it, then I'll do it for you!"


As the words fell, Ye Fanzhi heard, a low buzzing sound in the void.

Then, everyone only saw that a short blade, actually slipped out from Hua Yinglong's sleeve.

Mori-white blade, reflecting the blazing sun, cold and cold!

"This...This is, a sword in a sleeve!"

"Bastard, he's touching weapons?"

"Xu Fengliang, you're in blatant violation!"

"Victory is not a victory!"

Sitting up in shock, Xue Renyang raged at Xu Fengliang with a sudden burst of anger.

The Yanjing boxing tournament was only about fists and feet, regardless of swords.

Any weapon, in a boxing match, is forbidden!

Faced with Xue Ren Yang's fury, Xu Fengliang unhurriedly lifted his teacup and took a sip, while saying, "Lord Xue, why are you angry?"

"What Mr. Hua is using is definitely not a sword, but just a bone blade!"

"Carved from human bones, bones that are part of a fist and foot, so, call it a violation!"

"You... you...You..., good you Xu Fengliang, simply strong words!"Xue Renyang was trembling with anger.

At this time, on top of the boxing ring, Hua Yinglong a majestic angry shout, but only if, muffled thunder.

"Dong!Hiroshi!The Seven Swords Cut!"


As if a flash of lightning, Hua Yinglong held a short blade in his hand and stomped on the ground, seven steps in a row!

Every step was like lightning slicing through heaven and earth.

Swift as the wind!

At the same time, after each step fell, Hua Yinglong's broken sword in his hand, he slashed at Ye Fan's body!


Just like that, Hua Yinglong repeated his old trick, his feet stepped seventy-seven and forty-nine steps in a row on the boxing ring, while Ye Fan's body, too, was hit by seventy-seven and forty-nine slashes in a row.

The sleeves cracked and the broken steps exploded.

Everyone could see that Ye Fan's body was riddled with holes under Hua Yinglong's ferocious power!

"Brother Fanny~"

Xu Lei wept with worry, her show fist clenched so tightly that her fingertips were deep into her flesh.

The Xue family crowd was even more filled with despair!

Only Xu Fengliang is so proud of himself!

"After all, you're just young and reckless."

"And you want to blow up the world's powerful families and the rules of the world's elite?"

"If you can't even explode Hua Yinglong, how can you talk about exploding this world?"

Xu Fengliang shook his head and laughed.

Looking at the youth who had a thousand silos and a hundred holes under Hua Yinglong's sword, those words of Ye Fan on the deck just now were undoubtedly a complete joke.


"No?"When everyone thought that Ye Fan was powerless to return to the sky, only the old man in the military uniform, his pupils shrunk and he lost his voice in shock.

"No blood, no flesh is visible."

"What this Hua Yinglong broke open was only his clothes!"

"Seventy-seven and forty-nine swords did not injure his body in the slightest!"


The uniformed old man's words were like a boulder entering the sea, but they created huge waves in this world.

Everyone looked on in fear, and discovered that it was just like what the old general had said.

Although Ye Fan's clothes were torn, there wasn't a single wound on his body.

"This...How is this possible?"

"That's never going to happen!"

"That foolish man who was all across the board before was cut down by my sword, Hua Yinglong."

"You're just a skinny little boy, how can you block the might of my East Asian sword art?"

At this time, Hua Yinglong was undoubtedly completely confused as well.

He stared at his eyes with dead eyes, and after beheading seventy-seven and forty-nine swords, he looked at the unharmed Ye Fan, and his old eyes were nearly cracked, simply incredulous.

And yet, Ye Fan listened, but shook his head and smiled.

"The Chu family has a third young master, called Chu Qitian."

"He has an East Asian ninja under him, who is best at the East Yang ninja art."

"If what I expected is correct, you should be Chu Qitian's subordinate, that Dongyang dog."

Ye Fan was condescending, coldly containing a smile as he said, but while taking steps towards Hua Yinglong's direction, he slowly moved forward.

But Hua Yinglong listened, but his spine was cold, and his heart was even colder by the inch.

He was filled with fear and looked at Ye Fan, scared almost to the point of splitting his eyes: "This...These, you...How did you know?"

"You...Who the hell are you?!!!"


"You...Who the hell are you?"

In the boxing ring, Hua Yinglong wanted to look at Ye Fan like a ghost.

He was filled with fear.

One had to know that the identity of his Chu family slave was known only to Xu Fengliang.

This kid from Jiangdong in front of him, how could he know so clearly?

Could it be that he's been investigating himself?

But he was a member of the Chu family.

It was the Chu Family, a hidden gentry with power and riches that could defy the state.The Chu family's energy was so terrifying, and this man in front of him, how could he reach out to the Chu family and even investigate the third young master's name?

Hua Yinglong had to be afraid of, Ye Fan's identity.

And Ye Fan ignored him, still walking slowly and talking to himself.

"Since you are a slave of the Chu family, don't you know that there is a secret body refining technique among the Chu family."

"Refined to a great extent, with the Dragon Tattoo protecting your body, you can be fearless with swords and spears, like a thunder god in the world?"


It was as if thunder struck down.

When Ye Fan said this, Hua Yinglong trembled all over.

A pair of eyebrows stared forward with deadly eyes.

It was seen that beneath Ye Fan's torn shirt, on top of his wheat-colored skin, there was really, a dragon's mark surging!

The moment he saw this scene, Hua Yinglong was struck by lightning.

"Mo...Could it be that you are also a Chu...Chu family?"

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "Before, it should be considered."

"But now, I just want to kill all the Chu family members."

The words fell, and Ye Fan's face was steep.

In the next moment, only Ye Fan stepped on the ground and leapt, viciously attacking and spiraling to smash into the Hua Yinglong in front of him.

The moment Ye Fan's might exploded, Hua Yinglong only felt the death god's devil's claw, strangling him viciously by the throat.

At that time Hua Yinglong was so horrified that a pair of old eyes nearly stared into a copper bell grin, and shouted in a low voice of terror;.

"Curfew, how dare you!!!"

"I'm a family slave under the Chu Family's Tianzi, how dare you kill me?!"

Hua Yinglong's veins bulged and roared in fear.

However, where did Ye Fan pay attention to him and responded with only a powerful kick.

"Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve~"

"Yunyang kick!"


In a majestic low voice, Ye Fan kicked out.

Only a scream was heard as ribs were broken and blood flew everywhere.

Just now, he was dazzling.The unstoppable Hua Yinglong was like a ball, but he was kicked into the air by Ye Fan.

The entire chest was immediately caved in.

After the kick, Ye Fan was unforgiving.

The entire man was like a tarsal, stepping up into the sky, his body was like a bright swallow, rushing into the air, a beautiful elbow strike.

Only as if Tarzan was on top!


With another loud bang, Ye Fan smashed his elbow into Hua Yinglong's abdomen.


Blood mixed with pieces of internal organs spurted out in a lifeless frenzy.

This time, Hua Yinglong almost even vomited out bile.

The huge force was unstoppable, but it directly smashed Hua Yinglong into the earth below.

Only a rumbling sound was heard, the earth cracked and the blue stones crumbled.

Stones pierced through the air and rolled up a thousand heaps of snow.

The entire boxing ring had been smashed into an eventful crater!

Hua Yinglong's body trembled tremendously, and the red blood kept spurting out.

It wasn't until after Ye Fan showed his majesty that Hua Yinglong realized what kind of mighty majesty the young man he had looked down upon before had!

However, Ye Fan's strength was not what shocked Hua Yinglong the most.

What made him tremble with fear even more was that Ye Fan had used the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination!

The Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve was the essence within the Chu Clan's Clan's treasured Cloud Dao Heavenly Book.

The tens of thousands of people in the Noble Chu Clan were only able to practice it if the Chu Clan's head was already a descendant of the Heavenly Generation.

Therefore, even Chu Qitian, the leader of the Chu Family's new generation, was not qualified to read this book and practice this kind of secret technique.

But this person in front of him, how could he make it out?

With a heart full of doubts and unwillingness, Hua Yinglong endured endless pain and stubbornly stood up.

Bloodshot eyes looked at Ye Fan, and the miserable voice was like the sound of gravel crushing.

"I...I, Hua Yinglong, since...Knowing myself that today, will...Must die~"

"Pour...Falling under the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve, I have no regrets."

"But...But before I die, I...I just want to know, you...You, who exactly are you?"

As the saying goes, when a horse is about to die, its song is sad.

When a man is about to die, his words will be kind.

At the last end of his life, Hua Yinglong only wanted to know who the man in front of him who could use the Chu Family's supreme divine secret was.


The winds were bitterly cold, rolling up three thousand fallen leaves.

Above the boxing ring, Ye Fan's forehead hair flew.

He was condescending, he stood with a negative hand, he was full of cold smiles.

"Ten years ago, I was the son of the Chu family, the only descendant of the Heavenly Generation..."

"My ancestor gave me the name, Chu!God!Van!"


It was like a thunderbolt exploding.

Upon hearing the word "heaven", Hua Yinglong felt as if a nuclear explosion had exploded in his heart.

His mind was buzzing, and his old eyes were huge.

"You...You're a Heaven...Heavenly character?"

No one could understand the despair and horror in Hua Yinglong's heart right now.

He had served in the Chu family for decades, what the Heavenly Generation represented, no one else knew, but he did!

In the Chu family, the names of descendants were given by their parents or grandpa and other elders.

However, no one in the Chu Clan is qualified to give their descendants the "Heaven" generation, because this "Heaven" generation can only be given by the Chu ancestors.

This is because this "Heaven" generation can only be given by the ancestors of the Chu Clan.

This is because this "Heaven" generation can only be given by the ancestors of the Chu Clan, and no one other than the ancestors of the Chu Clan is allowed to overstep their authority and set the "Heaven" generation for their descendants.

Not even the old man of the Chu Clan is qualified to do so.

That's why Chu Qitian was so popular in the Chu family, but he dared to call himself "Qi Tian" and not "Tian Qi".

Because Chu Qitian was not recognized by the ancestors of the Chu family, so he could not be the "Tian" generation.

Therefore, until now, Ye Fan is still the only descendant of the "Heaven" generation in the Chu family!



"I should have thought of that a long time ago~"

"Only people of the Heavenly Generation can practice this Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolution, right~"

Hua Yinglong wept miserably, crying up to the heavens.

After a lifetime of slavery in the Chu family, Hua Yinglong never thought that he would end up falling at the hands of the Chu descendants.

But Ye Fan had no time to waste with him anymore.

"Now that you know, this Dragon Lord will send you on your way!"

"To blame, you blame you for mistakenly recognizing the wrong master and moving the wrong person."

The indifferent voice was like a death sentence.

Without mercy, Ye Fan clenched his fist and palm, and after that, a heavy fist, smashed out!

"Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve, Rift Mountain Avalanche!"


A thunderbolt exploded.

This fist of Ye Fan was only like thunder exploding and Mount Tai cracking.

With unparalleled might and dominating power, it smashed down furiously!

At that moment, the offstage Lu Wan'er had been completely dumbfounded.

Her beautiful eyes crinkled, her heart trembled tremendously, and waves swept through her chest.

"Grandpa's right!"

"This man is like a desperate swordsman."

"If you don't draw your sword, you're done~"

"Stonebreak, the sky's the limit!!!"


Ye Fan's heavy fist finally landed.

That loud bang not only shook the entire boxing arena, but also, eventually, the entire Yanjing!


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