Dish Best Served Cold 511-516


Chapter 511

In the early winter of that year, Ye Fan left Jiangdong and entered Yanjing.

Two punches and a kick, beheaded Hua Yinglong on Yanqi Lake!

Soaked in blood, his body cut through the long sky.

Under Ye Fan's punch, Hua Yinglong's hundred-pound body flew out like a cannonball.

Finally, it smashed down in front of the master of the Xu family, Xu Fengliang.


The body landed on the ground, bringing up a low muffled roar.

That roar shook the entire Yanqi Lake, as well as Xu Fengliang's entire heart.

When Hua Yinglong was at the bottom, the teacup in Xu Fengliang's hand instantly slipped.

His body trembled, his face pale.

With endless fear and shock, he looked at the dead body beneath him in a daze.

Only after a long time, did he raise his head and look towards the pinnacle of that Yanjing!

There, a thin man, full of sneers, stood lost.

The spectral gaze, too, was like this, condescending to him, and to all!

"Hua Yinglong is dead, dare I ask Yanjing, who can also rival me?"


The majestic voice, the overbearing words, trembled, the clouds moved in all directions!

For a moment, Xu Fengliang only felt that this world of Yanjing had all fallen over under Ye Fan's fist.






"With this son of mine in Yanjing, why should my Huaxia Martial Dao not shine in the world and stand proud of the world's nations?"

"This Mr. Chu, is the true dragon of the world!"

"He deserves it for being the King of Yanjing!"


While the entire cruise ship was still in a deadly tremor of silence, the old general's majestic laughter was the one that had resounded throughout the entire venue.

"Winning, Mr. Chu has won~"


"Uncle, Mr. Chu has won!"

"Our Xue family, we can't fall~"

The Xue family crowd then exploded, and Xue Mingxin was even more excited and directly hugged Xue Renyang, the old man of the Xue family.

"Yeah, won."

"Dragon Lord he, won~"

Master Xue Renyang was also smiling with excitement, unaware that he was actually crying old tears.

During this period of time, the Xue family was in rebellion, and the fact that he had asked Ye Fan to represent the Xue family to fight, not only did outsiders take it as a joke, even within the family, no one supported him.

But Xue Ren Yang exerted himself and still chose to believe in Ye Fan!

He had put his whole life's work, the life and death of the Xue family, on Ye Fan alone.

No one knew what kind of pressure Xue Renyang was under inside during this time?

Fortunately, he had gambled right.

In the end, only he, the Xue family, was the only one who had the last laugh at the Yanjing's numerous world giants.

"He...He..., really won?"

In the back row, Lei Dongbao and Guo Alyssa were already dumbfounded.

Only Xu Lei's pretty face was smiling.

A stunningly beautiful face, but on this Yanqi Lake, the most beautiful smile blossomed.

His little brother Fan, really didn't lie to him.

Today's Ye Fan, indeed, is no longer like back then, just an unpopular bastard son of the Chu family, let people humiliate despicable son.

Ten years have passed.

She has grown into a rare beauty, while he, on the other hand, has become a peerless kingpin!

But some people were happy and some were sad.

The moment he saw Hua Yinglong dead and dying, Zhao Si was ashen, and a touch of endless fear instantly swept over his entire heart.

As for Lin Feng, it was as if all his strength had been taken away, his body trembled and he collapsed on the seat behind him.

Hua Yinglong was defeated, and so was the Xue family.

Ye Fan and the Xue family, had the last laugh!

Lin Feng and Zhao Si both knew clearly that after solving the Xu family, their two families, I'm afraid, would not be able to avoid the end of being liquidated by Ye Fan.

"Jiang Dong, Mr. Chu?"

"I never thought that I, Xu Fengliang, would underestimate you after all."

In the middle of the venue, Xu Fengliang smiled weakly, full of self-deprecation.

Only now did Xu Fengliang understand why Ye Fan dared to single-handedly carry several big giants in Yanjing with one person?

Why, then, was Ye Fan not fearful in the face of the might of his Xu family's giants?

So that's what he's banking on!

"Ye Fan, you're right.With this ability, my Xu, Zhao, and Lin families, no matter how monstrous and powerful they are, they're nothing more than dirt and dogs in front of you."

"How can a high family with hundreds of billions of power and influence be against your punch?"

Xu Fengliang sighed long and miserably.

Even the Chu family's retainers had lost to this man in front of him.

His greatest reliance had undoubtedly been shattered by Ye Fan!

The present Xu Fengliang, facing Ye Fan, naturally no longer had any arrogance or majesty.

He had been defeated in one fell swoop!

He didn't know what would be waiting for him, for the Xu family, next.

He only knew that soon, this man in front of him would be famous in Yanjing and terrify Huaxia!



Looking at the tremors of the crowd on stage, only Ye Fan remained calm.

There was no joy or sorrow on his thin face!

There was nothing to get excited about in the first place.

To everyone, Hua Yinglong might be a powerful existence that could not be countered, but in the eyes of Ye Fan, it was just a small house slave of the Chu family.

In the Chu family, there were many powerful people of this level.

Hua Yinglong was the first one that Ye Fan killed, but by no means the last!

Of course, even if this Hua Yinglong wasn't a slave of the Chu family, he would still have to die today.

From the moment he had injured Copper Mountain, today's end was already predetermined.

"Why don't you roll over?"

"Two dog-eyed bastards!"

"I told you guys in the beginning that getting rid of Mr. Chu would be the stupidest decision you've ever made."

"Now, how?"

At this time, however, Xue Renyang kicked Lin Feng and Zhao Si directly to Ye Fan's feet.

Now that Ye Fan had won, the Xue family's power was unparalleled.

Taking this opportunity, Xue Rinyang naturally settled accounts after the fall and kicked Lin Feng and Zhao Si, who had previously offended Ye Fan and had nearly put their Xue family to death during this time, over to Ye Fan to deal with.

"Old thing, you violent man, you kicked me?"

"You've got the nerve of a dog!"

Zhao Si was already scared out of his wits, but Lin Feng was still resisting and cursing angrily at Xue Ren Yang.

Hearing only a snap, Xue Mingxin slapped Lin Feng directly in the face.

"You don't know what you're doing?"

"You're so arrogant even at death's door?"

"Don't Mr. Chu kneel down and apologize yet!"

Xue Mingxin cursed.

Zhao Si was able to see the situation clearly and snapped and knelt straight down, asking Ye Fan to spare his life.

But Lin Feng was dead set against kneeling.

When Ye Fan saw this, he smiled, "Master Lin, you're quite a gentleman?"

"You insulted me and cursed me before and suppressed the Xue family, how are you going to pay this debt?"

"Hmph, if you win or lose, I, Lin Feng, can afford to win and naturally lose!If you let me go, tomorrow, I'll take thirty percent of the Lin family's property and give it to you with both hands."Lin Feng said sternly.

At the same time, he secretly thought to himself, "A good man doesn't eat his debt, let's get through this disaster in front of him first.

When their Lin family slows down on the other day, it won't be too late to come back to Ye Fan to settle the score and get the field back!

When the time comes, he'll have to make that bastard pay back a hundredfold for today's humiliation!

"Mr. Chu, this Lin Feng is treacherous and cunning, he can't be trusted~" Xue Renyang said anxiously.

Ye Fan waved his hand, indicating that there was no need for him to talk, while looking at Lin Feng, shaking his head and smiling, "Thirty percent?"

"I let you go to get thirty percent?And if I kill you, the forest estate can be under my command."

"How do you think, I would choose?"Ye Fan smiled playfully.


"Well, you don't have to scare me.You wouldn't dare kill me!"

"Oh, yeah?"

Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, and after that, his feet stepped on the ground, and the short blade that Hua Yinglong had previously used was immediately shaken up by Ye Fan!


A cold flash of light, a sword to the throat!


Lin Feng stared at him.

Covering his throat and opening his mouth, he wanted to say something.

However, the red lips trembled, and what flowed out was all blood!

Lin Feng had never thought to his death that Ye Fan would actually dare to kill him in front of so many people.

A young man from the younger generation had such boldness and heart?

Daring to kill the head of a powerful family in front of all the dignitaries in Yanjing?

"I dare to behead even the Chu family, let alone you, a little Lin family?"

Ye Fan shook his head and whispered, but there was no mercy on his icy face.

This Lin Feng, had overestimated himself and the Lin family.

He thought that Ye Fan would scruple the might of the Lin family and wouldn't dare to commit murder against him.

But after all, he had underestimated Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was the Lord of Dragons, the one who raised dragons!

He doesn't know how many high power and wealthy nobles he has under him, what does a Lin family matter in his eyes?

Just like what Ye Fan just said, he dared to destroy even the Chu family, let alone the tiny Lin family, which was inferior to even the Xu family.


With a heart full of remorse, Lin Feng instantly fell to the ground.

At the last moment before death, Lin Feng's heart was filled with nothing but remorse!

If he had known that Ye Fan was so cruel, he wouldn't have provoked him even if he had killed him?


Lin Feng's death was like a kind of heavy bomb that exploded.

Everyone there, their faces all changed.

Up until now, the boxing match had had casualties though.

However, they were mostly fighters who had debuted on stage.

And Lin Feng, was the first one, to die on the Yanqi Lake, the Yanjing giant, the owner of a great family!

That kind of shock and tremor was naturally huge.

Especially Zhao Si, who was on the side, was even more scared out of his wits, and his whole body was like a dog directly beaching the ground.

Finally, he crawled to the feet of Ye Fan and cried out for mercy.

He was trembling all over, so frightened that snot and tears flowed out of his nose.

"Forgive you?"

"When you insulted me that day on Bi Bo Lake, did you ever think about today's ending?"Ye Fan's laughter was like a carving knife stabbed into Zhao Si's heart.

Zhao Si kept hitting the ground with his head and explained, "Mr. Chu, it's all because of that Lin Feng, it's that Lin Feng who compelled me ah."

"He's the one who said that the Xue family is stupid and net hired waste."

"He was also the one who said that Yao Baisheng is the world's master, so he had to be invited ah."

"Our Zhao family is weak, I dare not disobey Lin Feng's words."

"Mr. Chu, I, Zhao Si, really didn't mean to offend you~"

"Spare your life, Mr. Chu, spare your life!"

"If you can get around me, I'll give you anything."

"I'll give you all of the Zhao family's possessions."

"Let me recognize you as my father and be your son too~"

This Zhao Laoshi was also a pustule, who had even given up his face to live.

The corner of Xue Renyang's eyes twitched as a result of his strong desire to live.

I thought to myself, how did Master Zhao, who had shaken Yanjing with his might back then, end up raising such an abscessed son?

"Since the Zhao Family Master is so sincere, Long Yang, you will follow the Zhao Family Master to the Zhao Family tomorrow to carry out the corporate changes."

"The Zhao family's property will be under the control of your Xue family in the future."

"As for Zhao Si, you can see what you want to do with it."

Ye Fan had already killed Lin Feng Liwei, this Zhao Si, however, did not make things difficult for him anymore.

After dealing with this matter, Ye Fan raised his head once again and looked around the four directions.

"Gentlemen, this Lin and Zhao two families insulted me and violated me before, and even plotted to destroy the Xue family."

"The old man of the Xue family was my subordinate for many years, and he wants to destroy the Xue family just to destroy me."

"This is already a feud between life and death!"

"Today, I kill the Lin family's master and take over all the assets of the Lin and Zhao families, do you have any comments, gentlemen?"

Ye Fan's booming voice echoed, and everywhere he looked, all the dignitaries bowed their heads in fear, and none of them dared to speak.

After all, Hua Yinglong had defeated all the big families in Yanjing today without a single opponent.

A Japanese pirates from the East, but he was a great champion in the capital of China.

This was not only the face of the major families in Yanjing, but also the face of the great Chinese Empire.

However, at the moment of despair, it was this man in front of him, who stepped forward!

He can turn the tide and help the building to fall!

Two punches, one kick, straight at Hua Yinglong!

With his own strength, he had supported the Chinese Martial Dao and guarded the reputation of the major dignitaries in Yanjing.

Ye Fan, with his unparalleled strength, had undoubtedly completely shaken the magnates of Yanjing!

Now, not to mention that he killed a Lin Feng, even if he killed Xu Fengliang, the head of Yanjing's magnificent Xu family, there wouldn't be a single person present who would dare to speak up?

After all, Ye Fan's methods might be ruthless, but the people he killed were also the ones who should be killed.

Success or failure!

The power struggle was originally a fight between you and me.

No one doubts that if Ye Fan is not the last laugh today, tomorrow's corpse across the wilderness will definitely be the head of the Xue family, Xue Ren Yang.

However, the ever shrewd Xue Ren Yang took advantage of this opportunity to strike the iron while it was hot and immediately went forward to pay homage.

"Mr. Chu's divine might is overwhelming, saving my Yanjing's face!"

"My Xue Family, is willing to honor Mr. Chu, as the King of Yanjing!"


Xue Renyang's words were like a boulder falling into the sea, but they set off a monstrous wave.

When he shouted this out, it was like putting the other forces, on fire and cuffing them.

After all, if they didn't agree, they would be disobeying Ye Fan.

They had just understood Ye Fan's fierceness, punching Hua Yinglong and even sealing Lin Feng's throat with a sword.

Now Ye Fan is in the limelight, if they disobey at this time, God knows what will happen.

However, if they respected Ye Fan as the King of Yanjing, then in the future, wouldn't it be subservient and controlled by others?

While the crowd was indecisive, the Criminal River, however, seized the opportunity and led the Xing family to step out as well.

"I, the Yanjing Criminal Family, would like to honor Mr. Chu, as the King of Yanjing!"


"On behalf of the Wei family, I, Wei Lin, would like to honor Mr. Chu, as the King of Yanjing~"

The Xing family and Wei family walked out one after another, as if they were falling dominoes, immediately causing a chain reaction on the cruise ship.

One after another, one after another, the families walked out one after another, all of them worshiping to Ye Fan.

In the end, the seats full of dignitaries all bowed their heads in unison.

"My Su family~"


"My Lee family~"

"May I honor Mr. Chu, as the King of Yanjing!"


The voices rising and falling were like a torrent, sweeping across the four directions.

The trembling waters of Yanqi Lake were rippling!

In the midst of the rushing torrent, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the air and a cold smile on his face.

Profound eyes, looking around the four directions, looked down on the group.

But in the end, he shook his head.

"I, Ye Fan, am already the Lord of Jiangdong, so how can I be the King of Yanjing again?"

"I have no intention of being king,"

"Just want, to make her the king."

The words fell, and Ye Fan immediately turned around, with smiling eyes, over the crowd, and immediately looked to the distance, the stunning beauty who was already terrified.

"Little Lei, come here."

"This is, the world that belongs to you!"


On the Goose Lake, Ye Fan's words flowed.

Xu Lei, however, was instantly terrified.

Her delicate body trembled, and those beautiful eyes were filled with endless color and touch.

How could she have never thought that Ye Fan had done all this for her?

He doesn't want to be king, he just wants her to be king?

The moment she heard these words, Xu Lei almost burst into tears.

It had been ten years, the man who had promised her a lifetime of prosperity had finally fulfilled his promise.

On today, giving her the entire world!

Just like this, Xu Lei, in the midst of everyone's envious and terrified gazes, with her cold eyes and smiling coquettishly, stepped with a light and graceful gait, and together with Ye Fan, stood at the highest place in Yanjing!

"After today, Xu Lei, will be the Queen of Yanjing!"

"Anyone here, who is not convinced?"

On the boxing ring, Ye Fan stood proudly.

His majestic gaze swept the four directions.

That monstrous might was only like a torrent sweeping.

Under Ye Fan's domineering power, the large boxing ring was silent, and no one dared to speak!

It wasn't until a long time later that the crowd came back to their senses, all bowing down to each other and drinking in unison, "My Xue Family~"


"East Side Lee Family~"

"All wish to honor, Miss Xu Lei, as the Queen of Yanjing!"


The voices that rose and fell were like a torrent sweeping.

Looking at the man and woman who were being worshipped by countless big men and women, Xu Fengliang, however, was already dumbfounded.

He was startled in place, but there was endless loss and emotion in his heart.

Previously, outside the cruise ship, Ye Fan tyrannically and straightforwardly said that it wouldn't take thirty years, as long as Little Lei was willing, he would let her ascend to the top of Yanjing tonight!

Originally, Xu Fengliang thought that Ye Fan's words were nothing more than youthful indiscretion.

But now, he was wrong.

He had, after all, underestimated that man.

"Finding such a good man for sustenance, Second Uncle, bless you and congratulate you!"

Xu Fenglong shook his head and said.

In that powerless tone, there was loss, misery, and even more intense helplessness.

The Yangtze River was pushing the waves forward.

Xu Fengliang knew very well that the moment Ye Fan pushed Xu Lei to the top of Yanjing, it was time for him, the head of the Xu family, to step down.


"This is real?"

While Xu Fengliang was lost and full of heart, those students in the audience, Xu Lei, were even more shocked beyond words.

Guo Yawen, even more so, was already confused.

It was simply hard for her to believe the scene in front of her.

A small clerk from a small third-tier town, but in one fell swoop, she had become the Queen of Yanjing?

To stand at the top of power, to be worshipped by countless dignitaries?

"Regina, I originally thought that you met a bad girl, found a wimp who did nothing, and thought that Ye Fan was not good enough for you."

"Now it seems that I was wrong, we were all wrong."

"Big mistake!"

"I originally thought that Ye Fan was a worm, but it turns out that what you saw was a real dragon."

"Regina, congratulations, you've found your happiness~"

Meng Han laughed at herself, the corner of her eyes, but there is an inexplicable crystal.

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the girl in the middle of the boxing ring.

The heart of the emotions, ten thousand complex.

There is envy, there is jealousy, there is loss, and even more comfort.

Human nature is like this, afraid of their close friends, having a bad life, but also afraid, they are better than themselves.

Just like the current Xu Lei, a few hours ago, they were sympathetic to Xu Lei, feeling unworthy for Xu Lei..

But now, the old classmate who was in the same dorm room back then, I'm afraid it will be an existence that they can't reach in the future.



It was evening.

The sun is setting, a huge sun-wheel, staining half the sky red!

The Golden Dragon Hotel, glorious.

The brand new red carpet, from the entrance of the hotel, stretched out for a thousand meters.

Hundreds of ladies in cheongsams with elegant manners stood respectfully on both sides of the red carpet with their hands clasped in front of them.

Outside, there were even more lights and flowers everywhere.

All kinds of luxury cars are gathered outside the Golden Dragon Hotel, as if a hundred rivers converge on the sea.

Business celebrities, political elites, even first-tier stars and popular bands were all invited to come.

Looking at such a grand scene, the pedestrians passing by outside trembled beyond words.

"Holy crap, so many luxury cars!"

"I'm afraid this red carpet is a thousand meters long, isn't it?"

"Look, isn't that this year's movie queen, Zhang Miao Han?"

"Oh shit, the Fireflies are here too?"

"I'm afraid this appearance fee is in the tens of millions,"

"What's wrong with this Golden Dragon Hotel today?"

"Ancient emperors ascending to the throne are afraid it's nothing more than that!"

As they watched that one rich and powerful person walk in, the people around them had undoubtedly gone trembling mad.

They were clamoring and discussing.


"Hmph, a bunch of turtles, how do you know Mr. Wahl exists?"

At the entrance of the hotel, Xu Meifeng was dressed in a long Victorian dress, the noble dressing as if she was a princess high above.

She stood there, listening to the discussions of the surrounding people, but the corner of her mouth revealed a touch of arrogance and disdain.

However, these turtles have guessed correctly on one point.

Tonight, even if it wasn't the emperor's ascension to the throne, it wasn't much different.

Because, today's dinner was prepared by their Xu family for Mr. Hua Yinglong Hua, the feast to crown the king.

Hua Yinglong was pushed to the top of Yanjing by their Xu family.

As long as he was in an extremely high position, then their Xu Family could rely on Mr. Hua to have supreme authority in Yanjing.

"At that time, I, Xu Meifeng, will be the princess of Yanjing City!"

"When my father retires and grows old, and I inherit the Xu family fortune and ascend to the family throne, then I will be the Yanjing Queen."

"Under one person, above all others~"

Thinking of this, Xu Meifeng was drifting.

The anticipation for tonight's feast of sealing the king undoubtedly increased.

As for Xu Lei, Xu Meifeng had already lost sight of her.

"That self-substantial woman, she really thinks that she can be unbridled and lawless after falling in love with a shitty Mr. Chu?"

"Mr. Hua is mighty, I'm afraid that your love brother would have been beheaded by Mr. Hua today."

"Without that punk leader to protect you, you Xu Lei aren't still fish meat in my hands, to be slaughtered by me?"

The more Xu Meifeng thought about it, the more self-satisfied she became.

It only felt that what awaited her in the future, what awaited the Xu family, would be endless power and light.

However, as I saw the sky getting darker and darker, at the end of the road, but I still couldn't see any figure.

"Miss Xu, when will the Lord of the Xu Family arrive ah?"

"We're all waiting for that?"

In the hotel, the elites from all walks of life were clearly a little impatient.

Although the top dignitaries of Yanjing had all gone to Yanqi Lake, but Yanjing was so big, there were naturally some people with prestige in all walks of life who didn't go to the boxing match.

Now, almost all of them had been invited by Xu Meifeng in order to increase their prestige.

"It's almost time, it'll be here soon."

Xu Meifeng reassured, then hurried to find her third uncle.

"Third Uncle, on my father's side, have you heard anything yet?"

Xu Fengfei's face was heavy and he shook his head, "Not yet.The phone can't get through."

"Mei Feng, I'm a little worried, do you think your father and the others, will anything happen?"

"No way!"Xu Meifeng directly called out.

"Mr. Hua is mighty, not to mention Yanjing, there aren't many people in Huaxia who are Mr. Hua's opponent."

"Today's boxing match, Mr. Hua will definitely be crowned king in one battle!"

"Let's, just wait at ease, father and Mr. Hua and the others, the king returns~"

Xu Meifeng vowed.


"That's right."

"Mr. Hua comes from a good background and is a martial arts practitioner.How can he be compared to those merchant tycoons?"

"It's also true that I overthought it."

Xu Fengfei also nodded, feeling that what Xu Meifeng said was reasonable.

At this time, there was a sudden roar at the end of the road.

Immediately afterwards, countless dazzling lights, like orange swords, pierced the canopy.

One by one, the luxury cars were only like flood beasts, racing madly.


"Uncle Sam, my father and the others are here."

"Am I right?"

"I knew it, Mr. Wahl is mighty, how could anything go wrong?"

"Let's hurry up and greet the people up front."

After seeing a luxury car appear at the end of her line of sight, Xu Meifeng became excited and nearly jumped up from the ground in excitement.

The glorious moment she had been waiting for was finally coming.



"Come on guys."

"All out."

"All of you, join me, and go to meet Mr. Waits and the others, the return of the King!"

Xu Meifeng then ran back to the hotel, called her friends and greeted the long-awaited people in the hotel, asking them to come out with her to greet her.

And, in order to help the occasion, Xu Meifeng also gave a special order to have a hundred cannons prepared to be fired in unison after her own father as well as Mr. Hua got off the bus.

"And the band we hired to play along as well."

"I will make this Yanjing City bright with three thousand lights and full of flowers!"

"Let the world see, the glory of our Yanjing Xu family!"

Xu Meifeng said proudly.

After everything was ready, Xu Meifeng, Xu Fengfei and other Xu family members in the front, the rest of Yanjing's elite in the back, hundreds of people took to the streets and stood in front of the Golden Dragon Hotel, full of expectation and respect, watching the fleet of vehicles flowing in front of them, getting closer and closer.


The roar of the cars became louder and louder.

Eventually, all the vehicles, as far as they could, stopped in front of the Jade Dragon Hotel.

The doors opened, and one by one, the giants and dignitaries stepped out of the cars.

"I'm going!"

"Isn't that the head of the East City Li family?"

"The chairman of the Apex Group!"

"It's a public company."

"It's said to have just annexed a $10 billion state-owned enterprise this year."


"Woori, look, is that the Zhao family's owner, Zhao Si?"

"One of the three dignitaries of Yanjing, ah, a figure in the news papers."

"He's here too?"


After the car doors opened and one after another Yanjing dignitary stepped down from the car, the surrounding passersby were all trembling mad.

It was because they, vividly discovered that any one of the people stepping off the car at this time was a top-tier tycoon worth over ten billion dollars.

Like the Zhao family, they were already hundred billionaires ten years ago.

Today, it was even ranked as one of the three new noblemen.

Not only these, but also the Xing family, the Wei family, the Su family...

All the powerful bigwigs that could be called by name in Yanjing City were almost all on the convoy.


"I'm afraid that the entire Yanjing City's dignitaries are here, right?"

"What's this about?"

"Is it a grand feast?"

"Or is there some monstrous big man that has appeared?"

The eyeballs of the onlookers burst and the tremors were unmistakable.

In their entire lives, they had almost never seen such a large gathering of dignitaries.

In this night alone, they had seen more big names than they had ever seen in their entire lives!

"Heh, a bunch of frogs in a well."

"This rightful owner hasn't even appeared yet, and he's trembling like this?"

"Later, when Mr. Hua ascends to the summit and becomes the King of Yanjing, and when his courtiers pay their respects, he won't be able to scare you all to death, you bastards?"

Hearing the noisy tremors of the surrounding crowd, the arrogance and complacency at the corner of Xu Meifeng's mouth undoubtedly intensified.

At this time, Zhao Si, the owner of the Zhao family, Xing family's Criminal River, and Wei family's owner Wei Lin, however, had already walked over.

Among these people, Xu Meifeng did know Zhao Si.

Whirling up, she greeted and asked, "Uncle Zhao, are my father and the others in the back?"

However, as soon as Xu Meifeng finished asking this question, Zhao Si and the others were not even paying attention and directly pushed Xu Meifeng to the side.

At that time, Xu Meifeng was confused and immediately became furious!

"Zhao Lao Si, how dare you push me?"

"I declare, you're finished!"

"I am the daughter of Xu Fengliang, the daughter of the Xu family's daughter."

"When Mr. Hua ascends to the top tonight, I will be the Princess of Yanjing."

"How dare you, a little Zhao family, disrespect me?"

"I'll let you guys..."

Xu Meifeng shouted angrily with red eyes.

She was simply going mad!

She was the woman who was about to become the Princess of Yanjing, and this despicable Zhao Si dared to push her?

However, while Xu Meifeng was still shouting furiously, Wei Lin, who came up behind her, also pushed Xu Meifeng away.


Xu Meifeng was about to yell again.

Third, fourth~.

All the dignitaries in front of them, as if they hadn't seen Xu Meifeng, actually pushed her aside.

In a fit of rage, Xue Mingxin even smacked Xu Meifeng directly in the face.

"Obtrusive thing, why don't you get out?"

"What's blocking the way here!"

Xu Meifeng was dumbfounded.

The entire person was spread out on the ground, covering her face in disbelief at the scene before her.

It was completely different from what she had imagined.

She had thought that tonight's king feast, as the daughter of Xu Fengliang, the daughter of the Xu family's daughter, these people would definitely treat her with respect and courtesy when they saw her.

But who would have thought that these people's attitude towards her would be worse one by one.

The Xue family, they even dared to beat her?

"Son of a bitch!"

"Xue Mingxin, you son of a bitch, how dare you hit me?"

"You wait."

"I'm going to tell my father, I'm going to tell Mr. Wahl!"

"I am Xu Fengliang's daughter, if your Xue family dares to offend me, you shall die!"

Xu Meifeng roared viciously, and then with a heart full of anger and grievance, she looked around, looking, vainly trying to find her father's figure.

However, Xu Meifeng searched for half a day and was unable to find him, but in the end, she found Xu Lei and Ye Fan.

"Ye Fan?"

"Why you, you turd!"

"Why aren't you dead yet?"

"How dare you come here?"

"You're such a big dog!"

"And you, Xu Lei, you shameless sinner, you still have the nerve to show up?"

Xu Meifeng cursed furiously.

Xu Fengfei, as well as the Xu family's crowd, were all discontent and contempt in their gazes towards Xu Lei.

They were all verbally abusive.

Xu Fengfei even rhymed with anger: "Little Lei, considering that you are the only daughter of big brother, kneel down and admit your fault to the Xu family, I will let you attend today's dinner."

And Ye Fan heard, but laughed: "Joke!"

"This feast of sealing the king was meant for me and Regina."

"What qualifications do you have to prevent us from attending the feast?"

"Fuck, idiot you!"Xu Meifeng listened and cursed.

"And hold it for you guys?"

"You guys are nothing!"

"Those who know better, hurry up and get out."

"Otherwise, when my father and Mr. Hua arrive, my Xu family will let you die without a burial place!"

Xu Meifeng roared furiously.

But Ye Fan ignored it, with a mocking smile in the corner of his mouth, then together with Xu Lei, stepped on the brand new red carpet and walked up the steps towards the Golden Dragon Hotel.

In front, Xue Renyang and the others, who were already standing respectfully on either side, paid their respects one after another.

"Welcome, Mr. Chu and Miss Xu, to the Dengfeng King's feast!"


Before the hotel, Zhao Si was the first to drink respectfully and pay respects to Ye Fan and Xu Lei.

Xu Fengliang as well as Xu Meifeng and the others were startled after seeing it, but their eyebrows and eyes were startled.


"Master Zhao, you're confused, aren't you?"

"What do you worship them for?"

"One of them is a Jiangdong turtle and the other is shameless, how can they be qualified for you to worship?"

Xu Meifeng was puzzled.

At the same time, she was angry in her heart and only felt that this Zhao Si was simply an idiot.

Where is the rightful owner over here?

She, Xu Meifeng, was the daughter of the Xu family, the future princess of Yanjing.

Zhao Si didn't come to worship her, but instead, he worshipped the two dogs, Ye Fan and Xu Lei.

However, no one paid attention to the Xu family's doubts.

After Zhao Si, Wei family head Wei Lin also stepped forward and immediately worshipped.

"I invite Mr. Chu, the King of Yanjing, and Miss Xu Lei, the Empress, to ascend to the King's feast!"


King Yinjing, Mr. Chu?

The Queen, Xu Lei?

Just them?

The crowd at the scene was once again stunned.

Xu Meifeng as well as Xu Fengfei and the other Xu family members were even more stunned and dumbfounded.

"This...What in the world, what is this?"

In the midst of a hall full of terrified people.

Third, fourth~.

Until finally, the full house of dignitaries that had previously come with the carriage, all separated to the left and right, stepped forward, and bowed in worship to the thin young man, as well as the stunningly beautiful woman!

"Welcome, Mr. Chu and Miss Hsu, the Dengfeng King's Feast!"


"Welcome, Mr. Chu and Miss Xu, waiting for the feast of the King of Seals!"



The voices that rose and fell were only like a torrent sweeping.

Amidst the reverent and worshipful gazes of Xue Renyang, Zhao Si, Criminal River and all the other dignitaries of Yanjing, that stunning girl, following that peerlessly majestic man like this, stepped into the sky!

Behind it was a hall full of horror and dead silence.

Bright red with brocade, the salute roared!

Gorgeous sparks bloomed in the night sky.

The great city of Yanjing, at this moment, even has three thousand lights!

Le Guan Hua, salute cannon fire, big brother worship.

Ye Fan and Xu Lei, the two of them, are like the emperor and empress who ascended to the heavens in ancient times.

Today, majestic and famous in the Yanjing!

The wind was cold and the moon was clear and the stars were thin.

Outside the Golden Dragon Hotel, the crowd of onlookers, full of shock!

Xu Fengfei stayed in place.

Master Xu's old eyes were staring at him!

The mistress of the Xu family who was kicked by Ye Fan to bleed in the beginning, Xu Meifeng's mother's mouth even grew to the size of an egg.

The countless guests who had been invited by the Xu family and were ready to cheer for them were also in a state of shock.

Xu Meifeng was also dumbstruck, as if she was a wooden chicken.

In front of her was the King and Queen stepping on the sky, and in her ears was a cry of respect and worship.

Xu Meifeng turned a deaf ear.

There was only a buzzing in her head.

She was completely confused!

"Evan?King Yanjing?"

"Xu Lei?The Queen?"

Under the moonlit night, Xu Meifeng stood infatuatedly.

This matter was for his father, the feast prepared for their Xu family to crown a king.

In the end, the ones who ascended to the top and stood at the pinnacle were the two people she despised the most!

She originally thought she would be the heroine of today's event, but after the machinations, she, Xu Meifeng, became a spectator after all.

Not only Xu Meifeng alone, the entire Xu family was filled with desolation and loneliness.

It only felt that this world had given them, the Xu family, a big joke!



"Is this the future King of Yanjing?"

"So young!"

"When it's a real post-apocalyptic thing, huh?"

"At such a young age, he's standing at the top of Yanjing."

"After the next day, won't he be famous and majestic all over China?"



"So handsome!"

"I want to marry him so badly!"


"Will you wake up?"

"Can't you see the woman next to Mr. Chu?"

"That's Mr. Chu's woman!"

"You guys, not a chance."


"Talented, stunning beauty, pouring over the city."

"Supreme power, stunning beauty, Mr. Chu, got it all!"

"A great man, when as well!"

There were voices of shock and emotion everywhere.

In the eyes that everyone looked at Ye Fan, there was admiration, trembling, reverence and admiration.

And in the eyes that looked at Xu Lei, there was amazement, envy, and endless jealousy in their hearts.


Why is it that the same women don't have as good a life as Xu Lei.

To be able to know such men?

To get his favors?

Amidst all sorts of complicated gazes, Ye Fan and Xu Lei, the two of them, were sitting at the highest part of the hotel like this.



"How come it's you guys?"

"You are a country bumpkin and a self-belittled woman, how can you be sitting at the highest place in Yanjing?"

"There, it should have been Mr. Wahl sitting there, it should have been my father!"

"You don't deserve it!"

"I'm calling my dad."

"When Mr. Hua and my father arrive, he will definitely kick you out of that position with his own hands."

Xu Meifeng was still unable to accept the fact that she was in front of her.

She was red-eyed, still sitting in her last resistance.

Sitting high, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "Mr. Hua?"

"Do you mean Hua Yinglong?"

"If it's him, there's no need to wait for a while, I'll have someone bring it over to you."

Ye Fan laughed lightly, while waving his hand at the silent emptiness outside.


The cold wind swept, and then a shadow, under the night, was actually thrown right into the hotel hall.

And then with a bang, it smashed down in front of the Xu family.

"This...This is..."

"Mr. Hua?!!!"

Seeing the blood-covered, dead and unable to die corpse beneath his feet, Xu Fengfei's old face smacked, and he was so frightened that he directly spread out on the ground.

The old man of the Xu family was even more wide-eyed, directly fainting from fright.

The rest of them, even more so, screamed, only to feel their scalp go numb.

Naturally, Xu Meifeng was also trembling all over, and her pair of beautiful eyes, when she stared at them.

Obviously, she had never thought that their Xu family, the Hua Yinglong that they relied on for support, was actually, dead!

It was as if a thunderbolt had exploded in their hearts.

At this moment, all the pride in the hearts of the Xu family undoubtedly shattered.

Xu Meifeng, her pretty face pale and miserable.


At this time, the door of the hotel was pushed open once again.

Xu Fengliang, who had a haggard old face, pushed open the door and walked straight in.


"Big Brother~"

Seeing her own father, Xu Meifeng and the others were as if they had grasped the last straw.Xu Meifeng even ran straight over and grabbed the corner of her own father's coat and said viciously, "Dad, that Ye Fan colluded with that bitch Xu Lei to kill Mr. Hua and humiliate your daughter."

"Dad, you must take revenge for Mr. Hua and make decisions for me~"


Xu Meifeng was still shouting miserably and viciously, while Xu Fengliang's old face was gloomy and he directly smacked her with a fierce slap.

"Kneel down!"

Xu Meifeng was stunned.

She covered her face, her mouth bloodied, and looked at her father in misery and grievance, "Dad, why, daughter...Daughter doesn't understand?"

Tears crossed, and Xu Meifeng cried and asked.


"I repeat, kneel!"

Where did Xu Fengliang pay attention to Xu Meifeng's words, his face was gloomy and he shouted angrily once again.

It frightened Xu Meifeng's delicate body and she no longer dared to say another word.

All she could do was, obey Xu Fengliang's order and kneel to the ground.

"Second brother, you...What are you?"

The rest of the Xu family was also puzzled and confused.

Xu Fengfei even went forward to inquire.

However, what they waited for was still Xu Fengliang's gloomy fury.

"And you, all of you, kneel down!"


Xu Fengfei and the others all looked shaken.

Although they couldn't figure it out, the authority in Xu Fengliang's words was unquestionable.

"Second brother, even...Even the old man, kneeling?"

"Where's all the bullshit?!"

"All of you who don't want to die, kneel down!"

Xu Fengliang had no more patience, and with an angry voice, the Xu family all knelt on the ground in full view of the crowd.

Just when the crowd was wondering why the Xu family was doing this?

Xu Fengliang actually stepped forward and looked at Ye Fan and Xu Lei, who were sitting high above him, and actually, kneeled down too!

"Previously, it was my Xu family, who had eyes but no pearls, who offended the senior man."

"Once again, my Xu Family, to Mr. Chu, I offer my most sincere apologies!"

"Xu family, the crime is unforgivable."

"Life and death will be borne by me, Xu Fengliang alone."

"Please, Mr. Chu, do not implicate my Xu Family, young and old."

"In addition, before I die, I, Xu Fengliang, am willing to surrender my position as the head of the Xu Family."

"In the future, all of the Xu Family's possessions will be held by Xu Lei alone."

"The head of the Xu Family will also be succeeded by Xu Lei!"

"Dad, no, how could you let that bitch..."Xu Meifeng's eyes turned red at that time after hearing about letting Xu Lei be the head of the family.

"You shut the fuck up!"

As soon as Xu Meifeng shouted, Xu Fengliang turned around and kicked Xu Meifeng several meters out.

"You rebellious daughter, are you still not enough to harm my Xu family?"

"I'm Xu Fengliang wise for once, how come I have your bastard daughter, idiot fool?"

"By now, can't even see the situation clearly!"

Xu Fengliang cursed angrily, then looked behind him at the Xu family crowd.

"The battle of Yanqi Lake, Mr. Chu became famous."

"In the future, in Yanjing, Mr. Chu will be the king and Miss Xu Lei will be the queen!"

"The seat of the Xu family's head is occupied by those who can."

"I, Xu Fengliang, am of shallow ability, I should give up the family headship!"

"What's more, Xu Lei is my big brother's only daughter, and the Xu family's industry should have been controlled by Xu Lei."

"This decision is immediately effective, in the future, there will only be one voice in the Xu family, and that is Xu Lei's voice."

"Those who disobey and do not obey, expel them from the Xu Clan and are forever barred from returning to the clan!"

Xu Fengliang's voice echoed in the ears of every Xu family member.

Xu Fengfei and the others were startled in place.

Only now did they understand why so many big shots worshiped Ye Fan and Xu Lei, and why Xu Fengliang made the Xu family kneel down and beg for forgiveness.

It turned out that in the battle at Yanqi Lake, the one who had the last laugh was Ye Fan!

The king has been defeated.

The Xu family bet on the wrong person, they should bear the consequences.

However, Xu Fengliang was wise, and before Ye Fan could say anything, he took the initiative to hand over the Xu family's property so that Xu Lei could ascend to the position of family head.

With the Xu family bowing down and Xu Fengliang handing over his authority, Ye Fan's trip to Yanjing undoubtedly came to an end precisely.

"The past has become a cloud of smoke."

"Once there were a thousand past feuds and a hundred grudges, after today, they will be wiped out."

"Here's a toast to everyone."

"And to Regina!"

"Congratulations, Regina, for finally reaching the top of Yanjing!"

At the end of the banquet, however, Ye Fan raised his cup.

His gaze swept past Xue Renyang, past Xu Fengliang, and past everyone present.

Then, in the midst of everyone's reverent and awe-inspiring gazes, Ye Fan raised his head.

A thousand kinds of majesty, ten thousand kinds of lofty feelings, as if they were all condensed in Ye Fan's cup of strong wine, just like this, he drank it all in one go!

And then, Ye Fan put down his wine glass and immediately stepped away.

Only a silence and shock was left behind him.

Ye Fan, with his overwhelming divine might, turned the tide and became famous in one battle.

And in one fell swoop, he pushed Xu Lei, to the top of Yanjing's power!

And then he waved his sleeve and left openly.

He came with a heart and didn't take half a blade of grass with him.

Just as Ye Fan had said, he had no intention of being the King of Yanjing.

He only wanted, to make her the king!

Ye Fan has a family and is already married.

After all, he can't give Xu Lei what she wants, let alone the companionship of a lifetime.

The only thing he can do is to give Xu Lei, a lifetime of prosperity!

"Regina, this is a parting gift from Brother Van, for you."

"I hope you'll, like it."

Outside the Golden Dragon Hotel, Ye Fan had already left by car.

He had already paved the way for Xu Lei, and the rest, he could only let her go on her own.

By now, the matter of Yanjing was over, and it was time for Ye Fan to return to Jiangdong.

"If I don't go back, I'm afraid I'll be scolded by my wife again."

"However, there is one thing that needs to be dealt with before leaving."

On the streets of Yanjing, there was a lot of traffic.

At this time, but there was a black Mercedes Benz, which was like a sword slicing through the sky, carrying Ye Fan to an unknown distant place.

Ye Fan has left, but within the Golden Dragon Hotel, there is still the dominance of that man lingering.

Looking at the distant thin back, many people but shook their heads with emotion.

"Miss Xu Lei, Mr. Chu is so good to you."

"Other men, give lipstick, gold and silver, and luxury cars to their women."

"Mr. Chu, on the other hand, has given you, the whole world ah!"

"After tonight, Miss Xu, you, I'm afraid, will make the women of the entire world, jealous~"

In the hotel, countless people were saying enviously.

Xu Meifeng was even more jealous of the redness of her eyes, her heart unwillingly roared low.

"By what?"

"By what, exactly?"

"In terms of education, I'm the talented daughter of Yan Da."

"In terms of status, I'm the eldest daughter of the Xu family."

"In terms of insight, I've traveled around dozens of countries."

"In terms of education, status and insight, Xu Lei is inferior to me."

"What makes her so desirable to such men and not me?"

"Why should she be able to ascend to the top of power as the Queen of Glasses and I can't?"

"I can't figure it out, I can't figure it out~"

Xu Meifeng knelt on the ground, her palms clenched, her fingertips even more plunged into blood and flesh.

In her heart, she roared low over and over again.

Unhappy, jealous, lonely, miserable~

All sorts of emotions filled Xu Meifeng's entire heart, causing her to burst into tears.

However, everyone only envied Xu Lei's luck, her power and beauty.

However, who knew the loneliness and loneliness in Xu Lei's heart after she stood on top of the world.

"Brother Xiaofan, I know that you already have someone else in your heart, and there is no place for Lei Lei anymore."

"But I won't give up."

"Even if Rei'er, can't be your woman, she will still be your arm."

"If you are king, I will be your general even if it is difficult for me to be queen."

"If you sit in the court, Rei'er will help you guard the four seas and conquer the world!"


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