Dish Best served Cold 517-520


Chapter 517

With the end of the King Sealing Feast, the much-anticipated Yanjing boxing match had undoubtedly come to a complete end.

However, although the boxing match had ended, the storm it had stirred up in the entire Yanjing City had undoubtedly just begun.

That night, in Yanjing City, many of the masters of the forces that had not participated in today's boxing match received news.


"What did you say?"

"In this boxing match, the last laugh is not the Xu family, nor the Lin and Zhao families, but the unnamed descendants?"

"The Lin Clan was destroyed, the Xu Clan changed hands, and yet a descendant of the Chu surname became famous and asked for the top of Yanjing?"




"Lin Feng is dead?"

"The Xu family is defeated?"

"That descendant of the Chu surname has become the King of Yanjing?"

"In two punches and one kick, you've blown up the Xu family, trampled down the Lin family, and claimed Yanjing!"


"Mr. Chu has become the King of Yanjing?"

"What Mr. Chu?"

"Is it the same rash kid who caused trouble for the Xu family and kidnapped the second miss of the Xu family before?"

"He became the king of Yanjing?"

"The second miss of the Xu family, became the Empress of Yanjing?"


In just one night, the matter of the Yanqi Lake Boxing Competition fermented wildly throughout the entire Yanjing City.

It was as if a gust of wind had instantly swept through this thousand-year-old capital!

From large hundred year old giants, military and political families.From the smallest to the fourth-rate forces and billion-dollar groups, almost everyone was shaken by it.

The name of Mr. Chu had spread throughout Yanjing almost overnight.

After all, the Yanqi Lake Boxing Competition is a matter of the future power structure of Yanjing, and has been attracting attention from all sides since its inception.

Not only the Yanjing forces, but even the nearby Jinmen, almost all of the influential families were paying attention.

Before this, the crowd had thought that this boxing match would be a clash between the newcomers in the business world and Yanjing's giants, but who would have thought that the one who would have the last laugh would be a small, unknown person.

"Hey, did you guys hear about it?"

"The Yanjing will change in the future."

"In the past, there were groups of warriors, but now Yanjing is all about one man!"

"That is Mr. Chu."


"It is said that this Mr. Chu, is still a young man in his early twenties."

"Yanqi Lake boxing match, two punches and a kick, straight up blows up an East Asian ninja."

"Turning the tide and toppling the building!"

"Don't be black and white and decide to be one of the best, and take over Yanjing all by yourself!"

"Lin Feng was killed on the spot, and Zhao Si knelt down and begged for mercy."

"The Lin family was destroyed, the Zhao family bowed down, and the Xu family changed hands."

"The entire Yanjing City was nearly turned upside down because of it!"



"The Xu family changed ownership?"

"Yanjing changes the sky?"

"Do all the dignitaries honor one younger generation?"

"I'm going to Nima, right?"

"Is there really such a powerful man in the world?"


"Is that what novels are afraid to write?"

Great streets and alleys, taverns and tea houses, similar conversations appeared in almost every part of Yanjing.

Although, the feast of sealing the king, Ye Fan stated that he would not be the king, and would only have Xu Lei as the mundane queen of the Yanjing world.

However, anyone with a discerning eye could see that although Xu Lei was obviously the head of Yanjing, the real head of Yanjing in the future would still be Ye Fan.

After all, Ye Fan's prestige was hardened by his fists, and it was Ye Fan who was more convinced by the crowd of dignitaries in Yanjing.

"In the eyes of everyone, brother Xiaofan, you are the day of Yanjing."

"Xiaolei is nothing more than a puppet on a string for you."

From the phone, came Xu Lei's soft and smiling words.

"What, Little Lei, that group of old foxes, could it be that they don't listen to you?"

"You are the Lord of Yanjing that I made, whoever doesn't obey, tell me, I'll make him kneel in front of your Xu family tonight."

In the hotel, when Ye Fan heard Xu Lei's words, he glared and said overbearingly.

Xu Lei listened and smiled idiotically, "Brother Fan, I'm joking for you."

"With you as my backing, this Yanjing land, who would dare to disobey my orders."

"After all, in their eyes, I, Xu Lei, am brother Xiaofan's woman oh."

"That's good.I was worried that someone would disobey you?"Ye Fan's mood was much calmer, "But Xiaolei, you don't need to care what others think of you, in the future, when you meet someone you like, just boldly go after them."

"I'm also going to wait for your wedding day and give you a chance to be a witness."

"It's not good to be in a high place, Little Lei, you should also find someone to accompany you for the rest of your life."

Ye Fan's faint laughter rang out, but on the other side of the phone, there was silence.

Only after a long time, did Fang's soft words come from Xu Lei, "Brother Xiaofan, when are you leaving?"


"There's something else tonight."

"When it's taken care of, we'll go back to Jiangdong in the morning."

"It's been out long enough, if I don't go back, your sister-in-law is afraid she'll make me kneel on a scrub board again."

Ye Fan smiled back.

Through the phone, he didn't see, Xu Lei's pretty face that was gradually falling down.

"Brother Xiaofan, I still want to see you before I go."

"May I?"

The soft words were as if begging, making it impossible to refuse.

Later, as if she was afraid that Ye Fan would think too much, Xu Lei added another sentence.

"Think of it as a sister, giving your own brother a trim."

"Is it okay, brother Fan?"

After a long time, Evan finally sighed.

"All right."

"Come over tonight, I just happen to have a dinner party, so come with me."

After receiving Ye Fan's permission, a joyful laugh came from the other end of the phone in a whirl.

At this time, Xu Lei was happy, like a child who had stolen candy.

After saying "See you soon", she immediately hung up the phone, and after that, she carefully went to prepare.

The Ye Fan in the room, however, had a torn heart and remained silent for a long time.

"Dragon Lord, you seem to be, deliberately avoiding Miss Xu ah?"

Beside him, Xue Ren Yang stood respectfully, and after a moment of hesitation, he couldn't help but ask.

"Although Old Slave has only been in contact with Miss Xu for a few days, but Old Slave can see that Miss Xu Lei is deeply in love with the Dragon Lord."

"Moreover, Miss Xu is also born with a stunning natural beauty and a beautiful city and country, so why would the Dragon Lord need to push out such a good girl?"

Just now, Ye Fan asked Xu Lei to find her happiness, but Xue Ren Yang heard all the words.

He couldn't understand why the Dragon Lord wasn't even the slightest bit moved by a girl like Xu Lei who was so hard to find even with a lantern.

Ye Fan shook his head and scoffed to himself, "How do I know about Xu Lei's excellence?"

"But, after all, I missed it."

"Now that I have a family, how can I find her again?"

"It's not only sorry for Mu Orange, but it's also unfair to Regina."

"What's more, it won't be long before I'm supposed to go up to the Chu family."

"I don't know if there will be any life left to come back from this trip."

"I'm a person who may die someday, but now that I've already dragged one girl down, why should I drag another one down?"

"I only hope, now, that someone will take care of my silly sister for me after what happens to me in the future, if anything happens to me."


Does Ye Fan really not know what Xu Lei thinks of him?

Of course not!

But what can you do if you know?

Ye Fan was carrying too much on his back, and the friendship of the beautiful woman, he didn't dare to take it and couldn't afford it.

Otherwise, it would implicate her, right.

Therefore, Ye Fan now only dared to limit his relationship with Xu Lei, to brother and sister.

At the same time, he also hoped that Xu Lei, could find a person she could rely on for the rest of her life.

After he goes to the Chu family in the future, if he really never returns.

Qiu Mu Orange will at least have her parents to accompany her.

But Xu Lei, without herself, I'm afraid she'll have no one to rely on, right?

However, listening to Ye Fan's words, the side of Xue Ren Yang was secretly shaking his head.

"Once vicissitudes of the sea were difficult, except that Mount Witch is not a cloud."

"From the moment I fell in love with the Dragon Lord, I guess Miss Xu she, she can't fit anyone else in this life anymore, right?"

Xue Ren Yang sighed inwardly.

He did not persuade any more, after all, things in the world were inherently difficult to perfect.

How many people with love, could end up being married!

There will always be all sorts of hardships and no way to miss it, right?

Regret is perhaps the norm in life.

"By the way, Long Yang, the invitation I asked you to send, can you send it out?"Without thinking about this matter any further, but Ye Fan changed the topic and immediately asked.

Xue Ren Yang nodded, "Well, Lord Long, according to your order, the invitation has been sent to the Li family."

"When the time comes, Miss Li, will naturally be received by a special car to the highest building in Yanjing, Huaxia Zun Wai!"



Yanjiao, Li's Hotel.

Li Lubin's family, is eating lunch together.

The three members of Li Yuan's family are talking and laughing, while Li Xiaohong is eating silently with her head down.

It's been a long time since she came to Yanjing, but to this family, Li Xiaohong is still like an outsider, out of place.

Moreover, because Li Yuan disliked Li Xiaohong for being from the countryside and not being hygienic, she was unwilling to eat with her.

Therefore, a few days ago, Li Xiaohong didn't even qualify to eat at the table, and basically waited for Li Yuan and Sun Liping's mother and daughter to finish their meal before letting Li Xiaohong eat their leftovers at the table.

And even then, Li Yuan and her mother and daughter still felt that Li Xiaohong had gotten a big advantage.

"Any dish on our table, that's worth a lot."

"Even the leftovers aren't comparable to the food you country folk eat."

"You're just content, right?"

These were the words that Li Yuan said to Li Xiaohong that day.

It was really hurtful, and I'm afraid that no ordinary person could stand the humiliation.

But Li Xiaohong is a weak nature, facing suffering, she will not resist, nor is she able to resist, she comes from a humble background, her ability is shallow, she has no choice but to go against the grain.

But fortunately, Li Lubin still had some conscience, under his strenuous efforts, Li Yuan's mother and daughter agreed that Li Xiaohong should come to the table to eat together, but prepared a small bowl and a plate of food for him alone, and other than that, he was not allowed to clip other plates of food, obviously afraid of being "contaminated" by Li Xiaohong.

"Dad, do you know Mr. Chu?"At the dinner table, Li Yuan asked casually.

As Li Lubin ate his meal, he nodded: "I know."

While they were talking about Mr. Chu, Li Xiaohong also lifted her head and listened quietly.

Even though she knew that she and Ye Fan, she was afraid that they would not see each other again.

However, when she heard something about him, Li Xiaohong couldn't help but pay attention to it.

It was like a speck of dust, even if it would never be able to get together with the stars in the sky.

But, she was also always, looking up at its light from afar!


"How did you know?"

"Xiao Tian said that Mr. Chu's name is known only to those in the top circles of Yanjing."

"You know, why didn't you tell us earlier?"Li Yuan was appalled, she had wanted to tell her old man about Mr. Chu's deeds, but she didn't expect Li Lu Bin to know.

"What's there to tell."

"It's not like you guys don't know each other."

"Isn't that the person who came with Xiaohong that day?"Li Lubin returned calmly, looking like he was making a fuss.

Previously in the Wolong Hotel, Ye Fan made the Xue family kneel down and worship.

At that time, Li Lubin was quite regretful, thinking that he had delayed his daughter's happiness and missed a true dragon.

But later, the Xue family's weakness, a trend of crumbling and about to fall, Li Lubin suddenly happy again.

Fortunately, he had cleared his relationship with Ye Fan at that time, otherwise the Xue family would have fallen, and after Ye Fan was arrested, he might have implicated them.

Obviously, in Li Lu Bin's opinion, Ye Fan and the Xue family were in the same boat.

If the Xue family was going to fall, Ye Fan's situation wouldn't be any better.


However, as soon as Li Lubin finished saying this, Li Yuan spewed out a mouthful of rice right out.


"That redneck, you say, is Mr. Chu?"

"Daddy, are you going to laugh at me?"

"That countryside loser, and Mr. Chu, one world and one underground, are not comparable!"

Li Lubin heard a puzzled face: "Don't you mean Xiaohong's hometown?"

"Of course not!"

"Where does that stinking loser get off mentioning it?"Li Yuan scolded disdainfully.

Her impression of Ye Fan was undoubtedly still stuck in the scene at the Xu family's birthday banquet where Ye Fan offered the rusty tripod.

Although later on, she learned that the rusty tripod was worth several hundred million, causing Li Yuan to be frustrated for several days.

But that was all!

She only thought that Ye Fan had lucked out to pick up a treasure.

In her eyes, Ye Fan was still a countryside loser just like Li Xiaohong.

As for the matter of the Wolong Hotel, Li Lubin didn't say anything, so naturally their mother and daughter didn't know anything about it.

"Then who are you talking about?"Li Lu Bin continued to ask.

"I'm talking about the current Yanjing King, Mr. Chu!"


"King Yanjing?"Li Lubin's mouth dropped open in shock, and his rice fell out of his mouth.


"You don't know, do you?"

"I heard from Xiaotian that this Mr. Chu is so powerful that the Lin and Zhao families have all been trampled under his feet."

"Countless powerful and noble families in Yanjing respect him as their master."

"He's now, but the heavens of the secular world of Yanjing."Li Yuan exclaimed.

"I go, really?"

"This Mr. Chu is so powerful!"

"Who is this man, have you seen him before?"

"What does it look like?"

"Where do you live?"

"There's a chance, we have to pay a visit and send some gifts over to congratulate ah."Li Lubin had been in the business world for so many years, and some of his relationships were undoubtedly extremely seasoned.

Now that the new king has ascended to the throne, although their Li family is a small family, sending some gifts to show their loyalty will undoubtedly bring them closer ah.

"I don't know about that, I just know that people call him Mr. Chu~"

Li Yuan shook her head and said, yet as soon as her words fell, Li Xiaohong, who had been silent, became excited.

Her pretty face was flushed, and her beautiful eyes were flooded with excitement and joyful light.

"Dad, I know."

"It must be him, it must be him, it must be Mr. Chu!"



"What's wrong with you?"

"And you know what else, you redneck, you know what?"

"You don't really think that this Mr. Chu, who is now known as Yanjing, is that little lover of yours, do you?"

"He's a poor loser, and he's still Mr. Chu, and he deserves it?"

"Simply an idiot!"

Having her own words suddenly interrupted, Li Yuan was undoubtedly extremely unhappy and scolded Li Xiaohong with a face full of disgust.

"Okay, Yuan Yuan."

"A country woman, what's the point of meeting with her?"


"By the way, you've been with Goten for quite a while now, how far along are you."

"When are you going to bring him over so we can meet him."

Li Yuan's mother Sun Liping also glared at Li Xiaohong like an idiot, but instead of scolding anything else, she turned to Li Yuan and asked about the matter.

"Mom, Dad, I was about to tell you."

"Little Tian said that he's going to invite our family for dinner tonight."Li Yuan then smiled.


"Shed us to see your little Tin-Tin?"

"But you two have been in love for so long, it's time to meet both parents."

"If it's possible, the marriage should be settled quickly."

"Little Tian's family is very good, even if it can't be compared to those new noble families in Yanjing, it's much richer than us undoubtedly."

"This kind of son-in-law, since we've caught him, we mustn't let him go."Sun Liping said anxiously.

Li Lubin shook his head and laughed: "Marriage is a big deal, you can't rush it."

"But it's really time to meet."

"Have we discussed it?"

"What time and where to set the location."

"We're so ready in advance, we'll go straight over there in the evening, save having Goten pick us up again."

"The hotel for this meal has not been decided yet, my Little Sky said he will give us exact news in the afternoon."Li Yuan replied.


At this time, the sound of crisp footsteps suddenly came from outside the Li family's door.

Only an exquisite woman in a small black suit, her high heels tapping the ground, gently clacked the door of the Li family.

"Excuse me, is Miss Li here?"

"You are?"The sudden appearance of the woman made Li Lubin's family all froze.

"Hello, I'm a staff member from Yanjing's "Zun Huaxia"."

"Tonight, a gentleman is hosting a banquet for Miss Li, at the highest place in Huaxia Zun."

"Here's the invitation."

"Tonight at seven o'clock, I hope Miss Li, will be on time for the banquet!"

"If there's no problem, I'll be heading back."

The woman in the suit, after putting down the invitation, soon left as well.

In the room, however, Li Lubin's family, but because of the tremor, they were lost in silence for a long time.

"Wine banquet?"

"Or is it at the highest place in the Sahara?"

"The staff personally delivered the invitation?"

"I'll go, Hope, you're a great little Tin-Tin, aren't you?"

In the end, Li Lubin directly shouted out in excitement.

Of course, the one who was even more excited was Li Yuan's mother, Sun Liping.

"Yeah, Yuan Yuan."

"That's Huaxia Zun ah!"

"The highest place in Yanjing."

"To be able to host a feast there is not only a change of luxury, but also a symbol of power and status!"

"Your mother and I have never been able to ascend to the highest place in China's esteem for a meal in my entire life."

"No, not to mention me, even the Xue and Lin families, these new Yanjing noblemen, are definitely not qualified to stand at the highest place in Yanjing to eat ah."

"I didn't expect that ah, this time, by taking my daughter's light, I'll also be able to ascend to Huaxia Zun and stand at the top, looking down on Yanjing City?"

Sun Liping was almost crazy with joy.

The family picked up the invitation and looked at it again and again, and it was indeed an invitation from the official "Huaxia Zun".

The one invited, of course, was Miss Li family.

"Quick, take pictures and send them to your friends!"


"And make your great aunt, second aunt and the others jealous~"

"Let's show them what a great husband we've found, our Yuan Yuan?"

Li Lubin's family was undoubtedly overjoyed.

They were taking photos and sending them to their friends, and they couldn't wait to let the whole world know that they were going to Huaxia Zun for the banquet.

After all, Huaxia Zun, was the top of Yanjing!

Money can't buy you a place to stand!

It also had to have a prominent status and energy.

Until then, Li Lubin and the others had never in their lives thought that they would one day be able to stand there!

Now, it's about to happen.

Li Yuan's family had almost seen that others were envious and jealous.

"Let's go, Yuan Yuan."

"Let's go buy clothes!"

"Pick the most expensive buy?"

"Tonight, mama will ironically help you take Little Tian down."

"Such a son-in-law, if I let him go, I'll simply regret it for the rest of my life~"

Sun Liping immediately took her own daughter to buy clothes, while all kinds of makeup and dressing up.

This afternoon, just like this, it passed.

At six o'clock in the evening, the family could not sit still any longer.

Li Lubin parked the car outside the door and began to urge, "You ladies, it's okay."

"You've been dressing up all afternoon, if you don't leave, you'll be late."

Under Li Lubin's urging, only then did Sun Liping's mother and daughter hurry out.

They were all dressed up, especially Li Yuan herself, with her gorgeous long dress and demonic makeup, just like a princess.

"Dad, I also want to go."

However, just as Li Lubin and his family were packing up and getting ready to leave, Li Xiaohong, who had hesitated all afternoon, summoned her courage and then addressed Li Lubin.


Before Li Lubin replied, Sun Liping slapped Li Xiaohong on the face.

A blood-red palm mark immediately appeared on the snow-white pretty face.

"Pingping, what are you hitting her for?"Li Lu Bin was suddenly anxious.

"Li Lubin, you still have the nerve to ask me?"

"What do you think I hit her for?"

"A country woman, and she wants to go?"

"What's she going to do?"

"Go to shame?"

"What would Tiny Tim think if he knew we still had such a drag queen in the house?"

"It's sure to make a big impression on our Hope!"

"If she goes to what would have been a great marriage, she would have ruined it all."

Sun Liping said in an angry voice.

As soon as Li Yuan heard it, she was also then angry.

Walking over with her long skirt, she even backhandedly slapped Li Xiaohong as well.

"Good, you vicious woman!"

"I see that you are intent on destroying my marriage."

"You saw that I found such a good husband, and you were jealous, so you thought of following me over to mess things up."

"Thanks to our family providing you with food and drink, you white wolf, you are so snake and scorpion hearted, simply malicious!"

"You're the only one who still wants to go to Wacha Zun?"

"Who gave you the face to say that?"

"Not even pissing on yourself!"Liyuan scolded viciously.

"I didn't, I just wanted to go over there, I really didn't want to ruin you guys..."Li Xiaohong shook her head repeatedly as tears couldn't stop flowing because of her grievances.

The two large red handprints on her cheeks were particularly distinct.


"Dad, I'm really not that bad, I'm really not messing up, I'm just going to check."

"See if it's Mr. Chu~"

Li Xiaohong sobbed in a low voice, tears raining down.

With a trembling voice, she kept explaining to Li Lu Bin.

Li Lubin had already let Li Yuan and her mother and daughter get into the car at this point, while sighing: "Xiaohong, I know, dad knows it all."

"But this dinner party, you're afraid that you really can't go."

"Dad, why? Ah, do you also think that if your daughter goes, she will embarrass you, right?You can tell them I'm your assistant, don't tell them it's your daughter."

"Just let me go along for the ride, okay?"

"Even a glance at the side is fine ah."

I don't know why, but Li Xiaohong always had a feeling.

This time Huaxia Zun, she might be able to see Ye Fan again and be able to meet him again.

Perhaps, this would be her last meeting with Ye Fan.

Even to take a glance at it, Li Xiaohong would be content.


"Xiaohong, to this day you're still stubborn?"

"Do you really think that that country boy has become the King of Yanjing?"

"And I thought it was that jerk who invited you to this Hua Zun wine banquet?"

"Don't be paranoid!"

"That bastard can't even save himself, so why would he invite you to dinner?And go to that Sahara Zun?"

"And even if he does become the King of Yanjing, do you think, he'll still remember you?"

"I guess I've already forgotten about you and went on a quasi-search for a luxury daughter."

"What's more, today's banquet has nothing to do with that jerk at all, it was your sister's boyfriend who threw the banquet!"

"It's your sister who's invited."

"As for you, keep an honest watch here."

"The car is full, there's no room in it."

"When I come back at night, I'll naturally bring you some food."

After Li Lubin said that, he no longer paid attention to his haunted daughter and turned around and got into the car right away.


The engine roared and the wheels sped.

Li Lubin and Li Yuan's mother and daughter quickly went far away.

Here, only the miserable woman was left, secretly hurt.

The wisp of hope in her pupils was also in an instant, dimmed.

Perhaps, it was really just extravagant hope on one's part.

Just like what father had just said, even if Ye Fan really became the Lord of Yanjing, it had nothing to do with her.

I was humble as mere dust, so what could I do to get Mr. Chu's thoughts?

After all, Cinderella is Cinderella, and even if she meets a prince, she will not become a queen.

Perhaps, this is the difference between reality and fairy tale.

At that moment, Li Xiaohong's beautiful eyes were in tears as she looked out at the vast world.

It only felt that this world was dark and gloomy.

Life, there was no more color.


Just as Li Xiaohong turned around to return to her room, suddenly a luxury car drove up and parked in front of the villa.

The driver walked down and politely asked to Li Xiaohong, "Hello, is this the Li family?"

"Could you please inform Miss Li Xiaohong and tell her that Mr. Chu asked us to come and pick her up for the banquet."


Hearing this, Li Xiaohong was instantly flabbergasted in place.

The beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment and trembling.

"You mean,"

"You are, to pick up...To pick me up?"

Li Xiaohong was startled and asked.

Happiness came, too suddenly!

Under the peaks and valleys, Li Xiaohong only felt that this life was extraordinarily disillusioned.

A few minutes later, a black luxury car, galloping and speeding.

Under the dark night, the orange light, only like a sword, cut through the silent night sky.

No one knew how frightened and nervous the weak woman in the car was.

"Could it be, him?"



"Hope, why aren't you answering your phone this afternoon, you're in a hurry."

"Where are you now, I'm coming over to pick you up."

From the phone, came Cheng Xiaotian's urgent and anxious voice.

This promised to have dinner together tonight, but as a result, I've booked a hotel, but I haven't been able to contact Li Yuan.

"Xiaotian, I went shopping with my mom this afternoon, I didn't bring my phone."

"Right, you didn't come to pick me up."

"We're on our way to Huaxia Zun?"

"Let's meet at the top of the Sahara Zun later, shall we?"

"I guess by now, the Huaxia Zun wine banquet is all set for us."


"Honey, you're so sweet, love you oh~"

Li Yuan was happy and pampered at her husband.

Can't you be happy?

For her own sake, her boyfriend had a feast on Sahara's honor.

It showed his dedication as well as the importance he placed on himself.


"Wacha Zun?"

However, on the other end of the phone, Cheng Xiaotian was shocked.

The place he had booked for dinner was not Huaxia Zun ah.

Why did Li Yuan say that the family was on their way to Huaxia Zun?

Could it be that the father-in-law set the position!

"It must be."

"Yuan Yuan's father set the dinner to show his energy and power, so he set the dinner at Hua Zun."

"It seems that Li Yuan's family is really rich~"

Cheng Xiaotian's heart secretly lamented.

Since people had booked better places, Cheng Xiaotian had no intention of talking about the hotel he had booked.

After all, no matter how good the hotel he booked was, it definitely couldn't compare to the Huaxia Zun.

It was the highest place in Yanjing!

The summit of Huaxia Zun, if one wasn't a dignitary, they weren't qualified to ascend it.


"Okay Hope."

"I'm on my way, and my husband loves you too~"

Cheng Xiaotian was equally happy to say.

The Li family thought they had found a golden tortoise son-in-law, but little did they know that Cheng Xiaotian thought he had embraced a big golden brick.

To be able to have a dinner party in Huaxia Zun, this Yan Jiao Li family, can they be ordinary people?

Just as Cheng Xiaotian and Li Yuan's family were immersed in the joy of their fantasy.

At 6:50 pm, Li Xiaohong, however, had already arrived at the very center of Yanjing City under the Huaxia Zun.

"Miss Li, welcome, Mr. Chu is waiting for you at the top of the Huaxia Zun."

"Please follow me."

After Li Xiaohong got off the car, four or five attendants immediately stepped out, full of respect and led the way in front..


"Mom, look at that figure, why does it look so much like that village girl?"

At this time, Li Yuan's family of three also arrived outside the Huaxia Zun.

Reflected in the light, but Li Yuan saw from a distance a silhouette, led by several people into the Huaxia Zun.

"Yuan Yuan, you've specified the wrong one."

"Just that country woman born of wild seed, how could she have the right to come here?"

"I guess I couldn't even get through the gate, so I was kicked out by security!"

Sun Liping, however, said with disdain.

Then she rolled down the window and said to the security guard outside Huazhou Zun, "Why don't you get out of the way?"

"We've been invited to come and go to Hua Zun for dinner."

"How dare you, you bastards, stop it?"

Sun Liping proudly scolded.

"Sorry son, no outside vehicles are allowed on our side."

"If there's a feast, it's all in special cars."

"And apparently, you are not."

"So, please go back."

"You have no permission to enter."The security guard returned coldly.



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