Dish Best Served Cold 521-526


Chapter 521


"Is there a mistake?"

"It's a joke, right?"

"Didn't your Honorable Wacha invite us here?"

"And now you don't have permission?"

"Bullshit you guys!"

Li Yuan's mother and daughter were so angry that they cursed, blushing like they wanted to fight with this group of security guards.

Still, Li Lubin quickly reacted and took out the invitation to show it to this group of security guards.

"White paper and black paper, it's all written on it?"

"Please put it on, and your official seal of your Sahar Zun!"

"Unless this is a fake, you really have no right to stop us."

Li Lu Bin said in a deep voice.

The security guard at the entrance looked carefully at the invitation.

"Chief, is it really the invitation card sent out by our Huaxia Zun?"

"What to do?"

"Let them in or not?!"

The security guards were in a dilemma.

After all, according to the rules, no outside vehicles were allowed in.But people did have invitations.

"Let go!"

"Let them through."

"There's been a call from above, saying the Li family can enter."The security chief then said after hanging up the phone.


"Dog-eyed thing!"


"You know we're the ones you turds can't afford to offend, right?"

In the midst of smug laughter, the Li family sailed away, and soon after that they also entered Huaxia Zun.

At this time, it was 6:55 pm.

At 6:56pm, the Li family entered the elevator.

At 6:57pm, Li Xiaohong came out of the bathroom and stopped at the middle floor to use the toilet because she was nervous.

At 6:58pm, Li Xiaohong also entered the elevator.

At 6:59, Li's family arrived at the top floor.

At the same time, Li Xiaohong, accompanied by a waiter, reached the top of the Huaxia Zun.

Ding Dong~.


The two elevators arrived at nearly the same time.

The moment the elevator doors opened, Liyuan shouted in excitement, "Honey, I'm here!"

She opened her bosom and embraced towards the figure before the wine table.

And at this time, a faint laughter sounded quietly.

"Xiaohong, you're here?"

"Come sit down."

"Regina and I, we've been waiting for you for a long time."

At the top of Huaxia Zun, there were gorgeous lights swaying.

From this distance, it was enough to look down on the entire Yanjing.

However, it was at the highest point of this Yanjing that Ye Fan, with a smile on his lips, gently waved at Li Xiaohong in front of the elevator.

Xu Lei, a long dress, with eyebrows like ink and blue silk like snow, sat beside Ye Fan, and together with her, she also smiled at Li Xiaohong, who was in front of her, with a wan smile.

"Miss Li, welcome to, the top of Yanjing."

"I, brother Xiaofan, have hosted a banquet especially for you, and have been waiting for you again for a long time oh."

The faint laughter of the two men slowly rang out.

But Li Yuan, as well as Li Xiaohong and the others, were both disoriented.

"Ye...Ye Fan!"Li Yuan stared at her.

A family of three, the moment they saw Ye Fan, they were all struck by lightning.

The expressions on their faces were as wonderful as they needed to be.

"Chu...Mr. Chu, is it really you?"Li Xiaohong lost her voice and a moment later, the color of surprise all turned into endless joy.

She had guessed correctly.

It turned out that it really was Mr. Chu.

The person who invited him was also really her.


"Why you!"

"Why you?"

"Why you when my husband is the one who invited me to dinner?"

"What do you have to do, you country loser?"

"And that village girl, lowly and despicable, how does she deserve to stand here?"

"How is one qualified, to sit on top of this Chinese Zun?"

Looking at the two of them, Ye Fan and Li Xiaohong, who were sitting at the top of Huaxia Zun, Li Yuan's eyes were red and hysterical, her heart filled with endless jealousy and anger.

Sun Liping was also staring with dead eyes, full of incredulity.

Their mothers couldn't figure out why the banquet where their mother-in-law met her son-in-law had become such a sight.

The ear is the angry low roar of Li Yuan's mother and daughter, only Li Lubin's face is pale, no joy or sadness, with thousands of emotions sweeping in his heart.

In fact, the first time he saw Ye Fan, Li Lubin's heart, he already realized something.

Could it be that everything was like what his own daughter thought.

The Mr. Chu, who is now known as Yanjing, is the one in front of him, from Jiangdong, a thin man?

"Mr. Chu, is it really you?"

"I thought that you never wanted to see me again after the last incident at the Wolverine Hotel."

In his ears were the angry low roars of Li Yuan and the others, but Ye Fan and the others were oblivious to it.

He smiled and allowed Li Xiaohong to take a seat, sitting at the highest point of Yanjing, accompanying him and seeing this Yanjing prosperity.

Only, Li Xiaohong's pretty face drooped, not knowing if it was because of nervousness or shame, her delicate body shrank there, not even having the courage to look directly at Ye Fan.

The timid voice was full of fear and apology.

The last time the matter in the Wolong Hotel, his own father had gone too far.

This matter had undoubtedly kept Li Xiaohong nagging at her.

"Xiaohong, you are you, others are others."

"I won't change my attitude towards you just because others have taken offense at me."

"You're a very nice girl, and it's an honor for me, Ye Fan, to get to know you as a friend."

"I said before that I would take you to dinner before I left."

"Naturally, I won't break my promise."

"Yanjing is done, I'll be leaving tomorrow."

"This feast will be my farewell feast to you."

Between the words, Ye Fan immediately raised his glass.

He held red wine in his hand, competing with the delicate and beautiful woman in front of him.

"Xiaohong, with this wine, I would like to toast your kindness and your innocence."

"The sword is not yet ready to be worn, but the turn is already a river."

"May a thousand sails be completed, and you return still a youth!"


In a clear crash, Ye Fan tilted his head up and drank the turbid wine in his cup.

Ye Fan had met many people and experienced many things in his life.

However, Li Xiaohong's filial piety and kindness had left a lot of impressions on Ye Fan.

Now that he was about to leave, Ye Fan also naturally wished to rely on his status to do what he could for Li Xiaohong.

"I know."

"Blend in!"

"It must have been this redneck who got in."

"Yes, it must be."

"The one sitting here should be my husband."

"This hillbilly loser, he's never had the right to be here in his life."

"He must have sneaked in when the security guard wasn't looking."

"This couple of dogs, what a shameless couple, taking my place with my husband?"

"Where's the security, what are the security guards doing for food, and they're not getting rid of them?"

After thinking for half a day, Li Yuan finally found a plausible reason and roared in anger.

Tonight, the glory that belonged to her was robbed by Li Xiaohong, a bitch from the countryside, and now Ye Fan and Li Xiaohong were even more comfortable drinking there in front of them, Li Yuan was naturally furiously jealous.

Ding Dong~.

At this time, the elevator doors opened again.

Only a middle-aged man, holding a vase of flowers, walked in.

After looking around and finally identifying Ye Fan, he immediately walked up to the stage to fall down and pay his respects.

"Knowing that Mr. Chu has ascended to the top of Yanjing, I, Liu Zhengfeng, have come to congratulate him on behalf of the Jade Willow Group."

"Presenting a Yuan Qing Hua, please accept Mr. Chu's smile!"



The CEO of the Yuliu Group, Liu Zhengfeng?

"I go, Dad, isn't this Jade Willow Group a public company?"

"This Liu Zhengfeng must be worth billions of dollars, to say the least."

"Is he crazy?"

"What did he congratulate these two turds for?"

Li Yuan's mother and daughter were just astonished, their eyes widening.

And the gift was such an exquisite Yuan Qing Hua, less said it must be several million, right?

Li Yuan's heart was jealous and her eyes were red.

However, what made Li Yuan's family tremble was still behind.

Faced with Liu Zhengfeng's gift, however, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled lowly, "Yuan Qing Hua?"

"It's just a vase, what do I need him for?"

"This...This..."At that time, Li Yuan's mother and daughter's eyes snapped open.

Still just?

What do we need him for?

I'm going to fuck you, right?

Is that too much of a pussy?


The elevator door opened and two or three more people walked in, facing Ye Fan and also falling down to pay their respects.

"The CEO of Sheng Shi Entertainment Group, Niu Zhenluo, has come with her family to congratulate Mr. Chu!"

"Congratulations, Mr. Chu. You've reached the top and are standing on top of the world."

"A box of gold bars, it's not a token of respect, please accept it Mr. Chu!"


There was only a bang, and the box in front of it opened immediately.

The golden glittering light inside nearly blinded the dog eyes of Li Yuan's mother and daughter.

Sheng Shi Entertainment?

There's a hundred billion dollar group?

And a box of gold bars!

Oh, God.

What the hell is going on here today?

Li Yuan's family, on the other hand, had already viewed it.

Looking at the box full of gold bars, Li Yuan and Sun Liping's eyes were red almost like fire.

If it wasn't for Li Lubin pulling it, this mother and daughter would have already run up and coaxed it.

"Sheng Shi Entertainment?"

"Lin Feng Lin's branch, you had a share in the previous sale of Xue's stock, right?"

"And you have the nerve to congratulate me?"

"Someone, throw me out!"

Ye Fan kicked out the crate full of gold bars.


What a waste!

Li Yuan and the others looked at their hearts and cursed, so angry that their livers ached.

With the arrival of the two family members in charge of Sheng Shi Entertainment and Liu Yu Group, it was unknown who had leaked the disappearance, and the many group heads and company CEOs in Yanjing City actually all carried gravity to pay their respects.

Of course, most of these groups were companies that had previously participated in the Lin and Zhao families and suppressed the Xue family's Longyang Group.

Previously, they didn't dare to offend the Lin and Zhao Lin family, so they have been throwing stones at the Xue family, either interrupting cooperation, selling stocks, or deliberately not paying back their debts.

Now the Lin family has been wiped out, the Zhao family is bowing down, and Ye Fan has made a name for himself on top of Yanjing.

The Xue family, as Ye Fan's trusted advisor, is undoubtedly an average founding general in today's Yanjing City.

When these wallflowers saw the Xue family gaining power again, they naturally fell down to worship them.

But how could Ye Fan give them a good face.

"Silver Gong Group CEO, present a pair of ancient paintings!"

"Get him out of here!"

"The CEO of Monley Heavy Industries, presenting a dancer!"

"What do I need this for?"


".....The group president presents a luxury car!"

"Throw it out!"


"The female president of the Ding Sheng Group, presenting a Qin Dynasty jade hairpin."

"That's somewhat useful~"


One after another, the CEOs came to congratulate him, but then one after another, the group directors were driven out by Ye Fan.

These wallflowers, Ye Fan had no good impression of them from the beginning.

Now he came to disturb his own dinner party again, Ye Fan naturally felt even worse.

However, when they saw these CEOs cowering in front of Ye Fan with respect in their eyes, and finally being rudely expelled by Ye Fan without daring to let out a fart, Li Yuan's family was undoubtedly dumbfounded.

The eyeballs were almost staring out.

"Ten million gifts and he doesn't care?"

"Ten billionaire and he waved it away?!"


"This.... who the hell is this?"

"Could it be that Li Xiaohong, a country girl, has really gotten close to a real dragon?"

The more Sun Liping watched, the colder her heart had become.

In the end, it was already filled with fear!

Obviously, she was a little scared.

Afraid that this Ye Fan, was really a monstrous person.

Afraid that this boyfriend, Li Xiaohong, was really a hidden dragon!

If that's the case, then I'm afraid it's the end for them, mother and daughter.

Sun Liping knew that these days, their mother and daughter were so mean to Li Xiaohong, and even incited one of them to slap Li Xiaohong just now.

If Ye Fan knew, he would never let them go, right?


"I don't believe it!"

"What can a redneck be good at?"

"These people, they must have mistaken him for my husband."

"When my little brother Tian arrives, I'll immediately show this loser his original form!"

However, even though the naked reality is already in front of you.

Li Yuan, however, is still unwilling to believe.

Human nature is often like that, if they don't hit the south wall, how can they turn back?


Finally, as the elevator doors opened, Cheng Xiaotian followed four or five people who walked in together from the elevator.

"Brother Xiaotian, husband, you've finally arrived."

"These two dogs and men, they took up both of our seats!"

"You get rid of them~"

"They're both country bumpkins, they're soiling our seats!"

Seeing her boyfriend finally arriving, Li Yuan seemed like a man overboard, grasping the last straw.

Whirling over, she ran over and pulled her boyfriend Cheng Xiaotian's arm, pointing in the direction of Ye Fan and the two of them, she roared viciously.


"You crazy woman, shut the fuck up~"

"Do you want to get me killed?"

I thought that her boyfriend would find justice for her.

But Li Yuan never expected that after hearing her words, Cheng Xiaotian would kick Li Yuan directly to the ground.

The pretty face landed on the ground and scratched out several meters, the red blood immediately flowed down.

However, the pain on her face was no longer important, what was more painful was the pain in her heart.

"Honey, you...What are you..."

"Shut up!"

"Who's your husband?"

"Do I fucking know you?"

"This young master is here to pay his respects to Mr. Chu!"

"Where's the idiot who's calling out for her husband!"

Cheng Xiaotian roared with a black face, when his entire body was nearly scared to death.

He didn't expect that Li Yuan, a woman, would be so ignorant of life.

Didn't she understand the situation?

Can't you see that the man in front of you is a big man?

How dare she call Mr. Chu a turtle and tell him to get rid of him?

"Fortunately, I'm clever, otherwise I'd really be killed by this stupid bitch."

Just now when Cheng Xiaotian arrived below Hua Zun, he found that many tycoons had arrived carrying heavy gifts.

Cheng Xiaotian felt something was wrong, so he asked them what was going on.

It didn't matter if this wasn't a question, Cheng Xiaotian was nearly scared out of his wits after asking for clarification.

It turned out that the banquet at the top of Huaxia Zun was hosted by the current King of Yanjing, Mr. Chu!

Previously, Cheng Xiaotian thought that Li Lubin's family might be acquainted with Mr. Chu, so he came up to take a look.

But now, Cheng Xiaotian finally understood that Li Yuan, the fury woman, thought that he was the one who had hosted the banquet at the summit of China Zunzhi.


You're hogging the limelight with Mr. Chu, aren't you hurting him?

Cheng Xiaotian had already made up his mind.

No matter what the Li family said later, he would insist on not knowing them to death.

In that case, even if Mr. Chu blamed him, he would categorically not be blamed for it.

"Li Yuan, I'm sorry, it's your family's ignorant fools, so don't blame me for Cheng Xiaotian's ruthlessness."

Cheng Xiaotian secretly thought, looking at Li Yuan's family with all the pity in his eyes.

As expected, after Cheng Xiaotian said that he didn't know Li Yuan, Sun Liping and her family were immediately stunned.

Especially Li Yuan, a pair of beautiful eyes, immediately stared.

She was filled with incredulity: "Brother Xiaotian, you...What are you talking about?"

"I'm your Yuan Yuan, I'm your girlfriend, how come you don't know me?"

"I thought you were supposed to meet my parents today?"

"And they sent me an invitation to dinner here."

"How come you don't remember any of that?"

Li Yuan couldn't stop shaking her head, her beautiful eyes already red, and said miserably.


"Shut up, will you?"

"Who's your little brother Tin-Tin?"

"And a girlfriend?"

"I'm stupid, I'd have a dumbass like you for a girlfriend?"

"And give you an invitation?"

"Shit, count me in for begging, okay, being here and talking nonsense is hurting me."

"I don't even know you."

"Tonight it's Mr. Yanjing King Chu who is hosting the banquet here, how f**ked up do I have to be to mess up here?"

Cheng Xiaotian was near tears of fright.

Li Yuan was such a fool, and she was even talking nonsense here.

Cheng Xiaotian would hate to go up and kick her to death!

He has said Mr. Chu several times, this family of idiots, don't they know what kind of big shot is sitting in front of them?

Finally, when she heard Cheng Xiaotian say that Ye Fan was the King of Yanjing, Li Yuan Fang realized something.

Her face was pale and her eyes were huge.

"You...What did you say?"

"Is he...He is, that...That Yanjing King, Mr. Chu?"

"Or what!"Cheng Xiaotian was near death with anger, these idiots, did they only realize it by now?

"What did you expect, you stupid bastard?"

"If he wasn't the King of Yanjing, why would he be hosting a feast here?"

"If he wasn't the King of Yanjing, how could he have had so many people come to congratulate him?"

Cheng Xiaotian roared.

At that moment, Li Yuan and her daughter only felt a loud rumbling sound.

In her head, buzzing, the whole person was directly confused.

Li Yuan was startled in place, Sun Liping was so frightened that her red lips were wide open, that her mouth was so big that she could almost stuff an apple, and finally with a bang, Sun Liping's butt even more directly squatted to the ground.

"He...He...He's really, the King of Yanjing?"


Who did they mess with before?

Sun Liping wailed, only to feel that the sky had fallen.

Li Yuan was equally horrified.

By now, she finally understood why she was so open about her origin before, and why her boyfriend suddenly changed his attitude and pretended not to know her.

It turned out that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu, he was the King of Yanjing ah!

Why do heroes ask where they come from?

When a person stands at the top of the world through acquired effort, how can he care about his origins?

On the contrary, the more humble his background, undoubtedly made him more legendary in the hearts of the people!



"Why don't you roll over?"

"A few nobodies, Mr. Chu you dare to insult?"

"What nerve!"

"Even ten heads aren't enough to cut it off."

"Aren't you going to kneel down and apologize?!"

At the top of Huaxia Zun, Xue Mingxin, who was in charge of tonight's security, but came over and kicked all three members of Li Lubin's family in front of Ye Fan and Li Xiaohong, one by one.

At this time, the mother and daughter three kneeled on the ground like a dog, looking miserable and terrified.

There was almost no courage to even look at Ye Fan and the others, where was the slightest hint of the arrogance from before when they angrily beat Li Xiaohong.

"Mr. Chu, I was wrong, we really were wrong."

"It's our dog's eyes~"

"It's us who have eyes to see~"

"I only ask Mr. Chu to spare our family this one time for Xiao Hong's sake, right?"

Li Sun Liping was in tears, constantly on her knees begging for mercy.

Li Lubin bowed his head and remained silent, and Li Yuan was just crying, her delicate body trembling from fear.

Ye Fan listened and laughed: "For Xiao Hong's face?"

"You have the nerve to say that, too?"

"I ask you, those two palm prints on Xiaohong's face, are they thanks to you mother and daughter?"

"This...This..."Sun Liping's mother and daughter trembled, undoubtedly even more terrified, and only dared not answer at all.


Ye Fan drank lowly, scaring the mother and daughter so much that they were close to calling out.

In the end, he only had to admit.

"Misunderstanding, Chu...Mr. Chu, it's all a misunderstanding~"

"We hit it by accident."

Sun Liping was still arguing.

Ye Fan didn't say anything, just waved his hand.

And then, Xue Mingxin immediately stepped forward and snapped at Li Yuan's mother and daughter's faces and incited them wildly.

"Careless, right?"

"I told you to be careless!"

"Let you be careless!"

"The woman Mr. Chu has his eye on, and you guys dare to fight?"

"I really don't want to live~"

Xue Mingxin incited many slaps at the mother and daughter, spitting blood mixed with their teeth all over the floor.

In the end, both of their faces were swollen into pig's feet.

After the beating, Xue Mingxin clapped his hands and sneered, "Mr. Li, I'm sorry, I also accidentally hit your wife and daughter, are you okay with that?"

The corner of Li Lubin's mouth twitched.

What else could he say but return in fear: "No...No comment~"

"Dude, don't you want to come over here and slap some people?"

"Didn't she just try to hurt you?"

Xue Mingxin looked at Cheng Xiaotian at the side again.

Cheng Xiaotian's face went white, then smiled, "Right...Yes, you reminded me...I really should have slapped a few times."

Cheng Xiaotian was also terrified, where did he dare to say a word of no in the face of Xue Mingxin's questioning?

Walked up and slapped her left hand and slapped her right.

He slapped Li Yuan's mother and daughter several times in a row.

At that time, Li Yuan's mother and daughter had the heart to die.

She let her boyfriend hit her.

It's not that bad to kill someone and kill his heart, right?

"Miss Lee, why don't you have a few slaps too."

"Go over and incite a few slaps to relieve your anger."

"Save the son of a bitch, always bullying you?"

Xue Mingxin asked Li Xiaohong again.

Li Xiaohong's pretty face paled as she looked at the bloodied Li Yuan and her daughter, as well as the kneeling Li Lu Bin, and finally shook her head.

"Mr. Chu, I don't blame them, it's because I'm ignorant and upset Aunt Sun and the others, that's why they missed beating me."

"Mr. Chu, please, please let them go?"

Li Xiaohong begged.

Ye Fan listened, but shook his head and sighed: "Hey~"

"Xiaohong, kindness is your strength and also your weakness."

"In the future, you're afraid that you'll have to suffer a lot because of this."

Actually, Ye Fan was also torn.

People were good at being bullied, horses were good at being ridden.

He didn't know whether to teach Li Xiaohong to remain true to herself, or to let her recognize reality and become mature.

"It's just that, although the world is cloudy.But Xiaohong, I still hope that you can become the, the clear stream in this polluted world."


"A good word is warm in winter, but a bad word is cold in June."

"May a kind word from you melt their cold hearts."

Ye Fan shook his head and sighed, while he didn't make things difficult for Li Lubin and his family anymore, but let them go according to what Li Xiaohong said.

"Originally, your family has already committed unforgivable crimes by insulting me."

"But since Xiaohong is pleading for you guys, I will not pursue the matter before for now."

"But in the future, I hope that you will treat Xiaohong well."

"If I were to find out that Xiaohong will be wronged in the slightest by your family in the future, we'll settle old grudges together."

"Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Ye Fan's sensible words quietly rang out.

Li Lu Bin's family was creeped out and shivered.

Kneeling on the ground, they kept nodding their heads and saying yes: "Chu...Mr. Chu, don't worry, in the future, our family will treat Xiaohong as an ancestor and treat her more dearly than our own daughter."

"Never let her be wronged in the slightest."

"Otherwise, our family is willing to be struck by lightning from heaven!"

Sun Liping said in fear, as snot and tears flowed all over the floor because of her fear.

Li Lubin naturally did the same.

Only Li Yuan, just knelt, always silent.

Ye Fan saw the situation, his gaze sank: "Mr. Li, it seems that this little daughter of yours, is not convinced ah?It looks like she still harbors hatred for Xiao Hong."

"What do you think, what should I do with her?"

"Don't...Don't, Mr. Chu, I'll teach my rebellious daughter a lesson. Why do you need to get your hands dirty?"

Li Lu Bin was scared white.

From Ye Fan's words, but he could hear some killing intent.

In panic, Li Lubin quickly looked at Li Yuan and backhandedly smacked her face.

"Bastard, are you deaf?"

"Mr. Chu is asking questions, so answer quickly!"

"Let's just say that from now on, I'll treat Xiaohong as my own sister."

"Come on~"

Li Lu Bin roared.

Sun Liping, who was next to him, was also furious.

The couple even took turns beating at Li Yuan.

"Speak up!"

"You beast~"

"Do you want to hurt me or our whole family?"


Sun Liping was terrified and cursed, wishing she could beat her stupid daughter to death.

What's the situation now, doesn't she understand?

Mr. Chu is going to kill her if she doesn't bow to him!

"Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu found out that in the future, Xiao Xiao...Xiaohong, will be my own sister."

Li Yuan eventually knew the pain, and was now covered in blood, lying on the ground like a dog, returning miserably.

When Ye Fan heard this, the party nodded in satisfaction.

"Alright, roll over."

He waved his hand, indicating that Li Lubin and the others could leave.

At the same time, Ye Fan picked up his chopsticks and gave Li Xiaohong, who was next to him, a little bit of food: "Come, Xiaohong, don't just look at it, eat the food.It'll all be cold in a minute."

Just like this, in the awe of the crowd, Ye Fan and Xu Lei, they accompanied Li Xiaohong and finished this last meal in Yanjing.

When Ye Fan was about to leave, who would have thought that the elevator door would open again.

A few men and women then walked in.


"Why are they here?"

Seeing the few people in front of her, Xu Lei, however, was slightly shocked.

These people, she and Ye Fan did know each other.

Heck, they were Lei Dongbao from the previous Yanqi Lake as well as Guo Yawen's group.

"Two stupid things that don't know, why don't you roll over?"

"Kneel to Mr. Chu!"

There was Lei Dongbao's furious shout in their ears, and then the crowd only saw that Lei Dongbao kicked the two women, Guo Yawen and Meng Han, directly to the ground.

The two women's faces were a bruise and a purple, obviously they had received a fat beating before as well.

Now they were even lying at Ye Fan's feet, their delicate bodies trembling, their faces miserable, and their tears flowing unceasingly.

"What are you?"

Ye Fan hasn't spoken yet, but Xu Lei is eyebrow and eye puzzled, when she immediately got up and asked.

Meng Han and Guo Ya Wen and the others are their classmates after all, especially Meng Han, who was especially close to her during college.

But now, he was actually beaten by Lei Dongbao into such a dog-like state?

Half of my face is swollen.

The dress was also rotten off a piece.

What Xu Lei couldn't figure out was how the loving Lei Dongbao Guo Alyssa couple who were so much in love before had become like this?


In the midst of Xu Lei's confusion, Lei Dongbao, however, kneeled down directly to Xu Lei and Ye Fan.

"Miss Xu Lei, Mr. Chu, I'm sorry about what happened before."

"It's me Lei Dongbao who deserved to die, I have eyes but don't know Tai Shan."

"I have misjudged and trusted the wrong person."

"But I really didn't mean to offend you ah?"

"It's all because of these two bitches, it's these two foul-mouthed bitches who encouraged me ah."

"It was also that bitch Guo Ya Wen's idea to plant the evidence in the jewelry store, I had nothing to do with it."

"Mr. Chu, now I've brought these two bitchy bitches to you."

"You can kill them or cut them up, whatever you want."

"Even if you fuck that bitch Guo Ya Wen, I, Lei Dong Bao, will have no complaints whatsoever."

"They deserve to die, they're to blame~"

"All I ask is that Mr. Chu, spare my life!"

Lei Dongbao couldn't stop crying and begging, and his forehead was smashing blood with his head.

Yesterday, when Lei Dongbao saw Ye Fan turn the tide and become famous, ascending to the summit of Yanjing, Lei Dongbao knew that he had made a big mistake.

In front of such giants, Lei Dongbao is just an ant that can be crushed to death with just one hand.

Last night, Lei Dongbao had a hard time sleeping, he didn't sleep and kept the light on, fearing that Ye Fan would send someone to arrest him.

In the end, after thinking about it, Lei Dongbao decided to take the blame.

After all, there was no way to hide.

The monk could run away but not the temple, Lei Dongbao's company was all here.

He had no choice but to come and ask for forgiveness!

As for the two stupid women, Guo Ya Wen and Meng Han, they naturally became victims of Lei Dong Bao's efforts to please Ye Fan.

"Lei Dongbao, you...How dare you say such words?"

"I'm your wife, though~"

Guo Ya Wen's pretty face was pale, shaking her head incredulously as she looked at her once proud husband.

She had never thought that in the face of disaster, Lei Dongbao not only didn't protect her, but also beat her and scolded her, and even offered himself to Ye Fan to sleep with.

"Nima Cao, you still have the nerve to say that you're my wife?"

"If it wasn't for your vanity, would I have messed with Mr. Chu?"

"I was so blind to marry a bitch like you!"

Guo Alyssa didn't say it was fine, but when she did, Lei Dongbao exploded.

He was so angry that he walked over to her and slapped her in the face, knocking out one of her front teeth!

Husband and wife are birds of the same feather, each will fly away in times of trouble!

The couple, Lei Dongbao and Guo Yawen, undoubtedly profoundly interpreted this sentence.

As for Meng Han, she always had tears in her eyebrows and bowed her head.

Nowadays, but she doesn't even have the courage to raise her head to look directly at Ye Fan and Xu Lei.


"Lei Dongbao, you heartless one."

"I've let you whoring for years for nothing anyway, and you dare to beat me up for saying that?"

"Son of a bitch, I'll spell it out for you~"

A rabbit bites when it's desperate, let alone a living human being.

In front of her classmates, Lei Dongbao treated her like a dog and yelled at her, of course Guo Ya Wen couldn't help it.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes.

A "Nine Yin White Bone Scratch", but the face of Lei Dongbao directly pulled out two bloodstains.

Looking at this dog-eat-dog drama in front of him, Ye Fan was helpless.

The two couples have already fought to the death.

Like yesterday, Lei Dongbao and Guo Ya Wen two or how much love?

The old man is long and the old man is short, showing off his wealth in front of Ye Fan and Xu Lei.

It's only a day's work, and you've become a life and death enemy?

That's a fragile relationship!

"Regina, they are your classmates, and in the future, you will be the mistress of this Yanjing City."

"What to do with them, you can see what to do?"

"Let's go Xiaohong, I'll show you around in Huaxia Zun."

Ye Fan obviously didn't want to waste time on these jumping clowns of Lei Dongbao.

Throughout all this, these three had never been in Ye Fan's eyes.

If they hadn't sent themselves to the door, Ye Fan would have even forgotten about these three people.

Soon, Li Xiaohong left the place with Ye Fan.

Before the wine table, Guo Yawen was still pestering with Lei Dongbao, and neither of the couple noticed that Ye Fan had left.

Xu Lei indifferently looked at the couple and didn't say anything, let them fight.

"Falsely accusing my brother Xiaofan, it's also true that he should be taught some lessons."

Xu Lei shook her head and got up to walk towards Meng Han who had been kneeling to serve again in silence.

She held out her hand, "Han Han, get up."

"What you did before was indeed a bit excessive.But my brother Xiaofan he is benevolent and generous, he won't care about this little matter."

Xu Lei spoke softly, like a comfort.

But as Meng Han listened, he felt very uncomfortable.

"Yes, Little Lei, in your brother Xiaofan's eyes, I, Meng Han, am just an insignificant bit of dust, right?"

"Perhaps, from the very beginning, I've never been in his eyes, right?"

Meng Han smiled sadly, full of self-deprecation.

She now finally understood why such a powerful figure like Ye Fan, who had faced their humiliation before, didn't move.

It turned out that it just didn't care.

Just like a few ants devouring an elephant?

Do elephants get angry?

Of course not.

Maybe people won't even feel it.

"Regina, congratulations."

"Before, I would have thought that you had wronged yourself and found a wimp."

"Now it seems that we were shallow and had eyes to see the truth."

"Your Little Fan brother, it turns out he's a real dragon!"

"Really, I'm jealous~"

"Becoming such a heroic woman, you will definitely be very happy, making all women in the world envious, right?"

Meng Han smiled slowly, her voice slightly weak and bitter.

After all, a good sister who had once lived and eaten with her, shaking her body, but she had become a noble existence that she looked up to.

With such a huge difference in the sky, how could Meng Han's mood be calmed in a short period of time?

It would be impossible to say that you are not envious or jealous.

Human nature was inherently like this.

Meng Han previously wished for Xu Lei's situation to be better, but never wanted to see Xu Lei live a better life than herself.


A dinner party, but it ended like this amidst the noise.

For Meng Han and the other three, Xu Lei naturally did not feel too embarrassed.

After all, they were classmates.

What's more, they had all received the lesson they deserved.

Meng Han was beaten up by Lei Dongbao so badly that his face was bruised.

As for Guo Alyssa and Lei Dongbao, they were undoubtedly even worse.

Both of their faces were scratched and blurred, and if they hadn't been pulled apart later, the couple would have had to strangle each other until dawn.

In the end, they both went to the hospital.

Although they are some external wounds, but the key is on the face ah.

Even if it gets better, leaving scars is probably unavoidable.

As for Li Xiaohong, after the dinner was over, she was personally sent home by Ye Fan.

Seeing Ye Fan, Li Lubin's family was undoubtedly like seeing the old son of the emperor, bowing and bending in worship, almost kneeling on the ground to pay their respects.

When Ye Fan saw this, he faintly smiled and went up to pat Li Lubin's shoulder: "Mr. Li, Xiaohong is your daughter after all."

"In the future, take care of her."

"Otherwise, you should know the consequences."

Ye Fan's last words were spoken with an extra heavy tone, and his gaze also passed over Li Lubin and landed on Li Yuan and Sun Liping's mother and daughter.

For some mean-spirited people, relying on forgiveness and kindness could not persuade them.

Just like Sun Liping's mother and daughter, only by giving them a deep lesson, they will learn to remember.

After saying that, Ye Fan also turned around and walked away.

"Mr. Chu, will we meet again?"

At the moment when Ye Fan turned to leave, Li Xiaohong's nose was sore, as if something important was about to be lost in her heart, and the feeling of emptiness made Li Xiaohong close to tears.

She ran out of the house and chased after him towards the outside, shouting out to Ye Fan.

Without turning back, Ye Fan turned his back to her and waved his hand: "Study hard."

"If possible, I'll invite you to my group on the other day, to be the vice president!"


The wheels raced, bringing up a gale that whistled in the heavens and earth.

Under the dark night river, the limousine that Ye Fan rode in was already far away.

Here, only a delicate woman was left, tearfully saying goodbye.



Ye Fan's flight back to Jiangdong tomorrow morning.

Tonight was Ye Fan's last night in Yanjing.

"Honey, I'll be home tomorrow morning."

"If you miss me, don't come pick me up."

In the hotel, Ye Fan was lying on the sofa, but he was on the phone with Qiu Mu Orange.

On the other end of the phone, Qiu Mu Orange's pair of beautiful eyes went white.

What kind of dog talk was this that Ye Fan was talking about?

Is there such a thing as logic?

Autumn Mu Orange: "And what if I don't think about you?"

Ye Fan: "Come pick me up if you don't want me."

Qiu Mu Orange: "........"

In the midst of a speechless stare, Qiu Mu Orange heaved back to Ye Fan: "Okay, as you wish!"


"Honey do you mean, pick me up at the airport tomorrow?"Evan smiled heedlessly.

"Or what?Is it any wonder you still think I miss you?"Autumn Mu Orange snorted.



But Ye Fan laughed.

"A villainous dog!"

"Early to bed?"

"Don't miss your flight tomorrow."

Qiu Mu Orange didn't have the good fortune to say back, and then hung up the phone.

But in the place of Yunzhou, in the woman's boudoir, recalling the conversation just now, a mannish beauty, however, puffed out a laugh.

"This bastard, he's still that bitchy~"


"Ever since you, Dragon Lord, showed your prowess on the Yanqi Lake and saved the world.All the forces in Yanjing have come to congratulate you."

"It can be said that nowadays, this Yanjing land is all under the Dragon Lord's banner!"

In the hotel, Ye Fan had hung up the phone.

At this time, Xue Renyang was reporting to Ye Fan about the current power landscape in Yanjing.

After the boxing tournament, the Lin family was wiped out, the Zhao family bowed down, and among the three new noblemen, the Xue family was the only one to dominate.

As for the Xu family, the head of the family, Xu Fengliang, has abdicated, and the century-old foundation has been returned to Xu Lei.

Ye Fan's arrival could be said to have turned the entire Yanjing upside down!

"And now in the land of Yanjing, there is only one voice left, and that is the voice of your Dragon Lord!"

Xue Renyang looked agitated, and his tone was all reverence.

As Ye Fan listened, he shook his head and smiled, taking a sip from his teacup and saying, "Long Yang, don't you think you're overly optimistic?"

"Yanjing is where the Chinese Imperial Capital is, do you really think that just one boxing match, the entire Yanjing secular world will be able to take me on?"

"Well?"Xue Ren Yang was stunned, "Dragon Lord, isn't it?"

"Before the feast that sealed the king, all the dignitaries bowed down!"

"Tonight at the top of Huaxia Zun, all the rich and powerful from all sides have come to pay their respects again."

"Apparently, everyone has tacitly agreed that you are the master of this Yanjing?"

Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Yanjing is not Jiangdong, if it were that simple, why would I arrange for a Dragon King to sit here?"

"This..."Xue Ren Yang was secretly shocked, his old eyes narrowed, then he looked at Ye Fan, "What you mean, Dragon Lord, is that there is still a crisis implied in the land of Yanjing?"

"It can't be called a crisis, but only a powerful opponent that needs to be watched out for."

"Don't you forget that there are four great giants in Yanjing."

"And now, the only one that has submitted to my banner is the Xu family."

"The other three, can they send gifts to pay their respects?"

Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

Xue Ren Yang pondered for a moment and whirled around, "Indeed, the other three giants, none of them have come to pay their respects."

"It seems that they don't allow you, Dragon Lord, the King of Yanjing ah."

Ye Fan nodded, "It's to be expected."

"The remaining three giants, each has a profound background."

"The Xu family reigns over the political world, and the Ye family has even produced an army war god."

"The one that needs more attention is still the He family."


"The HO?"

"Is this He family even stronger than the Ye family?"

"But the Ye family has produced a Ye Qingtian, that's the first person in the army, the Huaxia Military God!"

Ye Qingtian's name could be described as thunderous in the military world.

Naturally, Xue Ren Yang had heard of it as well.

It could be said that if Ye Qingtian didn't fall, the Ye family's position in Yanjing and even in Huaxia would never fall!

So, all along, Xue Ren Yang had thought that, of the four great families, the Ye family was the one to beat!

But now, Ye Fan went so far as to say that the one who should be most scrupulous was the He family, which had the least existence among the four great families.

It should be known that the Ye and Xu families, relying on their solid position, did not care to participate in worldly battles for market money.

But on television and newspapers, the Ye and Xu families could still be seen frequently.

Only the He family was mysterious and low-key!

Not to mention not participating in worldly battles, the rest of the major media couldn't see the Nether Family participating in any activities.

It was precisely so, among the Yanjing, the He Family was undoubtedly the most non-existent of the gentry families.

"How can a frog at the bottom of a well see a swan soaring into the sky?"

"You're standing at the base of the hill, so naturally you can't see the trees at the top of the hill catching the wind!"

"This Nether Family is unknown in the secular world, but in the martial world, it's like thunder."

"The strongest person in the Nether Family today is one of the Huaxia Martial Dao, Pillar Gods!"

"In terms of prestige and strength, it's not inferior to the military's war god Ye Qingtian in the slightest."

"Moreover, the He family is a famous martial family in Warsaw.For generations, the Nether Family doesn't know how many pillar powerhouses have gone out of the country."

"The Nether Family's heritage, even if it's not as good as the Chu Family, I'm afraid it's not too inferior."

The low voice slowly echoed in the upper floors of this hotel.

As Ye Fan said, his deep eyebrows, but he looked at the world outside the window.

Who knew how many dragons and tigers lurked beneath this seemingly calm world?

But Xue Ren Yang was getting more and more alarmed.

"The Martial World?"

"Pillar Gods?"

"Dragon Lord, what are these, do they really exist, and why have I never heard of them?"

Xue Ren Yang asked in confusion, only to feel that this world, had lifted a corner of mystery for him.

Ye Fan took a sip of tea and continued softly, "Just because you can't see the place, doesn't mean it doesn't exist."

"The well frog doesn't know the sea, but the sea is there!"

"Summer bugs don't talk about ice, but winter is still here!"

"When you stand tall, you can naturally see many things that you couldn't see before."

"You don't need to ask the unnecessary, your existence is to help me take charge of the worldly realm."

"As for the martial world, the other Dragon King will help me with it."

"However, what I can tell you is that in this world, there exist powerful people who can be unafraid of guns."

"As for the Huaxia Pillar Gods, they are the group of people who stand at the pinnacle of the Huaxia Martial World."

"In other words, the leaders of the Huaxia Martial Dao."


A long silence.

All these years, Xue Renyang had been mingling in the secular business world, but he didn't even know that there was another side of the world above the secular world.

"Alright, to tell you this is to give you a heads up."

"The Nether Family must not be provoked without my orders."

"Although we are not afraid of trouble, we must not invite trouble ourselves."

"Do you understand what I mean?"

Ye Fan's words were low, and he specifically instructed Xue Ren Yang.

He would be leaving tomorrow, and now the land of Yanjing was basically devoid of any threat.

The only thing that Ye Fan was worried about was that Xue Ren Yang and the others were so overwhelmed by power that they didn't know how high the sky was and would provoke anyone.

Ordinary people were just fine, but if they messed with a family like the He family, it would undoubtedly be extremely difficult for Ye Fan as well.

One Chu family was enough for Ye Fan to deal with, and Ye Fan certainly didn't want, another strong opponent.

"Dragon Lord, don't worry."

"In the future, our sphere of influence in Yanjing will only seek stability, not expansion."

"Never ask for trouble."

Xue Renyang agreed instantly.

Ye Fan nodded, "It's good to know."

"Also, Little Lei's side, you take care of it a bit for me."

"Xiao Lei she is, after all, just a woman, even if she has been wandering around in Jiangdong for ten years, sometimes, you seniors who have gone through the vicissitudes of life still need to be reminded."

"That's natural.On this side of Yanjing, no matter what happens, Old Slave will definitely swear to protect Miss Xu's safety!"


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