Dish Best Served Cold 527-530


chapter 527

"That's right, Dragon Lord."

"A call log was found in Hua Yinglong's phone."

"Perhaps you would be interested in it, Dragon Lord."

After a brief conversation, Xue Renyang seemed to recall something and then reported to Ye Fan.


"What call records?"

Ye Fan asked curiously.

"Specifically, I'm not sure.But the remarks name, is Third Young Master."

"And, a few days before the boxing match, Hua Yinglong and this "Third Young Master", had several phone calls."

"Therefore, I suspect that behind this Hua Yinglong is not the Xu family, but someone else."

Xue Renyang analyzed in a deep voice.

Ye Fan listened, but he shook his head and smiled.

The entire man remained calm, as if everything was expected of him.


"Dragon Lord, did you already know all this?"

"Or, do you know the one behind this Hua Yinglong, Third Young Master?"

Looking at Ye Fan's appearance, Xue Ren Yang was shocked and then asked in confusion.

Ye Fan took a light sip of tea and continued, "Acquaintance?"

"Of course I know him, if we're talking about it, I'm still this third young master's father."

As the saying goes, an elder brother is like a father!

Ye Fan was the eldest son in the Chu family's generation, and those siblings below him naturally gave him respect as their father.


"You.... you're his father?"

Xue Ren Yang's pair of old eyes but then stared.

I thought to myself, could it be that the Dragon Lord he, already has a son?

You're returning Master San?

In other words, Ye Fan had at least three children.

But Ye Fan didn't explain this to Xue Ren Yang, only ordering, "Find that phone and dial it for him."

"It's been ten years, it's time to talk to him."

Ye Fan's cold laughter echoed in the night.

Ten thousand miles away.

In a luxurious villa, a young man, dressed in a luxurious robe, starry eyebrows and sword eyes, born with double pupils, seemed to have just stepped out of the bath, and the tips of his hair were still a little damp.

At this moment, he was sitting on the sofa with a red wine glass, quietly waiting for something.

In his bosom, a blonde woman, like a beautiful snake, was cruising around.

"After all this time, it's about time for something to happen, right?"

"This Hua Yinglong, why hasn't he given me a call yet."

"Could it be that there's been another accident?"

The youth's brows furrowed, and finally, somewhat unable to wait, he pushed the woman in his arms away, while saying in a deep voice, "Buck, contact Aaron and ask him how things are going over there in Yanjing."

"It's been a day, why are you so late in calling me back?"

The man said unhappily.

However, as soon as he said that, the phone rang.

"Young Master, it's a call from Ah Long."

"It seems that over there in Yanjing, it's already done!"After taking a glance at the hand, the subordinate immediately smiled and handed the man the phone.

Only when this Hua-robed man heard this did the worry in his heart dissipate a lot.

And then he took the phone and asked in a deep voice, "Ah Long, how is it?"

"Is everything going well?"

"In the future, you will help me properly station Yanjing."

"I will develop the land of Yanjing into my young master's backyard!"

"No power is allowed to get its hands on it!"

"Oh, yeah?"The faint laughter coming from the phone made the man in front of him, in a Chinese robe, chill his brow.


"You're not Aaron?"

"Who are you?"

"How did you get Aaron's number?"

"Tell me who the hell you are!"

After a brief tremor, this Hua-robed youth, soon calmed down as well.

His face was gloomy and he whispered in a cold voice.

"What, Qi Tian, it's only been ten years since we've seen each other, and you can't even hear your father's voice anymore?"


Only as if thunder had exploded.

The instant he heard these words, Chu Family's Third Youngest Chu Qitian only felt a boom in his head.

Because of the tremor, his entire body scuffled and leaped up from the couch.

"Chu Tiantan, it's you!"

"You're Chu Tian Fan!"

Chu Qi Tian roared in a deep voice.

Ye Fan still smiled indifferently, "I knew that you could still hear your father's voice."

"Shut up!"

"You Chu family outcast, lowly and despicable bastard, how dare you speak out against this young master?"

"I think you want to die!"

Listening to Ye Fan's words, Chu Qi Tian was close to dying of anger.

"An elder brother is like a father."

"I'm your elder brother, so naturally I'm your father."

"But you're an unfilial son of a dog, always sending a bunch of trash to kill me."

"Killing your father and killing your brother, this is the work of an animal."

"It's been ten years since I've seen you, Qi Tian, why have you turned into an animal?"Ye Fan shook his head and asked with a smile.

"You~" and Chu Qitian was undoubtedly furious, for so many years, he was a star gazing at the moon, how could he have ever received such an insult.

Now that he was so abused by a mongrel, Chu Qitian's old face was furiously livid.

But soon, Chu Qitian's mood calmed down.

He grinned, "Chu Tianfan, after so many years, you're still this sharp-tongued."

"I just don't know if you'll still be able to be as nonsensical as you are now when you, the Chu Family Bitch, die at my feet in the future?"

"I'm afraid you won't have the chance to see that.However, I will be able to show you what your henchman looked like when he fell under my hands."

On the other end of the phone, Ye Fan's faint laughter was heard.

Then, Chu Qi Tian's phone vibrated.

A MMS, had been sent over.

After Chu Qitian opened it, it was, Huaying Long's miserable death face.

The look was filled with fear, and even when the eyes were still staring.

As if a fierce ghost, that black hole eyes, through the phone screen, stared at Chu Qi Tian in such a deadly manner.

But then Chu Qitian got all riled up, and the phone was so frightened that he threw it out immediately.

Over the years, Chu Qitian had many lives on his hands though.

But this kind of thing was all done by hand.

This kind of bloody picture that Ye Fan sent him today was undoubtedly extremely impactful to a gentry like Chu Qitian, who did not have his ten fingers covered in yangchun water.

What's more, the one who died today was still one of Chu Qitian's closest and most trusted subordinates.

Just a few days ago, they had gotten along with each other, and now they were already separated by yin and yang!


"You're not frightened, are you, Zeitoun?"

"It's still a child after all."

"Can't see any blood at all."

"It's a shame to have such a brother, when it's really a shame."The sound of Ye Fan sneering and mocking came from the phone again.

But Chu Qitian was no more calm, he picked up the phone and roared at Ye Fan, "Damn it, you actually killed Ah Long?"

"You bitch, how dare you kill him?"

"Just you wait, I, Chu Qi Tian, will break you into a million pieces!"

"By way of sacrifice, Aaron's dead soul!"

Chu Qi Tian clenched his palms, and his sensible words echoed throughout the villa.



"You've been saying that for ten years."

"And the results?"

"I'm still well here talking to you on the phone."

"You, on the other hand, have lost an arm."

"Time has proven a thousand times that your father is your father!"

"The phrase "elder brother is like father" is no joke?"

In the midst of a hearty laugh, Ye Fan immediately hung up the phone.

Chu Qitian, however, was so angry that his veins were blue.

"Chu Tianfan, you forced me to do this!"

"Next time, I, Chu Qi Tian, will definitely bruise you to the ground~"

In the midst of the angry voice, Chu Qi Tian, however, smashed the phone on the ground, kicking him to smithereens.

"Check, immediately give me a check!"

"Where's the signal coming from on the other side?"

"Give me a lock on his position!"

"I'm going to put out an APB in the dark world and spend 100 billion on his dog's head!"

Chu Qi Tian roared, Ye Fan's provocative behavior now had undoubtedly completely infuriated Chu Qi Tian.

He even threatened to issue a bounty on Ye Fan in the Western Dark World.

"Third Young Master, appease your anger."

"Why do you need to get angry over an abandoned son of the Chu family?"Next to him, an old man advised in a deep voice.

"Ah Long has been with me for thirteen years!"

"And that's how they were killed?"

"How can I not be angry, you say?"Chu Qi Tian said coldly.

"Third Young Master, what I mean is, let you calm down a bit before making a decision."

"Plan before you act!"

"Is it really worth it to spend 100 billion dollars on the head of a country bumpkin?"

"Perhaps we have a better option."

"Well?What do you mean?"Chu Qi Tian's pair of orchid pupils looked at the old man at the side and whirled around to ask.

"Third Young Master, I remember that Hua Yinglong's father was one of the three giants of the Japanese Kingdom's Sword God Palace, right?"

"If we send the pictures of his son's tragic death, we will send them over."

"What do you think, how would he react?"The old man's eyebrows were cunning, and his old face was filled with coldness, "When the time comes, we don't need to do anything, someone will naturally help us and kill this Chu bastard."

The cold words echoed in the room.

A moment later, Chu Qi Tian also laughed.


"It's really a plugged-in situation."

"Chu Tianfan, Chu Tianfan, you thought that by killing Hua Yinglong, you've broken my arm.But how would you know, you're digging your own grave!!!"



The next day.

When the rising sun rose in the east, the plane that Ye Fan was flying on, however, had already taken off.

Under the eyes of Xue Renyang and the others, Ye Fan's trip to Yanjing had undoubtedly come to an end.

With Ye Fan's departure, many people in Yanjing City breathed a long sigh of relief.

"At last, sending off this great Buddha ah~"

There were people who lamented, and naturally, there were people who were lost.

No one noticed that at this time, in one of the women's boudoirs in Yanjing City, there was a silhouette that looked longingly away.




"Why is this phone disconnected when you said you'd pick me up?"

A few hours of travel passed quickly.

Jianghai International Airport, there was a crowd of people and a constant stream of passengers.

Ye Fan waited at the entrance of the airport and made more than a dozen phone calls, but he was stunned that he didn't get through.

In the end, he had no choice, and after sending a WeChat to Qiu Mu Orange, he also took the car back by himself.

It was nearly noon when he returned to Yunzhou.

Ye Fan first went to the office to look for him and found that Autumn Mu Orange wasn't there.

"Did Mu Orange go home?"

The places where Qiu Mu Orange usually went were nothing more than the same two places, company and home.

Not at the company, Ye Fan only had to go home to find it.

"Ye Fan, you're a wimp and you know how to come back ah?"

"A walk for so many days."

"Spending the money earned by my Mu Orange to have a good time out and about, right?"

"I don't know what my Mu Orange sees in you, a wimp, and you're still not happy to let her divorce and find another one?"

"What are you standing around for, you punk, get to the kitchen and cook us dinner!"

When Ye Fan came home, Han Li and Qiu Lei old couple were soaking their feet.

When she saw Ye Fan return, Han Li, like before, was once again bossing Ye Fan around like a dog.

Before Ye Fan could catch his breath, he ordered Ye Fan to cook for them.

"Where's Mu Orange?"

"Is she home?"

Ye Fan ignored Han Li's shout and then asked.

"What business is it of yours whether Mu Orange is at home or not?"

"What? You still want to restrict my Orange's freedom?"

"Okay, being crap, make me dinner now."

"And this laundry, wash it all too."

"Also the floors, windows, furniture and such, give me a wipe."

"We don't raise waste in our house."

"Right, this foot washing water is also poured for us, and another basin is brought over."

Han Li cursed and commanded.

But she didn't even look at Ye Fan with a straight face.

The previous company's opening ceremony was moving with a great deal of noise.

But Han Li and her two didn't think it had anything to do with Ye Fan.

After all, if Ye Fan was really capable, how could he condescend to be a son-in-law.

Three years of prejudice, how could it be so easy to change.

Therefore, in the eyes of Han Li and her husband, Ye Fan was still their family's wimpy son-in-law.

"Has Mu Orange come home or not?"In the face of Han Li's shout, Ye Fan was unmoved, but asked again.

And when Han Li saw this, she undoubtedly blew up instantly.

"Are you fucking deaf?"

"I told you to dump the footwash didn't you hear me?"

"A few days out and the wings get hard?"

"How dare you ignore our words?"

"Get your ass over here and dump our footwash!"Han Li cursed furiously.


As soon as Han Li's side of the conversation fell, Ye Fan clenched his palms, his eyebrows cold, and walked over and kicked Han Li and the others' footwash basins.

With a bang, the plastic basin shattered into pieces, and the foot-washing water splashed all over Han Li and Qiu Lei's faces.

Faces, nostrils, and even mouths were splattered with foot-washing water!


"What do you want, you wimp?"

The couple was undoubtedly shocked.

They never thought that this wimp would dare to kick them in the foot bath!

What does he want?

What do you think?

"If you don't want to die, give me a fucking honest answer!"

"Mu Orange, where the hell is it?"

I thought that after I got angry, that Ye Fan would restrain and soften.

But who would have thought that not only did Ye Fan not back down in any way, but he instead shouted in a cold voice.

That icy tone was only like a thunderstorm exploding.

The monstrous power frightened Han Li and her husband's old faces then went white.

Staying in place, they were so scared that they couldn't even say a word!


Ye Fan kicked the chairs, the recliner that Han Li couple often sat on was immediately kicked out by Ye Fan, hit the wall and rotted into several sections.

Han Li and her husband were trembling in fear, and only then did they honestly reply, "Mu...Mu Orange she, didn't...Didn't come home."

"Originally today...She took the day off today, well...It seemed like she was going away, but when...A phone call came, she rushed out."

Han Li shivered in reply.


"Wouldn't it have been nice to have said that earlier?"

"I'm not forcing me to be anxious with you!!!"

Ye Fan shouted furiously, turned around and went out the door.

Behind him, all that was left was the mess on the floor and the couple, covered in foot washing water.

Cool droplets of water slowly dripped down along the corners of their faces.

For a long time, neither of them, Han Li, had recovered from the previous tremor.

It was hard for them to accept that the wimp who had always gone against the grain dared to yell at them?

You kicked their sink?

Especially the chilling one that Ye Fan just emitted from his body was like a devouring fierce tiger.

It caused the couple and the two to have chills scuffing up their spines.

"This...Is this, still Ye Fan?"

Actually, it was not surprising that Ye Fan was anxious.

After all, the promised Qiu Mu Orange would come to pick up the phone today, but it didn't come and the phone couldn't be reached.

Ye Fan was already worried in his heart, afraid that something might have happened to Qiu Mu Orange.

But Ye Fan asked Han Li and the others several times, but the couple just won't say anything.

It was a matter of his wife's safety, so Ye Fan was naturally anxious!

If this were an outsider, Ye Fan would have already kicked them down from upstairs.

Now that this kick was just a footwash, it was enough to give them face.

"A single phone call, and then the Mu Orange left in a hurry."

"It must be an urgent matter."

"But after all these hours, why didn't you answer the phone?"

"Hopefully, nothing will happen."

There was always a bad feeling in Ye Fan's heart.

Finally, worried, Ye Fan called Han Lao, "Han Lao, check for me, where did Mu Orange go?"

"In ten minutes, I want to know the results!"



Haiyuan Pavilion.

In a private room, a table full of delicious delicacies, but alas, no one touched the chopsticks.

The atmosphere here was so condensed that it was almost hard to breathe.

It was like, rattling swords!

"Third sister, you really won't think about it anymore?"

"Mr. Wang is new to Yunzhou, so just think of it as a favor to your brother and give that land to Mr. Wang."

"Just think of it as making a friend."

The one who spoke was a handsome man.

Not very old, similar in age to Qiu Mu Orange.

He was also quite handsome and unusual looking.

At this time, dressed in a straight suit, smilingly speaking to Qiu Mu Orange in front of him.

Yes, this person was Master Qiu's eldest grandson, Qiu Mu Qi.

Sitting next to him was the director of the Yunzhou branch of Shuntian Industry, Wang Shengtian, who was also Qiu Muqi's school friend from abroad.

"Qiu Muqi, you have the nerve to say that?"

"What do you take your third sister for?Stupid?"

"Your third sister spent three hundred million dollars to take the land, and with one word from you, you made your third sister give up one hundred million."

"What about the remaining two hundred million?"

"You out?"

"Or do you want your third sister to acknowledge the loss?"

Qiu Mu Orange hadn't spoken yet, but Suzy couldn't hear any more, and angrily questioned Qiu Mu Qi.

Since the opening of Mufan Real Estate, after the mayor of Yunzhou City personally went to the banquet, the industry of Mufan Real Estate has undoubtedly been flourishing for almost a month.

Everywhere to get land to build projects, all kinds of partners also took the initiative to come to negotiate with them, even if only a meager profit, they were willing to cooperate with Mufan Real Estate.

It can be said that in just over half a month, Mufan Real Estate's assets have exceeded Qiushui Logistics by more than several times.

Of course, most of the money in this was low-interest loans from banks.

Now that Mufan Real Estate was already a star enterprise in the city with a bright future, various banks were rushing to provide loans to it.

Financially, Qiu Mu Orange undoubtedly didn't have to worry.

When the affairs of the company gradually became more and more, Qiu Mu Orange also pulled Suzy over to be his assistant.

The two of them had been friends for many years, their temperaments matched, and their work also complemented each other.

For this discussion today, Qiu Mu Orange was the one who brought Suzy over with him.


"In the end, it's still a matter of price."

"Third sister, the price, Mr. Wang said that we can still talk about it, right?"

"One hundred million won't do, and it's fine to add another ten or twenty million to you."

"Besides, the Shuntian Group is a big company from Zhonghai."

"Third sister, we have to take a longer view."

"This piece of land, you're giving one hundred million to Mr. Wang, it seems like a loss, but it's making Mr. Wang a friend."

"Listen to your brother, just one hundred million, let's give it to General Manager Wang."

"Just take it as a sign of respect for me."

"As for grandpa's side, I know that you had a lot of trouble with our Qiu family some time ago, as long as you give brother me this face, the Qiu family side, brother will help you get it done."

"Let Grandpa forgive you."Qiu Mukki said as he even filled Qiu Muk Orange with tea.

But Suzy was close to dying of anger as she listened to this!

"Qiu Mu Qi, I see that one by one, your Qiu family is used to bullying and bullying Mu Orange, and now you treat Mu Orange even more like a fool?"

"Give you back your face!"

"Selling your Qiu family isn't even worth two hundred million.Where did you get the face to have Mu Orange give you two hundred million?"Susie was exasperated.

"Suzy, I honored you before because you're my third sister's friend.Don't give me the shame, I'm talking to my third sister, how can you be allowed to talk too much here?"Qiu Muqi's eyebrows chilled and he said coldly.


At this time, Qiu Mu Orange, who had been silent, finally spoke.

"This piece of land was bought by our Mufan Real Estate with heavy investment."

"I won't let it go to anyone."

"Not to mention one hundred million, even if it's one billion, I won't let."

"That's my attitude."

"So, I don't want to talk about the matter regarding this land in the future, so you guys should just die."

Qiu Mu Orange's words were decisive and unquestionable.


"Mu Orange, beautifully said!"

"Some of these people, ah, just specialize in screwing their own relatives."

"Taking the interests of others to suck up to their own people, they really think that everyone else is stupid ah."Seeing that Qiu Mu Orange was so tough, Suzy Ton echoed and laughed.

Qiu Mu Qi's face, then went cold: "Third sister, looking at you, you mean that there's nothing left to talk about?"

"Just as a favor to your brother, no?"

Autumn Mu Orange coldly returned, "Sorry, can't help you."


Qiu Mu Qi was so angry that his face immediately turned green, and finally tore directly at Qiu Mu Orange: "Third sister, you can think carefully."

"That land, if you let it go, you can still get 100 million."

"If you don't let it, we have plenty of ways to let that land rot in your hands."

"Let you Mufan Real Estate, lose your blood money!"

"Yeah?Then I'll see what happens."In response to Qiu Mu Qi's threat, Qiu Mu Orange sneered, but was unafraid.

"Good, third sister.Don't you regret it!"

"Today, you've offended both me and Mr. Wang, and you can't afford the consequences."

"Wait and see?"

"Victory, let's go!"

Qiu Mu Qi snorted angrily and immediately turned away.


"Get out!"

"Get as far away from here as you can."

"Bunch of bastard things that eat people and don't spit out bones."

Qiu Mu Qi and the two of them had gone far away, but Suzy was cursing angrily.

"Mu Orange, what kind of brother is this?"

"Three hundred million dollars bought the land, and he wants to take it back with one hundred million."

"What's the difference with open robbery!"

"Obviously treating you like a simpleton?"

Recalling what had just happened, Suzy was still furious and fought injustice on behalf of Autumn Mu Orange.

However, Qiu Mu Orange was calm.

She poured herself a cup of wine and drank it straight down in one gulp.

"It's just bullying."

"By virtue of the Shuntian Group's powerful background, you want to use your influence to make me soften."

"What's more, I had a bad time with the Qiu family before, Qiushui Logistics was investigated and grandfather was seriously ill."

"Obviously, he hates me."

"Trying to take advantage of the Shuntian Group's momentum to suppress me."

Qiu Mu Orange shook her head and said, but in her faint words, there was a bit of self-deprecation and desolation.

She had thought that after the lesson from before, the Qiu family would be a bit more restrained.

But now it seemed that she was wrong.

A Qiu Mu Ying had gone, and now there was another Qiu Mu Qi.

"Grandpa, grandpa, how much you can't see me well."

Qiu Mu Orange laughed in a low voice while pouring a glass of wine on her own.


"After the opening ceremony before, the Autumn family was nearly screwed."

"Your uncle and the others were put in jail."

"I thought that by now the Qiu family would be devastated.But I didn't expect ah, after this brother of yours, Qiu Muqi, came back, he froze the Qiu family's industry on his own."

"The Qiu family had the Red Flag Group helping them before, and now there's the Shuntian Group."

"With these two major patrons, your younger brother is naturally unscrupulous."

Thinking about the ups and downs of the Qiu family during this period of time, Suzy couldn't help but feel sad as well.

"But I must say, this Qiu Mu Qi does have a few tricks up his sleeve."

"Knowing that he was weak, even if he returned home, I'm afraid that it would be difficult to save the Qiu family on his own."

"So he relied on his own connections and froze his classmate to the Yunzhou Construction Branch."

"And this Shuntian Industrial Group's main business is real estate, how do you look at it, it's clearly aimed at Mu Orange you."

"We're afraid that we won't have a good time in the future."

Suzy was worried.

The matter of Qiu Mu Orange being favored by Wu City, Suzy had naturally heard about it as well.It was said that they all personally went to deliver a pair of couplets on the day of the opening ceremony.

However, if Mufan Real Estate clashed with the Shuntian Group in the future, Wu City really wouldn't be able to help anyone.

In Su Xi's opinion, the reason why Qiu Mucheng's company is now flourishing in Yunzhou is all thanks to Wu Shi's optimism.

Without Wu City's help, Mu Fan Real Estate, undoubtedly, wouldn't be able to fight with a company with a background like the Shuntian Group.

"It's fine."

"We're doing serious business, we're not afraid of anyone."

"I still don't believe it, in this broad daylight and clear sky, could it be that they really dare to do anything out of the ordinary?"

Autumn Muyoung clenched her palms and put on a stance of not conceding defeat.

Previously, Qiu Mu Ying had united with the Red Flag Group and had failed to bring herself down.

Qiu Mu Orange didn't believe that this Qiu Mu Qi and Shuntian Industry could do it?

The most difficult moments, they had all come through.

Now these difficulties, Autumn Mu Orange was naturally not afraid.


"It's noon."

"Evan he's going to have to wait."

"I said I'd pick him up at the airport."

Once Qiu Mu Orange looked at her watch, it was only then that she remembered that Ye Fan was returning to Jiangdong today and couldn't care about eating, so she turned around to leave.

When Suzy saw this, she then pulled her back, "Seeing how anxious you are, I thought it was no big deal?"

"Isn't it just that your country husband wants it back?"

"It's not like he doesn't have legs, he'll just take the bus back himself."

"Where is it worth having you pick him up yourself?"

"Besides, didn't you say he'd be at the river in the morning?It's after midnight, and this would probably be home by now, so there's even less need for you to pick it up."

"What about you, you'd better sit here with your sister and me for a little bite to eat and a little drink."Susie smiled heedlessly.

"Hmm?Sissy, you remember this?Why didn't you remind me just now."Qiu Mu Orange was suddenly furious.

Having stood Ye Fan up himself, that guy would definitely lose it even if he didn't say anything, right?

"Why did I have to remind you?"

"That guy Ye Fan, a wimp, where is he worthy of my Mu Orange personally picking up."

Suzy had obviously always remembered this matter, and she had deliberately not reminded Qiu Mu Orange.


"I'll fix you when I get back!"

Qiu Mu Orange didn't bother to pay attention to Suzy anymore, picking up her bag and leaving straight away, while picking up her phone and preparing to call Ye Fan to explain.


At this time, before Qiu Mu Orange could reach the door, the booths were suddenly pushed open.

Only to see a strong man who reeked of alcohol and was unsteady in his walk, walking in with the wine.

"Little Fang, come, drink with me, drink~"

"When you're done drinking, I'll make you feel good..."

This strong man was full of obscenities.

Suzy covered her nose in disgust at the sight, "Hey, big brother, you've gone to the wrong room, there's no your little Fang here, so hurry up and look elsewhere."


"Walk...Wrong way?"

The strong man was shaking his body, with the pungent smell of alcohol and couldn't speak well.

At this time, he was looking at Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy with open eyes.

Especially after seeing Qiu Mu Orange in front of him, this man was clearly astonished.

On his old face, he then revealed a nasty smile: "It's...It's the wrong way."

"No...However, you are better than Little Fang...Good looking."

"Come...Come on, pretty girl, have a...Have a drink with brother."

The man laughed indiscriminately while reaching out his hand and grabbed Autumn Mu Orange and pulled him into his arms.

"Let go!"

"If you don't let go, I'm calling the police!"

Qiu Mu Orange couldn't stop struggling, but the drunken man wouldn't let go.


In her haste, Suzy picked up a bottle and smashed it directly at the drunkard's head.

The bottle shattered with a loud bang, and the liquor mixed with blood stayed behind.

This sudden blow undoubtedly made the drunkard's body shiver, and he immediately sobered up a little.

He touched his face and actually wiped a handful of blood.

"You...You, dare,,dare to hit me?"The man said incredulously.

And Susie picked up a bottle from the table again in self-defense, "Get out!"

"No...If you don't get out, I'll smash you again!"

"Fuck off~"

Susie screamed at the top of her lungs, and the drunk man, not knowing whether he was truly frightened or afraid he would bleed to death, actually ran away.

"Bitch, wait!"

"Dare...If you dare to hurt me, you won't get out of this Haiyuan Pavilion today~"

The man let out a harsh word, and immediately went downstairs with his wounds covered.

Suzy's heart was palpitating, her hands were still shaking after the drunk man left, and she was obviously scared herself.

In the end, it was Qiu Mu Orange who was the first to react, pulling Suzy out and running.

"Sissy, let's go."


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