Dish Best Served Cold 531-536


Chapter 531

Thirty-six stratagems, go for the best.

Now that they were the only two weak women, if that drunken man went to shout, it would certainly be difficult for them to deal with it.

Therefore, not caring that Suzy was still in shock, Qiu Mu Orange pulled Suzy and ran outside.

However, before Suzy and Autumn Mumu Orange could even run to the door, they were already blocked by someone.

"You...What are you guys doing?"

"I'm telling you, I...I'm calling the police~"

Seeing more than a dozen strong men around in front of her, Suzy and Autumn Mucheng, but the two have been scared pale.

Qiu Mu Orange even took out her cell phone and made a face as if she was going to call the police.

She had thought that these people would restrain themselves a bit as a result.

But she found out that she was wrong!


A strong man in front of him incited a slap over, directly knocking the phone in Qiu Mu Orange's hand out.

It smashed on the ground, and the phone screen even shattered.

"Motherfucker, you guys injured second brother, we haven't called the police yet, but you little pussy is scaring us?"

A lean man beside him was cursing.

At this time, the man who had just had his head broken by Suzy with a bottle, after briefly bandaging his wounds, was helped over as well.

"Second brother, these two little bitches were trying to run just now, but fortunately I was sharp-eyed enough to let the brothers intercept them."

"Mm, well done."Wang Dali nodded with the smell of alcohol, while looking cold and glaring at Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy.

"Instead of looking soft and gentle and intoxicating, I didn't expect that you'd be so ruthless when it comes down to it?"

"I, Wang Dali, have been in Yunzhou for more than a decade, and it's still the first time I've had my head broken by a woman."

"Go ahead, what should we do?"

Wang vigorously asked in a sardonic voice.

At this time, the restaurant hall was undoubtedly in chaos.

The surrounding guests all avoided far away for fear of being infected, and looked at Chu Yun with compassion.

However, no one noticed that on the second floor of the restaurant, there were two men in suits, drinking and talking, looking as if they were sitting on the mountain watching the tiger fight.

These two men were naturally Qiu Mu Qi and Wang Sheng Tian who had just left the table angrily.

"Mu Qi, who is this Wang Dali you're looking for?"

Qiu Muqi took a light sip of cloudy wine and faintly said, "Sort of a gangster leader."

"Although he's never had a life on his hands, he's never done anything less than breaking someone's legs.In this part of the world, it's considered to have quite a fierce reputation."

"Oh, yeah?You're not afraid, this Wang Li really scared this third sister of yours out of her wits.When that happens, will your grandfather be able to spare you?"Wang Shengtian took a bite of the small dish and looked down at the already terrified Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy, but shook his head and laughed.


"She was the one who was heartless in the first place, so how can I be blamed for being heartless?"

"If he doesn't hand over that land for one day, I won't let her live in peace for one day."

"Today is just the beginning."

"As for my grandfather's side, Qiu Mu Orange has already been swept out of my Qiu family, the previous great robbery of the Qiu family was also thanks to his hand, my uncle and grandfather hated her even before it was too late, so how could he blame me because of her."Qiu Muqi returned coldly.

"What about your third uncle, and your third brother-in-law?"Wang Shengtian casually continued to ask.

"Heh~ They?"Qiu Mu Qi listened and laughed then, "They're all just a bunch of trash."

"My third sister's parents are just two losers, waiting for death all day long."

"As for that third brother-in-law of mine, he's even more of a wimp."

"You still don't know, do you?"

"This third sister of mine is married to a door-to-door son-in-law, or a despicable countryman."

"Oh?So, their family, you're the only one who can watch it, third sister?"Wang Sheng Tian listened and also laughed contemptuously.

"I'll put it to you this way, tonight, it's this Wang vigorously screwing Qiu Mu Orange, that wimp probably wouldn't dare to let out a single fart."Qiu Muqi smiled sardonicly and drank a glass of beer.

Wang Shengtian smiled without saying anything, turning his head to continue to look downstairs.

He now finally understood why Qiu Muqi was unscrupulously suppressing him, his third sister.

It turned out that the ones raised behind Qiu Mu Orange were a bunch of losers.

Only dealing with a weak woman, they naturally had no scruples.



"Sissy, what now?"

"These people, they're obviously not good."

"Why don't you find a chance to escape first and go back to find Ye Fan."

"Ye Fan will definitely have a way to save me."

Feeling the ferocious appearance of Wang Dali and the others, Qiu Mu Orange said in fear.


"Mu Orange, are you Bean?"

"At a time like this, what's the use of having a ball with that wimp?"

"Will he be able to call for someone or bring in money?"

"He's a loser himself, and you're pinning your hopes on him."

"I don't know what you're thinking,"

When she heard Autumn Mucheng Orange's words, at that time, Suzy was speechless.

I thought to myself that Qiu Mu Orange was probably scared to death, that's why she was talking out of turn.

It seemed that she couldn't count on being able to rely on herself.

Then, Suzy looked at Wang Dali.

"Isn't it just that you want money?"

"A thousand tops for that flesh wound of yours."

"I'll give you five thousand, that's gotta do it, right?"

Suzy grunted back, then took out a wad of money from her bag and handed it to Wang.

"Heh, five thousand?"

"Bitch, what are you doing as a barker?"

"You hurt my second brother, and you're not going to settle this without tens of thousands of dollars!"

The underling said with a sneer.

However, as soon as the underling finished speaking, Wang vigorously kicked him to the side.

"Get out!"

"A fool who's afraid to ask for money?"

"My head is worth tens of thousands of dollars?"

Wang cursed, then glared at Qiu Mu Orange and the two of them, "I'm telling you, if you want to walk out safely, you two, each of you, take three hundred thousand for me."

"Otherwise, don't think of walking out of this Haiyuan Pavilion!"


"Three hundred thousand each?"

"That's not six hundred thousand!"

"Shit, why don't you go grab it?"

Susie was so angry when she heard it that she screamed then.



"Or can't get it out?"

Wang's eyebrows furrowed, and the eyes of the dozen or so men under him also became much colder, coldly surveying the two women in front of him.

After a moment, Wang laughed, "Of course, it's not like there's no other way."

"If you can't come up with the money, you two, stay here tonight and accompany your brother to drink and talk together."


"That's a great idea, Second Brother!"

In between the laughter of the crowd, someone actually went forward to pull the two of them, Autumn Mu Orange and Suzy.


"Let go of me!"

"Don't you dare..."

Suzy screamed in panic.

It was at this time that a man, however, rushed through the crowd and quickly walked over, directly pushing away the men who were trying to misbehave with Suzy and Qiu Mu Orange, protecting the two of them behind Suzy.


"Brother, what are you doing here?"

Seeing her brother Su Yang appear, Su Xi was overjoyed, like a frightened little girl suddenly shrinking into Su Yang's embrace, while being spoiled.

"Brother, they bully me, I don't care, you have to help me take revenge."

"Teach them a fierce lesson for me."

"You shut up!"Su Yang, however, glared at his own sister who was not saving her life, "You, this Niko, always give me trouble, today if it wasn't for your brother I just happened to also be in Haiyuan Pavilion to talk about business, do you know the consequences?"

"I..."Suzy lowered her head, not daring to speak again.

"Well, honestly, stay back there and don't give me any more talk about the mess!"

Su Yang reprimanded a few words with a heavy face.

And then he turned to Wang Dali and smiled, "This brother, I don't know how to address you?"

Wang, however, ignored it and looked unhappily at Su Yang in front of him: "Who are you?"

"Dressed like a human dog."

"What, you want to play hero?"

"But I advise you, this isn't a movie, and you'll die playing hero in front of me!"

"Those who know better, get out of the way."

"These two women hurt me, if I don't teach them a lesson, I, Wang Dali, won't be the laughing stock of my brothers in the future?"

Wang Dali didn't bother to talk nonsense with Su Yang, and directly told him to get lost.

Su Yang's face was white, but the smile at the corner of his mouth was still bright.

Then, he took out a card from his bag and handed it over to Wang Dali.

"Brother Wang, I'm Su Yang, the general manager of the Far Mountain Group.My family father, Su Yuanshan, is also somewhat famous in Yunzhou."

"Before, it was She Mei who did not know how to act, I'm her brother, I'll make an apology for her on your behalf."

"This card has three hundred thousand, let's take it as medical expenses for Brother Wang."

"I hope that Brother Wang will give face to today's matter."

Su Yang smiled with a face.

But Wang Dali raised his eyebrows: "Yoho, who am I to be, it's 300,000 when I do it, generous."

"So it's the Su family's grand prince."

"But Mr. Su, you guys are rich and powerful, you can't fool me like that."

"I had a deal with your sister but a million, you want to get rid of me with this 300,000, don't you think it's too whimsical?"

"You're lying!It wasn't a million just now.Brother, don't listen to his nonsense, I didn't make a deal with him!"When Suzy heard Wang's words, she became anxious.

Su Yang was equally unhappy.

He had thought that this Wang Dali would restrain himself a bit after hearing his identity.

But he didn't expect that it would intensify and the lion would ask for a million.

"Brother Wang, this is not how you earn money if you want to make money.".

"Give me some face, three hundred thousand, and let this go.Otherwise, if things go too far, you won't be able to get the three hundred thousand."Su Yang said coldly.

"Really?"Wang laughed coldly, while looking cold, bang kicked Su Yang directly out.

"Damn, I'm making money like this, what can you do to me?"

"Give you back your face!"

"You're nothing!"

"Holding the Sox over me?"

"Just fucking you have a background!"

"Today I'll tell you, even if your father Su Yuanshan is here, I, Wang Dali, will still kick."

"Today these two women, no one can be saved."

Wang Dali cursed angrily, but he kicked Su Yang out of the blood, while ordering his men to bring Qiu Mu Orange and Su Xi upstairs.


"Brother, are you okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's all my sister's fault..."

Suzy had been terrified, hugging her brother and crying nervously.

But Qiu Mu Orange was terrified, but still asked Suzy for her phone, so that Suzy could call Ye Fan.

Suzy was simply furious after hearing that.

"Mu Orange, don't add to the mess, okay?!"

"My brother can't even handle it, so what's the point of calling that wimp for you."

"Even calling a dog would be better than that wimp husband of yours, right?"

Susie roared with red eyes.

She didn't think that after all this time, this best friend of hers was still haunted, still placing her hopes on that wimp husband of hers.

However, no matter what Suzy said, but Qiu Mu Orange still believed.

Convinced that as long as that man was there, no one could hurt her.

"He said that from now on, he won't let me get hurt a bit."

"I believe him."

"Believe every word he said."

Qiu Mu Orange didn't know why, but ever since Ye Fan left, she realized how much she had now, relied on that guy.

In the past, when Ye Fan was around, no matter how badly Qiu Mu Orange was wronged, he would quickly make a crest change and clear his name.

Once the birthday banquet of the Jiang Hai Han family was, so was the opening ceremony of Mu Fan's real estate.

Although Qiu Mu Orange didn't know how Ye Fan could do it, she only knew that where he was, she wouldn't be subjected to any storms.



"You're really crazy."

"Simply hopeless~"

"Here's your phone, call whoever you like."

"I'd like to see if your wimpy husband will come to your rescue."

Suzy was speechless to the point of being speechless.

In the end, she didn't bother to bother with Qiu Mu Orange and just dumped the phone to her.

Qiu Mu Orange's phone had just been broken by Wang's men.


"Are you two chicks shouting for someone?"

"Don't you think it's too late to shout?"

Wang laughed coldly and slapped the phone in Qiu Mu Orange's hand once again.

"Stinking pussies, it's an honor for me to look at you."

"You guys still don't fucking like it?"

"Since I'm giving you shame, I'll smash your faces!"

Wang Dali was clearly out of patience as well, and backhanded another slap at Autumn Mu Orange's face as he cursed angrily.


Susie Ton shrieked.

But did it work?

If shouting was useful, then there would be no need for fists in this world.

However, just as Wang's slap was about to smack Qiu Mu Orange's face.


Suddenly, there was a muffled sound behind us.

Doors and windows shattered and glass exploded.

A strong wind swept across the room, and Wang Dali actually flew out of thin air as if he had been kicked.

It smashed against the wall, knocking over countless tables and chairs.

There was silence~

Everyone's gazes turned in unison and looked towards the doorway.

There was a thin figure standing faintly amidst the chaotic world.

The sun was like water, shining on that person's body, but it was sprinkled with color.

"Ye...Ye Fan?"

When she saw the visitor, Autumn Mu Orange suddenly stared at her eyes.

That feeling was only like a light that split the heavens and earth, actually illuminating the entire darkness!

"I'll go!"

"Fly in?"

"Come so fast!"

Susie was also so shocked that she just screamed out, her mouth open so wide that she could almost fit an apple in it.


Suzy didn't expect that Ye Fan would come so quickly.

Qiu Mu Orange had just called, right, and it seemed that Wang vigorously knocked the phone away before it got through.

If that was the case, could it be that Ye Fan, himself, found his way here?

"This wimp is quite a wife hater, though?"

Susie was secretly frightened.

However, what made her tremble even more was still behind.

After seeing Ye Fan clearly, perhaps because she was too frightened, Autumn Mu Orange couldn't help but run straight over and jumped into Ye Fan's arms.

"I'm going!"

"Mu Orange you...You..."

Looking at the scene in front of her, Suzy only felt like her eyes were going to stare down.

How could she have never thought before that the always proud and arrogant Qiu Mu Orange would throw herself at a countryside superfluous son-in-law.

Just because he had saved her once, he accepted himself as her husband?

Then this affection of your own best friend, it's inevitably too fast to come.

However, how did Suzy know that Qiu Mu Orange was so disoriented, not only because Ye Fan appeared in time when he was in distress, but also because she missed this half month parting.

As the saying goes, a small parting is better than a new one!

After such a long separation, the emotions accumulated in Qiu Mu Orange's heart were undoubtedly just about to explode at this moment.

The second floor of Haiyuan Pavilion.

Seeing this sudden change, Qiu Mu Qi and Wang Sheng Tian were naturally shocked, and their eyebrows furrowed unconsciously.

"Mu Qi, could this person be, your third brother-in-law?"

Seeing the two men and women snuggling with each other, Wang Sheng Tian lost his voice and asked.

Before the negotiation, still a thousand high and cold Qiu Mu Orange, now even turned into a man's twisted fingers, Wang Sheng Tian only felt sigh and startled.

After Qiu Muqi remained silent for a long time, he finally lifted his wine cup and after drinking it all, he sneered, "Isn't that so?"

"But I really didn't expect it, I'm afraid this third sister of mine has gone crazy thinking about men, and now she's throwing herself at a wimp?"

"What a self-sacrifice~"

Qiu Muqi shook his head and said, full of contempt.

Regarding the marriage between Autumn Mu Orange and Ye Fan, as a member of the Autumn family, Autumn Mu Qi undoubtedly knew about it as well.

In the past, he had also heard that Qiu Mu Orange hated Ye Fan and hadn't let him touch him for over three years.

At that time, Qiu Muqi still admired his cousin and felt that she had some backbone and arrogance.

Now it seemed that it was all just a joke.

Now, in front of so many people, Qiu Mu Orange was all cuddled up with this loser.

At night at home, it might have been in the same room many times.

When I was young, Autumn Mucki had a crush on this cousin of his.

He dreamed of finding a woman as beautiful as Qiu Mu Orange to be his wife when he grew up.

Now to Qiu Mu Orange, there was no doubt that only shame and disgust remained in Qiu Mu Qi's heart.


After looking at the soft jade warm fragrance in his bosom, after a brief moment of surprise, the corner of Ye Fan's mouth dimpled.

In the end, Ye Fan even sneered out.

"Mu Orange, after all these years, this is the first time you've taken the initiative to hug me."

"A small parting is better than a new marriage, the ancients sincerely did not deceive me!"

"Wait a few days and I'll be away for a while.Next time you come back, will you be willing to share my bed?"

Ye Fan was tongue-tied, but these words came out without blushing at all.

And Qiu Mu orange shy almost groundless.

A fierce pinch on Ye Fan's waist, a pair of beautiful eyes angrily stared at Ye Fan: "Make up shameless bastard, shut your mouth!"

While Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange were flirting with each other, Wang Dali in front was not having a good time.

Being supported by his men, his legs hurt, and his entire body couldn't stand.


"Fuck me all."

"Fuck him for me?"

"A punk kid who dares to mess with me, too?"

Wang vigorously roared with red eyes in anger, then had his men gather around towards Ye Fan.

"Ye Fan, are you okay?"

"If you can't, just take the orange with you."

"Go find my dad, my dad will find a way to save me."

Seeing that the dozen or so big men had already gathered around, Suzy said anxiously.

There were so many people on the other side, and Ye Fan was just as strong as he could be, so it was hard for one person to deal with so many people.

Qiu Mu Orange was worried, but her hands were overflowing with cold sweat, tightly grasping the corner of Ye Fan's coat.

"Mu Orange, do you believe me?"

Ye Fan looked down at the daughter in his arms and asked with a light smile.

Qiu Mu Orange didn't answer.

Ye Fan continued, "If you believe me, just sit here quietly and watch."

"Wait for me to return."

After saying that, Ye Fan then broke away from Qiu Mu Orange's grip, while facing the dozen or so thugs in front of him.

"I'm going, Ye Fan, don't look for death ah?"

"At least divorce Mu Orange first."

Seeing that Ye Fan rushed up alone like a stunned youth without saying a word, not even holding a brick with his bare hands, Suzy Ton lost her voice.

"Self-important trash."

On the second floor, Qiu Muqi and Wang Shengtian, who had been watching the show, sneered disdainfully, looking at Ye Fan like he was an idiot.

"Young man, don't be impulsive~"

The surrounding guests were also distraught.

Just like this, in the midst of everyone's gaze, Ye Fan had rushed into the crowd.


A boom.

Seeing Ye Fan's fist smash out, amidst the earth-shaking muffled sound, the big man in front of him who was thought to be hundreds of pounds directly spat out blood and flew out.

The huge fist wrapped around his body, knocking four or five people raw along the way.

One punch!

Just one punch.

A piece of air was immediately knocked out in front of Ye Fan.


The entire crowd was then shocked.

Those of Wang Dali's men who were still standing, but they were also frightened by Ye Fan's fierce punch.


"What are you waiting for?"

"Give it to me!"

"Go on~"


Wang Dali shouted like crazy.

But as soon as his voice fell, Ye Fan took a step forward and kicked three times in a row.

Boom boom boom~.

Between a low muffled sound, the dozen or so big men all collapsed.

In the restaurant, there was a wailing and screaming.

Only Ye Fan stood proud and condescending.

With a playful gaze, he looked at Wang Dali in front of him just like this, and teased, "Still on?"


Wang Dali had undoubtedly been dumbfounded.

With his old face drawn, he was too stunned to say a word.

Finally, Ye Fan's face was icy cold and he shouted, "Kneel down!"


Ye Fan kicked out and Wang Dali's knee crumbled in response, kneeling directly there.

At this moment, the entire arena was dead silent.

In just a few short breaths of time, more than a dozen big men were all put down by Ye Fan just like this.

"This...So strong?"

Susie's eyes snapped open and looked at this door-to-door husband of her best friend like a ghost.

The rest of them were also trembling silently.

Only on the second floor, Qiu Muqi was so angry that he smashed his fist on the table, spilling the wine in his cup.

"Bunch of losers!"

"More than a dozen people can't even handle a wimpy son-of-a-bitch?"

Qiu Muqi cursed with a black face.

But soon, he calmed down as well.

"I've underestimated this wimp, though."

"But it's not over yet?"Qiu Muqi's brows and eyes were cold, but he clenched his palms.


In the restaurant, the crowd was silent.

There was only the breeze sweeping and the painful moans of the dozen or so big men.

Wang Dali, who was dazzling just now, was now even more full of blood, doing painful kneeling on the ground after having his leg broken by Ye Fan's kick.

However, even so, that Wang Dali did not soften in any way.

He looked at Ye Fan with hatred and malice in his eyes and roared angrily, "Son of a bitch, you dare to hit me?"

"I, Dragon, will not let you go!"

"If you break one of my legs today, I, Dragon, will cripple your limbs another day."

"I'll make you die a horrible death~"

Wang vigorously roared in anger as his eyes were red due to the severe pain.

"Oh, is this what you're leaning on?"Ye Fan listened, but the corners of his mouth glanced lightly and said teasingly, "In that case, there's no need for another day.I'll give you the chance today."

"Call and shout for someone, I'll wait here."

In between the words, Ye Fan even pulled a chair and sat down.

He took a teapot from the next table and poured himself a cup of tea.

Wang was stunned.

Obviously, he didn't expect this man in front of him to be so arrogant.

Giving him a phone call and letting him call out random people?

"Bastard, you said it yourself."

"Don't be fucking sorry when Lung gets here later!"

Wang was not polite, after what Ye Fan had said, he would be too sorry for Ye Fan's stupidity if he didn't call.

Soon, Wang endured the pain, took out his cell phone from his bag, and started calling for someone.

Suzy was near to being pissed off at the sight of him.

"Ye Fan, are you stupid?"

"And you really had him shout?"


"People are afraid of making things worse, you're just afraid of chaos."

Suzy said angrily, while pulling up her brother, at the same time to Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange couple, "Mu Orange, call out to your door-to-door husband, while we're at it, let's get going."

"There's no need to take any more risks."

"God knows how many people this Wang vigorously will call in."

"In case we call for dozens of people, how else can we play?"

"Even if your wimpy husband is strong enough to fight ten at a time, can't he fight dozens at a time?"

Susie obviously didn't want to stay here any longer.

What happened just now had almost cast a shadow over her life.

It was fortunate that Qiu Mu Orange's husband was somewhat skilled, otherwise, Suzy couldn't even imagine what would happen.

"Yes, Brother Ye."

"What my sister said is right, there's no need to put yourself in danger just for the sake of a quickie."

"Come along with us."

Su Yang obviously still remembered Ye Fan and was now advising.

Qiu Mu Orange didn't say anything and looked at Ye Fan with a pair of beautiful eyes full of worry.

Ye Fan waved his hand, "It's fine."

"This little matter, I can still settle it."

"Mu Orange, if you're afraid, you and Su and the others can leave first."

"This Wang Dali has messed with my woman, and I won't let up without an end to today's matter."


Fuck me, right?

Hearing Ye Fan's words, at that time, Suzy was dying of fear.

And a little thing?

Returning his woman?

"Who do you think you are, brother?"

"Second Master Li of Yunzhou?"

"Or is it Lei San from Jingzhou?"

"Such a big mouthful!"

"Please, we're just a door-to-door son-in-law with no money and no background, can we stop acting like a hero here?"

"Let's get out of here before the other guy gets here."

Susie, full of words, advised the megalomaniac who was still there in front of her calmly drinking tea.

But the result, naturally, was of little effect.

Ye Fan was still that answer, let them now, stay by themselves, and seek justice!


"You want to die, go to hell?"

"Mu Orange, let's go."

"Ignore this megalomaniac!"

"A little strength and you think you're invincible?"

"Can't even listen to a good rascal?"

Suzy was so angry that the pair of peaks in front of her were throbbing violently.

The good feelings that she had just had for Ye Fan, which was so hard to come by, were now undoubtedly gone.

However, what Suzy didn't expect was that if Ye Fan didn't leave, neither did Qiu Mu Orange.

"Xixi, you should take your brother with you first."

"Ye Fan is here because of me, I can't leave him here by himself."Qiu Mu-Orange whispered.

Suzy toned down her eyes.

"Mu Orange, if he doesn't want to die, you don't want to die with him either?"



"All crazy."

"C'mon, who let me have a best friend like you."

"Why don't we just all just wait here and die?"

If Qiu Mu Orange didn't leave, Suzy would naturally be too embarrassed to leave.

Just like this, Ye Fan and his group were all in the Haiyuan Pavilion, waiting quietly.


"What a touching couple."

In the direction of the second floor, Qiu Muqi filled another glass of beer and drank it all in between light laughter.

Downstairs, Wang vigorously called again to urge.

"Brother Long, how much longer is it going to take to arrive?"

"Hurry up."

"If you don't come, you won't see your brother?"

"And there must be more people with you."

"The other party is a trainer, and he's done away with a dozen brothers under my hands."

Wang vigorously cried into the phone for half a day.

After hanging up, he suddenly laughed at Ye Fan with a sardonic voice.

"Bastard, my big brother will be here soon."

"Waiting for you to die~"


The words trailed off, and the sound of an engine roaring came from outside the restaurant.

"I'm going!"

"There's a lot of cars coming~"

"I'm afraid there are a dozen of them."


"How many people does that have to be?"

The crowd exploded in front of the Haiyuan Pavilion.

Many people looked out after hearing the commotion.

They saw the doors of the car outside open, and the black crowd was like a tidal wave pouring down from the car.

The leader of the crowd was a strapping man.

It was already winter, but he was still wearing a short shirt.

The naked arms can still be seen on the dragon and tiger tattoos.

After this person got off the car, he waved his hand behind him, and then he walked towards the Sea Source Pavilion with the rolling crowd.

"This...Isn't this, the head master of the Yunzhou Dragon and Tiger Martial Hall?"

"Voorhees, it's even him!"

"No wonder so many people could come?"

"This Dragon and Tiger Martial Arts Center, but it's the top three ranked martial arts school in Yunzhou that has developed the most members."

"Faintly relying on the martial arts school for a living, the coach has dozens of mouths?"

"Together with some of the senior members of the martial arts school, there are at least a hundred people who can shout out from under their hands, huh?"

"It's over!"

"That young man is afraid he's going to be planted."

Listening to the discussion of the crowd, Suzy's heart was wow cool.

Especially after seeing the black crowd outside, Suzy was almost scared to tears.

Turning her head towards Ye Fan, she cursed wildly.

"You fool, I told you to leave but you had to be here to act like a fool?"

"How about now?"

"How are you going to play when the head of the martial arts school is here, and you've brought dozens of good fighters?"


"It was simply killed by you, you bastard~"


Suzy was full of resentment and almost hated Ye Fan.

If Ye Fan didn't try to be a hero just now, they would have undoubtedly all gotten away safely by now.

Now well, someone's backstage had arrived!

The few of them were afraid that none of them would be able to get away.


"Dragon's here."

"Bastard, wait till you die!"

Seeing the commotion outside, Wang vigorously laughed unrestrainedly and cursed at Chu Yun, while quickly rushing outside while waving and shouting.

"Brother Long~"

"I'm here."

"We're over here."

Shouting, the flower-armed man who was leading the group of men behind him, like a tidal wave, then surged in.

After seeing the mess all over the ground and the sight of Wang Dali kneeling on the ground covered in blood, the flower-armed man's eyebrows sank.

"Dali, how did you become like this?"

"Tell me, who is it?"

"I'd like to see which ungrateful thing dared to hurt my Teng Ah Long's brother?"

The flower-armed man clutched his palms, his eyebrows ashen as ice.

Wang cried out at once, "Big brother, it's him!"

"It's that jerk."

"He's the one who forced me to kneel, and he's also the one who hurt our brother."

"You must take revenge for me~"

Wang vigorously pointed in the direction of Ye Fan and said miserably.

Teng Ah Long nodded his head, and after calming Wang Dali a few words, he then looked forward.

There was only a thin figure there, sitting there, peacefully drinking tea.

As Ye Fan had his head down, Teng Ah Long couldn't see his face at all.

However, it didn't matter.

"Bastard, all of this, did you do this?"

"Have you ever thought of the consequences for anyone who dares to hurt me?"

"Today, if I don't break your limbs, I, Teng Ah Long, won't have any need to hang around in Yunzhou."

The cold voice quietly came out.

The surging chill, however, chilled everyone present.

"Mr. Teng, it's all a misunderstanding."

"You see, I have a million in this card to show my brothers their injuries.As for my brother, your lordship is generous, just let..."

Su Yang was worried that something happened to Ye Fan, but he took the money and hurried out.

However, he hadn't finished speaking, but Teng Ah Long kicked Su Yang directly out.

"Hurt my brother, how can it be settled by taking money?"

"Bastard, even the gods can't save you today!"

"Oh, yeah?"

Just when everyone thought that Ye Fan was sure to die this time, and even Qiu Mu Qi and Wang Sheng Tian both opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate, but Ye Fan, who had been silent, quietly raised his head with a light laugh and looked at Teng Ah Long and the others in front of him.

And the instant he saw Ye Fan's face, Teng Ah Long trembled then, only to feel a roar in his head and a pair of eyes widen.

"It's...It's you?"

Teng Ah Long was directly confused, he had never thought that Wang Dali would provoke this ruthless person in front of him.


Is this Wang Dali a penny pincher?

It's not good to mess with anyone, but to mess with this pervert.

At this time, Teng Ah Long was so angry that he wanted to kick this Wang Dali to death.

Although many days had passed since that day, but the scene of that night in the BBQ City where Ye Fan battered dozens of men by himself was still fresh in Teng Ah Long's mind.

Two legs, one punch!

In a short period of time, dozens of armed men were all put down by Ye Fan.

What made Teng Ah Long even more terrified at that time was that Ye Fan had even fucking broken the iron bar with a kick!

Teng Ah Long didn't even dare to imagine that if Ye Fan's kick was on someone, he would be able to kick his head right off, right?


"Brother Long, that's him."

"This brat is still drinking tea and acting calm there now, he obviously doesn't care about you, Brother Long?"

"Brother Long, you quickly fuck him to death and let him know the power of our Dragon Tiger Martial School."Wang Dali was still fanning the flames there shouting loudly.


"I'm going to Nima, right?"

"Don't hurt me if you want to die~"

Teng Ah Long's entire body was almost scared to death after hearing this, walking over and then slapping Wang Dali's face.

The bang directly smacked Wang vigorously out.

"Brother Long, what are you doing?"Wang was confused and full of grievances.

However, where did Teng Ah Long pay any attention to him, cursing and getting out of the way, while running all the way towards Ye Fan's direction immediately.

"Brother...Brother..., how is it you..., how is it you...You?"


"Haha~"Teng Ah Long was sweating profusely, the viciousness just now had dissipated, but now staying next to Ye Fan, he was smiling with his face.

"Brother, we...We're really destined to meet."

"Come, brother, I'll pour you tea."

"The last time I knocked over your skewers, I've been holding a grudge."

"Today's meal is on me."

"Brother, don't take it from me."

"Old...Where's the boss? Don't just stand there, serve the wine."

"Just get the Flying Maotai!"

"Only a national wine is worthy of a brother~"

"Brother, don't you think so?"


"Are you cold, brother?"

"It's cooling down today."

"Should I ask the waiter to turn the air conditioning up a little more?"


Teng Ah Long was laughing, shouting at Ye Fan one brother at a time, how affectionate it was.The way he was serving tea and pouring water, it was completely like Ye Fan was a dog's leg, where there was still half of the viciousness and majesty he had just now.

And looking at the scene in front of him, everyone present was stunned.


"What is this situation?"Suzy stayed in the same place.

"Su Yang was lying on the ground, also full of consternation.

This Teng Ah Long's sudden face change undoubtedly shocked off the jaws of the floor.

The dead silence in the full hall was silent, even though Qiu Muqi and Wang Shengtian, both of them, looked at that Teng Ah Long who was like a dog rushing at Ye Fan with all sorts of pleasantry, it was as if they were being slapped in the face.

Especially Qiu Mu Qi, his old face reddened, and it hurt hotly.



"This Teng Ah Long, and he's a fucking martial arts school master?"

"I think it's a useless dog!"

"Look at that doggy look, if you don't know, you'd think that Ye Fan was his father."

Originally this Teng Ah Long was the biggest card Qiu Mu Qi used to deal with Qiu Mu Orange and the others, but now seeing Ye Fan was like a lapdog seeing its master, Qiu Mu Qi was so angry that it was close to bleeding!

"Mu Qi, it seems that the door-to-door son-in-law that your third sister married is a bit unusual, huh?"Wang Shengtian grudgingly lamented.

"Fart's not ordinary!"

"This Ye Fan comes from a humble background, a mere country bumpkin, what else could be so extraordinary?"

"I don't know which string this Teng Ah-Long is on the wrong string to be so respectful to a wimp?"

Qiu Muqi's anger was raging.

But Wang Shengtian soothed, "Mu Qi, calm down."

"Good show, it's not over yet?"

"Well?"Qiu Mu Qi was stunned as he listened and looked at Wang Sheng Tian, "Sheng Tian, could it be that you, still have a way?"

"That's natural, waiting for another show, right?Today, even if I can't kill your third sister's family, I have to make them half crippled."Wang Sheng Tian laughed coldly while lifting his wine cup and drinking it all!


Inside the Haiyuan Pavilion.

A ravening silence.

The thugs that Teng Ah Long had brought earlier were now also staying in place one by one, like monks in a tenement, completely baffled.

"Long...Brother Long, what are you?"

Finally one of the men couldn't hold back his doubts and spoke up.

Teng Ah Long smacked him on the head.

"What this is that?"

"Where is all this nonsense!"

"What the fuck are you all staring at?"

"Eyeless thing, why don't you come over and greet Brother Fan."

Just now, Teng Ah Long made some greetings and undoubtedly learned his name from Ye Fan.

Now even more so, he greeted his men and all of them came up to greet Ye Fan.

Just like this, the dozens of men who were fierce and vicious just now were like a monstrous river rolling in, but now they were all laid to rest.

They all came forward and greeted Ye Fan respectfully, "Greetings, Brother Fan!"

"Hello Van~"


Deafening voices rang out in unison.

It trembled the entire Sea Origin Pavilion.

"Ye Fan, you...You know them?"

With a heart full of consternation, Qiu Mu Orange asked Ye Fan with some trepidation.

Ye Fan shook his head, "I don't know."

Then, Ye Fan looked at Teng Ah Long in front of him with a confused face.

"Brother, have we met before?"


At that time, Teng Ah Long's old face darkened.

I dared to shout brother for half a day, but people still hadn't remembered him.

Teng Ah Long's old face turned red and quickly explained, "Brother Fan, did you forget?"

"Just last month, at the Leroy's Grill, you had a little loli next to you."

"I went over to toast you and then accidentally knocked over your skewers."

"I remember when dozens of people surrounded you and you ended up putting them all down in three seconds."

"You broke several iron rods by kicking them."

"Brother Fan you are amazing, I will never forget it for the rest of my life."

Teng Ah Long explained for half a day, and only then did Ye Fan Fang remembered.

"Oh, so it's you."

"In that case, the two of us do have a destiny."

"Last time you messed with my niece, and this time your men messed with my wife."

"What do you think should be done about this?"

Ye Fan poured himself a cup of tea and returned in a cold voice.

Teng Ah Long was suddenly terrified and quickly said, "Brother Fan, don't worry, I'm sure brother will give you an explanation."

Hearing Teng Ah Long's words, Wang Dali, who was on the side, sat waxing.

His heart was even more instantly cold.

Especially when he saw Teng Ah Long's incomparable awe of Ye Fan, Wang Dali had already guessed that he was afraid that he had really messed with some remarkable person this time?


"That damned Autumn Mukki, didn't you say that this woman doesn't have a deep background and that her family is all wimps?"

"To have even Dragon so fearful, this fucking would be a wimp?"

Wang was filled with resentment, and his heart was so angry that he wanted to kick that Qiu Mu Qi to death.

Wouldn't it harm him to have him deal with such a powerful woman?

"Today, I'm afraid I'm going to have to plant this."

Wang Dali wailed in his heart.

At this time, Teng Ah Long had indeed walked over in his direction, glared at him, and said angrily, "Bastard who doesn't know how to live."

"Our martial arts school will be killed by you sooner or later!"

"Why don't you get your ass over there and apologize to Van?"

"I'll put my words here first, if you don't handle this matter well, in the future, I won't have someone like you in my Dragon and Tiger Martial School."

Teng Ah Long said in a cold voice, Wang Dali's face paled, reaching out and pulling Teng Ah Long's corner, he said miserably, "Brother Long, you have to help me, you can't leave me alone ah?"

"I'll fuck it up!"

"Do you want me to wipe your ass for the basket you poked out yourself?"

Teng Ah Long kicked Wang vigorously into Ye Fan's feet.

Teng Ah Long was obviously completely furious.

Ye Fan's means were astronomical, and from the first time he met Ye Fan, Teng Ah Long concluded that this Ye Fan must not be an ordinary person.

Moreover, even the deputy mayor of Yunzhou, Han Dongmin, was respectful to Ye Fan that day.

This kind of person, Teng Ah Long concluded that he would never be able to provoke.

In the end, Wang Dali kneeled on the ground with a bitter face and apologized to Ye Fan.

His leg had been broken by Ye Fan's kick just a moment ago, and now he simply couldn't do it even if he wanted to stand up.

"Fan...Brother Fan, misunderstanding, it was all a misunderstanding just now~"

"Would you be so kind as to bypass me this once?"Wang Dali shivered and begged for mercy to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan lifted the teacup, took a sip and smiled coldly, "You just threatened to break my limbs.Now, with just one word, you want me to let you go?"

"If you, being in the position I have to be in, do you think you'd say yes?"

"I...I..."Wang Dali's face became even paler, trembling but not knowing how to reply, his heart was filled with despair.

Listening to Ye Fan's meaning, he knew that today's matter was afraid that it couldn't end well.

"Brother Fan, you tell me."

"What do you plan to do with me?"

"One man's job is another man's job!"

"Today's incident is because I, Wang Dali, was compelled by a villain and was momentarily confused, I admit it."

"No matter what you decide, I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever!"

Since he couldn't avoid looking, Wang Dali was also called to bite the bullet and admit his punishment.

Ye Fan didn't rush to say anything, he just looked at Qiu Mu Orange, "Mu Orange, this Wang Dali has offended you, what do you think, how should he be punished?"

Qiu Mu Orange's face was pale, she was, after all, a weak woman, and faced with Ye Fan's question, she said softly, "Ye Fan, why don't you forget it?"

"You've already broken his leg, he's already been punished."

Ye Fan shook his head, "How is this punishment enough for a woman who offended Ye Fan?"

The words were icy cold, and Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed as he said again in a stern voice, "I heard that you just asked for a million for my wife and the others as medical expenses, right?"

"Let's say, seeing as that Dragon of yours is pretty sensible, I'll give him face, no hard feelings."

"Add a zero and take ten million."

"Within a month, raise enough ten million, and this matter today, forget it."

"Or else, I'll break your limbs!"

Ye Fan's words were cold, and there was a mighty wild roll.

Wang Dali was filled with despair and was so scared that he just spread out on the ground.

"One...Ten million?"

"Van...Van, you're taking away my life savings?"

Wang Dali was filled with misery, and his heart was filled with wailing.

In his entire life, he had lived up to now, and with all the various properties, the total added up to only ten million.

Wang Dali had never expected that today's offense against Qiu Mu Orange and the others would not only result in a broken leg, but also the loss of this life's savings.

"What? You're not happy?"Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed and asked in a cold voice, but scared Wang Dali no longer dared to say more.

He could only nod his head and admit it!

"Mu Orange, let's go."

With the matter settled, Ye Fan greeted Qiu Mu Orange and then prepared to go home.

But who would have thought that as they got up to leave, a cold laughter was quietly coming from upstairs.


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