Dish Best Served Cold 537-540


Chapter 537

"Third sister, don't be in a hurry to leave."

"This brother-in-law is here, no introduction for me?"

The faint sound of laughter came from upstairs.

Then, the only thing that Qiu Mu Orange and the others could see was that Qiu Mu Qi and Wang Sheng Tian had walked down.


"It's you guys!"

"Why aren't you guys leaving?"Suzy was full of hostility and drank unpleasantly.

Qiu Muqi listened and laughed.

"That's an interesting thing to say, Miss Su."

"It's not like this restaurant is run by your family, so what does it matter to you if we stay or go?"

"You~" Su Xi was unable to speak at all as her pretty face was livid with dislike.

After that, Qiu Mu Qi didn't pay any more attention to Suzie, but looked towards Qiu Mu Orange: "Third sister, I've long heard that this brother-in-law of mine is a countryside person, but now it seems that it's true."

"All brute strength, I guess he practiced it from doing farm work when he was young."

"Now he has beaten so many people to serious injuries.This brother Wang has even broken his leg."

"Moreover, Third Sister, your door-to-door husband, is still not enough to beat up people, but now he's even extorting money from them."

"Do you think that if the police came and knew about these things, how many years would your wimpy husband be sentenced?"

Qiu Mu Orange listened and his face went a few shades whiter then.He glared at Qiu Mu Qi and questioned, "What do you want to do?"

"Didn't do anything ah, I was just giving a heads up.But actually, there's no need to worry too much, this brother Wang of mine knows the leaders of our city council, you only need to ask this classmate of mine to take action, and it will definitely ensure that third brother-in-law is worry-free."Qiu Muqi smiled proudly.

"This, there's no need for you to worry about it..."

Ye Fan had just said, but who would have thought that as soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Qiu Mu Qi directly rebuked him with an angry voice.

"Shut up!"

"I'm talking to my third sister, you wimp, and it's your place to interrupt?"

Qiu Muqi was filled with disgust.

In his eyes, Ye Fan was humble and despicable and undoubtedly didn't even have the qualifications to talk to him.

Calling him brother-in-law in front of Qiu Mu Orange was also purely for the sake of Qiu Mu Orange's face.


Ye Fan's brows and eyes immediately went cold.

The atmosphere here was also instantly much more condensed.

Teng Ah Long, seeing the situation, very consciously retreated a few steps, his heart filled with sympathy for Qiu Mukki and the others.

It was only thought that Qiu Mukki and the others were undoubtedly committing suicide by provoking Ye Fan!and

This Ye Fan is a ruthless man, he can kick a steel pipe to break you if you don't agree.

Qiu Mu Qi and the others are so small, they are afraid that they won't be able to withstand one punch if they provoke Ye Fan.

However, it was at this moment that the outside of the restaurant was once again noisy.

Immediately afterwards, a team of uniform dressed police officers poured in.

"What's going on?"

"Gathering a crowd in broad daylight, how dare you?"

"Whoever started this, come out honestly!"

Ren Han's face was clear and cold, and after entering the restaurant, a pair of cold eyes swept the four directions.

That kind of nippy majesty also really caused the outlaws to tremble from the bottom of their hearts.

Seeing that the police had finally arrived, Qiu Muqi and Wang Shengtian looked at each other, and a touch of cunning undoubtedly surfaced on their faces.

It was obvious that Ren Han and the others had been drawn here by Wang Sheng Tian and the others.


"I'm afraid this is a big deal."

"Mu Orange, you take Ye Fan away first."

"On the police side, I'll come with my brother to explain."Seeing the arrival of Ren Han and the others, Suzy's face sank.And then she whispered to Qiu Mu Orange.

"Quickly take him away!"

"Ye Fan has injured so many people, staying is a sure way to get arrested."

"And they're also asking for ten million."

"This is extortion~"

"If that Wang Sheng Tian uses official relations to mess with you guys again, I'm afraid that this door husband of yours will have to go in and lock up for ten years."

While Ren Han and the others still hadn't figured out the situation, Suzy even urged Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan to hurry away.


"What are you running for, Third Sister?"

"People's police comrades just ask about the situation and you don't say anything, but you're going to sneak off?"

"What do you mean, you're not guilty, are you?"Qiu Mucheng Orange had been staring at Ye Fan and the others, and when he saw that they were leaving, he immediately spoke out.

In a split second, the eyes of Ren Han and the others were undoubtedly all drawn to Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange.

"It's over."

"It looks like Ye Fan can't get away."

"Qiu Mu Qi and the others are preparing to screw the Mu Orange family to death ah?"

Suzy shook her head in despair at the sight of this.

Of course, she could see that Autumn Mukki was obviously doing it on purpose.

Even Suzy suspected that everything was planned behind the scenes by both Autumn Mu Qi and Wang Sheng Tian.

That Wang Dali drunkenly entering the wrong door was a lie, finding a reason to cause a conflict was the real thing.

Later on, after Ye Fan stepped in and settled Wang Dali.

They called the police again and used Ye Fan's safety as blackmail in order to just make Qiu Mu Orange bow down and hand over that land.


"You again!"

"You don't feel good about not making trouble all day, do you?"

As the saying goes, enemies are extraordinarily jealous when they meet.

Ye Fan and Ren Han, although not exactly enemies, but there was always some unpleasant entanglement.

Now that he met Ye Fan again at the scene, Ren Han's face turned black.

Ye Fan also smiled and greeted Ren Han, "Captain Ren, we meet again."

"Haven't seen you for a few days, how have you been?"

"Cut the crap!Tell me honestly, did you injure these people?"Ren Han questioned Ye Fan in a stern voice.

Ye Fan paused to spread his hands, "Captain Ren, wronged ah."

"I'm just accompanying my wife out for a meal, I just happened to run into them."

"I don't even know them, there is no hatred in the past and no grudge today, why should I hit them?"

"Besides, I'm afraid I can't even beat you, Team Ren, with my small body, so how can I fight so many people?"


A burst of applause came.

Qiu Muqi snapped his hands, "Kid, this nonsense of yours is really awesome, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes just now, I'm afraid I would have believed your bullshit."

Qiu Muqi smiled coldly.

"Shut up!"

"Where's this fool from?"

"I'm talking to Captain Ren, do you have any business interrupting?"

"Still not getting out?"Ye Fan immediately drank.

The majestic angry voice, however, frightened the appearance of everyone present.

Qiu Mukki was even closer to being enraged: "You...You..."

"You wimp, how dare you insult me?"

Ye Fan didn't even bother to look at him, and was even more oblivious to Qiu Mu Qi's anger.

"Good you brat, you forced me to do this!"

"In that case, this young master will send you to jail."

Qiu Muqi was furious, and then he said to Ren Han, "Team Ren, these people, they were all injured by this madman."

"Not only that, he also threatened their lives to make Wang vigorously give him ten million."

"These two charges are enough to get him ten years in jail."

Qiu Muqi said in an angry voice, but Ren Han was unmoved.


"Team Ren, what are you waiting for.Why aren't you arresting this brat?"Qiu Mu Qi urged.


Ren Han, however, looked at Qiu Mu Qi like an idiot and said coldly, "Insolent!"

"When the police station is your home and you say you're going to arrest them?"

"Just your side of the story isn't enough to make a conclusion."

"Team Ren is right.It's this fool who's spewing blood here, deliberately slandering and framing me, Team Ren you have to do me justice ah."Ye Fan said without blushing and without jumping.

"You're talking nonsense!"Hearing Ye Fan's words of confusing right and wrong and instead backtracking, Qiu Mu Qi was furious, "Bastard, the victim is right here, and you dare to confuse right and wrong here?"

"Since you say it has nothing to do with you, do you dare to join me and confront the victim face to face?"

Qiu Muqi didn't believe it, he still couldn't cure this punk Ye Fan.

Besides, what he just said is all true.

In front of Ren Han, can this Ye Fan describe the black as white?

"How dare you?"

Ye Fan was not afraid in the slightest and readily agreed to Qiu Mu Qi's request.


"How dare you confront me, you brat?"

"Fine, since you don't know what you're doing, as you wish."

"Captain Ren, you will listen well later."

"I have to expose this brat's hypocrisy to his face!"

Ye Fan's shamelessness undoubtedly stirred up a great deal of anger in Qiu Muqi's heart.

Without saying a word, Qiu Muqi then brought Ren Han and the others to Wang Dali.

Now Wang Dali was still kneeling on the ground because of his leg injury.

Qiu Muqi walked over and immediately said, "Brother Wang, Captain Ren is here, if you have anything to say, just say it."

"This Ye Fan is nothing more than a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law, you need not fear him."

"Everything, just tell the truth!"

"I ask you now, these wounds on your body, and the brothers under your command, are they the work of this Ye Fan, single-handedly?"

"And just now, could Ye Fan coerce you to give him ten million?"

Qiu Muqi's icy words echoed throughout the restaurant.

Although Wang Dali had yet to reply, the gazes of the crowd present looking at Ye Fan were already filled with pity.

Su Xi even shook her head and sighed.

Although Ye Fan's action was done for a reason, even if he did punish the crime, the crime was not too great.

But the point was, the ten million that Ye Fan wanted was suspected of extortion ah.


"Mu Orange, this husband of yours is also not greedy enough."

"If he didn't want the ten million, this matter wouldn't have been so difficult."

"Now, I'm afraid, it's inevitable that he won't be able to avoid jail."

Suzy was overcome with emotion.

Qiu Mu Orange was even more worried with cold sweat on her hands.

However, just when everyone thought that Wang Dali was set to identify Ye Fan, who would have thought that Wang Dali would then shake his head, "Mr. Qiu, what do you mean, I don't understand."

"Brother Fan is like brothers and sisters with us, how could he beat us up?"

"As for the ten million, I owe it to Van."

"It's only right and proper to repay a debt, so what's talk of coercion or extortion?"

"Instead, you guys, Mr. Qiu and Mr. Wang, pay us to deal with two weak women, that's a bit unethical."

"We can't take this job."

"Brother Fan is our brother, and we can't bully Brother Fan's woman!"

Wang vigorously said slowly.

The full hall was silent.

Everyone was startled by it.

Every word Wang Dali said was like a sharp knife thrust into Qiu Muqi's heart.

In the end, Qiu Mukki's eyes were red, and he was so angry that he was cornered.

"Wang Dali, try saying one more sentence of nonsense?"

"Do I fucking know you?"

"When did I pay you to deal with my third sister?"

"I think you're crazy!"

"Not only is the leg broken, the head was kicked silly too."

Qiu Muqi cursed angrily.

But Wang Dali continued, "Mr. Qiu, we are men, one man does one thing.When something is done, you can't deny it ah?"

"If you hadn't paid me off, how could I have dealt with Miss Autumn Mu Orange."

"It's not like I have no grudge against her."

"Shut up!If you say one more word of bullshit, I'll fucking kick your ass!"Qiu Muqi was undoubtedly mad, he was thinking of using this to bring down Ye Fan, but he never expected that this Wang Dali would choose Ye Fan cleanly and give himself up instead?

In annoyance, Qiu Mu Qi kicked directly at Wang Dali.


With a scream, Wang vigorously held his legs and rolled around the place moaning.

When Ye Fan saw this, he fanned the flames, "Team Ren, are you just watching?"

"This madman is so arrogant that he dares to commit murder in front of you!"

"Now that the human and physical evidence is here, you quickly take down this mad vomit."

"And his accomplices, too, must not be spared."

"How dare you conspire to hire a murderer to kill someone."

"Autumn Mukki, this is a capital crime!"

"Son of a bitch, if you keep talking nonsense, this young master will kick you to death!"Hearing that Ye Fan was there full of nonsense and labels, Qiu Mu Qi was so angry that his eyes were red.

I had the heart to slaughter Ye Fan.

In anger and scolding, he lifted his foot to really kick Ye Fan.

"Team Ren, save me~"

Ye Fan pretended to be frightened and hid behind Ren Han.

Looking at the scene in front of them, Teng Ah Long, Suzy and the others' old faces all smacked with black lines without trace.

I thought to myself that Ye Fan is really able to pretend.

And save you?

Save you, you big-headed bastard!

You can even break a steel pipe with one kick and still be afraid of Qiu Mu Qi.

Ren Han naturally saw that Ye Fan was pretending to be weak there, but she couldn't help it, after all, Ye Fan is not breaking the law by pretending to be weak.

Rather, this Qiu Mukki was like a mad dog biting people everywhere.

Ren Han immediately performed a grappling move with a beautiful over-the-shoulder slam, directly throwing Qiu Muqi to the ground.

At the same time, he ordered his men to cuff Qiu Mu Qi and bring him back for trial.

"And the one over there, bring him back together for investigation."

The person Ren Han was talking about was naturally Wang Sheng Tian who was traveling with Qiu Mu Qi.


"And you dare to take me back?"

Wang Shengtian opened his mouth wide in surprise.

"I told you guys, don't mess with me."

"Your immediate leader, but I..."


Wang Shengtian still wanted to speak, but Ren Han kicked over and also kicked Wang Shengtian to the ground.

"Crap really!"

"Take it all away?"

Ren Han is as jealous as she is hateful, she never takes into account the identity of the other party in handling cases.

This, Ye Fan did not have any surprise.

He has experienced Ren Han's courage.

At first, when Ye Fan was detained by Ren Han, half of the big names in Jiangdong came to get him, but he couldn't get this stubborn girl to bow down.

Now Wang Shengtian wanted to use his background to make Ren Han bow his head, undoubtedly he was looking for the wrong person.

A big drama that was originally designed for Qiu Mu Orange Ye Fan ended up with such an unexpected ending.

No one knew the anger and madness in the hearts of Qiu Muqi and Wang Shengtian at this time.

They had dug a pit and buried themselves.

Qiu Muqi and Wang Shengtian were on the verge of dying!


"Brat, we're not done with today."

"You wait."

"Wait for me to come out, I'll make you pay a hundred times over for insulting me today!"

"You're a country bumpkin, I'll see what you can fight me with, against my Qiu family?"

"You can't save her, and you can't save your little shitty company!"

Qiu Muqi and the others were eventually taken back by Ren Han to investigate.

Before leaving, Qiu Muqi's eyes were red and he threatened Ye Fan in an angry voice.

To fall into the hands of a door-to-door son-in-law, it was undoubtedly a strange shame for Qiu Muqi.Naturally, he could hardly remain calm.

Ye Fan listened, but in the direction of Qiu Muqi, he smiled faintly, "Okay, I'll wait."

Soon, the crowd dispersed as well.

Here, only Ye Fan as well as Teng Ah Long and the others were still left.

As for Wang Dali, due to his involvement in today's brawl, he was undoubtedly also taken away by Ren Han.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, escaped because of Wang Dali's shelter.

"This Wang Dali, however, is quite sensible."

"When he comes out, tell him that 10 million, no need to take it, remember it first."

"In the future, if you mess with my people without knowing how to live.Along with the interest, I'll take it back."

Before leaving, Ye Fan said a ghostly sentence to Teng Ah Long.

Teng Ah Long bowed his head and smiled, "Brother Fan is benevolent.If vigorously knew, he would be overjoyed."

"Don't worry, Brother Fan, I will convey your words."

"Take care, Brother Fan!"

"A farewell to Van~"


Just like this, outside the Haiyuan Pavilion, with Teng Ah Long as the head of the Dragon and Tiger Martial School dozens of good fighters, respectfully standing on both sides, but all together like Ye Fan bowed his head to send off.

That scene, look at Su Xi but a stunned.

On the way back, Su Xi kept sizing up Ye Fan with an unimaginable gaze.

Finally, she couldn't hold back any longer and finally asked Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, what have you done to make that Teng Ah Long so afraid of you?"

Evan laughed lightly, "It's nothing, I guess I'm afraid of my fist.""Fist?"Susie rolled her eyes, "You're kidding me, right?"

"A group of dozens of mouths in Teng Ah Long would be afraid of your mere two fists?"

Suzy was full of questions.

She didn't think that what Teng Ah Long and the others were afraid of was Ye Fan's brute strength.

After all, it was hard to beat four hands with two fists.

Ye Fan could fight ten people alone, but Teng Ah Long had forty to fifty people.

With so many people, were they still afraid of Ye Fan alone?

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "A well frog trapped at the bottom of a well, naturally, you don't know the breadth of the sea."

"Similarly, you don't know martial arts, so naturally you don't know what my pair of fists, represent?"

"Che~ You don't want to talk about it, but you're still making a fuss about it?"Hearing Ye Fan's words, however, Suzy was bleary-eyed.

Obviously, didn't think that Ye Fan's fists were anything powerful.

After all, in Suzy's eyes, nowadays was a technological society, long gone were the ancient times when one could travel the world with a pair of fists and feet.

However, where did Suzy know that Ye Fan was relying on his pair of fists to not only unify Jiangdong, but also stand on top of Yanjing, proudly being the king!

Times are changing and technology is advancing.

However, this society has not changed.

The law of the jungle and the power of the strong has always been the eternal keynote of this society.

Martial arts into the realm of transformation, guns are not to be feared.

A strong man's fist naturally has unimaginable deterrence and energy!

"Sissy, how do you talk?"

"Have no manners!"

"If it wasn't for Brother Ye's rescue today, would you have been able to escape safely?"

"In the past, such a great favor was to be granted in return!"Su Yang is obviously playing Ye Fan's attention, both words and words have the intention to set up Su Xi with Ye Fan, and finally even direct Ye Fan to have a casual dinner at home, in order to thank today's kindness.

Ye Fan waved his hand: "Mr. Su, it's not necessary, I have to send my wife home first.I have to send my wife home first."

"I'm going, wife is shouting on?Xixi, yes, you're developing fast enough with Brother Ye.Before our dad asked you to get involved with Brother Ye, you still didn't agree, I dare you to do it openly and secretly."

"In the future I see also brother Ye, should I call brother-in-law?"Su Yang still had a bruise on his face, that was just beaten by Wang Dali and the others.But now it was happy. He couldn't close his mouth.

After all, he and his father, Su Yuanshan, were very happy with Ye Fan.

This was a potential stock.

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Ye Fan had opened several treasures in a row and was merciful.Today, it was even more so that he would give up without a fight and make Wang Li kneel down and beg for mercy.

This kind of person, once he is given the opportunity and stage, he will definitely go straight up 90,000 miles.

I'm afraid there's no limit to what he can achieve in the future.

Taking advantage of the fact that Ye Fan hadn't appeared yet, Su Yang's father and son had been deliberately trying to recruit Ye Fan as their sister-in-law and son-in-law.

Previously, I thought my sister would resist, but now it seems that it was purely overthinking.

His wife has already called on him, how intimate might he be in private?

While Su Yang was laughing and smiling, Ye Fan, Su Xi, and Qiu Mu Orange were all looking at him with odd faces.

"Brother, what are you talking nonsense?"

"Ye Fan is shouting for Mu Orange, not me."

"I'm not her wife."Suzy instantly griped.

"Xixi, don't be confused with me, you must be using Autumn Mu Orange as a shield."

"Nothing to be embarrassed about, you and Brother Ye get along with each other, brother and father will support it.You're running three, it's time to find someone worth leaning on."Su Yang still thought that Suzy was humiliated and didn't dare to admit her relationship with Ye Fan.


"Brother, why can't I make it clear to you?"

"It's not like you didn't see it just now at Haiyuan Pavilion."

"Then Qiu Mu Qi, is he called Ye Fan's third brother-in-law?"

"Is Mu Orange throwing herself at Ye Fan?"

"I'm fooling you, why don't they fool you too?"Su Xi's pretty face flushed red, angrily explaining.

At the same time, Qiu Mu Orange took the initiative to hold Ye Fan's hand, as if to prove to Su Yang that Ye Fan was her husband.



The scene in front of him was only like a baton to the head, Su Yang suddenly stared at Ye Fan, "Difficult...Could it be that you and Chief Qiu, are really...Really, husband and wife?"

Ye Fan didn't say anything, just nodded his head with a smile.

"Then how did you say that you were the driver of Chief Qiu at the Shan Shui Club before?"Su Yang simply couldn't figure it out, and his heart was filled with loss.

The brother-in-law who had reached his mouth had become someone else's husband, which made Su Yang naturally feel bad in his heart.

Only felt missed, a true dragon ah!

"You'll have to ask your sister about that."

"Mr. Su, you can chat first, Mu Orange and I will go back first."Ye Fan smiled faintly, then turned around and left.

Suzy, on the other hand, lowered her head and was guilty of telling the whole story.

"You...You ninny, you're just mad at me."

"You even dared to lie to your father and brother?"

"Let me tell you, our dad has already decided in his heart that Ye Fan is his son-in-law.I'll see how you'll explain it to our dad in the future."

Su Yang learned the truth, but he was trembling with anger!


"Brother, you have to help me explain ah."

Hearing Su Yang's words, Su Xi's pretty face went three shades whiter.

She was most afraid of her own father, if he knew about this, his old man wouldn't be able to kill her?

"It's impossible to explain."

"Our father has already decided that Ye Fan is his son-in-law."

"Our second uncle and aunts are almost all aware of Ye Fan's existence."

"Even your grandmother has said she'll take the time to call Ye Fan home for a chat."

"What?Grandma, Auntie and the rest of them know?"Suzy Ton stared in shock, "Why is our father chewing his tongue ah, people Ye Fan is already married, how could he be his son-in-law ah."

"Who can blame him?It's still not you talking nonsense."Su Yang said angrily, "However, sister, this matter is not without a solution."

"What solution?"Susie Ton looked to her brother and asked expectantly.

Like a man overboard, grasping at the last straw!

"The only way to do that is, to dig into the wall."

"Take Brother Ye, from that General Manager Qiu."

"My sister comes from a scholarly family, even if she's not a daughter of a noble family, she's definitely a lady's daughter, and has outstanding posture, and is a sea elite, her talent, family background, and looks are not weak!"

"As long as you're more proactive, sister, I don't believe that Ye Fan won't take the bait."

"Fuck!Brother, Mu Orange is my best friend, you want me to dig up my best friend's man?What a stupid idea you have.If you like Evan so much, go marry yourself."

"I already have someone in mind."

"This quilt of mine, Suzy, is not for Mr. Chu to marry!"

"Even if Mr. Chu doesn't marry me, I'll go find that harmonica prince."

"Apart from these two, even if I'm single for the rest of my life, I'll never marry a person I don't like."

Suzy stepped on her heels and left angrily.

Only a startled Su Yang was left behind him, disheveled in the storm.

"Chu...Mr. Chu?"

"I'll go, sister you really dare to think."

"But you'll have to be able to take Mr. Chu down, that's fine."

"As for the Harmonica Prince, what the hell is that?"

"Sister, wait brother~"

Su Yang shouted as he chased after her.

The eldest brother is like a father, his own sister's marriage matters, he, as the brother, naturally has to worry.

Save his sister from being trapped by some unscrupulous person.



After leaving Haiyuan Court, Qiu Mu Orange didn't go home, but Ye Fan sent her to the office.

Nowadays, Mufan Real Estate was in a rapid development stage, with numerous affairs, and Qiu Mu Orange was an extremely career-minded woman.Since Ye Fan had already returned, she naturally went back to the company.

"Ye Fan, shall I, arrange something for you to do at the company?"

"Save your face at home, Mom and Dad are always giving you a hard time."

"You're skilled and good at fighting, and the owners of the Dragon and Tiger Martial Arts Center are afraid of you because of it."

"How about you being my bodyguard?"

"The probation period is three months, and the monthly salary is five thousand."

"Don't think it's too little ha, after the trial period, I'll give you a corresponding processing wage according to the company's capital."

Qiu Mu Orange looked at Ye Fan and said with a light smile.

After today's incident, Qiu Mu Orange's goodwill towards Ye Fan had undoubtedly increased a lot more.

Even the tone of her speech was a little less cold than before and became a lot kinder.

Ye Fan listened, but shook his head and smiled, "If I go to work, who will do the work at home."

"You can hire a nanny."Qiu Mu Orange said.

"In the market, nannies generally cost seven or eight thousand a month.My five thousand salary isn't enough to hire a nanny."Ye Fan laughed lightly.

Qiu Mu Orange didn't think so much before, but now that she was told by Ye Fan, it suddenly dawned on her: "That's right."

"But Ye Fan, a man doing housework at home is always going to be subject to criticism.Aren't you really not afraid of other people's gossip?"

Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows were filled with worry, she only felt a little sorry for Ye Fan.

In the past, when Ye Fan was idle at home, like others, Qiu Mu Orange thought that Ye Fan was a wimp, incompetent and unmotivated, and that's why he was eating soft food at home.

But now, Qiu Mu Orange's opinion of Ye Fan has undoubtedly changed long ago.

If Ye Fan was incompetent, how would he have been able to identify the treasures at the Landscape Club on that mid-autumn day, seeing through the billions of ancient paintings and opening the Emperor's Green?

If Ye Fan was a wimp, how could he make Teng Ah Long fearfully worship him and make Wang Dali kneel and beg for forgiveness in Haiyuan Pavilion today?

It turns out that the man in front of him is actually not ordinary.

He is capable of everything, but he is willing to be ordinary just because of himself.

Just like a peerless swordsman who only wanted to protect the girl in his heart, far away from the rivers and lakes, retreating to the countryside, willing to be a peerless man.

"Ye Fan, thank you~"

"But don't worry, I'll work hard."

"Once we make Mufan Real Estate bigger and stronger, I'll hire you with a million annual salary."

"By then, I'll see who will dare to call you a wimp and an incompetent superfluous son-in-law?"

Ye Fan's dedication to himself was undoubtedly evident to Qiu Mu Orange.Now it has become the motivation for him to move forward.

Ye Fan waved his hand and laughed lightly, then he rode away with his electric bicycle.

However, did Ye Fan reject Qiu Mu Orange's job invitation today just to save money on hiring a nanny?

Of course not!

Today's Ye Fan, who was directly in control of himself alone, had Jiangdong and Yanjing.

Together with Han Lao, and the four Dragon Kings under Ye Fan's banner, as well as the six great protectors, how much wealth Ye Fan had under his banner might not even be clear to him.

After money reached a certain level, it was just a number.

Therefore, how could he care about that mere few thousand dollars.

The only reason why he refused Qiu Mu Orange's invitation was because, he was afraid that the time he had to stay in Yunzhou was not much.

The banks of Cloud Mist Lake.

Ye Fan was sitting by the river, talking on the phone with Han Lao.

"Lord Dragon, Jiangdong has been pacified and Yanjing has been decided."

"Ten years of planning, and to this day, it has been a complete success."

"The Starfire Project is nearing the end, is it not time to proceed to start, the prairie fire plan!"

What is a spark?

Investing in talent and supporting the strong is Spark!

What is a prairie fire?

Give the Dragon God's decree to invite the kings to worship the Chu family. The return of the King is a prairie fire!

When Ye Fan created the Dragon Temple, he invested in it everywhere and set fire to it with the ultimate goal of going to the Chu family to avenge his former humiliation!

Now, ten years have passed.

The time was undoubtedly ripe.

Han, who had been dormant for many years, at this time, with excitement, sent an application to Ye Fan to start the prairie plan.


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