The King of Kungfu in school 1621-1630


Chapter 1621

"Auntie, I still have some spirit stones on me, I'll help you refine them now and help you raise to the 4th or 5th stage of Enlightenment, that should be enough."

"Ah, four or five steps of open light, so fast."Yan Xinyi was a bit surprised, she had already surprised everyone by refining her body at the first stage, to raise it to the fourth or fifth stage of Enlightenment would be unbelievable.

It took Tang Zichen ten minutes to make Yan Xinyi's realm, soar to the fifth stage of Open Light.

"Wow, it's so hard to believe."Yan Xinyi lamented.

"Hehe, Shisun, let's master and disciple fight the world together in the future."

Yan Xinyi smiled shallowly.

"Is Zichen's brother here?"Tang Huan's voice sounded outside the door.

Tang Zichen was busy opening the room and smiled, "Sister."Although Tang Zichen had revealed his identity to Tang Huan, it seemed that he was used to calling her.

"Ah, brother Zichen, you'd better not call me sister, I can't afford it."

"Immortal cultivators don't care about petty matters, it doesn't matter, get used to it."

At this time, Tang Huan saw Yan Xin Yi. First URL

Yan Xinyi was busy greeting Tang Huan, "Hello, you must be Tang Huan, this year, thank you for taking care of Feng'er."

"Who is Feng'er?"Tang Huan was confused.

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, since you already know all about my identity as a Void Stepper, I won't hide anything from you, Leye Xingyi's real name is Yan Xingyi, she is also a Void Stepper, and when she was in the Mortal Realm, she was my teacher's wife."

"Ah, how is that possible."

"Oh, now that I look at it, she's younger than me, it's indeed impossible, but in the Mortal Realm, my teacher's wife was a few dozen years older than me.It's just that she returned to her ancestors much later in time than I did, and that's why she became smaller than me."

"It's your teacher's wife, you took her as your disciple yesterday because of this?"

"Yesterday I didn't know she was my teacher's wife, I thought she looked like my teacher's wife.However, today, I already know that she's my teacher's mother, so yesterday's disciple acceptance was cancelled."

"However, the people of the Lie Yue family, the entire Heavenly Jewel City, in their hearts, they still think that Lie Yue Xinyi is your apprentice ah."

Tang Zichen hesitated, indeed, outsiders didn't know that Leyue Xingyi was Tang Zichen's apprentice, in short, it was troublesome to explain, and Tang Zichen didn't have the time to explain to outsiders.

Tang Zichen said, "Let the outsiders think whatever they want, anyway, in my heart, Shisun will always be Shisun."

Tang Huan's mood turned sunny after he knew the truth.

"Brother Zichen, when are we returning to the Flying Cloud Sect ah?There's no point in staying home now that the city meeting is over."

"Tomorrow, then."

The next day, Tang Zichen brought Yan Xingyi along with him and headed to the Flying Cloud Sect.

Like when they came back, they headed to the Flying Bird Field to ride the birds, and since they didn't lack money, Tang Zichen chose to ride the fastest birds.

"Hey, you're Minister Less?"

"Hello, Young Minister."

After Tang Zichen entered the bird cabin, the few people inside recognized Tang Zichen right away.

"Well, you're welcome, which family are you guys from?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Back to Young Minister, we are from the Meng Clan, I am the third elder of the Meng Clan, and this is the fourth elder of our family."One or two of them introduced themselves.


/> "Young Minister, are you going to the Flying Cloud Sect?"

"Right, you guys are going to the Flying Cloud Sect too?Why else would you be on the same flight as me?"

"Minister Young, we're not going to the Flying Cloud Sect, we're going to Zhupai City."

"What is Jubal City, is it awesome?"

"Oh, Minister Young, Jubal City is the most prosperous, huge and powerful city in the entire One Heavy Sea.Our Heavenly Jewel City doesn't have a direct bird class to Zhu Bai City, so we need to take the bird class from Flying Cloud City first and then transfer to Zhu Bai City."

"Oh, so."

"Yes, Flying Cloud City is not far from Jubal City, and Flying Cloud City is the city around Jubal City."

"Oh."Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Chances are, Tang Zichen being a king in Tianbao City is nothing, but if you can be a king in Zhubai City, it would be even better.

"What are you guys doing in Jubal City?"At this time, Yan Xinyi asked.

A few elders from the Meng Clan were busy saying, "Back to Sister Xingyi, we are in Zhubai City and have joined a mercenary team that rushed back a few days ago to participate in the city meeting."

"A mercenary team?"

"Yes. Our main mission is to protect some employers, perform some escort missions, get some pay from it, and be able to practice while doing so."

"So."Tang Zichen looked at these people, it was kind of interesting.

Tang Zichen asked, "You guys are mercenaries, is the mission dangerous?Will someone die?Compared to hunting beasts, that one is more dangerous?"

The Third Elder of the Meng Family said, "Of course we are the ones in danger, after all, we often face unknown dangers, and hunting beasts, most of them only do it with certainty.Moreover, mercenaries are very competitive, so they often fight with each other.In addition to that, mercenaries also have ranks, for example, our captain, he is a four-star mercenary, so our team of mercenaries, is also four-star."

"Four-star is strong?"

"That's not true, four-star means that you've killed at least forty strong people of the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony or beasts of the same level to be worthy of four stars.When people hire you, they won't be worried until they see that you're a four-star.The starting price for our four-star mercenaries is at least forty fourth-grade spirit stones."

"Oh, I see."

The Meng family elder added, "Young Minister, if you're interested, you can also go to Zhu Bai City and join some mercenary teams ah, you can practice, but you can also harvest some unexpected wealth and get paid along with it.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I can.However, Jubal City's strongest only has a five-star mercenary team, and the six-star ones won't be available until the Second Sea."

"Oh, yeah."Tang Zichen spared a look of interest.

"Yes, your Flying Cloud Sect, many of the elders are in Zhubai City, they hold the position of Flying Cloud Sect Elder while they are settling down in Zhubai City."

"No wonder the Flying Cloud Sect has so many elders, but I haven't seen many."

"Yes, there are hundreds of elders in the Flying Cloud Sect, but there are only a few dozen that will not remain in the Flying Cloud Sect for the long term, most of them.Even if there are a dozen or so vice-patriarchs of the Flying Cloud Sect, most of them are in Jubal City.By the way, your Flying Cloud Sect's Sovereign, he's also in Zhubai City, and he's pretty well established in Zhubai City, which has a very luxurious residence that he owns."

"Okay, thank you, I'll go to Zhu Bai City some other time when I have the chance."


"Young Minister, when you come to Zhu Bai City, you can come find us, this is our address."The Third Elder of the Meng Family handed Tang Zichen a note with the address on it.

"Good."Tang Zichen accepted it.

Three hours later, arriving at the Flying Cloud City's bird farm, Tang Zichen's three men disembarked, and those elders of the Meng family also purchased other bird classes to head to Zhu Bai City, I heard that only coming to Flying Cloud City was quite close to Zhu Bai City, just around the city, and of course, the fastest birds.

"Brother, you're going to Zhu Bai City?"Tang Huan asked.

"Of course, we'll definitely go in the future, we've all reached the First Order of Heart Illumination now, and according to the rules of the Flying Cloud Sect, we can all choose to leave the sect.However, Auntie and I are still a bit too young physically, so it won't be too late for us to leave after we grow up a bit."Tang Zichen said.

"Mmhmm, by then, we'll be a bit stronger and a bit more secure, the outside world is not like the Flying Cloud Sect, it's much more cruel and complicated.In the Flying Cloud Sect, we can still be a bit more capricious and arrogant, but in the outside world, we'll have to be careful."

Tang Zichen just smiled slightly, Tang Huan was implying for Tang Zichen, to keep a lower profile in the future.

Soon, Tang Zichen's three arrived at the foot of the Flying Cloud Sect.

"Wow, is this the Flying Cloud Sect?So majestic."Yan Xin Yi exclaimed, as if she had never seen such a magnificent place as a countryside.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Shisha, let's go up the mountain."

Yan Xinyi was busy saying, "Feng'er, it's good that there are no outsiders now, if there are outsiders, you obviously look older than me, but you call me Shisun, it's weird, otherwise, don't be so polite, just call me by my name." Remember the URL

"Ah, how can this be, apprentice wouldn't dare to be so rude to Shishu."

"Look at you, here you go again, in the outside world, in the eyes of others I am your apprentice ah, alright, just call me by my name, otherwise it's not good to always receive strange looks from others."

"This."Tang Zichen wiped a cold sweat on his forehead, since he was a child, he had never directly called his teacher's name, this generation is so messed up.

Tang Huan said, "The affairs of the mortal realm are from your last life, why not be so confined in the middle of your last life, immortal cultivators are not confined to petty matters."

Yan Xinyi smiled, "That's right, you can call Sister Tang Huan, why can't you just call me by my first name."

"Uh, this, well, Auntie, that's rude of my disciple."

"Mm."Yan Xinyi nodded, and then the three of them went up to the Feiyun Sect.

The Feiyun Sect's gatekeepers, of course, did not allow Yan Xin Yi to enter.

"Stop, please show your identity cards, outsiders without identity cards are not allowed to enter the outer perimeter of the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped the gatekeeper disciple with a slap.

"You, how dare you hit someone."

"Dog, listen carefully, my name is Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen cursed.

"Tang Zichen?Tang Zichen, the first in the Feiyun Sect's First Order of Enlightenment?The leader of the Light Cloud Alliance?"

"It's your old man me."Tang Zichen snorted.

Unfortunately, the gatekeepers were the ones who snorted in disdain, "Tang Zichen, don't you think you're very powerful in the Flying Cloud Sect?"

"What? In your minds, am I not powerful enough in the Flying Cloud Sect?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, thinking that they recognized Tang Zichen, had they heard that Tang Zichen was strong and couldn't be messed with or something like that, but they actually looked disdainful.

"Tang Zichen, you an open light

A disciple of the first rank, and relying entirely on the strength possessed by the Spirit Talisman, your Light Cloud Alliance is also listed as more than two hundred on the Flying Cloud Sect's public ranking, who gave you the confidence to think you're strong?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen didn't expect that his Light Cloud Alliance was only listed as more than two hundred, no wonder these gatekeepers dared to be disrespectful.

One of the gatekeepers snorted, "Tang Zichen, behave, we are from the Flying Cloud Sect's Concealing Moon Alliance, if you're not sure what kind of power our Concealing Moon Alliance is, you'd better go and find out.I'll let you in for today, but I'll definitely report back later on about you privately bringing people into the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Bang."Tang Zichen cleaved the disciple with a slap and said, "Cover up your mother's moon alliance, and let your boss, come apologize to me later."

After saying that, Tang Zichen swaggered into the inner enclosure of the Flying Cloud Sect with his teacher's wife.

Yan Xinyi was a little worried, "Feng'er, will something happen, I think they seem to be really powerful ah."

"Auntie, it's fine, I can't even take it from a mere Flying Cloud Sect, so wouldn't I be wasting my time, Tang Zichen."

At this time, Tang Huan said, "Brother, this time, it might really be a bit troublesome, that Moon Concealing Alliance, it's a power ranked in the top eighty of the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Ranked in the top eighty, where so what."Tang Zichen left his mouth in disdain.

Tang Huan said, "Brother, our Light Cloud Alliance was only ranked over two hundred in the Flying Cloud Sect."

"That's because, people don't know that I still have middle-grade elders behind me, alright, I'll have someone go and find out what exactly that Concealing Moon Alliance is, and what their members are so arrogant about."

Soon, Tang Zichen returned to the Flying Cloud Sect's Light Cloud Alliance, a few days apart, the Light Cloud Alliance hadn't changed much.

When Lu Yuxi saw Tang Zichen, she immediately ran up and kindly shouted, "Young Minister, you're back."

"Yu Xi, nothing happened to the Light Cloud Alliance while I was away for a few days, right?"


"What, by the looks of you, did something happen?"

At that moment, the other men came out.

"Boss, boss."Everyone shouted no.

Yan Xinyi was shocked when she saw so many little brothers: how did they make it look like the grey society.

"Boss, you've taken another concubine ah."One of the underlings looked at Yan Xinyi and asked ambiguously.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped over.

"Boss, I."That underling looked at Tang Zichen full of aggravation, somehow being slapped.

Tang Zichen warned, "If you dare to chew your tongue again, I'll cut out your tongue."

"Boss, I don't dare."That underling was busy apologizing.

In fact, this was only a small matter, Tang Zichen was not so violent, but Yan Xin Yi was Tang Zichen's teacher's wife, Tang Zichen had so much respect for his teacher's wife, and this teacher's wife was his new concubine, although because of ignorance, but it did make Tang Zichen in front of his teacher's wife and embarrassed, talking so thoughtlessly, a slap really should be given.

Yan Xinyi was busy smiling, "Everyone, let me introduce myself, my name is Lie Yue Xinyi, I am the disciple your boss has taken in."

Yan Xinyi didn't mind outsiders treating her as Tang Zichen's disciple, not to mention being a step below Tang Zichen's status.

However, Tang Zichen couldn't bear to look at Yan Xinyi and said, "Teacher."

Yan Xinyi immediately interrupted Tang Zichen and said, "Master, just call me Xinyi, or disciple."


"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed and turned around to go into the back room.

Because of that day's yin and yang, plus the fact that Yan Xin Yi had turned even smaller than Tang Zichen, the relationship was very difficult to deal with, calling a girl younger than him 'Shisuniang' in front of outsiders, one definitely had to endure the strange gazes of outsiders, and outsiders would also point behind his back, it was indeed quite annoying.However, a teacher's wife is a teacher's wife, no matter how much she is called on her lips, this relationship will never change, Tang Zichen is also a person with a moral bottom line.

As soon as Tang Zichen entered the back hall, he discovered that there was a coffin in the back hall, which was facing the door of Tang Zichen's room.

Tang Zichen was furious, and when he had just entered the door, he saw that Lu Yuxi's expression was not right, so it was true that something big had happened to the Light Cloud Alliance in the past few days that Tang Zichen was away.

"Who placed the coffin in front of my room?"Tang Zichen shouted.

Dozens of men poured into the back room.

"Say."Tang Zichen bellowed.

Lu Yuxi said, "Young Minister, it's a man named Zhong Shao from the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Who is Zhong Shao?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows knitted, Tang Zichen was such a crazy person, but he was being sent a coffin.

Lu Yuxi said, "We only recently learned about this person, Zhong Shao's real name is Zhong Chulan, he is a very famous young master of the Flying Cloud Sect, his third uncle is a top elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, and his second uncle is the deputy master of the Flying Cloud Sect.In addition, Zhong Chulan's family is one of the three strongest families in Zhu Bai City, and it's quite influential even in the Second Sea."

"Zhong Chulan?"The first time Tang Zichen knew of this person, this person was in the Flying Cloud Sect, but he did have a lot of backstage, two uncles, a top elder and a deputy sect master.Tang Zichen's strongest backstage if you removed his fictional powerful family background was Elder Ping Qiu Yue.Ping Qiu Yue was only a mid-level elder, and compared to Zhong Chulan's third uncle, he was a weak dish. One second to remember to read the book

"Young Minister, have you noticed that your men, are fewer."

Tang Zichen swept a glance at his men, he only had a few dozen left.

"Where are the others?"

Lu Yuxi said, "Minister Young, that Zhong Chulan said that whoever is willing to hang out with him, he'll give double the monthly allowance, so all of your men have run away, leaving only the dozens present."


"Young Minister, you have to hold on, that Zhong Chu Lan is not easy to provoke, he is one of the four strongest backstage disciples in the Flying Cloud Sect."A subordinate said.

Tang Zichen took a deep breath and asked, "Why is Zhong Chulan targeting me?Did I offend him?"


"If he didn't, why did he come to tear me down?"

"Minister Young, that Zhong Chulan, I don't know where I heard that you are very arrogant and bullying, so he wants to step on you.He said in front of all of us that he wants to stomp on you so that you can't roll over and reveal your original form."

"He's really looking for death."Tang Zichen was furious.

Tang Huan who was standing next to him looked worried, in fact Tang Huan used to worry that one day this would happen, some strong man would not like Tang Zichen and then make a move.Sure enough, before a few days had passed, someone really didn't like Tang Zichen and made a move against him, only, that person wasn't a strong man, he was one of the four strong youngsters of the Flying Cloud Sect.

If Tang Zichen had kept a low profile this time, that Zhong Chulan might not have come to provoke Tang Zichen, as he didn't look down on an opponent of Tang Zichen's level.But Tang Zichen was too high-profile, so he was on his radar.As the strongest young master, he was not accustomed to the appearance of someone more domineering than him in the Flying Cloud Sect.

Tang Zichen waved his hand and told the dozens of men to go out first.

After those dozens of underlings went out, only Lu

Yu Xi, Tang Huan, and Yan Xinyi were now three.

"Brother, what to do, I thought you were too high-profile in the past, but now it's okay, you've been targeted by the real Strong Younger of the Feiyun Sect.

Tang Zichen gave a sneer, "Am I not a strong young man anymore?"

Lu Yu Xi was busy saying, "That's right, I believe that young minister's true backstage is stronger than them."Lv Yu Xi firmly believed that Tang Zichen was of the Celestial Clan, Unfortunately, only Tang Huan knew in his heart that it was just a bluff, but Tang Huan didn't break it.

Tang Zichen looked at Lu Yuxi and asked, "When I was away, you didn't use your family token?"If Lu Yuxi used her family token, she might be able to be bluffed just like that Elder Ri Ping.

Lv Yu Xi said bitterly, "I'm sorry, Minister Young, that Zhong Chulan, he has a bit of energy, and I don't know where he got the news about me."

"What kind of news?"

"About me, he found out that I'm the daughter of a mediocre child who couldn't make it in the Lui family, and the daughter of a sinner whose parents were imprisoned for a family felony."


"So, my identity has no deterrent effect on him."

Yan Xin Yi was busy asking, "Then what kind of strength is Zhong Chu Lan?"

"Open light seventh stage."

"So strong."

Tang Zichen was furious."This son of a bitch, daring to step on me."

However, I had to admit that, in theory, Tang Zichen really couldn't be provoked.

Was this called kicking the iron plate?

However, Tang Zichen was by no means a person who would submit to defeat.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Someone, tonight, take this coffin and carry it to Zhong Chulan's front door and write Zhong Chulan's name on it."


"Yay, Minister Shao is mighty, now he'll have a good look, those who betrayed Minister Shao, they'll definitely regret it."Dozens of underlings, seeing Tang Zichen starting to make a name for himself, were very excited and thrilled.

But in fact, Tang Zichen was a bit depressed at the moment, what if that Zhong Chulan's uncle came to kill Tang Zichen, what should he do?

No matter what, Tang Zichen's momentum must not be weak, so carrying the coffin back was only the first step in the counterattack.

After that, it was just a matter of taking one step at a time and praying to the heavens in passing.

Tang Zichen stood in his room, he wanted so badly for a pile of spirit stones to fall from the sky, so that he could suck hard for a year and a half, directly soar to the Thunder Tribulation and Mahayana, and then trample the entire spirit world under his feet, that Zhong Chulan, almost like an ant.

Unfortunately, everything could only be ayyy.

"Brother."Tang Huan walked in.

"Sister, what is it."

"Brother, that Lu Yuxi doesn't know your true background, but I do, ah, what should we do now?That Zhong Chulan, he's clearly trying to step on you."

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth, "I'll let him know the consequences of stepping on me, making it seem like I don't have any influence."

Tang Huan rolled his eyes, "Brother, there are no outsiders, so don't pretend, we really don't have any power ah, it's just that Lu Yuxi, Ping Qiuyue, Liang Jinhua, Nong Xiaotian and the others think that they are just that, our strongest backstage is just Ping Qiuyue.Brother, if we really have no choice, let's leave the Flying Cloud Sect first and go to Zhu Bai City, and then come back to take care of him when we are stronger, with your ability, it won't take long at all.Why don't we sneak away quietly tonight, I'm afraid that Zhong Chulan will come looking for you when he learns that you've returned to the Flying Cloud Sect, and I'm afraid we won't be able to leave then"


Tang Zichen snorted, "Didn't you listen to that Lu Yuxi, that Zhong Chulan, his family is one of the three strongest families in Zhu Bai City, Zhong Chulan's power in Zhu Bai City is even greater than in the Flying Cloud Sect.Moreover, Zhong Chu Lan is an Open Light Seventh Stage, would I be afraid of him?Unless his uncle came looking for me, he would be no threat to me.Walking isn't a solution to an opponent, leaving the Flying Cloud Sect, you might avoid Zhong Chulan, but you might also run into Liu Chulan, Yang Chulan, and Song Chulan in other places.Is it possible that every time I run into someone who is looking for trouble, I avoid walking away?"


"Alright, don't worry, I'll fight that Zhong Chulan, he has power behind him, that's his business, but behind me, do they dare to make sure I don't have power?"


Tang Huan left Tang Zichen's room.

Tang Zichen's eyes were cold, Zhong Chulan, he was going to die.

Although Tang Zichen couldn't afford to mess with his family, as a Mad God, even enemies that he couldn't afford to mess with yet could still make him turn over a new leaf.

At this moment, outside of Ping Qiuyue's residence.

A young man of about seventeen or eighteen years old, with a group of his men, walked towards Ping Qiu Yue's mansion.

In the end, he directly entered Ping Qiu Yue's mansion.

"Ping Qiu Yue, come out."That youth shouted. First URL

Ping Qiu Yue busily ran out, took a look, her face changed a bit, and was busy respectfully saying, "Meet Zhong Shao."

About Zhong Chulan, of course, Pinqiu Yue knew.

The Feiyun Sect had the four strongest backstage disciples, and this Zhong Chulan was one of them, how would Pinqiu Yue dare to offend such a strong young man, as if he didn't dare to offend the ministerial young man.It was just that the minister lesser was the strongest lesser that was hidden and few people knew about his background, while Zhong Chulan was the strongest lesser that everyone knew about his background.

That Zhong Chu Lan looked at Ping Qiu Yue and said, "I heard that you're under the command of a thirteen year old brat?"


"Pinqiu Yue, you probably don't know this, but I just delivered a coffin to that Tang Zichen at noon."

"Ah."Ping Qiu Yue was shocked and said subconsciously, "Zhong Shao, you're not going to live."

"What did you say?Do I want to die?"

"Zhong Shao, I'm doing this for your own good, Tang Zichen is simply not something you can afford to offend."

"Ping Qiu Yue, are you trying to say that even Lu Yuxi of the Four Seas Family is his maid?"


"Ping Qiu Yue, you have limited energy and are a frog in a well, I might as well tell you, that Lu Yuxi, is a mediocre talent who couldn't make it in the family and escaped from the family, and her parents committed a felony against the family and will be imprisoned for eternity, Lu Yuxi as Tang Zichen's maid is just looking at Tang Zichen's talent and wants to use Tang Zichen's power to return to the family for revenge in the future."

"Ah, that's, that's not possible."

"It is what it is."

"What do you want, Zhong Shao?"

"Nothing, I'm just not used to Tang Zichen.In our One Heavy Sea, I know best who are the strongest youngsters of the true immortal families, as I am the representative of the young master of the uppermost family in the One Heavy Sea.Unfortunately, in our circle, there is no such person as Tang Zichen.Of course, you might say that Tang Zichen comes from the Two Heavy Seas Triple Sea Quadruple Sea, but unfortunately, I, Zhong Chulan, have a bit of power in the Two Heavy Seas Triple Sea, so I was able to at least ask around a few people.If he really has a backstage as powerful as you think he is, do you think, he would appear here?Moreover, the really strong few from the big families, they are looking at the very

The high ones, and the lower ones, who don't even bother to make eye contact.Do you think he'll even try to make friends with you?He's obviously just using you."

"Ah, this."Pinqiyue was shocked.

"What?Don't you believe it?"

"Me."Ping Qiu Yue was indeed shaken inside.

"Ping Qiu Yue, just you wait, as long as Tang Zichen comes to the Flying Cloud Sect, I guarantee that he will be revealed in his original form.Hmph, a grizzled silk, even dares to impersonate a handsome and wealthy upper class."After saying that, Zhong Chulan walked away with a disdainful snort.

Pinqiu Yue was greatly heartened, but he didn't act rashly, so let's secretly watch Zhong Chulan fight with Tang Zichen.

In the evening, at a certain restaurant of the Flying Cloud Sect, several people arrived at the restaurant one after another.This restaurant could only be visited by people at the level of the Flying Cloud Sect's elders, and none of them were elders, which showed the nobility of their status.

"Hahaha, you guys are here."Zhong Chulan stood up with a loud laugh.

Tonight, Zhong Chulan had invited the other three strong youngsters of the Flying Cloud Sect over, namely Lan Hui, Yu Ling, and Xia Xiaoxin.These three, along with Zhong Chulan, were the true, strong youngsters of the Flying Cloud Sect that no one dared to offend.The youngest of them, Xia Xiaoxin, was a girl, only thirteen years old, her looks were stunningly beautiful, and Xia Xiaoxin was also the one with the largest background among the four of them.Feiyun Sect's four strong youngsters, Xia Xiaoxin was the leader.

Because, Xia Xiaoxin's grandfather was the old patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect, of course, Xia Xiaoxin's family background, needless to mention, absolutely spike the other three strong youngsters.

Tonight, when they received Zhong Chu Lan's banquet, all three of them came, except that Xia Xiaoxin was very reluctant, only because Zhong Chu Lan told her that she could tell her information about the little white dragon she lost.

"Zhong Shao."

"Yu Shao."

"Shao Lan."

The three youths called out to each other in respect.

Finally, Zhong Chulan looked at Xia Xiaoxin and smiled, "Xiaoxin."

That one said, "Zhong Chulan, you said you know about the young dragon I lost a year ago, tell me quickly, where is it?"

"Xin, why are you in such a hurry, the four of us, the Flying Cloud Sect is known as the Strong Few, we should have exchanged more with each other ah."Zhong Chulan said.

"Right, right."The other two, Lan Hui and Yu Ling, were also busy nodding their heads.

In fact, the three of them, all three of them liked Xia Xiaoxin inside, not only because Xia Xiaoxin had the highest identity and a mysterious background, but also because Xia Xia Xiaoxin was only thirteen years old, her strength was not much weaker than theirs, and also, she was beautiful, and in two or three years, she would definitely be beautiful to the entire Flying Cloud Sect.The Feiyun Sect's current people who were rated as the three beauties were too far behind Xia Xiaoxin.

Xia Xiaoxin hummed, "I'm not interested in communicating with you, I just want to know where my little white dragon is and if he's still alive."

"Xiaoxin, come all here, just sit down and drink with us."

Xia Xiaoxin had no choice but to sit down.

After sitting down, Zhong Chulan smiled, "Yu Shao, Lan Shao, I don't know if you've heard of Tang Zichen."

"Uh, Tang Zichen?Is it a human or an animal?"Yu Ling frowned.

"It wouldn't be a certain beast, honestly, did you encounter a beast called Tang Zichen?"Lan Hui smiled.

Zhong Chulan said, "Tang Zichen is not a magical beast, he is a new disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect who has just entered the inner circle not long ago, but, surprisingly, he is little famous, he is about the same age as Xin, 13 or so, but his strength has reached the First Order of Enlightenment, and he is ranked first in the First Order of Enlightenment list."


"Uh, Zhong Shao, when did you like to pay attention to a lower level disciple, just reaching the first stage of enlightenment at 13 years old, that's bullshit, compared to Xiaoxin, it's not even close, okay, Xiaoxin reached the seventh stage of enlightenment at 13 years old."

Xia Xiaoxin beside her snorted, "You guys talk about you guys, don't get involved with me, I don't want to get involved with you guys."

Zhong Chulan said, "I'm concerned about that Tang Zichen, not his talent of course, but because, he's very mad."

"Hahaha, mad?Are you as crazy as Zhong?"Yu Ling laughed and said, Lan Hui sipped his tea and also laughed and said, "In the Flying Cloud Sect, who else is more crazy than you, Zhong Chulan."

Zhong Chulan rolled his eyes and said, "Screw you guys, talk as if you're low-key.Alright, let's get down to business, that Tang Zichen, is indeed crazy, so crazy that I'm not even happy anymore, if he does have the capital, then I welcome him to join our upper class circle, and we can take care of each other in the future.But you know what, this girl, he doesn't have any power at all, he even acted like he had power, he didn't know where he hooked up with a woman from the Four Seas who couldn't get along in his family, and then he pretended to compare in the Flying Cloud Sect.That hand than pretending, you guys definitely can't imagine."

"Uh, the Flying Cloud Sect really has such people?"

"Nonsense, a mid-level elder named Ping Qiu Yue was bluffed by him."

"No way, there are still such idiots."Yu Ling and Lan Hui both laughed.

Xia Xiaoxin, on the other hand, didn't look much interested.

"Then what?"

"Haha, then of course I'm not happy with him, so I'm going to stomp on him, I'm going to make him reveal himself as he is, so that he won't be able to hold his head up among the lower level disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect." Remember the URL

"Zhong Shao, I support you, if there's anything you need, just tell me, I'm most disgusted with this kind of grifter posing as an upper class.A lower class is a lower class, if you don't hang out in the lower class properly, what a piece of trash."

"Hehe, when Tang Zichen comes, are you guys interested in going to see that Tang Zichen?"

"Of course."

At that moment, one of Zhong Chu Lan's men ran in.

"Zhong Shao, it's bad."

"What are you doing, can't you see that I'm chatting with a few strong young men."Zhong Chulan scolded loudly.

"Zhong Shao, a coffin has been placed at the entrance of our Chu Lan Alliance, and the outside of the coffin has the corpse of 'Zhong Chu Lan' written on it in white paint."

"What."Zhong Chulan stood up.

"Ah."Yu Ling and Lan Hui were also shocked.

Even Xia Xiaoxin, who hadn't shown any interest, was surprised, although she didn't share the same fate as them, Xia Xia Xiaoxin knew that Zhong Chulan, Yu Ling, Lan Hui and the others were not to be messed with in the Flying Cloud Sect.Even the senior elders of the Flying Cloud Sect, even the top elders, didn't dare to provoke them, and as for the junior and intermediate elders, they were simply not worthy of even mentioning their shoes, let alone provoking them.

However, such an existentially strong youngster, a coffin was actually placed in front of his home, and his name was written on it.

Zhong Chulan's face was green, with his reputation as a strong youngster, someone dared to do this, this was like slapping his face, no, smacking his ass.

"Who did it?"Zhong Chulan shouted, furious.

The underling said, "I don't know, no one saw when it was delivered, but the brothers underling guessed that it was that new disciple Tang Zichen who just entered the inner circle."

"What? Tang Zichen?"Zhong Chulan just remembered that he had just given Tang Zichen a coffin in the morning.

"Yes, your coffin, it seems quite similar to the one you gave to Tang Zichen this morning."

"Pah."Zhong Chulan slapped that man with a slap and said angrily, "My

A coffin?You're fucking looking for death."

"Sorry, Zhong Shao, slip of the tongue."

At that moment, Yu Ling was busy saying, "Zhong Shao, what should we do, it's too disgraceful, with your fame, if this is known, you'll definitely die of shame."

"Is it really from that Tang Zichen?No way, you just gave him a coffin in the morning, and he gave you one back in the evening, this Tang Zichen, it's too grippy, it seems that he really is as you said, very crazy.However, what I can't figure out is, since he doesn't have any real background, it's all pretend, how could he dare to send you a coffin?"Lan Hui was puzzled.

In short, Zhong Chu Lan's face was green with anger right now.Also delivering coffins, the two of them, he and Tang Zichen, had completely different levels of damage.

"He's looking for death."Zhong Chulan slapped the table.

"Zhong Shao, are you going to find him?"

"Nonsense, if I don't kill him today, I'll take his last name."Saying that, Zhong Chulan walked out.

"Wait for me."Yu Ling and Lan Hui were also busy keeping up.

At this time, Xia Xiaoxin shouted, "Wait, Zhong Chulan, you called me here to tell me about my dragon, now you must tell me before you can leave."

Zhong Chulan snorted, "Your dragon is at Tang Zichen's."

"Ah."Xia Xiaoxin was delighted inside and was also busy following to find Tang Zichen.

At the moment, Tang Zichen was not at the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Lu Yuxi, I asked you to watch the dragon for me, but you let it run off to the True Beast Forest."Tang Zichen said with anger in his heart as he stood at the entrance of the True Beast Forest.

"I'm sorry, Chen Shao."

"What's the use of saying sorry now, do you think I'm not in enough trouble now."Tang Zichen said angrily, originally Zhong Chulan was in a fiery mood when he came out to stomp on him without a chance to speak, who knew that in the evening, Tang Zichen suddenly remembered that he hadn't seen Xiaobai all afternoon, and only when he asked did he realize that Lu Yuxi had lost it.

"When did you lose it?"

"This, this morning."


"Chen Shao, I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to lose it, ever since you came home, little white has been very bad, always trying to run to you."

"Don't say so much, don't hurry up and enter the True Beast Forest with me, if you can't find it back, I'll settle the score with you."

"Minister Young, it's already night."

"I have to go even at night, who told you to lose it, Little White is at least your friend."

"Alright, I'll go with you to the True Beast Forest to look for it."Lu Yuxi was helpless, it was a big night and she had to go to the True Beast Forest to look for the Little White Dragon in the dark.

The little white dragon was just over a year old now and could easily be eaten by the beast, so Tang Zichen couldn't wait until tomorrow morning, so let's try to find it tonight, but if we really can't find it, then there's nothing we can do.Tang Zichen guessed that this little white dragon was most likely the one that he saw a year ago in the outskirts of the Flying Cloud Sect, from a little girl about the same age as him, in case that lost owner found it one day and lost the dragon, it wouldn't be easy to explain.

And right now, in the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Tang Zichen, come out and suffer death."Zhong Chulan yelled.

Tang Huan's face changed when he heard the yell, and Yan Xin Yi was also scared.

"Here we go, Zhong Chulan is here, he must have known that his brother returned to the Flying Cloud Sect and came looking for trouble."

Yan Xinyi sighed, "Feng'er he has had his coffin sent back, how could he not know, fortunately Feng'er he is not here, otherwise he would be in trouble.I hope he won't come so soon, let's go, let's go out and deal with it."Saying that, Yan Xinyi walked out, Tang Huan was a little surprised that Yan Xinyi was so bold.


Yan Xin Yi walked up to the entrance of the Light Cloud Alliance, only to see a youth angrily smashing the door, followed by two youths of about the same size.

"Where's Tang Zichen?Won't you come out yet?"Zhong Chulan raged.

Yan Xinyi said, "My master has gone out for something and won't be back for a while."

"Your master?"Zhong Chulan looked at Yan Xingyi and found that it was a beauty, that mold was no worse than Xia Xiaoxin.

At this time, Tang Huan also came out.

Zhong Chulan saw Tang Huan and was shocked inside, another beauty, and one that was already mature.

Zhong Chulan saw Tang Huan for the first time and was stunned by Tang Huan's beauty.

"The Flying Cloud Sect actually has such a beautiful woman, I didn't even know."Zhong Chulan said inwardly.

The two youths behind Zhong Chulan, Yu Ling and Lan Hui, saw Tang Huan and also liked him inside for a moment.

Tang Huan said, "My brother is really not here, you guys should go back first, I'll tell him when he comes back."

"Your brother?" One second to remember to read the book


"Say, where did that son of a bitch your brother go?Did you know I would come over and run away?"Zhong Chulan asked.

"No."Tang Huan shook his head.

"Hmph, still arguing, since Tang Zichen isn't here, you'll have to come with me, and when Tang Zichen returns, let him come to my house to redeem himself."Zhong Chulan said to Tang Huan.

Tang Huan's face changed.

"Come with me."Zhong Chulan went up to grab Tang Huan's hand, such a beautiful girl, as a strong young man of the Flying Cloud Sect, of course he wouldn't let go, he could have a good time tonight.

"Stop."At this moment, a tender shout came from a young shout.

Zhong Chulan turned back and saw that it was Xia Xiaoxin.

Xia Dao: "Zhong Chulan, in broad daylight, you dare to forcefully rob a female disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Ugh."Zhong Chulan just saw how beautiful Tang Huan was, so he forgot that Xia Xiaoxin was right behind him.This was bad, there was even less certainty in chasing Xia Xiaoxin in the future, although Tang Huan's appearance was as good as Xia Xiaoxin's, in Zhong Chu Lan's eyes, Tang Huan was just a plaything, not as good as a cold hair as Xia Xia Xiaoxin.

Xia Xiaoxin snorted, "Zhong Chulan, with me here today, you don't want to take her away."

"Oh, Xiaoxin, I was just kidding la, how could I be such a person."Zhong Chulan's mouth was laughing, but in his heart, he was unlucky, so he had to come back another day to take Tang Huan away and have a good time.Anyway, Tang Huan was at this level, in his eyes, he could play if he wanted to, and if he wasn't happy afterwards, he could just kill him, like an insect.

Zhong Chulan looked towards Tang Huan and asked, "Tang Zichen really isn't here?"

"Not here."

"That's good, I'll come back another day."After saying that, Zhong Chulan hurriedly left, having made a bad image in Xia Xiaoxin's eyes today, he was also quite depressed inside, compared to teaching Tang Zichen a lesson, it wasn't worth it at all.

At this moment, in the True Beast Forest, Tang Zichen was flying into the True Beast Forest with his feet on his flying sword, flying rapidly.

Lu Yuxi stood behind Tang Zichen, hugging Tang Zichen and being carried by Tang Zichen's flight.

"Young Minister, it's so dark, how can we find Little White."

"Even if I can't find it, I have to find it."Tang Zichen was also depressed enough, the little white dragon was still so small, it was the size of a small snake, how could it be so easy to find.

Tang Zichen searched for most of the day in the True Beast Forest, it was already in the second half of the night, the beasts were probably asleep, and the little white dragon's shadow was still missing in the slightest.

"It's just a matter of time, I'm sure we won't be able to find it."Tang Zichen said.

"I'm sorry, Young Minister, I really didn't mean to lose it."


sp; "What's the point of talking about this now, maybe it's not destiny, let's go, go back."Tang Zichen wasn't going to look for it, after all, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen found fierce sparks ahead, and, there was also the sound of a rumbling battle.

"There's someone fighting ahead."Tang Zichen was busy.

"Ah, then let's still go, there's so much noise, it's definitely strong people fighting, we'd better stay away."Lu Yuxi was busy saying.

However, Tang Zichen was not such a person.

"I'll go up and take a look, you wait here."Tang Zichen said to Lu Yuxi.


"Cut the crap."Tang Zichen quickly flew up, and Lu Yuxi had to wait in place for Tang Zichen, praying that no magical beasts would come out and eat her.

Tang Zichen gradually flew up, and sure enough, the two strong men fought fiercely together.

"Nine-Jin, do you still want to run today?"

"Despicable, shameless."

"Hahaha, yes, I'm despicable, I'm shameless, so I'm going to empty your spirit and train you to be a Qui-Gon.You won't last much longer now, you're hopeless, hahaha."A man laughed loudly, as if he had already won.

Tang Zichen didn't know who the two men in the brutal battle were, but Tang Zichen could sense their realm, both of them were at the seventh stage of Spiritual Harmony.

At that moment, they were fiercely entangled together again.

They fought for a long time, and it seemed like one of them was having a hard time defeating the other, but it seemed like one of them had been caught in some kind of trick.

"Puff."Suddenly, the weaker one, his magic weapon pierced through the other side's chest at once.

However, the one who had been caught in the ruse, who was unexpectedly at the cost of his own body, then found the opportunity to slap the other side's brain.



One of them fell down.

However, the one that didn't fall down also seemed like it couldn't last much longer.

Seeing this opportunity, Tang Zichen immediately flew up, and Tang Zichen remained vigilant as he watched the one who was barely standing.

"You, who are you?"

Tang Zichen said, "I am a disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, and you are?"

"Quickly, take me back to the Flying Cloud Sect."The man who was barely standing said.

"Uh, why should I take you back to the Flying Cloud Sect?"

"I'm the Deputy Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect, and my name is Jiu Ji."

"Ah, you're the Deputy Sect Master of the Flying Cloud Sect."Tang Zichen was shocked, he didn't expect to come out to find Bai, but he ran into the Deputy Master of the Flying Cloud Sect, what a coincidence, and it looked like he was going to die if he didn't take him back.

"If you take me back to the Flying Cloud Sect, I promise to take you as my disciple."That Vice Sect Master Jiu Ji said.

Tang Zichen asked, "Who is this one on the ground again?"

"He's an enemy of mine from many years ago, but he shouldn't be dead yet, so hurry up and go up and cut off his head, or else it'll be over when he wakes up."Vice Patriarch Nine Jins said.

Tang Zichen asked, "Aren't you still alive now too, why don't you go up and cut it off yourself?"

"Why so much nonsense, I wouldn't have been plotted against by him if I could have chopped, I'm nine pounds, I'm the fifth ranked Vice Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect, if I hadn't accidentally fallen into a trap, he would have been my opponent?"

"Uh, the fifth ranked Vice Patriarch, ah."Tang Zichen stroked his chin, not knowing what he was scheming.

Tang Zichen wasn't a nice person to have him save someone unless there was an absolute benefit.


Tang Zichen thought for a moment, it would be better to cut off the unconscious man on the ground first, don't wait for him to wake up and then he wouldn't be able to do anything.

"Pfft."Tang Zichen easily killed the man on the ground.

"Phew."That Vice Patriarch was also relieved, now even if he didn't return to the Flying Cloud Sect, he could still slowly recuperate his body.

Tang Zichen asked, "Vice Patriarch, just now I heard this deceased man say that he wanted to train you into some kind of kui corpse, what does that mean?"

That Vice Patriarch got angry when he heard about the Kui corpse and said, "This son of a bitch, if I hadn't fought to the last mouthful of my essence blood, I would have been trained by him to become a Kui corpse, fortunately, just one step short of letting him seep his mental energy into my brain, otherwise."A cold sweat appeared on that Vice Patriarch's forehead, what a close call, what a feeling of survival from the dead.

At that moment, Tang Zichen's hand tried to press on the vice-patriarch's head, and then asked, "Vice-patriarch, do you mean that the man just missed seeping his mental energy into your brain by just one step, and then he could have trained you to become a Qui Corpse?So if I complete the last step for the man I just met now and infiltrate my spirit into your brain, do you become my Qui Corpse?"

"Ah."That Vice Patriarch only reacted when he heard Tang Zichen's voice.


"Vice Patriarch, you haven't answered my words."Tang Zichen said.

At this moment, Vice Patriarch Jiu Jin's face was green, he never expected that an Enlightenment Stage disciple would have such a vicious heart, let alone think such thoughts

The Vice Patriarch said angrily, "Little kid, don't look for death, if you are good enough to take me back to the Flying Cloud Sect, I will definitely repay you, if you have any messy thoughts, you will die a miserable death." First URL

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't threaten me, the world is so cruel, since I'm only one step away from training you into a kui corpse, why don't I try, if you become my kui corpse, won't I be stronger in the Flying Cloud Sect.As for your reward, I don't care."

"Kid, don't challenge my patience."

"Che, if you still had patience, you would have already fucking chopped me to death, why are you beeping so much with me."

Vice Patriarch Jiuyin's rage was unbearable, even a child cultivator was so cruel.

"Hmph, you really don't know how to live, you're a Gryphon of Enlightenment, do you know what spirit infiltration is?"The Vice Patriarch sneered, seeming to relax a bit, Tang Zichen was only at the Enlightenment stage, surely not.

"Hahaha, there's no need for you to worry about this, come on, become my kui corpse."After saying that, Tang Zichen suddenly poured his mental energy into Vice Patriarch Nine Catties' brain.

As expected, Vice Patriarch Nine Jats' brain, as if glue had already been prepared, immediately wrapped around Nine Jats as soon as Tang Zichen's spiritual energy poured in, wrapping around Tang Zichen's spiritual energy.

Tang Zichen instantly understood what a kui corpse was, it was just a puppet.

Tang Zichen's spirit wrapped around the other party's spirit, and the other party was completely subject to Tang Zichen, who could order him to do anything, including committing suicide.

Of course, the other party's spirit still existed, almost the same as before, the only difference was that the other party was under Tang Zichen's control.

Tang Zichen let go of the Vice Patriarch, then, the Vice Patriarch's entire body fell to the ground and fainted.

Because his brain had just been wrapped in Tang Zichen's mental energy, he was unable to adapt, like a computer crashing and needing to be turned on and restarted.When the Vice Patriarch woke up, he was completely transformed into Tang Zichen's kui corpse.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, not expecting to have picked up such a great advantage.

This Kui corpse refining method was also unknown, but unfortunately, it had just turned that

People killed, otherwise, Tang Zichen could still refine other people into kui corpses later.Of course, it was also a bit of a rib, there was no point in turning someone weaker than oneself into a Kui corpse, someone stronger and unable to fight and unable to train.

Tang Zichen no longer cared about so much, carrying that Vice Patriarch on his back and returning to the place where Lv Yuxi had just hidden.

"Lv Yuxi."

"Young Minister, you're back."


"Hey, who are you carrying?"

Tang Zichen also didn't tell the truth, after all, Lu Yuxi was still young, so don't make her feel too cruel to feel self-conscious.

Tang Zichen said, "He's my subordinate."

"What do you mean?"

"One of the people who just fought in front of me, one of them was Flying Cloud Sect's Vice Patriarch Jiu Ji, he happened to be under my command, I didn't expect it to be such a coincidence, so I saved him."

"Ah, what did you say?The Feiyun Sect's Vice Patriarch, Jiu Jiu, is your subordinate?"

"Right?What's so strange about that?"

"No way, Vice Patriarch, and besides, how come I don't know."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I have so many men, do you have to know about each and every one of them?A hidden henchman like Nine Catties, in the entire world, there's no hundred or ninety, do you know him?"

"Uh."Lu Yuxi was inwardly shocked, Young Minister was worthy of being Young Minister, tsk tsk, she thought that Young Minister's subordinates were only a few elders such as Ping Qiu Yue, but she didn't expect that Flying Cloud Sect's Vice Patriarch Jiu Jiu was also his secret subordinate.

Lu Yuxi was even more certain that Tang Zichen's background was incomparably deep.

Tang Zichen brought the Vice Patriarch with him, all the way back to the Flying Cloud Sect.

By the time he returned to the Flying Cloud Sect, it was almost dawn.

Tang Zichen casually left the Vice Patriarch in an empty room, then went back to sleep himself.

Tang Huan and the others didn't know that Tang Zichen was back yet, as Tang Zichen didn't want to disturb them, so he didn't make any noise.

It wasn't until the next day, when Tang Huan and Yan Xin Yi saw Lu Yuxi return, that they knew that Tang Zichen had returned.

"Brother, open the door quickly."

"Master."Yan Xinyi also patted on Tang Zichen's room door.

Tang Zichen opened the door.

"What are you doing, are you still letting people sleep."Tang Zichen hadn't even slept for two hours before he was woken up.

"Brother, Lu Yuxi said you're back. "

"Nonsense, I'm standing here, and I'm asking knowingly."

"Brother, how can you come back, do you know, that Zhong Chulan came yesterday."

"Just come, what's the big deal."

"Brother ah, don't you have any sense of crisis at all."

"What sense of crisis, if he comes again, I'll just chop him to death, alright, I'm going back to sleep."

Yan Xinyi was busy saying, "Master, you'd better go and take shelter first, if a little girl hadn't stopped him yesterday, Tang Huan would have been captured by Zhong Chulan, I'm sure it's no good to see that gaze of his."

"What? He dared to hit on Tang Huan?"Don was so angry that he lost sleep for a moment.

"Well, fortunately there was a little girl who stopped it, that little girl looks quite powerful."

Tang Zichen didn't care about the little girl, if Tang Zichen didn't kill that Zhong Chulan, Tang Zichen would be gutless.


Tang Zichen said angrily, "He's looking for death."

Yan Xinyi said, "Master, think twice before you do anything, but you must not act recklessly."

"Master, don't worry, anything I do is done after thinking again and again, for example, I'm going to kill Zhong Chulan."

Yan Xinyi was speechless, and so was Tang Huan.

Tang Zichen came to a room.

That Vice Patriarch, Nine Jins, was still asleep.

Tang Zichen immediately sent out a mental wave.

It felt as if the sleeping Vice Sovereign had been pricked with a needle in his head, and was immediately awakened, turning over and climbing up to find that he was no longer in the True Beast Forest.

"Hmm, where is this?"

At that moment, Tang Zichen's voice sounded from behind, "You're in my Light Cloud Alliance."

"What? Did you bring me back to the Flying Cloud Sect?" Remember the URL


"Kid, you were last night."

"That's right, I've turned you into my quiff body."

"You."Vice Patriarch Nine Jins was furious and charged up at Tang Zichen.

At that moment, Tang Zichen sent out another spirit wave.

"Ah."Vice Patriarch Nine Jats fell to the ground, a pinprick sensation in his head, a pinprick sensation that instantly caused him to lose consciousness and combat power.

Tang Zichen said, "Vice Sovereign, do you still want to get physical with me?"

"You, you, you."The Vice Patriarch was indescribably furious, he was a great Vice Patriarch, and the fifth ranked among the dozen or so Vice Patriarchs of the Flying Cloud Sect, but surprisingly, he had become a kui corpse of an Enlightenment stage disciple, oh my god, how could he endure this.

Tang Zichen immediately ordered, "Slap yourself twice."

The Vice Patriarch's hands, seemingly uncontrollable, raised up, and then, slapped himself twice.

"I, I, why am I like this."The Vice Patriarch was unable to accept it.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Vice Patriarch, accept reality, you're already my Qui Corpse."

"No, no, I'm the Vice Sovereign, I'm not."Vice Patriarch Nine Jins felt like crying without tears, last night he didn't turn into an enemy's kui corpse, but a kui corpse of an enlightened disciple.

"Vice Patriarch, you have to accept it if you don't, if you accept it properly, perhaps, I can let you keep some more face, I can advertise to the public that you are only my subordinate, otherwise, I will tell others that you are my kui corpse."

"You dare."

"How dare you speak to me like that, fine, slap me again until I yell stop."

"Slap slap."The Vice Patriarch slapped himself as hard as he could, his heart clearly didn't want to, but he couldn't control himself, as if, his hands and feet had been controlled by Tang Zichen.

"Oooh, stop fighting, I'm resigned to my fate, isn't it."The Vice Patriarch said helplessly, his face was swollen from his own beatings.

"Very well, then, I'll give you face and advertise to the outside world that you are my subordinate."

The Vice Patriarch didn't say anything, acquiescing, his face deadly pale.

Tang Zichen said, "Vice Patriarch, don't look so depressed, there's nothing wrong with you being my subordinate.Alright, I'm going to take care of someone, his name is Zhong Chu Lan, what do you know about him?"

"Zhong Chu Lan?How did you get on his bad side."

"Answer me directly, what do you know about him, it is said that he has two uncles in the Flying Cloud Sect, one is the top elder of the Flying Cloud Sect and the other is the deputy sect master of the Flying Cloud Sect."

"That's right, his second uncle, is the Deputy Sect Master of the Flying Cloud Sect, ranked eighth in the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Meaning, that second uncle of his is not as good as you in the Flying Cloud Sect?"


"Well, that's good, I can clean up his uncle along the way,"Tang Zichen said.

Vice Patriarch Nine Jiu Jiu trembled inside, Tang Zichen was a person who didn't even know how to describe.

Nine Jiu Jiu said, "Although my position in the Flying Cloud Sect is a bit higher than Zhong Jiu, I can't do whatever I want to him, after all, he still has a power that is not weaker than my family."

"Uh, a force not weaker than your family?Zhong Chulan's family is one of the three strongest families in Zhubai City, could it be that you also have a family?"

"Nonsense, my family, is also one of the three strongest families in Zhu Bai City, and the Zhong family is not weaker than our nine families, so if you want me to kill Zhong Jiu, don't even think about it."

Tang Zichen said, "Do you think that, you are the one in charge of your actions?"

"Hmph, if you order me to kill him, I may not be able to kill him, but at least he has a chance to escape in front of me.Even if I do kill him, then his family won't be able to stop, and then, you'll still be finished as usual, so if you listen to me, it's best not to act rashly."

"Don't act recklessly?That Zhong Chulan is so arrogant in front of me, trying to step on me for no reason, do you think I should act rashly?"

"Since he stepped on you, then you can also step on him, the worst that can happen is that you can step even harder than him, Zhong Chulan's uncle's side, I'll just help you deal with it.I'm doing this for your own good, and for my own good."

Tang Zichen thought about it, fine, it's really meaningless to kill Zhong Chulan so cheaply, besides, it's not easy to deal with the Zhong family's side in Zhubai City, so why not hold off for a while, and then when you don't have to worry about the Zhong family's power in the future, Tang Zichen will stomp him to death.

"Fine, then I'll give you face and hold off for now."

"Then you go clean up Zhong Chulan, leave the rest to me, and don't advertise to the public that I'm your subordinate,"Jiu Jin pleaded.

"You're my kui corpse, I've already shown you grace by claiming to be my underling, don't give an inch."

"If you claim that I'm your underling, I'm afraid it won't do you any good, my family is at least one of the three strongest families in Zhu Bai City, I'm not without status in my family, if it really is known to my family, it will definitely come to you to understand the situation, at that time, are you sure you can control the situation?"

Tang Zichen said, "Do you know why the Qui Corpses are called Qui Corpses and not Qui Men?Because, if I die, you die too, hence the name Qui Corpses."

"Count me as begging you okay, if you still want to cooperate properly, just give me some face."

"Hahaha, since you have such a good attitude, I'll give you this face, I can not advertise that you are my subordinate, but from now on, you must respectfully address me as Young Man Man Man Man, or Young Tang."

"Alright."Vice Patriarch Nine Jins had to compromise, addressing Tang Zichen as Tang Shao invariably lowered his status a bit, but it was better than his men.

Tang Zichen walked out of the room and came to the lobby of the Light Cloud Alliance, shouting, "Come."

"Boss, here, what's your order."

"Go, tell Zhong Chulan that I've returned and tell him to come over to be killed."Tang Zichen ordered, Tang Zichen wanted to go directly to Zhong Chulan, but, Tang Zichen didn't want to lower his status, so, let him come himself.


"Yes, boss."That subordinate immediately went, the boss is finally going to be powerful, hehe.

At this moment, in the Flying Cloud Sect, in Elder Ping Qiu Yue's house, early in the morning, Nong Xiao Tian and Liang Jin Hua came.

"What are you looking for me for?"

"Elder Ping, do you know anything about Tang Zichen?"Nong asked.

"Nonsense, of course I know."Ping Qiu Yue said in a bad mood, because, Ping Qiu Yue heard that Tang Zichen escaped last night, and thought that, Tang Zichen would beat Zhong Chulan out of shape, but as a result, Tang Zichen escaped, so, Ping Qiu Yue suspected within herself that Tang Zichen might really be a fox and an impostor of Qiang Shao.If he really was an impostor, then what he did to Tang Zichen before was too humiliating, so Ping Qiu Yue was in a bad mood early in the morning.Unexpectedly, Nong Xiaotian and Liang Jinhua had also heard about this and came to find him early in the morning.

"Elder Ping, do you think that Tang Zichen is a fake."Liang Jinhua asked inwardly depressed.

Nong Xiaoxian said, "I think it's fake nine times out of ten, Elder Ping, if it's really fake, then we're too, too stupid."

"Don't say it. " Ping Qiu Yue roared, the thought of him being bluffed like a fool by an impersonating Qiang Shao, a mid-level elder, was about to be too much for him to bear inside.Especially a few days ago, he even went to Tianbao City and held Tang Zichen up like his father in front of so many people, God, Ping Qiu Yue didn't dare to think about it any further for fear that his dao heart would be affected.

Liang Jinhua said angrily, "Elder Ping, we were played like idiots, we can't just ignore it, my son is still recovering from his injuries, if Tang Zichen is fake, then I will never be willing.I originally thought I could climb up the ladder, that's why I aggravated myself, but as it turns out, it's a fake."Liang Jinhua was so angry that she wanted to jump over the wall.

Nong Xiaotian said, "Then why don't we go find Tang Zichen and confront him face to face."

"Right, confront him face to face."Liang Jinhua said, then looked at Ping Qiu Yue. One Second Remember to Read the Book

Ping Quyue thought for a moment and bit her tongue, "Well, there has to be an explanation for this, yesterday I was a bit suspicious and was still on the lookout, but last night Tang Zichen escaped, so I have to be suspicious."

"Then wouldn't Tang Zichen not be in the Light Cloud Alliance now?"

"Go to the Light Cloud Alliance and take a look, maybe he saw Zhong Chulan leave and sneaked back."

So, Ping Qiu Yue, Nong Xiaotian, and Liang Jinhua killed the Light Cloud Alliance in a fiery rage.

At this moment, Tang Zichen had just instructed his men to call Zhong Chulan to be killed.

Tang Zichen hadn't even finished a cup of tea before the three of them, Ping Qiu Yue, came in.

Tang Zichen thought they were here to pay their respects and said without raising his head, "No need to be polite."

The three of them, Ping Qiu Yue, saw that Tang Zichen still had such a tone and became even more furious.

"Tang Zichen, you really did sneak back."Liang Jinhua said loudly.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as if something wasn't right, and he looked up at the three of them, and sure enough, the three of them didn't look good.Tang Zichen knew what it was because of a little bit of thinking, it must be Zhong Chulan who had told them that Tang Zichen was impersonating Qiang Shao, so they came to settle the score.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Looking at the way the three of you are raging, you must have come to settle a score with me."

Pinqiu Yue wasn't quite sure, but when she saw Tang Zichen take the initiative to say settle the score, Pinqiu Yue knew that Tang Zichen was really fake, or else he wouldn't have said the words to settle the score.

Pinqiu Yue yelled at once, "Tang Zichen."


Tang Zichen looked at Ping Qiu Yue and sneered, "I'm here, what do you want?Kill me?Or humiliate me?"

"You, you."The image of how he was trying to please Tang Zichen like an idiot these days repeatedly appeared in Pinqiu Yue's mind.

Tang Zichen was still drinking his morning tea with a slight sneer, Tang Zichen was not worried about the three of them in the slightest, after all, Tang Zichen's kui corpse was still in the back hall, his kui corpse, but he was the Vice Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect.These three people in front of them were just junior and intermediate elders, they were too lowly.

Liang Jinhua said angrily, "Tang Zichen, you deceived us so bitterly, that's just fine, you dared to beat my son so arrogantly before, I definitely won't spare you."

Nong Xiao Tian was also angry, "Tang Zichen, my son is on the outskirts of the Flying Cloud Sect, selling talismans well, you son of a bitch, deceiving me that you are the young master of some super family, making me think it's true, making me hold you as the guest of honor, you turtle bastard egg, I'll never forgive you."

Not to mention Ping Qiu Yue, the anger was definitely no less than Liang Jinhua and Nong Xiaotian.

Tang Zichen looked at the three who were furiously trying to tear him apart and said coldly, "I just lied to you guys, how drop, come on, come and bite me."

"Tang Zichen, you can't live with your own sins."Ping Qiu Yue saw that Tang Zichen still dared to be so arrogant.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed wildly, I never thought that the three of them would come together to make trouble today.

Liang Jinhua said, "Elder Ping, settle him, otherwise, our Dao heart will be affected."

Nong Xiaotian busily nodded, "Yes, the three of us will not be able to pursue the Flying Cloud Sect if we destroy him."

Elder Ping snorted, "Is there any need for you to say that."

Elder Ping raised his palm and gritted his teeth, "Tang Zichen, go to hell."

At this moment, a voice came from the back hall, "Chen Shao."In the next second, a man walked out.

"Ugh."The person who came out, seeing Pinqiu Yue, Liang Jinhua and Nong Xiaotian, was stunned, seemingly not expecting that there were other people in the hall, and thought that Tang Zichen was drinking tea alone in the hall.

However, even more shocked were Pinqiu Yue, Liang Jinhua, and Nong Xiaotian.At this moment, the three of them were completely stupid, wasn't this, wasn't this the Flying Cloud Sect's, that famous, they couldn't even mention shoes worthy of the Vice Patriarch, Nine Jins?

Gosh, why was the Nine Catties Vice Patriarch here, and what did he just call Tang Zichen?Minister Shao, to Minister Shao.Vice Patriarch Nine Catties, why are you calling Tang Zichen 'minister less'.Also, the Nine Catties Vice Patriarch's face looks like there are fingerprints, as if he was slapped, who dared to hit the Vice Patriarch?God.

Confused and stupid, Pinqiu Yue's hand was still up, but it could no longer chop down on Tang Zichen.Three people, just standing there stupidly, still cold all over.

Tang Zichen looked at Nine Jins as he sipped his tea and asked, "What is it?"

"Min, Min-san, can I go back first?"Elder Nine-Jin asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Why are you going back so early, there's milk at home."

"Of course not, well, in that case, it's fine for me to go back later."Only then did Jiu Jiu look at Ping Qiu Yue, Liang Jin Hua, and Nong Xiaotian, then asked, "Young Minister, them?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Those who have come to settle scores with me."

Jiu Ji gave a shameful laugh and said in his heart, "These three people, they don't even look at what level they are, even he, the Vice Patriarch, has been pinched by Tang Zichen, and they still come to settle scores with Tang Zichen?


Ping Quyue's body trembled as she looked at Nine Jiu Jiu and stammered out, "Nine, Nine Patriarch."

Vice Patriarch Jiu Jiu didn't want to talk nonsense with such a lowly elder and lose his image, he snorted and turned around to go back to the back hall.

Ping Qiu Yue three people, seeing that the Vice Patriarch didn't even bother to take care of them, the feeling in their hearts could be imagined, they didn't blame the Nine Jiu Vice Patriarch for being arrogant, but they were indeed too lowly, in the Flying Cloud Sect, there were senior elders above them, top elders, and then the Vice Patriarch.

Tang Zichen sipped his tea and said, "Who just said they wanted to exterminate me?Why don't you do it yet?"

"Minister young, I."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slammed his teacup on the floor.

"I'll spare your life, young minister."Pinqiu Yue fell to her knees, her forehead shaking with cold sweat.

"I'll spare your life, young minister."

"I will spare your life."

Nong Xiaotian and Liang Jinhua were also busy following suit and plunged to their knees.

"Ping Qiu Yue, don't say I didn't give you the chance to kill me, I already gave you the chance to kill me, you're the one who didn't cherish it." First URL

"I was wrong, Minister Young."

"No, you're right, I was wrong to take you under my wing."

"No, I'm the one who was wrong."

"Alright, annoying."Tang Zichen snorted angrily and turned around to walk into the back hall.

Ping Qiuyue and the three of them knelt in the hall, not daring to get up or chase them in.

"It's all your fault."Nong Xiaotian, filled with anger, said to Liang Jinhua.

"Obviously it's you."

"Stop arguing."Ping Qiuyue yelled.

The three of them instantly turned against each other.

"What now?The minister didn't tell us to get up, are we just going to kneel down?"

"Do you have the balls to get up?If not, kneel."

"Will the minister leave us alone this time?"

"Who knows, Grass."

"How dare you grass my youngest?"

"I grass you guys."

The three of them almost didn't fight in the hall, you blame him, he blames you, friendship flip on flip.

At this moment, Tang Zichen sent to inform Zhong Chulan's men have already arrived at the entrance of Zhong Chulan's residence.

"Zhong Chulan, come out, Zhong Chulan, come out."The men Tang Zichen sent to inform Zhong Chulan looked arrogant, as he felt that Young Minister was about to make his presence known, so even one of his men wasn't afraid of Zhong Chulan anymore.

"What are you doing, looking for death?"Zhong Chulan walked out.

The one of Tang Zichen's men said, "Zhong Chulan, there's something to inform you."

"Are the three words Zhong Chulan also something you can call?"One of Zhong Chulan's followers yelled.

Tang Zichen's henchman snorted, "Our boss is going to be powerful, and you guys aren't going to please me properly so I can go back and plead with the boss, but you're still yelling at me."

"Fuck, which one is your boss?Who in the Feiyun Clan dares to call himself the boss in front of our young master Zhong?I'd like to see it."Zhong Chulan's follower said.

Tang Zichen's henchman grunted, "Listen up, our Oldest Da's name is Tang Zichen."

"What, Tang Zichen?"

Zhong Chulan's face was also screwed up, he was about to send his men to find Tang Zichen, but he didn't expect Tang Zichen's men to come running to the door and scream.

"Yes, our boss sent me to tell Zhong Chulan that he's back and wants you to go to the Light Cloud Alliance to suffer death right now."Tang Zichen's men arrogantly said.

Zhong Chulan's face was extremely ugly, Tang Zichen was in trouble himself, and his men dared to be so disrespectful to them.

"Tang Zichen, he's back?"Zhong Chulan's face was cold.

"Right, our boss has been waiting for you for a long time, so let's get you over there quickly."

After saying that, Tang Zichen's men walked away.

Zhong Chulan's sidekick was busy saying, "Zhong Shao, let me give this man of Tang Zichen's a good beating."

"No need, come with me to the Light Cloud Alliance now, when the time comes, beat up with Tang Zichen, I'll let them know why the flowers are so red."

Zhong Chulan immediately headed to the Light Cloud Alliance.

When Zhong Chulan reached the halfway point, he ran into an acquaintance, it was Xia Xiaoxin.

Xia Xiaoxin saw Zhong Chulan's angry face and asked in confusion, "Where are you going?"

"No one is stopping me, I'm going to tear Don Zichen apart."

"Uh, Don Zichen?"Xia Xiaoxin was startled, Xia Xiaoxin was also going to look for Tang Zichen, because Zhong Chulan said her dragon was at Tang Zichen's place, so she went to see if Tang Zichen had returned today, but she didn't expect to run into an angry Zhong Chulan halfway.

"Why did you go and rip off Tang Zichen?"

"This son of a bitch, he even dared to send a hand down to inform me to suffer death, do you think I should tear him apart, no one will stop me this time."

"So, Tang Zichen is in the Flying Cloud Sect?Great, I've got something for him too."Xia.

"Xin, what are you looking for him for?"

"Ask him where my dragon is."

"Then let's go together."

At this moment, Tang Zichen was in the back hall, where Pinqiu Yue and Liang Jinhua, Nong Xiaotian, were kneeling in the hall, not daring to get up.

"Tang Zichen."Zhong Chulan's angry voice came in from outside.

Hearing Zhong Chulan's voice, Ping Qiu Yue's three were delighted inside.

"Zhong Shao is here."

"Zhong Shao must have learned that Tang Zichen has returned and immediately came over to take care of Tang Zichen."

"Haha, I hope Zhong Shao can clean up Tang Zichen so that we can be saved, Tang Zichen will definitely not let us go this time, instead of that, let Zhong Shao slap him to death."

"Well, I hope Zhong Shao fans him to death."

Ping Qiu Yue and the three of them whispered, they all hoped that Zhong Shao would knock Tang Zichen down.

A few seconds later, Zhong Chulan walked into the hall, along with Xia Xiaoxin.

Zhong Chu Lan saw the three of Ping Qiu Yue kneeling in the hall and frowned.

And Xia Xiaoxin was shocked to see the three elders kneeling here, and was busy saying, "You guys, why are you kneeling here?"

"Meet Miss Xia, meet Zhong Shao, we, we were punished by Tang Zichen for kneeling here."

"What? Tang Zichen punished you?"Xia Xiaoxin was furious, she was most unused to this kind of thing, it was as if Zhong Chulan was trying to bully Tang Huan last night and she stopped it.

"You guys, you're elders of the Flying Cloud Sect, why do you have to listen to Tang Zichen?"Xia Xiaoxin asked angrily.

"Back Xia he comes from a super big family, we don't dare to offend."

"Hasn't this story been proven false by Zhong Chulan, alright, you guys get up quickly, don't affect the reputation of the Flying Cloud Sect."

Pinqiu Yue said, "We don't dare, if we get up, we'll be beaten up by Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen was standing at the back door of the hall, Tang Zichen heard what Pinqiu Yue said word for word.

Tang Zichen was furious, he didn't even let Pinqiu Yue kneel down, they were the ones who kneeled down, now it's good that they framed Tang Zichen in order to gain sympathy.

Tang Zichen walked to the hall.

Zhong Chulan saw Tang Zichen and sneered, "Tang Zichen, you've finally appeared, this time I'll see where you're going to run."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You're that trash Zhong Chulan?"

"You."Zhong Chulan was furious, not expecting him to dare to speak in a superior tone, as if he wasn't afraid of him in the slightest, completely different from how he had imagined Tang Zichen trembling in fear.

"Tang Zichen, you dare to die in front of me."Zhong Chulan clenched his teeth in anger.


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