The King of Kungfu in school 1631-1640


Chapter 1631

Tang Zichen snorted with disdain, "Even you dare to step on me, I'll let you know the consequences."

"Hahaha, ridiculous, I should be the one to say that."

At this time, Xia: "Tang Zichen, Zhong Chulan said that my little white dragon is at your place, isn't that right?"

Tang Zichen looked at Xia Xiaoxin, instantly recognizing the little girl he had seen a year ago, looking for the little white dragon, but she had grown a lot taller, visually half a head taller than Tang Zichen, girls develop earlier.

Tang Zichen said: "I don't have time to answer you now, wait until I clean up Zhong Chulan and then ask me."

Xia what, but, next to Zhong Chulan gritted her teeth and said, "Grass you, Tang Zichen, if I don't exterminate you, I'll follow your surname."

After saying that, Zhong Chulan's entire body rushed towards Tang Zichen.

Zhong Chulan felt that he was at the seventh stage of Open Light, and Tang Zichen a first stage of Open Light was weak.

Unfortunately, Zhong Chulan knew he was wrong as soon as he moved.

"Pah."Zhong Chulan was slapped in the blink of an eye.

"Ah, this."Zhong Chulan was stupid, unable to believe what was going on. Remember the URL

"Slap."Tang Zichen's body moved and slapped another slap, Zhong Chulan didn't have the slightest bit of resistance.

Xia Xiaoxin who was watching from the side was also shocked, Xia Xiaoxin was worried that Tang Zichen would be beaten by Zhong Chulan, she was going to make a move to produce it, but she didn't expect that Tang Zichen would actually second Zhong Chulan.

Not only that, the three Ping Qiu Yue who just wished Zhong Shao to slap Tang Zichen to death were also dumbfounded at the moment.

Tang Zichen grabbed Zhong Chulan's ear and hoisted him up.

"Ahhhh, it hurts."Zhong Chulan subconsciously shouted, where in his life had he ever suffered such a crime.

"Slap slap."Tang Zichen slapped and slapped, hanging by the ears.

The slapping sound was simply like setting off firecrackers, cracking endlessly.

Tang Zichen himself didn't know how many times he slapped and heard Xia Xiaoxin shout, "Stop."

Tang Zichen felt that his hand was also hurting from the beating, which was why he stopped.

When he stopped and looked, Zhong Chulan had turned into a 'fatty', and Tang Zichen finally saw what it meant to puff up his face.Right now, if he were to give Zhong Chulan another pair of pig ears, he would be a pig.

"Puff."Xia Xiaoxin couldn't help but laugh when she saw Zhong Chulan's round face like a watermelon.

Zhong Chulan said incredulously, "That's impossible, you're obviously only at the first stage of light opening."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I open your sister's first step, open your dog's eyes and see how many steps of light I am opening."Tang Zichen directly released his realm to the ninth step of open light.

"Ah, ninth step of opening light?"Zhong Chulan was dumbfounded.

Xia Xiaoxin was also dumbfounded, Xia Xiaoxin was 13 years old and had already been a genius when she reached the seventh stage of open light, but didn't think that Tang Zichen was even more talented than her?

Tang Zichen stepped up again and stomped on Zhong Chulan's head, saying fiercely, "Zhong Chulan, even you want to come and stomp on me, do you think you deserve it?"

Zhong Chulan's entire body was still in a state of idiocy, as if he couldn't accept the reality that Tang Zichen was actually at the ninth stage of enlightenment.If Tang Zichen is ninth stage of opening light, what does this mean, Zhong Chulan knows too well, this is an existence that is even more genius than Xia Xiaoxin.Xia Xiaoxin was such a genius because she had a powerful grandfather who personally trained her, what about Tang Zichen?This kind of talent, although it couldn't be considered unparalleled, it was still considered terrifying.

When Zhong Chulan compared himself to Tang Zichen, it seemed that they were not at the same level at all, and in another hundred years, they would be able to discover the difference between them.

"No, no, you can't be so

Genius, no."Zhong Chulan yelled hysterically.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked Zhong Chulan's face so hard that Zhong Chulan's nose was suddenly crooked and bleeding.

The three people who were still kneeling beside him, Ping Qiu Yue, were at a loss for words at the moment.

Tang Zichen was only thirteen years old, but he had already reached the ninth stage of Enlightenment, and was even more genius than Xia Xiaoxin, gosh, this was simply unbelievable.

Tang Zichen stomped on Zhong Chulan's hands and feet.

"Clack, clack."

"Ah."Came Zhong Chulan's pig-killing roar.

Tang Zichen directly crushed the bones of Zhong Chulan's hands and feet and crushed the flesh.

"Ah."Xia Xiaoxin saw such a miserable scene and her frightened little face went white.

After stepping on it, Tang Zichen allowed Zhong Chulan to howl on the ground.

Tang Zichen was now a little less angry, picked up the teapot, drank some tea, and then shouted, "Nine Jins, what are you doing hiding in the inner hall, come out."

At the moment hiding in the inner hall, Jiu Jin was depressed inside, he was afraid of being seen before he dared to come out.

Nine Jiu Jiu had to walk to the hall.

Zhong Chulan and Xia Xiaoxin were shocked when they saw that the Vice Patriarch Nine Jiu Jiu was here, and that he didn't dare to resist in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said to Zhong Chulan, "Zhong Chulan, look carefully at who this is, if you want to touch me, nothing else, in the Flying Cloud Sect, please pass the Nine Catties hurdle first, if you can't even pass the Nine Catties hurdle, then you don't deserve to be my opponent."

Zhong Chulan looked at Nine Jats incredulously, unable to believe how Tang Zichen got involved with the Nine Jats Vice Patriarch, and it was as if the Nine Jats Vice Patriarch's status was even lower than Tang Zichen's.

Zhong Chulan knew at this moment that he had really underestimated Tang Zichen, or maybe, he simply didn't understand Tang Zichen's true power.

Tang Zichen didn't even look and kicked Zhong Chulan out the door.

Originally, Tang Zichen wanted to just kill it, but, Nine Catties pleaded with him not to make such a big deal for a while, so he held back for a while.

Tang Zichen looked to the side at the silly Xia Dao, "Now that I've finished dealing with Zhong Chulan, you can tell me what you're looking for."


"If you have something to say, don't waste my time if it's nothing, and if you're coming after me, don't waste your time even more."

Xia Xiaoxin snorted, "Who is coming after you, you think too much, I just want to ask you, did you pick up my little white dragon."

"Yes, but I didn't pick it up, I acquired it, and then, it wasn't your little white dragon either, it was mine."

"You're dreaming, the little white dragon was obviously a gift from my grandfather."

"I don't care who gave it to you or what, in short, you lost it, and then he was acquired by me and it was mine.Anything that passes through my hands, whether it's human or animal, it's mine."

"Tang Zichen, don't pull any punches, return Little White to me at once."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Sorry, although Little White is mine, but unfortunately, I've lost it."


"Isn't it clear enough, Little White Dragon has been lost, just yesterday morning, my maid Lu Yuxi said that Little White Dragon entered the True Beast Forest, that's why I entered the True Beast Forest last night to look for it, otherwise, why do you think I wasn't at home last night?Do you really think I'm afraid that Zhong Chu Lan will escape?"

Hearing Tang Zichen's words, the three kneeling Ping Qiuyue realized that Tang Zichen had gone to find the little white dragon last night, not escaped, but unfortunately, it was too late, and what awaited them, they didn't know what punishment was.


"You, how could you lose my little white dragon."

"It's my little white dragon, it's none of your business if I lost it.Alright, you can go now, if you don't go, be careful I confiscate it."


"Yes, as I just said, anything that passes through my hands, human or animal, is mine.If I confiscate you, well, you're mine too."

"Don't you dare."

"There is no dare in my dictionary, only what I want or don't want, one, two, three, and you're still standing here, so it seems like you really want to be mine,"Don Zichen said.

"You."Xia Xiaoxin was so angry that she didn't know what to say, she had never seen Tang Zichen so crazy, the previous Zhong Chulan, Yu Ling, and Lan Hui were really a few realms worse than Tang Zichen, at least none of them dared to say that Xia Xia Xiaoxin was one of them.

Tang Zichen walked in front of Xia Xiaoxin and touched Xia Xia Xiaoxin's face.

Xia Xiaoxin was busy backing away, wary, "What are you doing, rogue."

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes and said, "I'm not in a position to play rogue with you, alright, you've gone through my hands, remember, from now on you're my person, whoever dares to bully you, report my name, my name is Tang Zichen."

"You." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen no longer paid attention to Xia Xiaoxin, his eyes looking at Ping Qiu Yue, Liang Jinhua, and Nong Xiaotian.

At this moment, the three of them, Ping Qiu Yue, were trembling in fear.

Tang Zichen said, "Nine Jins, give me a slap to slay Pinqiu Yue."

Standing to the side, Jiu Jiu didn't even think about it, and sliced at Ping Qiu Yue with a palm.

"Bang."Ping Qiu Yue didn't even have the strength to resist and was slapped to death with a palm strike.

Only, Vice Patriarch Jiu Jiu was depressed inside, he actually didn't want to kill anyone at all, but his hands didn't listen to his own command and immediately carried out Tang Zichen's order.However, the people were already dead, so it was useless to be depressed.

"You, you actually killed the Flying Cloud Sect Elder."Xia Xiaoxin angrily pointed at Tang Zichen.

"My people, don't you have eyes, it was the Nine Catties Vice Patriarch who killed them, doesn't the Hallowed Vice Patriarch have the right to kill a person?"

"You, you."

Don Zichen said, "My man, if you're all right, stay with me for your lunch break."

"You're dreaming."Xia Xiaoxin exhaled and left, there was nothing she could do with Tang Zichen.

The remaining two people, Liang Jinhua and Nong Xiaotian, saw that Ping Qiu Yue was shot dead, scared and kept kowtowing on the ground, minister young, minister young spare his life.

Tang Zichen said, "Leave your storage bags behind, then, get out."

"Yes, yes, thank you for my young minister's grace of not killing."

Liang Jinhua and Nong Xiaotian panicked and removed their storage bags, then rolled away, while being incomparably lucky, they thought Tang Zichen would kill them as well.

Vice Patriarch Jiu Ji said, "Minister Shao, can I go now?Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on Zhong Chulan's two uncles, and I'll show up at the first sign of movement."

"Let's go."Tang Zichen waved his hand.

The only thing left in the hall was Tang Zichen and Pinqiu Yue's corpse, Tang Zichen didn't want to take Pinqiu Yue's life, however, he framed Tang Zichen for kneeling in order to gain sympathy, what a lack of discipline.

Tang Zichen picked up three storage bags, then ordered his servants to come in and remove Ping Qiu Yue's corpse.

Returning to his own room, Tang Zichen opened all three pouches, not knowing if there were any spirit stones or the like inside.The higher the grade, the rarer the spirit stones were, so Tang Zichen didn't hold out much hope.

Tang Zichen emptied Ping Quyue's storage bag.

It came out and found a fourth grade spirit stone.

"Wow, a fourth-grade spirit stone."Tang Zichen's eyes lit up in surprise.

A fourth grade spirit stone was equal to 1,000 third grade spirit stones, and 1,000 third grade spirit stones would allow Tang Zichen to ascend to around the sixth, or even the seventh, step of heart illumination.

"Yay, I do need to raise my realm up as well."Tang Zichen was delighted, and proceeded to pour out Liang Jinhua and Nong Xiaotian's pouches, but unfortunately, their pouches were poor enough, only a few spirit grasses, dozens of third grade spirit stones, nothing else, and of course, there were two flying swords, which were of the lowest grade, similar to the previous Shejun's flying sword in Tang Zichen's hand.

Tang Zichen refined that fourth grade spirit stone in a few minutes, and Tang Zichen's realm soared to the seventh step of heart shining.

Tang Zichen called his teacher's wife in again.

"Auntie, let me help you raise it to the first step of Heart Illumination."

"Ah, raising again so quickly."Yan Xinyi was frightened and a little suspicious of life, this upgrade was like a hang-up.

Tang Zichen helped Yan Xinyi to upgrade to the first step of heart illumination in ten minutes.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Congratulations Shisha, stepping into the first step of Heart Shine at the age of twelve."

"Feng'er, don't make fun of your teacher-mother."

"Hahahaha, go and call Lu Yuxi in as well."


Lv Yuxi was only at the Enlightenment Stage, and she only needed two or three third-grade spirit stones to ascend to the First Order of Heart Illumination.Tang Zichen, on the other hand, had obtained dozens of third-grade spirit stones in Liang Jinhua's and their storage pockets, so it was perfectly fine.

"Young Minister, you called for me."Lu Yuxi walked in.

Tang Zichen said, "Yu Xi, you've been following me for a while now, I can't treat you badly, how about this, I'll help you raise to the first level of Heart Illumination."

"Young Minister, raise it again."

"What, don't want it?"

"No no, it's just a bit strange."

Ten minutes later, Tang Zichen had raised Lu Yuxi to the first level of Heart Illumination.

"Thank you, Minister Shao."

"Go ahead and call my sister in."


After that, Tang Huan came back in, Tang Zichen raised Tang Huan to the second step of Heart Shine and all of Tang Zichen's spirit stones were used up.

Zhong Chulan was carried back to his mansion by his sidekick after Tang Zichen raised the gate with one foot.

"Quick, go inform my third uncle."


Half an hour later, Zhong Chulan's third uncle was shocked to learn that his nephew had been beaten up, there was still no one who dared to beat up his nephew in the Flying Cloud Sect, even if his nephew's backstage in the Flying Cloud Sect wasn't the hardest, no one dared to beat him up ah.

Zhong Chulan's third uncle immediately came to Zhong Chulan's house and saw that all of Zhong Chulan's limbs had been trampled, he was very angry and said on the spot that he was going to kill Tang Zichen.

When he was angry enough to kill Tang Zichen, the Nine Jins Vice Patriarch appeared.

Zhong Chulan's third uncle was only the top elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, and his status was below that of the Vice Patriarch.

Therefore, Zhong Chulan's third uncle couldn't do anything to Tang Zichen and had to go to his big brother Zhong Jiu, Zhong Chulan's second uncle, the eighth ranked Vice Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect.

In the end, the result was still unsuccessful, and in the end, Zhong Chulan could only put up with the beating and contact the family later to see how to handle it.

Let's not talk about these for now.

The next day, Tang Zichen was going to enter the True Beast Forest, and while practicing, see if he could still find the Little White Dragon.


Tang Zichen entered the True Beast Forest with three beautiful women by himself.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed, these seven days, Tang Zichen's four people were killing beasts while searching for the little white dragon, but unfortunately, the little white dragon was never seen, it seemed that the little white dragon was really lost.

"Haha, there are beauties."One day at noon, when the four of them were barbecuing the meat of the magical beasts, two men surrounded Tang Zichen, looking at Tang Huan and Lv Yuxi with bright eyes, as for Yan Xingyi, because she was still too young, those two didn't look, focusing their eyes on Tang Huan and Lv Yuxi, Tang Huan was 17 years old and Lv Yuxi was 15 years old, they both looked very attractive already.

Tang Zichen lifted his head and looked at the two men, a little surprised, they were actually of the 5th and 6th order of Heart Shining, Tang Zichen thought that they were disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect, but now it seemed that they were not disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect.

"You guys aren't disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect?"Tang Zichen said.

"Kid, you still have some eyesight, you can tell that we are not disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect, yes, we are tutors of the Flying Cloud Sect, this time we entered the True Beast Forest as companions for training, I never thought that we would meet two big beauties halfway, no, three, only this one is still very small."One of the men pointed at Yan Xinyi.

Yan Xinyi said angrily, "As mentors of the Flying Cloud Sect, you should have set an example for others and set an example, but I didn't expect that you would dare to intercept female disciples halfway."

One of the mentors left his mouth open, "Little kid, you're disgusted that our brother and sister aren't messing with you, you're deliberately showing your existence, in that case, I'll work a little harder later and get you first, so don't cry out in pain then."

"Hahaha."The other mentor laughed, and by the way, they had never played with a girl this small before.

"You guys."Yan Xinyi was furious.

Tang Zichen said, "What are you angry with these scum." First URL

"Are you arrogant, boy?"One mentor said.

At that moment, another mentor said in astonishment, "This kid is in the ninth step of enlightenment, how can he be so young?"

They had just focused their attention on Tang Huan and Lu Yuxi, so they didn't pay attention to Tang Zichen, and that's why they found out that Tang Zichen was at the ninth stage of Open Light.

After discovering that Tang Zichen was at the ninth stage of Open Light, they were a little scared because someone so young who could reach the ninth stage of Open Light was definitely not ordinary.

"What should we do?"One of the mentors looked to the other.

"Damn, now that it's done, what else can we do, just do it the hard way."

"But, this kid has reached the ninth stage of opening light at such a young age, I'm afraid his origin is not small."

"So what if the origin isn't small, no matter how strong the talent is, before the strength surpasses us, it's all a paper tiger.We've just offended them, do you think it's too late to stop now?"

"Since it's too late, let's forget about this kid's status, let's slaughter him first, then take these three beauties to a nearby cave, let off a good night's sleep, and kill them tomorrow, before the matter is revealed."

"Well, it's been almost three months since we entered the True Beast Forest, and we haven't seen a woman in three months, heck, we can't even control it a bit when we see a female beast now."

The two mentors deliberated quietly, as if Tang Zichen was a turtle in their urn.

Yan Xin Yi Lu Yu Xi Tang Huan, the three of them, didn't look nervous at all, although they didn't know that Tang Zichen had already raised his realm to the seventh step of heart shining, but they knew that Tang Zichen had even killed the seventh step of heart shining, Tang Hu Lai, and the ninth step of heart shining, Ancient Slave Indang before, a mere two Feiyun Sect mentors were not enough for Tang Zichen to kill.

As for Tang Zichen, even more so, he didn't even look at those two mentors, the disdain in his eyes was indescribable.

At this time, Tang Zichen tore off a piece of beast meat and said, "You two, have you discussed it?"


bsp; "Well, boy, you're dying and you're still eating meat."One of the instructors said.

Tang Zichen put down the beast meat in his hands, stood up, and said with a fierce glare, "Your death is at hand."

"Kid, although I admit that you do look like a genius, but with you?An enlightened ninth stage, could it be that he can still kill me?"

"Killing you is just a blink of an eye."Before Tang Zichen's words were finished, the head of one of the instructors was grabbed by Tang Zichen and separated from his body with a horrifyingly fast movement.

"Ah."The other mentor was dumbfounded, sure enough, killing them, a blink was just a blink, hadn't Tang Zichen just blinked?

Lu Yuxi was full of admiration, "Chen Shao, you're so handsome, can you open such a handsome pose again ah."

Yan Xinyi said, "Master, don't be softhearted, this kind of scum, as a tutor, it's not worth dying for."

"Pounce."The tutor who wasn't dead panicked and kneeled down.

"Don't kill me, I was wrong, please, don't!"

Before he could finish a sentence, his head separated from his neck.

This kind of person actually had the nerve to beg for mercy, Tang Zichen had wanted to give him a few more seconds to live, but he actually begged for mercy, so Tang Zichen just killed him.

The two Feiyun Sect instructors died like this.

Tang Zichen emptied out their pouches and a pile of magic cores, these magic cores, at best, could be exchanged for a few hundred third grade spirit stones, and Tang Zichen let the three women share them.

"Let's go, move on."After eating the magic beast meat, Tang Zichen said, then the four of them continued to walk deeper into the True Beast Forest.

Tang Huan said angrily along the way, "I didn't expect that the instructors of the Flying Cloud Sect would have such a poor character, thanks to me, I had thought that instructors were all of high moral character and respected by all their disciples, but I didn't expect that I was really disappointed."

Lu Yuxi said, "Sister Tang Huan, you don't know this, the mentors of the Flying Cloud Sect are known for being messy, do you know what subterfuge means?"


"The tutors of the Flying Cloud Sect are responsible for guiding the disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect, and all the disciples, if they have a problem, they can go and consult the tutors, so those tutors use this opportunity to subterfuge some female disciples without any limits."

"It's too teacherless."Yan Xin Yi gasped.

At this time, Tang Zichen said, "After I go back this time, I want to be a mentor as well."

"Ah."The three girls were stunned, Tang Zichen was going to be a mentor for good reason?

"Why do you want to be a mentor, brother?Did you hear that mentors can suborn female disciples?"Tang Huan was busy asking.

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "There's no reason for it, it's just a matter of wanting to be one, I can't be a disciple all the time, my identity has to be properly mentioned upwards, as for subterfuge female disciples, hehe, I can do it as long as I want, it's just a matter of wanting to or not, it's not worth spending time thinking about it."

"Brother, only those above the fifth level of heart illumination are qualified to assess for the position of Flying Cloud Sect's mentor ah."

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you guys, I'm already at the seventh step of heart illumination, so I'm fully qualified for the mentor position."

"What? You, when did you reach the seventh step of heart illumination?"

"Yesterday, I refined one of Ping Qiuyue's fourth grade spirit stones."

"Wow, at the age of thirteen, reaching the seventh level of heart illumination, Minister Young, are you breaking a human record?"Lv Yuxi said in adoration.

Tang Zichen looked at Lv Yuxi with a slight smile, Lv Yuxi was already a head taller than Tang Zichen, significantly bigger than before, her body was very attractive, it was a pity that Tang Zichen was still young, otherwise he really wanted to run her over.


Half a month later, Tang Zichen and the four of them arrived at the depths of the True Beast Forest.

"Everyone should be careful from now on, we've entered the most core circle of the True Beast Forest, in this core circle, we may encounter a Green Rank 8 or 9 magical beast, which is equivalent to the Human Spiritual Healing Rank 8 or 9."

"Ah, such a strong magical beast."

"Well, but there aren't many magical beasts in the True Beast Forest that have reached green rank, so the chances of us running into them aren't great."

Just then, Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as if he had discovered something.

"Young Minister, what's wrong?"Lu Yu Xi was busy asking.

Tang Zichen said, "Strange, Flying Cloud Sect Vice Patriarch Jiu Ji, he's not far from here, how come he's also here in the True Beast Forest."

"Brother, you haven't even seen others, how do you know that he's also in the core circle of the True Beast Forest?"Tang Huan was confused.

The reason why Tang Zichen sensed that Vice Patriarch Nine Jins was also here was because the other party was Tang Zichen's kui corpse.

Tang Zichen said to Tang Huan, Yan Xingyi, and Lu Yuxi, "I also sensed that there are so many strong people here, there must be something going on when so many strong people suddenly appear, in other words, this place is very unsafe."

"So, then, should we quickly withdraw?" Remember the URL

Tang Zichen thought for a moment and said, "I'll have my flying sword send you back to the Flying Cloud Sect, and I'll stay alone."

"Brother, don't."

"Be obedient."Tang Zichen couldn't refuse and said.

Yan Xinyi originally wanted to persuade something more, but seeing how determined Tang Zichen was, she couldn't say anything.

Tang Zichen immediately offered up a flying sword, which was Nong Xiaotian's from before.

Tang Zichen's mind moved and the flying sword instantly rose in size, then he said to the three girls, "You return to the Flying Cloud Sect first, this flying sword was sacrificed by me, it can send you back with my heart, and it's very fast."

"But you."

"Go up."

The three girls had to stand on the flying sword, Tang Zichen's mind moved and the flying sword flew up into the sky and disappeared into the distance.

Tang Zichen stayed alone in the core circle of the True Beast Forest, offering another flying sword and immediately flew off in a certain direction.

Not long after flying, he indeed saw a large group of people in front of him, the group of people guarding under a boulder, as if they were waiting for something.There were at least sixty or seventy people in this group, the strongest already at the YuanYing stage, the weakest also at the seventh or eighth stage of Spiritual Harmony, which was the level of the Nine Jins Vice Patriarch.The sixty or so people who were guarding it looked like they were divided into seven or eight factions, each of which was led by one or two YuanYing stage powerhouses.For example, at the moment, the faction of the Flying Cloud Sect had two YuanYing stage powerhouses guarding the front.

Tang Zichen was a little shocked to see so many strong men here, but Tang Zichen was sure in his heart that there must be some kind of treasure that was about to be born, which was why there were so many people guarding the place.

"What are they doing like idiots?"Tang Zichen's heart was dark.

In that group of people, Tang Zichen saw the Nine Jins Vice Patriarch, who was currently standing behind a YuanYing stage powerhouse, if Tang Zichen wasn't mistaken, that YuanYing stage powerhouse would be the Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect.

Tang Zichen was hidden in the distance, his body had immortal Qi for shelter, and the group's attention was focused on that big rock, so they didn't notice Tang Zichen's presence.

Tang Zichen immediately had a heartbeat and asked, "Nine Jins, what are you doing?"


bsp; At this moment, standing behind the Feiyun Sect's Patriarch, Nine Jins, his head immediately rang with Tang Zichen's voice.

"Tang Zichen, you, where are you?"The Nine Catties Vice Patriarch looked around internally while looking around.

"I'm asking you, what are you guys doing."

"We, we're waiting for the Stone Demon Fruit to be born."

"Stone Demon Fruit?What's this?"

"This is the fruit that the magic stone bears once every three hundred years, and anyone who takes it will be endlessly useful, with light spiritual power increasing greatly, or even rising several realms.Ten days ago, there was a vision of heaven and earth here, and all the nearby sects came."

"Oh, Stone Devil Fruit."Tang Zichen's heart coveted it, but of course, it wasn't very attractive to Tang Zichen, and something like rising several realms in a row was something that Tang Zichen could do with enough spirit stones.However, Tang Zichen wouldn't be too much, it was just that Tang Zichen, a person of the seventh stage of heart illumination, might not be able to grab it.

Tang Zichen asked, "How many Stone Demon Fruits are there every time a Stone Demon Fruit is born?"

"I don't know about that, but according to what people said in the past, every time they were born, there were about ten Stone Devil Fruits born."

"More than ten, that many."

"Yes, but the Stone Devil Fruit is ineffective for repeated consumption, so the requirement of our Feiyun Sect's Patriarch is to obtain at least three of them."

"After the Stone Demon Fruit comes out, will everyone go straight up and grab it?"

"No, after the Stone Demon Fruit is born, it will ripen in about two hours, after which it will fall off automatically.We can't just snatch the Stone Devil Fruit into our hands, or it will instantly turn to nothing, and we must let it fall into our hands automatically.So each of us can use our spiritual energy to attract it, and let the Stone Devil Fruit automatically choose to fall into our hands."

"I see, then in that case, wouldn't everyone be able to obtain the Stone Demon Fruit."

"No. The stronger the spiritual power, the greater the chance of attracting the Stone Demon Fruit."

"So."Tang Zichen said in his heart, "This is a good thing for me, I use my immortal power to attract it, the Stone Devil Fruit will have the greatest chance of choosing to fall into my hands."

Tang Zichen prayed under his breath, and suddenly, Tang Zichen saw a mature woman standing behind the group of people, a strong infant behind him.

"Ah."Tang Zichen didn't pay attention just now, but after noticing it now, Tang Zichen was dumbfounded.

When the crowd looked for him, he turned around and that person was in the light.

"Thousands of extremities?"Tang Zichen didn't believe his eyes a bit.

Thought he might not have a chance to find Mu Qianji in his life, but what he didn't expect was that he would just inadvertently see the person who made him yearn for him.

Tang Zichen looked at the mature woman whose appearance was extremely similar to Mu Qianji, and his entire being was dumbfounded.

"Is she really Mu Qianji?"Tang Zichen's heart was dark.

It had been too long since Tang Zichen had seen her, so much so that, after Tang Zichen actually saw her, he suddenly felt very strange.

Right now, that woman who resembled Mu Qianji was standing behind a woman who was at the YuanYing stage, and Tang Zichen also discovered that the woman who resembled Mu Qianji was at the sixth stage of the Spiritual Harmony realm.

"It can't be Mu Qianji, if she was Mu Qianji, she couldn't have reached the Spiritual Harmony stage so quickly, according to the proportion of time in the Spiritual Realm, Mu Qianji was only twenty years ahead of me, so how could she have reached the sixth stage of Spiritual Harmony so quickly."Tang Zichen thought inwardly.


However, in the next moment, Tang Zichen otherwise had his own thoughts.

"No, Mu Qianji was able to come to the Spiritual Realm at such a weak age, this means that her opportunities and luck are far superior to mine only, now that even I am reaching the seventh step of heart illumination in a year, it's not surprising that she came decades before me and reached the sixth step of Spiritual Harmony."

Tang Zichen was very excited at the moment, if it wasn't for the fact that the situation wasn't right at the moment, he would have rushed out immediately.

Tang Zichen immediately asked Jiu Ji, "Those people in the fifth row on your left, which sect are they from?Who are they?"

Jiu Ji turned his head and said in his heart, "They are from the Thousand Waters Sect, that woman in white is the sect master of the Thousand Waters Sect, Bai Qingze, the beautiful woman standing behind her is a female disciple he accepted more than twenty years ago, her name is Mu Qianjie, no one knows about Mu Qianjie's origin, but this woman is extraordinary, she is only 37 years old, but her realm has already reached the sixth stage of Spiritual Harmony!, she is the number one ranked genius in our entire First Sea, her status in the First Sea is very high, in the Second Sea and Third Sea there are almost no rivals of the same age, I heard that the geniuses of a certain family in the Fourth Sea all want to chase her.The last few, are a few vice-patriarchs of the Thousand Waters Sect, those vice-patriarchs don't have much fame or achievements."

"Mu Qianji, it really is Qianji."Tang Zichen was inwardly delighted, never expecting to meet her unexpectedly like this.

The Flying Cloud Sect that Tang Zichen joined was not very far away from the Thousand Waters Sect that Mu Qianji was in, and they were both a few sects nearby.

Tang Zichen's heart was blazing, but the way Tang Zichen looked at Mu Qianji's eyes felt strange, Tang Zichen really worried that Mu Qianji had forgotten him, after all, it was normal to forget him.Tang Zichen was like a childhood boyfriend to her, after she grew up, who still remembered her childhood boyfriend, and even if she did, it was nothing emotional.

Tang Zichen immediately used the Disguise Technique, Bone Reduction Technique, to make himself grow taller and change his face, then, Tang Zichen walked out.

A group of people who were guarding under that big rock looked at Tang Zichen and were stunned to see Tang Zichen, a Heart Shine Stage person, coming alone.

"Who are you?"One of the men from the sect asked. A second to remember to read the book.

Tang Zichen said, "I've also heard about the Stone Devil Fruit Look, don't worry, I'm just here to see what it's like, I'm not here to rob it."

"Hmph, just with you still daring to rob, count you as having self-awareness."

Everyone didn't pay any more attention to Tang Zichen, after all, there was no need to bother about a person who came to see what he was seeing during the heart illumination period.

Tang Zichen deliberately walked to stand next to Mu Qianji.

Unfortunately, Mu Qianji didn't even look at Tang Zichen, perhaps in her eyes at the moment, Tang Zichen was still too lowly.

Tang Zichen was not good at directly identifying himself, so he said to Mu Qianji, "This sister, do you recognize someone called Wind Lightning?"

Mu Qianji snorted, "Don't know."

Tang Zichen's heart was cold, how could Mu Qianji have reacted like this?

However, that YuanYing stage woman standing in front of Mu Qianji turned around when she heard Tang Zichen say the words 'Wind Lightning'.

That woman looked at Tang Zichen in confusion, as if she was thinking, how did this brat know about Wind Light Cloud?Mu Qianji had forgotten all about the past, but she hadn't forgotten ah, wasn't Mu Qianji's lover in the mortal realm called Wind Lightning?

"Hey, kid, who are you?"that

The infant stage woman stared at Tang Zichen and asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Back to senior, I'm just a nobody."

"Why did you ask my disciple if he recognizes Wind Lightning?"The woman's eyes were sharp as she pressed the question.

Tang Zichen said, "Do you know Wind Lightning, Senior?There was a man named Wind Light Cloud who asked me to help find out if there was a woman named Mu Qianji, and I knew your disciple's name was Mu Qianji, so I just came up here to ask if it was the same person."

"Wind Lightcloud?"The woman's body shook, and she said inwardly, "Could it be that Wind Lightning has really stepped up from the mortal realm to the Void?Gosh, this is impossible."

The woman was horrified at the thought of this possibility, and she had said before that she would let Mu Qianji die because no one could come up from the mortal realm by stepping on the void.However, Mu Qianji said that she believed that Wind Lightning would definitely come looking for her, and the woman sneered at her and said something about not comforting herself anymore.However, at this moment, it suddenly occurred to her that if Wind Lightning had really stepped on the Void and come up, it would be too much for her to believe.

"Oh my god, he, he really caught up?"The woman said with shock filling her heart, then looked at Mu Qianji, only, Mu Qianji did not have any emotions, and did not recognize any Feng Qianyun at all.

The woman didn't have the heart to ask more about Wind Lightning at the moment and refocused her attention on the Stone Devil Fruit.

Tang Zichen silently walked away.

Tang Zichen already knew through the simple conversation he had just had that the woman at the YuanYing stage was the one who had taken Mu Qianji away, and the person who had awakened Tang Zichen from the Valley of Ghosts in the mortal realm was probably also her.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Old woman, you took my woman away privately, I will slowly find you to settle this score."

Tang Zichen certainly wouldn't let that old woman go, although it wasn't enough to kill her, there was no way to punish her in the future.

Everyone was not disturbed by Tang Zichen's appearance, and their eyes were focused on that magic stone.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I wonder when the Stone Devil Fruit will be released, and I wonder if I'll be able to snatch a few of them.With six or seven sect masters on the scene, it looks like I don't stand much of a chance."

Although Tang Zichen was confident that the Stone Devil Fruit would be attracted to him, Tang Zichen was definitely under siege.

If only, Tang Zichen could make a quick escape.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "I use Immortal Qi as my drive, and I don't know how my flying sword's speed is better than that of the YuanYing stage.No matter what, I'll just spell it out."

Waiting and waiting, in the blink of an eye, it was two days of waiting.

During these two days, everyone stared at the stone without moving a muscle.

Finally, on the third day, everyone saw that on that big rock, a few bubbles came out.

"The Stone Devil Fruit has been born."Suddenly, everyone was as excited as chicken blood, and everyone looked like they were ready to go.

However, although the Stone Devil Fruit had been born, it hadn't matured yet, and it would take another two hours for it to mature and detach, and that was when each of them would show their magic to attract the Stone Devil Fruit.

At this time, the Thousand Water Sect's Patriarch said to Mu Qianji, "Qianji, later on, you will help me at the back, your Burial Moon Sword is full of the opposite sex, perhaps you can attract the Stone Demon Fruit."

"Yes, Master."With that, Mu Qianji flipped out a flying sword from his pouch.


When Tang Zichen saw that flying sword, she recognized it as the same Burial Moon Sword she had acquired in the Mortal Realm.At that time, this Buried Moon Sword was magical and transformed Tang Zichen's brothers and women who didn't have much talent for martial arts training, and in the end, they all reached the Unity Realm and the Dengfeng Realm.At that time, no one could understand why, but now, seeing that Mu Qianji was still holding that Buried Moon Sword in his hand, Tang Zichen knew that that Buried Moon Sword must be extraordinary, a flying sword filled with spiritual energy.It was even a natural flying sword, not a flying sword sacrificed by some strong man.

Two hours passed quickly, and the stone devil fruit on that stone finally matured into a white crystal-like orb that stuck to the stone, looking like it was ready to detach at any moment.

The crowd that had been guarding the boulder for many hours underneath leapt to try to attract the first falling stone devil fruit.

At this moment, Tang Zichen couldn't wait any longer.

Tang Zichen stood at a distance, and without waiting for the stone devil fruit to fall off automatically, he made the immortal qi in his body to jump in his palm, and Tang Zichen's palm was a glorious sight like a lotus flower.

To no one's surprise, as Tang Zichen made his body's Immortal Qi, all the Stone Devil Fruit on the ten pieces suddenly fell off, and then flew, or even excitedly shot towards Tang Zichen.

In the blink of an eye, all of the dozen Stone Devil Fruits voluntarily fell into Tang Zichen's palm and danced with the lotus flowers in Tang Zichen's palm.

"Ah."The crowd standing under the boulder was dumbfounded, when the stone devil fruits used to mature and fall off one by one, they had never fallen off together like this and then ran together to someone.

Tang Zichen smiled inside, his Immortal Qi was truly full of infinite attraction, and all the stone devil fruits were drawn away at once.

With a flip of his hand, Tang Zichen put all the stone devil fruits into his storage bag, at the same time, Tang Zichen quickly offered his flying sword, if he didn't escape now, what's more, Tang Zichen swooshed and stepped away with his flying sword.

"Stop, don't go." The first website


The group of people under the boulder, where could Tang Zichen just take away the entire Stone Devil Fruit, sacrificed their flying swords and chased after them.

Sixty to seventy strong men, all at the lowest Vice Sovereign level, chased after Tang Zichen furiously.

Tang Zichen used his Immortal Qi to urge the flying sword, his speed was incomparably fast, the group of people behind him, there were not many people who could soon keep up with his speed, except for those few YuanYing stage, only Mu Qianji was still able to keep up, and Mu Qianji was actually above those YuanYing stage Sovereigns.

Tang Zichen was a bit surprised, Mu Qianji's strength was clearly several levels below those YuanYing Stage Sovereigns, yet his speed was not slow at all.Worthy of being Tang Zichen's woman in the mortal realm, she was just different.

With his hands behind his back, Tang Zichen looked like he was in a leisurely mood, looking at the few people chasing after him with a slight smile and said, "You can't catch up to me, so don't waste your energy."

"Stop for me, otherwise, don't blame me for being rude."One of the YuanYing stage powerhouses roared, he had been waiting for this Stone Devil Fruit for a hundred years, and he was about to get it, but then a person appeared from nowhere and took it all away.

Tang Zichen looked at the roaring strong man and said, "Which sect master are you, speak up and I promise not to come to your door to trouble you."

"You."That strong man was furious, Tang Zichen was running while screaming that he wouldn't come to the door to beat him up, he was so angry, if he was really that capable, don't run ah.


sp;The Feiyun Sect's Sovereign also roared, "Kid, eating alone is not a good habit, I advise you to stop, let's all work together on how to share."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Sorry, I'm used to eating alone, I don't like sharing with others."

Mu Qianji's master also gritted his teeth, "Kid, you can't escape."

"Really? Then you guys will catch up and show me."

Tang Zichen's speed wasn't slow in the slightest, but it wasn't much ahead either, but it was always faster, so Tang Zichen gradually closed the distance between him and them.

At this time, Mu Qianji's master said, "Qianji, I'll get on your flying sword and we'll maneuver your flying sword together, it'll be faster."


And so, Mu Qianji's flying sword was suddenly accelerated by the combined efforts of the two of them, puffing out.

"I'll go."Tang Zichen, frightened, also hurriedly accelerated with all his strength.

Soon, all the others were left behind, leaving only Mu Qianji and his disciples still chasing after Tang Zichen, but they seemed to be a bit weak.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, was still full of energy.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "What, are you running out of energy?"

"Boy, we're the only ones left now, won't you stop and share?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "I haven't even gotten to you yet, yet you still want to share with me, huh?"

"Who the hell are you?Why do you know Wind Lightning's name?"Mu Qianji's master asked.

Tang Zichen didn't hide anything and said, "Old woman, listen, I am Wind Lightning, I am Mu Qianjie's man in the mortal realm, what crime do you deserve for taking my woman in the mortal realm privately, do you think I will let you off the hook for this?"

"What, you, you're Wind Lightning?"Bai Qingze was silly, the man in front of him who had robbed all the Stone Demon Fruits was actually Mu Qianji's man in the Mortal Realm, how was this possible.

"No, it's impossible for a mortal like you to come to the Spirit Realm."

"Old woman, I don't have time to beep with you, so answer me honestly now, why doesn't Mu Qianji know me anymore?What the hell did you do to her?"Tang Zichen.

"Hmph, even if you're her man, where so what, your love affair is over, I already made her take the dispelling pills."

It dawned on Tang Zichen, no wonder Mu Qianqi looked so strange to him, Tang Zichen hated him for a while, but Tang Zichen was not a match for that old woman at the moment, so he couldn't do anything to her yet.

Tang Zichen took out two Stone Demon Fruits from his pouch, threw them at Mu Qianyi and said, "These two Stone Demon Fruits are from me to her, old woman, we'll meet again in the coming day."After saying that, Tang Zichen accelerated for a while, while Mu Qianji and the old woman couldn't accelerate, and soon they lost sight of Tang Zichen.

However, they had always obtained two Stone Devil Fruits.

Mu Qianji asked, "Master, why did you block my six senses just now, what did you say to that man?Why did he end up giving me two Stone Devil Fruits?"

"Nothing, alright, if we can't catch up, let's go back to the Thousand Waters Sect."That old woman said with a grunt.She had shielded Mu Qianji's Six Senses when she had just talked to Tang Zichen, so Mu Qianji didn't know anything about the conversation.

Tang Zichen quickly landed on the outskirts of the Flying Cloud Sect, then changed back to his original appearance.


Although I hadn't been able to talk to Mu Qianji face to face just now, but I always knew where Mu Qianji was.

It was in the vicinity of the Flying Cloud Sect in a sect called the Thousand Water Sect.

Moreover, it looked like Mu Qianji was mixing well and was still the most talented person in the entire First Sea, and was also on the list in the Second Sea and Third Sea.

"Qianji, wait for me, I'll definitely come looking for you."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

Tang Zichen couldn't go yet because that old woman still didn't know what she would do to Tang Zichen, and even if Tang Zichen wanted to go to the Thousand Waters Sect, he would have to go in another capacity.Moreover, Mu Qianji no longer had any memories of the past, and seeing Mu Qianji was the same as getting to know her all over again.

Tang Zichen returned to the Light Cloud Alliance.

Tang Huan and the three of them had already returned.

"Brother, you're back, you worried us to death."Tang Huan was happy to see Tang Zichen back safely.

"Well, I'm fine, alright, I'm going to take a rest first."

Tang Zichen returned to his room and took out eleven Stone Demon Fruits, eleven Stone Demon Fruits emitted a milky white holy light.

Tang Zichen didn't even think about it, he just ate one. Remember the URL

Under the left and right of the Immortal Qi, Tang Zichen's realm quickly soared to the ninth step of the Heart Shine.

Only two realms up, Tang Zichen didn't seem to be very satisfied, after all, Tang Zichen was a person who soared used to it.

Tang Zichen took another one, and as a result, it was ineffective.

One wasted in vain, but it didn't matter, Tang Zichen still had nine more.

Tang Zichen called Tang Huan in.

"Eat it."


"Don't ask what it is, just eat it, and don't go out and say anything after you eat it, if it reaches the ears of the Feiyun Sect Master, I'm afraid I won't have any good fruit to eat."

"Ah, so serious."

Tang Huan took it, and as a result, Tang Huan soared from the second stage of Heart Illumination to the fourth stage of Heart Illumination.

Then, Tang Zichen called Lu Yuxi in again, and Lu Yuxi also soared to the third step of heart shining.

Finally, there was Yan Xingyi.

"Auntie, before I eat the Stone Devil Fruit, I'll tell you something."

"Mm, you say."

"I ran into Mu Qianji today."

"What? Mu Qianji?Is it the daughter of the mortal realm's Mu Qianji?"


"Ah, great, where is she?"Yan Xin Yi was overjoyed, after all, she was acquainted in the Mortal Realm, and was definitely excited to run into a fellow villager in the Spirit Realm that she hadn't seen for years.

"At the Thousand Waters Sect, it shouldn't be far to go from here, but Mu Qianji has lost all his previous memories and no longer remembers anything from the Mortal Realm."


"It's not convenient for me to go to him right now, Mu Qianji's master, who is the Sect Master of Thousand Waters Sect, has already offended six or seven of the surrounding sects, and I'm afraid that if I reveal my identity, I'll be in trouble, including the Sect Master of Flying Cloud Sect."

"Because of this Stone Devil Fruit?"

"Right, alright, Shini-san, you can take it."

After the teacher's wife took it, her realm soared to the third step of Heart Illumination.

Yan Xinyi was embarrassed, "Feng'er, Shisuniang is really a blessing to you, following you, our Dao doesn't need to do anything anymore, the realm just whirls up.The realm breaks through so easily, I'm wondering if it's a cultivation of immortality or not, people say it's a thousand times harder, but I don't feel anything."

Tang Zichen said, "There's no need to think too much about it, Shizuo, cultivating immortality isn't our goal, it's just our process, our goal is to eventually become immortal and then live forever.How our process is, why bother, as long as we can achieve our ultimate goal."

At this moment.

Somewhere in the Flying Cloud Sect.

"Angry as hell, who the hell is that brat?"The Feiyun Sect's Sovereign pounded the table in anger.

The seven sect masters of the strongest sects in the One Heavy Sea had guarded for several days and nights with a few deputy sect masters, and as a result, the Stone Devil Fruit had still been taken away, and not even one of them had been shared!

Although, the Stone Demon Fruit wasn't able to increase a YuanYing stage powerhouse by one realm, it could double the spiritual power of a YuanYing stage powerhouse.

"Patriarch, don't be angry, didn't the other sects also fail to harvest one, we were careless this time, I thought that person was really just watching, who would have thought that person was so attentive.However, this person is able to fly so fast with his imperial sword, I'm sure his flying sword must be of extraordinary quality, this person must have a lot of origins."

Of course, the anger of the Flying Cloud Sect's Sect Master would not be known by the average Flying Cloud Sect disciple anymore, and this matter was only known by a few people at the level of Vice Sect Master.

Tang Zichen summoned the Nine Jins Vice Sovereign over.

"Young Minister, you're looking for me."

"Nine Jats, is there something you want to ask me."

"Yes, in the True Beast Forest, are you there as well?The man who stole all the Stone Devil Fruit, what does he have to do with you?"

Tang Zichen took out a stone devil fruit and said, "Nine Jins, I told you, sit under me and don't suffer, eat it."Tang Zichen tossed the stone devil fruit to Nine Catties.

"Ah, you, how did you get the Stone Devil Fruit?"Jiu Ji was greatly shocked.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Didn't you ask me who the person who snatched the Stone Devil Fruit was, actually, that person is also one of my men."

"Ah, you have so many underlings."


Jiu Jin could not help but reexamine Tang Zichen inside, that person who snatched the Stone Devil Fruit, the fact that he was so weak to be able to fly with a sword showed that his flying sword was of a high grade, and this person was actually one of Tang Zichen's men, so wouldn't Tang Zichen be even more inscrutable.

"Are you still going to quickly take the Stone Demon Fruit."

Jiu Ji immediately took the Stone Devil Fruit, but Jiu Ji didn't digest it that quickly.

"Thank you, Minister Shao."

"Your realm hasn't improved after you took it?"

"What joke is Minister Shao making, how can it be so fast, I need to refine it for at least half a month before I can completely absorb it, and I'm already at the seventh stage of Spiritual Harmony, I'm afraid the Stone Devil Fruit will hardly allow me to break through a realm, but at least it can shorten the time it takes me to step into the eighth stage of Spiritual Harmony."Nine Jins said happily.

Tang Zichen snorted, "No good, come here, I'll help you instantly refine it, and I'll help you instantly absorb it."


Tang Zichen slapped Jiu Jiu's back, and a few minutes later, Jiu Jiu absorbed all of the effects of the Stone Devil Fruit and stepped into the eighth stage of Spiritual Harmony.

"Heavens, Young Minister, how did you do that."

"Don't ask me how I did it, you just need to know that it's an incomparable honor for you to become my Qui Corpse."

"Thank you, Minister Shao."

"Alright, let me ask you a few questions."

"I beg your pardon, Minister Young."

"How is your Sovereign now?"

"Very angry."

"I'm going to the Thousand Waters, how do I get there?"

"Minister Young, the Thousand Water Sect only accepts female disciples."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen didn't expect the Thousand Waters Sect to be so strange.

"Minister Young, what are you going to the Thousand Waters Sect for?"

"Nonsense, of course it's for Mu Qianji."

"Hehe, so Young Minister has also fallen in love with Mu Qianji at first sight, I thought Young Minister was still young and didn't know this aspect.But it's not surprising, that Mu Qianji is not only the most talented person in the One Heavy Sea, she's also the most beautiful woman in the One Heavy Sea.There are countless people in the entire One Heavy Sea who like her."


Tang Zichen snorted, "Mu Qianji is my woman, I'll kill anyone who dares to like her."

Vice Sovereign Jiu Ji laughed in his heart, Tang Zichen was only thirteen years old and he liked women.

"Young Minister, you won't be able to see her even if you go to Thousand Waters Sect now, there are too many people who want to see Mu Qianji, and I've heard that Mu Qianji doesn't live in Thousand Waters Sect at all, you won't be able to find her even if you go in there.Besides, Thousand Waters Sect only has female disciples, men go in there and kill on sight."

"Alright, I get it.By the way, are there any pills in the Spirit World that can accelerate one's growth?"

"Uh, accelerated growth?You want to grow up fast, Minister?"


"Minister Young, there is, but, it's hard to find, I've heard that there is a fruit called Giant Fruit that can accelerate one's growth, however, the effect is limited, at most, it can only accelerate one's growth by about three or four years.This kind of growth is a real growth, not an outward growth, your body inside and out follows."

"Giant Fruit, where can I find Giant Fruit?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I don't know about that, I've also heard that this kind of fruit can accelerate human growth, but no normal human would be in such a hurry to grow up.Young Minister, you're thirteen now, in three years, you'll be half an adult, at that time you can sleep with whichever chick you want, so why be in a hurry for a year or two.Besides, if you really want to search for the Giant Fruit, maybe by the time you find it, three years will have passed."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, I don't need you to worry about my business, you can go now, go back and keep an eye out for me to see where the Giant Fruit is."

"Alright."Vice Patriarch Jiu Ji walked away. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen could only wait for now, going to the Thousand Waters Sect now wouldn't solve anything, not to mention that Mu Qianji had already forgotten about him.The current priority was to grow up as soon as possible, and if you really couldn't find any Giant Fruit, then you would have to wait two or three years to grow up.

"Squeak squeak."At this moment, a squeaking sound came from outside the door.

Tang Zichen opened the door and saw that it was a small white dragon about the size of a snake.

"Ah, Little White, you're back."Tang Zichen saw the little white dragon run back by itself and was delighted inside.

The little white dragon immediately jumped on Tang Zichen's body and wrapped itself affectionately around Tang Zichen's arm, looking as if it had been greatly wronged.

Tang Zichen was surprised that the little white dragon had come back on its own initiative.

"Little White, where have you been running these days."Tang Zichen stroked.

The little white dragon chirped and could not speak, now it was like a human child less than two weeks old.

"Little White, I'm sorry, you must have suffered outside, you must have suffered a lot this time back, don't worry, I won't let you leave me half a step in the future" said Tang Zichen.

The little white dragon was busy rubbing against Tang Zichen's chest.

Lv Yuxi seemed to hear the sound and came running, seeing the little white dragon running back by itself, she was also overjoyed.

At this moment, in a certain deep mountain of the Flying Cloud Sect.

Xia Xiaoxin was cultivating.

At that moment, a man's shout came from outside, "Xiaoxin."

Xia Xiaoxin heard that man's shout and said in surprise, "It's brother Yun Tian."Saying that, Xia Xiaoxin immediately ran out happily and shouted, "Brother Yun Tian, you're here."

"Haha, Xiaoxin, it's been several months since I came to visit you, how are these months."A roughly ten

The five-year-old boy saw Xia.

"Ummm, brother Yuntian, why haven't you come to visit me for so long."Xia Xiaoxin grumbled.

"Hehe, my grandfather is very strict, isn't your grandfather also very strict in controlling you."The fifteen-year-old boy scratched his head and said.

"Didn't brother Yun Xing come along?"Xia Xiaoxin asked.

"My brother is such a genius, where is he free, but my brother entrusted me to bring you a gift oh."

"Oh."Xia Xiaoxin pursed her lips, she seemed to have a good relationship with the one in front of her called Yun Tian, as well as the one called Yun Xing.

"Xiaoxin, have you found your little white dragon yet?"The fifteen-year-old boy asked.

"Not yet, but I already know where it is, it turns out that a disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect picked it up, but unfortunately he said he lost it again."

The fifteen year old boy raged, "Who picked up your little white dragon and didn't return it to you voluntarily, and now you've lost your dragon, do you want me to help you clean him up."

"Forget it."Xia Xiaoxin looked depressed inside.

At this time, an old man came out, and the fifteen-year-old boy was busy calling out, "Grandpa Xia Ming."

"Yun Tian, you're here."

"Yes, I'm here to visit Xiao Xin and Grandpa Xia Ming."

"Hehe, you boy, what a sweet mouth, not even three months have passed, your realm has risen another level, you've reached the second stage of heart illumination, you're only fifteen years old to be able to reach this level, not bad, awesome."That old man exclaimed.

"Thank you Grandpa Ming for your praise, I will continue to work hard."

"How is your grandfather doing lately."

"Thank you Grandpa Ming for your concern, my grandfather he's fine, he also asked me to greet you."

"You're welcome, alright, it's a rare visit, I'll leave you alone, you and Xin have a nice chat.By the way, this time, don't bully people in the Flying Cloud Sect oh, after all, the Flying Cloud Sect is a one-sea sect, it's impossible for there to be any geniuses of the same level here that are comparable to you.Just take pity on the disciples here, and don't bully them."

"Oh."The boy called Yun Tian rolled his white eyes.

The last time he had come to the Flying Cloud Sect, he had made a big fuss, but unfortunately, this kind of one-sea sect was no match for him, but of course, this was referring to people in the same age segment.

That old man immediately walked away.

That Yun Tian said, "Xiaoxin, your grandfather is so meaningless, I think he came out on purpose to warn me not to make a scene.Actually, he doesn't even need to warn me, I'm not in the mood to cause trouble in the Flying Cloud Sect this time, this kind of one-sea sect is all damn weak and pitiful, I'm not interested in cutting up with such weak people anymore."

Xia Xiaoxin couldn't help but think of a person, Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was also thirteen years old to reach the ninth step of opening light, this matter Xia Xiaoxin hadn't even told her grandfather yet.

Xia Dao, "Brother Yun Tian, you're not going to be an immortal cultivator of the First Sea either la, in fact, this place of the First Sea is not completely devoid of geniuses."

"Xiaoxin, why are you talking to the people of the First Sea, we are people of the Four Seas, you came to the First Sea just to try to have some peace and quiet, you must not think of yourself as a First Sea Immortal, ah."

"Brother Yun Tian, I'm not referring to me la, in fact, I'm talking about another person, that person is called Tang Zichen, he's a disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, he's the same age as me, his realm has reached the ninth stage of Enlightenment, in terms of talent, I'm not even as good as him."Xia.


"What? How is that possible, there are people in the Flying Cloud Sect who are more genius than you?"

"Really, and I just said that the person who picked up the little white dragon was this Tang Zichen.So, the Immortal cultivators of the First Sea are not without geniuses."

That Yun Tian seemed a little upset inside.

"Xiao Xin, how do you speak for that what kind of Tang Zichen."

"Brother Yun Tian, I'm telling the truth, although I don't really like that Tang Zichen's personality either, but the truth is that he is indeed a bit more powerful than me ah."Xia Xiaoxin was busy explaining.

But . That Yun Tian was even more uncomfortable .

"Xiaoxin, will you take me to find that Tang Zichen?I want to see just how genius he is."Yun Tian demanded.

Xia Xiaoxin was busy shaking her head, "Brother Yun Tian, you don't want to be like last time again, don't, my grandfather has just warned you not to mess up again."

"Xiaoxin, don't worry, I just want to see if this Tang Zichen you're talking about is really such a genius, I don't mean anything else, I promise, I'll never bully him."


"Xiaoxin, let's go, the One Heavy Sea has a person who is more genius than even you, I don't believe it la, I just want to see it." Premiere URL

Xia: "By the way, Brother Yun Tian, there's another genius in the One Heavy Sea, in the Thousand Waters Sect, called Mu Qianji."

"Mu Qianjie?I've heard that name, almost forty years old, reaching the sixth stage of Spiritual Harmony, right."

"Yes, yes, Mu Qianji is currently the most genius in the First Sea, and he's also quite famous in the Second Sea and Third Sea."

That Yun Tian Yi said, "It's just a slight genius in the First Sea, but if it were placed in our Fourth Sea, I don't know which corner of the ranking it would go to.Your brother Yun Xing is not even thirty years old, and he's already not weaker than her."

"Mmhmm, brother Yun Xing is even more genius."Xia.

"Let's go, let's go, let's go find Tang Zichen."

"I can take you there, but you have to promise never to trouble him, or I'll tell my grandfather."

"Don't worry, really, just don't trust me that much."

So Xia Xiaoxin took that Yun Tian with her to find Tang Zichen.

That Yun Tian's mouth said that he would never trouble Tang Zichen, but his heart was not like that, he had very little affection for this Tang Zichen in his heart, not because Tang Zichen had offended him or anything, but because when Xia arrived at Tang Zichen's tone of voice, it was a bit incredible as well as admiring, so Yun Tian felt very unhappy.

Although Xia Xiaoxin was only treating Yun Tian as an older brother, but Yun Tian liked Xia Xiaoxin inside.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was playing with the little white dragon.

Not long after, Xia Xiaoxin brought Yun Tian to the entrance of the Light Cloud Alliance.

Xia Xiaoxin said to one of Tang Zichen's men, "You guys go report to Tang Zichen and tell him that I'm here."

That Yun Tian grunted, "But a cultivator of the lowest level of the First Sea, still putting up so much of a fight, Xiaoxin, what's the point of filing a report, just go straight in."

Xia: "Brother Yun Tian, don't mess up, since we're in the Flying Cloud Sect, we'll follow the rules of the Flying Cloud Sect, this is someone's territory after all."

"Territory a hair, speechless, this makes me feel, as if a human walking up to an ant nest, the human must also follow the rules of the ant, can't step on the ant nest, first go and inform the ant king, get permission before entering the ant

Nest, why do I feel so ridiculous."Yun Tian's mouth was full of shame, but in fact, he despised the Immortals of the One Heavy Sea in his heart and considered them very lowly, going so far as to use ants as a metaphor.

"Brother Yun Tian, don't be like that."Xia Xiaoxin had no choice but to be angry, she also knew that Brother Yun Tian looked down on the Immortals of the First Heavy Sea, but she didn't blame Brother Yun Tian, after all, he hadn't lived in the First Heavy Sea and had just come out of the Fourth Heavy Sea, so his vision was inevitably high for a while.

"Boss, Xia Xiaoxin seeks an audience."A little brother walked into the back hall and said to Tang Zichen, who was playing with the little white dragon.

Without raising his head, Tang Zichen said, "No see."

"Uh."That little brother was stunned and said in his heart, "Boss is really the boss, just crazy, he can even disappear Xia Xiaoxin."

That underling was busy going out to reply.

"I'm sorry, our boss is very busy, he said no see, you guys go back."

"What."Xia Xiaoxin's eyebrows furrowed, she didn't expect Tang Zichen to even see her, thanks to her regular reporting, she didn't expect Tang Zichen to feel like he didn't put her in his eyes so much.

Yun Tian, who was beside Xia Xiaoxin, however, was dumbfounded.

If he hadn't been persuaded by Xiaoxin, he would have kicked open the door and entered, but the result in return was, missing.

Yun Tian was on fire.

"Xiao Xin, look, this is the consequence of your honest report, right, people can't even see you.Fuck me, it's been a long time since I've generated this kind of anger."Yun Tian shouted and raised his leg to kick the door.

Xia Xiaoxin was busy saying, "Brother Yun Tian, don't be like this, whether people see me or not is also their freedom, we can't be so unreasonable ah."

Yun Tian disdainfully said, "I go to him, I'm willing to come here, are already condescending, it's his ancestors accumulate virtue, he, he still can't see me, what is he."

"Brother Yun Tian, don't be like this."Xia Xiaoxin dragged Yun Tian, preventing him from kicking in the door, although Xia Xiaoxin was also a little depressed that Tang Zichen hadn't seen her, but she also understood that seeing or not seeing was originally Tang Zichen's freedom, and there was nothing to blame people for.

But Yun Tian can't think this way, Yun Tian already despised the Immortal cultivators of the First Sea, and now he has been given a closed door, so you can imagine his anger.

Tang Zichen had already heard the noises outside the front door.

Just as Yun Tian was about to kick the door, Tang Zichen's voice came from inside, "Don't stop him, let him kick, if he kicks my door today, I promise to let him go back with a broken leg."

Xia Xiaoxin was stunned.

Yun Tian was furious and rushed up, kicking the door of the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Boom."The Light Cloud Alliance's gate flew into the hall.

I don't know how many people had kicked down this gate, but Tang Zichen was distressed by that gate.

Tang Zichen didn't stop it and watched that gate fly open with cold eyes.

Then, he saw Xia Xiaoxin and a boy of about fifteen years old standing outside, that boy still had a face of anger and an air of superiority in his eyes.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Very well, remember what I just said, you kicked my door, I'll let you go back with a broken leg."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Yun Tianton was so angry that he couldn't be angry anymore, so he became laughing or ridiculous.In his eyes, it was like an ant saying that it was going to bite off his leg.Any human would hear an ant say, to bite off his leg, I'm afraid that human would laugh.


Xia Xiaoxin was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, don't blame Brother Yun Tian, it was you who first refused my request for an audience before angering Brother Yun Tian."

Tang Zichen huffed, "Xia Xiaoxin, you are my person, I can see you if I want to, but not if I don't, understand?"

"Tang Zichen, don't you talk nonsense, who is your person."

"Xia Xiaoxin, it doesn't matter if you've forgotten, as long as I haven't forgotten, if I say you're my person, I'm my person."

"Tang Zichen, stop talking nonsense, if you continue to irritate Brother Yun Tian, be careful I won't be able to stop him.I can tell you, Brother Yun Tian is not Zhong Chulan's type, you better be careful"

Tang Zichen snorted, "I told you, he kicked in my door, I'll let him go back with a broken leg today.Aren't my words obvious enough?"

"Tang Zichen, do you know what Brother Yun Tian he is?"Xia Xiaoxin was angry.

"Even if he's a god, I'll make him break a leg today, besides, is he a god?"

"You."Xia Xiaoxin couldn't communicate properly with Tang Zichen anymore.

Yun Tian was already furious, he had never seen any genius in the Four Seas and had never suffered such anger.

"Die."Yun Tian had vowed inside to kill Tang Zichen, with his family background, there was no need to think about the consequences, even if he wiped out the entire Flying Cloud Sect, his family would easily cover it. Remember the website

Yun Tian didn't want to say anything and walked straight up to Tang Zichen.

Xia Xiaoxin was busy saying, "Brother Yun Tian, don't mess up, you promised my grandfather."

Yun Tian snorted, "Xiaoxin, do you think, in this situation, I'm the genius young master of the Four Seas Family, will I suffer this anger?"

"Brother Yun Tian."

However, Yun Tian had already walked up to Tang Zichen.

"Little bastard, before I die, I can grant you a wish."

Tang Zichen snorted with disdain, "Death?So you're going to kill me?"

"You give me a reason to not die."

"Since you want me to die, then don't blame me for being rude."Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, killing.

At this moment, Yun Tian killed Tang Zichen with a palm.

However, Tang Zichen was a strong man of the ninth stage of Heart Shining, how could he be killed by a trash of the second stage of Heart Shining.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slammed a palm, and Yun Tian spun in place several times before falling headlong to the ground, his eyes full of gold stars.

"What, what's going on here."

Yun Tian was stupid, unable to believe what was going on.

Xia Xiaoxin, who was trying to come up to persuade the fight, was also silly, but Yun Tian's brother was no match at all.

After fanning Yun Tian to the ground, Tang Zichen walked up and grabbed Yun Tian's ankle, then swung it around several times in the air before finally slamming it into the ground.

"Bang."Yun Tian's head slapped the ground, making a hole in the ground.

"Ah."Yun Tian let out a scream, and his head burst into blood.

Tang Zichen walked up again, stomped on the head that almost didn't crack, and said, "Little son of a bitch, what the fuck, what the fuck, daring to be arrogant in front of me, you fucking think that a family from the Four Seas is very tuggy isn't it, do you fucking know, a person from the Four Seas family can only be a maid in front of me, and it has to be a beautiful woman, as for youHe's not even worthy enough to give me a shoe you know, and you dare to shout at me."

"Ahhhhh."Yun Tian screamed in pain, feeling that if Tang Zichen's foot was just a little more forceful, his head would split open and his brains would flow out, at least at the moment he felt that the wind could blow into his brain.

Xia Xiaoxin was busy walking up to pull Tang Zichen.

"Boom."Tang Zichen took Xia Dao at once: "Xia Xiaoxin, don't think you can touch me randomly just because you're a woman, if you pull me one more time, I'll immediately step on this cockroach believe it or not?"

"Tang Zichen, don't."Xia Xiaoxin busy nervous shouting, not daring to go up to pull Tang Zichen again, eyes fear, anyway, she can no longer see through Tang Zichen, whether it is really so pointless, or ignorant, even the Four Seas family

The clan dared to mess with it.

"Let go of me."Yun Tian shouted.

"Hmph, I pooh."Tang Zichen spat down a mouthful of water onto Yun Tian's slightly cracked skull seam, and then the saliva flowed along the skull seam and into the inside of Yun Tian's brain.

Fortunately, it was an immortal cultivator, if it was a mortal, they wouldn't even know how many times they died.

Yun Tian was on fire, but, there was nothing he could do about it.

Tang Zichen said, "For anyone who tries to kill me, I will let him die unpleasantly."

"You dare."Yun Tian gritted his teeth.

"Whether I dare or not is not what my mouth says, it's what I do."After saying that, Tang Zichen stomped so hard that Yun Tian's head was about to explode like a watermelon.

"Don't."Xia Xiaoxin shouted, and at the same time, Xia Xiaoxin took out a talisman.

"Swoosh."Xia Xiaoxin's speed skyrocketed.

"Boom."Tang Zichen felt that a huge force pushed him away.

Yun Tian had been saved by Xia Xiaoxin at the moment of death.

Tang Zichen raged, "Xia Xiaoxin, you dare to betray me."

"You're insane, what do I have to do with you, what do I betray you."Xia Xiaoxin was very speechless and annoyed at the same time.

Tang Zichen said, "Xia Xiaoxin, remember this, this is how you treat me, a man who wants to kill me, but you won't let me kill him, is his cheap life more noble than mine."

"Tang Zichen, I won't allow you to kill him, and it would do you absolutely no good if you did."

"Then you will allow him to kill me?"

"You're overthinking it, just now if he killed you, I would have stopped him just the same."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm not in the mood to argue with you, anyway, get out of my way."

Tang Zichen said, "Fine, I'll give you this face and not kill him this time, seeing as you'll also stop him from killing me."

"Hmph."Xia Xiaoxin was busy helping Yun Tian go.

"Wait."Just as he was about to walk out of the front door, Tang Zichen shouted again.

"What are you doing?Do you want to go back on your word?"

"Wrong, I, Don Zichen, am a man of my word."

"Then what do you want."

"I just said that if he kicks in my door, I'm going to let him out with a broken leg, do you think, my word can be counted?"


Before the words were finished, a knife suddenly flew in.

"Swoosh."The knife, directly cut off one of Yun Tian's legs, along the base of his thigh, in unison.

"Ah."Yun Tian screamed, and was unable to stand, and was about to fall to the ground, but fortunately Xia Xiaoxin held him up.

"Tang Zichen, you."Xia Xiaoxin exhaled and glared at Tang Zichen.

"Alright, my promise has been fulfilled, you can take this dog with you."Tang Zichen said with a wave of his hand.

Just at this moment, Lu Yuxi walked in from the doorway.

"Young Minister, what's happened?"When Lu Yuxi saw the gate was gone, she ran in and asked.

At this time, Lv Yu Xi saw the person Xia Xiaoxin was holding and was shocked, "It's you."

That Yun Tian saw Lu Yu Xi and was also shocked, humming, "So the person who gave him as a servant is you, Lu Yu Xi, you can really fight for the glory of the Lu family."

"Brother Yun Tian, stop it, let's go first.By the way, you take your own leg."Xia Xiaoxin bent down to pick up the severed thigh, Yun Tian's anger, but, can't don't, so he had to resist his own thigh on his shoulder, and then Xia Xiaoxin helped him jump and walk away, the scene was quite funny.

And at this moment Lu Yuxi stood there with a pale face.

Tang Zichen asked, "Yu Xi, you're back, what are you staring at."

"Chen Shao, I am."Lu Yuxi seemed to be a bit scared, I'm afraid that the fact that she was working as a maid for someone in One Heavy Sea would be spread back to the family.


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