Dish Best Served Cold 541-546


Chapter 541

Ye Fan listened, but shook his head, "No, Han, wait a little longer."

"The Chu Clan is a hidden heroic family, a martial dao giant.The clan is as strong as clouds."

"My Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve has been delayed, if we start the "prairie prairie" plan at this point, the chances of success are extremely slim if we confront the Chu Clan head-on!"

"Three months."

"Give me three more months!"

"Within three months, I'll do my best to break through the bottleneck and cultivate the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve."

"It's just as well, it's almost New Year's Eve."

"Before I leave, I have to go home to see my mother."

"My son will be traveling far, and as a child, I always have to say goodbye to my mother."

The wind was bitterly cold, and the water of the Cloud Lake rippled.

By the edge of the lake, Ye Fan stood proudly amidst the cold wind, but he said calmly.

From an outsider's perspective, Ye Fan was just chatting with someone again about trivial family matters, right?However, how would one know that what Ye Fan is talking about today is a terrifying plan that could shake the world.

After March, what Ye Fan said today might turn this world upside down!

"Haven't you broken the bottleneck yet?"On the phone, Han Lao's worried voice was heard.

Han Lao had always been concerned about Ye Fan's strength.

The matter of Ye Fan being trapped in the bottleneck, he had known about it as early as a year ago.

But he didn't expect that now that a year had passed, the young lord still hadn't gotten over that hurdle.

Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "The Cloud Dao Heavenly Book is written into the creation of the world.It is the foundation for the Chu clan to stand on.The Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolution is even more the essence of this book!"

"The entire Chu clan, other than the ancestor who shone in the luster back then, there is no second person who can thoroughly enlighten this book after all these years."

"Such a creation divine book, you think, would be that good to comprehend?"

"It's beyond my expectations that I've been able to comprehend this far in ten years."

"If I want to refine the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolution to a great extent, I'm afraid it's still difficult."

Ye Fan's words carried some inexplicable gravity.

After a moment of silence, Old Man Han said in a low voice, "Little Lord, when the old master was in charge back then, I had seen that his residence was filled with jade piles daily."

"And, the Chu family was purchasing valuable jade around the world at the time, so it must have been supplied to the old master."

"They say that jade has a spirit, it is the essence of the heavens and earth, and there is a gathering of sun and moon aura."

"If a batch of jade stones were procured and sent over to the young master, I wonder if it would help the young master's cultivation of the Yuan Dao Heavenly Dilemma?"

Old Man Han asked in a deep voice.

When Ye Fan heard it, he smiled back and said, "You old thing, you really are an old man.Just having seen a few times that the Chu family has jade piles, you can associate it with this step."

"You're right.I'm intending to purchase a batch of jade stones to see if I can use this to break through the bottleneck."

"But you should stay out of this matter for now."

"The amount I need is not small, and if you interfere, the target will be too large and will inevitably attract the Chu family's attention.I'll just take care of it myself."


After a brief conversation, Ye Fan soon hung up the phone as well.

After thinking for a moment, he called Li Er.


"Turned off?"

"Why is this old thing off at this hour?"

"Is it possible that he escaped with the money?"

Ye Fan's brow furrowed.

After the initial Taishan Martial Association, Ye Fan had handed over many of the industries in Jiangdong to Li Er to manage on his behalf.

This old thing wouldn't be so money-grubbing that he really rolled up and ran away while he wasn't in Yunzhou, right?

Under suspicion, Ye Fan was going to contact Shen Jiuyi and ask about the situation.


Ye Fan had just picked up his phone, when a call came in just in time.

It was from Shen Fei.

"Brother Fan, are you back yet?"

"When are you coming back?"

"I have something here for you."

"Earlier, you said that you wanted me to create a unique jadeite diamond ring for your sister-in-law in imperial green as a birthday gift, and I've basically completed all of this preliminary work."

"The design renderings are also out."

"Let me know when you come back and I'll bring it over for you to see."

"If you can, I'll immediately have someone over here, measure the size for my sister-in-law, and then make it quickly."

"There can't be any more delay, sister-in-law's birthday is coming up, and Brother Fan you trusted me to let me do such an important thing.If I don't make it in time, you won't blame me, I'll have to blame myself to death~"

After making the call, Shen Fei talked incessantly for hours on end.

After Ye Fan heard it, he was shocked.


I almost forgot about my wife's birthday.

Evan looked at the date.

"Less than half a month to go."

"It does have to be prepared soon!"

"Let's say you come over tonight and bring the designer along, just to get your measurements taken as well."

"And bring a few of the costume designers as well, along with a custom dress for Mu Orange."

"But remember, I don't care what reason you use, you can't let Mu Orange know that these are a birthday present for her."

"Do you understand?"Ye Fan instructed.

Ye Fan patted his chest and smiled, "Haha~"

"Brother Fan, if I, Shen Fei, do something, just relax a hundred times."

"Sister-in-law's birthday this time, I promise to build up the momentum for Brother Fan!"

After hanging up the phone, Ye Fan stayed by the Cloud Mist Lake for a while, before also going home.

By the time he arrived home, it was already late and the sun was setting.

Ye Fan took the food he bought and prepared to go home to cook.

However, as soon as Ye Fan entered the door, he found that there were guests in the house.

A man and a woman, similar in age to Ye Fan.

The woman was wearing a light yellow trench coat, with a long, elegant figure.It was not a pretty face, but it was a sign.

The man was dressed like a business elite, with his hair combed straight and a gold watch on his wrist.

At this time, the two were sitting in front of the coffee table, talking happily with Han Li and Qiu Lei's couple, Han Li even took out her treasured Mao Jian tea to entertain the two people in front of her.

Ye Fan suddenly entered, naturally attracting the attention of several people.

"Auntie, how did your family hire a male nanny ah?"

"Male babysitters are rare, though."

The woman said with a smile.

Han Li, however, didn't have the good grace to reply, "What male nanny?"

"He's that Ye Fan."

"Wimpy and incapable of cooking."After saying that, Han Li glared at Ye Fan and said in disgust, "What are you staring at?Can't you see the guests are coming, so why don't you go to the kitchen and cook?"

"Ye Fan, I'm telling you, I haven't forgotten about you kicking our foot-washing basin this morning."

"When my daughter comes back, I'll make sure to make her fix you!"

"A few days away from home and it's really against you?"

In front of an outsider, Han Li didn't have the slightest concern for Ye Fan's face.

In fact, in her eyes, this Ye Fan didn't have any face at all.


The more I think about what happened this morning, the angrier Han Li will undoubtedly become.

Ye Fan, this wimp, has been wimping out for three years, and now he dares to kick their footwash?

If this matter doesn't teach Ye Fan a deep lesson, the next time Ye Fan kicks, it will be their old couple.

Now that they saw Ye Fan home, the couple naturally didn't give Ye Fan a good time.


"He's Ye Fan?"

"That door-to-door son-in-law?"


"Auntie, to be honest, I'm really not worth it for Mu Orange to rush to."

"Since ancient times, it's always been men who make money to support their families and women who look beautiful."

"But now, Mu Orange is married to a wimp and has to work himself to death out there, and hasn't come home yet this late."

"If I had a daughter married to such a man, I would definitely try to get my daughter to divorce him~"


In the living room, Han Li was talking messily with those men and women.

Ye Fan was basically used to this.

For such insignificant people, he didn't bother to pay attention to them.

After entering the house, he started to prepare dinner for Qiu Mu Orange.

Not long after, Qiu Mu Orange also returned home.

"Yuan Yuan, Situ, sorry to keep you waiting."

"There's a lot going on in the company, it's not that easy to get out of it."

By the time these two arrived home, they had obviously already spoken to Qiu Mu Orange on the phone.So as soon as they returned home, Qiu Mu Orange apologized apologetically.

"Mu Orange, it's fine, all understood."

"After all, when you meet someone, men are incapable, so women have to work harder."

"Life is not easy."Yuan Yuan said with a smile.

Afterwards, Qiu Mu Orange briefly chatted with Yuan Yuan and Situ Feng.

It turned out that these two were both classmates of Qiu Mu Orange.

They hadn't been in touch after graduating from university, and now that they had learned about Qiu Mu Orange's residence from Suzy, they had come over to pay a visit.

"That, you guys have tea first, I'll go check out the kitchen, and we'll talk at the table later."

After chatting briefly for a moment, Autumn Mu Orange was also ready to go to the kitchen to help Ye Fan.

"Mu Orange, what are you doing in the kitchen?"

"Are you stupid you?"

"Fumes are bad for your skin!"

"It's also easy to get cancer if you smoke too much of that stuff."

"Just let Evan do this kind of work himself."

"We can't just feed him dry food for free, can we?"

Han Li, however, pulled Qiu Mu Orange.

Yuan Yuan chimed in, "Yes, Mu Orange.You've been tired all day, if you're still allowed to do housework, then what use is this husband of yours?"

"It's fine, I'm not tired."Qiu Mu Orange didn't listen to the discouragement and after smiling back, she went into the kitchen to help Ye Fan cut and choose the vegetables.

Ye Fan was not at home these days, and Qiu Mu Orange was not willing to go down to the restaurant often, so she had to learn how to cook by herself.

Therefore, some simple household chores, Qiu Mu Orange had undoubtedly done well.

Very soon, the food was served on the table.

"Ye Fan, why don't you come and eat too?"Qiu Mu-Orange shouted in the direction of the kitchen.

Han Li, however, was displeased: "Mu Orange, what are you shouting at him for?A wimp isn't even humiliating enough to get him to the table."

"Mom, will you cut the crap?The guests are still here?"Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows furrowed.

Scolding Ye Fan for being useless in front of an outsider undoubtedly made Qiu Mu Orange's own face shine as well.

"Fine, I'll say less.But what can I do, if I don't say anything, this Ye Fan isn't a wimp anymore?Now you know the shame, and you were told to stay divorced before."Han Li herself was muttering there.

At this time, after Ye Fan served the last pot of food, he also sat down beside Qiu Mu Orange.

However, no one at the table full of people, except for Qiu Mu Orange, naturally no one paid attention to Ye Fan.

And Ye Fan was also happy to be clean, they chatted about theirs and Ye Fan ate his own.

"Mu Orange, it's been many years since we hastily parted from the university back then, right?"

"If it wasn't for what Xi Xi said, I wouldn't have known that your home was also in Yunzhou."

"After learning of your residence, Feng and I immediately drove over here."

"By the way, Feng and I can get together now thanks to you, Mu Orange?"

"If you hadn't rejected Feng back then, where would I, Yuan Yuan, have found a man as good as Feng."

Yuan Yuan said with a smile, but as Qiu Mu Orange listened, she couldn't laugh.

After all, Yuan Yuan's words didn't sound like she was really thanking Qiu Mu Orange.

After that, Yuan Yuan talked to Autumn Mu Orange a lot more, but most of them were just showing off how young and talented her husband was and how good he was to her.

"Mu Orange, living until now, I kind of understand."

"In a woman's life, it's useless to study well, it's useless to look pretty, and it's most useful to marry a good husband."

"Just like you, how glamorous were you in school?"

"You're good at studying and half the boys in your class are after you."

"But what now?"

"The cosmetics aren't even bothered to use the good ones, and the clothes you wear are miscellaneous bars bought for a hundred or two dollars on the side of the road."

"Mu Orange, I really feel sorry for you."

"Do you think that if you had married a good husband instead of a wimp like him, you would probably be able to wear Versace clothes now, just like me, instead of the cheap disaster of Taobao shopping?"

"Mu Orange, you should have heard of Versace."

"International luxury big brands, like this trench coat of mine that cost me over twenty thousand?My husband bought it for me."

Yuan Yuan pretended to be sympathetic, but even a fool could tell that Yuan Yuan was completely just showing off.

In the past, when she was at school, Qiu Mu Orange had an unlimited view.

In front of her, everyone was a foil.

Now, Qiu Mu Orange had married a waste of a husband, so Yuan Yuan was naturally gloating.

Intentionally or unintentionally, she showed off her privileged life, and also let Qiu Mu Orange experience the loss of being reduced to a foil.

Faced with Yuan Yuan's words, Qiu Mu Orange only bowed her head and forced a smile, with some bitterness and sourness in her heart.

Qiu Mu Orange is a proud person, now being pitied by her classmates and ridiculed for wearing cheap clothes, Qiu Mu Orange naturally felt uncomfortable in her heart and could not lift her head.

Han Li, who was listening at the side, was undoubtedly also outraged and her heart was unbalanced.

"That's right!"

"My family Mu Orange was delayed by this wimp."

"You're a loser, you still have the face to eat?"

"Look at people's husbands, and then look at you."

"People buy their wives thousands of dollars worth of clothes right off the bat, how about you?"

"Just know how to muddle through, why did you ever buy a single thing for my Mu Orange?"

"My Mu Orange is unlucky to have a wimp like you!"

Han Li was there splitting her head at Ye Fan and scolding him, and Situ Feng on the side was undoubtedly proud of himself, while advising, "Auntie, you don't blame him either.After all, there are some people who are born only worthy of doing housework, and if you ask him to go into business to make money, he won't be either?"


Just as Han Li and the others were scolding Ye Fan, the door suddenly knocked.

Qiu Lei then went to open the door.

"Excuse me, is Miss Qiu at home?"

"I'm official Versace, the head of the Yunzhou branch, and I've been commissioned to measure Miss Autumn."


An official Versace executive?

Hearing this, Yuan Yuan and the others were shocked!


"You're the official Versace guy?"

"And measured for Mu Orange?"

"It's a joke, isn't it?"

"Versace is an international brand, so how could he lower himself to tailor a wimp's wife?"

Yuan Yuan shook her head and said that she didn't believe it at all.

After all, even she didn't have the qualifications to be able to have an official Versace person personally come to her door to tailor her clothes.

And Qiu Mu Orange, a wimp's wife, she naturally had even less of a qualification?

However, after Yuan Yuan finished speaking, she realized that her words were somewhat inappropriate, and even smiled as she explained to Qiu Mu Orange, "Mu Orange, don't misunderstand, I didn't mean to look down on you with those words just now."

"It was just a reminder to help you grow a pair of eyes."

"After all, as far as I know, those who can have a big international official come to their door to be measured are either rich or noble."

"In the whole of Yunzhou, there are definitely no more than a handful of people who can have such qualifications."

"Even though my husband is young and talented, he is by no means on this list.Not to mention you."

"So, this person is definitely a liar."

Yuan Yuan vowed to say.

"This lady, I think you are mistaken, I really am the director of Versace's Yunzhou branch."The middle-aged man explained.


"Still won't admit it, will you?"

"Do you really think I can't tear you apart if you don't admit it?"

"Mu Orange hasn't worn any extravagant, big-name clothes, so if you lie to her, you might actually be able to muddle through today."

"But alas, today you ran into me, Yuan Yuan."

"Let me tell you, I've worn a lot of Versace's clothes, I know the brand too well."

"I have a hundred ways to tear you down."

Yuan Yuan smiled coldly, then walked over towards the middle-aged man and proudly said, "You said you are the director of Versace's Yunzhou branch, if that's true, then you should know the model of your Versace clothes as well as the price point, right?"

"In that case, the one I'm wearing is the Versace brand, so tell me, how much is this shirt worth to me?"

The man didn't answer at first, but looked at Yuan Yuan, then reached out and touched the material of the dress on Yuan Yuan's body, then said, "This lady, I'm afraid you don't have any misunderstanding about our brand?"

"Your clothes, whether it's the material, or the workmanship, or the stitching in the details, are far from our authentic coats.Therefore, it's simply not a dress produced by our Versace."

"However, if you have to let me put a price on your clothes.The cost of the coat you're wearing is about ninety dollars.The market price is estimated to be between one hundred and eighty and two hundred and fifty."

"Bullshit!"The middle-aged man's words had just fallen, but Yuan Yuan couldn't sit still.

The whole person was like a cat that had fried its hair, and got up to yell at the man.

"I spent twenty thousand yuan on clothes, and you say the cost is just ninety yuan?"

"It's nonsense!"

"Just an uneducated fool!"

"And don't you dare say that what I'm wearing isn't Versace's?"

"Could it be that you're blind and don't recognize this brand on your shirt?"

Yuan Yuan roared in anger.

This dress but she had saved months of living expenses before finally biting the bullet and buying it for eighteen thousand from a WeChat friend who specialized in WeChat seafood.

It's said that the domestic market price is around twenty-five thousand.

It was only a few thousand dollars cheaper because of the tariffs avoided by the sea.

Now that the clothes she had spent a lot of money on were said to be a piece of junk, Yuan Yuan was of course furious.

You know, just now she was using this dress of hers to show superiority in front of Qiu Mu Orange.

Now that this middle-aged man was talking like this, wasn't this hitting her in the face?

"I know the sign, naturally."

"But that doesn't prove anything?"

"It only proves that the one you bought is a high-fashion counterfeit of our Versace."The middle-aged man looked bland and continued to speak.

Each sentence was only like a sharp knife, piercing into the deepest part of Yuan Yuan's heart.

"I'll go to Nima!"

"You're the forger, your whole family is a forger!"

"Mu Orange, now you should know that this guy is posing as an official Versace, right?"

"If he's really an official Versace man, how could he not recognize the real thing as a fake?"

Yuan Yuan's entire body was simply furious, and sharp curses echoed through the living room.

However, the man didn't explain anything more, just the work card he took out from his bosom.

"If you still don't believe me, you can log on to the official Versace website, look for the phone number to call from above, and ask if the director of Versace's Yunzhou branch is me, Zhang Ping."

The man's words were hurled with a great deal of force, and he was not afraid of real gold.

Seeing that work card, Yuan Yuan instantly stared at it.

Could it really be that it was really the official director of Versace?

"There I go, Yuan Yuan, I found out, and it's really him."

"On the official website, there's also a picture of him!"

"Exactly the same!"

"This Zhang Ping is indeed Versace's official supervisor in Yunzhou."Behind him, once again came Situ Feng's voice.

At this point, Yuan Yuan was speechless.

The arrogance from before dissipated, and her pretty face reddened, but she was unable to say a single word.

In her heart, only shame and confusion remained.

She couldn't figure it out.

If what this Zhang Ping said was true, why would a big international executive personally come to the door and tailor a wimp's wife?

"Now, it's time to get out of the way and get out of my way, isn't it?"When Zhang Ping said coldly, Yuan Yuan no longer dared to speak and made way for her.

Zhang Ping, on the other hand, led the two assistants towards the front.

However, halfway there, Zhang Ping turned back and said, "This lady, if you don't know that what you have is a fake, I advise you to call the police, you might be able to recover your losses."

"In addition, our brand is positioned at the high-end crowd.If you don't have the purchasing power, we advise you not to consume blindly.Some crooks have caught your kind of mentality of having no money but pretending to be big spenders and greedy for small bargains, and that is why they have become so popular in the market."

Listening to Zhang Ping's words, Yuan Yuan did not reply, nor did she have the face to reply.

The old face reddened and only felt humiliated.I could not wait to dig a crack in the ground to get in.

Ye Fan, who had been silent, shook his head and laughed at this time, "Miss Yuan, it seems that your clothes that cost tens of thousands of yuan are not as good as this one on my Mu Orange ah."

"Although what Mu Orange is wearing isn't a big brand, it's at least the real thing."

"It's better than some people who wear a fake outfit and show off everywhere."

Ye Fan said as he lightly sipped his tea.

Just now Yuan Yuan had been intentionally or unintentionally humiliating Qiu Mu Orange, but Ye Fan had seen it all in his eyes.

His own wife, how could he allow her to be humiliated?

Naturally, Ye Fan wants to get back this face for Qiu Mu Orange!


But Yuan Yuan was instantly exploded.

It was just said by Zhang Ping, but now a wimp's son-in-law, who also dared to insult her?

"How dare you talk about me, you wimp?What right do you have to mock me, a loser?Yes, I was ill-informed and bought fake goods, but the 18,000 yuan was actually spent by my husband.As for you, are you willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy clothes for Mu Orange?I'm afraid you're a soft-core loser who has to ask for a hundred bucks by giving it to his wife, right?"

"And you've got the nerve to be sarcastic?"

"It's not too late to mock my mother when you have the power to make Supervisor Versace come to her door in person for you!"

Yuan Yuan scolded disdainfully.

Situ Feng even snickered repeatedly.

The matter of Qiu Mu Orange marrying a wimp had long been spread among the group of classmates now.

In their opinion, even if this supervisor really came to cut clothes for Qiu Mu Orange today, it had absolutely nothing to do with Ye Fan.

A door-to-door son-in-law, with no money and no status, people's supervisor Fan Sizhe was blind to come after him.

Presumably, a certain Qiu Mu Orange's suitor invited him here to please Qiu Mu Orange.

Of course, it would have been just fine if this Ye Fan didn't utter a word, Yuan Yuan and her couple didn't care about this kind of waste.

But now, who would have thought that this wimp would take the initiative to pick a fight?

Isn't this asking for abuse?

"Yuan Yuan, don't be angry with yourselves."

"This one wimp is just a wimp, what's the point of meeting him."

"You guys eat your food first."Han Li reassured Yuan Yuan.

Then she looked at her daughter and wondered, "Mu Orange, this Versace official, did you invite him?"

Qiu Mu Orange shook her head: "No."

In fact, Qiu Mu Orange had been wondering from the beginning, why this official Versace person had somehow come to their house.

"Ye Fan, did you invite them?"Qiu Mu Orange looked at Ye Fan again.


Hearing Qiu Mu Orange's words, Yuan Yuan, who had just looked ashamed, puffed out a laugh.

"Mu Orange, how dare you even think?"

"It's not like you don't know how much of a husband you have."

"Just him, I guess he went into the store and was kicked right out."

"If this Head Manager Zhang was invited by him, my husband and I would immediately jump from this fifth floor."

Yuan Yuan snorted with disdain.

"You are, Mr. Ye?"

However, right after Yuan Yuan's words, Zhang Ping, upon hearing Ye Fan's name, looked like he was in a state of shock and walked towards Ye Fan and bowed down.

The audience was immediately silent.

Yuan Yuan and his wife were even more old-eyed.

I thought, is this director really invited by Ye Fan?

This smack in the face came too quickly, catching Yuan Yuan and his wife by surprise at all.

Qiu Mu Orange's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Han Li, were also flabbergasted, looking at the scene in front of them with odd eyes.

"Supervisor Zhang, you guys have made a mistake, right?"

"This Ye Fan is a wimp, where does he deserve to be called Mr. Ye?"Yuan Yuan's heart was clogged and asked Zhang Ping again.


Zhang Ping immediately shouted loudly, scaring Yuan Yuan and the others into turning white.

"If Young Master were here, just that one sentence you just said would be enough to have you thrown down from the fifth floor!"

Zhang Ping's words frightened Yuan Yuan and his wife so much that they dared not speak again.

Zhang Ping, however, respectfully gave a design to Ye Fan for his perusal.

It was the ceremonial dress designed for Qiu Mu Orange.

The style and shape have been designed, now as long as we have Qiu Mu orange's three circumference and body size, we can go back and step up the production.

Ye Fan looked at it, "Mm, not bad."

"Little Fei does have a good heart, the person you found is quite reliable."

Hearing Ye Fan's praise, Zhang Pington was overjoyed.

Before coming here, Shen Fei had specifically instructed that this Mr. Ye Fan Ye was a big hidden figure, and he must be respected.

Even the crown prince of the Shen family was in awe of the big man, so Zhang Ping naturally did not dare to provoke him even more.

"Then Mr. Ye, on Madam's side, am I allowed?"Zhang Ping asked carefully.

Measuring Autumn Mu Orange, naturally, he had to ask for Ye Fan's permission.

Ye Fan nodded, then said to Qiu Mu Orange, "Mu Orange, Head Manager Zhang has come a long way, so just cooperate, right?"

"Evan, what's going on?"Qiu Mu Orange, however, was in the clouds, not knowing what the hell Ye Fan was up to.

Ye Fan smiled, "This, don't ask for now, you'll know later."

Although confused, Qiu Mu Orange was downright cooperative.

Zhang Ping then asked his assistant to start tailoring clothes for Qiu Mu Orange.

Yuan Yuan, who was on the side, looked on and was undoubtedly very unhappy.

Previously, she was showing off a Versace brand name dress, but who would have thought that the one she was wearing immediately after became a fake, while the Versace official instead tailored Qiu Mu Orange's clothes.

This certainly made Yuan Yuan feel shameless, only to feel a sense of anger to be compared to Qiu Mu orange.

However, Yuan Yuan was unwilling to be outdone by Qiu Mu Orange like this.

Then, continuing to smile, "Mu Orange, a dress is just a dress, wear it for a few months and then get a new one.This kind of thing, as long as it looks good, it's actually similar to what brand you wear."

"On a woman's body, the most important thing is still gold and silver jewelry.Especially for a married woman like us, it's especially important to wear a good diamond ring."

"Just like this diamond ring on my hand, my husband spent three hundred thousand dollars to buy it for me in Southeast Asia, a fine crystal diamond."

"Mu Orange, you have to work fast.Your husband can't count on it, you have to make your own money, even if you can't afford to buy 300,000, you have to buy a diamond ring of 20,000 or 30,000 for yourself, a woman can't treat herself badly."The diamond ring that Shen Fei had given to her before, Qiu Mu Orange had always felt ashamed of it and always wanted to find an opportunity to return it to Shen Fei, so she rarely wore it.

Now looking at Qiu Mu Orange's bare fingers, Yuan Yuan naturally took this as a sarcastic remark.

"Three hundred thousand?"

"This lady, you've bought too much!"

"This diamond ring of yours is worth five thousand at most."

At this time, a voice came quietly.

Subsequently, outside the door, a competent woman wearing an OL suit, but stepped on high heels and walked in.

She just a few words, but it was like a slap on Yuan Yuan's face.

Yuan Yuan's face turned black then, annoyed, "Who are you again?"

"What makes you think my diamond ring is worth five thousand!"

Yuan Yuan was almost dying of anger.

She had just lost someone, and now she wanted to get back her face from the diamond ring, but who would have thought that the pussy would be slapped right back before she even grabbed to play.

The woman ignored her, and after looking around, she immediately walked towards Ye Fan, "Mr. Ye, I'm the chief jewelry designer of the Shen Group, Si Li Li."

"By the young master's order, I'm here to deliver the design drawings to Mr. Shen, please read them!"


Shen's Jewelry?

Chief Designer?

"I'm going to Nima, right?"

"Bullshit this!"

"Shen is a multi-billion dollar group, so the chief designer would know a wimp?"Yuan Yuan directly scolded.

Situ Feng also then echoed, "That's right!"

"I'm also an employee of the Shen Group, if you're the Group's chief jewelry designer, why haven't I met you?"

"You're just afraid that this punk hired an actor to act for us on purpose!"

"Oh, yeah?Have you seen me then?"As soon as Situ Feng's words fell, outside the door of the room, there was a figure that quietly appeared.


A handsome young man with starry eyebrows and sword eyes, with a few unrestrained smiles on his lips, strolled in with his hands in his pockets, guarded by two bodyguards behind him.

Seeing this person, Situ Feng was suddenly shocked.

"Shen...Young Master Shen?"

Situ Feng stared at the question and lost his voice.

When Shen Fei heard this, he shook his head and smiled, "It seems that you do know me."

"Young Master Shen Fei is the future head of the Shen Group, the Prince of the Shen Family.Not to mention that I am a member of the group, even in the entire Yunzhou, Young Master Shen is definitely a well-known figure of the moment ah."

"Even if I, Situ Feng, am even more ignorant, then I would definitely recognize my own young proprietor."

Situ Feng was full of smiles and looked terrified to the core.

He never dreamed that he would meet the youngest owner of their group here?

Shen Fei was a high-profile and unrestrained person, and there really weren't many people in the entire Shen Clan who didn't know Shen Fei.

Yuan Yuan was also giving Shen Fei a low-brow greeting at the side.

The two of them, just in front of Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, had a few points of superiority.

In front of Shen Fei, that bit of pride naturally vanished!

After all, even if Situ Feng was powerful, he was still working under someone else's hand.

One had to bow one's head when one was under a roof!

Faced with the salutations of Situ Feng and his wife, Shen Fei remained calm and smiled almost jocularly, "Your name is Situ Feng?"

"I was just outside and I heard you say the word waste, I don't know, who were you talking about?"

"No, no, no, young master, don't misunderstand, I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about him."Situ Feng seemed to be afraid that Shen Fei would misunderstand, and quickly explained that he was scolding Ye Fan waste.

"Oh?Calling him useless?"Shen Fei was confused, "People have healthy limbs and all five organs, so how come they're useless?"

"Young Master Shen, you don't know it yet.This guy is one of our famous wimps in Yunzhou.A grown man, shameless as a door-to-door son-in-law not to mention, but also lazy all day long, eating soft food at home and relying on his wife to support him, no job, no progress."

Situ Feng said evenly.

In the middle of the conversation, he also poured a cup of tea to Shen Fei with a stammering face.

As Shen Fei listened, the smile on his appearance became even greater: "So that's how it is.Then, what do you think, this wimp you speak of, how does he compare to you?"

"This..."Situ Feng smiled heedlessly, somewhat embarrassed to answer.

After all, it was always a bit bad to praise oneself.

At such times, the importance of wives came to the fore.

As expected, Yuan Yuan picked up the conversation, then smiled and said, "Young Master Shen, naturally, this can't be compared to my husband, Feng."

"Feng is young and promising, not even thirty years old, and he is already working as a project manager in the Shen Group."

"With dozens of people in charge under his hands."

"He has a successful career and is the pillar of the family."

"Conscientious and aggressive."

"And that Ye Fan, just a loser who eats soft food, compared to my husband, that's a cloud of difference, it's a hundred thousand miles."

Yuan Yuan said proudly, and in between her words, she even looked at Qiu Mu Orange Ye Fan and the two of them like a show-off.

That way, it was as if she was telling Qiu Mu Orange, do you hear me, this is the huge difference between your husband and my husband.

Ye Fan did not speak, still sitting there quietly drinking tea.

Qiu Mu Orange, on the other hand, was looking at Yuan Yuan with an inexplicable gaze.

As for the Han Li couple, the more they listened, the more humiliated they felt.Han Li's gaze towards Ye Fan could not wait to cut him to pieces with a thousand cuts.

It was true that as long as her own daughter didn't divorce this wimp, their family would be looked down upon.

Shen Fei listened and nodded, "So this is what you guys are leaning on."

"Just because your husband has a job and Miss Qiu's husband doesn't have a job, you guys look down on people and think that they are losers."

"In that case..."

Shen Fei paused while picking up his phone and called the group's HR director, "Director Meng, this is Shen Fei."

"That, isn't there an employee in our group, called Situ Feng?"

"Fire him."

"Our group, we don't take dog-eyed fools."

"Young Master, you...You this "Situ Feng listened, and his old face turned green then.

However, at that moment, the phone call from the personnel director of Shen's group had already come in.

"Situ Feng is it?"

"Take time to settle your pay tomorrow."

"After that, just get out of here."

"Don't, Director, I..."Situ Feng was on the verge of tears and quickly explained, but where did the other party pay attention and just hung up.

In the end, only the confused and terrified Situ Feng and his wife were left, startled there.

Shen Fei looked over and smiled teasingly at the pale faced Situ Feng and Yuan Yuan, "Well, now your husband is also jobless."

"In the future, you can also call your husband a wimp."

"Don't, young master.You tell me where I'm wrong, can't I change, don't you kick me out ah?My family is all dependent on this salary I have."Situ Feng was on the verge of tears, begging incessantly to Shen Fei.

Yuan Yuan was also full of miserable color begging to Shen Fei.

They car loan and mortgage millions, all counting on Situ Feng those wages it.

Now that the job is gone, how can they live in the future?

"Young Master Shen, did I say something wrong somewhere?"

"I don't get it, I really don't~"

Yuan Yuan and his wife were still begging.

But where did Shen Fei pay attention to them and pushed the couple away.

"Obtrusive things, get out of my way?"

"You're in the way of this young master!"

After scolding Shen Fei, he whirled towards Ye Fan and bowed down, "Brother Fan, our men were not blind and offended you, we used them inappropriately, I'm sorry."



For a moment, there was silence.

Yuan Yuan and Situ Feng were startled in place, their eyes huge as if they had been struck by lightning.

Only now did the two of them understand why Shen Fei was acting like this towards them?

So it's because of Ye Fan!

"But...But young master, this Qiu Mu Orange's husband is a wimp."

"Born in the countryside, or a door-to-door son-in-law, why are you cheapening yourself and calling him brother ah?"

Yuan Yuan's eyes were crimson red, jealousy rising in her heart, and she was very puzzled.


Hearing that this Yuan Yuan still didn't know whether she was alive or dead as Ye Fan, Shen Fei was immediately furious and kicked the woman out the door.

"A thing that doesn't know whether it's dead or alive, what kind of person would dare to insult?"

"And dare to ask me why?"

"Van and I have been brothers of the opposite sex since we first met, so who am I to call out to if not his brother?Is it any wonder you call that trash husband of yours your brother?"

"What an idiot!"

Shen Fei cursed furiously.

He didn't expect that it was already now, but this Yuan Yuan was still here opening and closing her mouth to insult Ye Fan.

It was also because Brother Fan didn't bother with them, otherwise, this couple would have died many times already.

The esteem of Jiangdong, they even dared to insult?


After being lectured by Shen Fei, Yuan Yuan and her husband were undoubtedly much more honest.

After getting up from the ground, they no longer dared to say much.

Ye Fan didn't bother with them either, but asked Qiu Mu Orange to work with the few staff members that Shen Fei had brought along to take all the measurements.

"Young Master Shen, you're not trying to give me a gift again, are you?"

"But don't."

"That ring last time, we can't afford it anymore."

"If you give it away again, I'm afraid that the two of us, Ye Fan and I, won't be able to repay this favor for the rest of our lives."

After seeing Shen Fei appear, Qiu Mu Orange was undoubtedly instantly aware.

Knowing that these people were all called by Shen Fei.,.

The official chief executive of Versace was something that only a curmudgeon like Shen Fei could hire.

"Don't, Mu Orange."

"How can there be any reason to turn away someone's heart, Young Master Shen?"

And Hanley's eyes lit up.

Only thought that this was a good sign.

Shen Fei personally came to the door to measure his own daughter, so I'm afraid this wasn't an interest in her.

If her own daughter could marry this kind of person, their family would not be able to soar to great heights in the future?

Thinking of this, Han Li was even more excited and greatly pleased.

She even got up and enthusiastically served tea to Cheng Shen Fei.

"Young Master Shen, have some tea."

"Excellent Mao-tip!"

"How about a thousand pounds?"

"Bought it specifically for you."

Han Li had been buying this tea for a while, and it was still for Ye Fan in the first place.Thought that Ye Fan knew Han Dongmin and wanted to get herself a civil servant position through Ye Fan's relationship with Han Dongmin.

Later naturally fell through.

But this Mao Jian tea Han Li is always put, home to a VIP guests, Han Li will brew a little out to greet.

Every time the bragging line is the same.

"Thank you auntie."

Not to mention, Shen Fei is really a little thirsty, took it from Han Li and was about to drink, but found that there is no tea on the side of Ye Fan.

Shen Fei then smiled and handed this tea over to Ye Fan, "Brother Fan, you drink it."


"Young Master Shen, what are you doing to him?"

"I made this especially for you."

"He's a wimp, how does he deserve this kind of tea?"Han Li ton snatched it up, a cup of tea but didn't even bother to give it to Ye Fan.

"Mom, you've had enough!"

"It's just a cup of tea, isn't it?"

"Won't you just make another cup and be done with it, so why grab it again?"

Qiu Mu Orange felt displeased and only felt humiliated.

How did she end up with such a strange mother.

"What kind of words are you saying?"

"I have a fine Mao Jian tea!"

"Young Master Shen's drink is due, people have given you so many gifts.They even hired a designer to tailor clothes and jewelry for you."

"And that trash Ye Fan, what right does he have to drink?"

"I haven't seen him give you any gifts in three years of marriage.It's not as good as someone being an outsider."

"If I were you, I would have already kicked this loser and gone after Young Master Shen Fei."

"Don't~" Han Li had just finished saying this, Shen Fei then a mouthful of tea directly spewed out, the whole person almost cried in fear.

In his heart, he was furiously cursing Han Li for this old woman's harm to him.

If it wasn't for the fact that this old woman was Ye Fan's mother-in-law, Shen Fei would have kicked up at this time.

Who was Ye Fan?

Yunzhou Li Er and Jianghai Chen Ao all worship him, what a great man.

You miss Brother Fan's wife?

Wouldn't that be suicide?

As expected, Shen Fei had felt Ye Fan's gradually cold gaze at this time.

Shen Fei hurriedly explained, "Auntie, we can mess up our meals, but don't talk nonsense ah."

"Miss Qiu's natural beauty, I, Shen Fei, am a mere mortal, that is worthy of Miss Qiu."

"As for today's matter, Miss Qiu, don't misunderstand."

"I have a friend who gives you a similar figure, and I wanted to surprise her with a set of clothes tailored for her.That's why I took the liberty of coming here to interrupt and tailor her clothes according to your figure."

"Now that it's all done, we'll be heading back."

"Brother Fan, sister-in-law, if you have anything to do in the future, feel free to call me."

Today's matter, Ye Fan asked Shen Fei to keep it a secret.

Therefore, before coming here, Shen Fei had already thought of a way to say it, so naturally it was easy to muddle through.

"Hey, Young Master Shen, is this the way to go?"

"What's the rush?"

"It's not easy to come here, let Mu Orange accompany you to watch a movie and then go back."Shen Fei had already gone downstairs, but Han Li was still shouting unwillingly.

Married and letting her own daughter accompany other men to eat and watch movies, in the entire Yunzhou, I'm afraid that Han Li is the only one.


"Mu Orange, I thought your husband was good enough to call in the official Versace to measure you?"

"After messing around for half a day, it turned out to be someone Young Master Shen called out to."

"A wimp is a wimp after all."

"And that dress, it doesn't seem like it was custom made for you."

"Empty joy, ah."

After seeing the situation clearly, the envy and jealousy that Yuan Yuan originally had for Qiu Mu Orange in her heart undoubtedly disappeared in an instant, her mind much more balanced.

"Miss Yuan Yuan, don't care who called for this person and who the clothes were made for."

"It's better to care about your husband's work first."Ye Fan replied indifferently.

Yuan Yuan's face, however, was suddenly ugly.

"Hmph, aren't you a loser who doesn't have a job too, what qualifications do you have to look down on my husband?"

"Do you really think that we're afraid of you just because you've gotten on Young Master Shen's thigh?"

"You're not capable of doing anything yourself, even if you do befriend a big shot, you're just a dog in the eyes of others."

Yuan Yuan said with a cold snort.

Then, she looked at Qiu Mu Orange: ""Mu Orange, you're a door-to-door husband wimp, but your mouth is quite poisonous."

"This kind of man, if you don't kick it, what's the point of keeping it?"

Yuan Yuan said exasperatedly, while handing an invitation to Autumn Mu Orange.

"Mu Orange, this is the invitation for tomorrow night's class reunion."

"It's at the Millennium Dragon Hotel, five-star."

"Don't worry about the expenses, all the expenses will be paid for by our class president back then, Fan Zhongxiong."

"And the class president specifically said that you must be invited to tomorrow night's class reunion."

"By the way, our class president is still single oh."

Yuan Yuan winked at Qiu Mu Orange with a meaningful smile.

But Qiu Mu Orange looked different: "What does it have to do with me whether he's single or not?"

"Mu Orange, just play dumb you."

"Whether it matters or not, you'll naturally know tomorrow night."Yuan Yuan smiled inexplicably.

After saying that, Yuan Yuan also left.

And Han Li, who clearly heard the meaning of Yuan Yuan's words, kept asking Yuan Yuan Yuan, who is Fan Zhongxing?

What family?What's it for?What do you drive?

"Daughter, Young Master Shen is beyond our reach."

"But this Fan Zhongxiong, we can make an effort."

"The Millennium Dragon is a five-star hotel, and your class president is overbearingly paying the bill, so he must be a man of much money and wealth."

"Tomorrow night's class reunion, you must take advantage of it."


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