Dish Best Served Cold 547-550


Chapter 547

"Mom, what are you babbling about?"

"I'm married."

"Whether someone is single or not, whether they have money or not, has nothing to do with me."Qiu Mu Orange was unhappy.

"What's wrong with being married?"

"You can leave even if you're married!"

"Mu Orange, you don't really want to spend the rest of your life with this wimp Ye Fan, do you?"

"Haven't you been wronged and ridiculed enough over the years because of him?"

"Even if you don't think about yourself, you have to think about the two oldest members of my family."

"We're all getting our spines poked when we walk around the block now~"

"In any case, no matter what, you and this wimp are going to get a divorce sooner or later."

Han Li yelled at Qiu Mu Orange.

To Ye Fan, Han Li and her husband were undoubtedly disgusted to the core.

They were all very unhappy with Ye Fan in the beginning, and today Ye Fan even dared to kick their footwash basin, which naturally made the two elders even more unhappy with him.

"Mom, Ye Fan is not as bad as you think."

"He's all skill, just less opportunities."

Qiu Mu Orange explained for Ye Fan.

"Just him?"

"And a skill?"

"If he's really good at it, why did he have to be a wimp for three years?!"

"Let's not talk about anything else, but for your birthday, has this loser ever given you anything of note?"

"What year do you celebrate your birthday and it's not all reduced to a joke."

"After three years of marriage, I haven't even bought a car, let alone a house."

"And yet you're still squeezing into a room with us old folks and taking public transportation."

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

"This kind of wimp, you're the only one who still holds him as a treasure."Han Li looked despicable.

When Qiu Mu Orange saw the situation, she knew that it was useless to say anything more, so she only turned around and went back to her room in anger herself, not paying any more attention to Han Li.

After dinner, Ye Fan gave Qiu Mu Orange a fruit plate.

As Ye Fan turned around to leave, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly pulled him in.

"Ye Fan, let's move out."

"I don't want to live with Mom and Dad and the others anymore."

"Tomorrow, I'll give you a sum of money, so you can go out and look for an apartment."

"We'll rent an apartment for now."

"After the company's side is well-funded and the salary is paid out, we'll buy our own first house in installments."

Now Mufan Real Estate was just starting out, and needed to smash money to capture the market, although it had financed to a lot of money before, but it was basically spent out, and Autumn Mu Orange was really not easy on hand.

Ye Fan listened, not rushing to answer.

Instead, he looked over and softly asked, "Mu Orange, tell me, what do you want, what kind of life do you want?"

Outside the window, the night was cool as water.

The bright moonlight, faintly sprinkled down.

And Ye Fan's words, as if they carried a special magic, flowed slowly through the room.

Qiu Mu Orange didn't know why Ye Fan would suddenly ask this.

But she thought about it, but she really answered it as well.

"I'm not afraid of you laughing if I say it."

"When I was little, I fantasized that I would become a princess in the future."

"To live in the highest place in Yunzhou, to be adored by all the stars, to be the envy of all."

"And then find my own Prince Charming.On my birthday, he'll set off three thousand fireworks for me and make flowers bloom all over the city."

"I thought that if I worked hard, my fantasy life would be closer and closer to me."

"But who would have thought that the older I got, the more I realized that that dream I had when I was young was getting farther and farther away."

The low and slow words were like heavenly music flowing.

Qiu Mu Orange stood by the window.

Outside, there were ten thousand lights and the starry river was brilliant.

But the girl here, but the corner of her mouth with a few points of loss and self-deprecation.

Which woman, doesn't want to marry a prince and become a princess?

Qiu Mu Orange had to admit that Ye Fan was indeed not the Prince Charming that her young heart had expected.

However, Qiu Mu Orange was also contented.

Life wasn't a fairy tale, how many people could actually marry a noble prince!

Ye Fan, on the other hand, may be ordinary, may be from a humble background, but his goodness to himself was something that Qiu Mu Orange could really and truly feel.

What's more, after three years of morning and night life, Ye Fan had already melted into her life and into her heart.

Now, even if there really was a prince who opened his arms to Qiu Mu Orange, she was afraid that she wouldn't go with him anymore.


After a long silence, however, Ye Fan only returned a good word.

Qiu Mu Orange was slightly stunned, she didn't know what this word "good" of Ye Fan's actually meant.

"But Evan, don't think too much about it."

"You're not a prince, but I'm not a princess either."

"I don't feel aggrieved by marrying you."

"These three years, we've been through so much together.I only hope that, in the future, the two of us will continue to walk with determination."

"Maybe the life in front of us isn't good enough, but as long as we try.I believe that our life will get better in the future."

"The car will be there, and the house will be bought."

"When the company is stable, we can also have a child."

As Qiu Mu Orange said that, her pretty face had lowered.

The fair jade face was already blushing with shame.

Too many things had happened during this period of time.

She had cried, laughed, and even thought of giving up.

But fortunately, Ye Fan had been silently guarding her.

And that was precisely why this man in front of her had entered the heart of Qiu Mu Orange.

I don't know when it started, but Qiu Mu Orange found herself no longer resisting the fact that Ye Fan was her husband.

Now even more so, he had taken the initiative to mention that he wanted children.

Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was as red as fire, and she lowered her head, remaining silent for a long time.

The room was unusually quiet, and Qiu Mu Orange could even hear the banging of her heart.

After a long silence, Qiu Mu Orange summoned her courage and whispered, "Ye Fan, that, tonight, you come sleep on the bed."

Ye Fan didn't answer.

"May I?"Autumn Mu Orange lowered her head and asked again.

Still, no one responded.


Qiu Mu Orange was confused for a moment and raised her head to look around.

Only then did she discover that the room was already empty.

That guy Ye Fan, however, did not know when he had already left.


"This bastard~"

"I'm pissed off!"

"Without even saying goodbye?"

"Thanks to Miss Ben's courage just now."

Qiu Mu Orange was close to dying of anger.

In order to vent, she slammed on the door with a bang.

In the end, she was still not relieved and cleaved Ye Fan on WeChat to scold him.

Only then did he exhale and sleep with the blanket over his head.

And Ye Fan, after returning to the study, immediately gave Li Er a call.

"Mr. Chu, I'm not in Yunzhou right now, so I can't pick up for you, please forgive me."Li Er said respectfully.

"Cut the crap!"

"Li Er, I'm asking you, which is the most luxurious villa in Yunzhou?"Ye Fan asked.

Li Er thought, "Mr. Chu, it's Genting Mountain Villa!"

"A luxury villa built on the highest point of Yunzhou."

"Due to the high selling price, for ten years, no one has ever bought it."

"Fine, let's have it.Tomorrow, buy it without bothering about the price."

"What?"Li Er was shocked when he heard, "Mr. Chu, that villa is priced at nearly fifty billion.Are you serious about buying it?"

Ye Fan heard it and sneered.

"I can even give her the world, so what is this fifty billion?"


On the other end of the phone, the corner of Li Er's eye is secretly twitching.

I just feel that Mr. Chu can give full marks for this pushy act!

What else could Li Er say, as Ye Fan spoke, he could only respond.

"Okay, Mr. Chu."

"This Genting Mountain Villa, I, Li Er, will definitely give Mr. Chu the opportunity to take it as soon as possible!"

After hanging up the phone, Li Er then immediately operated.

Fifty billion, even for Li Er, it was by no means a small amount.

But Li Er didn't dare to complain, after all, everything that Li Er had today was thanks to Ye Fan.

What's more, after the Taishan martial battle, a large portion of the assets of the richest man in Jiangdong, Zhao Wuji, was in Li Er's charge.The total value was over a hundred billion, and now using fifty billion of it, Li Er would naturally be able to take it!


At this time, the wind was bitterly cold.

Outside the window, the night was silent.

Ye Fan stood proudly by the window, his deep eyes, but reflecting the sea of thousands of stars.

"Mu Orange, soon, whatever you want, I, Ye Fan, will give it to you."

"In these three years, all the humiliation and grievances you've suffered because of me, before I leave, I will also help you get it back!"

The words were ghostly and drifted far away on the night breeze.

The next morning!

A piece of news that exploded throughout Yunzhou City.

Mr. Chu had thrown fifty billion dollars and taken, in one fell swoop, the Cloud Peak Villa!

For a time, Yunzhou was a sensation!

On the television, on the news, there were reports about this matter everywhere.

It was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea, and the matter instantly set off huge waves throughout Yunzhou City.


"Genting Mountain Villa was filmed?"



"It's been ten years!"

"There were many visitors to the villa over the course of ten years, but none of them had the financial resources to take it!"

"Back then, even the richest man in Jiangdong didn't have the heart to take 50 billion to buy a villa."

"Now, finally a divine hero has fallen from the sky."

"The Genting Mountain villa that has been vacant for ten years finally has a master!"

"Worthy of being Mr. Chu~"


"I'm going!"

"Fifty billion, half of Shen, and you just said you'd take it?"

"Mr. Chu is awesome!"

"Claiming Jiangdong and throwing ten billion dollars."

"Mr. Chu, it is my Yunzhou True Dragon!"


"A great man, when it is as well~"


There was talk and clamor everywhere.

The entire Yunzhou City was undoubtedly deeply impressed by this Mr. Chu's boldness .

For countless days and nights afterwards, I don't know how many lady's maidens were infatuated with him .

Yearning and dreaming, they all wanted to become Mr. Chu's woman, to enter the Villa of Cloud Peak Mountain, to completely ascend to the top of Yunzhou, to become Yunzhou's, and also Jiangdong's, Empress!

Willow Garden neighborhood.

Ye Fan's family was still having breakfast, and after Han Li learned the news from the TV, she became nonchalant and her eyes turned red with envy.

"Fifty billion, just to buy a villa?!"

"Oh my God."

"How rich must this be!"

"Worthy of being Mr. Chu, huh?"

"If my daughter were to marry Mr. Chu, I, Han Li, would be waking up laughing in my sleep."


"It's a pity that our Mu Orange is so shallowly blessed that he ended up marrying a wimp."

"Not to mention spending 50 billion on a villa, he can't even afford a toilet."

"His whole life has been delayed by this loser."

Han Li was filled with envy and jealousy.

In the middle of the conversation, Han Li but then saw Ye Fan on the side without uttering a word, moping there to eat, and suddenly Han Li was all angry.

"You're a wimp, you still have the face to eat?"

"Look at people, and then look at you!"

"The same person, but the difference between heaven and earth."

"You trash, you have a big heart."

"Simply an indisputable fool!"

"If I were you, I'd have run over the south wall long ago."

Hanley was furious and cursed.

"That's enough Mom, you need to stop talking!"

"Mr. Chu is the sky of Jiangdong, the dragon of our Yunzhou, majestic and dignified.There aren't many people in the entire Jiangdong who can compare to him."

"You're comparing Ye Fan to him, how can you possibly compare!"

Don't you let people be clean in the morning, Autumn Mu Orange put down her chopsticks then raged.


As soon as Qiu Mu Orange's voice trailed off, suddenly the phone rang.

It was Suzy calling.


"Mu Orange, did you see that news?"

"It's Mr. Chu!"

"Mr. Chu hey~"

"The Genting Mountain villa was bought by Mr. Chu."

"Do you think that Mr. Chu bought it for me?"

"You know, I've always wanted to live there."

"It's the Cloud Peak Mountain Villa, the highest place in the entire Cloud State."

"If you can live there, you're the emperor of Yunzhou.And I'm the Queen of Cloud State."


Suzy had undoubtedly gone crazy with excitement at this point, and as soon as the call was connected, she couldn't wait to express the endless excitement and joy in her heart to Qiu Mu Orange.

Ye Fan on the side listened with his eyes drawn straight.

I think this woman, Su Xi, is really a self-made woman.

I'll buy you a villa, what kind of face do you have?

Autumn Mu Orange was speechless even as she listened.

But she wasn't surprised.

After all, her own lady friend had been worshipping Mr. Chu for not just a day or two, and ever since the Taishan Martial Battle, Suzy had made Mr. Chu her lifelong pursuit.

Now, Mr. Chu threw a lot of money to buy the Genting Mountain Villa.

This undoubtedly means that in the future, Mr. Chu will settle down in Yunzhou.

It is strange that Suzy is not excited that her idol is so close to her.

"Come on, you crazy woman."

"Just like you, is it any wonder Mr. Chu is attracted to you?"

"Behave yourself, will you?"

Qiu Mu Orange was speechless.

Of course she wouldn't think that Mr. Chu bought the Genting Mountain Villa for Suzy.

Genting Mountain Villa represented the highest place of power in Yunzhou, and it was a place where every woman wanted to live, and Qiu Mu Orange had thought the same ten years ago, hoping that one day she could live inside and become the Queen of Yunzhou.

Therefore, Suzy's desire to live there had nothing to do with Mr. Chu buying a villa from someone else at all.

"Alright, alright, if there's nothing else, I'll hang up first."

"I still have to eat?"Autumn Mu Orange, however, didn't bother to waste time with Suzy and was about to hang up the phone.

"Hey, Mu Orange, don't hang up yet."

"I forgot to tell you business!"Suzy quickly called out to Autumn Mu Orange.

A moment later.


"Something happened at the construction site?"

"Which construction site?"


"You call the police first."

"I'll be right there!"

After hearing Suzy's words, Autumn Mu Orange instantly changed color.

And then, not caring about breakfast, she changed into her clothes and picked up her bag, and ran down the stairs in a flurry.

"Mu Orange, what's wrong?"

"Dinner's not finished yet?"

"This dead ninny, no matter how big it is, she has to eat her dinner~"

Han Li was shouting from behind, but Autumn Mu Orange was oblivious and had already gone downstairs to fight her way out.

Ye Fan saw the situation, his eyebrows frowned slightly.

It looked like something had happened to the company.

Worried, Ye Fan didn't continue to eat anymore and got up to leave.


"What are you doing?"

"The dishes haven't been scrubbed yet?"

"Brush the dishes before you go!"

Han Li didn't have a good command, that tone was like ordering an underling.

Ye Fan exhaled deeply, suppressing the anger rolling in his heart, and quickly finished cleaning up the dishes and took them to the kitchen to brush.

However, even so, that Han Li couple was still cursing in the living room.

"This loser is only able to brush a dish.Can't do anything else.Eating and drinking for nothing all day long, he can't earn a dime.The son-in-law of the old Wang family next door has got a new car, and this punk still rides an electric bike around all day.I'd be better off raising a dog than this piece of trash, at least the dog won't be a disgrace to us."

The tone of Han Li's voice just now when she asked Ye Fan to brush the dishes had already made Ye Fan a little unhappy.

He had endured it earlier for the sake of Qiu Mu Orange's face.But now, he was here brushing her bowl, but Han Li was still shouting there, and Ye Fan couldn't help it and his anger was burning.

The chopsticks in his hand slammed towards the ground.




Between the dishes shattering in all directions, Ye Fan's angry voice exploded, "Shut the fuck up!"

Sound like thunder!

Ye Fan's words were like a baton to the head, and Han Li and Qiu Lei's couple were immediately stunned in place.

Especially Han Li, a pair of old eyes stared at it with dead eyes.

Because of the horror, those eyes were almost bursting out!

"Don't you...Don't you dare slam the bowl at me!"

"You're a wimp, you...You've got the nerve!"

"How dare you, a son-in-law at the door, show your face at us?"

Han Li was shocked and angry.

She was shocked that her son-in-law, who had always been obedient and a loser, had actually changed into a different person since she came back.

Before, he kicked her foot basin, and now he even dares to break the bowl at her?

The anger was that Ye Fan, an incompetent superfluous son-in-law, didn't know where he had the guts to disobey her majesty?

When Ye Fan heard it, he laughed.

That smile was filled with gloom and anger.

In the end, with a bang, Ye Fan even smashed the cooking pot on the floor.

"You~ You~"

"You're a wimp, you...What the hell do you want?"

"Are you out of your mind?"

Han Li and her husband were undoubtedly nearly scared to death at this point.

They only felt that Ye Fan was afraid that he was not crazy.

After all, a let people yelled at the perverse punk, suddenly one day even broke out.

Again and again is to break the bowl and smash the pot, in addition to is crazy, Han Li really can not think of any other reason.

Ye Fan ignored her and kicked away the dishes under his feet, walking straight towards Han Li and her husband and wife.

Feeling Ye Fan's cold and majestic gaze that was completely different from before, Han Li was scared white at that moment.

She hadn't rarely seen news of some small people killing people in anger after being pushed to the limit.

Now, she was genuinely afraid that Ye Fan's psychological twist would rise up again and slaughter her.

After all, Han Li knew it in her heart, in the past three years, the couple did bully Ye Fan a lot.

What if the rabbit is desperate and bites someone?

Maybe Ye Fan will get anxious this time!

"Ye...Ye Fan, I'm warning you."

"You...Don't you dare mess with me?"

"I'm your mother-in-law, I'm the mother of Mu Orange."

"If you dare to disrespect me, Mu...Mu Orange will never let you go!"

Han Li was terrified, trembling and shouting at Ye Fan.

After a long silence, Ye Fan, however, gave a sneer.

"You should be glad that you are Mu Orange's mother!"

"Otherwise, you will definitely not live today."

The words fell, and Ye Fan flicked his sleeve and left.

Only leaving behind him, a long silence.

And it was only after Ye Fan went downstairs that the curses of Han Li and her husband and wife came from upstairs.

Apparently, they had already recovered from the fear they had just felt.

Being so offended by a trash, Han Li, at this time, was undoubtedly furious to the point of being like a mad dog whose tail had been stepped on.

He ran back to the study and directly threw Ye Fan's things off the window.

"Ye Fan, you wimp, you eat my mother, drink my mother, live my mother, and still dare to disobey me?"

"Get out!"

"From now on, you'll never enter this house again."

"I would never let a dog in even if I were to let you in!"

"Take your things and get out."

Han Li cursed harshly at Ye Fan through the window.

Ye Fan, who was downstairs, heard it and laughed coldly, "Don't worry, I won't enter this door again in the future, even if you beg me."

As his words fell, Ye Fan no longer stayed, and immediately left the Willow Garden neighborhood.

Leaving this place, where he had lived for three years and suffered three years of humiliation.

"Good for you, you wimp!"

"You've got a backbone, though."

"When you're living on the streets and have nowhere to go, don't come begging for old mother."

Hearing Ye Fan's rude words, Han Li only felt that her entire chest cavity exploded with anger and threatened angrily at Ye Fan from afar.

However, where did Han Li know that these so-called threats of hers were nothing more than jokes to Ye Fan's ears.

The whole Jiangdong is Ye Fan's sphere of influence, just one word from Ye Fan, Jianghai Chen Ao, Yunzhou Li Er, which big people will not be good enough to invite, and properly arrange a place for Ye Fan.

How would he end up on the streets?How can you be homeless?

What's more, Ye Fan was throwing fifty billion dollars today to buy the Genting Mountain Villa.

Even if no one really takes Ye Fan in, Ye Fan can still live in the Genting Mountain Villa.

Han Li's harsh words, in Ye Fan's heart, were naturally just a joke.

All these years, Ye Fan only had Qiu Mu Orange in his eyes.Therefore, for her sake, Ye Fan didn't care how other people treated him, nor did he care.

Even if he was humiliated and scolded, for the sake of his wife's face, he would endure.

Ye Fan thought that his compromise would bring understanding and good treatment from Han Li and the others.

But Ye Fan found that he was wrong.

Big mistake!

What you get in return for your own backstabbing is nothing more than Hanley and the others getting an inch!

Since this was the case, why should Ye Fan endure any longer?

Now that the Spark Project has come to an end, his ten-year hibernation will also end.

The conflict between him and the Chu family had been completely exploded in Yanjing.

Ye Fan doesn't need to keep a low profile at this time, as his departure is imminent.

All Ye Fan wanted now, before his departure, was to give Qiu Mu Orange a, boundless glory!



"Autumn Mu Orange, you have to divorce that wimp."

"I don't care!"

"If you don't divorce him, you're not my daughter."

"Mu Orange, you don't know, that loser even broke our bowl and smashed the pot in front of me."

"He's still going to beat up our old couple."

"We've let him eat and drink for nothing, raised him for so many years, and in the end, we don't know how to be grateful, but we've even avenged our kindness."

"This is a white-eyed wolf~"

"He deserves to be struck by lightning!"

Shortly after Ye Fan left, Han Li called Qiu Mu Orange to complain.

She had decided that she would do whatever it took to get Ye Fan to get lost and leave her daughter.


Han Li originally thought that Qiu Mu Orange would be like herself and angrily scold Ye Fan for being heartless.

But who would have thought that what she waited for was a furious shout from Qiu Mu Orange.

"Mom, do you think I'm an idiot?"

"Who dares to mess with you in that house of ours?"

"Ye Fan has been scolded by you for three years, has he ever had a single complaint."

"Do you think I'll believe you now when you say he's going to beat you?"and

"Mu Orange, it's true, I didn't lie to you, if you don't believe me, the bowl at home is still broken, just come back and take a look..."Han Li became anxious and explained repeatedly.

However, how could Qiu Mu Orange believe her: "Mom, I'm not in the mood to play with you right now.If you really don't want to see Ye Fan, in a few days, I'll naturally move out with him.Save the trouble of annoying you."

"Can't afford to annoy you, we can afford to hide!"

After saying that, Autumn Mu Orange snapped and hung up the phone.


"Mu orange, Mu orange~"

"Not yet..."

On the other end of the phone, Hanli was still shouting, but no one responded, only the beeping sound from the phone's handset.

"This dead ninny is so angry with me~"

"Get out~"

"All out!"

"What a woman~"

Han Li's face had already turned the color of pig liver with anger.

She had thought that Qiu Mu Orange would definitely be angry and scold Ye Fan after she knew that her mother was bullied by Ye Fan.

But she never expected that Qiu Mu Orange wouldn't believe it at all, but instead, she would speak for Ye Fan and even move out?

What are they doing as a couple?

Do you want to join forces and rebel?

At this point, Han Li was so angry that she was nearly fuming.

But there was no one else to blame.

If she was to be blamed, she could only blame herself.

All these years it was Han Li who had been berating Ye Fan, and Ye Fan had always gone against the grain.

Now Han Li was saying that Ye Fan was going to beat them up, it's only strange that Qiu Mu Orange believed her!



However, at this time, Qiu Mu Orange was really not in the mood to care about this matter.

Outside one of the construction sites under Mufan Real Estate, Qiu Mu Orange, wearing a helmet, was learning about the progress of the project with Suzy and the others.

"Chief Qiu, we can't do this work."

"There are people causing trouble every three days."

"Today even more so, a few drunks came and beat up all my people."

"Mr. Qiu, your company is offending people, right?"

"Hades is better, but kids are tough!"

"We really don't dare to do this project, and if we continue to work on it, we'll only bleed a little today, and I'm afraid we'll lose our lives the next day."

Outside the construction site, the head contractor covered his freshly bandaged wounds and was full of bitterness as he asked Qiu Mu Orange to resign.

"Brother Sun, halfway through this project, how can you not do it?"

"Who else are we going to call when you put this down?"

"The A-party side is also rushing."

"If this work is delayed, our company won't be able to explain to others."

"How about we give you some more money for the project?"

Qiu Mu Orange was suddenly bitterly persuaded.

This morning, Suzy called her and said that there was a disturbance at the construction site.

Qiu Mu Orange then rushed over.

But the evil consequences still happened.

The engineering team was indeed too scared to continue working with Mufan Real Estate.

Now that Mufan Real Estate's bottom line was still shallow, many projects required cooperation with other engineering teams.

Now if people were to walk away from this, many projects would naturally be delayed.

"Mr. Qiu, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry."

"It's not a matter of whether it's money or not."

"You'd better hire another smart person, right?"

The subcontractor shook his head repeatedly and finally greeted his men and left.

He didn't even say that he wanted the pay for the past few days.

It was obvious that these people were truly frightened.

"Mu Orange, there's no way to blame them."

"After all, there are people causing trouble on the construction site two out of three days."

"Today even more so all of them have seen blood."

"These people, both young and old, are the pillars of their families, they would rather earn less money than do this kind of risky business."

Suzy said from the side.

Qiu Mu Orange didn't reply, her eyebrows were sunken, after a long time, she then asked to Suzy, "Xi Xi, have you checked out the people who came to cause trouble today?"

Suzy shook her head, "The police over there said that it was a drunk man, drunk and playing drunk, who just happened to enter our construction site, it wasn't intentionally targeting us."

"Heh~"Autumn Mu Orange listened and laughed to herself, "So it's a coincidence again?"

"In less than a month, a dozen similar things have happened."

"The engineering team is scaring away crop after crop."

"And the results tell me that every time was a coincidence?"

"Sissy, can you believe it?"

Autumn Mu Orange's words were poignant, and her stunningly pretty face was filled with sneers and self-deprecation.

Suzy was suddenly silent.

In fact, both she and Autumn Mucheng Orange were clear about who was behind it.

However, what could be done about it?

The Qiu family is now close to the Shuntian Group, and there is also the Red Flag Group behind Qiushui Logistics.

The Qiu family may not be very powerful, but the Shuntian Industry and the Red Flag Group are extremely powerful.

The company's main business is not real estate, and it has yet to formally conflict with Mufan Real Estate.

But Shuntian Industry, however, has come for real estate from the start.

This is in addition to the fact that Qiu Mucqi is fueling the conflict, as well as the previous piece of land.

Now Mufan Real Estate and Shuntian Industrial, in business, have become sworn enemies.

"This Shuntian Industrial has a strong background, and from the day it entered Yunzhou City, it's obvious that it's already taken care of all the relationships."

"As long as it doesn't go too far, I'm sure the authorities won't offend a large group with a strong background just for our small company."

"So Mu Orange, if we want to resolve this kind of matter through official channels, I'm afraid it will be difficult for us to get an advantage."

"Let's say, I'll go back and ask my father, see if he can talk to Shuntian Industry, we'll be fine even if we take some money, as long as they hold their hands high and no longer make an enemy of our Mu Fan property."

Suzy sighed and comforted from the side.

But it was also clear from the tone of the words that Suzy didn't have much confidence.

"It's not necessary."

To Suzy's surprise, Autumn Mu Orange suddenly refused.

"Mu Orange, what are you going to do then?"

"If we don't resolve the conflict with the Shuntian Group, I'm afraid this business won't be able to continue at all."Suzy worried.

Qiu Mu Orange laughed to herself, "They use all kinds of treacherous tactics, all they want is just to get me to compromise Qiu Mu Orange, isn't it?Let me surrender that land?"

"Fine, I admit defeat."

"It's true that I, a weak woman, can't fight them."

"If they win, I'm willing to hand over that land."

"Xi Xi, call Qiu Mu Qi."

"Have them bring the contract over at noon, I'll just let them have that piece of land."

After many days of stalemate, Qiu Mu Orange finally gave in.

At this point, her eyes were red and she was smiling sadly.

"Mu Orange, are you crazy?"

"Are you really going to give them the land at a low price?"

"We've lost a hundred or two hundred million before and after this."

"Even though it's all loans from the bank, but we'll have to pay that back later, right?"Suzy was shocked and was busy advising.

Autumn Mu Orange was still smiling, full of self-deprecation and loss.

"Or what?"

"Sissy, do we have any other option than to compromise?"

"Spelling background, people are a hundred billion dollar group, backed by the giants in China Sea."

"Sparring connections, people have taken care of all sides of the relationship, not only Yunzhou has people, even Jianghai has people who can speak."

"Spelling financial strength, I Mufan real estate, just starting, shallow background, all the funds are given by the bank, it is even more incomparable to it."

"The background is inferior, the connections are inferior, and the financial strength is even worse."

"It's hard to spell a husband, isn't it?"

Qiu Mu Orange said mockingly to herself, full of powerlessness.

It was only now that Qiu Mu-Orange knew how difficult and cruel life was.

"When Grylls face a giant elephant, they have no choice but to compromise."

The desolate laughter echoed.

Mixed with the bitterly cold wind, but blew up the yellow leaves underfoot.

"No, you still have me."


Suddenly, the cold wind swept past, and a low voice actually sounded quietly.


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