The King of Kungfu in school 1641-1650

Chapter 1641

"You know that guy from earlier?"Don Zimmer asked.


"How do you know him, who is he."

"He's a member of the Yun Family of the Four Seas, called Yun Tian, he's on good terms with a young master of my family and often comes to my Lv Family to play.I'm afraid he'll tell the Lü family about me when he returns this time, young minister."

"Which so what."

"Minister Young Master, although the Lu family doesn't care if I live or die, but if they know that I'm working for you as a maid, they will definitely feel that I've disgraced the Lu family, then they won't be able to ignore it."

"Then what?"

"And then my Lu family will definitely come looking for me and bring me back, or, kill you."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

"Young Minister, I'm serious."

"Don't worry, Yu Xi, no matter what Lu Family or Yun Family, I don't have any eyes on them.You have to believe in Ben Shao, this level is not worthy of being Ben Shao's enemy." One second to remember to read the book

"Oh, I'm relieved then."

Although Tang Zichen said so, his heart wasn't as pointless as his mouth.

In fact, Tang Zichen was mad as hell, but he would also consider some of the consequences, what it would take to avoid unnecessary, or enemies that he couldn't face yet.

For example, just now, if Tang Zichen was really that indifferent and directly stomped on Yun Tian, where would he let him live, as for giving Xia Xiaoxin a face, it was just an excuse.In the end, it was still Tang Zichen who didn't want to have an undying feud with the Four Seas family for the time being.

Of course, if the other party wanted to have an undying feud with Tang Zichen, then don't blame Tang Zichen, although Tang Zichen was unable to rival the Four Seas family for the time being, in his heart, Tang Zichen didn't consider them as an opponent.Because Tang Zichen had the greatest aid, the Nine Daoist Demon Immortal Qi, if Tang Zichen was given time, he could trample down the spirit world.

"Grandfather, grandfather."

"Grandpa, come out quickly."

Xia Xiaoxin helped Yun Tian back to a mountain nest, this mountain nest was where Xia Xiaoxin and her grandfather lived.

"What's wrong?"Xia Xiaoxin's grandfather was busy coming out, only to see that Yun Tian, who had just been alive and kicking, now had only one leg, the other leg being carried on his own shoulders

"This."Xia Xiaoxin's grandfather could hardly believe it.

"Grandpa, hurry up and help Brother Yun Tian pick up his leg."

"Xiaoxin, what's going on here?"

"Grandpa, you can help Brother Yun Tian pick up his leg first."


Soon, Yun Tian's leg was connected.

"Now you can tell me who cut off Yun Tian's leg, I will definitely not let him off lightly, with Yun Tian's strength, the person who can cut off his leg must be at the level of an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect.As an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, bullying the small with the big is really outrageous."Xia Ming was furious, if Yun Tian's grandfather found out, he wouldn't be able to explain, so the elder who had cut off Yun Tian's leg, he would definitely not let go.

However, Xia Xiaoxin was embarrassed at the moment because the person who cut off Yun Tian's leg wasn't bullying the small with the big at all, but the small with the big, and she didn't know how to speak at the moment.

"You guys, tell me, which elder made the move?Or, which Vice Patriarch."Xia Ming spoke out.

Xia: "Grandpa, the person who cut off Brother Yun Tian's leg wasn't an elder or vice sovereign of the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Then who was it?"

"It's the Flying Cloud Sect a just

The disciple who entered the inner circle, his name is Tang Zichen, he's the same age as me."

"What? How is that possible."Xia Ming was shocked.

At this moment, Yun Tian was just gnashing his teeth, that Tang Zichen was even younger than him, he was inconvenienced to say anything other than silently gnashing his teeth and secretly fuming.

"Grandpa, that Tang Zichen, at thirteen years old, has at least reached the third stage of heart illumination."

"Heavens, this is the One Heavy Sea, how could there be such a genius?At thirteen years old, reaching the third stage of heart illumination, even at four seas, this is already a top ten ranked genius."Xia Ming was full of disbelief.

"Grandpa, let's not talk about him, brother Yun Tian is unhappy."

Xia Ming turned his head to look , and sure enough, Yun Tian was very unhappy.

Xia Ming sighed and said in his heart, "Yun Tian, since you were beaten by one younger than you, I can't do anything to help you, if the other party killed you, I can still seek revenge on him, but the other party didn't kill you, I can't shamelessly beat him up."

Xia Ming patted Yun Tian's shoulder and said, "Yun Tian, your leg was just connected, you should rest well first, don't get up and move for the next few days, so as not to leave some trouble.I'll go see that Tang Zichen now."

Yun Tian busily said, "Grandpa Xia Ming, are you going to take revenge for me?"


"Grandpa Xia Ming, after you go find Tang Zichen, can you not kill him yet and drag him here so I can kill him."

Xia Ming said in his heart: "Yun Tian, why is this the best you can do."

Xia Ming didn't answer Yun Tian, to Xia: "Xin, take me to find Tang Zichen."

"Oh."Xia Xiaoxin took her grandfather and headed straight to Tang Zichen's Light Cloud Alliance.

On the way.

Xia Xiaoxin was busy, "Grandpa, are you going to kill Tang Zichen?"

"Xin, do you think he shouldn't kill?"

"Grandpa, that Tang Zichen is arrogant and unreasonable at all, but all the heavens have good virtues, and he wanted to kill Brother Yun Tian, he gave me face and didn't, so let's spare him this time."

"What? You even pleaded for him, aren't you very close to Yun Tian, you've been playing together since you were little."

"Grandpa, although I'm angry for Yun Tian brother when his leg was chopped off, but, that Tang Zichen is younger than Yun Tian after all, if this matter is spread out, the one who will lose face is Yun Tian brother instead."

"Alright, grandpa isn't going to kill Tang Zichen, grandpa hasn't been so careful, besides, Yun Tian is Yun Tian after all, not my grandson, he's not as good as others himself, but he's still coming to the Flying Cloud Sect to provoke him, so he'll be taught a lesson even if he suffers a loss."

"Oh, then what are you doing there?"Xia Xiaoxin was busy asking.

"That Tang Zichen, the same age as you, with a higher realm than you, such a genius appeared in the Flying Cloud Sect, how could I not verify it, right, if he's such a genius, then why isn't anyone mentioning the Flying Cloud Sect's Sect Master and Vice Sect Master or whatever?"

"I don't know about that, that Tang Zichen is new to the inner gate, I don't think anyone knows about it yet."

"If that's the case, then this kid is not bad, I might as well cultivate him as well."

"Ah, grandpa, you."Xia Xiaoxin was delighted.

"Xiaoxin, why are you looking a bit happy."

"Where am I, I hate him to death, how could I be happy for him, you don't even know how arrogant he is."

"Hahaha, is that so, then I want to see it even more."

Said the man, to the Light Cloud Alliance.


"Tang Zichen come out."Xia Xiaoxin shouted.

Tang Zichen was in the hall, and Little White Dragon was on the side.

At that moment, Xia Xiaoxin and an old man walked in.

Tang Zichen knew it was Xia Xiaoxin by the sound of his voice.

Xia Xiaoxin saw Little White Dragon and was shocked, "Little White?"

It was just that the little white dragon was obviously much bigger than it was in the beginning, so Xia Xiaoxin couldn't be sure that it must be her little white dragon anymore.

The little white dragon seemed to have heard someone calling him and immediately hid behind Tang Zichen.

"Little White, it's me, don't you recognize me?"Xia Xiaoxin was busy.

At this moment, Xia Ming stared at Tang Zichen, and sure enough, he found out that Tang Zichen's realm was the third step of heart illumination.(Actually, Tang Zichen was at the ninth step of heart illumination, Tang Zichen hid it just)

Xia Ming was filled with shock, God is real, no wonder it could make Yun Tian so miserable.

Xia Ming looked at Tang Zichen with a look like he had found a treasure. The first website

Tang Zichen also looked at Xia Ming, Tang Zichen was startled and said inwardly, "He's actually a strong person who surpasses the YuanYing."

Xia Xiaoxin was busy asking, "Tang Zichen, is he my little white dragon?"

"No."Don said without even thinking about it.

"Don't you lie to me, it must be my Sebastian."

"You call him, and if he answers you, it's yours."

"Xiaobai, Xiaobai, it's me."Xia Xiaoxin called out several times, but the little white dragon ignored it, Xia Xiaoxin was filled with disappointment.

At this moment, the little white dragon suddenly jumped into Xia Xiaoxin's arms, mouths uttering not very clear human words, "Mother, mother."

"Ah, Xiaobai, you finally recognized me, great."Xia Xiaoxin was so happy that she was so excited that she wanted to cry.

Tang Zichen was a bit depressed, what a white-eyed dragon, raising him for a year for nothing.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Little Bai, you disappointed me, in that case, go with her, I won't recognize you in the future."

As soon as Little White Dragon heard this, he immediately abandoned Xia Xiaoxin and threw himself at Tang Zichen, blurting out, "Daddy, don't, Daddy, don't."

Xia Xiaoxin saw Little White Dragon calling him daddy, and said depressingly, "Little White, don't call him that, or I'll get angry."

However, Little White Dragon ignored her.

Tang Zichen stroked, "Little White, ignore this woman from now on."

"Squeak."It was as if Little White Dragon was reluctant to leave, but had to obey.

"Little White, come here, have you forgotten, I'm the one who brought you here."

Tang Zichen said, "Xia Xiaoxin, don't waste your energy, it's impossible for the little white dragon to listen to you, alright, don't talk nonsense.I'm sure this, is some old banker from the Flying Cloud Sect."

That old man said, "You must be Tang Zichen."

"Yes, why does everyone like to ask questions knowingly."

"Oh, Tang Zichen, do you know that even the Feiyun Sect's Sovereign isn't able to see me just because he wants to."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior is nothing more than a stranger to me, and I don't want to see you, you're the one who wanted to come to me."

"You really are as arrogant as that."

"My tone to senior at this moment is the gentlest tone in my life, if you don't believe me, ask your granddaughter."

Xia: "Grandfather, the tone right now is indeed the gentlest."

"So much so, I'd rather know what you look like when you're arrogant."

"Alright, senior, if it's alright, please go back, I still have to practice, sorry, I don't have time to entertain you, when

Ran, if you don't mind, you can stay for tea, I'll just have my men pour it for you."Tang Zichen said.

"Alright, kid, I just came over to confirm if you really have such a strong talent.Now that I've confirmed it, you do have a high talent."

"Thank you senior for the compliment."

"Tang Zichen, are you really a one-sea man at birth?Or are you not from the One Heavy Sea at all?What family is it from?"Xia Ming asked.

If Tang Zichen didn't have a family and was born with a heavy sea, then Xia Ming didn't mind bringing Tang Zichen into his family, whether it was a disciple or a marriage, there was always no loss.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Does Senior think that this is possible?"

"Uh, what do you mean, do you have another origin?Well, then, what family are you from?Which place?"

"You wouldn't know if I told you, so why say it."

"It's fine, go ahead and say it."

"Do, do I have to tell you that I'm from the One Heavy Sea?"

"Oh."Xia Ming smiled, Tang Zichen's bragging ratio wasn't drafty either.

"Alright, I won't push you, but I'm looking for you today, not because of Yun Tian's matter, but instead, it might be good for you."

"Yeah? What good thing."

"Tang Zichen, are you willing to be my disciple?Or, marry with my Xia family, which is one of the powerful families of the Four Seas."Xia Ming looked at Tang Zichen with inquiring eyes.

Tang Zichen looked at Xia, "If you want me to marry Xia Xiaoxin, do you at least want me to like Xia Xiaoxin, I'm sorry, so far, Xia Xia Xiaoxin hasn't made me like her."

"Tang Zichen, who wants to get married to you."Xia Xiaoxin snorted in depression.

Xia Ming smiled, "Tang Zichen, you misunderstood, the marriage I'm talking about is not with my granddaughter, my granddaughter already has a name."

"Oh, then with whom."

"There are many beautiful girls in my Xia family, just choose as you like when the time comes."

"No need, thank you for your kindness."

"What? You don't fancy my Xia family."

"Maybe so."

"Boy, the tone is indeed wild."

"I can't help it, who let your family be just a family of the Four Seas, and I'm a maid."

"Is that so."

Just at this moment, Lu Yuxi came out.

Tang Zichen said, "Her name is Lu Yuxi, from the Four Seas Lu family."

Xia Ming's eyebrows furrowed as he asked, "You're the granddaughter of Lv Shanhe?"

Lv Yu Xi was stunned and nodded her head.

Xia Ming sighed and said, "In the past, Lv Shanhe and I, we had a good relationship, but I never expected that he would fall early, only to lose your father's power in the family."

"Thank you for your senior's concern."

Xia Ming looked at Lv Yuxi for a few seconds and asked, "Even though you're now down and out of the family, you're at least a son of the Lv family, so how could you have fallen to the level of being a maid for Tang Zichen?"

Lu Yuxi bit her lip and didn't say anything.

Tang Zichen said, "That's a good question, I'll answer it for her, Yu Xi being my maid is her wisest choice."

Xia Ming said, "Lu Yuxi, did you see Tang Zichen's talent early on and attempt to use his hand in the future to return to the Lu family?"

"Right."Lu Yuxi nodded.

Xia Ming didn't say anything else and looked towards Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, you might want to consider the proposal I just made."


"Don't think about it, I can't be your disciple, if you are truly sincere in befriending me, I can worship you as my big brother."

"Haha."Xia Ming laughed, his heart seemed to be a little annoyed, Tang Zichen was so ungrateful.

Xia Xiaoxin snorted, "Tang Zichen, you don't have to insult my grandfather."

"I kindly proposed to befriend your grandfather, and you even consider it an insult, fine, forget it, but I can assure you that someday in the future, someone more powerful than your grandfather might not be qualified enough to be me.



Xia Ming and Xia Xiaoxin were both about to get angry at Tang Zichen's words.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, I didn't mean to offend you, I'm just stating my point of view, you're free to disagree with me, it's your freedom."

Xia Ming took a deep breath and said, "Tang Zichen, I now finally believe that the tone of voice you just spoke to me is the gentlest you've ever had."

"It's good that Senior knows, I usually don't treat people so well, you are Xia Xiaoxin's grandfather, and Xia Xiaoxin, who is also considered my person, doesn't look at the monk's face to see the Buddha's face."

"Uh, your people?How does it make sense that my granddaughter is one of yours?" Remember the URL

Xia Xiaoxin said in anger, "Tang Zichen, don't talk nonsense."

Tang Zichen said, "This is a little secret between Xia Xiaoxin and me, I think it's better not to tell you."

"Ha, Tang Zichen, I finally know your madness, you're so arrogant that even I'm enraged by it."

"Senior's words are not good enough, Senior thinks I'm crazy, but only from your perspective, because Senior thinks I'm lowly and weak, while thinking from my perspective, I think I'm very promising myself, in time, the whole spirit world will be trampled under my feet, what with the four seas, I guess I don't feel worthy of my identity even if I shit there."

"You, hahaha, hahaha."Xia Ming laughed, not sure if he was laughing from anger or amusement.

Xia Xiaoxin was also busy saying, "Tang Zichen, you're really hopeless."

"Oh, I just said, this is just my opinion, you guys can disagree."

Xia Ming sighed, "I really don't know how you're so well endowed for someone so ignorant, it's reasonable to say that someone as ignorant as you should be living at the bottom of the heap."

"Senior, I can only say that your vision is limited."

"You."Xia Ming was almost infuriated again by Tang Zichen, actually saying that he had limited vision, God, he still thought Tang Zichen was insane.

"I'm sorry, I'm offended."

"Just, Xin, let's go."Xia Ming turned around to leave.

Xia Xiaoxin was a bit sorry, "Tang Zichen, you idiot, do you know what opportunity you've missed."In fact, Xia Xiaoxin was quite fond of Tang Zichen in her heart to pay homage to his grandfather, or, to marry with her family.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Anyway, thank you, Xia Xiaoxin, since your grandfather doesn't want to befriend me, then why don't you be my sister, I have a good impression of you, you're a kind girl."

"You Hugh."Xia Xiaoxin snorted in depression, being his sister, what an advantage to take advantage of.

"Since you don't want this opportunity, then let it be, it's not me who has the most to lose anyway."

"Ahhhh, I beg you not to be so presumptuous, okay."Xia Xiaoxin was so angry that she was going crazy.


p; "Oh, slow down, by the way, I gave you permission to visit Sebastian."

"Sebastian was already mine, I'm just letting you take care of it now."

"Oh."Tang Zichen turned around and went into the back hall, and Xia Xiaoxin followed her grandfather.

Walking into the back hall, Lv Yu Xi was not looking too good, perhaps thinking of her relatives.

Tang Zichen hugged Lv Yuxi and said, "Don't worry, one day, you'll save your parents with your own hands."

"Mmhmm, thank you, Minister Shao."Rain Stream said touched that Tang Zichen was hugging her for the first time.

"Although I claim you as my maid to the outside world, but in my heart, I treat you as a family member."

"Mmhmm."Lu Yuxi was moved to tears.

Yan Xinyi came up.

"Master, why don't you pay homage to that strong man just now, if you can pay homage to him, your position in the spirit world will be more secure in the future."

Tang Zichen said, "I only have one master, his name is Ding Ru, and I only have one teacher."Tang Zichen looked at Yan Xinyi.

Yan Xinyi sighed, "The past is the past, why bother about it, one should look forward, the world is changing every day, clinging to the old, how can the heart of Tao move forward."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Alright, although Xia Xiaoxin's grandfather is very strong just now, my befriending him is the lowest bottom line.Those who think that I should worship him are all manifestations of their own lowliness, of thinking themselves inferior.But I, Tang Zichen, have never felt inferior, so why do I need to worship him as my master.I, Tang Zichen, will certainly surpass him someday, and I'm afraid it won't take long for me to surpass him, and by then, he may not even be qualified to be my subordinate in my eyes, and yet I have to call him my master, so you say you are not aggrieved.I know many of you don't agree with me, but that's okay, you just need to remember that in the future, I want this heaven and earth to creep beneath my feet."

"Alright."Yan Xin Yi nodded, Wind's personality had changed greatly compared to the mortal realm, his gaze had become very lofty and his heart was extremely high, it seemed that he was deeply influenced by the Nine Daoist Demon King's Immortal Qi in his body.

At this moment, on the way back, Xia Ming looked depressed.

"I've really never seen how arrogant people are."Xia Ming pronounced.

"Grandpa, don't be so familiar with him."

"Xiaoxin, don't you know that what he says will really make people angry, and if it were anyone else, I'm afraid he would really be unable to resist killing someone.I thought he should be grateful that I took him as my disciple, but he actually refused, which is just as well, he actually wanted to befriend me."

"Grandpa, I told you long ago that he is a very arrogant person."

"Indeed a very arrogant person, far beyond my imagination, I really don't know where his bottom line is, what makes him think he's bound to become a great man in the future."

"Grandpa, young and arrogant, didn't you say that when you were young, you were also defiant and arrogant."

"No, no matter how high-minded and arrogant I was when I was young, I didn't reach his level, he's simply hopeless.I'd like to see if he's really that successful in the future now."


"Little Xin, why do you always look like you're always towards him?"Xia Ming looked at Xia Xiaoxin in confusion.

"Grandpa, what do you mean, I actually dislike that arrogant and boundless person of Tang Zichen, it's just that I feel sorry for him because I saw that he's really quite a genius.I'm now all worried about how long he can live with such arrogance, what if he runs into a super strong person."


"Alright, let's leave him alone."

Xia Xiaoxin and her grandparents returned to the valley.

"Grandpa Xia Ming, where's Tang Zichen?You didn't bring him in for me to kill?"Yun Tian saw Xia Xiaoxin and her grandfather returning and asked in a panic.

Xia Ming snorted and ignored Yun Tian, going into his cultivation room.

"Xiaoxin, what's going on with your grandfather?"

"Brother Yuntian, don't ask, my grandfather is in a bad mood."


"Alright, let's not talk about it."Xia Xiaoxin was also in a pretty bad mood, she had hoped that Tang Zichen would pay homage to her grandfather, but she didn't expect that Tang Zichen would be so arrogant.

"Xiaoxin, you have to tell me, what's wrong?"Yun Tian pursued the question.

"Alas, when my grandfather saw how talented Tang Zichen was, he wanted to take him as a disciple, but Tang Zichen was so arrogant that he didn't even want to, he was only willing to befriend my grandfather."

"I'll go."Yun Tian's entire body exploded, mother, Tang Zichen was so arrogant in front of Xia Ming, who gave this product so much self-confidence? One second to remember to read the book

Yun Tian Dao: "If I were Grandpa Xia Ming, Tang Zichen would have died a hundred times already."

Xia: "Actually I'm also depressed, this time fortunately the person I ran into was my grandfather, my grandfather wouldn't have killed him for no reason, if it was someone else, I really don't know if Tang Zichen would have been killed."

Yun Tian was delighted inside, secretly saying, "Tang Zichen is so arrogant, if my grandfather knew, he would definitely destroy him, haha, I must tell my grandfather about this as fast as I can.Grandpa Xia Ming doesn't kill Tang Zichen, that's because Xia Ming is kind, but if he runs into my grandfather, let him die a few thousand times."

Xia: "Brother Yun Tian, you take care of your injuries, I'll go see my grandfather."


After Xia Xiaoxin left, Yun Tian immediately took out an item like a bamboo tube from his spatial ring, this item was called a jade slip, it was a very expensive item, ordinary people couldn't afford to own it.

Yun Tian opened the transmission jade slip and then said to the jade slip, "Grandpa, I'm in the One Heavy Sea Flying Cloud Sect, I had a leg chopped off, I'm in this Flying Cloud Sect, there's a man named Tang Zichen."Yun Tian spread the word about what happened today, and of course, told him that Tang Zichen was very crazy in front of Xia Ming, but told Tang Zichen to the worst anyway.

After using that Transmutation Jadeite, it was scrapped, and a Jadeite could only be used once.

And now, in the distant Four Seas, an old man who looked to be about the same age as Xia Ming suddenly moved his eyebrows and quickly took out a jade slip from his spatial ring, he opened the jade slip and there was a transmission from his grandson Yun Tian.

This old man, called Yun De.

Yun De was filled with rage after hearing it, his grandson actually had a leg cut off, and that person was so arrogant that he didn't even give face to Xia Ming.

"Whew, it's really been years since I've been so angry, this anger, my efforts for more than half a year have instantly gone down the drain."That Yun De stood up, his face full of annoyance, people who cultivate immortality are the most taboo about breaking their qi, and he had just moved his qi, causing this half a year of cultivation to go to waste.Therefore, he was already angry, and now that he had caused him to waste half a year, he was even angrier.

"Tang Zichen, you cut off one of my grandson's legs, and now you've caused me to waste half a year's work, so give me a reason not to kill you.If I don't kill you, how can I still suppress the Qi I moved and how can I return to my Daoist heart."

Thus, that Yun De walked out of the cultivation room and arrived at the Four Seas teleportation site, ready to travel to the One Heavy Sea.

There was no way to travel to the One Heavy Sea, there was only

Being able to rely on teleportation, if you rely on a road, God knows how far away it is.

And right now, in the Flying Cloud Sect.

Xia Xiaoxin walked into her grandfather's cultivation room.

"Grandpa, you're still mad at Tang Zichen, since he won't worship you as his master, then forget it."

Xia Ming said, "Xiaoxin, grandpa is very conflicted right now."

"Uh, grandpa, why are you conflicted?"

"Xin, it's not that grandpa is narrow-minded, but grandpa, who was just angry with Tang Zichen, broke his chi."

"What, broke his chi?"

"Well, Xin, you should know how serious it is to break your qi when you cultivate to grandpa's level."

"Ah, what to do then."

"There are three ways, the first, I'll force myself to suppress myself and return my heart to peace and pretend that nothing has happened; the second, I'll have Tang Zichen come to me and help me collect my Qi and return to my Dao heart; the third, and the most direct and simple way, kill him and all is lost."

"What? Kill him."

"Grandpa didn't say that I must use the third method, but the first method is very difficult for me to do, and I, I can't suppress it within myself when I think of Tang Zichen's arrogant and cocky posture now; so, I can only use the second method.You go and call Tang Zichen here and ask him to help me collect my Qi."

"How to help?"

"Help me as much as is pleasing to me.I will not take him as a disciple, however, I want him to apologize to me, and most importantly, must lower his high head before me, so that I he willingly realizes his mistake, as well as his ignorance, so that I may still collect my anger.If the second option doesn't work, grandfather I can only be sorry and kill him."

"Grandpa."Xia Xiaoxin saw her grandfather, at this moment it seemed as if his face was no longer amiable, suddenly changed into a person, a bit afraid.

"Go quickly."


Xia Xiaoxin panicked and went to look for Tang Zichen, Xia Xiaoxin had no idea that Yun Tian had already informed his grandfather Yun De, and what's more, Yun De was too angry when he heard about it, and also broke into a rage like Xia Ming, and rushed here in anger.

It could be said that today, even if Xia Ming adopted the second method and didn't kill Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen wouldn't survive because there was still a Yun De to kill him.Yun De wouldn't think of any three methods, he was a direct third method.

Soon, Xia Xiaoxin arrived at the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, the Xia Xiaoxin who had just left not long ago actually came back.

"Xia Xiaoxin, what are you doing."

"Tang Zichen, you've caused a big problem you know."Xia Xiaoxin roared in anger, this was the first time she was angry at Tang Zichen, and there was a feeling of anger in her tone, it was a good thing for Tang Zichen, but because of his arrogance, Tang Zichen turned into a bad thing.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Tell me, what's the big deal."

"Tang Zichen, come with me to my grandfather right now, no matter what my grandfather wants you to do, you have to do it, otherwise, your life is in danger."

"Uh, your grandfather was fine just now, how come he's suddenly having an epileptic fit."

"Tang Zichen, you, you, you."

"All right, my time is precious. What happened to your grandfather? Tell me."


"Tang Zichen, because of your ignorance and arrogance just now, you've made my grandfather break into a rage."

"I can see it, your grandfather did look very angry just now."

"You don't even know what broken qi is, it's the most disturbing thing for a cultivator who has reached the YuanYing stage or above, once the qi is broken, most of the previous half a year or even years of cultivation is wasted, and you need to rebuild your dao heart.Now there are three ways, the first relies on my grandfather to get out of the shadow by himself and suppress his heart, the second you help my grandfather, and the third kill you.My grandfather misses your genius, so he's giving you a chance to redeem yourself, do you know that?"

Tang Zichen said, "Don't talk so much, just tell me what you want me to do."

"Come with me and confess before my grandfather, show your ignorant actions, so that my grandfather can calm his anger and calm his heart."Xia.

Tang Zichen snorted, "That's hilarious, why do I need to repent, what repentance do I have, what's more ignorant about my actions.All my words are from the bottom of my heart, everything I do is in line with my heart."

"Tang Zichen, are you, are you really hopeless?"

"Xia Xiaoxin, how much do you know about me?Even the people around me don't fully understand me, what makes you think that I'm inferior to your grandfather?It was fortunate that it was your grandfather just now, but if it were anyone else, I would have been rude if I had dared to say something like, take me as a disciple.Don't you understand?I gave your grandfather face and befriended him as a favor to you, otherwise, you know."

"Tang, Tang."Xia Xiaoxin was so angry that she wanted to fall down.

"It's just that, the path is your own choice, although I'm sorry for your life, but you don't know how to cherish it yourself, who else can you blame."After saying that, Xia Xiaoxin walked away disappointed.

Xia Xiaoxin returned to her grandfather's cultivation room with a lost face. The first website


"Where's Don Zimson?"

Xia Words, it seemed like she was still doing her last possible thing to protect Tang Zichen, she was afraid that if she said what Tang Zichen had just said, her grandfather would immediately go and kill Tang Zichen.

After all, her grandfather wasn't a saint, and saints also had times when they were angry enough to kill someone.

"Say it, Xiao Xin."

Xia Dao: "Tang Zichen he wasn't here just now, but I've already told his men what you said, and when Tang Zichen comes back, his men will tell him, and he'll definitely come when he finds out.Grandpa, try to suppress it yourself first while you wait for Tang Zichen."

Xia Ming thought it was true and waved his hand.

Xia Xiaoxin walked out of her grandfather's cultivation room and said inwardly, "Tang Zichen, I really owe you from my past life, I'm like this, I'm still lying to my grandfather, I'm treating my grandfather like this, what peace of conscience do I have."

About two hours later.

A strong man similar to Xia Ming arrived at the Flying Cloud Sect.

This person was none other than Yun De.

Tang Zichen's death date had also arrived.

At this moment, Yun Tian, who was recovering from his injuries in one of the rooms of the Flying Cloud Sect, a jade pendant on his body suddenly lit up.

Yun Tian was shocked, "Grandpa is here?No way, grandpa's coming so soon."

Yun Tian excitedly leapt out of the window and saw his grandfather on a hill.

Xia Xiaoxin, however, still hadn't noticed that Yun Tian had left from behind the house, and was still worried about what to do, sooner or later her grandfather would still ask Tang Zichen why he hadn't come yet.

At the top of a certain mountain.

"Grandpa, you've even come."Yun Tian was incredulous, he had thought it was impossible for grandpa to come.

"Yun Tian, your leg?"

"My leg is now attached by Grandpa Sharmin, but I can still move drastically, for fear of leaving a potential problem for the future.Grandpa, why did you come so quickly."

"Yun Tian, where's that Tang Zichen you were talking about?I'm going to kill him, after you passed the jade slip to me, my anger broke, so grandpa's cultivation for the past half year has been ruined, if grandpa doesn't behead this guy, grandpa's dao heart will be propped up, talk about cultivation, so it's better to kill this son, sooner rather than later."

"Mmhmm, grandpa come with me, I'll take you to Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen sat in the hall, his heart skipped a beat as if he had a bad feeling about it.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "Did I just not go back with Xia Xiaoxin, Xia Xiaoxin's grandfather, is coming to kill me?"

The corners of Tang Zichen's mouth rose slightly as he said in his heart, "Xia Xiaoxin, you're a good girl, but if your grandfather is going to die, then I can't be blamed, I've already given you face twice, I won't give you face a third time."

In the next second, a shadow, swoosh, fell from the entrance of the Light Cloud Alliance's hall, it was Yun Tian and his grandfather Yun De.

At that moment, killing intent permeated the entire Light Cloud Alliance.

All of the Light Cloud Alliance's men, including Tang Huan, Yan Xin Yi, and Lu Yu Xi, were all unconscious.

It could be seen that this killing intent was strong enough to make a person faint.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, naturally wouldn't be unconscious, as all the killing intent spears were directed at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen put down the teacup and asked, "Yun Tian, is it not enough that I cut off one of your legs, I have to cut off both of your legs to do it?Tell me, what kind of dogs have you brought."

Yun De's heart was furious, it was already this time, but he still didn't change his face.

Yun Tian shouted, "Tang Zichen, my grandfather is here, you're dead to the end."

"Hmph, your grandfather, a very big man?"

"Nonsense, my grandfather, a strong man with one foot in the Exaltation Stage.Even Xia Ming, in front of my grandfather, he is still slightly weak, so you wait for death."Yun Tian believed that Tang Zichen would definitely die today, no surprise, because the gap was too big, no matter how ungodly Tang Zichen was, he would not be able to escape under his grandfather's nose.

Yun De said, "You're the Tang Zichen who didn't even give face to Xia Ming and dared to befriend him?"

Don Zichen smiled, "It's me."

"You, you're going to die soon."

"No, no, no, it's you who's going to die immediately."

Yun De swept a circle, the entire Flying Cloud Sect, no, the entire One Heavy Sea, there was almost no one who could stop him, where was Tang Zichen's confidence?Is this guy really crazy?

Tang Zichen sipped his tea and said, "Dog legs."

"Who are you calling Dog Legs."Yun Tian yelled.

Tang Zichen said, "I don't know what your grandfather's name is, so I'll address him as Dog Legs for now.That dog's leg, it might be too late for you to kneel down and call me big brother now."

"You are so stubborn."

"I'll only give you one chance, and that's for the sake of you coming all the way here to find me."

"Grandpa, don't talk nonsense with him, kill him, damn it, this kind of person, even if I chop him into mincemeat, it will be hard to relieve my heart's hatred."Yun Tian said through gritted teeth.

Tang Zichen smiled at the direction of the back hall and shouted, "Auntie, it's going to trouble you, sorry, I've caused a little trouble again."

At this moment, in the direction of the back hall, Tang Huan, who was already unconscious, suddenly opened his eyes and then stood up.At this moment, the Tang Huan's face was gloomy and cold, completely different from the Tang Huan of the past.


Tang Huan walked out of the back hall and snorted at Tang Zichen, "Stinky brat, won't you restrain yourself, how can I have so much time to take care of you."

Tang Zichen said, "Auntie, I'm Tang Huan's brother, you're inhumane if you won't help me out at this point."

"Alright, don't talk so much nonsense, what do you want me to do, kill these two little worms?"Tang Huan looked at Yun De and Yun Tian Wen at the entrance of the hall.

It seemed that in Tang Huan's eyes, Yun De, who was half a foot into the Exaltation Stage, was just a small worm.

Yun De, who was standing at the entrance, his entire body was dumbstruck, in his entire life, he had never felt such a powerful oppressive force, an oppressive force that even he would be crushed into powder just by moving.

As for Yun Tian, instead, it was because the difference was so great that he couldn't feel the oppression at all.

Yun Tian shouted, "Grandpa, kill it, kill Tang Zichen, then, this beauty, I'll bring it back, hahaha."Yun Tian looked at Tang Huan, his eyes lustful.

Tang Zichen saw that at this time, Yun Tian still dared to lust after Tang Huan, and suddenly, Tang Zichen couldn't even bear to look at it, there was no need for Tang Zichen to order Yun Tian to die.

Sure enough, in the next second, Yun Tian's body, suddenly floated off the ground out of thin air.

"Ah, what's going on?"Yun Tian was shocked.

And Yun De, whose face was pale, immediately threw himself on his knees and shouted, "Senior spare your life, Senior spare your life." Remember the website

But, it was no use.

, his body was suddenly twisted by an invisible force for a while, as if he was wringing clothes.

"Kaka kaka."In an instant, Yun Tian's body was twisted into a twist, blood spilled all over the ground, and he was dead beyond death.

"Senior spare my life."Yun De at this time, that which cared about the death of his grandson, he himself was unable to protect himself, Yun De desperately kowtowed, kowtowed, kowtowed again, just to stay alive, this fear of facing death, can not be described with words.

Tang Zichen looked at that Yun De with cold eyes, just as arrogant as anything, but now he kowtowed his own head, just to seek a lifetime.

At this time, the cloud that was twisted into a twist, released with a clatter, and then, countless body parts spilled out.

Yun De didn't dare to look up from the beginning to the end, just kowtowed desperately because, the other party was too strong.

"Senior spare his life, senior spare his life."

"Bang bang."Yun De knocked the ground with a thump thump thump.

The anger in Tang Huan's eyes was slightly lessened, Tang Huan was her backbone, and she would die if touched.

Once before, when Tang Zichen and Tang Huan were hunting beasts in the True Beast Forest, there were a few unknowing disciples who saw that Tang Huan was pretty and lusted, and it just so happened that Tang Zichen was dealing with other people and let Tang Huan run first, after that, those people were such a miserable death, except that Tang Huan herself didn't know about it, and thought that some strong person had passed by to save her in the dark.

Of course, Tang Zichen only knew about this not long ago.

Tang Huan asked, "What about the rest of this one?Is it dead or alive?"

Tang Zichen thought about it and said, "Let me think about it, after all, he's just an ant in my eyes, I killed him and that's it, I didn't kill him and that's it, it's entirely up to my heart whether I kill him or not."

Yun De immediately kowtowed to Tang Zichen and shouted, "Brother Chen, spare me."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Brother Minister?Are you worthy to be one of my men?"

"I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy, Senior Zichen, spare me."

"Hahaha, you dog-leg."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Tang Huan urged, "Alright, I'm busy, what do you want to do, kill or not."

Tang Zichen said to Yun De, "You give me a reason not to kill, if it's reasonable, I can not kill you."

Yun De panicked and said, "I'm your dog, let a poor dog live."


Tang Zichen smiled, "Good, I'm quite satisfied with that reason, in that case, I'll grant a poor dog's wish and not kill you this time."

"Thank you, thank you master."Yun De was overjoyed and cried in excitement, this feeling of walking at the entrance of a ghost was really too painful.Compared to life, dignity was nothing.

Tang Huan didn't ask Tang Zichen any more and turned around to walk back to the back hall.

After Tang Huan walked back to the back hall, he re-fainted in the same position he had before.

Within a few seconds, Tang Huan woke up with Lu Yuxi, Yan Xin Yi by his side.

"Strange, why are we all unconscious?"Tang Huan said inexplicably.

The Light Cloud Alliance's men had all woken up as well.

No one knew what had happened during the time they had just been unconscious.

Tang Zichen wouldn't say either, because, that 'aunt' had said that regarding her existence, she wasn't allowed to reveal it, not even Tang Huan.

Otherwise, Tang Zichen wouldn't have to keep his mouth shut all this time, and keeping a secret inside was painful.

In the hall, Yun De was still kneeling in front of Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen didn't tell him to get up, he didn't dare to get up, but compared to before, his face was much more relaxed, because he didn't have to die, his life was saved, kneeling was nothing.

Tang Zichen said, "What's your name?"

"Back to the master, my name is Yun De."

"Yun De, hehe, what just happened, if you dare to reveal a single word to the public, die."

"Yes, master."

"Alright, you can get up now and clean up your grandson's body."

"Yes, master."Yun De looked at the pieces of his grandson on the ground and sighed in his heart, "Yun Tian, go all the way, grandpa can't protect you either."

Yun De cleaned up his grandson's corpse, his heart didn't dare to have any hatred because, his intuition told him that he wasn't even qualified to hate, that person, was really too strong."

Soon, Yunde cleaned it up and mopped it up with a mop.

"Master, is this okay?"

"Not bad, pretty clean, since you're so talented at cleaning, how about this, how about cleaning every corner of my Light Cloud Alliance, up and down?"

"Yes, Master."Yun De didn't dare to resist, but was depressed that he was working as a cleaner when he was half a foot into the Exodus stage.

Yun De began to clean in the Light Cloud Alliance.

Tang Zichen stopped caring about him and returned to the back hall, where Yan Xinyi and the others were looking at him with confused faces.

"Brother, what just happened?We're all unconscious."

"It's nothing, I just started a secret method and you all couldn't handle the coma."Tang Zichen explained.

They didn't pursue the root of the matter either.

And at this moment, in a certain valley of the Flying Cloud Sect.

"Xin, where's Tang Zichen?Not here yet?"An impatient voice came from the cultivation room.

Xia Xiaoxin was startled to hear her grandfather's voice at the door, and was depressed inside, but what was meant to come, always came.

"Grandpa, you, can't you suppress it yourself?"Xia Xiaoxin asked extravagantly.

Xia Ming didn't look too good and said, "I can't suppress it, as long as I think of Tang Zichen's arrogant face and the audacity of befriending me, I can't calm down inside.Xiaoxin, is Tang Zichen here or not?"

"No, no."

"Hoo, just, I can only choose the third method, kill him and be done with it, don't blame me, he did this on his own."Xia Ming stepped out of the cultivation room and headed straight for the Light Cloud Alliance.


"Grandpa."Xia Xiaoxin hurriedly chased after him.

However, Xia Ming was too fast and disappeared in no time.

Not long after, Xia Ming arrived at Tang Zichen's Light Cloud Alliance.

Xia Ming stepped into the Light Cloud Alliance, and Tang Zichen happened to be in the hall.

Xia Ming was furious inside, Tang Zichen was clearly there, but he didn't even come.

"Phew."Xia Ming exhaled deeply, forcing down the anger in his heart.

He didn't want to kill anyone, but he had no choice but to kill this kind of person.

Tang Zichen looked up and saw Xia Ming standing at the entrance of the hall with a face full of anger.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "Senior, please come in."

It was already very respectful for Tang Zichen to be able to call him Senior, and it was even more respectful for Tang Zichen to be willing to befriend him before, but unfortunately, others didn't think so and thought he was very overly arrogant and blindly mad.

When Xia Ming saw that Tang Zichen was actually smiling as if nothing had happened, his anger increased tenfold. One second to remember to read the book

Xia Ming stepped into the hall and looked angrily at Tang Zichen.

"Did Senior come to see me for something?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Tang Zichen, I'm asking you now, did you know that Xin came to see you and asked you to come to my place?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "I know, but I've followed it very clearly, I'm not going."

"What? So, you've been in the Light Cloud Alliance the whole time?"

"Yes, I've always been at the Light Cloud Alliance."

Xia Ming had understood that it must have been her granddaughter who was sorry for lying to him about his life, but that wasn't the point, the point was that Tang Zichen was clearly at the Light Cloud Alliance but didn't go.

Xia Ming said angrily, "Tang Zichen, when my granddaughter came to find you, are you sure you told her you weren't going?"

"Yes, Xia, you broke or leaked your Qi because of my arrogance, and the consequences are serious, so I hope I'll go to you and help you suppress whatever Qi you have.But unfortunately, I don't have the time, so I won't go with Xia, and then Xia Xiaoxin will leave."Tang Zichen said flatly, as if he was talking about an ordinary matter, not like he knew it would kill someone at all.

Xia Ming said with fierce eyes, ", if you don't come, I'll kill you?"

"Say it, she said you have three ways to kill me, and if I don't go, you'll adopt the third way."Don said with a nod of his head.

"You, you even know that you will die if you don't come, yet you still dare not come, you."Xia Ming's inner anger towards Tang Zichen became even more intense, this was simply not putting him in his eyes in the slightest.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Senior, you may be angry in your heart, but I still have to tell you that there is a limit to my patience."

Yes, there were limits to Tang Zichen's patience, Tang Zichen couldn't have been still so gentle with him.

"Tang Zichen, you still have such an attitude and an empty mind, if I don't kill you today, I'm afraid I'll really be sorry to heaven and earth."

Tang Zichen was very upset when he heard the word kill and said angrily, "Xia Ming, do you really want to challenge my bottom line?I've done enough to give you face."

"Tang Zichen."Xia Ming gritted his teeth and yelled.

Tang Zichen exhaled deeply and was about to disturb Auntie once more and put out Xia Ming, when an old man walked in the doorway, this old man still had an apron on his body and a rag in his hand, it was Yun De who was cleaning the Light Cloud Alliance.

Because his back was to Xia Ming, Yun De didn't see Xia Ming.

After Yun De entered the hall, he directly said to Tang Zichen, "Master, does the latrine need to be wiped?


Sharmin was busy turning around.

"Ah."Xia Ming was shocked when he saw Yun De's janitorial outfit, but Yun De's realm was more than a layer and a half higher than Xia Ming's, because Xia Ming was only at the eighth stage of the YuanYing stage, while Yun De was at the ninth stage of the YuanYing stage, and half a foot into the Exaltation stage.It could be said that Yun De could completely spike Xia Ming, but their relationship was pretty good.

"Uh, Xia, Xia Ming."When Yun De saw Xia Ming, he was startled and then uncomfortable all over, after all, he was dressed like this and calling Tang Zichen master, it would definitely be embarrassing to be known by someone who knew him.

However, Xia Ming's shock was even more overwhelming.

"Yun, big brother Yun De, you, you're..."Xia Ming asked with an incredulous face.

Yun De sighed, it had all been discovered, and he could only face it with a hard scalp.

At that moment, Tang Zichen said, "Yun De, don't wipe the latrine, you can go take a rest."

"Yes, master."

Xia Ming trembled and asked, "Yun De, you, what did you call him?"

"I, I, ugh."Yunde turned around and walked out of the hall.

Xia Ming looked at Tang Zichen, who seemed to be completely confused.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Didn't you just try to kill me?Why don't you do it now?"

"Tang Zichen, you, what have you done."Xia Ming was busy asking.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Do you deserve to know?"

"Tang Zichen, I'll come back for you later."After saying that, Xia Ming immediately chased out and caught up with Yun De at the entrance of the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Brother Yun De, stop."Xia Ming shouted.

Yun De stood still and said without looking back, "Xia Ming, if you're here to make fun of me, it's not necessary."

"Big Brother Yun De, why would I make fun of you, I just want to know why, Tang Zichen a person from the heart care period, you call him master?What's going on here?By the way, why are you here?Does your grandson Yun Tian he know you're here?"

With a bitter laugh, Cloud paused and asked, "You really want to know?"


"I can tell you, but you must never say it again, or else Tang Zichen will have to destroy me, I've survived so hard, you will not harm me."

"Tang Zichen he has the power to do that?"

"Heh, more than just this ability, our entire Four Seas is probably not enough for him to have one hand."

"Ah, how is that possible, say, what's going on."Xia Ming desperately wanted to know why.

So, Yun De told how he came here, how he broke his Qi, then tried to kill Tang Zichen, and finally how he was pinned down by Tang Zichen's terrifying 'aunt', including, of course, how Yun Tian died, all of it.

"Oh my god."Xia Ming sat on his ass on the ground, he said how Tang Zichen was so crazy that he didn't want to worship him, and moreover, he threatened that he wouldn't feel worthy of his status if he shit in the Four Seas in the future, so it turned out that there was a reason for being so crazy.

And yet, Xia Ming thought he was insane.

Now Xia Ming realized that he was the one who was insane ah.

He had just wanted to kill Tang Zichen, but if Yun De hadn't suddenly come in and interrupted him, he would have done it.

When Yun De saw Xia Ming's pale face, he was busy asking, "Xia Ming, why are you looking so pale, your relationship with Tang Zichen should be good, I heard Yun Tian's jade slip say that Tang Zichen refused your acceptance but was willing to befriend you, you're lucky to be in the rhythm of getting rich ah."


Xia Ming said with a wailing face, "I, I, I'm hairy."Xia Ming cried out, not having the face to say it.

"Say it."

Xia Ming could only say, "When I saw how talented Tang Zichen was before, I wanted to take him as a disciple, but unfortunately, he refused and threatened to befriend me, and his tone was so arrogant that I was very angry, and when I went back, the more I thought about it, the more angry I became, so I broke my spirit too.But my granddaughter regretted his life, and wanted him to come to me of his own accord to confess his fault, but he did not come, and I was furious, and I had just come to kill him, and was about to do it, when you appeared."

The corners of Yun De's mouth subconsciously flared, as if he was saying inside that he really didn't have the strength to do it, Yun De said, "Brother Xia Ming, you're even angry because he wanted to befriend you, don't you know that you were able to befriend him, it's your good fortune, look at me, I'm just his dog.You're really, I don't know how to describe you."

"I, how did I know he was so well known, I thought that he would be my disciple, all I would need is for my ancestors to burn incense, who knows, alas, it's too late to say anything now."Xia Ming looked remorseful, and wondered if Tang Zichen would let him off the hook for this.

Just then, one of his men came out and shouted, "Yun De, my boss told you to take Xia Ming into custody, if Xia Ming runs away, then he will take your life."

Xia Ming was startled, and Yun De shouted bad luck.

Yun De looked at Xia Ming and said, "Sorry, Xia Ming brother, you did everything yourself, I can't pay for your fault, you should come in with me right now to meet Tang Zichen."

"Brother Yun De, Tang Zichen will definitely not let me go, I."

"Don't say anything, follow me in right away, otherwise I'll have to do something, don't blame me for not letting you escape, I'm really helpless."

"Big Brother Yunde, please." Premiere URL

"No way."


"Xia Ming, Xia Ming, you're so typical of not seeing the coffin, you could have befriended him, but instead, you made it like this, don't say anything, go inside, don't hurt me."

Yun De pushed Xia Ming into the hall.

Tang Zichen was sitting high up on the hall chair.

Xia Ming was being pressured by Yun De to kneel on the floor.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Xia Ming, I told you before that I've been the gentlest to you, and your granddaughter also proved it, but unfortunately you don't feel it, do you think that I have to worship you as my master and bow to you three times before you feel worthy of your status?I gave Xia Xiaoxin face and called you senior, and even, I was willing to befriend you, do you know that I have seriously lowered my status by befriending you, you heck, actually."Tang Zichen raised his teacup and tried to drop it several times, but he didn't.

Tang Zichen put down the teacup and said, "Forget it, it's useless to talk too much, speak for yourself, how should I handle our relationship."

"Tang Zichen, I, I didn't know you, you're so backstage, otherwise, otherwise I wouldn't do this to you."

"Haha, that's hilarious, you better not make that kind of excuse or it will only make me more resentful, don't wear out the last shred of good feeling I have for you inside."

Just at this moment, there was a shout from outside, "Grandpa, don't be impulsive."

A few seconds later, Xia Xiaoxin hurriedly ran in.

Xia Xiaoxin thought that her grandfather had killed Tang Zichen, once she entered the room and saw that Tang Zichen was still alive, she was relieved and was about to persuade her grandfather again when she suddenly discovered that his grandfather was kneeling on the ground.

"Ah, grandpa, you."Xia Xiaoxin was dumbfounded, her brain seemingly unable to turn around for a moment.

Xia Ming was busy saying, "Xiaoxin, quickly, kneel down."


; Tang Zichen busily said, "No, you can kneel, Xia Xiaoxin doesn't have to, and I'll exterminate anyone who dares to make Xia Xiaoxin kneel."

"Yes."Xia Ming busily nodded his head.

"Grandpa, Tang Zichen, you guys are?"Xia Xiaoxin secretly wondered if she had run to a fake light cloud alliance.

Tang Zichen said, "Xia Xiaoxin, thank you for taking care of me, you're a kind girl, I'll remember your kindness.It's just as well, for your sake, I won't embarrass your grandfather."

After that, Tang Zichen said, "Xia Ming, you can roll up now."

"Thank you master."Xia Ming said in a panic, he didn't dare to say thank you to Tang Zichen, so he had to call out to his master like Yun De.

"Grandpa, what did you say."Xia Xiaoxin looked at her grandfather incredulously.


Tang Zichen waved his hand, "You can all leave, except for Xia Xiaoxin, don't bother me anymore."

"Yes, master."Yun De was busy nodding.

Xia Xiaoxin took a look and was surprised to see that the person dressed as a cleaner was actually Yun Tian's grandfather.

"Yun De's grandfather, how come it's you."Xia Xiaoxin was dumbfounded.

"Oh."Yun De laughed with an embarrassed face.

From his spatial ring, Yun De took out a fifth grade spirit stone and said, "Master, a small token, not a token of respect."

Tang Zichen left his mouth and said, "You have the nerve to take it out without a piece of eighteen hundred."

"This, master, fifth grade spirit stones are extremely scarce, I only have one."

"Alright, put down the spirit stone, you can go now."


Yun De immediately left, he couldn't wait to leave this place quickly.

Xia Ming was a little embarrassed because he couldn't get out a single fifth grade spirit stone, and he didn't even have a fourth grade spirit stone on him.

"You can also leave."

"Thank you master."Xia Ming was busy pulling Xia Xiaoxin out of the hall.

Tang Zichen picked up the fifth grade spirit stone and smiled in his heart, "I can raise it again."

Tang Zichen was now at the ninth stage of Heart Shine, if he refined this fifth grade spirit stone, he could almost soar to around the fifth stage of Spiritual Healing.

Tang Zichen held that fifth grade spirit stone in his hand, and in less than two minutes, Tang Zichen refined it.

Then, in less than half a minute, it was completely absorbed and transformed.

Tang Zichen's realm soared from the ninth step of Heart Illumination to the fifth step of Spiritual Harmony.

"Yay, Spiritual Harmony 5th stage, haha, I'm just one realm away from Mu Qianji."Tang Zichen was inwardly delighted, he was about to catch up to Mu Qianji.

In the Flying Cloud Sect, at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, one could already apply for Vice Patriarch.

That Nine Jins Vice Sovereign was only at the seventh step of Spiritual Harmony, and Nine Jins was the fifth ranked Vice Sovereign of the Flying Cloud Sect.

Tang Zichen, at the age of 13, had reached the fifth rank of Spiritual Harmony and was on the same level as the Flying Cloud Sect's Vice Patriarch, which could no longer be described with words.

It was all thanks to the Nine Dao Demon King's Immortal Qi, and although it wasn't Tang Zichen's own cultivation, being able to obtain a magic treasure was the same as a chance that he had cultivated it.

For the time being, however, Tang Zichen hid his realm at the Third Order of Heart Illumination, as he didn't want to draw too much attention to himself.

Tang Zichen took out his flying sword, and now that he had reached the Spiritual Healing Stage, he could more perfectly sacrifice the magic treasure.


Tang Zichen sacrificed his lowest-grade flying sword for an afternoon, and the grade of his flying sword improved from a primary magic treasure to an intermediate magic treasure.

This was a huge leap, as even YuanYing stage powerhouses were rarely able to sacrifice their flying swords to an intermediate grade.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, was able to sacrifice the most trashy flying sword over there into an intermediate grade magic treasure in one afternoon.

"Haha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, the power of an intermediate grade magic treasure was naturally worlds apart from a primary grade magic treasure.

With this intermediate magic treasure, Tang Zichen reckoned that even the YuanYing stage could fight, but of course, it was the lowest YuanYing first stage, bracing for the second stage.As for stronger immortal cultivators, Tang Zichen probably couldn't fight.

However, Tang Zichen wasn't satisfied.

It was just a flying sword, Tang Zichen's magic treasures were still too few, and if there was a chance, he would have to get a few other magic treasures, or, Tang Zichen would have to refine his own magic treasures.

Refining and sacrificing are two different things, refining is creating something out of nothing and sacrificing is creating essence out of something.

The next day, Tang Zichen walked on the road of the Flying Cloud Sect with a happy heart.

At this moment, Tang Zichen looked at the entire Flying Cloud Sect and felt so weak, those Flying Cloud Sect elders, Tang Zichen could kill several of them with a slap.

Because the strength of the Flying Cloud Sect's elders were generally at the Spiritual Integration Stage to the Spiritual Integration Fifth Stage. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen, who possessed an intermediate flying sword, could slap any elder to death with a single slap, even if it was a top elder of the fifth rank of Spiritual Harmony.

Currently, in the entire Flying Cloud Sect, the only people who could fight Tang Zichen were probably the Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect and another YuanYing stage person, the two people who had appeared last time in the True Beast Forest to snatch the Stone Devil Fruit.

Of course, Xia Ming didn't count them in, Xia Ming was the old patriarch from the past, he didn't care about things in the Flying Cloud Sect now, he was just trying to find peace and quiet here.

Tang Zichen was currently not a match for Xia Ming either.

Tang Zichen was in a particularly good mood, walking in a floating mood.

Unconsciously, Tang Zichen arrived at a large ring, and right now, many people were fighting there in front of this ring, and almost all of them were above the Heart Shine stage.

"Hey, what's going on here?"Tang Zichen walked up.

Upon asking around, it turned out to be the Flying Cloud Sect's XXth Mentor Tournament.

This was an event that belonged to the Flying Cloud Sect Mentors, no wonder almost all of them were here to watch the Heart Shine Phase.

Tang Zichen stood off to the side, watching this group of weak mentors fighting desperately for the top three spots, as if it would be glorious to win the top three spots, Tang Zichen couldn't help but smile.

No matter which tutor, so what if he won the first place, he was just an ant in front of Tang Zichen, the more Tang Zichen thought about it, the more he wanted to float, the feeling of being a strong person was really too cool, because he could look at others from above.

Tang Zichen had nothing to do anyway, so let's just watch them fight from the side.

At this moment, in the forbidden area of the Flying Cloud Sect, this forbidden area, only three people could enter, namely the Grand Patriarch and the Second Patriarch.These two were the two people who had snatched the Stone Devil Fruit last time in the True Beast Forest, the two people in the entire Flying Cloud Sect who were still able to fight Tang Zichen.

"Have you found the person who snatched the Stone Devil Fruit last time?"That Grand Patriarch asked.

"Alas, not yet, but I'm sure it will be investigated, there are people everywhere around this Jubal City, there are always a few people who see something and provide information."That Second Patriarch said.

"We must find out, if we get a Stone Demon Fruit, it will not be a small improvement for us.That way, our Flying Cloud Sect could become one of the top five sects in the First Sea."

"Well, don't worry, there's already a bit of an eyebrow, finding out the traces of that person should not be far off."The Second Patriarch said.

Tang Zichen watched the would-be mentor's tournament and found it boring, it was like watching a cockfight, you get tired of watching it longer.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "Now that I can fight with a middle grade flying sword, I can also fight with the first and second stage of the Yuanying, should I consider going to the Thousand Waters Sect and look for Mu Qianji, the Master of the Thousand Waters Sect, Mu Qianji's mentor, may not be able to stop me."

"Hehe, since I'm somewhat confident, let's go."Tang Zichen smiled and prepared to go.

But Tang Zichen had to go back to the Light Cloud Alliance to talk to them, so that they wouldn't worry.

"In the next few days, I'm going to go to the Thousand Water Sect, so don't worry about me."Tang Zichen said to Yan Xinyi, Tang Huan Lu Yuxi.

"Are you going to find Mu Qianji?"Yan Xin Yi asked.



They still didn't know that Tang Zichen had risen to the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, let alone that Tang Zichen's flying sword was a mid-grade magic weapon.

Although they might not be able to defeat Mu Qianji's master, they were at least sure of staying alive.

"Don't worry about me, you guys cultivate well in the Flying Cloud Sect, I shouldn't have to come back for a long time."

"Well, then you should go and return quickly."

Tang Zichen left the Flying Cloud Sect and asked for directions, heading straight for the Thousand Water Sect.

In less than half a day, Tang Zichen arrived at the Thousand Waters Sect.

Tang Zichen stepped on his flying sword and stood in the sky, overlooking the Thousand Waters Sect, sighing inwardly, "It's worthy of being the Thousand Waters Sect that only has female disciples, tsk tsk, there are so many beautiful women."

The Thousand Waters Sect's female disciples, it was expected that any handful of them would have a nice beauty, after all, the base was large.Of course, a beauty of this level would not be able to enter Tang Zichen's eyes.

Tang Zichen attempted to charge directly into the Flying Cloud Sect, but an invisible resistance isolated Tang Zichen from it.

Tang Zichen was secretly shocked, "There's even a Sect Protecting Formation, if I force my way in and alert others beforehand, I don't know if it will be detrimental to me, it's just that, let's go through the gate then."

Tang Zichen arrived at the main gate of the Flying Cloud Sect, normally the gate could be entered and exited.

"Stop."A few female disciples of the Thousand Waters Sect who were guarding the gate shouted.

"Come stop, any man Hugh comes close to the mountain gate, or else he will be killed on sight."A female disciple said in a very strong voice.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Shoot to kill, what a big mouth, even if that old witch of your Sect Master was here, she wouldn't dare to say that big word to me."

"I see you're looking for death."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped the female disciple away.

"So impolite, you should be beaten."Tang Zichen slapped a few more female disciples away.

Then, Tang Zichen entered the mountain gate in a dignified manner.

At that moment, one of the female disciples shouted, "Open the Mountain Gate Protection Array."

In the next second, a female disciple climbed up and pressed in a hidden place.

Then, one layer inside the mountain gate, an invisible wave of light stopped Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Looks like we won't be able to enter until we break this shit formation."

"Hmph, our Thousand Water Sect's Mountain Gate Protection Formation is built by the founding ancestor, based on the mountain, and follows the water, with the help of heavenly timing and geographical convenience, without permission, even strong people above the fifth stage of the YuanYing stage are restrained from entering, just you."

Tang Zichen said, "I thought how advanced it was, but it turns out that it can only stop around the fifth stage of the YuanYing, alas, disappointed."After saying that, the intermediate flying sword appeared in Tang Zichen's hand, and the intermediate flying sword cut viciously.



The entire Thousand Water Sect's mountain gate shook intensely, and the Thousand Water Sect's Mountain Gate Protection Formation broke.Of course, it was only the Mountain Gate Protection Array, not the Sect Protection Array.

Tang Zichen swept a cold eye over the few female disciples who were still separating and resisting, and said, "Don't seek death, I won't have the slightest pity for mediocre people like you."


At this moment, in a certain cultivation cave of the Thousand Water Sect, a woman opened her eyes fiercely.

"The mountain gate protective formation is broken, who dares to forcefully enter my Thousand Water Sect."

The woman became furious and moved her body, disappearing into the cultivation cave and heading straight for the Thousand Waters Sect's mountain gate.

"Master."Halfway to the mountain gate, Mu Qianji also flew out from a direction, and Mu Qianji seemed to sense it as well.

"Qianji, did you also sense that the mountain gate protective formation was broken?"

"Well, who dares to make a scene in our Thousand Waters Sect."Mu Qianji asked in confusion, reasonably speaking, no one in the First Sea, or even the Second Sea, would dare to force their way into the Thousand Waters Sect like this, because, Mu Qianji was the most talented person in the First Sea, and no one would want to mess with a future strong man, unless they had some sort of unholy feud with the Thousand Waters Sect, but this kind of feud didn't exist.

Mu Qianji's master raged, "Just go to the mountain gate and take a look." One second to remember to read the book

"Master, this person was able to break our mountain gate protective formation, I'm afraid he's very strong, just in case."

"As the Master of Thousand Waters Sect, even if I die, I will ask for the truth."Saying that, Mu Qianji's master headed straight for the mountain gate.

After Tang Zichen broke the mountain gate, he didn't leave, but stood in place with his sword, as if he was waiting for the Thousand Waters Sect's Sovereign to come out.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before a woman stepping on a flying sword shot towards Tang Zichen.

"It's you."The woman saw Tang Zichen in anger.

Mu Qianji also followed, standing vigilantly behind her master.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I didn't expect it to be me, coming to you so soon."

"Wind Lightning, was it you who just broke the mountain gate protective formation?"

"Or else, well, old woman, the feud between you and me can begin to be settled today,"Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji's master looked at Tang Zichen, a thirteen year old, whose realm had reached the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, she couldn't say what she felt inside, this kind of person, not to mention the First Sea, the Fourth Sea was definitely ranked first, moreover, Tang Zichen was actually able to break the protective formation of her mountain gate, this protective formation was set up by the founding patriarch of their Thousand Water Sect calendar, now that it was destroyed, that formation also no longer existed, in the future, the Thousand Water Sect's mountain gate had no formation to protect it.

"Wind Lightning, I was the one who missed the point."The old woman said from the bottom of her heart.

"Do you think, by saying that, you can avoid a beating today?"

"Come on, Wind Lightning, although I don't think I dare to be your opponent, but today you only have the courage to come to my door at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, I want to know what your bottom line is.If you defeat me, I am at your disposal to do whatever you want me to do."

"Then look at the sword."Tang Zichen instantly had the flying sword in his hand and, Tang Zichen closed his eyes as the moves of the Shura Eighteen Blades played out in his mind.

Only an instant later, Tang Zichen was able to rehearse the sixth slash of Shura in his mind.

At the sixth blade, Tang Zichen short-circuited, and it seemed that Tang Zichen could only practice to the sixth blade now.

On the other side, Mu Qianji's master said, "Wind Lightning, I'll let you make the first move."

"No need, just go ahead and make your move."

"Hmph."The old woman one

Hmph, a bell was offered from the storage bag.

The old woman's mouth chanted a long string of unknown notes, and the bell emitted a fierce ringing sound, tinkling, tinkling, tinkling, a sound that eventually resounded throughout the Thousand Water Sect.

"Ahhhh."The entire Thousand Waters Sect cried out in pain and covered their ears, but they still couldn't block out the sound of the bells.

In the end, the rocks and trees around the old woman all seemed unable to withstand that sound and burst into pieces.

Mu Qianji and a few other female disciples quickly flew out thousands of meters away, they seemed to have known the power of this magic treasure for a long time.

This magic treasure of the old woman was called 'Spirit of the Sky', although it was only a primary magic treasure, its power was not insignificant, even if it was a strong man of the fifth stage of the YuanYing stage, he wouldn't dare to underestimate this magic treasure of hers.

However, Tang Zichen didn't feel anything at the moment.

Tang Zichen had Immortal Qi to protect his body, and this kind of non-physical damage could not work against Tang Zichen at all.

This magic treasure of the old woman's was a sound attack, not a direct attack, Tang Zichen's immortal qi was enough to protect his body, and there were similar attacks as well as spiritual attacks and so on.

The old woman's hair was starting to turn white, it seemed to be a bit overdrawn.

Tang Zichen shouted, "There's no end to it, it's almost enough."

The old woman looked at Tang Zichen and almost didn't die of anger, the Sky Spirit attack she launched at the risk of overspending, but as a result, Tang Zichen had nothing to do with it and asked her with an impatient face if she was finished.

"You."The old woman just shouted out the word you, and couldn't help but spurt out a mouthful of blood.

The world was instantly quiet, and a magic treasure that could make the entire Thousand Water Sect disciples' noses bleed hadn't done any harm to Tang Zichen.

"This is simply impossible."The old woman said in frustration.

Tang Zichen said, "Old woman, is this your strongest method?Is it just magic, nothing else?"

"Wind Lightning, I've lost, I don't know what kind of magic you have that can resist my sky spirit, but my strongest sky spirit can't hurt you, I've lost."The old woman said.

The old woman had two magic treasures on her body, one was a flying sword and the other was a bell, as for martial skills, she didn't know how to use them at all, she could only rely on her magic treasures to attack, many of the immortal cultivators were like that, not practicing any martial skills themselves.

Tang Zichen also wanted to show her by displaying the Shura Eighteen Blades, but she hadn't expected that she would just admit defeat.

"Wind Lightning, I've already lost, do as you wish.In fact, the last time I saw you, I was surprised, I didn't expect that you could really step up from the mortal realm to the void."

"Don't bullshit with me, call Mu Qianji over and let her recover her memories."

"Sorry, her memory can't be restored, at least I can't do it."

Tang Zichen raged, "Then kneel to me."


"Kneel down."Tang Zichen yelled.

"Wind Lightning, don't bully others too much."The old woman was filled with anger, she thought Tang Zichen was hurting her dignity.

"Did you have to force me to do it?"

"Windy, I've already conceded, what more do you want."

"I just want you to kneel."

"Feng Yunqi, you."

Tang Zichen said, "It seems that you don't know how powerful I am if I don't give you a little."

Saying that, Tang Zichen struck out with his sword.

"Boom."A thunderclap was emitted from the sky, and the entire sky above the Thousand Water Sect went dark.


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