The King of Kungfu in school 1651-1660

Chapter 1651

"Ah."The old woman was silly, although she knew that some immortal cultivators practiced martial skills, she thought that no matter how strong they were, they weren't as powerful as magic treasures, but right now she saw Tang Zichen perform martial skills and the sky went dark, as if night had fallen, she was suddenly stunned by the apocalyptic momentum.

However, she didn't have time to think, the apocalyptic crisis instantly made her tremble from within.

Tang Zichen's sword, like a meteor falling from the sky, struck at the old woman's head and was unstoppable.

The old woman's face was pale, and she shouted in panic, "I kneel."

"Buzz."Tang Zichen's sword stopped just above the old woman's head, fortunately the old woman shouted to kneel in time, otherwise Tang Zichen himself wouldn't be able to collect that sword and would definitely kill the old woman.

The old woman's fragile infant also trembled with fear.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was standing ten meters away, and his flying sword had risen to ten meters long, dangling above the old woman's head.

"Kneel."Tang Zichen said indifferently.

"Pounce."The old woman kneeled down helplessly.

Tang Zichen's mind moved, and the flying sword swooshed and shortened, changing back to its initial size.

Tang Zichen grunted, "Kneeling early would have done nothing, so why bother.For the sake of you being Mu Qianji's master, I'm giving you the chance to live, just so you can kneel down and admit your mistake." First URL

"Windy, I was wrong."The old woman said dejectedly.

At first, she never would have thought to death that a mortal she didn't even despise would now force her to kneel down and admit her mistake.

At that moment, Mu Qianji flew up.


Mu Qianji looked towards Tang Zichen, although Mu Qianji did not recognize this child in her memory, she felt that this person seemed to have a déjà vu, a feeling of having experienced it in her past life.

Tang Zichen smiled at Mu Qianzhi and said, "Qianzhi, we can finally have a good chat."

"Who are you, why did you hurt my master like this."

"Thousand Jiu, come over here, you took the God Dissipating Pill before, so you forgot everything."

"Eliminating divine Pill?I didn't take any dissipative pills."Mu Qianji shook his head and said.

Tang Zichen said, "If you have any doubts, you can ask your master."

Mu Qianji's master said, "That's right, Qianji, you did take the God Dissipating Pill, this person in front of you is the lover who made you engrave your heart before you took the God Dissipating Pill, and the reason why I asked you to take the God Dissipating Pill in the first place was to make you forget about him and cultivate immortality."

"Ah."Mu Qianji shuddered incredulously and shook his head, "But, but he's just a child."

"When he steps up from the Mortal Realm, his body will be young again."

"What's the Mortal Realm?"

"That's right, you weren't born and raised in the spirit world, you were originally a mortal in the mortal realm, and by coincidence, you obtained my master's magic treasure, the Broken Cloud Hammer.After my master's Broken Cloud Hammer entered the mortal realm, the intention was all gone, easily formed into a stone, and forged into a sword by a mortal.I originally wanted to look for my master's Broken Cloud Hammer, after all, that material would allow me to build a flying sword, but I never expected to run into you.I felt it was fate, so I brought you to the spirit world to help your flesh evolve into a spirit.However, you miss the man you were with in the mortal realm, and always have the extravagant hope that one day he will step into the void and come to you.I told you to give up and forget the past, but you couldn't. At one point, I blackmailed you into taking the elixir.

You've only forgotten about him since then.However, what I didn't expect was that after only twenty years, he actually, actually stepped onto the void."

Mu Qianji's master looked at Tang Zichen, but inside she was actually impressed.

Mu Qianji seemed unable to believe it, as if she was listening to a story.

Tang Zichen said, "Qianji, come over here, perhaps I can help you repair your memories."Tang Zichen could only try if using immortal energy could help her repair her memories.

The old woman said, "Go over, if it really can restore your memories, my master would like you to do the same, after all, he really chased you up here."

Mu Qianji half-heartedly walked up to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's hand stroked the back of Mu Qianji's head and pressed against her hair.

Then he silently used his Immortal Qi, running a circle from head to toe, and then used some of his previous healing techniques to stimulate his brain and restore his memory.

After a few minutes, Mu Qianji slowly fell asleep.

And Tang Zichen didn't stop, the slumber was just the most basic manifestation.

About half an hour later.

Tang Zichen snapped his fingers.

"Pah."Mu Qianji felt like someone had tapped in her head and opened her eyes sharply.

"Qianji."Tang Zichen called out.

Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen, confused for a moment, then felt confused thinking and a pain in her head, but this state didn't last long and Mu Qianji's brain regained its composure.

"Wind Light Cloud!"Mu Qianji looked up at Tang Zichen and cried out with tears, she had remembered everything.

Tang Zichen was happy inside, "Qianji, you've finally recovered your old memories."

"Hmph!I'm sorry, me."

"It's okay, you've only taken the dispelling pills to forget the past."

"Ooooh, I've finally waited for you."Mu Qianji cried and threw himself into Tang Zichen's arms, but Tang Zichen's embrace was still too small.

Tang Zichen smiled helplessly at this, he hated being so small.

"Wind Lightning, you've finally come to find me, oooh."Mu Qianji cried out.

"Yes, remember when you and I parted, I hadn't yet stepped into the realm of the Ancestor, you ignored the grudge between the righteous and the demonic and risked your life to go to the righteous alliance to save me, but unfortunately you were captured by the righteous, they were preparing to hold a martial arts conference.I went to rescue you after learning that you were to be put to death on the spot, but I didn't expect that you would be rescued by your father the night before."Tang Zichen said, remembering the events back then, it always felt so far away from now, but Tang Zichen hadn't forgotten in the slightest.

"Mmhmm, as soon as I returned to the Devil's Territory, I heard that you were killed, so I returned to the Righteous Alliance to look for you, but I didn't return and was brought to the Spirit World by my master.I begged Master not to take me away at that time, but Master insisted on taking me away, so I had no choice but to leave a letter and have it sent to the Divine Dragon Sect."Mu Qianji cried out.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Unfortunately, I did not see your letter, but I temporarily returned to the other world, but the passage connecting the two worlds was closed, and I was trapped for more than ten years.When I returned again after more than ten years, I only learned from your father that you had left a letter, I returned to the Divine Dragon School, unfortunately, the letter was burned by an elder of the Divine Dragon School, I forced him, he only recalled a few contents, saying that you had gone to a faraway place, let me make an effort, to find you.Nothing else.It is almost three hundred years since that parting.For you, of course, it is only thirty years."


"Wind Lightning, I'm sorry."Mu Qianji cried out, perhaps those three hundred years were too cruel for Tang Zichen.

"It's not your fault, it's this old woman who is to blame, regardless of whether you want it or not, she really deserves to die."Tang Zichen's gaze shot towards that old woman, really killing her.

Mu Qianji was busy looking at the old woman kneeling on the ground.

"Shifu."Mu Qianji originally wanted to call out to her Master, but now that she had regained her memory, her feelings for her Master were instantly tangled up in the fact that back then, she had forcibly taken her away despite Mu Qianji's opposition, causing her to be separated from Tang Zichen for hundreds of years.If it wasn't for this, I'm afraid that Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji, in the mortal realm, would have already had children and grandchildren.And with Mu Qianji's chance, he could definitely step on the void and come to the spirit world.

The old woman, knowing that Mu Qianji would definitely hate her and hate her, bowed her head and said, "I'm sorry, Qianji, I was stubborn in the beginning, when I thought that you had obtained something from my master, you must be the reincarnation of my master, that's why I had to take you away despite your opposition.Moreover, I believe that you can only be a humble mortal in the mortal realm, with a short life span of a hundred years and a life as cheap as an ant, so I cruelly took you away for your own good."

"Sooooo, Master, don't say it."Mu Qianji's eyes were complex, even though she was forcibly taken away, she was still Master after all, what could she do.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Old woman, kneel down properly, before I let you get up, if you dare to get up, then don't blame me for being rude."

The old woman was a little angry, she was the sect master of the Thousand Water Sect, how could she, but, thinking of the power of the sword that Tang Zichen had just used, she was ten thousand times not a match, and could only hold her anger back.

At this time, Mu Qianji said, "Light Cloud, forget it, let her up, it's all over and we've been reunited."

"But I've been apart from you for so long, letting go of this, it's really unwilling."

"She, she is my master after all." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen took a deep breath and said, "It's just that, old woman, leave ten fifth grade spirit stones behind and roll."

"What?A fifth grade spirit stone?"The old woman wondered if she had heard correctly.

"Yes, deaf ears."

"Wind Lightning, I've never seen a fifth grade spirit stone in my life, and you're really crazy for asking me to leave ten fifth grade spirit stones behind."The old woman said with an ugly face.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was secretly shocked, "No way, she's the Patriarch of the Thousand Water Sect, she hasn't even seen a fifth grade spirit stone in her life, Nima, Tang Zichen was expecting to get a few fifth grade spirit stones to soar."

Tang Zichen waved his hand in a depressed manner, "Get lost."

The old woman panicked and flew away.

Mu Qianji wiped away her tears, held Tang Zichen's face and said, "Light Cloud, let me take a good look at you."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Qianji, I'm just a thirteen-year-old boy now, what should I do."

"What to do."

"By all rights, after hundreds of years and countless things, we should have turned the tide, but unfortunately, I."

"You, you're still so bad."Mu Qianji stared with a red face.

"Haha, then you'll have to wait a few more years for me."

"It's not too boring to say things like that as soon as we meet."Mu Qianji said with a shy face.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Thousand Jie, actually, it's not fair to you, I've lived in the mortal realm for nearly three hundred years, and already have a full house of sons and grandsons, by the time I stepped into the Void, most of my grandchildren had already died their great death, and my sons and daughters, not to mention none of them.Of course, my good brothers and wives, not to mention the rest of them.Although I now wear the garb of a thirteen-year-old, my bones are a pale soul.You, on the other hand, though you have the appearance of being in your thirties, are truly only in your thirties, and have never experienced marriage, never experienced love

Love, let alone being a father, grandfather, great grandfather."

Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen and shook his head, "I'm sorry, I can't imagine that picture of your children and grandchildren.All I know is that you must be incomparably lonely and isolated in the mortal realm, when all of your grandchildren have already passed away after their time."

"Right, if it wasn't for the fact that there was always someone else in my heart who was going to find her, I'm afraid that I might not have been able to reach the return of my ancestors and enter the spirit world."

Mu Qianji hugged Tang Zichen tightly in his arms, feeling like a sister hugging her younger brother, and Tang Zichen was helpless.

"You have suffered, don't worry, in the future, I will never leave you again, we will be together forever."

"Of course, forever together."

Tang Zichen was at Mu Qianji, embracing each other for a long time, until many people were watching.

"Let's go first."Mu Qianji was busy saying, pulling Tang Zichen who wanted to enter the Thousand Water Sect.

"Qianji, do you still want to go back to the Thousand Waters Sect?"

"Where else can you go?"

"Come with me, Thousand Extremities, I'll take you to the Flying Cloud Sect, I'm now a disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect.By the way, there's another person who has also stepped up from the Mortal Realm, you must know him."

"Who is it?Isn't it true that no one has been able to step into the void since ancient times?How come there's another one besides you."

"She's my teacher's wife in the mortal realm, Yan Xinyi."

"Ah, Yan Xinyi."Mu Qianji was shocked, of course she knew Yan Xingyi, it was just that at that time, the righteous and the demonic were not two sides of the same coin, and when they met, they were almost always targeting each other.But now, everyone came from the same place, instead, they felt incomparably cherished.

"Well, then I'll go back to the Flying Cloud Sect with you."


With a move of his hand, Tang Zichen's flying sword was placed across his feet, instantly becoming larger as if it was a flat boat.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji stepped on the flying sword and flew up into the sky to leave with a swoosh.

Thousand Waters Sect, a loft, an old woman's gaze was vicarious as she watched them depart, eventually they would have to leave.

Tang Zichen drove the flying sword, and they sat face to face on the flying sword, looking at each other as if they could never see enough.

Tang Zichen looked at Mu Qianji, as if he had gone back a long time ago, when he was still in the age of technology, his IQ had degenerated to that of a child, and Mu Qianji had protected him like a sister and brought him back the five wondrous treasures of the world.He thought that it would be hard for him to see Mu Qianji in this life, after all, the world was so big, but he didn't expect that he would find her after more than a year in the Spirit World.

Half a day later, he arrived at the Flying Cloud Sect.

Tang Zichen brought Mu Qianji back to the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Young Minister, you've returned so quickly."Lu Yuxi was busy, suddenly saw Mu Qianji and was stunned, saying in her heart: what a beautiful woman.

Yan Xinyi also came out, seeing Mu Qianji, her body trembled, Mu Qianji was still the same as she remembered, there was no change, still like the eighteen year old she was back then.

Mu Qianji looked at Yan Xinyi and smiled, "I'm sure you're the teacher, Yan Xinyi."

"Mu Qianji, it's nice to see you again, call me Xingyi, I'm no longer any kind of teacher's wife, instead I'm now Tang Zichen's disciple."

"Ah, how come."Mu Qianji looked incredulously at Tang Zichen.

"We'll talk about this later."Tang Zichen was speechless.

Lu Yuxi, who was on the other side of the room, was filled with confusion, but why was Yan Xin Yi Tang Zichen's teacher's wife?However, Lu Yuxi didn't ask too many questions.

"Brother."Tang Huan ran out, but when he saw Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji holding hands, he suddenly felt a tingling inside.


Tang Zichen said to Tang Huan and Lu Yuxi, "Let me introduce, this Mu Qianji, my wife."

"Ah."Tang Huan didn't expect Tang Zichen to directly say that it was his wife.

Mu Qianji blushed a little embarrassed, Tang Zichen really wasn't afraid to say it, but Tang Zichen had called it his wife in public, so how could Mu Qianji object.

Yan Xinyi smiled, "Congratulations, you have a lover and you will finally be married."

"Thank you."Mu Qianyi nodded slightly to Yan Xinyi.

Lu Yuxi was also busy saying, "Congratulations to Minister Shao, congratulations to Lady Tang."

"Just call me Qianjie."Mu Qianzhi was busy saying.

Only Tang Huan, who was incomparably lonely inside.

Tang Zichen pulled Mu Qianji and went into his room.

"Light Cloud, in broad daylight, what are you doing."

"Lady, why don't you just call me your husband." One second to remember to read the book

"Ah, but you haven't even grown up yet, would that be weird for people to hear."

"Well, whatever, then you'd better call me Tzu-Chen, you don't need the name Wind Lightning in the Spirit World anymore."


"Thousands of Jie, I heard that you are the first genius of the First Sea?"

"Yeah, but the first genius is already you now, it's just that your fame hasn't gone out yet and people don't know about it."

"Oh, it doesn't matter if my fame goes out or not, I'm just here now waiting to grow up in silence.But that was the idea before, and now that you're back with me, I can't let you get bored here with me too, so I'll follow you on whatever arrangements you have next."

"Me? Oh, I was going to, after a while, head to Jubal City and take that mission to the cathedral.By the way, I'm in Jubal City, joining a five-star mercenary group."

"Uh, I had also planned to travel to Zhubai City in the future and join a mercenary group to engage in missions and practice along the way, so since it's such a coincidence, when are you going to go, bring me along."

"Good."Mu Qianji nodded.

Mu Qianji saw that there were many talismans in Tang Zichen's room.

"Hey, why are there so many talismans?"Mu Qianji was confused.

"Right, I forgot to tell you, I can also refine talismans."

"Uh, so powerful."Mu Qianji was shocked, in this world, very few people could do both.

"Hehe, it's good that I can only refine four-grade talismans now, but unfortunately, my strength is above the strongest value of talismans, so talismans have no meaning to me, if I sell talismans, low-grade talismans can't earn any spirit stones, and high-grade talismans, materials can't be found.For example, if I want to practice a four-grade talisman now, I will have to look for materials for half a day, unlike in the past, first-grade and second-grade talismans, the city below the mountain is more than a place to buy, high-level talismans, materials are hard to find.So, it's rarely practiced now."

"It's also true that your realm is only at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, but your combat power is not even a match for my master, four-grade talismans are useless to you, and if you're a five-grade talisman, the materials are hard to find."

"I can't train a five-grade talisman right now either."Tang Zichen's gaze sank as he thought of that great formation of the Thousand Waters Sect today, and he wondered, if Tang Zichen had any talent in formation.

However, it might not be good to have more than one art, so it would be better to specialize in one fine.

As such, Mu Qianji temporarily stayed at the Light Cloud Alliance.

At night, of course, Mu Qianji slept in the same room as Tang Zichen.

Mu Qianji was a bit shy.

"Thousand Jiao,

, what are you shy about, forgetting that once in the mortal realm, I even bit your nipple."

"You still have the nerve to say that."

"Although my body is still small, but we are after all husband and wife, don't we have a good warmth."Tang Zichen said laughingly.

"Speechless."Mu Qianji felt odd.

Tang Zichen carried Mu Qianji into the bed, and some warmth afterwards need not be detailed.

A few days later.

At a certain forbidden place of the Flying Cloud Sect.

"Great Patriarch, there's something to see."A YuanYing first stage man hurriedly walked into a cave.

"You're saying that the person who snatched the Stone Devil Fruit last time has an eye-opener?"

"Yes, according to what a disciple said, that day, he saw a person step on a flying sword and fly near the Flying Cloud Sect, after which he seemed to have entered the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Ah, so the person who snatched the Stone Devil Fruit last time was someone from our Flying Cloud Sect?"

"Exactly, it's just that there are so many disciples of our Flying Cloud Sect, I don't know which one is which."

"It's simple, close down the entire Flying Cloud Sect and don't allow anyone to go out, check them out one by one, you can always find them.That person who snatched the Stone Devil Fruit last time, his own strength wasn't very high, if not by virtue of some magic treasure, how could he have escaped the tracking of so many of us.This time we have a turtle in a jar, we must find him."

"Hmph, it's only been a few days, he definitely still has the Stone Demon Fruit on him, we don't need more, we only need to get two, that's enough."

"Good, reverse the Protecting Sect Formation."

Not long after, everyone in the Flying Cloud Sect couldn't go out, they were stopped by the Protective Array, including all the instructors, elders, and deputy sect masters.

This incident instantly became a sensation in the Flying Cloud Sect.

Two days later, Tang Zichen was at the Light Cloud Alliance cultivating his flying sword.

"Brother, you still have the heart to sacrifice the flying sword, we're all trapped now, and for some reason, the entire Flying Cloud Sect is now panicking."Tang Huan said to Tang Zichen.

"What do you mean?"

"It's that since the day before yesterday, all of us couldn't leave the Flying Cloud Sect, we only entered and left, and no matter who wanted to go out, an invisible force blocked us from the mountain gate.Not even the Flying Cloud Sect's elders, or the Vice Patriarch could get out, and no one knew why."

"Uh."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, Tang Zichen instantly guessed that it was a formation, someone had laid a large formation against the scope of the Flying Cloud Sect, only entering and trapping everyone in the Flying Cloud Sect, who was it?

Tang Huan said, "Now everyone is saying that the Flying Cloud Sect is not provoking some enemies to trap all of us to death, and now everyone is terrified."

Tang Zichen stood up, walked out of the room, and arrived at the mountain entrance, and sure enough, a protective shield stopped it.

Moreover, Tang Zichen could sense that this protective shield was far stronger than the Thousand Water Sect's protective formation.

Tang Zichen was afraid that he wouldn't be able to forcefully break this formation, Tang Zichen could at most break the Thousand Water Sect's Mountain Gate Protection Formation at this level, and the Patriarchal Formation was still unable to break it.There was a huge difference in strength between the Mountain Gate Protection Formation and the Patriarchal Formation.

This meant that Tang Zichen was trapped as well.

"What the hell happened?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows were locked tightly, if there was really a strong man who wanted to destroy the entire Flying Cloud Sect, then Tang Zichen would have to be tragic as well, so Tang Zichen had no desire to sacrifice his flying sword.

At this moment, in the restricted area of the Flying Cloud Sect.

"Grand Patriarch, the Patriarchal Formation has been reversed for three days, when will you start tracking down that person?"


"There's no rush, the Flying Cloud Sect is only in and out right now, we can't guarantee that person will be inside the Flying Cloud Sect right now, what if, that person he's not in the Flying Cloud Sect right now?What if he went to the Forest of the Beast?So, we might as well wait a month, or even two months, until all the people who went to the True Beast Forest, or went home for the time being, have arrived, then we can start again without delay.Otherwise, that person happens to be away, but we've caught them off guard, so wouldn't it be a waste of time."

"That's right, let's wait for two months then.However, the entire Flying Cloud Sect is in a hurry right now."

"Let them be anxious, trapped for two months anyway, no one will die."

The entire Flying Cloud Sect's disciples were like trapped ants, as if the end was coming, they were in a hurry.

Tang Zichen immediately went to find Xia Ming and ask what was going on, there hadn't been any news from Xia Ming or Xia Xiaoxin for days .

Tang Zichen found the valley where Xia Ming and Xia Xiaoxin lived, and at a glance, the houses in the valley were empty, Xia Ming and Xia Xia Xiaoxin didn't know when they had left.

"What the hell, they left without saying hello to me."Tang Zichen scolded, a little dissatisfied inside.

It was reasonable to say that Xia Ming was leaving and not staying in the Flying Cloud Sect, so he should say goodbye to Tang Zichen.

"Next time I see you, see how I'll deal with you."Tang Zichen said under his breath.

Tang Zichen returned to the Light Cloud Alliance.

All the disciples of the Light Cloud Alliance looked at Tang Zichen as if Tang Zichen was a straw that saved their lives. The first website

"Did you ask what the reason was, boss?Are we all going to die in the Flying Cloud Sect?"

"Yeah, boss, what kind of enemies has the Feiyun Sect provoked to the extent of destroying the sect."

Tang Zichen consoled, "Don't be nervous everyone, the sky is falling and I'm still standing by, the tiny Flying Cloud Sect, the level is right here, how big an enemy can it provoke."


"Alright, everyone don't but, just pretend it's nothing."

Tang Zichen summoned the Nine Jins Vice Sovereign over.

"Pay your respects to Minister Young."

"Jiu Jiu, the Flying Cloud Sect is surrounded by a mysterious formation, do you know why?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Back to Young Minister, I just found out, and even if you didn't ask me, I was planning to come and report to you.I heard that the Grand Patriarch and the Second Patriarch, have discovered the traces of your snatching of the Stone Devil Fruit, and know that you are within the Flying Cloud Sect, so they reversed the Flying Cloud Sect's protective formation, and only went in and out for two months in a thorough attempt to track you down.Young Minister, you have to be careful ah, in case you are traced out to be you, you'll be finished."

Tang Zichen sneered, "I thought something had happened, but it turned out to be because of such a trivial matter."

"Young Master Chen, the Grand Patriarch and Second Patriarch, they are bound to track you down, and you can't get out now, aren't you nervous?"

"Hmph, nervous my ass, alright, no more of your business."

"Then I'll be leaving first, take care of yourself, Chen Shao."Jiu Ji was a bit worried, because if Tang Zichen died, he wouldn't be able to live as a Kui corpse.

Before Jiu Jiu had even walked out of the Light Cloud Alliance, Tang Zichen went straight into the sky.

Since he knew the reason, there was no need for Tang Zichen to hide anything anymore, the purpose of the Flying Cloud Sect's Sovereign was to find him anyway, so Tang Zichen took the initiative to come out, saving the Flying Cloud Sect's disciples from being on edge for two months.

Tang Zichen stood in mid-air of the Flying Cloud Sect and shouted, "Sovereign of the Flying Cloud Sect, come out, the person you are looking for is me, there is no need to trap innocent disciples."

With this shout from Tang Zichen, the entire Flying

Everyone in the Cloud Sect heard it, and everyone looked up.

Tang Zichen was considered a familiar face in the Flying Cloud Sect, whether it was in the disciple circle, the mentor circle, the elder circle, or the vice-patriarch circle.Everyone recognized him at a glance up.

The disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect didn't know Tang Zichen's true strength, and were surprised to see Tang Zichen standing in the air right now with his flying sword.

Those mentor elders who didn't know Tang Zichen's strength also turned pale.

Moreover, Tang Zichen was calling out for the Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect to come out.

In the Flying Cloud Sect, who dared to provoke the Sovereign like this?

After shouting, Tang Zichen's flying sword slashed towards the protective formation, Tang Zichen wanted to see if he could break the protective formation.

"Boom."The protective formation received a powerful attack, sending out violent fluctuations, and the entire Flying Cloud Sect trembled like an earthquake.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "As expected, the protective formation is very strong, I can't break it."

At this moment, in the forbidden area of the Flying Cloud Sect, the Grand Patriarch and the Second Patriarch flew out at the same time, heading towards the place where the sound came from, only to see a young man standing in mid-air, looking incomparably proud.

"Who are you?"The Grand Patriarch asked.

Tang Zichen looked at the Grand Patriarch and the Second Patriarch and smiled, "I'm sure the two of you are the Grand Patriarch and the Second Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect."

"I'm asking who you are."The Grand Patriarch roared.

When Tang Zichen saw the Grand Patriarch looking so wild, he pointed his sword and said, "Please don't shout in front of me, or else, don't blame me for not giving face to the Patriarch."

"Ridiculous."The Grand Patriarch's face was fierce.

Tang Zichen said, "Fine, you guys want to know who I am, there's nothing wrong with that, listen up, my name is Tang Zichen, the person who snatched the Stone Devil Fruit in the True Beast Forest last time was me."

"With you?"

"You don't even believe it's me, alright, then I'll show you the extra, useless, stone devil fruit that I'm going to throw away for the dogs to eat, and you'll believe it."Tang Zichen flipped his hand, and a crystal clear stone devil fruit appeared in his hand.

"Ah."When the Grand Patriarch and the Second Patriarch saw the Stone Devil Fruit, their bodies trembled.

Tang Zichen said, "Now believe that I'm the one who snatched all the Stone Devil Fruit that day, a total of more than a dozen Stone Devil Fruit, I'm including the ones I gave away, there's still five or six Stone Devil Fruit left, and there's no one left to give away, so I'm going to use it to feed the dogs."

"You."The Grand Patriarch and Second Patriarch's nostrils were smoking with anger, saying to his face that he wanted to take it to feed the dogs, was this a barefaced insult to them?

"Bring it."The Grand Patriarch said with an outstretched hand.

Tang Zichen smiled, "So, you're a dog?Just say you're a dog and I'll bring it to feed you."

"You don't want to get yourself killed."

"If I say I'm looking for death, can you make it happen?"Don asked dismissively.

"You."The Grand Patriarch and the Second Patriarch were furious, they didn't know what to say, when had the Flying Cloud Sect appeared a person so crazy.

"Fine, then I'll fulfill you."The Grand Patriarch was furious, and with a flip of his hand, a mirror appeared in his hand.

The Grand Patriarch poured all of his spiritual energy into the mirror, and it lit up as if it were a sun, and a yellow pillar of light was emitted.

"Death."The Grand Patriarch flipped his hand, and the yellow pillar of light shone towards Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Tang Zichen felt the terror of the pillar of light, and if he was irradiated, it would be worse than being thrown in a furnace and scalded.


Tang Zichen didn't have time to ponder, the sword in his hand slashed, the sixth blade of Shura.

The sky changed color as usual.

However, it was too late.

The Grand Patriarch's mirror irradiation speed was obviously much faster than Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen's Shura Sixth Blade hadn't fully formed, the yellow pillar of light was already shining on Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Tang Zichen felt, hot all over, as if he had been thrown into boiling hot water, wanting to die but couldn't.

However, Tang Zichen's body was protected by his Immortal Qi, so it was fortunate that the yellow pillar of light could only harm Tang Zichen's epidermis and not his insides.

Tang Zichen's Shura Sixth Blade, uninterrupted, continued to be displayed.

The sky darkened and the earth changed color.

A lightning-like light flashed in the dark clouds.

"Boom."Tang Zichen's flying sword rose to over ten meters long, and the blade evolved into a blade that struck down.

"Ah."The Grand Patriarch felt like his body was locked, and although his consciousness was still able to react, his movements couldn't keep up with the reaction. Remember the URL

He watched as the silvery light split down from above him.


In mid-air, a pillar of blood shot up, and the Grand Patriarch's body was split in two.

"Grand Sovereign."The Second Patriarch beside him could not help but shout.

However, as soon as Tang Zichen's sword fell, a fist-sized, golden humanoid light flew out of the Grand Patriarch's head.

It was the Grand Patriarch's YuanYing.

A person who reached the YuanYing realm could cultivate a YuanYing, meaning that his life was not limited to his body, even if his body was destroyed, it did not mean that his life was over, as long as the YuanYing was still alive, life was still alive, and the body was just a carrier that could be changed if he wanted to.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, the first time he saw a YuanYing, that fist-sized fetus, it looked like it was still in the pregnant woman's stomach, only a few months in size.

Tang Zichen thought inwardly, "I don't know if the infant has any nutrition, or else it would be used to make stew."

Tang Zichen wanted to go grab the Grand Patriarch's infant, but the Grand Patriarch's infant fled in a hurry.

"Bang."The Yuan Infant crashed headlong into the protective array light shield in the sky.

It was truly a cocoon.

Tang Zichen grabbed the YuanYing in a flash, the Grand Patriarch's YuanYing was still very fragile and had no combat power at all, unlike the super-powered ones who could transform into human form and fight as well as their own bodies.

"Still want to leave, dreaming, I'll bring you to stew at night, YuanYing stewed old hen, I don't know how it tastes, hehehe."Tang Zichen smiled.

At this time, the Grand Patriarch's Yuan Yin said, "If you don't let go, I'll self-destruct."

"Uh, self-destruct?"

"The infant self-destructs, you understand the power, with your physical body, can you withstand it?"

Tang Zichen said, "It's fine, you can pop all you want, and I just want to experience it."


The power of an infant self-destructing, even the weakest infant, was no less powerful than ten hydrogen bombs dropped on a place at the same time.If it was a mortal, it would be absolutely finished, but this was the Spirit World and Tang Zichen was not a mortal, it was unknown if Tang Zichen could withstand it, but even if Tang Zichen did, some shock to his body would be unavoidable.

At that moment, the Second Patriarch flew up, his face pale, he never expected that a teenage boy would be so strong, the Grand Patriarch's Heavenly Furnace Mirror couldn't even hurt him, and he didn't know that training

What martial skill had killed the Grand Patriarch's flesh with a single sword, forcing the Grand Patriarch's infant to escape.

"Senior, show mercy."The Second Patriarch shouted in panic.

Tang Zichen grabbed the YuanYing with one hand and turned his head and snorted, "If you ask me to show mercy, then wouldn't I lose face, besides, if you show mercy, then where can I gather the ingredients for the old hen stew at night, are you going to stew your YuanYing for me?"

"Senior, I."

"I just told you, if you call yourselves dogs, not only will I not kill you, I can even feed you Stone Devil Fruit, but you didn't choose this path, so blame yourselves."

"Senior, we have no quarrel with you, we just want to find you and get you to hand over a few Stone Devil Fruits, we really have no intention of killing you."

"Do you think I will believe you?Who was it who just said I was looking for death and seeking fulfillment."

"Senior, you said yourself that you wanted to seek death and be fulfilled."

"Uh, did I say that."Tang Zichen was startled.

"Senior, let the Grand Patriarch go, you've already destroyed his flesh, his fragile infant, if you don't seize him quickly, he won't survive for two months.Moreover, if you kill him, he will choose to self-destruct."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't threaten me, or I'll just squeeze and explode."

"Yes yes yes."

"Whether I can forgive you or not depends on your attitude, plainly why should I forgive you."

"Yes yes yes, Grand Patriarch, quickly beg for forgiveness from him."The Grand Patriarch was busy.

The Grand Patriarch's infant seemed to be very unhappy, not to mention being badly damaged in the flesh, but now he had to beg for forgiveness, but he was not willing to really die.

"I'm sorry, Senior, I was wrong, please forgive me."

Tang Zichen saw the Grand Patriarch begging for forgiveness and let his infant go, although Tang Zichen didn't mind killing an infant, there wasn't much point in killing it, it wasn't like we had a deep grudge.

"Get lost."

"Thank you senior for not killing."The Grand Patriarch's infant fled in a panic.

Tang Zichen asked that Second Patriarch, "Go turn off the Flying Cloud Sect's Protective Formation, you will still be the Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect from now on."

"Yes, Senior."

Tang Zichen took the Grand Patriarch's Heavenly Furnace Mirror, flew down, and returned to the Light Cloud Alliance in no time.

The entire Flying Cloud Sect was still looking incredulously at the mid-air, and although there was no longer a figure of Tang Zichen in the sky, the scene where Tang Zichen had just exploded the Sovereign was one that everyone would never forget.Especially those who knew Tang Zichen before, such as those elders, Liang Jinhua and Nong Xiaotian, felt their chests tighten, not expecting that Tang Zichen's true strength was so strong.It was a pity that they were no longer qualified to appear before Tang Zichen, it was already fortunate that Tang Zichen didn't kill them that time.

"Wow, Zichen, you're great."Mu Qianji's eyes sparkled with stars as she looked at Tang Zichen, worthy of being the man she saw, even in the spirit world, he still excelled as usual.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen was excited inside as he was praised by Mu Qianji with such adoration.

Tang Zichen said, "Qianjie, I still don't know your strength situation, how powerful is that Burial Moon Sword of yours?"

"My Burial Moon Sword used to be my master's master's magic treasure, and although there are still remnants of his spiritual imprint, it's only a beginner's off-grade magic treasure, so my true combat power is at most at the level of the Ninth Order of Spiritual Harmony."

"It's fine, I'll help you sacrifice your flying sword into a middle-grade magic treasure."Tang Zichen said.Intermediate grade magic treasures also had strengths and weaknesses, with the difference between being on the upper class and the lower class.That flying sword of Tang Zichen's was a middle-grade magic treasure that was on the lower end of the spectrum, and it was not up to the middle-grade level of being on the upper end of the spectrum.


After that, it took Tang Zichen three months to help Mu Qianji sacrifice his magic treasures, and it took Tang Zichen three months to sacrifice Mu Qianji's Burial Moon Sword into an intermediate to inferior flying sword.

In order to sacrifice Mu Qianji's flying sword, Tang Zichen was also exhausted these three months, Tang Zichen thought that he had the help of his Immortal Qi to help with the sacrifice, it should be fast, but it turned out not to be so.

Of course, the Heavenly Furnace Mirror that Tang Zichen had snatched from the Grand Patriarch, Tang Zichen also sacrificed at the same time, and now, that Heavenly Furnace Mirror was also an intermediate to inferior magic weapon.

In the future, Tang Zichen had two magic treasures, the Heavenly Furnace Mirror and the Flying Sword.The Heavenly Furnace Mirror was a magic treasure with special effects, but the Flying Sword was a common magic treasure.

"Zichen, we've been in the Flying Cloud Sect for several months, when are we going to leave for Zhubai City?"Mu Qianji asked.

"You decide, but should I take my teacher's wife, as well as Tang Huan and Lu Yuxi with me?"

Mu Qianji said, "We are going to Zhu Bai City this time, mainly to take on a mission to Xiu Hai, I heard that it will be very dangerous, besides, that mercenary group I am in may not be willing for you to take so many family members with you.I think it would be better to let them stay in the Flying Cloud Sect, it will be difficult for them to grow if they remain hidden under your wings."

"However, I'm worried that something will happen, as for growth, I'm not worried, I'll use spirit stones to give them a boost, I don't need them to cultivate how."

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, the later you get, the harder it will be to find spirit stones, now fifth grade spirit stones, you won't be able to find a few in a year, when you gather up a few thousand fifth grade spirit stones, when will that be.Even if you do gather all of them, what about the sixth grade spirit stones?Where are the seventh grade stones?At that time, it was unlikely that one would be able to turn over a few such high-grade spirit stones in the entire world.So, it's unrealistic.Also, even if you do use spirit stones to allow them to improve their realm, when they reach the Tribulation Stage, the thunderstorm they face, you can't possibly survive it for them, right, if they have been under your protection, they will surely die when the thunderstorm arrives, because they have never experienced danger before, and their delicate bodies can't survive the most terrifying thunderstorm.It is impossible for the heavens to give any immortal cultivator room to exploit it."

"Alas, so they'll have to give their best in the end."

"Definitely, you can help them a lot, but they can't exactly gain without giving.Although I know that you're afraid of losing your loved ones, but in the cultivation world, losing your loved ones is a common occurrence, and anyone who steps on the pinnacle is stepping on countless corpses to get there, and at the same time, has lost a lot.If you don't let go of your mind, once one day in the future, you lose one of your loved ones and you can't let go of it, you will form a mind demon, and when you cross the border, the failure rate of those with a mind demon will increase more than five times." One Second Remember to read the book at

"Well, in that case, I'll let them stay in the Flying Cloud Sect and let them grow on their own, and I'll help from there."


Tang Zichen gathered Tang Huan, Yan Xinyi, and Lu Yuxi together and explained to them everything that needed to be explained.

At the same time, Tang Zichen secretly instructed Vice Patriarch Jiu Ji to take care of them more, just in case.

Only after that did Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji leave the Flying Cloud Sect.

Before heading to Zhubai City, Mu Qianji requested a trip back to the Thousand Waters Sect, no matter what, it was her master, who had been kind to her in cultivating her.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji stepped on their flying swords and rushed into the Thousand Waters Sect's main hall, which was her master's cultivation cave.

"Ah."As soon as they rushed into the main hall, a scream came from a corner of the main hall.

"Who dares to trespass in."

Tang Zichen looked into the corner, and a man and a woman were covering their critical parts with their clothes.

The woman was exactly Mu Qianji's master, as for the man, his appearance seemed to have never been seen before, but his spirit gave the impression that he was like the Grand Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect, and it seemed that he had already seized his new body.

Sure enough, the man saw that it was Tang Zichen and panicked, "Greetings, Senior Tang."

Mu Qianji's master also lost his temper and also panicked, "Paying homage to Senior Tang."

Tang Zichen laughed, "The Great Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect is having an affair with the Patriarch of the Thousand Waters Sect, hahaha."

Both of them felt extremely embarrassed, they had just been doing business intensely, and neither of them had noticed Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji's arrival.

Mu Qianji turned her head, not daring to look, feeling embarrassed, she also didn't expect that her master would have an affair with the Great Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect.It's nothing, the immortal path is incomparably lonely, and it's normal to occasionally make an immortal partner to pass the time.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, there's no need to be polite, I'm going to Zhubai City with Qianji today, Qianji is just coming over to say goodbye to her master."

Mu Qianji said, "Master, disciple will go to Zhubai City first, since you're busy, we'll be leaving first."Mu Qianji immediately flew out of the main hall.

Tang Zichen said, "Go on, you guys."Saying that, Tang Zichen also flew outside.

Mu Qianji's master was embarrassed and glared at the Grand Patriarch of the Flying Cloud Sect and said, "It's all you, what's the hurry to be monkeying around in broad daylight."

"I, how was I supposed to know that they would suddenly come, I just wanted, to try out this new body, besides, you didn't object just now."The Grand Patriarch was depressed.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were already far away from the Thousand Waters Sect, stepping on their flying swords and heading straight to Zhu Bai City.

On the way, Tang Zichen asked, "Qianji, have you ever heard of the Giant Fruit?"

"Giant fruit?There is."

"Ah, you've really heard of the Giant Fruit."

"Of course, after taking Giant Fruit, you can grow up quickly, some immortal families, wanting their children to grow up quickly and officially step into the immortal world, will give their children Giant Fruit, but Giant Fruit is also hard to find, why are you asking this."

Tang Zichen said, "Truth be told, I want to take the Giant Fruit, I want to grow up quickly."

"Uh, why?"Mu Qian never looked at Tang Zichen puzzled, Tang Zichen was already thirteen years old, and then there was no need to rush these years.

Tang Zichen hehehe smiled, "Just saw your master and the Grand Master of the Flying Cloud Sect hehehehe, I also quite want to grow up quickly and hehehe with you."Tang Zichen laughed cheaply for a while.

"Speechless."Mu Qianji blushed and greeted Tang Zichen with a glance, not expecting this kind of reason.

"You're already 13 now, you'll be 18 in five years, why are you in such a hurry, 5 years will pass in a flash."

"But I can't wait, even if I don't take the Giant Fruit, I can't wait until I'm 18."

"Then how many years do you want to wait."Mu Qianji's pretty face blushed slightly and said.

"15, 16 I guess."

"Ah, so small."

"What's there to be afraid of if it's small, hahahaha, can't I be afraid of messing up my body?"

"Nothing to say to you."

"Well, do you know where I can find Giant Fruit?Has Jubal City?"


"Say it."


"I don't know, but there's a big auction house in Jubal City, you can go there for a spin, there's often all sorts of immortal items being auctioned off there, the Giant Fruit isn't something precious, if you're lucky, maybe it is."

"Hehe, then when we get to Zhupao City, we'll go to the auction house first."

"Boring."Mu Qianji didn't object, although she felt that Tang Zichen didn't need to grow up so fast, but she also didn't stop him, after all, there were no side effects from taking Giant Fruit, and it was normal for Tang Zichen to not want to go through puberty twice since he was a person who was back to this age.

Half a day later, they arrived at Jubal City.

By now, the sky was already dark.

"Thousands of extremes, is there an inn in Jubal City?If not, I have an address here, given to me by a few people from the Meng family in Tianbao City, so I can go stay with them."Tang Zichen said.

"No need, my master is the Master of the Thousand Water Sect, he is also a person of status in the One Heavy Sea, how can he not have a private residence in Zhu Bai City, let's go to my master's residence and stay there for a while, we can make plans for tomorrow if there is anything."


Zhu Bai City was very huge, the population was unknown to be several million, a city of this population size, although it was very common in the technological world of the mortal realm, the cities of the mortal realm were full of tall buildings, a single building could house many people, but here was different, there were not many tall buildings, so to accommodate several million people, the geographical area could be seen how huge it was.

Soon, Mu Qianji brought Tang Zichen to a luxurious mansion, with 'Thousand Waters Mansion' written on the front door.

It was clearly not the first time that Mu Qianji had come here. The first website

Entering the Thousand Water House, the servant girl watching the house inside was busy greeting, "Greeting Miss Mu, you're here."

"Mm."Mu Qianji nodded slightly and led Tang Zichen into the house, and there was no need to introduce Tang Zichen to the servants.

As soon as he entered the hall, a servant handed over a letter and said, "Miss Mu, Lan Yi came to visit you a few days ago and saw that you were not here, so he left a letter, saying that he would give it to you when you returned."

"Lan Yi?Oh, I see."Mu Qianji frowned and picked up the letter.

Tang Zichen's intuition told him that that Lan Yi, was definitely not a good thing.

"Honey, who is it?"Tang Zichen asked.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the letter, and then take it to Tang Zichen and say, "Help me read it."

Tang Zichen tore open the letter, on which it was written: "Jie, how are you doing?I don't know how long it will take for Jie to return, and I don't want to be disturbed by the Thousand Waters Clan, so I left a letter, hoping that Jie would come to the Chenxiang House after seeing the letter, and I would share something with Jie."

Tang Zichen's entire body was bad after reading the letter.

Tang Zichen said word for word, "Grass!Him!Mom!The."

Mu Qianji said, "This Lan Yi is insane, don't get me wrong, I have nothing to do with him, he's just a suitor of mine, besides, among all my suitors, this Lan Yi is not the most prominent."

Tang Zichen raged, "I won't rip his mouth off, I'll take his surname, believe it or not."


"Absolute?Well, I'll kill his whole family, can you believe that?"

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Don't be so angry la, it's just an ordinary pursuer."

"Hmph, even if it was a dog chasing you, I would cut it down, not to mention a person chasing you, wait, see how I beat him to despair."Tang Zichen was on fire when he saw the letter full of ambiguity.


It was a good thing Tang Zichen had found Mu Qianji in time, otherwise if this continued, Mu Qianji wouldn't know who to get soaked away by.Mu Qianji had lost her memory before and didn't remember Tang Zichen and the mortal realm at all, so sooner or later, she would be attracted to someone excellent and would be soaked away.

Tang Zichen was fortunate that God had allowed him to find Mu Qianji so quickly and restore her memory, otherwise, Tang Zichen would have to despair thinking about it.If Tang Zichen had found Mu Qianyi after n years, by which time Mu Qianyi had already formed a celestial partnership with someone else, Tang Zichen would not have been able to achieve immortality, because Mu Qianyi is definitely Tang Zichen's biggest demon, and even if Tang Zichen had the help of his immortal energy, he would definitely not be able to overcome his demon when he reached the stage of tribulation, and would definitely die.

When Mu Qianji saw Tang Zichen's pale face, he thought Tang Zichen was very angry, busy hugging Tang Zichen to comfort him, "Alright, don't be so petty, it's not like I'm in love with him.In the past, when I went to Husso Forest with a few people, he was among them, and that's how we met.Of course, this Lan Yi, he's also quite a genius, he's currently the second genius of the One Heavy Sea, he's the son of the Lan Family of the three strongest families in the One Heavy Sea."

"Good, I'll find him later to settle the score."

"Well, you'll see to it yourself."Mu Qianji didn't stop it, fearing that Tang Zichen would misunderstand.

That night, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji stayed at the Thousand Water Residence for the night.

The next day, Tang Zichen dragged Mu Qianji to the auction site early in the morning.

Tang Zichen hoped to find the Giant Fruit by going to the auction site today.

As soon as Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji left, a servant of the Thousand Waters Residence left, seemingly to tip off someone somewhere.

That's right, that servant was going to the Lan Family in Zhu Bai City to report to Lan Yi about Mu Qianji's return, and of course, Lan Yi would pay him handsomely.

An hour later, that servant arrived at the Lan Family.

"I want to find senior Lan Yi, this is the pass token he gave me, I have something important to report to him."

When the Lan family's guards saw the pass token, they immediately took that servant to find Lan Yi.

In a courtyard, a young man was playing an instrument similar to a zither.

"Young Master Yi, there's a man here with your token to see you."

"Come in."

That servant from Thousand Water House was busy walking in.

Lan Yi asked, "You've come to find me, is it Mu Qianji who has come to Zhubai City?"

"Yes, Senior Lan Yi, last night Mu Qianji has already stayed at Thousand Water Residence for one night."

"Haha, she's finally come to Zhu Bai City again, by the way, did you show her my letter?"

"Back to Senior Lan Yi, she gave it to her, but she didn't look at it, she showed it to the teenager she brought back."

"The teenager?"

"Yeah, when she came back last night, she brought back a teenager, about thirteen years old."

Lan Yi's eyebrows furrowed, "Could it be her illegitimate son?No way."Lan Yi was shocked, although the possibility was low, but it wasn't completely ruled out, after all, Mu Qianji was thirty-seven years old and hadn't reached adulthood in the Spirit World (the Spirit World was about fifty years old and adult), but nowadays, people would do that when they were less than twenty, and if they had banged someone at a young age and had an illegitimate child, it was also possible.

Suddenly, it might be very unpleasant for Lanyi to think about this.

"Damn, if it's really her illegitimate son, then I have to kill that teenager, or else I keep feeling disgusted."

That servant of Thousand Water House was busy saying, "Senior Lan Yi need not worry, I don't think that teenager is like Miss Mu's illegitimate son, it's more like a younger brother or something."


"That's good, that really scared my brother, so you can send me another letter."


At this moment, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji arrived at the largest auction house in Zhubai City.

Mu Qianji said, "This auction house is opened by a family from the Four Seas, you have to keep a low profile when you go in, you must not cause any trouble oh."

"A family from the Four Heavy Seas is opening an auction house here?"

"Yeah, that's normal."

"Oh, then go in and take a look."

After entering, a man at the eighth stage of the YuanYing stage sat on the counter of the auction room.

This YuanYing eighth stage man was very strong, Tang Zichen was definitely no match, Tang Zichen could only defeat around the second stage of YuanYing at the moment, provided that the other party didn't have any middle-grade magic treasures, otherwise, the second stage of YuanYing wouldn't be able to beat him.

"What do you two want to pry?"That YuanYing eighth stage man asked.

Mu Qianji said, "May I ask, do you have Giant Fruit in your workshop?" Remember the URL

"Giant fruit?Oh, of course there is, but there's only one at the moment, and there's someone else who wants it besides you."

"Ah, there's someone else who wants it."

"Of course, that person who wants it, registered two months ago, and is just waiting for others to compete, so if you want it, I will arrange, this Giant Fruit, to be auctioned tonight."The rule of this auction house was that anything must have at least two people competing for it before it would be put up for auction, if only one person wanted it, it wouldn't be sold, because only if there were two or more people competing for it, could it be auctioned at a higher price.

Tang Zichen smiled, "If I don't want to auction it off and want to just take it, what do you think of this idea?"

Tang Zichen was fed up with putting up with other people's rules, Tang Zichen had his own rules, even if it was someone else's.

That YuanYing eighth stage man smiled with a threatening face and said, "Kid, are you sure you're not telling jokes?And are you sure you know what this place is?"

"Of course, I heard that this place is run by a certain Four Seas family."

"If you know that, you still dare to mess around here?"

"I'm not messing with you, I just don't like your rules."

That YuanYing eighth stage man said in a cold voice, "We set the rules, if you don't like our rules, don't come to our auction house to poke around.Might as well tell you that the other person who wants the Giant Fruit is your One Heavy Sea Zhong Family, one of the three strongest families.Even if someone from the Zhong family wants it, they have to honestly wait for other people to compete when they want it too, what kind of thing are you."The Yuanying eighth stage man's voice got a bit louder.

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Zichen, let's go first."Mu Qianji was afraid that Tang Zichen would stir up some trouble.

Tang Zichen smiled, "How can we leave when we haven't even obtained the Giant Fruit yet."

Tang Zichen took out a token from his pouch and said, "This token, do you know who it belongs to?"

That Yuanying eighth stage man's spiritual sense swept through and recognized it, and he was busy saying, "Yun De's family token, why is it with you?"

That's right, Tang Zichen's token was Yun De's.

Tang Zichen said, "Never mind how it's in my possession, I want to ask you right now, with this person's connections, if you can sell me a face and give me the Giant Fruit directly."

"This."The man was startled, normally, with Yun De's face, it would definitely be possible, after all, that Yun De, who had already stepped half a foot into the Exaltation Stage, wouldn't dare not give this face.

It was just that he didn't know what relationship Tang Zichen had with Yun De.

"I need to know what relationship you have with Yun De and how you have his family token."

"Oh, don't you care about my relationship with him, anyway, I'm

It's impossible to snatch the token from him."

"That's true."

"So, this token was never obtained by me through illegal means, Senior, that's all I have to say."

That YuanYing eighth stage man said, "Alright, I don't dare to deny Big Brother Yun De's face, in that case, for Yun De's sake, I'll give you that Giant Fruit for nothing, Giant Fruit is rare but not precious."

"Thank you, I will speak to Yun De, what is your name?"

"Uh."The man was startled, making it sound like he was trying to suck up to Yunde.

"Don't get me wrong, kid, I'm just giving Yunde face, not trying to suck up to him."

"Suit yourself then."

Not long after, the man at the eighth stage of the YuanYing stage ordered a fruit to be taken out.

Tang Zichen put it away and prepared to leave.

At that moment, that man was busy saying, "There's some good stuff in tonight's auction, I wonder if you want to come and join the fun."

"Uh, good stuff, what good stuff?"Tang Zichen asked.

"There's a primary superior artifact, a few fourth grade and ninth grade spirit pills, and of course, some spirit talismans, these are all good things."

"Good, if I'm free tonight, I'll come to see it, by the way, if I have something good, can I bring it here for auction as well?"

"Of course you can, the spirit stones you sell, you split it eighty-two with our auction house, you eight, we two.Of course, you can also entrust us with full authority to sell it, only the price becomes fifty-fifty."

"Really black, alright, I know, I'll leave first."

Tang Zichen couldn't wait to get back to eating the Giant Fruit.

Tang Zichen smiled, "If I come back at night, maybe I'll have grown up by then, hehe."

The man pursed his lips and didn't say anything, the reason he was so polite to Tang Zichen was all due to Yun De's face.

Tang Zichen happily walked out of the auction room.

"Haha, I got it without any effort."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji said, "You really scared me to death just now, if you really offend that strong man, you'll really be finished."

"Honey, don't worry, I have a sense of propriety, if it was really an act of seeking death, how would I do it.Now you see, I didn't obtain the Giant Fruit with ease, or else I'd have to bid against whoever that is, and I don't have any spirit stones on me.Before I even came here, I thought of using Yun De's token to get it by coincidence."

"By the way, how did you come to have the identity token of a four-fold sea powerhouse?"Mu Qianji was busy asking.

"Well, hahahaha, go back and talk, I want to grow up first, tonight, hehehehe, you know."

"Why, the smile is so evil."Mu Qianji stared, as if he had already guessed the content behind Tang Zichen's smile, his heart was a bit nervous, after all, she was still a yellow-flowered girl so far.

"You understand, I've been lonely for so long, I can't let you be empty any longer."Tang Zichen said.

"Nasty, who's lonely, you're the one who's lonely."Mu Qianyi blushed and snapped.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Soon, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji returned to the Thousand Water Residence.

Tang Zichen entered the room and couldn't wait to eat the Giant Fruit.

Mu Qianji stood at the door and did not go in.

After Tang Zichen took the Giant Fruit, his body felt like it was heating up, and it also felt like there was soreness everywhere, as if, his muscles and bones were growing fast, Tang Zichen's body, already visible, was growing at a visible rate, only all of a sudden, Tang Zichen seemed to have grown up a year, and his clothes were becoming very stretched, as if he couldn't wear them anymore.


In less than ten minutes, Tang Zichen had undergone a drastic change.

His height went from less than 1.6 meters, directly growing to around 188, and his appearance went from being 13 years old to 20 years old.

"Phew."Tang Zichen felt unbelievable, but he finally regained his grown-up appearance back then and felt very cool.This 20 year old appearance he had now, Tang Zichen hadn't seen it for hundreds of years, turning into an old man behind the mortal realm, youth seemed to be gone forever, but now, it was finally back.

Tang Zichen checked his body to see if there was any difference in taking Giant Fruit growing up, and after the check, it was found that there was no difference, just like growing up normally, moreover, testing Tang Zichen's bone age, his age was no longer 13, but around 20.

So, Tang Zichen now became 20 years old to reach the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, in effect, Tang Zichen's talent became a bit lower, but reaching the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony at 20 years old was already powerful enough.

"Qianji, you can come in now."

Mu Qianji walked into the room, after seeing Tang Zichen, her mouth couldn't help but let out a soft ah, just now, Tang Zichen who was still a child-like appearance, this time, he became the most familiar adult in her impression.

"Zichen."Mu Qianji saw that Tang Zichen was exactly the same as she remembered, and her feelings were somewhat touched inside, as if this time it was the one she was really waiting for to get her emotions into it.

Only, Tang Zichen's previous clothes had already failed to fit and were chipped, so right now Tang Zichen's attire looked odd, as if the clothes he couldn't put on had to be forced down.

Tang Zichen's body tensed with force, and the cloth still wrapped around him suddenly turned into shards spilling all over the ground, and Tang Zichen became a naked man as a result.

"Ah."Mu Qianji turned his head in shame, his face flushed red, Mu Qianji was busy saying, "I'll go ask my servant to prepare a set of clothes for you."Mu Qianji wanted to walk out of the room. A second to remember to read the book

At that moment, Tang Zichen took her hand and hugged Mu Qianji to her waist.


"The clothes will come later, right now spring night should be worth a thousand gold."

Tang Zichen carried Mu Qianji towards the bed.

Three hours later, Tang Zichen had already changed into brand new, well-fitting clothes.

The sky had also darkened.

Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen were preparing to eat, and during that time, Mu Qianji's face had been red, and Tang Zichen was looking at her as she ate, as if his mind was recalling the thousand gold moment this afternoon.

"Why are you looking at me like that."Mu Qianji pursed her lips and said.

"I feel like I'm dreaming, I've been looking forward to this for hundreds of years, and today, you've finally become mine completely."

"Speechless."Mu Qianji shyly lowered her head, she actually couldn't believe it, the image of that afternoon was always in her mind, lingering, always feeling happy at that moment.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were closer to each other after the afternoon incident.

At this time, a servant came up and said, "Miss Mu, your letter."

"There's another letter from me, what person."Mu Qianji's eyebrows furrowed.

Tang Zichen immediately snatched the letter over and took a look, it was again from Lan Yi heck.

Tang Zichen raged, "This Lan Yi, is he really looking for death?"

Tang Zichen opened the letter and wrote inside: "Jie, I heard that you came to Zhu Bai City, Yi missed you very much, tomorrow, free or not, catch up with me, I'll wait for you at Shenxiang House, see you soon, I'm sure, you also want to know my recent situation."

Tang Zichen tore up the letter.

That servant sent the letter up and immediately retreated, then quietly left the Thousand Water House and headed straight for the Lan Family.

Mu Qianji was depressed, "What a nutcase, did he really think that I would like him as much as he is the number two genius of the One Heavy Sea."

Tang Zichen said, "I will definitely kill him, by the way, how strong is the Lan Family in the One Heavy Sea, if I kill Lan Yi, what will the Lan Family's reaction be?"

"As far as I know, the strongest person in the Lan family is currently called Lan Yuan, YuanYing fifth stage, the second strongest person is called Lan Ding, YuanYing fourth stage, in addition to that, the Lan family has eight other strong people who have reached the YuanYing stage."

"I'll go, you're not scaring me, the three strongest families in the One Heavy Sea, and the strongest person is only at the fifth stage of the YuanYing stage?"


"How can it be so weak, the man we saw at the auction at noon is already at the eighth stage of the YuanYing stage."

"That man is from the Fourth Sea, not the First Sea."

"It seems that the One Heavy Sea really made me overestimate."

"YuanYing fifth stage you can win now?"

"I can't win, I can only defeat the second stage of the YuanYing stage at the strongest right now."

"Then after you kill Lan Yi, they Lan Family will definitely kill you, Lan Yi is the Lan Family's best hope to break through the Exaltation Stage in history.Once Lan Yi breaks out of the Exaltation Stage in the future, then the Lan Family will most likely enter the Second Sea, or even the Third Sea.Therefore, Lan Yi's status in the Lan Family is very high."

"Hmph, a mere Exaltation Stage, also he's good to have a history of how weak this Lan Family must be.Kill."

Tang Zichen stood up.

"Go kill Lan Yi now?I thought we were going to the auction site in the evening."

"Kill Lan Yi before going to the auction house, go, where is the Sunken Fragrance House, lead the way."

Mu Qianji immediately led the way, although she also believed that killing Lan Yi would be troublesome in a short period of time, but she was also disgusted with Lan Yi, just kill him, at the worst, she would not return to Zhu Bai City for a while.

At this moment, at the Sunken Fragrance House, Lan Yi had been waiting for a whole day.

Lan Yi's fame was great, everyone in the Incense House knew him.

Many people saw Lan Yi sitting alone in the attic, waiting lonely for a woman, and were moved by his infatuation.

The entire Sinking Incense House was talking about it.

"Young Master Yi is waiting for someone again."

"In the past two years, he's spent countless days and nights here waiting for a woman he doesn't know if she'll come."

"Yes, Young Master Yi's true affection for Mu Qianji has touched us all."

"I really hope that Mu Qianji knows Lan Yi's infatuation and then is touched and they are happy together from then on."A young girl said prayerfully, she was also convinced by Lan Yi's true love.

Lan Yi didn't pay any attention to the discussions of others, sitting alone in a lonely place by the window, his eyes from time to time, full of expectation to look out of the window, but the next second filled with loss moved back, so repeatedly, his lonely figure, the whole people of the Incense House looked at the heartache.

"Lan Yi is a dragon among men, a genius man who has the best hope of breaking through the out-of-body stage in the One Heavy Sea, a prince in the hearts of thousands of girls in the One Heavy Sea, a man who countless rich families have secretly fallen in love with, but now he is so obsessively guarding for another woman."

"If I were Mu Qianji, I would definitely be moved to death."

"Mmhmm, definitely moved to death."

"Mu Qianji, will she come?"


"It's been two years, hasn't Lan Yi waited long enough, why did she ever show up, I'm sure she won't come."

"I'm so touched and saddened for Young Master Yi."

Unfortunately, that group of guests had guessed wrong.

Today, Mu Qianzhi would come.

And not only Mu Qianzhi would come, even Tang Zichen would come, and if nothing else, this would be the last time Lan Yi would wait.

Because Lan Yi had left a letter in the Thousand Water Residence and said in the letter that if Mu Qianji came, come to the Sunken Fragrance House to catch up, so he often went to the Sunken Fragrance House to wait, hoping that one day Mu Qianji would come to the Sunken Fragrance House after coming back and reading the letter.Therefore, he became a frequent visitor of the Incense House, and his so-called 'infatuation' only spread in Zhu Bai City.

This was also exactly what Lan Yi had in mind, he also wanted his infatuation to spread so that Mu Qianji would be even more touched when he knew about it.

Right now, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were furiously on their way to the Incense House.

Not killing the woman who dared to pick up Tang Zichen was not enough to vent Tang's anger.

Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at the Incense House.

When Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji walked into the Incense House, everyone looked over. The first website

Of course, Tang Zichen was overlooked by everyone, and everyone's eyes were focused on Mu Qianji.

First, they were impressed by Mu Qianji's beauty, then they were shocked that Mu Qianji had actually come.

"Wow, Mu Qianji is really here."

"Mmhmm, Young Master Yi's true love has finally moved the heavens, only then did the heavens let Mu Qianji come."

The entire Shen Xiang House's guests were touched when they saw that Mu Qianji had come.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed straight, he came to kill Lan Yi, what did this group of guests mean, what a bird to be excited.

At this time, a man dressed like a boss came up and laughed, "Miss Mu, you've finally come, Young Master Lan Yi has finally expected you here."

Another man with a large belly said, "Yes, Miss Mu, for the past two years, Young Master Yi has often waited for you at the Incense House and then returned disappointed, he is so infatuated, it really touched all of us, and now, the true love about Young Master Yi has spread throughout Zhu Bai City.The whole of Zhu Bai City knows that there is a most excellent man waiting for a woman at the Incense House.I'm sure that between you and Young Master Yi, it will be passed down for a thousand years."

Mu Qianji felt nauseous, if it wasn't for the fact that she had just done that with Tang Zichen this afternoon, she would have wondered if she was pregnant for being so disgusted.

Tang Zichen had been completely ignored on the side.

At this moment, the crowd made way.

A man, walking slowly, was Lan Yi.

Lan Yi with a bit of idiocy in his eyes walked up to Mu Qianji and softly called out, "Jie, you're here."

This cry of you're here seemed to make the scene reach a climax, the crowd cheered, and there were many young girls on the scene who were moved to tears.

Soon, it quieted down.

Lan Yi said, "Jie, I've been waiting for you for two years at the Sunken Fragrance House, and I've finally brought you here, ever since the Hu Suo Forest parted, Yi has missed Jie all the time."

"Ow."Mu Qianji felt nauseous and couldn't help but simmer a bit, it was really quite like being pregnant.

Lan Yi didn't know that Mu Qianji was seeing his nausea, and thought that something had happened to Mu Qianji, he was busy asking, "Jie, what's wrong with you?Does it matter?"

Mu Qianji patted his chest and said smoothly, "So disgusting."

/> "Jie, why are you suddenly nauseous?Did you eat something wrong."Lan Yi looked concerned, as if the more he showed concern, the more Mu Qianji would be moved.

Mu Qianji was smart and said, "No, didn't eat the wrong thing, maybe, there's a reaction."

"Reaction?What reaction?"Lan Yi looked startled.

Mu Qianji said with a roll of his eyes, "Nonsense, of course it's an early pregnancy reaction, won't your mother commit nausea when she's pregnant with you."

"What? Early pregnancy."Lan Yi jumped as he heard.

"Ah."A piece of the surrounding audience, also suddenly extinct, thought it was a tear-jerking love story, but heck, the heroine suddenly said early pregnancy, this really is like grain grass turning into poison, or a good pot of porridge, suddenly dropped into a grain of rat shit.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as a lot more than just a few of these as well as a lot more than just a few of these as well as a lot more.

Tang Zichen was also laughing inwardly at this moment, Mu Qianji is really too bad, making everyone disgusted.

Especially Lan Yi, his entire body was dumbfounded at the moment.

When Mu Qianji saw Lan Yi stupidly there, he lightly asked, "What are you looking for me for?I'm just pregnant, my reaction is quite strong, don't ask me out if you're fine, I still have to nurse the baby."

Lan Yi's face changed, from being gentle just now, it turned fierce, there was no doubt that at this time, Mu Qianji openly told everyone that she suspected, this was disrespectful to him and completely swept him off his face.More importantly, Lan Yi felt very angry, he had waited for two years for Mu Qianji, and as a result, she came pregnant, what a fucking joke, a joke that could indeed be passed down through the ages, and even, it might become his demon.

Lan Yi angrily asked, "Whose child?"

The onlookers at the scene, seeing the sudden change in the painting, also booed.

Mu Qianji said, "Of course it's my lover."

"Who is your lover?How old are you, and you're just having random sex with him."Lan Yi ended up almost growling, his heart was dripping with anger at the thought that Mu Qianji's first time, or even the n+100th time, was gone.

Mu Qianji snorted, "It's my business right, I'm going to give my love life a bunch of times, and it's none of your business either."

"Do you know that I waited for you for two years at the Sunken Fragrance House, in these two years, my true love felt throughout Zhu Bai City and was passed down as a good story, and yet you, you treated me like this."

Mu Qianji sneered, "You're funny, what relationship do I have with you, but it's just a dip in the water, you're the one who doesn't know how to like me, I don't even look down on you."

"Mu Qianji, you, you, you, poof."Lan Yi spat a mouthful of blood wildly on the spot, spraying many of the onlookers all over, those who were sprayed with blood were also really depressed.

Lan Yi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and suddenly saw Tang Zichen next to him, asking angrily, "Is it him?"

"Yeah, he's my lover."

Lan Yiton looked at Tang Zichen with anger.

Tang Zichen spat and said, "Rubbish."

"You."When Lan Yi saw Tang Zichen still called him trash, he was even more furious to spit a second time.

The people on the scene were also surprised, who was this person?He was so crazy that he dared to call Lan Yi trash, didn't he know that Lan Yi was the one who had the most hope of hitting the exit stage of the First Sea?Of course, it was talking about the future.

Tang Zichen said, "Lan Yi right, I see that you are also at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, the same level as me, so I'm giving you two choices now, first, have a fair fight with me to the death; second, be killed by me."


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