The King of Kungfu in school 1661-1670


Chapter 1661

"You don't deserve it?"Lan Yi roared.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What a death sentence, then I'll send you on your way."

Tang Zichen was about to do it when a voice suddenly came out, "This fellow Daoist, this is where you're wrong."

"Who's speaking."Tang Zichen looked up and saw an old man standing on the upper floor of the loft, drinking tea leisurely.

This old man was at the fourth stage of YuanYing.

When the people at the scene saw that old man, they all turned pale and talked, "It's the Lan Family's second strongest person, Lan Ding."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, YuanYing fourth stage, Tang Zichen was really unsure, if it was YuanYing third stage, Tang Zichen would still be sure to maneuver around for a moment or two.

Now Tang Huan didn't bring it, so that 'aunt' of Tang Zichen's, naturally, was also gone, and it would be dangerous if he met a strong enemy, so Tang Zichen had to be a bit more careful as well.

Saying that, that YuanYing fourth stage old man flew down.

"Young man, you're very arrogant."The YuanYing fourth stage old man said.

Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen with some concern. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "Yeah, I'm arrogant, what do you dare to do."

Now, although Tang Zichen thought that he couldn't face this YuanYing Fourth Stage, but if he lowered his stance at the moment, the other party would even bully him, so Tang Zichen's best option was to keep his stance up.

"Hahaha, what did you just say to Lan Yi?Can you say that again."Landin's tone was starting to sound a little bad.

Tang Zichen said, "I said that either Lan Yi and I will fight to the death, or I will kill him."

"Hmph, what arrogance, you don't know how to live, you're a little Spiritual Harmony Fifth Stage, you don't even look at what Zhu Bai City is, you dare to rave here."

Tang Zichen said, "Zhubai City is a place where I'm too low to shit."

"You."The old man was furious, and so was everyone around him, Tang Zichen had offended the entire Zhu Bai City.

Everyone felt that Tang Zichen was so crazy and talked about it, "What is this kid's origin, why is he so arrogant?"

"Yeah, not only does he dare to talk like that to Randin to his face, he also dares to curse the entire One Heavy Sea into it.He's so crazy, did he come from the Two Heavy Seas?"

Not only the onlookers, but even that YuanYing fourth stage old man was a bit confused.

A person so crazy, he must have a bit of a background.

Therefore, he originally wanted to shoot Tang Zichen to death and help Lan Yi snatch up Mu Qianji, but as a result, he was a bit hesitant, in case the other party had a great deal of influence, wouldn't things become more serious.

The old man said to Tang Zichen, "Do you know, that sentence you just said is enough to be shot to death tens of thousands of times."

Tang Zichen said, "Then do you believe that I can also shoot you to death tens of thousands of times."

"You."The old man was furious.

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Lan Yi, that's it for today, we'll talk about anything tomorrow, anyway, if you're upset, you can issue a life and death challenge to my lover, alright, we're leaving."

Mu Qianji's eyes instructed, immediately pulling Tang Zichen away.

Tang Zichen was also a bit depressed, it was so unpleasant, Tang Zichen really wanted to shoot this old devil, but, he wasn't strong enough and he had to worry about whether he would be desperate or not.

It was impossible, Tang Zichen could only take out Yun De's token.

"Stop."Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji had just taken a few steps when that old man shouted.

Tang Zichen turned back and said, "Anything else?"

"Well, did I let you go?"The YuanYing fourth stage old man asked with a heavy face.

Tang Zichen snorted as well.

Just go, it's none of your business."

"Don't you dare take a step to try?Do you believe I'll shoot you in one go?"The old man said threateningly.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "You old dog, don't force me, or else I'll make your Lan family cease to exist."

Mu Qianji was also busy saying, "That's right, my beloved is not someone from One Heavy Sea, you can't afford to offend him, originally he was going to come to kill Lan Yi yesterday, I was the one who stopped him, otherwise Lan Yi would have died yesterday.Alright, we're leaving first, if you dare to do anything, go ahead."

Mu Qianji pulled Tang Zichen out again.

Everyone looked at the old man to see if he would actually do it.

However, until Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji walked out of the Sunken Fragrance House, that old man didn't make a move.

Everyone wondered if Tang Zichen was really from the Second Sea.

That old man grunted, "Kid, wait until I investigate thoroughly before coming back to you, and if I find out that you don't have much of a background, then don't blame me."

At this moment, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were on their way back.

Tang Zichen was very frustrated.

"Alright, we didn't expect that second strongest person from the Lan family to appear, or else we would have killed Lan Yi."Mu Qianji consoled.

"I'm so useless, I couldn't even kill Lan Yi, and I was threatened by an old ghost, and in the end, I had to rely on pretending to please the crisis, ahhh."Tang Zichen shouted, hating that his strength was too low.

Mu Qianji said, "There is a strong man among strong men, a mountain is higher than a mountain, even if your strength surpasses that old man, there are still stronger people to appear, unless you stay in the Flying Cloud Sect forever, then there will never be a stronger person to appear.Moreover, you've only been cultivating immortality for a few years and you can be compared to someone who's been cultivating immortality for hundreds of years, you're already strong enough, so there's no need to add mental baggage to yourself and put your mind at ease."

"No, I don't like being bullied, I must slaughter that old devil and even the entire Lan family."

"I'm sure you'll do it soon."Mu Qianji said as he held Tang Zichen's hand.

Soon, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji arrived at the auction venue.

As soon as they entered the gate of the auction room, they saw the man at the eighth stage of the YuanYing stage.

When that man saw Tang Zichen, he was busy smiling, "You're here, what's wrong, how poorly you look."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Threatened by an old ghost of the fourth stage of the YuanYing stage, in a bad mood."

"Haha, you're joking, with your identity, you can even be given Yun De's token, who else would dare not give you face in this heavy sea."

"I didn't reveal this identity."

"Well, that's your own fault, if you reveal Yun De's token, I'll take revenge, and that YuanYing fourth stage who threatened you will tremble in fear."

"Hmph, he doesn't deserve it."

"Oh, a small person, why put it in your heart, by the way, my name is Yu Mo, I often organize auctions in the One Heavy Sea, if you need anything, you can come to me, the entire One Heavy Sea, no one is my opponent yet."

"Okay, thanks, I'll go in for the auction then."


Tang Zichen entered the auction room.

And then, Lan Yi lost his mind and returned to the Lan family.

About tonight's incident, it spread quickly like a virus throughout Zhu Bai City.

It was previously spread as a good news, but now, it turned into a joke, and it was impossible not to spread it.

Of course, Lan Yi had also turned into a joke and had fallen into the laughingstock of Zhu Bai City.

About Tang Zichen's identity, it also became a mystery, however, Tang Zichen's words that even taking a shit in the One Heavy Sea was considered low class was also spread out, and it was bound to make the entire One Heavy Sea angry.The angry people would definitely want Lan Yi to fight Tang Zichen to the death and kill him.


Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji entered the auction room, which was now full of people.

Tang Zichen found a corner to sit down.

Tang Zichen was only here today to have a little fun and see what the auction was like, he didn't want to come and buy anything, besides, Tang Zichen didn't have any spirit stones.

Not long after, the auction began.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the first item for today's auction is a primary lower-grade magic weapon called 'Green Conch's Kill', this magic weapon was taken from a Green Conch, an undersea demonic beast of the Sea of Xiuhai that had cultivated into a green grade, it was once the magic weapon of a YuanYing eighth stage powerhouse, after which this person fell, the spiritual imprint on the magic weapon hasn't been completely erased!Go, everyone can verify.The starting price is 30 fifth-grade spirit stones."

The price was raised to 35 fifth-grade spirit stones.

Tang Zichen said to Mu Qianji, "This magic weapon looks okay."

"How do you know."

"I can feel it, this magic weapon does still have spirit marks on it that haven't been completely erased, it should be a sound attack type of magic weapon."

"Unfortunately, thirty fifth grade spirit stones, ordinary people really can't afford it."

"Well, it's expensive, if I had thirty fifth-grade spirit stones, I would have used them to refine it before I would be reluctant to use them to purchase a magic tool." One second to remember to read the book

"But the combat power is also very heavy on how to measure it."

In the end, this Green Conch's Kill was purchased away for 45 fifth-grade spirit stones.

"Next, this is the second item to be auctioned, it's a four-grade, nine jin spirit talisman, the name is 'stun talisman' after making this stun talisman, it can cause a strong person of the ninth stage of Spiritual Harmony to be stunned, the starting price is two fifth-grade spirit stones."

Tang Zichen said, "I also know how to refine talismans, but unfortunately, the materials are hard to find, otherwise, I would also refine talismans and bring them here to sell."

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "You don't have to refine your own talisman and bring it to sell ah, nowadays, there are a few alchemists who have the ability to gather the materials themselves, almost all of them are refining talismans for some big families and then gain some profit."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was startled, Tang Zichen didn't seem to have thought about this.

Mu Qianji said, "Not every talisman alchemist, like you, has such a high combat power, other alchemists, talisman refining is the main thing, combat power is almost non-existent."

"You're right, it looks like I'm also going to take a test as a talisman alchemist to come here, if I have the chance, I can also make talismans for others and gain some income."

"Well, but the strongest we have in the First Sea is only a fourth-grade talisman alchemist."

"I'm only a fourth-grade talisman refiner now as well."

The next auctions were all similar things, pills, talismans, magic tools, secret methods, spirit medicines and the like, those who needed them would naturally auction them off, those who didn't need them wouldn't auction them no matter how cheap they were, after all, spirit stones were hard to earn.

After the auction ended, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji left the auction venue.

However, Mu Qianji said, "We can't go back to the Thousand Water Residence."


"Let's be careful with everything, that Randin he's sure to be upset tonight, he'll be investigating us, maybe, he'll choose to kill us in the dead of night, God forbid, no matter how big or small your background is."

"Uh, so sneaky."

"I'm just taking precautions.So let's not go back to Thousand Waters House now, I'll take you to another place."

"What place."

"As I told you before, I joined a five-star mercenary group, and this is where I'm taking you.


Mu Qianji brought Tang Zichen to another place, knocked on the door, and entered a modest mansion.

At this moment, three YuanYing stage powerhouses were in the hall, not yet resting.

Mu Qianji walked into the hall and worshipped, "Meet senior Wang Wei, Beth, and Latha."

The man called Wang Wei said, "Miss Mu, you're here, I thought it would be some time before you came, by the way, this one beside you is?"

"His name is Don Zichen, he's my husband."

"Ah, you, you're married?"The three YuanYing stage powerhouses were shocked, Mu QianJie got married at such a young age, in the immortal cultivation world, it was rare to get married at a hundred years old, most of them would only consider lifelong events when they were two or three hundred years old, because after reaching this age, the progress of the realm was very small, most of them would find it difficult to advance any further, placing their hopes on the next generation.And Mu Qian would never reach forty before getting married, causing the great shock of the three YuanYing powerhouses.

"Yes."Mu Qianzhi didn't want to explain that much.

At that moment, the man called Lata said, "Miss Mu, as far as I know, your master has high expectations for you, she expects you to marry into the Four Seas one day, and this kid, what is his origin?Your master doesn't even object."

"Oh, this is my own matter, my own decision, and my master can't interfere.This time, I brought my husband along with me because I was hoping, if I could get him to join our team as well, then we can take on the mission to the Sea of Restoration together."

"Him?"Those three YuanYing strongmen looked at Tang Zichen with some suspicion.

Tang Zichen also sized up the three strong men and women, two men and one woman respectively, the one called Wang Wei was at the second stage of the YuanYing stage, and the other two, Beth and Lata, were at the first stage of the YuanYing stage.

To be honest, when Tang Zichen saw them, he was quite disappointed inside.

Tang Zichen thought that this five-star mercenary group that Mu Qianji had joined was a very strong team, but it wasn't.

Tang Zichen said, "Qianji, as far as I know, a five-star mercenary group must have killed at least forty people or beasts of the fifth stage of the YuanYing before they are worthy of this title, right, with these three people, are you sure they are five-star?"

Mu Qianji was busy signaling Tang Zichen not to be rude.

The man called Wang Wei snorted, "Kid, are you questioning us?"

"I'm just skeptical, you guys are only at the first and second stage of the infant, are you sure you're a five-star mercenary group?"

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Zichen, there's another head of mission, our head of mission is a strong YuanYing sixth stage."

"Oh."Tang Zichen said in his heart, why didn't you say so earlier.

Mu Qianji asked, "Is the headmaster not here?"

"The captain has returned to the Triple Sea."

"Oh, I see, so my husband's joining our mercenary group?"

"We won't know until the Head comes back, Miss Moo, and you can't bring an outsider in until the Head agrees, so ask this man to leave."


Mu Qianji didn't expect that the three YuanYing seniors wouldn't even allow Tang Zichen to stay here for a while, it seemed that they had a bad impression of Tang Zichen just because he had just questioned them?Make them uncomfortable?

"Zichen, let's go first then."Mu Qianji said.

Tang Zichen said, "Didn't you say, Thousand Crowns, that we'll stay here first?"

"You can't stay here before you officially join this mercenary group."Mu Qianji said somewhat depressedly, she also felt inside that this three infant seniors were a bit unreasonable.


Tang Zichen snorted, "Dog.Shit mercenaries, I'm not even willing to invite me to stay."

Saying that, Tang Zichen flung his sleeves and left.

"Hey, what."The man called Wang Wei stood up and asked.

Tang Zichen turned around and said, "I said dog.Shit Mercenaries."

"Kid, you insulted our mercenary group one after another, do you really not want to hang around."

"It's none of your business if I don't want to mix."

Mu Qianji was busy advising, "Zichen, cut the crap, three seniors, I'm sorry, my husband he's not in a good temper, you guys should bear with him.Since he can't stay here yet, we'll just leave first, and we'll consult the headmaster when he returns."

Wang Wei said, "Miss Mu, if it wasn't for your face, when he questioned us just now, I would have made a move to teach him a lesson."

Mu Qianji was in a difficult situation at the moment, not that her personality liked to be frustrated, but she and these three people, were indeed team members, otherwise she would have certainly refuted Wang Wei's words when faced with them.

Mu Qianji secretly forgot about it, they were all from the same mercenary group.

"Excuse me, we'll be leaving first then."Mu Qianji chose to rest in peace. First URL

At that moment, the man called Lata said, "Miss Mu, just because we give you face doesn't mean we'll just let him go."

Mu Qianji was a bit angry and said, "Then what do you mean you want?"

"How about it, Miss Mu seems to be angry, it was your husband who first questioned our qualifications in the first place, then he called us dogs.Shit mercenary corps, and now you're acting as if you've been wronged.Don't you forget that you are also a member of this mercenary group, and by all rights, he said dog.When shit mercenary corps, you should immediately slap him and terminate your mateship with him on the spot, otherwise you will not be able to live up to our Head?"That female infant named Beth said.

Tang Zichen also did not attack, looking at these three people with a disdainful expression.

Mu Qianji said, "I'm sorry, my husband is my heaven and earth, no matter what he has done, I can't leave him, even if he really had the intention to insult our mercenary group, or even insult our head, I would still choose to stand with him.Just now, my husband, did not know that the head of the group had another person, so he questioned it, which was a normal reaction, and was not disrespectful to you.After that you did not allow me to bring him to stay, it is reasonable to say that it is already a bit excessive, I am also a member of this mercenary group, here, I also have my room, I have the right to bring him to spend the night here, what right do you have to tell me that he is not allowed to stay here.I'm just putting up with all of this, alright, three seniors, this matter ends here, I'm doing this for your own good, otherwise, my husband's temper is really not too good, and if anything happens, I can't stop him."

The three infants were furious: "Miss Mu, we only gave you a few thin faces because you are a team member, you don't want to challenge our patience.Now, I've changed my mind, your husband's insult to our mercenary group is an unforgivable crime, if I don't teach him a lesson today, I'll be sorry to the captain."

Mu Qianzhi trailed off, "Really? Then you deal with it, I won't stop you."

After saying that, Mu Qianzhi said to Tang Zichen, "Honey, be ruthless, give them a little color."

"Okay Le, just waiting for you to say that."

After saying that, Tang Zichen flipped out the Heavenly Furnace Mirror.

But that Wang Wei, but directly flying sword attacked up, he thought that Tang Zichen was only a Spiritual Healing Fifth Stage, and a random flying sword would be enough.

But he was wrong.

Tang Zichen's Heavenly Furnace Mirror shone.

An intense yellow light shot out and shot at the

On Wang Wei.

"Ah."There was a scream, and in the next moment, Wang Wei's body was as if he had been scalded by boiling water, and his skin was festering and flowing with pus.

"Ah."Wang Wei dropped his flying sword and fell to the ground, in pain.

Tang Zichen's Heavenly Furnace Mirror, but a mid-grade on the lower end of the scale, might not be able to deal with the fourth stage of YuanYing, but it was more than enough to deal with the second stage of YuanYing.

"Ah."The other two, Beth and Lata were both stupid, Wang Wei of the second stage of the YuanYing stage, fell down in one go, they couldn't help but look at Tang Zichen's magic weapon, what level was it, was it a mid-grade magic weapon?How else could they take down the second stage of the infant at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony?

Mid-grade magic weapon, not even their headmaster, a strong man of the sixth stage of the YuanYing stage, ah.

Tang Zichen shone the Heavenly Furnace Mirror towards Beth and Lata again.

"Ah."There was no doubt that the two of them were harder than Wang Wei, as they were only at the first stage of the YuanYing stage.

In a moment, all three YuanYing powerhouses were lying miserably on the ground screaming, with festering, pus-like burns on their bodies that were disgusting to look at.

They would never have thought to death that Mu Qianji's husband possessed a middle-grade magic weapon.

Tang Zichen took out his flying sword again and said, "These three dogs, let me take their lives."

Mu Qianji was busy stopping them, "Zichen, stop it in moderation, for the sake of the headmaster."

"Hmph, for the sake of my wife's face, I'll spare you three stinkers, now, can I stay here?"Tang Zichen stepped on that Wang Wei and said.

"Yes."Wang Wei said reluctantly.

"Hahaha, it's a pity that I'm not staying now that I'm invited to stay."Tang Zichen smiled and left the mansion with Mu Qianji.

After leaving the residence, Tang Zichen asked, "Thousand Jedi, this kind of trash mercenary group, it's fine to quit."

Mu Qianji said, "However, the head of the group treats me quite well, when I joined this mercenary group, it was also the head of the group who invited me on his own initiative, it's just that those three people, just now, have been disgruntled with me."

"Thousands of Jie, we could have formed a mercenary group ourselves."

"Yes we can, but we need to have the qualifications ah, we need someone to hire us ah, otherwise where would we get the income, besides we can't do this for a long time."

"Well, we'll talk about it later, after all, we're not professionals in this line of work, we're just earning some extra money by joining the mercenary corps and practicing by the way."

After that, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji stayed in a private house.

"Zichen, let's get some rest early."Mu Qianzhi said.

"Hehe, Qianji, you sleep first, my Heavenly Furnace Mirror seems to be about to be promoted."

"What do you mean?A promotion?Hasn't your Heavenly Furnace Mirror already been sacrificed to an intermediate lower-grade magic tool by you?Are you going to sacrifice it again to the upper intermediate level?"

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Heavens, no way, becoming a middle-grade superior artifact, even if you're a strong person at the Exaltation stage, you may not be able to take out a middle-grade superior artifact."Mu Qianji was greatly shocked.

If Tang Zichen's Heavenly Furnace Mirror were to be sacrificed to an intermediate upper-grade magic tool, then Tang Zichen's strength would directly increase.

Not to mention, such a high grade magic weapon, YuanYing fourth and fifth stage, would definitely be decapitated at once.

It was not even impossible to defeat the sixth and seventh stage of the YuanYing.


Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "How can I allow myself to be bullied, when I sacrifice the Heavenly Furnace Mirror to the upper intermediate level, that will be the day the Lan Family will perish."

"How long will that take?"Mu Qianji asked.

"I don't understand this anymore, it should take ten days and half a month."

"Then for these ten days and half months, we'll stay here."

"Whatever, anyway, my Heavenly Furnace Mirror hasn't been sacrificed to the upper intermediate grade yet, and I'm not in the mood to go out."

With that, Tang Zichen began to sacrifice his Heavenly Furnace Mirror.

It was fortunate that Tang Zichen had Immortal Qi, otherwise it would not have been possible for a magic tool to rise in rank so easily.

The night was late, and Mu Qianji didn't sleep, sitting on his bed to cultivate.

At this moment, in the Thousand Water Residence, an old man of the fourth stage of the YuanYing stage was standing in the sky.

That YuanYing fourth stage old man said inwardly, "That brat isn't even here, hmph, it's a big night, they can't possibly go out of the city to go, so there's only one possibility, they didn't come back here to stay, they're obviously hiding from something."

That YuanYing fourth stage old man's gaze was cold, Tang Zichen was trying to hide from him, what did that mean?It means that Tang Zichen may not have as big a background as he says he does, otherwise, if he's really that crazy, why wouldn't he dare come back for the night? Remember the URL

"Good boy, you acted so arrogant and condescending at the Incense House, so you were trying to scare me.I, Lantin, was actually too frightened to make a rash move against you, good, good.In the next few days, I will continue to look for you, and if you really disappeared, then everything will be problematic."

Saying that, that YuanYing fourth stage old man flew away.

The next day, that YuanYing fourth stage old man asked people to inquire about Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji again, but as a result, no one knew where they had gone.

On the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day,,, no one had ever known where Tang Zichen had gone.

So, Landin was finally sure that Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji must have fled Zhubai City that night.

"Bang."At the Lan family, Lan Ding slapped the table in anger, thinking of the day he was dumped by Tang Zichen, he was in a very annoyed mood, he really regretted at the moment that he hadn't slapped him to death that day.

In addition, Lan Yi had completely turned into a joke in Zhu Bai City, the entire Zhu Bai City was secretly laughing at Lan Yi, of course, there were also people who secretly scolded Mu Qianji for being cheap and being pregnant at such a young age.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

This half month, neither Tang Zichen nor Mu Qianji had left that private house, Tang Zichen had been cultivating the Heavenly Furnace Mirror.

Mu Qianji was also cultivating hard.

Finally, after half a month of hard work, Tang Zichen's Heavenly Furnace Mirror was completely promoted to an intermediate grade superior artifact.

"Hahaha, Intermediate Superior Grade Artifact, it's done."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Mu Qianji busily opened his eyes and said in surprise, "It's accomplished?It's really turned into a middle-grade upper-grade magic weapon?"


"Wow, how advanced."Mu Qianji was full of admiration, in someone else's shoes, it would take countless years and many, many opportunities to have their magic treasures sacrificed to a higher level ah.

However, Tang Zichen's Immortal Qi was already the highest opportunity, and it didn't seem like a difficult task to sacrifice a few magic weapons, so it wasn't surprising when you thought about it.

Mu Qianji then said somewhat worriedly, "Zichen, it's not a crime for a man to conceal his sin, but as far as I know, even a strong person at the Exaltation stage may not be able to take out a middle-grade superior magic weapon, so if it's known that

Dao you have such an advanced magic weapon, will anyone rise up with malice."

Tang Zichen said, "There will definitely be, but you can't just not want this magic weapon because you're afraid of people getting up to mischief.Besides, my magic weapon will continue to upgrade, and I'll behead anyone who dares to draw attention to my magic weapon."

"That's all we can do nowadays."

"Alright, it's time for us to go out, let's find a place to eat first, then, let's see when we're going to behead that old ghost from the Lan family, and Lan Yi."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji originally wanted to say that if we went to kill Lan Ding, the news about Tang Zichen possessing a middle grade magic weapon would spread even faster, but Mu Qianji thought about it or didn't advise it, after all, as an immortal, one couldn't leave a knot inside, or else it would be dangerous to turn into a demon in the future and go through a robbery.So, behead it, and do whatever pain is in your heart.If she really wants to die, she accompanies.

The two of them arrived at an inn, ordered a large table of food, and then began to eat.

During the meal, Tang Zichen heard the guests around them talking about it.

"Is there still no news about that man Mu Qianji?"

"No, I thought that I could see a showdown between men, but I didn't expect that grandson to run away without a trace."

"Yes, Lan Yi waited for two years for Mu Qianji at the Sunken Fragrance House, this true love was obvious to everyone, and as a second genius of the One Heavy Sea, he has indeed paid quite a bit.But I didn't expect that the person Lan Yi waited for would be another person to get a 'human life', hehe, if it were me, I would have broken down and issued a life and death duel to him."

"But, if Lan Yi issues a life and death duel, why not on the night of the incident, but five days later, after Mu Qianji and her man ran away?The people have all run away before issuing a duel, isn't this a bit of saving face afterwards."

"I don't know about that, in short, Lan Yi has already issued a duel to the death, ten days have passed and that man, Mu Qianji, has yet to appear at the stage of life and death.Lan Yi has been waiting at the life-and-death stage since the day he issued the duel, and he's been waiting for the tenth day."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were startled when they heard the other guests discussing the matter, not expecting that so much had happened in the past half month.

Tang Zichen turned around and asked those people, "Hey, what are you guys talking about?Lan Yi issued a life and death duel?"

"Yes, Senior, Lan Yi issued a life and death duel against a person ten days ago, and the matter spread throughout the city, but that person never showed up, so Lan Yi could only wait at the life and death platform."

"What is the Platform of Life and Death."

"The Platform of Life and Death is a dueling place in Zhu Bai City, and often people duel right there.Right now, Lan Yi is waiting for that person at the Platform of Life and Death, and he has been waiting for ten days.There are also a lot of people watching at the Platform of Life and Death right now, and we also want to go to the Platform of Life and Death after we finish our meal."

"Oh, that dumbass."Tang Zichen gave a sneer.

"Senior, who are you?"

Tang Zichen said, "Have you seen this beautiful woman beside me?She's the Mu Qianji."

"Ah, she, she's the famous Mu Qianji?"That person was shocked, although Mu Qianji was famous, not many people had seen him after all.

"Correct, so, I am Mu Qianji's man, Tang Zichen."

"Ah, you are her man, then, wouldn't the person who Lan Yi issued the life and death duel, be you?"

"Correct, after eating later, don't forget to go to the Life and Death Terrace and watch me behead Lan Yi's head oh."Tang Zichen said with a smile, and after turning his head, he continued to eat his meal, while those people, looking at Tang Zichen's back dazed, seemed to be incredulous.


After Tang Zichen ate, he and Mu Qianji went straight to the platform of life and death.

Now that Tang Zichen had a mid-grade superior magic weapon at his disposal, this First Sea was no longer terrifying, at least the three strongest families of the First Sea could be easily crushed by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen arrived at the platform of life and death, and found that there was indeed a person sitting on the platform of life and death with his eyes closed, as if he was waiting for someone.

This person was Lan Yi.

Lan Yi originally didn't want to fight Tang Zichen in a life and death duel because he saw that Tang Zichen was younger than him but at the same realm as him, so he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to win and that Tang Zichen was really from a big family.But later, he became the joke of Zhu Bai City, plus Tang Zichen escaped, so he announced a duel to the death against Tang Zichen to save some face, he expected that Tang Zichen wouldn't dare to come, so this was just to save some face.Outsiders only said that Tang Zichen didn't dare to come.

However, Lan Yi had never thought to death that Tang Zichen would come.

At this moment, there was a large circle of people around the stage of life and death, all of them watching the fun.

Right at this moment, Tang Zichen shouted, "Lan Yi."

"Ah."Hearing the shout, Lan Yi immediately turned his head and looked towards the place where the sound came from, only to see Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji standing at the edge of the life and death platform holding hands.

"This."Lan Yi was startled, as if things were out of his expectation.

And a group of onlookers, seeing Tang Zichen appear, shouted in excitement, waiting for ten days, finally waiting to see a good show. One second to remember to read the book

"Ohhhhh, duel, duel, duel."The spectators shouted in anticipation, and the scene stirred.

At this moment, Lan Yi didn't look too good, he didn't really want a life and death duel at all.

Tang Zichen leapt onto the life-and-death stage.

Lan Yi was busy standing up as well.

Tang Zichen: "Lan Yi, I heard that you've issued a life and death duel against me, you've been waiting for me for ten days, but unfortunately I didn't show up until today, are you disappointed?"

Lan Yi snorted, "Tang Zichen, didn't you run away?"

"Escape?Why would I run away, and what makes you think that I did, could it be that that old ghost of your family at the fourth stage of the YuanYing stage really went to kill me in the middle of the night?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, from Lan Yi's words, he could hear that their Lan family's strongest man must have gone looking for him.

"Tang Zichen, for half a month, you disappeared and you didn't dare to return to the Thousand Waters Residence on the night of the incident, you either ran away or where did you go."

"It seems that old ghost of your family really went looking for me."

"Cut the crap, come on, Tang Zichen, fight me."Lan Yi said with his flying sword.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Will it be a duel to the death or a duel to the death?I clearly remember that you ordered a duel to the death against me, how come it's now a duel to the death."

Lan Yi was depressed, Lan Yi didn't have confidence in himself, and the strongest person in his family wasn't here at the moment, what if he couldn't fight, so he said duel to the death, but he didn't expect that Tang Zichen was deliberately trying to irritate him.

"Tang Zichen, if you want to fight, then fight, could it be that you don't dare to fight me."

"No, no, no, I'm not interested in dueling with you, I just want to fight you to the death."Tang Zichen said.

"You, you, you don't think I'm afraid of you, come on, duel to the death, I'll kill you."Lan Yi was enraged.

"That's more like it, do it."

Lan Yi ton flew his sword to kill up, Lan Yi didn't just know martial skills, he also had his own law

Treasure, right now, what Lan Yi was performing was that was his martial skill, Blazing Sun Avalanche, and it was the strongest move said Blazing Sun Avalanche.

When Lan Yi killed with his sword, his flying sword emitted a light like the blazing sun, very dazzling, and in the blazing sun light, there was also a if there was a shadow, this shadow forced others to look, not only affecting the opponent's mind, but also infinitely powerful.

The spectators surrounding the stage of life and death felt dazzling.

Unfortunately, his martial skill was very low grade in Tang Zichen's eyes.

"Shura Fifth Sword."Tang Zichen pulled out his sword with a buzzing sound, as fast as lightning.

"Wow."Lan Yi's flying sword was suddenly cut off by Tang Zichen's sword, while all of Lan Yi's attacks vanished in smoke.

The entire arena was shocked.

Tang Zichen had cut off his opponent's flying sword in a single move, it was a flying sword, this difference in strength was no longer one and a half stars.

Lan Yi was still holding a half-cut sword hilt in his hand.

Lan Yi looked at the half hilt of the sword in his hand, completely stupid.

Tang Zichen's strength, seconds he didn't know how many streets had gone.

All the onlookers were looking at Tang Zichen unable to make a sound, no wonder Mu Qianji liked him.

Lan Yi was already the second day of the First Sea, so what level was Tang Zichen?

Tang Zichen snorted, "Lan Yi, what other magic treasures do you have, bring them out."

Lan Yi looked extremely ugly, as Tang Zichen's voice felt like it didn't treat him as a level at all, as if Tang Zichen was a YuanYing.

Lan Yi didn't use his magic treasure again, as the effect of his magic attack wasn't as good as the Blazing Sun Avalanche just now.

"If not, then I'll have to do it, after all, we're fighting to the death."

Lan Yi's body trembled, and the word death he heard seemed to be afraid.

"Tang, Tang Zichen, you're going to kill me?"Lan Yi subconsciously looked around, not noticing the arrival of his family's strongest man.There was a nervousness in his heart.

"What do you think, we're in a life and death duel."

"But, but it was you who just forced me to say a duel to the death, I was only going to fight you to the death, everyone at the scene can testify."Lan Yi was busy defending himself, like a greedy person who was afraid of death.

"Hmph, you really make me despise you, ten days ago, who issued a life and death duel against me, now, you actually have the nerve to argue.Alright, you can go on your way."Tang Zichen raised his flying sword.

"Tang Zichen, wait."Lan Yi shouted with a sweaty forehead.

"There are last words to finish."

"What will it take for you to let me go?"

"Do you really want to live that badly?"

"Please, spare me, I'm a second genius of the One Heavy Sea, I'm not happy."Lan Yi pleaded, at the moment he couldn't care less about his face.

"That's right, everyone says that you have a good chance of breaking through the Exalt Stage in the future, it's indeed a pity to die like this.However, there are plenty of people in this world who are more genius than you."

"Pounce."Lan Yi immediately knelt down.

"Uh, what are you doing?"

"Tang Zichen, please let me go, I was wrong, I shouldn't have stolen a woman from you."

Tang Zichen hesitated, the so-called heaven has good virtues, people have blatantly kneeled down, besides, Tang Zichen and Lan Yi, there is no big grudge, it's just that he wanted to chase Mu Qianji before.


"Forget it, Lan Yi, I'll spare you this time, next time you dare to commit a crime at my hands, then I'll modify my rudeness."

"Yes yes yes, thank you for not killing me."Lan Yi busily nodded his head.

Tang Zichen flew off the stage of life and death.

The crowd of onlookers saw Tang Zichen actually let Lan Yi go, they all thought Tang Zichen was quite generous, after all, this was a life and death duel, even if he didn't let it go, there was no harm.

After Tang Zichen jumped off the life and death platform, he was about to leave.

In the distant sky, a figure flew in at great speed.

Someone had recognized it and shouted, "Senior Lantin is here."

Everyone was busy looking, and sure enough, Lantin stepped on a flying sword and landed on the platform of life and death in the blink of an eye.

Lan Ding had just gotten the news and immediately arrived.

Lan Yi saw his family predecessor coming and was delighted inside.

"Grandpa Ding, you're here."Lan Yi was busy, complaining a bit inside, why didn't he come earlier, if he had, he wouldn't have had to kneel down and beg for forgiveness to Tang Zichen, now all his face was disgraced.Lan Yi remembered just kneeling to Tang Zichen, extremely unhappy inside, this matter might even become his demon in the future. The first website

Now that the senior of his family was here, it was Tang Zichen who should be begging for mercy, so Lan Yi's heart was different again from when he had just begged for mercy.

Lan Yi was busy saying, "Grandpa Ding, Tang Zichen has finally appeared, kill him quickly."

Tang Zichen looked at Lan Yi, his eyes full of anger.

Unexpectedly, just now when he begged for forgiveness a mouthful, now Lan Ding came, it was another mouthful.

Mu Qianji raged, "Lan Yi, are you still not human, just now you kneeled down and begged for forgiveness before my husband spared you, I didn't expect that you would turn around and actually, what a white-eyed wolf."

Lan Yi snorted, "Bitch, you Hugh's nonsense, it was just now, it's now, forced me to kneel, do you want me to be grateful to Tang Zichen."

"Who forced you to kneel, you're the one who was dying to beg for mercy and kneel, I didn't expect you to be this kind of person."Mu Qianji's lungs were about to explode.

The crowd of onlookers also felt that Lan Yi was shameless, but they didn't dare to say anything.

Lan Yi was busy saying to Lan Ding, "Grandpa Ding, kill Tang Zichen, then, abort the bitch's belly, although the bitch is no longer pure, I'm still quite interested, hahaha."

Tang Zichen looked at Lan Yi with cold eyes, this time, Tang Zichen would never be soft.

Lantin looked at Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, you've finally appeared, did you think the limelight has passed, so you dared to come out and move around."

"So what if I am."Tang Zichen said coldly.

"Tang Zichen, this time, are you still planning to threaten me with your identity?Tell me, what's your origin, tell me, let's see if I'm still intimidated by you."

Tang Zichen said, "I have no origin, last time at the Sunken House, I was scaring you, are you satisfied?"

"Huh? Playing some kind of trick on me again?"

"I don't want to play any tricks today, what do you want?"

"Hahaha, you heard Lan Yi's request just now, he wants me to kill you and then knock out the seed in the bitch's stomach, then bring the bitch back to be disposed of by Lan Yi."

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "You dare."

"Unfortunately, you won't have the chance to see if I dare, because, when I did this, you were already under the nine springs when Lan Yi played with Mu Qianji."

"Randin, don't you dare force me."

"Force you, you are not worthy of it yet, and I will now give you another chance to prove that you are indeed quite

Noble, otherwise, I'll have to do it."

Tang Zichen said disdainfully, "You're not qualified for me to prove it to you yet."

"Do you think, if you say such words now, I will still scruple you?"

Tang Zichen's heart was filled with sneers, what a death sentence.

Just as Tang Zichen was about to strike, a laugh came from not far away, "Hahaha, hahaha."

Everyone immediately looked towards the place where the sound came from.

So did Lan Ding and Lan Yi.

When Randin and Lan Yi saw the person, their faces changed.

Lan Yi inwardly said, "Isn't this Yu Mo from the auction house?"

Randin was also inwardly startled, "What is Senior Yu Mo doing here?"

Whether it was Lan Ding or Lan Yi, both knew very well who Yu Mo was, Yu Mo was sent by a certain family in the Four Seas to manage the auction site in the First Sea, and usually Yu Mo wouldn't interfere in any First Sea matters at all.

Lan Ding was busy paying his respects, "Junior Lan Ding, meet Senior Yu Mo."

Yu Mo looked at Lan Ding and said, "You're the second strongest person in the One Heavy Sea Lan Family, Lan Ding, right."


"You just asked Tang Zichen if there's any proof of his identity."


"Let me prove it for him, Tang Zichen he really doesn't care to prove it to you because his identity is mysterious and you really aren't qualified to know his identity yet."

"Ah, how is that possible."

"Whether you believe it or not is up to you."Yu Mo looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, although I know that you might be coming from a big place, but you're out to practice, and if you don't restrain yourself, you can easily get into trouble."

Yu Mo thought that Tang Zichen was about to be killed by Landing, so he appeared in time to stop him, which was considered helping Tang Zichen.Unfortunately, how could he know that his worry was unnecessary.

Tang Zichen said, "Anyways, thanks to Senior for taking action, however, I didn't take Landing into consideration.In fact, if you hadn't suddenly appeared and disturbed me, I would have made my move on Lanting by now, and your disturbance has allowed Lanting and Lan Yi to live for a few more tens of seconds."

"You."Yu Mo was a little depressed at Tang Zichen's arrogance.

Yu Mo snorted, "Tang Zichen, you're a Spiritual Harmony 5th stage and the other party is a YuanYing 4th stage, I was afraid that you would be killed before I came out to stop you, but I didn't expect you to be so ungrateful."

"Senior's saving grace, senior is grateful, but senior has really misunderstood me, what I just said is true, I didn't mean to be ungrateful.Lantin District is a YuanYing fourth stage, and senior has never put it in his eyes."

"Tang Zichen, don't you dare speak out of your mouth, last time at the Incense House, he threatened you and you still looked uncomfortable, why are you so unconcerned with him now."

Tang Zichen smiled, "God has a good life, last time I just wanted to spare him first, after all, before I came out, my family had instructed me not to kill people recklessly.And so, I can't tolerate it anymore, because some people are really too deadly.I didn't want to swat a weak mosquito to death, but unfortunately that mosquito kept biting me."

"Your family?"

"Oh, my family, that's who even Yun De would kneel down and call me a servant."

Yu Mo's face changed, Tang Zichen's family, what level was he?So strong, if even Yun De would have to kneel down and claim his servant, wouldn't he have to kneel down even more to claim his servant, what exactly was Tang Zichen's origin.

Tang Zichen wasn't deliberately pretending to compare at the moment, but because, he had to give Yu Mo an appearance of having a great origin, so that when he showed his intermediate and superior magic weapon later on, only then would others be more scrupulous, only then would they be more afraid to hit Tang Zichen's magic weapon.


Yu Mo looked at Tang Zichen without speaking.

Tang Zichen once again looked at Lan Ding and said, "Lan Ding, I let you off last time at the Incense House, this time, I won't let you off again."

Lan Ding was extremely depressed, he didn't expect that Tang Zichen really had something to offer, even Yu Mo had come out to testify, what else didn't he believe in.

Lantin was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, I've just offended you more, please."

"I pooh, shut up, there's a way to heaven, you don't take it, there's no door to hell, you fucking think I'm so easy to bully, will it be fine if I apologize after bullying?"

Lantin saw Tang Zichen's aggressiveness and also snorted, "I've already made a lowly apology to you for being a YuanYing fourth stage, but what do you want from a mere fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony."

Tang Zichen said, "Kill."

"You, Tang Zichen, don't try to force me."

"Either I kill you, or you blow up your own infant."Tang Zichen said.

If Lantin blew his own infant, it was expected that the scene would be littered with corpses.

Lantin raged, "Tang Zichen, do you think that Senior Yu Mo is here to help you kill me?" Remember the URL

Tang Zichen snorted coldly, "To kill you, I don't need Senior Yu Mo's help yet."After saying that, Tang Zichen flipped his hand and a mirror-like magic treasure appeared, which was Tang Zichen's magic weapon, the Heavenly Furnace Mirror.

"A mere broken mirror, you think you can kill me."Lantin gritted his teeth.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, this is indeed a broken mirror, if it wasn't for my family's disapproval, how could I have only brought a middle-grade superior magic weapon with me, I would have damn well brought a superior magic weapon with me.However, although this middle-grade superior mirror of mine is a bit more broken, but it must be enough to deal with you."

"You, what did you say?"Randin was shocked.

Not only Lan Ding, even Yu Mo was shocked.

As for that Lan Yi, even more so, he almost didn't fall a single step, a middle grade superior magic weapon?Still too broken, does Tang Zichen know that even at the Exalt stage, he may not be able to take a middle-grade superior magic weapon.

Tang Zichen once again said, "This middle-grade superior broken mirror of mine is enough to deal with you."

"This, how is this possible."Lantin looked incredulously at the mirror in Tang Zichen's hand.

Yu Mo was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, you, the mirror in your hand, is really a middle grade superior magic tool."

"Yeah, I originally wanted to bring a few high-grade magic weapons, or even top-grade magic weapons out for training, but my family said that it's too high-profile and I need to keep a low profile, so that's why I brought out this intermediate-grade upper-grade magic weapon.Otherwise, where else would I be in such a mess, I could have blown him up even at the out of the box stage."

"Ah."Yu Mo's body trembled violently, out of the tricks stage can also blow him to death, oh god, did he know how scary that sentence was, out of the tricks stage ah.

Landin was even more frightened and trembling, as if Tang Zichen was completely an existence he couldn't worship.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Elder Yu Mo doesn't believe it?If I bring my family's top-grade magic weapon, do you think it would be simple for me to blow up an Exaltation Jane?"

"This."Although Yu Mo didn't know, he also thought it should be simple enough.

When Mu Qianji saw Yu Mo's frightened face, he laughed inwardly, Tang Zichen was really good at pretending and talking as if it was real, scaring a YuanYing eighth stage.

As for Landing, they had all fallen to the ground in fright.

"Alright, I'll stop talking nonsense, Lantin, suffer death."After saying that, the mirror in Tang Zichen's hand shone and emitted a green light, before it was a yellow light, and sure enough, now that it had been upgraded to an intermediate superior magic weapon, its power had increased so much that the colors had changed.

Lantin only felt an inescapable

The breath locked onto him.

"Ah."In the next moment, Landin let out a scream, just less than half a second later, when the green light disappeared, Landin had changed his appearance, turning into a charred man, his hair and eyebrows were gone, and his body's epidermis was burned black.

Yu Mo's face changed, as expected, the magic weapon in Tang Zichen's hand was a mid-grade superior magic weapon.

Yu Mo couldn't believe that someone who looked so insignificant had such a profound origin, a middle grade magic weapon was simply as shabby in his eyes.

Tang Zichen's Heavenly Furnace Mirror, although it had severely injured Lan Ding, it couldn't kill him, which was also what made Tang Zichen depressed.

Lan Ding panicked and kowtowed, "Senior, senior, forgive me, sob."Lantin regretted his intestines, if he had known earlier, he wouldn't have dared to offend Tang Zichen even if he was allowed to eat a bucket of shit.

Yu Mo was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, a YuanYing level powerhouse is not easy to kill, if he chooses to self-destruct, thousands of people around will be affected, why don't we, punish him and spare his life."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I hate threats."

"Lesser Chen misunderstood, I'm not threatening you, I'm just reminding you, alright, alright, if Tang Zi Chen insists on killing, I'll raise my hands to support you."Yu Mo was busy changing his words, before he was still calling Tang Zichen by name, now one mouthful of minister less.

Lantin was busy kowtowing, "I beg Minister Shao to spare my life, as long as I can be spared, I'm willing to do whatever I'm told to do."

"Forgive, hmph, you have hurt me deeply, how can I forgive you?"

"I was compelled by Lan Yi to do it all, Minister Shao Mingjing."Lan Ding pointed at Lan Yi and said.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out, many people at the scene also laughed out, it felt so funny.

"Lan Yi is just a Spiritual Healing 5th stage reptilian, and you are the second strongest member of the family at the 4th stage of the Yuanying, he made you do it?Say one more word and I promise not to hit you."

"Young Minister, I am clear, Lan Yi is the most genius scion our family has ever had, he will most likely hit the Exaltation Stage in the future, while it is difficult for me to progress, so my strength is only temporary.Lan Yi's status in the family is so high that it's far beyond your imagination, even our family's number one strongest, Lan Yuan, he wouldn't dare not give face to Lan Yi."

Tang Zichen said, "So, it was really Lan Yi who compelled you."

"Yes yes, it's all because that despicable little man Lan Yi made me do it, just that despicable little man of his, he still deludes himself into pursuing Mu Qianji, it's really disgusting."

Lan Yi also panicked, "Tang Shao, don't listen to his nonsense, how could I.Grandpa Ding, I didn't expect you to be such a person, pushing everything onto me in order to stay alive."

Lan Ding snorted, "Lan Yi, you bitch, you shut up, if it wasn't for the scruples of your future achievements, I wouldn't have listened to your manipulation, thus doing something to hurt Tang Shao."

"I fart."

Tang Zichen shouted, "That's enough."

Lan Ding and Lan Yi stopped arguing.

Tang Zichen said, "Lan Ding, since it was Lan Yi who compelled you to do this, then you should just cut Lan Yi into pieces and show me how much you hate him."

"Good."Without saying a word, Lantin killed Lan Yi, where was Lan Yi's opponent, he didn't have any intermediate magic treasures or any heaven-defying martial skills, facing the fourth stage of the YuanYing, there was only one death.

"Ah."Lan Yi let out a scream, he was cut in two by Lan Ding, casually, Lan Ding had a sword, chopping Lan Yi from head to toe.

"Swoosh."A few strings of swords and shadows went down, Lan Yi had more than just a big slice, a big slice of thirty.

Everyone was secretly shocked, the Lan Yi who was alive just a moment ago was now a pile of rotten meat on the stage of life and death.


Tang Zichen was really speechless as he would do anything to survive.

Now without Tang Zichen having to kill Randin, Randin would all be sprayed to death in a spit.

Tang Zichen said, "Lantin, if you want me to spare you, and your family, please gather 100 fifth-grade spirit stones within three days."

"Ah, 100 fifth-grade spirit stones."

"What?Have an opinion."

"Tang Shao, our family really can't come up with that much ah, it's simply going to take all of our family's valuable ones to be auctioned off."

"I don't care, in short, within three days, if you don't gather a hundred fifth grade spirit stones, the Lan family will be destroyed."

"Yes."Lan Ding was bitter.

Tang Zichen turned to Mo and said, "Senior Yu Mo, please also help be a witness, afterwards, the one hundred fifth grade spirit stones will naturally give you some benefit money."

"Thank you Tang Shao, don't worry, I'll urge the Lan family to gather this spirit stone, and I'm sure it's still possible to gather all the flying swords, magic treasures, and secret methods of the Lan family and bring them to my auction site."

"Then it will be hard for you, I'll go back first." One second to remember to read the book

"Slowly go, Tang."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji left the platform of life and death in full view of the public.

Mu Qianji said, "Why did you let that Yu Mo help?It's completely unnecessary, how much are you going to pay him for the benefits afterwards?"

"Thousands of Jie, in order for the Lan family to gather a hundred fifth grade spirit stones, deterrence alone is not enough, the auction house must help with the auction.If the auction house doesn't help with the auction, the Lan family won't be able to gather it, that's where Yu Mo comes in, and he wouldn't dare do anything about giving him a fifth grade spirit stone afterwards."Tang Zichen explained.

Mu Qianji nodded his head.

Lan Ding returned to his family, but their family refused at first, after that, Yu Mo personally went to the Lan family, and the Lan family realized the seriousness of the matter, so all the YuanYing and above cultivators in the Lan family brought out their flying swords and magic treasures to be auctioned off.

Eventually, with the digestion of the auction house, they managed to gather a hundred fifth grade spirit stones.

Three days later, Tang Zichen got one hundred fifth-grade spirit stones, which Yu Mo personally delivered to his door.

"Tang Zichen, count them."

"There's no need to count it, Senior Yu Mo, it's hard for you."

"Oh, Tang Shao is polite, I'm not helping much."

Tang Zichen took two fifth grade spirit stones and said, "A small token, not a token of respect."

"Oh, thank you, Tang Shao."Yu Mo said in his heart, "It's really a small token."

Yu Mo thought that Tang Zichen, who came from such a powerful family and had seen all the ranked magic weapons, would definitely not take it seriously, and would definitely give him dozens of pieces, if not all of them, because Tang Zichen he simply didn't look up to, and the reason why he made the Lan family compensate was to make the Lan family take a tough layer of skin.As a result, Tang Zichen actually gave him only two fifth grade spirit stones.

However, although Yu Mo thought that Tang Zichen was stingy, he didn't dare to do anything about it, after all, how much Tang Zichen wanted to give him was his freedom.

Tang Zichen said, "One hundred spirit stones is really not enough to stuff my teeth, but now I can only use it for now."

Mu Qianji was excited as he looked at so many fifth grade spirit stones, this was a great fortune, it could be used to buy many immortal cultivation materials.

"Tang Shao, that's nothing, I'll leave first."Yu Mo said.

"Mm."Tang Zichen waved his hand.


; Yu Mo took his leave, very Thousand Water House, Yu Mo snorted under his breath, "What a stingy devil."

Mu Qianji asked, "Zichen, what should we use so many fifth grade spirit stones for?Why don't you go to the auction tonight and see if there's anything good?Last time we went, we could only dry watch, but this time, we have spirit stones, so we can shoot the good stuff when we see it."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Fifth grade spirit stones that were hard to harvest, taking them to buy things, what a waste.I'm going to use it to refine and enhance my realm."

"Fifth grade spirit stones are difficult to refine, they're very consuming of spiritual energy, and the reward is not directly proportional to the effort.It's because of the difficulty of obtaining fifth grade spirit stones that most immortal cultivators use them to purchase immortal cultivation materials, so that their strength can be guaranteed."

"Haha, Thousand Extremes, didn't I tell you before that it's only a matter of minutes to refine these spirit stones with my Nine Daoist Demon King Immortal Qi?"


"Now these 98 fifth grade spirit stones, I only need to take out four of them, and the two of us will be able to step into the first stage of YuanYing.Then with the remaining 94 fifth grade spirit stones, we can each take half of them and raise our realm to around the third stage of YuanYing."

"Ah, how can we break through like this, this is too heavenless."

"I can't help it, I have Immortal Qi to help, it's just so ungodly, you can't even obey it.Alright, I'll refine it first, I'll help you later."

It took Tang Zichen ten minutes to refine over forty fifth grade spirit stones.

Tang Zichen's realm, under Mu Qianji's eyes, soared from the fifth rank of Spiritual Healing to the third rank of Yuanying.

"My God."Mu Qianji, who saw this scene with his own eyes, no longer knew what to describe it.

If everyone soared like Tang Zichen, it would be really too easy to cultivate Immortality.

This ascension speed was simply unrestrained.

"Alright, I'm already at the third stage of Yuanying."After saying that, Tang Zichen unleashed his YuanYing, and a golden, fetal-like YuanYing emerged from his skull.

Mu Qianji said, "Once upon a time, when my master stepped into the YuanYing, the most difficult thing was to form an infant, there were countless people who got stuck at the level of forming an infant and were never able to actually form an infant, and there were countless others who spent endless amounts of money and purchased many, many immortal cultivation pills and elixirs before finally forming an infant.You, on the other hand, swiftly became a YuanYing third stage without feeling it.Zichen, seeing how easy it was for you, I honestly feel a bit dismayed for the other Immortal cultivators, you were too easy."

Tang Zichen smiled, "My goal is to ascend to the Immortal World and then help the Nine Daoist Demon King resurrect, if I'm still cultivating as hard as everyone else, when will I be able to fulfill the Nine Daoist Demon King's promise, if you want to envy me, envy me for having Immortal Qi assistance that transcends this world."


"Alright, it's time for me to help you improve."

With an apprehensive heart, Mu Qianji also soared to the third stage of YuanYing a few minutes later.

However, it didn't seem like Mu Qianji was very excited inside, she used to be happy with every level she broke through, but now that she had soared up so much, she didn't feel excited.

Perhaps, it wasn't what she had worked so hard to get, not excited.

But no matter what, Mu Qianji had no reason to refuse, she wasn't conceited enough to not want this kind of soaring.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Qianzhi, there won't be many good things like this in the future, because it's getting more and more difficult to obtain spirit stones, how many spirit stones will there be for me to refine in the future, so in the end, we still have to cultivate on our own, it's just that we're still weak and can barely still find some spirit stones."

"Mm."Mu Qianji nodded his head.


After Tang Zichen's realm reached the third stage of the YuanYing stage, his strength had naturally increased a lot, and coupled with the intermediate superior magic weapon, the Heavenly Furnace Mirror, I'm afraid that Yu Mo from the auction house might not even be able to defeat Tang Zichen.

Of course, just not necessarily, in case that Yu Mo also had a stronger magic weapon, or a magic weapon that happened to restrain the Heavenly Furnace Mirror, that would be another matter.

Tang Zichen closed his eyes, regarding the martial skills of the Shura Eighteen Blades, Tang Zichen was rehearsing the seventh blade in his mind.

The main thrust of the seventh blade was 'Heavenly Avalanche', and this move was a thousand times more powerful than the previous sixth blade's 'Heavenly Cloud'.

In Tang Zichen's mind, the seventh blade, Heaven Avalanche, had already been practiced.

Just like the sixth blade, once it was performed, the dark clouds were dense and the sky cracked, and it was infinitely more powerful.

"Let's go, Zichen, we should go to the mercenary group, the captain should be back from the Triple Sea."The next day, Mu Qianji said.


Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji, went to the Wang Hao Mercenary Regiment again, Wang Hao Mercenary Regiment was the five-star mercenary regiment that Mu Qianji had joined before.

The regiment leader's name was Wang Hao, and the mercenary regiment was named after that leader.

"By the way, Qianji, why is your head of the regiment from the Triple Sea coming to the First Sea to start a mercenary group?"Tang Zichen asked. First URL

"I don't know much about this, but you are I heard that his family has been running mercenaries for generations, the One Heavy Sea is just his personal investment and management, and the One Heavy Sea is a vast area with very many unknown areas, for example, the One Heavy Sea has a place called the Xiu Sea, which is a paradise for sea demon beasts.Previously, there was a mission to go to the edge of the Xiu Sea and search for the seven-colored magic fish, and if you found it, the bounty would be 300 fifth-class spirit stones.It was issued by a Doppelganger Sea Family, and this mission has yet to be completed.Two years ago, our headmaster said, fix it for two years, and after two years, take on this mission."

"Oh, seven-colored magic fish, what's this for?"

"The seven-colored devil fish is an essential ingredient for refining the Returning God Pill, very useful for people whose Yuan infants have been seriously injured, and the price is very high, only one place in Xiuhai has seven-colored devil fish."


Tang Zichen said, and he arrived outside the gate of the Wang Hao Mercenary Group.

"Let's go in."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji walked inside.

As soon as they entered inside, Tang Zichen saw the three, who had been severely beaten by Tang Zichen's previous first and second stage, Wang Wei, Beth, and Lata.

Mu Qianji asked, "Has the captain returned?"

"Come back."Wang Wei didn't have the good sense to say that there was still anger in his heart.

Tang Zichen said, "Lower your tone, or I don't mind beating you up again, answer again, has the captain returned?"

That Wang Wei was a bit angry and said, "Don't bully others too much."

Mu Qianji advised, "Forget it, let's go find the headmaster."

At that moment, a young man came out.

"Meet the headmaster."Mu Qianji was busy paying homage.

At a glance of Tang Zichen, that headmaster actually looked very young.

Tang Zichen was inwardly shocked, "I didn't expect the headmaster to be so young, what? I don't know if he had any purpose in recruiting Mu Qianji into the group in the first place."

"Qianji, you're here."That headmaster smiled slightly.

"Yes, Headmaster."

"Who is this?"The Wang Hao mercenary captain looked at Tang Zichen.

Mu Qianji said, "He's my husband."

"What? You're married?"The Wang Hao Mercenaries looked a little surprised.

"Mm."Mu Qianji nodded his head.

The regiment leader was stunned for a few seconds, looking at Tang Zichen and realizing that Tang Zichen was

A Spiritual Healing Fifth Stage.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji both concealed their realms, and although they had broken through to the third stage of the YuanYing stage, they didn't want to cause unnecessary trouble, so they concealed it first.

Mu Qianji asked, "Captain, when are we going to the Xiuhai to look for the Seven-colored Demon Fish?"


"By the way, Captain, can my husband join the Wang Hao Mercenaries?"

"Of course."Wang Hao nodded his head and looked at Mu Qianji as if he had some responsibility.

What Mu Qianji and the others didn't know was that this time, when Wang Hao returned to his family in the Triple Sea, it was to deal with the matter regarding his immortal partner, his family had arranged a door-to-door immortal partner for him, but, Wang Hao strongly objected to it, and it was a bit of a stalemate with the family.Furthermore, Wang Hao had made it clear to the family that he already had someone he liked, the most talented woman in the One Heavy Sea.

Mu Qianji didn't even think that the head of the family already had a crush on her, and refused the family's arrangement for her sake.

However, Wang Hao didn't expect that Mu Qianji had already gotten married, he had planned to, confess his love to Mu Qianji and take a primary superior magic weapon as a token of love.

"Captain, Captain?The regimental commander?"

The headman came back to his senses only after Mukachi called out several times.

"Ah, you called me."

"Headmaster, why are you staring?"Mu Qianji asked.

"No, nothing, alright, you guys get ready, it's almost time to go."The head of the regiment turned around and walked away.

Mu Qianji felt that the head of the regiment was strange.

Tang Zichen said, "Qianji, why didn't I hear you say before that the head of the regiment is still so young."

"Ah, you didn't ask me, besides, his real age, he's over a hundred years old, so he's not that young."

"Oh, Chichi, haven't you noticed that your headmaster looks at what you're acting, not quite the same ah."

"Honey, what are you imagining again, the Head is quite a nice person."

"Oh, yeah."Tang Zichen smiled mysteriously, I hope so.

Soon, everyone from the Wang Hao Mercenary Group set off, the target, Xiu Hai, the line totaled six people, namely, the head of the group, Wang Hao, Mu Qianji, Tang Zichen, Wang Wei, Beth, and Lata.

Wang Wei, Beth, Lata, all the way to Tang Zichen did not have good feelings, cross eyebrows.

The Captain, on the other hand, often looked at Mu Qianji and then fell into deep thought.

"It will take at least half a month to travel to Xiuhai, there's no need to hurry, let's rest for the night in the town of Falling Horse ahead."The regimental leader said.


The people landed in a town ahead of them, then checked into an inn.

The regiment leader said to the innkeeper, "Give us six upper rooms."

"Okay Le."

"Wait."Tang Zichen shouted.

Tang Zichen said, "Five rooms will be enough, I'll share a room with Thousand."

"Good le."The shopkeeper immediately went to do it.

And the Head was a little uncomfortable inside, thinking of the woman he was secretly in love with sharing a room with another man right under his nose.

Mu Qianji didn't think about it that much, the other three had to think about it that much.

"Guest, the rooms are ready, they are between eleven and fifteen, this is the room sign, take it."The shopkeeper handed the room plates up.

The regimental leader was the first to choose and took a 'number 15' room.

Tang Zichen didn't know what was on his mind, and immediately went up and chose room 14, next door to the head of the regiment.

Mu Qianji was a little confused, why was Zichen in such a hurry to go up and choose next door to the head of the regiment?


Others didn't pay attention to these details.

Next, everyone sat down to eat.

Before the food was served, the head of the group suddenly took out a flute.

"Hey, Headmaster, when did you get an extra magic tool, what kind of magic tool is this flute?"Beth was busy asking.

The head of the regiment smiled, "This was originally going to be given to a woman I love."

"Wow, the captain has a beloved woman in the Triple Sea ah, the captain's beloved woman must be very beautiful."Lata said flatteringly.

"Oh, yes, very pretty."The head of the regiment glanced at Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen was always paying attention to the headmaster, so naturally he saw the headmaster's eyes looking at Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen was already a little doubtful that the Head of Mission was really interested in Mu Qianji, and if Tang Zichen were to make sure that he was really interested in Mu Qianji, Tang Zichen would have to warn him.

Mu Qianji asked, "Headmaster, then why didn't you give the flute to the woman you love ah?By the way, what level of magic weapon is this flute?"

"Elementary Upper Class." Remember the URL

"Wow."Suddenly, Wang Wei, Beth, and Lata, all three of them, exclaimed out in shock.

Beth envied, "Captain, you're trying too hard to pick up girls, you're even willing to bring a primary superior grade magic weapon to give away."

The head of the regiment laughed, "Don't tell me it's just a junior superior artifact, if you take it, I would be willing to give it to her even if it's a middle grade artifact."

"Wow, the head of the regiment is so infatuated, I'm sure the girl you love, she loves you too."

The head of the regiment smiled bitterly, "She still doesn't know that I like her."

"What? Headmaster, you still have a crush on her."


Mu Qianji was busy, "Captain, if you're so excellent, why don't you go confess to her."

"Excellent, do you think I'm excellent?"The regimental leader's heart was moved, although Mu Qianji would never know that person was her, but Mu Qianji said excellent, could it be that, in Mu Qianji's mind, he was excellent?

Mu Qianji said complimentingly, "Of course, the headmaster is only a hundred years old, cultivating to the sixth stage of the YuanYing stage, definitely excellent ah, when I reached the headmaster's realm, I didn't know what realm."Mu Qianji was also really good at flattering people, she was already at the third stage of the YuanYing stage, when she reached the sixth stage of the YuanYing stage, she would definitely be much younger than the headmaster.

"Oh."The headmaster was happy inside, so to speak, he still had hope, he was excellent in Mu Qianji's eyes, at the moment, the headmaster only hated that he hadn't confessed to her earlier, if he had confessed to her earlier, perhaps, the one who shared a room with Mu Qianji today wouldn't be Tang Zichen.

At this moment, although Tang Zichen didn't say anything, but as a man's intuition, he had already guessed that the person the headmaster was talking about was Mu Qianji in eighty-nine cases.

This headmaster, who was only a hundred years old and had reached the sixth stage of the YuanYing stage, was honestly so talented that he spiked Lan Yi, and even spiked the previous Mu Qianji several times over.Before Mu Qianji had met Tang Zichen, he was less than fifty years old, and was at the seventh stage of Spiritual Harmony, this talent, was far from the Head, because the distance from the seventh stage of Spiritual Harmony to the sixth stage of YuanYing was still far away, and the further one went, the greater the gap between each stage.

With this talent of the headmaster, if Tang Zichen hadn't appeared yet, then Tang Zichen didn't even know if Mu Qianji would really be soaked away by the headmaster, after all, Mu Qianji had long forgotten Tang Zichen by then.

Beth asked, "Captain, I heard that you used to be in the Triple Sea, you're famous, aren't you?"

The regimental leader smiled slightly, because Mu Qianji had just said that he was excellent, so his mood changed a little bit better at the moment.


;The Head said, "I used to be, in the Triple Sea, a top five ranked genius, and I formed a YuanYing when I was about forty."

"Wow, Headmaster, you're so awesome, you formed a YuanYing at the age of forty."Wang Wei shouted in shock.

Beth also said, "Head, I admire you too much, it seems that the geniuses of the Triple Sea really have no comparison to our First Sea.Look, the first genius of our First Heavy Sea, Mu Qianji, is over forty this year, and he's only at the seventh stage of Spiritual Harmony, so he's far behind you when compared to you."After saying that, Beth looked at Mu Qianji, as if to say: what are you bull compared to, the other geniuses of the Triple Sea, ranked fifth, are much stronger than you are now ranked first.

Mu Qianji wasn't angry and smiled, "Yes, our Immortal cultivators of the First Sea are not comparable to those of the Third Sea.The regimental leader had already formed a YuanYing by the time he was my age, huh?"Although Mu Qianji knew that she was now at the third stage of the YuanYing stage, she didn't feel proud, it was thanks to Tang Zichen's opportunity that she soared so easily, she didn't feel that this was what made her so powerful, willingly admitting that the head of the regiment was indeed more genius than her when she was her age.

The head of the regiment saw that Mu Qianji also had a reverent look in his eyes, and the pleasure in his heart intensified.

The head of the regiment looked towards Tang Zichen and asked, "Brother Tang, I haven't heard you say anything this whole journey, how old are you this year?I see you're pretty young too."

Tang Zichen said, "Oh, I'm the same age as my wife."Tang Zichen was of course referring to the same age in the Mortal Realm, in the Mortal Realm, they were originally the same age, but in the Spirit Realm, for some reason everyone was different ages.

The head of the regiment slightly nodded, Tang Zichen was the same age as Mu Qianji and the realm was only at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, honestly, the head of the regiment was a bit confused as to why he became Mu Qianji's husband.

The head of the regiment asked again, "I've never even heard of Qianji mentioning you before, how do you know her?How did you end up as immortal companions so soon?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "I'm an old hometown with Thousand Jie, old hometown to old hometown, two tears, and then we're going to get married."

"What logic, two tears will make a marriage."

"Of course, because old friends."

The regimental leader really couldn't understand.

Tang Zichen said again, "Captain, look at the shape of my face, do you see anything?"

"No."The regimental commander shook his head.

Don said, "How stupid, handsome doesn't even see it."

"Uh."The regiment leader was startled.

"I'm from the same hometown as Qianjie, and I'm handsome and talented, and then Qianjie fell in love with me."

"Oh."The regimental leader was quite depressed inside, saying, Mu Qianji is at least the first genius of the First Sea, how come he has no pursuit like this, handsome can be a meal ah, although, Tang Zichen's age, in the First Sea is also considered very talented, but, compared to him, it is simply unbearable to mention ah.The more the regimental leader thought like this, the more he regretted that he hadn't confessed to Mu Qianji earlier, and if he had, this Tang Zichen wouldn't have had a chance at all.

The regiment leader was busy asking again, "Right, brother Tang, I haven't asked you yet, where is your hometown?You're also from the Thousand Waters Sect?I remember that the Thousand Water Sect only accepts female disciples ah."

Tang Zichen said, "My hometown is in Heavenly Jewel City, a family that specializes in producing and dealing in low-grade talisman paper, and I, previously, was a disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Ah, that's it?"

"Of course."

The regimental commander was a bit dumbfounded, but Tang Zichen, a person with such a small background, was able to pick up Mu Qianji?

The head of the group felt a strong and deep resentment inside, as if a rich and beautiful white woman was actually chased away by someone who came from a poor countryside.


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