The unknown Heir 918


Chapter 918

Looks like this memory erasing is still powerful.

    "Lei Lie, go find out if there is any book or proof of identity."

    Chen Hao then instructed Lei Lie, who was behind him.

    "Okay, brother Chen!"

    Lei Lie immediately nodded his head and agreed.

    After saying that, Lei Lie began to search the entire house.

    After searching for a while, Lei Lie finally found an item that could be used to prove the girl's identity name.

    This item was a book, and on the cover of the book was the girl's name written on it.

    The girl's name was Yu Xin.

    Lei Lie handed the book to Chen Hao.

    "Brother Chen, her name is Yu Xin!"

    Lei Lie narrated towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao took the books and handed them to the girl.

    "Your name is Yu Xin!"

    Chen Hao looked at the girl and said.

    The girl received the books with a dazed face, not remembering anything at all.

    "But I really don't remember anything, not a single impression!"

    Yuu Xin said in annoyance, constantly shaking her head.

    "It's okay, one day you'll remember."

    Jenji quickly reassured Yu Xin.

    "So you are?"

    Immediately afterwards, the girl looked at the three of Chen Hao with curiosity again and asked.

    "Us.We're your good friends, you might not remember us, but we remember you just fine."

    Chen Hao immediately improvised and found a reason to explain towards Yu Xin.

    Hearing Chen Hao's explanation, Yu Xin didn't have any doubts, but decisively chose to believe.

    A blank piece of paper, of course, Yu Xin didn't know anything, the only thing she could do was to believe everything she could see in front of her eyes, people or things.

    And if Chen Hao and the three of them were bad people, then she felt that Chen Hao and the three of them wouldn't be able to save her.

    "Yu Xin, are you willing to live with us from now on?"

    Chen Hao then stared at Yu Xin and asked.

    Yu Xin was stunned, then nodded her head for a moment.

    "I will, I have no memories, I can't remember anything, I don't know anyone but you guys!"

    When they heard Yu Xin's reply, the three of them, Chen Hao, felt relieved.

    As long as Yu Xin was willing to follow them, this way they would be able to take care of Yu Xin as well.

    "Good, then let's simply clean up and let's get out of here!"

    Chen Hao was again looking at Zhen Ji and the three suggested.

    After all, this place wasn't particularly safe.

    Since those hunters in front of them could find their way here, I'm sure the other hunters could find their way here as well, so they had to leave this place as soon as possible.

    Soon, after some packing, Chen Hao and the four of them left this place.

    Chen Hao did not tell Yu Xin's parents about the situation.

    Since Yu Xin had already lost her memories, she shouldn't be made to suffer any more pain, and it was better not to know some things.

    Otherwise, everything Chen Hao had done would be in vain.

    After leaving the house, Chen Hao and the four of them headed into the woods together once again.

    At this moment, on the other side, within the hunter camp.

    The tent.

    "Report chief, lost contact with the seventh squad!"

    Just one hunter walked into the tent and reported towards the chief hunter cloaked man sitting inside.

    "What?How many men are in the seventh squad?"

    The man in the cloak asked in a heavy tone.

    "A total of six people, all of whom have lost contact!"

    This hunter replied.

    This made the cloaked man look extremely ugly, he felt that things were getting more and more wrong, all six of the big living people had lost contact all at once, something was definitely wrong.

    "Where was the last place where the seventh team appeared?"

    The cloaked man continued to ask.

    "It's near the Cape Col!"

    "Orders to go down, prepare to go to the Cape Pass at once, make sure to find the 7th squad's trail, live and let live!"

    The man in the cloak gave the order straight away.


    This hunter immediately responded.

    They just didn't know that these six people had died at the hands of Chen Hao and Zhen Ji yet.

    I'm afraid that if they knew, the leader of the hunters was going to be furious at the pace.

    But they deserved all this retribution, who made them do such inhumane things, these people deserved to die.

    Soon, about an hour later, the hunters who had gone out to search for them all returned to the camp, and brought back six corpses when they returned.

    The Hunters' seventh squad was the same six Hunters that Chen Hao had killed.


    "Chief, it's bad!"

    A hunter just rushed into the tent of the cloaked man and shouted.

    "What's happened?What's all this panic?!"

    The cloaked man snapped in a harsh voice, glaring at the angry hunter before him.

    "Chief, the people who went out to search for the seventh squad have returned, they.They brought back the bodies of those six people from the seventh squad, all six people from the seventh squad are dead."

    This hunter looked frightened and reported towards the cloaked man.


    The man in the cloak was shocked and furious.

    After saying that, the cloaked man got up and quickly walked out.

    When he went out, he only saw six corpses laid out in the camp, each with a bloodstain at their throat.

    When he saw this, the cloaked man's face had turned cold and his fists were clenched.

    "Outrageous, who on earth did this?"

    The cloaked man roared with rage.

    Just kidding, all of a sudden six of his own men had been killed.

    "Chief, we checked the wounds of each of them, and they were all killed by a single slash, and this kind of slash is special, not like it was caused by an ordinary blade."

    A hunter wearing red clothes then reported towards the man in the cloak.

    The hunter organization was divided into three colors of red to differentiate their power levels.

    Black clothes were the hunters that belonged to the most ordinary hunters.

    Red clothes were the middle level hunters.

    Purple clothes were the higher level hunters.

    The strength of the different levels of hunters are different, and the purple hunter is the strongest.

    Of course, the most powerful within the entire hunter organization was still the man in the cloak, after all, he was the leader of the hunter organization.

    Only no one knew exactly how terrifying the strength of the leader of the hunter organization was, nor did they know his real name and information, it was very mysterious.

    "It seems that the person who came this time is definitely not simple!"

    The man in the cloak narrowed his eyes and preached.

    "Report chief, the fifth squad sent a report, the three men from yesterday were previously spotted near Tan Creek Water, but those three men fled immediately after seeing our men."

    At that moment a hunter in black clothes came over to report towards the cloaked man.

    Hearing this, the cloaked man probably made a guess.

    If he didn't expect it, all six members of his seventh squad had died at the hands of these three people.


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