Dish Best Served Cold 451-456


Chapter 451

Wei Wuji looked at Li Lu Bin and said in a deep voice.

At first, Li Lubin didn't believe it, and he only laughed at these words of Wei Wuji: "Young Master Wei, you're joking me, right?"

"This guy, just a country bumpkin, even if he was allowed to work vigorously, how much mischief could he do?He's not a Monkey, he knows 72 transformations, could it be that he's making a scene in the heavens and kicking the alchemist's furnace?"

Li Lu Bin said jokingly.

In his opinion, what this Wei Wuji had just said was purely to scare him.

After all, Ye Fan came from a humble background and didn't have any great skills, so how much trouble could he still cause?

Even if he were to murder the President of the United States, he would first have to have the money to go to the United States and meet the President, wouldn't he?

Ye Fan's identity was on display here, and there were only so many big personalities he could get in touch with.

Thus, Wei Wuji didn't really believe Wei Wuji's vague words just now.

Listening to Li Lubin's words, Wei Wuji didn't get angry, but shook his head and laughed.

"It seems that Mr. Li, doesn't believe in what I said ah."

"It's just that since you don't believe it, there's no harm in me telling you."

"This kid of your friend, although he didn't make a big fuss, what he did was a sensation throughout the upper circles of Yanjing."

"Perhaps, he didn't kick over the Supreme Lord's alchemy furnace either.But yesterday, he kicked over the Xu family's old man, Xu Wenqing.Not only did he kidnap the Xu family's second miss, he also broke the Xue family's second young master's legs."

"At this time, my Brother Hua was still lying in the hospital?"


Wei Wuji said coldly, but Li Lubin's old face had gone white, and there was even cold sweat behind his spine.The smile that filled his face just now was even more gone, standing there, so shocked that he couldn't say a word.

Only after a long time, did the party tremble and ask, "Wei...Young Master Wei, you...What you said, is it all true?"

"Or what?"Wei Wuji snorted coldly, seemingly a little impatient, "If this punk hadn't caused a lot of trouble, do you think this young master would have gone to such great lengths to deal with a nameless punk?"

"Now, do you still think that what I've just advised you to do is alarmist?"

"Now, do you still think that my young master is joking with you?"

"Mr. Li, to tell you the truth, if it wasn't for the fact that I have some friendship with you, otherwise, just by you standing out to protect him today, if the Xu and Xue families knew, I dare say that tonight, there would be no place for your Li family in Yanjing City!"

Wei Wuji's low and deep words were like thunder as they exploded in Li Lu Bin's mind.

At that time, Li Lubin became confused, his old face pale, and his entire body was even closer to being scared out of his wits!

In the end, Li Lubin, in panic, cursed directly to Ye Fan behind him.

"Bastard, I'll go to Nima!"

"How dare you offend the Xu family?"

"How dare you kick even the young master of the Xue family?"

"You're a country boy, where do you get the guts of a dog, and you dare to mess with the old man of heaven?"

"You're a piece of trash yourself, and you're so good at getting into trouble?"

"You don't know what you're doing!"

"Wait for your death!"

"My family almost died because of you!"

Li Lubin was truly frightened.

He had previously thought that Ye Fan, a talentless country bumpkin, would still be able to poke a big basket even if he could go to heaven.But Li Lubin never thought that Ye Fan was not stirring up trouble, but poking the sky!

The Xu family, that was one of the four great families of Yanjing.

The previous head of the Xu family, Xu Lei's father, positioned himself as the head of a province and a feudal official.It was only one step away from the very center of power and influence.

Of course, since Xu Lei's father passed away unexpectedly, the Xu family's power has been declining day by day.

But a skinny camel was bigger than a horse.

Even if the Xu family was not back at its peak, but relying on the connections and relationships left behind by the previous owners, as well as the Xu family's many years of operation, the Xu family's power in Yanjing was now extremely fearsome.

This kind of power, Li Lubin couldn't even jump up to stump up.

But who would have thought that Ye Fan had kicked the Xu family's old man out?

Xu Wenqing, that's the father of the current Xu family head!

And that wasn't all, Ye Fan had even broken Xue Minghua's leg.

Xue Minghua and his brother, Xue Wise, had a deep brotherly love.

His own brother was beaten into a cripple, and the head of the Xue family, Xue Wise, would spare him?

This was clearly impossible.

Which of the Xue and Xu families was not a huge power in Yanjing City?

One was a hundred year old family and the other was a new noble in Yanjing.

Ordinary people, offending one of them would be doom and gloom, but Ye Fan was good, messing with two at once.

One thought that he was even foolish enough to plead for Ye Fan just now.

Li Lubin was almost scared to death.

Is he looking for death?

Fortunately, the Xue and Xu families hadn't arrived yet, otherwise, I'm afraid that their family would have to be killed by this Ye Fan.

By now, Li Lubin finally understood why when he came just now, the roads around the Wolong Hotel were almost all restricted and closed.

This was the rhythm of the Xue and Xu families coming for revenge ah!

"Young Master Wei, this Ye Fan, I don't know him."

"Whether he is dead or alive, it has nothing to do with our Li family."

"As for what I just said, you can pretend that I didn't say it, and also pretend that I, Li Lubin, didn't come here."

"I...I still have things to do at home, so I'll go back first."

"There will be time in the future, my Li family will personally invite Young Master Wei to a banquet to thank you for saving my life today."

With a face full of trepidation, after saying that to Li Lu Bin, he turned around and hurried out, pulling his own daughter along with him.

However, Li Xiaohong still didn't give up.

With red eyebrows and eyes, she was always reluctant to leave, still persuading Li Lubin to help Ye Fan.

"Dad, you promised me that you would help..."


Not waiting for Li Xiaohong to finish, Li Lubin slapped and directly paste it.

In great anger, Li Lubin directly incited Li Xiaohong to the ground.

"Bastard, shut up!"

"For a jerk, do you want to make sure our family doesn't die?"

"Come home with me!"

"As for him, forget about him."

"He's dead!"

"Having caused such a mortal disaster, the gods can't even save him when they come."

Li Lubin said in a furious voice, then ignoring Li Xiaohong's tearful and miserable appearance, he roughly grabbed her hand and went out.

But the entire hotel had been sealed off by Wei Wuji's people, and only allowed to enter and not leave.And there were many people guarding outside, so naturally Li Lubin and his daughter couldn't get out.

In the end, Li Lu Bin had no choice but to take his daughter and hide in the farthest part of the hotel from Ye Fan, like hiding from the plague.

"Kid, now you should die of heart, right?"

"Even the people protecting you were scared off."

"Xue Minghua is my brother, you hit him, I have to kill you today."

"Why don't you roll over and kneel down and beg for death!"

After Li Lubin left, Wei Wuji looked at Ye Fan and once again coldly rebuked him.

Ye Fan, however, was not afraid in the slightest.

The entire person sat there, still lightly sipping tea.

After a long time, Ye Fan put down the teacup and only then did he slowly ask.

"Are you a member of the Wei family in Yanjing?"



"Since you know the history of this young master, why don't you come over here and kneel down to this young master?"

Li Lubin said condescendingly and proudly.

Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, taking a sip of tea and scowling.

"It seems that I still overestimate the Xu and Xue families."

"I gave them a whole night's time, but what I finally moved out was just this kind of goods?"

"Go back."

"Not to mention you're a junior, even if your grandfather Wei Lin comes over today, I'm afraid he wouldn't even be qualified to give me shoes."

Ye Fan's indifferent voice, sounded slowly.

Throughout, while saying these words, Ye Fan didn't even look at Wei Wuji.

Back then, his grandfather hadn't even been able to get into his eyes.

It was naturally even more difficult for such a no-good dude to get into Ye Fan's eyes.

However, with such an attitude, Ye Fan caused Wei Wuji to instantly explode, only as if he had been greatly humiliated.

"Shut up!"

"How dare you insult my grandfather, you little bastard?"

"Not looking for death!"

In a fit of rage, Wei Wuji even went straight up and raised his leg to kick Ye Fan.

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.But beneath that smile, the face was so gloomy and the eyes and brows were so cold.

"I don't even put Xu Wenqing in my eyes, let alone your grandfather, that old man?"

"Earlier, when I thought you were young and ignorant, I wanted to let you off the hook."

"But now that you've taken a shot at me, you can't blame me!"

As the words fell, Ye Fanton slapped his palm on the long table in front of him, and all that could be heard was a bang.

The table trembled, and a pair of bamboo chopsticks were suddenly shaken up by Ye Fan's strength.

After that, Ye Fan held the bamboo chopsticks in his hand and waved his sleeve arm.


Bamboo chopsticks cut through the sky, bringing forth a burst of sonic booms.

It was as if two arrows were flying across the void.

Then, everyone could just see that the two chopsticks were steadily inserted above Wei Wuji's knees.

"Kneel down!"

Immediately afterwards, a majestic low voice, like muffled thunder, quietly exploded in the hall.


The sound of Wei Wuji's scream was then heard.

Soaked in blood, the bamboo chopsticks plunged straight into the flesh.

Wei Wuji could not endure the pain and bent his knees, but he actually kneeled on the earth below with a bang.



Seeing such a scene, the room full of patrons, all trembled.

Li Lubin was even more shocked to the point that he stared at them and directly jumped up from his seat.

He had never expected that Ye Fan would also take action against Wei Wuji.

First it was the Xu family, then the Xue family, and now the Wei family.

Three great prestige families, Ye Fan had offended them all!

"He...What's he trying to do?"

"Is he, like, trying to fight the entire Yanjing's powerful giants with one man's strength?"

Li Lubin was terrified and his face was white.

Li Xiaohong was even more ugly, her jade hand lightly covering her red lips.

Even she, realised that Ye Fan, this time, had made a little too much trouble!

Xu Lei also closed her eyes for a while as she watched Wei Wuji moan in pain.

She had already seen Ye Fan's majesty yesterday.

Therefore, she was not surprised that Wei Wuji was now being forced to kneel by Ye Fan with bamboo chopsticks in his legs.

After all, he didn't even care about the old master of the Xu family, let alone this dude young master of the Wei family.

If one wanted to blame it, one could only blame this Wei Wuji, who just couldn't see the situation.

It's just that this Ye Fan is offending more and more people and making more and more trouble.

Xu Lei had to worry, how was Ye Fan going to end up today?

Did he really intend to rely on his brute strength to challenge the entire Yanjing dignitaries?

Xu Lei was worried.

And at this time, Wei Wuji was still on the ground moaning in pain and screaming with resentment.

"Bastard, you...You dare to hit me?"

"Everyone, get on it!"

"Get him for me!"

"Let him die a horrible death~"

Wei Wuji was covered in blood, holding his legs as he roared angrily.

When Ye Fan saw this, he shook his head for a moment.

Some people were like that, not seeing the coffin, not shedding tears.

Does he really think that he can hurt him, Ye Fan, by relying on these dozen or so flower stands?"

"You only know that I injured Xu Wenqing and Xue Minghua last night, don't you know that the thirteen bodyguards of the Xu family all fell at my feet as well?"

Ye Fan's faint voice quietly came out.

For a moment, everyone present was in awe.

Even those bodyguards of Wei Wuji, when they heard this, they were suddenly stunned in place.

In between panic, they immediately looked at each other, not daring to move forward at all!

After all, Ye Fan's method of injuring people with bamboo chopsticks just now was already astounding.

Now after hearing that Ye Fan alone had injured thirteen good fighters of the Xu family, these people were undoubtedly shocked.

They were just a few working men, and it was only right for them to contribute, but it was unnecessary to fight with their lives.

"Rubbish, a bunch of rubbish~"


"Is our Wei family raising you for a living?"

At that time, Wei Wuji was simply going mad.

He didn't expect that the people he brought with him wouldn't even dare to make a move, but he was directly intimidated by a few words from Ye Fan.

This undoubtedly made Wei Wuji feel extremely humiliated and disgraced.

However, just as Wei Wuji was eventfully roaring, outside the hotel, a luxury car drove up.

Immediately afterwards, a dignified old man walked in with a group of people.

"This...This is..."

"The old man of the Wei family, Wei Lin!"

"The Wei family head?"

"I go, the old man's all out?"

"Looks like things are going to get a lot worse today!"

Upon seeing this person, there was an uproar in the hall.

Many people were discussing.

Even people like Li Lubin, who had some status in the Yanjing business world, even took the initiative to go forward to greet him.

In Yanjing, although the Wei family's power was not comparable to that of the Xue and Xu families, but Wei Lin, the old man, was definitely a legendary figure in the Yanjing business world.

It was said that ten years ago, when Wei Lin first came to Yanjing, he was just a delivery boy.

But later, Wei Lin relied on his hard-earned savings to enter the Chinese stock market.

In just five years, Wei Lin was in the Chinese stock market, stirring up the wind and clouds.In the end, relying on 10,000 capital, non-stop transfer, do set, hard to turn over ten thousand times.

When Wei Lin exited the stock market at a high level, he was worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

All along, Wei Lin has been hailed as the "stock god Buffett" of China.

But unfortunately, Wei Lin started his own business after he made a profit and left the market, and has never entered the stock market again.

However, the name "God of Stocks" undoubtedly gave Wei Lin a great deal of prestige in the Yanjing business circle.

"Grandpa, you've finally arrived."

"You have to help your grandson get revenge, huh?"

"This son of a bitch hurt your grandson, huh?"Seeing Wei Lin, Wei Wuji begged bitterly as if he had found a patron, and said viciously when he pointed at Ye Fan.

When Wei Lin saw Wei Wuji's appearance, the chill between his eyebrows undoubtedly wrinkled even deeper.

He endured his anger and looked towards the youth in front of him who was still sitting steadily at the table, calmly drinking tea, and asked coldly, "Are you Ye Fan?"

"The old man of the Xu family was insulted by you?"

"My nephew, Ming Hua, was injured by you?"

"Now, you won't even let go of my grandson Wuji?"

"I want to ask you, where did they mess with you to make you do such a cruel thing to ruin my nephew's legs and break my grandson's future?"

"I want to ask you even more, are you really not afraid that by acting like this, you'll incur the wrath of the Yanjing gentry and end up executing your entire family and leaving you lying dead here?"


Wei Lin's cold words, but they lingered for a long time in the entire hall.

The majestic face, the morose tone, just like a devouring fierce tiger, standing here, just like this coldly staring at the front of the Ye Fan.

The awe-inspiring momentum caused the temperature of the entire hotel to plummet.

The crowd of guests present all looked terrified, as if they were falling into an ice cellar.

After all, Wei Lin's words were too harsh.

Not only was he going to let Ye Fan's corpse lie here, he was even going to exterminate his entire family?

Even if the crowd heard it, they couldn't help but sweat, and they only felt fear in their hearts.

Li Xiaohong was even more frightened to the point that her small face was pale, and her entire body was close to having tears flowing down because of her worry.

Even now, in her heart, Li Xiaohong was still worried about Ye Fan.

With tears in her beautiful eyes, she gently pulled the corner of her own father's coat, choking and whispering, "Dad, Mr. Chu he, is he really hopeless?"

Li Lu Bin's anger towards Ye Fan seemed to have subsided.

After all, Ye Fan had fallen into this kind of situation, and as angry as Li Lubin was, he couldn't get angry anymore.He even started to feel some sympathy and pity for Ye Fan.

Listening to his own daughter's question, Li Lu Bin sighed.


"I'm afraid it's hard to get through this in peace."

"However, after this Master Wei came in, he didn't just let his men do it, but instead he theorized with him."

"If you look at it from here, this friend of yours still has a chance of survival."

"As long as he apologizes properly, takes a lower stance, and says something nice.The pain of skin and flesh may not be spared, but life should be possible to hold."

Li Lubin guessed in a low voice.

Of course, what he didn't tell Li Xiaohong was that even if this Ye Fan could survive today, he was afraid that he would be an invalid in the future.

He had broken Xue Minghua's legs, and even if there was equal retaliation, I'm afraid that Ye Fan's legs would not be able to keep them.

At this moment, the hall was silent, everyone was watching, and only Wei Lin's angry words echoed.

Xu Lei, on the other hand, after hearing Wei Lin's accusations against Ye Fan, stood up and helped Ye Fan defend himself, "Grandpa Wei, I can't blame my little brother Fan for these things."

"My third grandfather and the others, who put me under house arrest and forced me to marry an incompetent trash, brother Xiaofan was the one who stood up for me, and only did it!"

"As for Xue Minghua, he was asking for trouble."

"If it wasn't for his little brother Fan's family's lives as a threat, brother Fan wouldn't have broken his legs!"

"And your grandson Wei Wuji, he's the one who made the first move against brother Xiaofan.He was not strong enough himself and was injured by my brother Xiaofan, but he also has his own fault.How can I blame my brother Xiaofan?"

Xu Lei argued reasonably and was not humble, but she was unafraid of Wei Lin's might.

"Miss Xu, before you speak, please set your identity straight!"

"If I were your grandfather, just those words you just said would be enough for me to break your legs!"

"For the sake of a turtle from a small place, he disowned his relatives, helped an outsider, disobeyed his own uncles and elders, and disobeyed the entire family?"

"You~" listening to Wei Lin's words, which were all about position and no reasoning, Xu Lei became so angry that her pretty face was livid.

"Little Lei, why do you need to be angry with an old trash?"

"For old stubborn people like them, who only have face and profit in their eyes, how can there be any reason at all?"

"Just come to my place and drink tea with me."

"As for executing my entire family and having me killed here, just listen to that and don't take it seriously.Just a mere Wei family is not enough?"

Ye Fan smiled lightly and shook his head and said faintly.

He then didn't pay any more attention to Wei Lin and instead pulled Xu Lei to his side, filling a cup of tea for Xu Lei as well and continuing to sip the tea in a breezy manner.

Within the clear and beautiful face was all disregard for Wei Lin and contempt for the Wei family.

"Stinker, you're so big-headed!"

"I, Wei Lin, started from nothing, and in five years, I made a hundred million dollars with ten thousand capital."

"One hundred million dollars!"

"In the city of Yanjing, all four great families serve me as a seated guest?"

"In the financial world, millions of stockholders worship me as God?"

"How dare you, a terrified little child, defy my Wei Lin and my Wei family!"

"Where do you get the strength?"

Being treated with such contempt by a junior, Wei Lin was undoubtedly completely furious.

A proud heart filled with chill.

The sound of anger was only like thunder, exploding unceasingly in the hall.

However, in the face of Wei Lin's monstrous anger, Ye Fan lightly took a sip of tea and still shook his head and sneered, "If you say more, so what?"

"Not to mention hurting my life and executing my entire family."

"Today, even if you come to give me the qualification to lift my shoes, it won't be enough!"

"To this day, you, Wei Lin, including your Wei family, have never entered my eyes."

Ye Fan's words echoed, but beneath that plain tone, there was a monstrous power and dominance that pervaded.

"Heh, that's quite a mouthful!"

"The Wei family isn't enough, what about adding my Yanjing Zhao family?"

At this time, outside the hotel, there was another line of people strode in.

The leader of the group, a stiff suit, is a majestic man with a long walk.

On top of the rigid face, the sneer was so cold and sinister.

"The Zhao family?"

"Could it be the Zhao family, one of the "Three New Noblemen" of Yanjing?"

"The Zhao clan that ranked in the top ten on the Huaxia Rich List last year?"

"Occupying half of the Huaxia pharmaceutical industry."

"An existence on par with the Xue family!"


"Even the Zhao family has come forward?"

"This Ye Fan, I'm afraid he's dead!"

After seeing the Zhao family's arrival, the entire hotel, the crowd of guests almost exploded.

This Xu Family and Xue Family hadn't even arrived yet, but the forces that had come to help with the fist were already so terrifying?

This Zhao family alone was worth the wealth of this room full of guests.

"I guess this time, that punk is going to wimp out, right?"

In horror, someone was gloating and laughing.

And at this time, Ye Fan's appearance had indeed sunk.

Of course, he wasn't because of the Zhao family's power, but because, the person leading the Zhao family in front of him.

Heck, it was, the one who had been expelled by Ye Fan, the richest man in Jiangdong, Zhao Wuji!

"Mr. Chu, don't be surprised."

"It's surprising, isn't it, to still meet me here."

"However, speaking of which, I have to thank Mr. Chu for keeping me alive back then."

"Otherwise, I'm afraid that I wouldn't have the life to return to Yanjing and inherit my Zhao family's billion dollar fortune."

Zhao Wuji smiled coldly, but the gaze that was directed at Ye Fan was filled with ice coldness and killing intent.

At first, Ye Fan had Chen Ao and the others, break Zhao Wuji's legs, while throwing them into a coffin and expelling them from Jiangdong.

But Zhao Wuji survived and was saved by his own clan.

After healing his legs, Zhao Wuji stayed in the family to save his strength and prepare for his return to Jiangdong in the future.

But Zhao Wuji didn't expect that before he even went looking for it, Ye Fan would take the initiative to come to Yanjing to die.

"No need to thank me."

"I'll take away your little life in a little while."

Ye Fan spoke in a cold voice, and Zhao Wuji's words that reached his mouth were then choked back by Ye Fan.

At that time, Zhao Wuji also directly tore his face with Ye Fan, laughing angrily.

"Mr. Chu is really used to making a name for himself in Jiangdong, and still so powerful by now?"

"But alas, this is not Jiangdong."

"This is Yanjing, the location of the Chinese Imperial Capital."

"You've made a monstrous mess and offended half of Yanjing City."

"What's more, even without the Xu and Xue families, the power of my Zhao family alone is enough to make you die a thousand times over!"

"My Zhao family is a new nobleman in Yanjing and is powerful in this imperial capital."

"Even the mayor of Yanjing wouldn't dare to disrespect my Zhao family."

"Where do you get the guts to be a gangster and dare to speak out here?"



In Zhao Wuji's eyes, no matter how powerful Ye Fan was, he was just a mere gangster leader.

After all, according to Zhao Wuji's understanding, Ye Fan, who had no family and no background, was able to stand firm in Jiangdong solely because of his brute strength.

Therefore, a young man of the younger generation like Ye Fan, who had no background and relied on fighting to get by, even if he was worshipped by Chen Ao and the others, in Zhao Wuji's opinion, it was just a gangster's leader.

Zhao Wuji came from a high family in Yanjing, with an honorable status, so naturally he despised Ye Fan, a grass folk from a turtle's background, in his heart.

Zhao Wuji had always held a grudge about the incident when he was driven out of Jiangdong by Ye Fan.

But he didn't think that he had really lost.

He was just trusting the wrong person.

Therefore, these days, Zhao Wuji had been plotting, looking for the right time to return to Jiangdong again and avenge his past shame.

But now, the old sky opened its eyes and Ye Fan himself came to the door.

In the beginning, under Mount Tai, Ye Fan was able to turn the tide with one person's strength.

But now, Zhao Wuji would never think that this Ye Fan could still turn the tide!

After all, no matter how strong Wu He Rong was back then, he was just one man!

But now, what Ye Fan was facing was the Xu family, Xue family and other noble families.

If he could oppose one person, could he still be able to oppose ten people and a hundred people, and the noble families?

The energy of a family, that was by no means something that could be countered by one person.

At this time, the hotel hall was silent.

The trepidation that filled the seat was only echoed by Zhao Wuji's angry voice.

"Even the Zhao family has gone down."

"It looks like this young man is truly going to die without a funeral."

Many people were pale and whispering, their gazes towards Ye Fan were filled with pity.

Xu Lei didn't say anything, just quietly accompanied Ye Fan's side.

But from that heavy look, it could also be seen how worried she was in her heart.

However, even so, Xu Lei's eyebrows were still firm.

She had already decided that no matter what kind of storm she was facing today, she would stand firmly with her little brother Fan.

Forever accompanying him and supporting him.

However, Zhao Wuji's fierce words did not stir any waves in Ye Fan's heart.

Ye Fan didn't look at him, but bowed his head and lightly sip his tea, shaking his head and smiling, "The Yanjing Zhao family, one of the three new noblemen, is also indeed a high family in this powerful Chinese imperial capital."

"But, so what?"

"Trying to scare me and make me bow my head, even with the addition of your Zhao family, it's still not enough!"

Ye Fan's words were tossed to the ground, his proud words echoing in shock!

When the surrounding guests heard this, they were all terrified.


"One Wei family, plus one Zhao family, isn't enough?"

"This guy what does he want?"

"Is he going to go against the grain?"

Many people lost their voices in alarm and whispered.

They had thought that after the arrival of the Zhao family, Ye Fan's arrogance would be reduced a bit.

However, who would have thought that this Ye Fan would not only not have the slightest intention of retreating, but would still be arrogant and tough-mouthed, fighting head-on?

Li Lubin and his father and daughter were undoubtedly both completely shocked by Ye Fan's arrogance at the time.

"What about adding me to the mix?"

Just as the crowd was horrified, another low voice, but outside the hotel, quietly exploded.

Then, thought the middle-aged man, carrying a number of people stepped forward.

The heavy footsteps, stepping on the earth, but all bring muffled echoes.

Seeing the visitors, the entire crowd was once again shocked.

"This...This is..."

"Xu Fengfei!"

"The head of the Xu family estate!"

"The number two person of one of Yanjing's giants, the Xu Family, an existence whose prestige is second only to the Xu Family's owner, Xu Fengliang~"


"What's going on here today?"

"First it was the Wei family head, then the Zhao family, and now even one of the four great families, the Xu family, has arrived?"

"I'll fuck it up!"

"How big of a mess has this jerk made?"

As the saying goes, a wave has yet to die down and a wave has yet to rise.

After the arrival of the number two person in the Xu Family, Xu Fengfei, the entire hall nearly exploded.

They had thought that this Zhao family should be the biggest boss of the day, but who would have thought that one of the four giants, the Xu family, had also arrived.

Just to deal with a country boy?

Thinking of this, many people were close to wetting themselves.

Those who didn't know the situation were even more horrified, thinking to themselves that this Ye Fan, did he pierce the sky?

"San...Third Uncle, you..."

After seeing Xu Fengfei arrive, Xu Lei's eyebrows were surprised and terrified.

Apparently, she also did not expect that the Xu family would let his third uncle come over.

Nowadays, the real heads of the Xu family were the two brothers, Xu Fengliang and Xu Fengfei.

To these two uncles, Xu Lei also had respect for them.

Now that she saw Xu Fengfei, Xu Lei, as a junior, would be the one to greet him.


"Do you recognize me as an uncle?"

"Get over here now!"

Xu Fengfei saw Xu Lei and ordered in an angry voice.

"Third Uncle, I..."

Faced with Xu Fengfei's order, Xu Lei just lowered her head, but she didn't have any intention of going over at all.


"Regina, you're fine!"

"For the sake of a mongrel mad disciple, you bully your master and don't even listen to your uncle?"

"I'll take care of you later!"

Xu Fengfei was so angry that his face was livid.

And then turned around and looked at Ye Fan who was still calmly sipping tea at the side, and shouted angrily once again.

"You are Ye Fan?"

"You hurt my family, disrupted my Xu family, kidnapped my niece, and you still have the nerve to drink tea here?"

"If you know what's good for you, you'll break your own legs and kneel over here to ask forgiveness!"

Xu Fengfei raged.

However, Ye Fan still shook his head and faintly returned, "Let me ask for forgiveness, it's the same thing."

"Even if you add your Xu family, it's still not enough."

"What an arrogant little child, what about adding my Xue family?"

As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, angry voices once again rang out outside the hotel.

Immediately afterwards, the head of the Xue family, Xue Wisdom, with icy brows and eyes full of authority, brought the Xue family's crowd and stepped forward.

"This...This is..."

"The Xue Family?"

"The head of the new three noblemen?"

"And the one who came, or the owner of the Xue family?"

The arrival of the Xue family is like a boulder entering the sea.

The already noisy Wollongong Hotel once again set off monstrous waves.

Many people were so shocked that their eyes were wide open with fear and horror.

The Wei family, the Zhao family, the Xu family, and now even the head of the Xue family had arrived?


I'm afraid that half of the top dignitaries of Yanjing City have arrived, right?

"What the fuck did you do, you asshole?"

"I, the Wolverine Hotel, am only afraid that you're going to screw me!"

The big boss of the Wolverine Hotel, who had just arrived not long ago, peed after seeing the battle in front of him and cursed at Ye Fan.

He was now, just worried, scourging their Wolverine Hotel ah!

When all the people in the room were terrified, Ye Fan was still light-hearted.

He didn't even look at the arriving Xue Wise, he just held a teacup and gently blew on the dense hot air in the cup, and his low voice, in the hotel, sounded once again.

"It's still not enough~"



Not enough?

I'll fuck it up!

After hearing Ye Fan's words, all the guests in the entire hotel directly exploded.

The crowd was almost numb.

I thought to myself, what is this Ye Fan doing?

He's a country bumpkin, but the Wei family pressures him, he's not afraid.The Zhao family pressured him, and he wasn't afraid either.

Now that the Xu family and the Xue family have arrived, he's still speaking out and spouting nonsense?

Half of Yanjing City's grand families gathered here, and he was still saying that it wasn't enough?

What does he want?

Is he really going against the grain?

"This idiot is just idiotic!"

"Something that doesn't know how to die?"

"Who does he think he is, the old man of heaven?"

"He's still so arrogant in front of the Xue Family Master?"

At this time, Li Lubin, who was not far away, was undoubtedly scared to the point of numb claws when he heard those words of Ye Fan.

How could he have never thought that this Ye Fan would have such dog courage?

The Wei family, the Zhao family, the Xu family, together with the current Xue family, the four great prestige families of Yanjing, were all offended by this Ye Fan.

Before this, Li Lubin even had some sympathy for Ye Fan.

After all, Ye Fan was still young, even if he had done something wrong impulsively, it was just fine to change it, the mistake was not to die.

But now, Li Lubin discovered that he was wrong.

This Ye Fan, wasn't just impulsive at all, but idiotic and stupid!

He was a country boy, from a poor background, with no name, facing a high family like the Xu family and the Xue family, it was just as well if he didn't know how to be fearful, but now he still didn't know how to die and spoke offensively.

This isn't just youthful arrogance, it's asking for death!

"He's looking for his own death, there's no one else to blame!"

"Xiaohong, even if this kind of person does lose his life today, he's still to blame."

"Such a fool, who doesn't know the sympathy of you and me, is even less worthy of your tears for him."

"From now on, if you don't want to get me, or your mother, killed, then forever disassociate yourself from him."

"Otherwise, our whole family will then have to pay for this fool to be buried with us."

"Do you understand?"

Li Lubin stared at his daughter in a harsh voice.

Li Xiaohong had already burst into tears, not knowing whether it was because of worry or fear, her delicate body was even trembling.

She looked at the thin, isolated figure in front of her from afar, but the tears were left uncontrolled.

She whimpered and sobbed, listening to her father's words, her heart even more stabbing pain.

Eventually, Li Xiaohong bit her red lips and nodded heavily at her own father.

Although, Li Xiaohong also wanted to be as brave as Xu Lei, to go out and stand firmly with Ye Fan.

However, she still couldn't do it after all.

She still had her father, and her mother, and she couldn't get her parents and relatives involved because of her selfishness.

Now Li Xiaohong, the only thing she could do was to worry and weep for that man there, right?

It was just that Li Xiaohong couldn't figure it out.

Why, why couldn't Ye Fan just lower his head for a bit?

Why do you have to fight so many big names all by yourself?

Just for the sake of his loved ones, those who care about him, can't they?

With these words in her heart, Li Xiaohong did not shout them out after all.

At the front, after Xue Wise arrived and heard Ye Fan's unceremonious words, his face was expressionless and he returned in a low voice, "Good!"


"Ye Fan isn't it, worthy of being the one who dared to force Old Master Xu to kneel and cripple my brother's legs."

"You sure are crazy enough!"

"Just, I'm curious.What is your bottom line, exactly?"

"What exactly do you rely on to not be afraid of the Zhao family, the Xu family, or to offend my Xue family?"

"And what is it that gives you the strength to defy my four great looking clans?"

"Could it be that you're relying on that second-rate family in Yunzhou, the Autumn Family?"

"Or, by your wife, the CEO of that little shitty real estate company that just opened?"

"Or maybe, by virtue of being your son-in-law at the door?"

Xue Wise smiled coldly, and when he said this, his words were filled with endless contempt and disdain.

The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was even more so as if he was only looking at an idiot.

After all, in the eyes of Xue Wise and the others, what was the difference between an arrogant person without a bottom, and an idiot?

According to their Xue family's investigation, this Ye Fan was nothing more than an incompetent door-to-door son-in-law, a country bumpkin from the countryside.

He had no family and no background, and Xue Wisdom couldn't figure out how on earth he had the courage and strength to come to Yanjing and call out to their four big families.


"This guy, or a door-to-door son-in-law?"

"A loser who has all fallen so low that he's entered the family, and he dares to bark at the Yanjing gentry?"

"I thought how big of a character, I dare you to be a brakeman!"

The surrounding people who didn't know the situation undoubtedly exploded once again after hearing these words from Xue Wise, discussing.

There was disdain and ridicule in the gazes that looked at Ye Fan.

Also unexpected was Li Lu Bin.

He didn't expect that this Ye Fan was not only a bumpkin, but also a son-in-law at the door.

So, this Ye Fan, he was already married?

So if he even approaches his own daughter, he's cheating?

"This scum!"

Li Lu Bin was so angry that he wanted to go up and kick Ye Fan.

At the same time, he stared fiercely at his daughter and said angrily, "Now you should know that this son of a bitch, is a liar, right?"

All along, Li Lubin believed that his daughter and Ye Fan were lovers.

Otherwise, how could she accompany her daughter to Yanjing and come home for dinner in the middle of the night, and Li Lu Bin could also see that his daughter did have a love for Ye Fan.

However, how could Li Lu Bin know that all his thoughts were just wishful thinking.

Ye Fan, why had he ever deliberately approached Li Xiaohong?

To Li Xiaohong, Ye Fan was only treated as a friend, and he had only met her a few times so far, not to mention cheating and deceiving Li Xiaohong's feelings.

But Li Lubin obviously thought about these things, and he now undoubtedly loathed Ye Fan to the extreme.

From the beginning pretending to be a big man, to now married but also deceive his own daughter, Li Lubin up to hate to kick him to death.

Equally furious, there was also the Xu family.

Xu Lei's third uncle Xu Fengfei, after hearing Xue Wise's words, his eyebrows also curled: "Xue Dong, what did you say?He's the son-in-law at the door?"

"Yeah."Xue Wise smiled coldly, "Mr. Xu, this niece of yours is really unloving.Putting aside a luxurious wife, she had to go over to be a mistress for someone.The key is still a country bumpkin, an incompetent superfluous son-in-law's mistress."

"For old times' sake, Mr. Xu had better persuade this niece of yours."

"If she can come back to her senses and hang back from the precipice, our Xue family can ignore the past and keep the marriage as usual."

Xue Wise said in a deep voice, but the Xu family's old faces had undoubtedly been unable to hang on.

In particular, Xu Fengfei's face was blue and red for a while.

He had thought that it was a bitter drama of the Seven Immortals taking a liking to Dong Yong, but he had never expected that it would end up being a dogged drama of a married man colluding with his mistress.

"Xu Lei, you bastard."

"Did you know that he's a son-in-law at the door?A married man?"

"Get your ass over here now!"

"Do you have to disgrace your parents, and my Xu family, before you're willing to do that?"


Xu Fengfei was simply furious.

He had never expected that someone from his Xu family, one of the four great families in Yanjing, would go and be a mistress for someone else.

If this matter was spread out, wouldn't their Xu family's hundred year old reputation be disgraced?

After Xu Meifeng on the side learned that this Ye Fan was a door-to-door son-in-law, the smile and ridicule on her lips was undoubtedly extremely thick as well.

She thought that Xu Lei was interested in some big person, and after messing around for half a day, it was a door-to-door son-in-law?

This Xu Lei is really a self despicable woman, who would she rather be than a mistress or a son-in-law?

Xu Meifeng reckoned that even if Xu Lei returned to the Xu family in the future, she would be a complete disgrace and joke to the Xu family.

"Xu Lei, Xu Lei, I tried to do everything I could to make you fall into disrepute before.But I didn't expect that you yourself would be more active than me?"

"Disobeying the family just to elope with a door-to-door son-in-law?"

"Let's see what face you still have to stay in the Xu family in the future."

Xu Meifeng smiled coldly, her eyebrows full of pride.

All this while, Xu Meifeng had always regarded Xu Lei as the biggest obstacle and hidden danger for her to inherit the Xu family business.That's why she had been trying to figure out how to deal with Xu Lei and make her lose her reputation in the Xu family.

Now that Xu Lei herself didn't respect herself, it was naturally exactly what Xu Meifeng wanted.

Faced with Xu Fengfei's anger, Xu Lei's pretty face paled as she lowered her head and explained in a bitter voice, "Third Uncle, it's not what you think.Me and brother Xiaofan..."

"Shut up!"

"And brother Fanny?"

"If you're not ashamed, we'll have to be ashamed?"

"I'll ask you one last time, are you coming over or not, are you coming back to the Xu family with me or not to confess to your third grandfather and forgive your sins?"

Xu Fengfei was clearly on the edge of a violent rage, and Sen's words were full of chill.

Faced with a difficult choice, Xu Lei's shell teeth clenched her red lips, and after a long time, she firmly returned, "Third Uncle, I'm sorry, I can't go with you."

"Brother Xiaofan has suffered such a great disaster because of me."

"I want to stay and accompany Brother Fan."

"No matter what the future outcome is, I, Xu Lei, am willing to face it, together with brother Xiaofan."

"Even if I die nine times, I will not regret it!"

Xu Lei's words were low and slow, but in those beautiful eyes were resolute and firm.

"You~" Xu Lei's words caused Xu Feng Fei to tremble and his old eyes to turn red.

He never would have thought that the Xu family's daughter, whom he had grown up watching, would have become like this now.

For the sake of an incompetent, superfluous son-in-law, he was so treacherous!

"Good one, though he may die nine times!"

"Xu Lei, remember what you said today."

"Don't you regret it!"

Xu Meifeng sneered, then looked at Xu Fengfei.

"Third Uncle, Xu Lei she has gone crazy?"

"Why do you need to get angry again for a man who has no shame?"

However, right after Xu Meifeng's words fell, Ye Fan suddenly laughed.

"Bastard, you still have the nerve to laugh?"

"What kind of ecstasy did you drink on Regina?"

"How dare she make her so haunted!"

"Willing to be a mistress to you, even though you disobeyed the family?Disobeying an uncle like me?"

Xu Fengfei looked at Ye Fan, viciously.


"And you know you're Regina's uncle?"

"Do people belittle Regina, even you insult her like that?"

"Little Lei and I, innocent, heaven and earth can see."

"And you, you open your mouth and say that Little Lei is a third child and that she has no shame?"

"You only know your own face, only the Xu family's face, but have you ever considered Regina's feelings?And have you ever considered Regina's happiness?"

"You're not as good an uncle as an outsider, so what qualifications do you have, making presumptuous accusations against Regina here!"

Ye Fan crossed his eyebrows and spoke furiously.

A few questions in a row, only like thunder exploding, echoing furiously in the entire hall.

The words and sentences were like swords, plunging straight into Xu Fengfei's chest.

The monstrous majesty of the question even more so, Xu Fengfei's old face blushed red, dumb and speechless, unable to say a word.

Then, Ye Fan looked at the head of the Xue family, Xue Wise, and reprimanded again in an angry voice.

"And you!"

"Thanks to you being the head of the Xue family, you only questioned me about breaking your brother's legs, but why didn't you ask me why I crippled his legs?"

"A man who has no regard for morality and righteousness in his eyes, who knows no right or wrong, who only knows how to use his power over others, is no different from a fool.You're still worthy of being the head of the Xue family?!"

Morbidly cold words, angry words, but they echoed all around.

For a moment, everyone's faces were all pale and terrified.

Even Xue Wise, his old face was now, blue into pig liver!

After all, Ye Fan's scolding was too harsh.

Not only did he call him stupid, he even said that he was not worthy of being the head of the Xue family.

Hearing this, Xue Wisdom undoubtedly had no more patience, his face was gloomy, and his palms were merely clenched.

"After all these years, apart from my father, this Noble Yanjing City, you're the first one, who dares to speak to me like this?"

"Before I came here, I would have left you alive."

"But now it's no longer necessary!"

"Bastard, you're the one who insists on seeking death, so don't blame my Xue Clan for being ruthless."

The gloomy words fell, and Xue Wisdom's face was steeply cold.

Then bunching his hands into knives, he waved them down furiously, "Do it!"


The moment Xue Wise's words fell, only a dozen or so uniformed men from outside the hotel rushed in at once.

"This is..."

"Xue's inner guards?!"

Seeing these people in front of them, Xu Fengfei and Wei Lin trembled and their pupils contracted abruptly.

Xu Meifeng, however, was puzzled, "Third Uncle, what Xue family inner guards?"

"Mei Feng, you're new to the family business, you don't understand."

"As far as I know, this Xue family has recruited many retired special forces soldiers to work as bodyguards in the Xue family by virtue of their connections in the military."

"These people, they are the Xue family's internal guards!"

"Each is a good fighter."

"Many of them, from the midst of the bullets, sharpened!"

"These highly trained men are said to be able to kill a cow with three punches."


"Special Forces?"

"Can three punches kill a cow?"

"That good?"

After hearing this, Xu Meifeng was also then shocked.

It was worthy of the Xue family, to be able to become Yanjing's new nobleman in just a few years, comparable to the four great houses.

The Xue family's heritage was truly terrifying.

"But that's good."

"Isn't that jerk strong?"

"I'll see how else he can play this time."

"I guess we'll be beaten to death by these retired Special Forces in a few minutes!"

Xu Meifeng laughed wantonly, her heart so smooth that she was filled with gloom and doom.

The others were undoubtedly all terrified when they saw such a scene.

Especially when they saw the ability of these uniformed men to kick and shatter solid wooden tables and chairs with a single kick, they were even more frightened to death.

"Good fellow~"

"I'm afraid each of these people is a soldier, right?"

"Sixteen of them all at once."

"That jerk is finished!"


The full hall was noisy, and many people were talking in shock, looking at Ye Fan as if he were looking at a dead corpse.

Li Lubin also shook his head and sighed, his eyebrows full of pity.

He knew very well that this time, Ye Fan had caused such a big trouble, it was impossible to get out of this Wolong Hotel alive.


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