Dish Best Served Cold 457-460


Chapter 457

"But there's no one else to blame."

"No family, no background, not to mention no tail between your legs?"

"It will end up like this, and it's asking for mercy."

"This kind of person doesn't deserve sympathy."

Li Lu Bin shook his head and said coldly.

At this time, the sixteen good fighters of the Xue family had undoubtedly rushed up towards Ye Fan.

The vicious appearance of that one was only like a devouring fierce tiger.

Many people were so frightened that they were falling back away from it, afraid that they would be victimized.

Li Xiaohong, however, was filled with worry and anxious tears couldn't stop flowing.

Xu Lei was even more frightened and stood up, shouting anxiously at Ye Fan, "Brother Xiaofan, be careful~"

However, when the people in the full hall were all terrified, Ye Fan's appearance was still calm.

Even when those from the Xue family were already less than a meter away from him, Ye Fan was still there leisurely sipping tea while smiling faintly.

"Little Lei, as I said, your brother Fan has long since ceased to be the hapless young man from back then."

"Next, I'll show you the true majesty of my Ye Fan!"

Between proudly laughing, Ye Fan immediately tilted his head, cup of tea, and drank it all.

A snap.

Ye Fan placed the finished cup of tea on the table, got up, turned his head, and spoke proudly to the terrified beauty beside him, "Little Lei, pour the tea."

"Wait until I return before drinking!"

Ye Fan's words, how echoing they were.

The entire hotel was nearly haunted by Ye Fan's domineering presence.

Many people looked at such a scene and stared in disrespect and amazement.

There was an old saying that Guan Gong warmed wine to cut down Hua Xiong, now Ye Fan, could it be that he wanted to boil tea to fight the group of heroes?

"This idiot!"

"You're still pretending to be here when you're dead?"

"It's simply a brain-dead ah."

"I'll see if he still has the heart to drink tea when he gets beaten up by the Xue family's inner guards later."

At this time, Xu Meifeng was looking at Ye Fan like he was a fury.

And truly majestic?

Why did you bring the tea back?

Xu Meifeng was simply going to die laughing at this idiotic act of Ye Fan.

Who does he think he is?

Is Guan Gong still alive?

Do you still want to perform the drama of killing Wah Hung with wine?

This is ridiculous!

Ye Fan's behavior like this not only caused Xu Meifeng to sneer to the point of ridicule, but also naturally infuriated Xue Wise.

It was undoubtedly a form of contempt.

It was a naked contempt for their Xue family.

Xue Wise, how could he not be angry?

"Hit it, hit it hard for me!"

"I'd like to see how much longer this asshole can pretend to be something he's not."

However, Xue Wise had yet to speak, but his assistant was already cursing angrily.Apparently, Ye Fan's arrogance made him extremely angry as well.

"Don't kill him, save me a breath."

"I still have something to ask him."

Xue Wise said indifferently, looking as if he was confident in his success.

It was obvious that he hadn't even started, as if he had already seen Ye Fan's miserable end.

It was also true that with so many good fighters besieging a country boy, no one thought that there would be any possibility of Ye Fan turning the tables.

At this time, the few people running at the front had already arrived in front of Ye Fan.The punch with the gloves, towards Ye Fan's heavenly lid and pasted.

The crowd was all unbearable at the sight of it.

"It's going to see blood~"

"That bastard is probably just going to be confused, right?"

Many people lamented.

Li Xiaohong was too scared to look down.

Xu Lei even closed her eyes.


A dull roar sounded unexpectedly.

Immediately afterwards, a bloodied figure flew out like a cannonball, after smashing over countless tables and chairs.

"This...This, how?"

Seeing such a scene, many people were flabbergasted.

The eyebrows of Xue Wise and the others were then furrowed as well.

They had thought that it would be Ye Fan who was jerked out of the sky.

But they didn't expect that flying out would be someone from the Xue family.

"Stinker, he does have some strength."

"However, you can beat one person, could it be that you can still beat my fifteen people?"

Xue Wise was still sneering, and at this moment, he still wasn't panicking, his chest was winning.

Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to him, his mouth was always filled with an inexplicable smile.

That smile was like a defiance, or a mockery.

In the next moment, Ye Fan's figure flashed and his feet stepped on the ground seven steps in a row.

With each step, one person was kicked out by Ye Fan.

When the first person fell, Xue Wise was still not panicking.

But when the second and third person fell, Xue Wise's old face was already a little unnerved.

Until the sixth and seventh person, also like a ball, were kicked out of the hotel directly by Ye Fan, Xue Wise finally started to panic, and horror emerged in his eyebrows.

He had never expected that in just the blink of an eye, the sixteen members of the Xue family's inner guards, plus the one at the very beginning, had already been kicked out by eight people directly by Ye Fan.

In an instant, half of them were lost.

And Ye Fan, unharmed?

Just as Xue Wise began to panic, but Ye Fan's movements did not rest.

After he stepped seven steps, he turned around and took seven more steps.

Boom boom boom~.

The deafening sound was only like muffled thunder, exploding unceasingly in the hall.

Then, the crowd only saw that under Ye Fan's feet, those so-called good Xue family soldiers, special divine soldiers, were like turkeys and dogs, but were reaped by Ye Fan's madness.

Just like this, Ye Fan used the momentum of destruction to step fourteen steps and kick fifteen feet in a row.

Within a few breaths, the Xue Family's inner guards were instantly annihilated by Ye Fan!

A full sixteen people, all of them vomited blood and flew backwards.

The last one, after being kicked out by Ye Fan, his several hundred pounds body directly crashed into Xu Meifeng who was on the side.

Flying, Xu Meifeng didn't have time to dodge.

Then only an ouch sound was heard, Xu Meifeng was actually also knocked out, and after her body knocked over countless tables and chairs, she lay on the ground like a dog, rolling all over the ground, moaning in pain, crying in pain and spitting out bile.

Ten seconds!

Yes, only ten seconds!

From the time Ye Fan made his move until now, a mere ten seconds had passed.

The sixteen members of the Xue Family's inner guards all fell to the ground.

Throughout, they didn't even touch Ye Fan before he kicked them to break their ribs and flew out horizontally.

For a moment, the hall was filled with horror!

Ye Fan, however, had returned to the seat he had just taken.

Looking at the empty teacup in front of him, Ye Fan shook his head and slightly angrily reached out his hand to tap Xu Lei on her forehead.

"You nippy, where's the tea I asked you to pour for me?"

"It's just that I'd rather do it myself."

Ye Fan's helpless voice echoed for a long time.

Dead silence!

The silence of a full house!

The sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

Noda's hotel hall, right now, but only Ye Fan's helpless sigh, and the sound of the cold tea into the cup.

Xu Lei flabbergasted in place.

Li Lubin's father and daughter were dumbstruck.

Xu Fengfei stared with wide eyes.

Xue Wisdom was even more trembling, filled with horror.

After a long silence, the hall full of guests were undoubtedly in an instant uproar.

All of them looked at Ye Fan who was sitting quietly and drinking tea like a monster, and there was undoubtedly a wave of shock sweeping through their hearts.

Because of the trembling, the entire people even opened their mouths wide, crazy to the point of drawing cold air.

Only after a long time, there was a trembling sound that rose and fell.

"This...This strong?!!!"


All the people present were confused.

Especially Li Lubin, whose mouth was open almost to the point where he could stuff an apple.

Originally, they thought that with so many people in the Xue family, even if Ye Fan didn't die, he would have to be beaten half to death.

But now, they never thought that this would be the final result.

Ten seconds!

Sixteen people all fell down.

All of them were kicked out like dogs by Ye Fan?

"I'm going to fuck it up, right?"

"So awesome?"

"Is this still human?"

After a long tremor, the entire hotel undoubtedly exploded in an instant.

Looking at those fallen retired special soldiers, the corners of the eyes of the crowd present twitched fiercely, the entire crowd was nearly frightened, discussing noisy.

Xu Lei's pair of beautiful eyes were even more wide-eyed, her jade hand lightly covering her red lips, full of surprise.

Xu Lei knew that her brother Ye Fan was strong, but she didn't expect that he was so strong.

Previously in the Xu family, Ye Fan had smacked away twelve Xu family security guards in a row.

But those people were just bumbling security guards, earning a few thousand dollars a month, not very capable.

But now, the people the Xue family brought with them could be some well-trained special soldiers.

Xu Lei did not expect that even so, but still did not hurt Ye Fan in the slightest, but was instead kicked out by Ye Fan.

Looking at the mess on the ground, the head of the Xue family, Xue Wisdom, had a gloomy old face.

The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was no longer contemptuous and defiant as before, but full of, instead, scruples and condensation.

"Good boy, no wonder you dared to bark at our Yanjing giants, so this is what you're relying on!"

A low voice, like the sound of a boulder cracking, slowly rang throughout the hotel hall.

Xue Wise clenched his palms and looked at Ye Fan, his old face sunk as if it was dripping with water.

Obviously, Ye Fan's tactics had also exceeded his expectations.

"However, do you seriously think that with this, you can safely survive this calamity?"

"By relying on brute strength, you can make my Xue family bow down, make the Xu family admit to their fate, and make my several big families in Yanjing safely let you go?"

Xue Wise turned to laugh, his words growing colder.

"Bastard, it's the twenty-first century now.It's not a feudal dynasty where you can build a career with a pair of fists and feet."

"No matter how good you are at kung fu, can you stand up to guns and cannons?"

"As hard as your fists and feet are, how hard can they be against bullets?"

"Today, even if you were Bruce Lee alive, I, Xue Wise, will let you come in standing and go out lying down."

While Xue Wise was sneering, outside the hotel, but several more people poured in.

These people, all dressed in clothes, tall and big, wearing black sunglasses on their heads, like agents on TV, appeared and then surrounded Ye Fan in a half-moon shape.

Brush brush~.

In the midst of a crisp sound, the big men in front of them all raised their guns, but the muzzles of a dozen black holes were all aimed at Ye Fan.

It seemed that as long as Xue Wise gave the order, he would be able to beat Ye Fan into a sieve.


"It's a gun!"


The entire hotel instantly agitated, the original guests who were trapped in the hotel, now after this battle, undoubtedly scared to death.

The original only in the movie scene, but now it is right in front of the eyes.

Many of the guests were terrified, and many of them were already crouched on the ground with their heads in their hands, afraid that they would be hit by bullets.

Xu Lei was also terrified, she never thought that the Xue family would pull out a gun.

It looked like Ye Fan had really touched the Xue family's backbone.

"Little Lei, get your ass over here yet!"

"Are you going to die with him?"

When Xu Fengfei saw that the Xue family was already completely furious, he snapped at Xu Lei again in worry.

However, even though Xu Lei was filled with fear, she still sat there with her teeth clenched, always staying by Ye Fan's side.

"You ninny, you're really pissed off at me!"

"Stubborn, then you're going to die?"

"If you weren't my niece, do you think I'd care if you lived or died?"

How could Xu Fengfei have never thought that at this time, Xu Lei would still choose to stand with that door-to-door son-in-law.

Didn't she know that he was about to be beaten into a sieve?

"Mr. Xu, it seems that this niece of yours is hopelessly lost."

"In that case, if we get into a fight later, I won't be able to blame my men if they accidentally injure this niece of yours."

Xue Wise reminded Xu Fengfei in a deep voice.

Even though Xu Fengfei was intolerant in his heart, he still nodded after all.

"This rebellious daughter is treacherous and deserves to die."

"Feel free to do as you wish, Mr. Xue."

"However, if you can avoid mishaps, it's better to avoid them as much as possible,"

Xu Fengfei instructed.

Xu Lei was her niece after all, and he couldn't bear to see her die like this after all.

Xue Wise didn't reply, only nodding his head.

And then, he turned his head once again, as if looking at the corpse, and looked at the young man who was in front, still calmly sipping tea, the corners of his mouth lightly opened, and faintly said, "Stinker, this is the end."

"It's time for this farce to end."

Xue Wise said indifferently, slowly shaking his head.

However, just as Xue Wise was about to give the order to shoot, suddenly, Ye Fan in front of him put down his teacup, while raising his hand to Xue Wise as if in surrender.

Zhao Wuji and the others laughed at the situation.

This guy, was he afraid after all?

Xue Wise even sneered.


"Now you know you're scared?"

"Now you know you can't mess with my Xue family?"

"In that case, why don't you roll over and kneel down and beg for death!"


Xue Wise's angry voice exploded, and Sen's words echoed all around.

And along with the echo of Xue Wise's angry voice, there was an extremely offensive ringing sound.

That resonant ringing was exceptionally piercing and eye-catching in this deadly hall.

"Whose call is that?Don't want to die!"Xu Wise cursed with a black face.

He had just been interrupted by the bell, and of course Xu Wise was furious!

However, at this time, Ye Fan's apologetic laughter was quietly heard.

"Er...That, hold on for a moment."

"I'll take a call first."

Ye Fan's words trailed off, and then ignoring the gazes of the crowd that looked like ghosts, he had already taken it upon himself to pick up the phone and answer it.


Seeing this scene, the crowd was close to peeing on the spot.

The head of the Xue family, Xue Wise, was even more furious, his old eyes red, and Jairus was in a frenzy!

A pair of old faces of Zhao Wuji, Li Lubin, and the others were even closer to pumping rotten.

The audience was silent.

Only Ye Fan's voice speaking on the phone echoed in everyone's ears.

The room full of people were stunned!

They had thought that Ye Fan had just suddenly raised his hand and was bowing down to the situation.

But who would have thought that this guy, was just trying to take a call.

Still waiting?

Still want to take a call first?

I'll fuck it up!

At that time, Xue Wisdom was so angry that he almost spewed out a mouthful of dog's blood.

What did this brat take this for?

Playing games?

Playing house?

And a pause in the middle?

But Xue Wise only felt a great humiliation, as if he was being teased.

"Bastard, you still have the heart to answer the phone when you're dying?"

"Who called just in time for him to get his ass over here and collect your body!"

Xue Wise roared in anger.

But when Ye Fan heard it, he looked at him with an odd face and said back, "Your father's call~"


"Your dad's on the phone~"

A faint voice echoed.

The moment Ye Fan's words fell, the entire hotel hall was once again silent.

This time, there was truly no sound at all.

Even the air was frozen.

Hearing Ye Fan's words, the crowd was scared to pity.

All of them were looking at Ye Fan like idiots?

Li Lu Bin even more nearly didn't tumble off his chair.

"Holy shit!"

"Xiaohong, your friend is sick in the head, right?"

"He's still talking nonsense at this hour?"

"Is he not dying fast enough for himself?"

At that time, Li Lubin was almost scared to death.

Xue Wise has let people drive a gun to Ye Fan's head, thought that Ye Fan hit the south wall should also turn back.

But Li Lubin dead never thought, Ye Fan this fool, hit the south wall and still not turn back?

What's he up to?

Did he have to run himself over to get it?

"Was I really blind just now to run out and give this idiot a talking to?"

Xue Wisdom's guts were almost bursting with fear.

Not only because of Ye Fan's arrogant nonsense, but also because he was worried that he would be implicated.

Even Li Lubin, the watchers, were like this, so one could imagine the anger in Xue Wise's heart at the moment.

"Bastard, I think you're really looking for death, aren't you?"

Xue Wise's palms clenched, as his heart was in full fury, and his fingertips were even closer to penetrating into the flesh.

Eyebrows sunken, Xue Wise gritted his teeth.

Those eyes, looking at Ye Fan, were only like a falcon before a hunt.

However, Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to him, still sitting there peacefully, one hand holding a teacup and drinking lightly, while the other hand was talking on the phone.

"Hello, is this Dragon Lord?"

"It was Han who asked me to call you."

"I don't know where to ask Han to find you."

An old man's deep and respectful voice came from the phone.

"You're "Long Yang", right?"

"I was just about to look for you."

"There's a man here who calls himself the head of the Xue family, something like Xue Wise."

"And he told you to get your ass over here and collect my body."

Ye Fan spoke lightly on the phone.

On the other side of the phone.

An old man, accompanied by several people, was now standing in front of the villa.

While making a phone call, he was preparing to leave by car.

However, after hearing the words coming from the phone, the old man's eyebrows instantly curled.


Sit Wise?

The head of the Xue family?

The old man didn't rush to answer when he was surprised, but looked up at the attendant beside him.

"Brightheart, I ask you, where is your big brother Wise?"

"Where is he now?"

The old man covered his phone, his old face gloomy as he questioned the family members.

"Uncle, my big brother, where else could he be?"

"Surely he's at the office handling our Xue Family Group affairs ah."

"When I came back from the office just now, I saw big brother working in the office?"

"All this time you've instructed us to stay out, stay out of trouble, and stay out of the limelight, and we've remembered that?"

Xue Mingxin said with a smile.

After the old man heard this, he was relieved.

Then he continued to pick up the phone and said respectfully, "Lord Long, you must be mistaken."

"My son Wise is currently dealing with things in the company."

"How could he be out causing trouble, much less offending you?"

"Oh, yeah?"Ye Fan's faint laughter came from the other end of the phone.

"Long Yang, if you don't want to go through the pain of losing your son in old age with white hair, I advise you to ask again."

"Otherwise, don't blame me for not warning you."

"This~" Ye Fan's cold and icy words suddenly made even the old man a little shaken.

Could it be that his son, wisely, had really messed with that person?

The old man then turned his head to ask the Xue family executives behind him, including Xue Mingxin, once again.

"I'll ask you all once more, where the hell is Xue Wise?"

"Is he really in the company right now, right now?"

The dignified voice of Old Man Xue then rang out.

Faced with the old man's angry voice, Xue Mingxin and the others were suddenly a bit guilty.

Looks dodged and old faces were shifty.

"Uncle, this...This," Xue Mingxin gulped.

"Speak!"When Master Xue saw this, he had a bad feeling in his heart.

Immediately, he exploded in anger, "Bastard, why don't you speak up?!!!"

When Xue Mingxin saw the situation, he knew that he could no longer hide anything, and he explained everything.

"Uncle, it's not that we're intentionally hiding anything from you."

"It's mainly this small matter that we didn't feel the need to tell you to worry you."

"A mere brat from Jiangdong, or a superfluous son-in-law at the door, this turtle also dares to offend our Xue family?"

"If we don't teach him a lesson, where will our Xue family's face be."

"That's why Brother Wise went over with his men early this morning today."

"Preparing to scrap his limbs and throw him out of Yanjing."

Xue Mingxin said slowly, while Master Xue listened, but inside, his body began to freeze inch by inch, trembling all over, his entire body nearly unsteady, his old body shaking, "You...You're saying that Ming...Ming Zhi really went there?"

"Yeah, Uncle."

"It's been a long time out."

"At this point, that incompetent turtle has probably already fallen under our Xue family."

"So uncle, there's nothing to worry about."

"It's just a turtle from a small place, it can't make much waves."

"My Brother Wise brought so many people with him again this time, Xue family inner guards, and even brought guns just in case."

"This time, if we offend our Xue family, we will definitely let that ungrateful bastard, die without a funeral."

Xue Wise smiled with a confident face.

He thought that Master Xue had such an expression because he was worried about Xue Wise's safety.Therefore, he also tried his best to comfort him.

However, who would have thought that as soon as Xue Mingxin's words fell, Old Master Xue actually kicked over.


There was only a loud bang.

Although Master Xue was old, his strength was not small in the slightest.

That kick just now had lifelessly kicked Xue Mingxin from the side of the car into the roadside drainage ditch.The bile was kicked out of him.

At that time, Xue Mingxin was confused, lying in the downspout ditch, almost crying out in frustration, "Uncle, what did you hit me for?"

"You have the nerve to ask?!"

"I don't just hit you, I'd kick you to death."

"I had told you a thousand times before to bear with whatever comes up during this time."

"Are you guys deaf or not?"

"Or are idiots stupid enough to understand?"

"Do you know who the person you are dealing with today is?"

"It's no one else but our Xue Family who will die without a funeral if you provoke him!"

"Bastard, Bastard~"

"Half of my Xue Ren Yang foundation, this is to be destroyed in the hands of you bastards~"

At this time, Old Master Xue's veins were bulging, as if he had gone mad, and his red eyes were roaring furiously.

The roar was close to old tears.


After learning that his son, Xue Wisdom, had actually brought people to round up and kill Ye Fan, Master Xue had been completely befuddled at that time, feeling only a buzz in his head and his entire body was nearly scared out of its wits!

That's the Dragon Lord?

The real master behind their Xue family, his Xue Ren Yang Dragon Lord!

Ten years, almost ten years.

Xue Renyang had worked under his hands for ten years, and their Xue Family's success today was entirely due to that man's monstrous boldness and strategy.It was only because of that man's monstrous courage and strategy that the Xue family had risen from the dead and survived time and time again, laughing in the face of adversity and setbacks to the very end.

And finally, in the imperial capital of Yanjing, they stood firm and became the head of the new three nobles!

The longer he stayed under that man's command, the more Xue Ren Yang knew of his fearsome wrists.

A coup d'etat and a thousand miles of decision making.

Every time the Xue family was at the crossroads of life and death, it was that person who helped them make the most correct choice.

That person's prestige in Xue Ren Yang's heart had been accumulated little by little over the years through repeated setbacks and tribulations.

Likewise, Xue Renyang was also aware that he could make the Xue family head of the three new noblemen in just ten years, and also make half of his Xue Renyang foundation disappear.

Even though Xue Renyang had never met this man, he had been carrying out his orders indirectly through Han Lao all these years.

But that was precisely what had undoubtedly added to his mystery.

It also made Xue Ren Yang, even more fearful and admiring of him!

All along, Xue Renyang had dreamed of personally meeting his Xue Renyang's great noble and seeing the man at the helm of the curtain with his own eyes.

It could be said that Xue Ren Yang had waited and looked forward to today's meeting for ten years.

What's more, now that the Xue family was facing a great calamity, if the Xue family wanted to survive in peace, life and death depended on this person's hands.

But what Xue Ren Yang never expected was that at such a critical moment, his son would lead someone to deal with their great benefactor of the Xue family, to offend the person he respected and feared the most in his life, Xue Ren Yang.

One could imagine how devastated Xue Ren Yang was at this point in his heart?

But now wasn't the time for that.

While everything still had a chance to turn around, Xue Ren Yang then passed a phone call to Ye Fan, telling him to tell that adversary to wait there honestly, and he would immediately rush over.

After hanging up the phone, Xue Ren Yang also then got into the car and rushed to the Wolong Hotel.

Before leaving, Xue Ren Yang cursed angrily at Xue Mingxin and the others again, "Bunch of idiots!"

"I'm afraid that half of my Xue Ren Yang foundation will be destroyed in the hands of you beasts."

"I'll take care of you when I come back!"

After scolding, Xue Renyang immediately urged the driver to rush to the Wolong Hotel, regardless of everything.

So much so that, under Xue Ren Yang's order, the driver did not even care about the traffic lights, and rushed to the Wolong Hotel with full power.

The hotel lobby.

Ye Fan had just hung up the phone, and around him, more than a dozen black hole gun muzzles, still pointing at Ye Fan.

But Ye Fan didn't care in the slightest, instead, he looked at Xue Wise and said indifferently, "Xue Wise, right?"

"Your father asked me to give you a message to stay here and not to do anything rash."

"He'll be here in ten minutes."

"Sub-O, brat, addicted to playing, aren't you?"However, before Xue Wise could speak, Zhao Wuji sneered and looked at Ye Fan like an idiot, directly scolding him.

"Acting like you're real!"

"You're a turtle from Jiangdong, and Master Xue will call you?"

"You deserve it too?"

Xu Meifeng also climbed up from the ground at this time and scolded at Ye Fan with disdain.

Just now, she was hit on the ground by the Xue family's guards, and her buttocks were still hurting now.

Now, she naturally inflicted all of this full of hatred on Ye Fan alone.

But Xue Wise shook her head, her gloomy gaze always falling on Ye Fan.

After a brief silence, Xue Wise actually agreed to Ye Fan's request.

"Fine, I'll wait for you for ten minutes."

"By then, if my father doesn't come, I'll see what else you have to say."

Xue Wise's energetic voice, however, caused everyone to be surprised.

"Mr. Xue, you don't really believe this idiot's bullshit, do you?"

"You didn't really think Master Xue would personally call such a turtle, did you?"

Xu Meifeng did not expect Xue Wise to actually agree, and asked anxiously.

Xue Wise returned indifferently, "Of course not."

"I just want him to lose!"

"Wait ten minutes and if my father doesn't arrive, I'll see what he has the nerve to say."

"What's more, it's very rewarding to watch a dying man dying in front of you, don't you think?"

Xue Wise's eyebrows and eyes were cold, and he smiled coldly.

He was a proud man, even if he was dealing with someone like Ye Fan, he would make him lose and die a clear death.

What's more, let him know that their Yanjing Xue Family was not someone that anyone could provoke.

When Xu Meifeng heard this, she nodded and smiled as well.

"What Mr. Xue said is also true."

"Letting him die so easily is indeed a bargain."

"The fear before death is the most desperate."

"Then, let's see how this brat is dying."

Just like that, the entire hotel, for a rare moment, calmed down.

Outside, the breeze was flowing and the leaves were falling.

Here, however, there was silence.

The atmosphere, oppressive and heavy!

But Xu Meifeng and the others were very proud of themselves.

In the eyes of Xu Meifeng, Xue Wisdom and the others, Ye Fan was just a prisoner who had already been taken to the execution chamber and was waiting to be beheaded at noon.

Originally, they thought that they would see Ye Fan's terrified and nervous appearance.

However, they were disappointed.

During these ten minutes, Ye Fan was surprisingly calm.

Comfortably sipping strong tea, he even thoughtfully poured a cup for Xu Lei who was on the side.

"Hmph, brat, pretend, keep pretending!"

"I'll see how much longer you can pretend."

Ye Fan's calm, undoubtedly disappointed Xu Meifeng, and cursed viciously.

Finally, ten minutes had arrived.

Xue Wise also had no more patience, and looked at Ye Fan, laughing coldly, "Kid, it's time."

"It seems that the person you were waiting for didn't come."

"Now, before you die, what else do you have to say?"

Xue Wise asked in a stern voice.

Ye Fan shook his head, "I think, you shouldn't ask me that, but rather, you should ask your father."

"Ask him, when the time comes, why doesn't he come?"

Ye Fan's indifferent voice rang out, while Xue Wise immediately exploded with rage, "Shut up!"

"Bastard, you're dying and you're still talking tough here?"

"In that case, I'll send you on your way!"

"Everyone, do as you're told!"

Xue Wise girded his hands into a knife and waved it down right away, directly pronouncing Ye Fan's death sentence.

The sound of bullets being loaded followed the instant Xue Wise's order was given.

"It's over~"

Xu Meifeng sneered.

Zhao Wuji was even happier.

Xu Fengfei's face was expressionless.

The rest of the crowd, however, even closed their eyes.

Just when everyone was all waiting for the bullets to ring out and Ye Fan to be shot into a sieve.


A loud bang.

The earth trembled and doors and windows exploded.

Then a violent wind swept through!

Only a black Mercedes Benz SUV was seen, as if it was a flood beast, whistling madly from the road outside.

With a bang, it directly crashed through the door of the Wolong Hotel.

In the midst of the rushing dust, it rushed in like crazy.

Thousands of glass, inch by inch crumbling.

Tables and chairs flew, dishes and dishes exploded.

The entire hall, horrified!



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