The unknown Heir 917


Chapter 917

    Hearing the girl's cries, Zhen Ji felt incomparably distressed, and Chen Hao also took a look and walked out helplessly shaking her head.

    Chen Hao waved a signal towards Lei Lie who was hiding not far away.

    Once Lei Lie got the signal, he immediately and quickly ran to the door of the house.

    When he saw such a bloody scene, Lei Lie couldn't stand it any longer, immediately rushed out and vomited on the side, this was the first time he had seen a person die in front of him, he was really too scared.

    Chen Hao didn't blame him, he knew that this was Lei Lie's first time seeing such a picture, it was normal, it was good to get used to it, after all, Lei Lie would have to experience it in the future, let him get used to it sooner.

    It was only after a while that Lei Lie gradually eased up and adapted, only then did Chen Hao dispose of the corpse together with Lei Lie and also disposed of and buried the girl's parents' bodies separately.

    "Brother Chen.These people aren't human anymore either!"

    Lei Lie stood in front of the house, very angry and cursing.

    Chen Hao stood there, not saying a word, his expression incomparably heavy.

    These hunters really had no human feelings at all, and they had done such a miserable thing.

    Lei Lie himself had already made a decision in his heart, deciding that he must work hard to become a cultivator.

    At this time, Chen Hao, on the other hand, walked out.

    Only two souls appeared in front of Chen Hao.

    "Gentlemen, I know that you died at the hands of these people, so go in peace, I will punish them properly for you, so that they will never be reincarnated!"

    Chen Hao looked at these two souls and righteously preached.

    That's right, these two souls were exactly the souls of the girl's parents, and after they died, their souls had left their bodies and appeared in front of Chen Hao's eyes.

    When they heard Chen Hao's words, neither of the two souls said anything, and then they disappeared before Chen Hao's eyes.

    The reason why Chen Hao said that was because he didn't want the girl's parents' souls to turn into fierce ghosts, or he had to let them go with a little peace of mind.

    Chen Hao then drew his Star Profound Sword.

    Then, Chen Hao chanted another incantation.

    "Soul Devouring Method!"

    This incantation Chen Hao recited was called the Soul Devouring Method.

    The Soul Devouring Method: Chen Hao specially used it to deal with souls, to destroy the souls of evil people directly, so that their souls would be destroyed and never reincarnated, it was used for punishment.

    This method was also rarely used by Chen Hao, but today he had to use it, he wanted to punish these dead hunters, even if they died, he couldn't let them die in peace, let them receive their due punishment, only in this way could he face the girl's dead parents.

    Once the Soul Devouring Law was recited, the souls of those hunters were all absorbed into a white cloud of light.


    Chen Hao struggled to wield the Star Abyss Sword in his hand, directly scattering the white clusters of light.

    The light clusters being scattered meant that all of the souls of these Hunters had been broken, that is, they were ashes to ashes.

    At last, this was a severe punishment for them.

    As he watched Chen Hao do all this, Lei Lie who was standing at the back also saw it clearly, he felt that it was really amazing and was in a very excited mood, deciding that he must become as powerful a cultivator as Chen Hao.

    Only after doing all the follow-up work did Chen Hao return to the house again.

    Only then the girl had completely calmed down, but the girl was so calm that she refused to say a single word, and her entire body was just completely scared silly kind of feeling.

    "Chen Hao, help her!"

    When she saw Chen Hao arrive, Zhen Ji looked to Chen Hao and requested.

    After hearing that, Chen Hao certainly understood the meaning of Zhen Ji's words.

    "Are you sure you want me to do that?"

    Chen Hao looked at Zhen Ji and asked a question.

    Zhen Ji subconsciously looked at the girl in her arms, then closed her eyes before nodding her head.

    "I'm sure, I don't want her to live in pain and despair in the future."

    Zhen Ji said as she stared at Chen Hao seriously, she wanted to help this girl.

    "Okay, I'll listen to you!"

    Chen Hao also chose to listen to Zhen Ji's proposal.

    Lei Lie on the other hand was curious and confused, he couldn't understand the meaning of the conversation between Chen Hao and Zhen Ji at all.

    After speaking, Chen Hao walked over to the girl's side and stretched out his hand and placed it on the girl's forehead.

    Gently, only a dot of light appeared on the girl's forehead.

    Immediately after, the dot of light began to revolve around the girl's head, faster and faster, until finally the dot of light disappeared.

    "Brother Chen, this.What does this mean?"

    Lei Lie didn't understand the question.

    "Your brother Chen is erasing her memories, making her completely forget what happened today, just like a brand new person."

    Zhen Ji explained towards Lei Lie.

    Lei Lie was immediately surprised when he heard this, he didn't expect that this ability to erase memories really existed.

    "But this method will shorten the girl's lifespan, it's unknown as to how much it will be reduced!"

    Then only Zhen Ji narrated it again.

    Everything had advantages and disadvantages, and they were all opposed to each other.

    Although Chen Hao was erasing this painful memory for the girl, it also reduced the girl's lifespan, everything has to pay a corresponding price.

    But this was good, it would allow the girl to follow up her life without living in pain.

    After a long while, the girl woke up.

    After coming to her senses, the girl looked at the three of Zhen Ji.

    "You.Who are you guys?"

    The girl looked at the three of Chen Hao in confusion and asked.

    "You just suddenly fainted, we saved you!"

    Jenji would look at the girl with a smile and explain.

    "Huh?I see, but I don't remember a thing!"

    The girl said with a surprised face, simply having no memory of anything at all, completely.

    "It's great that you're okay, what's your name?"

    Jenji was also reassured, and then she smiled and asked the girl a question.

    The girl, on the other hand, furrowed her brow in contemplation.

    After thinking for a long time, the girl couldn't even remember her name.

    The girl shook her head slightly.

    "I don't know what my name is, I can't remember anything."

    The girl spoke with a face full of anguish as she looked at the three of Chen Hao.

    It was to Zhen Ji that Chen Hao looked.

    They knew that this was what happened after losing their memories.

    "Don't you remember where this place is?"

    Jenji asked another question of the girl.

    The girl shook her head again.

    "Don't remember, not at all!"

    The girl's very straightforward answer, without any hesitation, showed that she had truly forgotten everything that had ever happened to her, and that she had forgotten her name.


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