The King of Kungfu in school 1501-1510


Chapter 1501

Tang Zichen panned from his pouch and took out a Determining Talisman.

Vice Patriarch Bai Ming retrieved the Determining Talisman and smiled, "You haven't used the Determining Talisman in your nine lives, good, I'm now officially informing you that you have passed the examination and have officially become a peripheral disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect.Alright, since you're in the top ten, please go stand on the stage and let everyone cheer for you."


Tang Zichen walked to a stage at the exit, the first nine were already standing on the stage, and Tang Zichen was standing on the one in the tenth place.Below the stage, many many Feiyun Sect disciples watched, cheering and yelling for every genius on the stage.

Tang Zichen was in the crowd below the stage and saw Tang Huan.

Only, Tang Huan was now looking nervously at the exit of the Desolate Beast Forest, as if he was anxiously waiting for Tang Zichen to come out, or worried that something would happen to him.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "This silly girl, I've come out and am standing in the tenth place on the stage, she didn't even recognize me, but yeah, the blood of hundreds of beasts cheapened me, even I can't recognize myself."

Soon, the eleventh place came out.

But unfortunately, he was late, only the top ten were qualified to stand on the stage and receive everyone's attention.

At this moment, there was a commotion from the crowd.

"Look, Elder She Jun is here." First URL

"Hey, he's also here on the scene, is he also interested in the outer disciple assessment?"The crowd was discussing.

Normally, the outer disciple assessment, the elders of the Flying Cloud Sect or whatever, were not interested, but Elder Shejun came.

"I'm afraid that Elder Shejun came to the scene because he wanted to see someone."


"Nonsense, of course it's Tang Zichen, don't you know about a joke that spread throughout the clan a few days ago.That ignorant teenager called Tang Zichen said that Elder She Jun is short-sighted and a frog in a well.Today is the day of the assessment, Elder Shejun must have come to see if that ignorant teenager, Tang Zichen, can pass the assessment, right?"

"Haha, that's interesting, that ignorant teenager, I'm afraid he's already backtracked to the starting point, he's making an even bigger joke this time."

"Hehe, like Elder Shejun, I also want to see if Tang Zichen can pass the test."

Elder Shejun flew to the Vice Patriarch's side.

"Yo, Shejun, why do you have the time to come here."The Vice Patriarch smiled.

Elder Shejun said, "Vice Patriarch Bai, you know what I'm here for."

"Haha, you've come to see if that ignorant young man who said you were short-sighted and ignorant can pass the test,"Vice Patriarch Bai Ming said.

"Yes, I'd like to see if he can't even pass the assessment with such a big mouth."

"Well, that ignorant teenager is indeed the biggest joke of the Flying Cloud Sect this year."Vice Patriarch Bai Ming said with a slight nod of his head.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was standing on the stage, in the tenth place, and he heard the conversation between Vice Patriarch Bai Ming and Elder She Jun.

Tang Zichen wanted to walk out immediately and shout, open your dog eyes, but Tang Zichen thought about it, it was better to wait, there was no need to rush, might as well wait for everyone to come out before hitting their faces.

Just like that, one after another came out.

Elder Shejun stared at the exit to see when Tang Zichen would come out, but unfortunately, every time someone came out, it wasn't Tang Zichen.

Elder She Monarch was growing cold inside, a person who couldn't even pass the assessment, he still had the nerve to say that he was short-sighted.

Of course, Elder She didn't look at the stage, because he simply wouldn't believe that Tang Zichen would enter the top ten, besides, he didn't need his eyes to feel it, the ten people fighting on the stage were all at the second stage of Body Tempering, while Tang Zichen was at the first stage of Body Tempering.

At the moment, Tang Zichen only hid two realms, he could say that he had improved by one step when he fought against the beasts during the assessment.


bsp; Tang Zichen didn't want to suddenly make himself too prominent and cause some unnecessary trouble.The fact that he was now 12 years old and had reached the second stage of Body Refining was already equivalent to a shock.

Tang Huan kept watching the exit nervously, every time someone came out, she went from anticipation to disappointment.

Just like this, more than two hours had passed in a blink of an eye, and nearly nine thousand people had already come out of the Desolate Beast Forest.

These 9,000 people had all passed the assessment.

Every year, the number of people who passed the assessment was higher, because the outer disciple assessment was not inherently difficult.

Just then, a person flew in from afar, and that person said to Bai Ming, "Vice Patriarch, the numbers are all together, and over two thousand people returned to the starting point without passing the assessment."


Bai Ming shouted, "Everyone, I announce that this year's outer disciple assessment, has officially ended, a total of eleven thousand people, of which nine thousand passed the assessment and officially became outer disciples, while the other two thousand returned to the starting point and failed to pass the assessment.I would like to congratulate the nine thousand teenagers who passed the assessment."

The nine thousand teenagers on the scene were all extremely excited.

At this moment, another person flew out from the Desolate Beast Forest and said to Vice Patriarch Bai Ming, "Vice Patriarch Bai."

"Luo Yun, what is it?"

"Vice Patriarch Bai, there is something I need to report."


"Of the nine thousand people who have passed the assessment, one of them has killed at least two hundred demonic beasts."

"What? How is that possible."

"It's true, I can see the traces."

"Who is it?"

"I don't know yet, but he killed so many beasts, he must have been delayed for a long time, he should be ranked thousands behind, give me some time, I'll find out who it is soon, this person, he's definitely a genius."

"Mm, find him out."After saying that, the Vice Patriarch flew towards Elder She Jun and said with a smile, "Elder She Jun, that ignorant young man who said you were short-sighted, has he come out yet ah?"

Elder Shejun snorted, "Out with a fart."

"Hahaha, I'm afraid that ignorant young man has already reverted back to his starting point."Vice Patriarch Bai Ming laughed out loud.

Many people at the scene laughed and laughed as well.

Just then, there was a sudden shout, "Open your dog eyes to see if I'm out."

"Who's speaking?"

"Me."Tang Zichen walked out in full view of the crowd.

Everyone suddenly looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen wiped the blood from his face, revealing his clear face.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the crowd and said, "Whoever said I didn't come out, please open his dog's eyes."

Although Tang Zichen's words did not name anyone, everyone with a clear eye knew that Tang Zichen was alluding to Elder Shejun and asking Elder Shejun to open his dog's eyes.

When Elder She Jun saw Tang Zichen calling him a dog's eye, he became angry, "Tang Zichen, you."

Tang Zichen looked at Elder She Jun and said, "Elder She Jun, I'm not talking about you, I'm saying that anyone who thinks I haven't come out yet, please open his dog's eyes and see clearly, not only have I come out, but I've also won tenth place."

At this moment, the audience was silent.

Tang Zichen continued, "I didn't just get tenth place, I also stepped into the second stage of body refining during this assessment, yes, I, Tang Zichen, am twelve years old, second stage of body refining, who dares to say that I don't have a future?"

Everyone felt a tremor when they heard Tang Zichen's words.

Vice Patriarch Bai Ming all sucked in cold air, twelve years old at the second stage of Body Tempering.

But at this moment, Bai Ming was very ugly, incomparably ugly, twelve years old stepping into the second stage of body refining, is there really no future for such a person?


Everyone in the audience looked at Tang Zichen in shock, everyone remembered the previous joke where Elder She Jun said that Tang Zichen was nothing more than a young genius and had no future, while Tang Zichen said that he was short-sighted.Now, Tang Zichen stepped into the second stage of Body Tempering at the age of twelve, so, was Tang Zichen really no good, or was Elder She Jun really short-sighted?

Elder Shejun's face was so ugly that he wanted to say something several times, but couldn't.

At that moment, Vice Patriarch Bai Ming seemed to see Elder She Jun's embarrassment, and hurriedly said, "Elder She Jun, although Tang Zichen passed the examination and became the tenth, but that doesn't mean that he is very good, you can see how wretched Tang Zichen's whole body is, his hair and clothes are all bloodstained, so much so that even people can't recognize him.If you look at the other nine people in the top ten, there was only a little bit of blood on their clothes.In contrast, Tang Zichen had to go through thousands of difficulties and nine deaths to pass through the Wild Beast Forest, while the other nine passed through the Wild Beast Forest with ease, so in comparison, even though Tang Zichen had won the top ten, he was not a bit worse than the other nine.Therefore, Tang Zichen wasn't as outstanding as he thought he was."

When everyone heard Vice Patriarch Bai Ming's explanation, they felt that it was quite reasonable and nodded their heads, yes, Tang Zichen was not nearly as bad as the other nine who were in the top ten.

Elder She Jun was also busy saying, "Vice Patriarch Bai or you are still insightful and saw the key at a glance, normally, for a person to be in such a poor state before passing through the Desolate Beast Forest, it means that this person is very poor, moreover, it is very likely that he will only encounter one or two magical beasts.Therefore, luck accounted for the vast majority of the reason why he was able to pass the assessment and become the tenth place."

Bai Ming nodded, "Yes, a person with such a low strength in front of magical beasts couldn't have encountered too many magical beasts, or else he wouldn't have survived.I can only say that Tang Zichen's luck isn't bad."

Tang Zichen smirked when he heard Bai Ming and Elder Shejun's smug comments.

When Bai Ming heard Tang Zichen's sneer, he asked, "What?Don Zixon, you're not happy with our language?Or do you think that our revealing the truth has significantly discounted your otherwise very honorable tenth place?Or do you think I'm as short-sighted as Elder Shejun?"

"Hahaha."The scene laughed out loud, if Tang Zichen was even called shortsighted by the Vice Patriarch, it would really be a bit funny.

As everyone looked at Tang Zichen, they saw that Tang Zichen's face was neither humble nor overbearing, and his lips were slightly Yang.

Tang Zichen said, "Vice Patriarch Bai Ming, as to whether or not you are short-sighted, Senior cannot comment, but I want to show everyone one thing on the spot." Remember the URL

"What is it?Take it out."

Tang Zichen took out his pouch, then poured.

"Wow."Suddenly, over two hundred magic nuclei were spilled on the ground, what did this mean?This meant that Tang Zichen had killed over two hundred magical beasts in the Desolate Beast Forest.

"Wow, so many magic cores."

"Oh my god, did Tang Zichen kill so many magical beasts?"

"How is that possible?He's killed so many beasts and he can still come out so quickly?"

The whole place was talking and shocked.

And just then, the man who had previously reported to White Ming that a man had killed at least two hundred

The person above the demonic beasts shouted, "Vice Patriarch, it's him, it's him who killed at least two hundred demonic beasts in the Desolate Beast Forest."

"Ah."Vice Patriarch Bai Ming was dumbfounded as he looked at the magical cores all over the ground beneath Tang Zichen's feet.The people under him had just reported to him that one of the people in this year's assessment had killed at least two hundred demonic beasts, but never would he have expected that person to be Tang Zichen.He thought that even if that person really existed, he would be ranked several thousand behind, because how long would it take to kill so many beasts?But Tang Zichen had killed so many beasts and was still ranked in the top ten, so how strong must he be?How else could it be done?And right now, thinking back to when Tang Zichen walked out of the Desolate Beast Forest, his whole body bloodied as if it had been stained by the blood of countless demonic beasts, everything was clear, Tang Zichen's whole body cheapened with so much blood, not because he was in a mess, but because he had killed too many.

Vice Patriarch Bai Ming and Elder Shejun had just speculated in front of everyone that Tang Zichen's was all wrong.

At this moment, Vice Patriarch Bai Ming felt his face burning, just like a superior person who speculated that Tang Zichen would only come out after nine deaths, but now he was slapped hard by Tang Zichen, under the eyes of everyone, that was so ashamed of himself, he could not wait to find a crack to drill.

The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at it, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to take a look.

Tang Zichen put the magic core on the ground into his storage bag and said, "That's right, I was in the Wild Beast Forest and killed over two hundred beasts, so I was delayed and the blood of the beasts stained me red, that's why I look so wretched, not like some people said, I came out with a thousand difficulties.Just now Vice Patriarch Bai Ming and Elder She Jun said that I was lucky to encounter a few magical beasts and only passed the assessment after nine deaths, this is a serious insult to me, Tang Someone, if I'm not given an explanation today, so Flying Cloud Sect, it's fine if I don't enter, I will immediately abandon it."

"Wow!How arrogant, others were able to enter the Flying Cloud Sect that's their ancestors accumulating virtue, but he's not entering because of this."The crowd stirred, hotly debating.

"Tang Zichen, don't go too far."Elder She Jun was furious, he was already angry enough to hit himself in public, but Tang Zichen wasn't ready to stop, and looking at him, he wanted them to apologize to Tang Zichen, or he would immediately abandon the Flying Cloud Sect, what a rage.

Tang Zichen snorted, "If a man respects me by a foot, I'll go through him by a foot, if a man goes too far with me, why should I give him face, Feiyun Sect, goodbye."After saying that, Tang Zichen flung his sleeves and prepared to walk away.

"Damn, no way, he's really willing to leave?He's a top ten guy?"

Everyone saw how Tang Zichen really wanted to leave and stayed.

Tang Zichen walked off the stage and headed out of the Flying Cloud Sect.

A girl in the crowd came out and shouted, "Brother, sister is going with you, I won't stay in such a Flying Cloud Sect."

Everyone immediately recognized that it was Tang Huan.

"Heavens, the great beauty Tang Huan has also left."

In mid-air, Elder She Jun looked extremely ugly, and Patriarch Bai Ming was also depressed, but after all, Tang Zichen had obtained the top ten, and if he walked away because of this, he, as the Vice Patriarch in charge of this assessment, would definitely be chastised by the Patriarch, because those who could enter the top ten were definitely talents.


"Wait."Vice Patriarch Bai Ming shouted.

Tang Zichen stopped, but only stopped and didn't look back.

Vice Patriarch Bai Ming said, "Tang Zichen, you really have a backbone, count you good, since that's the case, I was indeed the one who presumed to judge you just now and caused some insult to your reputation, I hereby apologize to you for what I just said, lest everyone say that I'm so lacking in magnanimity as a Vice Patriarch.Now, you can stop leaving."

Tang Zichen said, "Vice Patriarch Bai didn't truly insult me just now, you were merely giving Elder Shejun a round of applause, what I need is for the person who truly insulted and made me a joke before I even entered the Feiyun Sect to apologize to me for his words."

Everyone looked at Elder Shejun.

At this moment, Elder Shejun's angry chest was rising and falling.

"Tang Zichen, don't look for death."Elder She Monarch threatened.

Tang Zichen looked back at Elder Shejun and said, "Since the beginning, what have I not done to offend Elder Shejun?It was the elders who judged me without reason and insulted me in the first place, wasn't it?If not, Elder you could have killed me on the spot."

"You."Elder Shejun raised his hand in anger.

Bai Ming was busy saying, "She Jun, don't be impulsive, Tang Zichen is already in the top ten, and will surely become a peripheral disciple of the Feiyun Sect who focuses on cultivating, a key target, even I don't dare to let go, not to mention you still dare to kill, but don't let a small loss tarnish your name as an elder."

She Jun exhaled deeply, then said, "Tang Zichen, I will see what you are capable of, the day you are reduced to mediocrity will be the day I, She Jun, come back for you, so behave yourself."After saying that, Elder She Jun flung his sleeves and flew away in the blink of an eye. One Second Remember to Read the Book

Everyone could see that in the future, when Tang Zichen was in the Flying Cloud Sect, Elder She Monarch might be getting in the way and wouldn't do anything himself, but with so many disciples under Elder She Monarch's hands, he would definitely give Tang Zichen some color, or even kill him.

Vice Patriarch Bai Ming said, "Tang Zichen, I apologize on behalf of Elder She Jun, and I expect you to stay, the Flying Cloud Sect wants geniuses like you to stay."

Tang Zichen said, "Since Vice Patriarch Bai is so kind to invite me, I won't leave."

The crowd exclaimed, "What a great face, others can't even enter if they want to, yet he was invited to stay."

Vice Patriarch Bai Ming shouted, "Alright, this year's outer disciple assessment is over, congratulations again to those who passed the assessment.However, you guys can't slack off, because, passing the assessment doesn't mean that you will stay in the Flying Cloud Sect forever, after two years, you will participate in the Inner Peripheral Disciple Assessment, and only if you pass the Inner Peripheral Disciple Assessment will you be true disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect.In other words, every one of you who is now an outer disciple can only stay in the Flying Cloud Sect for two years, and after two years, if you cannot become an inner disciple, you will still have to get lost.Alright, let's disperse like this, there will be special people to arrange for you and instruct you on what to do afterwards."

After saying that, Vice Patriarch Bai flew away.

A steward of the Flying Cloud Sect shouted, "Please, all the outer disciples who passed the assessment, follow me."

Everyone followed that steward.

Tang Huan was busy saying to Tang Zichen, "Brother."


"Brother, I didn't expect you to really be this good, sister is proud of you."Tang Huan said with a pleased face.

"Oh, sister don't worry, younger brother.

I'll never let you down."

"Alright, you go with that steward first, he will now take you to find a dormitory and then he will also explain some things to you.We'll be able to cultivate together later."

"Well, I'll go first then, right, where will I find you when I'm done?"Don Zichen asked.

"I'll wait for you in front of the cafeteria."


Tang Zichen followed that steward's to a vacant dormitory area.

That steward's said, "Everyone, this will be your dormitory from now on, do you know who used to live here?That's right, the people who used to live here were also Peripheral Disciples, but now they can't pass the Inner Peripheral Disciple test and have left the Flying Cloud Sect.After two years, those of you who are unable to become inner circumference disciples will also leave this place, making room for those who pass the assessment after two years.Reality is that cruel, so please cherish the two years you spent in the Flying Cloud Sect."

At that moment, a man asked, "Senior, what level do you need to reach before you can become an Inner Circle disciple?"

"After two years, in order to become an Inner Circle disciple, you have to reach at least the fifth stage of Body Tempering, but the fifth stage of Body Tempering isn't always successful, and the best thing is to reach the sixth stage of Body Tempering, then it's more stable."

"Damn it, two years to reach the sixth stage of Body Tempering, that's too hard."Nine thousand teenagers were crying their faces off, they had to reach the fifth and sixth steps of Body Tempering from the first and second steps in two years, ordinary people just couldn't do it.

At this moment, Tang Zichen did not speak.

Reaching the sixth stage of Body Tempering in two years, this was completely stress-free for Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was already at the fourth stage of Body Tempering right now, in two years, he might have reached the eighth or ninth stage of Body Tempering.

Tang Zichen vowed inwardly, in the next two years, he must work hard to reach even stronger.

"Next, there will be a dormitory selection, and each of the top ten will be able to arrange a single room with a separate courtyard, while the others will live in a group dormitory of eight people each.Please choose for yourselves."

After saying that, everyone swarmed towards the rows of dormitories in front of them.

Tang Zichen and the other nine people in the top ten, came directly to the ten small village-like single rooms, this single room had only a small bungalow inside, only one room, but there was a yard surrounded by a circle of walls, compared to those group dormitories, it was considered a very luxurious enjoyment, at least it could be a separate room, and with such a large yard.

Tang Zichen chose a single room near the river, then entered inside.

After tidying up a bit, Tang Zichen came out as the steward was calling everyone out to focus.

After everyone was lined up, that steward said, "Everyone, I'm going to explain something important to you next, so please listen carefully.For the next two years, you can go to the Flying Cloud Sect's Heavenly Cloud Collection, where there are all sorts of martial arts and secret methods, you can pick the ones that suit you.Secondly, you can also enter the True Beast Forest in the southern part of the Flying Cloud Sect, hunt and kill magical beasts, and exchange their cores for pills, spirit stones, and other necessary items.I'm not going to teach you all of this, but you will know how to survive after you get used to it.Alright, my work is done, you guys will be your own masters next."

The steward left, and everyone was a bit like headless flies for a while, not knowing what to do.Anyway, two years from now, the Inner Circle disciple assessment, whatever how you live these two years, that's why before Tang Huan could stay with Tang Zichen at the farmer's house and didn't return to the Flying Cloud Sect for days.


Tang Zichen came to the dining hall of the Flying Cloud Sect.

The cafeteria here was only the cafeteria for the outer disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect, the inner peripheral disciples didn't live here at all, so of course they wouldn't come here to eat.

At this moment, Tang Huan was waiting at the entrance of the cafeteria.

However, there was an adult male standing beside Tang Huan.

"Brother Go Liao, why are you looking for Tang Zichen ah?"Tang Huan asked the man beside him.

"Hmph, it's none of your business."That man snorted.

That's right, this man who was waiting with Tang Huan for Tang Zichen was Tang Go Liao.

"Sister."At this moment, Tang Zichen came from afar.

"Brother, have you found the dormitory yet?"Tang Huan was busy asking.

"Well, find a good one, the top ten can stay in a single room, I'm staying in a single room with a separate courtyard."

"Wow, so envious, brother, sister adores you." First URL


At that moment, Tang Go Liao came up with a cold face and shouted, "Tang Zichen."

"Uh, you are?"Tang Zichen didn't recognize this person.

Tang Huan was busy saying, "Brother, he is Tang Go Liao, the eldest son of our Tang family's head, Tang Hu Lai, and he has a younger son named Tang Go Bing."

Tang Zichen suddenly understood, I'm afraid that Tang Go Liao hadn't seen his brother Tang Go Bing back for a long time, so he had to run to Tang Zichen, what a shameless person.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Tang Go Liao, what are you looking for me."

Tang Go Liao's face was very upset and said, "Tang Zichen, I'm asking you, have you seen my brother, Tang Go Bing, in the Wild Beast Forest?"

"Ridiculous, what do you want with me when your brother is missing, I'm not from the Missing Persons Bureau."Tang Zichen said with a sneer.

Tang Huan was also confused and asked, "Yeah, Brother Go Liao, my brother doesn't even know Tang Go Bing, why are you asking him this?By the way, what happened to your brother, Tang to Bing?Why did you come to ask Don Zichen?"

Tang Go Liao's face was twisted.

When he saw Tang Zichen walk out of the Desolate Beast Forest alive, Tang Go Liao knew that his brother hadn't succeeded in killing Tang Zichen, he was baffled as to what was going on, so he immediately entered the Desolate Beast Forest.

However, he searched all over the Beast Forest but he couldn't see his brother, and of course, he didn't see his brother's corpse, as if his brother disappeared into thin air.

In desperation, Tang Go Liao had no choice but to come and ask Tang Zichen, although he thought that Tang Zichen was definitely not capable of killing his brother, but after all, his brother was there to kill Tang Zichen, maybe Tang Zichen knew some clues.

Tang Go Liao was anxious inside, "Tang Zichen, are you still not going to say anything?"

"Hahaha, what do you want me to say?"Tang Zichen snorted.

Tang Zichen was a bit confused inside, seeing how anxious Tang Go Liao was, he must have gone to the Desolate Beast Forest to look for it and then didn't find it.Strange, Tang Zichen remembered that he only hacked Tang De-Bing to death, he didn't destroy the corpse ah, it wasn't like he couldn't even find the corpse.

In fact, Tang De-Bing's corpse had already been eaten by the beast, not even any bones were left, the death was so miserable, it might have turned into shit in the beast's colon.

"Tang Zichen, I can tell by the look in your eyes, you must be hiding something from me."Tang Go Bing yelled.

Tang Huan was baffled, "Brother Go-Liao, what the hell is going on."

"It's none of your business."Tang Go Liao looked also

Not looking at Tang Huan, his gaze was directed at Tang Zichen.

However, Tang Zichen had a pleasant expression, Tang Zichen just didn't tell him, let him take his time to torture.

Tang Go Liao said viciously, "Tang Zichen, if I were to know that you deliberately concealed it and didn't tell me, I'm not done with you."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen sneered.

Tang Huan was busy asking, "Tang Go Liao, you also tell me honestly, why are you looking for Tang Go Bing?What the hell happened to him?"

"Hmph."Tang Go Liao snorted and walked away, how could he have the face to talk to Tang Huan.

After Tang Go Liao left, Tang Huan asked, "Brother, why did he question you about where Tang Go Bing is?"

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Because he couldn't find Tang Go Bing, he deserved it, I'm sure even the corpses have been eaten by the beasts, hahaha."

"Ah, corpses?This is?"

"Sister, when I was in the Desolate Beast Forest, I ran into Tang Go Bing, he wanted to kill me, and if I'm not mistaken, it should be Tang Hu who came to write to them and asked them to except me."

"Ah?Don Go Bing wanted to kill you in the Wild Beast Forest?"Tang Huan was shocked.

"Yes, but alas, he was killed by a mysterious man."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen didn't admit that he had killed him because Tang Go Liao seemed to be very strong and Tang Zichen wasn't sure yet, besides, there was another Tang Hu to come.

"Killed by a mysterious person?"

"Yes, I don't know who that mysterious person is, sis, let's forget about it, let's go into the cafeteria and eat."

"Well, good, but that Tang Hu Lai is so despicable and shameless that he let his son except you, they must be afraid that you will return to the family in the future and take his position as the head of the family."Tang Huan said angrily.

Tang Zichen said, "These short-sighted people, I really can't understand what they are thinking, how sad that my Tang Zichen's goal is the headship of a small Tang family."Tang Zichen revealed a cold smile.

"Brother, you're so far-sighted."

"Oh, sister, now that I've become a peripheral disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, how should I promote myself after that?I hope my sister will instruct me."Tang Zichen asked.

Tang Huan said, "The next step is of course the Inner Circle disciple assessment in two years.It's a pity, sister I'm not destined for it lah, sister I'm still only at the third stage of Body Tempering, there's still a year left, I won't be able to reach the sixth stage of Body Tempering, even if I'm at the fifth stage of Body Tempering I'll hardly have a chance."Tang Huan was a little frustrated.

Tang Zichen gave her a blank look and said, "Then you were still so lackadaisical before, you often ran to the city under the mountain."

"I, I can't help it, although I also want to work hard, but, it's hard."

"Alright, sister, no need to be frustrated, we'll both work together in the future, you tell me how we can break through fast."

Tang Huan said, "Of course it's acquiring immortal resources, the more immortal resources we have, the faster we can break through the realm."

"Then how should we acquire immortal cultivation resources?"

"For us outer disciples, we can go to the True Beast Forest to hunt and kill magical beasts and exchange the cores for spirit stones, pills, and so on.The more magical beasts we hunt, the more spirit stones and pills we can exchange for, and the faster we can break through.However, it wasn't easy, the magical beasts in the True Beast Forest were strong and could easily die there.So, we outer disciples formed an alliance, and three or five of us went into the Demonic Beast Forest together in pairs, hunting down the demonic cores and distributing them according to our respective contributions.Brother, you can join some alliances now, but of course, you can also form alliances of your own and enter the True Beast Forest together to hunt and kill the magical beasts."


Tang Zichen nodded his head, but Tang Zichen wasn't prepared to make an alliance with anyone else.

With Tang Zichen's strength, there was no need for an alliance, and a single slash to kill the seventh stage of Body Tempering was a strength that the entire Flying Cloud Sect, of all the outer disciples, I'm afraid no one but Tang Zichen would be able to do.

Tang Zichen asked, "Sister, you entered the Flying Cloud Sect a year before me, so you must have joined some kind of alliance now."

"Yes, the alliance I'm joining now is the 'Smallpox Alliance', however, our Smallpox Alliance is all female, otherwise, I can suggest you to join our Smallpox Alliance as well.However, I'll go back and ask to see if you can join us."Tang Huan said.

"Is your Smallpox Alliance strong?"

"This, how can I put it, our Smallpox Alliance, the strongest is at the fifth stage of Body Tempering, the weakest is at the third stage of Body Tempering, there are a total of eight of us.All eight of us, all girls, we enter the True Beast Forest once every half month, and we divide the plundered magic cores.Brother, you and I will go to the Smallpox Alliance later, and I'll ask if you can join."

"Alright."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

After dinner, Tang Zichen and Tang Huan went to a dormitory building together and entered a dormitory room, this dormitory room had four words written on the door "Smallpox Alliance."

"Sister, the Smallpox Alliance headquarters is your dorm, huh?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Yeah, eight sisters from our dormitory formed an alliance on their own and didn't want to find a place, so we turned the dormitory into our alliance base."Said Tang Huan, pushing the dormitories away.

"Ah."At this time, a yell came from inside the dormitory, and a woman panicked and took the cloth towel on her bed, covered her body, and then said, "Tang Huan, why did you bring a man in without telling us." Remember the website


Tang Zichen turned his head, Tang Zichen had just accidentally seen a girl's fruit body as well, but Tang Zichen didn't have any interest in that girl, after all, she was too average looking.

"Miao Miao, I'm sorry, this is my younger brother, he's still just a twelve year old, it's okay, he doesn't understand that aspect of things yet."Tang Huan was busy explaining.

That girl looked at Tang Zichen, it was indeed still small, forget it.

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, I won't go into your dormitory, I'll wait outside."

Tang Zichen stood in the corridor.

After a while, Tang Huan came out and said, "Brother, I spoke to the captain of our alliance and he said that you're not suitable to join our alliance because you're too small and your strength is too low, you'll drag everyone down."

"Oh, it's okay."Tang Zichen smiled indifferently.

"Brother, why don't you form an alliance of your own, then sister and I will join your alliance?"

"Sis, don't ever, you'll hurt your sisterhood like that.Alright, sis, you don't need to worry about me, you just take care of yourself."

Tang Huan took out two immobilizing talismans from her bosom and said, "Brother, take these two immobilizing talismans and use them when you encounter danger.These two immobilizing talismans are strongest enough to immobilize a Red Rank 5 beast."

Tang Zichen was puzzled, "How strong is a Red Rank 5 magical beast?How do the beasts differentiate between strong and weak?"

"The strength of magical beasts is based on the size of the color of the nucleus, from weak to strong, they are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.Red grade, which is equivalent to our body refining stage, and red grade five, which is equivalent to the fifth stage of body refining."

"Understood, sis, you can take these two fixing talismans yourself, I don't need them."

"Brother, you must take them for me, what if you run into any danger."

/> "There's really no need, even if I really need it, I'll acquire it myself.By the way, how do you want to obtain the fixing talisman?"Tang Zichen asked.

Tang Huan said, "Our Flying Cloud Sect, we have immortal cultivators who specialize in talisman refining, and talisman refining is also a profession, and it's very popular.Everyone can use magic cores, or spirit stones or pills to exchange talismans.All sorts of talismans were available, such as immobilization talismans, retardation talismans, bewitchment talismans, and incineration talismans.There are even invisibility talismans, and so on and so forth."

"Uh, it's not the same as alchemy."

"Pretty much the same, alchemy is also a profession that allows you to make all kinds of pills.Pill refining is mainly aimed at improving cultivation, while talisman refining is mainly to help kill enemies.If you have a fixing talisman, it'll be easier to kill demonic beasts when you run into them."

"Understood, Talisman Alchemy is a good profession."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, but talisman refining and alchemy, not everyone knows how to do it, it needs to be taught by a tutor, and it also requires a very, very high talent, which ordinary people won't be able to do.Alright, brother, you take these two talismans."

"No need, sister, I'll leave first then, come find me when you have time."

Tang Zichen quickly left Tang Huan's dormitory.

Tang Huan only had two fixation talismans that she used to save her life, but she took all of them to Tang Zichen, but unfortunately Tang Zichen refused.

Tang Zichen left Tang Huan's dormitory area.

Tang Zichen first came to hide.

Tang Zichen had to learn some of the martial skills of immortal cultivators, as well as secret methods, magic treasures and such.

At the moment, there were many people in the hide, most of them had just been assessed to enter the Flying Cloud Sect.

"The Nine Stripes Palm?"

"Dragon Fist?"

"Flaming Palm."

Tang Zichen was in the hideout, looking in rows and rows.

Tang Zichen flipped through these martial arts and found that they were indeed completely different from the martial arts of the Mortal Realm.

The martial arts in the Mortal Realm also had various palm fist techniques, but the palm fist techniques in the Mortal Realm were just palm fist techniques, while the martial arts here in the Spiritual Realm were indeed much more powerful.

Tang Zichen didn't know which martial skill suited him.

Right now in Tibet, the other youngsters who had just assessed in were similar to Tang Zichen and didn't know which martial skill to choose to practice.

However, what Tang Zichen was struggling with wasn't which one to practice, but the fact that to Tang Zichen, a martial arts master in the Mortal Realm, all of these martial skills felt like children's books for kindergarten children.

Tang Zichen took one sweeping glance and learned them damn well.

Tang Zichen didn't even need a glance for this kind of martial skill.

Tang Zichen walked to the entrance of the hideout, there was an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect at the entrance, no one knew what level this elder was, it looked very ordinary, he was responsible for looking after the hideout every day, and then if there was anything he didn't understand, he could also ask him.

Tang Zichen walked up to this old man and asked, "Senior, may I ask if there are any more powerful martial skills here?"

That old man said somewhat ridiculously, "Young man, don't have a heart higher than the sky, the martial skills in this hide are very profound no matter which one, besides, you've only just stepped into the second stage of body refining, and you can't practice even if you're given profound martial skills."

"Uh, don't be angry senior, I'm just asking casually."Tang Zichen turned around and went into hiding again.

That old man shook his head and said, "Today's young people, all of them have hearts higher than the sky, and being lowly, they always want to find a profound martial skill, not knowing that they can't even practice a low-level martial skill.This noon, I've already had hundreds of people asking me if I have any profound martial skills, sadly."


Tang Zichen returned to hide again.

Since that old man wouldn't say anything, Tang Zichen looked for it himself.

Tang Zichen only needed to find a book that he couldn't practice with a glance, then it must be profound.

Tang Zichen searched and searched, and finally in a corner, he found a book, which also looked like it had been turned over countless times, and it was written, "Shura Eighteen Blades."

"Shura Eighteen Blades?"Tang Zichen turned the first page.

On the first page, there was a man drawn, holding a knife in his hand, with a line marked underneath: this is the first knife of Shura.

On the second page, there was also a man with a knife in his hand, and his posture was exactly the same as the first page, with a line marked underneath: this is the second knife of Shura.

On the third page, there was also a man, whose posture was exactly the same as the first two pages, just like a copy, with a line marked at the bottom: "This is the third knife of Shura.

And then continue to flip down again, the entire eighteen pages, every page is exactly the same, and there is no other description except for the exact same painting and the words marked the first several knives.

If it were anyone else, I'm afraid I would have cursed, "Is this a fucking martial art?There's only one painting to speak of, and it's exactly the same, and it doesn't have a single written description yet."

However, at this moment, Tang Zichen's expression was different. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen's eyes were blazing as he looked at the simple drawing, secretly saying, "Good saber technique, it really is a good saber technique, I never thought I would find a martial skill so profound.The Eighteen Blades of Shura, really one blade is more domineering than another, tsk tsk.My endless sword techniques in the mortal realm are really small compared to this Shura Eighteen Blades."

If outsiders heard Tang Zichen's inner words, they would be speechless.This Shura Eighteenth Blade had been flipped by an unknown number of people, but as soon as others flipped it, it was just like a children's illustration, they didn't know what they wanted to express, let alone where to start practicing and just threw it down.Tang Zichen, on the other hand, was as if he had found a treasure.

Perhaps, this kind of secret book, which the average person really couldn't understand anymore, could only be read by someone like Tang Zichen, who had a high level of comprehension and who had reached the extreme foundation of martial arts.

Tang Zichen took that Shura Eighteen Blades book and came to the door of the hide.

"Senior, I want to practice this one."Tang Zichen said with the Shura Eighteen Knives.

"Uh, you're not mistaken."That elder asked in confusion.

"No, aren't I allowed to choose this one, since this one is in hiding, that means I can choose this one, besides, it's not like this one hasn't been turned over."

That old man looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Are you sure?"


"Boy, I'm asking you, are you sure you understand what this is?Can you read what this is?"

Tang Zichen said, "It looks very profound, I didn't understand it at the moment, I need to study it a bit more."

"Bar, this Shura Eighteen Blades book was originally part of the Supreme Collection of the Flying Cloud Sect.How many years has it been around, no one knows nowadays, but I heard that this Shura Eighteen Blades was created countless years ago by an extremely powerful man named Wang Shura, this Wang Shura, who once dominated this world for a long, long time, before he ascended, he left behind a secret

book, and claimed that anyone who practiced this secret book of his to great success would be able to open a treasure of his.However, no one could understand that secret book, and yes, that legendary secret book was this Shura Eighteenth Blade.Back then, the entire world fought over this secret book, but unfortunately, after millions of years of fighting, no one fought anymore because everyone believed that it was Wang Shura deliberately fooling everyone.Therefore, tens of thousands of years ago, somehow, this secret book fell into the hands of the ancestors of the Feiyun Sect, and the ancestors of the Feiyun Sect hid this Shura Eighteen Blades in the Supreme Collection, but no one could understand it even after hiding it for tens of thousands of years.The elders of the Flying Cloud Sect unanimously agreed that this book was not worthy of being hidden in the Supreme Collection, and some of them even thought that the book should be burned to save fooling future generations.Thus, this book appeared in this hide that was open to outer disciples.This book, Shura Eighteen Blades, was actually a joke, a toy intentionally fooled by that king Shura countless years ago, and his actions caused the entire world to be embroiled in a fight for millions of years.This book, originally, was going to be thrown away.Kid, yet you want to practice this book, tell me, do you really understand it, or do you want to?"

Tang Zichen said in his heart that he actually intended to throw away such a top-notch martial skill, how damn ignorant.

However, this spirit world was also capable enough, no one had been able to understand it for countless years.

However, Tang Zichen also admitted that this was indeed a very profound and incomprehensible secret book, Tang Zichen would not have been able to understand what this was trying to express if he hadn't reached the extreme in the Mortal Realm Martial Dao and his comprehension of the sword was far beyond everything.

That elder stared at Tang Zichen and said, "Is it?Millions of years of secrets that no one has ever been able to understand, and you're sure you can understand them?"

At this moment, Tang Zichen would certainly not say that he could understand it anymore.

Otherwise, Tang Zichen wouldn't even know how to die.

Tang Zichen didn't expect that this book was so big, having caused countless people to fight over it, and it also concerned a legendary treasure of King Shura.Therefore, Tang Zichen would never set fire to it.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Senior, I, I, I."

"Me what?"

"I, I don't really know what it means at all, I just, I just thought that the more I couldn't understand it, the more inscrutable it was, so I just wanted to study it."

"Idiot, what no one has understood for countless years has long since been proven to be a joke to fool the world, otherwise it would have waited for you to see it today."The old man scowled for a moment.

"Yes, yes, I will never deliberately pretend to understand it again to make my senior laugh."Tang Zichen lowered his head and said.

That old man said, "Alright, you're actually not the first person to say that you want to practice this, over the past few hundred years, there are at least thousands of people who thought they were extremely talented and were deluded enough to practice this, but as a result, it's all a joke."

"Uh, there are other people who want to practice this too."

"Yes, and I allowed him to bring it back, and as a result, within half a month, all of them were good enough to send it back, shamelessly asking for a different secret book, if you want to too, I can allow you to bring it back, but, you don't want to ever exchange it for another secret book."

Tang Zichen busily shook his head, "No, no, no, I'd better take it back."Tang Zichen honestly put that book back in its original place.

That old man snorted and didn't say anything more, categorizing Tang Zichen as the same as those who had been trying to pretend to be self-righteous all these years.


Tang Zichen knew that this was a matter of great importance, and the slightest mistake would destroy him.

Tang Zichen decided that he would come to hide, read this book in secret, and practice secretly.

Tang Zichen believed that there must be a treasure waiting for him when he practiced the Eighteenth Blade of Shura to great success, because, everyone didn't know that this book of Shura was real.

Just at this moment, the administrator of the hide came over.

Tang Zichen hurriedly put down the Eighteenth Shura Knife and pretended to be reading other martial arts secrets.

The Tibetan administrator walked over to Tang Zichen and took out the Eighteenth Shura Knife.

Tang Zichen busily asked, "Do you want to practice this Shura Eighteen Knives too?"

That administrator grunted, "What's the practice, the Elder of the Book Collection just said, this Shura Eighteen Blades, completely destroy it, don't put it in hiding anymore, so as not to fool people again in the future."

"Ah, it's going to be completely destroyed."

"Nonsense, why else would I take it away, do you want the next smug person like you to take this book and tell the elders that he wants to practice this?"After saying that, that administrator took that Shura Eighteen Knives book and walked away.

Tang Zichen was a little anxious and immediately followed. The first website

I saw that administrator hand the Shura Eighteenth Blade to the Elder of the Book Collection and said, "Elder, retrieve it."

"Hmm."That elder received the Shura Eighteenth Blade, then looked at the book and said, "It's time to end this joke that's been going on for tens of millions of years."

After saying that, an invisible force field in that elder's hand stirred, and that book of Shura Eighteen Knives turned into powder.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was dumbfounded, it was destroyed just like that?Tang Zichen had only looked through it once, and hadn't even studied it properly yet.

However, even though Tang Zichen had only looked it over once, with Tang Zichen's unforgettable skills, it wouldn't be much of a problem to continue studying it, it was just that it wasn't as intuitive anymore and would be much more laborious.

For now, it was all that could be done.

Tang Zichen grabbed a random book on the bookshelf called "Flame Palm" martial arts secret book, then made his registration and left the hide.

Tang Zichen returned to his dormitory and went through the Flame Palm from start to finish, then practiced almost all of it.

This Flame Palm was divided into a total of ten levels, suitable for Body Tempering Stage disciples to learn and use.

Tang Zichen had already practiced to the tenth layer in the blink of an eye.

"Bang!"Tang Zichen's palm suddenly emitted a blazing, intense flame.

"This is the Blazing Flame Palm, huh."Tang Zichen smiled speechlessly, but although this Flame Palm felt simple to Tang Zichen, it was by no means simple to other peripheral disciples, because, all the peripheral disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect currently practicing this martial skill had yet to reach the sixth level.

Tang Zichen looked at it once and practiced it to the tenth level.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "I really want to try and see what effect it will have when I integrate my body's Immortal Qi into the Flame Palm, I'll find someone to try it some other day."

Tang Zichen no longer cared about the Flame Palm and immediately sat down on the floor, entering his mind, where he clearly remembered the eighteen images of the eighteen Shura knives.

Tang Zichen began his study from the first blade of the Shura.

This Shura First Blade would be very difficult for Tang Zichen, it was no longer as simple as the Flame Palm.

In fact, Tang Zichen didn't know that there were levels of martial skills in the spirit world.

That Flame Palm just now, and all the martial skill secrets hidden, were all the lowest grade, commonly known as 'Primary Lower Grade Martial Skills'.

As for the higher-grade martial skills, naturally they could not be open to the outer disciples.


sp; Of course, that Shura Eighteenth Blade was an accident, it was only treated as trash because no one could read it.

In fact, the Shura Eighteen Blades, if someone graded it, would at least be a Heavenly Tier Martial Skill.

Martial skills were graded from low to high: primary, middle, high, earth, and heavenly tier.

The Heavenly Tier was the highest martial skill in the spirit world.

However, Heaven Tier Martial Skills were too difficult to practice without a YuanYing or even higher cultivation.

Tang Zichen studied it for a whole day, until noon the next day, Tang Zichen was unable to practice the first stab of the Eighteen Blades of Shura.

Even though Tang Zichen could understand it, he couldn't practice it because it was too difficult.

"It's really too hard to practice, it's just that, let's put this Shura Eighteen Knives down first and practice it later, otherwise it's too worthless for me to spend all my time here now, I'd better work on improving my realm first."

Tang Zichen walked out of the dormitory.

Tang Zichen hadn't had a good stroll around the Flying Cloud Sect yet, and decided to walk around the Sect first.

As Tang Zichen walked, he saw a group of people in front of him, very lively.

Tang Zichen walked up.

"Brother, what's this for?"Tang Zichen asked a person.

"Uh, you just assessed into the Flying Cloud Sect yesterday, right."


"Haha, then let me tell you, this is the Martial Duel Stage."

"What do you mean."Tang Zichen asked.

"Martial Doutai, of course it's a place to fight and resolve conflicts.At this moment, the two people on the martial duel platform are called Liu Hua and Yu Bird, and they're about to start dueling.Whoever loses will fulfill the promise."

"What promises?"

"Alright, I'm not that interested in telling you, so listen to yourself."


Tang Zichen looked towards the martial stage, at the moment, Liu Hua and Yu Bird were standing face to face, both of them ready to go.

Only that Liu Hua said, "Yu Bird, if you lose to me, then please don't harass Tang Huan anymore."

Yu Bird snorted, "If you lose to me, then please don't harass her either, otherwise, I'll be rude."


Tang Zichen's heart thudded, how was it related to Tang Huan.

But it was normal, Tang Huan was the most beautiful woman among the outer disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect, so many people must have liked her.

The two on the martial stage right now were the ones who were pursuing Tang Huan more fiercely, and they were not ordinary people either.

For example, the one called Liu Hua, when he assessed the Flying Cloud Sect last year, he entered the Flying Cloud Sect with the third ranking, and of course, the one called Yu Bird was also ranked in the top ten.

Now, Liu Hua and Yu Bird, they had both reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering, one year away from the Inner Circle disciple assessment, so they were both geniuses.

Two geniuses dueling here, no wonder it caused such a stir.

At this moment, that man, Liu Hua, looked at the opposite Yu Bird and inwardly grunted, "Idiot, still dueling with me, I've already reached the sixth stage of Body Tempering, and you still foolishly think that I'm only at the fifth stage of Body Tempering?I pooh-pooh, after I beat you up, I'll announce in public that I've reached the Sixth Stage of Body Tempering, and then the whole place will cheer for me, and maybe Tang Huan will be impressed with me and throw himself at my mercy and let me screw around, hahaha."

"Begin."Suddenly, a man shouted.

Then, Yu Bird immediately attacked Liu Hua.


"Dusty palm."

"Flying Dragon Fist."

The two of them were suddenly fighting together.

However, in the next second, Yu Bird suddenly vomited blood and flew off the martial stage.

"Ah, what happened?"The crowd was shocked.

The remaining birds, who had already flown off the stage, were busy climbing up and saying, "How did this happen?"

At this moment, Liu Hua on stage laughed, "Hahaha, hahaha, Yu Bird, listen to me carefully, I, Liu Hua, have stepped into the sixth stage of Body Tempering."

"What? You've stepped into the sixth stage of Body Tempering?No, that's impossible, out of all the outer disciples, only three of them have stepped into the sixth stage of Body Tempering, there's no way you can step into the sixth stage of Body Tempering."That Yu Bird couldn't accept it and said.

Liu Hua on the stage snorted, "In the past, there were only three people who had stepped into the sixth stage of Body Tempering, but from today onwards, it will no longer be three, but four.I, Liu Hua, am also at the sixth stage of Body Tempering, and there's still a year to go before the Inner Circle disciple assessment, and I've already reached the sixth stage of Body Tempering, so even if I were to participate in the assessment at the moment, I'd be able to pass it one hundred percent, hahaha.Yu Bird, even you are worthy of stealing a woman from me."

"No."Yu Bird looked frustrated, they were both sixteen years old, and their love affairs had begun, then they fell in love with Tang Huan.However, Liu Hua had already stepped into the sixth stage of Body Refining, and Yu Bird felt that he was no longer worthy of competing with Liu Hua for Tang Huan.

"Yu Bird, from now on, if you dare to pursue Tang Huan again, then, don't blame me for being rude, hmm."Liu Hua snorted with pride. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was on stage, inwardly saying, "It actually concerns my sister, my sister said before that she doesn't want to fall in love and is always disturbed, that's why she's slow to cultivate, it seems that I need to do something for my sister today.This Liu Hua is no match for me at all, but I can't show off too brightly, if people notice the immortal energy in my body, I will inevitably cause trouble."

Tang Zichen quietly came to a corner, Tang Zichen's body twisted, his height immediately became ten centimeters taller, and Tang Zichen's face also changed its appearance.

Tang Zichen had learned disguise in the mortal world, he could even turn into a woman, so it wasn't difficult for Tang Zichen at all.

After Tang Zichen was ready, he returned to the martial arena.

The martial fighting arena was already breaking up.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Wait."

"Ugh."Everyone turned around and looked at Tang Zichen, and everyone realized it was a man with a mask over his face.

"What man?Why the blindfold?What do you want?"Liu Hua asked aloud.

Tang Zichen said, "Your name is Liu Hua?"

"Yes, I'm Liu Hua."

"Very well, Liu Hua, please give me to the martial stage immediately."

"What?Do I know you?You have a problem with me?"

"Liu Hua, I heard you're after Tang Huan?"

"Right, how."

"That's right, follow me to the martial stage, if you lose, never take half a step near Tang Huan, otherwise, I'll beat you up."

"Hahaha, how arrogant, who are you?Why don't you even dare to show your face?"

"You don't deserve to see my face."

"Looking for death."Liu Hua ton rushed up in anger.

Tang Zichen slapped his palm, and in a split second, blazing fire blasted out of Tang Zichen's hand.

"Wow!"A wave of heat rushed in.

Someone at the scene immediately shouted, "Flame Palm, he's using Flame Palm, and he's practiced it to the sixth level.Heavens, all the outer disciples of the entire Flying Cloud Sect, someone has finally practiced to the sixth level."Speak.

The person who was practicing the Flame Palm was also a practitioner of this martial art, which was why he knew it so well.

Tang Zichen's palm just now was indeed a move of the sixth level of the Flame Palm, called the Flame Tongue.

Everyone was busy looking at Liu Hua, only to see Liu Hua fall on the ground, his clothes, hair, all burned, skin also charred, the whole person lay on the ground like black charcoal trembling.

"Wow."Everyone at the scene was shocked.

Tang Zichen walked up and stepped on Liu Hua's burned black head and face and said, "Liu Hua, if you dare to harass Tang Huan again, I will exterminate you, I hope you remember this lesson, get out."After saying that, Tang Zichen also kicked Liu Hua away.

Liu Hua flew away with a scream.

Many people at the scene looked at Tang Zichen in shock.

Tang Zichen grunted and turned around to leave, when a man asked, "Brother, who are you?"

"Wind Light Cloud."

"Wind-light clouds?"Everyone silently remembered the name.

When Tang Zichen came to an empty place, he was busy using the Bone Reduction Technique to restore his body, and face, then Tang Zichen came back to Tibet.

Tang Zichen then looked to see if there were any other books in the hide.

For example, alchemy of pills and talismans.

Tang Zichen thought that alchemy and talisman-making were also good, if only they could be learned.

Tang Zichen searched around the huge collection and indeed found books on alchemy and talisman making.

Tang Zichen took a book called 'Foundation of Talisman Alchemy' and started reading it.

After reading for half an hour, Tang Zichen finished the book and Tang Zichen looked for other talisman-related books.

In this way, Tang Zichen soaked in the hide for a whole day until it was time to close the door at dark.

During this whole day, Tang Zichen read at least twenty books related to talisman refining.

Tang Zichen knew quite a bit about talisman refining.

Like alchemy, talisman alchemy also had grades, mainly divided into first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grades.

The more powerful the talisman an alchemist made, the more effective it would be.

Only, it was very difficult to refine a talisman, and the truly powerful talisman alchemists, the talisman they refined had reached an intangible state, for example, they took a talisman brush and produced an intangible talisman with a few strokes of the air, and then, they didn't even know how their opponent died.

However, this level of talisman alchemists, the Feiyun Sect's Patriarch had probably never seen one either.

Tang Zichen returned to his quarters and immediately began to draw the talisman himself.

Tang Zichen found a chicken and used chicken blood to draw the talisman.

Soon, a talisman was drawn, this talisman was the simplest one, Tang Zichen also drew it according to the pattern in the book, Tang Zichen tried it, threw the fu, pointed his hand, and shouted with his mouth, "Burn."

"Uh, useless."

Failure, Tang Zichen failed the first time he drew the talisman.

"What's going on, I already drew it exactly according to the pattern in the book ah, is it really that hard?Or, is chicken blood too cheap?Damn, I'll kill a beast's blood to draw the talisman some other day."Tang Zichen knew that the higher the blood used, the more powerful the talisman drawn would naturally be.

Tang Zichen took a shower and went to sleep.

At this moment, in a certain girls' dormitory.

"Huanhuan, did you hear that, this morning, someone beat Liu Hua to near ruin with a single move."One of Tang Huan's roommates said.


"Uh, no way, Liu Hua is not an ordinary person, we are the top ranked outer disciples in this year.Even our captain is not a match for Liu Hua at all, who can cripple Liu Hua with a single move?"

"Really, the whole outer disciple circle, it's already spread, but, that person has his face covered, no one has seen his real face, but, according to the people at the scene, that person gave his name as Wind Lightning, and also, that person looks a bit short, only about 1.6 meters."

"Uh, one meter six, so short."Tang Huan was speechless.

"Yeah, I've never heard of this Wind Lightning before, it seems like he's always been silent, I think he must have an inferiority complex because of his height, so he doesn't dare to confess to you, he's just silently crushing on you behind the scenes.Today, I saw Liu Hua and Yu Bird, two rivals dueling on the martial arts platform, that's why he couldn't help it, so he came out masked and beat Liu Hua up."One of Tang Huan's roommates said.

"Secretly in love with me?Who said that."Tang Huan rolled his eyes.

"Of course it's from everyone, I also heard from everyone that that Wind Lightning, not only has low self-esteem because of his height, but he's also rather introverted.Huanhuan, that Wind Lightning is so powerful, if he finds the courage to chase after you, will you say yes?"

Tang Huan was speechless, "Why should I say yes."

"Uh, yeah, he's a head shorter than you, how would you like it, besides, in case he's ugly."

"Speechless, that's not why I'm saying yes, I don't want to fall in love early, don't you know?It's all early love until you're thirty, and I'm only sixteen, so it's even earlier."Tang Huan said, Tang Huan didn't think much about it, no matter who was doing what for her, she wouldn't be moved.

Tang Zichen couldn't help but think of his younger brother, inwardly saying, "I don't know how my brother is doing now, it's been two days since I've seen him, I suddenly miss him so much.Tomorrow I'm going to enter the True Beast Forest with my team, how about going to find my brother tonight?"

Tang Huan immediately said to the people in his dormitory, "Sisters, I'm going to find my brother." One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Huanhuan, it's so late and you're still looking for your brother, you have to leave for the True Beast Forest early tomorrow morning."The captain said.

"Uh, I'm not planning on coming back to stay tonight oh."

"What? Then where are you going to stay?"

"Of course I'm going to my brother's, my brother is tenth in this year's assessment and owns a separate single room."

"Huanhuan, but your brother is a boy."

"My brother is only twelve years old, just a little boy, what are you afraid of, alright, I'm leaving."

Tang Huan Huan said and left.

Tang Zichen had just fallen asleep, still thinking about the talisman refining in his mind, then he heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

"Brother, it's sister oh."Tang Huan's sweet voice came from outside.

"Uh."Tang Zichen was shocked, it was Tang Huan, what was she doing here so late?Could it be that she's going to sleep here tonight?

Although this was a single room, Tang Zichen only had a small bungalow and only one bed, so if she stayed here tonight, wouldn't she have to sleep together again, just like before at the farmer's house?

Although Tang Zichen was a bit odd inside, for some reason, Tang Zichen recalled those days at the farmer's house, sleeping with his sister in an embrace at night, as if he liked this feeling a bit.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "Tang Huan is Fifth Uncle's daughter, I can't desecrate her, how can I do that.We can't sleep together again today, never."

Tang Zichen opened the door of the room.

It was indeed Tang Huan at the door.

Tang Huan came up in surprise and gave a big kiss on Tang Zichen's face and said, "Brother, have you missed your sister for the past two days ah."

"Uh, sister, what are you doing here."


br /> "Why can't my sister come."

"But it's so late now."

"Because Sister really misses her brother, and tomorrow Sister will be entering the True Beast Forest with my teammates, so I couldn't resist coming to see you."

"Sister, are you afraid of something happening?"

"That's not so bad, okay, okay, anyway, it's so good to see my brother, come on, tell your sister how you've been spending the last two days."Tang Zichen said hugging Tang Zichen.

"Uh, the past two days, ah, all I did was go hide and read."

"By the way, what martial art did you choose to practice?Usually, people who have just entered the Flying Cloud Sect don't know what martial skills to practice."

Tang Zichen thought for a moment and said, "I haven't chosen it yet."

"Haha, I knew you hadn't chosen yet, this is normal, everyone will need ten days and half a month to know which martial skill they are suitable to practice, it's fine, take your time to choose, you must find the one that suits you best.Only the one that suits you the most can exert the strongest power, and only in two years' time when the inner circle disciples are assessed will you be able to defeat your opponent."

"Oh, good.What kind of martial skill are you practicing, sister?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I ah, I practice 'Flying Flower Palm'."

"Uh, Flying Flower Palm."Tang Zichen seemed to be hiding flipping through this book of martial arts, the Flying Flower Palm was also divided into ten layers, the later you got, the harder it was to practice, of course, this was for the average person, but for Tang Zichen, it was all kindergarten level.

"How many levels has sister practiced?"

Tang Huan said, "I've only trained to the third level."

"Ugh!"Tang Zichen was a bit speechless, so low level, only practicing to the third level.

"Sister can cheer up la."

"Alright, alright, sister knows, it's getting late, go to sleep."

"Wait, sister, aren't you going back?"

"Why go back so late also, it's so far away, it's still half an hour to go back, so my sister is staying here tonight."


"It's not like you haven't slept with your sister before, really, if you really don't feel sorry for her, then she'll go back."Tang Huan gushed.

"Okay."Tang Zichen nodded helplessly.

At this time, Tang Zichen suddenly became depressed and said, "I forgot to bring my pajamas over."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was speechless and said, "Then go back."

"Forget it, I'm not going back."

"But it's not like you didn't bring your pajamas over."

Tang Huan a angry, "Children don't ask so many questions, what do you know about pajamas, alright, blow the lights."

After saying that, Tang Huan blew out the lights in the house, and the house went dark.

However, how powerful Tang Zichen's eyes were, he could see clearly in the dark, Tang Zichen had practiced this night vision ability in the mortal realm, although it was already far less clear than the mortal realm, he could still see clearly.

Tang Zichen saw that Tang Huan took off his coat, leaving only the close ones on, and then came up.

Tang Huan thought that Tang Zichen couldn't see, so he didn't take it seriously, but Tang Zichen saw it, and Tang Zichen didn't know what to do, whether to say it or not.

"Brother, go to sleep."

"Oh."In the nest, Tang Huan hugged Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen once again smelled that alluring body fragrance on Tang Huan's body, Tang Zichen felt really good, as if he was enjoying this kind of woman's smell inside.As for that uneven feeling on Tang Huan's body, it was far more intense than the last time.

Tang Zichen was really worried that if this continued, he would all develop prematurely.


"Sister, is there someone named Liu Hua chasing you?"Tang Zichen didn't allow himself to think too much, he was busy finding a topic to ask Tang Huan.

"Yeah, that Liu Hua is but our year, very powerful, I heard that he has reached the sixth stage of Body Tempering right now, but he was beaten by one called Wind Lightning today, I think he won't dare to chase after me in the future, and some of the other little flies won't dare to harass my sister even more.By the way, thanks to that person named Wind Lightning."

"Well, that's good, sister can cultivate at ease."Tang Zichen said, of course Tang Huan couldn't hear what Tang Zichen was saying.

After a night of silence, Tang Huan left early the next morning.

"Sister, be careful."Tang Zichen instructed.

"Well, don't worry, sister will protect herself, if sister hunts a lot of magic cores this time, in exchange for the spirit stone sister will share it with you oh."

"Eh."Tang Zichen was suddenly touched, knowing that immortal resources were acquired with one's life for any immortal, Tang Huan was actually willing to share the spirit stones she acquired with Tang Zichen.

"Alright, sister is leaving, sister is not here brother have to work hard oh."

"Sister, when are you coming back?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"This, I can't say for sure la, it's about ten days to half a month, or maybe longer."

"Ah, it will take that long." First URL

"It's all right la, let's not talk about it, I have to go, so they don't have to wait for me."Tang Huan hurriedly left.

When Tang Zichen saw Tang Huan's departing back, he always felt a faint sadness inside, Tang Zichen was suddenly a little worried, going to the True Beast Forest to hunt the beasts was definitely a crisis, no one dared to say that there wouldn't be accidents, Tang Zichen was afraid, was this a bad sign, could it be that his sister would really just never come back.Tang Zichen at this moment, thinking of those relatives of his in the mortal realm, in the end, the heavens were not just as merciless to let them leave him, to now he was alone and helpless, it was hard to have a sister in the spirit world who was so good to him, if the heavens took her away so cruelly, then how could Tang Zichen accept it.

"No, sister!"Tang Zichen was busy chasing after the gate and shouting, but Tang Huan had already disappeared without a trace, as if he had never existed.

Tang Zichen clenched his teeth, "In this lifetime, I will not let any of my family members leave me, I will never let what happened in the mortal realm happen again.No one, no one will be allowed to harm my sister."

Tang Zichen seemed to have made a decision.

"Go, I will follow them to the True Beast Forest and protect my sister, never let her be in any danger."

That's right, Tang Zichen had decided.

Tang Zichen returned to the house and immediately used the Bone Reduction Technique to raise his height by ten centimeters, it looked like he was one meter tall, at the same time, Tang Zichen also used the Disguise Technique to change his face, Tang Zichen didn't want to stand out too much, so his altered face looked ordinary, it wasn't related to being handsome anyway.

Then, Tang Zichen immediately went to Tang Huan's dormitory area.

At this moment, at the entrance of Tang Huan's dormitory area, seven women seemed to be ready for anything and were waiting for someone.

"Why hasn't Huan Huan come yet."

"That's right, it's been waiting for so long."

One of the strongest women said, "Alright, stop nagging, waiting won't kill you.By the way, have you prepared everything you need to prepare?"

"Captain, it's all ready, all sorts of defensive charms and things you'll need for field accommodations."

"Check again,

This is something that cannot tolerate any sloppiness."That woman at the fifth stage of body refining said.


At that moment, Tang Huan came running from afar.

"Sorry, I'm a little late coming back."

The female captain of the fifth stage of body refining said, "Huanhuan, hurry back and get ready, and leave right away."


Tang Huan Huan alone went back to the dormitory first, got ready, grabbed a few things, and then came to the gate, and the group of eight people were ready to leave.

"Depart."The female captain said.

Just as the eight of them were getting ready to depart.

A voice from behind them said, "Wait a minute."

The eight girls turned around, only to see a short guy with a mask over his face.

"Uh, and you are?"Everyone was stunned.

That's right, this person was exactly who Tang Zichen was pretending to be, and Tang Zichen had decided on the spur of the moment that he wanted to follow his sister to the True Beast Forest, and he wanted to protect her.

Tang Zichen said, "I wonder if I can go with you guys."

That female captain said, "Could it be that you are the one who defeated Liu Hua's Wind Lightning that was rumored yesterday?"


"Wow."The few girls around Tang Huan were shocked that it was Wind Lightning.

However, at the moment, Tang Huan's face was a bit awkward, after all, everyone said that Wind Lightning was secretly in love with her, that's why she had beaten Liu Hua and told him not to harass her anymore, so Tang Huan definitely couldn't act as calm as the other sisters who had nothing to do with it.

That female captain looked at Tang Huan and asked, "Huan Huan, what do you think?"

Tang Huan said, "Xiao Bai, I think it's better if we don't."

However, the rest of the girls were busy saying, "Huanhuan, why don't we, he's someone whose strength is far greater than Liu Hua's, if he can join us, wouldn't it be safer for us in the True Beast Forest."

The one who called, "They're right, I think it's better to let Wind Lightning join."

Tang Huan was helpless, although Wind Light Cloud was heard to be very powerful, Tang Huan was not at all tempted, if he followed himself on this trip, wouldn't he be harassed by him every day, in that case, what was the difference between him and those people from Liu Hua.

Female team Light Cloud, I'll ask you a question first."


"Why do you want to go with us to the True Beast Forest?I want you to be honest with me."

Tang Zichen looked at Tang Huan and said, "Protect her."

"Wow."A few other girls started up, while Tang Huan looked depressed.

The female captain added, "But we, Huanhuan, don't have any affection for you by the looks of her."

Tang Zichen said, "My purpose is just to protect her, please don't think too much about it, I don't like her or want to get her, I just want to protect her, she is my family, you guys treat her as my sister, or sister alright.You guys also don't worry, I won't harass her."

Tang Huan huffed, "I don't want you to protect."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, looking at Tang Huan, he said inwardly, "Sister, I'm sorry, forgive me for not being able to let you know my true identity, I can only use this identity to protect you, my brother will never let any of my relatives leave me again."

The female captain nodded and said, "Good, in that case, you can come with us to the True Beast Forest."


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