The King of Kungfu in school 1491-1500


Chapter 1491

At this moment, Tang Jing Tian lowered his head, now that Tang Hu had come to get a hold of him.Even if Tang Zichen immediately recognized him as his godfather, it would only be an impromptu fire-fighting, and wouldn't change the fact that he was deceiving his family.

Tang Hu Lai shouted, "Law Enforcement Elder, immediately tie up Tang Jing Tian for me."


"Tie him up, Tang Zichen is obviously not Tang Jingdi's son, but Tang Jingtian deceived the family by claiming to be Tang Jingdi's legacy son, so deceiving the family, bringing shame to the ancestors, the tablet is angry and falling down, shouldn't he be heavily blamed?"Tang Hu came shouting, and the entire palace was a bit scrupulous.

The Law Enforcement Elder walked up to Tang Jingtian and said, "Ninth Elder, I'm sorry."

At this moment, Tang Zichen shouted, "Slow down."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Hu Lai snorted, "Tang Zichen, what else do you have to say, a foreigner?You are no longer qualified to stay in the Tang family, please leave the Tang family immediately, although my Tang family treasures talent, but the matter of disturbing the ancestors, no matter how talented you are, I wouldn't dare to keep you."

Tang Zichen snorted, "It's true that I have no blood relationship with Tang Jingdi, but that doesn't mean that I'm not Tang Jingdi's surviving son, because, I'm Tang Jingdi's righteous son, Tang Jingdi adopted me before his death and raised me.Unfortunately, my godfather was killed by a traitor and died early, but fortunately, my fifth uncle found me and brought me back to the Tang family and treated me like his own nephew."

"What."Tang Hu Lai's face changed dramatically.

Tang Zichen looked coldly at the family master and snorted, "Family master, my fifth uncle said I was his nephew, there's nothing wrong with that, right?" One second to remember to read the book

"This."Tang Hu Lai was at a loss for words, indeed, there was nothing wrong with it, the righteous son that was accepted certainly belonged to the Tang family, and there was even less wrong with Tang Jing Tian saying that Tang Zichen was his nephew.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Could it be that the master of the house means that the righteous son doesn't count as a member of the Tang family?"

There was much discussion in the palace.

At this moment, Tang Jingtian was relieved and thankfully looked at Tang Zichen.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen was clever enough to say that he was Tang Jingdi's righteous son, thus resolving the crisis of Tang Jingtian deceiving his family.

Tang Hu Lai's lungs were about to explode at the moment, I never thought that Tang Zichen could say that.

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, Tang Jingdi is dead, are you saying that he is your righteous father?What proof do you have of that."

"Hahaha, I say yes it is, I don't need proof, and besides, what proof do you have that I'm not, if you suspect I'm not?"

Tang Jingtian said, "I can testify that Zichen is indeed the righteous son that my big brother adopted before his death, and is the only descendant of my big brother left alive.Fellow elders, I still hope that it is clear, Tang Zichen's talent is obvious to everyone, and he can definitely revitalize our Tang family in the future, unless, someone does not want my big brother's righteous son to return to the family."

Everyone looked at Tang Hu Lai, and the cross flesh on Tang Hu Lai's face trembled, clearly annoyed.

One of the elders of the Tang family said, "Alright, no matter if it's a righteous son or a biological one, it's still a child of the Tang family, besides, Tang Zichen's talent is so strong, why should we refuse to let him go?Everyone welcome Tang Zichen back to the family."

"Pah-pah."Everyone applauded.

Tang Hu said, "Everyone, don't forget about the ancestral tablet falling down in the ancestral hall, if it's really a good thing, why would the ancestral tablet fall down?"

"This."Everyone couldn't explain it.


Tang Zichen said, "Elders, I can explain why the Ancestral Plaque has fallen."

"Why?"Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at the family head and said, "It must be that the ancestor is not happy with the family head."

Tang Hu Lai became furious and said, "Tang Zichen, you speak nonsense one more time."

Tang Zichen said, "Why else would the tablet fall?Ancestor is psychic, and I'm sure that deep down inside, the head of the family was repulsed by me and wanted to drive me away, and Ancestor saw into the head of the family's heart, so he got very angry, and then he fell off."

"Uh."Everyone was stunned, and although no one spoke, Tang Zichen's explanation seemed quite reasonable, as many people present could see what the family head really meant inside.

"Tang Zichen, you."Tang Hu Lai was at the height of his anger.

Tang Zichen said, "Family Master, ask yourself, do you really want to drive me away inside?If so, were the ancestors angry when they found out?"

"You."Tang Hu Lai was speechless for a moment.

Everyone was looking at Tang Hu Lai, which made Tang Hu Lai seem even more nervous, because he was indeed that way inside.

Tang Hu Lai shouted in anger, "Alright, today's family proceedings, let's break up.Tang Zichen, count you as powerful, but I have to tell you, don't fall into any leverage in my hands in the future, or else I'll be blamed for being rude."

"Whatever."Tang Zichen snorted and turned to walk away.

Tang Hu Lai looked at Tang Zichen with cold eyes and clenched his fists as he said inwardly, "Don't worry, Tang Zichen, I have a hundred ways to kill you."

The family meeting ended like this.

In Tang Jingtian's home.

"Hahaha, Zichen, you're really good, angry Tang Hu Lai's nostrils are smoking, but there's nothing you can do about it.But yet, it's time to humble you to be my big brother's righteous son."Tang Jingtian said with a big smile.

Tang Zichen said, "It's fine, your big brother is also gone, but it's just a name, immortals don't restrain themselves."

"Zichen, let's not talk about that, you made Tang Hu come so disgraceful today, he definitely harbors a grudge against you."

"Could it be that he wants to kill me?"

"In front of the family, of course he wouldn't dare to kill you, but you won't know if you go to the Flying Cloud Sect.Tang Hu Lai has two sons, both in the Flying Cloud Sect, both sons are geniuses, his youngest son, Tang Go Bing, is seventeen years old this year, he has already reached the seventh stage of Body Tempering, he is a well-known genius in our Tang family, I heard that he has high hopes of becoming a core disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect.What happened today, Tang Hu Lai will definitely tell his two sons, you are going to the Flying Cloud Sect examination this year, maybe his two sons will cause trouble."Tang Jingtian said worriedly.

"Hmph, yeah."Tang Zichen gave a cold laugh and chilled inside, if that was the case, then don't blame Tang Zichen for being rude.

Although Tang Zichen was only at the fourth stage of Qi Practicing, Tang Zichen could quickly break through to the seventh stage of Body Refining as long as he had a spirit stone, and then, it was still uncertain who would kill who.

Even if Tang Zichen hadn't reached the seventh stage of Body Tempering yet, then with the presence of Immortal Qi in Tang Zichen's body, it was still unclear who was stronger and who was weaker.

Tang Jingtian said, "Zichen, when you go to the Flying Cloud Sect, you must be careful yourself, the Flying Cloud Sect is as strong as clouds, you make more friends with strong people, also, there are many other Tang family sons, as long as you don't take off, I'm sure Tang Hu Lai's two sons won't find a chance to kill you."


"Don't worry, Fifth Uncle, if I, Tang Zichen, don't have this much skill, how am I capable of stepping into the Void from the mortal realm."

"Also, the fact that you were able to step into the void from the mortal world is enough to show that you have a strong ability to resolve crises, as well as a very strong sense of luck.In ten days, the people from the Flying Cloud Sect will come to recruit you, I'll write a letter to my daughter Tang Huan now and ask her to prepare for the reception in advance, I'll also ask her to take good care of you, although she's only at the third stage of Body Tempering, she's always stronger than you are now, I'm sure she'll be able to protect you."

"Oh, thank you, Fifth Uncle."Tang Zichen smiled slightly, although Tang Zichen protecting Tang Huan was more or less the same, but he was very grateful for Tang Jingtian's piece of mind.

Tang Jingtian immediately went to write a letter.

Writing a very long letter, telling his daughter that she had an additional cousin, Tang Zichen, and that the cousin would be coming to the Flying Cloud Sect for assessment in a while, spilling thousands of words.

And right now, in Tang Hu Lai's study room.

Tang Hu Lai was also writing letters.

"Cure, Bing'er, how is everything going in the Flying Cloud Sect?All is well at home, don't worry.But something has happened today that has set me on fire.(5,000 words omitted).If you don't get rid of him, he will be your biggest competitor in the Tang family, and most of their immortal resources will be taken over by him.If you don't, you will be the biggest competitor of the Tang family in the future, and the Tang family's resources will be taken over by this person.Lastly, please don't think of your family, you guys cultivate at ease in the Flying Cloud Sect, especially Bing'er, you must become a core disciple, and then my father will be doubly honored."

In the blink of an eye, ten days arrived.

The people of the Flying Cloud Sect came to Tian Bao City to recruit peripheral disciples.

At this moment in Heavenly Jewel City's Moonwatching Building, there had been a line of people from inside the building, all the way to the street. The first website

Tang Zichen was also among a line of Tang family children.

This time, there were eighteen people who went with Tang Zichen to the Feiyun Clan for the assessment, most of them were between fifteen and seventeen years old, and only Tang Zichen was the youngest, only twelve.

The four major immortal cultivation families in Tianbao City, the other three families were the Ancient Nun Family, the Lie Yue Family, the Meng Family, and the Tang Family.

Among these four major Immortal Families, the Ancient Nu and Leye were the strongest, followed by the Meng Clan, and the Tang Clan was the weakest.

Therefore, when it came to registering, the children of the Ancient Slave and Lie Yue Families were the first to register, followed by the Meng and Tang Clans.

Originally, the Tang and Meng Clans were unable to exist safely in Tian Bao City because the Ancient Slave and Lie Yue families were strong, far stronger than the Tang and Meng Clans.

However, the two great families, Ancient Slave and Leyue, checked and balanced each other, and that was why the Meng and Tang Clans were able to survive in the cracks of Tianbao City.

Moreover, the Tang Clan had joined the Ancient Slave Clan and the Meng Clan had joined the Lie Yue Clan, so it formed Tian Bao City, the two dominant clans of Ancient Slave and Lie Yue, and the two small subsidiary clans of Meng and Tang.

It was Tang Zichen's turn.

"What's the name?"

"Don Zichen."

"How old?"


"Well?Twelve?"The man in charge of the records was busy looking up.

"Twelve years old?Have you reached the first stage of body refining?"


"Come over and verify it."

Tang Zichen walked over, and in the next second, the person who registered said, "Not bad, it is indeed twelve years old, it seems that this year, Heavenly Jewel City is not bad, there are two twelve year olds who have reached the first stage of Body Tempering."

"Uh, Senior, is it possible that in Tian Bao City, besides me, there is someone else who reached the first stage of Body Tempering at the age of twelve?"

"Nonsense, you think you're unique ah, the other person who reached the first stage of Body Tempering is from the Heavenly Jewel City Lie Yue Family.Kid, I'll reveal it to you here, but don't you dare spread it to the outside world."

"Uh, what does senior have to reveal, please say, I promise not to spread it out."

"Hehe, our Flying Cloud Sect, has

A very strong elder, he's also from Heavenly Jewel City, and he's trying to return the favor to his hometown, so this year he wants to take in one of Heavenly Jewel City's children as a Dharma Transmitting Disciple."

"Dharma transmitting disciple?What is this."

"You child, why are you asking so clearly, in short, you, and that person from the Leye Moon Family, one of you, will definitely be accepted as a Dharma Transmission Disciple.Only, I don't know who will be accepted as a Dharma Transmission Disciple, it depends on the chance of the two of you."

"Oh, thank you senior for informing me."

"Alright, you go out, don't spread this news."

"Of course not."

Tang Zichen walked out of the Moonwatching Tower.

Tang Zichen only gave an unnecessary shrug at this news, if it were someone else, he would have been thrilled.

But what kind of person was Tang Zichen, who didn't take it seriously at all.

At this moment, in the Leyue Family.

One person excitedly asked, "Senior Shejun, is he really taking a Dharma transmission disciple?"

"It's a thousand times true, Senior She Jun was also from Heavenly Jewel City four hundred years ago, and in return for his hometown, he was determined to accept a genius son of Heavenly Jewel City as his Dharma disciple.This is good news."

"But, what are his criteria for accepting a Dharma transmitting disciple?Although my grandson stepped into the first stage of Body Tempering at the age of twelve, however, he is only at the first stage of Body Tempering after all."

"Haha, Patriarch Leyue Bi, I'll just reveal to you, Senior She Jun accepts passing on disciples, his vision is different from others oh, in short, your family Leyue Eyes, absolutely one hundred percent, because in the entire Heavenly Jewel City, this year, he is the only one who reached the first stage of Body Tempering at the age of twelve."

"Hahaha, that's good, if my grandson, Leyue Eyes, becomes senior She Jun's passing disciple, then it's a sure thing that he will become a core disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, hahaha."The Lie Yue Clan's patriarch laughed loudly.

Just at this moment, a man outside rushed in.

"It's bad, Clan Head, Moonwatching Moon Tower has discovered another young genius who stepped into the first stage of Body Tempering at the age of 12."

"What? How is this possible, two appearing in one city?That's by no means possible."

"It's true, that person is from the Tang Clan."

"It's even more impossible, how is it possible that the Tang Clan is a trash family, a vassal of the Ancient Slave Clan."

In short, Tang Zichen was on fire in the four major immortal cultivation families of Tian Bao City, and all four major immortal cultivation families knew Tang Zichen's name.

After reporting his name, Tang Zichen was placed directly on a bird cart, and after the registration deadline this evening, Tang Zichen would be heading to the Flying Cloud Sect along with the people from the Flying Cloud Sect.

Tang Jingtian shouted from a short distance away, "Go for it, Zichen, I'll wait for your good news."

"Fifth Uncle, I will."

At this moment, the head of the Tang family, Tang Hu Lai, was summoned urgently, "Tang Hu Lai, the head of the Ancient Slave Family has asked you to go there."

"Yes."Tang Hu Lai went respectfully.

"Pay your respects to the Ancient Slave Indominus Clan Chief."After Tang Hu Lai saw the Ancient Slave Clan Chief, he busily kneeled down and was incomparably respectful.

"Tang Hu Lai, I heard that a genius has appeared in your Tang family, stepping into the first stage of body refining at the age of twelve?"

"Yes, his name is Don Zichen."

"Why didn't you report this to me earlier?"Ancient Slave Indang slapped the table, blinding Tang Hu Lai.


"Hmph, Tang Hu Lai, don't you think that you, Tang Clan, with this genius, will be able to turn over a new leaf in the future, don't you dream, your Tang Clan will always be a subordinate of our Gu Nu Clan."

"Yes yes yes."

After a pause of several seconds, Ancient Slave Indang said, "Tang Hu Lai, if I ask you, to get rid of that genius of your Tang Clan, will you resist me?"

"Uh."Tang Hu Lai was stunned, but in the next moment he realized that the Ancient Slave Family didn't want any geniuses to rise in the Tang Family either.


"What? I told you to except Tang Zichen and you dare to resist?Tang Hu Lai, I know that it's rare for your Tang family to have a genius who has stepped into the first stage of Body Tempering at the age of twelve, but you must understand that your Tang family has survived to this day in Tian Bao City all because of the protection of our Ancient Slave Family, so you must do whatever we, the Ancient Slave Family, want you to do.Now, I order you to remove Tang Zichen."

"Yes, Ancient Slave Clan Chief."Tang Hu Lai said with a nod of his head.

"Hahaha, very good, you can go."Tang Hu Lai laughed.

The Ancient Slave Indians thought that Tang Hu Lai would resist, but they didn't know that Tang Hu Lai was still barred, they all wanted Tang Zichen dead.One was afraid that Tang Zichen would compete with them for the position of head in the Tang family in the future, while the other didn't want to see any geniuses emerge from their affiliated families and wanted to suppress the affiliated families to death forever.

Right now, Tang Zichen was sitting on the back of a huge bird, this bird was huge, it had eighteen or nineteen people sitting on its back, Tang Zichen had never seen such a big bird before.

This time, the Flying Cloud Sect had taken a total of ninety people from Tianbao City, these ninety people were divided into several giant bird rides.

Tang Zichen, a teenager sitting next to Tang Zichen moved Tang Zichen with his elbow and said, "Hey, I heard that this year we have two twelve year olds in Tianbao City who have reached the first stage of Body Refining."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned and looked at the young man beside him.

"Brother, haven't you heard?"

Tang Zichen smiled speechlessly, he was one of them, how could he not have heard.However, everyone was sitting at the moment, and it was hard for others to tell Tang Zichen's age

"Hello, my name is Vole."The teenager beside Tang Zichen said. Remember the website

"Hello, my name is Tang Zichen."

"Brother Tang, you're from the Tang family, huh?"

"Yeah, I'm from the Tang family."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Tang Zichen placed his hand on the field mouse's arm, and suddenly, Tang Zichen sensed the field mouse's realm, the first stage of body refining.

Tang Zichen asked, "Is it going to be far from the Flying Cloud Sect?"

"Okay, I heard it's two days away."

Then another teenager across the ramp said, "Hey, y'all know what?Our Heavenly Jewel City has two twelve year old first stage geniuses of body refining."

Everyone gave a sudden "cut" and then said, "I should have known."

The teenager across the slope laughed heedlessly and said, "One of them is from the Lie Yue Family, and the other one, no one currently knows who it is."

"Yeah, the other one doesn't know who it is either."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, he wouldn't be that bored to stand up and say it was him, a bunch of little kids.

Two days later, Tang Zichen and the others were almost at the Flying Cloud Sect.

"Look, the mountains in the distance is the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Wow, what a magnificent and grand Flying Cloud Sect!"

Everyone looked into the distance.

Tang Zichen also looked into the distance, indeed, the Flying Cloud Sect looked imposing and extremely spectacular.

Tang Zichen remembered Tang Jingtian's daughter, and didn't know if Tang Huan had received the letter, Tang Zichen was still looking forward to seeing her, after all, in this world, Tang Jingtian and his daughter, were considered the only family Tang Zichen had.

Right here.

At the time, the leader said, "Everyone, since you have not yet been examined to enter the Flying Cloud Sect, you are not yet able to enter the Flying Cloud Sect, until the examination is successful, the Flying Cloud Sect will arrange for you to stay at the bottom of the mountain.Also, prepare yourselves, tonight Elder She Jun will come and choose one of you to become his summoning disciple.(Note: The one from yesterday, modified to be a Transfiguration Disciple)."

"Wow, no way."For many people, it was the first time they learned of this news.

"Oh, everyone, don't say I didn't tell you, whoever once becomes Elder She Jun's Transfiguration Disciple, this means that they can become a peripheral disciple without examination, and it's not impossible for them to become a core disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect in the future.It's just that it's up to everyone's fate as to who will get this opportunity."

After that, Tang Zichen and the others were placed in a temporary residence at the bottom of the Flying Cloud Sect's mountain.

At this place, apart from Tang Zichen and the others from Heavenly Jewel City, there were other teenagers from all over the world, all of whom had come to participate in the outer disciple assessment.

After Tang Zichen and the others had their dinner, someone suddenly informed, "All those from Tianbao City, follow me, Elder She Jun is here."

Everyone followed that person into a large room.

Tang Zichen saw a middle-aged and elderly man of unknown age, standing in that large room.

After everyone from Heavenly Jewel City had arrived, the man said, "Everyone, I am She Jun, I am also from Heavenly Jewel City, I'm sure you all know why I'm here.Since I'm also from Tian Bao City, I naturally want to make some contributions to my hometown, and now I'm lacking a disciple to spread the word, so I'm going to pick from the people of Tian Bao City.Many of you may not know what a book transmitting disciple is, but let me explain here, a book transmitting disciple, as the name implies, is someone who helps me transmit books.Therefore, a book transmitting disciple is not a true disciple, but, it is someone who follows me around often."

Below, all the people youngsters from Heavenly Jewel City had eyes that showed desire, even if they weren't true disciples, but to be able to follow a Spiritual Harmony Stage powerhouse, that was already of great benefit, and also an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, the resources needed for future immortality cultivation were truly leveraged.

However, there was one person who didn't show any longing, and that was Tang Zichen.

Elder Shejun continued, "I know that all of you, all of you desire to become my heirloom disciples."At this point, Tang Zichen trailed off, where did this product get the confidence.

"However, there's only one book transmitting disciple I need, so I can only choose one of you.Anyone who is chosen by me, he doesn't have to take part in the later examination anymore, because, my Transfiguration Disciple already belongs to the status of a peripheral disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect.Moreover, there is still a possibility that my Transfigured Disciple will be promoted to a core disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect in the future."

"Gulp."Everyone was gulping.

Especially for the people from the four great families in Heavenly Jewel City, for the teenagers from the four great families, becoming a Book Passing Disciple of Elder She Jun could also bring glory to the family ah.

"Alright, now I'm going to start choosing the Book Passing Disciples, I heard that among the people from Tian Bao City this time, there are two twelve year olds who stepped into the first stage of Body Refining, now please ask those two teenagers, to come forward."

The teenager from the Lie Yue Family, called Lie Yue Eyes, stood out in excitement.

After thinking about it, Tang Zichen also stood out.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen and Leye Eyes with envy, but the person who was sitting on the same bird as Tang Zichen was horrified, "Damn, so he's the other one, this guy, he didn't say anything along the way."


Elder She Monarch looked at Tang Zichen and Leye Eyes and smiled, "Not bad, my Heavenly Jewel City actually has two twelve year old geniuses in one year.I, She Jun, choose to pass on disciples, preferring geniuses like you, and I announce that I will choose one of you.Now you guys come up here and let me touch it."

Lie Yueye immediately walked up.

In the back of Tang Zichen's mind, he was thinking, "If I'm chosen, do I want to be his Book Passing Disciple?"

"It's just a matter of time, dang, after all, he's an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, if I follow him, I can be exposed to more of the world, and in that way, I can also obtain more resources for immortal cultivation."

Tang Zichen thought of this and actively walked on, for better immortal cultivation resources, Tang Zichen decided to become a book transmitting disciple.

Elder Shejun touched Tang Zichen and Lie Yueye's body, then said, "It's fine, step back first."

The two retreated.

Lie Yueye looked at Elder Shejun nervously, and everyone watched nervously as well, wondering who would become Elder Shejun's heirloom disciple, Tang Zichen or Lie Yueye.

After a moment's pause, Elder Shejun said, "I've already figured out their lifelines separately, so I'll choose in the end."

"Choose you to become my heirloom disciple."Elder Shejun said with a finger pointed at Lie Yue Eyes.

"Thank you, Master."Leye Eyes cried and knelt down. One second to remember to read the book

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, Nima, but there was no choice for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen had some regrets, after all, this was a matter of personal will.

At that moment, a person off stage asked, "Elder Shejun, why did you choose Leye Eyes instead of Tang Zichen ah?"

Elder She Jun looked at Tang Zichen and said, "I touched his entire body and made a guess based on his lifeblood.I'm afraid that this person is only a young man, the early stages are fine, the follow-up is weak, and if nothing else, he shouldn't be able to go very far in the future.On the contrary, Lie Yueye's lifeblood vein, which gives me a long and continuous flow, will be a sustainable and strong genius."

Tang Zichen was filled with displeasure at Elder Shejun's comments, going so far as to say that he was only a young man, but not in the future.

Tang Zichen said, "Thank you for Elder Shejun's evaluation, but I think I will disappoint you."

Elder She Jun looked towards Tang Zichen and saw the displeasure in Tang Zichen's words towards him, so he snorted, "You're a teenager, so exuberant, as expected my feeling was right, you will definitely not be able to go very far in the future."

"Really? Then please wait and see, Elder."Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen will definitely let him see if he can do it or not, when Tang Zichen beheads him in the future, he'll know if Tang Zichen can't go very far.

"Hmph."Elder Shejun snorted and said to Lie Yueye, "What's your name?"

"Master, my name is Leye Moon Eyes."

"Well, Leye Moon Eyes, from today onwards, you will be my heirloom disciple, your future will be different, at least compared to someone who shares the same name as you at the moment, you will have a sea change, while someone, hmph, but I will see how he is."After saying that, Elder Shejun glanced very disdainfully at Tang Zichen.

"Yes, Master."Leye Eyes also looked at Tang Zichen beside her, then the corners of her mouth rose.

"Leye Moon Eyes, you no longer need to participate in the outer disciple examination behind you, now come directly with me into the Flying Cloud Sect."


Elder Shejun immediately headed out, head

Neither returned, just that leader panicked, "Respectfully send Shejun elder."

That Leye Eyes did not leave immediately, before leaving, looked at Tang Zichen, a mouth, proudly said, "Thought it was really a person like me, did not expect that it was just a moment, Tang family, after all, is only a dog family, is not able to produce true geniuses, hahaha."

A few Tang Family's children at the scene were immediately filled with displeasure.

Tang Zichen's gaze was cold as he looked at the momentarily incomparably proud of Leye Eyes, inwardly saying, "Leye Eyes, I'll let you have your way for a while, I'll definitely slaughter you.Not only you, in the future even She Jun's old ghost, I will also slaughter."

Lie Yueye departed in front of everyone's eyes, everyone was incomparably envious, they still needed to participate in a later examination and might not be able to succeed in the examination, but Lie Yueye could now directly enter the Flying Cloud Sect and still have a bright future, this was the difference.

After Leye Eyes left, everyone looked at Tang Zichen again, their eyes filled with pity, originally the same name as Leye Eyes, but unfortunately, did not expect to be an empty-headed dish, in vain, the future is still to be reduced to mediocrity.

So, when everyone looked at Tang Zichen's eyes again, they suddenly became less polite and respectful, not to mention any worship and envy, but a kind of sympathy.

Of course, there was still a large portion of people who looked at Tang Zichen with a kind of contempt and patheticness, whispering to Tang Zichen, not knowing if they were mocking or what.

This group of people seemed to believe in Elder Shejun's words.

At that moment, a man patted Tang Zichen's shoulder and said, "Brother Zichen, don't be depressed, it's okay, just pretend there was never a genius."This person was none other than a field mouse.

Tang Zichen nodded his head slightly, and his gaze did not take everyone's pathetic eyes towards him seriously at all.

This was just a bunch of short-sighted frogs at the bottom of a well, Tang Zichen did not need to get angry with a bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well, what he was really like, everything would be known when the assessment was done.

Tang Zichen by virtue of his skills at the fourth stage of body refining, the first place in this year's peripheral disciple assessment will definitely be his, at that time, Tang Zichen will show everyone that a dog's eye is a dog's eye, because a dog's eye is very low.

Tang Zichen walked straight out of the room.

Everyone also left and returned to their respective temporary residences.

The next day, within the Flying Cloud Sect, a beautiful young girl of around sixteen years old inquired with a Flying Cloud Sect disciple who was in charge of admissions, "Hello, may I ask if the people who came to Tian Bao City to take the assessment this year have come yet?"

Those few disciples in charge of admissions saw that it was the famous Tang Huan, and were busy saying enthusiastically, "Sister Tang Huan, here she is."

"Mmhmm, great, thank you."That beautiful maiden was excited, she had already received a letter from her father, who told her that she had an additional cousin, Tang Zichen, who had come back this year to assess the outer disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect.

"Sister Tang Huan, why are you so excited?"

"Hehe, my cousin is also here for the assessment, I'm going down the mountain to look for him."Tang Huan was also a little nervous about meeting her cousin for the first time, but the more nervous she looked, the more beautiful she looked, leaving the few disciples who were helping with the admissions next to her dumbfounded.

"Sister Tang Huan, we just came up from the mountain, what's your cousin's name?Maybe we've met before."

"Hehe, my father said that my cousin is a genius, and he stepped into the first stage of body refining at the age of twelve this year."

"What? You don't mean that Tang Zichen guy, do you?"


"Uh, how do you guys know my cousin's name, it seems like my cousin is really famous."Tang Huan said.

"Hahaha, yeah, he's really famous under the mountain at the moment."Those disciples let out strange laughter.

"Uh, what are you guys laughing at?My cousin's name is indeed Tang Zichen, isn't he twelve years old and has entered the first stage of Body Tempering?There's no way my father would lie to me."

"Sister Tang Huan, I don't know if you've heard that there's a She Jun elder of our Flying Cloud Sect who's ready to choose a pass on disciple from the people from Heavenly Jewel City."

"I've heard."

"That's right, last night Elder She Jun already went to choose, he was going to choose between Tang Zichen and another person named Leye Eyes, but in the end Elder She Jun chose Leye Eyes, do you know why?"


"Because, when Elder She Jun tested your cousin's lifeblood, he found that there was a problem with your cousin's lifeblood, in short, your cousin was just a genius who performed for a while, and would become mediocre later on.This matter has already spread down the mountain, and many of the people who came to take the test down the mountain know about it."

Tang Huan immediately went down the mountain.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was sitting in his temporary quarters at the bottom of the mountain, and from time to time, people would come to take a look and whisper outside the door, as if many people who had heard about it had made a special effort to come and see Tang Zichen himself.

However, Tang Zichen was not disturbed by these outside people, Tang Zichen sat on the bed and closed his eyes to rest his mind, while Tang Zichen was also absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, although Tang Zichen did not care for such a small amount of spiritual energy, but anyway, nothing happened. The first website

Just then, a young man from the Tang family walked in from outside, and the young man shouted, "Tang Zichen, your cousin is here to see you."

Tang Zichen opened his eyes sharply.

A cousin?Is it Tang Huan?

Tang Zichen busy out of the doorway, suddenly, Tang Zichen saw a young girl, that young girl although the face still appears very green, but the body what has begun to take shape, chest big hips, presenting a perfect s-shape, height of about 170, fully 20 centimeters higher than Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen standing in front of her, is a small child's feeling.

Tang Zichen looked at this beautiful girl at the door, somewhat shocked, this is the fifth uncle's daughter, Tang Huan?It really is beautiful.

Of course, Tang Huan is also looking at Tang Zichen at the moment, he is my cousin?My uncle's adopted son?

They were both meeting each other for the first time, and although Tang Huan was 16 years old, he looked a bit shy and nervous meeting his cousin for the first time.

On the contrary, Tang Zichen, although he had the appearance of a small child, his eyes were very seasoned, without any extra emotions such as nervousness.

Tang Zichen spoke first and said, "Are you my fifth uncle's daughter, Tang Huan?"

"Mmhmm, I'm Tang Huan, you must be my cousin."Tang Huan said with a playful and cute face and some redness on her face, no wonder she was a famous female disciple in the Flying Cloud Sect, she was indeed quite attractive to men.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, my name is Tang Zichen, in that case, I'll also call you cousin."Tang Zichen was reluctant in his heart, after all, Tang Zichen was far older than her, but immortal cultivators didn't bother with small things like this, so Tang Zichen didn't bother with it, and since he had run into her, he just let it go.

"Mmhmm , brother Zichen, finally seeing you, I saw my father's letter saying that my uncle's adopted son has come home, I'm looking forward to seeing you."Tang Huan's voice said sweetly, a girl from the cute department, like a gentle lamb.

"Oh, me too."Tang Zichen gave a shallow sip.

"That, Zichen-chan.

Brother, it's quite inconvenient to live in a group dormitory here, so why don't I take you to a nearby town to stay at an inn, and it will be a few days before the assessment starts anyway.In addition, I want to invite you to a restaurant to eat, my father said in the letter, to take good care of you.But you haven't been assessed to enter the Flying Cloud Sect yet, you can't go in, and I can't take you in."Tang Huan said politely.

"Sister is polite, it's good that I'm staying here, besides, the nearby inn is definitely already full."

"It seems so, then I'll invite you to dinner, it's our sister and brother's first meeting, we still have so much we want to talk about."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded.

"Let's go."Said Tang Huan, reaching out his hand to take Tang Zichen.

"Uh."Tang Zichen was slightly stunned, but in the next moment, Tang Huan grabbed his hand and led him out.

In Tang Huan's eyes, Tang Zichen was naturally a child, and without too many taboos, Tang Zichen was not even tall enough to reach her shoulders.

But Tang Zichen was somewhat speechless, he was so 'big' and still being held by someone.

However, Tang Zichen suddenly had a strange feeling, because he never had a sister, never knew what it felt like to be protected by a sister, even though he had lived for more than two hundred years in his previous life, so when Tang Huan pulled him, like a big sister, it gave Tang Zichen a warm feeling inside that he had never had before.

"Sister."Tang Zichen couldn't help but call out softly, looking up at Tang Huan.

"Mm."Tang Huan bowed his head and smiled slightly at Tang Zichen, who had a lightness like a spring breeze.

Tang Huan had been pulling Tang Zichen to a nearby city.

Tang Zichen unconsciously, really kind of thought of himself as a 'younger brother', never enjoyed the brotherly love between siblings in the mortal world, now it was not bad to be a younger brother.

"Brother, this is Fiery Cloud City, it's the largest city under the Flying Cloud Sect's mountain, this Fiery Cloud City, it's even more massive than our hometown Tian Bao City."


"It's almost noon, there's a restaurant in front of there, some times I'll come down the mountain with a few of my good sisters to fight tooth and nail, I'll go to that restaurant, there's very delicious Fire Cloud Beast Meat, I'll take you there to eat it, this is not available in our Heavenly Jewel City, oh."Tang Huan said.

"Okay, you decide."Tang Zichen said.

"Hehe, do you think that sister I'm a foodie."Tang Huan said somewhat embarrassed and lowered his head.

"Uh, no, how can my sister be a foodie when she has such a good figure."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Huan got angry, "You're such a small child, you also know what a girl's body is."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was a bit speechless, yeah, by all means, a 12 year old would definitely not pay attention to a girl's figure, let alone say things like how the other's figure was, because at this age his eyesight wasn't a woman.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Sister misunderstood, I don't see that sister is fat at all, that's why I don't think she's a foodie."

"Hehehe, brother, you're wrong oh, actually I'm really a foodie, this Flying Cloud City, what delicious places are there, I know a lot of them.My good sisters and I often run down the mountain to go shopping."

"Sister, your main purpose of coming to Flying Cloud Sect is to cultivate immortality, you must not forget what your fifth uncle expects of you."Tang Zichen said somewhat seriously.

"Alright."Tang Huan was a little sweaty, but she was actually taught a lesson by her cousin, it seems she will have to go down the mountain less often in the future, but it seems that her brother seems to have a more sensible feeling than her.


Tang Zichen and Tang Huan entered a restaurant and Tang Huan ordered a large table of delicious food.

"Brother, eat quickly."Tang Huan said.

Tang Zichen was speechless, he didn't think that Tang Huan was really a foodie, but it also made Tang Zichen feel that Tang Huan was quite grounded.

"Right, younger brother, I heard that last night, Elder Shejun said you were bad, don't take it too personally ah, after all, Elder Shejun isn't an immortal, what he says is what he says."Tang Huan said comfortingly.

"Sister, you're overthinking, a short-sighted frog in a well, how could I, Tang Zichen, put it in my eyes."

"Hey, brother, your tone is so wild, you actually said that Elder Shejun is a short-sighted frog in a well, haha, I like how confident you are."Tang Huan covered his mouth with a playful smile.


"But, brother, it's fine if we say such things ourselves, but don't say it to outsiders, in case it reaches Elder Shejun's ears, it's not good."

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, it's already too late, I already let the word out in the morning when several people secretly satirized me."

"What?You say such things out loud?"

"Right." Remember the URL

"Oh no, if this reaches Elder Shejun's ears, I don't know what will happen."

"Oh, what could happen, do I have to accept it with an open mind?Alright, sister, let's not talk about this, can you tell me about how the Flying Cloud Sect is assessed."Tang Zichen asked as he ate, while Tang Huan was worried that the words he had just said would reach Elder Shejun's ears, although it was true that Tang Zichen could not humbly accept Elder Shejun's assessment of him, but Tang Zichen, one who had not yet assessed to enter the Flying Cloud Sect, saying that Elder Shejun was shortsighted was also really infuriating to hear.

Tang Huan regretted not coming to Tang Zichen sooner, then maybe he could have stopped Tang Zichen from speaking nonsense.

Unfortunately, it was too late, Tang Zichen's words about Elder She Jun being short-sighted and a frog at the bottom of a well had already spread, and the worse it was, the faster it spread.

Right now at a mountain peak somewhere in the Flying Cloud Sect.

Elder She Jun was sitting in his mansion, and Leye Eyes, who had just been accepted as a transmission disciple last night, was standing off to the side.

"Leye Eyes, go and bring me that 'Yun De Jing' book in my backyard, and by the way, help me pour a cup of water."Elder She Jun suddenly spoke up.

"Yes, Master."Lie Yueye's ass went, making like a servant, this is what is known as a passing down disciple, Tang Zichen fortunately did not become such a passing down disciple, with Tang Zichen's character of serving tea and pouring water, he probably would have quit long ago.

At that moment, a man walked in outside the door, and that man looked angry.

"Master."That man called out, he was Elder She Jun's personal disciple, which was the core disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect.

"Liao Jun, what is it?Why do you look so angry, Immortal cultivators are most forbidden to do so."Elder Shejun said.

"Master, some people say that you are short-sighted and a frog in a well."

"Ridiculous, who dares to judge me like that?Even the various Sovereigns of the Flying Cloud Sect don't dare to judge me like that, who does?"Elder She Jun let out a cold laugh.

The disciple called Liao Jun said, "Master, it's a little kid who hasn't yet been assessed to enter the Flying Cloud Sect, his name is Tang Zichen, after hearing that you evaluated him last night, he went around telling people that you're short-sighted and a frog in a well."


"Hmph."Elder Shejun snorted in anger.

"It's ridiculous for a mere mole to call me short-sighted."

"Master, the more this matter spreads, it's likely that even some of the deputy masters of the Flying Cloud Sect will know about it, and you're a magnificent Flying Cloud Sect elder, but you're saying that you're short-sighted, it's really infuriating.Master, do you want my disciple to go down to the mountain and arrest that Tang Zichen and beat him up?Letting off steam for you."

"No need, since even the Vice Patriarch may have heard of this matter, if you go to beat him, wouldn't it seem that I, She Jun, am really so small-minded, a yellow hair going.I'd like to see what he's capable of, but in the end, he'll just be smashing his own feet, which is even more humiliating."

"Yes, Master."

As expected, this matter reached the ears of several vice-patriarchs of the Flying Cloud Sect.

However, everyone just took it as hearing a joke, and it was indeed a joke as well, but of course, it was Tang Zichen who was laughing, not Elder Shejun, and everyone laughed at Tang Zichen for being so ignorant of himself, laughing at Tang Zichen for not accepting a strong man's evaluation, and instead saying that the strong man was short-sighted, what a truly ignorant little child.

At the restaurant under the mountain, Tang Zichen and Tang Huan were eating.

"What about the Flying Cloud Sect's outer disciple assessment, it's very simple, you just need to go through the Wild Beast Forest."Tang Huan said.

"Desolate Beast Forest?"

"Yes, there is a Desolate Beast Forest to the north of the Flying Cloud Sect, it's small and the beasts within it aren't strong, they're all captured by the strong men of the Flying Cloud Sect and are mainly used for assessment purposes.As long as you pass through the Desolate Beast Forest, you can pass the examination and enter the Flying Cloud Sect and become a peripheral disciple."

"Then if you don't reach the strength, you'll die there?"

"No, the Flying Cloud Sect will give everyone a Determining Talisman, if you come across a desolate beast that you can't defeat, just use the Determining Talisman to freeze it and then back off.Those who use the Determining Talisman cannot continue forward, and even if you continue forward, it doesn't count as passing, the Determining Talisman is only to prevent death.In addition, the person who travels through the Desolate Beast Forest the fastest is the first place in the assessment, and so on."

"Oh, I see."

"Of course, there are some lucky people who didn't encounter a single beast when they traversed the Desolate Beast Forest, there are also cases, but very few, this luck needs to be so good.When I took the assessment last year, I encountered seven or eight beasts, but they were all fought off by me in the end, and then I passed the assessment.I heard that when I was first in the assessment last year, I only used fifteen minutes to cross the Desolate Beast Forest."

"Fifteen minutes through the Desolate Beast Forest is impressive?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Nonsense, that's pretty impressive, okay, people who can cross the Desolate Beast Forest in twenty minutes are very talented, the average person needs more than an hour.And last year, it took me over two whole hours to cross the Desolate Beast Forest.The guy who was in the same year as me last year, the guy who only took fifteen minutes, this year he has already reached the fifth stage of body refining, this kind of person is destined to be the pride of the heavens, we can't compare."

"Oh, then this guy last year, what was his strength?"

"Body Tempering Second Stage, generally speaking, those who come to participate in the assessment are Body Tempering First Stage, Second Stage, and almost no Body Tempering Third Stage, because those who are in the Body Tempering Third Stage have already come, and won't wait until now, except for individuals who were delayed due to something and didn't come after reaching the conditions a few years ago."

"Oh."Tang Zichen said in his heart, he was at the fourth stage of body refining, I wonder how long it would take to cross the Wild Beast Forest.


"Alright, sister, thank you for your treat and for explaining so much to me."

"Brother, we're sister and brother, so don't be so polite, if there's anything you need in the future in the Flying Cloud Sect, just say so, as long as sister can do it, she will definitely satisfy you."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Tang Huan said, "Before the official assessment, you shouldn't go back to your temporary residence at the bottom of the Flying Cloud Sect's mountain."


"You said that Elder She Jun is short-sighted and a frog in a well, I'm afraid that someone will be upset with you and then disadvantage you, so I won't allow you to go back before the formal assessment."Tang Huan said firmly.

"Uh, sister, it's fine."Tang Zichen smiled slightly, he didn't expect this young lady to be quite attentive, Tang Zichen didn't even think that someone would be against him.

"No, listen to Sister."

"This, okay, then I'm not going back, where to?There are still a few days until the official assessment."

Tang Huan thought for a moment and said, "How about this, we'll find out if there are any rooms left at the inn in the city."

"Okay." A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan walked out of the restaurant and started looking for an inn.

Unfortunately, because during the period when the Flying Cloud Sect was recruiting outer disciples, every inn was already full.

"Sister, it's still going to be a temporary place to stay.I don't think anyone should be upset with me, and besides, I'm not that easy to bully."

"Brother, you don't understand the cruelty of the Flying Cloud Sect, even inside the Flying Cloud Sect people are often killed, let alone outside, I would never trust you to go back, come with me."Saying that, Tang Huan once again pulled Tang Zichen's hand away.

Tang Zichen's small hand was pulled by Tang Huan, and the warm feeling inside him surged up again.

At this moment, Tang Zichen vowed that he would always protect his 'sister', just like she was protecting him now.

Tang Huan brought Tang Zichen to a farmer's house in Fiery Cloud City.

"Hello, may I ask if you have any vacant rooms here?"

"You are?"The farmer's male host asked.

"I am a peripheral disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, he is my brother, for some reason we can't go to the temporary residence of the Flying Cloud Sect and the inn is full again, so we would like to borrow a place for a few days, is that convenient?"Tang Huan asked politely.

"Oh, there happens to be a vacant room, so you guys can stay at my house."

"Thank you, thank you."Tang Huan happily said to Tang Zichen, "Brother, we'll stay here."

"Uh, us?"Tang Zichen looked at Tang Huan in confusion.

Tang Huan said, "I don't trust you to live here alone, so my sister stays with you."

"Ah."Tang Zichen wondered if he had misheard.

Tang Huan thought that Tang Zichen was worried about her, busy saying, "It's fine, I'm only a peripheral disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect now, peripheral disciples have no master and no one to control them, it all depends on personal efforts, it's fine if I don't return to the Flying Cloud Sect for a short period of time."

"Sister, how can I say this because I'm delaying your cultivation."

"You can practice here too, besides, how can sister leave you here alone while I go alone, you're still so young, if something happens, how am I going to explain to my father.Alright, it's decided, until the assessment, sister will always be by your side."Tang Huan's gaze was warm and said.

"Sister."Tang Zichen looked at Tang Huan with great emotion.

"Fool, this is what sister should do."Tang Huan touched Tang Zichen's head with a look of compassion, maybe she didn't have siblings.

So suddenly having an extra brother felt very dear and cherished.

Tang Zichen smiled somewhat speechlessly inside, with Tang Huan, he really almost thought of himself as a child.

Tang Huan came to the farmer and pulled out a bag of money and said, "Uncle, take this money as our accommodation and food expenses."

"Ah, no, no, no really."

"You must take it."

"But, but it's too much, it tops our income for two or three years."The farmer was busy saying.

"It's okay."

"Then, then thank you, don't worry, I'll treat you well with good food and drink."


"Brother, it's time for a bath."Tang Huan shouted as he drew a basin of hot water.

"Ah."Tang Zichen suspected that he had heard wrong.

Tang Huan asked, "Aren't you at home, aren't adults giving you a bath?"

"Sister, don't really treat me like a child."Tang Zichen was speechless.

"Uh, okay, then you wash yourself."

After taking a bath, Tang Zichen didn't have much entertainment, sitting on the bed early and absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

Not long after, Tang Huan also took a bath and walked in wearing a white nightgown, her graceful figure was fantastically beautiful.

"Uh, sister, are you also sleeping in this bed?"Don asked in shock.

"Or what, they've only got one empty room."


Tang Huan smiled, "Brother, you don't mind sleeping with your sister."

Tang Huan saw that Tang Zichen was a bit shy and laughed, "Brother, you're shy oh, what are you afraid of when you're so small, I'm not even afraid of what you're afraid of."

Tang Huan only treated Tang Zichen as a child, naturally no taboos, it was indeed normal, twelve year old children who know so much, but it was a bias that Tang Zichen's soul was not twelve years old ah.

Tang Huan saw Tang Zichen didn't speak, helplessly, "Alright, if you don't like to sleep with your sister, then it's always okay for your sister to sleep on the floor."

"Don't, let's sleep together then."Tang Zichen said, forget it, Tang Zichen couldn't do anything with her now anyway, after all, his brother was still young, and Tang Zichen didn't have that kind of desire.After Tang Zichen returned to his ancestors, his body redeveloped and he was still a virgin.In this life, Tang Zichen wouldn't easily lose his virginity again, he would definitely find Mu Qianji and then, what he didn't give her in his last life, he would definitely give her all of it in this life.

Tang Zichen no longer paid attention to Tang Huan and closed his eyes to absorb the spirit of heaven and earth, Tang Huan was very amused to see Tang Zichen looking like a little adult.

Late at night, both Tang Zichen and Tang Huan stopped their cultivation and prepared to sleep.

Tang Huan laid down first, then lifted the blanket to let Tang Zichen get in.

"Uh."Tang Zichen paused for a moment, then got into the blanket nest.

In the comforter nest, Tang Huan hugged Tang Zichen in his arms and said, "Sister is holding you to sleep."

Tang Zichen was helpless, pitying his body, which was too small to be manipulated by Tang Huan, as soon as Tang Huan hugged him, Tang Zichen was about to bury his whole body into Tang Huan's arms.

"Brother, do you like your sister?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, but Tang Zichen immediately understood that what Tang Huan said about liking was not referring to the liking between a man and a woman.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Like."

"Mmhmm, Sister also likes her younger brother, Sister has a younger brother, it feels so happy."Tang Huan said happily.


"Right, Sister, from what Uncle Five said, you're not having a happy time in the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Alas, it's true that I'm not very happy, mainly because the Flying Cloud Sect has so many people that I hate, they always want to pursue me, but my sister doesn't have any thoughts of that at all, it feels so annoying to be harassed often.My cultivation speed is so slow, being disturbed often is one reason."

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, don't worry, I will protect you in the future."

"Hehehe, sister is so happy to hear you say that, it's not in vain that sister loves you, since that's the case, work hard on your cultivation, and when you surpass sister in the future, you'll be able to protect her.Alright, no more talking tonight, sleep well."

A night without words, Tang Zichen slept in Tang Huan's bosom all night, smelling the faint body fragrance of Tang Huan's body, feeling especially relaxed and sleeping peacefully.

The next day, Tang Zichen woke up from his bed.

Tang Zichen was about to climb up when Tang Huan's voice came from his ears, "Brother, don't get up yet."

However, Tang Zichen had already climbed up.

Tang Zichen saw that Tang Huan was naked and sitting at the end of the bed to change his corset, and at the moment, Tang Huan was holding his hands in front of his chest, blocking the key point.

Tang Huan blushed and said, "Sister is still not dressed, brother can not look at girls oh."

Tang Zichen was busy hiding in the blanket. The first website

Tang Huan smiled slightly and quickly put the corset on before putting the jacket on and said, "Alright, sister is done, you can get up now."

"Oh."Only then did Tang Zichen get up, change his clothes three times and walk out of the room, Tang Huan fetched water for Tang Zichen to wash up.

And Tang Zichen was a little embarrassed when she remembered the picture just now, but Tang Huan didn't think much about it, what was such a small child afraid of, besides, she didn't see anything, Tang Huan thought so.However, Tang Huan didn't know that although she was holding her chest, her smooth and sexy back was so fascinating to men.

And so, Tang Zichen and Tang Huan, stayed at this farmer's house for four days.

After four days, all the people from all the places had arrived, and the Feiyun Sect's outer disciple assessment was officially about to begin.

Early in the morning on the fourth day, Tang Huan crawled up from his bed and called, "Quick, quick, sleep late, brother, get up, the formal assessment is going to start today."

"Oh."Tang Zichen climbed up, then dressed.

Because of the rush, Tang Huan couldn't care less, he turned his back to Tang Zichen and took off his pajamas, exposing his bare back, then quickly changed into his corset.

But Tang Zichen didn't look at her, because Tang Zichen still clearly remembered her sweet voice in his mind: brother can't look at girls oh.So how would Tang Zichen peek, he must act like a real 12 year old child.

After getting up, Tang Huan pulled Tang Zichen and quickly went to the Flying Cloud Sect.

Arriving at the foot of the Flying Cloud Sect, everyone was making preparations now.

"Phew, fortunately I came just in time."Tang Huan said with a happy pat on his chest.

"Brother, you should also quickly get ready, it looks like the assessment is about to begin."Tang Huan instructed.

"I'm already ready."Tang Zichen said.

"Mmhmm, that's good."

Not long after, one of the Flying Cloud Sect's Vice Sovereigns flew down the mountain.

Every year, the assessment of the outer disciples was conducted by this Vice Patriarch named Bai Ming.

Everyone immediately perked up.

"Everyone, quiet."Vice Patriarch Bai Ming shouted.

"Everyone, today is another day for the annual Feiyun Sect's outer disciple assessment, so I'm sure you're all sitting down and getting ready.Then, without further gossip, please follow me immediately to the Desolate Beast Forest."

The thousands of teenagers from all over the world followed Vice Patriarch Bai Ming.

Tang Huan shouted beside him, "Brother, cheer up, sister is waiting for you at the end, oh."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and then headed straight to the Desolate Beast Forest.

Soon, Tang Zichen and ten thousand other youngsters reached an edge of the Desolate Beast Forest.

That Vice Patriarch Bai Ming shouted, "Everyone, this is the starting point of the assessment, now, I'll repeat the points of the assessment.Of all of you, as long as you pass through this Desolate Beast Forest, you will be considered to have passed the assessment, in addition, each of you are equipped with a Tempering Talisman, so if you encounter a beast that you can't deal with, use the Tempering Talisman and then retreat back, otherwise, dying in the Desolate Beast Forest is your own responsibility.Do you hear me?Also, each person is equipped with a fixation amulet, if you use it, even if you pass through the forest, it's the same as if you didn't pass, so please keep that in mind."


"Alright, let's start distributing the freeze talismans."

The Feiyun Sect's assistant disciples began handing out the definite body talismans to everyone.

Tang Zichen was also handed a Determining Talisman.

At this moment, on the other side of the Desolate Beast Forest, two men were standing there, one of them was about eighteen years old and the other was over twenty.

"Tang Zichen, today's assessment is your doom."The eighteen year old man said, then the muscles on his face trembled, revealing a grin.

The other man was busy saying, "Brother, are you sure you don't need my assistance?"

"Brother, it's a trivial matter, why do we need you, besides, our father has already explained in the letter that it's inconvenient for you to do it, so let me do it."That eighteen year old man said.

These two men, the eighteen year old one was called Tang Go Bing and the twenty year old one was called Tang Go Liao.

They were the sons of the owner of the Tang Family in Tian Bao City, the two sons of Tang Hu Lai, who had already written to the two sons, instructing the two brothers, Tang Go Liao and Tang Go Bing, to eliminate Tang Zichen in the Flying Cloud Sect.

Considering that everyone was a son of the Tang family, they decided to secretly get rid of Tang Zichen so as not to affect their father's reputation in the Tang family.

This assessment was the best time to get rid of Tang Zichen, and it would be a perfect time to create the illusion that Tang Zichen had been killed by the beast.

"Brother, be careful then."

"Don't worry, brother, you Tang Zichen is only a few years old, twelve years old, only at the first stage of Body Tempering, I, Tang Go Bing, am at least eighteen years old, at the seventh stage of Body Tempering, if I fucking can't even kill a twelve year old kid, do I still have the face to hang around in the Flying Cloud Sect?"

"That's true, but Elder Shejun has already asserted that Tang Zichen has no future, and I don't know if there's still a need to kill Tang Zichen."Tang Go Liao said.

"Brother, it doesn't matter if it's necessary or not, killing it is the safest thing to do."

"Hehe, then brother wish you all the best, remember, do it covertly and don't come out, after all, our father's head of the family, don't fall into people's mouths and affect prestige."

"Haha, brother, I do things, don't worry, Tang Zichen, this little brat is dead today, hahaha.Brother, I'm going in then."

"Good, I'll wait for you to come back."

After saying that, Tang Go Bing quietly entered the Desolate Beast Forest.


After everyone had received their Determining Talismans, Vice Patriarch Bai Ming shouted, "Everyone, when I give the order later, everyone will immediately enter the Desolate Beast Forest from here, and keep going until you get out of the Desolate Beast Forest.As you go through the Desolate Beast Forest, the farther you go in, the more powerful the desolate beasts you will encounter, you must do what you can, and when you can't win, quickly use the Immobilizing Charm to retreat, or else you will suffer the consequences."

"One, two, three, start."

After Vice Patriarch Bai Ming shouted start, all the teenagers rushed into the Desolate Beast Forest.

Tang Zichen was no exception.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I must reach the exit as fast as possible and become the first in the assessment."

So, Tang Zichen's legs ran quickly, and among everyone, Tang Zichen was almost in the lead.

Everyone was a bit surprised when they saw Tang Zichen running so fast.

About four or five kilometers into the Desolate Beast Forest, the large group of people that had just poured in had gradually dispersed, and Tang Zichen didn't know if he was the leader.

At this moment, on a tree hundreds of meters high in the Desolate Beast Forest, a man was standing on the tip of the tree, overlooking the Desolate Beast Forest.

He clearly saw a group of people pouring into the Desolate Beast Forest, however, his gaze was locked on only one person, Tang Zichen.

That man's gaze moved with Tang Zichen, and four to five kilometers after Tang Zichen entered the Desolate Beast Forest, the man landed on the ground from a tree several hundred meters high, then headed straight for Tang Zichen. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was being stopped by a magical beast.

"Roar."The magical beast roared at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't even think about it and charged straight towards the beast.

"Bang."Tang Zichen punched that beast's head, and with a bang, the beast's head exploded.

With Tang Zichen's strength at the fourth stage of Body Tempering, there wasn't any magical beast here that was a match for Tang Zichen, who completely crushed it.

Tang Zichen also didn't know how strong the beast was.

After Tang Zichen smashed the beast's skull, Tang Zichen saw a reddish, green bean-sized crystal.

"Hm?What's this?"Tang Zichen was a bit strange.

It looked quite beautiful, Tang Zichen didn't think so much and put that crystal away, giving it back to Tang Huan, girls should like diamonds.

Tang Zichen actually thought of the magic core as a diamond.

Then, Tang Zichen continued to move forward, he couldn't be blocked by any magical beasts.

Tang Zichen ran forward for hundreds of meters and suddenly saw an adult man in the forest ahead blocking the way.

"Where else to run, Tang Zichen."The man looked at Tang Zichen with a cold snort.

Tang Zichen felt a powerful killing aura.

"No good, this is a strong man whose realm far exceeds mine."With a shock, Tang Zichen felt his killing aura and the pores on his body unconsciously expanded.Tang Zichen, through the other party's Qi, and then based on his own Qi, roughly judged that the other party should be a person at the sixth to seventh stage of Body Refining.Two or three realms more than Tang Zichen, no wonder he looked so powerful, in the cultivation world, the difference between a realm was as if it was heaven and earth.

"Who are you?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Hahaha, well, so what if I tell you when I'm dying, my name is Tang Go Bing."

"Don Go Bing?Are you the son of that turtle bastard Tong Hu Lai?"Don Zichen.


Say what?"Tang Go Bing saw Tang Zichen call his father a Turtle Bastard and yelled.

"What? You're not happy when I say your father is a turtle bastard?"Tang Zichen snorted.

"Tang Zichen, good, good, I'll let you be arrogant before I die, you'll know when I break your neck."

"Haha, ridiculous, what can you do to kill me, a seventh stage body refiner."

"How ignorant indeed, no wonder you became a laughingstock in the Flying Cloud Sect before you even entered it, it's easy for me, a seventh stage of Body Tempering to kill you, a first stage of Body Tempering."Tang Go Bing said disdainfully.

Tang Zichen said, "Really, are you sure I'm a first stage of Body Tempering?"

"Doesn't it?"

"Then you watch."Saying that, the Immortal Qi in Tang Zichen's body was no longer hidden and directly released the Qi of the Fourth Stage of Body Refining.

"What."Tang Go Bing was shocked, he had roughly judged that Tang Zichen was at the fourth stage of Body Tempering through his Qi at the moment.


"Hahaha, that's right, I'm not at the first stage of Body Tempering, I'm at the fourth stage of Body Tempering."Tang Zichen said.

"This, how is this possible, you're only twelve years old, how can you be at the fourth stage of Body Refining."

"Hmph, there are many things you don't know in the world, but you won't have the chance to find out because, I will send you to hell."Tang Zichen's gaze chilled.

"Hahaha, send me to hell?Tang Zichen, even though you're at the 4th level of Body Tempering, do you think you're my opponent?For me, it's easy for me to kill you no matter how many stages of Body Tempering you are.Since you're at the fourth stage of Body Tempering, it's all the more important for me to eliminate you before it's too late."Tang Goibing let out a full body killing aura.

Tang Zichen took out a sharp blade behind his back, always ready.This world didn't have swords because it wasn't the time for martial arts, and Tang Zichen hadn't started learning spells yet, but this blade was still something Tang Zichen had a hard time getting.

"Die."Tang Go Bing's mouth shouted, then he killed Tang Zichen with a fist, his fist technique looked peculiar, and it was worlds apart from the kind of fist technique refined by people in the mortal world.It seemed particularly profound, and it also came with a dizzying function.

Tang Zichen exercised his old body technique and fought against the Spiritual Realm for the first time.

A very powerful force in Tang Go Bing's body, Tang Zichen felt that his current strength was still unable to resist Tang Go Bing's power, as if Tang Go Bing's strength was that of a cow, while Tang Zichen's was still only that of a cat, the difference was too great.

Therefore, Tang Zichen didn't dare to confront Tang Go Bing, or else he would surely die with a single punch.

Tang Zichen flinched violently just as Tang Go Bing's punch killed Tang Zichen.

With his Mortal Realm lightness as well as his combat experience, Tang Zichen didn't let Tang Go Bing kill him with a single punch.

After Tang Zichen dodged Tang Go Bing's punch, the knife in his hand quickly circled like a fire snake, and with a swoosh, Tang Zichen's knife slashed Tang Go Bing's wrist.

After Tang Zichen cut Tang Go Bing, he quickly rolled on the ground tens of meters behind him, facing someone with so much more strength than him, Tang Zichen must always keep his distance.

Tang Goebing busily turned around and looked at his wrist, but he had been cut by Tang Zichen's knife.

"What?"Tang Zichen was shocked when he saw that there was no blood on Tang Go Bing's hand, only a mark.

Tang Goebing snorted, "Not bad, Tang Zichen, so agile at such a young age.Unfortunately, the more you amaze me, the more I will behead you."


Tang Zichen asked, "I obviously cut you, so why are you fine at all."

"Hahaha, little brat, do you think I refined my body for nothing?With that little strength of yours, you still presume to cut my body of the 7th stage of Body Tempering and bleed?You are too naive, my body, refined to the seventh stage, anyone weaker than me, I stand and let him cut, he can't cut my flesh."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, refining the body to refine the body, so this was body refining.

So, Tang Go Bing stood there and let Tang Zichen cut, and Tang Zichen couldn't cut him, that's too perverted.

Of course, Tang Go Bing also exaggerated into the wind, he was only talking theoretically, if the other party possessed divine weapons or powerful magic treasures, it would be natural to slash him to death.

Tang Zichen snorted, "In short, you're dead today."

Inwardly, Tang Zichen said, "I was just the most ordinary slash, but if I cover my immortal energy with the knife, I'll see if you die."

Yes, Tang Zichen's Immortal Qi was invincible, just how could Tang Go Bing's body resist the attack of Immortal Qi.

"Go to hell."Tang Go Bing once again killed towards Tang Zichen, this time, Tang Go Bing's strength and fist took out the strongest.

"Boom boom."The air in front of Tang Zichen emitted a rumbling sound, and there was also an invisible ripple spreading around Tang Goibing's fist.

"Ah."Tang Zichen could clearly feel a huge resistance in front of him. One second to remember to read the book

"Oh no, now that Tang Go Bing has taken out a stronger strength, it's already hard for me to get close, and the ripples spreading around his fist are blocking me from advancing."Tang Zichen said under his breath, however, Tang Zichen wasn't in a hurry.

In the next moment, Tang Zichen suddenly covered his body's Immortal Qi over that blade.

In a moment, the knife in Tang Zichen's hand emitted a layer of faint golden light.

"Open Mountain One Knife."Tang Zichen leapt, then raised the machete in his hand high up.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen struck down with a single slash, regardless.

Right at this moment, a miracle happened.

Tang Go Bing, who was two meters away from Tang Zichen, suddenly didn't move, and his wonderful fist technique just now disappeared.

"Eh?"Tang Zichen looked at the unmoving Tang Go Bing, a little confused.

"Hello?What am I trying to say? My knife is elbow-length. I didn't even touch you. What are you doing there?It won't be playing dead, right."

As soon as Tang Zichen finished speaking, Tang Go Bing's body, suddenly starting from his shoulders and slanting down to the other side of his waist, a slanting cut appeared, and then, with a clatter, Tang Zichen's upper body, collapsed with that slanting cut.

"Ah, this, how is this possible."Tang Zichen was shocked, he was just a few meters away from him, then jumped up and slashed with a slanting slice, and as a result, it killed Tang Go Bing.

"Oh my god, this is impossible, this is too incredible."Tang Zichen was shocked, his knife was just an ordinary wood chopping knife, but it turned out to be an incredibly sharp knife after covering it with his Immortal Qi.

"Haha."Tang Zichen smiled proudly, looked at Tang Go Bing's corpse, and said in a mouthful of water, "Trash, it's ridiculous that you're still trying to kill me.Don't worry, your big brother, Tang Go Liao, and your son of a bitch father, I will send him to accompany you."

After saying that, Tang Zichen searched Tang Goibing's body and found a storage bag.

"Hehe, this is me.

The up."Tang Zichen poured out the contents of his storage bag.

There were more than ten first-grade spirit stones inside, as well as some spirit grasses.

Tang Zichen took the ten or so spirit stones in his hand and spent a minute or two refining them, only the spirit grasses needed to be taken, Tang Zichen didn't bother to take them and put them into his pouch.

Just as Tang Zichen was about to evacuate, Tang Zichen saw hundreds of magical beasts rushing around him.

"Ah, why are so many magical beasts rushing towards me?There's no reason, I'm not more special."Tang Zichen was secretly shocked, and then he looked at the corpse of Tang Go Bing underground and understood.

It must have been because the strong smell of blood emitted from Tang Go Bing's corpse had attracted all the nearby magical beasts, and magical beasts had particularly clever noses.

After that, Tang Zichen had to be surrounded by hundreds of magical beasts, and Tang Zichen fought against hundreds of magical beasts.

"Bang bang."Tang Zichen stomped those magical beasts to death with one foot.

It took Tang Zichen a lot of time to stomp on these hundreds of beasts.

After stomping all the demonic beasts to death, Tang Zichen continued to move forward.

Along the way, Tang Zichen encountered many more demonic beasts.

Tang Zichen even killed the seventh stage of Body Tempering, Tang Go Bing with a single slash, those weak beasts, Tang Zichen was simply like stepping on a mouse.

Every time Tang Zichen stepped on a beast and exploded it, he would see a green bean-shaped diamond that glowed red.

Tang Zichen put those diamonds away, Tang Zichen had learned that these were definitely not diamonds, every beast had them, they should be good things.

Soon, Tang Zichen had arrived at the exit of the Desolate Beast Forest.

However, unfortunately, Tang Zichen wasn't the first to come out.

Tang Zichen was forced to delay for some time because of Tang Go Bing's extermination, then he was surrounded by hundreds of beasts, Tang Zichen was forced to delay some more, and finally Tang Zichen made it all the way to the exit and encountered many more beasts, far more than the average person, because Tang Zichen's smell of blood was very strong, so Tang Zichen almost stepped on hundreds of beasts' corpses this way, while the others only encountered a dozen or so beasts in total .It certainly took very little time.If it were anyone else, surrounded by hundreds of beasts, they would have died out long ago.

Even though Tang Zichen wasn't the first to come out, Tang Zichen's ranking was still very high.

Yes, Tang Zichen happened to be the tenth to come out.

In other words, Tang Zichen was the tenth in this year's freshman assessment.

"Wow, the tenth place came out, it's not even twenty-five minutes yet."

When Tang Zichen walked out of the exit of the Desolate Beast Forest, it attracted the attention of a group of people, after all, Tang Zichen was the tenth one to come out, and it was a great honor to be in the top ten of the assessment.

Only, Tang Zichen was now covered in blood, his hair was dyed red by the beast's blood, and he couldn't see the color of his clothes, so others couldn't recognize him as Tang Zichen at the moment.

Tang Zichen gave the impression that he had gone through thousands of difficulties in the Demonic Beast Forest to come out, and compared to the other nine people in the top ten rankings, Tang Zichen appeared as if he was in a mess, because the other nine people had little blood on their bodies, and even less blood on their hair and faces.

The Vice Patriarch looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Looking at you in such a wretched state, you must have fought a terrible fight with the demonic beast and came out after nine lifetimes.However, you came out after nine fatalities and still managed to take tenth place, not bad.However, you hand over your Determining Talisman now, I have to make sure that you haven't used it."


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