The unknown Heir 916


Chapter 916

It wasn't until late at night that the three went back to sleep in the tent.

    The three of them slept in the same tent, just in case.

    In case of any trouble or danger, the three of them could take care of each other and help each other.

    But the night was very peaceful.

    Until the next morning, the three of them woke up.

    As soon as Chen Hao walked out of the tent, he saw that there were many animals nibbling on the corpses of the wild boars on the side.

    There were some eagles and vultures gnawing on the boar carcasses.

    When Chen Hao saw this, he didn't bother too much.

    At nine o'clock in the morning, the three of them packed up and continued their journey.

    The three of them headed deep into the woods.

    According to the map that Fan Lao had given himself, they had to first hike through the Phosphorus Stone Mountain Area, which was the second step to complete.

    The Phosphorus Stone Mountain area was vast, it simply had that feeling of not being able to see the horizon at a glance.

    And the three of them didn't know what kind of dangers awaited them ahead, so they could only take one step at a time.

    Not only some of the animals and plants inside the forest, but also the hunters, who had also entered the Phosphorus Stone mountainous area, could be said to be in danger.

    After two hours of driving, Chen Hao's three men arrived at a stream.

    The three of them stopped at the stream to take a simple rest and replenish their water source.

    "Chen Hao, about how much longer do we have to walk?"

    Zhen Ji sat on a rock and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    Chen Hao also shook his head slightly.

    "I'm not sure, it's not written on Fan Lao's map, it just tells us to get out of the Phosphorus Stone Mountain Region."

    Chen Hao was also unclear as to how big the Phosphorus Stone Mountain Region was, and had never gone to find out, all they could do was to follow the map that Fan Lao had given them and get out of the Phosphorus Stone Mountain Region first.


    Right at that moment, an arrow flew right in front of the three Chen Hao's eyes.

    Chen Hao's three men instantly looked in the direction of the arrow flying.

    They saw several men dressed in black clothes and holding crossbows standing just across the river from them.

    "No good, it's the Hunters!"

    When Chen Hao saw this, he immediately spoke up.

    After saying that, Chen Hao pulled Zhen Ji and Lei Lie and hurriedly left.

    The group of hunters also kept shooting their crossbows in the direction of Chen Hao's three men, and the crossbow bolts were flying everywhere at once.

    It was good that the three of them reacted and ducked into the woods just in time to avoid the hunters' attacks.

    "Damn it, how did we meet these people here, what bad luck!"

    Lei Li also grumbled with a speechless face.

    "Oh, there's only three of us, but the Hunters move in many groups, so we can easily run into each other!"

    Chen Hao also made an explanation towards Lei Lie.

    It was only when there was no movement behind them and it was confirmed that the hunters were not catching up that Chen Hao and the three of them felt relieved.

    The three of them breathed a sigh of relief and then continued on their way.

    However, the three of them did not dare to walk by the stream and instead continued on in the woods.

    It wasn't easy to be discovered walking in the woods, and even if they were, they could easily get away.

    But it was different in the open, it was easy to be spotted and there was no place to hide, so they could only be chased.

    After about another half an hour of walking, the three of them found a mountain family.

    "Eh, brother Chen, look, there's even a family eh!"

    Lei Lie immediately screamed out at Chen Hao and the two of them.

    Chen Hao and Zhen Ji also immediately cast their gazes away.

    The three of them revealed surprised expressions, not expecting that there were people living in the depths of this forest, it was really too surprising and unexpected.

    "Let's go and have a look, maybe we can even ask for directions!"

    After a pause, Chen Hao suggested towards the two.

    After saying that, the three of them immediately prepared to walk towards this family's house.

    However, before they could take a few steps, the three of them immediately retreated back and hid in the bushes once again.

    This was because Chen Hao's three men only saw a few hunters take the lead in arriving at the door of the family's house and rushed straight into it.


    After rushing in, a scream followed by a scream immediately rang out.

    After hearing the sounds, the three of them Chen Hao looked at each other at the same time.

    The three of them knew that it seemed that the hunters were doing it to this household, they were trying to kill and destroy the household, it was really too inhumane.

    "Chen Hao, let's help the family, the hunters are really too much!"

    Zhen Ji really couldn't watch anymore at this point and immediately looked at Chen Hao to propose.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao also nodded without comment.

    "Lei Lie, just hide here and don't move, you can come back after we've finished with it!"

    Before moving, Chen Hao did not forget to give Lei Lie a word of advice.

    Lei Lie, of course, obeyed Chen Hao's words nicely and hid in the bushes, not daring to move.

    Chen Hao and Zhen Ji then immediately rushed out and raced towards the house.

    When they arrived at the door, they saw a couple that had been killed lying on the floor of the house, blood flowing on the ground.

    Seeing this scene made Chen Hao and the two of them furious, these hunters just weren't yes at all, they were worse than animals.


    Jenji couldn't help but curse in anger.


    At that moment, only the girl's screams could be heard from the house again, sounding very desperate.

    Zhen Ji and Chen Hao immediately reacted and rushed straight in.


    When Chen Hao entered, it was with his hand that he sliced through the throats of several hunters with the Star Abyss Sword directly in his hand.

    Zhen Ji, on the other hand, rushed straight into the room.

    In the room, a hunter was doing something hard to see to a girl in cloth.

    This made Zhen Ji instantly furious, so she walked right up and stabbed the hunter in the back before reaching out and dragging the man by his hair, pulling him off the girl's body and throwing him right on the floor.

    Zhen Ji was a cultivator by all accounts, and her strength was certainly greater than these hunters, so she was strong enough to easily pick the hunter up.


    Zhen Ji didn't hesitate at all and directly slashed through the hunter's throat.

    In an instant, this hunter snapped and died.

    In just a minute, the two of them, Chen Hao, had finished off the hunters.

    After finishing them off, Zhen Ji walked over to the girl's side and sat down.

    The girl had been frightened and was trembling all over.

    Zhen Ji stretched out her hand and gently placed it on the girl's body.

    As soon as the hand was placed on it, the girl screamed wildly and subconsciously stepped back.

    "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, we're here to save you, it's okay, it's okay!"

    Zhen Ji quickly grabbed the girl and took her into her arms to comfort her.

    Only after feeling Zhen Ji's reassurance did the girl gradually calm down, and then she cried in Zhen Ji's embrace, and her cries spread throughout the house at once.


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