The King of Kungfu in school 1371-1380



Tang Zichen nodded his head to those cousins and greeted them.

Those people also greeted Tang Zichen, we were all of the same generation, so there was no need to specially kneel.

Tang Zichen's grandfather said again, "Of course, our Shang Clan, we are not the only ones, besides those who are in the main hall at this moment, there are about six or seven thousand people who are also from the Shang Clan, but they are not direct blood relatives with you, so there is no need to specially come to meet with you, just to know that there is someone like you back."


"Alright, everyone else can retire, I'll have a private chat with Shang Hong."


The hundreds of people in the palace retreated, leaving only Tang Zichen and his grandfather.

"Shang Hong, come here."

"Yes, grandfather."

Tang Zichen walked over to his grandfather's side.

"Please sit down." One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Shang Hong, I heard that you've taken the secret of changing your face and trained it to the fourth level."


"Hahaha, you kid, you're really capable enough, since ancient times, I've hardly heard of anyone who was able to practice the secret of changing face to the fourth weight."

"It was precisely because my grandson practiced it to the fourth level that I was able to thwart the Zoroastrians and cause them heavy losses while in the Imperial City."

"Well, you've done a great service to the organization, if it wasn't for you, I'm afraid the Zoroastrians still wouldn't consider us as opponents.In fact, we really wanted to cooperate with Zoroastrianism and fight against Yuan together, and now, because of you, Zoroastrianism is finally interested in cooperating."

Tang Zichen asked, "Grandfather, didn't you say that our great grandfather, is an expert of the Returning Void Realm?Since they all possess experts of the Returning Void Realm, why would the Zoroastrians dare to look down on our organization?"

"Shang Hong, you don't understand this, experts are experts, organizations are organizations, if your great grandfather, he doesn't have a huge family or power below him, he's just strong, what's the point, once he dies, there's nothing left.So, both the topmost people, and even more people below.Our lone soul organization, after all, is relying on some of the old clan that was once heartily devoted to the Shang clan, the power is really limited, and now our organization, the most important thing we need, is the population.So ah, I've set a goal for every male member of the family, everyone, to have at least thirty sons and daughters on average."

"I'll go."Tang Zichen almost shouted out.

"Grandpa, isn't that too much."

"It can't be helped, our Shang clan, if we want to grow, population is the most crucial, we had over a hundred thousand family members before, now we only have less than seven thousand left.Only the larger the population, the more strong people will appear in the future and the more successors will appear.Also, the more talented people are, the more they have to be born."

"What does that mean?"

"Oh, Shang Hong, your talent is evident to everyone, so you should have at least a hundred."

"Pfft."Tang Zichen almost spat out blood.

"Shang Hong, don't laugh, I'm being serious with you, because if your talent is high, the greater the chances of the children you give birth to appear strong, do you understand?If the family one itself is weak, and he gives birth to two hundred, he is probably also weak, so what's the point of such a birth, it will only add to the burden."

"Grandpa, what realm are you in now?"Tang Zichen asked.

Tang Zichen's grandfather said, "I'm 150 years old, and I've ascended to great perfection, so far, I still have quite a bit of hope of stepping into the void.As long as

If I can step into the Return to Void within ten years, our family will be very hopeful."

"Uh, grandpa, then how old is grandpa now?"

"Your great-grandfather, in fact, he's about to die."

Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Wasn't it said before that Grandfather Great Grandfather he stepped into the Returning Void at a critical moment and preserved the family?"

"Yes, but, that was fifty years ago, and at that time, your great grandfather was 150 years old.The lifespan of a strong person who has stepped into the first stage of Return to the Void is around 200 years, so your great-grandfather, who is now 200 years old, will soon be at the end of his life, and is now just holding on very barely for a few more days."

"Ah, what then?If grandfather Taejo dies, wouldn't it be the end of our family without a Returned Void powerhouse."

"Oh, don't worry, first of all, the Yuan Clan isn't as easy as everyone thinks, the Emperor of the Yuan Clan, although he is in the second stage of Return to Void, he is already 220 years old and his time limit is approaching, he might even die before your great grandfather.Once the emperor of the Yuan Clan dies, their Yuan Clan may not be royalty anymore, reduced to a vice-state, and the rest of the vice-states become royalty, and may not necessarily drive our Shang Clan to extinction.In addition, my big brother, also has a good chance of stepping into the Returning Void."

"Your big brother is?"

"His name is Shang Mo, he's 160 years old this year, if he steps into the Returning Void, then our family can last at least another forty years, and if I too step into the Returning Void, I can last another ten years.Fifty years later, several of your uncles will be almost 160 years old, and if some of them also step into the Void, our family will be able to continue for another generation, so at present, our Shang clan is still very hopeful.Finally, in another 100 years, you will also be over 160 years old, and you will also step into the Returning Void, so, isn't there even more hope.Shang Hong, you're only 63 now and you've reached the middle of your peak, we have great confidence in you.Those cousins of yours who are the same age, many of them are not yet Dengfeng, they are still in Zongshi Grand Perfection, or even Zongshi Perfection, only twenty or so of them have reached Dengfeng, five of them are the same as you, reaching the middle of Dengfeng, but four of them are eighty or ninety years old, only one Shang Cao is the most genius."

"Grandpa don't worry, Sun will definitely work hard."

"Hehe, alright, go back and stay with your mother, next month, I will take you to meet with the Zoroastrians."

"Grandpa, are you planning to make an alliance with the Zoroastrianism?"

"Yes, the Zoroastrianism is also greatly wounded, do you know, last time in the Imperial City, the helmsman of the Zoroastrianism who was captured, what kind of strength was he, he was above me ah, there would have been very good hope to step into the Return to the Void."


"Oh, alright, go back, when you go to negotiate with Zoroastrianism, the geniuses of our Lonely Soul Organization will inevitably have to compete with the geniuses of Zoroastrianism on the same stage, you must win, let Zoroastrianism see our strength."


Tang Zichen left the palace and prepared to go home.

As soon as Tang Zichen arrived at his door, he heard a ruckus at home and the sound of a child crying.

"What's going on?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

Xu Mei Qian was busy saying, "Zichen, Qin Nui was beaten."

"What."Tang Zichen walked into the back room to see, and sure enough, his daughter, Qin Nui, had a swollen nose and face, and a broken arm, and at the moment, her teacher's wife was treating Qin Nui.

"What happened?"Tang Zichen asked angrily.

Qin Ren said in distress, "I just went out and played with the other kids from your Shang clan, and for some reason, those Qin girls were your daughters, so they gathered around and beat her up."


"Why do other people's children beat up Qin Nui for goodness sake?"Tang Zichen was really baffled, the other party was also a child, children fighting, Tang Zichen was not good enough to do anything, where are the children fighting, the adults knew, went to exterminate the other party, all of them were Shang's children.

"Husband, what are you going to do about it?"Qin Ren said with a grumbling face.

Tang Zichen asked, "Qin Nui, do you know the names of those kids who beat you?"

"All I know is that one of them is called Shang Bu Ming."

"Okay, I'll go find out who Shang Bu Ming is and why he beat you, although I'm not good at doing anything, but I always have to find out why, and I'll tell his parents, or he'll bully Qin Nui next time."

Tang Zichen walked out of his own home and went to the largest entertainment venue in the Shang family's living area, every day everyone would come here to play and practice martial arts, it was very lively.

Tang Zichen asked an old woman in that underground square, "Hello, do you know of a child named Shang Bu Ming?"

"Ah Shang don't chime, the ones in front of you playing on the swing are just that."


Tang Zichen walked up to the seven or eight kids in front of him and asked, "Which one of you is called Shang Bu Ming?"

One of them is a big one, about nine years old: "I'm Shang Bu Ming, what are you looking for me." First URL

Tang Zichen saw his old-fashioned look, he really wanted to slap him to death, who's parents educated him.

Tang Zichen asked, "Shang Bu Ming, did you just hit a girl named Shang Qin?"

"Yeah, it was my fight, and the next time I see it, I'm going to beat the little bitch to death."

"You!"Tang Zichen was in a rage, at a young age, he was so malicious.

Tang Zichen said with a frightening tone, "Shang Bu Ming, don't bully her anymore, or else, uncle I will be rude, do you hear me."If this Shang Bu Ming was good enough, Tang Zichen could let it go, if he was still like this, Tang Zichen would be rude, at nine years old, he should be somewhat sensible.

"Hahahaha, I'll be no good, I'm going to kill that little bitch, don't you dare do anything to me."That.

A mouthful of little bitch, made Tang Zichen angry.

"Pah!"Tang Zichen slapped over.

"Shang Bu Ming, is this how your parents raised you?I'm slapping you for your parents, if you're so uneducated, next time I won't be slapping you."Tang Zichen threatened that he had to be given a bit of a show before he would know fear.

However, who knew that Shang Bu Ming did not have the fear of an ordinary child, but instead drew his sword and said, "I will kill you."Saying that, a sword came here.Don't look at him as just a nine-year-old child, but his martial arts skills are decent, and he's probably reached the outer gate.

Tang Zichen knocked the sword out of his hand in one fell swoop and said angrily, "Shang Bu Ming, if you continue to be so stubborn, don't blame me for being rude."

"Hmph, if you want me to stop bullying that little bitch, that's fine, take your family and get out immediately."

"You're paralyzed."

"Pah."Tang Zichen was on fire, and this time he slapped him hard, slapping him away.

One side of Shang Bu Ming's face was swollen and his eyes looked at Tang Zichen with hatred, and he didn't cry loudly.

Tang Zichen knew that Shang Bu Ming hated him so much.

Our family, definitely Shang Bu Ming's parents, or grandparents, had preconceived notions about Tang Zichen.

Even though everyone's surname was Shang, it was impossible for them to be as close as brothers, and it was not uncommon for conflicts to arise in a place like this, where there were no particularly strong family rules binding them.

"Hmph, Shang Bu Ming, I don't care if your parents or whoever has a problem with me, please tell them when you go back, and if you have any in the future, please come directly to me.And you, if you dare to bully my children again, don't blame me for being rude."Tang Zichen's eyes showed killing intent, this time, Shang Bu Ming seemed to be a little scared, after all, he was a nine-year-old child.

Tang Zichen returned home.

"Alright, I've already swollen that Shang Bu Ming's face."

At that moment, Tang Zichen's mother came.

"Hong'er, you really hit that child ah, that Shang Bu Ming is also a child after all ah, will it cause conflicts ah."The mother said worriedly.

"Mother, you don't understand, that Shang Bu Ming is especially uneducated, a little bitch at a mouth, if we weren't all clan members, I would have wanted to just chop him to death."

Just at this moment, a furious voice came from outside, "Who do you want to chop to death."

Tang Zichen's words had just been heard by the people rushing outside.

Needless to say, it was definitely Shang Bu Ming's parents.

Everyone was shocked when they heard the roar at the door.

Tang Zichen looked back and saw a man who was about the same age as him and in the middle of his Dengfeng realm standing in the doorway with an angry face.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm just saying that casually, no need to take it seriously, you must be Shang Bu Ming's father, haven't asked for your name yet?"Tang Zichen looked at this man, he didn't seem to be impressed, this morning at that palace, there was no such person in that crowd of cousins, which meant that this person was not a child under Tang Zichen's grandfather's lineage.

"You are Shang Hong?"The other party asked Tang Zichen rhetorically.

"Yes, I'm Shang Hong, what, aren't you going to give your name?"

"Hmph, Shang Hong, listen carefully, my name is Shang Stubborn, you may not know me, but it's okay, my grandfather is Shang Mo."

Tang Zichen was a little shocked, in the morning at the palace, when Tang Zichen talked to his grandfather, his grandfather said that his big brother, Shang Mo, would soon be stepping into the first stage of Return to Void, and if their great grandfather died, the whole family would have to rely on that Shang Mo to support them.And the man in front of him is Shang Mo's grandson.

Tang Zichen's mother was busy saying, "Shang stubborn, what are you doing, let's all dissipate the fire, your grandfather Shang Mo, and my Hong'er's grandfather Shang Jian, are brothers ah, we are all from the same family, why do you need to be so rattled."

That Shang stubborn roared, "Auntie, it's not that I'm not giving you face, but your son, what exactly have you done, you as an adult, you beat my son like this, you see."Shang stubborn pulled out that nine-year-old Shang Bu Ming, indeed his face was swollen.

Tang Zichen huffed, "Shang stubborn, then why don't you take a look, your son has ganged up with other kids and beaten my daughter up, he even broke one of his arms, since you parents don't educate your own children, I have no choice but to do it for you."

"Shang Hong, it's perfectly normal for children to fight, but you as an adult, you actually hit out at children, do you have a sense of shame, it's worthy of being raised outside, you just lack education."

Tang Zichen's mother was depressed.

Tang Zichen said angrily, "Shang stubborn, I order you, get out of here right now, otherwise, don't blame me for blowing you out."


"Hahaha, Shang Hong, you're too smug, who do you think you are, who's blowing who up, it's not certain, you just wait and see, this isn't over, I'll go and talk to my grandfather.""Go on, go at speed."

Shang stubbornly dragged his son away.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen's mother sighed.

"Hong'er, take a step back and broaden the sea, why fight with him, your grandfather, after all, is a brother."

Tang Zichen said, "Mother, it's useless to give in by considering family ties, it will only make people bully us even more.Since this Shang stubborn doesn't even treat me as his own family, why should I bother with him.Moreover, that Shang Bu Ming is a child, but he can't hate me for no reason, it must be something an adult said.If I'm not wrong, my return has hurt certain people."

"What kind of conflict of interest can there be when everyone is temporarily living underground in these extraordinary times."Just then, Tang Zichen's mother seemed to have thought of something, and if that was the case, then it was indeed a bit of a conflict of interest.

At this moment, in a certain underground palace.

Tang Zichen's grandfather was sitting in it practicing his skills.

"Your Highness."A guard walked in.

"What is it."

"Shang Hong he and Shang stubborn, just had a conflict." Remember the website

"How?Shang Hong he just got back, not so much, because what?"

"Oh, it looks like, it's some trivial matters of life, Shang Hong's daughter, was beaten by Shang Stubborn's son, Shang Hong went to Shang Stubborn's son, then slapped Shang Stubborn's son, then caused a conflict, of course, Shang Hong's daughter, broke her arm by Shang Stubborn's son."

Tang Zichen's grandfather Shang Jian furrowed his brow and said, "A child, breaking another child's arm, is indeed cruel."

"Your Highness, this is only the surface reason, the real reason may be because of that ah."

Shang Jian sighed, "It seems that Shang Hong's return has indeed brought a threat to Shang stubborn, but it can't be helped, you send someone to tell Shang Hong, if you can endure it, just endure it, after all, it's all your family ah."

"Oh, Your Highness, when it comes to your own interests, it's useless for your own brothers ah."

Shang Jian no longer spoke.

At the same time, at this moment in another place, an old man also learned about this matter.

This old man, who was also an imperial prince, was Shang Mo, currently the strongest person in the Lonely Soul Organization, other than Shang Yao of the Returning Void Phase 1.

This Shang Mo sighed, "You go tell Shang Crouch, don't be so small-minded, everyone is the son and grandson of the Shang Clan, whoever should be is whoever should be."

"Your Highness, Shang Niu is your most favored grandson ah, and also the future successor in your mind, if, if that opportunity is really snatched away by Shang Hong, this is not a small loss ah."

"So what, Shang Hong is my brother's grandson after all, if Shang stubborn he doesn't want to lose that opportunity, let him perform well next, don't disappoint the Imperial Prince, so that he can get that cherished opportunity."

"Yes, I'm going to tell Shang Crouch."

Shang Mo closed his eyes, he hated the infighting in the family, but this matter could not be treated with equanimity, after all, everyone had their own selfishness, if his own grandson could get that chance, of course it would be good, but it was equivalent to struggling less forty or fifty years, forty or fifty years, what concept was this.

At Tang Zichen's house, Tang Zichen got his

Grandpa's instructions to keep a low profile and be tolerant when he can.

Tang Zichen asked his mother, "Mother, what is the reason why Shang Cao hates me so much?I don't believe in plain speaking that he would hate me so much, and his talent may not be lower than mine, jealous of my words."

Tang Zichen's mother said, "Hong'er, have you taken a lot of spirit grass and spirit meat before?"

"Uh, is Mother asking me if my child's realm is something I broke through on my own?Oh, I did take some spirit grasses before, but I think the vast majority of them are basically martial realms that I comprehended myself."

"Hong'er, Shang Cao he's about the same age as you, I've heard that his martial realm was obtained by taking many spirit grasses and flesh, from this point of view, his talent is definitely lower than yours."

"No wonder he's jealous of me just because he feels that his talent is lower than mine?"

"Hong'er, actually, Mother doesn't know if it's true."

"Mother, please say."

"Earlier, I heard that your grandfather, your great-grandfather, is preparing to self-limit."

"What does self-limitation mean?"

"Hong'er, your great-grandfather, who is two hundred years old, has been unable to step into the Second Stage of Return to Void belatedly, and currently seems to be very hopeless.Therefore, he is about to reach his great limit.There are two choices for those whose deadline is approaching, the first, to continue to strike and fight until the last moment without giving up, perhaps stepping into the next realm at the last moment; and the second, to give up early and choose to self-limit, and then, before self-limiting, to pass on their life's work to the next generation to help the next generation grow faster.However, the vast majority of people, choose the first one and fight until the last moment, only a small number of people choose the second one."

Tang Zichen busily said, "Mother, what do you mean, my great grandfather he is prepared to, self-limit?Passing on your life's work to the next generation?"

"Oh, I just heard about it before, after all, no one can guarantee such things, all I can say is that your great-grandfather, perhaps had planned for it.That Shang Stubborn hates you so much, maybe because you're back and you're so prominent, if your great-grandfather, plans to choose one of the fourth generation children to pass on, then there's no doubt that both you and Shang Stubborn will be on the list, and Shang Stubborn's competition will be big."

"Hahaha, I see, no wonder this bitch is so disgusted with me, it's only because his son said that he wants me to get lost."

"Oh, everyone does surprising things for their own benefit.Hong'er, your grandfather told you to keep a low profile and be hidden, so just listen to him, after all, Shang Mo, Shang's stubborn grandfather, he is indeed about to step into the first stage of Return to Void, and will have to rely on him to support the family for the next few decades."

"Well, Mother, I know.However, Mother, if Grandfather Tai passes on his lifelong skills to the next generation, how much benefit can be gained?Like what level can I reach if he passes it on to me?Like, ascending the peak to great perfection or something."

Tang Zichen's mother smiled, "Hong'er, if there's such a good thing in the world, then cultivation would be simple.Nowadays, it's incomparably difficult to comprehend the realm one more time, and you still want to go straight from mid-debut to great completion, even in the innate realm, no one goes from mid-debut to great completion in one night, let alone debut.However, if your great-grandfather did choose you to pass it on, then you'll gain your great-grandfather's power, your martial skills will increase greatly, you'll perceive the essence of your great-grandfather's martial dao, and you'll be able to increase your martial realm by a whole level, for example.It's not impossible to step into the late stage of peak ascension, but of course, it's mostly a matter of personal comprehension.Those with poor comprehension may gain nothing.Shang Crouch is so upset with you, he probably thinks that your comprehension is better than his, and normally, your great grandfather would give priority to the one with good comprehension when he's looking for someone to pass on."

"Hmm, I see."


"Hong'er, behave well, perhaps, there may not be no chance."

"Good, the more that Shang stubborn is afraid of me stealing his chance, then the more I will make him afraid."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, stepping into the late stage of peak ascension, this is at least twenty to thirty years less struggle, for these twenty to thirty years, Tang Zichen will fight for it.

A few days later, the family gathered all the sons and daughters of the early and middle stage of the peak-denial realm.

Tang Zichen immediately rushed to the family hall, he had been back for several days and was about to start integrating into the family's life.

"Dear sons and daughters of the Shang Clan, hard work makes one progress, laziness makes one lag behind, my sons and daughters of the Shang Clan, although there are very few people today, it is impossible to keep you captive here without any training.Tomorrow, there will be another monthly sweep of the Heavenly Bound Mountain, although I know that every time the Heavenly Bound Mountain sweeps, a few of my children will die and many will reject them and not dare to go, but in order to stimulate the vast majority of you to progress, we have no choice but to do so.Everyone, prepare yourselves, today after dinner, head to Heaven's Bound Mountain, tomorrow early in the morning, enter Heaven's Bound Mountain, whether you are picking spirit grass, killing exotic beasts, or hiding in a cave, you must spend three days and three nights in Heaven's Bound Mountain before you can come out.Of course, after you come out, you will be given the corresponding contribution points based on your harvest.Last month, the one who gained the most was Shang Cao, he has been the monthly Sky Bound Mountain Sweeping Champion for three consecutive years, and I hope that this month, he will continue to be the champion.Meeting adjourned."

At this moment, Shang Crouch took a glance in Tang Zichen's direction.

For three years, every time he could become the Sweeping Champion, and this month, because of Tang Zichen's appearance, it became a question among everyone if Shang Niu could continue to be the champion for another year.

At this moment, the people in the palace were discussing.

"Will Shang Crouch be able to repeat as champion this month?"

"I don't think so, haven't you heard?Shang Hong who just returned to the family, I heard it's awesome." One second to remember to read the book

"It seems that Shang Crouch has met his opponent."

Shang Crouch heard the whispering of the people around him, and with a hum inside, he clenched both fists, "This month, I still want to win the championship and be the one who gains the most, I will never allow to lose to Shang Hong."

Whether it was for the sake of fame, or for the sake of that grandfather's passing, Shang stubborn would not allow himself to lose to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen, however, didn't think so much about it, and went home after the meeting was adjourned.

Tang Zichen's mother was busy saying, "Hong'er, just went to the assembly, you heard it too."

"Uh, Mother, what did you hear."

"That Shang Crouch has been the champion of the Heavenly Bound Mountain Sweep for three years in a row, ah, I asked you to perform well a few days ago, you forgot, now it's time to perform, everyone is watching, you and Shang Crouch who can be first, you don't let mother yo."

"Mother don't worry, but Mother you are also in the middle of peak ascension, why don't you have to go ah?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Oh, I'm different, I'm a woman, women don't need to be involved, and the Heavenly Bound Mountain sweep is mainly to stimulate the next generation of family disciples in the early and middle stages of peak ascension."

"Oh, okay."

At this moment, in a certain palace.

Shang stubborn was sitting next to an old man, and this old man was Shang stubborn's grandfather, Shang Mo.

"Grandpa, that Shang Hong is so annoying."

"Shang stubborn, Shang Hong is also his own brother, you must never do anything unjust to him, if you dare to take a butcher's knife to one of your own, don't blame grandpa for being so righteous."


bsp; "Grandpa you're overthinking it, I just hate him so much."

"What do you hate him for."

"It's just hate anyway, if Grandpa Tai is really looking for someone to pass on in the fourth generation, then it was me who had the most hope, but now that Shang Hong is here, my chances are greatly reduced."

"Shang stubborn, it's fate who will get to pass on from your great grandfather, if you really want to not be snatched by Shang Hong, then work hard and behave well.Tomorrow is this month's sweep of Tianmian Mountain, and you'll be able to maintain your advantage if you continue to take first place.Next month, we're going to negotiate an alliance with the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, we're bound to have a cut-throat competition with the geniuses of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, you continue to be ahead of Shang Hong, that's another advantage, there will be many more of these things in the future, as long as you can force Shang Hong every time, then Shang Hong won't be able to snatch away the quota that belongs to you."

"Yes, I will."

"Go for it, grandson."

"Yes, grandpa, I won't let you down."

That evening, after eating dinner, Tang Zichen bade farewell to his mother, wife and children before heading to the concentration point.

"Windy, be careful."

"Father, cheer up."

"Husband, be safe."

Tang Zichen nodded, then immediately went to the concentration hall.

"Everyone, let's go, we still have a night to catch up."

Tang Zichen followed a group of clans and set off along the underground passage that he had come from before.

The sky was already dark by the time they left the Grand Cool Mountain.

"For those in the early stages of peak ascension, two people have one black jiao, and for those in the middle stages of peak ascension, one person has one black jiao."A strong member of the family who had reached peak completion said to the crowd.

Tang Zichen didn't need the black jiao because Tang Zichen was carrying Little Fire.

As for Little Black, he now had a wife and children, Tang Zichen rarely brought him out anymore, because the Lonely Soul Organization was underground, Little Black's body couldn't enter, so when he returned here a few days ago, Little Black went to live in a designated, black jiao valley in the Grand Cool Mountain, and Tang Zichen hadn't seen Little Black in the past few days.

Tang Zichen took a small fire and prepared to depart, many people were envious and jealous when they saw that Tang Zichen even had a fire beast mount.

That Shang Crouch was busy saying, "Elder, Shang Crouch has a fire beast, according to the family's rules, fire beasts are only worthy to be owned by the peak completion, doesn't he have to hand it over to the family?"

That Lonely Soul Organization elder who had reached peak completion looked at Tang Zichen's fire beast and furrowed his brow, what Shang Cao said was true, fire beasts were very cherished, usually only those above peak completion level could possess them, and in addition, fire beasts were particularly rare in the Lonely Soul Organization.

Tang Zichen didn't wait for that elder to speak before he snorted, "Trying to hit on my fire beast, how naive, Little Fire is my brother, who dares to try to touch my brother."

Shang stubbornly said, "But, there are family rules, and the organization's rules are just that."

"Hahaha, the organization's rules have nothing to do with me, my Fire Demon Beast, which followed me before I even returned to the family, is my private one."

"Shang Hong, since you are part of the organization, anything you have is the organization's, no personal items."

"Hahaha, I'm not bothering to bullshit with you."

Shang stubbornly looked at Tang Zichen, a moment of displeasure, he must find a way to make Tang Zichen unable to have his Fire Demon Beast confiscated.


"Let's go."

After a night of running around, they finally arrived at their destination, the Tianmong Mountain.

Heaven Dazhong Mountain was a place where many exotic beasts gathered, and there were very powerful exotic beasts, some of which were even as good as humans.

Of course, the Heaven's Bound Mountain also had many 'spirit grasses' that had grown for thousands and thousands of years.

However, spirit grasses were hard to find, thousands of years old, the growing conditions were too harsh, and of course, those exotic beasts that were tens of thousands of years old were also hard to find.

Arriving at the outskirts of the Heavenly Bound Mountain, that elder of the family said, "Everyone rest for a few hours, just enter the Heavenly Bound Mountain before dawn tomorrow, of course, you can also choose to go in now."

Before the words were finished, Shang Cao said, "I can't wait for tomorrow, I want to go in now."

Shang stubbornly flew into the Heaven's Bound Mountain.

Everyone thought that Tang Zichen would also go in now, but who knew that Tang Zichen had found a place to sleep first.

Tang Zichen didn't bother comparing himself to this fool.

The next day, at dawn, Tang Zichen followed everyone and entered Tianmang Mountain. The first website

The three-day life in the Tianmeng Mountain began, those who didn't have strength would choose to hide, after all, their lives were important, and those with strength could still hunt for exotic beasts or search for 'spirit grasses' and 'spirit beasts' while doing so.

Tang Zichen didn't team up with anyone, by himself, and Little Fire.

"Brother Chen, there's a foreign beast ahead, it looks very strong.".

"Well, I've seen it."Tang Zichen looked ahead, a huge foreign beast with blood-red eyes.

"Roar."The exotic beast pounced on it.

Tang Zichen drew his sword.

"Swoosh."A sword cut the foreign beast in half, it was only a foreign beast that was about equal to the early peak strength of Dengfeng, this foreign beast was just very ordinary, it didn't have any years, so it had no value.

Half a day later, Tang Zichen had killed more than a dozen different beasts, but unfortunately, they were all worthless, so he treated them as sword practice.

Just then, Little Fire walked to the bottom of a large tree and sniffed with his nose.

"Little Fire, did you find anything?"Tang Zichen asked, "The grass that Little Fire is sniffing is just a very ordinary little grass.

: "Brother Chen, why do I feel, this little grass, like it's not simple, yet, it looks ordinary on the outside."

Tang Zichen went up, trying to pull that little grass down.

But, suddenly, that little grass disappeared into the mud.

"Ah, what's going on?"Tang Zichen was stunned.

Tang Zichen didn't know that true spirit grasses were spiritual and would run.

And those that wouldn't run, even if they were tens of thousands of years old, they weren't true spirit grasses.

In this Great Martial Empire, the spirit grasses that everyone pulled were not real spirit grasses, and even then, no one here knew what real spirit grasses were like.

Little Fire was busy saying, "Brother Minister, is this a spirit grass?It can even run away of its own accord, gosh, I've never heard of that before."

Tang Zichen frowned and said, "I've never heard of it before either, the spirit grass can still run away on its own, Little Fire, it's up to you if you can catch up with that spirit grass just now."

"Good Le."After saying that, Little Fire suddenly turned into the size of a small mouse, then burrowed into the ground and went to chase after that spirit grass just now.

Tang Zichen waited and waited on the ground for a full three hours before Little Fire came out with his mouth biting into the spirit grass.

"Brother Chen, I'm exhausted, this spirit grass is too cunning too

Up, heck, running faster than a rabbit."

"I go, so spiritual, it must be a spirit grass, this spirit grass can even disguise itself, if not for your extraordinary nose, you would not have been able to discover the secret, I thought it was an ordinary grass."

"Brother Minister, whether it's a spirit grass or not, you'll know if you try it."

"But, you caught this spirit grass after all the trouble."

"Brother Minister, we brothers are still polite, if we find it later, I'll catch it again."

"Alright, I'll be polite then."

Tang Zichen immediately ate the spirit grass, and as he ate it in his mouth, Tang Zichen seemed to sense a spiritual fluctuation, as if it was a plea message from the spirit grass.

"Uh, it's surprisingly so weird."Tang Zichen was incomparably shocked, it wasn't like Tang Zichen hadn't eaten spirit grass before, where would such a thing happen, this kind of spirit grass, I'm afraid there wasn't another person in the entire world who knew about it.

Tang Zichen was too lucky.

After Tang Zichen ate the spirit grass, all of a sudden, Tang Zichen felt his pores spread out all over his body, of course, it was just a feeling, Tang Zichen felt countless aura in the air, in short, making him very comfortable breath into his body.

"Phew."Tang Zichen's mind became incomparably clear, and he was very, very deep into all kinds of sensations.

Tang Zichen immediately closed his eyes and sat down on the spot.

After about five minutes of this feeling, it disappeared and Tang Zichen returned to his original state.

"Brother Chen, how is it?"

Tang Zichen said incredulously, "Little Fire, I just that five minutes ago, I comprehended the late peak of the peak twice."

"No way, right?Twice in five minutes?"

"It's true, with the two times I've comprehended it before, I've comprehended it four times."

"Brother Chen, it seems that this spirit herb is completely different from other spirit herbs, the effect of just five minutes is so great.The previous one, the spirit grass you ate two servings of 50,000 years and closed up for half a year, that's all the effect it had, and it will also have a limiting effect on future realm advancement.Minister, I think we're going to get rich."

"Haha, Little Fire, let's keep looking for any more of this spirit grass."


Tang Zichen and Little Fire continued their search.

However, after searching for a day, they didn't find a second plant.

"Brother Chen, it looks like we can't find a second strain, let's go find the exotic beast, otherwise, that Shang Stubborn is going to be a champion.".

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm not in the mood to compete with him, he'll be first if he's first, I'm not much interested in Grandpa Tai's passing right now, I might as well spend my time looking for spirit grasses."

"Brother Chen, that's what I was thinking too."

Tang Zichen and Little Fire continued to search and search, not killing the exotic beasts at all, and not looking for the long years.

Another day passed in the blink of an eye.

"Brother Chen, there's only half a day left."

"Depressing, it took two days, and we didn't even find it again, what does that mean."Tang Zichen stomped his foot in depression.

It was then that Tang Zichen realized that he had just stepped on a blade of grass, but now when he stomped his foot, he found that he hadn't stepped on it.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he said in his heart, "I would never look at it wrong, I just stepped on this grass under my feet, but now, this grass has gone to the side, haha, there is definitely something wrong with this grass."

Tang Zichen acted as if he hadn't noticed and said, "Little fire, we can only go home like this, hey, my shoelaces are loose, I'll tie them."


Don Zichen bent over to tie his shoelaces.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen instantly took action and pulled out the grass.

"Haha, little brat, I'll see how you can still run."Tang Zichen laughed, that little grass was grasped by Tang Zichen, its roots shook desperately, it really was a spirit grass.

Neither Tang Zichen nor Little Fire found it, it seemed that Little Fire had discovered the spirit grass by chance two days ago.

"Brother Chenchen, is this one of yours a spirit grass?"


At that moment, the spirit grass emitted a faint spiritual wave.

"Please, just release me back to nature, I'm still young, only in my twenties."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen immediately said silently in his head, "You're only in your twenties?I don't believe it. How can someone in their twenties be so spiritual?I've eaten a fifty thousand year old spirit grass before, it's devoid of any spirituality, you must be over a hundred thousand years old."

"I'm really only twenty years old, the fifty thousand year old one you ate before is not a spirit grass at all, it just belongs to the category of genius and earth treasures, it's you people here who presume to call them spirit grasses, real spirit grasses are just like me, raised by the halo of heaven and earth, even if you're only twenty years old, you still have an autonomous consciousness, I just really regret avoiding your stinky feet."

"Haha, you're quite interesting, okay, you want me to release you, it's not impossible, you must tell me where there are other spirit grasses and replace you with the lives of other spirit grasses." Remember the URL

The spirit wave of that spirit grass said, "I know a place that has many of those genius earth treasures you speak of, I can tell you about it."

"I don't want those genius land treasures, I want the spirit grass."

"Ooh, I'm begging you, I'm so small, there's no use for you to eat me."

"I don't care what you do."Tang Zichen made a gesture to take that little grass to his mouth.

"Okay, I know a place with a spirit grass, but you have to keep your word."


"You put me in the ground first so I can take you there."

"No, in case you run away."

"I'm not going to run."

"Keep jabbering and I'll eat you."

"Okay, you have to keep your word."

"Cut the crap and tell me."

"In that valley up ahead, there's a big purple leaf grass, I know it's also a spirit grass, and it's at least thirty years old."

"It's only thirty years old."

"Senior, thirty years isn't low, in this place where the aura is thin, it's already tops to have a spirit grass growing."

"Alright, when I catch it, I'll let you go."

Tang Zichen immediately came to the valley in front of him, and indeed saw a large purple leaf grass that looked ordinary beyond ordinary, if Tang Zichen hadn't stumbled upon a real spirit grass, he wouldn't have paid attention to such an ordinary thing.

Tang Zichen walked up to it, and the large leaf grass tendril contracted, as if it was on guard.

Tang Zichen knew that these spirit grasses were smart and felt the meaning of human behavior.

Tang Zichen deliberately said, "Little Fire, wait for me for a moment, I'm going to take a leak over there in front."

Tang Zichen acted as if he didn't know about that spirit grass and walked up to it, acting as if he was going to pee.

Right at that moment, Tang Zichen instantly made his move and grabbed the large purple leaf grass.

"Haha, it's caught."

The leaves of that big leaf grass kept curling up, and it was indeed a spirit grass.


Tzu-Chen to the one: "Thank you, but I need one more favor from you, where's the one you said, Genius Earth?"

"If you let me go, I'll take you there."

"No, you tell me."

"It's a bit far, I can't give directions."

"Well, if you don't keep your word, my little fire will catch up with you."

Don Zichen put the grass down, and the grass quickly moved across the ground.

Tang Zichen immediately followed it up.

Walking for about an hour.

He came to a very secret and shady place.

Tang Zichen saw that there were dozens of red mushrooms growing in a stone crevice.

As soon as Tang Zichen saw these mushrooms, he could feel a sense of time from their vintage.

Tang Zichen immediately went up and plucked them, reaching a total of over thirty mushrooms, one of which, was over 100,000 years old, five were over 50,000 years old, and the rest, tens of thousands to thousands of years old.

"Haha, spirit grass, thank you so much."

Tang Zichen thought in his heart, with these genius land treasures, taking them back to his family, he would definitely be able to get first place.

Because, this kind of genius land treasure was not easy to find, the ones that were usually 20,000 years old were almost extinct, not to mention there was one that was 100,000 years old.

That spirit grass, at the moment has disappeared, must have run far away.

Tang Zichen looked at the large purple leaf grass and said in his heart, "What a big one, I can bring it back and share it with everyone, everyone can eat even one leaf."

After saying that, Tang Zichen himself ate two leaves first, and gave two leaves to Little Fire as well.

After Tang Zichen finished eating, he immediately closed the door.

The previous feeling of pores opening up and countless heaven and earth auras surging into his body once again came.

And, this time, it lasted for fifteen minutes.

Within those fifteen minutes, Tang Zichen comprehended five late stage peak ascensions.

Fifteen minutes later, the feeling disappeared and Tang Zichen immediately returned to normal.

"Haha, Little Fire, how are you?I've comprehended five more late stage intentions in these fifteen minutes, I've now comprehended a total of nine late peak ascension intentions, one more and I'll be able to step into the late peak ascension."

: "Brother Chen, I've also gotten much stronger ah, I'm now equivalent to the early stage of human peak-denial realm."

"Little Flame, this spirit grass, it really is a good thing ah, according to what that spirit grass said just now, this purple big leaf grass, it has thirty years, then, the one you caught two days ago, I'm afraid it's only ten years old, a ten year old spirit grass has such an effect, it really opened my eyes.Those genius earth treasures don't have this kind of effect for tens of thousands of years."

"Brother Chen, if we find a hundred year old spirit grass, I'm afraid we'll have to turn the world upside down."

"Oh, I'm afraid that in this world, there is no such level of spirit grass, it's not a matter of time, it's a matter of the spirit of heaven and earth, it can't live that long."

"It's possible."

"Let's go, we should go back, I'll take these geniuses with me, I'm guaranteed to win first place."

Tang Zichen and Little Fire, left the Heaven and Earth Mountain and prepared to go home.

The next time there was a chance, they would have to come back for the spirit grass, this was the real spirit grass.

As for those mushrooms in Tang Zichen's hands that were tens of thousands of years old, they were only at the level of genius and earth treasures, just people in this world, referring to them as spirit grasses, real spirit grasses, other than Tang Zichen and Little Fire, I'm afraid no one had ever seen them.

Tang Zichen could also feel that there seemed to be no side effects at all when he took the spirit grass.


Tang Zichen drove at full speed, spending more than twenty hours before returning to the outskirts of the Heavenly Bound Mountain, Tang Zichen had somehow penetrated far into the Heavenly Bound Mountain.

The rest of the Lonely Soul Organization had also gone out, and were only waiting for Tang Zichen to come out.

"Look, that's Shang Hong, Shang Hong has finally come out."

"Wow, it really is Shang Hong, hey, how did he come out empty handed?He's the latest out, he shouldn't be empty-handed."

"I don't know."

"Che, he came out empty handed, how can he compete with Shang Cao for first place."

Tang Zichen flew in front of everyone, that elder asked, "Shang Hong, everyone has been waiting for you for half a day, don't tell me that you came out empty handed?"

"Yes, I did come up empty handed and I picked some elixirs."Tang Zichen said.

"Where are the spirit beasts?Not even one?Look at the others, at least they have found a few spirit beasts that are thousands of years old, with your strength, you shouldn't have not found a spirit beast that is thousands of years old."

"Oh, I really haven't come across a single spirit beast over a thousand years old."Tang Zichen said.

Someone: "Everyone waited for you for half a day and nothing came out, look at people Shang Cao." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen looked over to Shang Crouch, Shang Crouch was standing on the back of the Black Jiao, which was carrying more than ten spirit beasts, the year was unclear for now, of all the people on the scene, Shang Crouch was the most dazzling, as his Black Jiao's back was piled with exotic beasts.

"It seems like this time, Shang Crouch is going to be first again."

"Yeah, last month he only killed a total of seven spirit beasts, the highest year has reached ten thousand years, this time, he killed at least thirteen, so bullish.That Shang Hong, he thought he could compete with Shang Niu, but the result, what a disappointment."

Shang Crouch looked at Tang Zichen with a very proud look on his face, as if he was already very confident that he had won.

"Shang Hong, I really didn't expect that you didn't find a single spirit beast, had I known that, I wouldn't have bothered to wait for you, I would have just gone home."

"That's right, a waste of everyone's time."

The organization's elder said, "Alright, stop complaining, now that everyone is out, go back."

Tang Zichen and the others immediately went home, and after more than ten hours, they finally arrived home.

At a certain palace of the Lonely Soul Organization, all the people who had participated in the Tianmian Mountain sweep were gathered in the palace.

Tang Zichen's grandfather, Shang Jian, and several other peak-descending elders were all above the palace, in addition to many family members.

One of the elders said loudly, "According to the past rules, your trophies will now be inspected, so bring up your trophies one by one, the one with the richest trophies will be this month's champion.Shang Cao, you first."


Above the palace, Shang Stubborn's grandfather, looked at Shang Stubborn with expectant eyes, he certainly hoped that his grandson would be able to thwart Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's grandfather, Shang Jian, was not sure how Tang Zichen was doing at the moment, he looked at Shang Niu with confidence and was a little worried inside.

Under everyone's attention, Shang Crouch immediately ordered the thirteen spirit beasts to be brought up.

"Wow, thirteen spirit beasts."

"Tsk tsk, Shang Gou is so powerful."

The crowd around the palace heard voices of wonder and worship, because it was already good enough to save one's life in a place like Heaven's Bound Mountain, and to find so many spirit beasts on the premise of saving one's life meant that Shang Niu had penetrated at least ten thousand kilometers in Heaven's Bound Mountain during those three days.


sp; Shang Crouch said excitedly, "Elders, of the thirteen spirit beasts I have, one of them is 20,000 years old, there are three more that are 10,000 years old, and the rest are between 5,000 and 10,000 years old."

"Not bad, Shang Crouch, you have harvested so many spirit beasts, may I ask how far you have penetrated in the Heavenly Bound Mountain?"An elder asked.

Shang Crouch said, "I think it should be more than 10,000 kilometers."

"Well, more than ten thousand kilometers deep into the Heavenly Bound Mountain, and still managed to come back unharmed, and with so many spirit beasts, amazing, worthy of being the champion for three years in a row, Shang Crouch, it seems that the champion for the month wants you again."

"Hehe."Shang Crouch smiled proudly.

"Next, who's next?"

Above the palace, Shang Mo, Shang's stubborn grandfather, was relieved to see his grandson's trophies.

Shang Jian, on the other hand, looked at Tang Zichen with suspicion.

When Tang Zichen saw everyone's eyes on him, he said, "That's me."

An elder asked, "Shang Hong, what have you gained?How many spirit beasts?"

Tang Zichen said, "Sorry, I didn't kill a single spirit beast."

"Hmph? You're the only one who still fights with me."Shang stubbornly laughed under his breath, the people around him also looked at Tang Zichen with confusion, not even a single spirit beast, is this too bad.

Tang Zichen's grandfather, Shang Jian, also looked at Tang Zichen with some disappointment.

The elder asked, "Shang Hong, you haven't killed a single spirit beast, so you're just putting your energy into spirit grass, right?"

"You could say that."

"Then take out the spirit grass you dish to."

Tang Zichen took out a bag and poured out all the mushrooms in the bag.

"Wow."As soon as everyone saw the mushrooms, they instantly felt the imprint of time from the shape of the mushrooms.

"Shang Hong, this is an Earthblood mushroom?"The elders asked in shock, meanwhile, Shang Mo and Shang Jian, who were above the palace, both stood up.

Tang Zichen said, "Elders, this is an elixir that I picked, this mushroom is 100,000 years old."

"Wow, a hundred thousand years?A hundred years would be hard to find."The entire palace was shocked.

Tang Zichen grabbed five more mushrooms and said, "This is fifty thousand years old."

"Damn, fifty thousand years old, which can only be picked in an average of twenty to thirty years, he picked five at once."

The entire palace was talking.

Shang Mo and Shang Jian were both nonchalant, the 100,000 and 50,000 years of Earth Blood Mushrooms that Tang Zichen took out could be said to be super invincible and precious, especially that 100,000 years of Earth Blood Mushrooms, this kind of year, the entire Great Martial Empire, on average, someone would only be able to pick them once in a hundred years.And that fifty thousand year old one, it also took an average of twenty to thirty years for someone to pick it once.

Tang Zichen pointed at another pile of mushrooms and said, "These ten, they are from ten to thirty thousand years old, the rest, they are all under ten thousand years old."

The elder's voice trembled as he asked, "Shang Hong, you picked such a precious spirit grass, how far into the Heaven's Bound Mountain did you go?"

Tang Zichen said, "It's not that far, it's only about fifty to sixty thousand kilometers."

"It's only fifty to sixty thousand kilometers."The entire palace looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

Tang Zichen saw the incredulous look of the entire palace and asked, "Is there anything strange?I don't think it's anything ah, come and go as you please."

Hearing Tang Zichen's words, everyone trembled even more, 50,000 to 60,000 kilometers deep into the Tianmeng Mountain, but he said that he came and went as he pleased, was this a pretend comparison?


Tang Zichen really didn't pretend to be a match, he and Little Fire, in order to find the real spirit grass, didn't even think about anything, they just searched and searched all the way, and didn't encounter any danger.

Tang Zichen's grandfather asked, "Shang Hong, did you really go fifty to sixty thousand kilometers deep into the Tianmong Mountain?"

"Yeah, where else would you pick so many mushrooms, only if you go deeper can you find things that others haven't found."

"Shang Hong, you didn't run into any powerful exotic beasts?"

"A different beast?Oh, it doesn't seem to feel like it."

"Well, good for you, but don't go so deep in the future, it's dangerous, even I wouldn't dare to go deeper than 80,000 kilometers."

"Oh, good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

An elder said, "The winner of this Tianmian Mountain sweep, without a doubt, is Shang Hong, 100,000 year old earth blood mushrooms, on average, are only picked over a hundred years ago, the last time they were picked was 130 years ago.Shang Hong picked it this time, it's truly a great fortune for my Lone Soul Organization, Shang Hong ignored his personal safety and delved into the dangerous hinterland to pick such a cherished spirit grass, let's applaud for him."


"Shang Hong, Shang Hong, Shang Hong."Everyone cried out, calling out Shang Hong's name.

Tang Zichen smiled and waved his hand at the crowd. The first website

At this moment, Shang Cao was pig liver colored, he thought that he must be the champion this time, for the sake of the championship, he penetrated 10,000 kilometers ah, usually he only penetrated 5,000 to 6,000 kilometers at most, this time he fought to the death to penetrate, almost hung in the Tianmang Mountain, and as a result, he actually still lost so badly.Thanks to him, he was just acting so high-profile.

Shang Niu's grandfather, Shang Mo, didn't think about it that much at the moment, because what Tang Zichen had picked was a 100,000 year old elixir, which was enough to make him forget what grandson and son.

"Hahaha, Shang Hong, it's indeed good looking, but your grandfather is right, don't fight so hard in the future."Shang Mo said with a smile.

Tang Zichen said, "No, for the family, for the organization, I must fight."

"Pah-pah."Everyone applauded desperately, it seemed, this forced act was good.

At this time, Shang Crouch was busy shouting, "Wait."

Everyone looked at Shang Crabby.

"Shang stubborn, do you have any questions?Is there any other harvest you haven't taken out?"The elders asked.

Shang stubbornly said, "Elders, have you ever wondered why Shang Hong was able to penetrate 50,000 to 60,000 kilometers into the Heavenly Bound Mountain and still come out unharmed?"

"Maybe he was lucky that he did not encounter any powerful exotic beasts."One said.

Shang Stubborn immediately shook his head, "Wrong, that's because, Shang Hong he has an extraordinary mount, his fire demon beast."

"Uh, his Fire Demon Beast?Out of the ordinary?"Everyone looked at Tang Zichen and Shang Crouch with puzzlement.

At this moment, the corners of Shang Crouch's mouth were smiling in a conspiratorial manner, Shang Crouch had said before he set out that he would make it impossible for Tang Zichen to have a private fire beast, and this moment was a good opportunity.Of course, he was talking nonsense when he said that Tang Zichen's small fire was beyond the pale.

"Yes, that fire beast of Shang Hong's, I suspect, is extraordinary, otherwise, I don't believe he would be able to safely enter the hinterland of the Heavenly Bound Mountain.Fellow elders, our Lonely Soul Organization, clearly states that no one before peak completion may possess a Fire Demon Beast, Shang Hong he is only in the middle of peak completion, he doesn't deserve it, his Fire Demon Beast must be confiscated, otherwise, I'll be the first to disobey, I think, those who are strong in peak completion of the organization, also don't."

"Bang."Shang stubborn hadn't finished a single sentence when suddenly a figure flashed to his side .

A huge fist, smashed down high near his temple, and Shang Stubborn hit the ground with a thud, hitting his head.

"Who is it."

"Bang."Another punch smashed into Shang Stubborn's head, nearly breaking it.

"Stop."The elders above shouted in panic.

Tang Zichen grabbed Shang Stubborn's hair, hoisted it up, and yelled at the elders above who were about to rush down, "Stop, I'll twist off Shang Stubborn's head if anyone dares to rush down."

"Ugh."Those few elders were stunned, seemingly not expecting Tang Zichen to dare to do such a thing and say such words under the eyes of Shang Stubborn's own grandfather.

At this moment, Shang Mo, Shang Stubborn's grandfather, looked a little ugly.

Tang Zichen's grandfather roared, "Shang Hong, what are you doing, stop."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Grandpa, if you dare to rush down, I'll twist off Shang Stubborn's head as well."

"You."Shang Jian's nostrils were smoking with anger.

Tang Zichen said to everyone, "Dear elders, fellow family members, members of the organization, for the sake of the organization, for the sake of the family, I risked my personal life and death to enter the hinterland of the Tianmian Mountains and pick such a rare elixir, with the aim of allowing the family's Dengfeng Great Perfection, or grandfather to take it, to help them take a step forward.However, I didn't expect that some people didn't see what I had done, but were just jealous of me and tried to incite some people to take away my fire beast, it's ridiculous, my fire beast had followed me long before I returned to the family, why should I hand it over.I think that many of you here, in your heart, understand that the reason Shang stubborn is so jealous of me, isn't it because I stole his limelight, isn't it because I'm afraid that when the future great grandfather chooses to self-limit, the opportunity to pass away will be snatched away by me, hahaha, ridiculous, for the sake of this so-called opportunity to pass away, is willing to start infighting in the family, this kind of person, is also destined to not have much success.Hereby, I, Shang Hong, hereby announce that Grandfather Imperial's time limit, I hereby voluntarily give up the opportunity to become the target of his passing."After saying that, Tang Zichen threw Shang Cao away and sailed away

Shang Mo fell to the ground, his face was extremely ugly, however, Tang Zichen said to give up that chance, he seemed to not believe it.

Above the palace, when everyone elders saw Tang Zichen say giving up that chance to his face, they all felt that Tang Zichen was overly magnanimous, who would normally give up, even Shang Mo felt shocked, from this point on, his grandson, was a hundred and eighty thousand miles behind Tang Zichen.

Right at this moment, Shang stubborn suddenly asked, "Wait a minute, Shang Hong, you really give up?"

Tang Zichen sneered, "I don't care."

Shang stubbornly excitedly said, "Shang Hong, that's what you said, yeah, great."

"Shut up."Shang Mo shouted as his face turned black with anger.

"Grandpa, it's his own words to give up, he can't blame me, besides, I was beaten by him for no reason, it's only right for him to let me have the chance."Shang stubbornly said across his face.

"You you you, hmm, no good thing."Shang Mo shrugged his sleeves and walked away.

Shang Jian also didn't say anything and walked away.

In the palace, everyone was talking.

"Wow, Shang Hong is really like a person who does great things, this can also be given up."

"Yeah, compared to Shang stubborn who is willing to hit his fellow countrymen for the sake of his purpose, Shang Hong is really a man of greatness."

"Right, even if Shang Cao does become the one who passes on, I'm afraid he's not very productive."

Everyone had great admiration for Shang Hong, but of course, there were also people who felt deep pity for Tang Zichen and thought that Tang Zichen should fight with Shang Cuo to the end.


Tang Zichen couldn't help but chuckle when he heard how everyone was pitying him, "Did you really think I would let that idiot have it?Don't be ridiculous, I'll go to Grandpa and give him a few leaves from the purple big leaf tree, Grandpa will eat them and surely feel hopeful for a breakthrough, at least, he won't choose to limit himself?That Shang Cao, hmph, let him wait in vain."

Tang Zichen had found so many ground blood mushrooms and had made a great achievement for the Lonely Soul Organization, gaining five thousand contribution points, and with the three thousand contribution points Tang Zichen had already gained, Tang Zichen had already gained eight thousand contribution points.

The entire Lonely Soul Organization, so far, Tang Zichen's contribution points had been ranked in the top ten.

That Shang Cao, however, couldn't even compare to Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen said in public that he would give up that passing opportunity, and Shang Cao had been very happy these days.

Shang stubborn also laughed inwardly, "That idiot Shang Hong, he actually gave up, hehehehe."

Tang Zichen sat in the room, holding a purple big leaf grass in his hand.

This purple big leaf grass had a total of over twenty leaves, plus poles and roots.

Tang Zichen plucked a leaf, stuffed it into his mouth, and quickly ate it.

However, there was no reaction at all.

"Strange, why is there no reaction when I eat this spirit grass again?"Tang Zichen was puzzled, otherwise, Tang Zichen could have stepped directly into the late stage of peak ascension.

: "Brother Chen, could it be an absorption problem?After all, it has already been eaten, in a short period of time, it can't be absorbed repeatedly, otherwise, a leaf is eaten in ten times, each time has the same effect, wouldn't that be invincible, there is no such good thing in the world." Remember the website

"Yea, well then, the rest of the leaves will be divided among my family, one piece for my grandfather and two pieces for my great grandfather, of course."

Tang Zichen divided the purple big leaf grass.

Tang Zichen immediately went to find his grandfather.

"Shang Hong, what is it."

"Grandpa, are you still mad at me for the day I beat up Shang stubborn?"

"Oh, no, actually you hit well, that Shang stubborn should indeed be hit, it's just that hitting him in public made Shang Mo unable to get off the stage, it's good that you said later that you would give up the chance to pass, and the matter will be over for everyone."

"Alright, grandpa, I'm not going to bullshit with you any more, did you eat this leaf?"

"Uh, what's this?"

"Oh, don't ask so many questions, just eat, by the way, can you take me to meet your great-grandfather."

"Your great-grandfather doesn't allow anyone to disturb him, but your great-grandfather has already heard about you, he said that he appreciates you so much that even if you give up the chance to pass on, your great-grandfather is just as likely to choose you."Shang Jian said.

Tang Zichen said, "I won't let him choose self-limitation, I have a great gift to give to your great grandfather, you eat this leaf first, then take me to him."


Tang Zichen's grandfather ate the leaf, shortly after he was shocked, but he didn't say anything and immediately closed his eyes.

About ten minutes later, Shang Jian opened his eyes and said in surprise, "Shang Hong, what is this?Why does it work so wonders?I've just, surprisingly, comprehended the intent of the first stage of Return to Void twice, gosh."

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "Now that you know it's good stuff, I won't say what it is, I can only say that this thing, the probability of it appearing is a hundred times smaller than a hundred thousand year old earth blood mushroom, a thousand years is estimated that only one person will discover such a thing."


It's too precious, a hundred thousand year old Earth Blood Mushroom is of little use to someone of my level, but I never thought that this leaf you gave me would allow me to comprehend the intention of returning to the Void twice, and in such a short period of time."

Tang Zichen asked, "Grandpa, then how far are you from the first stage of Return to Void now?"

"Two states of mind, now I'm confident that within ten years, I'll be stepping into the Void, hahaha."Shang Jian gave a loud laugh.

"Alright, let's take me to find Grandpa Tai."

Tang Zichen soon met his great-grandfather, a very, very old man who looked as if he would be in a coffin next moment.

"Xuan Sun Shang Hong, pay your respects to the great-grandfather."

That great grandfather smiled, "You must be Shang Hong, I've heard your grandfather talk about you, not bad, you really are the hope of my Shang clan."

"Thank you for the praise, Xuan Sun will definitely work hard."

"Shang Hong, tell me, what is the reason you came to me, is it because of the matter of transmission, if it's this matter, then don't say anything, I have a plan in my heart, before Shang Cao, and some other people, all came to beg me because of this matter."

Tang Zichen snorted, "These people, it's really too much, isn't that the same as begging you to commit suicide, to put it nicely, it's self-limiting, to put it badly, it's suicide, and then passing on your power to them, it's too much."

"Oh, Shang Hong, if I really can't enter the Second Phase of Return to Void, self-limitation is better than death by great limitation, at least I can still pass on some of my power to my juniors."

Tang Zichen took out two leaves and said, "Grandfather, Xuan Sun didn't come to beg you to pass it on to me, Xuan Sun brought you something good."

Shang Jian, who was beside him, looked at the leaves in Tang Zichen's hand and swallowed his saliva, Tang Zichen seemed to have seen his grandfather's thoughts and said, "Grandfather, it's useless to eat more of this stuff, otherwise I would have eaten it all myself long ago."

"Hehe, understand."Shang Jian looked a little embarrassed.

"What is this?"Grandpa Tai said puzzled, because the leaf in Tang Zichen's hand looked ordinary.

"Grandpa, eat it first, my grandfather just ate it and realized the intention of returning to the void twice."

"Ah."Grandpa Tai was shocked, and then he ate the two leaves.

In the next second, Grandfather Tai looked at Tang Zichen with incredulous eyes, at this moment, Grandfather Tai he felt that the pores on his body opened wide and countless auras of heaven and earth poured into his body.

Shang Yao closed his eyes, Tang Zichen and Shang Jian retreated to the side.

About fifteen minutes of waiting.

Shang Yao opened his eyes and laughed, "Good stuff, really good stuff."If you look closely, you can see that Shang Yao's eyes are wet, as if he is very excited or touched.

After all, as a person whose deadline had been reached and who had very reluctantly forced himself to choose suicide, how touching it was to suddenly receive such a great gift.

Shang Yao said, "I already feel hope, the second stage of Return to Void, I finally feel it, hahaha."

"Congratulations dad."

"Congratulations to grandfather."

Tang Zichen and Shang Jian, both of them, were busy congratulating.

Shang Yao looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Shang Hong, you're really my lucky star, you're different from all those people Shang stubborn, they came to me to beg me to choose them from my own time limit, but you came to me to give me hope."Shang Yao's old eyes were wet, appearing very excited, looking at Tang Zichen, looking across the room, so cute.


"Oh, Grandpa Tai needn't be so polite."

"Good, good, good, this time Grandpa Tai is indebted to you for taking care of me."

"Hehe, you're welcome."Tang Zichen smiled, of course Tang Zichen was happy to be able to pull his great grandfather back when he was on the brink of his great limit.

Shang Jian asked, "Dad, are you really ready to step into the second stage of Return to Void?"

Shang Yao said, "I guess it's okay, I just felt a little bit of the meaning of the second stage of Returning Void, I'll close the door for a while longer, if I haven't stepped into the second stage of Returning Void after closing the door for a while, then it's fate, and I've gone willingly, with no complaints."

"Then we'll leave you alone, and wish Grandpa Taiga success in stepping into the Second Stage of Returning Void."

Tang Zichen and Shang Jian retreated.

Shang Yao immediately began to close the door.

In the blink of an eye, the time to go to negotiate an alliance with the Zoroastrian Fire Cult arrived.

Tang Zichen, as a genius of the Lonely Soul Organization, naturally had to go together, and among those who went together, there were more than a dozen of the most prominent geniuses selected by the Lonely Soul Organization, and Shang stubborn was naturally among them.

What Tang Zichen did not expect was that Little Grass was also among them. One second to remember to read the book

"Little Grass, long time no see."Tang Zichen saw that Little Grass was very excited, it had been several years since the last time they parted in that imperial city.

"Little Grass sees His Highness Shang Hong."Little Grass bowed.

"Little Grass, why are you so polite, it's so good to see you again."Tang Zichen looked on.

At this time, that Shang stubborn also saw Little Grass, and was suddenly shocked by Little Grass' looks, Shang stubborn said in his heart; "I didn't expect that my Lonely Soul Organization still has such a beautiful genius, I don't know if she's married or not, if she's not married, then I will definitely want to find a way to marry her, she's such a genius, the stronger the child she gives birth to with her, hahaha."

Saying that, Shang stubbornly walked up and smiled, "Hello."

"Uh, hello."Little Grass said as she looked at Shang Stubborn in puzzlement.

Tang Zichen immediately saw what Shang Stubborn meant from his gaze, after all, Little Grass was so beautiful, he didn't need to look to know.

Shang Stubborn asked, "Little Grass, may I ask if you've gotten married yet?"

"Back to Your Highness, I'm still unmarried."

Shang Cao was excited inside and smiled, "Little Grass, what do you think of my prince?"


"Pah."Just then, Tang Zichen didn't even greet him, raising his palm and slapping Shang Stubborn away.

"Shang Hong, I'm not done with you."Shang Stubborn was furious, Tang Zichen was also too arrogant to slap him away.

At that moment, Shang Mo and Shang Jian flew over and asked, "What are you guys doing?"

Shang Mo saw his grandson's face, a clear finger mark, then some angry eyes Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen hit his grandson twice in a row, this is too infuriating.

Tang Zichen said, "Shang stubborn is relying on his prince's identity to molest this genius code-named Little Grass, as you can see, this girl code-named Little Grass is very beautiful looking, but, it shouldn't be molested, I couldn't see it, so I slapped Shang stubborn."

Shang Jian asked, "Codename Little Grass, Shang Cao he really laid a hand on you?"

Of course Little Grass helped Tang Zichen and nodded, "Your Highness Prince he, he touched my chest, fortunately, Your Highness Shang Hong saved me."

Shang Cao's nostrils were now smoking with anger: "You guys, you guys, you guys teamed up to mess with me."


sp; Shang Mo roared, "Alright, this matter is done, stop making a scene and get ready to leave."

After saying that, Shang Mo looked at Tang Zichen, I could tell that he didn't like Tang Zichen anymore, or at least didn't have any good feelings, even if his grandson did molest Little Grass, he shouldn't hit his grandson.

Everyone set off, the leaders were Shang Mo and Shang Jian.

After almost a month of running around, Tang Zichen and the others arrived at a city.

Tang Zichen asked, "Grandpa, is this the place of the Zoroastrian Church?"

"No, how can we go to a Zoroastrian place, what if they do something to us, so this place is the Yuan Clan's place, and the Zoroastrians are about the same distance from here as we are from here."Shang Jian replied.


"When you see the Zoroastrians later, don't panic and don't talk nonsense, do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it."


Tang Zichen and the other geniuses, followed Shang Mo and Shang Stubborn to the gate of a large courtyard in the center of the city, a few days ago, the intelligence agent of the Lonely Soul Organization had confirmed the place with the Zoroastrians, so everyone could just come directly on this day.

Entering the large courtyard, inside was a large blue-colored stone slab cast into a flat area, right now, there were already dozens of people sitting there, the other side was also a dozen or so people, two of them were strong people who had reached peak completion, the rest, should be the geniuses of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult.

"Shang Mo, Shang Jian, you've finally come."A very imposing helmsman of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult said with a smile.

Shang Mo said, "Liu Eyeballing, long time no see, I didn't expect that you are sitting in the position of the head of the Zoroastrianism, I think the position of the vice head is coming soon."

"Hahaha, of course, Shang Mo, I heard that you're about to step into the Void."

"Yes, very soon."Shang Mo said without showing weakness.

The two of them just stared at each other for a while, and then the head of the Zoroastrian Sect, Liu Eyeballing, smiled, "Please sit down, there's no need to be polite, this isn't my place either."

Shang Mo and Shang Jian led Tang Zichen and the others and sat down on the chairs.

Shang Jian asked, "Liu eyeballing, this time Zoroastrianism and Lonely Soul organization alliance, together against Yuan, how do you plan to alliance?Let's cut to the chase."

"Hahaha."That chief helmsman laughed and said, "You won't have forgotten that we lost a helmsman in the Imperial City because of you, right? and now you don't even mention this matter, not seeing any apologies from you at all."

Shang Mo said, "Liu Eyeballing, all these years, has your Zoroastrianism not been missing our Lonely Soul Organization?This is just a grudge between the two sides, what each side has to lose is just the strength of their respective strengths, apologies are impossible, if you want to cooperate, then cooperate, and if you want to continue the fight, we will accompany you to the end.I'm sure you have felt our strength, although we are not as numerous as you, but we are no less talented than you."

"Really? Then I'd like to see what genius you have.If you guys want to work with us, and also at least to, you do have the qualifications to work with us, my Zoroastrianism has brought over a dozen of the most prominent geniuses, so which one you want to challenge with, it's up to you guys to choose."

"Of course."

"Then which one of you will go first."

"Me."At this moment, Shang Stubborn immediately shouted.

Shang Mo looked at Shang Stubborn, then said, "Shang Stubborn, be careful, don't be careless."

Shang stubborn snorted, "Don't worry, I'll let them know how powerful I am, my lone soul organization, how can they underestimate it."


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