The unknown Heir 915


Chapter 915

"Don't you come up here, I'll deal with it!"

    Chen Hao also shouted loudly towards Zhen Ji and Lei Lie.

    After saying that, only the boar was already close at hand.

    The wild boar's tusks were very sharp, and it opened its mouth to bite towards Chen Hao.

    If the boar were to bite into it, it would be either dead or crippled.

    Of course, Chen Hao would not give this boar a chance.

    Chen Hao quickly rolled out towards the side, and then his Star Profound Sword appeared in his hand.

    Although the Star Abyss Sword was used to deal with ghost spirits, it could also be used as a weapon.

    The boar looked fierce due to its overly large body, but it actually moved very slowly and inflexibly, and its entire body went straight out, crashing into a large tree.


    The tree was directly shaken by the impact, and countless leaves drifted down.

    Chen Hao saw the right moment, and he knew that his chance to strike was coming.


    Chen Hao stubbed his toes on the ground, and his entire body quickly rushed out, heading straight for the boar.

    The Star Abyss Sword in his hand plunged straight into the boar's body all at once.

    "Give me death!"

    Chen Hao shouted furiously and directly slashed the Star Abyss Sword forcefully open the boar's body.

    A huge gash appeared and blood sprayed out.


    The boar took a painful squeal and screamed, the sound resounding throughout the woods.

    The original silent night seemed so terrible.

    Immediately afterwards, the boar was unable to move and fell to the ground to die.

    Chen Hao killed the huge boar with just one move, which could be said to be incredibly easy.


    Only after seeing Chen Hao kill the boar did Lei Lie walk out from behind a tree on one side.

    Lei Lie exhaled as he walked, feeling a lot more relaxed as this boar it finally died.

    Lei Lie walked with Zhen Ji to Chen Hao's side and looked at the wild boar in front of him.

    "I go, this boar is too big!"

    Lei Lie couldn't help but marvel, he had never seen a wild boar that was this big before.

    Not to mention Lei Lie, even Chen Hao and Zhen Ji had likewise never seen one.

    "It's just as well, the meat of a wild boar is still very good, we'll have our dinner!"

    Chen Hao revealed a smile to look at Lei Lie and Zhen Ji to remind him.

    After saying that, Chen Hao used the Star Profound Sword to cut off a large chunk of meat from the boar's body.

    This wild boar's meat was very tasty and delicious, and it just so happened that Chen Hao and the three of them hadn't eaten dinner yet.

    Although it was also rather dangerous just now, this wild boar was bringing dinner to the three of them.

    It was truly a gift from a thousand miles away.

    Chen Hao then raised the bonfire once again and roasted the cut-off wild boar meat on top of it.

    "Wow, this is the first time I've ever eaten wild boar meat!"

    Lei Lie looked at the wild boar meat in front of him and said with a sudden gulp of saliva, his mouth full of delicious kind of feeling.

    "Lei Lie, have you ever heard of a Cultivator?"

    At that moment, Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie and asked interestingly.

    "Cultivator?What's that?"

    Lei Lie was curious when he heard the question.

    Chen Hao couldn't help but give Lei Lie a roll of his eyes.

    "That's not a thing, it's a professional identity, and cultivators are specifically here to deal with the collection of ghosts and spirits."

    Chen Hao helplessly explained towards Lei Lie.

    Only now did Lei Lie understand after hearing this.

    "It's the same ghost hunter from the TV?Right?"

    Lei Lie asked a rhetorical question towards Chen Hao.

    "Well, that's more or less what it means, you and I, Miss Zhen, are the cultivators!"

    Chen Hao nodded and responded, then he told Lei Lie about his identity with Zhen Ji.

    After all, Lei Lie was now one of their own, so there were some things that he had to be made aware of.

    Also, Chen Hao had a bold idea of letting Lei Lie become a cultivator as well.

    As long as Lei Lie could become a Cultivator, then Lei Lie would at least not have to be afraid of something and would be able to deal with it independently, otherwise would he have to let Chen Hao and the two of them protect him for the rest of his life in the future?

    That's certainly not realistically unlikely.

    "What?You guys.Brother Chen, Miss Jen, you are the realists?"

    Lei Lie's eyes widened as he heard the sudden outburst of shock.

    Chen Hao and Zhen Ji looked at each other and would smile, nodding their heads at the same time.

    "That's right, we are cultivators, how about it?Any thoughts on becoming a fixer?"

    Chen Hao was again looking at Lei Lie and suggested.

    "Really?Can I really be a realist too?"

    Lei Lie was also excited when he heard the two of them ask Chen Hao, he didn't think he would have the chance to become a cultivator, that was really great.

    He had always watched Chen Hao be so powerful, and he wanted to become just like Chen Hao, so that he wouldn't have to have Chen Hao protect him all the time, he could protect himself too.

    "Of course you can, you and I Miss Zhen can teach you and help you become a cultivator!"

    Chen Hao smiled and looked at Lei Lie and said.

    "That's great, brother Chen, I'm willing to become a cultivator!"

    Lei Lie listened and looked at Chen Hao excitedly as he preached.

    "Well, from now on, I'll be your brother Chen, and I'll teach you how to become a Cultivator!"

    Chen Hao also looked at Lei Lie and smiled.

    This was the same as Chen Hao accepting Lei Lie as his disciple.

    "Brother Chen!"

    Lei Lie was also very understanding and immediately changed a title, kneeling down and preparing to kneel towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao quickly grabbed Lei Lie and dragged him up.

    "You brat is still hinging on this, we don't do this, you don't have to kneel down and pay your respects to me, I can't afford it!"

    Chen Hao reminded towards Lei Lie.

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lei Lie was also a little embarrassed to touch his head, feeling like he himself was still living in the ancient times.

    "Alright, the wild boar meat is cooked, we can eat it now!"

    Chen Hao then gave a reminder towards the two.

    After saying that, the three of them immediately began to feast on the wild boar meat.

    "Mm.This wild boar meat is really tasty, I've never had such delicious wild boar meat before, it's better than normal pork!"

    Lei Lie took a bite of it and couldn't help but scream out.

    It had to be said that this wild boar meat was really very delicious, the meat and taste was completely different from ordinary pork, it was many times better.

    "That's right, Lei Lie, you'll take your knife and cut another portion of the wild boar meat down, wrap it in a bag and we can take it with us to eat on the road tomorrow!"

    Then Chen Hao suggested towards Lei Lie.

    Such a large wild boar, in fact, if it were to be sold, there was really no telling how much it could be sold for.

    Chen Hao also wanted to take away the entire wild boar meat, but it was too much, so only a small portion could be taken away, and the rest would be left to the other animals in the forest, which could be considered as feeding the other animals.


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