Dish Best Served Cold 397-400


Chapter 397

"Where's the idiot?"

  "Why don't you get out of the way?"

  "Can you afford the consequences of getting in the way of our Mr. Bychu?"

  "What old man?What autumn water logistics?"

  "What the hell is all this?"

  Lei Ao Ting cursed angrily.

  He was all ready to go forward to congratulate Mr. Chu just now, but a fool suddenly appeared in the middle of the road, not only did he move against him, he even dragged him to nowhere once he came up.

  What else was he going to pay homage to Mr. Chu?

  What the hell is that?

  Besides Mr. Chu, who else deserves to be worshipped by Lei Ao-ting?

  Lei Ao Ting looked ugly and scolded at Jiang Hong with no good temper.

  But Mr. Chu is just ahead?

  The fool in front of him is dragging him to worship someone else, isn't that hurting him?

  The last time Lei Ao-ting had already offended Mr. Chu to death, followed his father to kneel outside the night before saving a life.

  Now that the old woman from nowhere wants to trap him again, it's strange that Lei Ao Ting is not angry?

  After slapping the fat woman silly, she then ran over towards Ye Fan's direction.

  There was also Wang Jiexi's son Wang Yuchen at the back, who honestly and respectfully followed.

  Unlike Lei Ao Ting, Wang Yuchen had already had some trouble with Ye Fan.He was meeting Mr. Chu for the first time today.

  When he first came here, his old man had instructed him to keep his posture low in front of Mr. Chu and never cause any trouble.

  "Son, in the whole of Jiangdong, whoever you've messed with, your father and I will be able to get you back."

  "But only Mr. Chu, if you mess with him, your father I really don't have the ability to fish you back from him."

  "Do you understand what I'm saying?"

  These were Wang Jiexi's exact words before the trip.

  Without seeing his person, his name was already like thunder.

  Now Wang Yuchen is naturally terrified, so he thinks that Mr. Chu is an incomparably fierce and terrifying person.

  It was only by following Lei Ao pavilion that he could feel somewhat safe.

  Soon, as Lei Ao Ting as well as Wang Yuchen and the others walked forward, the crowd of onlookers suddenly made their way out.

  Finally, Lei Ao Ting and the others had arrived in front of Ye Fan.

  Without saying a word, the son of Lei's third son bowed and curtsied when he saw Ye Fan, and the voice of respect immediately rang out, "Sir, on behalf of the Lei family, I, Lei Ao Ting, present a pair of Han White Jade Lions!"

  "Here's to Mufan Real Estate, opening for business and prosperity!"

  As Lei Ao Ting's words fell, Wang Yuchen also immediately moved forward and likewise paid respectful homage to Ye Fan: "I, Wang Yuchen, on behalf of the Haoshu Wang Family, have come to send congratulatory gifts."

  "I wish Mu Fan Real Estate, prosperous business and daily progress!"

  Lei Ao Ting and Wang Yuchen's respectful words, in this world, quietly sounded.

  In a split second, it was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea, stirring up a thousand layers of waves!

  After that, the representatives of the remaining big cities' giants all came forward and congratulated!

  They were full of respect, they were full of reverence, and they bowed and bent over in front of Ye Fan, all bidding worship.

  "I represent Southern Spring City~"


  "I represent Maple Sea City~"

  "On behalf of..."

  "To Mufan Real Estate, opening for business!"

  "I wish you all the best for your career."



  Words of respect, words of awe, but they gathered into streams that rose up into the sky, shaking this heaven and earth.

  Seeing such a scene, Qiu Mu Ying was dumbfounded, Wang Qiaoyu was dumbfounded, Chu Wenfei was dumbfounded, and all the people present were dumbfounded.

  Before this, they had never dreamed that these sons and daughters of power and nobility, gathered in Yunzhou, were really here for Ye Fan, for Mu Fan's real estate.


  "How is this possible?"

  "That's never going to happen!"

  "He, Ye Fan, is nothing more than a country bumpkin, nothing more than a wimp."

  "What does he have to be so dignified?"

  Qiu Mu Ying's eyes were red, and Wang Qiaoyu's palms were even tighter.

  Qiu Guang and the others' faces trembled, and their hearts were swept by waves of horror.

  As for Chu Wenfei, his eyes were even more trembling with disbelief.

  The surrounding passersby were also like roosters that had been strangled, and the praise they had for Chu Wenfei, Wu Yong and the others were all gone in an instant.

  At this time, everyone undoubtedly had the same doubt in their hearts.

  Could it be that this Ye Fan in front of them, the door-to-door son-in-law of the Autumn family, was the true dragon?

  In the midst of the crowd's horror, the only one who was able to remain calm was probably Ye Fan who was on the cusp of the storm.

  In the face of Lei Ao Ting's and others' worship, but Ye Fan waved his hand and said indifferently, "Don't you guys worship me."

  "I'm just a door-to-door son-in-law, a countryside shabby."

  "I'm not the CEO of this Mufan Real Estate, what are you guys congratulating me for?"

  "If you want to pay your respects, go inside."

  "The one inside is the CEO of Mu Fan Real Estate, and it is you, who should really be worshipped."

  Ye Fan's faint laughter sounded out.

  This wife's limelight, he didn't dare to steal it?

  Otherwise, he probably wouldn't really be able to climb into his wife's bed in this life.

  After Lei Ao Ting and the others heard this, they naturally didn't dare to disobey in the slightest.

  Nodding their heads successively, then without saying a word, they hurriedly went to the company hall with their gifts and went to congratulate Qiu Mu Orange, the CEO of Mufan Real Estate.

  And at this time, Jiang Hong covered her face and climbed up from the ground.

  But she was filled with consternation looking at the scene in front of her.

  "Wen Fei, Ying Ying, what's going on?"

  "These people, aren't they here to give us congratulations on Autumn Water Logistics?"

  "Why did you go to their Mufan property instead?And hit me?"

  "Ying Ying, are you guys talking?!"

  "What a rush."

  Jiang Hong asked several questions in a row, but Chu Wenfei and his wife didn't even pay attention to her words.

  Nowadays, they were undoubtedly disgraced, where they still had the face to say a word.

  Just their old faces were red, almost ashamed of themselves.

  Jiang Hong saw that she couldn't ask them anything, so she turned to ask Wu Yong again.

  "Young Master Wu, isn't that Miss Chen your girlfriend?Wasn't it by your invitation to come to Yunzhou?"

  "Why are you running into the arms of that wimp Evan now?"

  "And go congratulate Mufan Properties?"

  "Is it a mistake~"

  Wu Yong didn't say anything, his face was blue and red, and it was obvious that what had just happened was also extremely humiliating to him.It only felt as if he had been kicked in the face.

  That look, as if his wife was snatched by someone else.

  But that Jiang Hong is the one who kept asking questions.

  The annoyed Wu Yong, who was so angry that he also slapped the idiot woman in front of him on the ground.

  "Eyeless thing!"

  "Shut your doggy mouth for this young master!"

  Wu Yong was so angry that he cursed and roared, turned around and left here, returning to the hotel.

  Chu Wenfei and the other Qiu family members had made a big scandal, so naturally, they couldn't stay here anymore at this time, and one by one, they were livid and returned to the hotel hall.


  "Wen Fei, Ying Ying, Young Master Wu, you're back."

  "Where's Miss Chen, quickly bring her over for me to see."

  "That's King Jiangdong's daughter, I'd like to have a drink with Miss Chen?"

  Seeing that Chu Wenfei and the others had returned, Master Qiu was laughing, but he was yelling straight out to drink with Miss Chen, Young Master Lei and the others.

  "Still drinking?"

  "Don't dream about it."

  "People have gone across the street to congratulate Mufan Real Estate."

  "You're an old thing, you really think you're a big face?"

  "People's young master of the Lei family has said that you're an old thing, what kind of a thing are you?"

  "Not even an ass!"

  Hearing that this Master Qiu was still thinking about having the Chen family's thousand gold to toast him, Wang Tianton felt ridiculous, thinking that this Master Qiu was really old and shameless.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the pictures you have taken.

  Old Master Qiu's old face draws in, full of laughter instantly stagnates, his face immediately turns blue into a liver!

  "It's...This...What's this, what's going on?"


"Wen...Wen Fei, Ying Ying, what's going on here?"

  "What he said, it's all true?"

  "Miss Chen and the others, they really went to the Mufan property?"

  "That Young Master Lei, also take that seriously?"

  Master Qiu's body trembled, and when he heard Wang Tian's words, the old man's old eyes almost stared out.

  In shock, he immediately got up and asked anxiously to Chu Wenfei, Qiu Mu Ying and the others, filled with incredulity.

  He simply couldn't believe that the Qiu family's abandoned daughter, a family of wimps, would let the Jianghai Chen family and the Jingzhou Lei family all send congratulations.

  Even though, the ones coming today were all juniors.

  But, what they represented behind them was a heavenly power!

  Just like Nan Chen, the daughter of the Chen family, the weight of that was more than a match for Wu Yong.

  So, Master Qiu simply couldn't believe that all these people had gone to congratulate Mu Fan Real Estate?

  Chu Wenfei didn't say anything, just shook his head and sighed.

  Qiu Mu Ying was similarly ugly.

  The anger and jealousy in her heart, who could know?

  In the end, it was Qiu Guang, with a heart full of bitterness and sadness, who said to Master Qiu, "Dad, what Young Master Wang said is all true."

  "Those people, they're not coming for our Qiu family at all."

  "Rather, they're rushing towards, Lao San's family."


  Qiu Guang's words were like a muffled thunderbolt that exploded in the old master Qiu's mind.

  The old man was confused and his brain went blank as his entire body trembled, "This...How is this possible?"


  "That's never going to happen!"

  "Lao San is incompetent, and that Han Li is even more of a fool."

  "As for that Ye Fan, born in the countryside, incompetent superfluous son-in-law."

  "Their family, a bunch of trash."

  "How can they be capable of making Miss Chen and the others, compete to congratulate them?"


  "This is by no means possible?"

  "Even I, Qiu Zhenglun, don't have the qualifications, what can she, Qiu Mu Orange, do?"

  "What's the virtue?"

  At this time, Old Master Qiu was full of disorientation and shouting.

  No one could understand what Old Master Qiu was feeling at this moment.

  His old eyes were red, his body was trembling, and his heart was even more shocked because of the tremors.

  Clearly, Old Master Qiu was simply unable to accept this fact.

  After all, the Qiu Mu Orange family had always been the most wretched existence in the Qiu family.

  The entire family looked down on them, and it was individuals who had intentionally or unintentionally stepped on them.

  In the beginning, Master Qiu was even furious and swept the Qiu Mu Orange family out of the house, driving them out of the house like dogs from a lost family.

  But the person they once despised was now trampling on their Autumn family and even him, Qiu Zhenglun, how could Master Qiu accept this?


  "Don't shout~"

  "I know you can't accept it."

  "But the truth is right in front of you."

  "If you don't believe me, go outside and take a look."

  "Look across the property, is it full of guests?Is it a big family?Are half of the powerful and influential men of Jiangdong all going to pay their respects?"

  Seeing his father's disoriented appearance, Qiu Guang, unable to bear the thought, suddenly shouted harshly, shouting loudly at Master Qiu.

  "Dad, accept reality, right?"

  "I know it's cruel to you, and even to the Autumn Family."

  "But, that's the reality."

  "This time, our Autumn Family has really lost."

  "At the very least, this ribbon-cutting celebration, we have completely lost to the opening ceremony of Mu Fan Real Estate."

  Qiu Guang's old eyes were red, and his words were filled with misery.

  To think that a few hours ago, how glamorous and proud was their Autumn Family?

  But now, all the limelight was undoubtedly snatched away by Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan's couple.

  For a time, in the hotel hall, the Qiu family's mood was all down.

  Where was the slightest hint of arrogance and wantonness from before, the dejected look was like a frosty eggplant.

  They had thought to use this celebration to hit Qiu Mu Orange's face hard.

  But who would have thought that it would end up like this?


  "It's not lost yet."

  "We still have a chance to turn the tables."

  However, at this time, the cold and resentful voice of Qiu Muying was heard in the hall.

  Only Autumn Muyoung clenched her palms, and because of the force, her fingertips were even deeper into the flesh.


  "Ying Ying, what do you mean by that?"

  In a split second, the gazes of everyone present, but they all fell on Qiu Mu Ying.

  Qiu Guang and the others were even more confused and asked.

  "Uncle, grandfather, don't worry."

  "Although I don't know what tactics that Autumn Muyoung Orange used to make so many people come to congratulate her."

  "But today, I will definitely disgrace that Qiu Mu Orange!"

  "It's just that we might need the help of Brother Wu and the others."

  Qiu Mu Ying's words were cold.

  In between the words, that energetic gaze, however, had landed on Wu Yi.

  Without hesitating at all, Wu Yi immediately nodded, "How do you want me to help, just tell me."

  "Just as well, I was just about to teach them a profound lesson!"

  Wu Yong said coldly, and his handsome face was undoubtedly filled with anger and hatred.

  Today, Ye Fan had not only defiled the girl he liked, but also made him a big scandal.

  Born into a powerful family, Wu Yong had been wearing a halo since he was a child, and everywhere he went, he was a star in the sky.

  It could be said that he had never been so humiliated in his life.

  But today, in front of everyone, the girl he likes pushed him away and got into someone else's embrace.

  Such behavior, to Wu Yi, it was undoubtedly like being slapped in the face by Ye Fan.

  How could the always arrogant Wu Yi be willing to let go?

  It's just that no one knows what Qiu Mu Ying and the others will be planning in order to deal with Mu Fan Property.



  The other side.

  The inside of Mufan Real Estate was undoubtedly full of people.

  Previously, Qiu Mu Orange had thought that there wouldn't be many people at today's opening ceremony, so only three tables were set up for the feast.

  However, who would have thought that so many people had somehow come to congratulate her, even people from Jianghai and Jingzhou.

  In this haste, Mu Fan Real Estate naturally had nothing to prepare for, and ended up having to set up several more tables outside the gate.


  "Young Master Lei, Young Master Wang, you've come a long way, you've worked hard."

  "We have prepared in haste, so please bear with us for our poor hospitality."

  At this point, Han Li and his wife were undoubtedly mad with joy.

  The couple hadn't even thought to death that it was even the dignitaries of Jianghai and Jingzhou coming.

  Especially the Jingzhou Lei family, although Han Li was far away in Yunzhou, it was still like thunder.

  Previously, Han Li had never dared to dream that they would sit at the same table with the prince of the Lei family to eat.

  Of course, the two of them, Han Li and her husband, were also curious as to why Lei Ao Ting and the others had come, but they didn't think much about it, simply thinking that Lei Ao Ting and the others had come for their daughter's talent.

  One must know that before her Mu Orange married Ye Fan, there were many rich young men who stepped through the threshold to propose marriage.

  Therefore, the Han Li couple also had the wishful thinking that Lei Ao Ting and Wang Yuchen and the others were either after Qiu Mu Orange's talent or her beauty.


After all, other than that, Han Li and her husband and wife couldn't really think of any other reason.

  Could it be because they were husband and wife?

  How is that possible?

  They are a couple of trash, with no skills at all, so how could people come after them.

  Han Li still has some self-awareness about this.

  As for Ye Fan?

  No kidding.

  He's a country bumpkin, or a door-to-door son-in-law, and people are blind to come after him.

  By congratulating Ye Fan outside, he was probably also in his own daughter's good graces.

  Therefore, under this consideration, Han Li and her husband were undoubtedly more enthusiastic and positive.

  They were worried about not having a rich second generation to take over their daughter's plate?

  Now, it all came together at once.

  Of course Han Li is happy.

  Last time, Sun Yuhao suddenly reneged on his promise and ran away, making Han Li and her husband feel listless, thinking they had missed out on a golden son-in-law.

  Now, it seems that the old man lost his horse, but he didn't know it was a blessing in disguise.

  Fortunately, Sun Yuhao ran away that day, or else their family wouldn't have been able to hang on to a truly gorgeous son like Lei Da Shao.

  When they Qiu Mu Orange married into the Lei family, Han Li would have to send a wedding invitation to Sun Yuhao as well to beat this bastard's dog face!

  You don't look down on my Mu Orange, there are plenty of people who do, or who are more awesome than you.

  "Come, Young Master Lei, have some tea."

  "This tea is specially made for you by my Mu Orange."

  "A fine Mao tip, how many thousands of pounds?"

  After being seated, Han Li specifically leaned against Lei Ao Ting and sat down, serving tea and pouring water, which can be described as enthusiastic.

  As for Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan, they instead sat on the side, drinking tea and watching on their own.

  "This~ this~"

  "Auntie, that's not good, is it?"

  "How am I qualified to drink the tea that Mr. Autumn made herself?"

  Lei Ao Ting was a little terrified, for some reason, this fire-like enthusiasm of Han Li made him very uncomfortable.

  That feeling, as if he had stolen Mr. Chu's couple's limelight and turned against them.

  "Why aren't you qualified?"

  "It's a great honor for Mu Orange and I that you guys are here to support us."

  "Not to mention making a cup of tea, even if Mu Orange toasts you, it's still the right thing to do."Han Li laughed, forcing Lei Ao Ting to drink the cup of tea.

  After drinking it, Han Li also asked expectantly, "How is it?How's my daughter's tea ceremony?"

  Lei Ao Ting dared to say that it was not good, naturally, he nodded his head incessantly and praised, "Mr. Qiu really is a handy person."

  "Haha, that's good."Only then did Han Li nodded her head in satisfaction, while continuing, "Young Master Lei, we've also drunk this tea, Auntie asked you a few words, you have to answer truthfully."

  "Huh?"Lei Ao Ting was a little impatient, thinking that Mr. Chu's mother-in-law is really a lot of fart talk, since sitting down, a strong nagging with him, so Lei Ao Ting wanted to say something to Mr. Chu did not even have the opportunity to say.

  However, after all, it is Mr. Chu's mother-in-law, Lei Ao Ting also does not dare to slow down, hard scalp, even with a smile: "Auntie, if you have something to say, just say it."

  "That's good, I can ask ha.Young Master Lei, what do you think, my Mu Orange, how does she look like?"

  "There's no need to say it, heavenly beauty, closed moon shy flower.Qiu is always the most beautiful woman that I, Lei Ao Ting, have ever seen in my life."Hearing Han Li ask this, Lei Ao Ting didn't even think about it, some bragging words were immediately said.

  Just kidding, Mr. Chu is here watching, Lei Ao Ting dare to say that she is not beautiful?

  What's more, Lei Ao Ting felt that he was telling the truth.

  Mr. Chu's wife, however, is a rare beauty.

  I guess only such a beautiful woman can be able to bind Mr. Chu's true dragon, right?


  "It's good to look good, it's good to look good."

  Han Li was happy then, a big grin on her lips, thinking that there really was a show.

  And then, while the iron was hot, Han Li continued to ask, "Then what does Young Master Lei think, my Mu Orange, how is her figure?"

  "Naturally, that's nothing to say!Qiu always has a delicate body and is even more graceful looking, as if she were astonished."

  "As if that out of the water lotus, graceful and graceful."

  "It is truly said that a beautiful woman matches a hero."

  "Such a beautiful woman, I'm afraid only the heroes of the world are worthy of it."Lei Ao Ting's boast was heavenly and wonderful.

  The idioms that usually seemed from books were now nearly all used.

  What he said made Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face blush, and he was a little embarrassed.

  And Wang Yuchen, who was on the side, was even more twitching at the corners of his eyes, hearing the goose bumps.

  I thought to myself that this Lei Ao Ting's flattery is really earth shattering!

  This seems like Lei Ao Ting is praising Qiu Mu Orange, but it's actually Mr. Chu who is being touted.

  Especially that last sentence of the world's heroes, obviously talking about Mr. Chu.

  But Ye Fan, as if he hadn't heard, still sat there quietly drinking tea, not moving.

  But Lei AoTing's words, but happy Han Li couple.

  So much so that Han Li was so excited that she all grabbed Lei Ao Ting's hand and laughed incessantly: "Haha~"

  "Well said, well said."

  "A hero matches a beautiful woman like my Mu Orange, and only a world-renowned hero like Young Master Lei can match her."

  "I was worried before, but now that Young Master Lei is so satisfied with my Mu Orange, I'm relieved."


  "Auntie...Auntie, you...What do you mean?"Lei Ao Ting finally heard a few things that were wrong, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he turned his head and asked Han Li.

  "Nothing interesting, huh?"

  "Just what you understood it to mean."

  "Young Master Lei, Auntie knows what you're here for this time."

  "Don't worry, since you like my Mu Orange so much, I'll make the decision, and you'll be my son-in-law in the future."Han Li smiled back.



  Lei Ao Ting's eyes widened at that time, and his entire body directly stayed in place.

  Seeing this face of Lei Ao Ting, Han Li thought that he was too surprised and continued, "Haha~"

  "Young Master Lei doesn't need to be surprised."

  "We couldn't ask for more to have a son-in-law like you?"

  "In a few days, I'll have my daughter Mu Orange divorce that wimpy door-to-door son-in-law."

  "Live a good life with you and have children for the Lei family."

  "Come, Young Master Lei, cheers, we'll be a family from now on."


  "Fuck you palsy!?!?"

  "Don't hurt me if you're fucking looking for death!"

  As soon as Han Li finished saying this, Lei Ao Ting's entire body exploded instantly.

  With a scuffling sound, he directly sprang up from the chair.

  In the end, Lei Ao ping also disregarded Han Li is Mr. Chu's mother-in-law, in a rage, a slap Lei Ao ping then ruthlessly smacked over, Han Li even with the chair directly overturned on the floor.

  After hearing Han Li said, let qiu mu orange give birth to his children, when the whole person undoubtedly Lei Ao ping scared stall, face pale, nearly the soul of the scattered ah.

  Who is Qiu Mu orange?

  That's Mr. Chu's woman!

  Not long ago, Lei Ao Ting had just offended Ye Fan and managed to pick up his life from Ye Fan.

  Now, he came to congratulate Mr. Chu on behalf of the Lei family in order to wear the offense and ease the relationship with Mr. Chu.

  However, who would have thought that this fury bitch in front of him would harm him again?

  Let Mr. Chu's woman give him children?!!!!

  Isn't this the way to kill Lei Ao-ting?


  Lei Ao Ting was on the verge of tears and was trembling, looking at Ye Fan who apologized evenly: "Chu...Mr. Chu, this...I really can't be blamed for this~"

  "I wouldn't dare covet your wife even if you lent me a hundred and eighty guts~"



  However, just as Lei Ao Ting was filled with fear, he apologized miserably to Ye Fan.

  Only a bang was heard, the door of Mu Fan's property was actually kicked open directly.

  Immediately afterwards, more than a dozen uniformed and dressed civil servants surprisingly poured in directly as if they were tidal waves.

  These people were expressionless and menacing, and after entering the door, they directly pushed away the company's security guards who were blocking the door before them, and then to the crowd of guests in front of them, they harshly asked, "Which of you is the corporate representative of this company, Qiu Mu Orange?"

  "Is...It's me. What's wrong?"

  This sudden change of heart caused everyone present to be shocked.

  Qiu Mu Orange even paled instantly, and a bad feeling came over her heart.

  "Hello, we are the Yunzhou City Public Security Bureau, and upon the public's report, you are suspected of operating illegally."

  "Please present your business licenses and cooperate with the investigation."

  The one who spoke was a middle-aged man, but his rigid face carried a kind of nonchalant majesty.

  This man, the leader of the group, was named Wang Lin.

  "Illegal business?"

  "Have you got it all wrong?"

  "You just checked last time and you want to check again?"

  After Qiu Mu Orange's assistant, Du Cuckoo, heard this, she retorted angrily.

  The last time Wang Xing Duo, this was the reason to seize Mu Fan's property.

  But it's only been how long ago, Du Cuckoo didn't expect to be reported for the same crime again?

  "What kind of sadistic bastard keeps framing us?"

  "I say comrade, shouldn't you find out if it's a false accusation before you do that?"

  "We're in the middle of an opening ceremony, and you're making our company very down right?"

  Azalea was filled with exasperation.

  After all, anyone who came across such a thing at the opening ceremony would feel anger and bad luck, right?

  "The law will not tolerate it!"

  "From the moment you were operating illegally, you should have been so aware."

  "Please cooperate with the investigation immediately."

  Wang Lin said in a deep voice.

  Those low words, however, carried an undeniable authority.

  "You~" Du Cuckoo and the others became even more angry, this hadn't even been investigated yet, and they were speaking as if they had already been convicted.

  "Du Cuckoo, just go to my office and bring out the business license to a few officers."

  The people didn't fight with the officers, and in a spirit of appeasement, Qiu Mu Orange then asked Azalea to take out all the documents Wang Lin and the others had asked for.

  "This license, is it real?"

  Wang Lin obviously didn't expect that this Mu Fan Real Estate had actually brought out the documents.

  But according to the information he received, Mu Fan Real Estate should not have gotten this approval.

  "Officer Wang, the misunderstanding should be cleared up now, right?"

  "I have always been a law-abiding business in Mufan Properties.We were close to shutting down our business for months to get these documents."

  "I don't know who exactly is behind this malicious targeting of our Mufan Real Estate."

  "But I hope Officer Wang will be discerning and give us justice and innocence!"

  Qiu Mu Orange was neither humble nor overbearing and said righteously to Wang Lin.

  For a moment, Wang Lin's old face was blue and red, and it was obvious that he was also a bit down and didn't know how to reply.

  Then, he took the excuse to go out and make a phone call.

  "Young Master, something has gone wrong."

  "Mu Fan's real estate documents are complete, and he's not operating illegally."


  "How is that possible?"

  "How could Wang Xingduo release the approval to them Mufan Properties?"A woman's startled and surprised voice came from the phone.

  It was obviously Qiu Mu Ying, who was surprised after hearing Wu Yong speak to Wang Lin.

  Wang Lin's face darkened then, "The one in charge of industry and commerce, Wang Xingduo?He's long since been jerked off, and the real estate part of it was out of his hands half a month ago."

  After a brief silence.

  Wu Yong lowered his voice and slowly said, "Uncle Wang, the process is not important, what I want to see is just a result.You should understand what I mean."

  Soon, Wang Lin had hung up the phone and returned within the Mufan Real Estate Company once again.

  "A few comrades, if there's nothing wrong, shouldn't we leave?"

  "Your presence here is very disruptive to our guests."Azalea clearly had no good attitude towards these people, and every time they appeared, there was quasi nothing good about them.

  But Wang Lin shook his head and said in a low voice, "Chief Qiu, the public has reported on Mufan Company, but there's more than just one illegal operation, there's also tax evasion and substandard fire safety."

  "In any case, would you ask Mr. Qiu to come with us?"

  "Don't worry, when we investigate, if it's a false accusation, we'll definitely clear Qiu's name."

  "Take away!"

  "In addition, all company managers and senior executives above, all cooperate with the investigation!"

  When Wang Lin gave the order, the men behind him immediately stepped forward, took control of Qiu Mu Orange and were about to handcuff him and take him away.The rest of the men even surged up ready to catch the rest of the executives of Mufan Real Estate.

  On the opening day, the company's CEO was handcuffed and investigated, and a whole bunch of executives were wiped out, which was undoubtedly a very humiliating thing.

  For a time, within the company, there had been panic.

  The onlookers outside were even more pointing, and many were sobbing and lamenting.

  It was really a disaster!

  Just a few minutes ago, Mufan Real Estate attracted Wanbang to congratulate us, how glamorous it was!

  But who would have thought that a few minutes later, the situation would take a sharp turn for the worse, with the company's CEO being directly handcuffed and all senior executives being taken away for investigation.

  This is undoubtedly in line with the saying, "As far as I can see, she raises a skyscraper, as far as I can see, she hosts a banquet, as far as I can see, the building collapses".

  "What to do, what to do~

  "Mu Orange, what have you committed~"

  "The big day of the opening and you run into this bad luck?"

  Han Li couldn't care less about the fiery pain on her face, and after seeing such a change, her entire body had undoubtedly panicked.

  The last time they were investigated, it was just Wang Xingduo's people, they didn't have the right to send Qiu Mu orange to jail.

  But these people in front of her were enough to send Qiu Mucheng to jail.

  If Qiu Mu Orange was arrested, how would their family live in the future.

  For a while, the entire Mu Fan property had undoubtedly been in chaos.Han Li and his wife were in a hurry with tears nearly flowing down their eyes.

  Lei Ao Ting, Wang Yuchen and the others didn't speak, they couldn't say anything, after all, this was Yunzhou and their family's power was no longer here.

  What's more, Mr. Chu was here, which turn could they take?

  "Brother Fanny, won't you save Sister Autumn?"At this time, Nan Chen, however, was a little worried about Qiu Mu Orange's situation and softly asked Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan was silent, still sitting quietly, watching and listening.

  The person behind the curtain hadn't appeared yet.

  Now, it wasn't the time for him to make a move.

  This time, Ye Fan had to see who, exactly, was targeting Mu Fan Real Estate?And who is targeting his Ye Fan's wife?

  Ye Fan raised his tea and drank lightly, but no one noticed that at this time, those eyebrows of Ye Fan's were already as cold as ice.

  However, seeing Ye Fan like this, Han Li and her husband and wife were simply so angry that they wanted to kick over.

  The wife was about to be taken away.This wimp still has a mind to drink tea here?


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