Dish Best Served Cold 391-396


Chapter 391

After all, in terms of connections, their Qiu family still couldn't compare to Chu Wenfei's.

  Chu Wenfei's family was also quite respectable in Yunzhou.What's more, it was still acquainted with Wu City.

  Chu Wenfei and the mayor's son, but they were childhood friends.

  This relationship alone was enough to spike those untouchable merchants of Hua Guoqing.


  Chu Wenfei's face changed slightly.

  Before this, he had indeed told Wu Yi that he hoped Wu Yi would come over to give him a good show.

  But Wu Yi didn't say death at the time, only that he would try to come.

  Thus, Chu Wenfei was not at all sure that Wu Yi and the others would arrive.

  However, just as Chu Wenfei was hesitating, outside the hotel, the sound of a car sounded.

  Immediately afterwards, the resonant voice of the singing name child resounded through the four corners of the world.

  "Yunzhou City Leader Nangong Hai's son, Nangong Ling, has arrived!"


  "The nephew of the leader of Yunzhou City, Wang Donglai, Wang Tian to!"




  "Is it the head of the Commerce and Industry Bureau, Nangong Hai?"

  "His son?"

  "And Wang Dong Lai!"

  "Could it be the head of the Public Security Bureau, Wang Donglai?"

  "Holy shit, this is the son of a high official!"

  At this time, after hearing these names coming from outside, the hall filled with guests was once again shocked.

  However, this was only the beginning.

  In the end, as a handsome man stepped out of the car, the voice of the child singing the names once again resounded through the four corners of the room!

  "Son of Wu Weitao, Wu Use to!"


  Wu...Wu Wei-Tao?Wu Shi's son?

  The Crown Prince of Yunzhou?!!!

  My God, the clerk's son is here?

  Without an unnecessary title, Wu Yong merely gave his father's name.

  However, this was enough.

  Who in the entire Yunzhou City did not know the name of Wu Weitao.

  This man, however, was the helmsman of Yunzhou City, the chief architect of the city's construction, the top man in the entire city!

  Wu Weitao's name had already been on the news feed and spread throughout the streets of Yunzhou City.

  Therefore, after hearing that Wu Weitao's grandson had arrived, not only the people of the Qiu Family, including the full house of guests, but even the surrounding passersby, were all trembling.

  "Lively, lively."

  "This battle between Qiushui Logistics and Mu Fan's real estate, it's really lively."

  "Even the government leader's son is here."

  "The commotion is getting louder and louder~"


  The world that had just recently been calm was undoubtedly noisy once again after the arrival of Wu Yong and the others.

  The onlookers outside were discussing.

  Many of them shouted in alarm .

  It only felt that this good show today was getting more and more exciting.

  Perhaps, Wu Yi and Wang Tian, these young descendants, they didn't have a big reputation.But the people behind them, their fame was too loud.

  Now that these people came over to hold the show, in the eyes of the crowd, it was on behalf of their father.

  How different could a prince's personal visit be from an emperor's arrival?

  Therefore, after seeing the arrival of these leaders' children and nephews, the Yulong Hotel then exploded.

  Many people were filled with fear and excitedly asked Master Qiu, "Master Qiu, these people, did you invite them?"

  Master Qiu laughed, "What's the difference between my grandson-in-law inviting him here and me?"

  "Wen Fei, our Autumn Family's distinguished guest has arrived, why don't you go and greet him?"

  "These, then, are the real powerhouses!"

  "As for the generation of Shen Jiewan and Hua Guoqing, a mere lowly merchant, in ancient times, that wouldn't even make it to the stage."

  Old Master Qiu smiled proudly.

  The previous dullness and gloom, undoubtedly at this moment, swept away.

  At this time, Old Master Qiu was undoubtedly proud of his scenery.

  The surrounding guests were trembling with sweat at the sight of him, "Amazing, amazing~"

  "Old Master Qiu, your Qiu family, this is going against the grain~"

  In the midst of the tremors of the crowd, Chu Wenfei and his wife, however, were the first to rush out to greet them.

  Wang Qiaoyu and Qiuqiu's husband and wife followed closely behind.

  The next step is to meet Qiu Guang, Jiang Hong and other members of the Qiu family in a frenzy.

  On the other hand, in the middle of Mu Fan real estate, Han Li and the others, apparently also heard the voice of the child singing the name, and suddenly the couple was not calm.

  "Mu Orange, do you think this mayor's son is also coming for us?"


  "We've got to get out there to meet them!"

  "That's the son of Wu Shi, Wu Shi, who's even more powerful than Han Dongmin!"

  Han Li and her husband were undoubtedly mad with excitement, pulling Qiu Mu Orange out to greet them.

  But Qiu Mu Orange was self-aware and shook her head incessantly, "Mom, what are you thinking about?"

  "How do we know so many leaders when we're just civilians?"

  "Wu Shi and the others, I've never even met them in person, so how can we afford to invite these sons of the rich and powerful?"

  "They can't be coming for us?"

  Qiu Mu Orange couldn't help but say it.

  But where were Han Li and Qiu Lei listening to the advice.

  The previous congratulations from Shen Jiowan, Li Xueqi and the others had clearly inflated the couple.

  "Why not?"

  "Have you seen Shen?"

  "Have you seen the Li family's eldest princess?"

  "You've seen a few of this full house of guests, but didn't they, in the end, come at us to congratulate our family?"

  "We've missed the opportunity to go out and greet you too many times before, but this time, this limelight must not be stolen by Qiu Mu Ying's family of white-eyed wolves again?"

  "If you're not going to greet us, we're going to go with the old couple!"

  Han Li's dislike of Qiu Mu Orange's words left her speechless.

  In the end, the couple didn't stop any longer, so they quickly took three steps to sit down and two steps to run out.

  It must be said that Han Li and the others who often square danced, their physical quality was good.

  This little short legs running, even extremely fast.Flying as well, they quickly rushed to the front, leaving Qiu Mu Ying, Wang Qiaoyu and her son, all of them behind.


  "These shameless things in the Old San family~"

  "Is it your guests, messing out to greet?"Wang Qiaoyu Qiu Muying, mother and daughter, was near mad at the back, cursing with a black face.

  But where did Han Li and her husband and wife pay any attention to it, running faster than anyone else, and finally taking the lead in rushing to Wu Yi and the others, they reached out and grabbed Wu Yi's arm with a smile on their faces, "Haha~"

  "Wu City is so kind!"

  "You even had your own son personally come to congratulate us on Mufan Real Estate."

  "I, as the mistress of Mufan Real Estate, am doubly honored and very ashamed."

  "Quickly, everyone, please come inside."

  "My family's Mu Orange has prepared a banquet inside Mu Fan Company, just waiting for a few of you to go ahead and take your seats."

  Han Li was so enthusiastic that she grabbed someone's Wu Yong's hand and pulled over to Mu Fan Real Estate.


  "Where's the idiot?"

  "How dare you lay a hand on my Wu?"

  "If you soiled Wu's clothes, can you fucking afford to pay for it?"

  However, who would have thought that right at this moment, Wang Tian, who was on the side, saw the situation, but he slapped past and smacked Han Li directly on the ground, and that old face was swollen for him.


"Young Master Wu, why are you hitting me?"Han Li was confused and covered her face on the floor, almost crying out in pain.

  "The beating is for idiots like you!"

  "I really don't know where the frakking pussy is,"

  "Returning the Mufan property?And Mistress?"

  "Just that pitiful Mufan property of yours, the little shabby company, is it worthy of having us congratulate you?"

  "Go have your spring break dream?"

  "Why don't you get out of here?!"

  Wang Tian scolded angrily, scaring Han Li so much that she immediately shut her mouth and didn't dare to say another word.As for Qiu Lei, who was on the side, he was even more frightened to stay where he was, not daring to move a muscle.

  At this time, Qiu Muying's family only arrived.

  Seeing that Han Li had been beaten, the Qiu family was suddenly happy.

  Looking at Han Li in front of them like a joke, they gloated and ridiculed, "Third aunt, I've already warned you that there are some people, but you can't afford to reach them."

  "What kind of status are Wu and the others, what kind of status are you?"

  "A family of wimps, and they're trying to climb the ladder?"

  "You guys deserve that too?"Qiu Mu Ying scolded disdainfully.

  "A few cheap merchants came to congratulate you, and your tail is up in the sky?"

  "And you don't know your last name?"

  "Don't you have any idea how good you are?"

  "A shitty company, a hillbilly woman, and Wu and the others are blind enough to go and congratulate you?"

  "This is ridiculous!"

  "Go back and tell Qiu Mu Orange to be a little self-conscious!"

  "How about a congratulatory message from Shen Jiuyan?So what if Princess Li congratulates you?Compared to our family, your family is still inferior!"

  "If you're a turkey yourself, you'll just lie down on the ground honestly.There are some people that you can't afford to reach."

  Chuckling, Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife then welcomed Wu Yong and his group into the hotel lobby, giving congratulations to the old man Qiu, wishing Qiushui Logistics a victory in the celebration, and offering gifts to the old man at the same time.


  "Young Master Wu is courteous."

  "It is a great honor for my old man that you have come on behalf of your father."

  Master Qiu's cheerful laughter spread throughout the entire hall.

  Inside and out, there were voices of envy towards the Qiu family.Especially towards Chu Wenfei and his wife, the crowd was even more impressed.

  "This granddaughter-in-law of the Qiu family is truly remarkable."

  "He even has such connections?"

  "Oh Wu Weitao, the secretary's son can be invited by him?"

  "With such connections, I'm afraid that in the future, the Qiu Family will be in Yunzhou, leveling up ah."

  There were voices of envy and respect for Chu Wenfei and the others everywhere.

  For a time, the Qiu family was once again in the limelight, and the previous gloom was nothing less than a clean sweep.

  Yes, just like what Qiu Mu Ying had said, how about Shen Jiu Wan coming to congratulate Mu Fan Real Estate, and how about the Li Family Princess congratulating Mu Fan Real Estate?

  These people, to be frank, were nothing more than merchants.

  In Huaxia, since ancient times, the status of a merchant was no better than an official.

  Therefore, in the view of the Qiu family and the others, even if the entire Yunzhou's wealthy merchants came to congratulate Mu Fan's property, so what?

  Even though the people who came today were only the nephews of Wu Weitao and the others, in terms of power and status, they still crushed these lowly merchants of Hua Guoqing!

  As for Li Xueqi, perhaps her background was huge.But to be frank, she's just the sister of Second Master Li, and sooner or later, she'll have to marry someone else.

  A woman who marries out spills water, what will she be able to salvage at that time, Li Xueqi?

  The power of the Li family belonged to the second son Li.Even though Li Xueqi's surname was Li, her position in the Li family was undoubtedly much inferior.



  And at a time when the Qiu family was in the limelight because of the arrival of Wu Yong and others.

  At the crossroads a thousand meters away, the traffic police were maintaining order.

  Today, the Qiu family was holding a celebration, but they had specially greeted the traffic police department through their connections.They said that many people would come to congratulate the family on the day of the celebration, and asked them to help ease the traffic so that the guests would not be stuck in the road again.

  The local traffic police brigade did give this favor and sent a few people to the nearby intersection to divert the traffic.

  At this time, several traffic police were sitting on the side of the road, taking a rare break.

  "Brother Li, by the looks of it, this Qiu family's guests are almost all done."

  "Well, it's almost done."

  "Hua Guoqing and other entrepreneurial bigwigs are here, all the wealthy people from Yunzhou should be here."

  "It can't be, a small ribbon cutting celebration can't attract the rich and powerful from outside the city to congratulate?"

  "Even if the Qiu family is hugging the thigh of the Yunzhou Chu family, it will never have this prestige."A traffic policeman shook his head and laughed.

  In his opinion, no matter how powerful the Qiu family was, it was already the limit to attract such tycoons as Hua Guoqing and Wang Haisheng to pay their respects.Who from outside would travel thousands of miles to Yunzhou to give congratulations to a small Qiu family?


  However, as soon as their words fell, at the end of the road, only a number of luxury cars could be seen, speeding towards them.

  The black bodies were like swords, tearing open the canopy.

  The low buzzing sound was like the low roar of a wild beast, trembling the skies above.


  Such a movement caused the crowd here to tremble.

  The pedestrians at the intersection followed the sound, only to see that everywhere that entered their eyes were all million luxury cars.

  Black and crushed, practiced into rows, as if a torrent of steel was rolling in from the nine heavens just like this.

  Seeing the scene in front of them, the crowd was dumbfounded.

  The traffic police on duty, in particular, were even more horrified when they saw the license plate hanging from that car.

  "This...This...Jiang C, Hauzhou?"

  "Jiang B, Jing...From Kyungju?"

  "Jiang A, damn it, the provincial capital Jianghai's also...Come here too?"

  What the fuck?

  What's going on today?

  Could it be that all the big shots from the province are here?

  The crowd at the intersection simply went crazy as they looked at the luxury cars that had arrived from all the cities in Jiangdong, and the five 5s and five 8s with the license plates in a row.

  Especially the traffic police on duty, a pair of eyeballs almost stared out and trembled.

  "These, are they also going for the Autumn family?"

  Trembling, that traffic police captain then laughed excitedly.


  "It's addictive, addictive."

  "Even the big man from the provincial capital Jianghai is here."

  "This movement is getting louder and louder."

  "Regardless of who these big shots from all walks of life are after, our Yunzhou City Traffic Police Brigade is designated to help the scene."

  "Old Five, Old Six, immediately notify our district squadron city brigade, go to arrange manpower to various nearby intersections to maintain traffic!"

  The sound of this captain's command echoed through the heavens and earth.

  However, the Qiu family as well as Qiu Mu Orange and the others were all unaware of the scene here.

  At this moment, Han Li was still lying on the ground, an old face reddening.

  What had just happened had undoubtedly made Han Li make a big fool of herself.

  The surrounding passersby were looking at Han Li like a joke, the gaze was vividly like that of a clown.

  They licked their faces and went over to greet her, but ended up having their faces smacked on the ground.

  This kind of thing was funny to think about.

  Qiu Mu Orange was also furious.


She had undoubtedly embarrassed her own pair of strange parents completely.

  But they were their parents after all, and Qiu Mu Orange couldn't ignore them.

  Walking forward while supporting Han Li, she complained, "I didn't let you go just now, you didn't listen."

  "How now?"

  "Not to mention being beaten up, the little bit of face that we at Mufan Real Estate have managed to save is lost to you again!"

  Qiu Mu Orange was simply going to be furious.

  She said at the time that she didn't have any friendship with Wu Yong and the others, there was no way these people were coming for Mu Fan real estate.

  But Han Li just wouldn't listen and insisted on coming over to greet them, wanting to make a name for herself.

  As a result, she doesn't get to steal the chicken, but she doesn't get to steal the rice, and she's beaten in the face, causing her to lose face as well.

  At this time, Wang Qiaoyu didn't know what she was coming out to get, and just happened to see Qiu Mu Orange and her daughter, she suddenly walked over with a smile and smiled proudly at Qiu Mu Orange in a superior tone: "Qiu Mu Orange, now you should know the difference between yourself and my Ying Ying, right?"

  "Even if the president of the company congratulates you?So what if the group directors come to congratulate you?"

  "They're just a mere merchant.Where can they be compared to such dignitaries like Young Master Wu?"

  "A merchant can get rich, and it's not by government policy."

  "If the top makes you rich, you're rich."

  "If the top makes you poor, even if you're the richest man, you can be brought down in minutes!"

  Wang Qiaoyu shook her head and laughed, her words filled with ridicule and complacency.

  "Qiu Mu Orange, although I don't know what means you used to attract so many wealthy people from Yunzhou."

  "But even if the entire Yunzhou's rich and powerful came to congratulate you, you, Qiu Mu Orange, would still be inferior to my family!"

  As she said this, Wang Qiaoyu was filled with pride.With a victorious tone, she then mocked the Autumn Mu Orange family indiscriminately.

  "Oh, yeah?"However, just as Wang Qiaoyu was filled with pride, a faint laughter, but quietly came out.

  Ye Fan didn't know when, but he also walked over.

  At this time he was smiling faintly, his clear and beautiful face contained calmness, looked at Wang Qiaoyu and asked faintly, "Fourth aunt, I wonder what kind of person it takes in your eyes to be able to compare with a dignitary like Young Master Wu?"

  When Wang Qiaoyu heard this, she sneered, "If you want to be compared to Young Master Wu, you must at least be the prince of the Li family in Yunzhou, the daughter of Chen Ao in Jianghai, the son of the fifth son of Lei in Jingzhou, or the broad young man of the Wang family in Haoshu."

  "Only these sons and nephews of the leading bosses who are in charge of one city and whose fame has shaken Jiangdong are qualified to be compared to such dignitaries as Young Master Wu."

  "As for the others, even if they have more money, they're just weak chickens in front of the real dignitaries."

  "What? You're a wimp asking this, could it be that you're trying to get the son of Second Master Li to come and give you a show?"

  Wang Qiaoyu raised her chin high and spoke condescendingly, her words full of superiority and disgust and contempt for Ye Fan.

  In the eyes of the Qiu family, Ye Fan was nothing more than a countryside turtle, a wimp who had married into their family.

  It could be said that this wimp in front of him had never been in the eyes of their Qiu family.

  Listening to Wang Qiaoyu's words, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "I may not be able to invite the son of the Yunzhou Li family.But the daughter of Chen Ao of Jianghai, the son of the Lei family of Jingzhou, and the eldest youngster of the Wang family of Haoshu, I think I can still invite him."

  "Maybe, in a little while, they'll arrive?"

  Ye Fan's faint laughter echoed shallowly.


  Fuck me, right?

  If you're so awesome, why don't you go to heaven?

  Wang Qiaoyu's face turned black at that time, looking at Ye Fan like an idiot, not being able to resist direct scolding.

  "You're brain-dead, aren't you!?"

  "Returning the Chen family's daughter?"

  "Returning the Prince of Thunder?"

  "And the Wang family?"

  "Who do you think you are?Provincial Secretary?President of a great nation?"

  "Wu Yi's father isn't even as awesome as you."

  "Simply an idiot~"

  "A wimp, and you're thinking of having the big man from Jiangdong send congratulations?"

  "You're nothing!"

  Wang Qiaoyu pinched her waist and with a heart full of contempt and ridicule, she cleaved her head at Ye Fan and cursed angrily.

  She had just said it nonsense, but she didn't expect that this wimp was still serious.

  Looking at that tone, it seemed like he could really invite the prince of these leading big men to worship yes?

  The rest of them were also looking at Ye Fan as if they were oddballs, thinking that this Qiu Mu Orange's husband was indeed a fool.

  At a time like this, he was still talking nonsense and spouting nonsense.

  This kind of stupidity would not only not change anything, but would also make the situation of Qiu Mu Orange and the others even worse.

  "Mom, what's wrong with you?"

  "I heard you shouting from inside the hotel?"

  The commotion here had clearly attracted the attention of many people.

  Even Qiu Muying, Jiang Hong and other Qiu family members came out from the hall with the sound of voices.

  After seeing Wang Qiaoyu cursing there, she was confused and asked.

  "Ying Ying, you guys are just in time."

  "Hurry up and come pay your respects to Great Young Master Ye."

  "People Ye Da Shao said that the daughter of Chen Ao of Jianghai, the son of the fifth son of Lei of Jingzhou, and the broad young man of the Wang family of Haoshu will all come to worship later."

  "If we're late to worship, we probably won't have any land later."

  "There's no chance to worship even if you want to."


  When she saw her daughter arrive, Wang Qiaoyu tonally pulled herself over and said evenly.That mocking tone was like talking to an idiot.

  Upon hearing this, Qiu Mu Ying also pretended to be shocked, and then mocked and said.

  "I go, really?"

  "Mu Orange, it looks like you've married a good husband."

  "Your family has Young Master Ye, why wouldn't you want to be glamorous in the future?"

  "Hurry up, tell Auntie San to steam some nests." "Chen Qianjin" from the next village, "Mr. Lei" from Leijiatun, and "Wang Dashao" from Wangjiawa."But they're all here."

  "These can be big people, you and Aunt Sam and the others must entertain them well."

  "By the way, is there enough food?"

  "If there's not enough leftovers, we can serve all the leftovers back to you."

  "A nest with leftovers is a world of deliciousness~"


  Qiu Mu Ying's words, however, caused the entire audience to laugh.

  Wang Qiaoyu and Jiang Hong, who were behind her, were already bent over with laughter.

  The surrounding onlookers were also laughing uproariously.

  They only felt that the Qiu family's fourth granddaughter was too eloquent, with such a poisonous mouth, saying the right things backwards, cursing people in a set of ways, and not carrying a single dirty word.

  For a while, Qiu Mu Ying's family of four became the joke of the entire crowd.

  Ye Fan's eyebrows were also completely chilled at this time.

  He looked towards Qiu Muying and his words were cold, "You guys looking for trouble?"

  "How dare you?"

  "Who are you?"

  "You're a great young man, Ye."

  "A famous rich young man from eight villages in ten li, his family has several acres of good land, and he eats and drinks for free for his wife to raise."

  "Even the son of the secretary's family, the director's son, doesn't even look at you, how powerful are you?"

  "We are of humble status, how dare we offend you?"Qiu Mu Ying and the others laughed wantonly.

  However, just when the Qiu family was filled with pride.


  Nine heavens away, only a few loud sounds were heard.

  Immediately afterwards, at the end of the road, a full dozen of luxury cars rolled by as if a torrent of steel.

  That majestic as an abyss, the majesty of the torrent rolling past, was like an envoy of an audience, or a pilgrim believer.

  They roared!

  They're howling!

  It is as if the generals who rule the world for their sovereign and are stationed at the River Heaven, were rushing from a thousand miles, like a hundred rivers to the sea!

  With reverence and respect!

  Come congratulate, all nations!!!!


"This...This is..."

  "Another guest?"

  The movement in the distance drew the attention of everyone present in a moment.

  Qiu Muying and the others couldn't care less about seeing Ye Fan, and after hearing the sound of the car, they turned around to look.

  As soon as they turned back, they only felt a majestic wave of air whistling towards them.

  After that, one could only see an endless number of luxury cars in a row, just like this, sweeping over the sky.

  "One, two, three...Five six..."

  "Fifteen cars!"

  "Each is a million plus luxury car?"


  "Are they all here to congratulate the Autumn family?"

  Many people had trembled mad after seeing the number of luxury cars that came to worship in front of them.

  Many onlookers cried out in surprise, pulling at their throats in alarm.

  However, that was not all.

  Soon, as the vehicle drove closer and closer, when the crowd could see the license plate of the vehicle in front of them, a pair of eyeballs even more immediately widened.

  "Jiang D55555."

  "Jiang C66666"


  "Jiang A88888"


  "This...This is the Leopard, this is the Leopard!"

  "And that River C, isn't that a Howe State license plate?"



  "Even the land of Hojo, a thousand miles away, has people coming?"

  "And South Springs...Jingzhou...Jiang...Jianghai!"

  Is the provincial capital coming too?

  Oh, shit.

  What's going on today?

  They're Yunzhou City, out of the dragon?!

  You've drawn congratulations from a hundred cities?

  The car hadn't stopped yet, but when you saw the license plate, this side of the world was like a boulder falling into the sea.

  One stone, stirring up a thousand waves!

  The onlookers were completely mad.

  They had never seen such a big scene in their lives.

  Not only the onlookers, but even the crowd of the Qiu family, including Qiu Mu Ying and Wang Qiaoyu, as well as Qiu Mu Orange and Han Li's couple, were completely stupefied in place.

  With a heart full of tremors and panic, they looked at the steel torrent rolling in front of them.

  At this moment, in their hearts, they nearly had the same doubt and trepidation.

  Could it be that these people, too, had come to give them, congratulations?

  But, their Autumn family, is it really that awesome?

  Even people from other cities in Jiangdong Province have traveled thousands of miles to congratulate you?

  In the hearts of Autumn Muyoung and the others, there was no doubt that they were also bottomless.

  Even they were like this, not to mention Qiu Mu Orange's family.

  Even if Han Li was bold enough, she wouldn't dare to say at this point that these outsiders were coming for her family Mu Orange!

  While everyone was in a state of shock, just like this, the dozen or so luxury cars had stopped.


  The car door opened, just like this in the eyes of everyone, the one and only suit, full of dignified people, but in an instant, appeared in full view of the public.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your own website.

  Immediately afterwards, the tender and resonant child's voice resounded here and there like the waves of the Nine Heavens.

  "The son of Wang Jiexi, head of the Haoshu Wang Family, Young Master Wang Yuchen has arrived!"


  The rich young man of the Wang family, the son of Wang Jiexi?

  Just the first person's name alone was like a thunderbolt exploding, causing the crowd to be horrified.

  Qiu Muying, Wang Qiaoyu and the others, their bodies trembled and their heartbeats missed half a beat.

  However, how could anyone know that this time had only just begun?


  "Prince of the Jingzhou Lei Family, Young Master Lei Ao Ting has arrived!"


  Lui Ao-ting?

  Lei...The Prince of the Lei Family?!!!

  "This...How is this possible?"

  Another muffled thunder struck down, and many people trembled once again, losing their voices and shouting wildly.

  The eyes of Qiu Muying and the others, even more so, then stared, their pupils crumpling.

  In their hearts, there were horrifying waves sweeping!


  However, that wasn't the end of it.

  After the next few rich young men from all over the world had revealed their identities.

  In the end, only a woman was seen, with red lips like fire, eyebrows like ink, batching three thousand green silk, carrying a seven-foot long skirt.

  It has the posture of a sunken fish and a fallen goose, and the appearance of a closed moon and shy flowers.

  The lotus steps lightly moved between, but also with endless grace and elegance.

  As if that banished to the mortal world of fairies, like this, quietly appeared.

  In the next moment, the resonant voice of a child once again resounded through the four directions.

  "Jianghai Chen Family's head, Jiangdong King Chen Ao's thousandth daughter, Chen Nan has arrived!"


  At the sounding of Chen Ao's name, the crowd only felt that there was thunder striking down.

  In their hearts, a monstrous wave was created.

  Everyone, completely confused.

  Jiang...King of Jiang Dong, Chen...Chen Ao?


  Even the daughter of the Chen family has arrived?

  Many people stared with dead eyes as they watched the one with a monstrous background and dignified majesty walk slowly, and countless people were so frightened that they were crazy enough to draw cold air.

  Their bodies trembled tremendously as they were horrified and their eyes were close to popping out.

  Who would have thought that what was thought to be a small celebration would, in the end, attract groups of heroes to congratulate them and crowns to gather?

  Although it was just some rich families and princelings of noble families.However, the power and background they represented was undoubtedly already comparable to, half of Jiangdong!

  While the crowd was trembling, Qiu Mu Ying and Wang Qiaoyu, mother and daughter, were already completely confused.

  They stared at each other, their delicate bodies trembling, and their hearts were filled with horrific waves.

  Especially Wang Qiaoyu, old face pale and colorless, listening to that one heavenly identity, Wang Qiaoyu had been nearly scared to death.

  At this moment, her ears seemed to recall once again, what Ye Fan had just said.

  A rich young man of the Haoshu Wang family?

  The son of the Lei family from Jingzhou?

  The daughter of the Jianghai Chen family?

  Bingo, all of them were right.

  The people that Ye Fan had talked about before had all arrived.

  Is this a coincidence?

  Or were these people, really coming for, Ye Fan and his family?

  When she thought of this, Wang Qiaoyu's brain directly buzzed, her entire body instantly jerked, and an incomparable horror swept over her heart.

  Qiu Muying was equally terrified, opening her mouth wide to draw cold air.

  A pair of beautiful eyes were also filled with trepidation, and fear.

  At this point, she turned her head and looked at her mother.

  Face to face!

  Obviously, the mother and daughter, both thought, the same possibility?

  While Autumn Muyoung and the others were in a state of panic and fear.

  In the hotel hall, there was silence.

  Deadly silence.

  The large hall was silent!

  The Jingzhou Lei family, the Haoshu Wang family, the Jianghai Chen family, which one of them did not have a resounding reputation in Jiangdong.

  The prestige and status of these gentry families was not weaker than that of the governmental lord in charge of a city.

  Just like Wu Ushi's father, when he saw the Li family's second son, he had to treat him equally.

  After all, the land of Jiangdong could not be separated from the support and embrace of these leading big men and influential giants if it wanted to have long-term peace and stability.

  What's more, a family like the Jingzhou Lei family had a solid foundation, and among them, there were many military and political bigwigs whose status was even higher than Wu Yong's father.

  Now that they too had sent someone, who here would not be shocked or tremble?

  "Wenfei, this...These people, too...Did you invite them too?"Qiu Guang was already almost scared to death, trembling and stuttering.

  This mother fucker, Qiu Guang felt at that time that the entire Jiangdong dignitaries were about to be moved by their Qiu family.

  Master Qiu was undoubtedly not calm at this time either, and was beginning to panic a bit.

  This situation was like an ancient landlord's old fortune celebrating his birthday, and the local rich and powerful came to congratulate him, the old man felt happy and lively.If the government dignitaries came to congratulate, the old man felt surprised, honored, and glamorous.

  But now, the emperor and the old man have come to congratulate him, then it's not a surprise and honor, it's terror and fear!

  This was undoubtedly how the Qiu family members felt at this moment in the hall.


As the saying goes, the bigger the temple, the bigger the Buddha.

  Master Qiu and the others were undoubtedly self-aware of their names.

  Knowing that their small temple, the Qiu family, could invite people of Wu Yong and Wang Tian's level to congratulate them was already the limit.

  Now that half of Jiangdong's powerful sons were all coming to congratulate them, their Qiu family undoubtedly couldn't afford it.

  That was why, Qiu Guang was so terrified.

  Even his speech trembled when he asked to Chu Wenfei.

  "I...I didn't...Didn't invite it."

  Chu Wenfei was obviously terrified as well.

  Previously, when Shen Jiowan, Li Xueqi and the others came, he had still dared to welcome them with a hard scalp.

  But now, the crown prince of the Jingzhou Lei family, the daughter of Jianghai Chen Ao.

  The people behind this represented heavenly figures, their fathers were famous and powerful in the entire Jiangdong Province.

  These people, even if Chu Wenfei were to lend Chu Wenfei ten guts, he wouldn't dare to say that he was here to give himself a show, let alone go out to greet them.

  Not only Chu Wenfei, but even Wang Tian and Nangong Ling on the side, who had official powerful backgrounds, all of their faces changed when they heard the names of Lei Wu, Chen Ao and others.

  The only one of these people present who was still able to sit still was probably Wu Weitao's son, Wu Use, right?

  "What's the panic?"

  "They can come to congratulate you, but your Autumn family is undoubtedly more glamorous?"

  "Shouldn't that be something to be happy about?"

  "Why is this instead a gray head and a sky falling look?"

  At this time, in the hall, Wu Yong was sitting there, lightly sipping strong tea, but he looked calm and lightly smiling.

  Seeing this breezy and light-hearted appearance of Wu Yi, suddenly, the eyes of Master Qiu and the others forgot about the past.

  Chu Wenfei was even more alarmed, "Wu Yi, could it be that, these people, are you the one who invited them?"

  Wu Yi shook his head and laughed, "Please shouldn't count.But I did have a few encounters with the daughter of the Jianghai Chen family.A few days ago, I even invited Miss Chen to come to Yunzhou as a guest."

  "I didn't expect that this Miss Chen, would arrive today."

  "I'll go, Brother Wu, you're awesome!"When they heard Wu Use's words, Wang Tian and Nangong Ling, the two best friends, were suddenly shocked.

  "Can ah Wu, worthy of being the son of Wu City."

  "Girlfriend said to hang on to it."

  "It's only been a few days, but you've already hit it off with the Jianghai Chen family's daughter.Now it's not far, and you've made a transfer all the way to Yunzhou to find Brother Wu?"


  "It looks like it won't be long before we can drink Brother Wu's wedding wine."

  Unexpectedly, Nangong Ling and Wang Tian laughed, bragging on their lips, but in their hearts, they were extraordinarily envious and jealous.

  The three of them had the best relationship, and the fact that Wu Yong was interested in the Chen family's daughter was not a secret to Wang Tian and Nangong Ling.

  Ever since last year, when Wu Yong attended a wine party with his father and saw Nan Chen for the first time at that party, Wu Yong had been seduced by this clear and stunning girl's soul.

  Since then, Wu Yong has been declaring that in his life, he will not marry Nan Chen, and he will do everything possible to get Chen Ao's daughter.

  But Wang Tian and Nangong Ling both didn't care, after all, it was Chen Ao's daughter, even though Wu Yi's identity was also not bad, but I'm afraid it's not an easy thing to get the daughter of Jiangdong King's daughter of a thousand daughters.

  But I didn't expect, it's only been a year, but the relationship between Wu Yong and Chen Nan has progressed so much.

  Now, the Chen family's daughter had even travelled a thousand miles to come to Yunzhou to throw herself at him.

  It's no wonder that Wang Tian and Nangong Ling's best friends aren't jealous and hateful when they see Wu Yong about to win a beauty back.

  However, when the people present heard this, most of the trepidation in their hearts dissipated.

  "So it's for Young Master Wu."

  "It's also true that the only person present is Wu City's prince, Wu Use.Only has this face, right."

  For a while, the crowd present lamented, and their original doubts were suddenly resolved.

  Chu Wenfei also laughed, "Wu Ushi, you can.The Jiangdong King's daughter has let you get laid."

  "It is said that that Jiang Dong King only has this one daughter."

  "If you marry her, in the future, the hundred-year foundation of that Jianghai Chen family will probably fall into your hands."

  "Haha, Wu Ushi, congratulations."

  Chu Wenfei smiled and congratulated Wu Ushi.

  Master Qiu, who was sitting high, was undoubtedly smiling at this time as well.

  "So it's for the Wu Shi family's gentleman."

  "The peach and the plum.Young Master Wu is both talented and beautiful, so naturally, he has attracted all the sons and daughters of this Jiangdong dignitary to pay homage to him."

  "Our Qiu family, however, has gained great glory from Young Master Wu."

  "This cup of wine, old man, I'll toast to Young Master Wu and wish in advance that Young Master Wu and Miss Chen, will happily tie the knot and become husband and wife."


  In the hall, but there was a burst of lively and festive laughter.

  Then, Old Master Qiu urged, "Qiu Guang, Qiu Fei, and Wen Fei, you go quickly, along with Young Master Wu, go out and greet, those noble guests who have come from afar!"

  "Whoever is here for whomever is here, since we've arrived, it's my Qiu Family's sitting guest."

  "Please hurry in, for Miss Chen and the others, to receive the wind and dust!"

  The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a look at it.

  The old man's words were so proud and glamorous.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  Not only did the sons of the rich and powerful like Wu Yong and Wang Tian come to congratulate them, even people from Jianghai and Jingzhou came from thousands of miles away.

  Although, these people didn't come for his Qiu Zhenglun's face, no matter who they arrived for, it was to congratulate their Qiu family.

  As the head of the Qiu Family, Qiu Zhenglun felt afraid that he was going to take the limelight out of this today!


  After so many years, Master Qiu had never been as happy as he was now.

  That cheerful laughter could be heard out of the hotel lobby, and could be heard almost from across the street.

  And the Qiu family members, including Wu Yong, Chu Wenfei, and Qiu Guang, all walked out of the hotel and went outside to greet them.

  At this time, the outside of the hotel was already full of people.

  Apart from some onlookers, Mu Fan Real Estate as well as the Qiu family members were all there.

  "Out of the way!"

  "All of you, get out of my way."

  "Eyeless things, how dare you block the way of Wu City's son?"

  "A family of wimps, with no eyes!"

  Wu Yong, surrounded by Wang Tian as well as Chu Wenfei and the others, had left the hotel.

  Seeing that Qiu Mu Orange's family was even blocking the front, Chu Wen Fei and Qiu Guang and the others became annoyed and directly went forward to rudely push Han Li, Qiu Mu Orange and the others aside.

  Just like that, the Qiu family followed Wu Yong, who then headed forward towards Nan Chen as well as Lei Ao Ting and the others, welcoming them with enthusiasm.

  "Miss Chen, I'm glad that you could come today."

  "Before you came, why didn't you give me a greeting?"

  "I also prepared early."

  "And Young Master Lei, Young Master Wang, you have traveled thousands of miles to come and hold court for me, Wu Yi.I, Wu Yi, am here to thank you."

  "Now, please, all of you young masters, come with me to the banquet at the front hotel."

  Wu Yi laughed and went forward to take Nan Chen's golden hand.

  At this time, Wu Yi could be described as glamorous and subject to the attention of thousands of people.


The surrounding crowd, all envious, looked on, full of esteem.

  The Qiu family was filled with excitement, and Qiu Mu Ying and Wang Qiaoyu and the others had hearts like honey, feeling only scenery and pride.

  Although Chen Nan and the others didn't come for them, Wu Yong came for their family's Wen Fei's face.

  Qiu Mu Ying and Wang Qiaoyu, of course, felt the scenery.

  The trepidation and worry from just now had also suddenly dissipated.

  To be honest, just now, the two of them, Wang Qiaoyu and her mother and daughter, really thought that the Chen family's daughter and the Lei family's son were invited by Ye Fan, after all, Ye Fan had acted too much like that before.

  But now it seemed that they were completely overthinking.

  These people were clearly invited by someone else, Young Master Wu.

  "Almost got fooled by that wimp."

  "Also, how could Ye Fan, a wimp and a poor loser from the countryside, know such powerful disciples?"

  "Not to mention, inviting them over to congratulate them on the opening of Mufan Real Estate."

  "How could a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law be capable of that?It's just that mouth that's talking nonsense there!"

  Qiu Mu Ying snorted with disdain.

  "Autumn Muyoung Orange, you should die now, right?"

  "I've long said that from the moment you married that wimp, you were destined to be trampled underfoot by me, Autumn Muying, for the rest of your life."

  "From now on, you're even less qualified to be a rival to me, Autumn Muying."

  At this time, Qiu Mu Ying laughed fiercely.The gaze that was directed towards Qiu Mu Orange's family was full of mockery and disdain.

  The high and mighty look was as if she was a matriarchal queen.

  Those who didn't know, probably thought that, this Qiu Mu Ying's husband, was the emperor, right?

  Faced with the mockery of the Qiu family, Qiu Mu Orange didn't speak, only her pretty face paled and remained silent.

  Han Li and Qiu Lei's husband and wife were even more frightened and trembling.

  They were afraid now that in the future, Qiu Mu Ying would use this relationship to take revenge on their family.

  After all, the connections that Chu Wenfei had displayed today were too strong.

  However, while Han Li and the others were terrified, they didn't notice that Ye Fan, who was behind the crowd, still looked calm.

  It was as if the water was still flowing from a flat lake, even though the congratulations from ten thousand states came, it didn't even raise any waves in his heart.

  At this time, the surrounding crowds were still in a state of envy and emotion.

  "This fourth son-in-law of the Qiu family is remarkable."

  "Not only does he know such dignitaries as Young Master Wu, but he's also attracted all the noble families from various cities to congratulate him."

  "It looks like in the future, their Qiu family, through this relationship with Young Master Wu, will be able to talk to the Jianghai Chen family."

  There was talk and emotion everywhere.

  Just like this, in the midst of everyone's respectful and envious gazes, Wu Yi had extended his hand towards Nan Chen.

  "Miss Chen, thank you for your bounty and favor."

  "I, Wu Yong, will definitely not let down Miss Chen's kindness."

  "In the future, as long as I, Wu Yong, can do it, I will definitely try my best to give Miss Chen all the goodness in this world."

  Wu Yong's affectionate voice was like a warm spring breeze in April, slowly sweeping through the heavens and earth here.

  For a moment, the whole arena stirred.

  After all, there was no longer any difference between Wu Yi's words and confessing to Nan Chen in public.

  Wang Tian, Nangong Ling, and the others were even more uproarious and whimpered then.

  "Hug one~"


  "Give me a hug, give me a hug~"


  The rest of the people, driven by Wang Tian and the others, then shouted along.

  There was noise and applause everywhere .

  Seeing the atmosphere had been completely rendered.

  The Wu Yong who was placed in it, just like the monarch who was about to sit on the world, with a smile on his lips and a face full of pride, really opened his embrace to the Chen Nan in front of him, and on his handsome face, there was an incomparably satisfied and proud smile all over.

  As for Chu Nan, her eyebrows and eyes were similarly smiling, and a charming smile blossomed on her stunningly beautiful face.

  Just like the lotus lotus in July, her eyes were a mixture of light and dark, a smile that produced flowers.

  The mayor's son, the Wu family, was waiting for the mayor's son to return to his home in a beautiful embrace.

  However, who would have thought that something unexpected would happen?

  Without even looking, she just pushed away Wu Yong in front of her like this.And then with a heart full of joy, she lightly pulled up her long skirt and ran towards the front without any hesitation.

  Then, in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gaze, Nan Chen's stunningly soft and delicate body, but directly

  Towards the arms of one person in front of him, he jumped over.

  "Brother Fanny~"

  That call, only like a nightingale's soft cry, in this world, quietly sounded.

  Ye Fan saw the situation, shook his head helplessly open his bosom, soft jade and warm fragrance then into his bosom, in a sudden, Ye Fan only felt a fragrant breeze, the woman in his arms that intoxicating body fragrance, but it was intoxicating.

  Dead silence!

  Deadly silence.

  In a moment, the whole place, silent.

  It was as if the sound of a pin falling could be heard.

  In this heaven and earth, all that was left was the clear breeze sweeping and the falling leaves floating.The three thousand green silks of the woman in the bosom even danced with the wind.


  "This...What is this?"

  Looking at the scene in front of them, everyone was dumbfounded at that time, all dumbfounded.

  Qiu Muying, Wang Qiaoyu and other members of the Qiu family were even more dumbfounded looking at this scene, only to feel a nuclear bomb explode in their hearts.

  As for Wu Yi himself, he was even more dumbfounded on the spot.

  It only felt like a slap was being pasted to the face, and his old eyes were red, staring at Ye Fan and Chen Nan with deadly eyes, a pair of eyes almost popping out.

  Also trembling was Han Li and his wife, as well as Ye Fan's wife, Qiu Mu Orange.

  At first, Qiu Mu Orange was only trembling and surprised at Nan Chen's throwing herself at Ye Fan.

  But when she regained consciousness, she realized that something was wrong.

  Ye Fan was her husband.

  But now, Ye Fan was even hugging another woman in full view of the public?

  Nearly instantly, the jealousy jar in Qiu Mu Orange's heart was overturned, and a pair of beautiful eyes, which were like swords with bone-chilling coldness, stared at Ye Fan just like that.

  Feeling his wife's gaze that was almost murderous, Ye Fan burst into tears and laughter.

  "I'm afraid this is going to be a big deal!"

  As expected, Autumn Mu Orange snorted coldly, and with a heart full of anger, turned her head and left.Without even looking back, she entered the company.

  And at this time, there was still dead silence outside the hotel.

  Qiu Mu Ying, Chu Wen Fei and the others, still flabbergasted in place, their mouths wide open in disbelief at the scene before them.

  The horrified and trembling appearance was as vivid as a rooster that had been strangled by someone's neck.

  At this time, the second daughter-in-law of the Qiu family, Jiang Hong, saw that there was no more movement outside, and whirled out from inside the hotel.

  As she walked, she said.

  "Ying Ying, Wen Fei, what are you guys doing standing around?"

  "Get the men down the hall yet!"

  "The old man is waiting anxiously inside."

  Jiang Hong anxiously urged, but Qiu Mu Ying mother and daughter and others were as silly and flabbergasted.

  Jiang Hong was so angry that she simply got off the stage herself, ran to Lei Ao Ting and the others, and enthusiastically pulled people's hands, so she was going to lead them to the hotel lobby.

  "Young Master Lei, Young Master Wang, don't stand outside."

  "Quick, inside please, the old man is waiting for you inside?"

  "You have travelled thousands of miles to come and congratulate my Autumn Water Logistics, we, the Autumn Family, don't even know how to thank you?"Jiang Hong laughed, her words were pleasant and flattering.

  However, as soon as Jiang Hong finished saying this, Lei Aoting smacked the fat woman on the ground.


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