The unknown Heir 914


Chapter 914

"So scary.Brother Chen, it's really scary!"

    Lei Lie's voice trembled and his face was filled with fear as he looked at Chen Hao and preached.

    "What's so scary?What did you see?"

    Chen Hao also looked at Lei Lie with a frown on his face and asked.

    "There's nothing around here, Lei Lie, what exactly did you see?"

    Zhen Ji looked at Lei Lie with the same surprised expression and asked.

    To say that Lei Lie saw a ghost spirit, then Chen Hao and Zhen Ji did not feel the presence of a ghost spirit at all, so Lei Lie should not have seen a ghost spirit.

    "I.I don't know, I just now.Just now, I was standing there conveniently, and all of a sudden, I felt a cold wind slash behind me, and then... then."

    Just listening to Lei Lie narrated a bit afterwards, but couldn't speak at the end of it.

    "Followed by what?"

    Chen Hao asked with a stern face.

    "Then.Then I raised my head to look upwards and saw a pair of red eyes staring right at me, it was really scary!"

    Lei Lie then recounted what he had seen.

    After hearing what Lei Lie had told them, Chen Hao and Zhen Ji immediately raised their heads to look upwards.

    After looking around, neither of them saw a situation like the one Lei Lie had described, and apart from a curved moon there was nothing else out of the ordinary.

    "There's nothing, could it be that you're too tired and are looking at it wrong?"

    Chen Hao looked suspiciously at Lei Lie and asked.

    Lei Lie fiercely shook his head for a while.

    "Brother Chen, Miss Zhen, I really wasn't mistaken, I didn't lie to you, it really is a pair of red eyes!"

    Lei Lie's incomparably firm expression and tone stared at Chen Hao and the two of them with certainty.

    Seeing Lei Lie's such a firm statement, Chen Hao and Zhen Ji also felt that it didn't seem like a joke, and the fact that Lei Lie was scared like this meant that he had really encountered something scary.

    "Alright, don't worry, I'm here, it'll be fine, you put your pants on first!"

    Chen Hao was willing to choose to trust Lei Lie and stretched out his hand to pat Lei Lie's shoulder to comfort him before motioning towards him to put his pants back on.

    Only when he heard Chen Hao's reminder did Lei Lie react.

    Lei Lie took a look at his lower body, then looked towards Chen Hao and Zhen Ji.

    In an instant, Lei Lie's face reddened and he felt very humiliated.

    Then, Lei Lie quickly put his pants on.

    "Alright, go out first, you need to go to the bathroom later, I'll accompany you!"

    When he saw Lei Lie put on his pants, Chen Hao was reassuring towards Lei Lie again.

    He knew that Lei Lie must have been very frightened, so Chen Hao could only comfort Lei Lie in such a way, or at least so that Lei Lie could not think about that.

    But Lei Lie was still very scared, he really couldn't forget the blood red eyes that had just existed in his mind and couldn't be waved away.

    After that, Chen Hao and the two of them led Lei Lie back to the tent.

    Chen Hao picked up a cup of hot wine and handed it to Lei Lie.

    "Here, take a sip to crush the shock!"

    Chen Hao thoughtfully said towards Lei Lie.

    After all, Lei Lie was so young, only just out of college and had no experience whatsoever, so he followed himself out on an adventure, so Chen Hao would be there to care and take care of him.

    "Thank you, brother Chen!"

    Lei Lie thanked Chen Hao before accepting the wine glass.

    Lei Lie's hands were both still trembling as he accepted the wine glass.

    Seeing Lei Lie in this state, Chen Hao was also a little uneasy and then looked around again, trying to see what the hell was there.

    However, all the surroundings were pitch black, so it was impossible to see everything.

    It was only after taking a sip of hot wine that Lei Lie finally eased up, and his body stopped shaking and calmed down.

    "Lei Lie, how are you feeling?Better now?"

    Chen Hao looked towards Lei Lie and asked with concern.

    Lei Lie nodded his head.

    "Good.Much better."

    Hearing Lei Lie's words, Chen Hao was instantly relieved.

    No, as soon as the words fell, Lei Lie's eyes instantly widened and stared straight at Chen Hao and Zhen Ji's back.

    When Chen Hao and Zhen Ji saw the change in Lei Lie's expression, they also immediately sensed that something was wrong.

    They both felt a different vibe appear.

    "Brother Chen.Great Miss Zhen, be careful!"

    Lei Lieton gave a loud shout and warned towards Chen Hao and Zhen Ji.

    Chen Hao and Zhen Ji reacted quickly and immediately dodged to one side, not forgetting to drag Lei Lie aside as well.


    As soon as the three of them flashed to the side, they saw a shadow leap down and just stamp out the bonfire.

    In an instant, the surroundings were plunged into pitch blackness.

    "Brother Chen, that's the guy, that's what I just saw!"

    Lei Lie also immediately preached towards the two of Chen Hao.

    At this moment, a pair of blood-red eyes appeared in the pitch blackness, and these eyes looked directly in the direction of Chen Hao's three men.

    What on earth is it?"

    Zhen Ji frowned and opened her mouth to ask.

    Lei Lie also shook his head for a while.

    "Let's spread out later, don't stand together, standing together is too big a target, Zhen Ji, you'll get the flashlight from your bag later!"

    Chen Hao immediately made a response and instructed towards Zhen Ji.

    "Okay, I got it!"

    Zhen Ji immediately responded.

    "Lei Lie, find yourself a place to hide, I'll deal with this guy!"

    Chen Hao was again looking at Lei Lie and instructing him.

    Lei Lie was busy nodding his head for a while, just like a chicken pecking at rice.

    Just kidding, he was about to be scared to death, where would he dare to stay where he was and fight this thing, it was better not to cause Chen Hao any trouble as a burden.

    After saying that, the three of them immediately dispersed.

    And then the thing with the blood-red eyes came rushing towards Chen Hao's direction.

    The blood-red eyes were getting closer and closer to him, and they were fast.

    Chen Hao immediately dodged towards the side, allowing the blood-red eyes thing to pounce.

    "Zhen Ji, quick, flashlight, hit the light!"

    Chen Hao shouted loudly at Zhen Ji.


    Jenji responded loudly.

    The sound fell and the lights came on.

    All it took was for Zhen Ji to just turn on the flashlight and shine it in the direction of the blood red eyes, throwing another flashlight at Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao picked it up and turned it on.

    Only after there was light did the three of them finally see exactly what it was, and it was a wild boar with tusks on its mouth.

    There were still many sharp spines present on the boar's body, and it looked very vicious.

    Chen Hao and the three of them were also surprised after seeing it, not expecting to encounter such a large wild boar in this place.

    Wild boars were very aggressive, and it seemed that this boar was hungry and had attacked Chen Hao's trio as its food.

    At that moment, the wild boar was seen rushing madly towards Zhen Ji.

    "Zhen Ji, be careful, you turn off the flashlight!"

    Chen Hao reminded towards Zhen Ji.


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