Dish Best Served Cold 341-345


Chapter 341

However, just as Autumn Mu Orange was feeling lost, suddenly, Autumn Mu Orange's phone rang.


  "Who would be calling at this late hour?"

  "Is it a company thing?"

  When Autumn Mu Orange was confused, she picked up her phone and looked at it.

  "What's wrong?"Evan asked.

  "My aunt's phone."Qiu Mu Orange returned.

  Ye Fan seemed to have guessed something and sneered, "Since it's my aunt's call, then take it.Put it on speakerphone for a bit, I also want to hear what our aunt will say."

  "Mm."Qiu Mu Orange nodded, then answered the phone.

  "Is that Mu Orange?I'm your youngest aunt."

  "Just now, something came up at the office and I left in a hurry, and I didn't have a few words with you, don't mind ha."On the other end of the phone, came Lu Mingze's exceptionally warm and kind voice.

  At that moment, Qiu Mu Orange's entire body was startled.

  Was this her aunt Lu Mingze?

  Under suspicion, Qiu Mu Orange even took a glance at the notes, and yes, it was indeed a call from Lu Mingze.

  It's just that, Qiu Mu Orange had to wonder, this short while of work, but how come his aunt was like a changed person, suddenly with such a good attitude.

  He was laughing and speaking with kindness.A change from his previous cold and arrogant appearance, there was no leadership at all.

  This sudden 180-degree change in Lu Mingze had undoubtedly caught Qiu Mu Orange a little off guard, and it was almost hard to adapt for a while.

  "No...Nothing."Qiu Mu-Orange returned a startled cry.

  Then, Lu Mingze continued, "Mu Orange, there's still the matter of your company's opening ceremony.Don't worry, my aunt will definitely attend that day in full regalia, and he even brought your aunt along with him.My niece's venue, I, as the aunt, will definitely have to hold it."

  "By the way, you didn't give me an invitation back, did you."

  "I didn't get into it just now, I'll turn around later and get it from my car.Also, shout for your mother, your father, and Fan, we'll go to the hotel together for a meal."

  "You said that you've been married for so many years, but I, as an aunt, have never invited you and Xiaofan both.This time, since we're in Yunzhou, let's take this opportunity to make up for all the poor manners we had before, what do you think?"

  Lu Mingze said enthusiastically, his words filled with laughter and kindness.The current Lu Mingze was simply a different person from when he came earlier.

  So much so that after Qiu Mu Orange heard these words of his, she was stunned for a moment, not knowing what to reply.

  However, when Qiu Mu Orange was in a state of panic, Ye Fan was the one who took the phone from Qiu Mu Orange's hand and smiled back, "Aunt, dinner is not necessary, just now stay you.You don't eat, but now I and Mu Orange but have already eaten."

  "As for that invitation, just now to aunt, you confiscated it, and Mu Orange has thrown it away as garbage.I'm so sorry."

  "Also, aunt, didn't you say you're busy with work, in that case, Mu Orange and I won't take up your time.You're a big man with a lot of day-to-day responsibilities, and my daughter-in-law is just an insignificant small company, so it's not worth wasting your precious time and making you make a special trip.So, that day of the opening ceremony, I don't think you need to come, just work at ease."

  "Alright, aunt, that's enough for today, give Jing Jing my regards for me.Mu Orange and I will have to go to bed, my mother is always pushing for grandchildren, we'll have to work harder, that's all."

  "Finally, in one more sentence, little aunt, some things, once missed, can never be recovered."

  Ye Fan smiled faintly, and throughout, Ye Fan spoke in a flat tone of voice.There was not a single word of blame for Lu Mingze, nor was there a single dirty word spoken, nor did he show any anger.

  After saying all this, without waiting for Lu Mingze to reply, Ye Fan then hung up the phone.

  "Ye Fan, what are you doing?"

  "He's my youngest brother-in-law, people are kind enough to come here to give us face, why are you still talking like that and being so rude?"Unexpectedly, Ye Fan directly hung up the phone, and Qiu Mu Orange snapped at it.

  Ye Fan was expressionless, looked at Qiu Mu Orange and said in a deep voice, "Aunt?"

  "If he was your aunt, how could he have refused your invitation before?

  "If he were your aunt, how could he have been so loving and dismissive of you earlier?"

  "Mu Orange, do you think of him as an aunt, and does he ever think of you as a niece?"

  "I..."Faced with Ye Fan's slightly angry questioning, Autumn Mu Orange lowered her head for a moment.

  But Ye Fan, with an icy look, still said, "Mu Orange, you have to remember that no matter who it is, no one should insult you, insult my wife!"

  "You invited him, that's giving him face."

  "Since he doesn't want to come, give him face, then don't let him come.What do I, Ye Fan's wife, want?"

  "The opening of Muffin Properties is still open without him, and it's a grand and glorious opening!"

  "I want everyone to see that my wife is no weaker than anyone else!"

  Ye Fan's words were resounding and throwing.

  It was like a golden stone landing on the ground, but it resounded unceasingly throughout the room.

  After hearing Qiu Mu Orange say just now that Lu Mingze refused to accept the invitation, Ye Fan was undoubtedly angry.

  He could tolerate others to defy him, but he must not allow others to humiliate his wife.

  And what Lu Mingze had done before was undoubtedly a humiliation to Qiu Mu Orange.

  His own niece had sent him an invitation to come, and it was just fine if he didn't accept the invitation, but he was even too much of a nuisance to take up space.

  What does this mean, this is undoubtedly a naked humiliation, looking down on his wife, no wonder Qiu Mu orange was so lost earlier.

  Just now, when he saw how depressed Qiu Mu Orange was, Ye Fan felt pity for her.Now after learning that it was because of Lu Mingze, he was naturally even angrier.

  Although now that Lu Mingze regretted it, knowing that Ye Fan was a big man and wanted to come, wanted to suck up, wanted to please the relationship, it was too late.

  Some things, once they were missed, it was something you couldn't even ask for!

  Some things, once done, can never be undone!

  "If you want to come, you can come, if you don't want to come, how can there be such a good thing in the world?"Ye Fan said in a cold voice, his words carrying a strong sense of anger.

  Seeing Ye Fan like this, Qiu Mu Orange, who originally wanted to make a phone call and prepare to send the invitation to Lu Mingze, suddenly dispelled the thought.

  Although normally, Ye Fan was obedient to her.

  However, there were times when Ye Fan's words, Qiu Mu Orange really didn't dare to disobey.

  Just like now, in the face of what Ye Fan said, she just dared to listen, where she dared to say a single word of disobedience.

  Qiu Mu Orange is not the kind of unreasonable, unruly and unruly woman, usually Ye Fan is afraid of her and obeys his words, but Qiu Mu Orange is very clear that it is Ye Fan who is giving her a break, and to put it nicely, spoiling her.

  But when it came to critical times, in front of big events, Qiu Mu Orange actually still had Ye Fan's opinion as her main backbone!

  But when Ye Fan was angry, a car was parked in front of the Willow Garden community.

  Inside the car, Lu Mingze's face was ugly, like sitting on pins and needles.

  He wanted to drive in several times to make amends with Ye Fan and the others, but he backed the car up several times.

  His heart was torn, unable to stop shaking his head and lamenting, and his ears, too, were filled with Ye Fan's sensible words just now.


  "Little aunt, there are some people and some things that once missed, they can never be recovered~"


"Daddy, what's the matter, aren't you going in?"

  Inside the car, looking at her father's strange behavior, little Lori Lu asked in confusion.

  A long silence.

  Even in the face of his own daughter's question, Lu Mingze didn't know what to answer.In the end, however, Lu Mingze let out a long sigh.


  "Yes, there are some people and some things that are irreversible once they are missed."

  As things stood, even if Lu Mingze did go in, what was the point?

  An apology?

  If it was before he learned of Ye Fan's identity, Lu Mingze's apology would be considered somewhat sincere.

  However, apologizing now would only make people think that he, Lu Mingze, was just a person who tended to follow the trends.

  Amidst endless sighs of regret, Lu Mingze didn't go in after all and drove away from Yunzhou in his car.

  The orange light, like two swords, tore open the vast sky in front of him.

  Under the heavy night, Lu Mingze drove his daughter towards the land of Jingzhou, just like this.No one knew what kind of remorse and regret was in Lu Mingze's heart.

  You know, even Lei Ao Ting was so respectful to Ye Fan, Lu Mingze could almost be certain that this niece son-in-law of his either had a great ability or a great background.

  It was reasonable to say that this kind of person, and being his niece son-in-law, if this relationship was done well, it would be of great benefit to both him, and the Lu family!

  As the saying goes, if one person gets the way, chickens and dogs will rise to heaven.

  With such powerful relatives, their Lu family would definitely be able to borrow the light.Perhaps, they could even replace the Lei family and become the number one family in Jingzhou.

  But unfortunately, such a great opportunity was missed by him in vain.

  "Jing Jing, your father was ignorant and foolish and missed an opportunity to shine, in the future, I'm afraid that the future of my Lu Family will only rest on your shoulders."

  "Jing Jing, your brother Ye Fan probably has a great ability and background, remember, in the future, you have to interact with him more often.If you can establish a close relationship with it, it will be of great benefit to you, and even to our Lu Family!"

  Lu Mingze spoke in a deep voice to his own daughter.

  However, Lu Wenjing tilted her pretty face, somewhat confused by her father's words, "Dad, why should I get more involved with brother Ye Fan when he has a big background?"

  "Is the decision of whether or not to associate with someone still based on their ability and background?"

  Listening to his own daughter's childish and innocent words, Lu Mingze, however, shook his head and whispered, "Jing Jing, you are still young, and there are some things that you don't understand.In the future, you will understand."

  The night was silent, and the wheels spun.

  This large and small father and daughter quickly disappeared into the dense night.

  However, on the other side, Li Er followed Ye Fan's instructions and was still watching Lei Ao Ting by the roadside.

  A few hours later, Lei laosan finally arrived.

  As soon as Lei Laosan got off the bus, he punched Lei Ao Ting and kicked him aside.

  "Bastard, you're not going to stop until you get our Lei family killed, right?"

  "Get out of here yet and come with me to Mr. Chu to apologize!"

  In the end, Lei laosan accompanied his own son and knelt downstairs in Ye Fan for the night.

  It wasn't until dawn that Lei laosan led his son and returned to Jingzhou.

  After this incident spread, it undoubtedly trembled the entire Jiangdong's circle of power and nobility, causing a huge uproar.

  One had to know that the Lei family in Jingzhou, how great was their status in Jiangdong?

  Before that, their power and prestige was almost second only to King Chen Ao of Jiangdong!

  But even so, after his own son got Mr. Chu, Master Lei personally came to the door to apologize, and even kneeled downstairs in Mr. Chu for the night, so you can imagine how powerful and prestigious Mr. Chu is in Jiangdong.

  For a time, the bigwigs in the cities around Jiangdong undoubtedly grew more and more fearful of Mr. Chu.At the same time, they also extraordinarily restrained the young sons and daughters of their own families from acting in the future, they must keep a low profile, must not stand out, must not pretend to be a calm person, and strive to be a calm person.

  "In particular, Mr. Chu of Yunzhou must not be offended!"

  The lesson of the Lei family's past was right in front of their eyes, people like Wang Jiexi from Haoshu and Chen Ao from Jianghai had to take a lesson from it.

  As for Lei Ao-ting himself, he had caused such a big disaster, if not for Mr. Chu's kindness, it would have implicated the Lei family, in this case, Lei Ao-ting returned to the family naturally to be severely punished.

  Not only was he grounded, he was even stripped of all his authority in the Lei Clan.If it wasn't for his uncles protecting him, I guess this time, Lei laosan would have had to kill him!

  Of course, the sensation caused by this matter was only limited to Jiangdong's top powerful circles.

  As for the others, they probably hadn't even heard of Mr. Chu's name, right?Every day, they are busy earning money to support the family, and after paying off the car loan to pay off the mortgage, the life in front of them is already overwhelming for many people, so where can they find the time and energy to care about other things.Of course, these things, they want to care, but also can not reach.

  This is the gap between the circles, the things they are exposed to, the news they get, is very different.

  It was like when the people at the bottom were still upset that their five hundred dollars for full attendance this month was gone again, while the bigwigs in the upper circles were already setting small goals of making one hundred million dollars.



  Lu Mingze's arrival could only be considered an unpleasant episode for Autumn Mu Orange's family.After it passed, Qiu Mu Orange and the others would no longer think about it.

  It wasn't like their family had been looked down upon by their relatives for a day or two anyway, one more Lu Mingze, no more, one less Lu Mingze, no less.

  Therefore, after a nap, Han Li and Qiu Lei's couple seemed to have forgotten about this matter and didn't mention it again.

  Instead, when Qiu Mu Orange was eating breakfast, she asked Ye Fan in confusion: "Ye Fan, what do you think happened to my youngest aunt last night, why did he suddenly want to come to the opening ceremony?Did it take my aunt learning about this and telling him off to make him change his mind?"

  This question had troubled Qiu Mu Orange all night last night, always feeling that Lu Mingze's attitude had changed too quickly, and if there was no reason for this, Qiu Mu Orange undoubtedly didn't believe it.

  "Who knows about that?"It seemed that Ye Fan didn't want to talk about this topic and returned carelessly.

  Seeing that Ye Fan was not in a good mood, Qiu Mu Orange didn't ask this.

  "But Ye Fan, last night downstairs in our neighborhood, it was noisy in the early morning, do you know what happened?"

  Qiu Mu Orange at this time undoubtedly recalled the noises that came out from downstairs when she was sleeping soundly last night, causing Qiu Mu Orange to not rest well last night.

  "Guess the couple is fighting."Ye Fan casually made up a reason, saying it as he lowered his head to drink porridge.Without blushing at all, he started to talk nonsense without blushing at all.

  But, did Ye Fan really not know about last night's incident?

  Of course he knows!

  In the end, if Ye Fan hadn't called Li Er, he would probably still be kneeling downstairs at this time, Lei's father and son!


"By the way, are the invitations written yet."

  "Sometime, send it over to the Autumn family."

  "It will also make our grandfather happy."

  But Ye Fan changed the subject and talked to Qiu Mu Orange about the company.

  Qiu Mu Orange nodded, "It's almost time, I'll have it sent over tonight."

  "It's just that I'm afraid my grandfather and the others won't be happy after seeing it."

  Qiu Mu Orange said in a low voice, her words carrying an inexplicable emotion.

  Before this, how could Qiu Mu Orange have never imagined that one day it would come to this point with the Qiu family, right?

  However, Qiu Mu Orange could sense that, in fact, Master Qiu had been waiting for her to admit her mistake and bow down, waiting for her to return to the Qiu family to apologize and soften.

  After all, no matter if it was to Qiu Mu Orange, or to Master Qiu, it was always a blood relative, and breaking bones was connected to tendons.

  However, one lives a breath.

  In the Qiu family, Qiu Mu Orange had suffered so much unfair treatment, with Qiu Mu Orange's stubborn and arrogant nature, how could she bow her head and submit softly?

  Moreover, more than that, Qiu Mu Orange had to make some achievements to make the Qiu family regret and make the old man realize that it was the Qiu family that was wrong, not her, Qiu Mu Orange.

  After breakfast, Qiu Mu Orange also went to work.

  The opening ceremony was imminent, and as the CEO of the company, Qiu Mu Orange naturally had things to do.

  This first and foremost matter was undoubtedly to send the invitation down first.



  The Qiu family.

  Ever since Qiu Muying messed up the painting exhibition and angered Wang Xingduo, the approval of their Qiushui property was undoubtedly completely out of the question.

  Although later on, Master Qiu and Qiu Guang and others also tried to contact Wang Xing Duo, and even on the night of the accident, Master Qiu brought a heavy gift and personally came to apologize, but the result was naturally a bruise, and things were thrown out by Wang Xing Duo and his wife.

  After all, the Qiu family made him look bad one after another. First, they gave his wife a stolen jade hairpin, and then they gave him a fake painting to exhibit at an art exhibition, which made Wang Xingduo lose face twice.

  He even suspected that the Qiu family, was deliberately trying to screw him.

  In this situation, the Qiushui real estate project was undoubtedly yellow, and Master Qiu had no choice but to put the matter of setting up a real estate company on hold, waiting for Wang Xingduo's anger to subside in the future, and then find a way to continue getting this approval.

  However, this time was undoubtedly delayed, and a lot of money was floated with it.

  The employees originally recruited because of this real estate company were also then all dissolved.

  This setback could be said to have cost the Qiu family a lot of money.

  If it wasn't for the fact that the Qiu family had accumulated a lot of savings thanks to the project with the Red Flag Group, otherwise this setback alone would probably have bankrupted the Qiu family.

  These days, the old man was undoubtedly in a low mood because of this matter.

  It was close to being a success, but who would have thought it would end up being screwed up by Qiu Muying and her husband, when it was close to killing the old man.That night, Master Qiu removed all of Qiu Muying's positions in the Qiu family, and even the cooperation with the Red Flag Group was not allowed to be handled by Qiu Muying anymore.

  This also shows how angry Master Qiu was?

  However, the dismissal of Qiu Muying only lasted for a few days.

  Three days later, Qiu Guang brought Qiu Muying in again and asked her to continue to work with the Red Flag Group.

  This was also something that could not be helped, the project manager over at Red Flag Group was Chu Wenfei's cousin, and on the night of the removal of Qiu Muying, Red Flag Group directly put out a message that they would only talk to Qiu Muying and ignore everyone else.If not, Red Flag Group would immediately withdraw its capital and tear up all the contracts.

  This statement from the Red Flag Group undoubtedly scared the Qiu family.Now that almost all of the Qiu family's industries were supported by their cooperation with the Red Flag Group, they naturally took their statement extra seriously, so they invited Qiu Muying back within a few days.

  In addition to that, Qiu Muying can coax people to apologize and make amends to Master Qiu, her posture is very low, undoubtedly giving Master Qiu enough face.

  In this situation, Master Qiu naturally didn't impose any substantial punishment on Qiu Mu Ying, letting her continue her previous work after punishing herself three times.

  At this time, within the Qiu family's old mansion, Master Qiu was sitting in the courtyard, drinking tea in a depressed state.

  When the second family's daughter-in-law, Jiang Hong, saw the situation, she comforted him and said, "Old Master, still thinking about that Qiu Shui property, ah?"

  "It's all in the past, so don't think about it."

  "Real estate is something that requires big capital and a big background, so it's not something we can open up with just a small Autumn family."

  "Didn't that Qiu Mu Orange, didn't she also not run it up?"

  "Ying Ying told me that it was that wimp Ye Fan who revealed the painting to be fake at the time.I reckon that Director Wang also hates Ye Fan's family with a passion, and Autumn Mu Orange that company is hopeless when it comes to approval."

  "So, in that case, we actually can't blame Ying Ying.This matter is all the fault of that Ye Fan, if it wasn't for him, that Ying Ying painting wouldn't have been revealed, and Director Wang wouldn't be so angry with us."

  "I even suspect that Qiu Mu Orange was behind it all."

  "If their company can't do it, they don't want us to do it."

  "This dead ninny is really a snake and scorpion.When she's ruthless, she's simply disowned by her relatives!"

  Jiang Hong was still over here saying bad things about Qiu Mu Orange.

  The more Master Qiu listened, the angrier he undoubtedly became: "Alright, cut the crap, no one will treat you as dumb if you don't speak."

  However, in between Master Qiu's words, outside the old mansion, someone sent in an invitation card.

  Master Qiu and Jiang Hong and the others were shocked when they saw it.

  "November 11th, the opening ceremony?"

  "Mufan Properties?Could it be, that real estate company in Autumn Mu Orange?"

  The moment she saw the invitation, Jiang Hong immediately stared at it, and Master Qiu's old face then trembled.

  "This...How is this possible?"

  "Did, did she approve it down?"

  "But how can that be?"

  "Is Wang Xingduo an idiot then?Ye Fan disgraced him, and he gave Mu Fan property through approval?"

  Jiang Hong cursed, but it was always hard to believe.

  On the other hand, Master Qiu on the side, his face was even uglier.

  His Qiu Shui property was yellow, but Qiu Mu Orange's Mu Fan property was done up.The invitation in front of him was undoubtedly like a slap on the face of the Qiu family.

  How could Master Qiu be in a good mood?

  At that time, Master Qiu's old face turned red, and with a furious snort, he threw the invitation on the ground and brushed off in anger!

  That night, Master Qiu gathered the Qiu family together for a family meeting.

  Seeing the old man's livid face, many of them turned slightly pale, thinking to themselves who had messed with him again.


"Today, someone sent us an invitation."

  "On Double Eleven, inviting our Autumn Family to their opening ceremony."

  "Guess who invited this?"

  In the Qiu family hall, Master Qiu sat on top of his high seat, looked at the crowd in front of him and said coldly, full of gloom.

  When Qiu Mu Ying saw the situation, she hurriedly went up and gave her own grandfather a back and shoulder rub while smiling, "Grandfather, what else did I think was going on?"

  "It's just an opening invitation,"

  "It's a good thing."

  "People inviting our Autumn Family shows that they look up to us and also proves that our Autumn Family is a big family."

  "You should be happy about something like this, why are you still angry?"

  "Could it be that it's the same invitation that my third sister, Autumn Mu Orange, gave you?"

  Qiu Mu Ying said this casually, she didn't think that Qiu Mu Orange really had the ability to run up that Mu Fan property.

  After all, Ye Fan had offended Wang Xingduo to death.Now since that painting exhibition, Wang Xing Duo is notorious in the painting and calligraphy industry, and even more miserably closed down.Although that painting was a gift from her, Ye Fan was the direct cause of Wang Xingduo's disgrace.

  Qiu Muying reckoned that that Director Wang would have the heart to kill Ye Fan now.

  In this situation, Qiu Mu Ying certainly didn't think that Qiu Mu Orange was still capable of running the company.

  Unless, she was running it illegally!

  "Hmph, take a look for yourself."

  However, after hearing Qiu Mu Ying's words, not only did his anger not subside, but his entire body became even angrier, and with a cold snort, he directly threw the invitation on the table, popping it with a crisp sound that reverberated throughout the hall.

  For a moment, everyone was stunned.

  Especially Autumn Muyoung, who was full of suspicion.

  Could it be that she had casually guessed correctly?

  So, with suspicion in her heart, Qiu Mu Ying then walked forward in disbelief and picked up the invitation and read it.

  "Mufan Real Estate, grand opening on November 11, in the golden autumn season.We cordially invite Mr. Qiu Zhenglun Qiu to visit.

  Signed, Qiu Mu Orange!"


  When she saw the invitation, it was as if it was a slap and paste on Autumn Muyoung's face, she was confused at the time.

  "It's really from her?!!!"

  "This...How is this?"

  "Did she, Autumn Mu Orange, get the approval?"

  "But how is that possible?"

  Qiu Mu Ying couldn't help but shake her head, her eyes full of incredulity.

  Before this, in order to prevent the smooth opening of the company of Qiu Mu Orange, they can be said to be machinations, not only using relationships, stuck in the approval of the certificate of eligibility of Mu Fan real estate, and after that she is even worth millions of Tang Bohu paintings to lend out, although later made a joke.

  However, in order to snuff out the smooth opening of the Autumn Mu Orange Company, the Autumn family had indeed taken great pains.

  But how could Autumn Mu Ying have never expected that this Mu Fan Real Estate, was still open?They even sent the invitations over.

  For a while, everyone in the Qiu family stopped talking, and one by one, their faces were all ugly, clearly feeling bad.

  In the end, it was Wang Qiaoyu who took the lead and said, "This Qiu Mu Orange really isn't a thing, just open for business, send us any invitations, isn't this intentionally angry with us?"

  "Qiao Yu is right, Old Master, this Qiu Mu Orange is humiliating you, humiliating our Qiu family ah."

  "Our Qiushui property died while their Mufan is the grand opening, Qiu Mu Orange must be extremely proud of it.And falsely sending us invitations, this is clearly hitting us in the face!"

  "What a white-eyed wolf!"

  "He doesn't even think about the fact that if it wasn't for the Autumn family, she would be here today?"

  Within the hall, the Qiu family's crowd was undoubtedly extremely angry.In their hearts, they were surprised and jealous at the same time.

  How could Master Qiu not know what they were saying.Ever since he received this invitation, Old Master Qiu's old face had always been gloomy and ugly.In his heart, he was even more furious.

  "Alright, I didn't come here to hear you guys complain."

  "Tell us all, what thoughts and suggestions do you have."

  "Also, is this Mu Fan Real Estate's opening ceremony, to go or not to go?"Master Qiu asked in a deep voice.

  Wang Qiaoyu then replied, "Of course I'm not going!"

  "A country bumpkin's wife has the nerve to invite us, and she deserves it?"

  "Old Master, I think that not only will we not go to this opening ceremony, we'll have to mobilize our friends in the other business sectors so that they won't go either."

  "When that time comes, no one will care about the opening ceremony, let's see how that Autumn Mu Orange will still get off the stage."

  "A small, shabby company with an opening ceremony?Do you really think you're somebody?"

  "I see that Autumn Mu-Orange, she's just humiliating herself!"Wang Qiaoyu laughed coldly.

  Jiang Hong and the others then echoed, "That's a good idea.Isn't the purpose of this Autumn Mu Orange's opening ceremony to make a splash and raise eyebrows?"

  "And we won't let her get away with it!"

  "I'll see if she's going to be able to eat that dinner when none of the people at the opening are there."

  "And we'll have to report her!"

  "Sue them for operating illegally."

  "Whether she gets approval or not, we have to sue her first and disgust them!"

  Hearing the words of Wang Qiaoyu and the others, Master Qiu nodded, "Well, let's do what you guys say.It's just as well that through this matter, it will also teach her a lesson.Let her know that ginger is still old and spicy!"

  "Otherwise, I'm afraid she really thinks she's got wings and can scream at the family?"

  Master Qiu's words were icy cold, and that low tone undoubtedly carried an infinite amount of indignation.

  Qiu Mu Orange's actions were undoubtedly a huge offense to his majesty.

  If she was not taught a profound lesson this time, in the future, she, Qiu Mu Orange, would have to disrespect him even more?

  "Grandpa, I have another idea, I wonder what you think?"At this time, Autumn Muyoung seemed to have some idea, then said to Master Qiu.

  "Eh?Tell me about it."The old man returned in a deep voice.

  "Grandpa, isn't the second phase of our cooperation with the Red Flag Group about to begin?Why don't we take this opportunity to have a ribbon cutting celebration as well.And, just like my third sister, we'll also invite all the rich and powerful people from all over Yunzhou to come and participate in this celebration."

  "And, the location of this celebration of ours will be at the hotel opposite Mufan Real Estate.The time is also the same as the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate."

  "When the time comes, there will be an endless stream of guests from all four corners of the world on our side, while on Mufan Real Estate's side, it will be deserted."

  "In contrast to these two, not only will it disgrace Qiu Mu Orange, but it will also help boost our Qiu family's reputation in Yunzhou, and your prestige, grandpa, will rise as well."

  "Isn't this killing two birds with one stone wonderful?"

  Qiu Mu Ying smiled shallowly.

  But the eyes of everyone in the Qiu family lit up as they listened.


  "Ying Ying is a good idea."

  "Old Master, I think we'll do it this way."

  "Taking this opportunity, our Qiu family can not only make a big splash, but also use it to suppress Qiu Mu Orange's arrogance."

  "Let this rebellious daughter know that your grandfather is still your grandfather, and your uncle is still your uncle."

  "A junior or a wimp of a woman, and she still wants to turn the tide in our hands?In another life!"



Qiu Guang also nodded at this time, "Father, Ying Ying's suggestion is indeed very good, I think, let's do as she did, shall we?"

  "Our Autumn Family has been silent in Yunzhou for long enough now, and it's time to have a high-profile celebration.For you, and for the Autumn Family, to grow some prestige."

  For a time, the entire Autumn Family clapped their hands at this suggestion from Qiu Mu Ying.

  Naturally, Master Qiu nodded his head in satisfaction, and with a slightly approving gaze, he looked over towards Qiu Mu Ying: "Well, Ying Ying, you're very thoughtful."

  "This matter will be according to what you said."

  "On the 11th of November, my Qiu family will also hold a ribbon cutting celebration, inviting the powerful and noble of Yunzhou to celebrate together!"

  With Master Qiu finalizing the board, this matter was undoubtedly decided.

  Also, Master Qiu had asked Qiu Mu Ying to be the main person in charge of this celebration, while Qiu Guang was supporting her from the side.

  "Ying Ying, if you have any requests, feel free to mention them."

  "This celebration, if it's going to be held, then let's hold it well, at least it should be better than Mu Fan Real Estate."

  "Our Qiu family is also a respectable family in Yunzhou, so we can't drop the price."

  "Do you understand?"

  Old Master Qiu addressed Qiu Mu Ying with extraordinarily strict instructions.

  Qiu Muying confidently returned, "Grandpa, don't worry, this celebration will definitely be incomparably grand, and will thoroughly establish our Qiushui Group's reputation."

  "Mm."Only then did Master Qiu nodded his head in relief, "Right, Ying Ying, it's been some time since you got engaged to Wen Fei, shouldn't we also discuss this wedding day and set it quickly."

  "Grandpa but he's still anxiously waiting to hold his heavy nephew?"

  The old man's words caused the hall to rejoice.

  Qiu Mu Ying also had a rare blush on her pretty face: "Grandpa, marriage is something like this, we still have to rely on you, the elders, to make decisions for us.This date has to be set by you guys, Wenfei and I don't know anything, so we'll naturally listen to whatever you guys say."

  "Haha~" looking at Qiu Mu Ying's blushing pretty face, Master Qiu burst out laughing, "Since that's the case, you go back and discuss with Wen Fei, pick a time when we can also meet with Wen Fei's parents."

  "Yes, Ying Ying.It's been so long since you've been engaged, and we haven't even seen one side of your own father-in-law and mother-in-law?This doesn't make sense."

  "Could it be that Wen Fei's parents are still not satisfied with our Autumn Family's granddaughter?"

  "Ying Ying, go back tonight and ask Wen Fei, this kind of thing can't be delayed any longer, marriage is not a child's play, it's better for both parents to meet and talk about it early."Qiu Guang and the others also said from the side.

  The Qiu family had always been very proactive about this marriage between Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei.

  But what the Qiu family had to wonder was that these two had been engaged for such a long time, but their parents had never seen each other.

  Previously, Wang Qiaoyu and his wife had also asked Chu Wenfei's parents to meet them many times, but Chu Wenfei had always been evasive and found one reason or another to just muddle through.

  This dragged on for several months.

  Now that Master Qiu had suddenly brought it up, not to mention the bystanders, even Qiu Mu Ying herself felt a bit strange.

  Therefore, after this family meeting of the Qiu family dispersed, Qiu Mu Ying returned home and immediately asked Chu Wen Fei about this matter.

  "Oh, you said something about meeting my parents.This well..."Chu Wenfei's face changed without a trace, and he swallowed his words for a moment.

  "What this this that, Chu Wenfei, what do you mean?"

  "Why don't you want me to meet your parents?"

  "Tell me honestly, do you really want to marry me or not?"

  "You've been sleeping with me for so long, are you trying to whoring for nothing and not going to marry me?"Like a shrew, Qiu Mu Ying angrily questioned Chu Wenfei.

  Faced with Qiu Mu Ying's questioning, Chu Wen Fei felt frazzled and filled with bitterness.

  Did he not want to bring Autumn Muyoung to meet his parents?

  He wants it too!

  But the point was, his parents' side didn't accept this daughter-in-law at all.

  To this day, Chu Wenfei still remembered the day he got engaged to Qiu Mu Ying, his father's angry words, saying that Qiu Mu Ying was a famous gold-worshipping whore in Yunzhou, and that if he married her, he wouldn't have a son of his own.

  Anyway, after all this time, Chu Wenfei had never dared to call his own father or even return home, and at most, he had only contacted his own mother.

  For his parents' side, Chu Wenfei was actually stuck in the middle and was also in a difficult situation, and now that Qiu Mu Ying once again mentioned that she wanted to meet her parents, Chu Wenfei knew that this time it would be difficult to muddle through, so he could only say that he would try his best to make an appointment to try.

  "Ying Ying, don't think too much about it.My parents are actually quite happy with you."

  "The reason why they don't want to meet with you is just because they're angry about what happened last time."

  "Have you forgotten that the last time we ate at the Cloud View Hotel, we spent millions of dollars in one go and were detained by the police, but in the end, it was my parents who paid to fish us out."

  "Can they not be angry about that, you say?"Chu Wenfei was enlightening on the side.

  When Qiu Muying heard it, she was not happy: "It's just a few million, isn't your father a billionaire, and still so stingy, this little bit of money is angry with us."

  "Ying Ying, it's not a matter of money at all, it's a matter of saving face.That bit of money, of course my father doesn't care, but we have embarrassed him ah, my father has the best face, you and I as his son, daughter-in-law does not give him face not to say, but also lost his person, of course he is angry."

  "I wasn't in a hurry for you to meet before, I just wanted to wait until my parents' side was angry."

  "Now that you want to meet, I'll call my mother later to make an appointment, is that okay with you?"Chu Wenfei couldn't help but persuade it, which was how he coaxed Qiu Mu Ying to get well.

  But because it was too late, Chu Wenfei this call was not made after all, for fear of disturbing his parents' rest, and only the next morning, he got in touch with his own mother.

  Chu Wenfei talked at any rate before he could persuade his own mother.

  In the end, Chu Wenfei's mother, Zhang Li, agreed to meet this Qiu Mu Ying tonight.

  She, the mother, was naturally curious as to what kind of woman this Qiu Mu Ying was that she had charmed her own son to the point that he didn't even listen to his parents.



  The day passed quickly.

  Today, Qiu Mucheng got off work extra early, and specifically called Ye Fan to pick her up.

  The opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate was in a few days, and Qiu Mu Orange planned to buy a dress for Ye Fan and also watch her parents buy one.

  After all, on that day of the opening ceremony, Han Li and her husband and wife would probably also go over to join the fun.As the parents of the CEO, this image was undoubtedly very important and Autumn Mu Orange naturally paid extra attention to it.

  "Mu Orange, the clothes over here are so expensive, are you really buying them here?"

  "Aren't you afraid of spending all those paychecks of yours?"

  At this time, Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange were walking on a busy pedestrian street.This area is a high-grade commercial area, the general public can only take a look at the part, after all, easily thousands or even tens of thousands of prices, is already enough to ninety percent of the people to see the price tag is enough to die.


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