The unknown Heir 913

Chapter 913

"This brother, we're just here to do a little business!"

    Chen Hao immediately received Zhen Ji's signal for help and smiled as he stood up to look at this hunter in response.

    This hunter, on the other hand, looked coldly at Chen Hao.

    "Who the fuck are you?What business is it of yours if I talk to this beauty again?"

    This hunter was very arrogant and angry as he glared at Chen Hao and cursed.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao's brow instantly furrowed and his face changed dramatically.


    In the next second, Chen Hao struck directly.

    Chen Hao blew the hunter away with a single slap.

    Seeing this, the other Hunters stood up and directly pulled out their swords, staring at Chen Hao furiously.

    They didn't expect Chen Hao to just do it, and he was so strong.

    "They're not ordinary people, they definitely have a purpose for coming here!"

    Another hunter preached.


    After saying that, the group of hunters all rushed towards Chen Hao's three men.

    Chen Hao didn't panic at all and blasted out another palm.

    The huge shockwave just overturned the group of Hunters.


    After shocking the group of hunters, Chen Hao immediately dragged Brother Chen and Zhen Ji away from the restaurant, without even being able to pay for the meal.

    After leaving the restaurant, Chen Hao three immediately got into a car and left.

    By the time the group of hunters reacted to rush out, the three of Chen Hao had already disappeared.

    "Mudd, these three are definitely extraordinary, we need to report to the chief immediately!"

    One of the leaders immediately gave orders to the other hunters.

    This was good, the three of Chen Hao were considered to be completely exposed.


    Sitting in the car, Brother Chen breathed heavily.

    It was really going to scare him to death just now.

    He didn't expect Chen Hao to directly get into a fight with the other party.

    "Brother Chen, you're too powerful, you've overturned that gang's should in one fell swoop, the rhythm of a one-man army!"

    Brother Chen was another unforgettable praise towards Chen Hao.

    "Can't you kid be more calm in the future?"

    Chen Hao was now looking at Brother Chen countlessly without good intentions.

    Brother Chen was really too nonchalant.


    Brother Chen was also embarrassed and embarrassed.

    "Chen Hao, what do we do now?The gang must have already made us their target!"

    Zhen Ji did not go to blame Brother Chen, but instead looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    With the trouble just now, we must have already caught them off guard, so it would definitely attract the attention of the hunter organization, and then trouble would definitely keep coming to us.

    "Fear not, they don't know our true identity right now, and now that we're in the dark and they're in the open, we have a bit more of an advantage!"

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, narrated very calmly.

    In Chen Hao's opinion, the leader of the hunter organization would not spend too much manpower and energy to deal with the three of them, and their main target was still the Blood Fiend Token.

    At this time, on the other side.

    A camp, inside a tent.

    Only the cloaked man that Chen Hao saw last night was sitting inside the tent.

    In front of him stood a few hunters.

    "Chief, we met three very strange people in the restaurant today, one of them has extraordinary strength, it looks like his identity shouldn't be simple!"

    A hunter then reported towards the man in the cloak.

    The man in the cloak just stood up after hearing that.

    "Who do you think they will be?"

    The man in the cloak looked at the hunters and asked.

    "Back to the chief, I think they should be coming for the Blood Fiend token as well!"

    This hunter immediately replied towards the cloaked man.

    "Well, you all pay more attention next, as soon as you find these three, report them immediately, and if there's anything in your way, kill them straight away!"

    The cloaked man watched as the hunters gave their orders.

    "Yes, Chief!"

    The hunters directly responded in unison and then exited the tent.

    At night, Chen Hao's three men found a flat piece of land for camping.

    The three of them set up their tents separately and then sat in front of the campfire.

    "Brother Chen, why are we camping out?Why don't you go stay in a hotel?"

    Brother Chen was very confused and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    Chen Hao raised his head and looked at Brother Chen.

    "Because the hunters must be looking for us now, so staying at the inn we will be easily exposed!"

    Chen Hao briefly explained towards Brother Chen.

    Hearing this explanation from Chen Hao, Brother Chen was able to understand.

    Indeed, this time, the entire hunter organization was out in force, and there were hunters everywhere, so staying in an inn was definitely very dangerous and would be easily discovered.

    After a while, Brother Chen got up.

    "Brother Chen, I'm going to use the bathroom!"

    Brother Chen said something to Chen Hao and then headed off to one side of the bushes.

    After all, they were camping out in the wilderness, then they had no choice but to settle conveniently outside.

    "Chen Hao, we're coming out this time but there's going to be a bloody battle with the hunter organization!"

    That's when Zhen Ji looked at Chen Hao and reminded him.

    Chen Hao, of course, nodded his head in understanding.

    "Well, I know what you mean, but there's no way around it, we absolutely cannot let the Hunters Organization get the Blood Fiend Token, otherwise the world will be in chaos!"

    Chen Hao looked at Zhen Ji as he narrated with great emphasis.

    The Blood Fiend Token could control all the spirits that existed in the world, and then the humans in the world would be completely subjugated by the spirits, and everything would really be over at that time.

    "By the way, Zhen Ji, you're at the strength of the Yuan Soul Stage, right?"

    Chen Hao asked another question towards Zhen Ji.

    Zhen Ji nodded a bit after hearing that.

    "That's right, I am currently at the peak of the late stage of the Realm of Real People, and I also want to break through, but I haven't been able to."

    Zhen Ji looked helpless and sad as she said these words.

    It was difficult to improve the strength of a True Man, Zhen Ji did not have the natural strength like Chen Hao, so she could only rely on her own opportunities to improve.

    But it had been months and she hadn't been able to make a breakthrough in her own strength, which really made her feel very lost.

    "Don't worry, I will definitely find a way to help you break through!"

    Chen Hao smiled and looked at Zhen Ji to reassure her.

    Zhen Ji also nodded her head in a good manner, she certainly trusted Chen Hao on this point, she believed that Chen Hao would definitely bring herself to improve with her.


    Just at this time, only a scream cut through.

    That's right, this scream was no one else's, it was the voice of Brother Chen who went to the bushes for convenience.

    Hearing Brother Chen's scream, Chen Hao and Zhen Ji immediately stood up vigilantly and ran towards the bushes.

    "Lei Lie, what's wrong?"

    Chen Hao shouted as he ran.

    After rushing into the bushes, they saw that Brother Chen hadn't even put on his pants and was trembling as he fell to the ground.

    Chen Hao and Zhen Ji looked around and didn't find any strange situation.


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