The King of Kungfu in school 1251-1260


Chapter 1251

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, although the Jiang Hu Conference is over, I, Feng Mou, still have some personal matters that I would like to take the opportunity to deal with, of course, this is some of my personal grudges, if anyone doesn't like what they see, they can leave on their own."

That said, but did not leave, everyone hated the Jiang Hu Conference to continue to be loud for a few more days, and was reluctant to disperse, at the moment, seeing that there was still excitement to see, of course, very much looking forward and happy.

Tang Zichen looked towards a clan master not far away, and this clan master was precisely the Golden Wind Son of the Yu Mountain School.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Senior Golden Wind Zi, on the first day of the Jiang Hu Conference, you slapped me twice, I won't forget this matter just like that, today while you are still here, I think we should settle the matter, there may not be another chance in the future, after all, you are so old."

Jin Fengzi's face was furious, he thought that Tang Zichen suddenly had something else to do, but he didn't expect that it would be related to him, Jin Fengzi never expected that it would be related to him.

At this moment, everyone looked at Jin Fengzi, and the clothes on Jin Fengzi's body drummed without wind, and he said angrily, "Wind Lightning, how bold you are."

"Oh, Jin Fengzi, this has nothing to do with boldness."Tang Zichen waved his hand and said.

At this moment, all the spectators seemed to be unable to see through Tang Zichen and were discussing.What did this guy want?Don't tell me he wants to settle the score with Goldfinger?

"It's too also self-defeating, although Wind Lightning is the first of the Ancestor Perfection, but, people are Ancestor Perfection, is Wind Lightning looking for death?"

Everyone couldn't see Tang Zichen and didn't understand what Tang Zichen was trying to do, in the eyes of everyone, it was like an ant screaming with a puppy, claiming that the puppy had stepped on the ant's foot and wanted to settle the puppy's score, it was ridiculous.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Jin Fengzi let out a furious laugh, everyone saw the anger on his face, the rest of the Sect Master Perfection looked at Jin Fengzi with sympathy, being told by a Sect Master Perfection that he wanted to settle a score was indeed humiliating. One second to remember to read the book

"Wind Lightning, you're looking for death."Jin Fengzi gritted his teeth.

"Oh, Jin Fengzi, don't make things so serious, I just want to settle the score with you for those two slaps, the Jiang Hu Conference is over, the score that should be settled has to be finished."

"Ridiculous, with you settling accounts with me?Ants also scream with the Scorpion."Golden Windy sneered disdainfully.

"Hahaha."On the ground, many spectators laughed as well.

At this moment, Tang Zichen's teacher's wife was busy flying to Tang Zichen's side.

"Feng'er, you're crazy, go down quickly."The teacher's wife pulled Tang Zichen to fly away.

"Auntie, go down first, I'll go back to the Endless Gate with you after I finish dealing with this, trust me, it'll be over soon."

"Feng'er, have you really gone crazy?They're clansmen great perfection, how do you."The teacher's wife was anxious.

Tang Zichen was about to say something else to the teacher's wife, when Golden Wind Zi said furiously, "Yan Xin Yi, you immediately leave Wind Lightning's side a hundred meters away from me right now, otherwise, I'll even kill you today."

The teacher's wife was busy pleading, "Senior Golden Wind Zi, I, Feng'er, have just been naughty, please bear with me."

"Impossible, I won't kill Wind Lightning today, I'll take his surname."Golden Wind Zi said.

Tang Zichen immediately said, "Jin Fengzi, that's what you said, if you can't kill me, you'll be called Feng Fengzi from now on."

"Looking for death."Jin Fengzi's face was cold, and he flew towards Tang Zichen

Killing up.

Tang Zichen pushed the Master Teacher to the ground with a palm, then, Tang Zichen instantly opened the Life Blood Hide.

Tang Zichen didn't dare to relax in the slightest, because after all, Jin Fengzi was a great master, and even though Tang Zichen had full confidence in defeating him, however, Tang Zichen's Life Blood Hidden was only twenty-five seconds after all.

It was also fortunate that Tang Zichen had gained some new mastery over the Life Blood Invisibility during the past few days of the Jiang Hu Conference, for example, in the past, after Tang Zichen opened the Life Blood Invisibility, he couldn't stop it and used up the twenty-five seconds in one go.Now, however, Tang Zichen could end Life Blood Cain in time, for example, after Tang Zichen had opened it for 10 seconds and had already defeated the enemy, Tang Zichen could immediately close Life Blood Cain, so that Tang Zichen wouldn't run out of time all at once, he still had 15 seconds left.Only, in that case, there was a big disadvantage, that was, it would take Tang Zichen almost an entire day to regain his peak, and if he ran out of it all at once, Tang Zichen would only need an hour or so to regain his peak.Therefore, there would be gains and losses.

Right now, facing Golden Wind Zi's furious killing, Tang Zichen had already made up his mind, Tang Zichen would use the shortest amount of time to defeat Golden Wind Zi and then save the remaining time to fight Old Witch Wang Yang later on.

Golden Wind Zi was already close.

Everyone was sweating for Tang Zichen.

The teacher's wife, who was flying down to the ground, watched Golden Wind Zi kill Tang Zichen and shouted, "Windy."

Tang Zichen clamored and opened Life Blood Hide.

It was as if Golden Windy's movements had become less terrifying in Tang Zichen's eyes, instead making Tang Zichen feel that Golden Windy's killing moves were very low level.

"Kill."Jin Fengzi killed Tang Zichen, attempting to snap Tang Zichen's neck in one fell swoop.

However, at that moment, Tang Zichen met it, and with very strong and swift strength, he instead grabbed Golden Wind Zi's arm.

"Ka-ching."Tang Zichen bent down Golden Windy's arm in an instant.

Jin Fengzi's arm was twisted off by Tang Zichen.

"Crack."In the next moment, Tang Zichen slapped two fierce slaps on Jin Fengzi's face, and Jin Fengzi whirled and flew in the other direction of the slap.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, immediately ended his Life Blood Hide.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, the scene that had just happened was only a very short period of time, Tang Zichen spent less than five seconds in total from opening the Life Blood Hiding to twisting Golden Windy's arm and slapping him twice.

Tang Zichen then promptly ended the Life Blood Invisibility, so that although Tang Zichen's energy was sharply reduced, he would still have twenty seconds to open the Life Blood Invisibility again, so that he could deal with the unexpected situation afterwards without becoming powerless.

Jin Fengzi was slapped twice by Tang Zichen and flew several dozen meters away.

At this moment, the entire arena was stunned.

"Ah."Everyone scrambled their eyes wide open, looking at Tang Zichen incredulously, including which of the Ancestor Great Perfection powerhouses.Of course, Yan Xin Yi, who had already landed on the ground, was also stunned, Feng'er, when did he become so strong?Golden Wind, ah, surprisingly, he twisted his arm off and slapped it away twice.

"Oh my god, this isn't real."

"This is in no way real."

Old Man Boneless and Wang Ruofang were both dumbfounded there, it was as if this was something that didn't exist at all, as if it was against the laws of nature, but the truth was right in front of them.


However, everyone also noticed that cold sweat broke out on Tang Zichen's forehead after he slapped Golden Windy flying twice, and his entire mental state immediately slumped, so Tang Zichen's effort must not have been small.

After flying a few dozen meters, Golden Windy finally stopped and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, one of his arms hanging down weakly.

Tang Zichen said, "Jin Fengzi, the account of the two slaps you slapped me with before is now settled, alright, from now on we won't offend each other's well water."

"You, you, you."Jin Fengzi wanted to say something, but he didn't know what to say, right now he was looking at Tang Zichen, feeling that Tang Zichen was such an unfathomable person that he didn't dare to offend him at all.

The entire Hero Valley was quiet as everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen chuckled and said, "I'm done with my first personal matter, but I have two personal matters, so let's deal with the second one now."

Everyone was confused, but looking forward to it.

Tang Zichen's gaze suddenly shot to a hundred meters away, on an old woman, it was Old Witch Wang Yang of the Divine Dragon Sect.

Tang Zichen said, "Old Witch Wang Yang, you can't distinguish between right and wrong, and you still want to clean up the gates and abolish me and my teacher's wife, hehe, I've been putting up with you for a long time."

Wang Yang's eyebrows furrowed, then he sneered, "Wind Lightning, you really are surprising enough, good, good indeed, I had intended to find you to settle the score for betraying my master before I continued to close the door."

Tang Zichen said, "Old Witch Wang Yang, so very good, I am now looking for you, firstly, to settle the account of your injustice against me, and secondly, to replace your ranking of 19 in the Grand Perfection ranking of the Sect Master in this Jiang Hu Conference.After all, I, Wind Lightning, am only a Sect Master Perfection, and in terms of realm, I can't register for today's tournament, so I'll just replace your ranking." First URL

"Hahahaha, Wind Lightning, the appetite is not small, let's see if I fall, do you have the ability to do this anymore."Old Witch Wang Yang said with a furious face.

Tang Zichen had a disdainful sneer on his lips, asking him if he had the ability, soon she would know if she did or not, because, Tang Zichen would soon let her know who the mysterious person who injured her palm last time in the Divine Dragon Sect was.

"Old witch, cut the crap, come on."Tang Zichen drew his sword at once and prepared himself, drawing his sword early would also save the time needed to open the Life Blood Hidden.

The last time Tang Zichen defeated the old witch, it took around 10 seconds, this time, Tang Zichen was ready to spend 8 seconds or less.Because the last time Tang Zichen fought her, Tang Zichen started sparring with Wang Yang for strength, which was a mistake and delayed by a few seconds.Plus, having fought with her and knowing her martial arts skills, Tang Zichen specifically stared at Wang Yang during today's sparring, so Tang Zichen was again confident that he would greatly shorten the time it took him to defeat her last time, even within five seconds.

Old Witch Wang Yang gnashed her teeth in anger and scolded, "Little bastard, I won't spare you."Saying that, Wang Yangton gathered his whole body strength and charged towards Tang Zichen with rocket-like speed.

Tang Zichen suddenly opened Life Blood Hiding, it had previously taken five seconds, now Tang Zichen only had 15 seconds left, he had to scramble for every second.

Tang Zichen didn't wait for Wang Yang to rush up to him after he turned on Life Blood Hidden, but met him at a faster speed so that he could also save a fraction of a second.

"Dang."The two swords instantly intertwined, erasing the sparks of each other's anger.

Tang Zichen's sword flicked towards the old witch's eye

The ever-changing, seemingly endless sword intent, suddenly towards the old witch eyes moved fatigue, as if unable to keep up with that rhythm, too clever sword skills.

Just at this time, the old witch Wang Yang suddenly remembered a scene in her mind.

In the few days time before the Jiang Hu conference, a mysterious man in black attacked her in the Divine Dragon Sect and ended up injuring her palm, that mysterious man's sword technique, it seemed like the same.

"Ah."In the next moment, Old Granny Wang Yang was stunned, because she immediately guessed that the mysterious person who attacked her was, was Wind Lightning, oh my god, how, how was this possible, Wind Lightning had already defeated her.

Old Grandmother Wang Yang thought like this, her heart instantly slumped, because she had already been defeated once, and her heart, which was like an inflated ball before, deflated.

Right at this moment, just at this moment, Tang Zichen slashed down Old Granny Wang Yang's palm with his sword.

"Ah."Old Witch Wang Yang cried out in pain as half of her palm was sliced off by Tang Zichen, blood splattering in the air in more ways than one.

Tang Zichen instantly retreated, stopping just in time to close the Life Blood Hide.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply again, his body feeling even more fatigued and cold sweat breaking out on his body.

He had just spent another 6 seconds to slash Wang Yang's half palm.

So far, Tang Zichen had spent 11 seconds and could still use about 14 more seconds of his Life Blood Hide.

Liu Xuan, another ancestor of the Divine Dragon School, immediately flew up and caught the slashed half of his palm in mid-air, sending it in front of Old Witch Wang Yang to close her palm.

"Sister, how are you."Liu Xuan was busy asking.

Wang Yang gritted her teeth and said, "Senior brother, kill Wind Lightning immediately."

Liu Xuan's eyes looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen already didn't want to fight anymore because Tang Zichen only had 14 seconds left, he definitely couldn't beat Liu Xuan, Liu Xuan's strength was much stronger than Old Witch Wang Yang, during the tournament today, Tang Zichen but clearly saw that Tang Zichen, not to mention only 14 seconds left, I'm afraid that with 10 minutes left, or even half an hour, he probably couldn't beat Liu Xuan.After all, Tang Zichen was only a master perfectionist. The difference in realm was such that it was impossible for him to be so unorthodox that he was able to defeat Wang Yang.

Liu Xuan said, "Wind lightly, no matter what, Wang Yang is your former ancestor, why did you cut off half of her palm."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Liu Xuan, could it be that you want to take revenge on me for Wang Yang?You may not succeed, and besides, how Wang Yang treated me before, she tried to waste me, even kill me, don't tell me I don't know, do you allow her to hurt me and not allow me to cut off half of her palm?With so many strong people here, let everyone judge the reasoning, and to be honest, it was because she was once an ancestor that I only slashed her palm by half, otherwise I would have just cut off her head.If Senior Liu Xuan is also so right and wrong, then don't blame me for becoming a lifelong enemy with the Divine Dragon Sect."

Liu Xuan didn't say anything else, he was really angry, but it seemed that Tang Zichen did show mercy after all, he knew that Wang Yang was going to clean up the portal before.

"Okay, Wind Lightning, I won't pursue this matter with you anymore, don't hurt anyone from the Divine Dragon Sect in the future, don't forget your roots as a human being, your roots are always the Divine Dragon Sect, this is a fact that can't be changed."Liu Xuan Zhen was afraid that Tang Zichen and the Divine Dragon Sect would become great enemies, so he had to defuse it like this.


"Today this revenge has been resolved, don't worry, I have no more grudges with the Divine Dragon Sect."Tang Zichen said, and Tang Zichen didn't want to fight Liu Xuan for real.

Liu Xuan nodded his head, but Old Witch Wang Yang was unwilling, "Brother, why don't you kill this scum, he is definitely jealous of you, and I guarantee that he can no longer exert such a strong strength, you can definitely kill him if you fight now."

Liu Xuan roared, "That's enough, senior sister, Wind Lightning has just spared your life, he could have cut off your neck, how can you be so ignorant of reason."Liu Xuan looked a bit angry.

"Hmph."The old witch snorted in anger.

Tang Zichen took a deep breath and ended it, saying to the crowd, "Sorry for disturbing you all, alright, my two personal matters are done, you can all disperse, we'll see you at the next Jiang Hu Conference, of course, if you're interested, you can come to my Endless Gate for tea on the other day."

"Wait."At this time, a pale dragon's voice was suddenly heard, everyone knew who shouted, it was the boneless old man.

Tang Zichen immediately looked and was shocked, what did the Boneless Old Man mean by shouting wait at this time?

Tang Zichen was really full of scruples against him, even Liu Xuan Tang Zichen didn't have any confidence to fight again, not to mention Elder Boneless was at this level, Tang Zichen didn't even want to think about it, definitely not a match, today during the tournament, Boneless' strength, Tang Zichen saw it with his own eyes, Tang Zichen considered himself to have opened the Life Blood Hidden, but it was also not even a tenth as strong as him.

"Bone Free Senior, what do you want to do?"Tang Zichen vigilantly asked, if Boneless really wanted to kill Tang Zichen or what, Tang Zichen was sure that he could retreat with his whole body, Tang Zichen although the life blood hidden time was running out, but with Blackie and Little Fire there, he could retreat as fast as possible.

The boneless old man smiled, "Wind Lightning, it is true that the world's heroes are young men, you have really opened my eyes."

"Senior is overpraised, did senior suddenly call me to a halt to say this to me?" Remember the URL

"Hahaha, of course not."

"Then what is Elder's advice."

"Advice is not to be taken seriously, I just want to have a sparring session with Young Master Feng."

Tang Zichen's brows furrowed deeply as he smiled, "Senior is thinking that I feel ashamed for defeating your disciple and want to seek revenge?"

"No, that's because they are not as skilled as others, Young Master Feng's martial arts skills make me feel inscrutable as well, in just a few breaths, I defeated Golden Wind and Old Lady Wang Yang, I'm sure Young Master Feng did not exert his full strength, if Young Master Feng exerted his full strength, I'm afraid that I would not be an opponent."

"Senior Boneless is overthinking, sorry, I don't really want to fight Senior."

"Hahaha, Young Master Feng, it's a rare opportunity, come on, even if you don't do it, I'll do it."

"What is senior boneless going to do."

"Young Master Feng, why are you so stingy, since you were able to defeat Wang Yang in a few breaths, then that means that you definitely have more strength, don't you want to show me how?"

Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed, in fact Tang Zichen wasn't stronger at all, that was already the strongest strength, a few breaths to defeat that was just an appearance.


"Young Master Feng, I can do it now."After saying that, the Bony Old Man's body moved, displaying his mastery, the Blood and Bone Divine Technique.

The Bony Old Man was covered in blood, and as he killed towards Tang Zichen, it was as if a cloud of blood swept over him, showing how strong he was.

Although Tang Zichen was exhausted, he had no choice but to meet him.

Life Blood Hidden, open.

Tang Zichen's entire body rushed up, his Endless Sword Technique exerted to the extreme.

"Swoosh."The sword qi was as large as it had fallen from the sky, and it was airtight against the Bone Free Old Man's Blood Bone Divine Skill.

Victory or defeat was only a matter of moments.

"Ka-cha."Tang Zichen's sword was crushed into pieces by the Boneless Old Man's Blood and Bone Divine Merit in one fell swoop, however, Tang Zichen's sword also weakened much of the Boneless Old Man's strength.

Unfortunately, it wasn't able to stop the Bony Old Man's attack.

"Wow."Tang Zichen felt like he had been hit by a large truck, and his entire body flew down to the ground.

At the same time, it was time for Tang Zichen's Life Blood Hiding, Tang Zichen's entire body appeared weak, feeling like he couldn't even lift his hands anymore, and after his Life Blood Hiding was finished, he was almost helpless, plus he was hit by the boneless old man's palm again, Tang Zichen's body simply couldn't take it, and he almost didn't faint to death.

"Pfft."Tang Zichen's throat was sweet and a mouthful of blood spurted out, which made him feel a little better.

The boneless old man frowned when he saw that Tang Zichen wasn't stronger, but thinking about it, he was only at the Ancestor Perfection level after all, if he really couldn't even beat him, that would be a bit of bullshit, it hadn't gone against the laws of nature at all.




"Brother Zichen."

The people from the Endless Gate ran up and were very worried when they saw Tang Zichen's sword shattered by the boneless old man's palm and also crashed to the ground.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm fine, help me up."

Little Sister and Li Xuan'er assisted Tang Zichen to stand up, but Tang Zichen simply didn't have the strength in his legs to stand and relied on Qin Ren and Li Xuan'er to help him stand.

"Hahaha, Young Master Feng, it seems that you indeed didn't hide your strength anymore, how offended I was just now."Old Man Boneless said, after all, Wind Lightning was also a figure of the wind, and although Old Man Boneless had defeated Tang Zichen in seconds, he was still inwardly jealous of Tang Zichen, so he was a bit more polite to Tang Zichen.

"No harm done."Tang Zichen said.

Boneless said, "Young Master Feng, you are already the greatest genius I have ever seen if you are able to take a fight with me with the perfection of a clan master, and I hope that your achievements in the future will surpass us, surpass the clan master and reach the peak realm.We, however, have no chance, you're so young, you still have a chance."

"I definitely will."Tang Zichen nodded his head and said, Tang Zichen will go across the distant ocean in the future to find the mystery of his origins, as well as information about Mu Qianji and the murderer of his master, Tang Zichen will of course surpass the clan master and achieve the peak state.

"Alright, Young Master Feng, let's meet again, I hope I'll still have the chance to meet you before my big day comes, farewell."


The boneless old man desperately left.

Wang Rufang, of the Mountain Slab Sect, also smiled at Tang Zichen and said, "Young Master Feng, come and sit in our Mountain Slab Sect when you have time."

"Good, Senior can also come and sit in our Endless Gate."

"If you are free, definitely, farewell."


Wang Rufang also desperately left.

Liu Xuan of the Divine Dragon School also said goodbye to Tang Zichen and flew away with Wang Yang, and the rest of the Ancestor Great Perfectionists also said goodbye to Tang Zichen and flew away, although Tang Zichen was not an Ancestor Great Perfectionist, he had already gained the respect of all the Great Perfectionists, and even equated Tang Zichen's status with Boneless and Wang Rufang.

Tang Zichen and the others also prepared to retreat.

A Jiang Hu conference that lasted for five days ended with a bang.


Tang Zichen and the others carried Little Fire and Little Black and flew back to the Endless Gate, while some of the others continued to fly in the 'plane' that Tang Zichen had previously made himself, taking three days to return to the Endless Gate.

After the boom, it was bound to begin to die down, and this period of time was very quiet for the entire Jianghu.

In the blink of an eye, it had been three months since Tang Zichen and the others returned to the Endless Gate, three months since the end of the Jiang Hu Conference.

Tang Zichen spent his time on martial arts every day, striving to break through to Ancestor Great Perfection as soon as possible.

One day, Mu Yuyao came looking for Tang Zichen.

"Uncle Easy, what is it?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Wind Lightning, ever since you became famous at the Jiang Hu Conference, more and more people have been coming to the Endless Gate, and at first, we were all over the place, and as long as your talent was still good, we accepted you as a disciple of the Endless Gate.However, slowly, the problem began to stand out."Muyoung said.

Tang Zichen said, "I know the problem you want to talk about, the food, money, etc. that we got from the Sea Cloud Bend in the first place, it's already empty, right?"

Mu nodded, "Yes, so many expenses, supporting for almost a year, it's almost empty now, plus there are thousands of new disciples taken in these three months."

"How much longer can we sustain it?"

"At most, two months, or even a month, Wind Light Cloud, after a month or two, our Endless Gate will be without food, and to support a population of nearly 20,000 people, the daily expenses are huge.We have to think of something now as soon as possible, or else when we run out of food, the Endless Gate will be a joke." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen sighed, this problem that Mu Yihao was talking about, in fact, Tang Zichen had anticipated it for a long time, but, Tang Zichen had been unable to find any solution to it.

"This day has finally come, alas, Uncle Free, do you have any suggestions?"Tang Zichen asked.

Mu said, "Now we have two paths, the first is to continue to stay on this island, the resources we need can only be obtained through robbery, which means becoming a pirate nature force; the second is to only move back to land, which is also for the long term."

"The first one is definitely not possible, it seems that we do have to move back to land, but there's no place on land anymore, besides, we have to establish the Endless Gate, it's not just a small place."

Mu smiled, "Wind Lightning, your current strength is not low, although you haven't yet reached the Grand Master's Great Perfection, your ranking in the Jiang Hu Conference is already 19th on the Great Perfection list, and the people in the Jiang Hu are ranking you alongside Old Man Boneless and Old Man Wang Rufang, obviously, your Jiang Hu status is very high."

"You're not asking me to invade other sects, are you?Although with my strength, some of the weaker sects are no longer able to stop me, but exterminating other sects and taking their place, such an unjust act would definitely be laughed at and spat upon."

"No, there's no need to invade other sects."

"Uncle Easy, just say what you have to suggest, for the sake of the Endless Gate, I'll do whatever it takes."

"Hehe, Wind Lightning, this Jiang Hu Conference, I observed a phenomenon."


"There are almost two dozen Zongshi Grand Perfectionists who have not appeared since the last Jiang Hu Conference."


; "This isn't normal, the ones that appeared last time and didn't appear again this time are definitely dead."

"However, there is one of the forces, but not even a single new Great Perfection has appeared, reasonably speaking, every sect, even if the old one has died, there is at least one new Great Perfection born, but I found that there is a force where the old one didn't appear again, and the new one didn't appear either, which means that this force, most likely, no Zong Master Great Perfection exists anymore."

"Ah, which power is it?"

Muyoung: "A decent force called Hundred Flowers Valley."

"Hundred Blossom Valley?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, in fact the average person really wouldn't pay attention to this.

"Easy Uncle, Hundred Blossom Valley has always had less contact with outsiders, although Hundred Blossom Valley belongs to the Righteous Alliance, Hundred Blossom Valley rarely participates in the various meetings and disputes of the Righteous Alliance, in the past, every time the Martial Alliance Master held a martial arts conference, no one from Hundred Blossom Valley would attend, and the Righteous Alliance hardly bothered with this Hundred Blossom Valley anymore.Moreover, Hundred Blossom Valley is different from other sects in many ways, the Hundred Blossom Valley's valley master is inherited from one generation to the next, it's a family hereditary system."

"It's because of this that Hundred Blossom Valley is gradually declining, Hundred Blossom Valley doesn't participate in various martial arts conferences, not because they are low-profile, but because they are not strong themselves, the less they participate, the less traces of their weakness will be exposed out.Nowadays, they no longer have any new clan masters born.I believe that some of the other sects in this matter will also notice, but the Hundred Blossom Valley is rather mysterious, so we can't be completely sure."

Tang Zichen said, "What will happen if it's confirmed that there are no more Ancestor Great Perfection sitting in the Hundred Blossom Valley?"

Mu snorted, "Nonsense, the Hundred Flowers Valley will definitely be invaded by the surrounding sects, after all, the place occupied by the Hundred Flowers Valley is also a rich land.If we, the Endless Gate, can take its place, then we won't have to worry about the future."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, for the sake of the sect's development, there were times when it didn't matter so much.

"Wind Lightning, I think it is necessary for us to go to the Hundred Flowers Valley now, to find out what is going on, let's say, we go to the Hundred Flowers Valley to visit Senior 'Phantom Blue' of the Hundred Flowers Valley and see what is going on."


Tang Zichen called Little Fire and Little Black, left the Endless Gate, and headed straight to the Hundred Blossom Valley.

At this moment, in a certain hall of the Hundred Flowers Valley.

A young and beautiful woman was sitting on the main hall, and below her were seven or eight Zongshi perfection level old men.

"Young Valley Master, it's only good to think of a countermeasure quickly, right now, several assistants of the Liang Shan School are outside the valley, and by their looks, they won't leave until they see Old Valley Master You Lan today."One old man said.

Another old man grunted, "This bunch of sons of bitches from the Liang Shan Sect, where are they coming to visit the old valley master, they clearly want to take advantage of the opportunity to pry into the news."

That young and beautiful woman said, "If the outside world were to learn that the old valley master of our Hundred Blossoms Valley has already passed away, he would surely have a disaster on his hands.Alas, when grandfather was alive, he instructed that before the next Jiang Hu Conference, someone from our Hundred Blossom Valley must step into the Zongshi Grand Perfection, otherwise, our Hundred Blossom Valley will definitely be targeted if we don't have a Zongshi Grand Perfection to go to the Jiang Hu Conference, unfortunately."

A group of old men in the palace all bowed their heads in shame.

"Young Valley Master, what about the people outside now?There's got to be a way to deal with it."


The young woman said, "Go out and tell them that my grandfather's deadline is approaching and he won't receive them."

"But what if they rush in?"

"If they dare to trespass into the Hundred Flowers Valley, they will die, and I think they don't dare to be 100% sure if my grandfather is alive, so they don't have the guts to come in.Using this reason, I think it should last for three to five years.After three to five years, we can also deduce that my grandfather has already reached the end of his life.Within these three to five years, we, Hundred Blossom Valley, must have someone step into the Ancestor's Great Perfection, uncles and uncles, you are all my grandfather's most valued successors before his death, please.Before my grandpa's death, he said that no matter whoever of you steps into the Ancestor Master Perfection first, I will recruit the most outstanding descendant of his age to be my son-in-law.You all know about this matter, right."

Those old men nodded their heads.

A day later, Tang Zichen and Mu Tu arrived at the Hundred Flowers Valley.

Tang Zichen and Mu Freehao didn't force their way in, but instead, they delivered a letter of worship outside the valley, wanting to pay a visit to Senior Youlan, for the exact same reason as the assistant of the Liang Shan School who came yesterday, but of course, Tang Zichen and Mu Freehao didn't know that other sects had already come.

"Valley Master, it's bad, someone else wants to come to pay their respects to Old Valley Master."

The young woman took the invitation and took a look at it, the invitation didn't say who it was.

The young woman snorted, "And I don't know which surrounding sect it is, I don't even dare to write the name, wolf ambition, it's clear at a glance."

"Valley Master, what should we do now?Are you going to notify the perfection level seniors?"

"There's no need to disturb their cultivation, and now they're still counting on them to step into Ancestor Great Perfection as soon as possible, so reply directly and tell them that Senior You Lan is not seeing visitors, and if anyone dares to trespass, kill them without pardon." First published website


Tang Zichen and Muyoung waited outside the Hundred Flowers Valley for half an hour before that gatekeeper slowly flew out and said, "I'm sorry both of you, our Old Valley Master is in lockdown and won't see visitors, but the Old Valley Master has a word of warning, if anyone dares to trespass, kill them without pardon, please return."

"Hahaha."Muyoung laughed.

Muyoung said, "Do you know who this warrior beside me is?"

"Senior doesn't know, Senior is only guarding the door and is only responsible for sending a message, if the two seniors want to force their way in, they will suffer the consequences."

Muyou said to Tang Zichen, "I can't believe he didn't see any visitors, I think it's obvious that he's already dead."

Tang Zichen asked, "How old is senior Youlan of the Hundred Flowers Valley?"

"Exactly how old, I don't think many people know, but at a preliminary estimate, it must be over 135 years old, and he didn't show up at the Jiang Hu conference this time, so guess it's not dead."

"That means it's also possible that he's not dead yet."

"Yes, if he's not dead, he won't last more than a few years.But even if he's not dead, so what, with your strength, not being dead may not win you over."

"Thirty years ago, when Old Lord Phantom Blue Valley participated in the Jiang Hu Conference, what kind of strength was he?"

"Very weak, when he participated in the Jiang Hu Conference thirty years ago, he was only just stepping into the Master's Great Perfection, a bit weaker than Old Witch Wang Yang."

"I see, well, tough break."Tang Zichen said.

After saying that, Tang Zichen flew straight into the Hundred Flowers Valley.

Hundred Blossom Valley was in a

A very beautiful environment in a valley, this valley had mountains, water, cliffs and rocks, the most special thing was that it was filled with all kinds of flowers, there were flowers everywhere, it was simply a paradise on earth.

Tang Zichen looked at the Valley of Hundred Flowers and smiled, "Not bad, I like this place, I'm very satisfied that the Endless Gate is built here."

Mu also smiled, "It's not bad, after the Endless Gate moved here, you can move in directly, and the Hundred Blossom Valley's jurisdiction is less than twenty or thirty cities, the taxes paid by so many towns are enough to supply the Endless Gate's daily expenses."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled.

Tang Zichen landed on the ground and immediately said to a maidservant, "Where is your current valley master?"

"Who are you?"

"Never mind who we are, take us to your valley master immediately."

Just at this moment, an angry voice came from not far away, "I'm here, what are you looking for me for, why are you trespassing into the Hundred Flowers Valley."

Tang Zichen and Mu Yihao turned their heads to look, only to see a very young and beautiful looking woman, whose martial arts realm had reached the late grandmaster stage.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, this young and beautiful woman seemed a bit familiar.

At the same time, that young beauty was shocked when she saw Tang Zichen.

"It's Wind Lightning."

Feng Qingyun had risen to prominence at the Jiang Hu Conference and had a great view, so as the young valley master of Hundred Blossoms Valley, he naturally knew her.During the Jiang Hu Assembly, the Hundred Blossoms Valley's Young Valley Master, also went there, but the Hundred Blossoms Valley's people didn't participate in any tournament, because they no longer had a Zongshi Grand Master sitting in town, and had to keep a low profile to the point where no one had an idea.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "You are the Hundred Flowers Valley's young valley master?"


Mu Yao said, "I never thought that the young valley master of Hundred Flowers Valley would be such a beautiful woman, hahaha."

Tang Zichen looked at the young valley master and asked, "Could it be that your Excellency is the Youruo who was once called the number one beauty of the Jianghu more than thirty years ago, along with my senior sister Qin Ren?It's since gone missing."

"Uh."The Hundred Flowers Valley's young valley master was stunned and laughed, "Brother Feng even knows about this, but when he showed up in Lianzhou City back then, he was just being gossiped about by some boring people, how could he dare to be compared to your senior sister Qin Ren."

"Hahaha, it really is that Youruo who dared to be on par with my senior sister as the number one beauty of the rivers and lakes back then, I didn't expect that mysterious woman to be someone from Hundred Flowers Valley, Hundred Flowers Valley, it really is low key enough."Tang Zichen smiled.

Muyoung said, "Wind Lightning, what's going on here?Don't tell me that you know her, that won't do, no matter what old feelings there are, the clan's affairs must come first."Mu was afraid that Tang Zichen would then be too embarrassed to invade Hundred Blossoms Valley because he knew the young valley master.

Tang Zichen said, "This Young Valley Master, more than thirty years ago, became famous overnight in Lianzhou City, when my senior sister, Qin Ren, was the famous number one beauty of the Jianghu, and suddenly it was rumored that there was a woman in Lianzhou City, named Youruo, who was as beautiful as a celestial, and had both great talent, not below my senior sister, and at that time, it was once said that she could be tied with my senior sister as the number one beauty of the Jianghu.It's not just a matter of time, but also a matter of time before you'll be able to get the best out of it.I said today how familiar it looks, back then in the city of Liangzhou, a meeting on the martial arts, saw her once.In terms of friendship it's nothing, but it's just a one-sided encounter, if it wasn't for my senior sister, I wouldn't remember this matter, and I'm sure I would have already forgotten."


"So that's it."Mu nodded his head.

As for the Hundred Blossoms Gate Young Valley Master, seeing that Tang Zichen didn't say anything important, he felt slightly disappointed inside, Tang Zichen just said that meeting at the meeting was just one of the things that had happened to them.And not the point, the wind lightly ignored the focus, picking up some insignificant, it seems that the wind lightly is still now as it was, only to her sister.

The Hundred Blossoms Gate Young Valley Master said, "Brother Wind Lightning, I've heard all about what happened at the Jiang Hu Conference, you really made me admire,."

"Haha, I wouldn't dare, it's also Feng's honor to be able to see that famous Youruo girl from Rangzhou City back then today."

Youruo's face was somewhat sad, and she smiled, "Nowadays, she's just an old woman in her fifties."

Tang Zichen was speechless, if she was an old woman, then the world is full of old women, this Youruo, although more than fifty, but extremely well maintained, and Qin Ren age is also similar, appearance is also similar, there is no sign of aging.

The young valley master said, "That day in Lianzhou City, I still have half a cup of wine with Senior Brother Feng, I don't know if Senior Brother Feng still remembers."

"Oh, how could Wind Lightning forget, it's really a shame for the girl."Tang Zichen somewhat evaded this matter.

When Mu heard the conversation between Tang Zichen and the Young Valley Master, he felt increasingly bad, was this really just a one-sided encounter?How did you pull out the love of half a cup of wine.

Tang Zichen sighed, although a little something happened with Youruo, but only a very short few days, but Tang Zichen heart remembered any small details at that time, and now think about the events of those days in the city of Liangzhou, full of memories of youth, as well as a guilt for Youruo.At that time, Tang Zichen was also very young and naïve, only 17 years old.Unfortunately, such youthful years, but do not return, of course, the main thing is, at that time, Tang Zichen to Youruo, if it is not a little touch, it would be a lie, Tang Zichen to her, there is also a little touch, otherwise it would not be more than thirty years, still remember such clear details.

After everyone was relatively speechless for a few dozen seconds, the young valley master asked, "Brother Feng, I don't know what you've come to my Hundred Flowers Gate to teach me today." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen stroked his head and smiled hehehe, it was indeed a bit hard to do, at any rate, it was a visitor from his youth.

"Oh, Young Valley Master, why don't we sit down somewhere else and talk, at any rate, we are old acquaintances, I'm sure we all have a lot to say."

Youruo's nose was sore, as if she was trying to control herself from shedding tears, she forced a calm smile and said, "Fine, this way Brother Feng, please."

Tang Zichen turned back to Mu Yuyao and said, "Uncle Yuyao, that one, you wait here for me."

"What? You're not going to take me with you."Mu Yuyao was depressed.

"Oh, you've worked hard too, you and Little Black Little Fire, wait for me here."

The Young Valley Master immediately ordered, "Someone, treat this Senior Mu properly."


Mu looked at the back of Tang Zichen and the Young Valley Master walking away together and snorted, "This bastard, who values lust over friends, I don't believe it, they really have only met once."

"Brother Feng, please sit down."The young valley master led Tang Zichen to a pavilion on the edge of a cliff, below the cliff was a clear stream, and the breeze was blowing in the face, and the wind carried the fragrance of various flowers.

Tang Zichen stood on the railing and looked out over the opposite mountain, the flowers everywhere, his mind seemed to rewind to more than thirty years ago, thirty-five years ago to be exact.

"I am the 81st generation disciple of the Divine Dragon Sect, Wind Lightning."

"Oh, silly."

"Hey, girl, why are you laughing.

I'm silly."

"Just silly."A young and tender one, though not too old, whose scowl was intoxicating because her face was so beautiful.

"Thank you so much just now."

"No need to be polite, it's a normal thing to pull out a knife to help someone on the road."

"Hey, silly, what are you doing in Rangzhou City?"

"Oh, it's just a walk around the world with Master Shifu, are you a local girl?"

"Don't bite a girl okay, I have a name."

"Oh, I haven't asked for your name yet."

"Call me Youruo."

"It can't be, the one that many people in the inn were talking about when I arrived in Lianzhou City yesterday, the number one beauty in the world, Youruo, who can rival Qin Ren?"

The young woman blinked wryly and said, "And do you think I am?Am I beautiful?"

Tang Zichen smiled bashfully and said, "The girl is indeed beautiful."

"Geez, Brother Wind Lightning, why are you blushing."

"Ah, I, I'm not, I really am not."

"Giggle, look, you can't even speak well, you're not falling in love with me at first sight, are you."

"No, no, no, Miss, don't misunderstand, how could Wind Lightning dare to disrespect Miss."

The young girl stared, "Am I that scary, can you not be so restrained ah, a silly look, relax lah, are you always like this when you see a pretty girl."

"I am."Tang Zichen was embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

"Oh."In reality, Tang Zichen laughed, back then, Tang Zichen had an extremely low emotional quotient, but yet, he was adored by many girls he had seen.

At that moment, the Hundred Flowers Valley Young Valley Master came up, poured a cup of tea for Tang Zichen, and said, "Brother Feng, have some tea."

"Thank you."

"Please sit down."


"Why did Brother Wind just now wander off and laugh lightly."The Young Valley Master sat down across from Tang Zichen and said.

"It's nothing, just remembering how I met you at a meeting in Rangzhou City more than thirty years ago, I felt like it was really full of fun back then."Tang Zichen said.

The Young Valley Master smiled, "Indeed, I was only 16 and you were 17 at the time, we were young and youthful.It was fortunate that you were there at that time, so I was saved from being bullied by a bunch of yuppies."

"Oh, Miss Youruo, why did you disappear later."

"That year, I studied the zither at Mr. Gong Yue's house in Lianzhou City, after which I returned to the Hundred Flowers Valley, my grandfather forbade me to show my face, and I seldom went out into the jianghu, and even if I did go out sometimes, it was mostly disguised travel."The young valley master said.

"I see, then you should have a flock of children by now."Tang Zichen asked.

"Why do you say that."There was a hint of sadness on Youruo's face.

"You're over fifty, and although your appearance is still so attractive, it's not like you haven't started a family yet."

"Oh, let's not talk about that, Brother Wind, I have yet to ask you what you have to teach us when you come to our Hundred Flowers Valley."

In fact, Young Valley Master You Ruo had already guessed that by visiting her grandfather, he wanted to find out if her grandfather, Old Valley Master You Lan, was dead, and if he was, then the next step would be to take action against Hundred Flowers Valley.


Tang Zichen smiled, "Truth be told, I am, I just happened to pass by this place and came in to have a look, I heard that the Hundred Flowers Valley, with its flocks of flowers and birds, has an extremely beautiful scenery, and after entering the Hundred Flowers Valley, it really lives up to its name."

"If Senior Brother Feng finds the scenery here beautiful, you might as well stay for a few more days, and I can also consult with Senior Brother Feng for martial arts advice."

"Haha, my friend is waiting for me, I'd better talk about it later."

"Fine, then Youruo won't force it."

At that moment, a maid was carrying some small dishes and a jug of wine.

Youruo poured half a cup of wine for Tang Zichen and said, "This half cup of wine is what you owed me back then, oh."

Tang Zichen sighed inwardly and said, "Half a cup, how can I pay it back."Tang Zichen drank it all in one go.

"Brother Feng must have a child now."

Tang Zichen thought for a moment and said, "I'm getting ready to have one."

"Oh, your wife, Qin Ren, must be very happy."

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head. One second to remember to read the book

Youruo sipped her wine and smiled, "Remember that paper lily I gave you?"

"There are some things, why be stubborn."Tang Zichen said with a sigh.

"But Youruo feels that what has been engraved in her heart can never be erased in a lifetime."

"Now that we are over half a hundred years old, Miss Youruo is living a good life, and the wind is relieved.Alright, Miss Youruo, Tzu-Chen will leave first."

Tang Zichen immediately stood up.

After Tang Zichen took a few steps, Youruo suddenly said loudly, "Brother Wind Lightning, what I said before has always remained."

Tang Zichen paused for a moment, then without speaking, he flew up.

Tang Zichen flew over to Mu Youruo's side, gave Mu Youruo a wink, and then left with Mu Youruo and Little Black Little Fire.

As soon as they left the Hundred Flowers Valley, Muyoung asked, "Wind Lightning, what's going on?Make it clear to me, I will never believe that you and that young valley master are only one sided."

Tang Zichen stopped.

Little Fire also pressed, "Yes, Brother Chen, I feel that something must have happened between you and the Young Valley Master once."

Tang Zichen sighed for a long time before saying, "I don't know if it counts as a one-sided encounter, but after that encounter anyway, I haven't seen you since.When I was seventeen, I once went out to walk around the rivers and lakes with my master and aunt, my master and aunt had gone on an errand, leaving me alone at the Lianzhou City Inn, I was bored and went to a local martial arts place to have a look, I didn't expect to run into a group of hooligans who were trying to bully a young girl, that young girl was Youruo, and then I got to know her.I have been shopping with her in the city for a long time, we chatted very happy, I sent her back, she was at that time in the city of Liangzhou the most famous qin master that study, I myself also know qin people, unconsciously, I was attracted to her, she is beautiful, wisdom, almost equal to my sister.I, anyway, was with her all those days, day and night, and a lot more happened in just five days.In the end, my Master and Sister found me, Youruo saw that I was leaving, very reluctant, gave me a paper lily, and, in front of my Master and Sister, confessed to me.However, I refused, I only treated her as a good friend, because in my heart, I loved my senior sister more.She cried very sadly, and she said that she would always wait for me, and she would fold a paper lily for me every day.After that I left the city of Rangju.

It wasn't until half a year later that I came to Rangzhou City again, but unfortunately, she had disappeared and disappeared from the scene."

Little Black was busy saying, "Brother Chen, you were with her day and night for five days ah."

"Yes, at that time, my master's wife went out temporarily, I was bored in Lianzhou City by myself, I stayed at her house, in a quiet courtyard outside the city, we were like two siblings, very much like two brothers and sisters, in fact I did have a bit of a heartbeat at that time, but I still loved my senior sister more, regardless of whether she was tied with my senior sister as the number one beauty in Jianghu or not."

Xiao Hei hehehe smiled, "Brother Chen, honestly, you guys play the piano during the day, what kind of sports do you do at night."

Tang Zichen paled, "We are very pure friendship, not as dirty as you think, what a mess.Since that time, never saw her again, and no news from her, I guess it's probably considered a one-sided friendship, except this side, it's five days."

Muyoung said, "So what are you going to do now?We're here to find out if you still want to move the Endless Gate here."

"Alas, let's put this plan on hold for now, I don't know how to face her now, back then I had so many suitors, to be honest, Youruo was the only one, the only one that made me fall for her.Even if it was Mu Qianji, who did so much to get close to me back then, I didn't like it back then, huh?"Tang Zichen remembered Mu Qianji, a heartache, back then, Mu Qianji also adored Tang Zichen, for Tang Zichen to sneak into the Divine Dragon School, but in the end, Tang Zichen was still not touched, almost didn't put out this witch, back then, the 'righteous and evil are not two sides of the same coin' concept is still very deep, is ten thousand times unable to accept the witch, not that Mu Qianji is not beautiful enough.

Mu Qiyao ton hummed, "Good reason, why are you mentioning my daughter."

"Alright, Uncle Free Yao, don't worry, I'll meet her one day, let's go back to the Endless Gate first."

"In another month, the Endless Gate will be out of food, we are coming out this time to settle this matter, what's the point of going back like this now, not going back."

"But I really can't bear to bully Youruo, she's now a weak woman who inherited the position of Valley Master, but I'm going to invade her Hundred Flowers Valley, how can you make me bear it."

Mu Yao said, "Everything is negotiable, it's really not possible, we can compromise with them, we will only occupy half of their territory, so that although our territory is small, it's still enough for the Endless Gate to support, they have a small territory but it's still enough to support, besides, we can also negotiate to protect their Hundred Flowers Valley for generations, it's not a win-win situation."

: "Brother Chen, Senior Free is right, giving up is not the way to go, they Hundred Blossom Valley can't defend themselves anymore, if we don't do anything, we'll be invaded by other sects.Besides, that Youruo used to like you, you can still renew your previous relationship."


"It was already well."

Muyoung said, "Wind Lightning, you said that you would do whatever you had to for the Endless Gate."

"Alas, it's just a matter of time, in that case, let's return to the Hundred Flowers Valley, I'll talk to Youruo, of course, if she firmly refuses, then we can find a way, but never force it."


Tang Zichen turned around and reversed back to the Hundred Flowers Valley.

At this moment, in the Hundred Flowers Valley, in a dry, secret cave, Youruo folded a paper lily flower.This secret cave was densely packed and filled with paper lilies, and when you counted them down, I'm afraid it was over ten thousand.


"Valley Master, it's bad, the Ancestor of the Liang Shan School is here."At this moment, a person outside the secret cave shouted.

The Hundred Flowers Valley's Valley Master trembled and immediately walked out of the secret cave.

"What did you say?"

"The Ancestral Master Perfection Ancestor of the Liang Shan School is here, saying that he wants to meet with the old valley master, You Lan."An old man said anxiously outside the secret cave, this old man was at the Ancestral Master Perfection level.

Just after Tang Zichen and Mu Yihao and the others had left, in the other direction, a Zongshi Grand Perfection strong man entered the Hundred Flowers Valley, it was the Ancestor of the Liang Shan School.

"Finished, I didn't expect that the Liang Shan Sect would come to a Zongshi Grand Perfection."

"Valley Master, at this moment that person is waiting in the main hall, I just excused myself and said that I'm going to invite senior You Lan, what should I do now?"That old man was also anxious.

Just then, a voice rang out in the air, "Do you want me to help?"

Youruo looked up and saw that it was Tang Zichen.

"Wind, Brother Wind, why are you back again."

Tang Zichen landed down and stood in front of Youruo, smiling, "It was true that I was going to leave just now, however, there was something I wanted to discuss with you, so I fell back again, but I didn't expect that I just happened to see that you seemed to be in a hurry, so I didn't know if I could help." First URL

You Ruo said, "Brother Feng, at this point, I won't hide anything from you, in fact, my grandfather, the old valley master You Lan, died ten years ago.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.Before today, the neighboring Liang Shan Sect sent people to find out about my grandfather's life and death, and I thought that we could still hold out for a few more years.Who knows, today, the Liang Shan Sect suddenly came with a Master Ancestor, no longer able to hide it, once the Liang Shan Sect learns that my grandfather is long gone, there is no longer a Master Ancestor sitting in the Hundred Flowers Valley, our Hundred Flowers Valley will surely die."

Tang Zichen smiled, "In fact, my purpose of coming to Hundred Blossom Valley is to find out if Youlan is dead, if not, we plan to invade Hundred Blossom Valley and make Hundred Blossom Valley the base of the Endless Gate.However, I didn't expect that the new head of Hundred Flowers Valley would be you, so I changed my mind temporarily, only, after all, this matter is so important that it doesn't allow anything to happen to my feelings, so we have backtracked and want to discuss it with you."

Youruo said, "I already guessed, I didn't think you would abandon your plans because of me, I'm touched, thank you.What did you want to discuss with me?"

Mu Free Yao busy said: "You Ruo Valley Master, our Endless Gate is in need of territory, and your Hundred Flowers Valley is now at a life-and-death juncture, how about this, your Hundred Flowers Valley cedes half of its territory to us, our Endless Gate protects your Hundred Flowers Valley for generations, at that time, we relocate the Endless Gate to the Hundred Flowers Valley, to become your neighbors, we help each other, what do you think?I don't think there's anything better for you than this."

Youruo looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "If you don't agree, we won't push each other."


Mu was busy saying, "Although we won't push each other, but you will definitely be annexed by the Liang Shan Sect, and then we will directly ask for it from the Liang Shan Sect, at that time we can still acquire at least half of the territory, Miss Youruo, you'd better think about it."

"I need to discuss this matter with all the assistant elders of the Hundred Flowers Valley before I can agree to you, but I will seriously consider it."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Standing next to

The old man who was watching was busy saying, "Now the Ancestor of the Liang Shan School is still waiting in the main hall, ah."

Youruo looked at Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen said, "You go tell him that Senior Youlan will be here later."

"Good."The old man panicked and went.

Youruo said, "Senior Brother Feng, that person is, after all, a great master, can you, after all, handle it?"

"Oh, don't worry, I'm still somewhat capable of Wind Lightning, now that the people in the rivers and lakes have me paired up with the Bony Old Man, it's not a mess, let's go, we'll go to the main hall now and meet that Liang Shan School's Master Great Perfection."


Tang Zichen was about to head to the grand hall when he suddenly saw the inside of the secret cave, densely packed and filled with paper lilies.

Tang Zichen was stunned and entered the secret cave.

"Brother Feng, you, what are you doing?"

Tang Zichen stood in the secret cave, lots and lots of paper lilies, Tang Zichen sighed, "Youruo, did you really fold a paper lily every day all these years?"


"Alas, what is the matter with you, so to speak, and you are still unmarried?"


"Why, just because you've always liked me?"

"Yes, but I already promised my grandfather ten years ago that if any of the Assistant Elders of Hundred Blossom Valley stepped into the Great Perfection in the future, I would have to marry his children and grandchildren, so I don't know which day I will no longer be watching over you, but my heart will always remain at the age of sixteen."Youruo said.

Tang Zichen looked at Youruo, touched her face, and said bitterly, "You're such a fool."

"I'm not a fool, I just can't walk away from that shadow at 16, Brother Wind, I don't have the luxury of getting you, I just want to silently guard the true love in my heart, otherwise I would have gone to find you, but I didn't."

At this time, Mu walked in and said, "Wind Lightning, marry it, even I can't bear it anymore, if there was a girl who had silently waited for me for more than thirty years, I would have married her regardless.I say you are also really incomprehensible, I feel that you are not very special ah, why when you were young, so many beautiful women favored you, at first my daughter, I guess she was similar to this Youruo girl, really suffering."Mu Qiyao saw that Youruo silently guarded her feelings with Wind Lightning until now, and couldn't help but see the shadow of his daughter Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen was a little uncertain, looking at the entire stone wall filled with paper lilies, some of which had faded in color.

Youruo said, "Brother Feng, you don't have to pay attention to me, by now I'm used to it, besides, ten years ago I promised my grandfather."

Tang Zichen hugged Youruo in his arms, Youruo was startled there.

"Thank you, Youruo, I didn't think that my short time with you at 17 years old would have such a big impact on your life, if it wasn't for me, you would probably have already found happiness by now.It's been more than thirty years now, and you're not so young, so how can I bear to say no to you?Youruo, be my wife, but let me explain beforehand, I already have several women, one of them is already married, and the rest have yet to perform the ceremony, if you are willing, just say so, if not, I won't force you, I will help you find the best man."

"I'm willing."Uroku cried.


Mu smiled, "It's good to have a lover, good, so good."


Tang Zichen glared at him just as much and said, "Uncle Free, at this moment shouldn't you go out and leave us alone."

"Ah, this is broad daylight, you guys are not too impatient."

"Get out."

Mu Yao laughed and ran out of the secret cave, leaving only Tang Zichen and Youruo in the secret cave.

Youruo still seemed unable to believe the facts in front of her.

Tang Zichen stroked Youruo's face, despite being over fifty, it was still as full of youthful collagen as a young girl in her twenties.

"Brother Wind, I, am I really not dreaming?"Youruo asked.

"No, I'm sorry, Youruo, if I had known of your existence earlier, if I had known that there was one behind me, the one who had waited for me for decades, I would have definitely come to you earlier."

"Brother Wind, are you really willing to marry me?"Uroku cried out.

"Why not, you're talented and beautiful, what reason do I have to say no."Tang Zichen said, Youruo was the same age as Qin Rei, and her martial arts realm was also the late Zongshi, which was definitely a very strong talent, completely as good as Qin Rei, but in terms of fighting, it was probably not as good as Qin Rei, because Qin Rei had at least been to the Memory Stone.

"Oooh, Brother Feng."Youruo cried as she hugged Tang Zichen. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen stroked Youruo's hair and said, "There's no need to fold any more lilies from now on, just live a good life with me."


"Let's go, let's go to the main hall first and dispatch that who from the Liang Shan School."

At this moment, in a certain grand hall, an old man was sitting in the grand hall, this old man was around 120 years old, it looked like a person from the Liang Shan Sect who had stepped into the grand completion of the sect in the last few years.

"Has senior You Lan not come out yet?"

"It's almost out, Senior will wait."

"Hmph, I'd like to see if he can really come out."The old man snorted a disdainful breath from his nose, as if he was already very certain that You Ruo was already dead.

At that moment, Tang Zichen and Youruo walked out holding hands.

That old man saw Tang Zichen and was stunned, of course he knew Tang Zichen, who wouldn't have seen Tang Zichen at the Jiang Hu Conference.

"Wind, Wind Light Cloud, what are you doing here?"The old man asked in shock.

Tang Zichen opened Life Blood Hidden and rushed up with a blink.

"Slap."Tang Zichen took a second to slap that old man away.

"Ah."That old man fell to the ground in a mess, covering his face and looking at Tang Zichen.

This Liang Shan Sect's Grandmaster was just a few years into the Great Perfection, and the one ranked at the bottom of the Jiang Hu Conference was no match for Tang Zichen.

Youruo on the other side saw Tang Zichen so powerful, and a great master great perfection, also slapped away, in her heart, not to mention how surprised, and at the same time felt happy.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior You Lan didn't have time to come out to see you, let me come out and slap you first."

The old man from the Liang Shan School was a bit angry, "Feng Xiaoyun, you're too much to hit someone as soon as you meet them."

"Haha, you are not as skilled as others, you deserve to be beaten by me, you can go back and tell the other great success of your Liang Shan Sect to come and fight me."


"Are you still not getting out?Do I have to throw you out?"

That grand old man of the Liang Shan School flew away in exasperation.


p;Tang Zichen turned back to Youruo and said, "Youruo, it's done now."

"Mm."Youruo nodded her head.

In the main hall, besides Youruo, there were also a dozen or so Sect Master Perfection level old men, these old men were all assistant elders of the Hundred Flowers Valley, and they were now looking at Tang Zichen, incomparably shocked.

Tang Zichen said, "Fellow Hundred Blossom Valley's assistant elders, thank you for taking care of Hundred Blossom Valley and my Youruo all these years."

"Your Youruo?Senior Wind Lightning, what do you say to that?"An old man said.

"Oh, truth be told, Youruo and I met thirty-five years ago in Rangzhou City, and we were together day and night for five days, I didn't think it was love at the time, but it made Youruo fall in love, so I hurt her, and she was bitter about it for thirty-five years, if I didn't know then it was just that, now that I know there is such a woman bitterly guarding me, besides sheShe is also not young, how can I, Wind Lightning, let her suffer any longer, so I declare that Youruo is my Wind Lightning's woman from today onwards."

"Oh."Everyone looked at Youruo.

You Ruo said, "What Brother Feng is saying is the truth, uncles and uncles, nowadays, our Hundred Blossom Valley is in danger without a Sect Master Great Perfection sitting here, so I have decided to cede half of our territory to the Endless Gate, from then on, the Endless Gate and the Hundred Blossom Valley will become neighbors and will support each other for generations, what do you think."

"Ah, Valley Master, how can this be."An old man was busy saying.

"Valley Master, this is a territory that your ancestors, for generations, have guarded, how can you cede half of it just because of your relationship with Wind Lightning."

"If the old valley master knew, wouldn't he die in peace."

Mu Ziyao snorted, "Everyone, you all don't seem to be aware of the current situation ah, if our Headmaster didn't think of Miss Youruo's sake, he would have completely replaced the Hundred Flowers Valley without any effort at all, if you are still so ignorant of yourselves, then you can blame the Endless Gate for being rude."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Uncle Easy, don't scare them, after all, they'll all be neighbors in the future, and for generations to come, Hundred Blossom Valley and Endless Gate will be brother factions."

Those old men from Hundred Blossom Valley also stopped talking and sighed.

Tang Zichen said to Youruo, "Youruo, then let's make a covenant now and include the declaration that the Endless Gate and Hundred Blossom Valley will be allies for generations to come in our ancestral teachings for future generations to follow."

Youruo hesitated and did not immediately reply to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen thought that Youruo had not gone back on her word.

Mu Yao said, "Miss Youruo, are you not also going back on your word?Hehe, you make me not very fond of this."

Youruo said, "Brother Wind, can we borrow a step to talk, I have something private to say to you."


Tang Zichen and Youruo came to a secluded place.

"Youruo, if you have something to say to me, you can say it, no one can hear you here."

Youruo hesitated and said, "Brother Wind, actually, a covenant is a covenant, even if it is written in the group training, it won't be of any use in the future.If Endless Gate and Hundred Blossom Valley become neighbors, in the future, Endless Gate will be strong and Hundred Blossom Valley will be weak, and as a weak Hundred Blossom Valley, it won't have the status to be on equal footing with Endless Gate, only two factions with equal strength will be eligible to become a brother faction and help each other out."

"Uh, Youruo, what exactly are you trying to say, this is the future, at least now while I'm still alive, the Endless Gate will support you no matter how weak the Hundred Blossom Valley is, besides, we don't know if the Endless Gate is stronger or the Hundred Blossom Valley is stronger in the future."

Youruo bit her teeth and said, "Brother Wind, why don't we just annex the Hundred Blossom Valley."


Tang Zichen was shocked, as the owner of the Hundred Flowers Valley, to say such words.

"Youruo, why did you suggest that I annex the Hundred Flowers Valley?If the people of Hundred Flowers Valley heard such words from you, they would definitely curse you to death.Your ancestors wouldn't forgive you either."

You Ruo said, "Brother Wind, the Hundred Flowers Valley was founded by our You Clan's ancestors and has been passed down to this day, with each generation of valley masters being members of the You Clan.But now, my You clan is dying out, and I am the only one left.Let's say that the Hundred Flowers Valley still has a future, then the one who will also master the Hundred Flowers Valley in the future is not someone from the You Clan bloodline.Moreover, my grandfather said before his death that in the future, no matter which Assistant Elder will step into the Great Perfection, I will marry the most outstanding son or grandson of his age, and recruit that person as the son-in-law of the You Clan, so that the You Clan bloodline will be passed on to the next generation.However, now that you are saying that you want to marry me, even if I give birth to a child, that child will also be passed down to me and your child, the future Hundred Flowers Valley.Since that's the case, why stand another Hundred Flowers Valley, so that our future children and grandchildren will have another dispute with the Endless Gate."

Tang Zichen looked at Youruo, seeming to understand her inner thoughts, Tang Zichen did not know that she was the only one left of the You Clan .

"Youruo, did you really decide to merge the Hundred Flowers Valley into the Endless Gate?"

"I only see what you mean, anyway, I'm the only one left in the Hundred Flowers Valley You Clan, and there are no offspring left to pass it on.And in the future, the child I have with you will definitely no longer be surnamed You, and you don't want to be a son-in-law, right?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "That's right, I'll only marry you."

"In that case, take Hundred Blossom Valley, as my dowry, I still have over 50,000 disciples in Hundred Blossom Valley, you can all merge into the Endless Gate and become a disciple of the Endless Gate.I think that becoming a disciple of the Endless Gate is definitely more promising, and it will only be good for the 50,000 disciples of Hundred Blossom Valley, no harm."

Tang Zichen said excitedly, "Thank you, Youruo."

"No need, I'm willing to give up everything for you."Youruo said with emotion.Tang Zichen immediately hugged up, holding Youruo's face and kissing it.

Youruo was acerbic and didn't know how to respond, Tang Zichen smiled and said, "First kiss, ah!" One second to remember to read the book

Youruo blushed and gushed, "Nonsense."

"Hahaha, you've kept this first kiss for a really long time."

"Nasty, you make fun of me."

"How come, let's go, go back to the main hall and tell this to the few assistant elders of the Hundred Flowers Valley."

"Good, what if they object?"

"Oh, a few perfection level old men, what's the use of objecting, if you're not happy, leave the Hundred Flowers Valley."

"Alas, I wonder if my grandfather will be angry at this decision of mine, and under the nine springs, will he scold me for being a loser and giving away the foundation of my ancestors for generations as a dowry."

"Fool, if it wasn't for my appearance, your Hundred Flowers Valley would also be about to be jointly divided up by the Liang Shan School, and even some other sects, when that time comes, the Hundred Flowers Valley's fifty thousand disciples will naturally fall apart.There's no better outcome than this, your grandfather is an understanding man, he will understand.Besides, even if the Hundred Flowers Valley continues its legacy, it will still be passed on to our future son."

Youruo blushed and said, "How do you know it will be a son."

"Hahaha, guess."

Tang Zichen came to the main hall again.

Mu was afraid that Tang Zichen had negotiated something with Youruo in private again, and to the Endless Gate

The unfavorable agreement, busy, "Wind Lightning, the finish is all for the Endless Gate ah."

"Of course."

Those few old men in the Hundred Flowers Valley also looked at You Ruo anxiously, You Ruo said, "Uncles and uncles, I'm sorry, the Hundred Flowers Valley was founded by my ancestors of the You Clan, and has been inherited for more than seven hundred years, but unfortunately, the incomparably large You Clan back then is now gradually dying out, and by the time of my generation, I am the only one left.The Hundred Flowers Valley will no longer be able to survive as it did in the beginning, and even if it barely survives, it will be the Hundred Flowers Valley under Zhang San in Li Si's clothing, or even annexed by other sects.Now, the founding head of the Endless Gate, Wind Lightning, is willing to marry me, so I am going to take the Hundred Blossom Valley, as a dowry, and merge it into the Endless Gate.All the disciples of Hundred Blossoms Valley are subsumed under the Endless Gate and become disciples of the Endless Gate, thank you uncles and uncles, for your dedication to Hundred Blossoms Valley all these years."

"Old Valley Master ah, did you hear that, your own granddaughter, is going to defeat the ten thousand generation foundation of the You Clan ah, sob."

Hearing You Ruo's proclamation, the ten old men howled and cried.

Mu was pleasantly surprised and quietly gave a thumbs up to Tang Zichen.

Youruo saw all the assistant elders scolding her as a loser daughter and also cried out, but she didn't regret it, because she deeply understood that even if Hundred Flowers Valley didn't merge into the Endless Gate today, it wouldn't survive for long, even with the help of the Endless Gate and becoming neighbors with the Endless Gate, then the future inheritor of the position of Valley Master would be her and Tang Zichen's son, in case a few hundred years later, Hundred Flowers Valley and the Endless Gate would have a conflict, wouldn't it be better to end it today.

Muyou pulled Tang Zichen aside and laughed, "Wind Lightning, you're really amazing, you've actually allowed Hundred Blossom Valley to directly merge into the Endless Gate, wouldn't that make the Endless Gate, struggle for at least fifty years less."

"Oh, I didn't ask for this, it was You Ruo herself who proposed it."

Mu Yihao smiled heedlessly, "However, this Youruo really surprised me, it seems that her infatuation for you is beyond my expectation ah, she actually used her ancestral foundation as a dowry, tsk tsk, what a loser."

Tang Zichen said, "She has seriously thought about it, she's the only one left in the You Ruo clan."Tang Zichen explained You Ruo's reasoning to Mu Yuyao.

But Mu Ruo scoffed and said, "This is just her reason to deceive herself and others, if you don't believe me, let the ancestors of the Hundred Flowers Valley crawl out of their graves and ask if they care about the inheritance of the Hundred Flowers Gate, whether it is the bloodline of the You Clan.Besides, You Ruo's talent itself is so strong, she'll have plenty of time to find a successor after she steps into the Great Perfection in the future."

Tang Zichen felt that what Mu had said made sense, was it really a reason for You Ruo to deceive herself and others?In fact, it was because she was too infatuated with Tang Zichen, so she wasn't even thinking from her ancestral foundation's standpoint anymore, but she was just infatuated with Tang Zichen now, and then her head got hot.

Tang Zichen sighed, so it was no wonder the group of old men were crying like that.

However, this was good for the Endless Gate, Tang Zichen wasn't the ancestor of the You Clan, so of course he wouldn't try to persuade You Ruo not to be like this.

Tang Zichen walked up to You Ruo, hugged her and said, "It's fine, you've done your best, the You ancestors won't blame you."

"Oooh."Youruo sobbed out in Tang Zichen's arms, in fact, Youruo seemed to be a bit shaken inside after seeing the reaction of the group of assistant elders, she reflected on whether or not she was really a bit defeated, whether or not it was the You Clan bloodline was irrelevant at all, the key was to be able to still survive with the name of the Hundred Flowers Gate, to be able to use the You Clan's ancestors as her ancestors, to be able to continue with the You Clan's founding martial arts legacy.But once it was merged into the Endless Gate, the ancestral foundation would really be lost to nothing.


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