Dish Best Served Cold 336-340

Chapter 336

Zhou Sheng was not stupid, from the time he started to see the present, he had naturally seen that this skinny youth in front of him was an existence that he could not afford to provoke.

  Even someone with a big background like Lei Ao Ting was so afraid of Ye Fan.

  And Zhou Sheng, who was just a dog under Lei Ao Ting, even if he was bold, he would definitely not dare to provoke Ye Fan again.

  Now, facing Ye Fan's gaze, Zhou Sheng's previous pride and majesty was undoubtedly gone, and with a bang, he kneeled down to Ye Fan and begged for forgiveness.

  However, facing Zhou Sheng's terrified voice, Ye Fan's face was expressionless and his indifferent eyes looked over as if he was looking at a mole ant.

  Under the moonlight, Ye Fan stood arrogantly with his hand in the negative, condescending.

  Ice cold cold eyes, sweeping Zhou Sheng.

  "Yes?Now you know how to beg for mercy?"

  "And where was your pride and majesty just now?"

  Ye Fan sneered, and in the next moment, amidst the horrified gazes of the crowd, only Ye Fan, his face was steeply cold.

  He took a step forward, and his majestic voice, even more so, was like thunder, exploding and rolling through this world.

  "Then I ask you, I break your plans and cut off your fortune, are you convinced?"

  "I'll take it, I'll take it!"Zhou Sheng was full of fear, head to grab the ground, in the face of Ye Fan's drink, which dared to say half a word, terrified even back.

  Ye Fan full of cold eyes, but a step further, the head of the angry shout: "I ask you again, I ruined your foundation, bad reputation, you can accept?"

  "Obey, I really obey."Zhou Sheng's old face was pale, his body trembled tremendously, his door head smashed the ground, and had smashed blood all over his face, facing Ye Fan's question again, Zhou Sheng had broken his guts and returned in bitter fear.

  However, Ye Fan was still unforgiving, with each question, Ye Fan's figure took a step forward, and his whole person's momentum also soared.

  In the end, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative, and drank again in a clear voice.

  A pair of feet, stepping on the earth, even more shocking reverberations.

  He furiously took another step, full of cold intent rampant, monstrous might as abyss.

  The majestic and overbearing voice was like thunder, shaking the heavens and earth once again!

  "I ask you one last time, I hurt your men, undermine your authority, and make you beg for mercy on your knees, and you're convinced?!!!"

  "Obey, obey, I obey."

  "Master, I, Zhou Sheng, am convinced~"

  Under Ye Fan's monstrous might, Zhou Sheng's entire body had been completely confused.

  Ye Fan's three drinks in succession were so imposing that it scared Zhou Sheng even more that his soul was nearly scattered!

  Lying on the ground like a dog, snot flowing, his forehead was even thumping thumping thumping non-stop on the earth, already full of blood.

  The current Zhou Sheng, where was the slightest bit of majesty and arrogance when facing Ye Fan before, was completely a frightened scrap of a dog.

  There was no longer any sense of offense, and what there was, was only monstrous fear, and endless horror.

  This time, Ye Fan had undoubtedly truly frightened him.At this moment, Ye Fan no longer asked, but Zhou Sheng still cried out with his forehead smashed on the ground and kept saying the word "obey".

  It seemed that Zhou Sheng had seven souls in his body, and this time he was at least scared off six souls by Ye Fan!

  Looking at the scene in front of them, the surrounding crowds were also all terrified.

  The Noda Heaven and Earth was actually silent.

  The aunts and uncles who had rebuked Ye Fan's idiocy and stupidity before had undoubtedly shut their mouths completely at this moment.

  Only now did the crowd finally understand that Ye Fan, who they had previously looked down upon and despised, was the real bigot!

  As the old saying goes, the master is in the folk!

  Now, using the naked reality, Ye Fan undoubtedly vividly interpreted the meaning of this sentence to the crowd.

  It wasn't until a long time later that the silent heavens and earth here were filled with a voice that drew cold air, rising and falling from the crowd.

  "Out of the way, all of you, out of the way~"

  "All idle people, stay away!"

  "Don't interfere with our work~"

  Suddenly, outside the crowd, several police cars came speeding by.

  It looked like the movement here had attracted the attention of the police.

  Fully armed, Ren Han and the others rushed straight in and surrounded all of them, including Ye Fan and Zhou Sheng.

  "It's you again?"

  Seeing Ye Fan again, Ren Han's entire person was bad.

  The delicate pretty face then sprang up with some anger.

  This Ye Fan, is really deadly!

  Three times to gather a crowd.

  Do you really think she Ren Han dare not arrest him?

  "Team Ren...Team Ren, it's...It's that guy."Obviously, among these people present, Ren Han wasn't the only one who recognized Ye Fan.One of them, who was even more terrified, reminded Ren Han.

  The last time Ye Fan was arrested, it attracted all parties to fish for someone.Not only did Wu City descend personally, even the province called.

  Their entire precinct was almost wiped out in one nest, and the director was almost removed.

  This lesson was not a small one!

  Now that they saw Ye Fan again, these people who had seen Ye Fan's skills were naturally terrified and fearful.

  "I'm not blind, I don't need you to remind me, I recognize this bastard when he turns into slag."Ren Han said fiercely.

  The last time she was tricked into the car by Ye Fan to set her up, when she remembered this, Ren Han was so angry that she gritted her teeth, and her gaze towards Ye Fan was naturally full of resentment and anger.

  A certain colleague next to her is white Ren Han a glance.

  I thought Ren team you certainly know ah?

  A few days ago, weren't you playing with Mr. Chu, in the car, in the middle of town?

  However, only a few people knew about this matter.

  After all, this was someone's Ren Han's own private life, so of course they wouldn't give Ren Han publicity everywhere.

  But if Ren Han knew about this matter, she would probably be so angry that she would even have to kill Ye Fan.

  After all, her once-in-a-lifetime clean name could all be ruined by this bastard Ye Fan!

  "Then Ren, what...What to do, still arresting?"Another colleague asked in a low voice, the tone of that voice clearly without a bottom.

  Ren Han paused to glare, "Arrest, why not!"

  "I don't care who he is, gather a crowd and cause trouble, none of them will be spared!"

  "On my orders, one team, do it now."

  "Capture the thief, capture the bastard first!"

  Ren Han shouted furiously.

  However, what was embarrassing was that a group of people behind him were so stunned that no one dared to move.

  Ren Han was mad as hell, "What are you guys doing?"

  "Didn't you hear what I said?"

  Ren Han roared angrily at the team behind him, and his nose was on the verge of being crooked with anger.

  "That, Team Ren, that's a hornet's nest ah, I think we'd better not poke it.Isn't the lesson from last time enough?"The colleagues in the back were bitter and whispering.

  But Ren Han simply wouldn't stop: "I don't care if it's horse honey or honeycomb, if you commit a crime, you have to be arrested, you don't dare to go, I'll go!"

  Ren Han was also of a rigid nature, and after that, she went up really alone and made Ye Fan raise his hands.

  "All of you, stop!"

  However, at this moment, there was another drink outside the crowd.

  Immediately after, the crowd only saw a middle-aged man, who stepped down from the black Audi, pushing through the crowd and walking right in.

  Seeing this person, Ren Han and the rest of the team were shocked, and they were busy respectfully saying, "Han-shi, what are you doing here?"

  "Well, why don't you get out of my way?"

  "Arresting people indiscriminately, I think you went to that police academy for nothing."Han Dongmin scolded Ren Han, in an angry voice.

  Then, he plucked her aside and hurried to Ye Fan, asking worriedly, "Master Ye, are you alright?"

  "I rushed here when I got the news, but I didn't think I'd be late."

  "But that Zhou Sheng is really a dog with guts, committing murder on you three times?"

  "But don't worry, it will never happen again.Tonight, I'll go to the province to report this matter and set up a task force to make sure that Zhou Sheng, that outlaw, is brought to justice!"

  Han Dongmin said in a cold voice, it looked like he was really angry!


No matter what Ye Fan said, it was because of his side that he got into this trouble.

  If he, Han Dongmin, couldn't help set Ye Fan straight, it could only mean one thing, and that was that he was incompetent!

  It was always an extremely humiliating thing to be the head of a city and not even be able to deal with a vicious and vicious villain.

  Therefore, Han Dongmin had decided to go back tonight and do everything he could to catch that Zhou Sheng, and assured Ye Fan that he would never let something similar happen a third time.

  However, in response to Han Dongmin's words, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly, "Han City, why bother, that Zhou Sheng, isn't he already there?"


  Ye Fan's words caused Han Dongmin to be stunned for a moment.

  Then, Han Dongmin immediately turned around and followed Ye Fan's gaze, and suddenly saw a man kneeling on the ground.

  The middle-aged man, his face full of blood, his body trembling, was still kneeling there kowtowing to Ye Fan, still shouting the word "obedience".

  If you don't know, you might think that the man in front of you is an idiot, brain-damaged and insane, right?

  "Master Ye, he...He is, Zhou Sheng?"

  Han Dongmin's old face twitched, but he asked suspiciously.

  He simply couldn't believe that the person in front of him, who was covered in misery and frightened like a crippled dog and kneeling there, could be Zhou Sheng, the powerful big man who dominates one side of Jingzhou?

  "Master Ye must be joking!"

  "Is this clearly a useless dog?"Han Dongmin shook his head and said.

  Ye Fan smiled, "If you don't believe me, Han City just go over and take a look."

  Han Dongmin hesitated, but finally walked over with a lot of suspicion, and when the man lifted his head up, Han Dongmin's pair of old eyes immediately widened.

  "This...This, really?!!!"

  The corners of Han Dongmin's eyes fiercely trembled, and upon seeing Zhou Sheng's face, his entire body was undoubtedly instantly shocked.

  "Master Ye, you...How did you do that?"

  Han Dongmin had to be surprised.

  According to his reference, this Zhou Sheng was a member of the Lei family in Jingzhou.

  That Lei family was so deep and powerful in Jingzhou that even he would never dare to provoke the Lei family.

  That's why, Zhou Sheng was so unscrupulous, even though he was wanted, he still didn't know how to restrain himself and sent people to deal with Ye Fan many times.

  What he relied on was undoubtedly the powerful patron behind him!

  Therefore, Han Dongmin had to wonder why this Zhou Sheng had such a patron, but now he was kneeling down and begging for forgiveness to Ye Fan, and kept shouting the word obey?

  Ye Fan waved his hand and returned lightly, "I don't know, I just asked him a few words, and he became this way.I can only say that this Zhou Sheng, he's a bit cowardly, I guess."

  "Alright, we'll talk about the superfluous words later, Han City should still deal with the scene first, otherwise, if the reporters are attracted here later, this won't make the front page of the major media tomorrow?"

  After a reminder from Ye Fan, Han Dongmin was in a stir.

  This kind of thing was not a good thing, and if it was really stirred up in the media, I'm afraid it would greatly damage their city image of Yunzhou City.Perhaps he, Han Dongmin, would have to be disciplined as well.

  "Master Ye is reminding me, I'll deal with it."

  Han Dongmin couldn't be bothered to ask Ye Fan about his background, and immediately ordered that the accomplices be taken away first.

  While having his men clear the scene, Han Dongmin kicked Zhou Sheng on the ground again.

  "Zhou Sheng, you also have today?"

  "Last time I had you fished out, but this time it's no use anyone talking!"

  "Deceiving me Han Dongmin in the first place, and then plotting to kill Master Ye three times, jail to die you?"

  Amidst his anger, Han Dongmin kicked up again, feeling only extraordinarily free.

  Naturally, Han Dongmin had little affection for Zhou Sheng!

  This old man had almost screwed him out of 200 million at first.

  If Zhou Sheng's plan really succeeded back then, Han Dongmin's life would probably be over.

  With such a grudge, Han Dongmin would naturally not let him off lightly!

  "Han City, what about this one, is it taken along with you?"At this moment, someone beside him asked Han Dongmin for instructions.


  Only then did Han Dongmin notice that next to Zhou Sheng, there was another person, like Zhou Sheng in general, who was also kneeling on the ground, his head lowered, not daring to look at anyone, just like a frosty eggplant.

  However, looking at the way he was dressed, he was extraordinarily refined.

  The injured watches were the kind of world top watches worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the suits on his body were even handmade custom-made Italian brands.With this kind of clothing all over his body, an ordinary working-class family would probably not be able to afford it for three years without eating or drinking.

  After Han Dongmin saw it, he was inexplicably on fire at that time, walked over and kicked it up again, directly kicking Lei Ao Ting out two meters: "At a young age, not doing his job, just following Zhou Sheng to do such shameful things."

  "Dressed in a human-like manner, but I don't know where to trap the stolen money from again."

  "What the hell ah this is!"

  "Simply the scum of Warsaw, the worm of society."

  "Take them away from me too, and punish them severely?"

  Han Dongmin said harshly, his words filled with disgust and anger.

  It was clear that Han Dongmin was treating Lei Ao Ting's as Zhou Sheng's dog's leg.

  Next to him, when Lu Mingze saw this scene, a pair of old eyes immediately smacked.

  I thought to myself, this Han Dongmin is really fierce, that's the third young master of Jingzhou, he even dares to kick like this?

  Anyway, Lu Mingze felt that this Han Dongmin was more awesome than their Jingzhou leader!

  At least the leaders of Jingzhou, would never dare to beat up Lei AoTing so violently.

  Although Lei Ao Ting is not very capable, but his father is awesome, his family is even more dominant one side, all walks of life have their Lei family's influence.

  This kick seemed to be Lei Ao Ting's kick, but it was actually a blow to the face of the third Lei Master of Jingzhou, and even more so to the face of the prominent family of Jiangdong Lei family!

  This kind of profound family with deep reserves and energy all over the Jiangdong community, but it's frighteningly ruthless.

  However, Lu Mingze could only think about these words in his own mind.At a time like this, he didn't dare to talk too much.

  But when Ye Fan saw the situation, he laughed softly, "Han Shi, that kick you just gave, it's powerful oh."

  "Right, Master Ye.Although I, Han Dongmin, have never studied martial arts, I usually like to work out, and my body is fiercely strong.I may not be able to fight one against ten like Master Ye, but kicking a youngster is still easy."

  "That's it, I've only used fifty percent of my strength, I just now had to kick it hard, I could have kicked this social scum straight from the road to the gutter."

  Han Dongmin didn't understand the meaning of Ye Fan's words, he only thought that Ye Fan was praising him for his leg strength and fierce kicks, so he was also proud to return the compliment.

  Ye Fan shook his head, "Han City, that's not what I meant."

  "What I'm trying to say is, do you know who this person you just kicked, is?"

  "I don't care who he is.I dare to kick Zhou Sheng, and this is just a punk, don't I, Han Dongmin, dare to kick him?"Han Dongmin said proudly, not caring in the slightest.

  With his status, there really weren't many people over in Jingzhou that he feared.

  Aside from those whose authority was greater than his own, it was probably only the Lei Clan of Jingzhou left.

  But Han Dongmin didn't think that the person in front of him was a child of the Lei Clan, after all, the Lei Clan was a famous family in Jiangdong, how could the Lei Clan be like him, disregarding his face and kneeling down to beg for forgiveness for Ye Fan?

  So, Ye Fan's words didn't bother Han Dongmin.

  But Ye Fan shook his head and smiled once again, "Han Shi, this person is the grand prince of the Lei family in Jingzhou, the son of the Lei family's owner, Lei Lao San, Lei Ao Ting."

  "Hey, who cares about Lei laosan Lei laosan, just kick it, nothing to be burdened with..."Han Dongmin didn't entertain at first and waved his hand back as if nothing had happened, but before he finished speaking, Han Dongmin was suddenly stunned.

  "What...What?The Kingston Lei family?Lei...Master Lei San?"

  "You said he's .The Prince of the Jingzhou Lei Family?!!!"

  Boom, Han Dongmin's intuition was struck by lightning in general, and at that time, his entire body was directly confused.A pair of eyeballs nearly jumped out.


"Ye...Master Ye, you're joking, right."

  "Yes, you must be teasing me Han someone."

  Han Dongmin's face was pale now, and he was looking at Ye Fan with a bitter smile on his face, and the words were as terrified as they were going to get.

  An old face was close to crying.

  He didn't dare to imagine what the consequences would be if this person in front of him was really the Grand Duke of the Lei family.

  Ye Fan laughed lightly and patted Han Dongmin's shoulder, "Han Shi, I know that you are now expecting me to say that what I just said was a joke."

  "But I'm sorry, it wasn't a joke, he's really the son of Lei Lao San, the grand son of the Lei family, Lei Ao Ting."



  At that time, Han Dongmin an old face went green, the whole person was frightened to tremble, staggered a few steps, if not by the assistant to help, it is expected to just fall to the ground.

  Han Dongmin's entire person has been dumbfounded, he turned around, startled to look in front of him kicked to the side of Lei Ao Ting, an old face pumped.


  What did he just do?

  He kicked the crown prince of the Lei family?

  Oh, shit.

  Han Dongmin was on the verge of tears.

  He now finally understood why Ye Fan had just said that his kick was powerful.

  The kick he had just given was not Lei Ao Ting, but the face of Lei Third Master and the Lei family in Jingzhou.

  The Lei family was an old prestige family in Jingzhou!

  Before Han Dongmin had even entered the career path, the Jingzhou Lei family was already like a thunderbolt.

  Back then, before he was transferred to Jiangdong and walked away from his post, he even made a special trip to the Lei family and personally visited the old man of the Lei family.

  The energy and prestige of such a large family could be unimaginable!

  What's more, the Lei family has been rooted in Jingzhou for so many years, with many children under its umbrella, and has produced many elites from all walks of life, and now there are people from the Lei family serving in the Jianghai side of the Jiangdong provincial capital.

  One could imagine how great the energy of this Lei family was.

  Therefore, after learning that the person in front of him was the Grand Duke of the Lei family, at that time, Han Dongmin's entire body was bad, and he quickly ran over shivering, apologizing to Lei Ao Ting while trembling to help him up.

  But Lei Ao Ting wouldn't get up dead or alive.

  After all, if Ye Fan didn't speak, would he dare to move?

  Of course not!

  Still begging Ye Fan to forgive him.

  Ye Fan still returned, "I said, it's okay to let you go, let Lei Lao San come personally."

  "I told you to call, did you do it?"

  "If you don't want to fight, I'll fight for you!"

  "Don't, Mr. Chu."Lei Ao Ting cried at that time, but seeing Ye Fan's resolute attitude, there was no room for discussion at all, Lei Ao Ting had no choice but to force himself to call his old man over.


  Lei's Manor.

  Today Lei laosan has just returned from abroad, but all the family members within the Lei family came to greet.

  Even Lei laosan's wife had made a special table of sumptuous meals to receive her husband.

  Now that Lei laosan was the head of the Lei family, he naturally had absolute authority and prestige in the Lei family.

  This was not the case, as soon as this Lei laosan had returned home, all the high-ranking clan elders of the Lei family had come over to visit.

  "Third brother, how was this trip to the Jiangxi Eastlands?"

  "Things are going well, all right?"

  Lei laosan's fifth brother, however, asked with concern.

  Lei's third nodded, "Well, everything is going well.No surprises, one third of Zhao Wuji's estate before his death will be taken over by my Lei family.Another two thirds, half of it will go to Chen Ao, the remaining half, to Li Er of Yunzhou, and some of the small and starry family properties will go to Wang Jiexi of Haoshu."

  "What?So Li Er in Yunzhou gets a third?Why did he share so much?"After hearing Lei Lao San's words, many of the Lei Family's clan elders were all shocked.

  It must be known that before this, in the circle of big men in Jiangdong, the Jianghai Chen family, the Jingzhou Lei family, and the Haoshu Wang family, these three families were in the same name.

  As for Li Er, he was only a rising star with shallow background, and in the power landscape of the various cities in Jiangdong, he could only be ranked in the second echelon at most, and usually couldn't get along with them, the Lei family and Chen Ao.Because the qualifications weren't enough.

  But now, Yunzhou's Li Er had even shared a third of Zhao Wuji's industry, on par with their Lei family.This undoubtedly made some people in the Lei family feel indignant.

  But Lei laosan shook his head: "Times are different now.Now that there is a dragon in Yunzhou, Li Er is near the water first."

  "If we hadn't joined Chen Ao together and pleaded with Mr. Chu, otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to salvage this third of the industry?"

  "You have to know that when the Taishan Martial Association ended, Mr. Chu's intention was to let Li Er take over all of Zhao Wuji's properties and let me and Chen Ao be in charge of supporting him.Just this one-third, or I got it from many times of mediation together with Chen Ao, so don't be ungrateful."

  "After today, this Jiangdong power pattern, I'm afraid there will only be one super three.Mr. Chu is the supreme, after that, it will be my Jingzhou Lei family, Jianghai Chen family, and Yunzhou Li family that will split the world in three."

  "As for Wang Jiexi of Haoshu, he is too far away from Mr. Chu.Mr. Chu doesn't know him well, so naturally he won't reuse him.In the future, the Haoshou Wang Family, is probably going to fall into the second echelon."

  Lei Laosan said in a deep voice, but his words were laced with endless emotions.

  As this saying goes, if one person gains the way, chickens and dogs will rise to heaven.

  Yunzhou City had produced a true dragon like Mr. Chu, and Li Er had undoubtedly lucked out, borrowing Mr. Chu's light to directly level up in Jiangdong, completely achieving a position on par with his Jingzhou Lei Family.

  "Hey, how good would it be if Mr. Chu was from our Jingzhou?"

  "When the time comes, our Lei family's reputation will surely go even further.One person below, ten thousand above, ah."Among the Lei Family, many people sighed with regret.They were obviously lamenting Li Er's good fortune.

  "Alright, let's not talk about that.Tonight, third brother returns in triumph, we all, toast to him."

  "May my Lei family, in the future, under the leadership of third brother, prosper as the sun rises!"

  "All the children that are born are dragons and phoenixes!"

  "The foundation that was built will last for ages!"

  For a time, the people at the table all raised their cups and drank freely, their laughter loud and majestic.

  However, at this moment, Lei laosan's phone suddenly rang.

  At first, Lei laosan didn't care, but the phone kept ringing one after another.

  Lei Laosan frowned and picked up the phone to look at it.

  "Third brother, something wrong?"

  "No, it's Ao Ting calling."Lei laosan returned.

  "Haha, Third Brother, a call from your son, then answer it quickly.It's probably also here to celebrate Third Brother's triumph."

  "Nowadays, Ao Ting is becoming more and more sensible, and has slowly taken on Third Brother's elegance back then.Nowadays, he is already able to travel on his own to visit Yunzhou on behalf of my Lei family and deliberate with the Li family.It also represents us to visit Mr. Chu."

  "I see ah, in a few years, our Lei family's industry, this child Ao Ting will be able to hold up half of the country.We, who are uncles, will be able to give way to rest."


  The Lei family laughed cheerfully, and their words were full of appreciation for Lei Ao Ting.

  And as Lei laosan listened, the corners of his mouth were also smiling with joy.

  What kind of father doesn't want his children to become dragons?

  Now that he heard others praising his son, of course Lei laosan was happy.

  He then answered the phone and asked with a smile, "Ao Ting, it's so late, do you want to call for something?"

  However, Lei's laughter didn't last long, as three seconds later, Lei scuffled up from his seat, his old face as heavy as water, and he shouted in a deep, angry voice.

  "You...What did you say?"

  "You evil beast, tell me again...Tell me again?"


"Dad, I...I've messed with Mr. Chu."

  "Mr. Chu asked...for you to come and get me~"

  On the other side of the phone, the sound of Lei Ao Ting's miserable and terrified cry came out.

  After Lei laosan heard it, his old face immediately went white.

  All the relief and joy from the previous family feast was undoubtedly gone at this moment!On top of the old face, there was only monstrous anger and trepidation.

  "Sinful beast, sinful beast~"

  "I told you to go to Yunzhou so that you can visit Mr. Chu and suck up to him, not so that you can mess with him."

  "You successful thing, haven't you learned enough lessons from Jiang Hai last time?"

  "Who gave you the guts to offend Mr. Chu?"

  "You bastard, you want to kill our Lei family~"

  "And let me lead you?"

  "Why do you have the nerve to call me on this phone and have the nerve to say that to me?"

  "You beast, wait for your death, I, Lei Laosan, will treat you as if you weren't my son~"

  In the midst of the monstrous anger, Lei Lao San snapped, when he hung up the phone, also cut off all thoughts of Lei Ao Ting.

  The land of Yunzhou, Lei Ao Ting was terrified, full of despair spread there.

  Jingzhou, in the Lei family villa, Lei old third after hanging up the phone, but the mood is not calm, the old face of a dark, heart is angry and terrified.

  At the family banquet, the original smiles of the others also dissipated.

  From Lei laosan's words just now, they had almost roughly understood what was going on.

  No one spoke, Lei laosan was now angry, who dared to speak at this time.

  In the end, it was still Lei Laosan's fifth brother, who advised in a low voice from the side, "Third brother, I think you should go over there and bring Ao Ting back, right?"

  "Ao Ting, after all, is the eldest son of the next generation of our Lei family.Can you really bear to see your own son, lose his life in a foreign land?"

  "Son?He's not my son!He's the son of Lui, the bastard. He's not worthy?When you took it upon yourself to marry a dusty woman back then, you had already disgraced my Lei family, but now you don't know what you're doing and you've even provoked Mr. Chu?"

  "Last time in Jianghai, this beast had already caused me trouble once."

  "Then I told him a thousand times to keep a low profile in the future, to be calm, to be less prominent, and to be less pretentious.But this beast, it's only been a few days, and he's gotten me into Mr. Chu's head again."

  "That's the heavens of Jiangdong, how dare he fucking mess with it?"

  Lei laosan was simply going to be pissed off, only feeling that his entire chest cavity was going to explode.

  Lei Ao Ting would be just fine if it was his first offense, let's pretend he didn't know that Ye Fan could for.The point was that this was the second time, and the deadly nature wouldn't change, so how could Lei Laosan not be angry?

  "Third brother, anger is anger, but this matter really can't be ignored."

  "Even if you don't admit that Ao Ting is your son, but Mr. Chu knows ah.When the time comes, if this matter is not handled properly, it will definitely implicate you and our Lei family."

  "Nowadays, Mr. Chu is like the sun, his prestige and power is unmatched."

  "This kind of person, our Lei Family must not offend."

  "Third brother, think twice~"

  At the family banquet, many in the Lei family tried their best to persuade each other, clarifying the pros and cons to Lei laosan.

  After a long period of anger, Lei laosan undoubtedly calmed down as well.

  In the end, he still got on a bus to Yunzhou and went there overnight.

  Anger is anger, Lei Ao Ting is after all Lei Lao San's son.He certainly couldn't ignore it.

  What's more, his own fifth brother and the others were right, even if he was really cruel and didn't want this son of his.But Mr. Chu and the others were also afraid that they would be angry with him and the Lei family as a result.

  When this kind of thing was spread out, he, Lei laosan, had to take care of it.

  In a rush, Lei laosan didn't have time to eat the Wind Feast, and soon after receiving the call, he raced to Yunzhou in the night.

  At the same time, Lei laosan worried about his son's safety and called Li Er in Yunzhou, asking him to hurry over and persuade Mr. Chu to order.

  He was now afraid that, if he couldn't hold on until he arrived, Ye Fan would slap his son to death.

  Ye Fan's tactics, but Lei laosan had seen it before.

  When the Jiang Hai Sheng Tian restaurant, Ye Fan heavily injured the Thai boxing champion with one punch.

  In the Thai Mountain Martial Arts Association, Ye Fan killed the Bloody Wolf King Wu He Rong with one blow!

  In front of this kind of divine person, Lei laosan reckoned that his own son, he could be crushed to death by Ye Fan at the drop of a hat.

  When Li Er received the phone call, he had just finished taking a shower and was preparing to cuddle up to a woman while she slept, and when he learned about Lei Lao San, Li Er was then happy.


  "Lao San, you're a father who can't teach his son well."

  "Didn't your bear of a son offend Mr. Chu once last time in Jianghai?"

  "This motherfucker can't change his dog, it's only been a few days, and he's messing with Mr. Chu again?"

  "Didn't Mr. Chu remind your bear of your son during the last drink, to be a calm person, to be a kind person, to be a person whose smile is always on his lips, how is that not a long memory?"

  "Lao San, if you want me to say, this number is useless, let's just change it and practice again."

  "You're raising a lot of women outside anyway, have another son and start from scratch.Just throw this number away and leave it alone."Li Er was lying on the bed, with a woman in his arms, but he was cozy and saying sarcastic things.

  On the other side of the phone, Lei laosan was so angry that he wanted to shoot this Li Er to death.

  "Okay, stop talking nonsense!"

  "Hurry over there and put in a good word for me.And my son, you must bail me out, at least until I reach Yunzhou."

  Lei laosan anxiously urged.

  Li Er said, but now that Lei Laosan personally called him, he also gave Lei Laosan this face, and put on his clothes and went over as well.

  When Li Er arrived, Lei Ao Ting was kneeling there with a dead fish face of all thoughts, and Li Er went up and slapped him over.

  "Uncle Li, why are you hitting me?"

  Lei Ao Ting was smacked silly.

  This Li Er was not related to himself, Mr. Chu didn't even hit him, why should he hit himself.

  "Bastard, I'm still lightly beaten.Wait, when your father arrives later, see how he will smack you?"

  "You dare to mess with something that doesn't have eyes, Mr. Chu?"

  "If you were my son, I'd have to whip you today!"

  Li Er chopped his head at Lei Ao Ting and scolded him for a while, then he hurried over towards Ye Fan's direction.

  "Mr. Chu, are you alright?"

  "I heard that this rabbit in the Lei family messed with you, this raised his pants and immediately came over, just in case Mr. Chu you suffer a loss."

  "Nowadays, young people ah, high-minded, just owes to clean up, beat a beating is much more honest."

  Li Er said as he set aside Han Dongmin who was blocking the way and stood next to Ye Fan.

  Han Dongmin's old face went black then.

  He was actually being ignored?

  Is he, as a deputy mayor, inferior to a young kid like Ye Fan in Li Er's eyes?


"Well, you're down on your luck too."

  Seeing that Li Er had come, Ye Fan nodded and slowly said.

  Ye Fan could not think that this Li Er had really come to care about him, he probably got a call from Lei Laosan to come see Lei Ao Ting.

  However, it was just as well that this Li Er came.

  "Let's do this, you just wait here until Lei laosan comes over.I still have to go home and cook for my wife, this delay is not short, my daughter-in-law should be anxious to wait."In his hand, Ye Fan was still carrying the pork he bought from the market as well as green vegetables.

  Even just now when he was facing Zhou Sheng and the others who were besieging him, Ye Fan was still carrying these things he bought from the market.

  After all, pork was so expensive now that ordinary people couldn't afford to eat it anymore, so naturally, Ye Fan had to carry such expensive things with him.

  "Ah...Ah?"However, when he heard Ye Fan's words, one of Li Er's old faces twitched.

  "What, not happy?"Ye Fan raised an eyebrow and asked a question back.

  Li Er quickly said, "Gladly, gladly, of course.I'll tell Mr. Chu as soon as Lei Laosan arrives."

  "No need, I don't have time to see him.Just tell him to take his son away directly after he arrives.Also, tell him to tell him to bring him back and discipline him properly.I don't want to see something like this a third time."

  Ye Fan faintly replied, while he turned around and prepared to go home.

  "What are you guys still standing around for?Can't you see that Mr. Chu is in a hurry to get home to cook for his wife, so why don't you drive the car over and take Mr. Chu home."

  Li Er bellowed at the driver behind him at this time.Immediately afterwards, an Audi A8 drove over.

  Ye Fan did not refuse Li Er's good intentions, and simply got into the car.

  However, before leaving, Ye Fan looked back at Lu Wenjing.Waving his hand at that little loli, "Jing Jing, brother Fan is going home first, you also go back early."

  Hearing Ye Fan's voice, the father and daughter of Lu Wenzheng, who had been in a state of shock, woke up.

  Especially, Lu Wenjing, hearing his brother Ye Fan's words of concern, opened her eyes and smiled, and ran over like a little rabbit, and then, when Ye Fan was caught off guard, this little girl jumped up and kissed Ye Fan's face.

  And then, Lu Wenjing blushed with a pretty face, and soon ran to her father's side, happy like a child who had stolen candy.

  Ye Fan touched the residual warmth on his face, shook his head and laughed.

  This nee, really that she can't help it?

  Luckily, Mu Orange wasn't here, otherwise, Ye Fan felt that he couldn't even dive into the Yellow River.

  Then, Ye Fan looked in the direction of Lu Wenjing and continued, "Alright, Jing Jing, it's time for brother Ye Fan to leave.Remember, go back and study hard and work hard to excel.Save yourself the trouble of being like your brother Ye Fan, who was looked down upon and given a handout to be a janitorial security guard."

  Ye Fan laughed mockingly to himself, while Lu Mingze, who was on the side, sat waxing when he heard this.His face was ugly.

  He knew that Ye Fan was ridiculing himself with words.

  Ridiculing him for being blind, ridiculing him for not knowing better, and even more ridiculing him for being a class act.

  Only at this moment did Lu Mingze Fang know what kind of big shot the man in front of him, who he had rated as not even qualified enough to move bricks, was.

  Remembering back to his words just now when he asked Ye Fan to work as a security guard and gave him a salary of four thousand a month, Lu Mingze's face was red with shame and he only felt extraordinarily humiliated.

  I guess, until now, Lu Mingze was just a joke in Ye Fan's eyes.

  Soon, Ye Fan left by car.

  Until the end, Ye Fan didn't even look at Lu Mingze, let alone say a word to him.It was as cold as a stranger, where there was no sense of being a relative.

  Previously, when he treated Qiu Mu Orange's family, it was this cold attitude.

  Now, it was his own turn, Lu Mingze's heart naturally felt even worse.

  But Lu Mingze didn't blame Ye Fan, after all, he was the one who was unkind first.

  If he hadn't insulted Ye Fan before, if he hadn't disregarded Ye Fan in the face of power, he probably wouldn't be indifferent or even ignorant to him now.

  For a time, Lu Mingze was filled with remorse and only felt that he had passed by with a chance.

  No charcoal had ever been delivered in the snow, even if he went to gild the lily in the future, I guess Ye Fan's attitude towards him wouldn't change much, right?

  Thinking of this, but Lu Mingze looked at his own daughter and gave a long sigh: "Hey~ I never thought that I, Lu Mingze, would be shrewd for a lifetime, but in the end, my ability to see people is not as good as my own daughter~"

  With a sigh, Lu Mingze suddenly went away with his own daughter.

  Here, however, only Li Er and the others were left, guarding the place.

  "Mr. Chu, slow down~"

  Beside the road, Li Er waved his hand and sent Ye Fan off respectfully.

  "Mr. Li, long time no see, how have you been?"After Ye Fan left, a long-lost laugh came from behind Li Er.

  Li Er looked back and was shocked when he saw the person, "Hm?Han City, you're here too?When did you get here?"

  Li Er was obviously acquainted with Han Dongmin, and they shook hands warmly after seeing each other.

  But when he heard Li'er's words, Han Dongmin's old face twitched and he cursed in his heart.

  I don't know, I didn't even see this old man Li Er just now.



  Ye Fan has arrived home.

  After returning home, he was naturally scolded by Han Li, who blamed Ye Fan for taking so long to buy food.

  For Han Li's taunts, Ye Fan didn't take it to heart and treated it as a barking dog.

  The only thing that he cared about in this house was just Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Mu Orange, come out to eat, what are you holding in the bedroom for?"

  After cooking the meal, Ye Fan went into the bedroom and called out to Qiu Mu Orange to come out for dinner.

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't respond, just a person, sitting at the desk, depressed, looking out of the window at the quiet night sky, startled and lost in thought.By the side of the table, on the other hand, there was a, unattended invitation to the opening of Mu Fan Group.

  "Ye Fan, I think, it's better not to hold this opening ceremony."

  "Not even relatives want to come, let alone outsiders."

  "I guess it's just a joke in vain if you do it."Qiu Mu Orange laughed as if mocking herself, no one could understand the intense loss and sadness in her words.

  "Well, what happened, what happened?"Ye Fan was suddenly confused.

  Qiu Mu Orange then told Ye Fan about the matter that he had just sent the invitation to Lu Mingze.

  "I originally thought that, seeing as I'm my aunt's own niece, my youngest brother-in-law would also attend, but I didn't expect that I'd overestimate myself after all."

  "People don't even accept invitations, they think they're in the way."

  "As for that day, even if someone did come, it would probably just be a random insignificant person sent by my little aunt."

  "Even his own relatives didn't bother to come, so how could he talk about others?"

  "So, I think that this opening ceremony, let's not do it big, let the employees within the company sit together for a meal, let's simply go over there, no more inviting outsiders, and save people from seeing the joke."

  Qiu Mu Orange said indifferently, the stunningly beautiful face, always with a wisp of inexplicable smile, just that smile, no matter how you look at it, it's a bit sad.

  In fact, the more things she experienced, the more Qiu Mu Orange felt that the world, how cold was it?

  And how cold is the human heart?


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