Dish Best Served Cold 331-335

Chapter 331

"Dad, why are you like this."

  "Brother Ye Fan is still Sister Qiu's husband no matter what, he's our relative."

  "Do you really want to see death and not save him?"Lu Wenjing's beautiful eyes turned red as she looked at her father and said bitterly.

  However, Lu Mingze remained unmoved.

  "It's not that dad won't help him, but he doesn't know what's good for him and doesn't deserve my help."

  Lu Mingze scoffed and said, he was undoubtedly extraordinarily dissatisfied with Ye Fan.

  This country boy, he didn't have the ability to say it himself, but he couldn't even pull his face to beg for help, so he had to make others rush up to help him.

  He wasn't his father, of course Lu Mingze wouldn't spoil him!

  "Hmph, you can help or not if you like, whatever you dog all over.I'm going to help my brother Ye Fan anyway."Lu Wenjing huffed angrily, while getting up to go under the bus.

  How could Lu Mingze let her go by herself: "Alright, alright, this daughter of yours, I've really lost to you."

  "Can't I just go help him?"

  "I wonder what kind of ecstasy that brat has put into you to make you treat a door-to-door son-in-law so well?"

  Lu Mingze was also helpless, but couldn't resist his daughter, so he had to go down to help Ye Fan.

  When Lu Mingze went down, Ye Fan was already surrounded by many people in the center.

  The scarred man had a cigarette in his mouth and was leaning against the car door, sizing up the young man in front of him.

  "You are Ye Fan?"

  "You're not afraid to die, though, so I told you to come down, but you did."

  "I thought you'd be too scared to even walk?"The scarred man shook his head and laughed.

  Ye Fan, however, with his hands in his pockets, faintly returned, "These people, it's not enough to scare me."


  "Good boy, you're still this cocky when you're dying?"

  "No wonder it offends people!"

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, the Scarlet Man then frowned, the smile on his mouth even colder.

  In the end, this Scarlet seemed to be out of patience, spitting out the cigarette in his mouth and crushing his feet on it.

  That piercing sound, like the sound of gravel crushing, quietly echoed under this night.

  "Bastard, tell me, how to die?"

  "Finish it yourself, or let us do it?"

  After a long silence, Scarlet's icy voice, quietly sounded.

  However, at this moment, a cheerful laugh came from the bus.

  "What a life where we don't meet."

  "I never thought that I would be able to see Pavilion Master Wang in this Yunzhou City."

  Lu Mingze laughed, but while walking down from the bus, Lu Wenjing also followed along.

  Seeing this person, the scarred man was also shocked, "Who am I supposed to be, isn't this Mr. Lu?"

  "How come Lu has the time to come to Yunzhou when he's so busy with his day-to-day life, and he's here making a bus with a bunch of turtles?"

  Seeing an acquaintance, Scarlet Man also smiled back.

  Actually, Scarlet Man and Lu Mingze were not exactly close friends, but had some business dealings.

  Scarlet Man was the owner of the Jingzhou Martial Arts Center, and there were dozens of thugs raised in the venue.While Lu Mingze opened a company to do business, it was inevitable that he would encounter some hooligans who came to the company looking for trouble, and against these thugs, the obvious means were not very effective.Often, if you found someone to beat up those hooligans, they would be honest.

  It was for this reason that Lu Mingze's company had worked with Scarlet Man's martial arts school a few times, so naturally they knew each other.

  "Isn't this a visit to Yunzhou for a relative?"

  "You know, with all this parenting, even if you're busy with work, you have to find some time to deal with it, don't you?"In the middle of the conversation, Lu Mingze handed Scarlet a cigarette.

  After Scar Man accepted it, he laughed in a deep voice, "Mr. Lu, as I'm sure you've seen, this hillbilly has caused some trouble, and after I've dealt with it, we brothers will find a restaurant nearby and have a good drink to catch up.But before that, I can only excuse myself for a moment."

  Lu Mingze saw the situation, but he was busy saying, "Don't ah, Pavilion Master Wang.I was about to tell you about this matter."

  "This is my niece's son-in-law, my wife's mother's family."

  "Master Wang will give me a face and spare him this time."

  "I promise, when I go back, I will let my niece talk about him properly, and he will let them and his wife, board up the door to apologize to you, Pavilion Master Wang."

  "Eh?Does Lu have such poor relatives too?"Scarlet's frown deepened when he heard this.

  Lu Mingze nodded his head and helplessly said, "Yes.No matter how poor this relative is, we still have to acknowledge it."

  In between words, Lu Mingze then glared at Ye Fan and shouted in a cold voice, "What are you still staring at there?Haven't you caused enough trouble yet?"

  "It's also because Lord Wang Pavilion Master is generous enough to spare you this time.Otherwise, you'll have to suffer today."

  "Don't go home yet!"

  Lu Mingze faced Ye Fan and said in an angry voice.

  Although this Scarlet didn't directly nod his head in agreement, Lu Mingze didn't think that he didn't have any face at all.

  After all, if this Scarlet Man's martial arts school wanted to continue, he would have to rely on their company to take care of business in the future.Otherwise, this Scarlet Man wouldn't have been so stingy with Lu Mingze earlier, and invited him to go drinking with him later.

  A crisis was resolved by Lu Mingze in a few words.

  Inside the bus, the people watching this scene were slightly shocked.

  The gazes that looked at Lu Mingze were filled with admiration and respect.

  I thought to myself that this man was a big man, his face was so big that he had settled the matter with a few words.

  "This brat has spread out a powerful aunt ah."

  "Otherwise, he's designated to finish playing tonight!"

  Inside the car, the crowd shook their heads and lamented in low voices.

  "Brother Ye Fan, go quickly~"

  At this time, Lu Wenjing seemed to be afraid that the scarred man would go back on his word, and quickly pulled Ye Fan and turned around.

  But the voice of the scarred man, however, sounded again, "Slow down, I didn't agree to let him go."


  Lu Mingze frowned and became unhappy, asking the scarred man in a cold voice, "Master Wang, this niece son-in-law of mine is just a superfluous son-in-law from the countryside, could it be that you won't even give me, Lu Sheng, this face?"

  Scarlet shook his head and laughed, "Mr. Lu, don't be angry either."

  "By all means, with our friendship, not to mention that you're fishing for one person in my place, even if it's ten or eight, I, Wang Erkao, will never say anything!"

  "But as for this hillbilly, I really can't give it to you today."

  "Just because, it's not me who's going to do him, but Kingston's, Third Young Master!"

  "The person Third Young Master wants to deal with, even if I give you face, but Mr. Lu, do you dare to take this face?"


  After Lu Mingze heard the third young master's title, an old face immediately went white and miserable, and his entire body shook.

  In fear, Lu Mingze then glared at Ye Fan and cursed angrily, "You bastard, did I really go to Nima?"

  "Even you dare to offend Third Young Master?"

  "One of your own wimps, but you're good at causing trouble!"

  "A door-to-door son-in-law, how dare you mess with someone with such a big background?"

  "You don't know what you're doing!"

  "Waiting for you to die~"

  "My Lu family was almost killed by you, you wimp!"

  Lu Mingze was clearly frightened and cursed angrily.His face was pale, and his entire body had panicked.

  "Pavilion Master Wang, I'm sorry."

  "Pretend that I, Lu Mingze, never said what I just said."

  "This country boy, you should deal with it however you want!"

  "I won't bother Hall Master Wang here with my business, and I'll come back to make amends on another day~"

  Lu Mingze said with a pale face, terrified.After giving an apology to the scarred man, he pulled his own daughter and left without a head, never daring to interfere in Ye Fan's affairs again.


"Dad, I'm not leaving~"

  Lu Mingze was ready to leave regardless of Ye Fan, turning his head to go, but the little loli Lu Wenjing was simply unwilling to leave, always tightly grasping the corner of Ye Fan's coat, allowing Lu Mingze how to pull him, but the little girl did not let go.

  With glittering tears on her pretty face, Lu Wenjing is still begging her father: "Daddy, please, don't ignore brother Ye Fan, save brother Ye Fan ah~."

  "Shut up!"

  However, as soon as Lu Wenjing's words trailed off, Lu Mingze was the one who immediately gave a furious shout and pulled Lu Wenjing over roughly with a sudden push.

  "He's not your brother."

  "Our Lu family, moreover, has nothing to do with him!"

  "What does it matter to us whether he lives or dies?"

  "You dead girl, are you going to get your parents killed for a wimp?"

  "Why don't you come with me?"

  Lu Mingze said harshly, the words filled with indignation as well as deep fear.

  He was truly afraid.

  Afraid of being implicated by Ye Fan and having his Lu Mingze family suffer calamity as well.

  That's why Lu Mingze was so eager to cut ties with Ye Fan, telling everyone that he had no involvement or entanglement with Ye Fan.

  One couldn't blame Lu Mingze for being heartless, after all, it was human nature to be wise and save one's life!

  Lu Mingze was not a child, and he undoubtedly considered much more than Lu Wenjing.

  Lu Wenjing could be capricious, could be careless, could not care about the consequences.But Lu Mingze couldn't!

  He was the head of the family, and his words and actions could almost decide the survival of his family.

  Even if Ye Fan was his wife's relative, so what if he was his daughter's brother, Ye Fan.

  Lu Mingze couldn't possibly put their entire family in danger just for an insignificant door-to-door son-in-law.

  "A thing that doesn't know how to live, you don't know how to behave with your tail between your legs even though you're incapable of doing so, instead you go around causing trouble?"

  "If you're capable of messing with it, then you're capable of taking it upon yourself!"

  "Don't think about someone else going to wipe your ass?"

  Lu Mingze looked at Ye Fan with a cold snort of anger and ignored the already frightened and crying Lu Wenjing, turning his head to leave with his own daughter.

  At this time, the scarred man shook his head and laughed at the situation, then continued to look coldly at Ye Fan, "Bastard, how is it going?"

  "Even your sister-in-law doesn't care about you, so now you have to know what kind of big deal you've messed with, right?"

  "If you know what's good for you, why don't you cripple your own legs and kneel down and beg for death!"


  Between the sneers, Scarlet's words were steeply cold.

  For a moment, the cold wind swept and rolled up three thousand fallen leaves.

  At the same time, the scarab man banged, threw the general open blade at Ye Fan's feet, and looked like he was going to let Ye Fan finish himself off.

  "Brother Ye Fan, don't~"

  Lu Mingze, who was being pulled aside by Lu Wenjing, cried out in tears at this point, terrified.

  Scarlet Man and the others were smiling coldly, full of hideousness, looking at Ye Fan as if they were looking at a corpse.

  On the bus, those passengers were also all shaking their heads and sighing, looking at Ye Fan, but they were filled with pity.

  However, just when everyone thought that Ye Fan was on the verge of death, about to kneel down and beg for death.

  But who would have thought that Ye Fan was laughing.

  That laughter was Lang Lang, with mockery, with ridicule, with pride and majesty that defied everyone.

  "With you guys, you still want me to kneel down and beg for death?"

  "You guys, worthy?"

  "Now, I'll give you a chance as well."

  "Those of you who know better, kneel down and apologize to me, kowtow three times, and I will let you live."

  Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative, but that contemptuous laughter was ringing out under this side of the night.


  "Brakes, right?"

  "It's idiotic in general!"

  "Something that doesn't know how to live~"

  "I almost got killed by this idiot!"

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, the people present were close to going crazy.

  Especially Lu Mingze, who was directly beside him with a black face and a dark voice cursing under his breath.

  He originally thought that Ye Fan was just a wimp, but now it turned out that he was also an idiot fool!

  You're still pretending to be poor when you're dying?

  Is he not dying fast enough for himself?

  Thinking of this, Lu Mingze was covered in cold sweat.

  Fortunately, he had just cleared the air with Ye Fan, otherwise their Lu family was afraid that they would really be killed by this fool Ye Fan!

  Inside the bus, that crowd of passengers were also instantly in an uproar as they heard Ye Fan's arrogant words.

  "This youngster, he really doesn't know how to live, huh?"

  "This kind of person is not very good at what he does, but his tone is really not small!"

  "There are dozens of other people, and you're alone, so I really don't know what kind of bottom line you have to say such things."

  "This kind of person is either a big bull or a big idiot~"

  Many people sneered and laughed, looking at Ye Fan as if they were looking at idiots.

  As for Scarlet Man and the others, their faces were now completely gloomy.

  They clearly no longer had the patience to spend time with Ye Fan.

  Scar Man stretched out his hand and received a knife from his men, his face was gloomy as he slowly walked towards Ye Fan.

  Those eyes, as if they were bloodthirsty vultures, were so gloomy and cold, looking straight at Ye Fan.

  "Bastard, you are the first and the last person who dares to make me, Wang Erjiao, kneel."

  "I originally wanted to give you a chance to live, but Na Na, you insist on seeking death."

  "In that case, I'll send you on your way!"


  As the words fell, Scarab Man struck down with both hands.

  The sharp blade reflected the cold moonlight, and under the Scarab Man, the blade splitting the air waves directly fell down towards Ye Fan's body.

  "Dead man!"

  "This kid is finished~"

  Many people had closed their eyes, Lu Wenjing was so frightened that she cried out loudly, and Lu Mingze also turned away with a frown on his face, not daring to look again.

  However, the next moment, there was a muffled clanging sound.

  Everyone could see that the blade in Scar Man's hand snapped off.

  The broken blade was directly kicked out by Ye Fan with a clang, and it struck into the sturdy tree trunk behind him.


  "This...How is this possible?"

  At that time, Scarlet was completely confused.Holding a broken knife dumbfounded there, his entire body was like being struck by lightning.

  He had never thought that the steel knife in his hand would be broken by the man in front of him?


  And while Scarlet trembled, the left leg that Ye Fan lifted right afterwards was a fierce downward kick!


  Ye Fan's leg smashed into the scar man's shoulder, the tremendous force weighed more than a thousand pounds, and the scar man kneeled on the ground with a bang.

  The broken knife in his hand flew out, spun in the air, and then fell down.

  It pierced with an unbiased sound, and plunged right into the Scarlet Man's thigh.


  A miserable scream echoed in all directions.

  Blood was flowing everywhere, and Scarlet, who had been domineering and imposing just a moment ago, was now moaning and screaming like a useless dog, holding his injured thigh on the ground.


  For a moment, the whole place was silent.

  This part of the world was silent.

  There was only the clear wind sweeping, and the miserable screams echoing.

  Ye Fan was still standing proudly, with no joy or sorrow on his clear and beautiful face, and was calm.

  It was as if the calm lake stopped water, but the matter in front of him did not raise any waves in his heart.

  And then, Ye Fan's face lifted up, his sensible eyebrows sweeping the four directions, under his majestic momentum, the crowd present actually unconsciously took a step back.

  But Ye Fan's gaze didn't stop on these jumping clowns, but looked deep into the dark night, and the indifferent and cold voice, quietly sounded.And then this side of the night sky, only like a ghost echoing!

  "Mr. Zhou, since you're here, why don't you show up?"


"This hiding, is it because you're afraid of me and don't dare come out?"

  Ye Fan's faint laughter was only like a cold wind, flowing slowly under this side of the night.

  And hearing Ye Fan's words, the people present were once again shocked.

  Especially Lu Mingze, his old face drew in, and his entire body even trembled at once!

  Mr. Chow?

  Could it be Zhou Sheng, the CEO of the Zhou Clan and one of the Third Young Master's cadres?

  "Could it be, he's here too?"

  Just as Lu Mingze was in fear, a bright light suddenly lit up in the dark night.

  Then, in the darkness a hundred meters away from everyone, a black Land Rover suddenly started.

  The orange light is like a sword, tearing the long sky.

  The black body, but also like a night ghost, facing the night, towards here, galloping.

  The deep roar of the engine was like a wild beast, roaring in this place.

  The moment the car appeared, it caused countless people present to tremble.


  Wheels spinning, luxury cars speeding.

  A hundred meters away, but it arrived in an instant.

  As the crowd watched, the luxury car was like an arrow piercing through the long sky and rushing towards us.

  However, just at the moment when it was about to hit Ye Fan, the body was swept across, as if a knife had been cut off from the water, a beautiful lightning deflection, and the red-orange lights pulled out a beautiful tail after the luxury car.

  The tires rubbing the ground, even more with ear-piercing explosions.

  Just like this, in the midst of everyone's shock and violence, the body of this luxury car turned 360 degrees and steadily stopped in front of everyone.

  The car door opened, a strapping middle-aged man in black clothes, just like this, from the car, slowly walked down.

  Black leather shoes stepped on the ground, bringing a low, muffled sound.He took off his sunglasses, revealing a majestic and rigid face.

  In the split second that this person appeared, that majestic and huge aura, but it made everyone present, all of them chill!

  "Who's this?"

  "What a strong aura!"

  "Even the appearance is so awesome, it just lightning drifts from the sky!"

  "This is the big guy, this is the absolute big guy~"

  "The big man behind the curtain has appeared, and that young man is dead!"

  "He's finished~"

  After the appearance of the man in front of them, the bus exploded with a crowd of passengers once again, talking endlessly, noisy trembling sounds echoing throughout the bus.

  Who would have thought that a sparse and ordinary bus trip could encounter such a thrilling event.

  The grandparents inside the car, lying on the window even more interested in watching the scene outside, the feeling was like watching a blockbuster movie, but also watching with great interest.

  "Is it really him?"

  "What the hell did that wimp do?"

  "Did you even draw him in?"

  Lu Mingze's face was a little more ugly, as he pulled his own daughter back to hide again due to fear and trepidation.

  Lu Mingze had been crawling around in Jingzhou for decades, and naturally, he had heard of this Zhou Sheng in front of him.

  This is a ruthless character, who has crawled from a wage earner to this point. He not only held the thigh of the third young master of Jingzhou, but also became the CEO of a large group, in charge of a hundred people enterprise.

  What's more, this Zhou Sheng has a wide range of connections in Jingzhou, black and white, and is definitely a local snake.

  This kind of big shot in Jingzhou is also considered to be a big figure, why did he travel from Jingzhou to Yunzhou today?

  Thinking of this, Lu Mingze was even more terrified.

  In his mind, he pondered what kind of terrible trouble this Ye Fan had made, would it implicate their Lu family as well?

  Just as Lu Mingze was on tenterhooks, Zhou Sheng was already walking from the car.

  He looked towards Ye Fan and smiled coldly, "Master Ye, we meet again."

  Ye Fan also smiled, "Yes, Master Zhou, so soon, we meet again."

  "It's just that I haven't seen you for a few days, but I didn't think that Mr. Zhou's courage is growing."

  "Looks like the lesson I gave you before wasn't enough, but you still dare to come to Yunzhou?And still dare, to provoke me?"

  "Shit, this idiot, how dare he say that in front of Zhou Sheng, has his head been kicked by a donkey?"Lu Mingze, who was on the side, heard Ye Fan's rude words and was so scared that he cursed with a black face.

  In case he angered Zhou Sheng, I'm afraid that even he would be implicated then!

  He was now really regretting that he got on this thieving train with Ye Fan.

  If he had known, he would have killed himself and wouldn't have come to see Ye Fan!

  If not, how else would you come across this crap?

  Lu Mingze was just terrified, facing Zhou Sheng, he took his own daughter and hid aside, not daring to speak at all.

  Zhou Sheng remained flat, facing Ye Fan's almost provocative voice, Zhou Sheng was not angry at all, instead he even looked at Ye Fan and shook his head and smiled.

  "I, Zhou Sheng, dare to come to Yunzhou, naturally I have something to rely on."

  "If I dare to provoke you, it is also natural that I have my backing."

  "But Master Ye, I have to say that there are not many people in my life that I have admired in Zhou Sheng's life, but you, you definitely count as one."

  "Because you amaze me so much."

  "You're a country bumpkin or a door-to-door son-in-law, I once thought you were just a wimp too.But I didn't expect that at such a young age, you not only know how to read stones, but you can also read people's hearts so thoroughly.I, Zhou Sheng, planned and carefully laid out for many days, I thought it was seamless, but in the end, I didn't expect it to fall into your hands."

  "Of course, that's one of them."

  "What amazes me more is that you were still able to escape in the midst of my men's revenge.Dozens of men were unable to take you in?"

  "But that's the end of it, asshole!"

  "Because of you, I have a home to go back to!"

  "Because of you, my decades of foundation is gone!"

  "It's also because of you that you made my Zhou Sheng career collapse and fall apart."

  "Now, it's time for you to repay all of this that you owe me."

  Zhou Sheng laughed coldly as he looked at Ye Fan, and his words were becoming cold.

  Until finally, the entire face was already filled with killing intent.The eloquent words were as cold as ice.

  "Stinker, take a last look at this side of the world."

  "In the future, you won't have another chance."

  "After tonight, I will let you perish here and expose your body to the wilderness!!!"


  In the split second that Zhou Sheng's words fell, this heaven and earth was swept by a violent wind.

  The cold wind, which was only like a sword, swept the four directions.

  "Yes?Just depend on it, these hyenas?"

  Ye Fan was still smiling, the amused smile on his clear face, but it was still genial.

  The color of the mountain collapsed in front of the unchanged, and the elk rose to the left without a second glance.

  Said, perhaps it was the Ye Fan of this place.

  "Of course not!"Zhou Sheng returned in a deep voice.

  In the next moment, only Zhou Sheng's face was steep.He no longer talked nonsense to Ye Fan, and after saying that, he immediately turned around, bowed and bent over the Land Rover behind him, respectfully and respectfully said, "Third Young Master, what's next, please!"

  Respectful voices quietly sounded.

  For a moment, it was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea, setting off a monstrous wave.

  Immediately afterwards, the dozens of men behind Zhou Sheng all came forward and stood on either side.

  Also like Zhou Sheng, they bowed and bent over, facing the Land Rover, and drank respectfully, "Please, Third Young Master!"


  "Please, Third Young Master!"


  "Please, Third Young Master~"

  Dozens of people were present, bowing in unison and worshipping each other with respect.

  The voices of respect and words of reverence gathered into a stream that swept the heavens and earth in a moment like a mighty river.

  At that moment, the entire arena was horrified.

  Everyone stared at Yanjing, Lu Wenjing was filled with fear, and Lu Mingze's pupils were even more wrinkled.

  Difficult...Could it be that the Third Young Master, too, had come?!


Fuck me, right?

  Ye Fan is such a wimp, did he stab the sky?

  At this moment, Lu Mingze's entire body was nearly scared to death, and his heart was even more raving at Ye Fan.

  Before this, Lu Mingze had never thought that this Ye Fan would even attract the Third Young Master.

  Who was the third young master?

  That's the crown prince of Kingston!

  This Third Young Master, in truth, didn't have much to show for it, nor did he have any bright achievements.

  One could even say that he was a second son, the famous jerk of Jingzhou!

  For so many years, the misdeeds committed were definitely not small.

  Some of these affairs could be considered well known in Jingzhou.

  One of the most famous incidents was undoubtedly this third young master's interest in a stand-up girl in a restaurant.Despite the opposition of his family, he wanted to marry him.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to help them make the most of their opportunities in the market.

  This matter can be said to be a sensation, it is after this matter, the third young master side is much more honest.

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.But no one in Jingzhou was not afraid of him.

  After all, this man's background was too strong!

  His father, however, was the sky of Jingzhou.

  His family, even more so, was the number one family in Jingzhou, with a deep heritage.

  Who would dare to provoke such a person?

  Lu Ming-taek and the others don't even have time to suck up to them?

  But who would have thought that such a big man with a strong background would be messed with by a son-in-law at the door?

  "This Ye Fan, what the hell is he doing?"

  Lu Mingze was on the verge of tears, and he only prayed now that he wouldn't be implicated.

  Otherwise, not to mention their Lu family, even the company he was in would never have an easy time.

  The moonlight was like water, and the night was silent.

  In this world, there was a cool autumn breeze that blew slowly through.

  There was silence all around, Lu Mingze and all the passengers inside the bus, because of fear and trembling, but held their breath, not daring to breathe.

  Outside the bus, Zhou Sheng led dozens of his men, bowing and worshipping.

  That reverent voice echoed throughout the entire world.

  And Ye Fan looked calm, just like this, standing peacefully under the night.

  The breeze blew his sleeves, and the tips of his hair on his forehead, even more so, whipped in the wind.

  Everyone was waiting for the person called Third Young Master, the big man who made Zhou Sheng and the others bow and greet him, to step down from the car.

  However, one second ~ two seconds~.

  one minute


  Until three minutes passed, still no movement.

  The black Land Rover was quietly parked there, and through the slightly open window, you could vaguely see the dashboard lit up, but other than that, it was pitch black, and there was no one, stepping down from it.


  Lu Mingze and the others were stunned.Thinking what was going on?

  Zhou Sheng also had a slight frown on his eyebrows, and his face, which had been drooping and respectful, lifted slightly, thinking to himself, did Third Young Master not hear?

  "Welcome, Third Young Master!"

  Zhou Sheng shouted again in a deep voice.

  This time, his voice was much louder than just now, and his mid-air voice was thunderous even to the passengers inside the bus.

  "Welcome, Third Young Master~"


  Those men behind Zhou Sheng also followed Zhou Sheng's example and shouted once more .

  The deafening sound was like thunder rolling through, startling the birds in the sky.

  However, spare the car, there was still no movement inside.

  The car door was closed tightly, no sound could be heard inside, and there was no sign of anyone trying to come down from it at all.

  What was even more puzzling for Zhou Sheng to arrive was that the Land Rover, which had been quiet and unmoving, was now starting to tremble slightly.

  That kind of feeling, as if there was not a Land Rover parked in front of you, but a cat that saw a tiger?


  Such a bizarre scene made Zhou Sheng undoubtedly even more confused.

  "Third Young Master?"

  "Third Young Master, can you hear me?"

  "Just answer one sentence when you hear it?"

  Zhou Sheng tried asking again, but the result was still the same, no one responded at all, and the car was silent.

  The company's main business is the development of a new business, and the company's main business is the development of a new business.

  Thinking of this, Zhou Sheng no longer dared to delay, his old face sullen, directly up to the front.

  However, just as Zhou Sheng was about to open the door, the Land Rover in front of him actually started.

  The Rover in front of him turned around and ran like a madman.

  However, perhaps too anxious, the car has not run up then "bang" hit the tree.

  The tree shook, the alarm flashed wildly, and the overhanging wheels spun idly.

  "Third young master!!!"

  "Third Young Master!!!"

  Zhou Sheng and the others then panicked at the sight of the situation and rushed forward to save them.

  "Third Young Master, Third Young Master, are you alright..."

  Zhou Sheng was about to ask, but before he could finish his sentence, the moment he opened the door, he saw the figure curled up into a ball of flesh roll down from inside the Land Rover and kneel on the ground with a bang.

  "Chu...Mr. Chu, spare...Spare your life~"

  "I...I didn't really know it was you, did I?"

  "If I knew that Zhou Sheng was going to deal with you, I wouldn't have come to mess with you even if it killed me~"

  At this time Lei Ao Ting's entire body was nearly already scared to death, he was kneeling there, his face was as white as paper, because of fear, tears were close to staying, his body was swinging all over, with a heart full of misery and fear, he couldn't stop begging for mercy towards Ye Fan.

  Now Lei Ao Ting, like a frightened scrap dog, kneeling on the ground, with flowers on his forehead, not daring to raise his head, not even to look at Ye Fan's courage.

  This time Lei Ao Ting was ordered to come to Yunzhou, one was to discuss something with Yunzhou's Second Master Li.

  Previously, in the Taishan Martial Meeting, Mr. Chu had saved the world and shocked the group with a shocking strike, killing the unstoppable Wu He Rong directly.That martial arts meeting not only established Ye Fan's supreme power and prestige in the secular world of Jiangdong, but also announced the complete downfall of Zhao Wuji, the master of Jiangdong, who was the enemy of Chen Ao.

  At that time, Ye Fan asked Li Er, Lei Lao San and the others to go to the major cities in the East-West Realm of Jiangdong to take over all of Zhao Wuji's properties before his death.It was a tedious and vast project, and there were naturally many things to discuss within it.Lei Laosan sent his own son to Yunzhou for some of the trivial matters in it.

  And in addition to that, Lei Ao Ting's other purpose for coming to Yunzhou was to pay a condolence visit to Mr. Chu on behalf of his father, Lei Laosan, to exchange feelings, as well as to bring each other closer together and remove the barriers and misunderstandings that he had with Ye Fan at the birthday banquet of Old Lady Han in Jianghai.

  After all, Mr. Chu was now the sky of Jiangdong!

  All the big shots in the 18 cities of Jiangdong Province are honored by him!

  This monstrous big man, even if the Lei family has great power in Jingzhou, they would have to strenuously suck up to Ye Fan!

  But what Lei Ao Ting never dreamed of was, he thought that this trip to Yunzhou was a minor incident, he thought that Zhou Sheng had asked him to deal with a nameless rat from the countryside.

  But what Lei Ao Ting had never thought of was that Zhou Sheng's son of a bitch had asked him to deal with a Mr. Chu?

  Mr. Chu, the king of Jiangdong!

  Just now in the car, the moment he saw Ye Fan through the car window, Lei Ao Ting's entire body had been scared to death.

  He was all confused, his brain was blank, shrinking in the car, not knowing what to do at all?


Lei Ao-ting is the third oldest in the Lei family, and has two sisters above him, so he is known as the "Third Young Master" in Jingzhou.

  But in front of Mr. Chu, his "Third Young Master" is nothing.

  Let alone him, even his father, Lei laosan, and even their entire Lei family, were probably worthless in front of Ye Fan, right?

  Now that he has provoked Ye Fan again without eyesight, Lei Ao Ting is certainly terrified.

  Just now hiding in the car, Lei Ao Ting was completely confused.

  Zhou Sheng shouted at him to get off, did he hear?

  Nonsense, Lei Ao Ting is not deaf, of course he can hear clearly!

  But he did not dare to get off ah.

  At that time Lei Ao Ting nearly all urinated, blank brain, completely at a loss.

  He was so scared that he wanted to call his father for help, he was afraid that he would be killed by Mr. Chu, just like Wu He Rong.

  At that time Taishan Martial Arts Association, Lei Ao Ting was also present.

  Wu He Rong's death was so brutal, Lei Ao Ting still remembered it vividly!

  Last time in Jianghai, he was trapped by Mo Wenxuan once and provoked Ye Fan.Now, this was already the second time to provoke Ye Fan, so one could imagine the fear in Lei Ao Ting's heart?

  This is also why, just now Lei Ao Ting even dare not get out of the car, and finally even more in the Land Rover turned around and directly run away.

  However, the weather was not good, the car did not go out a few meters before hitting a tree.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.

  "Mr. Chu, spare your life~"

  "I...I really didn't know it was you~"

  Beside the road, under the street lamp, Lei Ao Ting knelt there, facing Ye Fan, pleading miserably.A handful of snot and tears, it was very heartbreaking.

  At this time, the entire world was already deadly silent.

  There were nearly a hundred people gathered around.

  However, even more people were present, yet not a single person said!

  Everywhere you enter the eye, it is all, deathly silent.The sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

  Zhou Sheng, in particular, was confused the moment he saw Lei Ao Ting kneel down.

  It was as if his entire body had been struck by lightning, incredibly looking at the scene in front of him.

  The feeling was like being slapped hard in the face by Ye Fan.

  Zhou Sheng had never dreamed that his proudest dependence, his biggest backing that he had made in Jingzhou, would kneel down without saying a word the moment he saw Ye Fan.

  At this moment, Zhou Sheng finally understood, why was Ye Fan fearless in the face of such a crowd just now?

  Why is Ye Fan in desperate straits but still at peace?

  Why does he speak out when he's alone in front of a crowd?

  So that's what he's banking on!

  To be able to make the Third Young Master kneel and beg for mercy, with that kind of backbone, he could indeed fear no one?

  Not only Zhou Sheng, who was also trembling and confused, but also Ye Fan's youngest brother-in-law, Lu Mingze.


  "What's going on here?"

  "To...What the hell happened?"

  "Jing...The crown prince of Jingzhou, kneeling down to a country bumpkin?"

  "How is that possible?"

  Until now, Lu Mingze had trouble accepting the scene in front of him.

  He stared at his eyes with dead eyes, so mad that he drew cold air.When he saw Lei Ao Ting kneel down and beg for forgiveness to Ye Fan, Lu Mingze's heart was nothing less than a monstrous wave of horror.

  He couldn't imagine that the crown prince of Jingzhou, the biological son of the Third Prince of Lei, the eldest son of the Lei family of Jingzhou, who had a monstrous background, would kneel down and beg for forgiveness to a nameless country boy?

  Isn't that Ye Fan, a country bumpkin from a poor background?

  Isn't that Ye Fan, a son-in-law who's a son-in-law?

  How could he, the Lei Ao Ting, kneel down and worship?

  Could it be that this Ye Fan, behind his seemingly mediocre and incompetent appearance, is hiding a monstrous background identity?

  Thinking of this, Lei Ao Ting's pupils crinkled even more, and his old eyes, which were staring at him, widened even more.

  If it was really like what he imagined, what kind of big man would this Ye Fan be?

  For a moment, Lu Mingze felt remorse.

  He shouldn't have ignored Ye Fan just now, he shouldn't have disobeyed his own daughter.

  "Mr. Chu, spare my life~"

  "I was really wrong, I deserve to die."

  "I shouldn't have been compelled by the villain, I shouldn't have offended Mr. Chu's..."

  By the side of the road, Lei Ao Ting was still kneeling there, and his miserable voice couldn't stop ringing.

  Ye Fan was condescending, looking at him coldly.

  "Lei Ao Ting, right?Lei's son?"

  "Together with the one from Ekai, today, it's the second time, right?"

  After a long silence, Ye Fan's indifferent voice quietly rang out in the middle of this side of the night.

  Hearing this cold and icy voice of Ye Fan, Lei Ao Ting immediately shivered with fear and his guts were on the verge of breaking.

  From the tone of Ye Fan's voice, he knew that Ye Fan was obviously angry.

  Lei Ao Ting became even more terrified, snatching the ground with his head, crying and worshipping again, "Mr. Chu, I really didn't mean to offend."

  "It's all because of him, it's all because of that son of a bitch Zhou Sheng, it's that son of a bitch who is hurting me ah."

  "He's the one who wanted to kill you, he's also the one who sent people to deal with you, it's really half to do with me ah."

  "I'm the one who was pitied, I didn't even know it was you ah?"

  "Otherwise, even if you were to lend me a hundred guts, I wouldn't dare to bring someone to block you, Mr. Chu~"

  Lei Ao Ting has been scared out of his wits, kneeling on the ground unable to stop begging.

  Terrified and wretched appearance, where is the slightest bit of Jingzhou Third Young Master's majesty and elegance.

  It was just like a scared dog.

  In the face of Lei Ao Ting's cries and pleas, Ye Fan's face was expressionless, just threw the phone to him: "If you want to live, call your father.Have Lei Laosan come over to collect you."


  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Lei Ao Ting's old face immediately went white.

  The whole person then cried in fear: "Don't ah, Mr. Chu."

  "I'm begging you, don't tell my dad ah, my dad will kill me."

  "Please, please, don't tell my dad~"

  "He's really going to beat me up~"

  Lei Ao Ting couldn't stop crying and begging, when he heard that Ye Fan had asked his father to come and claim him, Lei Ao Ting was nearly scared out of his wits.

  One had to know that Lei Laosan had asked him to come to Yunzhou this time to visit Mr. Ba Ba Chu.

  He didn't even dare to imagine how furious his father would be if he knew that he not only didn't suck up to Mr. Chu, but also brought people to surround him.

  He's probably going to kill himself.

  Ye Fan ignored Lei Ao Ting's cries, and there was no joy or sorrow in his deep pupils.

  Whether intentional or unintentional, there were things that, since they were done, one had to bear the price!

  As was the case with Zhou Sheng, so was Lei Ao Ting, naturally!

  After throwing the phone to Lei Ao Ting, Ye Fan slowly turned around, his cold eyes, sweeping the four directions.Finally, slowly, they landed on Zhou Sheng, who had already been scared silly at the side.

  Feeling Ye Fan's line of sight, Zhou Sheng was in a state of shock and his entire body trembled violently.

  An old face, at a speed visible to the naked eye, went pale.

  In the end, Zhou Sheng could no longer endure the fear in his heart, and with a bang, he also kneeled on the ground like Lei Ao Ting.

  "Great...Grandmaster, spare...Spare your life~"

  With a heart full of trepidation, Zhou Sheng trembled and trembled, and pleaded miserably to Ye Fan.


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