The King of Kungfu in school 1241-1250


Chapter 1241

By late night, Tang Zichen said, "Eldest senior brother, second senior brother, and Xiao Meng, tomorrow is the mid-ranking master's tournament, I'll see you guys tomorrow, go home and sleep early today."

"Mm."Xiao Meng nodded very confidently, and Xie Yong and Hao Zizhu, seeing that their senior brothers were very brave today, were also very confident all of a sudden.

Of course, apart from the three of them, there were also a few original pirate leaders who were also in the middle stage of the clan, but Tang Zichen had little confidence in those people.

There were no words during the night.

The next day, also early in the morning, Tang Zichen and the others headed to the Valley of Heroes.

Today was the second day of the Jiang Hu Conference, and despite going there early in the morning, when they arrived at the Valley of Heroes, there was already a sea of people, as many people simply hadn't left all night and slept on the spot in order to take their places.

Tang Zichen accompanied Xiao Meng, Xie Yong, Hao Zizhu and others to do the registration.

After the registration, they were ready to start today's mid-stage tournament of the Sect Masters.

At around 10 am, the Demon Lord flew into the air, and he presided in the morning, while the Martial Master presided in the afternoon.

"Everyone, the Jiang Hu Assembly, the Clan Master Mid-Term Martial Competition, will begin immediately."

"Ohhhhh."The whole arena cheered, the more exciting it got in the following days, and the enthusiasm today was clearly better than yesterday. Remember the URL

The Demon Patriarch said, "Please invite all mid-stage Ancestors participating in the tournament to enter the tournament arena."

In all directions, there were constantly mid-stage Zongshi powerhouses flying into the tournament arena.

"Xiao Meng, look at you, Yang Yijian even took first place yesterday, with your talent and strength, this first place today, if you don't take it, it really can't be said."

"Mm, brother Zichen, I will.".

"Eldest senior brother, second senior brother, you two aren't young, you've gone to the Memory Stone to practice again, and you've understood the essence of the Endless Technique, this second and third place, if it falls into someone else's hands, this really can't be said."

Xie Yong smiled, "Don't worry, I'm very confident."

"Me too."Hao Zizhu said.

Several people immediately flew into the tournament arena.

Tang Zichen chuckled, yesterday, Endless Gate wrapped up the top ten, today, if Endless Gate wrapped up the top three again, tsk tsk, this will be wonderful, Endless Gate is so grippy, it can't even be without fire.

Tang Zichen is very confident in Xiaomeng, Xiaomeng is Tang Zichen from a weak hour to cultivate, said Xiaomeng's master is not an exaggeration.

Mu Yi Yao said, "The opponent of the mid-stage clan master's tournament is also not so simple, not to mention anything else, the Demon Cult's White Impermanence, already a favorite to win the championship, is the Demon Cult's side, the number one strongest mid-stage clan master, used to be under me."

Tang Zichen said, "Never mind what White Impermanence, Black Impermanence, I believe Xiao Meng can kill him in seconds."

"Oh."Mu just laughed, in fact, Mu had more confidence in that very famous White Impermanence of the Demon Sect, after all, it was once under him, Mu was well aware of White Impermanence's strength, while Xiao Meng's strength, Mu had never seen it before.

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife also said, "The Righteous Alliance, Lady Yu Qing of the Yanshan School, I think she is also a big threat, when she and I were at the same level, I wasn't even a match for her, but she didn't have the same opportunities as me, so she is still still at the middle stage of the clan, I think that Yu Qing will be Xiaomeng's strongest opponent."

"I think White Impermanence is the one."

"Yu Qing is the one."

"Don't argue, I only believe in my Xiao Meng, let's see how Xiao Meng behaves."Tang Zichen said.

The tournament began.

The Demon Lord shouted, "Everyone, today's sparring method is, the 'start-to-finish' method, what is start-to-finish, it's starting from the first place and ranking down one by one, so, when we start later, the first one to be produced is the first one.Is everyone ready?"


"Ready to go."All the contestants nodded their heads.

The Demon Lord said, "Then, we will now begin to compete for first place, all of you participants who think you are capable of competing for first place, please come out."

In the next second, two people came out of the lineup: the Devil Cult's White Impermanence, and the Positive Alliance's Lady Yu Qing.

All the audience didn't seem surprised, as everyone knew that they were the two strongest in the mid-rank of the Sect Master, and they were known for it.

The Demon Patriarch said, "White Impermanence, Yu Qing, now you two compete for first place, and the one who loses will have to compete for second place."


"Wait, there's still me."At this time, a person suddenly said.

Everyone looked towards that person and saw that it was an unfamiliar face, judging from the clothes, it was like Endless Gate, it was Xiao Meng.

Xiao Meng had just tied her shoelaces, so it caused a slow step out of line.

Xiao Meng said, "I think that I also have the qualifications to compete for first place."

Next to him, White Impermanence snorted in disdain, that Yu Qing Lady also seemed to be very disdainful of Xiaomeng, a nobody who wanted to compete with them in the middle of the clan, really ungrateful, the two of them were recognized in the rivers and lakes, the strongest representatives of the two factions of Masamune and Demon.

The Devil Patriarch said, "Fine, since you think you also have the strength to compete for the first place, let the three of you compete, however, I advise you to retain your strength if you don't have enough strength, in case the competition for the first place doesn't work, and you overly consume your physical strength later, you won't even be able to keep the second or third place."

Yu Qing grunted, "Don't be long-winded, now that the three of us are competing for first place, how do we fight?Who's with who first?"

Before the Devil Lord spoke, he said, "Let the two of them go together and beat me."

"What?"The crowd flipped in shock, Xiaomeng looked like such a beautiful weak woman, but she actually said such crazy things together.

At this moment, the crowd of spectators smiled slightly, this was of course Tang Zichen sending a message to Xiao Meng, asking them to go together.

Bai Wu Chang felt insulted and said angrily, "Little girl, don't force me to kill."

Yu Qing was also angry, "I let you have one hand you may not be my opponent, you dare to speak out."

: "If the two of you really don't want to go together, then one at a time, who will go first?"

"Hmph, I'll do it."After Yu Qing said that, he suddenly killed Xiao Meng with a sword.

"Dang dang dang."


At the third move, Xiao Meng's sword pointed at Yu Qing's neck and said, "Mistress Yu Qing, I'm sorry, you lose."

"Ah."Everyone was dumbfounded, where was this beautiful woman, so powerful, defeating Yu Qing in three moves.

Xiaomeng looked at White Impermanence and said, "It's your turn."

White Impermanence rushed up, and his entire body turned into an arrow and shot at Xiaomeng, while the sword in his hand danced airtight.

Xiao Meng's body flashed, and in the next second, appeared on top of White Impermanence's head, but unfortunately, White Impermanence was overly nervous because of Yu Qing's fiasco just now, so he only focused on using his sword to the fullest, but ignored the enemy's movements, which didn't, and immediately let Xiao Meng seize the opportunity.

"Bang."White Impermanence was stepped into the mud by Xiao Meng, eating a mouthful of mud, and Xiao Meng defeated White Impermanence in one move.

"Whoa shit."

"No way, this is a dream?"

The entire audience was overwhelmed by Xiao Meng's posture and looked at Xiao Meng full of adoration.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, Xiaomeng really did not disappoint him, and the first place was successfully obtained.

The next step was up to Big Brother and Second Senior Brother to get the second and third place.


"First place has been born, what's your name?"

"Endless Gate, Han Xiaomeng."

"Congratulations to Han Xiaomeng for winning the first place in the middle of the Ancestor Realm tournament, the second and third place will follow, the second and third place will definitely be Bai Wuhen and Yu Qing, you two get ready."The Devil Patriarch said.

"Wait."At this moment, a shout.

Tang Zichen's big brother jumped out and shouted, "Wait, I think I'm qualified to compete for second place as well."

"You, again, from the Endless Gate?"


"Bang."Tang Zichen's big brother kicked Yu Qing in the air.

So far, Xie Yong had defeated White Impermanence and Yu Qing respectively, although not as perversely fast as Xiao Meng, but it was only less than five minutes to connect and defeat them.

The entire Valley of Heroes was talking about it, I thought the second place would definitely be White Impermanence and Yu Qing, but I didn't expect that the second place would be taken away by the Endless Gate, the Endless Gate was too perverted.

White Impermanence and Yu Qing were very depressed. One second to remember to read the book

Next, the third place, they vowed to obtain, definitely.

"Next, there will be a competition for third place, and I think that this time, it will always be Bai Wu Chang and Yu Qing."The Demon Lord said, if the two of them couldn't get third this time, then it really wouldn't be justifiable.

"Alright, White Impermanence, Yu Qing, which one of you two can become the third will depend on your strength, let's get started."

White Impermanence and Yu Qing were about to engage, when another shout came out, "Wait."

Everyone's eyes went to see that it was another Endless Gate person, Tang Zichen's second senior brother Hao Zizhu.

"Wait, I'm Hao Zizhu of the Endless Gate, and I want to compete for third place."

"Ah."Bai Wu Chang was slashed by Hao Zizhu's wrist and the sword came out of his hand.

So far, Hao Zizhu had defeated Yu Qing and White Impermanence, taking less than eight minutes in total.

The third place was taken by the Endless Gate again, and the entire Valley of Heroes didn't know what to say.

Yesterday, the Endless Gate bagged the top ten, and today, the Endless Gate bagged the top three, this Jiang Hu Conference, is the Endless Gate the organizer, how are they all lining up against the Endless Gate.

"I announce that the one who won the third place is, Endless Gate, Hao Zizhu."The Demon Lord announced helplessly.

In the tournament after that, although there were a few more Endless Doors, they were all very low in strength and placed at the bottom of the list.

The next day's tournament ended with a bang in the evening.

Tang Zichen and the others still returned to the Mobile Inn that night, still celebrating the achievements of today until late into the night.

Tomorrow was the third day of the Jiang Hu Assembly, and the tournament was halfway through.

The main participants in the tournament tomorrow at the Endless Gate were Tang Zichen's wife, Qin Ren, and those few pirate disciples of Tang Zichen.However, those few pirate disciples shouldn't be competitive, and the main one tomorrow is Qin Ren.

Yan Xinyi said, "Tomorrow is the late-stage tournament of the clansmen, and the strongest on the demonic side is the Demon Master, while the strongest on the right side is the Martial Master You Jin Zhi."

Qin Ren nodded, the Demon Sect Master and the Martial Forest Alliance Master, responsible for hosting the event for a few days, tomorrow it was finally time for them to take the field in person.

Because the Demon Sect Master and the Martial Forest Alliance Master were both elected based on the strongest late-stage clansmen in martial arts, so the first and second place tomorrow would be between the two of them, if there was no participation from Little Sister.

A night without a word.


p; The next day, also early in the morning, they went to the Valley of Heroes tournament arena and then went to register.

Today, the number of people participating in the late-stage Zongshi tournament was obviously not as many as yesterday, because in the entire Jianghu Lake, there weren't many people who could reach the late-stage Zongshi, and some who thought they weren't strong enough wouldn't participate either.

In mid-air, the Demon Patriarch laughed, "Everyone, today it's finally my turn to do it myself, hahaha, the rules of today's tournament are the same as yesterday."After saying that, the Demon Lord looked towards the ally of the Righteous Alliance and said, "Youjinzhi, come on, it's time for us to get our hands dirty, whoever wins between the two of us will be first."

"Hahaha, good."The Martial Alliance Leader laughed and flew in the air.

Just as the two of them thought that the first place of the Late Clan Master had been created among them, Tang Zichen shouted, "Wait a minute, there's another person who will compete for the first place of the Late Clan Master, you don't think that you two are the strongest existence of the Late Clan Master, do you?"

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

The Devil Patriarch said, "Wind Lightning, don't tell me that someone from your Endless Gate is also competing for first place."

"Haha, let's not lie, it's my insider, Qin Ren'er, I think she can definitely take first place.Rei'er, go out and give them a little bit of color, don't lose our Endless Gate's face."

"Oh."Rei Qin gave a wordless oh and flew out.

The Demon Lord and the Martial Lord both looked depressed as they looked at Rei Qin who flew out.

Qin Ren arched his hands, "Please teach, you two, who will go first?"

The Devil Lord and the Martial Lord looked at each other, and the Martial Lord said, "Hmph, I'll do it."

After saying that, You Jin Zhi killed with his sword, You Jin Zhi was very unhappy with Tang Zichen, so Tang Zichen's wife was also unhappy and was very vicious when he struck.

Unfortunately, with a clang, in just one move, Youjinzhi's sword broke.

"Shoo."Rei Qin's sword was across You Jin Zhi's neck.

"Ah."Youjinzhi looked at the broken sword in his hand and stupidly looked at Qin Ren.

Qin Ren put away the sword and said, "Allied Master, I'm sorry, I'll oblige."

"You, how are you so strong."The Martial Alliance Master was incredulous.

Qin Rei smiled, "Because, I am the wife of Wind Lightning."Qin Ren looked at the Demon Lord and said, "Patriarch, it's our turn."

The Demon Patriarch immediately rushed up.

"Swoosh."With only two swords, Qin Rei put it across the Devil Patriarch's neck, if it was a life and death match, Qin Rei would have already cut his neck off.

The Devil Patriarch's face was white, the wife of Wind Lightning was so powerful.

All the spectators at the scene were in an unbelievable state, without a doubt, the late Sect Master realm, the first place was none other than Wind Lightning's wife.

Many people had a hint of jealousy within them, how could Wind Lightning Cloud be able to marry such a beautiful and powerful wife, the heavens were not fair.

Qin Ren put away his sword and smiled, "I'll oblige."

After saying that, Qin Ren flew down, and only a few minutes later, she was sure of the first place.

The Devil Patriarch was stunned for a moment and announced in public, "First place, Qin Rei."

After the Devil Patriarch finished, he asked, "Second place competition, there should be no one from the Endless Gate, right?"

It took a while for no one to speak before the Demon Lord and the Martial Lord, both depressed, began to battle furiously.

"Dang-dang."The two fought fiercely and looked to be of equal strength, however, the more fierce they fought, the more depressed they became inside, as it showed that neither of them was any better than the other, and they lost in a single move in front of Qin Ren, while they fought in a difficult fight.


Finally, after twenty minutes of fighting, the Demon Lord won by a narrow margin.

"Hmph."The Martial Lord snorted in anger and threw down his sword and walked away, having Qin Ren as a comparison before, it felt like his twenty minutes was a humiliating twenty minutes.

The third day of the Jiang Hu Conference was over again.

Tomorrow, on the fourth day, it would be the duel of the strongest of the clansmen's perfection level.

Finally, tomorrow it was Tang Zichen's turn to appear, Tang Zichen had been waiting for this day for a long time.

With Tang Zichen's current strength, truthfully, it was indeed a bit of bullying.

When celebrating Qin Ren winning first place that night, Tang Zichen said, "Tomorrow it's our turn to show off our skills, hahaha, I've been waiting for this day for a long time.Tomorrow I'll be first, Shisun will be second, Uncle Free is third, Jiang Oldblood, you'll get fourth, after all, you're also a very old master complete, and you've been training in the Endless Gate for two months specifically."

Jiang Oldblood nodded, "Okay, I'll try my best."

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen and the others couldn't wait to head to the Valley of Heroes.

Today, the atmosphere was significantly more warm than the previous three days, and the Jiang Hu Conference, the more exciting it became the later days, as the people competing against each other became stronger.Ancestor Perfection level, in many people's eyes that was like the sun, in every sect, that was a divisional level, an existence that could only be reached by an old man of at least ninety years of age, so today's tournament was a tournament of strong Ancestor Perfection level, how excited the audience was.

Not only that, the heaviest of the heavyweights will also shine in today's match, the so-called heaviest of the heavyweights, of course, is the Clan Master Perfection. The first website

For the previous three days, the Grandmaster Grand Master did not make an appearance, except for the first day when the Golden Wind of the Yu Mountain School appeared for a bit, but today, all of them would make an appearance, including the famous boneless old man, Old Man Wang Rufang.

Around 9:00 a.m., a pale old man slowly flew in from the distant sky.

"Ancestor Chang Yuan Shan of the Flag Mountain Sect, Senior Yao Jin Shui has arrived."

"Wow."Everyone looked up at the two old men flying in the sky, the person who shouted was unknown, probably some audience who knew each other, or someone from the Flag Mountain School.

After a few minutes.

"The ancestor of the Soup Mountain School, Song De Yuan, and Elder Dou Hua have arrived."

"Pah-pah."Everyone applauded.

A few more minutes passed.

"Liang Shan School ancestor, Bai Zhenzi, He Dongxiang, and Nameless Old Ghost arrived."


"Ancestor of the Mountain Slab Sect, Old Man Wang Rufang, Elder Yu Jie arrives."

At this time, the scene let out a shout that shook the entire arena, because Wang Rufang's fame was great, this was the righteous alliance, the only existence that could compete with the Demon Sect's boneless old man, and the cheers of the audience were all different when a more famous figure appeared.

"Divine Dragon Sect's ancestor, Liu Xuan, Senior Wang Yang has arrived."

Not long after, two more old men flew in, and Tang Zichen immediately recognized them as those two ancestors of the Divine Dragon Sect that he had seen last time, one was Old Witch Wang Yang, and the other, originally named Liu Xuan.

The Divine Dragon School's Liu Xuan and Wang Yang flew to the front of the tournament arena, where a row of chairs was set up, and the few Ancestors who had just appeared were already seated.

Liu Xuan and Wang Yang walked up to Wang Rufang and smiled, "Brother Wang, in the blink of an eye, it's been another thirty years."

"Oh, Liu Xuan, Wang Yang, you guys are here."Wang Rufang smiled faintly, which was a response to Liu Xuan and Wang

Yang's greeted.

"After thirty years, I'm sure brother Wang's strength will be able to crush Boneless."Old Witch Wang Yang said.

Wang Rufang just faintly pursed her lips, and Liu Xuan glared at Old Witch Wang Yang, as if such words should not be uttered nonsense.

"Brother Wang, I'm sorry, my senior sister has a straight mouth."

"No harm, we've all known each other all our lives, so perhaps this is the last time we'll meet."Wang Rufang said.

"Oh, yeah, maybe it's the last time."Divine Dragon Sect Liu Xuan sighed, no matter how powerful Wang Rufang is, it's still the same, the deadline is up to die.

"Brother Liu Xuan, sit down."

"Good."Divine Dragon Sect Liu Xuan sat down in the chair next to Wang Rufang.

Wang Rufang said, "Although you guys didn't come to the tournament two days ago, you must have heard about some of it."

"Uh, you mean the Endless Gate that made a splash two days ago?"Liu Xuandao.

Wang Rufang sighed: "There are talented people in the mountains and rivers, the generation is stronger than the generation, we are old, naturally there will be younger generations to emerge, the world will not curtain because of who is gone, alas, suddenly feel that we are just a hurried passerby in this world, no matter how powerful, eventually we will become a passerby."

Liu Xuan of the Divine Dragon Sect asked, "Why does brother Rufang make such a sentiment."

Wang Rufang smiled, "The end is approaching, people are dying, who would not have some feelings, if they could, no one would want to leave this world."

Liu Xuan also sighed.

At this time, there was another loud shout: "Old man of the Yu Mountain School, Blue Third Nun, and Senior Golden Windzi have arrived."

After that, several more ancestors from the Demonic Territory came.

About half an hour later.

"The Demon Sect General Altar, Elder Boneless, Zhang Bu Ping, One-Eye, and the Four Great Evil Elders have arrived."

Seven or eight people came down from the Demon Cult's General Altar.

When Wang Rufang saw his old rival Bonyless coming, he stood up and looked at him with narrowed eyes.

Old man Boneless looked at Wang Rufang and smiled, "Wang Rufang, it's been another thirty years since we last saw each other, this time, I hope your strength has improved, don't let me down."

Wang Rufang snorted, "Boneless, I thought you had died when your time was up, I didn't think you would be able to participate in the Jiang Hu Conference once more, well, at last I didn't make the trip for nothing."

"Hahaha, Wang Rufang, thirty years ago you lost to me, hopefully tomorrow, you'll be able to defeat me once."

"Definitely will."Wang Rufang was full of confidence.

For an hour afterwards, there were constantly strong people at the Ancestor Great Perfection level appearing.

Although I don't know if all of them came, but looking at the number of people, there were almost this many in the entire Jianghu.And certain ones who had participated in the last Jiang Hu Conference but didn't appear again this time, must have died.Many people sigh inside, when the next Jiang Hu Conference, boneless old man, Wang Rufang and so on, also definitely no longer appear.

The Demon Cult Master flew up into the air, and this morning he was still the one presiding over the tournament, as there were so many grand master ancestors sitting on the scene, so the Demon Cult Master was also trembling with fear.

Even Tang Zichen felt that he didn't dare to be too arrogant, although Tang Zichen possessed the power to fight with Ancestor Grand Perfection, but it was only those Ancestor Grand Perfection who weren't very strong, like Wang Rufang and Bony Old Man at this level, if Tang Zichen was arrogant in front of them, it would really be an act of seeking death.Therefore, Tang Zichen would keep a suitably low profile.


The Demon Patriarch shouted out, "Everyone, today is the day of the tournament for the Clan Master Perfection level seniors, please welcome all Clan Master Perfection level seniors into the tournament arena."

"Pah-pah."The Demon Patriarch led the applause, after all, he was only a late Ancestor, the perfection level belonged to his predecessors, and there were really many great perfection level sitters, he didn't dare to be rude.

Tang Zichen and Yan Xinyi, as well as Mu Yihao, Jiang Lao-blood four people together to fly into the tournament.

As soon as they entered the arena, Tang Zichen felt a venomous gaze, Tang Zichen immediately looked over, and the person looking at him at the moment was the Divine Dragon Sect's Old Witch Wang Yang.

When Old Witch Wang Yang saw Tang Zichen, his gaze chilled, that gaze seemed to have deep meaning, a threatening meaning in it.

Tang Zichen internally cursed, "Damn it, old witch, the hand I stabbed last time, is it better so soon?Still daring to look at me with such a look, looking for death."

Unfortunately, the old witch didn't know that the person who stabbed her palm last time was Tang Zichen.

The Demon Lord said respectfully, "Fellow Sect Master Perfection Seniors, today, I will be the one to host the tournament for you, if there is anything wrong, I hope you will bear with me."

One of the Ancestral Perfection said, "Alright, cut the crap, tell me, what is the manner of the tournament?"

"Back to seniors, the tournament at the Master Perfection level uses the elimination method, the top fifty, top thirty, top twenty, and top ten respectively, and then the top five and top three will be decided.What do you seniors think?"

Tang Zichen felt that it was too tedious, it wasn't good to start directly from the first place, but the others nodded their heads. Remember the URL

Why not just adopt yesterday's start-to-finish method," Don said.Starting from the first place and comparing downwards, anyone who thinks they have the ability to take a certain rank will come out to compete for a certain rank."

The Demon Lord said, "Back to Senior Wind Lightning, this method is time consuming and educational, the first few places are fine, there are not many people competing, but when it comes to the back, for example, when it comes to the twentieth place, there are often a dozen or so people competing, so a single rank will require a dozen or so battles, which is very physically demanding for anyone, and will also lead to unfairness."

Tang Zichen was about to say something else when a bald old man beside him snorted, "Wind Lightning, it's not your turn to jabber about what method of martial arts is used, if you want to participate, then participate, if you don't, then get lost."

Tang Zichen looked at the bald old man and asked, "What's your name?I am at least the head of a founding sect, you dare to disrespect me."

"I pooh-pooh, still opening a sect, it's just pulling in a group of pirates, the generation that sells fame and reputation."

"Hmph!I don't care to meet the general public."Tang Zichen stopped arguing with that bald guy.

However, that bald guy was upset and grunted, "Wind Lightning, who are you calling an ordinary person?Do you have any idea who I am?"

"Don't know, not interested in knowing."

"I am."

Just then, a majestic voice interrupted the bald guy, "Alright, stop arguing, and hurry up with the sparring."The one who spoke was, surprisingly, the boneless old man.

"Yes."All of the Sect Master Perfection participants nodded, and the bald guy didn't dare to say anything else, only glaring at Tang Zichen.

The Demon Lord said, "Below, for the top fifty elimination matches, please ask all the perfection level seniors to stand in the circle in the middle of the tournament, all of them attack each other

Strike, blast the one you think is weaker out of the circle, and remember, always attack the one you think is weaker, as it will reduce your physical effort, but of course, if you are strong enough, forget I said that."

Tang Zichen and all the other Ancestral Perfectionists stood in the circle in the tournament arena.

All of the Ancestor Perfection that participated in the tournament, it was Tang Zichen and Yan Xinyi who looked the youngest, Yan Xinyi was good at taking care of herself, plus her talent was good when she was young, so even though she was over seventy years old, she looked like an ordinary person, in her thirties.Tang Zichen, on the other hand, looked rather like a five or six year old youth, so the two of them, Tang Zichen and Yan Xinyi, stood among a group of old people, looking particularly dazzling.

At this moment, on the podium of the Valley of Heroes, the boneless old man asked, "Who are those two young-looking people?Especially that youngest young man."

A person next to him said, "I'm not sure, I heard that that very young man, he created his own sect, on an overseas island, and in the competition a few days ago, his sect took all the first place."

At this time, Liu Xuan of the Divine Dragon Sect said that he heard and said, "Bony Senior, this man is a disciple of my Divine Dragon Sect, but due to some reasons, he has left the Divine Dragon Sect, his name is Tang Zichen, and that woman is his teacher's wife, Yan Xingyi.Currently, Tang Zichen is in his fifties, and his teacher's wife is in her seventies."

Old Man Bone Free was shocked, "Only fifty years old, he has stepped into the Master Perfection, this son's future is unimaginable, he must be a new generation of Jiang Hu talent, alas, it is exactly in line with the saying, one generation is stronger than another."When the boneless old man heard that Tang Zichen was only in his fifties, he couldn't help but sigh, even though he was now the strongest Grand Perfection, he had to be moved to admire Tang Zichen for stepping into the Perfection at the age of fifty.

On the podium, the rest of the Sect Master Great Perfection also had their eyes on Tang Zichen.

The top fifty elimination tournament had begun, and everyone attacked the one who considered himself weaker than they were.

The bald guy who had an altercation with Tang Zichen earlier immediately locked his gaze on Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Bald guy, do you think that I am weaker than you?Going to take me on?"

The bald guy said, "That's right, Windy, you probably don't know who I am."

"Since you want to tell me who you are so badly, fine, I'd like to hear who you are."

The bald guy snorted, "Wind Lightning, when you find out who I am, you're guaranteed to regret it."

Tang Zichen impatiently said, "Keep jibbering, I'll shoot you to death."

"Wind Lightning, my master is the Bony Old Man, I'm deep in the true legacy of the Bony Old Man, and in the entire Jianghu, I'm at least ranked in the top five of the complete rank of the Master, now, are you afraid?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen was startled, this bald guy was actually a disciple of the boneless old man.

"Hahaha, which so what."

The bald guy's gaze chilled and said, "Wind Lightning, I'll make sure you won't even make it to the fifty."

After saying that, the bald man killed up towards Tang Zichen.

"Thunderbolt Palm."The bald guy arrived in front of Tang Zichen with a palm.

Tang Zichen immediately dodged, Tang Zichen didn't fight back, he just dodged, otherwise, Tang Zichen could blow him out of the circle with a single move, however, he was after all a disciple of Bony Old Man, if he didn't even make it into the top fifty, it wouldn't be good for Bony Old Man's face to be embarrassed and find trouble with Tang Zichen, so Tang Zichen didn't get aggressive with him for the time being.


However, Tang Zichen didn't get angry, but people didn't appreciate it.

When Baldy saw that he couldn't even touch Tang Zichen's clothes, it aroused his anger even more.

He was a disciple of the boneless old man, but he couldn't even touch Tang Zichen's clothes, wasn't this a disgrace to his master, so the bald man came out with a stronger strength.

"Thunderbolt Light."

"Buzzing."The palm that the bald guy clapped out made a sound that broke the air.

However, it still couldn't even touch Tang Zichen's clothes.

Tang Zichen warned, "Bald Guy, don't you fucking mess with me, if it wasn't for the fact that your master is a boneless old man, you'd have been blown out of the room, I'm fucking patient now, it's for the sake of the boneless old man that I didn't blast you out, otherwise I'll make sure you won't even make it into the top fifty."

However, the bald man got even angrier, he didn't even touch his clothes ah, how could he be willing to do that.

"Ahhhh."The bald man roared in anger, after roaring, the bald man's eyes suddenly turned red, then, the bald man's body emitted red all over his body, very eye-catching.This was the Bony Old Man's signature martial skill, many of the older generation knew it, and there were not many people in the rivers and lakes who could resist this martial skill.

All the spectators were attracted by the terrifying red scent of the bald man, and it was impossible not to stand out.

On the podium, an old man who was a grand master suddenly shouted, "Look, isn't that, isn't that the second disciple of the boneless old man, Iron Head?He, he's performing the Blood and Bone Divine Skill of the Boneless Elder." One second to remember to read the book

"Heavens, it really is the Blood Bone Divine Technique, this Blood Bone Divine Technique is the Bone Free Old Man's definitive mastery, the Bone Free Old Man is able to be so powerful thanks to this Blood Bone Divine Technique, his second disciple Iron Head, how come he's only just begun to perform this kind of divine skill?"

After saying that, on the podium, all the great perfectionists looked at the Bony Old Man.

Naturally, the boneless old man had already seen it, after all, that blood and bone divine power was created by him, and that blood mist was very obvious.

And in the tournament arena, Tang Zichen was vigilantly watching the bald man, Tang Zichen could sense that this bald man seemed to be about to perform a desperate martial art, and indeed, as soon as Tang Zichen saw the blood mist emanating from his body, he could guess that it was definitely a very strong martial art.

However, Tang Zichen didn't know that what this bald man was displaying was the lifelong mastery of the boneless old man.

At this moment, the entire audience's eyes were focused on Tang Zichen and the bald man, everyone wanted to know if Tang Zichen could still stand up in front of the boneless old man's lifelong mastery, this was no longer a battle between Tang Zichen and the bald man, this was a battle between Tang Zichen and the boneless old man's lifelong mastery.

Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed and said, "Baldy, I'm warning you one last time, don't mess with me.If you provoke me, I don't care whose disciple you are."

However, Baldy didn't even listen to Tang Zichen's advice, all Baldy knew was that he just couldn't even touch Tang Zichen's clothes, so humiliating, he vowed to blow Tang Zichen out.

"Root of Blood Bone."The bald man shouted, the Blood Bone Divine Skill was performed, and all of a sudden, his entire body emitted even more blood, as if he had blood on his body, emitting from his skin pores, this was a martial skill that cost blood, this martial skill was very strong, but the aftermath of it

It would also be great.To be frank, Tang Zichen's Life Blood Hiding had some similarities with this, and the fact that the boneless old man was able to create this martial skill was indeed strong.

Under the gathering of everyone's attention, the bald man's body transformed into a bloody afterimage, pouncing towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen felt, a rush of blood rushing in his face.

All the spectators watched nervously, everyone thought that Tang Zichen would definitely not be able to stop the lifelong mastery of the boneless old man, after all, the boneless old man was too famous.

However, in the next moment, before anyone could react, they saw Tang Zichen's body move and hold the bald man up by the neck.

At the same time, Tang Zichen angrily shouted at the bald man, "Don't force me, I'll endure it again and again, but it's just for the sake of your master's face, any desperate move you make is trash in front of me, do you understand?"

Tang Zichen choked the bald guy over his head, the words were just said to the bald guy, but the whole audience heard them.

Tang Zichen said that the martial skill that Bald Guy had just performed was trash in front of Tang Zichen.

Hearing that, everyone subconsciously looked at the boneless old man.

The bony old man's face was a bit unnatural, his son had performed his mastery and as a result, Tang Zichen said that it was trash in front of him, everyone seemed to be looking at the reaction of the bony old man.

Tang Zichen really didn't know that this was the lifelong mastery of the boneless old man, otherwise Tang Zichen really wouldn't have said that it was all trash in front of him, Tang Zichen thought it was an evil kung fu that that bald man had learned somewhere.

The audience was silent for a few tens of seconds.

The bald guy was being choked by Tang Zichen, unable to breathe and struggling in Tang Zichen's hands.

Tang Zichen really wanted to throw the bald guy out of the circle, but thought, it's just a matter of giving him another chance, if he messed with Tang Zichen again, Tang Zichen would be really rude.

So, Tang Zichen slammed the bald guy to the ground and said, "I'll put up with you one more time, if you attack me again, I'll really throw you out of the circle, huh?"Tang Zichen snorted furiously, and only then did he realize that the entire audience was looking at him.

Tang Zichen had no idea what he had just experienced and thought it was just an ordinary thing, of course, if that Blood Bone Divine Skill was not the lifelong mastery of the boneless old man, it was indeed a very ordinary thing.

The other black bearded old man walked up to the bald man and said, "Brother, what's wrong with you ah you, how come you're just now starting to use the Blood Bone Divine Technique and, well, forget it."That black bearded old man looked at Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen sat in a corner of the circle and closed his eyes, Tang Zichen wasn't going to attack anyone else, he just sat there and cultivated, if anyone dared to touch him, Tang Zichen would let him know how powerful he was.

The old man with the black beard looked at Tang Zichen and said in his heart: "This Wind Lightning is really worthy of his name. My junior brother applied my master's lifelong mastery, and he broke it easily.My master's lifelong mastery will never allow anyone to tarnish it, although my junior brother Iron Head lost, but my junior brother only understood a little bit of the Blood Bone Divine Skill."The black bearded old man finished speaking and went to attack someone else.

As for Tang Zichen, sitting in the corner of the circle, no one dared to touch him, just now Tang Zichen I martial arts, everyone also saw that the two disciples of the boneless old man were no match, who would touch Tang Zichen at this time.


On the podium, Old Man Wang Rufang of the Yanshan School laughed, "Boneless, see, your lifelong mastery, the Blood and Bone Divine Technique, doesn't seem to be very good, your second disciple used your mastery and was easily defeated, and he even called it trash, hahaha, I don't know what you think, Boneless."

Old man Bonyless' face was twisted, this was indeed something that was very humiliating to him.

Bonyless snorted, "My second disciple, for my Blood Bone Divine Skill, it's nothing more than a sketchy understanding, it's nothing.As for being scolded as trash by that Wind Lightning, it's just a misunderstanding, I'm sure that Wind Lightning doesn't know that it's my lifelong mastery, otherwise I wouldn't believe that he would dare to scold."

Wang Ruofang laughed, "It's precisely because he didn't know that it was your lifelong mastery that says it all, Boneless, just admit it, your proud Blood and Bone Divine Skill is nothing more than that in the eyes of future generations of geniuses."

"Hmph."The boneless old man's face twisted, and he immediately performed the Sound Transmission Technique, sending a message to his eldest disciple.

At this moment, in the tournament arena, that black bearded old man's ears immediately sounded out his master's voice, "Zhu Feng, that fool, Iron Head, has disgraced my Blood Bone Divine Skill, you must ruthlessly defeat that Wind Lightning and let him know how powerful my Blood Bone Divine Skill is."

"Yes, Master, I will, please don't be angry with him, Shidi he didn't have a deep comprehension of the Blood Bone Divine Kung Fu, and that Wind Lightning was not a generalist in the first place.When the top ten battle, I will definitely revive the prestige of the Blood Bone Divine Kung Fu, and let Wind Lightning see if he still dares to curse trash."

The boneless old man said, "And not only Wind Light Cloud, but also Wang Rufang's true disciple, Qingfeng Zi, you will also defeat him ruthlessly to see if he still dares to mock me."

"Master, did Wang Rufang mock you because of what just happened to my junior brother, what an abomination, good, don't worry master, I will definitely defeat Qingfeng Zi ruthlessly."

At this moment, in the tournament arena, another person also received a transmission, it was Wang Rufang's transmission.

"Qingfeng, how do you feel about this person, Wind Lightning?" First web site

That black bearded old man called Qingfeng Zi said, "Master, I still can't see through it at the moment, this Wind Lightning, although young, but not an ordinary generation ah, with the strength he just broke the second disciple of Bone Free, he should be very strong, a very strong opponent."

"Well, no matter how strong he is, you must defeat him, but you're so many years older than the others.Also, your main opponent is Bony's eldest disciple, Zhu Feng, you should not overly expend your strength now, the final showdown with him is the most important thing.I want you to win the first place in the Ancestor Perfection Level Martial Competition."

"Master, I will."Qingfeng Zi said with great confidence.

A secret contest began.

Old Man Boneless and Wang Ruofang were competing, their respective disciples, naturally, were also competing, and of course, there were other perfection-level powerhouses besides their respective disciples.

At this moment, Wang Yang of the Divine Dragon Sect also secretly sent a message to a certain black-bearded man in the tournament arena.

"Sun Miao, that scum Wind Lightning, he must be taught a lesson, this son of a bitch, last time, if it wasn't for your Uncle Liu Xuan hindering him, I would have already cleaned up the gates."Old Grandmother Wang Yang said in a voice message.

That black bearded man said, "Master, don't worry, disciple will definitely do it, no matter what, Wind Lightning is only just stepping into perfection a few years, I don't believe he can be powerful to the sky.I don't believe he will be able to reach the sky. At any rate, he was on the Genius List of the Righteous Alliance back then.

The top three characters are now also the Divine Dragon Sect, the strongest Sect Master Perfection."

Old Witch Wang Yang said, "That's good, in addition to Wind Lightning, the scum of the division, that bitch called Yan Xin Yi, also cleaned up all together, this dog and woman, my master very much suspects that they have already gotten together."

"Good."After saying that, Old Witch Wang Yang's disciple, looked at Wind Lightning, who had been sitting in the corner, and then snorted, although no one was currently attacking Wind Lightning, it didn't mean that no one dared, it just wasn't time yet.

About an hour later, the top fifty elimination round was over.

When there were exactly fifty people left in the circle, the Demon Lord shouted, "Stop".Everyone stopped, which meant that the top fifty was born, and the people still remaining in the circle were the top fifty.

The Demon Lord smiled, "Congratulations to the fifty complete seniors, you have entered the top fifty, for the sake of fairness, you will then rest for an hour before the top thirty will fight again.Of course, during the hour you rest, those who have not entered the top 50 just now will continue with the preliminary ranking after the 50."

Tang Zichen walked out of the circle, for Tang Zichen, there was no consumption just now.

Muyoung, Shisun, and Jiang Oldblood all walked up to Tang Zichen and went to the resting place together.

The people from the Endless Gate were giving them water.

Tang Zichen said, "Shisun, Uncle Free, Old Blood Jiang, how are you guys doing?"

Sensei said, "I'm fine, it's just starting now, I don't feel any consumption."

"Me neither."Mu said.

Jiang Oldblood nodded as well, then asked, "Wind Lightning, that bald man just now, he's a disciple of the Bony Old Man."Jiang Oldblood seemed to want to remind Tang Zichen of something.

Tang Zichen said, "I know he's a disciple of the boneless old man, that's why I put up with him again and again, otherwise I would have just thrown him out in the first place, where else would I have given him the chance to cast any evil spells on me, it's hilarious, just that kind of evil spell of his is too low level in front of me."

Jiang Laoblood looked at Tang Zichen with some surprise, and said in his heart, "Doesn't Wind Lightning know that it's the lifelong mastery of the boneless old man?Or does he know and say so?"

"Wind Lightning, do you really think that the evil spell that Dry Baldy cast is low level?"Jiang Laoblood asked in awe.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Although any martial art has its merits, but unfortunately, in my eyes, Wind Lightning's eyes, it's just an evil technique from the side."

"Uh, okay."Jiang Oldblood wiped his sweat and wanted to remind Tang Zichen that it was the lifelong mastery of the boneless old man, but, come to think of it, neither Mu Ziyao nor Yan Xingyi had said anything, so he wouldn't say anything more.

And Mu Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, in fact, just now Mu Zichen was fighting with other people, and didn't even pay attention to Tang Zichen's battle with the bald man, and didn't know what the bald man had cast, because there was a pretty strong clan master perfection just now, trying to blow Mu Zichen out, that person was from the righteous alliance, and once had a grudge against Mu Zichen, and as a result, Mu Zichen fought with him for a long time, and didn't pay attention to other people at all anymore.

The same goes for Tang Zichen's teacher's wife, who didn't see it, only Old Blood Jiang saw Tang Zichen's fight with the bald guy.

Tang Zichen and the other 50 who made it to the top 50 began to rest for an hour, while those who didn't make it to the top 50 continued to begin the rough ranking battle that followed.


After resting for an hour, the top fifty continued to enter the tournament arena.

After that, the thirty strong and twenty strong did not do anything, and no one came to touch Tang Zichen sitting in the circle, so Tang Zichen entered the twenty strong almost unscathed.

After the top twenty, there was another hour's rest, and the battle of the top ten was next.

"The battle of the top ten, begin."

With an order, the battle of the top ten began, twenty people stood in the circle, each person looked for their opponent individually, as long as they re-entered the circle within half an hour, they were not considered out, so each person had many chances.

"Bang."Tang Zichen cleaved the person who had provoked him with a slap.

That person who was cleaved away by Tang Zichen ran back into the circle, avoiding Tang Zichen and struggling with the others.

Soon, the top ten were also born.

The Demon Cult Master shouted out, "Below, I announce the following ten seniors, who have entered the top ten.They are Qingfengzi, Zhu Feng, Sun Miao, Bai Yanfeng, Wind Lightning, Yan Xingyi, Mu Free, Jiang Laoblood, Jiang Juhua, Lan Cai Po, congratulations to the above ten seniors, please rest for half an hour, then the battle of the top five will officially begin, the battle of the top five will be based on a lottery."

Tang Zichen and the others temporarily retired to rest.

Qingfeng Zi came to Wang Rufang. 


"Qingfeng, relax your mind."

"Yes, Master."

"With your martial arts skills, you should have no problem defeating Boneless's disciple, Zhu Feng."

"Master, I'll do my best."

"Alright, you can go rest."

At this moment, Bonyless was also giving instructions to his disciple.

"Zhu Feng, with Wind Lightning's strength, he will definitely be able to enter the top ten, so don't disappoint my master."

"I won't."

Another, Wang Yang of the Divine Dragon School was also instructing her disciple, Sun Miao, Liu Xuan just sighed, he was no longer advising anything.

Soon, half an hour of rest time passed.

Tang Zichen and ten others entered the tournament arena.

"Dear seniors, please draw straws, each person's name on the sign corresponds to a number, the two who draw the same number will have a duel, the loser, out, the winner becomes the top five."

Zhu Feng was the first to go up and drew a number, the number was 2.

Tang Zichen also went up and drew a number, and the number Tang Zichen drew was 5.

Soon, everyone had finished drawing.

The Devil Bishop asked, "Raise your hand who drew number one."

The liquidator raised his hand, and at the same time, Old Blood Jiang also raised his hand.

"Liquidator, Jiang Oldblood, you two have a duel."

"Oh."Jiang Oldblood nodded, then looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Old Blood, come on, put your strength to good use."

"Mm."Jiang Oldblood nodded, he didn't seem to have much confidence, he didn't expect his luck to be so backwards, drawing Wang Rufang's true disciple.


In the arena of the tournament, Jiang Lao-blood went at it with the liquidator.

"Swoosh swoosh."After three strokes, Jiang Oldblood's white beard fluttered down and Qing Liquidator's sword was pointed at his neck.

Will Old Blood lost to Wang Rufang's disciple in three strokes.

"Ugh."Will Old Blood sighed, before Tang Zichen had planned that the four people from the Endless Gate, at the Ancestor Perfection level, would wrap up the top four, but as a result, Jiang Old Blood was the first to miss the mark.

"Clearing the top five, Jiang Oldblood loses.Next match, raise your hand who drew number two."

Zhu who drew number two.

Peak raised his hand.

Zhu Feng was a disciple of the boneless old man, a very powerful man.

An old man with a black beard that he didn't know raised his hand.

After a few moves, Zhu Feng defeated the opponent.

"Next match, the one who draws number three raises his hand."

Mu raised his hand, and the other woman raised her hand as well.

A few minutes later, Mu defeated his opponent.

"Next match, raise your hand if you draw number four."

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife raised her hand, at the same time, another man with a black beard also raised his hand, the teacher's wife's opponent was none other than the disciple of the Divine Dragon Sect's Old Witch Wang Yang, Sun Miao.

At this moment on the podium, Old Witch Wang Yang immediately sent a message to Sun Miao, "Sun Miao, ruthlessly clean up the portal and abolish her martial arts."

"Yes, Shifu."

Tang Zichen's master and Sun Miao, both of them, stood in the tournament arena.

Yan Xinyi worshipped, "Pay your respects to Uncle Sun Miao."Yan Xinyi certainly knew this Sun Temple of the Divine Dragon Sect, but she never expected that she would be a dueling opponent with Uncle Sun Temple today.

Sun Miao snorted, "Teacher scum, I'm not your uncle, so don't shout nonsense."

Yan Xinyi said, "The reason I call you uncle is just because I was once my husband Ding Ru's master and I'm still on good terms with you.Since you don't appreciate it, let's leave it at that, come on, Sun Miao, let me see how powerful the most powerful Clan Master Perfection of the Divine Dragon Sect is."Yan Xinyi said impolitely.

Sun Miao snorted, "I'll let you know, I won't just let you know, I'll also clean up the portal."

Yan Xin Yi seemed to be quite disdainful inside.

"Swoosh."Sun Miao killed with a sword.

Yan Xin Yi stood in place, not even moving a single step, and swung her sword.

"Dang."After only one sword, sparks intersected, the tip of Yan Xin Yi's sword topped Sun Miao's Adam's apple.

"Ah."Sun Temple was trembling, he, he didn't even know how Yan Xin Yi had broken his sword in one move.

At this moment, not only Sun Miao, but also Old Witch Wang Yang, as well as Qingfeng Zi, Zhu Feng and the others, were surprised.Of course, the Bony Old Man on the podium, Old Man Wang Rufang, and the other Great Perfection level powerhouses were also surprised.

Although Sun Miao was not as strong as Qingfeng Zi and Zhu Feng, but he was also known as a strong man, but Yan Xin Yi was defeated in one move, this woman was not only young and beautiful, she was also strong.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Shizuo, good job, isn't that who, Sun Miao, cleaning house?Instead, you clear one for me to see, hahaha, you don't think you can do it."After saying that, Tang Zichen looked at Old Witch Wang Yang, who was now green in the face.

"Next match, draw the number five out."

Tang Zichen walked out, and Tang Zichen's opponent walked out as well, Tang Zichen's opponent was a man named Bai Yanfeng.

Bai Yafeng was also a strong man no worse than Sun Temple.

"Wind Light Cloud, do it."Bai Yafeng said to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "You just do it."

"Hmph, arrogant."After saying that, Bai Yanfeng drew his sword and arrived in front of Tang Zichen with a swoosh, his swordplay as fast as lightning.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, didn't take him seriously at all.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen instantly started his sword, and with a clang, Bai Yanfeng's sword was already about to hit Tang Zichen, but it suddenly broke into two pieces.

Tang Zichen, however, held the sword with one hand behind his back and pointed at Bai Yanfeng's throat.

"Sorry, you lose."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah."Bai Yanfeng's face went white, too fast, no, too subtle, he wasn't an opponent at all.

The audience at the scene was shocked to see that Tang Zichen, like Yan Xingyi, was defeated by a single move.


"Congratulations Qingfeng Zi, Zhu Feng, Yan Xin Yi, Mu Yi, Wind Lightning, the five seniors have entered the top five, please rest for half an hour, after half an hour, the final battle will take place."

Qingfeng Zi and Zhu Feng both looked at Tang Zichen and Yan Xinyi with very heavy faces, from the extent to which Tang Zichen Yan Xinyi had just made a move, they were both very strong.

Originally, Qingfeng Zi and Zhu Feng both thought that their opponents were each other, but they had never expected that both Qingfeng Zi and his teacher's wife were so strong.

Soon, half an hour's rest passed.

The five of Tang Zichen stood in the tournament arena.

The Demon Cult Master said, "Five seniors, in order to show fairness, the five of you will need to challenge the other four in the next tournament separately.In the end, the person who wins four matches will be first place, the person who wins three matches will be second place, the person who wins two matches will be third place, the person who wins one match will be fourth place, and the person who loses all of them will be fifth place.All five seniors understand it."

"Alright, then, who shall we start with?"Zhu Feng asked.

"It doesn't matter the order of this, everyone must duel with the other four anyway."

"Then I'll go first."Zhu Feng drew his sword, pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "Wind Light, let's go first, we have to fight sooner or later anyway, don't we."

Tang Zichen said, "Well, your name is Zhu Feng, that bald guy is your junior brother, right?"

"Exactly, my master is the boneless old man."Zhu Feng said. One second to remember to read the book

At this moment, the eyes of the entire audience were gathered on Tang Zichen and Zhu Feng, not expecting Tang Zichen to go up against Zhu Feng in the first match.

"Wind Lightning, this morning, scolding my junior brother for displaying the Blood and Bone Divine Technique is trash, right now, I will let you know if it's really as bad as you say."

Tang Zichen said, "So the evil technique that that bald guy is performing is some kind of Blood Bone Divine Skill, hahaha, sorry, I still think it's trash."

"You."Zhu Feng was furious.

On the podium, the bony old man's face was furious and immediately sent a message to Zhu Feng, "Zhu Feng, stop talking nonsense to him and give him some color."


Zhu Feng snorted, "Wind Lightning, take the move, I'd like to see if you can take this 'trash' move of mine."

"Marrow of Blood and Bone."Zhu Feng toned down his Blood Bone Marrow and killed Tang Zichen, this move, he had put out 100% of his strength, yes, 100%, because he wanted to make Tang Zichen fall to the ground in one move, if he fought for a long time before he fell to the ground, the effect would definitely not be as good, so it was the strongest move right off the bat.

Tang Zichen didn't open Life Blood Hiding, a mere Zhu Feng wasn't enough for Tang Zichen to open Life Blood Hiding.

Not to mention Life Blood Hidden, even in an ordinary state, Tang Zichen would be enough to spike this kind of goods.

Tang Zichen stood on the spot, one hand up sword, footsteps not moving method, clattering a sword strike.

And Zhu Fengton felt that Tang Zichen's sword, profound, endlessly changing, as if the mountains were blowing in irresistible, not to mention breaking his sword.

It was as powerless as a normal person standing on the beach facing a 10 meter high tsunami.

"Chi."Zhu Feng's sword flew out of his hand at once, and his wrist was also cut by Tang Zichen's sword with a small bloodstain.

Tang Zichen's sword was pointed at Zhu Feng's throat.

Only one second, only one sword, the winner was already decided.

"Zhu Feng, this is

The 'trash' that you said, can I take it or not, is really trash enough."

Zhu Feng's face was white, a second ago he said full of sarcasm, let's see if Tang Zichen can take this move that he called trash.As a result, what a punch in the face, Tang Zichen, not to mention taking it, broke it with a single sword.

The entire Hero Valley audience was all shocked.

In a split second, there was a lot of discussion.

"Oh my god, is this for real?Bone Free Old Man's proudest big disciple ah, surprisingly in front of, not even a move worse than Wind Lightning."

"What Zhu Feng has just performed, but Bone Free Elder's lifelong mastery, surprisingly, it's unbearable, if Bone Free's second disciple was still plausible in the morning, but this Zhu Feng, is Bone Free Elder's proudest big disciple, and is deeply inherited by Bone Free Elder ah."

On the podium, when the boneless old man saw that his big disciple was vulnerable, he stood up from his seat and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

Even Wang Rufang was not in the mood to tease the boneless old man at the moment, because the strength that Tang Zichen showed was too strong, and I'm afraid, his disciple, Qingfengzi, might not be a match.

In the tournament arena, Tang Zichen snorted, looked towards Qingfeng Zi and said, "Qingfeng Zi, I heard that you are the true disciple of senior Wang Rufang, right?"


"Come on, I hope that senior disciple Wang Rufang will not disappoint me."

Qingfeng Zi smiled, "I don't think so."

This time, Tang Zichen was the first to attack, and every time before, someone else wanted to make the first move.

Qingfeng Zi also immediately made his move.

"Buzz."Qingfengzi's sword was only halfway out, and Tang Zichen's sword was already pointed at his throat.

"Ah."Qingfengzi's face was white, this, this was too humiliating, with Tang Zichen not allowing him to make the first move, he actually lost before even pulling out his sword, this was too thorough a loss.

Tang Zichen pointed at Qingfengzi, "The sword is only halfway out, your movements seem to be too slow, if it was a life and death match, you'd already have your head on the ground by now, do you still need to draw your sword again?I can give you the chance, don't say that I didn't give you the chance to use your martial skill."

Qingfeng Zi was extremely ugly at the moment, he was the strongest Zongshi completion expert in the entire righteous alliance, and as a result, he didn't even have the chance to pull out his sword, this was too humiliating for him, at the same time, it also showed that Feng Lightning was too strong and too powerful, not at the same level at all.

On the podium, Wang Rufang was also stunned.

"Hahaha."The boneless old man burst out laughing and said, "Wang Rufang, I see that your true disciple is nothing more than this, my disciple Zhu Feng, at least, was able to produce a sword, while your disciple Qingfengzi, didn't even have the chance to pull out his sword, hahaha."

Wang Rufang's face was also extremely ugly, he had made fun of the boneless old man before, and now he was making fun of him instead.

Wang Rufang snorted, "What are you laughing at, it's only half a catty, your disciple Zhu Feng, who made the strongest move of your Blood Bone Divine Skill, also broke it with a sword in front of someone, sure enough, Wind Lightning didn't lie, your Blood Bone Divine Skill, it's really rubbish in front of him."

The boneless old man's face twisted.

Tang Zichen's strength had shocked the entire audience.

Even Old Witch Wang Yang rushed to the point of disbelief, but the more powerful Tang Zichen became, the more she wanted to clean house inside.

On the contrary, Liu Xuan, sighed inwardly, such a talented person was originally the future of the Divine Dragon Sect, but now he was expelled from the sect, what a pity.


In the tournament arena, Tang Zichen said to the Demon Master, "The remaining two, my teacher's wife and Muyoung, no longer need to compete, my strength is above theirs, am I now the first place in the Master's Perfection?"

The Demon Cult Master nodded busily and said, "Yes, Senior Wind Lightning, you are already the first place in the Ancestor Perfection witnessed by everyone, congratulations Senior."

"Alright, let's quickly proceed to the next match."

"Okay, next match, who will be first?"

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife was busy saying, "I'll do it, I don't have to compete with Windy, I don't have to compete with Mu, I'm not as good as Windy, but my strength is above Mu, now I just have to defeat Qingfengzi and Zhu Feng again, I'll be second."

Next to him, Zhu Feng snorted, "Defeat me?Hmph, said honor, let's wait until you defeat me."

Yan Xin Yi looked at Zhu Feng and Qing Feng Zi and said, "It's getting late, Qing Feng Zi, Zhu Feng Zi, you two go together and beat me together, if I lose, I lose to us even if I fight against each other alone."

"You, Yan Xinyi, you're a certain person."Qingfeng Zi raged, Yan Xingyi let him and Zhu Feng join forces, that's a bit dismissive of others, even Tang Zichen didn't say to join forces to beat him, he Yan Xingyi is nothing, he used to be just the wife of a late sectarian disciple of the Divine Dragon School, while Qingfeng Zi was nowhere near as high as Ding Ru's master in terms of jianghu status.

The people in the tournament arena were very surprised to see Tang Zichen's teacher's wife allowing Qingfengzi and Zhu Feng to join forces, and a woman of the world actually did such a thing.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Shisuniang is so domineering, yes, since she has this ability, she is so domineering."

Yan Xin Yi said, "Qing Feng Zi, Zhu Feng, aren't you going to do it yet?If you don't do it, then I'll do it, so don't blame me for not giving you the chance to shoot your swords." First URL

Zhu Feng snorted, "Hmph, you think you're Wind Lightning, you haven't had a chance to get out your sword, I pooh, you really think I am."

"Swoosh."Before Zhu Feng finished speaking, Yan Xin Yi pointed her sword at Zhu Feng's throat, and it also pierced a little bit, leaving a trace of blood from the neck.

"Ah."Everyone was shocked, Zhu Feng was now stupid, he clearly felt the pain in his neck, but he didn't dare to move a bit, the sword had entered the flesh method, as long as he moved a bit, he would be passed through the throat feeling.One second he was disdainfully sarcastic Yan Xinyi, thinking that you are also a light wind ah, able to make people not even have a chance to pull out the sword, and then the next second, he really didn't even have a chance to pull out the sword.

On the podium, all of the Grandmaster Perfectionists stood up incredulously, it was just Wind Lightning that had just made Qingfeng Zi not even have a chance to pull out his sword, and now it was Yan Xinyi.

Yan Xinyi said, "Zhu Feng, you've already lost, do you still have any doubts?Although my martial arts skills are far inferior to Feng'er's, I can still make you not even have the chance to pull out your sword.Now just say the word and I can give you another chance to challenge me again and I'll give you the chance to pull out your sword."

Zhu Feng snorted, "I'm not as skilled as you, so I don't have to."

"That's good, and saves me from wasting my time."Yan Xinyi put away her sword and turned to Qingfengzi, "Qingfengzi, just now I asked you to join forces and you refused, it seems you think I'm a woman who doesn't dare to bully me."

Qingfeng Zi said, "Yan Xin Yi, cut the crap, come on."

After saying that, Qingfengzi took the lead, he couldn't let Yan Xingyi make the first move, in case he didn't even have a chance to use his sword again.

Qingfengzi took out his strongest move at once.

"Shadowless Sword."The sword in Qingfengzi's hand suddenly resembled a fan that was spinning at high speed

, as if he could see shadows, but it was as if he couldn't see shadows, it looked very clever.

Yan Xinyi immediately greeted, in Yan Xinyi's opinion, Qingfeng Zi's sword art was only superficially brilliant, not profoundly brilliant, Qingfeng Zi had only comprehended a layer of the surface, if it was the same person who had only comprehended the surface, then his sword art was unbeatable powerful.But unfortunately, Yan Xin Yi was the one who had comprehended the martial dao to the second level, so Yan Xin Yi was able to see the substance from the complex surface at once.

A sword strike, straight to the main heart, and Qingfengzi's sword art also instantly disintegrated, clicking, Qingfengzi's sword broke into several pieces, while at the same time, Yan Xingyi's sword went straight up, stopping in front of Qingfengzi's throat, otherwise it would have already passed through the throat.

"Phew."Qing Feng Zi looked at the sword pointed at his throat, exhaled deeply and said, "I lost, Yan Xin Yi, you're really strong, you and I, we're not at the same level at all, you're so strong that I can't breathe, I didn't just lose, I'm also convinced."

"No need."Yan Xin Yi put her sword away and said to the Demon Lord, "I'm already second place, right?"

"Yes, congratulations Senior Yan, congratulations Senior Yan."

"Alright, I'm going down then, I won't disturb the people behind me."Yan Xinyi walked over to Tang Zichen in full view of the crowd.

"Shisha, you're so great, so domineering, the feeling of a heroine."Tang Zichen said, in fact every move of his teacher's wife in the tournament arena just now was so charming that even Tang Zichen forgot that this was his teacher's wife at a certain moment.Countless men at the scene, just looked at Yan Xin Yi eyes were lost, especially Mu Free, completely obsessed eyes, so much like wanting to worship under Yan Xin Yi's pomegranate skirt.

Yan Xinyi just smiled, Ding Ru's passing away made Yan Xinyi put all her focus on martial arts, which also added to her charm.

After that, the sparring continued.

Qingfeng Zi and Zhu Feng dueled against each other, and they were so close that they hadn't even split up after half an hour of fighting.

"Ahhhh."Qingfeng Zi roared in frustration, the longer they fought, the more humiliated they felt, not knowing why they felt this way.

"I admit defeat."Qingfeng Zi said.

Just like that, Qingfeng Zi conceded and Zhu Feng won, after which Zhu Feng continued to fight against Mu.

Regrettably, Muyoung lost to Zhu Feng.

Then Mu fought against Qingfeng Zi again, and as a result, after twenty minutes of fighting, Mu lost to Qingfeng Zi again.

This was the official end of the Zongshi Perfection Level Martial Competition.

First place, Wind lightening.

Second place, Yan Xinyi.

Third place, Zhu Feng.

Fourth place, Qingfeng zi.

Fifth place, Muyoung.

Originally, Tang Zichen's plan was to wrap up the top four, but Jiang Oldblood was the first to miscalculate.Then he thought to wrap up the top three, and as a result, Mu missed his miscalculation as well, losing to Qingfengzi and Zhu Feng, but even though he lost to them both, Mu lost by a slight disadvantage only after a heated battle of twenty minutes, so Mu was about the same strength as Qingfengzi and Zhu Feng.

It was getting late and gradually darkening, and today's Sect Master Perfection level tournament had lasted a whole day without even lunch.

Tang Zichen and the others returned to the Mobile Inn and asked the inn's fellows to prepare a big fish and meat to celebrate tonight.


That night, Mu raised his glass and said, "Everyone, let's toast to the success of the past few days and congratulate everyone who has fought for the glory of the Endless Gate."


Everyone drank up.

Big Brother Xie Yong said, "At this point, our Endless Gate, in this Jiang Hu Conference, has all been completed, but tomorrow on the last day, the Master Great Perfection level tournament, but it has nothing to do with our Endless Gate."

Yang Yijian said, "Even if it's okay, let's do it."

"Nonsense, the matchup of the grandmaster grand consummation level, of course, it only comes once every thirty years, I want to see, Old Man Boneless and Old Man Wang Rufang, who are they number one."

Everyone was discussing.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Who said that tomorrow's tournament has nothing to do with the Endless Gate.Hmph, I, Wind Lightcloud, have already surpassed Divine Dragon Sect's old witch Wang Yang in combat power after opening Life Blood Hidden, tomorrow, I'll definitely go and have some fun.That old witch Wang Yang I've already seen her upset, I'm going to show the old witch how powerful I am, and that old ghost called Golden Windy, hmm, you slapped me twice, it's time for me to give it back to you, hahaha."

However, Tang Zichen had only twenty-five seconds to turn on Life Blood Hiding, so Tang Zichen's ability was limited, Tang Zichen couldn't challenge too powerful.

Tang Zichen was only at the Ancestor Perfection level, and being able to challenge the Great Perfection level was enough to amaze and worship countless people.

By late night, everyone ended their celebrations, perhaps tonight was the last night to stay in Hero Town, and after it ended tomorrow evening, everyone would naturally disperse. Remember the website

Tang Zichen slept with his wife Qin Ren in his arms.

"Husband, you're so powerful today."Qin Ren said with her head buried in Tang Zichen's bosom.


"Yeah, you've impressed everyone today, and our teacher's wife, who also shocked everyone, at that moment, you and your teacher's wife were both handsome and beautiful, especially you, super man."

"Hehehe."Tang Zichen said with a heated smile, "There's something more manly, do you want to try it."

"Uh, what's more manly?"

"You'll see in a minute."Tang Zichen rolled over and pressed down.

An hour later, Tang Zichen said, "Is that man enough, wife."

"Uh-huh."Qin Ren said shyly.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, then touched Qin Ren's flat and smooth Dao: "This belly of yours, when will you be able to bulge it."

"Me."Rei Qin guiltily lowered her head and said, "I'm Rei'er not fighting, I haven't conceived even after almost a year."

"Come on, it's not like I'm blaming you, besides, it's definitely not as easy for us to conceive now as it is for those weak ordinary people, the stronger they are, the weaker their fertility becomes."

"So what to do."

"Hehe, keep trying."

"Ah, don't."

The night went on without a word.

The next day at dawn, Tang Zichen and the others left for the Valley of Heroes as usual early in the morning, the day of the duel of the great grandmaster level powerhouses, and the most excitingly anticipated day of the Jiang Hu Conference.

Early in the morning, all the Grandmaster Great Perfections arrived on the scene.

Today, Martial Master You Jinzhi was presiding over the tournament.

You Jin Zhi flew in mid-air and shouted, "Good morning, all Ancestral Grandmaster Exarchs, today it will be me who will be presiding over the tournament!

Meeting, here, I will first talk about the rules and manner of the tournament.For this Jiang Hu Assembly, there are a total of 46 Ancestor Grand Perfection level seniors who have registered for the tournament.We will be using the 'zonal competition' method.The so-called zonal competition means that we will first divide the rankings into zones; 1 to 5 will be Zone 1; 6 to 10 will be Zone 2; 11 to 15 will be Zone 3; 16 to 20 will be Zone 4; 21 to 25 will be Zone 5; and so on.Then, all of you seniors, who feel that you are capable of competing in a certain district, join a certain district to compete, and at the end, we will adjust the specific ranking based on the last place as well as the first place in each district."

The forty or so Ancestral Grand Perfection powerhouses nodded their heads.

"As time is of the essence, let's begin right away, below, please join the first district and the second district to enter the tournament."

The tournament began with a bang.

Tang Zichen was in the crowd, watching as a spectator.

Although Tang Zichen wanted to participate in today's tournament, Tang Zichen was not a Grandmaster and was not qualified to register, so he had to wait until later to see what happened.

Time passed slowly, an hour later, the District 1 District 2 tournament ended, the first place was Wang Rufang, the second place was Bony Old Man, of course, the two of them fought for nearly an hour before they were separated, and in the end, Bony Old Man lost by half a move.

In the blink of an eye, it was evening.

Finally, all the clan masters had finished the competition.

Liu Xuan, of the Divine Dragon School, won 11th.

That old witch, Wang Yang, even gained 19th place.

The ancestor of the Yushan School, Jin Fengzi, who had flashed two slaps at Tang Zichen earlier, won 26th place.

The host, You Jinzhi, shouted, "Everyone, this Jiang Hu Conference, by this point, is completely over, and it will be thirty years until the next one, so let's meet again in thirty years."

For a moment, everyone was silent.

Thirty years, life is just a few thirty years, the next thirty years, the scene does not know how many people martial artists will not exist in this world, thirty years later, may not be able to meet again.

Especially the few over 120 years old, thirty years later is bound to have died.

Throughout the Valley of Heroes, all the spectators were silent, no one left immediately, as if they were still reluctant to part with this Jiang Hu event that lasted five days.

Eugene's Way: "Everyone, there is no feast that does not end, this Jiang Hu Conference is completely closed, disperse, go back to your homes."

It was only at this point that some of the people were reluctantly ready to disperse.

Just at this moment, there was a sudden shout, "Wait a moment."

Those who were preparing to disperse immediately turned back.

Only to see Wind Lightcloud slowly flying up into the air.

"Wind Lightning?What's he doing?"Everyone was carrying doubts.

Tang Zichen certainly had some business to take care of, and although he couldn't sign up for the Ancestor Grand Perfection tournament, Tang Zichen definitely had to come out and stir things up, so if he didn't come out now, there was even more time to wait.

Eugene Way: "Wind Lightning, what are you doing?"

Tang Zichen glared at You Jinzhi, You Jinzhi called Tang Zichen by his first name, Tang Zichen was very upset, but he was not in the mood to be bothered with him now.

Youjinzhi was shocked to see Tang Zichen's glare, he couldn't afford to offend him anymore, he panicked and changed his words, "Wind, Senior Wind, do you still have something?"

All the spectators looked at Tang Zichen, and all of Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters looked at Tang Zichen, no one knew what Tang Zichen was going to do.


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