Dish Best Served Cold 326-330


Chapter 326

"The big man?"The little girl was stunned and asked in a low voice.

  Ye Fan nodded.

  "Make all the dignitaries in Jiangdong be in awe?"Lu Wenjing continued to ask questions, seemingly puzzled.

  Ye Fan nodded again, sighed, and said helplessly, "Jing Jing, I actually wanted to keep a low profile, but seeing how worried you are, I had no choice but to confess."

  Lu Wenjing: "So you're telling me that you're...Sun Wukong?"

  Ye Fan: "........"

  Ye Fan's old face twitched then, he didn't know, how could this little girl think like this.

  Could it be that in her world, the great figure that was feared was Sun Wukong?

  However, before Ye Fan could speak, Lu Wenjing was already puffing out her fragrant cheeks, and with a full amount of anger, she snorted at Ye Fan, "Hmph, brother Ye Fan, I'm telling you business, and you're joking me here."

  "Do you really think that I will believe you if you say that you have fire eyes?"

  "Would I believe you if you said you were the Monkey King?"

  "I really wanted to help you, but you..."

  "Angry as hell~"

  At this time, the little girl, a pretty face was all red with anger at Ye Fan, waving this show fist angrily at Ye Fan.

  Of course she wouldn't believe the nonsense that Ye Fan said.

  If Ye Fan was a big person, why would her own sister Qiu work so hard?

  If Ye Fan was a big shot, why would their family be swept out of the house by their grandmother?

  Her uncle and aunt wouldn't look down on Ye Fan so much, right?

  Although Lu Wenjing was not very old, but she could still understand some of the most basic truths.

  Now that she was trying to help Ye Fan with good intentions, Lu Wenjing didn't expect Ye Fan to not only be ungrateful, but also to make up these lies to fool herself, the little girl certainly felt angry.

  When Ye Fan heard now, it dawned on him.

  I dare say that this little girl piece had been thinking that he was joking with her, teasing her.

  Ye Fan laughed bitterly for a while.

  C'mon, no one still believes this speaking the truth?

  If you don't believe me, just don't believe me, it's nice to be a quiet wimp anyway.

  But Jingzhou side Ye Fan is definitely not going to go there.

  Not to mention how he, Ye Fan, would condescend to be a bodyguard for someone, just because of his own wife, there was no way Ye Fan would go to Jingzhou.

  What kind of husband wouldn't guard his own wife?

  Thus, Lu Wenjing was ultimately unable to persuade Ye Fan.

  The day passed quickly as the sun set over the mountains.In the evening, Ye Fan took Lu Wenjing home with him.

  After all, Lu Wenjing's father was going to take her home tonight, so of course Ye Fan couldn't take her out too late to play.

  When he returned home, Ye Fan found that Qiu Mu Orange had even returned home from work.For a workaholic like Qiu Mu Orange who worked late every day, coming home at five or six o'clock was simply unbelievable.

  Ye Fan guessed it was also because Lu Wenjing was leaving, which was why she came home so early today.

  At this time, the two of them, Han Li and her husband, received a phone call, and after putting down their phones, they began to urge Qiu Mu Orange: "Quickly, Mu Orange, your aunt is already downstairs, let's go downstairs to meet her."

  Qiu Mu Orange nodded, and after cleaning up her appearance, she went down with her mother who was ready to go down with her.

  "You wimp, what are you doing out here?"

  "Go out and embarrass yourself?"

  "Just cook honestly at home."

  "Tonight's meal is a bit more plentiful, Mu Orange's aunt is coming to our house for the first time, so she must serve me well."

  Han Li and Qiu Mu Orange's mother and daughter were about to go downstairs, and when they saw that Ye Fan had even followed them out, Han Li became annoyed and reprimanded harshly.

  "Mom, why are you like this?Ye Fan is my husband by all accounts, shouldn't he go down and welcome him?"

  Seeing that Qiu Mu Orange and Han Li were about to argue again, but Ye Fan pulled Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Mu Orange, it's fine, you guys go down to greet them, I won't go, the food isn't ready yet, and the kitchen really can't do without people."

  Now that the guests would be arriving soon, there was no need for their mother and daughter to get into another fight because of themselves.

  In the end, Ye Fan didn't go down, just the three members of the Qiu Mu Orange family who went to the door to greet them.

  And Lu Wenjing also didn't go out and stayed at home with Ye Fan.

  Within a short while, a rustling of footsteps came from the hallway, and it was obviously Han Li and the others returning.

  "Her aunt, ah, please come in, quickly sit inside."

  "Mu Orange, quickly pour a cup of tea for your aunt."

  "Yes, just that Mao Jian tea."

  "I specially prepared it for your aunt, how about a thousand pounds?"

  As soon as she entered the door, she heard Han Li's pleasing and stammering voice.

  The key was that her words of entreaty were exactly the same as what she had said to Ye Fan yesterday.

  "No need to be polite, I'll be leaving in a moment."

  "Where's Jing Jing, where is she, how come I didn't see her?"In front of Han Li, there was only a middle-aged man standing.Dressed in a suit, with a golden Rolex watch on his wrist, he was completely dressed like a business elite.

  Speaking cleanly at this time, he also came up and asked where Jing Jing was.

  "Dad."As soon as Lu Mingze's words fell, he saw a girl run out of the kitchen and jumped into the man's arms as she shouted.

  "Jing Jing, did you miss daddy."Hugging his own daughter, Lu Mingze asked in a doting manner.

  "Yeah."Lu Wenjing nodded heavily while pulling her own father to the kitchen.

  "Dad, I'll introduce you to someone, he's brother Ye Fan.For the past few days, it's Brother Ye Fan who has been playing with me, and he's Sister Qiu's husband."

  When Ye Fan saw Lu Mingze, he also politely shouted "auntie".

  "You are Ye Fan?That country husband of Mu Orange?"Lu Mingze didn't agree, but only sized up the young man in front of him who was wearing an apron and practicing in the kitchen, raised his eyebrows, and asked in a deep voice.

  But the contempt in those words was distinctly clear.

  "Well, it's the first time we meet, but I didn't expect my aunt to know me."Ye Fan also casually replied back.

  "That's not true.Your name Ye Fan, there's probably no one in the Qiu family's relatives who doesn't know it."Lu Mingze returned coldly, but didn't seem interested in continuing the conversation with Ye Fan.

  After all, who would value a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law?

  Therefore, Lu Mingze didn't pay any more attention to Ye Fan and turned his head and went back to the living room.

  "Why are you still standing here?Why don't you go cook dinner?"Han Li seems to be afraid that Ye Fan will embarrass her here, so she urges Ye Fan to hurry back to the kitchen to cook.

  However, Ye Fan said, there is no food at home, go out to buy some food back, and then also opened the door and went out.

  After Ye Fan left, Han Li and his wife wanted to stay Lu Mingze to finish their meal before leaving, but Lu Mingze refused.

  "No need.I still have things to do in my company, so I have to go back early."

  "That's it, I'll take Jing Jing and leave first."

  Lu Mingze hadn't been here for five minutes before he got up and took Lu Wenjing and prepared to leave.Those high cold and hard words, but there was no hint of the warmth of a relative.

  Throughout it all, Lu Mingze's tone carried a kind of high and mighty authority.

  After arriving until now, he hadn't even smiled at the Qiu Mu Orange family.It was also just a smile when he saw his daughter Jing Jing.

  But Han Li and the others didn't think much about it, perhaps this kind of people who are leaders are inherently high and cold and majestic in nature.

  While leaving, Qiu Mu Orange, however, handed Lu Mingze another invitation.

  "Aunt, in a few days, the opening ceremony of Mu Fan Real Estate.Niece hopes that uncle, you will be able to appreciate the light and come then."Qiu Mu Orange was full of expectation and said to Lu Mingze.

  Qiu Mu Orange heard from his mother that his aunt was also a big figure in the business world of Jingzhou, and if he could invite him to come, then the opening ceremony of Mu Fan Real Estate wouldn't be too bad.At least there would still be a few significant business tycoons to shake things up.

  Lu Mingze bowed his head, then actually handed this invitation back to Qiu Mu Orange and said in a deep voice, "Opening ceremony is it, I know, I'll send someone to come on my behalf then."

  "As for the invitation, there's no need to send me the invitation.I have enough documents around, and I don't have room for you here."

  "Well, you don't have to send it.I'll be right back."

  Lu Mingze said in a deep voice to Qiu Mu Orange and the others, and throughout, he had the same indifferent and cold tone.

  Speaking to Qiu Mu Orange's family was just like speaking to his subordinates in the company.


After saying that, Lu Mingze took Lu Wenjing and left without turning back.

  He didn't even say goodbye, or Lu Wenzheng turned back and waved his hand at Qiu Mu Orange and the others to say goodbye.

  Just like this, Qiu Mu Orange's little brother-in-law came for a total of less than five minutes, and then drove off at a gallop in a black Audi Q7.

  After Lu Mingze and his family left, the Qiu Mu orange family was a bit unhappy and went home.

  Thinking back to tonight's events, Han Li was full of anger: "Qiu Lei, look at this good brother-in-law of yours, he didn't even shout brother after he entered the house, let alone my sister-in-law."

  "And, look at that tone of voice, is there a little bit of warmth and harmony between the relatives?It's simply as if our family is his nanny's servant."

  "What do you think your Autumn family's relatives are, one by one?"

  "It's as if he's afraid we'll get dragged down."

  "Inviting him to the opening of our Mu Orange Company is to give him face, but he didn't even accept the invitation and let someone else come on his behalf."

  "What does this mean?Isn't this looking down on my Mu Orange and intentionally humiliating us?"

  "And relatives?Even an outsider wouldn't do something so outrageous, right?"

  "I was really blind in the first place, marrying into your Qiu family, how much nesting I've suffered in my life."

  When Lu Mingze was there just now, Han Li had been holding back from exploding.

  Now that the person had left, remembering what had just happened, Han Li undoubtedly felt more and more wimpy the more she thought about it.

  Hot face affixed to someone's cold butt, not to mention asking someone to help find a job for Mu Orange, but people didn't even look at them properly, came home to pick up Lu Wenjing and left straight away, didn't eat, poured tea a mouthful didn't even drink.

  And, how to say Qiu Lei are his brother, she Han Li are his sister-in-law.

  But this attitude after coming here?

  My brother and sister-in-law didn't even shout, and my own niece was even more loving and aloof, acting like she was on top of the world.

  What does this mean?

  It's obvious that he despises their family.

  Feeling that they were insignificant, that they weren't qualified to be his brother and sister-in-law, that they couldn't enter his eyes.

  Hearing Han Li's grumbling, Qiu Lei also shook his head and sighed, "Hey, I don't want this either, but what can I do?"

  "It's not like you don't know what's going on with our family, we're both jobless, Mu Orange is in a small shabby company that hasn't been able to open for a few months, and our son-in-law is even more of a wimp, so it's only human nature for people to look down on us~"

  "It's not bad enough to be looked down upon for the rest of your life anyway~"

  After so many years, Qiu Lei was obviously used to it and just broke down.

  Anyway, since childhood, Qiu Lei had never been looked up to by those fathers and brothers of his.After getting married, he was also scolded by his wife all day long for being useless and not being competitive.

  Qiu Lei had already looked down on it, just throw it away, half of his life had been like this anyway.

  "You wimp, what do you mean it's not bad this time?"

  "You're shameless, and I still have shame with Mu Orange?"

  "You don't feel wimpy, but I still feel wimpy with Mu Orange?"

  "I shouldn't have married you in the first place, to your Qiu family."

  "As a result, I couldn't hold my head up in my mother's family for the rest of my life, and I was humiliated along with Mu Orange~"

  Han Li was still messing around with Qiu Lei, and the living room was a mess.

  But Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to listen anymore, her eyes slightly red, she picked up the invitation that Lu Mingze had thrown on the table, so she went back to the bedroom by herself and continued working.

  Was she hard to bear?

  Of course it's hard!

  It was expected that anyone, being taken so lightly by their own relatives, would not feel good.

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange recalled the time when Qiu Mu Ying was engaged to Chu Wen Fei.It was also like now, her fifth sister, Qiu Muhong, was respected and loved, and before she even got off the bus, the entire Qiu family all went over to greet her.

  However, no one was interested in their family, and in the end, they were even driven out of the sofa by Qiu Mu Ying's mother and daughter, who didn't even let them sit in their seats.

  No one could understand the heartache that Qiu Mu Orange felt at that time.

  That sense of humiliation was like a sword that pierced deep into her heart.

  The scene of that day, Qiu Mu Orange felt that she would never forget it for the rest of her life!

  That's why, Autumn Mu Orange would work so hard.

  It was only because, she didn't want to suffer this humiliation anymore, didn't want to be looked down upon anymore.

  Thinking of this, Qiu Mu Orange secretly clenched her palm, her eyebrows filled with determination.

  "Aunt, one day, I, Qiu Mu Orange, will make you look at me differently."

  "When that time comes, it won't be me inviting you, but you begging me to come to my Mufan property!"

  "Not only you, but also grandfather, uncle, and everyone in the Qiu family, I will make you regret your decision to drive me away from the Qiu family."

  Lu Mingze's arrival was as if a strong-hearted agent had been injected into Qiu Mu Orange's body, undoubtedly completely inspiring Qiu Mu Orange's fighting spirit to go into work with a more uplifting attitude.

  Isn't it true that people live to fight for their breath?

  Qiu Mu Orange, is to fight back this anger in front of the Qiu family!



  It was already evening, and the lights were beginning to come on.

  Lu Mingze was driving slowly on the streets of Yunzhou, little loli Lu Wenjing was sitting on the side, but at this time she was somewhat dissatisfied and looked at her father, "Daddy, my sister Qiu gave you an invitation, why didn't you accept it?"

  Lu Mingze shook his head and laughed, "I'm not going, so why should I take it?"

  "What?Dad, are you sure you don't want to go?Did my sister Autumn invite you personally?"Lu Wenjing was shocked.

  Lu Mingze, however, said indifferently, "Your father is busy with work, so how can he have the time to travel so far to attend the opening ceremony of a small, shabby company.Moreover, this sister Qiu, who married a door-to-door son-in-law, is probably not very capable herself, so it's not even certain that the small company can survive for more than three months.Why should I waste my time going to town hall for a company that's going to close down sooner or later?"

  Although Qiu Mu Orange didn't say it explicitly, Lu Mingze could guess Qiu Mu Orange's intentions.

  She invited him over for no other reason than to give him a town hall.

  "But your sister Qiu doesn't think about it, a small company with no name wants to invite me to stand in, do they have the qualifications to do so?"

  "I, Lu Mingze, am a respectable figure in the business world no matter what, if others knew that I went to stand up for a door-to-door son-in-law's wife, I wouldn't be laughed at to death?"

  "Jing Jing ah, your father's face isn't that worthless."

  Lu Mingze said indifferently, the whiff of contempt and defiance in his words undoubtedly distinctive.

  But Lu Wenjing, who was listening at the side, was close to being exasperated.

  "Dad, you're looking down on my sister Autumn."

  "Hmph, just you wait, now that you're lovingly ignoring people, in the future, my sister Autumn will make you look down on her."Lu Wenjing said angrily.

  Lu Mingze, however, shook his head and smiled, "Peach and plum."

  "If you want to be looked up to, you still have to be able to do it yourself first."

  "The husband you married is a wimp, and you, Sister Qiu, are probably incompetent and incompetent as well."

  Lu Mingze said indifferently, while once Lu Wenjing heard this, she became even more furious at that time, like a fried kitten, she glared angrily at her father, "Dad, I forbid you to talk about my brother Ye Fan like that."

  "My brother Ye Fan is awesome?"

  "He could kill you with one punch if he wanted to!"

  Lu Mingze was so angry that a palm old face then went black.

  Was this still his own daughter?

  You're going to let someone shoot yourself?

  Lu Mingze was so angry that he stretched out his hand and knocked on Lu Wenjing's skull, "You dead girl, how dare you speak to your father like that?"

  "You're happy that he shot me?"

  "If I'm dead, who's going to give me the money to feed you, the "four-legged gold swallowing beast"?"


"Well, my brother Evan raised me.No need for you to care."

  Faced with Lu Mingze's words, however, Lu Wenjing angrily turned her head and said with a hum.

  When Lu Mingze heard this, his entire body was close to being angered by this bastard daughter of his.

  It had only been a few days ah?

  I don't even want my own father!

  He's all about her brother Evan?

  "You ninny, what kind of bewitching soup did that door-to-door son-in-law put into you to make you gravitate towards him like this?"Lu Mingze had no choice but to ask.

  "Hmph, I don't care about you, you're not my father, I don't have such an unkind and snobbish looking father."

  Lu Wenjing face was obviously still angry with Lu Mingze, drumming her fragrant cheeks and saying angrily to Lu Mingze.

  Lu Mingze was suddenly amused by his own daughter's cute angry appearance.

  He didn't expect that this precious daughter of his would one day learn to be annoyed with him as her father?

  There was nothing that Lu Mingze could do, he could only apologize nicely and coax her.

  In this world, the hardest thing is men.

  Not only do they have to work hard to make money outside and be controlled by the boss, but they also can't afford to mess with the two women when they come home.

  No, now Lu Mingze started to coax her baby daughter with good words.

  After a long time of coaxing, Lu Wenzheng paid attention to Lu Mingze.

  "Alright, good girl, daddy knows he's wrong, I won't say that door-to-door like that anymore...That brother Ye Fan of yours is."Lu Mingze apologized with a bitter smile.

  "Hmph, that's more like it.But daddy, not only can you not speak ill of my Ye Fan brother in the future, you also have to help Ye Fan find a job."

  "My brother Ye Fan is really good at fighting, many bad guys surrounded us that day, but my brother Ye Fan knocked them down with a few bang bang bang."

  "I think that you can hire my brother Ye Fan as a bodyguard and pay him tens of thousands of dollars a month."Lu Wenjing tilted her pretty face up and looked at Lu Mingze, saying evenly.

  A pair of large bright eyes were filled with anticipation.

  And when Lu Mingze heard this, he shook his head and sneered, "These words were made up by that brother Ye Fan, as you call him, right?"

  "I knew it, this family of theirs just wanted to get in your mother's good graces and have me find them a job."

  Lu Mingze said faintly, and the whiff of contempt in his words suddenly thickened a little more.

  "Dad, it wasn't my brother Ye Fan who told me to make it up, I made it up on my own initiative."

  "No, it wasn't made up ah, it's all true, I was there."

  Lu Wenjing, perhaps because she was stupid with her mouth and couldn't explain it right no matter how, suddenly a smiley face turned red in her hurry.

  "I don't care anyway, dad, you have to help my brother Ye Fan find a job."

  "Otherwise, I'll never speak to you for the rest of my life."


  When Lu Wenjing saw that she couldn't explain herself, she simply pampered herself and turned her head away angrily with her small hands on her waist, as if she would really ignore Lu Mingze in the future.

  When Lu Mingze saw the situation, he couldn't laugh bitterly, "You, this nipper, playing with your temper is simply as unreasonable as your mother."

  "Alright, I agreed to find him a job, isn't that enough?"

  "I really owe you two ladies from my last life."

  "Call, ask him where he is, I'll talk to him in person."

  His own daughter hadn't made any requests, and now that it was the first time Lu Mingze had seen her so oriented towards a person, Lu Mingze had no choice but to agree to his own daughter's request.

  It was just as well that Lu Mingze also wanted to see this Ye Fan again, although he had met her once before, but at that time, Lu Mingze didn't even see much of Ye Fan, this time, he had to see a lot of this person.

  To see what kind of skills this Ye Fan had that he had fooled his own daughter.

  Soon, Lu Wenjing learned that Ye Fan was buying food at a nearby market, and immediately asked his own father to follow the navigation to find him.

  "Brother Ye Fan."

  Seeing Ye Fan, Lu Wenzheng was delighted and directly jumped into Ye Fan's arms.Ye Fan also lovingly rubbed the little girl's head in his arms and smiled with a pitying face.

  When he saw Lu Wenjing, Ye Fan would recall his own little cousin who always followed Ye Fan like a tailing insect when he was in the Chu family.

  Only, in a flash, ten years had already passed, and that little cousin from back then was probably already out of the pavilion by this time.

  So, because of this, Ye Fan had an almost instinctive sense of affection towards Lu Wenjing.

  What's more, Lu Wenjing's innocence and kindness was also very pleasing to Ye Fan.

  Even though it had only been a few days, for this little cousin of his wife's aunt's family, Ye Fan was also very fond of her.

  "Aunt, why are you in such a hurry to leave?I've just bought this food and I'm going home to make it for you?"

  After rubbing Lu Wenjing's little head, Ye Fan looked at Lu Mingze and asked him a polite question.

  Lu Mingze didn't answer Ye Fan's question, but carefully examined the man in front of him.

  The hair was a bit messy and looked a bit scruffy.

  On top was a white short-sleeved shirt, while underneath was a pair of white-washed jeans, and on his feet was a pair of sneakers of unknown brand.

  Looking at this outfit of Ye Fan's, Lu Mingze, who had always mingled with the high society, then frowned.

  "Dad, talk to me, don't you have something to say to brother Ye Fan?"Lu Wenjing, however, didn't care about this, only urging towards her father with anticipation.

  Lu Mingze ignored it, but looked at Ye Fan and asked coldly, "Your family is from the countryside?"

  Evan nodded.

  "All the elders in the family are farmers?"

  Ye Fan still nodded.

  "Can you have a skill?"

  "Like, know how to solder?"

  Evan shook his head.

  "What about the building?Are the carpenters and steelworkers dry?"Lu Mingze continued to ask.

  Ye Fan still shook his head.

  "What about the excavator, will it drive?"Lu Mingze's eyebrows had furrowed.

  Ye Fan was still shaking his head.

  "I really can't, where's the chef?Cooks always learn, right?"

  Ye Fan still shook his head.

  Lu Mingze's face sank and he grunted somewhat unhappily, "What can you do then?With this body, I'm afraid you won't be able to work on a construction site moving bricks, right?"

  Lu Mingze was clearly a bit annoyed.

  The person he despised the most was undoubtedly this kind of mediocre person with no skills.

  With no skills at all, what had that person done for the last twenty years of their life, wasted away?

  If that's the case, how dare you ask my daughter to find you a job?

  Lu Mingze's heart was already impatient, if it wasn't for the fact that this Ye Fan had relatives with him, he would have turned his head and left by now.

  Ye Fan didn't speak, his face expressionless.

  But Lu Wenjing was anxious, "Dad, you promised me that you would find a job for brother Ye Fan."

  Hearing his own daughter's almost grumbling words, Lu Mingze had no choice, so he looked at Ye Fan and said coldly, "You should be glad that you got my daughter's pleasure."

  "Let's say, since you can't do any technical work, you'll first go to my company's security section as a security guard."

  "Food and lodging full management, the internship will be free for you, and I'll give you four thousand for a month's salary, with five insurance and one gold."

  "Don't you think it's too little, a security chief who has been working for six years, that's the same salary.Otherwise, for a newcomer like you, two thousand eight hundred at most."

  Lu Mingze said in a deep voice, the tone, as if it was a charity.


"Dad, didn't you ask brother Evan to be your bodyguard?Why security?"

  Ye Fan hadn't spoken yet, but Lu Wenjing was a little dissatisfied.

  A salary of four thousand, that was too little, right?

  She had previously given Ye Fan a boast of thirty thousand in January.

  Lu Mingze, however, glared at him: "You ninny, don't give me any more caprice.I'm already violating the principles of how I handle things by letting him be a security guard, but as for the rest, even if I let him do it, would he be able to do it?"

  Hearing that her own father's tone had become much harsher, Lu Wenjing didn't dare to be capricious anymore, and didn't say anything else with her small face hanging low.

  But in her heart, she was thinking, security is fine, let brother Ye Fan work a bit first, later on, when her father is happy, she will think of a way to get her brother Ye Fan to move to a better position is.

  "Well, there's no need to say thank you, I'm just looking for a job for you for my daughter's sake.""Go back and pack your things, you'll be joining Jingzhou tomorrow."

  "If you go late, you'll lose this position!"

  Lu Mingze waved his hand, gesturing for Ye Fan to hurry home and get ready.

  However, Lu Mingze had thought that Ye Fan would be thankful and give him a few compliments and flattery, who thought that Ye Fan would just smile coldly.


  "What are you laughing at?"

  Lu Mingze frowned, and Ye Fan's laughter made him extremely unhappy.

  Because, from this laughter, he heard a few hints of ridicule.

  What qualifications did he have to laugh here, a door-to-door son-in-law?

  "It's nothing."Ye Fan faintly replied, "I just wanted to say, thank you for your aunt's kindness, but for this security guard, you'd better find someone else, right?"

  "I won't go, and save my aunt from violating her own principles because of me."

  "Alright, with that being said, I still have to go back and cook, so I won't see you off."

  As the words fell, Ye Fan stopped stopping and turned to leave without even looking at Lu Mingze.

  Don't tell me to say thank you to Lu Mingze, but he didn't even give him a good face.

  "Brother Ye Fan, don't leave~"

  "Why do you refuse?"

  "Are you being underpaid?"

  "It's all negotiable, I can get my dad to give you some more."

  Lu Wenjing, however, pulled Ye Fan, her beautiful eyes red, not wanting Ye Fan to leave.

  Ye Fan smiled and rubbed Lu Wenjing's little head, "Jing Jing, be obedient, go home with your dad, I will go to Jingzhou to see you when I have time in the future."

  After saying that, Ye Fan no longer stopped, the thin back quickly left, allowing Lu Wenjing how to call, that firm and thin figure, but never looked back.


  "A door-to-door son-in-law, not much talent, but a big heart."

  "Four thousand a month is still not enough?"

  "What does he want?"

  "Could it be that you want to go to heaven?"

  "Don't even look at how many pounds you are!"

  "There really is a reason why this man is poor."

  "It's really rotten, no wonder your grandmother expelled all of them from the Qiu family."

  After finding him a job with good intentions and taking a chance on him, Lu Mingze was undoubtedly in an extremely bad mood at this point.The more he looked at Ye Fan, the angrier he felt.

  This kind of ungrateful thing, he shouldn't have been able to find him a job.

  Lu Mingze's face was livid, simply the more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

  "Okay, don't look at it."

  "A wimp, what's there to look at?"

  "Don't come home with me yet!"

  Lu Mingze pulled Lu Wenjing and prepared to leave by car.

  But who would have thought that the little girl in front of her would have no idea where she got the strength to break free of Lu Mingze's arm and shouted angrily at Lu Mingze with tears streaming down her face.

  "Bad father, you lied, you said you wanted my brother Ye Fan to be a bodyguard, why a security guard?"

  "I hate you!"

  "I don't need you to pick me up."

  "You go~"

  "I don't want to see you~"


  Lu Wenjing was in tears and couldn't stop crying out to Lu Mingze, her pretty pink carved face filled with teardrops.As she cried, she chased after Ye Fan's direction.

  She didn't want to go with Lu Mingze, she wanted to go home with brother Ye Fan.

  This vegetable market is somewhat distant from the Liu Yuan neighborhood, so you have to take a bus to get there and back.

  At this time, the bus that Ye Fan was going to take was just arriving at the station, and Ye Fan had just put in the coin to get on the bus, and the little girl behind her caught up right after.



  "What's wrong with you, why are you crying?"

  "What are you doing up here?"

  "Come home with your dad, huh?"

  Ye Fan was shocked, did not expect this little girl to chase after her, told her to hurry down, but the little girl did not listen, turned her head and ran to the back of the bus, find a spot to sit down, let Ye Fan say anything not to get off.

  At this time, the bus was ready to go.When Ye Fan was helpless, Lu Mingze even got on the bus, and after looking around, he found Ye Fan and sat down next to them.


  The engine roared, and the moment Lu Mingze got on the bus, the bus finally started and drove away from the bus stop.

  Lu Mingze and his father and daughter, just like this, also followed Ye Fan and got on the bus.


  Lu Wenjing was obviously still angry with her father, and after seeing him, she huffed angrily and directly turned her head away from Lu Mingze.

  When Lu Mingze saw this, he was helpless.

  "Hey, I really owe you mother and daughter."

  Lu Mingze sighed, he really couldn't figure out what was so good about this Ye Fan that he let his daughter treat him like this, and because he was arguing with this father of his.

  But there was nothing he could do about it, let's say for the sake of his own daughter, Lu Mingze had no choice but to open up his old face and continue to ask Ye Fan.

  "Alright, since you think the security guard's salary is low and you don't want to work.Then I'll let you be my bodyguard."

  "The internship period is three months, ten thousand a month.If you do a good job, after three months, you'll be regularized and get thirty thousand a month."

  "Of course, only if you do a good job!"

  "Otherwise, I won't keep you even if there's a quiet plea for you."

  "Do you understand?"

  Lu Mingze faced Ye Fan and asked in a deep voice.

  Hearing this, Lu Wenjing's anger only dissipated, and a small face that was boarded up gradually stretched out.

  However, what neither Lu Mingze nor his father nor daughter had expected was that Ye Fan still shook his head and directly refused, "No need.I'm fine in Yunzhou, and I have no plans to go to Jingzhou."


  "You're not going?"

  "You've got it figured out, you're seriously not going?"

  "Thirty thousand dollars a month for a job, and with your abilities, you're never going to find a second one besides mine?Not even five thousand you won't find."

  "Even I, if it wasn't for Quiet, I wouldn't be able to pay you such a high salary!"

  Lu Mingze asked in a deep voice, some surprise springing up on his old face.

  He really didn't expect that Ye Fan would turn down such a high salary.

  He was a door-to-door son-in-law, still from the countryside, in a third-tier small town like Yunzhou and Jingzhou, a salary of more than five thousand would probably be impossible for him to find in his entire life, and now he was offering him thirty thousand, and he still refused?

  "My patience is limited."

  "I'm asking you one last time, are you going or not?"

  "If you miss tonight, whoever begs me in the future will never get another chance!"Lu Mingze's words were cold and expressionless.

  However, Ye Fan didn't even think about it and directly declined, "I told you, I have no intention of leaving Yunzhou.I won't go to this job."

  "You~" Lu Mingze's old face smacked and he was so angry.He didn't expect that this Ye Fan would be so ungrateful.


  However, it was then that a sudden loud bang shook the entire bus violently.



  This sudden noise scared the crowd inside the bus into screaming in fear.

  But the shock only lasted a few seconds, and soon the bus came to a halt, with its huge body lying on the road and its tires rubbing against the ground, leaving long black marks.

  Inside the car, countless people were all terrified, looking around.

  "What's going on?"

  "What's going on?"

  "Did you have an accident?"

  The passengers inside the bus looked confused, completely unaware of what was happening.

  But outside the bus, but seven or eight cars drove over, directly surrounded the entire bus into a circle.

  One of the van, even more, drove up, directly forced the bus to a halt.

  The roaring sound just now was the sound of the collision between the van and the bus.

  At this time, someone in that van walked down.

  The leader, who had a scar on his face, was holding a cigarette in his mouth at this time, standing against the window.

  "Brother Knife, this is the car."

  "According to the report from the subordinates, the person that Brother Zhou wants to deal with is in this car."

  At this moment, the report of his subordinates came from beside him.

  Scarlet, however, was in no hurry, and after exhaling smoke, he said slowly, "Well, in that case, let him down."



  The situation outside, the crowd naturally did not know.

  The passengers inside the car were now looking through the windows, but they had already seen those black crowds outside, holding knives, and a black car.

  "Dad, what's going on?"

  "Is...Did you run into a bad guy?"

  Lu Wenjing's pretty face was terrified.

  The other passengers in the car were also pale with fright after seeing the knives.

  It looked like a real encounter with a roadblock robber.

  By this time, the bus was in an uproar, with frightened children crying at the top of their voices, and the timid ones even shrinking in their seats, trembling in fear.

  However, just as the crowd was terrified, outside the bus, then came an enraged voice: "That bastard called Ye Fan in the bus, I know you're in there."

  "If you don't want to die, just get out of the car.And save us the trouble of going in."

  The icy voice, but with an eerie chill, quietly exploded throughout the bus.

  That fierce tone scared the passengers inside the bus so much that their heartbeats missed a beat, and at that time, the bus was dead silent and no one dared to make a sound.

  However, terrified, the passengers inside the bus were looking around in confusion, obviously looking for, who is Ye Fan.

  At this time, the father and daughter of Lu Mingze, who heard the angry shouts outside, turned their heads to look at the side of Ye Fan as if they had discussed it.

  "Ye Fan?Did you stir up trouble out there, you bastard?"Lu Mingze when asked in a deep voice.

  His voice was not loud, but it was so distinct in the already silent bus.


  For a moment, the entire car's passengers all looked back at Ye Fan.

  "He's Ye Fan?"

  "It's a young man?"

  "Who the fuck have you messed with?"

  "You've got us all in a carload of trouble!"

  After finding the rightful owner, many passengers in the car complained, but all of their fears were turned into grievances and vented them all on Ye Fan.

  After all, if it wasn't for this Ye Fan, how could they have met such a freak accident?

  "You talk!"

  "Who the hell have you messed with?"

  Lu Mingze was also angry and furious, and asked Ye Fan in a cold voice.


  "Does he dare speak?"

  "Ah young people nowadays, they don't have any responsibility at all, and they just know how to get into trouble."Inside the car, there was a small old man who snorted coldly.

  A lady beside him also advised to Ye Fan, "Young man, listen to the lady's advice, it's not a good idea for you to hide in the car like this.If you don't go down at this time, they will come up later to take you down as well."

  "Listen to me, no matter how much trouble you've caused, get out of the car first and apologize to the others.Be nice, and maybe they'll even let you go."


  "That's right, what's the use of just hiding here?"

  "If you make them wait later, I'm afraid you won't be able to afford the consequences even more."

  "Why don't you get out of the car and go apologize to someone?"

  "Go on~"

  "Get off!"

  For a time, the entire bus passengers all looked at Ye Fan to let him off.

  After all, the target of those people outside was Ye Fan, and as long as Ye Fan got off the bus, they passengers would undoubtedly be safe themselves.

  At that time, once they let the driver move the bus, wouldn't they be completely out of danger?

  As for whether Ye Fan lives or dies, it's none of their business.

  The sins they created themselves should be borne by themselves!

  While everyone was doing their best to rush Ye Fan off the bus, Lu Wenjing was full of anxiety.

  "Dad, do something about it."

  "These people are obviously coming for my brother Ye Fan, you save brother Ye Fan."Lu Wenjing's pair of beautiful eyes were all red with anxiety because of her worry.

  However, Lu Mingze snorted, "A way?What can I do about it?"

  "He should fix the trouble he made on his own."

  "Wasn't he quite proud just now, people don't even look at a job that pays over 300,000 a year, why is he wimping out now?Unable to speak?"

  "No wonder your aunt and the others don't like him and call him a wimp when he's incapable of getting into trouble?"

  Previously, when Ye Fan had rejected his job twice in a row, Lu Mingze already had a bit of a bad attitude towards Ye Fan.Now because of him, their father and daughter are also in danger.

  To Ye Fan, Lu Mingze naturally had even less good feelings towards him.

  When Lu Wenjing saw this, she was even more anxious in her heart, grabbed Ye Fan's hand and said urgently, "Brother Ye Fan, say something, please beg my father, say something good for my father.You are my sister Qiu's husband, and my mother is sister Qiu's youngest aunt, they are all relatives, as long as you beg my dad, my dad won't ignore you."

  Lu Wenjing was almost anxious to burst into tears.

  Lu Mingze, on the other hand, was sitting there with a cold snort and a stern face, looking like he was just holding a shelf waiting for Ye Fan to go over and beg him.

  However, who would have thought that in the face of Lu Wenjing's bitter advice, Ye Fan just smiled calmly, "Jing Jing, it's fine."

  "It's just a few jumping clowns, they can't do anything about your brother Ye Fan."

  "From the very beginning, they've never been in my eyes."

  Ye Fan's words were not small.

  The passengers of the real bus were shocked then.

  "Hungry to cut grass!"

  "Is this young man going to heaven?"

  "Not too old to have such a big mouth?"

  "And a jumper?And still can't get into your eyes?"

  "People are but dozens of men here, I don't know where you, a hairy boy, got the strength to say that."

  Inside the bus, many people couldn't help but shake their heads and speak coldly.The gazes that looked at Ye Fan were clearly more than a little contemptuous and ridiculing.

  "Young people nowadays, they really don't know how thick the sky is."

  "He should be made to suffer a little more."

  "Save the trouble of causing trouble everywhere and getting others involved."

  The surrounding passengers all said disdainfully.

  And Ye Fan had already gotten up and walked like under the car.

  "Brother Ye Fan, don't go~" Lu Wenjing was filled with worry and was about to go to hold Ye Fan, however, he was stopped by Lu Mingze.

  "Jing Jing, leave him alone, let him go!"

  "Isn't he great?Isn't he proud?"

  "A door-to-door son-in-law from the countryside, but also dragging like 25,000,000, all day poor pretending, 30,000 jobs a month can't even see."

  "It's good now, let him suffer and learn a lesson, so that he doesn't know how to behave in the future."




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