Dish Best Served Cold 321-325


Chapter 321

Ye Fan mocked himself as if he was watching.

  These words weren't all made up by Ye Fan.After all, it was true that Han Dongmin had helped Mu Fan real estate before because he owed Ye Fan a favor.

  Now that the favor has been repaid, he and Han Dongmin really don't owe each other anything.

  In terms of reasoning, Han Dongmin and Ye Fan basically have no relationship.

  He doesn't owe Ye Fan, so why should he help him?And it's the kind of thing that's separated by several layers.

  Of course, that was said.With Ye Fan's current status in Han Dongmin's heart, if he opened his mouth, Han Dongmin would definitely not have the good sense to refuse.

  However, Ye Fan was not prepared to do so.

  These requests from Han Li were inherently rude and absurd, they were simply imposing, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to call them nonsense.

  Therefore, Ye Fan simply used this reason to let Han Li and the others die.

  It wasn't his own wife, Ye Fan wasn't going to spoil them!

  After hearing Ye Fan's words, the enthusiasm and smiles on the faces of Han Li and her husband and wife faded away.

  They were flabbergasted and looked at Ye Fan.

  "So, you don't know Han City anymore?"

  "Just owe you a favor?"

  "It's okay when the favor is paid?"

  Han Li asked suspiciously, and Qiu Lei also stared at Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan nodded.

  Han Li was reluctant and continued to ask, "So, I blew my job with your father, too?"

  "The director can't be chief?"

  "The Director's gone too?"

  "Are you still the same Evan from before?Without being close to a big shot like Han City?"

  Ye Fan nodded, "Mom, although I don't want to admit it, but the truth, it is true."

  When Ye Fan nodded, but he lifted the cup of tea in front of him and prepared to take a light sip.

  "Then what the hell are you drinking tea for!"

  Han Li was so furious that she snatched the good Mao Jian tea from Ye Fan's hands and drank it herself.

  After drinking it, Han Li was livid and cursed angrily, "You wimp, I thought you'd met a noble and salty fish and turned over a new leaf.Now it seems that it's purely because I thought too much."

  "A turtle is a turtle is a turtle, it really is a life of poverty."

  "Still drinking Mao-tip?Still drinking Maotai?"

  "And you're good with that?Do you deserve you?"

  "If I'd known you were the same old wimp, I wouldn't have bothered."

  "That really pisses me off."

  "It's a shame I bought such an expensive tea for nothing, and blinded a good bottle of wine.".

  "Piss me off~"

  Han Li undoubtedly changed her face instantly after learning that there wasn't even a close relationship between Ye Fan and Han Dongmin.

  A wimp, where was a wimp worthy of her sticking up for?

  Before this, she was treating Ye Fan nicely because he had fallen in love with a big man like Han Dongmin, and had asked him to help talk to Han Dongmin and arrange a job for them.

  But now, Ye Fan said that it's no longer okay between him and Han Dongmin, he's not close to any big man, people Han Dongmin will not take care of him in the future, Han Li will naturally not give Ye Fan any good face.

  At that time, she turned the other cheek.

  Not only did she not even let Ye Fan drink the tea, she also took back the wine.

  Even because of her anger, Han Li didn't even let Ye Fan eat the rice.

  "This is my rice, what right do you have to eat it, you wimp?"

  "Someone else's son-in-law is giving money and getting a job, so I wonder how much light I can borrow?"

  "I'm so angry that I've met a useless son-in-law like you!"

  "Not only do you spend our family's money all day for nothing, but now you can't even find a job, you can't even borrow any light."

  "What does our family want with a piece of trash like you?"

  Han Li was simply going to be pissed off.

  Before this, seeing Ye Fan promised so well, originally Han Li all thought that this matter was almost complete, but after messing around for half a day, it turned out that this wimp Ye Fan had just been coaxing them.

  Now think about it, Han Dongmin is who, a city master, even if not a hand, but in the entire Yunzhou City can also be ranked in the top three.

  Ye Fan is just a country bumpkin, or a son-in-law at the door, how could people have a friendship with this kind of person?

  It is estimated that just like what Ye Fan said before, the reason why people are helping Mu Fan real estate is to return a favor to Ye Fan.

  After returning the favor, he wouldn't be able to take care of him anymore.

  "Hey, I should have thought of it earlier, this wimp, I shouldn't have counted on it~"

  Han Li heart a loss, she had thought she was going to be the director's wife, now the bamboo basket was a waste of water, but also a waste of a good table, a bottle of good wine, and a pot of good tea, you can imagine, Han Li husband and wife at this time in the heart of how depressed and bitter.

  In the end, the dinner, although the beginning of a good beginning, but failed to end a good end.In the midst of Han Li's scolding and angry voice, Ye Fan could only go back to the study by himself.

  Qiu Mu Orange also didn't want to listen to her parents' scolding, and didn't eat much food, so she followed Ye Fan as well.

  After returning to the bedroom, Qiu Mu orange continued to deal with the company's affairs.

  Now that all the documents of Mufan Real Estate are complete, the next step is the opening ceremony.

  This ceremony Qiu Mu- orange was prepared to hold a big special event to completely beat out the reputation of Mufan Real Estate in the Yunzhou real estate sector.

  Therefore, the list of people invited to this opening ceremony was naturally particularly solemn.

  Originally, Qiu Mu Orange planned to invite Han Dongmin to the opening ceremony as well to calm down the crowd.

  After all, it would undoubtedly be a matter of great pride if they had a senior leader like Han Dongmin sitting at the opening of Mufan Real Estate!

  So, she had written all the invitations and was going to send them over to Han Dongmin these days.But now that she thought about it, Autumn Mu Orange shook her head after all.

  This kind of big person probably wouldn't come even if they were invited.

  Why would they need to humiliate themselves?

  Thinking like this, Qiu Mu Orange sighed and also threw the invitation to Han Dongmin into the trash basket.

  Before this, Qiu Mu Orange also thought that Ye Fan and Han Dongmin, should have a friendship.For Ye Fan's sake, she thought that Han Dongmin should come.

  But after hearing what Ye Fan said at the dinner table just now, Qiu Mu Orange undoubtedly also knew that she was thinking too much just like her parents.

  Where was the friendship.

  The other person, Han Dongmin, was just returning a favor.

  After returning it, naturally, it would be alright.

  "Hey, this is hard to do.If you can't even invite a big shot at the opening ceremony, I'm afraid it'll be a shame."Qiu Mu Orange was filled with loss, shaking her head and sighing.


  Just as Qiu Mu Orange was worried about the opening ceremony, her stomach was suddenly rumbling.

  It was only then that Qiu Mu Orange remembered that she had just been angry at dinner and hadn't eaten anything, so it was strange that she wasn't hungry.

  It's just that now at this time, her parents and the others have probably already cleaned up their meals, and it's too late for her to eat if she wants to.

  "Hey, let's starve first, it's all about losing weight."Qiu Mu Orange whispered, while continuing her office.

  However, as soon as her words left her mouth, an enticing aroma of meat came from outside the room.

  Right after that, Ye Fan pushed the door in.

  "Mu Orange, are you hungry?I see you didn't eat anything just now."

  "Jing Jing and I left the kebab for you to heat up, so eat it while it's hot."

  Ye Fan smiled as he walked in with a plate.It was followed by Lu Wenjing, who looked envious and covetous.

  Obviously, this little girl was still thinking about the skewer in Ye Fan's hand.

  And looking at the man in front of her, feeling Ye Fan's concern for her, there was a moment, this is close to tears Qiu Mu Orange.

  An inexplicable warm current, just like that in her heart, slowly flowed through.


"Ye Fan, what my parents and the others said just now, don't take it to heart."

  In the room, Qiu Mu Orange took the heavy plate from Ye Fan's hands and ate the skewers that Ye Fan had heated up for her, but after a long silence, she said softly.

  After all, what his own parents had just done was indeed excessive.

  Even if Ye Fan didn't have a deep friendship with Han Dongmin, their own mother and the others wouldn't treat Ye Fan like that, not letting them drink tea, not letting them touch the wine, and talking so badly.

  Hearing Qiu Mu Orange's apology, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: "It's fine, I'm used to it.If they keep treating me with such attentiveness and enthusiasm, I will instead be uncomfortable."

  "Right, when will the company open, do you want me to call a few people over to give you a town hall."

  Ye Fan said jokingly, then diverted the topic.

  Qiu Mu Orange also laughed, "It'll take a few more days.I've been writing invitations recently, do you think I should write one with my grandfather and the others.They've spent a lot of effort suppressing our Mufan Real Estate this period of time, and now that it's about to open, I have to invite them anyway so that they can see that our Mufan Real Estate is still open properly even under their suppression."

  To the Qiu family, there was always an inexplicable anger in Qiu Mu Orange's heart.

  All along, the Qiu family had looked down on her and Ye Fan.

  Great-uncle Qiu Guang and her grandfather and the others, even more so, didn't think that she, a woman, could open the company up.Now that Mu Fan Real Estate was about to open, of course, Qiu Mu Orange wanted to send an invitation to the Qiu family.

  Even if they don't come, the invitation is tantamount to hitting them in the face, and Qiu Mu Orange can export her anger properly.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange also had her own worries.

  "Please, why not."

  "It's just as well, let's take this opportunity to show those people of your grandfather how stupid they were for driving my wife away."Ye Fan thought this was a good idea.

  "But Ye Fan, as you know, we have just established Mu Fan Real Estate, we don't have much of a reputation.What if on the day of the opening ceremony, not even a few people come to the ceremony, it's deserted, not to mention raising eyebrows, I'm afraid we'll have to let Qiu Mu Ying and the others see the joke."

  For the past few days, Autumn Muyoung Orange had been worried about this matter.

  Although she was thinking of having a big opening ceremony this time, she was after all shallowly connected in the Yunzhou business community, and she wasn't confident that she could invite big names to town.

  If not even a few people came on the opening day, it would undoubtedly be humiliating.

  Ye Fan, however, consoled: "It's fine, what's so humiliating about it.Even if there are no big names there, our employees can celebrate by themselves.Let everyone bring their families, this must be hundreds of people anyway."

  "In that case, why worry about no one going on the day of the opening ceremony, why not have a lot of fun?"

  "That's true, but..."Qiu Mu Orange sighed, and on top of her stunningly beautiful face, there was clearly a bit of sadness and loss.

  Although, what Ye Fan said was not bad.

  But people were all vain, after so long, their own company was finally going to open, of course, Qiu Mu Orange wanted that day to be lively and to have a grand opening ceremony in style.

  Let grandpa see, let Qiu Mu Ying see, let all the Qiu family members who underestimated him see that he could have a better life away from the Qiu family, Qiu Mu Orange!

  Without relying on the Qiu family, she, Qiu Mu Orange, could run her own company, and in the future, even surpass Qiushui Logistics!

  Just as Ye Fan said, she wanted to make the Autumn family realize how foolish they were to drive themselves away in the first place, and she wanted to make them regret it.

  However, the ideal was very fulfilling, but now the cruel reality was to make Autumn Mu Orange realize that it was afraid that the opening ceremony soon would be difficult to hold a glamorous one.Moreover, it was likely that not even a single big shot would be invited.

  With a sigh, Qiu Mu Orange didn't continue to talk to Ye Fan about this matter.

  "Sister Autumn, aren't you eating?"

  "If you don't eat it, I'll steal it all oh."

  At this time, Lu Wenjing, who was stealing the skewers next to her, was looking up at Qiu Mu Orange with her pretty face carved in pink.

  That mouth full of oil, the couple that was made, Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, burst out laughing and couldn't help it.

  "Jing Jing, I'm sorry, this time sister Qiu has been busy with the company's affairs, you had a hard time coming here and I couldn't take you to play.You must be unhappy just holding back at home these past few days, you must be mad at sister, right?"Qiu Mu Orange said apologetically, gently touching the cute and pretty face of the little girl in front of her.In her heart, she was ashamed.

  By all rights, Lu Wenjing had come a long way to see her, and she, as an older sister, should have taken someone out to play.

  However, the company's affairs were constant, so Qiu Mu Orange hadn't been able to spare the time.Qiu Mu Orange felt guilty all of a sudden.

  However, Lu Wenjing was laughing, "Sister Qiu, no, who says I'm not happy."

  "These days, brother Ye Fan has taken me to many places."

  "To a painting exhibition, and to look at solved stones, and to eat kebabs, and to fight with people, it's just fun and exciting."


  "Ye Fan, you bastard, and you're taking Jing Jing to a fight?"

  Qiu Mu Orange but after hearing Lu Wenjing's words, a pair of beautiful eyes suddenly became cold and stared at Ye Fan.

  Obviously, he was blaming Ye Fan for not bringing a good head, but he even brought Jing Jing to fight?

  If something happens, how will she explain to her aunt?

  However, before Qiu Mu Orange could blame Ye Fan, the little girl was then defending, "Sister Qiu, don't blame Brother Ye Fan ah."

  "It was those people who bullied us first, Brother Ye Fan also fought with people because he was afraid that I would be bullied."

  "But Brother Ye Fan is so handsome, bang bang bang he knocked down all the bad guys in a short while."

  "I'm so happy to be with Brother Ye Fan."

  "At home my mom keeps making me take all kinds of tuition classes, I've never been as happy as these days since I was a kid."

  "If it's possible, I really want to live with Sister Qiu and Brother Yefan."

  "Sister Qiu, why don't you persuade Brother Ye Fan to let me marry him too."

  "You be the eldest and I'll be the youngest.That way we can live together happily all the time."

  "Don't worry, I'm the little one, I can take a little loss, after I marry Brother Ye Fan, let Brother Ye Fan sleep with you four days a week, just sleep with me three days."

  "Sister Qiu, you're the best, just persuade Brother Ye Fan, right?"

  "I told him before, but he didn't even agree."

  Listening to Lu Wenjing's childish and tender words, but both Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan were amused.

  "What nonsense are you saying, you silly ninny?"

  "How old are you and you're thinking of getting married?Three days of sleeping with me?Four days?"

  "Besides, he's your brother-in-law, how can you marry him?"

  "If he dares to agree, let alone your parents, I won't let him go."

  Qiu Mu Orange said to Lu Wenjing with a bitter smile.

  However, between tears and laughter, Qiu Mu Orange had to be surprised that it had only been a few days, but Ye Fan had already conquered this sister of his?

  Qiu Mu Orange remembered that when Lu Wenjing first came a few days ago, she had a big problem with Ye Fan.

  Now, not only did she not advise herself to divorce Ye Fan, but she even wanted to marry him?

  When she thought of this, Qiu Mu Orange's pair of cold eyes swept towards Ye Fan.

  That way, it seemed like she was questioning Ye Fan as to what she had done to her sister.


Ye Fan paralyzed his hands and looked innocent, then argued, "Wife, the heavens are clear, I really didn't do anything to your sister!"

  "Then why is she good enough to want to marry you?She didn't even let you hug her before."Qiu Mu Orange questioned harshly at Ye Fan.

  Obviously, she was remembering how shy and angry Lu Wenjing was when she had just arrived and accidentally jumped into Ye Fan's arms.

  But now in just a few days, her sister's attitude towards Ye Fan had changed so drastically, which had to make Qiu Mu Orange surprised and confused.

  However, in the face of Qiu Mu Orange's question, Ye Fan smiled helplessly, "How do I know this?"

  "I guess after spending a few days with me, he felt that I, Ye Fan, was jade tree, graceful, wise and brave, and was deeply impressed by my handsome face and remarkable talent.So he gave me an autumnal glance and wanted to marry me."

  "Besides, didn't your best friend, Suzy, also want to marry me?"

  "What about Susie's old man, who called the other day to urge me to marry your best friend again?"

  "Your husband's extraordinary charm is recognized."

  Ye Fan smiled faintly, looking proud and proud.

  After all, what man wouldn't be proud to have so many women want to marry him?

  But as Ye Fan said that, he suddenly felt that the temperature around him was a bit colder.

  When he turned his head to look again, he really saw, the cold eyes of Qiu Mu Orange, as well as the sensual pretty face.

  In the end, Qiu Mu Orange took the pillow on the bed and smashed it towards Ye Fan.

  "Stinking shameless bastard!"

  "You go to hell~"

  Qiu Mu Orange roared furiously, and Ye Fan saw the bad news and quickly scampered away.

  I'm not ashamed to say that I'm Han Li's daughter, the speed of this face change is simply the same.

  The first time I saw it, I was full of apologies to myself, but this time it was a murderous rampage as if I was murdering my husband.

  But Ye Fan was not angry at this, and instead shook his head and smiled.

  Sweet and sour, this is life, right?

  After leaving the bedroom, Ye Fan also went back to the study room, preparing to read a book and then rest.

  On the other hand, Qiu Mu Orange was still so angry with Ye Fan that her nose was on the verge of being crooked.

  Any woman, I'm afraid, would mind if her husband got involved with her best friend.

  Naturally, Qiu Mu Orange was also angry, especially after hearing Ye Fan's smug statement just now that Su Xi's father was urging him to get engaged to marry his best friend.

  Why should her husband be betrothed to someone else?

  Not even girlfriends!

  Thinking of this, Qiu Mu Orange felt a burst of remorse.

  When the mid-autumn night auction was held, she shouldn't have accompanied Suzy in that scene, but now it was good that her husband was missed, or her best friend, this kind of thing made Qiu Mu Orange feel bad when she thought about it.

  It was fortunate that Suzy didn't seem to mean anything to Ye Fan now, otherwise, Qiu Mu Orange's situation would be even more precarious.

  However, being reminded by Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange also suddenly realized that her husband was also really missed by many people.

  In the past, Qiu Mu Ying said that Ye Fan was entangled with Xu Lei of Red Flag Group, then it was her best friend's father who wanted to take him as his son-in-law, even that previous president of the Painting and Calligraphy Association, Gulong En, wanted to betroth his granddaughter to Ye Fan, and now even her younger cousin Lu Wenjing also wanted to marry Ye Fan.

  Only then did Qiu Mu Orange realize that unknowingly, her husband had instead become the meat and potatoes?

  "Looks like I really have to watch out for Ye Fan in the future."

  In her heart, Qiu Mu Orange secretly decided that she would have to take care of herself in the future, just in case her husband was really taken away from her.

  Thinking like this, Qiu Mu Orange had no more thoughts of working, and seeing that it was not too early, she then also took a bath and rested.

  At this time, a hundred miles away from Yunzhou, Jingzhou City.

  A black Cadillac, but taking advantage of the night, quietly stopped in front of a single-family villa.

  The door of the car opened, a gloomy-looking man in a suit, but from the car walked down.

  He looked at the luxurious villa in front of him that still had its lights on under the dark night, and whispered to his men behind him, "You guys, all wait outside."

  "I'll go in later, no one needs to follow."The man commanded in a deep voice.

  "Brother Zhou, is it really not necessary?"

  "I fear for your safety, after all, you are now~"

  Hearing Zhou Sheng's words, a few of his men behind him couldn't help but worry.

  Zhou Sheng waved his hand, "It's fine, no need to worry.I'm going in to beg for business, it would be a bit rude to bring so many people with me."

  "So, you guys just wait outside.Don't even come in without my orders."

  "The man I'm meeting today has a big background."

  "As long as he agrees to go out of his way to help me, that brat from Yunzhou will die for sure!"

  "I, Zhou Sheng, have been out there for decades, and none of the people who have offended me have a good ending."

  "A brat from Yunzhou, can't I still get him?"

  "He made me have a home and my career collapse, so I'll let him cross the wilderness and return my soul to the heavens!"

  Zhou Sheng's words were icy cold, but within that energetic tone, there was bone-deep killing intent as well as a monstrous hatred.

  To Ye Fan, Zhou Sheng undoubtedly hated him to the bone!

  If it wasn't for him, how could his near seamless plot with Liu Chuanzhi be revealed?

  Now he was temporarily free, although he was relying on his connections in Jingzhou.But their company had been closed down, he, Zhou Sheng, was even more bankrupt, and even the police were looking for him.

  Ye Fan harmed him so badly, of course he would not let up so easily.

  Although Big Bill's operation had failed, but Zhou Sheng still had a card to play, how could Zhou Sheng swallow this anger if he didn't slaughter that kid?

  He had come here today to beg the owner of this villa to come forward and help deal with that so-called Master Ye.

  Under Zhou Sheng's order, the men he had brought with him naturally obediently guarded the roadside.Before Zhou Sheng left, these men even wished him all the best, "I wish Brother Zhou, get what you want and have your wish come true!"


  Amidst the rushing respect, Zhou Sheng whirled around, lifted his feet, and stepped into the villa in front of him.



  The living room.

  The fragrance of tea was curling, and the dim light was slowly spilling out, illuminating the entire hall.

  On the couch, there was a man, wearing a nightgown, sitting with his legs crossed, holding a cup of freshly brewed dragon well tea in his hand.

  By the looks of it, when Zhou Sheng came, this man was probably already ready to rest, and his pajamas were all changed.

  This man was not very old, one could even say somewhat young, but in front of him, Zhou Sheng was a thousand times more respectful.

  The entire man stood there with his head lowered, bowing and apologizing, "Third Young Master, sorry for disturbing your rest by coming so late."

  "Good to know."The man coldly returned, his words clearly impatient, "But Zhou Sheng, you old thing also has a lot of nerve, you are wanted, and you still dare to show your face in Jingzhou?"

  "Didn't I already buy you a ticket out of the country, why aren't you leaving?"

  "Now you're even in Jingzhou, looking for death!!!"


"You're a fool yourself, and you're still thinking of hoodwinking the mayor of Yunzhou, you really have a lot of nerve too?"

  "If it weren't for the fact that you've done a lot for me over the past few years, I wouldn't have bothered with you this time and let you fend for yourself inside."

  In the villa, the man in the sleeping robe said coldly, his words clearly carrying a bit of anger.

  Zhou Sheng, however, returned in a bitter voice, "Third Young Master, the company's funds are broken, and I have no choice but to take the risk."

  "And, if it wasn't for a brat messing with it.This plan, I would have succeeded long ago!"

  "It's all because of that brat that made me lose my effort for Mountain Nine, and only in the end did I end up like this."

  As he said this, Zhou Sheng's palm clenched fiercely, and his words were filled with intense resentment and killing intent.

  "You don't need to say this, failure is failure, and no amount of excuses will change the outcome of your failure."The man in the sleeping robe didn't seem to be interested in understanding this, but rather impatiently interrupted his words, and after taking a light sip of strong tea, he then asked.

  "You didn't come to my place tonight to complain about this, did you."

  "Tell me, what is it that you're looking for me at this late hour?"

  "Since Third Young Master has asked, I will no longer conceal it, I have indeed come to find Third Young Master tonight with something to ask for."Zhou Sheng returned respectfully, before telling the young man in front of him exactly what he had come to see.


  The man in the sleeping robe frowned for a moment.

  "You want my young master to condescend to help you deal with a punk?"

  "Or a redneck?"

  "That's a nice thing to say!"

  The man in the sleeping robe burst out laughing, with ridicule and displeasure, a gloomy and cold laughter that made Zhou Sheng undoubtedly very terrified.

  Zhou Sheng quickly returned, "Third Young Master, I know you're usually very busy, and this little matter shouldn't bother you."

  "But, I can't help it, can I?"

  "Although that brat is just a hick, he should be a practiced fighter, and the dozens of people under me have failed to do anything about him."

  "Now I have no other choice but to ask Third Young Master for help with a thick face."

  "Third Young Master has many strong bodyguards around him, and any one of them is a good fighter against ten.If Third Young Master were to make a move, that jerk would surely die."

  "I hope Third Young Master can help me this time for the sake of his past love."

  "If this revenge is not avenged, I, Zhou Sheng, will not rest in peace even if I die!"

  Zhou Sheng begged bitterly.

  But the man in the sleeping robe paid no attention to him, and after taking a cup of tea and drinking it all down, he immediately got up and went upstairs.

  He turned his back to Zhou Sheng and waved his hand, impatiently saying, "Let this young master go and help you deal with a country boy, don't dream about it.I'm afraid of getting my hands dirty with such things."

  "And you, dozens of people were unable to do anything about a country bumpkin, this can only mean one thing, that your men are also a bunch of losers."

  "This is in keeping with the saying, soldiers are a bunch of bears and generals are a den of bears."

  "With a "general" like you, it's not surprising that your men are a bunch of trash."

  "Zhou Sheng, do you think, my young master would go to great lengths just to help a few trash understand the knot?"

  "So, go away, young master Ben, it's time to rest."

  The man seemed to have no patience for nonsense with Zhou Sheng anymore, and stepped on the stairs and went upstairs.

  At this time, at the stairway on the second floor, a beautiful woman wearing a light chiffon dress and naked jade feet was waiting there.

  "Third Young Master, aren't we done talking about things yet?What about Cheryl can't wait?"

  The feminine voice quietly came out, the sleeping robed man walked over, took the jade beauty into his arms, and gently kissed her ear: "Xue'er, that's good."

  In the eyes, this sleeping robe man embraced the beauty is about to enter the room, downstairs Zhou Sheng a bite, but a deep voice again: "Third young master, you really so ruthless, I so beg you, you are indifferent not to help me?"

  "Don't you forget that the woman you're holding in your arms right now at this moment is the one who risked her life to save you."

  "Even if you really forget this matter, but, Third Young Master, aren't you afraid that I will reveal to the Old Master about your villa in the outskirts of Jingzhou, the golden house."

  "You should know what would happen if the Old Master knew that you knew your mistake and still maintained an intimate relationship with this dusty woman?"


  As Zhou Sheng's words fell, a cold wind immediately swept across the entire villa.

  The handsome face of the man in the sleeping robe upstairs immediately went cold: "Are you threatening me?"

  "Third Young Master, of course I don't dare.I, Zhou Sheng, just hope that Third Young Master can help out!"

  "It's just a handful for you.But to me, it is the end of a lifelong regret."

  "If he doesn't die, I'll have trouble eating and resting for the rest of my life!"

  At this moment, Zhou Sheng's bitter voice begged again.

  The words were poignant, and in the old eyes, there were almost old tears that were touching.

  A long silence.

  In the room, that sleeping robed man, for a long time.

  The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

  Only after a long time, did the sleeping robed man utter a whisper.

  "Just, Zhou Sheng, you win.I will help you with this favor."

  "Tomorrow, you'll come back to me."

  "At that time, I will go with you to Yunzhou to help you settle this matter."

  "That is once this matter is over, you must leave."

  "Otherwise, you won't be able to bear the consequences afterwards!"

  Seeing the Third Young Master's promise, Zhou Sheng was delighted and was suddenly grateful, "Third Young Master, don't worry, as long as you slaughter that bastard, I, Zhou Sheng, will immediately leave the country.The matter between you and Miss Xue'er, I will also rot in my stomach and will never reveal the slightest bit to any."

  Once his purpose was accomplished, Zhou Sheng also left the villa and took a car to leave overnight.

  The night in Jingzhou was as cool as water.

  Zhou Sheng sat in his car, Mercedes-Benz above the vast streets of Jingzhou, and he looked through the window of the car to the vast world outside.At the corner of his mouth, a wisp of, gloomy smile appeared.

  "Ye Fan, Ye Fan, if nothing else, this night will be the last night you will spend in this world!"



  The night passed quickly.

  A new day began, Ye Fan still woke up early, first went outside the community along the river for half an hour morning run, then went home to prepare breakfast for his wife.

  The whole family was counting on Qiu Mucheng to feed her, so of course the food had to be prepared for her.

  Soon, Qiu Mu orange finished breakfast also went to work, however on the way out, Han Li but reminded Qiu Mu orange to come back early in the evening.

  "Don't delay at the company after work at night, hurry home."

  "No surprises, tonight your aunt should come to Yunzhou and pick up Wen Jing to go home."

  "For the first time in so many years, your aunt is coming to our home, you, as a niece, should be there.Do you hear me?"

  "And Mu Orange, your aunt is the vice president of a listed company, if you can please her, you might even be given some kind of good job in Jingzhou.Save holding back in that little shabby company."


"But I've heard that your aunt is a big and influential man in Jingzhou."

  "Especially in the business world, he's very much in the mix."

  "If we can't hang around in Yunzhou anymore, it wouldn't be a bad place to go to join your aunt in Jingzhou."

  At the door, Autumn Mu Orange was changing her shoes, but Han Li was flailing away.

  Here we go again.

  Hearing Han Li's words, Qiu Mu Orange was filled with speechlessness.

  After so many years, her mother's temper simply hadn't changed at all.

  But anyone with power and influence would think of sticking up for someone and then think of borrowing their light.

  "But Mom, iron sharpens iron, and if you're not capable of it, you'll never achieve anything no matter where you go.No matter who you join, you'll be looked down upon."

  "Just like Ying Ying's husband's family, it's a big family, isn't it, a big man, but what?"

  "Don't tell me to go borrow the light, we've all been kicked straight out of the Autumn House."

  "Haven't we learned enough lessons in the Autumn House?"

  "And you want to go to a foster home?Do you still have to go look at people's faces?"

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't bother to say anything more to Han Li, she didn't have a good word to say back, so she also took her bag and rushed to the office.

  "Mu Orange, can this be the same as you say?"


  "Mu Orange, you child, listen to Mom finish her sentence~"


  "Be sure to come back early in the evening and welcome your aunt~"

  Han Li's voice was heard throughout the entire neighborhood hallway.

  "This Nee, she's getting disobedient."

  "I told her to go to the good side, and she still won't listen."

  "It really pisses me off~"

  After Qiu Mu Orange left, Han Li was still there cursing and muttering, and then she also closed the door and entered the house.

  As for Ye Fan, he had planned to have a good rest today, but who would have thought that as soon as he had fallen down on the sofa and was about to watch a bit of TV, that little girl Lu Wenjing pounced on him, noisily asking Ye Fan to take her out to play.

  "Go on, brother Ye Fan."

  "Today is my last day here, and my dad is coming to pick me up in the evening.I'm afraid I won't be able to see you and Sister Qiu for a long time from now on."

  "Sister Qiu can't accompany me, so you can just go out with me for the day."

  Ye Fan couldn't resist Lu Wenjing's petulant plea after all, so he had to agree and take her out to play.

  In a short while, Ye Fan changed his clothes and also went out with Lu Wenjing.

  However, at the same time, the land of Jingzhou, which was a thousand miles away, was at the same time.Zhou Sheng was in a car and had arrived at the outskirts of Jingzhou, stopping in front of a single-family villa.

  Zhou Sheng picked up the phone and called the owner of this villa, "Third Young Master, I've arrived."

  "I wonder if Third Young Master, can you prepare it properly?When do we leave for Yunzhou?"

  "Well, you did arrive quite quickly.Let's wait for a while, after this young master finishes his breakfast, he'll leave for it."On the other end of the phone, a man's faint voice was heard.

  In fact, throughout all of this, to the owner of this villa, this matter of Zhou Sheng's was not on his mind.

  The reason why he had agreed to Zhou Sheng last night was not because he was scrupulous about Zhou Sheng's threat, nor because he missed this man of his, but actually it was entirely because the old man had asked him to go to Yunzhou to do some business during this time.

  Therefore, this matter of Zhou Sheng was completely handy for him.

  Otherwise, a country bumpkin, this kind of person he didn't even agree on the rules in his daily life, where would he have the qualifications to let him travel thousands of miles and go over there personally?

  About ten minutes later.

  A sufficient number of luxury cars slowly drove out from the villa.

  The wheels sped and the engines roared.

  Beneath the vast distant sky, that one Mercedes-Benz luxury car only seemed like a black sword, tearing through the sky, heading towards the land of Yunzhou!

  That low roar, like the low roar of a wild beast, echoed through this world.



  "Brother Evan, you don't have anything to do in Yunzhou, and my aunt and the others don't like you, so if you don't want me to marry you, then you should come with me to Jingzhou."

  "I'll ask my dad to find you a job and give you lots and lots of money every month."

  "Is that okay?"

  "Why don't you just come back to Kingston with me?"

  "You'll stay at my house from work every day, and you won't have to cook or do any housework, the babysitter will do those things."

  "If you're cold at night, I can also warm your bed like Sister Qiu."

  At this time, Ye Fan was strolling around the Cloud Lake with the two of them, chatting with Lu Wenjing.

  Perhaps she pitied Ye Fan, or perhaps she really didn't want to be separated from Ye Fan, but Lu Wenjing had invited Ye Fan to go back to Jingzhou with her.

  Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "You silly ninny, this life is not as simple as you say."

  "You asked me to go back to Jingzhou with you, even if your sister Qiu is willing, would your father, your mother, agree?"

  "Besides, your sister Autumn hasn't found a job for me in three years, so where does your father get the skills to give me a job?"

  Ye Fan smiled faintly and was also casually chatting with Lu Wenjing.

  When the little girl heard this, she puffed up her cheeks and said indignantly, "Brother Ye Fan, are you questioning my father's ability?"

  "I'll tell you what, my dad's amazing."

  "He manages a company with hundreds of employees?It's a bigger company than Sister Autumn's."

  "He arranged a job for you, no doubt it's just a matter of words."

  "Besides, even if you're not much good at fighting, brother Ye Fan, you're a great fighter."

  "Wouldn't it be much more pleasant than you are in Yunzhou if I ask dad to hire you to work for him as a bodyguard and pay you thirty thousand a month?"

  "Brother Ye Fan, just come back to Jingzhou with me, if you really don't want to leave Sister Qiu behind, you can take Sister Qiu over there too.Our house is especially big, it's enough for five people in the house."

  "I see you being bullied by your uncle, aunt and the others all day long, I really feel sorry for you ah."

  Little Lori tilted her pretty face, her eyebrows slightly red as she looked at Ye Fan.

  Living here these days, Lu Wenjing had undoubtedly seen how unbearable Ye Fan's situation was in this house?

  Perhaps she really sympathized with Ye Fan, she really couldn't bear to see her brother, Ye Fan, let people bully him so much at home.

  Hearing Lu Wenjing's words of concern, Ye Fan rubbed her head, then laughed as if to himself.

  He never expected that one day, he, the son of the Chu family, the chief designer of the Starfire Project, the esteemed Mr. Chu of Jiangdong, would let a little girl take pity on him.

  If Han Lao and the others were to see this scene, they would probably be laughed to death, right?

  "Brother Ye Fan, speak up.If you agree, I'll let my father take you back to Jingzhou tonight as well."Lu Wenzheng grabbed Ye Fan's hand, and those big bright eyes were full of anticipation and care.

  A child's preferences were so simple, and there wasn't the kind of utilitarianism in the adult world.Just like the current Lu Wenjing, she only knew that Ye Fan was good to her, and that was enough.She didn't care about Ye Fan's origin, let alone Ye Fan's status, she just wanted that the people who treated her well would also live a better life.That's why she thought of taking Ye Fan away as well, so that her own father could find him a job and completely change Ye Fan's situation.

  In response, Ye Fan just smiled helplessly, "Silly girl, your good intentions, brother Ye Fan is grateful.But there's really no need."

  "Your brother Ye Fan's current situation is not as bad as you think."

  "Actually, your brother Ye Fan I'm a big man."

  "A big man who makes Yunzhou, Jingzhou, Jianghai, and even the entire Jiangdong's power elite to be feared and not dare to provoke!"

  "Do you think that a big guy like me can go work as a bodyguard for someone?"

  "This definitely won't work."

  "If people saw it, your brother Ye Fan would be laughed to death?"


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