The King of Kungfu in school 1231-1240


Chapter 1231

Mu looked like he was reminiscing and looking forward to it, after all, for any martial artist, it would be very happy to see a strong man of this level fighting again, I guess the entire Jianghu was looking forward to this Jianghu Conference, the battle between the boneless old man and Wang Rufang.

Tang Zichen regretted that although Tang Zichen knew about the Jiang Hu Assembly, Tang Zichen had never once attended one.The last Jiang Hu Assembly was thirty years ago, when Tang Zichen was still in another world, and the last two martial arts assemblies were sixty years ago, when Tang Zichen was still unbonded in his mom and dad's body.

Jiang Oldblood, who had been silent, sighed, "I've already attended four Jianghu tournaments."

"Wow."Everyone exclaimed, what an old driver.

"Oh, the Jiang Hu Conference is held once every thirty years, every time I attend, I find that many of the strongest people who attended the last time are missing, in my lifetime, I was able to attend the fifth Jiang Hu Conference, it's worth it, hahaha.By the way, Old Man Boneless and Wang Rufang, are still a few years younger than me, that's the difference in talent."

Tang Zichen asked, "Uncle Easy, how much longer is this Jiang Hu Conference?"

"There's about two months to go, I've heard that many sects are starting to prepare now, we, the Endless Gate, are only just getting on track, but anyone can go to the Jiang Hu Conference, are we, the Endless Gate, going to show our faces?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "More than just showing our faces, now that our Endless Gate has just developed for half a year, it's the time when we need to put our reputation out there, of course we need to show our Endless Gate."

Mu smiled, "Wind Lightning, if you are able to get the Jiang Hu Conference, the strongest expert at the complete master level, then our Endless Gate will be a hit, although currently our Endless Gate is known by many sects, it is only the sects, many of those in the Jiang Hu are not known.If we become a hit, then there will definitely be many people who will rise up and worship our Endless Gate in the future."Mu was excited, so that the Endless Gate could grow once again.

Tang Zichen said, "I alone can't do it, Ancestor Perfection Level, I'll take the first, my wife will take the second, Uncle Easy You will take the third, then, Jiang Old Blood, you will take the fourth, alright, we'll cover the first four, so as to be more sensational."

Everyone said in their hearts, you're too ambitious, the top four are all covered. The first website

Mu was a bit depressed, why did she want Yan Xinyi to take second?In Tang Zichen's heart, is he still no match for Yan Xinyi, a pussy?Muyou was not convinced, he must find Tang Zichen later to theory about it, and by the way, he hadn't cut his teeth with Yan Xingyi yet.

Old Blood Jiang laughed, "Young Master Feng, you must not joke, the Jiang Hu Conference is as strong as a cloud, how can I take the fourth on the completion list."

Tang Zichen said, "If I say you can, you can, don't forget, you are now the first generation disciple of our Endless Gate, don't worry, I will do my best to guide you in these two months, I have confidence in me and confidence in you, Jiang Old Blood, don't you want to have a complete glory before the big day arrives?"

"Uh."Jiang Lao-blood looked excited for a moment, then nodded, "Good, then I'll go crazy, or else I'll die in a few years on the day of my expiration, and no news of me will be heard from the rivers and lakes since then, so wouldn't it be a wasted trip to the world."

"It's right to think so."

"Hahaha, I'm just afraid, there are plenty of people who want to have a good time before they die."Jiang Lao-blood laughed, indeed, not to mention anything else, those old ghosts of the Divine Dragon School who were at the level of a perfect master must all want to have a glimpse of the scenery before the big day, otherwise, who knows if they still have the life to participate in the next Jiang Hu Conference.

Tang Zichen added, "Next, late Ancestor, Little Sister Qin Ren, you have to take first place, and Flower Fairy takes second."

"Oh!"The little sister nodded, as if she were interested in the self

Self was confident, while the Flower Fairy was frowning for a while (the Flower Fairy was Muyoung's wife).

"Middle Zongshi, Xiao Meng, you have to take first place."

"Ah, oh, okay."

Tang Zichen added, "Early Sect Master, out of the top ten, we'll take it all."

Everyone was once again scared to death by Tang Zichen, too big an ambition, except for Zongshi Grand Perfection, Tang Zichen wanted to take care of all the firsts ah.

There would be no competition below the clan master, only above the clan master would be qualified to show their hands in the Jiang Hu Conference.

Tang Zichen said, "We have entered the memory stone, we have been exposed to the martial arts skills of the ancient era characters, so it doesn't seem excessive for me to ask you all to take the first place, you all need to have confidence in yourselves, alright, in the next two months, you all practice as hard as you can, whether or not our Endless Gate can stand out in this Jiang Hu Conference depends on how hard you all work!Come on."

"Come on."Everyone shouted together, all determined to fight to the death.

After that, everyone dispersed, as it was getting late, and went back to their rooms to sleep.

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen got up.

"Uncle Getaway, good morning."Tang Zichen greeted Mu Ziyao when he saw him.

"Well, morning, by the way, Wind Lightning, why did you say last night that I took the third place in the Ancestor Perfection Level?Your teacher's wife took second?"

"Uh, Uncle Easy's got a problem with that?"

"Of course I have an opinion, I'm at least a former Demon Master, do you think I'm not as good as your teacher's wife?That's kind of looking down on me, I didn't sleep well all night over this."

"Oh, well, I'll have my sensei cut you some slack."

"That's exactly what I'm going to do,"Muyoung said busily.

"Good, then you wait here first, I'll go ask my teacher's wife to come over."

"We'll go find your teacher's wife together."

"No, my teacher's wife's boudoir is not to be entered."


Tang Zichen arrived outside of his teacher's aunt's room, where she was already up and grooming.


"Feng'er, come in."

Tang Zichen entered Shiniang's room and smiled, "Shiniang has dressed herself up so beautifully again."

Yan Xinyi giggled at Tang Zichen and said, "Shisuniang has aged so much, so much older than when she last met with your master, and when she first woke up in the morning, she could see a hint of crow's feet at the corners of her eyes."

"Sensei, everyone has to age one day, compared to your peers, you're already young and pretty enough."

"Also, huh, tell me, Windy, what are you looking for me for?"

"Mu said to me yesterday that you took second, and his third wasn't convinced, and specifically hinted in front of me that he wanted to meet you for a sparring session."

"Oh, yes, but he's definitely not my opponent."

"Uh, Sensei is so confident."

"It's my own feeling ah, I've usually seen him practicing with his sword, a few times he seemed to deliberately practice against me as if he wanted to show his powerful side, but he didn't know that he couldn't get into my eyes anymore."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen laughed in his heart, Mu Yihao really wanted to attract the attention of his teacher's wife and started trying to find a way to court her, but unfortunately, it seemed to be a bit of a failure.


Ten minutes later, Mu and Yan Xinyi were face to face, standing on a flat piece of land.

Mu Yihao said, "Mistress Yan, please teach me more."

"Brother Mu doesn't have to be polite, just call me Yan Xinyi."

"Oh, good, then I'll call you Xingyi."Mu said shamelessly, deliberately trying to get close to her, and Yan Xinyi frowned slightly, as if she was somewhat resistant to being called that by others.

"Xinyi, do it, I won't let you oh."After saying that, Muyuton came charging in with his sword drawn.

Tang Zichen was watching from the side.

The look on Shini's face was quite calm, very relaxed and comfortable raising her sword to meet her, in just a dozen rounds, Shini had already taken the dominant position, causing Mu to be very passive to defend against Shini's sword.

"Ah."Mu was truly stunned at the moment, it had only been a dozen rounds and he had the feeling that if he wasn't being led by the nose, he would immediately lose.

"How can this be, Yan Xin Yi is so strong, oh my god, how can I accept this."Mu Yi's hands and feet were very tired to deal with Yan Xinyi's sword moves, he was incomparably frustrated, he still wanted to pursue Yan Xinyi and make her one of his wives, but at the moment, he was not even a match, making his self-confidence greatly frustrated.

"Dang."Suddenly, Yan Xin Yi pointed her sword at the hilt of Mu's sword, and Mu's sword came free.

Because of his inner frustration, Mu was not wholehearted and ended the duel early. Remember the URL

"Brother Mu, why does it seem like you have no spirit, or you wouldn't have lost so quickly."Yan Xinyi said.

Mu said, "Yan Xinyi, I lost, even if I respond with my full strength, I'll only last another ten rounds, I'm starting to go towards losing as soon as I do."

"Oh, it's just a little cut-and-dry, alright, I should get to work."Yan Xin Yi turned around and walked away.

Tang Zichen patted Mu Yuyao's shoulder and smiled, "Uncle Yuyao, how about it, is my teacher's wife stronger than you, you're convinced now."

"Oh, can I not be convinced, why is your teacher's wife so strong."

"Uncle Easy, there are still two months left before the Jiang Hu Conference, step up your practice in these two months, although you may not be able to surpass my teacher's wife, but it's not impossible to win the third place in the Ancestor Perfection Level."

"Your teacher's wife is a woman, but she is so powerful, how can I be embarrassed."Mu said with a frustrated face.

Tang Zichen said, "Ever since my master learned of my master's passing, my sifu has entered the hall of martial arts wholeheartedly, so in the past six months my sifu's martial arts skills have improved much, much more than they were in the beginning, her heart now has a state of complete emptying, with no desire, I think this might have a very compatible reason with her martial dao.I'm now wondering if my teacher's wife is trying to overtake me."

Mu was busy saying, "That's impossible, your martial arts skills are obviously much higher than your teacher's wife, I've also sparred with you and lost in one move."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Uncle Ziyao, it's not that I'm hitting you ah, actually, just now, my teacher's wife did not put out any full strength to spar with you, it felt like she sparred with you like you were playing house."

"What."Mu Yuyao looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, just now so strong, and this was without her putting out her full strength.

"Oh, Uncle Easy, come on, I'll guide you today, you'll definitely improve a lot."

Tang Zichen immediately guided Mu Yuyao for a day, Mu Yuyao indeed benefited greatly, his sword skills and such improved a lot, and his understanding of the martial dao also deepened a lot, by evening, Mu Yuyao's inner self was very confident in gaining the third place in the Jianghu Assembly's perfect level.

The next day, Tang Zichen instructed Jiang Laoblood for another day, and Jiang Laoblood had likewise improved a lot.In order for them to improve even more, Tang Zichen had Mu and Jiang Oldblood, for the next two months, constantly fight against each other every day.

On the third day Tang Zichen summoned all of his nine disciples, the previous nine heads of the Sea Cloud Bend.

"Possessor Two, Possessor Three, Possessor Four, Possessor Five, Possessor Six, Possessor Seven, Possessor Eight, Possessor Nine, and Possessor Ten."

"Master, disciple in."The nine of them responded loudly at the same time.

These people, Tang Zichen didn't bother to remember their names, so he called them in the same order as their previous Haiyun Bend bosses, Pawn Two, the second boss of the previous Haiyun Bend, and so on.And Possession One, that's Jiang Old Blood.

Tang Zichen nodded his head and swept a glance at his nine disciples, the oldest of these nine disciples was already over 120 years old, the youngest, also 80 years old, all of them were older than Tang Zichen.

"This time, you will also be going to the Jiang Hu Conference together, and when the time comes, don't disgrace me.Today, I will be teaching you the best technique of the Endless Gate, Endless Kung Fu, I will elaborate the essence of Endless Kung Fu with you all carefully, I hope you will all have strength, in the afternoon, I will analyze and guide your martial arts one by one, this day, I think, as long as you are not fools, your martial arts will definitely gain quite a lot."

"Thank you, Master."

"Alright, no more nonsense, let's start with the Endless Kung Fu."


"Endless, it's a martial art that I created myself when I stepped into the clan, Endless represents just a move attitude, and derivation can be expanded into Endless Sword Technique, Endless Blade Technique, Endless Fist, and so on, depending on what kind of weapon you're used to using."

Tang Zichen explained each and every one of them.

The specific process was not narrated in detail.

This day, Tang Zichen spent all his time on these nine disciples, whose talent was not very strong, but not very bad either, and each of them had improved their martial arts skills a lot over the course of the day.

"Alright, for the next two months, all nine of you should step up your practice every day."

"Yes, Master."

On the fourth day, Tang Zichen went back to instruct his wife, Qin Ren, and Xiao Meng.

In this way, Tang Zichen spent a month instructing others in martial arts, passing on the essentials of his Endless Technique.

There was only one last month left until the Jiang Hu Conference.

"This last month, I'm going to save my time for myself."Tang Zichen secretly said.

Although Tang Zichen was already very confident of obtaining the first place in the Ancestor Perfection class, Tang Zichen needed to be even stronger, so strong that he could challenge the Ancestor Perfection, even though it was completely impossible.

However, Tang Zichen's requirements were not high, even if he could only defeat the weakest one of the Clan Master Perfection, he would be satisfied.Defeating the weakest one Ancestor Grand Perfection, this reputation was far beyond the first place of Ancestor Grand Perfection.

On a sea surface, Tang Zichen was standing alone, and in the distance, Little Fire and Little Black were watching.


"Life Blood Hiding, open."Tang Zichen's strength instantly increased by at least dozens of times after turning on Life Blood Hiding.




Tang Zichen's figure strung out on the sea.

"Swoosh."About thirty seconds later, Tang Zichen's silhouette stopped.

Tang Zichen felt a moment of weakness, his Life Blood Hiding could only last for thirty seconds, and after thirty seconds, his whole body was powerless, even his meridians ached.

However, it was so much better than before, when the meridians were directly destroyed and he would fall into a coma for at least half a year.But now it was just weakness and pain all over the body, and this was because Tang Zichen had replaced the meridians on Black Jiao.

At that moment, Little Black immediately rushed up, and Tang Zichen was tired of resting on Little Black.

Little Blackie asked, "Brother Chen, why do you keep opening the Life Blood Hidden, you've opened it several times today."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'm researching." One second to remember to read the book

"Uh, researching what?Isn't this Life Blood Hidden from your family?"

"Yes, it's my family heirloom, but I want to continue to optimize and transform it, what does it say about the fact that I was in a coma for half a year when I cast Life Blood Hide and my meridians were completely destroyed, but now I won't be in a coma, I'm just in pain and weakness, that's an optimization.This means that this life-preserving technique handed down from my family can be optimized into a combat technique."

"Ah, Brother Chen, how do you want to optimize it?"Little Fire was busy asking.

Tang Zichen said, "I want to keep experimenting to see if I can make the Life Blood Cain more explosive, I have an idea now, my Life Blood Cain can last for thirty seconds, if I reduce the duration, for example, it lasts for twenty seconds, then can the explosive power be stronger?Another example, how much more explosive power can be enhanced by reducing the duration to ten, five, or three seconds?"

"Ah, is that okay too?"

"Theoretically, by reducing the duration, then the instantaneous explosive power can definitely be enhanced, and I'm constantly experimenting with it right now.Also, after I replaced Blackie's meridians, every time I cast Life Blood Hidden, even though it wouldn't destroy, there was some damage, but I found out that every time the meridians were damaged, they would repair themselves, which was a surprising discovery.So, I keep destroying the meridians, then repairing them, then destroying them again, then repairing them again, and this constant progression between destruction and repair is theoretically a way to keep stimulating the meridians to become tougher."

: "Minister, the meridians of our Dragon Clan can be regenerated even if they are destroyed, so you can repair them every time you destroy them."

"Yes, that's why I was able to stay unconscious and use Life Blood Hidden continuously.I really have to thank Blackie for this."

: "Chen, you're really too smart, you're able to innovate everything, me and Blackie support you."

"Alright, I'll rest."

Tang Zichen rested for an hour, his whole body was full of strength again, he was back to his peak, the meridians that were damaged an hour ago were now repaired and finished.

After it was repaired, Tang Zichen began to research and experiment again.

"Open, Life Blood Hidden."

Just like that, Tang Zichen not only opened, destroyed, repaired, opened

Destroy, repair.

The cycle continued a dozen times throughout the day and into the late evening before Tang Zichen returned home.

The next day, Tang Zichen went to a calm sea early again with Blackie and Little Fire, repeating the previous day's events.

Before one knew it, almost twenty days had passed.


"How's it going, Chenchen?"Little Black was busy asking.

"Yes, Minister, you've been repeating this for twenty days, and Life Blood Hidden has opened over two hundred times."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

Tang Zichen said, "Any effort is rewarded, it's just a matter of whether the reward is large or small.In these twenty days, the total number of times I've opened Life Blood Hiding has been close to three hundred times, and I've been able to slowly figure out the door to Life Blood Hiding.This thing, if it were anyone else, they would probably only be able to use it once in their lifetime, because if they used it, they would become useless, so naturally, they wouldn't be able to research any doorways.But I've used it close to three hundred times, and truthfully, it's truly a huge gain."

"Brother Chen, don't sell yourself short."

Tang Zichen said, "I can now reduce the duration of my Life Blood Hide to about twenty-five seconds, and at the same time, I've doubled the amount of blood energy delivery per second.That's all I can do now, and it's all I can do to keep my meridians intact at this level without instantly collapsing."

"Minister, if you reduce the time to twenty-five seconds and double the blood energy delivery, how does your strength compare to before?Raised by how much?"Little Black asked.

Tang Zichen shook his head, "I really don't know about that, after all, it's something that requires an opponent to back it up."

"Brother Chen, then hurry back and let Mu Free, or your teacher's wife, come and foil you."

Tang Zichen was speechless, "They can't foil me anymore, they can't even beat me without me turning on Life Blood Hiding, after I turned on Life Blood Hiding, where are they still my opponents, not to mention, I'm even more of a non-opponent now that I'm optimized to version 3.0."

"3.0 version?Why not 2.0? or 1.0."

"Hehe, it's a random commentary by myself, if my family heirloom, Life Blood Hidden, is the first generation version, which is the 1.0 version, then after I replace Blackie's warp, it's the 2.0 version.And now, I've reduced the time to twenty-five seconds and doubled the amount of blood, which is the third optimization, it's version 3.0."

"Wow, Brother Chen is so smart, what a vivid image."

Tang Zichen speechlessly rolled his eyes, he was just imitating some software updates, it had nothing to do with being smart, flattering indiscriminately.

Tang Zichen suddenly said with deep emotion, "Actually, every one of us who practice martial arts, before stepping into the clan master realm, we don't have a version, or we use another version.After stepping into the Ancestral Master realm, each person must comprehend a martial art and then create a martial art of their own, and each self-created martial art is equivalent to an own software.After that, each person's self-created martial arts, the subsequent optimization and improvement, is equivalent to the software version constantly improving, and ultimately what version can be improved to depends on each person's talent and ability.My self-created martial art, Endless, can be likened to a software, as can the self-created martial arts of other strong clansmen."

: "Brother Chen, then when will you upgrade Endless to version 2.0 as well ah, that would be fun."


"Oh, I don't know if it counts as an upgrade, I was in another world before, when I entered the memory stone, I ran into Yang Nuan, and found that Yang Nuan was in the same realm as me, but was much stronger than me, which is one reason, the understanding of martial arts, and another reason, Yang Nuan's understanding of her martial dao, and comprehended the second level.After that, I got Yang Nuan's inspiration, and I also started to deeply comprehend my martial arts, and luckily, I also comprehended the second level of my martial arts, and then, my martial arts improved much, much more, and I could fight with Yang Nuan.So, I don't know if this counts as an upgrade, but if it does, then my Endless, is already version 2.0."

"Brother Minister, it definitely counts, haha.".

Little Black was busy saying, "Then let's quickly start version 3.0."

"Oh, that's easy to say, but I really don't know how else I can optimize this martial art, I don't have a clue, I've already reached the second level of understanding of Endless this martial art, unless, there's still a deeper comprehension, for example, the third level of understanding, in that case, Endless this martial art, I'll optimize it to version 3.0."

"Alright, Minister, let's cut the crap, let's just think now, where to find a strong person to test your 3.0 version of Life Blood Hidden."

"Okay, but, where to?"

: "Brother Chen, why don't you go to the Divine Dragon Sect and look for that old witch called Wang Yang, the only strong Ancestral Master Perfection you've come in contact with so far is this old witch, using her to test your 3.0 version of Life Blood Hidden is the most suitable."

"But after all, I'm only at the complete sect master's realm, the realm is an insurmountable chasm, in case my 3.0 version of Life Blood Hidden isn't even an opponent, wouldn't it be a death at the door for nothing."

"Brother Chen, don't worry, Little Fire and I will help, if you are truly unbeatable, we'll throw that smoke ball and then with our speed, it won't be a problem at all to take you away."

Tang Zichen nodded and smiled, "Fine, let's go, I'll go borrow some smoke pellets from Mu, then we'll set off for the Divine Dragon Sect.However, I'll go masked, so don't let that old witch know it's me, and you guys will be concealed then as well."

"Why are you masked?" First web site

"I'm now the head of a sect after all, I can't run away from the monks ah, it's better to be careful."

After getting ready, Tang Zichen brought Little Black and Little Fire with him and immediately left the island for the mainland.

It had been over half a year since Tang Zichen had left the island.

Within a few hours, Tang Zichen and the others arrived near the Divine Dragon Sect.

"Little Black, you're a bit bigger, just wait for us here in the distance, I'll be fine before Little Fire and I."


Little Fire's body could shrink up and down, so that he could help Tang Zichen at a critical moment without having to reveal his identity.

At this moment, in one of the main halls of the Divine Dragon Sect, an old woman was looking at a scroll, this painting was of a man, the man only looked to be in his forties.

This old woman was the Divine Dragon Sect's ancestor, Wang Yang.

The last time Tang Zichen saw the two ancestors of the Divine Dragon Sect come out of the gate, Tang Zichen suspected that there must be some other reason why they had come out of the gate, now it seemed obvious that it was because of the Jiang Hu Conference once every thirty years, but Tang Zichen didn't think of the Jiang Hu Conference at that time, so

I don't know.

Old woman Wang Yang looked at the young man in the painting and said, "Old Guan, a hundred years has passed since your death, ah."

It turned out that the young man in the painting was the husband of the old witch back then, only, he died at the age of forty, and now, a hundred years had actually passed.

"Old Guan, don't worry, I won't keep you waiting for long, I don't have a few more years to live, soon it will be the big day, and then we husband and wife can be together again, renewing the love affair we had a hundred years ago."

At this moment, the old woman suddenly moved her eyebrows and said, "Whoever is on the roof outside, come down."

The old woman was very angry, daring to stand on the roof of the main hall where she was.

Tang Zichen immediately flew down and stood at the entrance of the main hall.

Old woman Wang Yang saw that it was a masked black-clothed man and grunted, "A black-clothed man?It's been a long time since I've seen a black-clothed man, and it's only a Zongshi Perfection, what a death wish."

Tang Zichen changed his voice and said, "Wang Yang, today I have come to find you on purpose, for so many years, you thought I was really just a Zongshi Perfection, wrong, I was hiding on purpose."Tang Zichen said.

"Hmph, it sounds like Your Excellency knows me, don't take off your mask yet."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I'm sorry, you can take it off yourself if you can."

"Looking for death."The old woman had a very bad temper and got angry when she didn't get her way, no, she went to kill Tang Zichen in the blink of an eye.

Tang Zichen was already prepared.

Life Blood Hidden, open.

Suddenly, the 3.0 version of Life Blood Hidden, made Tang Zichen's strength multiply, exactly how much Tang Zichen had multiplied, in short, not opened and opened, exactly the same as two people, just now still felt incredibly powerful, almost oppressive he couldn't break into breath, but at the moment, the old woman Wang Yang didn't feel much, just a little bit more.

"Yay."Tang Zichen immediately rejoiced within, this meant that his strength after opening Life Blood Hidden was about to offset the difference in the realm between perfection and great perfection, this meant that Tang Zichen could really fight a battle with the great perfection level.

"Buzz."Old Woman Wang Yang didn't use a sword either, her martial arts skill was to use her palm, Wang Yang's palm slashed at Tang Zichen, as if an incomparably thick heavy sword was cutting down.

Tang Zichen also drew his sword, Tang Zichen used a martial art, naturally endless, life blood hidden is only a power to add power, and add power after or rely on the original martial art moves.

"Dang."Tang Zichen's sword and Wang Yang's palm instantly clashed together.

Wang Yang felt that on her palm, many blood marks appeared in an instant, and now everyone, Wang Yang was a strong power type, not skillful, right now suffered Tang Zichen's sword strike, making her incomparably horrified, Tang Zichen's sword skill was already subtle, needless to say, moreover, Tang Zichen's strength, speed, and reaction was also surprisingly great, almost surpassing her appearance.Only at this moment did Wang Yang believe that this man in black might really be hiding his realm.

It was just that Tang Zichen wasn't easy either, Tang Zichen's sword almost felt like it was going to break because Wang Yang's palm was too strong.

In addition, Tang Zichen only had twenty-five seconds of time, and at this moment an exchange of blows had already passed about three seconds, time was too precious for Tang Zichen.


Tang Zichen said inwardly, "No, I can't fight her hard, this old witch is obviously a heavyweight expert, my swordsmanship is surprisingly skillful, I must use my endless strengths to my advantage."

Tang Zichen changed his attack method, his sword lurched up and down, left and right, the changes were endless and unfathomable.

Wang Yang simply couldn't deal with it, his eyes drifted, and he soon lost the shadow of Tang Zichen's sword, which was almost the end of the rhythm, and sure enough, in the next second, Tang Zichen pierced through her palm with his sword.

"Ah."Wang Yang shrieked.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked Wang Yang in the abdomen, sending her flying several tens of meters away.

Up to this point, Tang Zichen's Life Blood Hide had only been used for less than ten seconds, less than ten seconds to defeat Wang Yang, this was the rhythm of complete defeat ah.Tang Zichen was delighted, it seemed that the 3.0 version of Life Blood Invisibility was already so powerful that it could ignore the difference in realms, great.

Tang Zichen threw down a sentence, "Wang Yang, I won't kill you today, take care of yourself."After saying that, Tang Zichen immediately flew up, in mid-air, small fires shot out and disappeared in the blink of an eye, Wang Yang covered his bleeding hand and ran out, Tang Zichen had already disappeared.

"Damn it, who the hell is it."Wang Yang raged.

At that moment, Wang Yang's senior brother came out, it was another much stronger ancestor of the Divine Dragon School, this ancestor, much stronger than Wang Yang, the reason why Tang Zichen hurriedly left was because he was afraid of running into him, after all, Tang Zichen didn't have any confidence to fight him.

"Sister Wang, what's happened?"

"I don't know, just now a man in black came, only, and left in a hurry, and my hand was hurt by him." Remember the URL

"Who's trying to hurt you?"

"I don't know, pale busy coming and going."

"I'll go see."

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen had already gone far away, Little Fire's speed was actually a speed that could be compared to a flying machine.

"Brother Chen, how is the strength of your 3.0 version of Life Blood Hidden?"Blackie was busy asking.

"Not bad, I actually stabbed the old witch's palm and defeated her in about eight or nine seconds."

"Wow, clan master perfection and great perfection, is a gap that can't be crossed at all ah, you actually, actually defeated the clan master perfection, brother Chen, your life blood hidden is also too strong optimized."

"Oh, it's a pity that the time is too short, besides, although that old witch is a Clan Master Perfection, her strength, among all the Clan Master Perfections, she's probably at the bottom of the list, but I'm already satisfied, after all, I'm only a Clan Master Perfection."

: "But your strength is above the old witch, which means that you can still defeat the even stronger Sect Master Perfection after you open the Life Blood Hidden."

"Haha, this is good, at the Jiang Hu Conference, you will definitely be able to emerge as a great success, a clan master perfection defeating a great perfection, this is an existence that has never existed before." ..

"Hehe, let's go, go back."Tang Zichen smiled and flew off towards the ocean at fire speed.

Tang Zichen quickly returned to the Endless Gate.

However, Tang Zichen didn't say where he went, and Tang Zichen didn't tell anyone about his 3.0 version of Life Blood Crypt, not even his little sister and teacher's wife and others.

The reason Tang Zichen didn't say anything was probably because he wanted to wait for the Jiang Hu Conference to give everyone another surprise, and by the way, give those Ancestor Perfection level people a scare.

How unbelievable it was for someone at the Ancestor Perfection level to compete for a ranking at the Ancestor Perfection level, although Tang Zichen was afraid that he wouldn't be able to get many front names, even if he could only get the

The last rank, that was already grippy enough, besides, he definitely wouldn't be last, because he had already defeated Wang Yang.

Of course, the Demon Cult's Bony Old Man and the strongest man in the Positive Alliance, Old Man Wang Rufang, these two top-notch powerhouses, Tang Zichen didn't even dare to think about it, after all, Tang Zichen also had to be self-conscious, and that wasn't Tang Zichen's goal either, his goal was simply to get the last rank was enough.

In the blink of an eye, another week or so had passed.

The Jiang Hu Conference, had truly begun, because, at the moment, in Hero Town, which was at the junction of the righteous and demons, there was already a sea of people, and a month ago, almost the entire martial arts world had gathered in Hero Town, and it was fortunate that Hero Town was big enough.Of course, it was also because it was big enough that this place had been chosen throughout the ages to hold Hero Town.

And there were still three days until the real Jiang Hu Conference.

At the Endless Gate.

"Wind Lightning, the number of people heading to the Endless Gate has been counted, twenty-one of our first generation disciples respectively, and over thirty of our second generation disciples combined, but how do we get there?There are only three days until the Jiang Hu Conference, how are we going to make our way to the Endless Gate in three days' time?Are we really going to have Blackie and Fire, make two trips to pack and transport us?"Muyoung said.

Tang Zichen: "Don't dream, Little Fire and Little Black are my brothers, not vehicles, he usually carries us, it's out of brotherly love."

"Then how are all these people going to get there?"

"Oh, I've already prepared it."

Tang Zichen immediately brought out an object made of wood and shaped somewhat like an airplane.

"What's this?"

"Hey, this is an airplane I invented, of course, you would say there is no engine, oh, I don't use an engine to propel this plane, I use flying machines.We brought flying machines from another world fifteen or sixteen years ago, it came in handy, I use two flying machines as power and then drive this plane I made, haha, perfect, looks like I can go be a scientist."Tang Zichen said narcissistically.

Xiao Meng was speechless, "Such a simple thing, you have the nerve to say that you invented it, will this idiot also be good, you just made a tool out of wood that can ride people, and there's not even a chair, so I'm sure everyone will sit directly on the wood."

"Yes, I've tested it, it's strong enough, it will have a speed of about four or five hundred kilometers per hour, and I can fly from here to Hero Town, just, three days to get there."

"I'll go."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't worry, we first generation disciples, let Blackie and Little Fire drive us there, second generation disciples, they'll have to take a plane."

Dadu smiled.

After that, Tang Zichen arranged for the second generation of disciples who went to the Jiang Hu Conference to go first by plane, they would be flying for about three days.

And Tang Zichen and the others, carried by Little Fire and Little Black, would arrive in less than a day.

A day later, Tang Zichen and the others arrived at the legendary Hero Town.

Hero Town was already crowded with people.

"I go, so many people, I'm sure there's no hotel to live in."Wang Xing said depressedly.

Tang Zichen overlooked Hero Town from the sky, there were as many people as ants.

However, Tang Zichen saw many many mobile inns, the merchants of some nearby towns, naturally, they would not let go of the opportunity to get rich, they came here and got many mobile inns in many open spaces, mountains and other places, although they were crude, but at least they had a place to settle down.

"Let's go, let's go find a mobile inn first."Tang Zichen landed down.


"Guest, there aren't many rooms available, because there are too many people attending the Jiang Hu Conference, and although there are mobile inns all over the mountains for a radius of ten miles, it's still not enough to meet the need, so if you want to stay, you'll have to hurry."

Tang Zichen found a mobile inn in a valley on the outskirts of Hero Town.

"How much does it charge?"Tang Zichen's mentor asked.

"Each room charges ten taels of silver per night."

"No way, it's so expensive."

"Oh, we're considered cheap here, in exchange for the central area, it starts at 200 taels per night, I say do you guys want to stay, there's still a queue at the back."

Tang Zichen said, "Come on, people come all the way here to open a mobile inn, don't they just want to take the opportunity to make a fortune, as long as the service is good, it doesn't matter if they spend a little more money.Boss, book us thirty rooms first."

"There is there."

The rooms were humble, just simple wooden boards made up temporarily and built on the mountain, walking in had a different flavor.

Tang Zichen and the others stayed in this mobile inn for two people in one room, there were at least tens of thousands of such mobile inns within a ten-mile radius of the entire Hero Town, which showed the large number of people attending the Jiang Hu Conference this time.

On the third day at noon, the thirty or so second generation disciples of the Endless Gate who had come by 'plane' arrived, and half of the thirty rooms Tang Zichen had previously booked were still left for them. One second to remember to read the book

There was no more to be said about this matter, and in the blink of an eye, the Jiang Hu Conference arrived.

Early this morning, Tang Zichen and the others headed to Hero Town.

Hero Town had a place called 'Valley of Heroes', and this Valley of Heroes was a very large basin in the mountains that was large enough to hold millions of people.

When Tang Zichen and the others entered the Valley of Heroes, apart from the center of the basin, any place around it, even the tree branches, were already full of people.

Tang Zichen's first time attending the Jiang Hu Conference, the shock in his heart was not insignificant.

"Uncle Easy, I have never participated in a Jiang Hu Assembly before, how should we participate at this moment?This population is too large."Tang Zichen said to Mu Yihao.

Mu said, "There's a Hero Stage in front, anyone who is strong enough to be a Sect Master or above can go to the Hero Stage to register their name, report what sect they come from and other information, then they can participate in the Jiang Hu Tournament.Generally speaking, the early Sect Master would be the first to start, after that it would be the middle Sect Master, then the late Sect Master, and on the last day, it would be the Super Powerful of the Sect Master's Great Perfection duel.In total, it will take almost five days, and today is the first day, the day of the Early Sect Master competition."

"Okay, Wang Xing, Yang Yi Jian, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Liu Yue, and Big Brother, Second Brother, Third Brother, Fourth Sister, Fifth Brother, and Sixth Brother, I'll accompany you to the Hero Terrace to register."

"Mm.Several people nodded, whether or not they could fight for the Endless Gate depended on today.Today was the day for them, the early clansmen, to shine.

Arriving at the Heroic Stage, the Martial Master of the Righteous Alliance, as well as the new Patriarch of the Demon Sect, registered separately, and they were also responsible for some arrangements for the tournament.The only thing is, because the righteous and the devil do not oppose each other, so the master of the righteous alliance and the master of the devil cult do not talk to each other.During the Jiang Hu Assembly, disciples of the two factions, regardless of any grudges, were not allowed to fight privately, and this was an unwritten rule that had been passed down from ancient times to the present.

"Name?From which sect?"The Martial Lord asked without raising his head.

"My name is Liu Yue, I'm from the Endless Gate."Liu Yue walked to the table to register.


"The Endless Gate?"The ally of the Righteous Alliance looked up at Liu Yue, the Endless Gate was a new sect that had emerged within the last year, as the Martial Forest Alliance Master, he naturally knew that it was, but he didn't expect that a new sect would come to participate in the Jiang Hu Assembly.

The Martial Forest Alliance Master snorted, "Actually coming to participate in the Jiang Hu Assembly, Endless Gate, what the hell."That Martial Forest Alliance Master looked like he was very much despised.

Tang Zichen happened to be beside him, walked up to that Martial Forest Alliance Master and slapped him without saying a word.

"You."The Martial Forest Alliance Master looked at Tang Zichen furiously, but, the next moment he was dumbfounded, because Tang Zichen was a Sect Master Perfection Level, and, moreover, knew him.

"Wind, Wind Light Cloud."The Martial Master stammered and looked at Tang Zichen and said .

Tang Zichen said, "You are Youjinzhi of the Yao Mountain Sect, I didn't expect that even you have become an ally, not bad, I remember more than forty years ago, when I was still young, my master took me out for training, I met you at Wangan Temple, you tried to steal my master's sword, and my master beat your ass, I didn't expect that now, in a flash, even you have become an ally, hahaha."

"Wind, Windy, you."

"Slap."Tang Zichen flashed another slap over, slapping Youjinzhi to the ground.

Now the new ally of the Righteous Alliance, called You Jinzhi, whom Tang Zichen happened to know, was of the same generation as Tang Zichen's master, Ding Ru.

"Wind Lightning, don't go too far."

"You Jinzhi, I'm at least a Founding Ancestor now, and I'm still an Ancestor Perfectionist, you'd better show some respect, you should call your seniors seniors, don't call them by their first names at every turn, do you hear me?"

"Hmph, Wind Lightning, you think you're so outstanding just because you've opened a rotten clan, let me tell you, my Yao Mountain Sect's assistant uncle, as well as my ancestor, are in Hero Town, you're the least arrogant, during the Jiang Hu Conference, it's not your turn to be arrogant."

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped another slap.

"You Jin Zhi, even if it's not my turn to be arrogant, then it's your turn to be arrogant for a small martial arts master?Don't hurry up and register me, I'm a disciple of the Endless Gate, and I'm going to participate in the Jiang Hu Conference."

You Jinzhi bit his teeth and honestly got up from the ground to register.

"Liu Yue, Endless Gate."

"Wang Xing, Endless Gate."

"Xie Yong, Endless Gate."

"Hao Zizhu, Endless Gate."

Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters finished registering, after which the remaining few second generation disciples of the Endless Gate's pirate adaptations also came up to register.

It was around ten in the morning.

The Martial Master flew up into the air and shouted, "All participants in the early stages of the clan's tournament are invited to the center of the Valley of Heroes to prepare for the tournament."

As the words trailed off, the Early Sect Masters from all sects flew out.

"Go for it."Tang Zichen gave an encouragement to his brothers and sisters, as well as his friends.

"Okay, we will."

A few minutes later, all of the strong participants in the Early Sect Master Tournament were gathered in the center of the Valley of Heroes.

The new Demon Sect Master said, "Attention, all the Early Sect Master participants, I have thirty final tokens in my hand, whoever grabs the tokens will have a chance to participate in the afternoon finals, understand?"

Everyone nodded.


"Okay, I'll tens and after ten rings, I'll throw thirty final tokens in the air, and whoever grabs them before noon will be the one who gets them, so get ready.One, two, three."

"Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten."

Saying wow, the Demon Sect Master threw the thirty final tokens in his hands down from midair.

A group of early Sect Master powerhouses on the ground immediately leapt towards the floating tokens.

There were only thirty final tokens, and each token had dozens of people competing for it, so the number of Early Sect Masters in the entire Jianghu was quite a lot.

Tang Zichen immediately sent a message across the air to Liu Yue and the others, "Don't waste your energy yet, there are still two hours left before noon, wait for the last twenty minutes before giving it your all."


Having received Tang Zichen's reminder, the people from the Endless Gate all stopped and went to the ground to rest first.

Unexpectedly, the people from the other sects also temporarily stopped and went to the ground to rest, it seemed that there were many people who adopted this kind of reserved physical strength to fight to the last minute.

Tang Zichen suddenly saw that Liu Xiangyun already had a final token in her hand, Liu Xiangyun had just gotten lucky and the token that was floating down from the sky just happened to float next to her, so she grabbed one.

Now Liu Xiangyun just needs to keep this token from being snatched away. First URL

"Xiang Yun, come on, hold on to the token."Tang Zichen shouted.

"Mm."Liu Xiangyun nodded when she heard Tang Zichen's shout.

At that moment, a man spotted the token in Liu Xiangyun's hand, flew to Liu Xiangyun and yelled, "Give me the token."

Liu Xiangyun snorted, "Why should I give it to you."

"Listen, if you don't give it to me, I promise to beat you half to death, although the Jiang Hu Conference doesn't allow killing, it doesn't say you can't be beaten to death."The man said indisputably.

Tang Zichen watched in the crowd of spectators at all times, and when he saw that man, who didn't know whether he was a righteous or a demon, wanted to rob Liu Xiangyun, and also spoke in a very grippy tone, Tang Zichen really wanted to fly in and squeeze him, but, Tang Zichen couldn't, the Jiang Hu Assembly had been passed down for thousands of years, and some rules that no one dared to break, in fact one rule was that no one was allowed to help their own sect.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Do you think I'm afraid of you just because you threatened me a few times?Ridiculous, I'm not afraid, if you have the guts to come up and grab it, if you surpass me in strength and steal my token, then I have nothing to say, threatening me here, it's ridiculous."

The man said indifferently, "Don't you know me?Hmph, anyone from the Devil Sect knows me, I'm an early Devil Sect cleric, a top ten existence, I'm called Ghost Eye, anyone who displeases me has no good end, I don't like to repeat myself, give me your token, I'll only say this once."The voice of the early sectarian man who called himself Ghost Eye was indifferent.

In the crowd of spectators, Xiao Meng raged, "How infuriating, brother Zichen, who is that Ghost Eye?How arrogant, if you have the ability to grab it, you have to make Sister Xiang'er take the initiative to give it to him, if you don't give it to him you have to beat her half to death."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't say that, I'm also on fire, this Ghost Eye, I've heard of him before, he's from the same era as us."

"I don't know if Sister Xiangyun can resist, or else she will be beaten half to death by him, while we go can only sit here dry."

In the tournament arena, Liu Xiangyun raced the token in her hand to her bosom and said, "What the hell eye, come if you can."

"Looking for death."Ghost Eye's eyes turned red and killed up at Liu Xiangyun, who was extremely strange.

"Bang bang."Every time an air palm struck, a muffled sound was emitted.

"Air Punching through the air?"Tang Zichen was stunned, not expecting that the long-lost sparring fist would still be possible.

"Poof."Liu Xiangyun didn't expect the opponent to be so strong, but after being punched a dozen times in a row, she couldn't afford to spit out blood.

In the crowd of spectators, Xiao Meng shouted, "Sister Xiangyun, come on."

Liu Xiangyun tuned her breathing.

Having just been slapped over a dozen times, I just didn't expect the other party to punch through the air, but this time, Liu Xiangyun tuned in and went on a rampage, using the Endless Sword Technique to kill.

About two minutes later.

"Puff."Liu Xiangyun stabbed a sword into that Ghost Eye's arm.

"Ah."The ghost eye screamed.

"Bang."Liu Xiangyun kicked him away and grunted, "Still a top ten early demon sect master, I pooh."

Liu Xiangyun defeated Ghost Eye and soon received the attention of the entire audience.

"Who is that beautiful woman?You're so young and you've reached the early stages of the clan?Which school?"

"Looking at her clothing, it doesn't look like she's from any clan, if I'm not mistaken, she's from the newly built, Endless Gate."

"Wow, that's the Endless Gate that established a clan overseas?The one created by the first youngest in the world?"

"Yes, wow, I didn't know there was a strong man at the Endless Gate.Well, keep focusing on this woman."

The time soon reached 11:30 am.

At this time, the tournament arena began to stir, everyone began to power up, and the all-important scuffle unfolded.

Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yang Yijian, Xu Mei Qian and others, each of them tried their best to grab the tokens in the others' hands.

The fierce battle lasted for half an hour, and finally, with a shout from the Demon Cult Master, "Stop, stop."

Everyone in the melee stopped, those who snatched the tokens were incomparably excited, and those who didn't were incomparably frustrated and roared.

In mid-air, the Demon Cult Master shouted, "Please, those who did not obtain tokens, immediately tournament arena, those who obtained tokens stay."

All of a sudden, only thirty people remained in the tournament arena.

These thirty people would all enter the afternoon finals.

At this moment, in the crowd of spectators, Tang Zichen and the others shouted, "Yay, great."

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife laughed, "Of the thirty people who won the final token, our Endless Gate accounts for ten, great, the Endless Gate is too strong."

Tang Zichen also laughed, "That's right, our Endless Gate will definitely become the star of attention in this Jiang Hu Conference."

That's right, out of the thirty people who made it to the finals, ten of them are from the Endless Gate, namely Liu Xiangyun, Liu Yue, Yang Yijian, Xie Yong, Hao Zizhu, Zhao Jian, Shangguan Rou, Fifth Senior Brother, Sixth Senior Brother, and Qi Xueyun."

In the sky, the Demon Sect Master looked towards the thirty people on the ground and said, "Congratulations, you have entered the afternoon final."

At this time, the Demon Sect Master noticed an anomaly, among these thirty people, ten of them had clothes that they didn't know which sect they were from, because the clothes of each sect's disciples were uniform, and the average person would know which sect they were from by looking at their clothes.But now there were ten people who didn't know which sect's costume.

"Right, those ten of you, which sect are you from?Why have I never seen a disciple in this costume before?"

Tang Zichen's older brother smiled, "Back to the Demon Sect Master, my name is Xie Yong, I used to be a disciple of the Divine Dragon Sect, but now I have been expelled from the sect, so now I am a disciple of the Endless Gate."

"Endless Gate?It's the Endless Gate that was established half a year ago overseas, after taking in a group of pirates?"The Magician frowned.


"All ten of you are from the Endless Gate?"The Magician asked in shock.

"Yes."The ten people of the Endless Gate echoed loudly at the same time.

"Ah, that's impossible, it's already remarkable for other sects to have two people enter the finals, but how can ten people enter the finals for your group of rabble-rousers that make up the Endless Gate?That's impossible."The Demon Patriarch shook his head repeatedly, as if he couldn't believe that a third of the people were from the Endless Gate, this was too ridiculous.

At this moment, the audience was also all shocked, the Endless Gate?What the hell.

Many viewers are simply not aware of Endless Gate, after all, it's only been established for half a year.


But no matter how impossible it was, the truth was there.

This was how the Endless Gate became famous on the first day of the Jiang Hu Conference, and many people went from never having heard of the damn thing to talking about it.

At around 2pm, everyone came back to the Valley of Heroes for the afternoon competition.

The one in charge of hosting the afternoon was Youjinzhi, the ally of the Massive Alliance.

Youjinzhi flew in mid-air and said to everyone, "The Early Clan Master Realm Tournament, the finals, has officially begun, and I'm going to tell you the rules of the finals.Because of the time, it was impossible to compete one by one, so the afternoon finals used the two-game winner-take-all method.The so-called two rounds method is that those who are still standing in the middle of the arena within one hour will continue to participate in the second round.The second round determines the top ten of the early clan division tournament, are you all clear on that?"


"Okay, guys, I'll start immediately after I call for ten, and try to injure and knock out as many others as I can within the hour.However, no more than one on one will be allowed."

"Ten, start."The Martial Master directly shouted ten, and the crowd was startled, then immediately attacked the people around them.

The tournament arena immediately scuffled again, but it was clearly less crowded than in the morning, there were only thirty people after all.

Of the thirty people, two were facing each other.

In less than half an hour, fifteen people were seriously injured, only the last fifteen were left on the scene, and the last fifteen fought again, but ten of these last fifteen were from the Endless Gate.So, five of the Endless Gate fought against those five. Remember the URL

Soon, those five people were also severely injured and only ten people were left, and they were all from the Endless Gate.

Although an hour hadn't yet passed, but everyone was from the Endless Gate, so naturally there was no need to fight anymore.

"How is that possible."At this moment, all of the famous sects in the Valley of Heroes, as well as the demonic sects, were stunned.

This Endless Gate, was it going to dominate the top ten?

Those who entered the second round, entered all of them from the Endless Gate, and none of the other sects entered.

Soon, an hour's time was up.

Allied Master Eugene Zhi shouted, "Those who entered the second round, have come out, but, all are what the hell Endless Gate, I personally am not convinced inside, I think there must be water in it, although I can't see it, but I don't believe, a group of pirates combined by a group of what the hell sect, enter all into the top ten, I believe many people here are as unconvinced as I am."

"Yes, disobey, disobey, disobey."All the people of the decent alliance at the scene shouted their disobedience.

No one from the Devil Sect shouted their disobedience, after all, under the full glare of the crowd, the ten people from the Endless Gate were really powerful, and strength was something that couldn't be cheated, although the top ten were all from the Endless Gate, making it hard to believe and hard to be convinced.

At the moment, in the crowd, Tang Zichen a hum, Tang Zichen to the alliance of the decent alliance, more and more disliked, actually have the good sense to say disobedience, think cheating, the scene how many eyes watching, who see cheating, but is the top ten no decent alliance just anyone, but, the devil also did not ah, the devil's people did not say disobedience, but the decent one shouted disobedience.

"Brother Zichen, what if they don't obey?"

Tang Zichen didn't answer Xiao Meng.

, when he shouted, "Who is not convinced?Then I'll beat him until he suits up, okay?"

Everyone suddenly looked towards the place where the sound came out, at the same time, Tang Zichen leapt and flew in mid-air, everyone looked at Tang Zichen, many of them recognized it was Wind Lightning.

Something unusual seemed to have happened in the tournament arena, and the crowded Valley of Heroes was talking about it.

Tang Zichen flew to the sky in front of the ally and said, "Youjinzhi, who just said no?"

Youjinzhi was furious when he saw Tang Zichen fly out to question him, and snorted, "I'm not the only one who said no to that."

"Pah."Tang Zichen didn't wait for Youjinzhi to finish a sentence, he dry slapped Youjinzhi's face and asked, "Are you convinced now?If you're not convinced, I'll slap you twice."

"Wind Lightning, you."Martial Forest Master You Jinzhi was very angry at being slapped in public by Tang Zichen, he was at least the Martial Forest Master, it was too disgraceful to be slapped in the face like this.

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped it again and asked, "Still not convinced?"

"Windy, you don't."


"Ahhhh."Eugene's anger yelled.

"Slap."But, before he finished yelling, he slapped again.

"Windy, I'll fight you."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped again.

The entire crowd was shocked, watching the scene happening in the sky as Tang Zichen kept slapping the Martial Lord's face.

Youjin Zhi saw that as soon as he spoke, Tang Zichen slapped his face, and if this continued, his face would be swollen, so he just had to bite his teeth and said, "I'll take it."

This time Tang Zichen didn't fight anymore, Tang Zichen's goal was to convince him, and if he didn't obey, he would beat him until he obeyed, and now he finally obeyed.

The Martial Master was so depressed, he was really beaten hard until he obeyed.

Tang Zichen said to the entire audience, "Uncles and uncles, senior brothers and brothers, as well as the Jiang Hu Green Forest Good Men, I'm sure many of you know me, yes, I'm called Wind Lightning, thirty or forty years ago, that world's number one youngster, that's me talking about.After I stepped into Ancestor, I created a martial art on my own, called Endlessness, I wanted my Endlessness to be passed on, so I temporarily started a sect overseas, called Endlessness Gate.Those who have just entered the top ten in the early stages of Ancestor Realm are all from my Endless Gate.Then, the question arises, why are they so strong?This was because they had comprehended the essence of My Endless Gate's founding martial art, Endless, and then incorporated it into their respective martial arts, so they all made it into the top ten.The answer was as simple as that.However, there were some people, who were blatantly unconvinced, and they didn't even have a reason, which was disgraceful, it wasn't like everyone's eyes were blind, if anyone saw the Endless cheating, they could come out and say it, but did anyone see it?No. If not, why some shouting of disobedience?It's nothing more than narrow-mindedness and jealousy."

At this moment, the Martial Forest Alliance Master who was standing to the side looked very ugly.

After Tang Zichen's speech, everyone at the scene felt that Tang Zichen had a point, the Martial Alliance Master said that he was not convinced, indeed there wasn't even a reason, in that case, being slapped by Tang Zichen wouldn't be unjust.

"Alright, everyone, I've disturbed everyone's elegant mood, now that the top ten of the early sect master's tournament has been released, since the top ten are all from my Endless Sect, then, as the founding ancestor of the Endless Sect, I naturally have the right to demand that the top ten need not continue the tournament .


"There's no point in competing against each other, the top ten are all from my sect.How about this, that Yang Yijian, you'll be first place; Xu Mei Qian, you'll be second place; Senior Brother Zhao Jian, you'll be third place; Fifth Senior Brother, you'll be fourth place; Sixth Senior Brother, you'll be fifth place; Qi Xue Yun, you'll be sixth place; Liu Yue, you'll be seventh place; Shangguan Rou, you'll be eighth place; Wang Xing, you'll be ninth place, and Dangjia Er, you'll be tenth place."

"Yes."These ten people on the ground nodded their heads.

Everyone was speechless to the extreme, was the Jiang Hu Conference held by Tang Zichen's family?How come he arranges whoever comes in first place.

However, the top ten were all his disciples, so it did seem to make sense that he would arrange whoever he wanted to be the first few.

Tang Zichen smiled to the crowd and said, "I announce that the Jiang Hu Assembly Early Stage of the Sect Master Tournament, is officially over, the top ten are, Yang Yijian, Xu Mei Qian, and Zhao Jian."Tang Zichen announced one by one.

"Everyone, let's disband and come back tomorrow to watch the mid-stage Zongshi tournament."Tang Zichen shouted.

The Martial Master beside him kept his face dark, in the morning it was the Demon Master who hosted the assembly, in the afternoon it was him, and now Tang Zichen had taken over his job.

Just as everyone was about to disperse, a yell suddenly came from the distance, "Wait a minute."

This shout resounded through everyone's ears, and everyone felt their ears buzzing loudly.

It was obvious that it was a Sect Master Great Perfection level powerhouse.

A grandmaster grand perfection level strongman had made an early appearance?This is the first reaction that comes to everyone's mind. One second to remember to read the book.

In the past, this kind of finale level Clan Master Perfection would only appear on the last day, or on the penultimate day, but this Jiang Hu Conference had only appeared on the first day.

Sure enough, in the next moment, an old man of Zongshi Grand Perfection level flew in the distant sky.

"Wow, it really is a Grandmaster Grand Perfection."Everyone in the arena was shocked.

Tang Zichen looked at that old man with a deep frown, Tang Zichen felt that the sudden appearance of this Zongshi Grand Perfection level old man must have something to do with him, and his heart was not good.

Amidst the shouts of the crowd, the pale old man flew to a dozen meters in front of Tang Zichen, his eyes looking at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen arched his hands in worship and said, "Senior Wind Lightning, I've met this senior, I don't know who this senior is."

"Hmph."That old man's mouth snorted with contempt, it really was specifically targeted at Tang Zichen beforehand.

Tang Zichen was a bit depressed inside, and thought that those who were at the Great Perfection level in this kind of early stage of the clan's tournament were not in the mood to pay attention to it, so Tang Zichen was arrogant just now.

"What does senior hum mean?"Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen could not be sure of this old man's strength, but there was no fear within Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen had been able to easily defeat Old Witch Wang Yang of the Divine Dragon Sect after opening Life Blood Hidden, and his strength was already able to defeat him.I don't know who is stronger than this old man, compared to Old Witch Wang Yang, but Tang Zichen is not at the grand master level, so there is no way to judge from the momentum.

That old man said, "Kid, what's your name?"

"Junior's name is Wind Lightning,

I've just said that."Tang Zichen said.

The old man was furious, "Can't you say it again once you've said it?Are you suspecting that I'm deaf?"

"Uh, Senior doesn't dare."

"Pah."Suddenly, Tang Zichen felt a fiery pain on his face.

"Ah."Tang Zichen slanted and flew out several meters in the sky, Tang Zichen touched his face and a hint of anger appeared, having just entered and been slapped.Tang Zichen couldn't dodge a slap from a great master of the clan before he hadn't opened the Life Blood Hidden.

"You."Tang Zichen looked furiously at the old man in front of him.

That old man saw the anger on Tang Zichen's face and coldly snorted, "What?Am I not allowed to slap you?"

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and immediately calmed down, originally Tang Zichen wanted to open Life Blood Hidden to fight him, but, thinking that it was only the first day of the Jiang Hu Conference, opening Life Blood Hidden now would expose all of his strength in advance, so, endure, Tang Zichen endured first.Moreover, Tang Zichen had just slapped the Martial World Master several times, if he didn't endure, instead, others would say that it was fine for him to slap others, but not for others to slap him, for a combination of reasons, Tang Zichen endured first.

"Senior has taught me a lesson."Tang Zichen said.

That old man said, "Wind Lightning, this Jiang Hu Conference, inherited for thousands of years, no one is allowed to tarnish its solemnity, you just casually announced the top ten, do you treat the Jiang Hu Conference as if it was held by you?I just slapped you because of your disrespect for the Jianghu Conference."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior misunderstood, how could I be disrespectful to a conference like the Jianghu, the top ten just now are all from my Endless Gate, I'm already clear about their strength, naturally there's no need to waste time competing, it's not normal for me to announce the rankings based on their strength, besides, the top ten are all from my Endless Gate, no matter who finishes first or second, it's Endless'The door's face.Could it be that Senior is as unjustifiably disgruntled as the Martial Master?"

"Pah."Don Zichen was slapped again.

"You."This time Tang Zichen was really angry, what the hell, he just endured it, now he's coming again.However, the Great Perfection was really strong, Tang Zichen couldn't defend himself at all, without opening Life Blood Hidden he could only be slaughtered, but unfortunately, Life Blood Hidden had a limited amount of time, and Tang Zichen couldn't always open it.

"Wind Lightning, if you dare to act rashly in front of me again, I believe I'll waste you right now."

Tang Zichen clenched his teeth, and he didn't know who this old man, exactly, was, and how martial skills were.Could it be the famous boneless old man?Or was it Rufus Wang?

Thinking of these two, Tang Zichen paled in fright, this old man, should not be Old Man Boneless and Old Man Wang Rufang, right?If that was true, then Tang Zichen would only be spiked even if he turned on Life Blood Hidden.

Hopefully not.

Tang Zichen said loudly, "Dare I ask Senior, your martial skills are so high that you must be a boneless old man?Or maybe it's old man Wang Rufang?Junior pays his respects to Bone Free Senior."

That old man looked embarrassed, Tang Zichen had taken him for Boneless Senior and Wang Rufang, in fact, it wasn't even enough for him to mention shoes to Boneless Senior.

"Hmph, Wind Lightning, don't you dare speak nonsense, if you dare to defile Bone Free Senior and Wang Rufang Senior again, don't blame me for being rude."


Tang Zichen saw how this old man was rushing to defend himself and immediately became clear, judging this old man's strength and his status in the Ancestor Great Perfection Realm.The fact that he was so anxious to defend himself showed that he was afraid of offending the Bony Old Man, and that he was still far from the Bony Old Man's level of power in the Ancestor Great Perfection Realm.

It seemed that Tang Zichen was overly concerned.

"Wind Lightning, behave yourself, if you dare to be so arrogant next time, I will come back to educate you."After saying that, Golden Windy flew away.

Tang Zichen looked at Golden Windy's figure and inwardly said, "Old turtle, wait for me, I will return these two slaps to you tenfold, you better pray that your martial arts skills are much better than Old Witch Wang Yang."

Tang Zichen immediately flew down from the sky, feeling depressed as well.

After that, everyone dispersed, and Tang Zichen, along with the Endless Gate, returned to the Mobile Inn.

Today, the Endless Door had earned enough face, and although Tang Zichen had suffered some insults, it didn't affect Tang Zichen's status in everyone's eyes, after all, the other party was a great master, and Tang Zichen was slapped by a strong man of this level, everyone took it for granted, even Mu Free, Yan Xingyi, Jiang Oldblood and the others, they all thought that there was nothing to be ashamed of.

It was just that Tang Zichen didn't think so.

That night, Tang Zichen celebrated at the Mobile Inn for the heroes who had won the top ten places today.

However, Tang Zichen was not in high spirits.

The teacher's wife smiled and said, "Windy, why is the spirits low, is it because of the slap on the face by that Ancestor Great Perfection senior this afternoon?" First web site

Muyoung was busy saying, "Wind Lightning, there's nothing to resent, after all, that was a Zongshi Grand Perfection, not to mention not slapping, even if you were killed by a Zongshi Grand Perfection, no one would feel wronged, after all, that was an existence that our Zongshi Perfection couldn't resist at all, you, relax, no one is laughing at you at all."

"Yes, Wind Lightning, you were able to attract the attention of a Zongshi Grand Perfection and come out early, you're considered a character, to some extent, it's a matter of pride."Jiang Oldblood said.

Tang Zichen snorted, this group of people, but they all thought that Tang Zichen being beaten was a matter of course, he was a strong man of that what-have-you.

Tang Zichen asked, "Which one of you knows that old turtle?"

"Shh, keep your voice down."The teacher's wife was busy reminding him.

"Feng'er, keep your voice down, why are you calling him an old turtle, if he hears this, it's a big deal, if he's not a magnanimous person, we'll be finished."Yan Xinyi said.

Tang Zichen said, "An old turtle is an old turtle, what, I just scolded, an old turtle, a bastard turtle."

Everyone was frightened, Wind Lightning was also too bold, even someone at the Ancestor Great Perfection level dared to curse, fortunately that person wasn't here, otherwise I really don't know what the outcome would be.

Mu Yi Yao said, "Wind Lightning, you can just say this here, but don't say it outside."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Although that old turtle is a grand master, he's not necessarily that strong, at least not as strong as Old Man Boneless and so on, I'm afraid he's much worse."

The teacher's wife said speechlessly, "Even if he is far inferior to Old Man Bone Free, but that is still a Zongshi Grand Perfection, it is simply not something we at this level can contend with, Feng'er, don't say such silly things again."


;Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Do you guys think that I really only have the fighting power of a master perfection level?Wrong, I've even defeated Old Witch Wang Yang of the Divine Dragon Sect, it's not impossible for me to defeat that old turtle."However, only Little Fire and Little Black knew about this, no one else did, and the reason why Tang Zichen dared to be arrogant was a bit underhanded.

Tang Zichen asked, "Who is that old turtle today?Doesn't anyone know each other?"Tang Zichen looked at Mu.

Mu said, "He was in the sky, I didn't see him up close, I couldn't be sure who it was at the moment, plus even if I had seen him, it would have been thirty years ago."

At that moment, Jiang Oldblood said, "He's Golden Windy from the Yu Mountain Sect."

"Huh? You actually know him?"Everyone looked at Jiang Oldblood.

Jiang Oldblood said, "It's not strange that you guys don't know each other, it's strange that I don't know you, I'm over 140 years old and I've attended the Jiang Hu Conference five times."

"Golden Wind?The Yu Mountain School?What the hell, how strong is this Golden Wind?"Tang Zichen asked.

Old Blood Jiang said, "Jin Fengzi is the number two Ancestor of the Yu Mountain School, he already participated in the Jiang Hu Conference thirty years ago and is already at the Ancestor Perfection level, I don't know exactly how strong, after all, I am only a Ancestor Perfection."

Tang Zichen asked again, "If the Divine Dragon Sect's Old Witch Wang Yang is compared to him, how strong is he?"

Jiang Laoblood said, "Wang Yang also participated in the Jiang Hu Conference thirty years ago, at that time, Wang Yang she won the fortieth place, while Jin Fengzi of the Yu Mountain School, won the 39th can be said that the two of them were equally strong, they were at the bottom of the pile at that time.However, that was thirty years ago, and thirty years ago, they had both only recently stepped into Ancestor Grand Perfection, and it was normal for them to be at the bottom level of all Ancestor Grand Perfection.And now, after another thirty years, they were definitely a lot stronger.In these thirty years, there are at least twenty or thirty people who have died at their great limit, so this time, I'm afraid that Wang Yang and Jin Fengzi will both be ranked very high, at least in the top fifteen, after all, the older generation has died twenty or thirty people, and of course, the entire Jianghu Lake has twenty-three of the younger generation entering the Great Perfection."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, then the strength of Golden Wind and Wang Yang must be eighty-nine as well.

Since Tang Zichen had defeated Wang Yang in ten seconds, he would definitely be able to defeat Golden Windy as well.

"Hmph, this son of a bitch."Tang Zichen secretly clenched his teeth, waiting for the last day of the Jiang Hu Conference, Tang Zichen would definitely pk with him in public and ruthlessly tell the crowd who was more grippy.

Tang Zichen's teacher's wife said adoringly, "When the last Jiang Hu Conference was held, Old Man Boneless and Wang Rufang were only a hundred years old, but they, they defeated many of the older generation's Great Perfection and became the two strongest, it's really admirable, now, after thirty years, I really don't know how strong they are, they must be even stronger."

"Yeah, these two are awesome, the last Jiang Hu Conference, the top twenty, almost all of them were over 130 years old, they were the only two who were over 100 years old, and now, the ones who were over 130 years old have long since died of their great age, and yet they are still able to participate in another session, awesome."

Everyone was suddenly discussing about these two.

There was nothing to admire or not admire within Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was only in his fifties now, but he had already reached Ancestor Grand Perfection, it would definitely not be difficult to surpass these two in the future, speaking of which, Tang Zichen was the best.

One night, Tang Zichen and the people of the Endless Gate drank to their heart's content, celebrating today's achievements.


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