Dish Best Served Cold 316-320


Chapter 316

"Han City, is everything okay?"

  "Why is this walking so careless?"

  While Han Dongmin and the others were terrified, Ye Fan's voice quietly sounded.Then, Ye Fan walked over and helped Han Dongmin and the others up.

  "Ye...Master Ye, this...What's going on?"

  Han Dongmin was truly frightened, this night dozens of people vomiting blood like a ghost lying on the ground, anyone would be shocked to see it.

  Even Han Dongmin, who had experienced a big scene, was still shivering all over and spoke with a tremor.

  Ye Fan laughed: "It's just a small matter, don't mention it.Han Shi, sit down first, what's the matter that you're in such a hurry to find me?"

  It was only after Ye Fan reminded him that Han Dongmin remembered the meaning.

  So he couldn't care less about asking about these matters in front of him, and then said anxiously to Ye Fan, "Master Ye, there is indeed a serious matter's to tell you."

  "That Zhou Sheng, Grandmaster Ye still remembers, right?He joined forces with Liu Chuanzhi to cheat me out of two hundred million before, but fortunately, Master Ye's fiery eyes saw through it."

  "Weren't they arrested by our Yunzhou earlier, but yesterday, Zhou Sheng has already been taken back by Jingzhou."

  "I'm worried that that Zhou Sheng used his connections in Jingzhou, and it's likely that he's escaped control and is now free to move around outside."

  "This Zhou Sheng is also considered to be a small power in Jingzhou, and has many connections in both the black and white worlds.In the future, Master Ye should still be less likely to show his face outside, I'm afraid that Zhou Sheng will let people take revenge on you again."

  "This kind of person with such a bad track record can use any nefarious means to achieve his goal.Master Ye has to be on guard~"

  Han Dongmin said curtly, looking at Ye Fan, all of his eyebrows were worried.

  However, Ye Fan listened, but took a sip of tea, then smiled, "Han City was originally concerned about this matter."

  "Thank you for Han City's concern, but I've already resolved this little matter."



  "What solved it?"

  "Has that Zhou Sheng's people already made a move against Master Ye?"

  Ye Fan's words caused Han Dongmin and his son to be stunned .They looked at Ye Fan's smiling face, and their ears were filled with the painful moans of those behind them .The sound of moans .

  At that moment, Han Dongmin only felt a stirring in his body and his eyes suddenly widened in his head with a blast .

  Han Dongmin even scuffled and sprang up from his seat, staring at his eyes in disbelief as he looked at Ye Fan, "Ye...Master Ye is saying that this...These are the same people that Zhou Sheng sent from Jingzhou to take revenge on Grandmaster Ye?"

  Ye Fan nodded, "Exactly."

  "It's just a few minor characters, insignificant, I'll take care of it in a short while by myself, so why do I need Han City to go there personally?"

  Ye Fan smiled faintly, that understated tone was actually so pretentious .. forced, causing the father and son, Han Dongmin, to be shocked again.


  "These dozens of men, all...You did it all by yourself?"

  Fuck me, right?

  At that time, Han Dongmin and his father and son were nearly trembling mad, the two of them looked at Ye Fan like a monster, because of the horror, their eyes were close to jumping out.

  One man, overturning more than twenty men?

  For a while?

  "Van...Brother Van, you...You're teasing us, right?"Han Shaojie was almost trembling and crying.

  Even though these dozens of people were lying at their feet, Han Shao Jie still couldn't believe what Ye Fan said.

  After all, Ye Fan's skinny appearance didn't look like someone who could fight 20 people a dozen, no, I'm afraid there wasn't anyone in this world who was so awesome, right?

  Han Dongmin was also in disbelief, as the saying goes, two fists can't defeat four hands, let alone, this was more than forty hands?

  And, looking at the sticks and such scattered on the ground, it was obvious that these people were still carrying weapons.

  A young man, with his bare hands, killing dozens of people with sticks and clubs?

  What about the noise?

  Fiction wouldn't even dare to write like that!

  "What, you don't believe me?"Ye Fan took a sip of tea, but at this time noticed that there were a few people beside him who were preparing to sneak away while Ye Fan was talking to Han Dongmin.

  This open-air barbecue city is only this one exit next to Ye Fan, and the people in it have to leave, so naturally they have to pass through Ye Fan's side.

  "Brother Long, this wine hasn't been drunk yet, why are you in a hurry to leave?"

  "Didn't you want my sister to drink with you?"

  "Then come over and sit down, have a drink together."

  At this time, Ye Fan smiled faintly, his low voice still had a few laughs, but landed in the ears of Brother Long and the group of people with the flower arm man, but they were frightened and trembled, and their old faces then went white, nearly spreading on the ground.

  "Brother...Brother, brother we were wrong, we were really wrong ah."

  "Brother you are so generous, just let us off like a fart."

  Brother Long's group of people had clearly been scared out of their wits.

  When they faced those dozens of big men just now, Brother Long and the others were not as scared as they were now.

  Their legs were shivering straight.

  After all, Ye Fan was too fierce!

  Dozens of people were put down in a few kicks, and the steel pipe could be kicked off, so wouldn't that mean that under his feet, they were afraid that their bones could be broken as well?

  So, when they heard Ye Fan's faint words, these four or five punks directly kneeled on the ground with a bang.Tears flowed all over their faces and they begged for mercy towards Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan, however, didn't even look at them, sitting there, still calmly sipping tea, slowly said: "It's not impossible to release you.However, before that, you will tell my two friends what happened just now."

  "I told them myself, they kind of didn't believe me."

  "Yes, yes, listen to Big Brother."Brother Long and the others thought that Ye Fan would punish them severely for what happened before, but they didn't expect that it was just like Han Dongmin and the others to recount what happened before, these punks were naturally overjoyed and were thankful to Ye Fan for a while.

  And then they told Han Dongmin about Ye Fan's amazing deed of sweeping the group with two kicks and one punch just now.

  Lu Wenjing, who was on the side, saw the scene in front of her and also smiled idiotically.

  "Brother Ye Fan, you really aren't ashamed to have someone recount what you did."

  "But, brother Ye Fan, you're really amazing."

  "So many people, you bang bang knocked them all down after a while."

  "Brother Ye Fan did you learn kung fu?"

  "I also want to learn, will you teach me later."

  The previous trepidation and fear had dissipated, Lu Wenjing had now regained her smile once again, and her small pink carved face with adoration for Ye Fan, tilted her head up and asked.

  At the same time, this little girl seemed to be hungry, and secretly took a skewer and put it in her mouth to eat.

  When Ye Fan saw this, he couldn't help but endure: "You girl, it's cold and you're still eating.Don't eat it, you still have to bring it back to your sister Autumn later?"

  Ye Fan lightly tapped Lu Wenjing's little head, while he packed those leftover skewers and put them on a plate by the table, ready to take them back when he left.

  At this time, Long and the others had finished their narrative and whirled around to look at Ye Fan, asking if they could go now.

  "Well, let's go, then."

  "I'm a person with a good temper, and I don't usually like to get physical, so you don't have to be so scared."

  "However, before you leave, I still want to advise you guys that in the future, you should still be a kind person, a calm person, and a person whose smile is always on his lips."Ye Fan spoke calmly and lightly, as if he was in a good temper.

  "Yes, yes, we respectfully follow big brother's teachings, we will definitely be a calm person in the future."Hearing that Ye Fan had let them go, Brother Long and the others turned their heads and ran outside in succession, as if they were afraid that Ye Fan would go back on his word.

  However, perhaps running too fast, Brother Long was accidentally bumped by the flower-armed man and stumbled, but he bumped into the table where Ye Fan was.

  The whole table shook violently, and the tea in Ye Fan's cup spilled out.The plate with the meat skewer at the side of the table fell down, and the skewer and the plate directly buckled on the dirty floor.

  Ye Fan's face went black then, filled with anger.The kebab he bought for his wife was actually being...Fight!Flip!I did!


"Bro...Brother~, I'm sorry, I didn't pay attention, I'm getting out of here, I'm getting out of here."

  This Brother Long was obviously terrified as well, but just now he coveted Ye Fan's little girlfriend, and Ye Fan didn't even pursue him.Now that he accidentally touched the table, Brother Long felt that Ye Fan shouldn't be embarrassed for him either.

  So he smiled, gave a few apologies to Ye Fan, turned around and continued to run.

  However, this Brother Long didn't even notice that Ye Fan's cold, cold eyes.

  In the next moment, everyone just heard a bang, and Long's several hundred pounds body then flew up, and was kicked out by Ye Fan for more than ten meters, and after smashing the window of a car, he fell to the ground, never to get up again, and directly passed out.

  "Eyeless thing, how dare you knock over the skewers I brought for my wife, looking for death?"

  Evan cursed furiously while quickly bending down to the ground to pick up the overturned skewers to see if they were still edible.

  At this time, there was dead silence.

  The entire barbecue city was silent.

  Han Dongmin and his son stayed where they were, looking at the scene in front of them, but they hadn't returned to their senses for a long time.


  "So ruthless!"

  Looking at the man who was kicked motionless on the ground by Ye Fan, the corners of the eyes of many people present were fiercely drawn.

  Who would have thought that just because he accidentally knocked over a plate of skewers, Ye Fan would just explode.

  With this kick, it was estimated that even if that Brother Long wasn't disabled, he would have to lie down from his bed for half a year.

  This sudden violence of Ye Fan scared the people around him silly.

  The few remaining punks, such as Flower Arm Man, were also trembling all over.

  Now they couldn't care less about their brotherly love, and after seeing Brother Long being beaten, these people were going to run without turning their heads.


  Ye Fan's voice, as if it was cold as ice, with a raging anger, but it was quietly sounded under this condensed night.

  What kind of anger was it that could make Ye Fan speak such an icy voice?

  Not only were Flower Arm Man and the others stunned, even Han Dongmin's father and son and the others, their bodies trembled unconsciously.

  Master Ye, are you going to kill someone?

  In the midst of Han Dongmin and his son's horror, the flower-armed man's few punks were too frightened to move and dropped to their knees with a bang.

  At this time, Ye Fan had already moved his feet and walked towards Flower Arm Man and the other few punks.

  Just when everyone thought that Ye Fan was going to vent his anger, which was full of anger, on these few of Brother Long's men, in the next moment, Ye Fan threw the dirty plate of skewers on the ground and drank coldly.

  "Pay up!"

  Dead silence.

  Dead silence!

  Under Ye Fan at this moment, the entire Lehua Grill was silent.

  Only Ye Fan's cold voice, echoed.

  At this moment, the corners of the eyes of many people present unconsciously twitched.

  Especially Han Dongmin and his son, their faces were all black at this moment.

  I thought to myself that this Master Ye is also a comedian ah, emotions brewed for so long, killing intent filled with anger, and the result of engaging in half a day is to make people pay?

  How much can a dozen skewers still cost, so why all the fuss?

  The flower-armed man and the others were stunned, they thought they would have to suffer inevitably this time, but now that they found out that Ye Fan just let them compensate for the money, these people were overjoyed.

  Whirling without saying a word, they quickly took out all the money they had on their bodies, and turned around to run after handing it to Ye Fan.


  However, they were just about to run, but Ye Fan's words came out again.

  The flower-armed man was about to cry.

  I thought you want to kill or dismember, can you just say it?

  You're going to scare the shit out of me if you do that?

  "This pot of skewers is only fifty dollars, the rest of the money, you guys collect it and leave."Ye Fan's faint voice caused the flower-armed man and the others to be stunned.

  "Don't, brother, take the extra money as our filial respect to you, we don't want it, we don't want it~" Ye Fan asked them to collect the money, they didn't dare to collect ah, they only had to stammer with fear.


  Ye Fan glared fiercely, and these thugs wimped out then.

  They didn't dare to disobey Ye Fan's wishes, picked up the money and ran away.

  However, before running a few more steps, Ye Fan's voice came back.


  "Brother, please, don't play with us, let us go?"These people tears flowed out, is there a fucking person who plays with people like this, literally walking them like a dog ah.

  "If you leave, take your Dragon with you, you'll be angry if you see me."Ye Fan coldly returned a sentence.

  Flower Arm Man and the others hurriedly nodded their heads, cold sweat unconsciously already wet all over their bodies.

  This time, Ye Fan finally didn't embarrass them anymore.These people hugged the fainted Long, like a frightened rabbit, and ran far away without looking back.

  At this time, it was already getting late, and Ye Fan was ready to go home.

  Before leaving, Ye Fan told Han Dongmin and his son, who were still in shock, "Han City, thank you for your concern."

  "However, what you guys just said about hiring me bodyguards, I'll let it go."

  "I'm a person with shallow fortune, how can I enjoy this kind of treatment."

  Faced with Ye Fan's faint voice of words, Han Dongmin was startled after a long time before he returned the word "good".

  Yes, dozens of strong men can be clobbered, such an awesome person, what's the need for a bodyguard?

  "Master Yeh...Master Ye, you slow down...Slowly go."

  Han Dongmin's father and son waved their hands behind them, sending Ye Fan off.

  Looking at Ye Fan's departing back, Han Dongmin and the others were obviously still somewhat in shock, the trembling and horror in their hearts had not completely dissipated, speaking to Ye Fan with a trembling voice at this time.

  More than how long it took, after Han Dongmin drew a breath of cold air, the ups and downs of his heart, this only calmed down.

  With his burning gaze, he looked at his son, Han Shaojie, "Shaojie, in the future, you must do whatever it takes to get a good relationship with Master Ye."

  "I have a feeling that in less than ten years, this young man will be able to do great things.In the future, he will even be able to become famous all over Huaxia!"

  Hearing his father's calmness towards Ye Fan, Han Shaojie was suddenly shocked.

  "Dad, are you overreacting to Brother Fan?"

  "Brother Fan is certainly powerful, but whether it's fighting, or gambling on stones, these are just small ways that can't make it to the top of the queue.At most, this kind of ability can be limited to making a name for himself in a niche circle, and I'm afraid it's far from enough if you want to be famous and positioned at the top of power in Huaxia, right?"Han Shaojie said in puzzlement.

  After all, in Han Shaojie's opinion, if he wanted to truly get ahead, he had to have a business of his own, either in business, rich as hell!

  Either go into politics, or go into power!

  Ye Fan, on the other hand, doesn't have his own company enterprise, and is not in the officialdom, just a door-to-door son-in-law living in the Qiu family.This kind of person was already limited in the future, at most gaining a bit of fame in one or two small fields, and it would be difficult to achieve much in the future at all.

  "No, Shao Jie, do you really think that this Master Ye's achievements are only in two areas, gambling and fighting?"

  "What if what we've seen is just Master Ye's, the tip of the iceberg?"


"This~~" Han Shaojie was stunned.

  Han Dongmin, however, continued, "Shao Jie, in all these years, I've met countless people, and no one has ever made me feel that way like Master Ye."

  "Just now, in front of Master Ye's momentum, even I, surprisingly, was like walking on thin ice in an abyss."

  "The feeling that Master Ye gave me was like a true dragon, lurking and sleeping here."

  "Who knows how terrifying it will be when this reclining dragon opens its eyes?"

  The moon was silent and the dark night was dark.

  Han Dongmin had his hands behind his back, looking away from the direction that Ye Fan left, but he was sighing in a ghostly manner.

  Not long after, Han Dongmin and his son also left, and at the same time called the police, asking them to come over to clean up the mess and investigate properly.

  Ye Fan, however, had already returned home at this time.

  "Sister Qiu, come out quickly, brother Ye Fan has brought you a skewer."

  "Brother Ye Fan he doesn't even want to give me food~"

  As soon as she arrived at the door of her home, Lu Wenjing began to shout, and her tender words were even more deeply resentful.

  This ni~.

  Ye Fan was listening to the side, but he was a little cryptic.

  At this time, the door opened, only to see Han Li and her husband and wife waiting outside the door, after seeing Ye Fan, they warmly reached out their hands and grabbed Ye Fan, and said with great care, "Son-in-law, ah, after running with Mayor Han for a day, you must be starving."

  "Quick, mom has made you a meal, come and eat."

  "Yes, Little Fan.Quickly wash your hands and then come over to eat.We've already made the food, we're just waiting for you to come back and eat."Qiu Lei was also full of affectionate smiles, the couple had changed their previous loving attitude towards Ye Fan, and were now even extraordinarily warm and caring towards Ye Fan.

  This sudden change in attitude was a bit too much for Ye Fan to accept for a short time.

  He thought to himself that he hadn't come to the wrong house, right?

  Evan instantly retreated to take another look.

  That's right, 5th floor 502.

  So, what if the couple had taken the wrong medication?

  In the past, these two saw him not to mention give cooking, not to scold themselves a few words Ye Fan already burned incense, now even so enthusiastic, son-in-law are shouted on.

  This 180 degree flip made Ye Fan really a bit confused.

  This couple, what the hell is going on here today?

  "Dad, Mom, are you guys okay?"Ye Fan was still a little worried and asked suspiciously.

  As the saying goes, a weasel paying homage to a chicken has no good intentions.

  With Ye Fan's understanding of this couple, he didn't think that this Han Li couple was suddenly good to themselves for no reason.

  In this, something was designated.

  "Nothing nothing nothing, what can we be up to?"

  "It's just that when I remembered that I haven't cooked for my own son-in-law for so many years, I felt guilty, so I thought to make up for it today."

  "Xiaofan ah, in the past mom had a bit of a bad temper, some of the words may indeed be a bit hard to hear, but it's all for the good of you and Mu Orange, wanting to motivate you.After all, no pressure is no motivation isn't it.So ah, you shouldn't take things from the past to heart."

  Han Li said as she enthusiastically pulled Ye Fan to the table and sat down, pouring tea and water, taking extraordinarily good care of her.

  Ye Fan looked, but was filled with confusion, and then looked to Qiu Mu Orange for help, asking her what was going on.

  Naturally, Qiu Mu Orange was also unclear.

  Anyway, after she came home from the company today, her own parents became like this.

  Son-in-law long son-in-law short, called extraordinarily kind.

  If you don't know, you probably thought that Ye Fan was their real son.

  However, although it was unclear why their parents' attitude towards Ye Fan had changed so drastically, but at least, this scene had always been what Qiu Mu Orange expected to see.

  In the future, if their own parents kept treating Ye Fan as well as they did now, then Qiu Mu Orange wouldn't feel as much guilt towards Ye Fan as she did before.

  "Little Fan, from the first moment we saw you back then, we knew that you're a person who will have great success and great deeds in the future."

  "How about now, let us be right."

  "Even the deputy mayor of Yunzhou calls you a brother, I see who else will look down on our family in the future?"



  "Xiaofan, our couple rarely praised you before, but today, we must admit that it's a blessing in my family's eight lifetimes for Mu Orange to marry you."

  "This bottle of Maotai wine, your father and I have treasured it for many years, and have never been willing to drink it."

  "Happy tonight, we, husband and wife, will toast our good son-in-law with this wine."

  "We won't even talk about what happened before.From now on, we'll always be, a family that loves each other."

  At the dining table, Han Li and her husband and wife were full of smiles, the eyes that looked at Ye Fan were full of joy, and the laughter was also full of praise and satisfaction for Ye Fan.

  After so many years, it was the first time to hear this couple praise themselves like this, and for a moment, Ye Fan was actually a little flattered.

  Could it be that after today, his Ye Fan's situation at home was really going to change?

  Can he, Ye Fan, really turn over from a door-to-door son-in-law to a master?

  Thinking of this, Ye Fan's heart was also slightly happy.

  But seriously, the acerbic mother-in-law had suddenly turned so good, Ye Fan was really a bit unused to it.

  But now it was not up to Ye Fan to get used to it or not, now that his mother-in-law had toasted herself, Ye Fan naturally rejoiced, then picked up the wine glass and clinked one with Han Li and her husband.


  "Okay, Mom."

  "Usually Mu Orange doesn't let me drink, but today I have to drink this cup of wine."

  Ye Fan laughed.

  After so many years, it was rare for this family to sit down with each other and have a meal in harmony like this.Ye Fan was happy, and Autumn Mu Orange also felt warm.

  At this moment, she finally felt it, a kind of warmth of home.

  After drinking and eating, Han Li ton smiled and looked at Ye Fan with joyful eyes, "Son-in-law ah, have you eaten well?"

  "Well, eat well."Evan nodded.

  "Drinking well too?"Han Li asked again.

  Ye Fan continued to nod, "Well, it's also well-drunk."

  Han Li smiled and continued, "Son-in-law, ah, since we're full and the Maotai wine is ready, Mom and Dad's side begged you for a small thing, can you see if you can help?"

  Ye Fan was very quick to agree: "Mom you can say it, you are Mu Orange's real mother, which is my real mother.As long as I can do it, I'm bound to be duty-bound to do it."

  "Good, I'm relieved to have your son-in-law's words."Han Li was even happier, then she attentively poured a glass of water for Ye Fan and continued, "Little Fan, you see you are friends with Mayor Han and so familiar with him.Can you speak to Mayor Han and ask him to find a position for your father, Qiu Lei."

  "Your father he's not even fifty years old this year, it's not a good idea to be idle all day.Might as well let him go out and work to earn some money."

  "You're so familiar with Han City, if you talk, he'll definitely help."

  "You tell Han City that he doesn't have to give your father much of an official job either, his ability is limited, and he can't be the mayor of the county when he's given the job.Just let him make it alive to be a director."

  "Isn't Han City in charge of industry and commerce, I think it's perfect to let your dad be a director of the Industry and Commerce Bureau.In it, he can still take care of Mu Orange's company, right?"

  When Han Li said this, Qiu Mu Orange was still drinking tea.After hearing this, Qiu Mu Orange couldn't hold back a mouthful of water that spurted right out, and the whole person choked and coughed.


Autumn Mu Orange's entire body was going crazy.

  The Director?

  Still alive?

  "Mom, are you out of your mind?"

  "Do you know what you're talking about?"

  "And the Director?"

  "Do you have any idea how big of a position that is?"

  "How many people can't climb up there in their lifetime, and how is that an understatement when it comes to your mouth?"

  "If you don't know, you think it's like you've been wronged by having my father in this position."

  "Do you really think the government office is run by your family and you can be whatever you want?"

  "Directly asking for such a big position right off the bat, how do you expect Ye Fan to open this mouth with Han City?"

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't expect her mother to make such a rude request, she was shocked to hear the whole thing at the time.Fortunately, Han Dongmin wasn't here at this time, otherwise, Qiu Mu Orange only felt afraid that their family's face would have to be disgraced by her own mother.

  However, upon hearing Autumn Mu Orange's words, Han Li was not happy.

  "Mu Orange, what are you saying?"

  "What happened to my asking Van to find a job for your father?"

  "People Xiaofan hasn't said anything yet, but your own daughter is not happy about it."

  "Han Dongmin that's one of the top three ranked big shots in the city, such a small matter is nothing more than a word.You're our daughter and Xiaofan is our son-in-law, isn't it right to help out with this little favor?"

  "It's not like it's such an outrageous request, Fanny hasn't even spoken yet and you're reacting so strongly."

  "What a woman, don't forget, you've only lived with Little Fan for three years, but your father and I have raised you for over twenty years."

  Qiu Mu Orange said one sentence, but Han Li is taking ten words to dislike the past.

  But in fact, no matter how many words were spoken, it was nothing more than leaning on the old.

  Han Li felt that she had the grace to raise Qiu Mu Orange, who was an elder, so Ye Fan and the others had to obey them in every way, and not obeying them was unfilial and a great disrespect.

  They felt that as children, giving back to their parents unconditionally was inherently righteous!


  "Mom, you are simply unbelievable."Qiu Mu Orange was furious to death, but she also knew that no matter how much she said, her mother wouldn't listen to her.

  Simply no longer paying attention, she snorted coldly and turned her head to leave in anger.

  Ye Fan saw the situation, but he reached out and pulled Qiu Mu Orange with a smile and advised, "Mu Orange, don't be angry, eat first."

  After pacifying Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan turned to Han Li again and continued, "Mom, this request of yours is indeed a bit difficult, I can only say, I'll try my best."

  Mother-in-law had spoken, so Ye Fan naturally wouldn't disobey in person.

  Speaking was about art, he was different from Qiu Mu Orange, Qiu Mu Orange was their daughter, what she had to say directly, no need to worry too much.But after all, Ye Fan was the son-in-law, if he spoke like Qiu Mu Orange just now, it would undoubtedly be very inappropriate, afraid that it would cause more family conflicts.

  Family peace and all things prosper.

  At times like this, it was better to be tactful.

  Ye Fan had already planned that he would verbally respond first, pretend to ask questions, and then answer them in a few days, saying that there were no vacancies in the position right now just.

  To deal with Han Li Qiu Lei and her husband and wife, the means of Yang Feng Yin Yin is undoubtedly the most appropriate.

  "Look, look."

  "Mu Orange, you're not even as good as someone's Xiaofan who is a daughter?"

  "For those who don't know, they thought Fanny was my own and you were my daughter-in-law?"

  Hearing Ye Fan nod his head and promise to help, Han Li and her husband and wife were undoubtedly instantly happy.

  "Little Fan, if it's really difficult, it's fine to let me be a deputy bureau.For the sake of my son-in-law's face, my father-in-law suffers a bit of grievance to be a second-in-command, and this grievance is also acceptable."Qiu Lei said one more sentence at this time.

  However, Han Liton glared at him and said angrily, "You old thing, what are you talking nonsense?Who did Xiaofan know, it was Han City ah.For a big shot like Han City, it's not even a matter of minutes to get you a small director, so how could it be difficult?You're looking down on our son-in-law, Fan, and even more so on Han City!"

  When Qiu Lei heard this, he then nodded and laughed, "Yes, that's right, I'm the one who talks too much."

  The couple sang in harmony, hearing Qiu Mu Orange next to them was speechless.

  Fortunately, there were no outsiders at this table, otherwise, how humiliated would she, Qiu Mu Orange, have to be if others saw that she had such a superb parent?

  However, Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan thought that this dinner would end here, but who would have thought that just when the couple was about to clean up the dishes, Han Li was attentive again and poured a cup of tea for Ye Fan.

  "Xiaofan, this is a good Mao tip, it's a thousand pounds."

  "Your mother I know you like tea, specially had a friend buy it in the south."

  "Taste it quickly?"

  Han Li said enthusiastically.

  My mother-in-law has spoken, can Yifan not drink?

  Whirled the cup of tea and tasted it.

  "Is it good?"Han Li then asked.

  Ye Fan nodded, "Well, it's delicious, thanks mom."

  "It's fine, since this tea is delicious, I have an even smaller matter here that I want you to help me with."

  Hearing Han Li's words, the smile on the corner of Ye Fan's mouth stiffened.

  This Nima, his mother-in-law was setting him up ah.

  First good food and wine served, and now she took out a pot of good tea, in order to just let him Ye Fan eat someone else's short mouth, too embarrassed to refuse.

  What else could he do, Ye Fan could only listen with a hard scalp: "Mom, you say."

  "Haha, since my son-in-law is so cheerful, then I won't hide it.As you know, even though I'm a year or two older than your father, I'm already fifty.But I've seen on TV that the fifty year olds in government are young.Seventy or eighty years old and still fighting on the front line for the country and the people?"

  "Therefore, I can't be idle either."

  "Besides, I've been idle for so many years, I've been idle enough."

  "You helping one is also the beginning, in that case, why don't you let Han City arrange my job as well all together."

  "I'm still aware of my abilities, I can't be the director, but a director, your mother I'm still more than enough."

  "I'm a small enough favor, right?"

  "This little matter is not a matter of minutes for you and Han City."

  "When the time comes, your father and I will both eat a national meal and become petty officials, and you and Mu Orange will follow the scenery on the road, won't you?Your grandfather's group of snobs won't look down on us anymore either."

  Han Li looked at Ye Fan and said evenly, not blushing in the slightest.

  But Qiu Mu Orange couldn't listen anymore, her entire body was literally on pins and needles.

  She didn't even know how her own mother had said these words?

  Not to mention whether or not Ye Fan had such great face with Han Dongmin, and even if he did, but wasn't this request forcing Han Dongmin to make a mistake?

  If they get someone into trouble then, how will they face him later?

  "Mom, this request of yours is too much."

  "Not to mention that you're being difficult, and even if you're not, don't you know how much you two are capable of managing a bureau that was given to you?Is it well managed?"

  "And can you afford to take this position?"


Qiu Mu Orange said angrily, looking at her mother, but her pretty face was red with anger.

  "You shut up!"

  "You silly ninny, I'm not talking to you, what are you interrupting?"

  "It's Van we're begging for, not you."

  "Just mind your company's business, and leave us alone."

  Before Qiu Mu Orange finished speaking, but Han Li split her head and directly snapped at her.

  Han Li then looked at Ye Fan, "Little Fan, Mu Orange doesn't trust us, don't you still believe in my abilities with your father?"

  "Mu Orange is now able to take sole control of a company with such great ability, and she didn't learn it all from us."

  "The reason why your father and I have accomplished nothing in our lives is not incompetence, it's because we lacked an opportunity."

  "And Fanny, now this opportunity for your father and I is all yours."

  "You've had all the Mao Jian tea, so tell me, can you help me with this favor?"

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are looking for.

  Ye Fan forced a smile and only nodded, "Help, Mom, don't worry, I'll try my best to help.I'll tell Han City everything about you and Dad.But don't get your hopes up too much, whether it will work or not is still up in the air."


  "There's no way it won't work out."

  "If you're going to give Han City an opening, I'm sure the job with your father will be properly arranged."

  "Who is Han City, that's a big man.He's in charge of Yunzhou.A few small positions below, he's not just a word."

  "Come, this glass of wine, let's celebrate me and your father, who's about to walk away from the job."

  Ye Fan's side was still giving Han Li an inoculation, telling them not to have too much hope, but who would have thought that Han Li was the one who was already giving the celebration on this side.

  Even said there that as long as Ye Fan was willing to open his mouth to help them, they would definitely be successful in this job.

  At that time, Ye Fan's old face went black.

  Han Li's words, undoubtedly pushed the pot to him.

  From what she said, if they couldn't arrange this job, then Ye Fan wasn't sincere enough to help them and didn't ask Han Dongmin to help.

  Look at the situation, if they didn't get the job, they would be blamed.

  Then it's fucking finished!

  Ye Fan's face turned black then.

  He had planned to put the blame on Han Dongmin, but now well, Han Li and her husband and wife were not reasonable at all and blamed themselves as long as they couldn't be.

  Since that was the case, Ye Fan didn't need to be tactful with them.

  Just openly say that this favor can't be helped.

  Sooner or later, they'd be blamed anyway, and die sooner or later!

  Save yourself from being pestered by this couple in the future.

  However, before Ye Fan could speak, Han Li seemed to remember something and poured a cup of Mao Jian tea for Ye Fan again.

  "Son-in-law, come, have some tea."Han Li said attentively.

  Now, did Ye Fan still dare to drink it?

  Of course not!

  Mother-in-law's tea is not so easy to drink!

  Ye Fan guessed almost instantly that this mother-in-law specified that there was something else to say.

  "Mom, do you still have something else to say?"Ye Fan asked in a low voice, but his tone had clearly taken on some displeasure.

  Han Li hehely smiled, "Haha, it really is still my good son-in-law who understands me."

  "Little Fan, Mom does have one more thing."

  "You helping one is also helping, helping two is also helping, in that case, let's also arrange my niece Fifi's job."

  "That child Fifi, icy smart, delightful, and a college graduate, I think ah, let him be a secret arts assistant for Han City or something."

  "It shouldn't be a difficult task, at most, it's just a hand-holding job in passing."

  Han Li's old face was full of smiles as she slowly said to Ye Fan.

  The corners of Ye Fan's eyes immediately drew hard.

  Even Lu Wenjing, felt that her aunt was a little too greedy and excessive.

  When Qiu Mu Orange heard this, he was even more speechless to the point that he finally couldn't help it and once again said to his mother, "Mom, do you still want Ye Fan to help my cousin Han He again, and also let him speak to Han City to promote my cousin's town mayor to county mayor?"

  Han Li slapped her thigh at that time.

  "Mu Orange, you're right."

  "Why didn't I think of that just now?"

  "Ah Fan, this nephew of mine, you have to help out and give Han City a word too.Tell him to give my nephew a promotion."

  "This town mayor has been working for over a year, why isn't he promoted yet?At least get a promotion to prefectural governor."

  "Must speak to Han City."

  Han Li was very sure of her words to Ye Fan.

  When Qiu Mu Orange, who was next to her, saw this, her entire body was close to being mad.

  "Mom, are you really stupid or fake stupid?"

  "Don't you know I'm being ironic?"

  "Give it back to your nephew, your niece?Did you also put your brother, my uncle, and my grandmother's job on the line for Ye Fan?"

  "Do you really think that Ye Fan has three heads and six arms and one person can rise to the top?"

  "Besides, even if Ye Fan is capable of it, they don't treat Ye Fan well, so why should Ye Fan help them?"

  "Ye Fan has been coming to our Qiu family for so many years and we haven't helped people in the slightest, and now we're still dragging Ye Fan down so much, and mom, you're just over it?"

  Qiu Mu Orange was obviously really angry.

  These words of his mother, not to mention others, she, the daughter, couldn't even listen to them.

  However, seeing that Qiu Mu Orange was even yelling at her, Han Li was clearly not the one to be frustrated and was also furiously saying back, "You dead ninny, what business is it of yours if I speak to my son-in-law?"

  "How dare you even yell at me now?"

  "It simply gets worse the older you get!"

  "Qiu Lei, look at the good daughter you've taught."

  Seeing that the mother and daughter were about to quarrel, but Ye Fan stood up and waved his hand, "Mu Orange, Dad, Mom, let me say a few words first."

  Ye Fan spoke, and only then did the room calm down.

  Now Han Li had a request from Ye Fan, so naturally she wouldn't not let him speak.And Qiu Mu Orange was Ye Fan's wife, of course she wouldn't disobey Ye Fan's wishes.

  At this time, the whole family was all looking at Ye Fan, waiting for Ye Fan to speak.

  "Dad, Mom.I know that although you guys are old, you have a young heart.It's a good thing that you are destined for heaven, but still want to serve the people."

  "Mu Orange, look at Little Fan and then look at you.He's not even opposed to Little Fan, what are you opposed to?When we're officials, won't you be honored along with us?"When Han Li heard this, she was delighted, and at the same time reprimanded to Qiu Mu Orange.

  "But~" However, at this moment, Ye Fan made a turn, but it caught everyone's attention once again, "But Mom, Han Shi and I are just duckweed.I helped him choose a raw stone earlier that happened to come out green, so he owes me a favor.He came to the company today to return the favor."

  "Now that the favor has been repaid, I have no more relationship with Han City."

  "He's the leader, we're a commoner, not to mention licking our chops and asking for help, I guess if I go over to him, he won't even take care of us."


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