Dish Best Served Cold 311-315


Chapter 311


  It was nearly eight o'clock, a time when Yunzhou's nightlife was at its most bustling.

  The Lehua Grill was nearly packed, and business was extremely brisk.

  Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing both waited for fifteen minutes before waiting for an empty seat.

  "You ninny, order so many kebabs, be careful of getting so fat that no one will want you."

  "A man as good as your brother Ye Fan, but he only likes women with a good figure, like your sister Autumn."After Lu Wenjing finished ordering, Ye Fanton reached out and knocked Lu Wenjing's head.

  This dead ninny, ordering such a meat skewer?Is it bad to have some roasted cabbage with gluten cuffs and leeks?

  It's so healthy, and you'll save money by replacing it.

  How expensive is pork these days?

  "Hmph, brother Evan, you're talking nicely, but you're just afraid of spending money, right?You're just a cheapskate."Although Lu Wenjing wasn't very old, she was very clever, and she immediately saw that Ye Fan just didn't want to give her food or spend money on her.

  "Damn, you little girl, but you're quite smart, you can see that I'm reluctant to give you food.It's not easy for your sister Qiu to make money, so I, as a husband, naturally have to save some money to spend."

  "Helping your wife save money, isn't it a natural thing to do?"Ye Fan didn't feel ashamed at all, but instead was smiling with pride.

  Lu Wenjing rolled her eyes as she watched from the side.


  She suddenly realized that brother Ye Fan was so thick-skinned.

  After waiting for a while longer, the skewers that Ye Fan and the others had ordered were mostly done, and the waiters were bringing them up one after another.

  "Wow~ It smells so good."

  Seeing the full and tempting skewers in front of her, Lu Wenjing was about to leave her saliva behind, picking up a skewer to eat..

  However, Lu Wenjing's hand had just reached out, but it was Ye Fan who snapped back.

  "Brother Ye Fan, why are you hitting me?"

  "I hit you for not being grateful.If you don't forget to dig the well, we'll use the money your sister Qiu earned to eat now, so of course we have to leave out your sister Qiu's share first."

  "This half, no one is allowed to eat, bring it back to your sister Autumn when we go home later!"

  "No, I don't want it!"As soon as Lu heard that, at that time, she guarded those skewers like chickens protecting their food, preventing Ye Fan from touching her skewers.

  "I don't even have enough of these to eat myself.You won't buy more ah?"

  Evan: "It doesn't cost anything to buy it again, does it?"

  Lu Wenjing: "........"

  Lu Wenzheng was all speechless, but she remained stubbornly adamant.

  "I don't care, I won't."

  However, under Ye Fan's "lewd power", how long could Lu Wenzheng hold on?

  Soon, Lu Wenjing only had to compromise and very reluctantly split half of the skewer, saving it to bring back to Autumn Mu Orange.

  "Hmph, brother Ye Fan is biased."

  "But I'm your cousin, and you're treating me like this?Not towards me at all."Lu Wenjing's small face was bulging with anger and said angrily to Ye Fan.

  But Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "This isn't nonsense.No matter how close I am to you, I'm not as close as I am to my wife.Compared to you, of course I have to gravitate towards my wife."

  "By what?"

  "With my wife being able to give me a son, can you?"

  "So can I!"Lu Wenjing puffed out her fragrant cheeks and returned very solemnly.

  Looking at Lu Wenjing's delicate and lovely appearance, Ye Fan laughed at that time.

  This silly girl, when she really thought that she could give this son to whoever she wanted.

  And in between their jokes, a few men who were drinking at the next table at this time were attracted by Lu Wenjing's sweet and tender words, but they immediately looked towards the side.

  "I'll go, Brother Long, look, good looking little loli."

  "Aren't you just good at this?"

  "Want to go over and get acquainted?"

  At this time, next to the wine table, the few men who were drinking, but they all noticed the little loli opposite Ye Fan.

  The fact that you can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can't find a single other person in the world who can.

  Among them, the bare-chested man called Brother Long, even more so, through the strength of alcohol, sardonic smile: "Go, brothers, go over and get acquainted with that little sister."

  Brother Long immediately got up, picked up two glasses of wine from the table, and walked over.

  "Little sister, come, have a glass of wine with brother."

  Brother Long had already walked in front of Lu Wenjing, a pair of fiery eyes practically unbridledly sizing up this petite and adorable little loli in front of him, at the same time reaching out his hand and handing a cup of wine to Lu Wenjing.

  Seeing the four or five tattooed strong men walking in front of her, Lu Wenjing's pretty face went three points white at that time, shaking her head incessantly, "I...I don't know how to drink."

  "Come on, little sister, there's always a first time for everything."

  "It would be your honor to give your first time to Lung."

  "Maybe the first time will hurt and be hard, but after you get through it, it will be a life of comfort and pleasure."


  These people laughed, the revealing laughter that made Lu Wenjing undoubtedly more afraid.

  "If you don't want to die, then go away."

  However, at this moment, a cold voice suddenly and quietly sounded.

  Only next to Lu Wenjing, Ye Fan was sitting quietly, holding a cup of tea in his hand and gently sip it.

  As he said this, Ye Fan didn't even look at them.


  At this time, a flower-armed man kicked over a seat in front of Ye Fan and cursed angrily, "Bastard, how dare you scold us Long to roll?"

  "I don't think you want to live, do you!"

  For a time, four or five big men all looked at Ye Fan, that fierce and vicious look, but the surrounding patrons were so frightened that they dodged far away for fear of being scourged.

  "That's just a child, why are you a bunch of big men bullying a child?"However, with so many people, there were always good people.

  At this time an old man sighed and advised the group of thugs.

  "Old immortal things, even dare to meddle in other people's business, so get out of here~"

  However, as soon as the old man's voice fell, the flower-armed man slapped the old man directly on the ground.

  For a while, the onlookers were undoubtedly even more afraid, watching from afar, not daring to move forward, but the gazes that looked at Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing were filled with sympathy and pity.

  These two, I'm afraid they're going to be damned~!

  After smacking over that nosy old man, Brother Long, however, looked at Ye Fan and asked indifferently, "Kid, this little sister, is she your girlfriend?In the future, do you mind if she recognizes me as her brother and has a few drinks with me every now and then?"

  Brother Long said indifferently, but on the corner of his mouth, there was a smirk on his face.

  Obviously, this man called "Brother Long" had no good intentions at all.

  "Bastard, are you deaf or dumb?Didn't you fucking hear Long talking to you?"

  The man with the flower arm on the side smashed his beer bottle on the ground and cursed at Ye Fan once again.

  However, Ye Fan still ignored them.

  After taking a sip of tea, he put down his tea cup and said in a deep voice, "I'll say it one last time, get out.",.

  "What the fuck!"

  "Bull shit you?"

  "Dog face shame, I think you really fucking want to die!"

  "Today, I have to let you fools know how many eyes the Horse King has~"

  Ye Fan's words undoubtedly completely infuriated the thugs in front of him.

  The man with flower arms cursed, picked up the chair beside him and smashed it into Ye Fan's back.




  Just when the flower-armed man copied up the chair to smash Ye Fan, you can only hear a loud bang.

  On the road, three vans violently hit, black wheels rubbing the ground issued a sharp, ear-splitting roar, as if the steel fierce beast, this number of unlicensed vans hit the guardrail crazy like a direct rushing in.

  Tables and chairs were shattered, chopsticks flew everywhere.

  The orange beer Lucid everywhere.

  The sudden change in front of the eyes, scared numerous diners to scream in fear.

  Even Brother Long, Flower Arm Man and the others, who were originally prepared to fuck Ye Fan, were also scared to death.The alcohol was three times more awake then.

  And at this time, the three vans had stopped, and a full one to twenty big men with sticks in their hands poured down from the vehicles like a tidal wave.

  Among them, the leading man in black, after sweeping the four directions, his eyes finally landed on Ye Fan.

  "That's him!"


  The man in black immediately drank, and after giving an order, the dozens of big men in front of them held iron rods and rushed towards the direction of Ye Fan and the others.

  Seeing such a battle, Long, Flower Arm Man and the other thugs were instantly confused.

  Their faces were as white as paper, their bodies were trembling, and they were so scared that they almost cried out.

  "Brother, a few big brothers, let's have something to say, let's have something to say~"

  "Don't come up here and do it~"

  "We just want to get acquainted with that little sister, no, little auntie, absolutely no wrong intentions ah."

  Brother Long and the others clasped their hands together in front of their chests, as if they were begging their grandfather to tell their grandmother, bowing and unable to stop begging, these people were so scared that they were going to pee.

  They had thought that these two were just ordinary ordinary people, but they had never thought that they had kicked the iron plate this time.

  The wine hadn't even been drunk yet, and people were already calling for someone to come over and fuck them.

  Obviously, Brother Long and these people thought that this group of people were called by Ye Fan to teach them a lesson.

  Of course they were terrified, they couldn't stop begging and almost kneeled down.In the end, they even turned around to worship Ye Fan and the others, shouting one brother at a time, unable to stop apologizing and begging for mercy.

  "Get out of my way!"

  "Something in the way."

  However, what Brother Long and the others didn't expect was that these people rushed up and kicked them aside in three or two kicks, while they surrounded Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing.

  Brother Long and the others were stunned at that time.

  "This...This...Is this, not here to fuck us?"

  "Here to fuck these two melons?"



  False alarm, Long and the others were happy then, getting up from the ground and grinning.

  Just now they really thought that they were going to get killed this time!

  But now it seemed that these people, they weren't coming for them at all.

  "Brother Long, let's watch first.These people should be coming for that brat, and after that bastard is crippled later and the people leave, we'll go over and take that little loli away~" the flower-armed man was giving Brother Long an idea on the side.

  Brother Long nodded and smiled, "Good, let's do one today, sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight!"

  "Haha, Brother Long, it should be sitting on the mountain and torturing dogs."

  "That brat looks like a listless fool, I guess he can beat away half his life with one stick, what's a tiger?"

  On this side, Brother Long and the others were watching with cold eyes, laughing sarcastically.

  But on the other side, Ye Fan was already surrounded by these people, and Lu Wenjing was even more frightened, hiding directly into Ye Fan's arms, her entire petite body trembling in fear.

  "Ye...Brother Ye Fan, I'm scared, are we going to die?"


  "I don't want to die yet, I haven't had a son yet~"


  The little girl was obviously terrified, hiding in Ye Fan's arms sobbing and crying, her speech was incoherent, with tremors, and her pearly appearance was quite pitiful.

  Ye Fan listened, but rubbed Lu Wenjing's little head, gently comforted: "Jing Jing, it's okay."

  "A few jumping clowns are just a few clowns, it's not enough to want my Ye Fan's life."

  Ye Fan said in a low voice, but his faint tone was filled with authority and contempt.

  "Stinker, you are that Master Ye Fan Ye?"

  At this time, the black-clothed man in the lead, however, was holding an iron rod, and his eyebrows were filled with murderous intent, as if he was a vicious wolf before feeding, and his eyes were like a vulture, coldly staring at Ye Fan.

  "Exactly."The corner of Ye Fan's mouth curled up and faintly returned.

  That calm appearance, however, was exceptionally calm, as if the calm lake stopped water, and the scene before him did not even raise any waves in his heart.

  Even, at such a moment, Ye Fan even calmly poured himself a cup of tea and drank it as if nothing had happened.


  "This jerk is an idiot, right?"

  "Playing it cool even when you're dead?"

  "Let's see how he dies later!"

  "Brainless pretentious idiot!"

  Seeing that Ye Fan was still drinking tea and pretending to be calm at the end of his life, Long and Flower Arm Man and the others at the side were happy.

  The eyes that looked at Ye Fan were like looking at an idiot.

  "To be able to provoke so many people, I thought it was also an oxymoron, but after engaging in half a day, it turned out to be a brakeman."Brother Long and the others watched from afar, but they shook their heads and laughed.

  On the other side, seeing how Ye Fan was so indifferent, the leading man in black also sneered.

  "Good fellow, but you have some courage.However, it's a pity that you have offended someone who bought your life."

  "Go ahead, do you have any last words to say?"

  The man in black asked in a cold voice, but there was no emotion contained in that icy tone, as if the sound of gravel crushing.

  "There is."Ye Fan smiled back.

  The man in black laughed, "It seems that you also know that today is the last day of your life."

  "If you have any last words, then go ahead and say them, you have one minute."

  "Good."Ye Fan put down the teacup, then got up, looked at these fierce and vicious men in front of him, and said indifferently, "It's actually very simple, when you do it later, you all pay attention to these skewers on my table, don't spill them, I still have to bring them home to my wife when I go back later.Otherwise, if you waste them, I'm afraid I'll have to kneel on the scrubs again when I get back."


  "This idiot, or a wimp who's afraid of his wife, huh?"


  Hearing Ye Fan's words, many people around him were suddenly amused.

  Brother Long and the others even ridiculed and laughed.

  The man in black also laughed, "Is that all?"

  "I didn't expect you to be a man who cares about his family."

  "But unfortunately, I'm afraid you won't get the chance."

  "Because, after tonight, you won't have the life to go home again!"

  The words fell, and the man in black no longer spoke nonsense, a face steeply icy cold, killing intent rampant in his cold eyes.

  And then, an order was given: "Do it!"


  In the next moment, the nearly twenty strong men in front of them, wielding iron rods, rushed up and smashed them towards Ye Fan's direction.


  The scene was chaotic, and there were even a lot of frightened screams from the surrounding area.

  "Brother Ye Fan~"

  Lu Wenjing was even more frightened to the point of weeping, her eyes closed tightly, and her small hands tightly gripped the corner of Ye Fan's clothes and did not let go.

  And when the group of big men were about to rush up, Ye Fan, who had been standing calmly, finally moved.



The night in Yunzhou is as cool as water.

  The streets are full of traffic, and the pedestrians coming and going are like weaving.

  Lehua Grill City was noisy.

  Nearly twenty burly men, holding sticks and clubs, under the leadership of the man in black, as if they were wild horses, rushed forward like mad.

  In front of the wine table, Ye Fan, who was peacefully drinking tea, glanced lightly at the corners of his mouth, and his look was suddenly eerie.

  In the next moment, only a whoosh sound was heard.

  Ye Fan's body was like a phantom, in a flash, he appeared.

  The place where the wind of Ye Fan's leg pointed was the leader of these people, the arrogant man in black from before.


  "Why so fast?"

  The black-clothed man was immediately shocked, but Ye Fan's speed was seriously beyond his expectations.

  The man in black couldn't care so much when he was shocked, and smashed the iron rod in his hand against Ye Fan's head.


  Only a loud bang was heard, and the sticks and feet clashed.

  Who would have thought that the iron rod in the black-clothed man's hand would break in response to the sound.

  And, after kicking the black clothed man's iron rod, Ye Fan's momentum remained unabated and turned around and kicked straight into the black clothed man's chest.


  Another loud bang, under Ye Fan's explosive kick, the man in black screamed, and in the next moment, his body of several hundred pounds flew straight out like a cannonball.

  The huge force wrapped around the black-clothed man's body, banged and smashed through the front windshield of the van behind him, and finally banged and flew out from where the rear windshield was.

  The hard tempered glass, however, shattered into slag.

  In between the countless scraps of glass shooting everywhere, the black-clothed man's body landed heavily on the ground, a mouthful of blood then spat out, falling to the ground screaming and moaning.

  "Big Brother!"

  "Son of a bitch, how dare you hurt our big brother?"

  "Go to hell~"

  Seeing their big brother being kicked half to death by Ye Fan, the eyes of this group of strapping men turned red at that time.

  They shrieked and howled in rage, holding sticks and clubs in a swarm and rushing towards Ye Fan!

  That fierce momentum was only like the mighty river, rolling in.It was also like a thousand armies and horses, rushing to kill.

  It was just that the only person that these thousands of armies and horses were going to cut down was only Ye Fan!

  "Brother Evan, hide~"

  Seeing such a scene, Lu Wenjing who was behind her shouted out in fear, and because of her worry, tears were left behind without a fight then.

  "It looks like it's going to end~"

  Long and the others on the side, seeing such a scene, also shook their heads and snickered.While watching, but found a seat, dropped a cup of wine for themselves, just like this far away from the end of this farce.

  As the saying goes, it's hard to beat four hands with two fists!

  In the opinion of everyone watching at this time, it was impossible for Ye Fan to have any chance of turning the tables in the face of dozens of big men.

  However, while Lu Wenjing cried out miserably and Long and the others watched coldly, under the moonlit night, Ye Fan's thin body suddenly jumped up, his body as straight as a swallow.

  A beautiful side spin kick, long legs like a spear sweeping the four directions.

  Boom boom boom boom~!

  Amidst a low muffled sound, the crowd only saw that Ye Fan swept a vertical sweep, and the surrounding circle of a dozen big men all flew out.

  Finally, after Ye Fan landed on the ground, he slammed down with another punch.Another big man was instantly blown away by Ye Fan, knocking over seven or eight men along the way.

  In just the blink of an eye, all of the one to twenty men were put down by Ye Fan, lying on the ground like dogs, moaning incessantly.

  A few minutes ago, the crowd was full of vicious eyes, but now they all withered.

  Just two legs, one punch.

  Nearly twenty big men, all put down!



  At this moment, the entire arena was dead silent.

  The crowd of people watching from afar were even more directly confused.

  The flower-armed man stared with wide eyes, while Long, who was originally sitting on the mountain watching the tiger fight, even more so, scuffled and sprang straight up from his seat in fear, a pair of eyes nearly jumping out.

  Dozens of men?

  Three seconds, all down?

  The iron bars are all broken in one kick?

  "I'll fuck it up!"

  "This...This is fucking Superman, right?"

  "Day, the movie wouldn't even dare to act like that?"

  Brother Long had completely peed himself, looking at the scene in front of him in disbelief, a pair of legs were swinging uncontrollably, and the back of his spine was overflowing with cold sweat.

  Brother Long and the others had never thought that a weak brat, who would have thought that a fight could be so fierce?

  One man, single-handedly and with his bare hands, put down more than twenty men.

  The point is still, a one-sided frenzy!

  A straight sweeping punch to both legs.

  The steel pipe has kicked it off!

  I'm afraid that Zhang Yide's one-man battle against ten thousand troops on the Changban Slope back then was no more than that.

  Earlier, the few of them were thinking of fighting Ye Fan, but now that they thought about it, they were simply looking for death!

  Fortunately, they didn't do it in a hurry, otherwise, the ones lying on the ground screaming and moaning now would be the brothers.

  At this time, the entire Lehua Grill was quiet.

  There was only the sound of the crowd's cold air that echoed unceasingly as if it was a windmill.

  Apparently, everyone present was shocked by Ye Fan's strong wrist.

  Too strong!

  This young man is fierce!

  What is bull?

  That's bull, right!

  One man, single-handedly picking off a group of people.

  A spinning kick, brushing and kicking over a dozen people directly!

  If you don't know, you probably thought it was a movie.

  "Brother Ye Fan, fight...Fight and win...Win?"

  In the midst of the crowd's horror, the little loli Lu Wenjing, who was too scared to close her eyes just now, slowly opened her eyes after she realized that there was no movement.

  He had thought that what he would see would be Ye Fan falling to the ground and moaning.

  However, the moment he opened his eyes, Lu Wenzheng was clearly stunned.

  "Actually...Surprisingly, the fight...Winning the fight?"

  Lu Wenjing looked terrified, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at huge, and even the childish pretty face is still hanging unshed tears, looking at the scene in front of him, but idiotic.

  But Ye Fan, after putting down this group of rabble, but looked back at the table behind him, and saw that those skewers were still safe and sound on the table, and only then did he let out a long sigh of relief.

  Fortunately, the skewers brought for his wife were unharmed.

  After being relieved, Ye Fan headed towards the front and slowly walked towards it.

  Finally, he stopped in front of the black-clothed man who was leading the group.

  Seeing Ye Fan again, the black-clothed man in front of him was undoubtedly completely scared out of his wits as well.Strongly enduring the severe pain in his body, he lay down on the ground and begged miserably, "Great...Grandmaster, spare...Spare my life, spare...Spare your life~"

  The man in black was truly afraid.

  It was too strong!

  The man in front of him was too strong.

  When the steel pipe in his hand was kicked off by Ye Fan, he had actually broken his guts.

  If he had known that this Master Ye was so fierce, he would have been killed and wouldn't have taken this job ah.

  Ignoring the black-clothed man's plea, Ye Fan just stood with his hands negative.

  He was condescending, his eyes were cold.

  The indifferent voice, as if an echo of death, quietly rang out here in heaven and earth.

  "Take out your cell phone, and call the person behind you."


  The cold wind was blowing three thousand fallen leaves.

  Ye Fan's cold and indifferent voice caused the man in black, his entire body, to shiver unconsciously.


Jingzhou City, Jiangdong Province.

  A one-story villa.

  At this time, the villa's door was closed, and in the deep courtyard, the Mori White light was on, slowly banishing the darkness of the night.

  The night in Jingzhou tonight is as thick as iron.On the far side of the vast sky, there were even more dark clouds, and the stars and moon were obscured from the light.The entire heavens and earth were all iron-like in their condensation.

  However, in this vast darkness, the hall of the villa was as bright as day.

  In the room, there was a slightly chubby old man in a bathrobe who had just walked out of the bathroom.

  He sat on the sofa, with a red wine glass in his hand, and a beautiful snake-like feminine woman in his arms.

  The woman in his arms, also just wearing a thin as a cicada wing light dress, in addition to the key parts were covered, the eye, all is an attractive white, white flowers, jade legs, on the man's arms, while enjoying the man's rude touch, from time to time issued a few sounds like a warbler's soft cry.

  The room, also playing music, the slow melody gently haunting, but make this dark night, more silent.

  "Brother Zhou, let's go to the bedroom, okay, people want well."

  At this time, the feminine woman in the bosom was almost spoiled and generally said.

  However, the man shook his head and slapped the woman in his bosom's rounded buttocks, and with a snap, the rounded buttocks trembled three times when he did.

  "No, I'm waiting for a phone call."

  "I can't sleep or eat until I wait for that phone call."

  The man's words were cold, and as he said this, an icy light spread across his brows and eyes.

  According to his estimation, at this time, Big Bill and the others should have already come up with Ye Fanpeng.

  "Three carloads of people, nearly twenty armed men."

  "Bastard, even if you have great ability, tonight, you will die for sure!"

  "If you make me lose my reputation, I'll make you lose your life and die violently in the wilderness."

  "If I don't kill you, it will be hard to quench the hatred in my heart~"

  That Mori's voice was filled with bone-deep hatred.

  The man's palm was now clenching fiercely, and because of the force, his fingertips were nearly plunged deep into the flesh.

  From this, it was also evident that this man hated Ye Fan, how much he hated him?

  After all, if it wasn't for Ye Fan, how could he be in ruins now?

  If it wasn't for Ye Fan, why would he have a home to go back to and be hiding everywhere?

  Decades of hard work, the business empire he built in his life, but now it's destroyed because of Ye Fan!

  Now he would hate to cut Ye Fan into pieces.


  The man took a long breath, then exhaled it, trying to calm his nerves.

  He then looked at his watch, 8:12 pm.

  "At this time, I guess that brat's life, has come to an end."

  The man whispered, talking to himself.

  The woman in his arms just snuggled up to him, twisting her petite body like a beautiful snake, but didn't answer the man's words.

  Ringing bell~.

  Suddenly, just as the man's words were ending, his cell phone, suddenly rang.

  This cell phone number, which he had just run, was known to only one person, and that was Big Bill who was working for him tonight.

  So, the moment he heard this ringing, a wisp of an inexplicable curve immediately appeared above the man's mouth that had been icy cold.

  By the looks of it, it had become a success.

  In a relaxed mood, the man touched the front of the bosom youkai again, while picking up the phone and answering it.

  "Big Bill, you're doing great!"

  "I'll have someone call you with the final payment."

  "As for that brat's corpse, take it to Cloud Mist Lake, throw it down, and feed the fish in it."

  "I want everyone to know that this is what happens when you offend me!"


  In the villa, the man was laughing wantonly.On top of that face full of vicissitudes, but it was a hideous one.Looking at it from afar, it was surprisingly so ugly.

  That vicious laughter instantly spread throughout the villa hall.

  "Mr. Zhou, I'm sorry about that, I'm just afraid I'll disappoint you again."

  On the other side of the phone, a faint voice, however, came quietly.


  Hearing the voice from the microphone, the man's laughter stopped abruptly, as if he was a rooster being strangled, and his old face, which was originally arrogant and reckless, immediately sank.

  The man's eyebrows furrowed, and he coldly said, "Big Bill, what sorry?"

  "No, you're not Big Bill, he never calls me Chow."

  "Say, who are you?"

  "How did you get Big Bill's phone?"

  "Where's Big Bill, put him on the phone?"

  "I order you, give the phone to Big Bill!"

  "Hurry up!"

  The man had become angry, shouting at the phone in his hand.

  I don't know, whether it was because of anger, or because he was terrified.

  Perhaps, from the moment he heard the other man's voice, the man already had a bad premonition in his heart.

  "Brother Zhou, you...You...What's wrong with you?"

  The man's sudden anger, but frightened the woman in the bosom of the flower loss of color, the pretty face when immediately white.

  "You mother fucker get out!"

  However, where the man paid any attention to her, he smacked the woman out of the way, and then continued to shout into the phone, his voice huge and almost hysterical.

  "Speak, who are you?"

  "Where's Big Bill?"


  No one responded on the phone.

  After a long silence, a teasing voice came out from the other end of the phone, "What, Mr. Zhou, you've had people come to kill me, but now you can't even hear my voice?"

  "Or did you hear that, just, afraid to admit it?"


  Faint words that were almost teasing came quietly from the microphone.

  At that moment, Zhou Sheng was only as if thunder had struck, and his entire body was muddled in place.


  "Ye...Ye Fan!"

  His pupils crumpled and he looked tremendously shaken, his entire body as if he had seen a ghost.

  "This...This...How is this possible?"

  "No, it can't be!"

  "I sent two dozen men, and you should have died!"

  "How can you still be alive?"

  "By no means!"

  Zhou Sheng as if a handful of crazy, he hysterically roared, loudly roared at the phone.

  The hideous appearance, but nearly to the side of the woman was terrified, she shrank in the corner unable to tremble, because of the fear of tears are flowing out.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

  For a long time, after Zhou Sheng calmed down, only after the phone, Fang came again, Ye Fan's calm and morose words.

  "Don't think that I won't be able to find you if you go back to Jingzhou."

  "This is the first and the last time."

  "Next time, mess with me again, I'll make you die!!!"

  The calm words seemed to contain no emotions.

  However, it was such an ordinary tone of voice that fell into Zhou Sheng's ears, but it was almost a ten thousand pound force.

  The morbidly cold words were like a call from hell.

  With a bang, Zhou Sheng was shocked and confused.

  His face, as white as paper!


  The cold wind swept in, whistling through the wide open doors and windows.

  The phone had been hung up, and the only thing left in Zhou Sheng's ears was the dull beep on.

  However, Ye Fan's words were always in Zhou Sheng's mind, lingering.

  "If you mess with me again, I'll let you die~"

  "Let you die~~"

  "Let you die~"


  It was like the chanting of death, or the low roar of the devil.

  Leader Zhou Sheng froze in place, silent for a long time, his old face, as white as paper!and

  In the next moment, it seemed that he could no longer endure the fear in his heart, and with a bang, he actually spread out directly on the ground.

  He found it hard to believe that more than twenty people were unable to do anything to him.

  That Ye Fan, what was, what was he?!!!!


"Dad, what's going on?"

  "What's going on?"

  "Why are you so alarmed?"

  On the streets of Yunzhou city, a black Audi car is racing madly.

  The orange light tears through the darkness, and the deep roar of the sound echoes in the Yunzhou night sky.

  At this time, inside the Audi, Xiao Liu drove the car, Han Dongmin full of anxiety and condensation, while Han Shaojie is full of puzzlement, simply do not know what happened, why his own father good and suddenly showed such a panic.

  "Shao Jie, I'm worried that something has happened to Master Ye."

  "Do you know that Zhou Sheng has most likely been released,"

  Han Dongmin said anxiously.


  Hearing this, Han Shaojie was shocked.

  "Dad, it's only been a few days, why did you let Zhou Sheng go?"

  "This man has the audacity to join others together to deceive you, it's not much, even if you arrest him for ten years.Why did you release him so quickly?"

  Han Shaojie was puzzled and asked with a frown.

  Han Dongmin sighed, "Shao Jie, do you seriously think that it's so easy to convict someone of a crime?"

  "As far as I know, it's not the first time this Zhou Sheng has gone to the trouble of trapping others.But after all these years, he's still at large, do you know why?"

  Han Dongmin paused and didn't wait for Han Shaojie's reply before continuing, "I'm afraid that this Zhou Sheng has quite a big backstage behind him."

  "My side had just arrested him not long ago, and the Jingzhou side soon learned of Zhou Sheng's arrest through some unknown means.That same night, they called over and asked our Yunzhou side to hand Zhou Sheng over to their Jingzhou people to deal with, saying that they wanted Zhou Sheng to cooperate with the investigation of some cases in Jingzhou."

  "After all, this Zhou Sheng is a person from Jingzhou, and the company is also established in Jingzhou, and now that Jingzhou wants someone from there, it's not easy for us to hold it down.However, I'm worried that someone on the Jingzhou side is colluding with Zhou Sheng, the extradition of the person is a lie, letting him go is the real thing, so I thought to try to stall for a few days to pry Zhou Sheng's mouth open first, so that he can explain more things.It's also convenient to take the blame for him later."

  "However, what I didn't expect was.On the Jianghai side, there are people who are even putting pressure on us in Yunzhou, telling us to hand him over immediately without delay."

  "Thus, under multiple pressures, last night, Zhou Sheng was brought back to Jingzhou."

  "The land of Jingzhou is, after all, Zhou Sheng's old nest.He has been working hard for decades, and letting him go back is like letting a tiger back into the mountains.I'm even worried that Zhou Sheng will have been secretly bailed out today."

  Han Dongmin said slowly, but the worry on top of his appearance grew stronger and stronger.

  As Han Shaojie listened, he couldn't help but raise his head and ask rhetorically, "Is dad worried that this Zhou Sheng will take revenge on Master Ye after he comes out?"

  "Mm."Han Dongmin nodded, "This Zhou Sheng has bad deeds, and with this kind of businessman in the raw stone business, I'm afraid that both the black and white have many connections."

  "And Zhou Sheng is ruthless and Jairus' temperament."

  "A few words from Master Ye before, but it made his plans come to nothing, and now it's even made him lose his reputation.I have to worry that this kind of person will take vicious revenge on Master Ye once he gets the chance."

  "I said badly before because I was so focused on drinking that I forgot to remind Master Ye of this extremely important matter."

  "After all, if it doesn't work out, Master Ye will be in danger of losing his life."

  "If Master Ye is implicated because of this, I, Han Dongmin, would also have a guilty conscience ah."

  Han Dongmin was filled with a heavy heart, and was becoming increasingly worried as he spoke.

  Han Shaojie, on the other hand, also looked anxious, "Dad, then let's quickly tell Brother Fan ah.In the future, we'd better send a few people to protect Brother Fan, right?"

  "After all, Brother Fan is an ordinary citizen with no hands, if that Zhou Sheng really retaliates, how will Brother Fan be able to withstand it?"

  Han Shaojie obviously also realized the seriousness of the situation and quickly asked the driver to drive a little faster.

  At the same time, Han Dongmin kept calling Ye Fan along the way.

  However, there was no answer.

  This undoubtedly made them even more worried.

  Could it be that something had happened to Ye Fan?

  "Dad, call the police."Han Shaojie paled and spoke to his father in fear.

  This matter originally had nothing to do with Ye Fan.It was their family that had implicated Ye Fan in it, and if something happened to Ye Fan, I'm afraid that even Han Shaojie himself wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

  "Mm."Han Dongmin nodded his head, an old face, which was also now as heavy as water, was even more full of worry than Han Shaojie's, "If you can't get through again, call the police."

  However, as soon as Han Dongmin's words fell, the faint voice of Ye Fan came from the other side of the phone.

  "It's through!"

  "Shao Jie, it's through."

  Han Dongmin and his son were delighted, then let out a long sigh of relief.

  "Han City, I'm sorry, I just ran into something minor, and I only saw it now.What's the matter?"Ye Fan said lightly.

  "Master Ye, it's good that you're fine.Now, tell me where you are, and I'll come over to you right away, I have something very important that I must tell you face to face!"Han Dongmin said urgently, his tone full of solemnity.

  "Mm.In that case, let's come to Liaoyang East Road's, Lehua Grill City."

  "Okay, we're on our way!"

  Han Dongmin then returned a good word, while immediately asking the driver to turn around and head to Lehua Grill City!

  Han Dongmin and the others were near that barbecue city at the moment, so they rushed over a few minutes after learning where Ye Fan was.

  As soon as they got out of the car, Han Dongmin saw Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing who were sitting in front of the dining table, so without saying a word, he hurried over towards them.

  "Master Ye, at last, I've found you.I have something important to do with you..."

  Han Dongmin said urgently as he trotted.

  However, in this black light, Han Dongmin just looked at Ye Fan and didn't pay attention to his feet, and before he could finish this sentence, he didn't know what he kicked and tripped straight away with an ouch.

  Not only Han Dongmin, even Han Shaojie, who ran all the way behind to catch up, also didn't pay attention to his feet, and directly tripped and fell down.

  "Ouch, fuck!"

  "What does this shopkeeper do, put stuff on the floor?"

  "Brakes not working?"

  Han Shaojie covered his waist and cursed, grimacing in pain.

  However, when he looked down to see what was tripping him at his feet, there was a boom, and Han Shaojie was confused then.

  It was a person!

  The whole yard!

  Dozens of big men, all like useless dogs, were lying on the ground.

  Some were spitting out blood and moaning, some were rolling and howling, and some were even motionless, directly fainting.


  Han Shaojie and his son were already close to pissing themselves, only feeling numb.

  If it wasn't for the large sign in front with the four big words Lehua BBQ hanging on it, Han Dongmin and the others would have thought that they had mistakenly entered, a mass grave!


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